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this looks good


its okay you and i are the only ones on hima


woke up


File: 1576936493410.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


File: 1576936981543.webm (1.74 MB, 1280x720, Natsuiro Matsuri screamer.webm)



love a good tardsquealer


watched that video had to close halfway through when the professional food reviewer confused goat and lamb five times in the first 10 minutes


watched a bit more and he continues to confuse lamb with goat is it some sort of inside joke


no a lamb is a sheep a goat is a goat


File: 1576943405336-0.jpg (78.13 KB, 490x366, img-14.jpg)

File: 1576943405336-1.jpg (30.12 KB, 500x336, standarddoe.jpg)

lamb sheep goat and baby goats are called kids hehe


goats are goat


love kids


goats used to sleep beside of my wall and their horns would scratch the walls occasionally and wake me up


love goat cheese and yogurt


woke up got left behind


rope shark


shark saw an opportunity and took it


pasted shark


does anyone remember when i said i hadnt seen mom in a while and she left to go help my sisters fiance and i said she was gone for a while he probably roped and would it be okay to order food well it turns out he did rope hehe


imagine how fast a norm would rope if he had to live as a cel


a neighbour came in and stopped him though he did it in front of my aunt and she couldnt get the noose off but he didnt jump or anything so they got it off and rescusitated him sigh poor guy ive been there


he was getting married to your sis why would he rope


sorry i typed that wrong its meant to be my mums sister i forgot the word for aunt


die non native english speaker


can i marry your sister


i only speak tard


ya sure


cant imagine trying to enjoy my time on the internet and having some sweaty hima poster walk out of my sisters room with a towel wrapped around his waist and asking me whats going on as he cracks open one of my drinks and ruffles my hair


its only fair id be doing the same to his sis


crazy to think most himaposters are norms pretending to be cels i bet theyve had sex too


well we are adults you dont expect us to play along with your virg larp forever do you


larp stands for live action role play


thas the correct use of the term larping as a virgin incel hikki neet is less interesting than the standard medieval wizard larp


you cant larp on the internet its just ordinary rp


gonno virg out


im larping as someone who sits in a chair and presses buttons on a keyboard and looks at a screen of a website called himasugi dot blog and does NOThing but sit in his room and jerk off and raid the fridge when moms asleep


wish i could medieval larp with my himafriends


i could be the princess hehe


himabirl would just try larping as the tavern wench and try to flip neets whod had too many tankards of blogweiser and turt would be far too powerful of a wizard with his aura i would beware if i were you


i am neet of house blog




the hima castle


the feasters run hima with an iron fist


bored guess ill bathe


love a nice scalding bath hurts to get in leaves your muscles sore afterwards NOThing beats it


had a horrible throbbing pain in my chest once because of a hot shower dont think heat is healthy for you


thats how you know its working


File: 1576953429704.jpg (373.43 KB, 1448x2048, EMUiasiWkAQYI9I.jpg)


never played idolmaster only jo to the art


think i might be agp




love waking up after drinking 2 bottles of wine with my head pounding and drenched in sweat while also pissing myself overnight laying in bed shaking getting ready to repeat the same thing drinking blogernet with my himas hell ya its time to crack


writhed out of bed


stop drinking alcohol go to church


its time to crack


yeah crack some homo skulls


mom bought hotcakes


nice tard hand



bought a ticket for star wars hima walking to see it now wish me luck


hope you get shot norm


im seeing a movie alone im no norm


didnt know i was talking with movie theater norms havent been to a theater since i was a little kid


movies are for norms if you watch movies youre a norm simple as


existence is norm


havent seen a movie in a theater since mom took me to jurasic world


that was only 4 years ago thats NOT a long time ago


it was 5 years ago and mom bought us popcorn and pop and there was lots of butter on it hehe


back when you were a preteen


love teens


File: 1576956583558.png (268.62 KB, 900x600, squid.png)

phew squiddy


the freaks are back


it was 5 years ago and mom bought us popcorn and pop and there was lots of butter on it hehe


die doubleposter


File: 1576957049427.jpg (357.85 KB, 800x1130, EMTNkSeU8AAOUmW.jpg)


me on the left


do girls really do that sort of thing


i bet trannies do


thats what is known as thicc


File: 1576958290228.jpg (171.69 KB, 500x707, 2018877_p0.jpg)


hehe love sitting in the back of the bus and reading eromanga


cant jo with the freak hand


whats wrong with being a freak


inside the arts and crafts store hima


get some glue and do the skin peeling trick


fuck yah get some good glue


in 11 days we will be officially in the future


bought some g-fuel




sigh maybe 2020 will be better


its gonno be epic


epic zomg


sigh last year i get to experience


sigh its gonno be the same as last decade


simply begin your real life if youre ready


every day every week every month every year theyre all the same


this is real life it doesnt get better than this


gonno stop being a manbaby in 2020


gonno fail the amagami challenge


File: 1576963303043.jpg (Spoiler Image, 378.8 KB, 800x1133, jo.jpg)


theyre having some sort of festival in town there were pones


hate horses


pones arent horses


frick off


why do girls jo with small things like markers pens all the time thought bigger was better


loaned a girl my pen once and it did NOT come back slimy


make do with what you have


moms ordering subs


mindstumping people pay ten dollars for a sandwich when its something anyone can make its just assembly


you need the special sauce or its NOT the same


how much would it cost if you made a sub from scratch




its only six dollars for a foot long and you eat half for lunch and save the other half for the next day


unless you make like five subs youre NOT going to save any money deli meat is expensive especially if you load up your sandwiches with half a pound of meat and aNOTher quarter pound of cheese


die twig


i eat a footlong in about three minutes and im always hungry afterwards sandwiches suck id rather just buy a bunch of chicken bake it shred it and pour some sloppy joe sauce all over it


so make five subs simple as


five subs would be 2 and a half pounds of meat or roughly 20 dollars of meat and 12 dollars in cheese NOT even including the price of decent bread


what are some foods that are good for recovering from a sick pump


boiled chicken and broccoli


stopped putting cheese on my sandwiches because it does NOT do anything to improve the taste


manager gave me a 25 dollar store gift card for christmas since we didnt get bonuses this year NOT sure what ill buy maybe ill get the biggest package of chicken i can find and bake em


meant it does NOT taste any different if i leave the cheese off


never ate a broccoli in my life


broccoli is the only good vegetable



you meant boil right


sighing wish i had goofball friends


tired of the boil meme


love this one


bunch of really awful looking suggested videos left on the screen after watching that


went to the chink restaurant and there was a little chink with bleached hair and mirrored sunglasses in my way and he backed up a step and raised his hands in a submissive pose to let me pass might join the yakuza


sigh getting under ten kilobytes down speed when are the high speed satellites worldwide fiber coming


simply stop being poor


cant wait until im so huge that chinks genuflect out of my way


File: 1576965232483.jpg (1.26 MB, 4010x5657, __original_drawn_by_doushimasho__ffa1794522150….jpg)


hello miss would you like some help with that i happen to be a professional stacker




wish i had a job with some pretty foids instead of fats and ancient hags


she wouldnt want you sexually harassing you with your eyes


youre lucky to be surrounded by plumpers


i would never look at her i learned that lesson in highschool just knowing she is there is enough


she knows exactly what shes doing


wish i had an insecure plumper foid with a cat to sexually harass


die worshippers


they wouldnt put up with you harassing them when they can have almost any chad they want on tinder flipping them by the end of the day


why is there so many chads out there willing to flip low status foids


because they require 0 effort


why is there so many himacels interested in foids im NOT interested im too busy watching anime gaming joing


they have low self esteem and its easy and funny to lead them along and then dump them just ask onseki


im NOT interested in foids im just extremely lonely and horny


think i had a caffeine overdose


youve drank your last cuppa norm


had a caffeine overdose once had a few grams of caffeine i didnt feel so good after but i was fine the next day


every time i smoke cigs i get lightheaded and have to lay down i think i smoke them too quickly


because i get excited over being deemed a biological failure


is that guy who saw star wars back yet wondering if i should grab a ticket


is 300mbps internet worth it NOT even sure if i need that kind of speed


only worth it if you routinely download large torrents or live in a house with people who are constantly watching normflix


dont have either of those things


300mbps claimed probably more like 2500kbps download speed


im a seeder


mom has verizon fios and the max speed i ever got up to was 2.5mbps


that goes away after the first few smokes


every room in the mansion will be a smoking room


its weird because i dip six hours a day so i shouldnt be falling over from a smoke since my blood is full of nicotene


who thought inhaling smoke would be a good idea


think i might start respecting women and quit hima


who thought eating chicken eggs or drinking cow milk was a good idea


dipping and smoking are you trying to give yourself cancer


cigs arent just nicotine its all the other stuff in em that makes the headspin so strong


love packing a fat lipper after clicking new reply


die normotines



those are good ideas smoking isnt



i dont smoke and i dont like people who do smoke


why would it be a bad idea if it feels good




oo ooo ooooooog me feel gud


i dont care if what im doing is bad for me im going to die one day and im going to die knowing i did everything i wanted to do and i didnt let norm propaganda influence me at all


thats norm logic



youre the norm norm


smokenorms always say that but when you actually get cancer youll regret every decision youve ever made


im NOT the smokenorm im neetblog


bhole just winked hard


its NOT like you just get cancer and die you spend years suffering as bits and pieces of your body start NOT working properly or if you go through expensive treatments that require surgeries and side effects and you still end up crippled in some way afterwards


ritual is near anyways smoke em if you got em


the sooner i get cancer the sooner i can go christchurch on the foids


called the fiveoh





keep watching cleaning and restoration videos


love seeing an old piece of shit shined up and brought back to life


wonder if that can happen to me



dont understand people who like cars whats so great about a metal box with wheels


NOT gonno say it


nice wd40 action


die momsubber


hell yeah fire up dads power tools


subs are here hima come get yours


shove it up my ass


ive got balls of steel


hope theres a sandblaster at the mansion


nigs are using himabros to get away from work now


i dont understand
they gave the nigger $60,000 for NOT immediately beating and robbing an autistic freak on camera


whys his sister so flipping fat




File: 1576970992449.jpg (16.13 KB, 435x300, me bone.jpg)


File: 1576970999467.png (11.11 KB, 353x132, Capture (9).PNG)

paste tardnorms


i have autism too but its NOT severe enough for people to be kind to me


hate how norms only act nice to tards to look good in front of other norms


what does it feel like to be retarded


there will be a sandblaster and a hot tank in the mansion NOT to mention a lift and an engine hoist and stand for every himabro


cant wait to enjoy a cold bottle of milk and go paaaaah after bathing in the hima onsen


cant wait to molest a fellow himamate in the onsen and compare bicep sizes


moms using internet explorer 8


install opera for her


shell rage


tried installing chrome and ublock for dad but he went back to internet explorer


die chromenorm


File: 1576972573297.jpg (724.16 KB, 3024x1512, image0.jpg)

could you 1v1 the chadmin


so wheres the after picture


stuffed gonno game until mom goes to bed then have a nice darkshower and degrease


dont use soap


thats my day one pic this is only the beginning im gonno get huge in 2020


were all gonno have jobs and gfs in 2020


sorry ladies im mgtow volcel


yeah after the ritual


never gonno get a foidfriend


havent even jod to a food in years


foids arent food


sorry im tardhands


the final amagami challenge ends in less than 4 days we blew it


think its about time to have a nice cry whos with me


im NOT gonno cry im a man


just get a hima gf


wheres the dedicated himansiom gf


thats what manly tears are for


havent had internet since dec 3rd been gaming 12 hours a day hope no one roped early too ashamed of skipping to stay in the thread dont feel right staying for the get sigh


File: 1576973733568.jpg (122.72 KB, 598x800, milk maid.jpg)


hi im skipper


its ok everyones skipped before




refuse to settle for a polyamorous asexual relationship


how about a polyamorous sexual relationship


its the most we can ask for as low status males its either that or incel for life




norwood makes you look mature


im NOT incel im just NOT interested in foids


so youre copecel


who invited the norms


i cope


hate gets


File: 1576975086989.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


might jo to one of those webms these days


youre depraved


post shishou girl


how many of you mates can touch your toes i can




arms are too big to properly reach my backside


your body should be practically calcified from a life spent hunched in front of the glowing rectangle


new years resolution is to touch my toes


once rubbed my feet on a boys face at a sleepover and he didnt stop me hope i didnt give him a foot fetish


what the flip was hima the bully all along


mom has no food for me


its just foidrp


NOT me im flexible


i stretch and i yell simple ast hat


dont need to touch my toes to lift heavy weights


stretch yellers and sneeze screamers will both be severely punished in the mansion


yeah punish me more


yellstretch but dont screamsneeze


i hope the get comes soon i dont want to accidentally get it that would be a waste


i sneeze loudly i cant help it


no point in worrying the bot will get it


dont worry i can easily tell the difference between a loud sneeze and a purposely loud tryhard sneeze because the guy thinks it makes him an alpha male to scream like a retard as he spews spot out of his nose


feel cool applying chapstick


fuck yea pile on that lipstick


cool or cool


the boys like it when i really glob it on


File: 1576976759307.webm (724.06 KB, 640x360, 1576725155391.webm)

hate cools


File: 1576976909302.flac (45 MB, B・E・E・R.flac)


NOT downloading a flac on my connection


my life wouldnt be like this if id been born in a fundamental baptist family



never owned an xbox never owned a playstation


you can play it without downloading


gth nintenyearold


watched halo 2 cutscenes last night but had to stop because my eyes started to water


i found out a few months ago that i can too never would have expected it


wonder if i can lick my own penis


used to be able to do that as a young lad


guys milk


File: 1576977634508.jpg (20.64 KB, 449x508, leshiggymilkface.jpg)


i can lick the tip if i stretch the foreskin doesnt feel like anything at that point


wish i had a foreskin






poor cut bastards




wonder what happened to isopropyl alcohol guy and totori guy and the other wbros who never made the jump




they became successful executives


wonder what molester man is doing right now


new shovel knight xpac pinches hard


both of them post here


totori guy got banned


the old admin banned everyone he considered a threat


pnig never banned me


he considered your iq to be too low to be a threat to his regime


the himajan


im the isopropyl guy i use it to clean my bong


how are you NOT dead


rinse thoroughly


saw star wars alone


alcohol evaporates quickly what is the danger


need a rey gf


wish i was soyed out enough to see star wars


hey hima couldnt post at all today im at grans and already going to snooze drove all day so im tired


File: 1576979577698.jpg (40.07 KB, 400x561, 1422396810981.jpg)

feel when i wasted most of my 20s on shite maybe 250 people on earth even remember


NOThing wrong with that you can write a book about it in 40 years when youre retired



i was just a bystander to the big dawgs


gonno torrent some gog games


you need to support the devs


i will tell hima if the game is good or NOT how is that NOT supportive


the devs should be thanking me for playing their shitty game to begin with


File: 1576983002744.png (197.47 KB, 791x1024, Dot_Drill.png)

gonno dot drill


File: 1576984397082.webm (937.88 KB, 1280x720, 1576033253396.webm)

minwblowing theres himas that have never driven a car in their life


dont think i can even pretend to be a norm if i wanted to my humanity is all but lost


has it been a week already


dont cry arent you a man




need a nice asian gf that wants me to snap her


im dumber than a rat


go to china and get a nice chinkgf


she needs to be at least a bit white or japanese


love driving barefoot


File: 1576987220490.jpg (188.5 KB, 675x900, 718e5d5434466a4c60383e6ed041b526.jpg)


File: 1576987251360.jpg (308.84 KB, 1561x1800, 1402994035912.jpg)


why did he do it


hate driving barefoot


girls really like bones that are fat they want to play with them non sexually as well sometimes because its an alien and novel concept to have an appendage for them


sigh pnig never got a chance to make those honeycums


File: 1576987608862.png (12.01 KB, 1355x105, normnig.png)


that was after the coup


thats also NOT norm at all thats very silly she was trying to grab his dick from the start nobody ever just checks whats in your pockets thats a foid excuse that he wasnt norm enough to play along with


accidentally grabbed a girl by the pussy i didnt know what i was doing


if youre alone with a foid youre a norm


everyone here lives alone with a foid


he was talking about his underage cousin in that post NOT tg


i dont live alone with a foid im worknorm


he did the right thing then she was probably sexually curious and since he was uninterested in her he pretended NOT to know what she was doing since pnig isnt into kids


hate kids


love kids


you may use that post for cross examination of the beauford report


remember how happy he was and how hed go on with his sob story about hes never had someone truly care about him before and other such normbabble im glad the based himabros dabbed on that mess and dragged him back to hell kicking and screaming


went to mcdonalds then drove around aimlessly for an hour and some asshole party norm took my parking spot so i had to park up the street and some chink bitch demanded i back up so her husband could park because “he be home soon” flip you chink whys your husband get off work at 11:30


die ahole


probably runs a carry out joint gthc


back is hurting think im becoming a hunchback hehe


once you get enough mass you can just slowly exit your vehicle and spread your lats and shell quiet down and scamper back into her hole


sigh piana is still dead



File: 1576990257599.webm (163.31 KB, 640x360, get the flip away from me you flippin nigger.webm)


the chink bitch knew i lived in a house with a driveway stalker bitch she probably spends all her time gossiping about that stoner beard guy with the red civic down the street
her husband is a boomer white guy i counterstalked them when he got home his chink wife helped him get as close to the curb as possible with hand signals very funny to watch but i was really stalking to listen if they were shit talking me or something


they didnt luckily because i would have gone over there and pretended like i left something in the car and goad them into a confrontation they should consider themselves lucky


time for some pork sandwiches


should have beat that chinks ass


nice roidrageseki


wish my test was high enough to rage


that feel when will never pin my boy's glutes while seki pins mine


die apostronorm




wonder if there will be streams in the new year


finna snooze


theres been plenty of streams


there hasnt been enough


File: 1576992267432.jpg (181.09 KB, 1920x1200, 1444540600978.jpg)



mindblowing how much better my life was when milk still posted and streamed


File: 1576992476784.jpg (28.03 KB, 600x455, 1408284986695.jpg)

would do anything to go back to milk classic


File: 1576992824519.jpg (147.6 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - Alicization ….jpg)

why are they putting soyboys in anime now and why are they giving them sexy gfs


looks like aris


wine time brothers whos in


havent seen this episode yet


dont have any wine is whiskey ok


alcohol lowers test


love anti male propaganda


alcohol inhibits muscle growth


have no need for test or muscle where im goin


you cant get more soy than asian men a bulky bearded white man is a fantasy for many asian women add in high paying job and show that he is the object of other female attraction and it doesnt matter how soy he is hell still blow the chink out of the water in smv


wish i was white enough to slay in japan


sigh why wasnt i born a japanese schoolgirl with three close friends going to an all girls school


im NOT white enough to seamaxx mindblowing that no matter what i do ill have the lowest smv on hima because i happen to be two shades darker than everyone else pnig got a pass because he was a tallnorm


pnig is short though


he said he was like 6'3" when heightmaxxing in motorcycle boots


never known pnig to tell a lie it must be true


sis baked cookies told me i could only have 3 but i got 4 hehe


going to pedomaxx with a game of guess whats in my pockets


stop talking about height it doesnt matter


6'3" is short its NOT even 6'4"


start weeping with pity every time i see a man under 6'6


the average hima height is 5 6


cant believe the arrogance required to lie about your boots making you two full inches taller when you are already 6'1


hima is full of cuteboys


its NOT a lie if your shoes arent adding 2 inches to your height then you need better shoes


boys will be boys will be boys will be boys


boys shouldnt be cute theyre supposed to be handsome


File: 1576995028274.jpg (989.08 KB, 3072x2304, Kissz 020.JPG)

how about these


gamer im gamer


prove it


File: 1576995975037.jpg (57.23 KB, 929x693, game.jpg)




wish i was cool like norman reedus


love based daryl


hope he stars in an upcoming japanese movie or show


does anyone know when they changed mountain to mtn on cans of dew


wasnt it always like that


File: 1576997295037.jpg (78.78 KB, 640x480, 2763181260_f9e13e5432_z.jpg)


thats NOT even real mountain dew


stfu bajanorm


wonder how many prisonbux baja costs


dont drink sugarwater


hate highlighters


never figured out what mtn stands for


only three days till christmas are you ready for the himansion white elephant gift exchange


feasted too hard can feel it coming back up in my throat when i burp might purge later


mom made cookies


what kind


prune and oatmeal


dump that shite tell her to make some good cookies



shes a freak


its a man


i only looked at the thumbnail hehe


anyone else get annoyed when they cant hear tv or vids over the sound of their chewing


time to put down the fork pick up the weights


wish i had the genes to be fit and muscular sigh



peanut butter


always wanted to try the peanut butter cookie recipe but was never sure if it was a troll and would catch on fire in the oven


why would you think that butter could catch on fire in an oven


File: 1577003510243.jpg (87.91 KB, 750x600, cookie.jpg)

because this pic said so


first christmas were we wont have a tree


File: 1577004512914.png (40.48 KB, 379x101, cel.png)

uh why is google recommending this to me


tried the peanut butter cookies when i had the house to myself once and it didnt work


i would assume the peanut butter just melts and is hard to clean off if you left them for a really long time the moisture would evaporate and it could cause a fire but youd have to be pretty tard to NOT look at cookies when theyre baking


tardlaughing remembering the scene in code gayass where lelouch tells euphy to kill all the japs


File: 1577007121916.jpg (950.17 KB, 955x1351, EMOPCXBUUAEvVcw.jpg)

the shishou girl


shes so beautiful


only one on hima


you waited an hour to post i thought i was all alone


woke up too early


are you refreshed





no mageblade tonight hima sigh lost 150g gambling too


File: 1577019087673.png (933.19 KB, 957x538, 1577017408860.png)


lets get to bed


set an alarm



i dont think society will last til 2030


i think i need to learn how to drive and shoot and forage and live off the land with occasional trips into the ruined cities and suburbs before then just in case the ritual and the nukes dont claim me whenever i look at china and the legislation towards free speech everything seems so bleak


wont be able to say youre gonno jerk it to kids or flip the chinks even as a joke without having your rights stripped away at least we might meet up with pnig and make a hima cellblock


hehe incells


holy flip and the irony is the people that hate the police here in america are the same people that love china


having a covfefv


you probably wont survive the ensuing chaos as 300 million starving deranged people try to survive
itll be several years before things calm down and traveling into the ruins of cities would be extremely dangerous as they would probably be full of roaming packs of feral niggers


niggers will probably be the last ones to survive whites cant live without a functional society


glad all the old and sick will die instantly


woke up just read all the posts i missed


im old and sick


sick in the head or body






just get some happy pills


but i live on australia theres NOT many people here and barely anyone has guns and when society breaks down we will be isolated from the rest of the world so i will have free reign to drive around and outgun any survivors


if society collapses only the norms will survive strength in numbers they have allies were all alone


when society breaks down all these civilized people theyll eat each other


your civilization has already collapsed bogan


well be safe in the himabunker underneath the himansion


it hasnt collasped we never had one


i dont want to die


File: 1577030985349.jpg (263.94 KB, 897x1066, 15469882_p0.jpg)


whered everyone go


whats freakeyes opinion on the chinese takeover of australia


obviously positive as he bows to the chinks


wish a cute girl would blow my brains out


File: 1577036145231.jpg (442.61 KB, 1288x972, 1577035064971.jpg)




is this what its like to have a dad


love working with my dad


think im gonno snooze through the 1m get hope nb or uli gets it


hope no one here watched monty python


only watched the african version NOT the european one


fuck china and fuck norms


finna shower


die norm


wash your balls nigga


tugged my penis


tug in hell


die norms


need glasses but insurance says i need to pay $50 for lenses and then they will take 35% off of the retail price for frames
and then a antireflective coating is aNOTher $45
and then polycarbonate is $40 or standard plastic scratch resistance would be $15
like $200 for glasses so i can see how am i supposed to get a job if i cant see how am i supposed to pay for glasses without a job flipping hell


just get zenni its that simple


ask mom for money its simple


think im being ddosed hima


mom wanted me to go buy new slacks for christmas eve mass but sis convinced her the ones i have now are fine she just saved me like 30 bucks now i can spend it on fastfood


hope himas dont wear bootcut




hate both of these norms


hate repliers


microbes in my gut are begging for burgs gonno get some burgs


what if you were living in a gut the whole time without realizing it


what if your mom gay


glad there were less than 100 posts and i didnt snooze through the get


File: 1577045667936.jpg (1.39 MB, 1778x1000, 78428948_p1.jpg)


what happened to that plumpers nipples


nipples are gross why would you want to see those


so our offspring doesnt starve they must suckle


thats what formula is for


i dont trust scientists


formula feeding is child abuse


youre born programmed with the knowledge of how to suckle


spun out of bed



dont understand why a girl would animate such vile cartoons




wish the get would pass already its making me anxious


hima will die at 999999


File: 1577047027657.jpg (628.63 KB, 1500x1243, 55220960_p0.jpg)


same but dont want it to happen at all scared of the new decade and post 1mil hima


chadmins going to steal the get


remember to wash your hands


i guess it makes more sense for the handicap stall to be separate from the mens and womens room doesnt it


year of the ritual itll be the final hurtle


wed already be 1mil if it wasnt for the damned spamblog


just NOTiced the adult man with the little girl in the mens room



shes NOT a little girl shes a teen


mom and dad are fighting feels like christmas now




its clearly a child she has twintails


cant stand listening to sodomites


the boobgook at the chink restaurant has twintails


NOT a broken home yet hehe




just placed an order for some cheese burgs hoo boy feasting today




burgs are fatneets food of choice NOThing norm about burgs


hate how lazy i am hate being a fat manchild that does NOThing but eat and sleep


might boil up hot drink


you cant just eat burgs every day


yes you can


File: 1577048040751.jpg (258.79 KB, 988x1500, EMZDxIlUUAE080H.jpg)


hot drinks really get me going


love being manchild this is the life


fat lazy dumb waste of oxygen


anyone have the ohayou webm


File: 1577048551598.webm (Spoiler Image, 260.67 KB, 1280x720, ohayou.webm)


File: 1577048559056.webm (3.78 MB, 720x1280, yaho.webm)


that means the get already happened more than a week ago


wed have been at 1m in september if pnig didnt arrested


he would have posted an mp4 of him flipping tg as the 1 mil get


why couldnt god have had mercy on me and given me a huge dick or something


you wouldnt use it anyway


you dont want a huge dick trust me


dont care about dick size as long as its NOT microdick its NOT like anyone else is looking at it


hate when my dick touches the toilet water


hate when it touches the shite covered rim




always catch foids staring at my huge bulge


hate getting a poop bone and having to point it down or rest it on the seat with the risk of pissing everywhere


stop shitting on the rim freakazoid


the inner rim


the freaks are back


havent cleaned my toilet in almost a year its looking pretty bad but it doesnt bother me


same bathroom needs a good bleaching


mom cleans the bathroom every sunday


i bet your mom would be happy if you did some chores too think of all shes done for you


i would just do it wrong


its the thought that counts


only at first but after a while they start to resent you


hehe bet everyone ive ever met resents me



that was over an hour ago please try to keep up


moms ordering pizza




File: 1577053060786.jpg (201.76 KB, 528x960, uli pizza.jpg)




wish i had some pizza love some good white sauce extra cheese jalapeno sausage pizza


mom always gets pepperoni and sausage with extra cheese




dont get normerroni anymore because it pinches and turns a pizza into a greasy disgusting mess


she likes it greasy


theyre coming for your job turt


File: 1577056241112.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1574025445392.jpg)




is that what little girls watch now





wish my laptop could run dark souls never played 2 or 3 could easily avoid reality for 200 extra hours


one that can run them is NOT that expensive but you should get a pc already


die richnorm you dont know what its like


hate stupid poornorms


die die die


never played norm souls


File: 1577057546697.jpg (154.56 KB, 794x1104, EMTISPrVAAAcWPW.jpg)


im a gamer i game simple as that


my pc struggles with fallout new vegas dont think i could run souls on it


would anyone want a dark souls stream




stream bloodborne instrad


dark souls is old and busted its been streamed a million times


hungry hope mom feeds me


dont have bloodborne


why would you want to watch a stream of a game you havent played


cant stream its NOT anonymous


why would you watch a stream of a game you already played


why would you watch a stream instead of playing it yourself


why would you play it yourself if you can just watch someone else play instead


why would you play a game when you can just watch someone stream it




never had spam


uh to watch someone elses thought process in real time to see how they play through a section differently than you did


its still boring you already played the game before


hate streams hate streamers theyre all norms


mom keeps trying to get me to get a driving license but i know she just wants me to run stupid errands for her NOT falling for it


thats the point why would i watch some norm play a game i could play myself instead of one of my bros streaming a nice souls game i know every part of


get the license and drive away


i game


driving is for norms


running errands is fun you cant be glued to the glowing rectangle all day


why cant i


the raiders are back


if youre gonno stream then stream


zip it streambeg


File: 1577059934513.webm (1.41 MB, 1852x1080, glowing rectangle.webm)


me on the bottom left


what website is that




some normporn site









File: 1577060147804.jpg (21.6 KB, 480x582, 3171454625a7399d0fae93d1eb57aa930d5214f7b4bcf8….jpg)


NOT interested in meatporn


its natural


die normcels


gaming hard hima gaming hard


stream it


been trying to find this vid again for years


File: 1577061918987.jpg (499.53 KB, 1920x1080, fw 2 intelligent.jpg)


stomach is rumbling im hungry


start fasting


love fasting love feeling weak lightheaded falling over cant fast now its christmastime


lets all grab a blanket a warm cup of tea and watch this


dont need to waste 30 minutes to know games suck dick


aaa games have always pinched hard what kind of tard took this long to realize


mom forgot to pay for my gamefly subscription


shes cutting you off time to get a job


this gets across the message much better


hate the norm man



no everyone is waiting for you to stream


NOT telling a skipper


never streamed before might give it a shot but NOT sure what settings to use


nice nintendrone vid in disguise


love nintendo


couldnt post today either hima having a pizza with mom and some wine too guess ill miss the one million post


dont want you here anyway norm


you cant say that it hurt me


sigh 1 mil is going to happen while im at work


wish there wasnt any get i know its gonno suck


someone should fire up a nice spam so we can get it out of the way already


ill skip so we can both remember missing it


die skipper


release the freak


File: 1577064558588.webm (1.74 MB, 1280x720, Natsuiro Matsuri screamer.webm)


https://www.twitch.tv/runitup247 got your stream right here




hate chinks hate gooks love japs


chinks love to gamble its all they have to look forward to after hard days work


File: 1577065017068.jpg (1.84 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170528_183536.jpg)

maybe girls would like us more if we made eye contact with them


cant decide what to game


so play deathsmiles


shaved a 2 month beard last night been avoiding mom so she doesnt rage at me for leaving the bathroom looking as though a bomb filled with pube shrapnel went off


what the hell just clean it up


what the frick just shave in the shower


File: 1577068327438.jpg (4.09 MB, 2006x2842, EMZS9aDUYAAo1B0.jpg)

whys she making that face


you make her uncomfortable


youre scaring her you need to suppress your aura


never met a foid that could remain conscious when im releasing my full aura


no you dont understand


youre making your mother cry


got drunk with mom and auntie and the uncle that owns me all the time hehe


pubes need a trim they keep getting stuck in the remains of my foreskin


getting drunk with family what next youre gonno blog about your trip to the club


love my foreskin


sigh the train girl she as hoping that cool looking gaijin would say hi to her and that would escalate to dating and eventually marriage


never gonno get married hands off foids its my money my time my dick my games


NOThin norm about getting drunk alone and watching tv with mom


did you watch anime with her


ate some bread and water


wheats NOT good for you


love evil grains im addicted


feeling the biological pressure to marry and flip


there is no biological pressure to marry only to oog


gonno save half this bottle for the days following christmas when invaders start showing up


NOT sure if were getting invaders gonno try the snooze strategy


cleaning out my sock drawer and sperming in each sock i intend to throw in the trash hehe


wonder if i should have ice cream or late night sugarwater


dont drink sugarwater dont eat sugardairy


File: 1577071870679.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, sugar water.png)


File: 1577071898948.jpg (90.2 KB, 1024x725, __yoshida_yuuko_and_chiyoda_momo_machikado_maz….jpg)


now i have to drink sugarwater hehe going in the freezer


fire up the ice cold can of voltage hell ya


File: 1577072238628.mp4 (116.98 KB, __chiyoda_momo_and_lilith_machikado_mazoku_dra….mp4)


wish momo would shake me like that


gonno do that to every sugar water drinker in the mansion


sigh the mansions never gonno happen


norms hate sugarwater


norms only consume sugar water


norms love sugarwater its a hundreds of billions dollar industry


no norms are too busy consuming normfee normohol or normtea they hate sugarwater


those are all sugar water


its the norm kind


i take my coffee black


hehe have the chino banner


dont know where you heard that the amount of norms that drink it in public putting their shameful habits on display for all is staggering


File: 1577073504776-0.jpg (706.43 KB, 3024x4032, ots11mabwme21.jpg)

File: 1577073504776-1.jpg (182.92 KB, 1024x768, 20131106-181631.jpg)

File: 1577073504776-2.jpg (187.07 KB, 1027x1500, 81jeed9FzyL._SL1500_.jpg)

sugar water trifecta


love a nice gallon of arizona


dont talk to me till ive had my decaff




sigh gonno snooze through 1mil


sounds like you need some cawfee


no i need to quit my job


hope the sugar water mate mixed the sugar water with the ice cream


wish i was neet


NOThing better than a root beer float




anyone know m0e


lets get to a million posts so i can snooze


wish i was moe love moe characters


yardwork time


opened my gifts with a razor blade earlier today uncle got me a light box thing that goes behind the rectangle lights up in different colors for different holidays


die yardnorm


what the flip christmas isnt for three days


you should be emptying out the sock drawer to make room for the new socks


yule was yesterday


File: 1577074496920.jpg (548.69 KB, 1000x1305, __ezo_red_fox_and_silver_fox_kemono_friends_dr….jpg)


wish i had friends


wonder if he bought it because it shows a picture of a computer monitor in a darkened room and thought it would be perfect for me sigh




already sealed the wrapping paper back up cant until christmas


you mean you were peaking at your presents you little shit


never peaked at my presents im an honest man


moms paying off my credit card for xmas




die credit card norm


bed time wont be around for the get ill pray for you


just stay awake its that easy


dont wanna see the get know its gonno fail


were almost there


spermed hard to a nice mmd gonno stay up until the get then snooze


fire up the bots


sigh im NOT gonno make the get its past bed time


going to yank my ethernet out 999998 and skip for a few days



pasted emptyposter


its starting


feeling chest pain hope its NOT serious


bare your chest and breathe deep


whip out the vaporub


waited until bed before using the inhaler


pnigs NOT in prison


is he dead already




senko doesnt come to neets


neets get misaki


give me a senko any day what good is misaki just aNOTher mentally ill foid that only pays attention to you because she considers herself to be so far above your level and then she tries to convince you to kill yourself with her


never had a girl come to the door besides those jehovahs witnesses that i spat and swore at


isnt that what misaki was


what about the pizza girl


never had pizza delivery whats it like


dont think i could handle a pizza delivery without having a panic attack


eighty percent of success is showing up
you missed your chance just like a neet


hey hima im tucked in bed hehe think im gonno watch a nice kay


pizza delivery is for richnorms


im mentally ill and think of myself as above the norms and pretty much everyone while also thinking that im a worthless blob o shite


its cheap


die richnorm


girls are allowed to be mentally ill though
when a low status male does it nobody thinks its unique or cute anymore


i think im cute


File: 1577077979327.jpg (61.05 KB, 960x720, SAM_024.jpg)

hb fresh neetcut boys


that isnt mental illness its called being enlightened


hehe always thought that headshape was funny its like an egg crack it open fry it up


depressive narcissistic losers are from mars borderline histrionic whores are from venus


its coming


let the norms tell me i was mentally ill until i realized i was simply enlightened


im a gamer i game


you can tell by the forced increase in activity sigh just get it over with


thats arrogance


cant stop now


i have to stop posting i dont want to waste the get


its at 90 now time to stop posting and let kog take the reins


mexican standoff




me see matching number me happy


flip flip flappin flip


i see you there with the text box already filled out


hehe caught me


boles is innocent






its over back to shamiko


paste bolegets


File: 1577078320906.png (539.99 KB, 640x640, 1399102766993.png)


daddy cool


sigh was going for a yuka get


sigh cant snooze now heart is beating too fast


File: 1577078351883.jpg (32.2 KB, 328x508, linus.JPG)

was gonno post this




count the number of raiders


File: 1577078399154.mp4 (126.43 KB, tardlaughing.mp4)


NOTorious baby potato chef laughing at his victims parents in court




kind of feels empty how we didnt even get raided like the last time there was a big get imageboards are a dying medium


dont even know boles i feel left out just like school again(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)




me when i hear gran having seizures outside my door while begging for her medication


love raiding


wait wheres 999998


when was that two weeks ago


its in aNOTher thread the tricky bastard


paste nb


hima still is the most influential board in the world


wasnt me


take me back to 2015 and post number 160 flip this


dont want to be influential


hima influenza


miss <1000000 hima


cant believe i just got owned by gaysuz


its over


theres no going back we can only march forward to the ritual


is the ritual tonight


File: 1577078864518.png (Spoiler Image, 23.23 KB, 303x246, discord.PNG)


no youve still got a few months to quit your job and neet hard


hate discordteens im raging


had a bunch of cold ones two pizzas half a bottle of primitivo wine time to snooze


and you wonder why youre fat


baste and obsessed


im big boned


gonno get a petty 55 get


File: 1577079126806.webm (682.7 KB, 800x450, gets.webm)


the norms barely even post here anymore except to lay a big fat shite on himas face


we must bow to the norms


get get get get got got got got


still dont know what this expression is trying to convey


its conveying gets


looking back through all those threads it seems himako may have gotten annoyed with my daily emails


time to snooze and slave


woke up read the thread howled at 999999 great job


should i start cracking the $10.50 6 pack i bought for christmas


what the flip i can buy a thirty rack for that money


thought i should get something fancy


big ronald banner


refresh quick its a bad omen


eating a candy apple hehe wonder if thisll keep the doctor away


new a friend


missed the 1m get cause i was doing yardwork sigh




wish i had a friend


gonno start watching strike the blood


great idea its good



yardwork in hell norm


File: 1577083230481.mp4 (3.1 MB, かにかま - 全自動鹿目さん手こき機が完成した-1208941351363989504.mp4)


wheres the prostate massage version


die homo



had a nice jo but forgot what i jod to


im NOT gay god gave men prostates im gonno use it


NOThin in the bible against a good prostate massage


ate too many sweets NOT feelin good anymore


bhole is leaking again


dont drink sugarwater


feeling it deep in my ears wish i had someone to clean them out this is the worst


anyone grinding the fgo lottery


im NOT a gachanorm


File: 1577087963767.jpg (24.64 KB, 665x542, EMUy_rxXUAA4j9X.jpg)


sigh pixiv being slow i cant edge like this


File: 1577089133801.png (Spoiler Image, 174.52 KB, 295x366, 1359599768472.png)


go to hell digger


most raids are just me anyways


gonno see if i can keep edging till the new year love a good long edge


i wasnt digging i was mowing and line trimming and grinding up palm leaves


gth landownorm


woke up was the get epic


it was epin


NOT telling a skiper


File: 1577091039360.jpg (86.7 KB, 576x1024, CLSlgqiUEAEG-yj.jpg)


flip you for posting that


i will get the 1111111 get


wonder how the 1mil get guy is feeling hope he got a nice dopamine surge


snap or snap


paste turt


mom bought me beer without me asking gonno crack it open also had a delicious caesar salad which i couldnt digest most of


great sexy ladyjo time to snooze it off


me too but the nights still starting


love a good caesar salad


File: 1577102961561.png (1.41 MB, 1600x1633, __tiffy_original_drawn_by_fast_runner_2024__94….png)

woke up


package today cant wait


climate change is having its effect this is the warmest winter we have ever had in this country and the weather is all flipped up




i thought uli had a gf and irl friendcircle


they all abandoned him once he stopped being popular on the internet


this is why a lot of men will wageslave so hard


holding a neetlog in


love doing hard work with my fellow men


alright turt we get it youre gay


have you tried the steel mill


we work hard
we play hard


File: 1577115331350.jpeg (730.21 KB, 2032x1524, C5E954CB-03C4-4265-994A-6C30E79236B8.jpeg)




File: 1577117401415.png (1.25 MB, 1440x3040, 1577109085429.png)


File: 1577117817335.png (29.35 KB, 910x680, 6789e69d3ddd.png)

this was the most expensive most important thing i have ever had shipped and this happens it was supposed to be delivered friday but they keep delaying it was first saturday then monday now tuesday flipping hell hope its NOT lost never lost something in the mail before


what is it


how hard can it be to drive around delivering packages its NOT like hes using his brain or much of his muscles


its pills



been gaming hard cracking beers and cokes open lost some gold gambling and my cat was being tard so i patted her and flipped her over and giggled saying i flipped the kitty


im nervously pacing around waiting for a package today where the same thing happened hehe


wish i could be a ceo of a large company and fire anyone i see with a tattoo


the tattoos is how you know theyre hard


its a known cope for NOT having a family


hima is my family


hima isnt my family hate my family love my himafriends


edged too much feel the burning in my urethra


File: 1577122917508.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.65 KB, 952x720, 1575872508889.jpg)


gth teen




sigh so many cute single tard girls streaming on niconico


oo oooooo


theyre only pretending to get more views never trust a foid


you can always trust a woman


die worshipper


hate the edgy look i have wish my face was more friendly and unintimidating




you could wear a mask


ive worn a mask my entire life noone knows the real me


so what if you can see the darkest side of me


if you cant handle me at my worst then you dont deserve me at my best


if your worst is able to be handled youre a norm


thats a sigh


got my box hima now im eating some leftover pizza


File: 1577126452216.jpg (521.83 KB, 1024x768, __ikamusume_and_sakura_kiyomi_shinryaku_ikamus….jpg)

got this banner


they look like theyre being wedgied you cant game with a wedgie


mom wouldnt let me play astro city sigh


File: 1577128934996.jpg (1.77 MB, 2508x3541, EMcwjLAUEAAcdSt.jpg)


mornin hima wish to outrage a sexy ladies modesty



winter solstice was the 21st flipping missed it but at least the days are going to start getting longer



was supposed to live an adventurous life at sea instead was born in the era of gamer streams and foids rights


got a nice metal blackout roller installed on me window hehe room gets pitch blakc now


its only like three hundred dollars to get your sea license and then you can go wild


wouldnt mind sailing around the globe with my mates fishing our food stopping by remote islands in the pacific and just having a jolly good time


wish i had 300 dollars


its NOT the same there are maritime laws and the ports arent as rowdy as they once were


im sure a small boat could still get away with doing as they please the ocean is just way too large


how many ports have you been in


moms making threats about me getting a job but when i bring up applying as a janitor she recoils and tells me to work customer service instead


tell mom youre gonno be a pirate


apply for everything and see who calls you back


go into construction learn to be a man


File: 1577131400289.jpg (452.65 KB, 2508x3541, boob.jpg)


uh oh shes gonno burst


im a gamer i game


based jan hating mom


just found out that latex foam pillows are better than memory foam ones i need to buy one now


are you supposed to find each individual business or is there a website that you can apply to everything at


indeed.com and monster.com there is others too sometimes they redirect to their own website and thats kind of annoying


just work night security its that easy


become a bouncer like nb



weird how mom wants me to work at a call center when im a mute



she wants you to come out of your shell



why does he talk like that


go back there norm


back where


to discord


is this a ross vid



gonno nap


ate a baloney sandwich


was it oscar mayer


mom dropped off spaghetti


throats sore hima its over



File: 1577135640429.gif (135.26 KB, 885x948, 1577135340981.gif)




moaned out of bed


dont like that gif


senko come back


wonder how post 1 million hima will be


told mommy i dont drink until after 6 what she doesnt know is that i get up at 3 or 4 hehe


File: 1577136639303.mp4 (12.64 MB, bird.mp4)


would love to snap their necks





cant believe children arent allowed play outside anymore because a small handful of kids got fsnapped dont parents realize its a 1 in a 10 million chance


glowing rectangle is infinitely more entertaining than outside


ya but how am i suppose to sexy ladywatch without any sexy ladies to watch


norms are braindead and work entirely on emotion and misguided beliefs what else is new


the fools literally climb into 3500 pound steel death cages every day putting themselves at the mercy of every other 70IQ amerinigger distracted driver but think guns should be outlawed because of muh schools constantly ashamed to be born a human


love how mom talks to her furbaby as if its human


wonder how the female brain how do they look at an adult dog and think its a baby it makes no sense



dreading the day mom hears the term incel on the news or in a tv show and asks me what it is


why would you know what it is just tell her you have no idea


she can tell when im lying


File: 1577139858021.jpg (851.88 KB, 1230x805, EMG_SqmUEAMbd8n.jpg)


hehe im an expert at lying


shes beautiful


five cans of dew left might stay up gaming until tomorrow night to fix my sleep


you gotta restock first five cans is NOT enough


that never works its downhill from here


why fix your sleep just sleep when you want game when you want its your life you dont need to conform


i would be able to avoid mom more if i got up 10-12 hours earlier


tried that before its NOT worth missing out on hot meals


my mom cant cook gotta fend for myself


ya but she smell rages if i try to whip up something in the middle of the night


youre supposed to turn the fan above the stove on when you are making grilled cheeses and smoking at 3 am to prevent that


get yourself a portable induction stove top and a mini fridge freezer combo you dont need to use the kitchen


thats loud


File: 1577142001075.png (153.04 KB, 500x500, oog.png)


if you keep it on the low setting it isnt more NOTiceable than any of the other appliances ive tested how loud it is from moms room


mom said shes going on a diet yesterday but then today said shes ordering chinese takeout i dont get it


thats foids dont bother trying to understand


foids are always going on a diet


coworkers are sending me merry christmas messages


die norm


File: 1577143180286.jpg (534.33 KB, 1045x1500, 304.jpg)




wonder what its like to be a foid dont they have no refractory period id probably spend all day just me and a vibrator





how do i lose weight


stop eating


you already know the answer youre just asking so you can say its too hard



i live to eat


first tallboy has been cracked i repeat first tallboy has been cracked the chili pot is on the stove


mom just came home with chick fila


could go for some tendies


gonno eat cookies for dinner


that reminds me its tea and biscuit time


should i become an escortcel


hope you all bought mom a christmas present got mine a wireless mouse


if you have norm blood you can escortcel and love it but if you dont youll probably regret it forever


why would you pay a foid to be with her theyd need to pay me to get close to their disgusting bodies


we dont celebrate christmas


im dreaming of a white christmas


should i wallstare


hate normsmas


for example onseki used to hang out at soaplands and flip 45 year old roasts and love every minute of it and eventually put that experience towards finding a 30 year old roast he didnt have to pay to flip but freakeye said his experience was terrible and it got him no closer to ascending


love christmas the whole family fights and cries its a bloodbath i stay in my room and game


boogerwall is full gonno have to grab the ol scsnapr


gonno have invaders tomorrow need to grab supplies tonight


brett was put here on this earth for a higher purpose seki is just white trash peasant stock


File: 1577146066793.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.67 KB, 1600x900, phwe.jpg)


the invaders are coming


when will freakeye return to deliver us from this hell the discordnorms created


worshipper hours


hate worshippers ive never trusted someone with a name


whats your new years resolution


we are all resolved to the ritual


gonno get abs for summer


got a winter bod


cant believe i was a norma this entire flippin time


starting to wish i had a gyaru gf




nonsummerjack will be at the mansion


tired of manually joing need a girl to do it for me


woke up


you should have thought about that before going incel


hate when i put way too much pasta on my plate but end up eating it all anyway because it would be a waste


love pasta love feastin simple as that


heck ya its time to feast


time to FUCK



just had a nice nonsummerjo


just had my gyaru gf give me a powerflip


File: 1577149271076.jpg (133.87 KB, 552x436, pasta.jpg)


lots of norms lately


File: 1577149356996.jpg (241.21 KB, 800x535, 1rctd253pl.jpg)

i recommend this


what am i supposed to do with this


share it with your bros on discord


die teen


go back to discord norm


or be destroyed


hate discordteens


normseki and the discordteens


told you that normnig making all those secret boards would lead to NOThing good


discord is calling the shots now youre NOThing more than cockroaches


we need a new jp spinoff


its over the jp dream is dead


neetblog may have defected but i will never bow to the discordnorms




most of the board has either found employment or is seeking it
even neetblog is working hard and has gotten down to 185lbs and its probably only a matter of time until he meets a nice virgin girl at church

get with the times




should i shave for christmas


die newlinorm


a new board where teens are banned on sight a haven for jp posters


why would you shave its uncomfortable and the hair growing back hurts just grow it out


gonno be a neet again soon and then ill blimp out


return of the blog


havent shaved in a while


die numales


never shaved my balls or crack wonder what it feels like


its soft and smooth for a while but once it starts growing back its like sandpaper


my unibrow is my charm point


wonder if any babies post on hima


bossll have my ass if i dont shave


sexy little baby here


had bad gas all day




sigh only get christmas off




hehe i get all month and more off




how can you tell people to die what if they die


wish i wasnt too much of a coward to quit


need this headache to go away pisssssssssssssssssssssssssss


just jo


pop some tylenol fixes my headaches


File: 1577152073458.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.65 KB, 952x720, 1577122917508.jpg)


puked up some pasta


die teen


there are talks about knocking down all the walls and making it an open office ill be quitting at that moment


love openoffice


hate word editors


wish i had a cubicle for my neet cave


i just use calc


hate norms hate discord simple as that


pasted norm hater


the gas keeps building up with no release shes gonno blow


you need some fiber i take three pills a day or try an enema


youre NOT supposed to eat fiber you cant digest it


thought enemas were to prepare your bhole for a nice flipping


NOT digesting it is the point


its bad for you


enemas are a medical device NOT for sodomy


love a good sodomizing


bholes dont get flipped its only in smut


its NOT from fiber its because i was full of air last night but too lazy to sit up and burp


i flip man ass


File: 1577154320362.mp3 (122.54 KB, isbadjbilism.mp3)


pinch balls
all day
just because
i like it so much


love a good burping i stand and pat myself on the chest and it eventually comes out


are you a baby



im NOT a baby



never changed a dipe before whats it like




if you norm hard you can find out in nine months


wish i had a daughter with long black hair i could brush but i was pilled into antinatalism even if i found the dragonballs and made it out of inceldom


boys cant play with dolls


theyre called action figures


mom took my pones away


pasted mom


greasing hard need a darkshower


throat is getting worse think im sick


its just gas


File: 1577155612284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 737.19 KB, 708x1000, 78420991_p0.jpg)

knock knock


mom said im NOT allowed to answer the door after 5pm sorry



remember to take you iodine supplement


hope this happens soon the amagami challenge is almost over


whats your address ill be right there


55 clarence st
belfield new south wales


told myself id eat only japanese portions from now on but now im sitting here in a foodcoma after eating so much


eat a yuka portion



eat sumo portions


hehe love a good prank


whyd everyone stop posting


gonno go on a nice nightwalk gotta get supplies


im a gamer i game simple as that


love gaming


need more posts need more dopamine




post post post i need posts


no reason to post here anymore too many norms no reason to post a there anymore


2020 is the year where i quit my job get a gym membership bulk hard and leave humanity behind ill be waking up at 4 pm and going to bed at dawn gonno game hard himapost hard drink hard train hard tardout hard and get big


alcohol inhibits muscle development


neither of those were known to be jacked



showered hope mom goes to sleep soon so i can raid the kitchen for survival gear


mom made me change the second sheet on my bed usually have two sheets and just change the top one but underneath the second one were the spermstainspots was embarrassing


gonno poo


how can you live like that have some decency


mom found the shit drawer


whens the stream


when you download obs and hit start streaming




im scared of being judged i cant stream


really hope the us nukes china they cant keep getting away with this sick stuff


hate that ugly rat looking bitch


cant wait for facial recognition technology to deem me incel and have the government send me a monthly stipend to convince me NOT to shoot up a mall


it would be cheaper for them to just kill you by spiking your food supply




tired of the ritual meme it started too early now its burned out


die doubter



hate coreans


black hole sun






made some chicken sandwiches


one more day of work before i get one day off and then two more days of work


back in the cage


why dont people who live in places where they put gore on cigarette packs just throw the pack away and put the cigs in a case


wish a cute girl would keep me in a cage


mom forgot to get my lucky charms at the store so im eating the rest of her cookies


what the flip lucky charms are pure sugar eat your shredded wheat


ball musk is too powerful ive changed my underwear and shorts and its still seeping through sigh what do i do


never eat shredded wheat


take a nice scalding bath


wash your balls in the shower


dont use soap


ive got balls of steel


forgot to rub moisturizer on my glans


dont know what shredded wheat is but i love sugar


why would you want to get rid of it love my ballmusk NOThing gets me more excited


shredded wheat is literally covered in sugar


a showers gonno be real boring and a waste of time but i might have to dont want mom to accidentily smell it through my shorts


its NOT thats frosted shredded wheat get the unfrosted kind



hate when mom sniffs my groin to check for odor


activated my monitors piss filter


hell yeah stream it


read this post and had to piss


24 hours




25 hours until christmas



think i have an ingrown fingernail


never figured out the difference between avi and mp4


youre a freak


i got one on my toenail once but the skin on my feet was so calloused i was able to fix it this one hurts



File: 1577164104517.mp4 (1.96 MB, anti foid training.mp4)


was really drunk the other night still hurt too much to pull the nail out of the skin sigh this is the end


hehe alcohol induced self mutilation



NOT clicking that didnt need to see that thumbnail today


ok showered it was really boring but the ball musk has been eliminated re used my shorts too since they were my last pair and cant smell a thing


havent worn shorts in a decade don't feel comfortable showing my legs


shorts are essential for letting the ball musk fill your room


glad the ball musk arc is over


time for the hima christmas special its christmas eve


20 more minutes dont get ahead of yourself


jacked now i snoze


that means theres still time for the amagami challenge


why do american cartoons go out of their way to make the characters as unjoable as possible if this show was produced in japan theyd all be super sexy chav bints




they dont have pure souls anymore



all western part is unjoable i dont get how patreon artists get so successful you can find better art free on pixiv


thats a pretty sexy little girl ollie


it never ended


didnt jo to ginger but i did jo to the older sister in wild thornberries


its the goofy nickelodeon style everything to look weird and covered in green slime


has to


so bored i did the dishes




hate dishes leave it until the smell and mold makes me clean it


die moldlarp


gonno start typing in lolspeak


its NOT roleplay it doesnt take that long for mold to develop in still water and wet sponges a norm wouldnt understand


what happened to leetspeak have all the hackers died out


wonder if the hackers watch me jo


wish there was something to do


just jo and sleep


game anime hima youtube




wish i could cuddle with some cold feet


piss bottles are full


then do it


File: 1577173165454.jpg (267.54 KB, 1357x2048, whores.jpg)


stocked up on water beef jerky and crackers gonno game until morning and try to snooze all day


File: 1577175307965.jpg (292.99 KB, 1000x1414, EMgcuo6UcAAfvK1.jpg)


hurt feeling & butttroubled


love foot-san and his calluses


tried to give myself a foot fetish but kept getting reminded of mom forcing me to rub her disgusting rock hard calloused feet as a child


wonder if theres a fundamental difference in the japanese social psyche that makes them produce and consume pornographs of animated media at an accelerated rate


cant believe how steamed thorfinn gets at askeladd just because of a little bad blood from years ago


pasted footslave i made mom rub mine


hate seeing 19 year old teens on 4


you were one once


they dont even respect seniority




oops wrong site
now take this one go now hurry




how do i create one where you rank them instead of choosing one




accidentally spermed to a man


wonder if pnig really thought he could uhh haha his way out of outraging the modesty of his 10 year old cousin and documenting it by the terabyte on his unlocked computer or if he knew it would catch up with him someday


love the wifes son meme so pithy hehe


so what



last year he give the heart next day she give away this year he saves from tears he gives to special someone


hate when something bad pops into my head right when sperming


love me coal love me jesus love me sister love me limbaugh love me trump simple as


die norm dont post again


ok boomer




sigh had some based fruit popsicles but im all out cant believe there were only 6 in the pack


wonder if anything will be different tomorrow


look who came out of his cave


gonno stay in the cave


simply hate seeing norms monkey through their phone feeds looking for something completely fucking stupid to consume and the moment i feel like im doing something similar i have to stop and go to the yell cave


morning hima playin some job simulator


wonder what clubguy is up to


The Jan Who Banned the World


File: 1577189786606.jpg (65.98 KB, 600x751, nothing.jpg)


File: 1577190357482.jpg (124.57 KB, 602x720, me .jpg)

me warosuko and dookmin




File: 1577191980455.jpg (35.75 KB, 600x483, 1557574605627.jpg)

you go


File: 1577192290610.jpg (99.27 KB, 1000x1593, EMjW7cCU8AIyLio.jpg)

have you been good this year


im a gamer i awaken


i am three and a half years old again dad is drunk in a fight with mom he yells bullshit i giggle nervously at the naughty word and get his attention mom walks out he talks to me he says shes saying bullshit he picks up a large medicine ball and roars and drunkenly throws it at me i run i dodge i fleeout into the darkness of the night while he struggles to get up off the couch without staggering i run towards mom to grab onto her leg and be safe but shes holding a kettle of boiling water it spills on me

Im seven years old dads allowed to come up to visit me he asks me if im looking forward to my sixth birthday i dont know what to say mom tells him im almost eight and i cant look him in the eye later he gers drunk gets into a fight with my mother in her own house and yells at her he orders a pizza and keeps me up past my bedtime and since hes wasted from deinking from the brown paper bag he tells me over and over thats he loves me and im the best kid in the whole world then he gets into aNOTher yelling fight with my mom and i go get a golf club from the attic and steel my resolve and get ready to tell him to leave the house he gets a wakeup call seeing me holding nthe only weapon i can and starts crying and i feel like its my fault

funny how christmas brings out the best memories isnt it hima


love me dad love me mum simple as


paste liar


have memories from when i was a kid of running from dad why are dads so violent


wouldnt you be a bit annoyed even violent at times if you got a low iq coddling tardmom pregnant and so got stuck supporting her and her autistic failure of a son


mom and dad always yelled hate yellers



he could just leave


could also say that thats what he gets for being a sexnorm and passing down his shit genes


decided to be a youtuber what should my backstory be and whats my deal


love telling relatives that their genes are garbage and thats why i will never breed when they start up the gf talk


dad always calls me gay


is he right




File: 1577199147232.jpg (3.88 MB, 2591x3638, __yuzuki_roa_nijisanji_drawn_by_abe_suke__caa4….jpg)


yep thats a yike


NOThing about that post is a lei i told my dad i wished he wasnt so drunk and he said he wished he had a son who wasnt so self righteous how flipping dare he i called him a failure of a man and called mom to come pick me up before you laugh NOT being able to Drive doesnt make you a failure of a man it makes you a manbay a failure of a man is an incapable father


>he said he wished he had a son who wasnt so self righteous how flipping dare he


sorry to break it to you but a manbaby is quite literally a technical man who has thus far failed to be a man its massive semantics cope to argue that


hate abusednorms who would otherwise be complete dadvoice normsucceses with their genetic roll if their dad didnt beat or snap them or whatever


love how after i got big i dont have to live in fear like i did as a child love breaking stuff in a rage and striking fear in everyone living in the house


that is epic cringe my dude posting that one to fail army


why do you hate daddy-o when you act just like him


daddy needs his drink to be happy maybe you should join him and beat mom together


if anyone crosses me in the mansion be warned im going to wreck the shop


this is after his alcoholism ruined the marriage and left me without a father figure for my life and traumatized me as a child so yeah it is unreasonable to say that wishing that he sticks to his AA program is self righteous and flip you driver i am a true neet who doesnt leave the house unless i am forced to


preritual origin story sharing


its the flashback of the villian character to make you empathise and make the writers seems smart and able to make cahracters that have more traits than just baste or tard


i dont even know who the villain is so they failed in writing memorable characters


the villain was defeated months ago but the story is wrapping up


no thats just the setback in the heros journey to teach him humility


who would be the hero of hima whos the villain and whos the incel best sunohara friend


woke up throat hurts more headache fever joint pain now im feeling the christmas spirit


nb is the hero pnig is the villain and you are the incel friend


the villain has been defeated already what do we do now


now were in the hima twilight era



woke up


merry christmas eve


its happy holidays you nazi



gonno preach the gospel to my cat


gonno go christmas caroling


found a flea on my arm


nice dogblog


hate dogs


scheduled a nice chloejo for tonight


File: 1577210667589.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


im a sithlord hima


File: 1577210764709.jpg (28.24 KB, 640x437, bede282.jpg)


gamers rise up


im a gamer


hima gonno wait for a dip and buy amd calls


die norm


you wont call me a norm once i become a millionaire


die already


package is out for delivery


hell yeah post that unboxing


dont open until christmas


was listening to soichi terada and the ape escape 3 soundtrack came up in the suggestions forgot all about that pnig used to love ape escape


we need aNOTher nig to replace him now


this track is insane was this really in a childrens game hehe


hes going to have to pull one more ape escape to get out of hot water


10 years of anal snap


tired of seeing christmas stuff when is it over


calm down muhammad


my imam told me christmas is the devils holiday


i condone beating foids but NOT while youre drunk they need to be savagely beaten while youre sober so they know it wasnt the alcohol


thats immoral


i dont condone touching or associating with foids so i dont condone beating them which is both


i respect foids


flip foids all to hell



hate the imam meme and wont let it come back


my rabbi agrees


File: 1577216604173.webm (693.99 KB, 1280x720, 1458684271715.webm)


ate 6 hotdogs feeling pretty good


cant eat hotdogs after finding out how theyre made


in the past wed use all parts of the animal were just returning to that i dont mind eating pig anus


when the envirocommunists seize control all they will let us eat is anus sausage and cockroach icecream


that was out of necessity it shouldnt be your choice now


File: 1577218961297.webm (1.58 MB, 1280x720, christmast.webm)


die teen


never understood why zoomers find loud clipping audio and face crops funny


its a product of overstimulation from childhood


jumpscares are the only thing that give me stimulation anymore


hate jumpscares cant deal with scary games played fear with all the lights on no headphones thats as far as i can go


nice 6dog


what the flip when did amd hit 46


love seedless gsnaps hima gotta say


why wouldnt gsnaps have seeds they need those to make baby gsnap


theyre gsnapcels and theyre delicious



File: 1577220521195.webm (18.84 MB, 1280x720, ababbabaaba.webm)


im dying hima this is where senko is supposed to bring medicine make rice porridge and nurse me back to health but shes NOT coming


need senko to give me a bone massage


preordered my ps5


dont have a tv dont have a console


played bloodborne today


then how do you game


im i gamer i game simple as that


im pc gamer


you cant game on a pc


hate consoles they are holding us back we could have real vr by now if it wasnt for them


spent $2000 on a pc just to browse hima all day


fool consoles are the only thing keeping the expensive graphics videogames market alive


hate realismnorms why would you play a game just to experience real life


dont understand people spending thousands of dollars on gaming pcs when my seven year old six hundred dollar rig plays everything already


told mom i would get up early today and that i would empty the dryer last night watched braveheart at 4 am instead


its NOT about recreating real life its about NOT being able to distinguish real life from fantasy


my dreams blend into reality already but theyre all boring dreams


wish i could remember my dreams


always get weird dreams when i go to sleep early


went to best buy a few weeks ago they have tons of rgb lighting gaymer shit i think norms actually think there are games worth playing that cost more than 500 to run well