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File: 1573410095587.webm (2.76 MB, 640x640, 1573342222739.webm)

basedsuz after getting banned from hima again


no salad no salad


got left behind


File: 1573429175708.png (534.83 KB, 736x900, EI__gW8VUAEGWaP.png)


File: 1573429221436.jpg (182.92 KB, 1024x768, 20131106-181631.jpg)

hell yeah wine time with the girls


wish i could take a 100 year or so break and stop existing for a while


drop my brain into the hima realm and let me live out my days there


File: 1573429542119.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 480x360, 1442742519256.webm)


got left behind sigh


youre here now and thats what matters most


File: 1573430191470.jpg (188.58 KB, 1637x1158, __shima_rin_yurucamp_and_1_more_drawn_by_yanag….jpg)




got left behind


sigh been too long since a nice tardout



desk chair is falling apart


alright im starting my christmas list for mom im gonno ask for a logitech g pro wireless
she doesnt like me asking for gift cards for christmas so i think ill ask for a game or two but ill get more presents if i ask for more diverse gifts


arent you a little old to be asking for gifts from your mommy you should be buying gifts for your own child


dont ask for games you dont want to look like a manbaby


gth richnorm


mom cut my allowance to a measly 50 a month so i need to get as much out of this christmas as possible i need to squeeze out as much value as i can


mom doesnt celebrate christmas


slipkNOT was too scary for me when it was new now it sounds like what i used to think iron maiden sounded like


think it was the masks


playing with shaders at 20 fps hehe


got a msi mobo


why do i need a $4000 supercomputer to run minecraft at a stable fps


is it the b450 tomahawk


i lied i was going to get a tomahawk but im getting an assrock pro4 instead


i have the b350 version of that its cool but the tomahawk is better


NOT technorm enough to tell if these are jokes


this world is a joke


the joke is that no one would build a new pc right now when there are no new games worth upgrading for


im NOT laughing


what about cyberpunk and vtmb2


File: 1573432258113-0.jpg (326.5 KB, 700x700, cover.jpg)

File: 1573432258113-1.mp3 (8.11 MB, 05. Pull the Plug.mp3)


theyll be running at 30fps you cant torture your eyes with that


dont think my eyes can see past 30fps


my eyes cant see past 45 fps


activate the byakugan


moms getting me icecream cake for my 30th birthday


nice scott


tell mom NOT to get me cakes for my birthday but she usually ends up getting me one anyway


wonder when my sharingan will awaken


just unlocked neetblog blanco


need to find a game that isnt scape or minecraft


hell ya



ya a bit better but the pro4 can handle the 3950x stock and the tomahawk can handle an ocd 3950x with good case cooling and if i wanted a mobo for an ocd 3950x id get a x470 with good vrm or a x570 that can handle 200 amps


defiantly NOT wow


wasnt planning on it but gonno get some taco bell






stream stream stream stream


why NOT


sigh cant believe i was a mythological beast the whole time


if you play wow your life ends





you werent alone mom was with you




why dont i have a dad


File: 1573434315936.png (Spoiler Image, 522.32 KB, 800x1068, __original_drawn_by_nanamatsu_kenji__b0c803487….png)


your mother was a harlot


agp pervert


she was married



might i recommend the edge beta browser


no you may NOT


give it a try it is enlightening


poe 4.0 announcement in a few days you ready bros


stop playing that zoomer trash


why wont microsoft just give up


blizzard fanboy


thats blizzard north to you zoomer


only if they fix their shitty fucking game


miss playing chogall with nb hehe


File: 1573435293536.jpg (118.02 KB, 750x989, jungler.jpg)

heard jungler and thought of this like a boomer


such a boomer




File: 1573435784484.jpg (80.57 KB, 960x720, 1541880165138.jpg)


why do you keep posting that ugly gremlin


File: 1573435906879.gif (Spoiler Image, 681.41 KB, 340x300, 1573325380423.gif)





the ababababa girl



have jagex ever done anything right


its NOT that big of a deal


damn it neetblog we told you no streamnorm shite in the mansion community room


im a gamer i game im a gamer i game


simple as that


really hate when some kid uses cursewords and the norms think its the funniest thing ever




File: 1573438118450.gif (1.15 MB, 400x300, tumblr_pnxi4noQfC1usyygio1_400.gif)


File: 1573438384780.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


sigh senko


hima would be full of cursing if pnig didnt decide to add filters one day


cant wait for the day senko comes to serve me tea and turn on the cyanide gas


are exit bags really painless


ya you pass out and slowly suffocate while unconscious



deploy the gas


what poe is one of the most boomer games out there


get big headaches from playing minecraft wonder why


stay hydrated


stop eating snails


gonno stop drinking anything but water


water whisky coffee


had a horrible nap hima my body is hurting all over





sigh used to get sugarbones


NOT sure but it gave me a bone


thats a forbidden bone


moving to a new apartment this week





are you canvas board desk mate


whats moot been up to these days anyway


where am i supposed to put all my otaku paraphernalia in an apartment


get yourself a nice bookcase off of craigslist


die swede



its a four bedrooms one


uh NOThings been posted since 2016


moms making me go on the autism diet again


File: 1573444193080.png (41.8 KB, 768x768, 1573443981929.png)


'In February 2016, Chris joined Google to help found and co-lead its internal incubator, Area 120. As of January 2018, Chris is based in Tokyo, and works on Google Maps. He is deeply passionate about online identity and expression, and community building.'


how do i explain to mom that her cooking is pure shite without her raging


File: 1573444233072.jpg (101.18 KB, 720x576, chris mootenberg.jpg)


didnt shower today balls are smelling really good


File: 1573444350938.jpg (535.58 KB, 1920x1080, moot dream.jpg)



File: 1573444654835.jpg (119.19 KB, 1175x1100, pisse.jpg)


sure whats your gamertag


vile bitch


shes marking her territory


how do i make my neck bigger


take the neckpill


hope you do solo self found


sigh neck shrank to 17 3/8 thats dangerously close to necklet territory and so far away from making it territory


File: 1573445603178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 262.24 KB, 2048x1448, EIXbBerW4AEsgIl.jpg)

hey boys



this japanese girl wants to flip aris i think she comments in all of his videos and is always fangirling worshiping or defending him


thought that pic was perfect until i saw shes been used god flipping damnit


sorry i chadseki get first dibs


thats how i became schizoid


File: 1573445964007.jpg (97.54 KB, 901x1024, 1_5c35e824-8b1f-4502-9aa7-2c49e7f0339c_1024x10….jpg)


that was you that used her


File: 1573446090953.jpg (116.01 KB, 1440x1080, 18.jpg)


theres NOThing appealing about seeing a used girl even if it was you you wouldnt be in the mood anymore so itd be a gross sight
sick of seeing mansperm


scared of the virgin hunters hima


sperm is lovely to look at


don't forget that your dad spermed in your mom once


NOThing gross about sperm


hate the thought of my balls being full of sperms


sperm is a defilement


mindblowing i have to make billions of sperm all the time just for a girl to use one of them when she feels like it


youre wasting energy no girl wants any of those sperms


clearly the sperms dont know that


first day on the job tomorrow hima gonno try to make it to january before i quit


working man


my job will probably end around then


hate jobs hate working but would easily work until i die if its a job built around exploiting and destroying norms


become a big banker then


brother is trying to speak to me all of a sudden after weve been ignoring each others existence for nearly 20 years NOT sure what hes thinking


phew NOThing must be more satisfying than having a norm sign his life away to you with a mortgage


hes putting together a team


hes a flippin norm flip him


those times are long gone hes a meathead tallnorm with a gf i have NOThing to talk about with him


hated split screen


loved screen looking


based screencheaters


gonno chug some dwale and try to jo before i pass out




no woman no cry how can hima cry then


File: 1573450260454.jpg (279.8 KB, 1038x600, suff.jpg)


mindblowing that women are allowed to vote


nice wimmen


wonder how pnig is doing in prison


hes a level 57 cheek busteè


strange how every single town has several chinese buffets filled with chinks that barely speak english and employ like 40 people but you never see them outside of the buffet


knew a place like that all the chinks literally lived there they turned the back into living quarters


tardlaughing remembering going into the chink takeout place once and the chink cook was raging hard at his dad the owner for NOT wanting to work in some shit restaurant kitchen


remember a neighbor kid calling screenlooking screenhooking and i was freaking out because mom hadnt left after dropping me off and i told him i wouldnt play goldeneye anymore if he kept saying it


wish to court a child


are your intentions honorable





i dont get it


whats to get


sigh asuka


File: 1573453904199.mp4 (2.56 MB, gamer.mp4)

its spreading


have to say this is the most chuuni game ive ever played


code vein


gonno try applying to target again but for a non seasonal job


might snooze early


File: 1573455443175.jpg (Spoiler Image, 420.34 KB, 1200x1738, 013.jpg)


man hair sag and earrings dont click


those last three are good things


wow sub runs out in 24 hours


let it end


i cant do that


application is in for a cashier im gonno get accepted this time


you must


cracked 5 blogweisers didnt feel anything just liked the taste


File: 1573457163156.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.19 KB, 1280x1280, EI77DpgVAAAQvKK.jpg)


hes just like me


File: 1573457741110.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


starting to rage



sigh 2011


mom said to stop sitting in my room all day and mindflipping myself


would give literally anything to go back to 2009 and spend my days as a 16 year old teenneet again


anyone gamin


i might but i think ill jo first


love cereal love milk love honeycombs


finished a good show cried


stop crying man thats NOT real nigga shit



woke up mom ordered pizza


its starting again hima oh god



whats starting again


theres flippin chinks everywhere here but no chinese buffets


shall i nacho


lets watch boruto



whats surprising about that


dont like how often i choke when drinking water


when the time travel arc is finished ill watch it all then stop watching again


theres a good cliffhanger this ep you can at least go up to there for the suspense


i watched 70 episodes of boruto weekly and it never was worth it


sigh im sorry i dropped boruto on ep 60 but im having a good time with this arc


ya im gonno watch the arc but im waiting till its finished to watch it all at once


time to snooze hima lets dive into bed


about to make bacon sandiwches i cant sleep now


its literally human trafficking they keep them all bundled up sleeping 10 to a room and if they complain they get sent to the massage parlors but if they do well they get to work the nail salons


raining hard wonder if it will snow at some point ive never seen snow in my life but the weather has been getting crazier and last year there was a small bit of snow in some area


snows too much here mom is gonno die driving in it someday


File: 1573480161750.gif (104.02 KB, 468x442, chibi_weeaby-2.gif)


sense of impending doom


do people over 12 play pokenorm


im norm


hate when mom says i look handsome


how come a handsome young man like you doesnt have a gf


hope you blankied



old ladies always say im handsome


File: 1573488385570.jpg (447.89 KB, 1050x1500, seki bus.jpg)


sticky this shit chadmin


File: 1573489247517.jpg (540.17 KB, 1280x1808, 02.jpg)


mornin hima


are you having a coffee




woke up


woke up hima having a coffee


make sure to put lots of cream and sugar in it so it tastes good


woke up dont think i slept long enough


love chatting with xfinity support





anyone gaming


File: 1573499658474.jpg (42.33 KB, 760x576, asfsdgs.jpg)




game on brother game on


joined olympus 9



got left behind


phew nice 2700x for $130 on microcenter and $100 if you also buy a motherboard


gth technorm


havent upgraded since 2013


got 2600 should i upgrade to 2700x


File: 1573501181500.gif (437.39 KB, 350x409, 1565205798835.gif)


stupid teen


did you buy that or are you a microcenter employee


cant believe the norms are advertising on hima


gotta love when you can trick norms into doing free advertising for your product like epic games and fortnite absolute genius


love epic


neither im just advertising


paste shill


firing up some pasta for lunch


he does it for free


save 10% off your first purchase with code hima


oh god hima youtube messed up again the thumbnails are huge


big thumbnails re good for attracting children to videos since they dont read


for optimal viewing on your 4k tv in the living room


3800x is down to 330 at microcenter hehe thats the 3700x msrp i might upgrade to that one day if the new bios fixes its clockspeeds


hope everyone cashed in on their class action refund from the last amd scam


i dont buy amd


glad im NOT a zoomer cant imagine growing up with tablets and youtube


cell phones too those really ruined the zoomers


would have roped long ago if the kids had cell phones in class filming every one of my tardouts and posting it online


mindzooming how ineffective touch screens are


File: 1573503765496.webm (3.45 MB, 460x574, average instagram user.webm)




wish i was ape


kids today have dbz dvd full collections at walmart for 10 dollars and dont have to miss episodes on tv or buy a vhs that has 3 episodes on it theyre lucky


why would a kid in 2019 watch dbz


having access to so many of that stuff so easily is NOT a good thing i have access to thousands of games at the click of a button now and i play way less often than when i had a small handful of choices when i was younger




nah thats just because youre old and tired kids still play games all day


guys its happening milk bought her tickets for japan and said its finally happening


they dont play different ones though they just play fortnite all day even though theres tons of better games


File: 1573504509518.mp4 (5.24 MB, u8uqy.mp4)


why is that guy so fat and ugly and why are the pokemon so ugly what happened


hope she gets yakuzasnapped



paste oognime


wonder why theres no official touhou anime


wonder why your so gay


NOT gay just accidentally spermed to shota once or twice


oh flip


is it okay to self insert into a shota


self inserting is always wrong



hate that china hater


mad chink


post some louisgoodhk



NOThin worse than china


ncie taco


shes so ugly gonno barf


dont care she has huge boobus


why the hell is everyone riding on a scooter


they all have duis


File: 1573507847062.jpg (105.68 KB, 1000x1113, EJG6eEnUwAYr7nz.jpg)


would worship her soles




where is her penis


what do you mean


guys bought a bazooka plus which is a matx tomahawk


what you said


put my feet against the weak point in the wall under my desk and it caved in sigh


nice rager


wasnt even raging but mom will think i did


buy some wall fixer off of amazon she doesnt have to know


never physically raged in my life


dont know how to use that


haysuz bought me a weighted blanket


internet can teach you what dad didnt


it cant teach me how to NOT be cel


no but it can teach you why youre cel


even if i manage to successfully fix the wall it would be obvious something happened realistically ill probably make the hole bigger


really hate that awkward video of the guy recording chinks playing cards



hated when pnig would call things awkward


im a gamer i game


bout to fire up some modern blopfare


im a nigger i steal


downloaded muv luv gonno play it soon


die explosive racist


got spoiled hard on muv luv wish i could read it


dont know anything about the games gonno jet before someone ruins it for me


damn good series muv luv


which muv would you luv



did you really or are you lying again


cant believe pnig was pennywise the whole time


all hima poster know is jo they bone eat hot chip and lie


liking this new mtg set hima hehe


never lied on hima why would i lie about that


never told the truth on hima


cant believe pnig is about to be sentenced to life in prison for joing to younow streams


justice for warosu


your honor i was accidentally viewing and saving the child snap vids


never been to prison whats it like



just want to make sure youre committing this time


admin abuse



im bad at making decisions sorry i cant commit




pnig better watch this one


pnig is a 6'3 black man hes NOT gonno get pushed around


anyone remember that embed posted comparing two games from the same series and the older being a lot better


its a nacho night


was it one of these


didnt know you could go to prison for admin abuse


File: 1573515021218.webm (Spoiler Image, 520.57 KB, 854x480, nachos.webm)


thanks thats the guy but NOT the video it was the dead rising one



bought a cock ring




you know



File: 1573516291689.webm (1022.26 KB, 1280x720, a.webm)


hate this bald gamecel


wheres the rest of this clip why did it end there


she died


dont know how minecraft works but i know that guys name is creeper


middle click keeps NOT working sigh




why cant i be paid money to play games


why cant you



raging hard hate roasts hate world travelers


farcry2 and d2 are the only games on pc i remember buying im NOT sure how i got a bunch of these old games from the late 90s


had an old pc game about a mecha with chicken legs it was epic but i forgot the name


flip it takeout night again


mom made salisbury steak and noodles


found it hehe it was this one


dont understand the point of traveling


hate norms


File: 1573518937302.jpg (375.71 KB, 660x955, __shijou_takane_idolmaster_drawn_by_goro_tame_….jpg)


might i have a whiff of your succulent pit madam


hate meme steam



gonno make an eating channel


having aNOTher coffee


back from work hima cant believe im getting paid 25 an hour to stare at the wall


scared to kick it with my homies cause i know they dont respect me


how come im NOT being payed 25 an hour to wallstare at home


sigh only get paid 10 an hour to stare at the wall


simply fire up the hima realm




if i stream with shaders on my pc might explode hehe


File: 1573520253588.png (423.81 KB, 635x640, 1573509789946.png)

is this what hima looks like to norms


need a translation


some teen is telling her friend an older really sexy guy wants to meet her at starbucks after she sent him nudes


File: 1573520670844.png (272.58 KB, 900x685, dczyjon-aa3e3569-5c99-4190-93f0-7be033ab4ebf.png)



do you know what this means




ya hehe


service animals are a meme


owned roast


sexy sexy furret


too scared to watch that webm what happens


guy says mean things to a woman


thanks NOT gonno click them rage every time someone doesnt treat women with the respect they deserve


she literally canNOT comprehend that a male would NOT bend to her will




accidentally discovered a movement of people against showing walmart greeters their receipts when leaving


link is 6'0


she reacts like a child who got told no


remember i said cunt to my friend in front of some african exchange girl in highschool and she stared at me like that woman for 10 seconds and just said excuse me i dont like that language so i told her go away cunt and she did




how come i cant interact with people my own age




what about hima


everyone on hima is much younger than me so its NOT fair


how much younger


i dont want to go into it but i was already older than 40 when the w went down


hi mom



remember getting a big bone the first time i saw andariel


ok boomer



File: 1573522795127.mp4 (23.42 MB, x7nv4kl.mp4)

paste chinks



its true


daniel franckowiak


glad im NOT circumcised at least no matter what happens ill always have that


lucky sigh whats it like


its great


time to make a big meal


the jews stole my foreskin


gonno snack watch vids and snooze hima


damn good nachos tonight hima damn good


so glad im uncut both dad and lil bro got circumcised feel bad for them


wish i had a nice nacho


File: 1573523489510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 467.62 KB, 1204x1598, 3406051db11a1007e22c96a3de5a605a.jpg)




how is she so skinny


mindblowing that mom thought itd be a good idea to slice off part of my penis


she didnt want you to masturbate


hell ya


hima dont think i can stomach aNOTher day of work might have to quit


your real life began treasure it


jo every day despite having a dried out hypospadic penis




flip accidentally threw out an important piece of paper have to go fishing in the trash tomorrow morning before the trash man shows up


just realized im too dumb for physics gonno go into computer science like the rest of the simpletons my real life is about to start


wish i could quit but mom would rage hard


what am i missing out on by NOT having foreskin


that paper is worth $40


simply turn your brain off for a couple of days you will feel better later


think id rope if the jews had cut my pebis off


absolutely mindblowing that im expected to give away five days of every week sitting in an office


gaming hard right now hima


how jo and flip truly feels like


nice gamer


glad my job is only a temporary position but unfortunately i made the fatal mistake of proving i could get a job and mom will probably relentlessly ynaj me when this one is over in a month or two


ya its over


havent ynajed in a while


the only way out is to save some money wait for a company to flip up hard with customer service or some other irrelevant thing buy calls when its down and sell em once the price goes back up a couple of days later


mindblowing that behavior like that turns foids on and that guy flips them all the time


bought bitcoin at 500 bought eth at 10 still managed to lose all my money


i bought death stranding hehe


baste daryl game




damn good game hima


damn norm game


NOThin norm


how about some elite dangerous instead


whats that


bath time


the winter neets prepare for hibernation


im permanently hibernating


wouldnt mind playing some eve with my mates


tried playing eve a couple years ago i was too stupid to do anything but mine in hisec


hehe same


did they fix ast yet on xiv or should i NOT resub


play some wow instead


norm food


never had fast food nachos how are they


File: 1573526499372.jpg (54.17 KB, 500x469, regret.jpg)


is halo steam edition out yet


eatin chicken sandwich




paste hisec miner


if i told you my name was norman would you hate me


tried talking myself out of the ritual earlier but couldnt it is the absolute answer


gonno go drop a neetlog


File: 1573526752619.png (26.73 KB, 100x100, pokeface.png)


sigh clogged


i was part of burn jita i think 2015 hehe it was baste


always wanted to play eve but im just too goddamned stupid




somebody please hug me


you need to find a sexy lady to hug instead


im completely 100% reflappered and even i can play eve its easy


that was probably a tranny dont worry about it too much


might rope


simply cope


me want cunny




File: 1573529271414.jpg (227.06 KB, 1000x921, 1503187402056.jpg)


there are more girls than men on this planet so why am i cel


because you dont talk to girls


they should be looking for me




i deserve sex


cant believe im 5 feet 11.75 inches my life is a cruel joke


the sexual revolution


gonno check how my bros at cutie.garden are doing


youre taller than pewds


maybe you smell


do NOT google this


got approached by a girl once but was too avoidant schizoid to NOTice


File: 1573529719984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.73 KB, 958x1023, EEYGscBWwAUhoX0.jpg)




just assumed no girl would ever want anything to do with me which is still probably true


NOThing else to do but game


they do but only the ugly ones





any volcels


NOT dumb enough


is there a term for lack of effortcel


posting on hima from the bath


post it


flippppijgm postig it post it post it odkgnepsoogofo post it


File: 1573530981436.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.51 KB, 960x720, 1539509233304-2.jpg)



post post post it


why yes i do enjoy jerking off to drawings of sexy ladies being spermed in




File: 1573531221008.webm (1009.16 KB, 1280x720, ababbabaabaa.webm)


the ababababbabababababababbabababababababababbababababababababbababababababababababababbabababbabaaa girl


ate an apple


you didnt eat the seeds right


i did NOT


why NOT


used to think eating seeds would make plants grow in your belly and explode your tummy


they have cyanide in them



making a new resume


its only a few





simply throw in your favorite game fire that system up and get gaming theres no end to the great games to play hell ya its gaming time


almost time for bed we have work in the morning


nah its gaming time


love meatballs marina subs




add some barbeque sauce to that bad boy


i always ask mom to get extra chipotlers


gth ers


File: 1573534363024.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 250x194, 1550888725830.gif)


vitamin d and b12 results came in


File: 1573535961648.png (717.44 KB, 1080x1041, 1573535733292.png)


shes just like me


im playing the game


just lost the game


paste soggy



havent had subway in years


File: 1573537338037.gif (2.2 MB, 260x200, 1458600023816.gif)


dont post israeli music


one of us is israeli so its NOT a problem


hima meetup


sigh spent my first neet year listening to this over and over


emptied one of my piss bottles and the smell filled the room holy flip how can it reek that much from sitting there for less than a week had to pour bleach and water in it but i still have a phantom smell of it lingering in my nose


dont empty them inside


remember everyone having that shroom wallpaper


just transported my largest thing of cargo yet almost lost it all going down a mountain but i made it hima


might shuffle


no in the toilet


you have to put on the plague mask to empty them inside


fire on the vent and the steaming hot shower full blast


everyone on the internet was so much happier in 2006 even when they pretended they were sad



woke up hima my back aches


youre getting old




wore out my shoes on that list delivery had to make new ones


that is bullshit blazing still my heart is blazing


File: 1573539429757.png (687.42 KB, 1076x1074, 1573534837672.png)


BOLES claimed this imageboard was a joke


uhhh haha


shes asking for it


why was i born a freak


when i wake up tomorrow ill be getting ready for jury cant believe i have to go through with this i wasnt born for normal society things yet im being pushed through this hell sigh getting sick to my stomach


what if you end up being on the jury for pnigs case


its NOT that bad quit whining


can you call in sick


i cant call in sick id be lying


better than being stuck with the norms all day tomorrow



File: 1573541279625.webm (1.23 MB, 368x640, D9RATEqYtuZHY7Yz.webm)


love splashing foids with acid


any brainpills that put you in a constant fog


what do you meaned


done with the sentience meme



please god let me die in my sleep


File: 1573543177613.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.83 MB, 720x960, a1dM62VLeJL8xoGV.webm)




File: 1573543227245.jpg (321.61 KB, 1000x1231, EJHQ0flUYAQagWR.jpg)


File: 1573543247514.mp4 (1.84 MB, duzz0m.mp4)


wish i had some fried chickens



love splatoon


its for children


its a damn good game


youre supposed to be playing games meant for adults


there are no games for adults


there are only games and people that play them gamers


only listened to a remix of this



embed or i rage





mom hasnt bought nutella for me in ages im flipping starved


File: 1573546333770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 668.68 KB, 1280x1830, 06_2.jpg)


manpic dont open dont flipping open




he didn't deserve to die


how come i cant sleep anymore without drugs


youre at the age where youre supposed to be cradling screaming babies so your body stays up


File: 1573551090138.webm (3.52 MB, 1280x720, chinks.webm)


sleeping pills





firing up the brainpills gonno daze the day away


skipped all the end segments in lucky star and went straight to the next episode


wonder why sexy ladies enjoy such complicated clothing and accessories instead of enjoying simplicity


girls have to stand out to feel good about themselves


what the flip that cg actually looks good maybe i should start watching cg anime


looks like cg shite


File: 1573554865760.mp3 (6.48 MB, Lucky Star - Cosplay It Oh My Honey.mp3)

love lucky star


File: 1573555544257.jpg (319.93 KB, 578x818, 7554bdabf73a7d3fad90dfa81d3f9a22.jpg)


thats gross


then why does it give me a bone


it shouldnt thats strange


wish to yiff


yiff in hell furnorm


oh my god


NOThing wrong with a nice yiff



still dont know what hot chip mena


why does mom have a book about yacht races


thats a good idea maybe we can win some money racing the hima yacht


File: 1573557500263.jpeg (402.1 KB, 1280x960, FBE1F180-5E36-459B-BB07-85F43238C25E.jpeg)

gonno study this


how am i supposed to read that if its sideways


like how i take enough sleeping pills to kill an elephant but now im NOT tired gonno fire up a mug of coffee


have a watch


chinese are the most hard working people on the planet


pasted pokenorms getting owned hard by game freak


its NOT flipping fair weve all been loyal customers so why do they shit on my plate like this


With the chain level maxed, the grand armor is a 5% drop instead of 1%. This makes it much faster and easier to get. When I do get one, I replace the maximillian on the one with the zodiac spear that's just ripping away at helvinek all the time to further increase damage.

sigh its so smart hima ive got to get to this grinding spot


would i immediately be committed if i pacemumble in public wearing a kimono


File: 1573563271137.webm (488.99 KB, 480x360, glover fog.webm)



going to beat myself to death


how do you plan on doing that



time for a gloverjo


File: 1573568464110.png (Spoiler Image, 958.23 KB, 671x948, __djeeta_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_hinami_hina….png)


File: 1573568859414.jpg (17.61 KB, 480x360, 1573526536520.jpg)


File: 1573573298573.jpg (198.56 KB, 870x1236, 1520111276562.jpg)

wish i was a norm


File: 1573576018614.jpg (68.75 KB, 390x990, EJLogCOU0AEDyA_.jpg)





my gf died at childbirth


shes waiting for you past the ritual with your son and daughter and a nice cottage out on the country with a small creek nearby and a apple orchard


File: 1573581486220.jpg (438.9 KB, 1920x1080, 1499116254617.jpg)


loved this game hehe





whats up dudes its a brand new day to showcase your best




didnt realized that modern videogame graphics are replacing good physics engines you just dont see the kind of cool physics in triple a titles like you did in hl2 im NOT sure why i didnt NOTice this trend before


thought red dead redemption 2 was using euphoria again




File: 1573585702669.jpg (143.77 KB, 900x1200, flip.jpg)


i never finished it


File: 1573587070567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 337.81 KB, 833x1200, _268.jpg)


made tuna on toast


moms making broccoli soup


love tuna on toast




horrible morning hima my glass spilled all over my desk and i had to spend several minutes wiping it up hoping none of my electronics got fried


good luck


what electronics


you shouldnt have any electronics within spill range


keyboard mouse 3ds two pairs of headphones a ps4 controller and a cord for it


owned richnorm


was it water


ya thankfully


thought acne was supposed to go away after your teen years but im still getting it


mine went away im very thankful for my genetics


simply wash your face more than once a year


still get backne


same but dont care no one will ever see it


gettin a burg



how do i wash my face


wouldnt care if i didnt get painful zits there


you are washing too much you need to go get dirty and diversify your skin bacteria


back looks like a minefield


got chest crumbs again




NOThin to shave


only get one of the big boys a few times per year


in the early stages of greaseneet mode right now dont want aNOTher fat one under my ear might shower


go swimming in a mud pit instead


wonder if mom is gonno get happy 30th birthday put on the icecream cake


hima just broke my ass it hurts



tardlaughed hard making that post


that was the hardest skip ive ever seen flip you skipper


does hima have a btc miner why is it using 20% of my cpu


paste daisuke


no questions please


just found out what findom is


how did you NOT already know what marriage is




feel a cry coming on hima its been over a decade since i cried




hate raiders


ohhh boosting piss im getting hungry


File: 1573595995841.png (1.05 MB, 1003x1416, f.png)


gotta love bandaid girls


File: 1573596226589.png (Spoiler Image, 491.31 KB, 635x900, EJLPFB6UUAA5Bvf.png)


cant remember the last time i had a booboo and needed a bandaid


might have to bandaid my ass just brok eit


making a coffee im so tired of it all hima and i got a headache


anyone want to chip in for a bandsaw in the mansion workshop


someones gonno get hurt


wouldnt mind working all day at all if it meant working with my bros outside or handcrafting cool stuff like that


die norm


only virgs would be allowed in the shop


hate the coffee guy


love coffee love gaming


so everyone besides seki and turt got it


die norm


hate norms


if i have to be cel you can at least respect me for it


you ascended


only respect volcels NOT incels


you are volcel since you got a hot dadbod


hate incels


how much land will each resident be allotted for growing plants at the mansion


File: 1573599516603.jpg (229.46 KB, 768x1023, 08da474ad885723ed271a910f9d00564.jpg)


love plants


its winter you cant post sexy summer girls




look at the post number


holy flip


pasted kog


still dont know what song was in that kog video where he owned the frogger


die norms


are you kidding


File: 1573599870957.webm (252.54 KB, 1280x720, 1562355877162.webm)


the uhya girl



File: 1573599947551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.56 KB, 691x553, Picture.jpg)

bullshit your dad doesnt look like that


nice toguro


jury duty took seven hours holy flip i didnt even get called to the selection seat i just sat the entire time really hope they settle i dont want to go back tomorrow


finished watching a stream of death stranding now its time to get on youtube and see what the flip this game is about


its going to be so awful gonno pray for your safety


dont want to go back dont want to go back dont want to go back


cant form opinions on things by watching or playing them have to see what people online say about it first


paste dio


ya same opinions are difficult to formulate


nevermind game isnt done


gonno formulate your ass with my dick if you arent careful


mom bought a ton of honey garlic sauce NOT sure what to do with it


hate raiders hate teens hate discord hate norms


eat it


i cant just eat sauce by itself


the people that built your computer parts were norms the people that built and maintain your internet were norms the people that grew your food were norms the people that gave birth to you were norms


every product i use or eat goes through my denormifying ritual


did you just call mom a norm


the norms work for me im in charge here


cant wait to get piss drunk and eat everything in the house in a few weeks hehe


thats irresponsible


love norms love teens


remember being a kid and being scared of teens then remember being a teen and being scared of teens


im an adult and still scared of teens theyre so violent


transition from kid to teen to adult was the most disappointing thing ive experienced


all i did was get uglier with each transition


feel the same as when i was a kid either i was really smart back then or im really stupid now


i was smarter more attractive and happier as a kid


kids arent attractive


then why did pnig jo to them


your honor he was wrestling those newborns in self-defense after they stole his clothes


sorry for the misunderstanding mr boles
i hereby dismiss this case and award mr boles a years worth of free meals from taco bell


just imagined pnig asking a sexy lady if she would suck it yes or no


pnig is the most dangerous pedophile in his town


cant even remember pnigs face properly anymore no ones posted him in a while


File: 1573603592864.jpg (33.81 KB, 362x507, ken.JPG)


he must be so scared sigh he doesnt deserve this


those younow girls he virtually abused disagree


been posted at least twice in the last week skipper


link those posts then


File: 1573604559629.mp4 (7.19 MB, elderly abuse.mp4)



cant believe hes gonno spend his 30th birthday in prison


imagine being arrogant enough to NOT rope the second they take their eyes off you


now i finished watching death stranding


whats your rotten tomato score


pnigs going to become the top shot caller for the aryan brotherhood


7/10 as a game 8/10 as a movie


wonder if that guy who said he bought death stranding actually bought it


its a single player game


sigh hannah


back from work hima skipped hard


i ate a keto dinner and dumped out my sweet tea hima its time for me to become a twig before the isekai


ate 10 reese cups


where did you get reeses cups


mom bought them they were on a post halloween sale


gonno grind my stats hard after the isekai


youll be a low level npc sorry


we can invent electricity and computers for them


gonno watch some cg `me


cant wait to leave this world for good its mindcrumbling just how terrible it is


sigh gonno miss my fgo login bonus flipping bastards


practicing my tls handshake


baste ddoser


had no idea how bad things would get and they will only get worse from here


ive got about 15 hours on death stranding so far damn fun game to play


a new decade begins soon we dont know if itll be good or NOT


it will be a brand new hell


crying hima


itll be baste were gonno have robogfs and real vr and peds and cels will be a respected class like gays


were all getting 1000 a month from yang


ritual is the only salvation


File: 1573607779424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.57 KB, 910x1024, 1573275640518.jpg)


the ritual


just realized im incel


are cels born or created


pretty great time to be alive rn bros


the only thing i truly want is to shoot my semen into akaris 13 year old middle school pussy


cant imagine how good it must feel to sperm in a sexy lady


BOLES claimed this post was a joke


but is it


File: 1573608871576.jpeg (5.16 MB, 2800x3839, c9d769e917f6ad225796be9c49ba1ee6.jpeg)

selfie for the boys


reading pinches


like to read but only with purpose i cant just read any nonfinction novel


watching yyh 48 hehe this episode has some insane hand drawn scenes



damn good game


love getting into the zone and reading for 8 hours straight NOT thinking about anything else


the normone


kyaa shishiwakamaru


post some good reads


hate norms







is the death stranding baby a sexy lady


wish to flip that baby snap that baby


File: 1573609674931.jpg (29.09 KB, 323x499, 51mkDkAiERL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg)


die antisugar




damn it no video that fully explains death stranding yet


it was just linked


hehe five pages in and hes drinking a bottle of wine in his room thinking about roping because his money ran out and he had to go for a job interview hehe


never learned how to read


could never relate to him as a pussy manbaby with zero self sufficiency


cant believe hima is a bunch of scholars and im just sitting here being fat bald and gaming


its just the norms


still cant believe there was a time where you could live like him you need references and a deposit these days to even get 200 square feet for 500 bucks a month


this is the norms fault


the norms marked us for extinction


i meant fully theres still a lot i dont understand


even a modest life means slaving away all day spending hours in the car wanting to kill yourself just for the luxury of living in some shithole getting drunk alone why the flip would i ever bother


gonno ride out the good life til the end i will sabotage my ability to get a job at any cost


preordered disney plus


perhaps your just tard


you were supposed to save your money for fallen order


preordered that with birthday money




whats wrong


you die when you sigh


ya back then you could just take a bus or train to a city youve never been stay in some boarding house or something for weeks and get a job with a firm handshake


chargeback that sub and use it on advertise instead


what do you mean


gonno coma


going to buy a manual e36 328i flip it


NOT sure what that is but its probably technorm shite


pork chops are in the oven i repeat chops are in the oven



even worse



spermed hard to laurab


NOThing wrong with going for a lil nightcall with my boy


33 days and only 53 prestige points should i just ascend




paste elliot


File: 1573617416019.jpg (199.15 KB, 800x745, 1409712903250.jpg)


File: 1573617425576.webm (Spoiler Image, 620.56 KB, 640x272, 1572747752274.webm)


File: 1573617829851.webm (2.26 MB, 640x360, 1439047677669.webm)


hehe found out nips made a manga about the finnish winter war and mannerheims a girl and so is simo


wait for 290 you need to start clicking those golden cookies one x777 click frenzy during x7 production would throw you into the 300s


love finns if id been born finnish my life would have been good


you would have been one of the mongolian ancestry freakcels


wonder if simo gets shot in the face


wish i could watch a movie like the old days sigh my room was so comfortable


anyone wanna watch the gears 1 trailer


are you gonno stream it






File: 1573622254602.mp4 (7.15 MB, bus.mp4)




my relife


what the flip the cyberpunk trailer was 6 years ago no this cant be


remember waiting for this trailer and watching all the e3 coverage a few months later download sun kil moon and rhp albums too


made a big ol batch of carbonara hooo boy its been a while


sun kil moon really went to shite the past few years


what the flip


remember watching it with my friend


wish i had a friend


ill be your friend anon


nah go to hell raider




File: 1573623146349.jpg (310.13 KB, 1844x1641, pocky.jpg)


think im done with my train station model now comes the environment


hima is done for


getting deep cravings for nutella i think this means the keto is working


what train station model


the 3d one i posted before


oh thought it was on the hima realm




oh flip


hope wk is doing alright


he roped


pnig is innocent


theyre gonno execute him for hurting others


hes gonno be posting in 2 days


he wont be


he will trade his cheeks for a smuggled phone


mindblowing that he owned multiple replicas and still felt it was worth ruining his life ooging to some pics



why is the audio like that sounds like hes speaking right in my ear


is that what happened to turt


sneezed with a toothpick in my mouth


hooooo boy massive cargo delivery on that run hima biggest one yet


raged when he sliced them horizontally instead of diagonally


File: 1573626233239.jpg (Spoiler Image, 683.93 KB, 992x1338, 11.jpg)


who is this new bandaid girl where is she from




nevermind just remembered what game shes from hehe


dont have the heart to tell mom those times she drove me to the mall "to hang out with friends" were actually just so i could eat fast food alone and play arcade games


what fast food did you get


was this recently or in the past


2006 is recent


bought a kony 2012 shirt


i need a bullet through my fucking brain




thats it you used your allowance of one senko per day now you must wait till tomorrow


bought a big ol box of wine


love spending almost 3 hours looking for the perfect doujin to jo to and sperming in 2 minutes


song from death stranding is stuck in my head


cant wait for the prison arc its going to be like stone ocean


is it the silent poets one


standing here i realize


just realized something


vice president sent an angry email over something i had no actual control over so i sent an angry email back and he never responded

flip you bald headed bastard hes used to the others bowing to him but i dont give a single hoot i have enough saved to enjoy a few months before the ritual anyway


hate norms hate presidents hate bowers




wish i was a norm with a job and money


the amount of pain you will be put through just to enjoy the few perks of living a quiet life isnt worth it


File: 1573633911328.jpg (68.42 KB, 763x402, rakcl7bzzdz21.jpg)

females stay away


tried to be volcel like sonic but ended up incel instead


when the fat neet sings


everyones asleep sigh


you should respect your superiors


im gaming


woke up


are you refreshed


NOT really


File: 1573643955019.jpg (378.83 KB, 1280x1483, o8i6lviWyP1snng0do1_1280.jpg)



woke up with a sore throat ohhh flip ohhh flip


got excited to make a nice big breakfast this morning but we had no eggs everything is ruined guess ill just flippin starve


out of regular eggs been using the carton of egg whites mom bought


File: 1573662806571.mp4 (9.4 MB, 1573662469607.mp4)

the chinks have started using laser vision


ohh flip oh flip piss gotta mail a letter again guess ill have to just get out my apothecary scale and confirm the letter weighs no more than 1/16th avoirdupois and apply the appropriate number of sticky squares for the calculated cost of the letter after cross referencing their monetary value of the stamps with the matrix from the federal government to ensure the stamps are equal to or greater than the cost aforementioned


woke up


nevermind hima found out the monetary value of the stamp is attached to the right anterior surface along the superior border so you dont have to reference the matrix im flippin tard


chillin hima hbu


pokemon is done for its official


why NOT just walk into the post office and tell the cashier lady to deal with it


im avoidant schizoid


its larp


gonno take out my gun and end neetblogs life


no you cant hes making it now


really hope turt doesnt do anything on new years eve




die norms


feel that my real life is about to start


ritual reborn


woke p


File: 1573672505431.webm (Spoiler Image, 827.14 KB, 1280x720, humanity.webm)

need this


nb just stands for normblog now


why should nb be stuck as a loser forever like you
use him as inspiration to better yourself


he may be a loser but at least hes NOT a norm


norms are paste


should i get a job


yeah only if its a job you are NOT ashamed to have


hell yeah job it up for the holiday season and quit january first


1.1.2020 the hima walkout


how do i explain the fact that im a 27 year old with no job experience


simply inherit a cool million from mom and live off of the interest


get mom to do the interview for you


die norms


wonder how mom would react if i got a job


tears of joy


she would be very happy but you cant keep it for too long or else she will think you are capable of being independent


avoidant schizoid doc slip


you dont have to no one cares if youre in your 20s


cant believe i fell for the neet meme


gonn strike from posting for climate change


wish i could cope by pretending my labor matters


cant believe pnig is gonno miss the new sonic movie he couldve watched it with tg on valentines day sigh


hate foids so god damn much


anyone else whisper to yourself sometimes


ya most people do


you mena pacemumble


wrong reply hehe


no NOT pacing i dont pace


mom bought voltage feel too bad to enjoy it sigh


mom made burgers but we have no bread


im eating a canned of processed meat that was on a special offer sigh how did i fall so low


NOThin low food is food it all becomes shite in the end anyway


you dont need buns for burgs


he wants a burg NOT a patty melt


no grains no burg


mom made alfredo chicken and noodles


File: 1573680633079.jpg (57.62 KB, 618x412, pasta.jpg)


hey hima making coffee



love watching some dumb foid make faces while watching naruto


hima this is my last week of work until chrismas i got four weeks of paid leave starting next monday can i have a ho boy


nioh has finished installing time to fire it up


time to neet it up


how come no one told me credit cards give you free money all these years



poorfags hate credit cards because they take out half a dozen without understanding what they are and use them to pay for lifestyles they cant afford


how do you use credit cards properly


been watching yyh all day


use it like a debit card dont spend any money you dont have


post it


im doing my credit card research ill publish when im finished cant believe no one has told me to do this before could have saved hundreds of precious neetbucks


whats the point then


whats the point in using it that way or whats the point in general


die norm


because they give you money for making purchase with their card and other benefits it is literally free money


dont run a balance on them


what does that mean


pay back the credit you borrowed within the billing cycle


why would i pay it back i thought it was free money


NOT that free they give you cash back rewards on purchases you would make
instead of using a debit card for a $60 video game you use a credit card on a $60 game and you get $2 back for free just because


plus sign on bonuses they give you $200 after spending $500 in three months just because


think i would be toothless and or dead within a few years if i lived alone already drank all of that dew



love pulling out my hima rewards black signature visa and immediately being given special treatment wherever i go


might rma my monitor



wish i never fell for the credit is bad meme it turns out its only bad if youre a brainlet


norms dont like admitting that their lifestyles are unsustainable without racking up massive amounts of debt so they double down and take out more cards to pay off the old ones


might start working for a credit agency my paycheck will bring me joy knowing it represents the pain and suffering of norms


the admin has like $5000 in credit card debt from the playboy lifestyle he lived in japan


just use moms credit card so you dont have to pay it back


shouldnt badmouth credit cards life would have been much much worse if mom wasnt able to get so many


why didnt he just charge the virg japgirls for flips


File: 1573685704581.png (79.57 KB, 1111x1198, 01d7fca264ea6f3eb927939a2f57da4e.png)

ok here is my credit card research on some entry level cards wish someone told me this earlier but mom had a bad day cant rage at her now
also i dont know what the approval process is i think they want you to have some kind of income


NOT reading all that shite summarize it moneynorm


dont forget the wal mart and amazon cards they give back


amazon is there but i never go to walmart gonno add it anyways


walmart has all video games at 10 less than msrp so new games are 50 its where you should go first to buy switch and 3ds games


cqd this is uss neetyb we require assistance
cqd this is uss neetyb we require assistance


get a nice hsbc platinum instead of that garbage


walmart card isnt that great and the hsbc cards dont have any sign on bonuses so there is NOT much point making it your first card


hey hima woke up havin some coffee


hey are you refreshed


a lot of those incentives dont seem that great if you consider i would have to get a job and have monthly expenses to get one


would probably good to apply for one when you know youll be spending a lot of money in a month like buying a new gpu or something and then just NOT use it


ya exactly


you just dont buy anything you dont already have the money for


got rejected from target again god flippin damn it


the credit card lady will report you to the other credit card women and you wont be able to get anymore though


heres a nice vid about how to rack up tons of credit card debt and then never pay it


NOT looking forward to switching to windows 10 in january


why would you need to do that


windows 7 is gonno die


almost impossible for a neet to rack up debt simply live with mommy and never buy anything then beg her for money if you need a new motherboard or something every 6 years


im NOT a norm jsut a loser with a job


youre NOT a loser youre based


want the old jontron back


cute girl at 6:34(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


i wish i was based


norm and bankrupt


keep getting freed from this mortal coil


phew toguro just went 100%


havent watched his indian series yet


yardwork time


fw no post-soviet gf


love girls so god damn much


gonno attempt to bake some muffins tomorrow getting excited


gonno bake a makowiec today


never gone 100% before


might need to convince mom to make some platzek


File: 1573691520540.png (Spoiler Image, 784.82 KB, 999x609, paste.png)


File: 1573691808761.png (10.79 KB, 538x231, 95844848dfe879d54f090d439ebde5d0.png)

ok here is a summary of the sign on cash bonuses i can hit $500 spending every 3 months easily if i ask to pay the bills for mom and then i will have $500 of my own +$70 from amazon card entirely for free
hitting the $1000 mark for bank of america and american express would be difficult without making major purchases so those will be saved for last
but thats a free $945 if i can get mom to use my cards to pay the bills NOT counting any of the regular 1-5% cash back bonuses too


gth creditnorm


please dont take out multiple credit cards to pay bills just for the rewards


why NOT


why do they make this all so complicated how am i supposted to understand all that


whats the complicated part they give you money for spending money


its too many numbers


are they going to let you actually sign up for those cards though


File: 1573692441997.png (63.76 KB, 680x673, 8648d871a9bde2ebcea82942a920725a.png)

applying for the amazon card hehe guess we will find out


never mind go for it


as long as you have good self control its worth doing


it said they would make a decision within 30 days and then contact me but it didnt immediately approve or deny it so i guess its ok



filthy slag


am i supposed to tell the thepotato chef that i jo 5 times a day and spend all of my time online


what have i told you about posting korean language videos here



why did no one tell me


feelin good after all that yardwork now its time for wine




sigh latte there is no foid as pure as you in this realm



sigh wish i was chink love china so much


love this one


File: 1573696017482.webm (2.82 MB, 960x552, 1573018721623.webm)




turt did you race in this track before


skipped the last 2 hours of norm posting


whats wrong with norm posting


paste thats how i got mine




everything and im skipping it all



File: 1573696655646.webm (1.92 MB, 460x460, 1573672775632.webm)



File: 1573696677224.webm (1.53 MB, 720x960, 1572845341918.webm)


gonno game norm hours are still going


no i dont like circle tracks the only reason i went to charlotte motor speedway was because it was cheap and a roval

the kart track they go to is the same one i took onseki to though sigh could have met jon and laughed as he made funny voices


owned that dumb beast


nice normtron nice jontron nice sekitron


hope thats how we deal with the cats at the mansion


kitties will be worshiped


hould i snooze



die xnorm


mansion initiation


dont understand these guys cant you just jo yourself off


warning man hands


the whole point is that someone else is doing it to you


i will sacrifice myself to become the mansion hj giver


why would i want to be jod by a man when i can do it myself to some nice plumpers



wish i lived in la seems like fun


women arent allowed in the mansion NOT even plumpers


they say homeless but they all look like niggers to me


biblically owned with liquid shite


had to look up roval


prepare the shitbucket


nobody answered my question


die norms


wish i lived in la so i could kill homeless niggers for fun and NOT have anyone care


what question


turt is acting up again



anyone have the video of the homeless guy getting his face smashed in with a hammer




File: 1573698161530.webm (Spoiler Image, 252.54 KB, 1280x720, 1569900526474.webm)




what everyones seen it


are you talking about 2 guys 1 hammer



*nods in approval*(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1573698347159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.67 KB, 707x1024, 1572648064083.jpg)


post it again and you're meat, punks!


when is the raid over


turt firing up the vpn


the norms are usually gone in an hour from now


watched this in the high school computer lab with the juggalos


stop pinging me


watched it with my friend


i remember watching that the day it came out same with the luka magNOTta one


sick freak


hate goreteens


love gore but only when its tasteful


hate pmbs that whine and cry when they see a little blood
you have no right to reject this world until youve seen just how gorish it is



die already


sigh james what happened


spotted a hima post in the wild


was it a good post




this is my favorite episode hehe howd you know


they had girlfriends


we are connected by the hivemind


wish to buy some snacks but its too flippin cold to go outside


those big fat stupid beetles that cant get off their backs by themselves are here hima


theyre just like us


flip them and see if any come to help




gonno watch some more of the foid dark souls playthrough


no i flipped him over to the right side so he could be on his way


she killed the taurus demon in one try


File: 1573701302778.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.03 KB, 1200x1683, 03.jpg)




hooo boy love that fur


why are japs so much better at drawing furries


theyre better at drawing everything else too why wouldnt they be


oh god i thought of a good business idea promise you guys wont steal it and become the next jeff bezos


alright i promise now lets hear it


so i thought what a good business it would be to erect small homes say like 100-300 sq ft each in a different category like office romantic gaming and so on so each home has its own pre furnished style and have it easily searched for nearest to you and rented online for say like a day the doors would work on a code so you get a code if you want to rent a space for a few hours this would be great for people who just want to leave home for a few hours or students who want a nice cheap place to listen to lofi




it would only work in cities with high density


doesnt airbnb do that already


stealing this idea thanks


airbnb is for home owners this would be business owned homes and i could imagine a few huts in the middle of nowhere powered by solar would still be profitable


how would that be better than just renting them out normally or selling them




i game


its small it appeals to the young environmentally friendly generation


simple as that


sigh still no lgf might settle for a roast and hope i get a nice daughter


they dont have the money for that kinda thing


tardlaughing remembering pnigs plan to adopt a daughter


why would i be single


sounds like a combination between that office space scam company a love hotel and airbnb


been months since i backed up my files


File: 1573704983200.png (110.96 KB, 566x332, bastethad.png)

BOLES claimed that this post was a joke and that he couldnt possibly actually adopt a little girl anyway




went for a Drive hima have to say that was the most norm thing ive ever done


die norm


never driven never will



cant imagine being norm enough to have a license


cant believe my man asmongold got a teebu




puma want flip


think Driving would be fun if NOT for the other cars


File: 1573705639755.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


thats why i did it on a wednesday night





File: 1573705950270.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


me wearing the swimshirt


File: 1573706200159.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 1280x720, 1572127777733.webm)


turned this movie off after they introduce the little dweeb kid at the camp never watched it again






hate senko shes a dumb flipping bitch


File: 1573706313610.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san -….png)


hehe love that image


as for me i would rather have a big booby maid dragon than fox sexy lady


started hating senko when i realized she wasnt going to become real


File: 1573706610130.jpg (188.1 KB, 810x1154, __tooru_kobayashi_san_chi_no_maidragon_drawn_b….jpg)


unhand me harlot




legs feeling weird hima mightve pulled something


you need to remember to take your baby aspirin everyday when you game hard


what do i need my legs for if i game all day in a chair cant those be removed to strengthen the rest of my body


how will you piss in the sink


you need your legs theres NOThing worse than losing them


how long is muv luv extra should i just play alternate instead


NOT going to have my heart waste all that energy pumping blood to those useless things


you have to play extra and make sure you play every single girl youre interested in


only playing meiya route then


make sure to do the other girl too


no shes NOT important


legs are really heavy you will be more nimble without them


you are going to miss out if you dont do her route


only need meiya route thats it


its important


youre fucking wrong


at the very least do sumika and meiya you can even do sumika second so you can skip most of it


are the raiders gone now


were talking about vns so probably


no sumika is an absolute must skip meiya is the only route



go ahead and make her sad just make sure to read her route


sigh marimo


tama i love you


wish i would have read more than 3 routes i flipped up hard and i cant go back in time to correct it sigh


should i play unlimited after meiya route or go straight to alternate i really want to play alternate


you mean read


you have to play unlimited



hate vnnorms


sorry were taking away from you being a norm


what even suggested to you that that is a good idea


known about muv luv for two whole weeks youre the norm here


how much of a norm do you have to be to NOT know about that vn



excuse me dont ever reply to me so nonsensically ever again


its a norm raider


thats what happens when norms disrupt the peace


sardines are NOT important replace them with some nice little tuna cans


fire up the mackerel


time to make some big ol burgs


hope its an extra long burg


large sardines dont taste as good as the small ones


sardinelet cope


raged and cracked the monitor


what game




weighed myself at 290 lbs its the biggest ive ever been so maybe a small diet to get to a nice 265 or so would be good for me
but my cravings for burgs are immense right now i dont know if i can a few weeks of this


stop stuffing your face you pig


im trying its just painful


up to 225 myself the most ive ever weighed


sigh i miss fatneet


were all fatneet


im about 250 at the moment gained a bit since i started drinking more a few months ago


sitting at a nice 140 myself


oh flip accidentally picked a pro sumika choice thankfully this game has a return to previous choice option phew saved


no you must NOT ignore sumika shes suffered enough


her mistake was being a childhood friend


youre NOT supposed to load any saves on a first playthrough until you get to a bad end


the only one getting owned is you you just dont know it yet


poor poor sumika



dont post suifuel


its important to know the most influential game of the decade


reading about the origins of salamers


what did it influence


blimped out in the last year sigh mom hasnt said anything


mom rages and starts making tons of delicious food whenever i lose weight


read the article it influenced all games and made the walking simulator an important genre


tell mom to stop enabling


mom just wants whats best for her little guy


ate an apple


what kind


time for a nap


you mean chicken


wonder if the norms would read a short story about a neet


what do you mean


what kind of apple


what do you mean what kind it was just an apple


you did NOT eat the seeds or skin right


im never responding to you again


ate the skins NOT the seeds


theres dozens of different apple varieties


used to like grapples never saw them at the store again assume they were poisonous


it was red


only chinks eat eel everyone here eats chicken


hate chinks


what if theres a chink posting on hima and he read your post how do you think hed feel


i dont know everyone hates me so id feel used to it


File: 1573713942964.webm (7.59 MB, 1280x720, coby.webm)


desire fast food so badly oh flip


have no idea whats happening in this video how positively mindblowing that norms come here what on earth do they get out of it


which fast food chain is that




wonder if coby started watching these guys in 2015 or something instead of 2005 like he was supposed to


he was 6 years old in 2005 be reasonable


plenty of kids were using the internet at that age


File: 1573714679876.png (947.5 KB, 1280x720, 0001.png)

how is this NOT a cel outfit the shirt is too short and ill fitting hes wearing capris and converse shouldnt that be below cargo shorts tennis shoes and tshirt


sigh coby missed the best friend simulator to spend your teen years watching how can he go on


teens just pretend streamers are their friends now


podcasts are just infrequent streams of friends talking


hate podcasts hate streamers hate teens hate youtube


at least i had 4 close friends in high school without having to even leave my room or talk to them


nice friendnorm


started watching anime regularly because they talked about the first rebuild sigh coby was robbed of so much being born late



how can i convince the doctor to put me on sedatives through the day


spermed to the vocaroo girl


File: 1573717538642.png (15.94 KB, 101x105, mascot-female.png)




tell him what you do during the day


i game and eat and watch anime and post on hima


dont do anything but talk to myself while pacing refresh hima and jo for 16 hours a day sigh


paste manualrefresher


cant play on an emulator at a computer its just wrong wish i had bought flash carts and consoles when i had the money


paste consumer


File: 1573720028832.mp3 (7.83 MB, Positive Thinking.mp3)


lets all rewatch the d4 trailer



wait i meant this one


File: 1573721746115.flac (42.95 MB, 05 空から女の子が降ってくる街.flac)


norms always say they cant read books on the computer but i prefer it


File: 1573724120740.png (626.46 KB, 1424x600, c.png)

hes what happens when an incel is pushed too far


last post


File: 1573731988940.webm (546.75 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 12 ….webm)


how did she make it


File: 1573737513818.jpg (45.54 KB, 600x694, D59GbUnU0AAfZSI.jpg)




woke up having some milk


i love you guys


File: 1573739194759.jpg (46.62 KB, 478x480, inu.jpg)



package is out for delivery


honor system today anyone ranking to 14




File: 1573740832688.jpg (116.85 KB, 405x561, 1573099622086.jpg)


File: 1573741832009.png (87.03 KB, 519x656, rensenware.png)

help i got a virus


File: 1573741890572.png (641.4 KB, 800x1131, 7cd74fbdb70a6d76de0d036078eb95d8.png)

yes so you remember what to say when testifying against pnig today right


wonder if he asked his victims would they suck it yes or no


File: 1573744855328.png (288.34 KB, 496x646, 7lsewqrrqmy31.png)


something about this pic is sad its like you invited him to have a meal and he said sorry i must become a norm now we can no longer be friends as i cant be seen with a cel goodbye and got up from his chair and walked away


paste coby walking out on the hima meetup


File: 1573746103093.jpg (64.08 KB, 960x720, 1381639680864.jpg)


miss momgf


mindblowing how 150 years ago familiarity with the customs and manner of the orient marked you as a high status learned gentleman but now youre just a weeb




no this canNOT be happening this canNOT be happening why was i destined to flunk calc 1 three times


how did you flunk just do the work idiot


didnt really flunk got a d twice which isnt a grade that lets you pass to calc2


hated finishing my math homework before class ended and having everyone stare at me as i walked to the front to turn it in


never once studied any calculus or did any homework just showed up took the test and got 100s


and now look where you are




File: 1573753375585.jpg (78.95 KB, 1144x637,