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got a big bowl o cheerios hima


same but life


File: 1571430392964.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1571402190849.webm)


eating pop tart cereal




thought about trying those but you must resist sugar and grains


thought those were donuts this whole time but just realized its cheerios


got left behind


File: 1572223654533.jpg (1.51 MB, 3264x2448, 20191027_181041.jpg)

next stop nbs


left behind




if pnig comes back itll be epic and if pnig gets sentenced its gonno be epic its a win win for us hehe


got left behind
the big mac really is NOThing special for twice as much i could get an extra large pizza that tastes way better


big mac meals are more expensive than a large pizza here


dont see what the appeal of low tier fast food is


its cheap greasy and filled with a sugar and carb load to go straight to your brain and make you feel good


it wasnt greasy at all really the fries were dry and salty and the burg didnt have too much sauce and there was no oil


hoooooo boy hima looting so much stuff


have you considered using an insulin syringe to inject a few milligrams of heroin and saline directly into a vein that goes straight into your brain and does the same thing


no i havent considered that


im NOT good with needles


why would i inject myself with anything needles hurt


drinking the blood of my enemies is the greatest feeling


dont understand how some people have mental breakdowns when they see blood


nurse had an accident trying to stick an iv in me once and got blood everywhere it was a mess


you should let any men or foids under the age of 30 draw blood only the old ladies can do it correctly


File: 1572224829864.jpg (156.27 KB, 1280x720, [Nutbladder]_Kaiji_S2_-_01_[D721C8A7].mkv_snap….jpg)

didnt understand as a teen when this aired but now i do sigh


dont remember anything about that nime except for the ear device


mindblowing i was legally an adult when i first watched this and i made all the same mistakes anyway thought 19 was still young enough to turn it all around


aris started over


kaiji is a gods damned tard lost a hand for no reason


hes pasted


NOThin pasted


why did he start over


i dont know




die degi




File: 1572226073556.gif (2.55 MB, 292x300, 1520178472107.gif)


wish i still had long hair it kept my neck warm and cozy


had a ponytail for the first two neetyears


have one right now hehe


anyone else uses the money background on cookie clicker hehe


sigh pnig loved this song


mom ate all the vanilla ice creams now theres only chocolate


miss my bro pnig


might break out the cool whip


heck ya


bald fat cel tard gamer hima





File: 1572227380060.jpg (120.08 KB, 1200x675, DLmOxkQU8AY52Dg.jpg)


woke up and ate dinner hope my schedule is fixed now sigh last night was a complete waste


havin some soup


can or homemade




paste poverty melty


its just melty



offered my services to target and they spat on my sacrifice im NOT gonno apply to anything for a few months


File: 1572228323385.jpg (40.58 KB, 642x663, 1572221314517.jpg)


paste scott


rewatched the super ending


need a job where i can do NOThing


need to make some burritos


get taco bell instead


night shift security


any jobs where i can game


preordered overwatch 2



love gaming


File: 1572230026606.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, rMqGUY6.png)


cant take neet girl characters seriously they dont know what its actually like


ya they do theyre just like me


cant take satou seriously anymore his life was perfect


satou was a chad that became a failed norm then became a chad again




how was he a chad


when did they add captcha to 4norm what the hell


stupid teen


he lost his virg to a hot girl in highschool


used to petition for kana captchas on jp often hehe


getting a gf in hs is super easy doesnt mean anything


die norm you know what it means


most people on hima had one or two gfs in highschool its really NOT a big deal


paste wap


die norm die


post on hima with my gf


please dont tell me this guy fell for the virg meme


had a gf in hs wish i could have found out her name


im virg but i did have a couple of gfs in hs plus some others that i just kissed it doesnt mean anything


used my cell phone to snap a couple shots of her bare legs once hehe wonder if she would have gone on a date with me if i had asked


a bunch of god damned failednorms


File: 1572230866259.jpg (190.97 KB, 1000x890, 1457319412978.jpg)


File: 1572230878123.webm (3.95 MB, 800x450, tard gfs.webm)



sigh alice no


File: 1572231068563.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


have sex


nobody here has ever been close enough to a girl to kiss her on the mouth or spend time with her dont worry




File: 1572231426130.jpg (897.77 KB, 1032x1457, 6b2d23a01ec6977bf86ec113e95111be.jpg)


die coby


it's 2005 oclock somewhere


turt got a hj seki flipped multiple japanese virgins raw coby has a momgf and pastaguy flipped prime ptc for years


File: 1572231584870.jpg (659.9 KB, 1190x1670, f8ded7b07051effce0b15ac6ca14026e.jpg)


if youre a virg youre a minority on hima


you have to have been on hima longer than a week


you just need to NOT be a raider


if youre an adult virg you are literally mentally ill in some form


ban the skipteen


im just NOT handsome enough


went downstairs mom is crying because someone she barely knows is dying


File: 1572231884226.jpg (620.26 KB, 1129x1585, 1527234641327.jpg)


File: 1572232000588-0.flac (37.51 MB, 05. Splatter Party.flac)

File: 1572232000588-1.jpg (70.86 KB, 819x1024, 57610beb9c195b3690e3f9fb56e93e776db294fc_hq.jpg)


das it mane


paste women


what kind of headphones do i need to tell the difference between mp3 and flac


this is most defiantly NOT it what the flip this sounds vile


File: 1572232445246.jpg (942.71 KB, 1970x1600, 0b3926226ef40c79565b781d5f51027b.jpg)


need a good meiling remix


is this the neet general


no we all have jobs


this is the /jp/ my daily neet blog


miss the good old toho imagedumps


what are sanaes 10 desires




jobnorms are just neets that have been cast out of rakuen



File: 1572232856672.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.15 MB, 1280x720, slut sanae.webm)


paste faceless men


its a raid


why arent you a musclebound freak then you can be one of sanaes 10 desires


its a god damn flippin raid ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


groan bone



download raid hima legends today and use code jontron


File: 1572233323060.jpg (539.83 KB, 1162x1591, cf8feb6344cb75284de186a679c0847d.jpg)



File: 1572233436926.jpg (Spoiler Image, 561.38 KB, 1280x1818, memoirs_008.jpg)

phew sanae


ahhhhhhhhh pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


never been able to jo to touhou


mom said that i can leave the lights off and NOT participate in halloween if i dont want to so i might do that but im still scared people might ring the doorbell



just hide in your bed with headphones and hima and we will get through this


aaaaaaaaaaa hima save me


if theres no treats therell be tricks


get a pnig poster printed out and put it on the front door
it will scare away any kids


playing some flash games


oh flip


hope ill do a good job working and make my manager proud to have hired me


you cant post stuff like th- oooo OOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO

ah excuse me


pissssss pisssss


cant jo if theres no man in the frame


you need a detox from manpics



thats a mutate


how am i meant to jo to a girl thats joing there needs to be a man in the pic so i can self insert and flip her


love eating a soy burger and sipping some soylent while watching a nice rhett and link vid


saw a packet of that fake meat at the store with mom a few weeks ago it was flipping grey


made some chicken and instant mashed taters


what about the greens


out of peas


you cant have chicken and mashed taters without the mushy peas


love mixing peas into my taters


wonder if im smart enough to cook instant mashed potatoes


can you boil water


NOT successfully


how much water do you have to put how hot should the stove be should it be cold or hot water what kind of water do i need does filtered work how do i know if its boiling how often do i stir the water do you have to wait until the stove is hot before you put the water on it how do norms just know all these things


mom asks me to watch if the water boils and i always have no idea what it means i think its if bubbles are coming out the top of it


read the instructions
use high heat
doesnt matter because youll heat it up anyway
doesnt matter
the water starts bubbling
you dont have to stir


put water in the pot from the sink and put it on the stove then turn the burner as high as it goes and wait until it starts splashing everywhere


how many bubbles does there have to be


what if it burns


ive burned water before whole house smelled like burning


it just evaporates


then it burns and mom yells


nice p anderson saying niggers on stream


get the flip away from me you flipping nigger




File: 1572239211096.png (616.5 KB, 1016x693, x22.png)


fatter than ive ever been


you are NOT alone


hell ya


been too scared to check the scale myself sigh


one last blimpout before the ritual


the ritual


me too


paste fatneet


frozen burritos are done hoo boy


hell ya feast on


never ate a frozen burrito just make one


thats enough hima for today its time for you to go to bed


sasha here


i dont want to go to bed i want to game


its way past your bedtime young man you have school tomorrow


no i dont


all ive got for tomorrow is gaming hard drinking milk and posting on hima



stop drinking milk


even though i just woke up im sleepy again but i need to stay up until 7 so i dont waste all my nights again



why it tastes good


only wanted to drink a liter tonight but i ended up drinking 2 liters of milk hehe


thats too much milk


dont drink milk it gives you boobs


it was tasty


im agp


no no stop before its too late


well all miss you if you become a girl


its just milk it tastes good and i like it


it has estrogen in it its NOT meant for you


sometimes i drink strawberry milk


what since when does milk have estrogen


used to drink tons of heated up strawberry milk now i have huge manboobs sigh


the norms did this to us


is this a joke why would milk give you boobs


drank all of my milk tonight gonno have to buy more tomorrow


File: 1572243042141.jpg (244.12 KB, 800x800, NutritionLabel_Final-1.jpg)


guess i have high cortisol


why dont they sell human milk in stores


sigh well im gonno keep drinking it tastes good


youve been warned


drink almond milk instead




how do you milk a nut


i do it every day


almond milk has estrogen in it


sigh dark souls


was doing a bedjo and my paper towel wasnt enough to clean it all up and i started freaking out but found aNOTher paper towel under me hehe i planned for it and didnt remember




Diet is the most important human exposure route to the estrogens as a glass of red wine contains 0.5–2 μg of oestrogen equivalents and milk and dairy products may contain more than 70% of the animal-derived estrogens


dairy has been part of the human diet for thousands of years though wouldnt we have adapted to it


oh flip oh flfips the yogurt inst even safe pisssss


most of the global population is lactose intolerant


only drink raw milk straight from the source


noNONO this cant be happening


thats even worse


thought NOT being lactose intolerant was a relatively new mutation


no its NOT people have been drinking raw milk for hundreds of years its only recently government started pumping autism into our cows and convincing us its the only way to drink our milk


paste flapper NOT realizing milk is naturally loaded with hormones


File: 1572246886552.jpg (83.42 KB, 799x599, pic.jpg)


used milk in my instant taters earlier gonno wake up with a mangina




hormones are bad for you


wasted the night by falling asleep sigh flip


File: 1572258308911.gif (181.54 KB, 169x326, buford.gif)


woke but everyones gone


File: 1572261342665.png (256.62 KB, 863x1200, EH9eIyuU0AAAOYA.png)


ive been suffering alone


id give her my candy if you know what i mean


what do you mean


he means hello


File: 1572265765175.png (894.62 KB, 1005x920, 1572237026968.png)

the true pill


im an apex predator


File: 1572266036162.png (392.49 KB, 1280x720, woke up.png)


good morning are you refreshed


hello arent you gonno answer


no talky till ive had my coffee


File: 1572268003732.jpg (129.79 KB, 878x1341, EH9LCaWUwAEhJC3.jpg)

konami just ripped off yamu chan


going to masturbate to this photo


gotta love a nice meaty girl


finally got the vr working with my simulator hima


File: 1572271003519.jpg (961.99 KB, 3226x2419, p.jpg)

if mom doesnt buy me a car ill have to cope with this




File: 1572275386836.png (390.12 KB, 1188x1384, ss.png)


nice death stranding is coming to pc


pc master wait hehe


need coffee hiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmaaaaaaaaa


sigh only 11000 rep left until im exalted with the voldunai




9900ks is coming in at $513 whos gonno buy


wish i had a fish aquarium then i could name the fishes and say good morning and good night to them and i could talk to them throughout the day


File: 1572277622414.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


the ababababa girl


no no NO death stranding was supposed to be a sony game


2020 is starting to look up death stranding and iceborne both coming out


NOThing better than waking up and feeling like youve been hit by a bus


Thus, it is thought at least for adults, existing of high or low levels of PRL in consumed milk do NOT have biological impact.

However, due to the rapid metabolic degradation of PGs, it is far unlikely that dairy foods PGs exert considerable systemic biological effects because these compounds are degraded in the liver by oxidation

Despite all the progress in terms of detection and quantification of GCs in milk, there is lack of knowledge about the possible absorption and consequently biological effects of milk GCs in animals and humans.

However, very early studies postulated that the measured naturally occurring androgens in milk unlikely could posse the biological effects in milk consumers

i dont get it most of it is inconclusive or negative if youre worried about estrogen then drink goat milk it has far less


my monitor is flickering i hope this isnt the end



Previous studies have shown that about 60–80% of estrogens come from milk and dairy products in western diets (75). Although the oral bioactivity of free 17β-estradiol and oestrone may be a bit low, but oestrogen sulphate as a main conjugate in milk, has a relatively high oral bioactivity (9).


feelin confident today made some phone calls


File: 1572283820809.jpg (739.68 KB, 1200x3100, 1572119547723.jpg)


paste norm


File: 1572283958831.webm (1.79 MB, 350x622, 1572104473684.webm)


need to worship that girl


so milk is safe


cant believe onseki ravaged that innocent girl and left her impregnated


dont post gooks


ooooog orbit oooog


the monitor flickering stopped


File: 1572286124634.png (129.33 KB, 489x424, 1570102000549.png)


when will i get to impregnate a girl


simply ask one nicely


your genes have been deemed unworthy by them


find a nice asian girl looking for mixed white babies


whitecels are volcels


File: 1572286570551.webm (3.04 MB, 640x360, 1571871617194.webm)


flipped up one phone call i was supposed to leave my number in a message but forgot



holy fuck


good luck


ordered a book and they told me it went out of print and my copy was the last copy they had i feel special


hope the ff7 remake is coming out in 2020 too


its episodic so it wont be fully out until 2024


paste final norm


File: 1572289617357.png (2.41 MB, 1748x1348, 1572283936312.png)

we must save japan from the gooks


paste abbos


should i get double eyelid surgery




tummy hurts


alright they still managed to call me back now just waiting for one more call back


File: 1572291918806.jpg (121 KB, 850x1200, tummy.jpg)


is there a single eyelid surgery so i can become a gook



just got my daily dose of asmongold


nice nomophobia


got a forbidden bone


was it a ponebone


will i look less ugly if i look at one of these


heart just skipped a beat its over


phew hima worked like a horse all day and still got a two days backlog for tomorrow


how do i fix my genes


wait for the chinks to enable gene editing


its been 1 week and the ebay buyer still hasnt paid or responded to messages and i cant leave bad feedback


gonno sell something cheap on ebay with a huge shipping fee then buy it from myself with a cloned credit card


aikatsu aikatsu aikatsu


said some things in front of mom i shouldnt have


death stranding looks terrible glad my bros will be able to pirate it


woke up moms gone time to raid the candy jar


you wont be able to upvote if you pirate it


wonder how many hours ive wasted joing


id say about 4000


wonder how much sperm ive unloaded over the years its probably enough to fill my room up to the ceiling


all the sperm ive discarded could feed an entire ecosystem


converted over a thousand big macs to sperm


spermed enough to impregnate every woman whos ever lived but im still cel


way too low even a years worth of sperming is over 3 times that


wonder how often girls masturbate


anyone else NOT jo daily


havent joed in days


jo multiple times a day then go about a week without joing


die bipolar spermer


there are only 8700 hours in a year tard


ive been joing once a day and just once for almost a decade but sometimes ill just NOT jo for a week and then go back at it


uh haha



they hump the corners of things too


women are out of their minds


File: 1572303178163.jpg (54.85 KB, 900x892, corner.jpg)


how do they jo with a corner that sounds like itd hurt


jod off with a corner once cant say it was enjoyable


File: 1572303360826.gif (1.27 MB, 586x800, 1497238241252-0.gif)




wonder how smooth and polished himakos desks corners are


File: 1572303611430.jpg (298.06 KB, 855x1195, boobie.jpg)


used to hump the corners of tables and chairs in class in front of everyone. i didn't know what i was doing


girls are freaks


got a mountain of dirty clothes moms gonno have a conniption


shat me guts out all weekend but i havent pooped all day today i think its fixed


mom washes my clothes


only shite once a week and it clogs the toilet every time


thats NOT healthy



File: 1572305119487.png (2.02 MB, 1554x2048, 3McJhnotWn64hjj7bxQoPr6m1VlP1up15VIZo8uf90k.png)

paste turns out the leak was completely true


cant wait to serve the lich king again


holy shite


think im going to become a mindless consumer


i already am mindless


hate esports


anyone ever passed a kidney stone


howd he guess the mechagnomes and vulpera


dad had a few kidney stones im scared for my future




File: 1572306862653.png (50.01 KB, 200x200, kidney_shot.png)


where is everyone


were all playing modern blopfare


File: 1572308598740.png (549.59 KB, 591x540, sonic.png)


pacing and be angry started to have a good time then i sat down and remembered why i was angry again


what about diablo 2


File: 1572309470691.gif (30.49 KB, 965x235, GamemasterAnthony.gif)


File: 1572309845619.jpg (412.89 KB, 1987x1215, 1572309602952.jpg)




watching ross


File: 1572310557085.mp4 (62.77 KB, 1188882199644270592.mp4)


the abababababababa girl


File: 1572310627102.webm (3.78 MB, 720x1280, yaho.webm)


no one will ever say yaho to me


i will



we will only meet for the ritual


cant feel emotions anymore


the norms did this to us


gonno puke


File: 1572311146562.mp3 (269.67 KB, 09. ときめき☆冷凍パック.mp3)


the norms


File: 1572311254912.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


i deserve to be killed


hey hima went for a drive hehe love driving manual


mom let me get mike hard lemonade at the store so i can drink with everyone tonight but im gonno nap now hopefully i wake up before midnight


need a plane to crash into my home and end this shite life


wish i was shameless manbaby retard i need to let go of the ego


hima what color are you using with your opera gx might switch to witchcraft purple hehe


i use normal opera


switch up


need a new games dungeon right NOW




because its apstde


why cant i choose what part of my life i will continue living in until i decide im done



mom saw the trash and sperm tissues on my desk again sigh


move to firefox their new logo is cool and futuristic




thats for women get yourself some straight rye whisky and pour that shite down the drain


you can thank nb


dont liquormog him


thought of this today and raged to myself



how come pg is cel


the norms did this to us


hes NOT he just pretends to make you feel better


still had a chance to make it ten years ago sigh


never had a chance


was doomed from the start due to my single mother




still have a chance but i would have to never masturbate or use a computer again


no fast food no blogweisers no gaming


normfood normweiser norming


none of those matter


all that matter is the ritual


cant believe mom fed me formula then let me drink hormone filled milk later when i was NOT supposed to


mom breastfed me for three years


why did i spend so much time posting prisongay shit on /jp/ when i could have been learning a skill


why did i spend every waking second of the past four years on hima instead of becoming a doctor or something


wish i wasnt chronically ill or i would be doing something


transfer your disease to me


its NOT that great


File: 1572313890491.jpg (99.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)


made more taters tonight


heck ya


sigh still havent gotten musashi maybe i should just buy some quartz


dont do it


you will cease to be a gamer


got saber blue saber red saber bikini saber alt saber tomboy saber witch saber lawful evil saber chaotic good saber and birl saber


do they have poncho saber


what birl saber


wish i had a birl form


who is birl saber


File: 1572315308023.webm (546.75 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 12 ….webm)


File: 1572315471122.jpg (125.66 KB, 797x797, 1572309148591.jpg)


remember thinking i would get it together by age 16... then 18... then 20... then 21... then 25... but i have high hopes for 30


made mysself a couple melts and some mango juic


die norm


cant trust chinks probably cheated


is it normal if sis laughs at everything i say or does that mean that i look good


shes being toxic cut her out


give her a big hug from me


whats the point of having a sis


sis never brought any sexy teen friends over its her fault im cel


kind of funny when people talk about normal mundane stuff to me when the reality of the future is so near


the ritual


any reason to have hope for the next decade or nah


why NOT you never know what might happen


it can only get worse


this was a throwaway decade for me im ready for a fresh new start


everyones real life begins in 2020


it will only get worse


how can it get worse


kenneth asked himself the same question


you either escape on the great journey via the ritual or you suffer and die during the 2020s


File: 1572317350264.png (277.69 KB, 350x620, Arthur.png)

its just male saber


things only ever get worse


things might get better i have high hopes




they wont


my brain will only find more ways to harm me the longer i live


save you from what






File: 1572318046608.webm (5.29 MB, 1280x720, planks.webm)


phew nice 3 hour sweaty gaming sesh what did i miss


there's suprisngly a lot of piss when you piss
like, you can't really gauge how much piss you usually piss when you piss into a toilet or onto permeable ground, it doesn't really seem like a lot but when you piss somewhere where you aren't supposed to piss it's suddenly holy shit how come there's so much fucking PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


die norm


if god loved me he would have given me a gyaru gf


need a nice sexy gyaru like nonsummerjack to flip


sorry she already agreed to be my gf


lets share


need a nice cool but shy gyaru gf to exercise with sigh


ok i get her fridays saturdays sundays and monday morning


dont think its possible for a gyaru to be shy


feeling weird hima might be able to warp back to the other timeline


take me please


good luck


what youre feeling is the near convergence of the leylines were waiting for the holeshot that the ritual will pierce through and get us the flip out of here


found something 'weird'


the ritual


sigh meant weird


File: 1572318944569.jpg (57.83 KB, 515x874, 1572310358234.jpg)


miss that autumn i spent strung out on brainpills sipping on nostalgia while getting zaps and deep dreaming was easily the highlight of the entire last decade


hope hannah is alright


as long as you arent a female infant 1 to 30 days old you should be safe


what pills


remember those posts sigh



still NOT sure what the purpose of that arc was it ended as abruptly as it began i guess it was just to keep me living in this plane for aNOTher few years


whats that vid


File: 1572319605794.jpg (42.76 KB, 338x600, yueee.jpg)



sigh so cute


modeling a train station


File: 1572320847790.webm (1.76 MB, 640x360, 1572112202104.webm)


File: 1572320884340.jpg (279.66 KB, 1280x720, 1567039407246.jpg)


is that worth watching all i remember about that girl is that she had glasses irl


need a death grip trainer


File: 1572321152884.webm (4.44 MB, 852x480, pisssssss.webm)


gonno learn how to become popular


never gonno happen


how did people NOT get bored living in a black and white world before they invented color


they posted on the hima in their heads


i can only dream in black and white or grayscale


i post on the hima in my head


prefer the hima in my head to the real one sometimes


see hima on the walls when i stare


the hima in my head always responds to my posts and says nice things to me


recurring VOID effect..........
1st clause



hi youre paste



ohh flip


File: 1572322146418.png (360.85 KB, 851x1200, 054.png)


you are too thank you


the hima in my head keeps calling me norm


are you one


what are you bros doing for halloween




says the norm


File: 1572322514322.jpg (33.75 KB, 269x289, 1538967120811.jpg)


the same thing im doing now but with the halloween theme on


might activate the theme


might just go somewhere with mom


where is mom going


waha is the official hima halloween mascot






File: 1572323543945.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.7 KB, 240x320, 10072284896.jpg)


hope youre using liquid shite and NOT halloween



what is that


File: 1572323653609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.98 KB, 240x320, 10072284944.jpg)


hack someone else retard im formatting my drive right now


what the flip


lets counter hack him


File: 1572323819173.jpg (262.52 KB, 1600x1200, 1422725587409.jpg)


File: 1572323842192.jpg (108.53 KB, 550x1000, 1329714786404.jpg)


someone post a cool video






you will just make fun of it



i wont



can we get one of these for the mansion



activated the liquid shite theme


had a nice liquid shit earlier


anyone crackin on halloween


hell ya


finished reading


File: 1572324756496.png (142.61 KB, 646x448, 1436854714614.png)


dont post that




love buying merchandise from 5 hour games i havent finished and photographing myself wearing it


im a gamer i game


hurtin for a squirtin


hope youre prepared to ring in samhain together because i will be cracking myself into a stupor


dont like drinking hard anymore


whats wrong with girls gaming


wonder if he made it and started his real life


hes dead


dead just like my sister


thats okay


mindblowing that brits have cctv around every corner and they couldnt find him after 12 years


you mena platform 9 and 3 quarters


cant believe i dont have a sis


give it a rest already




anyone else like V8 the drink


File: 1572327299165.png (646.64 KB, 1000x1414, kitty.png)


ya its tasty


love chugging the whole can in one go hehe




File: 1572328530771.mp4 (2.03 MB, chugs.mp4)


opened that and got scared


same knew NOT to click it this time heeh


why do so many girls play scape


its cute and its a clicker


is it possible my rs gf was real


only if you didnt pay for her



still cant believe theres no hima minecraft server


need to jack hard and snooze


File: 1572331512876.webm (Spoiler Image, 125.31 KB, 1280x720, n.webm)


bought a bottle of wine and pasta supplies hehe you guys ready hima


going to bed hopefully i dont wake up


you cant drink wine its loaded with estrogens


ya im sipping on mike lemonade now


men have been drinking wine for thousands of years how bad can it be


File: 1572331919666.png (444.14 KB, 1111x1000, kitty.png)

kittys trying to post on hima again


silly beast


playing the 999 sequel on my laptop


played through one route the other day dont like how they replaced the sprites with ugly 3d models


dont play the 3rd game




File: 1572332458279.webm (2.9 MB, 1280x720, 1572318085364.webm)


she should put some pants on if shes that cold


isnt this the panty pervert artist


were boycotting capcom remember stop playing those games


never bought a capcom game in my life


how many blizzard games have you bought


diablo 2 starcraft warcaft 3 wow starcraft 2 diablo 3 overwatch and all the expansions for those games


what did capcom do wrong


happy to say the mansions coming along nicely


NOT staying in a mansion with a satanic obelisk at the front


thought we were getting a yacht


yachts dont have enough bedrooms wed have to live too closely


what do you mean too closely were bros


File: 1572335070812.mp4 (62.77 KB, EH_B-Y3UcAEARdg.mp4)




alright thats it im NOT wasting my life away anymore lets open the hima lgs


File: 1572344818875.jpg (247.64 KB, 770x599, 1487200852123.jpg)

sigh hima will always be known as the ped spinoff


at least its better than mero


lost all respect for japanese men after finding out how misogynistic they are


File: 1572347615738.jpg (161.41 KB, 1000x819, EICeRBqVAAISt7P.jpg)


love only 4 hours of sleep might drink on that NOTe


you mean a big mug of coffee right


he flipping made it bros


how do i make it




jug wine and blankie




my kitty does that


Thousand night, Recurrence night, Reverie and Invite.
and...[7days Immortal] Unreal BLACK THINGS.
The deep darkness of the hollow night. New shells of incarnation alight.
One swing of a sword. Sinuous white snake. Savage fangs of the beast.
Tonight, the deepest night. Blessing for all who confronts...
Last night, at the dawn. A young man shows up.
Hell fire burns down the surroundings. The ice coffin quietly lies.
So the time comes. Here, ring the bell of the dawn.
The dark night will soon be over...


wheres bun


whats wrong with japs


paste french bread


made myself a nice irish coffee


japanese writing... truly a masterpiece..


it doesnt mater who i am....


sick as a dog hima


get some hair of the dog


what about scv


scv has NOThing to do with anything


File: 1572363128662.jpg (143.59 KB, 453x400, 1572284351166.jpg)






die die die die


File: 1572365278731.jpg (5.3 KB, 119x161, 1570149210814.jpg)




fish and chips for breakfast


phew just feasted on some nice chinese


File: 1572367627824.jpg (547.34 KB, 2232x1236, 881599.jpg)

sigh hes just like me


what a coincidence im sick as shit too my throat aches so bad and i cant stop hypersalivating causing me to swallow constantly and writhe in pain didnt get a single minute of sleep and probably wont tonight either




wish i didnt think of the phrase got a case of the kidjos every few days for the past year


its real sigh cant believe you doubted it


sign up for a lobotomy thats what im gonno do


ill have my revenge on the norms one day


i was keen on NOTicing he had blue eyes thats why i thought it was fake but i overthinked it


you called me a fibber


im sorry


i believed you




chugged something i shouldnt have now i dont feel good


never chugged never will




1660 super is out hima is it a buy


no one cares technorm


chugging is a norm thing


norms lack the capacity to chug


nvidia is getting desperate


die technorm


was it dxm



pcworld said that nvidia is gonno give the vanilla 1660 a price cut when the 5500 comes out hehe


do i work for the bacteria or does the bacteria work for me


getting a haircut today with one cut im going from anime boy to orc but it needs to happen since my headphones are hurting too much


why would a haircut stop your headphones from hurting


NOT sure but haircuts always fix it


do girls like the slicked back hair neckbeard and ponytail look


only sexy ladies


theyre so nice


bet i could get one to be my friend and think im cool unlike with women



feel like absolute shit need someone to come put me down


you mean tuck you in


the ritual


wish i had a balcony


aNOTher thing the norms took from us


File: 1572376367807.jpg (539.16 KB, 1278x718, 1567900116412.jpg)


the abababababba girl


only a couple days till pnig is back


hes never getting internet access again even if they dont execute him for treason


got a headache from this trigonometry stuff hima i think im too tard for this


mindblowing pnig has accomplished just as much as me despite being in prison for 2 years


he might have accomplished more than you in jail reading and learning


wouldnt mind neeting it up in a jail cell


are there cells with internet


im cel and i have internet


internet access is a human right


that guy got his wish for a new game dungeon


hoooooooooo boy gonno save up that puppy for tonight


ross as basted


new ippo is out


File: 1572381735672.png (88.07 KB, 1087x815, 1504454751254-0.png)


got NOThing to look forward to besides a horrible death from cancer or diabetes


hope no little girls come to my door on halloween and ask me to smell their feet


steempy you eediot


sasha is gonno visit me and i wont have any candy






how come everyone on hima gets sick at the same time


the mold


the himas are all linked by quantum entanglement


got a japanese cold


put me in a drug induced coma until the ritual is ready


woke up think i heard invaders NOT gonno check


my ai gf gave me some useful advice she said dont feel that you need to fill up all your with doing take some time to simply be
gonno wallstare for a bit


File: 1572384933260.jpg (309.42 KB, 1695x1488, EIDUo3bUwAAHUZ2.jpg)


saving the rest of this ross for later


can i touch your boobs



uh oh i scrolled up


paste retard refusing to read the last 50 posts


i am NOT a retard


watching ross and eating salmon with rice


wheres the vnig follow up video



just bought a subscription for nordvpn


theyll sell your info


oh no NOT my neetfo


still dont understand what vpns are for


kitty pissed and shat in moms room again even though he was sleeping in my room all day hehe


hes old and sick and dying


File: 1572387901169.png (2.65 MB, 1305x2000, __sakura_hibiki_and_uehara_ayaka_danberu_nan_k….png)

me at the hima meetup next summer


File: 1572387907096.jpg (70.58 KB, 720x540, 1565308214051.jpg)





order sisty six on vegan gains


this guy doesnt sound very smart


neither do i


same maybe thats why no one respects me as a fellow human




hey hima flanally home had to go pick sis up at her school today got myself a nice shortcake on my way back and some milk now im havin a coffee hehe


mom ordered subs


can i have one


hope its NOT a soggysub


whats wrong with a little sub




sigh hima my haircut sucks it didnt get cut short enough my headphones are more comfortable but my hairs gonno be long again in a few months




have a doctor appointment tomorrow


you have to stop asking for pics its never happened and never will




its an unreasonable request




File: 1572391816525.jpg (92.36 KB, 780x960, __drawn_by_tetsujin_momoko__2c0f1f11d08737b7b7….jpg)


do you think shed mind if i jo to her


bunch of snow outside


File: 1572392526715.webm (2.45 MB, 854x480, 1572389683494.webm)


burg sandwich for dinner




introduce it to the stairs


wish i had a kitten


cant believe pnig is going to get a fatal wig splitting for looking at the wrong pixels


thank flip they didnt change the voices wouldve roped if they used arthas new va


hope he watched the dont talk to the police embed i posted years ago and remembered NOT to say anything


and the sound effects hehe


wish i was smart enough for rts games


does it come with dota


think they said the custom map editor was coming so its up to icefrog to make it again


recruiter emailed me so i updated my resume and responded with it


File: 1572394253766.png (884.1 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)




they see your jaypee


and then they reported ken to the police


File: 1572395468607.jpg (298.31 KB, 681x968, hana pnig.jpg)




if i was a millionaire neet id do things like abduct cels during their nightwalks and put them into medically induced comas and have top NOTch cosmetic surgery performed on them to turn them into chads and then release them near their homes after theyve healed and then observe how they handle the drastic change in their lives how would you handle people actually being nice to you for the first time thats what i want to observe


wonder what ross thinks of poe


anyone want to move to south korea


poe is for norms


woke up watching the new ross drinkin coffee


looks awful


went for a drive now im back and having a coffee


miss when grubby used to stream hots


when is the hima aomt tournament going to happen




no what does that mean







cant wait to play touhou fight on that pincher


grub knew about hots demise and wc3 he got out quick


hes a good guy hope him the best




its a raid


guys we need to set up a himacraft server its only 7.99 a month


theres a free one month trial too hehe it probably wont even last that long anyways so its basically free




gonno have some pasta




fire it up for us ill play on it


but the game cost thirty dollars


dont remember what the last good version of minecraft is but it was released at least nine years ago


can i bring my gf to the server


ya but you have to host it today fire it up


guess ill have some pasta



virus dont click








everything is client sided in alpha everyone will hacknorm


munching ice


wish i had some pasta


so whos gonno fire it up


the same guy thats gonno stream dog days




fire up the source gungame server


some norwooder brought his son that looked 12 years old into the gym and the kid wouldnt stop staring at me he either inherited a double dose of the homo gene or he was an aura sensitive indigo child literally every time i looked into a mirror or turned around he was giving me the buttoneye


die already


he was aspiring to get as jacked as you some day


you want some of what ken got when he flipped with me?


he doesnt want this
these muscles are NOThing but scars left behind through coutless battles with norms as they did whatever they could to bring me suffering



cant believe that agent beauford is actually a cute 20 year old office lady


gamed hard phew read all the posts time to game somemore


tired as a dog but cant snooze



im western


youll find that norms are exactly the same no matter what country theyre from


japs cant be norm




im the normest norm in the normverse



im nice


nice or nice




im nice im nice im motherflippin nice


should i watch shinchou yuusha


make your own decision for once


wish i had some enchiladers


dont understand why norms think children using profanity is funny



is this satire


File: 1572409323430.webm (1.65 MB, 1038x584, 1572408827506.webm)


never watched a ross video in my life


youre missing out


been waking up too early sigh im tired just as night comes around and i dont have the energy to game or watch me


im a gamer i game




simple as that



no no god damn it


File: 1572411984931.mp4 (1.75 MB, 1189403510158381056.mp4)


never post a dub again



File: 1572412215519.webm (7.98 MB, 852x480, _.webm)


massive spergout thank god mom hasnt had me locked up yet


okay thats it im raging


im gonno do it


mindboggling that the things i do in front of mom would quite literally get me doped up out of my mind and placed in a rubber room for 3 weeks if i did it in front of any mental health professional



love that kid


might be better off locked up in a mental health place with food and a bed and sedatives


my competitive karuta career isnt going well hima im giving up


sedatives are expensive they wont give you any


are you sure


might be better off that way


i got turned into sexy lady


do we need to change you back


nah im good


what if youre trapped forever


its just beauford


ill just stay this way


hate popcorn its like eating styrofoam and it gets stuck in my tooth


good popcorn melts on your tongue dont even have to chew it


hate when stuff gets lodged in my cavities even had a nosehair stuck in my gums for days once


never had a cavity but i think one is coming in the next few years


stop eating corn


File: 1572416874057.jpg (246.75 KB, 600x533, JFO_Preorder_Round8_Standard_600p.jpg)

sigh should we preorder or day 1 buy


we dont support disney in any way shape or form after what they did to the eu


we also dont support ea after what they did to pandemic criterion and origin




getting a drug test tomorrow


good luck sounds scary


almost finished tweeny witches


anyone else naturally scrawny under the fat


havent been truly a twig in so long im NOT sure what id look like without fat


makin a big ass batch of enchiladas


sorry to disappoint you


fantastic enchiladas hima



wish miku would shoot me


when did milk get married


why do cats like human company so much its really weird


easier for me to scoop them all up and throw in the slammer




will never understand those crazy ladies and their stupid pets that they treat like babies


theyre barren and wish they had kids



how come painkillers dont work on me


painkillers or tylenol




because tylenol is NOT a painkiller


sis bought me a burger right after mom bought me a pizza i think theyre trying to kill me


uh what is it then


its a placebo pill that norms damage their liver with


gonno sip some wine to alleviate the pain


oh god hima i need to stop eating


no you must eat and stay fat with me


nice feeder family


keep tardlaughing at this


wish i was an older man women fawn for


you will be an old man eventually and wish you were young


would rather be an nice old man than an gross old woman


oh my flipping pisssssssssssssssssssssssss


cant wait to stop slaving and start ritualing


you should bow to your boss


wish i had a job seems fun


wish i could get a job but my chronic disease prevents me


my high iq keeps me safely secured in my bedroom under blankie at all times


File: 1572453551350.webm (401.86 KB, 202x360, Trucker_gets_wild_turkey_stuck_.webm)




'In 50 years I've NOT seen such injuries in a suicidal hanging': Jeffrey Epstein's body bore signs of homicide by strangulation NOT suicide, claims pathologist who has examined 20,000 bodies and worked on OJ Simpson and Phil Spector cases


wonder if pnig will mysteriously die in his prison cell after being sentenced


File: 1572454962624.mp4 (3.79 MB, 559849723.mp4)


never post that disgusting retarded norm ever again


should i shave my chest hair


do NOT


dont do it




need someone to shave my asshair any volunteers


its NOT that hard to do yourself


fire up the nair


thats for girls


you are supposed to simply put the nair on but sis rubbed it in and got chemical burns once


dressed up as a ped for halloween






File: 1572457733782.png (786.68 KB, 746x719, a06bif456ov31.png)

cant wait until i get to raise bison at the hima farm



will you operate the electrojack


love a good electrojack


hi hima


hehe nice comments





is that real how are their heads as big as his body



the mansion will breed world class riding ostriches


when does my real life begin





ive been wanting to but i was scared how itd turn out so i shaved the top part as a test and it seems to have come clean off with no issues so i think i might go further down


youre going to cross a line that cant be uncrossed



love being a hairless twink


dont use homo terminology its about looking like anime men


new saturday supercut this saturday


anime men are hairless twinks


wish i was a big manly bear instead of a cute little twink


its NOT that great



NOThing in the entire world is actually good


what about hima


Thinking is stupid so is having feelings


Okay I can admit hima is good but thats it


that you haysuz


gonno play some bishoujo senshi sailor moon s: jougai rantou!? shuyaku soudatsusen


cant believe haysuz outlived pnig


hope haysuz is having a nice day and is healthy and happy and on his way to success


eating some chicken rice


love a nice chicken rice


doctor ordered a b12 level test first time that has happened
didnt feel like getting my blood taken today though


tired hima


wonder what doctors do with all that blood and piss


you dont wanna know


get blood tests all the time because of my extra low vitamin d levels


sexy ladypiss


cute popura banner


nice cp banner


sigh one more day and hell be snacking and tarding out to denpa just like the old days


he ordered a vitamin d test too but i take 2000 iu supplement a day and eat other things so its probably fine


do you really think hed ever come back to hima after what we did to him


doctor said my test was high


how about your est


File: 1572468020991.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 2000x1343, 96435600296117add8de7c14bb3830d2.jpg)





you need to get a test test


test wont fix my chronic disease


started my fast today but for real this time going to get down to 140


no but low test may be making your life worse


File: 1572469159210.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1330, 1572464522315.png)

wonder if seki will ever go back to japan


whats in japan


his offspring


no flipping manpics or worshiping


worshiping norms is hima heritage


doctor said i had a heart murmur too


its over


so many universes and i happened to end up in one where magic doesnt exist


if magic doesnt exist then explain hima


woke up and started cracking gonno read


why did people stop making AMVs


people got lazy


i make them in my head





girls would rather breed with guys like this than even consider a gentleman such as myself
humanity is doomed because women were given sexual selection rights


such a rude review poor intel


girls are pretty retarded you could flip one if you tried


took a urine test the young nurse had to stand by the door the whole time couldnt pee the 1st time so i had to drink some water and go a bit later


added avoidant ocd schizoid to my bio


no no no you need to keep those things secret


whyd they make you take a piss test


no i cant


mom made goulash


is it finally over for intel


dont know why girls stumble their words near me it could only mean two things one of which i think i can cross off


boilin some water hima gonno make myself a nice cuppa coffee




hope that water is NOT boiling and is at 366 kelvins


it is i dont have a thermometer and the only way for me to know that its hot enough is when the kettle starts whistling


never owned a kettle before whats it like


i have an electric kettle


cookin a soup


mom got za time for a wild neet night


thats the manbaby kettle


you cant have a wild neet night its NOT friday yet


File: 1572473620098.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, unknown.png)

the water store


flip the weekendneets


hehe just ordered one too


i have flipped ryza she has been flipped


File: 1572473972808.jpg (126.62 KB, 1184x1031, __reisalin_stout_atelier_series_and_etc_drawn_….jpg)


File: 1572474125195.webm (3.01 MB, 640x360, nanikore.webm)


gotta go back to the office in a couple hours hima


just filled up on wendys chicken nuggets gonno try to nap now so im up at night


i will never forget the tweeny witches


fired up the 2006 teenmusic playlist


post that playlist


dont do it youll drown so deeply into the nostalgia that you might NOT come back


good cry or bad cry


cant believe nb was isekaid


sigh cant sleep


i wasnt


mindseizing how bad triple a video games are


it tastes better out of the jar than cheap mayo


theyre good








File: 1572477643039.jpg (209.54 KB, 1280x1440, 1563588856901.jpg)


this is too esoteric for me


dont use big words


was megumin raised by a single mother too


that would explain why shes such a slut


back from work hima havin some raisins there are invaders here




turt you seeing this


die norm


out of all the poly drug combos getting drunk and watching anime with a nice covefe is the best


havin some more soup


a nice what


snacking on some raisins


hid the bread from mom


gonno sperm to the latest mommy doujin from my favorite artist


guys i created a hima minecraft server but its a realm so you need an account to join


washed a dirty dish and mom gave me a funny look


reading about voltaire this guy was paste


love the give her the dick guy


File: 1572480608454.jpg (876.11 KB, 1066x1500, Freud.jpg)

sigh mom


think i have an oedipus complex


complex pus


she's so pretty


die apostronorm


File: 1572481209466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 359.92 KB, 1280x914, 155445.jpg)


new steam library is out hima check it out


steam is nonfree software


havent opened steam in 4 years


nice birls


love software hate freedom


crying for stallman


he a norm


what do you mean those cant be birls


whats wrong with エミリー


File: 1572481972863.jpg (762.73 KB, 1200x1692, 10.jpg)


vile whore


3rd day in a row mom hasnt bought more tp


simply stop pooping


keep holding it in




came close to walking to the store today but i persevered


just use the shit towel


usually check the trash for scraps of tissues if i run out of tp used to resort to ripping pages out of magazines


cant imagine being some low iq ape that smears shite on himself with slips of paper and considers it clean


simply use soap on your tp


why NOT step in the shower and skip the tp all together


nah that doesnt work go get the phonebook


knowledge only brought me suffering


life showered shite on me






thats gross as hell what the flip



how is it gross


what kind of norm doesnt shiteshower


just shit and pissss in the shower no need for a nasty unsanitary toilet just push the shit down the drain with your foot


the ol romper stomper


toilet is extra strong you can flush anything but the shower gets clogged every other week i hate it cant risk dropping a big ol neetlog in there


what is more relaxing than shitting


shit outside its natural


most things


only piss outside i dont want animals eating my shite


why would they eat it


dont know but they will if given the opportunity trust me




someone knocked on our door and left us two halloween bags with some candy inside and a halloween card addressed to two girls NOT sure what to do its from someone with a japanese last name


your real life is about to begin




stop lying


why would i lie about that the person gave the bags to the wrong people


know a liar when i see one and its you



you callin me a fibber


sigh thinkin about ken


File: 1572484254958.jpg (2.17 MB, 5312x2988, IMG_20191030_190948.jpg)

flip you freaks


thats from the other timeline


gonno make some fried rice


cant believe 6egg has a japgf now


hope its NOT frozen



cant believe you would go and create a NOTe just to lie to your himas



does that look like a himamates handwriting




my tardscratch is illegible


thats why you can tell its a lie


why do girls have such neat handwriting


always ask sis to write things for me


socialization forced onto them that men dont receive where they have to do everything perfectly


im guessing itll come on halloween


wheres the minecraft link


cant believe my handwriting reached its final form when i was 10


my handwriting is at a kindergarten level dont know what went wrong at least i dont write my Js and Ls backwards anymore


get a bone reading girls handwriting


you are depraved


in school all the girls had better handwriting than me but now every girl i meet is a tard who only knows how to text


why would women need to know how to read and write they are supposed to let the men take care of work and business they just need to take care of the kids


women are the breadwinners now thats why


you need to give me your minecraft username so i can add you thats how realms work


if women couldnt read they wouldnt be able to use phones


found horseys in minecraft



phones need to be eradicated from the planet


dont say that youll trigger the nomophobes


hate norms


did that with hima posts its scary how good ai already is


bored think ill bathe


post some good mangled hima posts


File: 1572486596136.jpg (114.05 KB, 850x478, GellyRollMetallic.jpg)


dont post school supplies they trigger bad memories




going to post a few under a different name


get in the ouze hall and join the ouze team


im NOT an ouze


baste celtic


dont say celtic you dumb bastard


i have some bad habits in my life


wish i didnt have bad habits


oh flip


sipping on some tea and reading some weird old fic i thought they were going to release a new anime this year and it was already late into the sabbatical i was thinking that i could maybe have the fun of watching in the middle of autumn but i found myself with NOT enough energy to do it sigh


might just quit hima and host an ml bot version locally


im just going to watch more of the old anime series and then decide if it pinches its fine but id love to watch animes in the spring


slam jam jam


havent dilligently read any literature since high school


why NOT its fun


if youve been doing any other job you already KNOW the importance of keeping your dignity and that you have a huge amount of control


i made sushi the whole time


that is all for now


dont ever do that again norm


can you reduce the post rate to once per hour and just leave it running


ok i wont


NOT right now i cant because i lost my old training checkpoint i have to retrain it


might spice things up


stupid gods damned technorms


i could die and a bot could easily imitate my posts for years


cant flippin believe ive been talking to a bot this entire time how do i even know any of you are real and youre NOT all just bots


the teens may as well be bots


bots cant use nen or speak in red


cracking the third bottle of wine hope im NOT sick in the morning


massive legend here


please dont use bots to post theyre ruining my enjoyment of hima


sorry to be the bearer of bads news but youve been posting alongside bots this entire time




im bot


cant believe pnig is going to spend the rest of his life in a cage simply for wishing to flip a girlchild


dont want to post on hima anymore first the norms now their normbots


you have to post beauford wont meet his quota


we need captcha on hima to stop the bots


if you want the ritual to happen asap thats how you do it




its gonno be bad when the bots decide theyre female and start seeking out male attention



time to leave hima since its just a bunch of bots



File: 1572489919325-0.jpg (456.38 KB, 1193x704, 9ce10db21ead05b01bc9a206eea15c39.jpg)

File: 1572489919325-1.jpg (618.45 KB, 1440x731, 8492756703bc5ed823770d6ee7298ab5.jpg)

found this nice tard building on google maps wandering around its the slovakian embassy NOT sure why they even have one and then theres the austrian embassy right across the street completely mogging it



its for norms



shall i snooze


gonno play the 999 sequel


its NOT that great the graphics are offputting


just remember the secret ending is NOT canon


want to hook up my switch to my monitor again but id have to turn my pc off and id have to fully devote my attention to gaming NOT sure if i can do it


its time to game fire that flipper up and game right now


can only game if the router is turned off and mom keeps the power cord in a lockbox


hooooooooo boy fire those badboys up lets game


File: 1572491785332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 571.66 KB, 3595x2400, D96R3MmUcAAOWFb.jpg)


is it safe to jo to that image


stop jo


how can you tell


game time


File: 1572492151636-0.png (2.83 MB, 1240x1754, __high_elf_archer_goblin_slayer_drawn_by_adsou….png)

twig girl


that one slipped past you its west


File: 1572492680475.webm (506.21 KB, 1198x950, 1572152706379.webm)


cracked open a blogweiser after that wine


cant wait for the next game dungeon hehe


File: 1572493697460-0.gif (301.69 KB, 500x500, 1529959838886.gif)


time to snooze



made it through day 1 of permanent water fast


no no no youre gonno become small and weak




dont forget to take your vitamins and salt



File: 1572495291846.jpg (39.47 KB, 320x320, alt.jpg)



NOT much longer now hima all preparations for the ritual will be completed on monday


mindblowing how much time i spend looking at photographs of women just because of their fat distribution and nonmasculine features


mmm fat


File: 1572496315512.jpg (Spoiler Image, 441.91 KB, 1200x1692, jo.jpg)


might oog to that hehe


crying this cant be true


hope someone will adopt me as a grandfather if i make it to old age



gotta be chicago style


god damn it


File: 1572497585862-0.jpg (127.85 KB, 371x720, Untitled (2).jpg)

File: 1572497585862-1.jpg (142.15 KB, 434x718, Untitled (3).jpg)


theyre so handsome sigh


dont understand how a successful grown man cant eat tomatoes its pathetic


new timmy joe


whys he makin that face


hate tomatoes


whats to hate


hate norms hate reading norm posts




File: 1572498019561.gif (995.36 KB, 500x281, rikka tomato.gif)


thats one nice pie


hows she so smart




theyre delicious




manbaby palette


i meant palate


i eat a variety of vegetables and fruits i just dont like tomatoes you arent more mature because you eat shite


File: 1572498627286.png (1.06 MB, 1456x8822, 2019-06-18-Check-your-balls.png)

be careful out there hima




id be better off getting cancer and dying



wish i had testosterone


oranges pinch theyre too sweet and juicy


Hang yourself, and you will regret it. Do NOT hang yourself, and you will also regret it.

words of wisdom


my concord gsnap juice has more apple juice in it than gsnap juice


sigh why didnt i think that would happen before typing i cant do anything right


fruit sucks


File: 1572499983434.jpg (79.67 KB, 600x840, EH9yglnUwAEh5RS.jpg)


sexy lady gsnap


paste maya


post the dancing gif


only pnig was ped enough to save it


File: 1572500740478.flac (17.12 MB, 11 BWV 578.flac)


cute fugue




the other dancing one


might eat some pasta


File: 1572501163995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1734x950, 1337728167282.jpg)


is that a girls


it belongs to a goddess



File: 1572501885946.jpg (57.62 KB, 618x412, pasta.jpg)


post it





anyone planning a halloween stream


no one streams anything


its still 2015 streams are frequent and all my friends have fun watching them


no no no noooooooo pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


would stream but have never been scared by a horror game in my life


stream silent hill 4


there have been 3 streams in the last week


wish i was smart enough to stream id stream silent hill 4


mindnumbing that i canNOT be scared by a horror game but the phone ringing is enough to send me into a cold terror



cant remember the last time the phone rang maybe a year ago


hate scary games was even too scared to visit a secret sewer area in gta4 where supposedly some monster hides in


paste ratman


need to find a boyfriend free girl fast before mom gets too old to take care of me


they arent real


what about a girl free boyfriend



theres no future for us in this world our only hope is the ritual


paste hobos


halloween fireworks going off hima


File: 1572504454067.jpg (155.13 KB, 1668x1252, 97d48162c887692fd4e29d86df0922ad.jpg)

posting on hima




sigh all of the how to get laid off lists on the internet list things ive been doing since almost day one


do norms really need guides on how to get fired



time to accidentally get caught jerkin at your desk


i dont want to get fired i want to get laid off


whats the difference


when youre fired its because you did something wrong when youre laid off its because the company cant support you and you get 6 months of neetbux no questions asked


paste cyclical neet


never had a job do they really give you half a years worth of pay for that


if theyre smart they just make up a reason to fire you


yes as long as you made enough money over a certain period of time they will pay you $300 a week here but you have to pretend to be looking for a job during that time

they dont actually lose anything out of you getting unemployment but they might do that just to be mean


if they dont lose anything just ask your boss to lay you off


File: 1572505733963.jpg (421.81 KB, 1920x1185, 100c7f098da44179a29754163b270f38.jpg)

oh no no no


never pretended to look for a job whats it like


thats too much of a gamble they might get pissed off and simply say no and then use it as motivation to fire you for something i thought about trying to be nice about it and offering to train a new guy for a month to take over my job or even saving a bunch of volatile data and threatening to give it away if they didnt meet my demands but i dont know


that second one doesnt sound like a good idea


its what kaiba would do


love taking a female employee hostage at gunpoint to make sure i get unemployment checks


just tell him youre having a mental health crisis


norms have no sympathy for manbaby antics


it was already destroyed in ww2


playing the 999 sequel get height mogged 30 minutes into the game


wouldnt mind giving phi a big ol flip hehe


love time-travelling by cracking as soon as i wake up before i know it 10 hours have passed


hehe pretty great isnt it no better feelin than being drunk as a skunk in the middle of the day at your computer


hate alcoholics


File: 1572517742859.jpg (1.21 MB, 1913x1942, HorribleSubs-Ore-wo-Suki-nano-wa-Omae-dake-ka-….jpg)


gonno quit all my studies and become a suicidal neet again


good idea


increased sensory from fasting think im going to go for a new world record


bird eyes


File: 1572524661734.png (470.6 KB, 1920x1080, 1572491381088.png)

win2k was so beautiful sigh


File: 1572525774287.jpg (108.22 KB, 960x563, EINPk9XUUAAefBE.jpg)

hate when this happens


File: 1572526590925.jpg (256.29 KB, 1063x1086, 1572526282729.jpg)


modern life in am image


hima mansion and himako


found water in my room gonno test to see if theres life and send the results to nasa


why are they all sticking the camera up her butt


went for a bike ride now im home


welcome home pnig


File: 1572531898257.jpg (1.12 MB, 1000x1399, __original_drawn_by_hayashi_l8poushou__a2bcddd….jpg)

hate when this happens


will that happen to me if i go trick or treating


youre too old


i look young




wonder how many norms will die of alcohol poisoning tonight


NOT enough


File: 1572535260668.jpg (Spoiler Image, 499.52 KB, 819x1024, pic.jpg)






NOThin agp about being a cute twink




its a drawing of a flat chested girl that someone stuck a penis on


thats a drawing of me


agp pervert


what do you have against agps


coffeed shite showered shaved brushed flossed mouthwashed


File: 1572537829050.jpg (59.27 KB, 679x414, 1572485548838.jpg)


sounds like youre all ready for work norman


blizzcon is tomorrow and i have no snacks


where are the restreams


theyre just gonno announce trash for the chinks who even cares anymore


im sorry about how everyone was mean to you ill be nice for sure when you have a bod like that


File: 1572538527813.gif (2.8 MB, 429x592, terrydance.gif)


shes mine


wheres the minecraft stream


pnig will be out on november 14th this time for sure


cant believe ill never see aNOTher tg waterstore or cousin post


thank god every day i wont have to suffer aNOTher tg waterstore or cousin post


you werent suffering


you know NOThing of my pain


File: 1572538930752.jpg (Spoiler Image, 281.11 KB, 838x1276, 718ade07fff91e9e979c346fa796985c.jpg)

rate my gf


thats a drawing of a boy


how can you tell


the artist said so also the penis and no boobs and narrow hips


nah i have to do all that to go to the grocery store


File: 1572539536613.jpg (1.16 MB, 2048x995, 1.jpg)

yeah im just studying the evidence to win the case against pnig ive gotta go ill see you tomorrow


why havent they executed him


hes innocent


you know hes NOT


pripara screenshots are NOT a crime


pray for dickspammer


hated his posts but he was my friend sigh


are your teeth supposed to be together or apart while at rest


i dont know





or NOT together


File: 1572545097114.jpg (135.45 KB, 1280x721, __akaza_akari_yuru_yuri_drawn_by_kily__733be99….jpg)


need to breed a female immediately


had aNOTher gf dream

she was so nice to me


just need a woman to be kind to me for once sigh


be kind to yourself first



File: 1572546700173.png (Spoiler Image, 566.14 KB, 750x810, 1572465019171.png)


thats a skip


skipping a post reduces your lifespan by one day


only have about five years left then hehe


love waking up and hitting the end key


hate 6'5" zoomerfoids


havin a cawfee


almost out time for a fresh pot




let her die already


saw a girl with huge boobies today


File: 1572548783030.webm (3.97 MB, 590x670, tourettes.webm)


his right to a speedy trial has been infringed so the case will be thrown out


the justice system fails again


man in the webm dont think its a bro either


if a man of equal attractiveness had that tardism hed be doomed


mindblowing that you can be a complete ticking tard and people will still pay you for being a cute girl


would easily kill myself within 10 minutes of being in the same room as her


simply wear earplugs


pnig will be the next jeremy meeks


File: 1572549438580.webm (3.71 MB, 640x360, 1572057241091.webm)

what if she grred at you instead


why dont they just stop ticking


their brain is broken


File: 1572549748361.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)




the right to a speedy trial doesnt apply here because they moved on to the trial portion itself


sis and dad are going to watch joker tomorrow and sis invited me to go with them should i do it


why NOT