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who ordered the burger


File: 1571179899077.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530859348436.webm)


stopped getting mayo on my burgs when i realized how easy it would be for some malcontent wagie to slip the ol spit/sNOT/sperm combo in there


make your own burgers and add your own mayo its real good


love making burgs especially during complete blackouts


how did turt end up having the best prospects of anyone here


File: 1571402190849.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1571179899077.webm)


had four meals today and i deeply regret the last one


disgusted when i see a 6'3" 250 pound turtnorm with his 5'2" twig girlfriend theres something perverse about it


had one 4500kcal meal and dont regret it at all hell yeah


mom made cheeseburger pie


ate 4 burritos and a big bowl of pasta today


die lefteraretanorm


whatever doesnt kill you only makes you... stranger


got left behind dont like this thread


why NOT isnt it sexy


no theyre roasts


File: 1571408214938.jpg (114.18 KB, 753x1063, __tsushima_yoshiko_love_live_sunshine_and_etc_….jpg)


demonic little bitch


what a maiden would love to give her some candy


tried bed dwelling and got bored fast


landlady might show up unannounced today


you mean the landlord right


laid in bed for a bit then got up and ate some more burritos now what


thats too many burritos


its only 6 spread out over 16 hours




spermed once today already




die norm


better luck tomorrow


sippin some coke zero


we need to come up with a date that we all quit our jobs so we can have some good times on hima before the ritual


i dont have a job to quit


they shut off the water again im gonno have to take a shower with a gallon of water that i filled up


then make sure you get one so you have one to quit


mindblowing how norms can just get jobs like it just comes to them with no effort


its almost holiday season retailers are begging for people to apply and then you just have to show up


too pilled to work


need to find work to provide for mom now that shes having trouble finding new clients


whats a job where i can never interact with norms and just stay at home and browse hima




who is going to give you money if you dont interact with anyone


is she a prostitute


hate work hate worknorms


might quit my job and go to SEA


tired hima


some mexican man made strange eye contact with me earlier and now i just walked past him and he did the catholic blessing thing on himself he must be aura sensitive


hima im tired




tired too lets all take a nap


hima im fat considering fasting for 2 months


just exercise for a couple of months and eat 1000 calories bellow bmr


exercise is NOT important just stop eating


mom bought me a white chocolate bar


got the sedatives


give her a kiss on the cheeks and slap her ass


gonno get down to 140 240 now wish me luck hima


its time to get swole


just cummed phew


uhhh dumbbell already finished airing


what did you spermed to



File: 1571419735170.webm (19.67 MB, 1280x720, onegai muscle.webm)


what the shite




have to admit now that i look back on it pnig was pretty based


yeah he was based


hima help me


how do we rescue him


File: 1571422038022.jpg (116.15 KB, 1000x706, EHLB9jhUcAACTkY.jpg)


do boobs hurt when you squish them like that




hate boobed


need a gyaru gf


wish i was boobed


File: 1571425448537.jpg (244.92 KB, 1226x2048, EHLCjuCU0AEBibk.jpg)

theres something weird about this pic cant quite put my finger on it




ya the man


had the gf dream again but in it i was a desperate loser begging her to stay with me





havent seen a louisgoodhk video in years hope hes alright


first reaction is that soy guys like this are pathetic but theyre the ones getting gfs while im cel so theyre doing something right


wish that was me


hes NOT pathetic her father is just a yakuza


NOT like that


need an asian gf to step on my head pronto


i look like flipping shite and theres NOThing i can do about it baste


based flipping cel


girls dont care that much about looks


used to be true NOT anymore


paste gamer


sometimes look in the mirror and think i look ok but then i happen to spy a picture of myself and remember that its over


how does this situation even happen is this staged


how you look in candid pics is how you actually look


shaved now i look like a child




no theyre worse because you can spend more time analyzing them irl you can move quickly and become a blur




get a lingering nauseous feeling every time mom starts talking about taxes and retirement


thats when your real life begins


wish i was japanese so i could surgical mask max


when mom retires you automatically become a live-in caretaker no more neetshaming


wish i could walk around with a surgical mask sunglasses and a hat


you can if you want


theyd call the police on me for looking like a suspected shooter


hed get shot


people where masks here


cant wear a mask without people calling me a kigfreak


NOThin freaky


no one cared who i was until i put on the mask



saw that when i went to search for a song and thought about posting it as a joke but didnt


got an interview with a fedex manager his name is ken


your name is ken what a coincidence i once knew a convicted child sex predator named ken


that would be a good ice breaker


NOThing better than firing up factorio for 30 hours straight listening to arranges of the same 4 touhou songs


hell yeah this thread was made for i, onseki


where’s her arm


its behind her


ohhhhh flip ohhhhhhhhlflfliiiiiiiiiiiiiiip


tucked in with blankie i pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


moms talking to the police


yeah they came by today at my house too to question me on the boles case


no the didnt teen


stupid god damned teenbros


feel bad for telling mom certain things i think


you mena jackin it to birls


told mom i was incel and she broke down in tears


File: 1571435388396.webm (2.8 MB, 1280x720, crackin.webm)

friday night hima lets go


that wasnt me


really caused her a lot of extra stress for no reason i dont know why i cant stop myself from saying things in front of her probably because shes the only person ive had to talk to since i was a kid


make some efriends


start pacemumbling in the anechoic chamber


i end up talking to mom after doing that all day thats the problem


fridey night hima im having a coffee hehe its time to order a nice pizza and neet it up


spend every day joing surfing the web and talking to myself then i leave the pit and harass mom while she tries to watch tv about how i think i dont deserve to live and pace for 40 minutes in front of her i need to be medicated


hell yeah pizza night


im one hell of a pacer as well hima whats up with that


that means you have an iq of 180


should i pick up pacing


if it makes you feel any better i do that too


can only pacemumble if i turn on the fan and face it towards the door for noise suppression


File: 1571436406165.gif (565.28 KB, 500x226, giphy.gif)


you need the wageslave mask


might go buy some blogweisens


love locking my office putting my feet up on the desk and firing up a nice youtube vid hehe


stop acting like a mentally ill freako and focus on important things like the ritual


i was thinking the same thing


youre already 4 blogweisers behind


want to get drunk but dont want to lower my test


youre lying


File: 1571437012950.gif (2.29 MB, 500x371, original.gif)


hate the liars


by my calculations this drink is worth 3 blogs in the bush


anyone want to smoke some kush instead


might stream ranma one of these days



how about dog days


the pink girl



police confiscating meat while some norms scream into megaphones and litter the street with mock corpses


got 6 tendies in my 4-tendy meal lucky night tonight


youve received the blessing of pnig


no he got 6 chicken tenders


have been doing mine and my parents taxes every year for quite a while now its easy


audit this spreadsheet norm beauford


want to ride the karts again but i dont want to become known as that weird old cel that shows up alone weekly to race children


cant beleive im going to have to do taxes


everyone will be required to wear masks to the ritual


caught mom clicking cookies


phew pizza was great only ate 1/4th of it


im a gamer i game


clicking cookies im halfway to my first ascension




mom bought the hungrymans again


cant believe pastaguy got featured in a price points episode


NOT opening that


mom only buys authentic italian pasta because of the glyphosates in american grains


milk said she likes grain youre wrong about it if a goddess likes it


might have a nice carb nap



never been job shamed in my life


NOT opening that either norman


did she download the app


mom prefers kitties


just heard a knock on the door when i opened it there was a bag with 2 blogweisers


that was the blogfairy


paste red shirt himamate ready to slice that norm up into tiny pieces later that night


NOThin shameful about being white


it was a nice gesture but i dont have the willpower to NOT instantly quaff them cant even pretend ill ever fix things if i just crack all day


hima lets move to a rural area and make a living out of cultivating saffron




its NOT norm or normmron


gonno make a nice pesto


grans moving back in for a while sigh


love gran wish she would move in


my gran passed away i miss her sigh


my grans are dead


File: 1571441585116.jpg (4.53 MB, 4160x3120, 1566093222257.jpg)

what happened to grans rv


dont know why people pretend to care about grandparents just because they see them once a year and ignore them


i would see them more if mom took me


only norms do that


hate those awkward moments when mom asks if i miss gran


gran used to have a nice neet station sigh


if you cant immediately say yes then youre a horrible piece of dog shite


stop existing solely as a predetermined set of emotional reactions


norms exist like that as do the failednorms NOT me i choose my own destiny


rv park is kicking her out
thats moms rv in the pic


hate richnorms owning rvs


you can get them used pretty cheap


flip you normsuz


cant wait for the hima rv


dont ever call me a persona again teen



File: 1571442413512.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


nonpersona npcs exist solely to serve the personas


die norm




personas are mentally sick nonpersonas just sit back and laugh


all personas are teens


but turt and freak are geezers


they deserve pity cant think of a worse fate than becoming an eternal teen


File: 1571442971014.png (Spoiler Image, 370.78 KB, 800x1288, 8cf75506d8e61dba8d87878c85e27ce1.png)


i jo from the shadows


they are as teen as they get i bet it was those two that i first started calling teens and the most well known one of course


File: 1571443089056.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


fox honey


File: 1571443254084.webm (252.54 KB, 1280x720, 1562444172481.webm)


what did you just said


i said death to the teens


its turt his paranoia is acting up again


yes turt is complaining about himself being a teen


File: 1571443805430.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.52 MB, 1280x720, 1569042364062.webm)


i know onseki doesnt even open hima more than once a week but when you do can you ban that norm


File: 1571444016832.jpg (71.78 KB, 600x600, soy.jpg)

>i know onseki doesnt even open hima more than once a week but when you do can you ban that norm


would rather be a teen than an adult neet or wageslave


die already teen


File: 1571444077291.jpg (37.34 KB, 222x242, 1571081997575.jpg)


hes NOT gonno ban his discordbros


File: 1571444142529.mp3 (7.84 MB, 01 今日から中学生.mp3)


hima is dead


is it ritual night yet


i need to bathe n shave


gonno miss you bros when you go


dont shave you dont want babyface



File: 1571445304194.jpg (51.09 KB, 1280x720, 1571352409236.jpg)


wonder what pnig would think of that pic


File: 1571445407547.jpg (215.17 KB, 1368x1736, 1571445276435.jpg)


some epic deals on the epic game store hima better buy them while its hot


cant believe im able to read this


whats she saying


"muh dick muh drainflies muh hannah"


she thinks its a fish


dumb flipping foid




File: 1571445838866.webm (304.92 KB, 960x540, 1551158891805.webm)


hows she dumb for NOT being a sexnorm


love when chinks own some arrogant whities


File: 1571445945384.webm (2.91 MB, 960x540, 1517205257412.webm)


really liked that show i remember being happy watching it


forgot what anime thats from is it brunhildr


gokuhoku no brynhildr


ΔP strikes again




love this vid





been on hima since post number 6 and never figured out how to red text






File: 1571446379714.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


the abababa girl


File: 1571446413953.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


File: 1571446450450.webm (2.51 MB, 1280x720, 1570738088517.webm)




cold in here hima might have to fire up some games to get the heat going


gonno go get some wine in a few hours hima its wine night


flip ya it is


mindblowing how many posts hima used to get in a week


half of those were pnig


NOT at the start










hehe found the red text secret




look forward to seeing your redposts


File: 1571447272880.mp4 (19.12 MB, 36dkfu6c1ps31.mp4)


NOT making any red posts sorry theyre too aggressive


why do norms just record random people in public cant they mind their own business


File: 1571447613205.mp4 (5.25 MB, 1562462778947.mp4)


too embarrassed to even take pics in public


first person view of pnigs execution


bathed but forgot to shave flippin damn it


almost made a lalafell but went with au'ra instead


are you a fukitty


love a good pulse of anxiety


theres no reason to be anxious NOThing bad will happen until tuesday


that was a russian foid


hate russian people except russian old people




how about a nice russian sexy lady



love a good babushka


got clobbered twice never playing a fighting game ever again


used to ask mom to play games like that with me so i could clobber her and gloat





youre supposed to let girls win thats why you dont have a gf


always love when he films roasties and they flip out despite all of them taking pictures of themselves naked


the best part is when he goes up to the chinks playing mahjong




File: 1571449020057.gif (3.77 MB, 438x247, 1571027789072.gif)



these videos enrage me all of these loudmouthed norms and roasts acting like they know everything threatening someone with violence just for standing there and doing the same thing that happens at every traffic light they pull up to and every street they walk on


hate norms




just saved 10% on some savage jerky


you would have saved 100% if you didnt buy the shite at all


you could be forgiven for thinking theyre just overreacting out of a lack of comprehension but all of them act the same way they do in those videos as they do in their personal lives they are all retards


File: 1571449493841.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.04 KB, 236x1334, 1571449072073.jpg)


might go out one of these days to film people in public fishing for someone to touch me so i can punch back


the only people that react authentically are the junkies and bums because they have no reason to adhere to the rules of normworld


and the true himas


File: 1571449603676.webm (3.99 MB, 300x169, retard nation.webm)


im flipping mentally ill


im a flipping gods damn tard


owned tranny


you are epic


NOThin epic


no such thing as mental illness


im a gamer i game simple as that


got left behind 3 times today


where did you get left behinded


the same thread 3 times i kept posting in it and flipping up


komata KYA komata KYA



me getting off the shortbus


File: 1571451064865.jpg (83.32 KB, 1280x720, d567f2e76dcf56504e3149d9f5e1c625.jpg)


love when i remember to scrub behind my ears and scsnap out a nice layer o shite


new avgn pinched






thought of a funny hima post in the shower but forgot it before i had a chance to post it sigh


thats what the improvised tattoo gun is for


hate when that happens




alright im off to get wine and more burrito supplies


File: 1571451620547.jpg (66.52 KB, 800x872, d9938c4d916f5181f2dd635d86c217d4.jpg)


is it true that you cant learn a new skill past the age of 25


its NOT true i learned how to ags 1 tick when i was 30




that is NOT true


ive learned everything after i turned 25


wish i had a blogweiser hima im crying


go get some


its too late now its over


File: 1571451751142.jpg (102.2 KB, 748x933, 4d3e3909de8830418752934379894a44.jpg)


would love to watch chickenchan flip gladion


die sexnorm


wait for the knock on the door


you should watch her flip a poke instead


anyone else clicking on cookies


only female pokes can have sex with humans the man must always be human


sexy clefairy


File: 1571452348943.jpg (291.68 KB, 1494x1435, bone.jpg)


think if i got isekaid to the pokeworld id be a shuckle


can i be ralts and then evolve into gardevoir hehe


File: 1571452522771.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1571430392964.webm)


no youd become a gallade


you mean gallade right


why i want to be gardevoir


you have to spoiler the webm fool


what the flip why cant i post webms


males can technically be one but no one does it its completely dishonorable to the male kirlia so we will protect your dignity


i want to be a girl gardevoir


you would have no pride or dignity


what about a big boobie jynx instead


i have no pride or dignity already


File: 1571452754755.png (46.04 KB, 352x519, 1518490088080.png)


yeah you do


how come jap furries are sexy but western ones are freakish


its just the way things are


do you actually want to know




western furries came from animators that shared violent or sexual drawings with each other because animation was just for children

japs were making and selling sexy drawings for decades before the furry thing got big and they just adapted it to their own established drawing style



File: 1571453360265.jpg (80.57 KB, 960x720, 1541880165138.jpg)


you have a penis the ultimate pride of manhood
if you became a gard youd give that up and be left with a gaping hole


File: 1571453374982.mp4 (1.24 MB, bell.mp4)


spent an hour walking around my room like a morrowind character last night might do it again


what do you mean



a spider just descended right in front of my monitor you better believe i crushed that motherflipper


the spiders are coming for you now never kill a spider lest the spider nation descend upon your home


what the hell he just wanted to browse hima with you


thats cruel and unusual


NOThing better than hitting a drain fly with the vinegar gun they disintegrate instantly



what a grand and intoxicating innocence



sigh im back there was a young japanese woman at the bus stop who didnt speak english being helped by an old woman but they couldnt communicate and i was too much of a coward to step in and translate gonno have to drink this memory away


calling someone a teen when theyre literally 30 years old is functionally the same insult as a norm telling you to grow up


you missed your shot at getting a japanese wife and moving to japan


whats up bros


nah cause the person calling you a teen is a truposter thats been around well before you ever posted on a imageboard


in 2019 you still squabble about whether someone found 4chan in 2005 2006 or 2007 fool this is like calling someone a teen when youre 21 and theyre 20





i dont expect you to understand thats why youre a teen


that guy did guess he needs attention


it cant be understood rationally are you still going to be around in 2025 saying that someone who has been on imageboards for 18 years is a teen because you were on them for 20


call me a teen one more time and see what happens


teen is a state of mind


once a teen always a teen



and now we come back to it functionally being the same insult as a norm telling someone to grow up because you cant justify flipping out over a 10% difference


its NOT you wont ever understand


wish i was a teen


i dont want to ever understand because that would make me a weak being who struggles with cognitive dissonance


cause youre a flippin teen


do you get angry when people call each other norms too we all know there are zero actual teens or norms here


get mad when i get called a norm by a norm


momgf was posting here when he was 19 and hes the most successful one of us


are norms born or created


im teen


wish there was a new ross


got excited for a new ross only for it to turn out to be a big fat lie


lie in 95% of my posts


youre overthinking about it its just funny to call someone a teen if you dont like what they posted


they are born the most you can do is ruin them so they dont become the norm they were supposed to be sort of like a malnourished child


never really lie just embellish




fire this up instead


never lied on hima


women have it rough need to be extra friendly around them from now on knowing how much they all suffer


wonder why god decided to NOT make me norm


he thought it would be funny




hes pasted


why are italians so arrogant


wonder what that racist venetian guy who used to post here is up to


those are two different guys malta guy got put in the instution


remember him posting about how his mail came by boat cause theres no roads only water


aria is NOT like that


holy flip why does this community still exist


who are you


stfu retard


ban the angry posters


cant believe this place is still kicking just going to have a look at the catalog and save all of the sexy op pics before taking my leave once and for all



no you have to be extra unfriendly to counteract the natural bias hate girls like that anyway with their cutesy art there are millions of them


sigh i should have helped that poor japanese lady


alright time to crack open this wine whos with me


you lost your chance to uncel


all right deleting this sites cookies and from my history take care everyone






shed ask you why you can speak japanese and then call you an otaku creep and call the cops


just got dream deja vu real bad remember reading the last 10 posts or so and seeing those thumbnails in my dream about 2 years ago NOT making this up whats god doing to me


never once tried to speak japanese at he japanese run konbini that always has japanese customers because it would be weird even though i spoke it all the time in japan


what the flip why is everoyne leaving


we need to go bust malta mate out of the mental hospital crying no one helped him


in this case she couldnt speak english and was having trouble communicating with the person helping her so it wouldnt have been weird but i was too scared




File: 1571457078921.png (4.63 KB, 289x73, 1569450853117.png)

hate them


ive gained too much respect for women to continue participating in online messageboards


yeah im a pussy so what


you can see the future


nah hes having a stroke


theres no explanation for deja vu especially when i have distinct memories of seeing it and when i saw it in the past only to see it again now


weird overhearing japanese conversations outside japan its like an anime is happening and youre a background character


often day dream about japanese girls making fun of me in japanese only for me to reveal that i could understand what they were saying


baste bogan


yup theres a strong scent of bogan in the air you guys smell it too right


zoom at work who types exactly like those she/her twitter girls punctuating everything with rly and p. and idk and lol cant behave professionally to save his life seethe with hatred towards him but have to pretend i dont


change his desktop background to gay porn when hes NOT looking hehe thatll show him


become his mentor hell gain your respect and emulate you


dreamed of my death and woke up exhausted


File: 1571457681425.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 538x958, b.webm)


very sexy breast


why is she under water dual wielding rifles


im more interested in the bazongas shes dual wielding


File: 1571457807278.webm (3.72 MB, 350x202, 1442317455660.webm)

paste 5'11


i remember when pnig first recorded that sigh


File: 1571457935325.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.34 MB, 1080x1504, plump.webm)


hate those tard animations


wish i lived in a land with no foids




already jod 4 times today post this tomorrow


sick of the strike witches genre


File: 1571458114717.png (1.87 MB, 1115x1600, x9.png)


do what


would love to braid her hair


you know


you missed a once in a lifetime opportunity


she was pretty cute too


sigh train gyaru


god gave me the supernatural ability to see the past


post it


legacy at +109 hima just a bit more and ill ascend


wiped that hard drive someone else probably has it


File: 1571458827277.jpg (490.86 KB, 2048x1629, thank you based chad.jpg)

this is how girls saw onseki and me


hey seki


is he really a chad turt


watched that video yesterday it was hard to watch


mogs me


no he doesnt


anyone over 5'9 mogs you im asking his psl


to become a circus freak


im NOT giving out his psl


gave up on looksmaxxing im too much of a disgusting freak just kill me god please


post the us incels have to stick together one


File: 1571459278617.jpg (257.15 KB, 1760x886, incel.jpg)


uh oh i want some leftover pizza but sis brought a friend over and theyre having a sleepover in the living room


no the real one


always wondered how turt is cel with those looks


he hates women


whats to hate


its anglefrauding fool
anyone can look halfway decent if they play with the camera for a while
if you want to see the real you do it on video

id be more concerned with still being cel after making ok money because it shows that even beta bucks isnt enough now and that used to be a popular poor cope


you look like an average guy and you have a good job and are in good shape already beating a lot of men out there


File: 1571459711975.jpg (45.42 KB, 582x727, jiminez.jpg)

how come an ethnic manlet like this can get a wife and kids and i cant




the single mother debuff hasnt worn off


status of being a respected pastor


you dont know what i look like you only know what i want you to think i look like
only onseki knows what i look like
my fitness level is 99th percentile and my income is 60% higher than the average for my town
if you consider those figures you can fill in the blanks and realize what i actually look like

i stopped caring on january 12th but i still get a little mindblown because i didnt think things were as bad as they were


cant believe that seki is using his status as the current owner of the most influential imageboard of the western world to flip teengirls


File: 1571460021420.jpg (145.73 KB, 1000x594, 1496621770360.jpg)

no you look like this which is fine


mindblowing that i know almost NOThing about hima anymore all the neets manned up and everyone else just uses discrod



havent been owned as hard as i was by akari in a decade i respect him more for that


it wasnt akari it was josh


fat ugly balding manlet with a high pitched teen voice is there any hope for me


you can post here with your bros what more could you ask for


File: 1571460431133.jpg (113.94 KB, 543x636, 1571432286414.jpg)


boruto no


dont use her deadname


post the one with akaris face


File: 1571460610836.png (1.03 MB, 720x1280, 1496621930478.png)


mindmelting that aris and mike ross cast viscant vs ltg hehe


whys that mindmelting


its over



feels surreal



why NOT is it you in that pic


File: 1571460938958.jpg (552.01 KB, 1200x1600, 1571414449288.jpg)


whos mike ross


i dont have it


mike "mike ross" ross


oh sorry


gonno coma snooze


File: 1571461180423.mp4 (2.7 MB, kemo.mp4)


thought that was a nigger at first


oh my god


kennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kombucha taste test


how do you know it isnt


why do black people love fighting games so much anyway


cant believe rhett and link browse hima


its a japanese woman


probably because its an excuse to scream and act tough even if youre fat


burrito time





post it


love this norm posting the same epic vids


File: 1571461842740.png (95.37 KB, 256x190, 1d7d6141fa6e0dfef504401dce642da9.png)


owned that freak


why do the embed thumbnail and the image look so different


die keeneye


looks the same to me




nice varg subs


because they didnt have consoles at home and had to go to the arcade or laundromat or equivalent to play games and in the 90s fighting games were the most popular cabinets
also the reason why the fgc has lots of thuggery and smash is played only by pasty autistic white manbabies


didnt know there were black people in japan


im a pasty autistic white manbaby



show some respect


gonno have nightmares now thanks


he asked me to post it


absolutely wild to think pet animals are euthanized for a broken leg yet someone decided to make that freak keep suffering


theyre really good at talking considering they lack lips


if i asked you to jump off a bridge would you do it




hate watching horny mammals


paste bowel evacuation at 0:55


hes less of a freak than turt


im a freak


he's a sentient potato what are you talking about his life is horrible


didnt NOTice that hehe


gonno rewatch some of ross older vids


if horses are that strong and can just instantly kill things with a swift kick why dont they kill humans and run out of the pen how did they even get domesticated


horses kill people all the time


why would they want to


sigh i remember downloading the first freemans mind through itunes so i could watch it on my ipod during study hall




never had a study hall


never studied in my life or did homework always winged the tests




same remember when our year 12 state test results got announced and i got the highest score in the class and the dumb norms were blown away because i didnt go to school most days and just slept in class the others


pizza +


yeah you sure showed those dumb norms look where you ended up


im biding my time until my real life begins then ill show them


File: 1571464360192.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1440, 1571430082767.jpg)

this is where your real life begins


sigh hima took a nap at like 5 probably the worst snooze ive had and all my snoozes have been bad lately keep having weird panic attacks in my sleep and wake up sweaty and or with stomach pains and bad gas tired of this shit life


these posts are an attack on my consciousness


gonno snooze myself


drink some water and relax


you need some hair of the dog


think i might be severely dehydrated actually


if big data has created such an accurate map of my thought process why dont they try harder to placate me so i have a higher chance of becoming a happy and productive slave


you have mental illness youll never be truly happy


youre a worthless anomaly that needs to be excluded from the data


that is true you are an outlier if they would theyd dump you out of the matrix like they did to neo when he woke up in the machine


why do they even bother at all then i dont buy anything i have no friends i dont subliminally market their products for them in conversation

why NOT let me be free with all the others like me


had to go outside today for some errands and i was really enjoying looking at the trees and old walls and buildings and hearing the birds chirp and even the cars passing by but one thing that ruined it all was the people the ugly deformed double digit iq looking people walking around



always wondered how they filmed morpheus' glasses how did they get the camera out of the reflection and how are both the reflections different


they used post production editing


guess i spend just enough money through mom for them to keep milking me dry in captivity




sigh should have just taken the bluepill and became a gmm watching soda drinking video game playing technorm



File: 1571465653512.jpg (214.23 KB, 753x1199, EG2HoXBWwAEouMe.jpg)

dont understand norm humor


just reading the word butthole makes me start blowing air out of my nostrils


die crassnorm



gonno try nojo


dont bother


File: 1571466036557.jpg (61.99 KB, 500x500, cornholio.jpg)

been pulling my shirt up like this and pacing around the house for 30+ minutes at a time repeating his lines out loud at least once a month for years


what about courage the cowardly dog


courage wasnt crass


why NOT


stupid dog


have you seen i saw the devil


contemplated getting revenge on the norms countless times but slowly realized that theyre NOT even worth it


it sucks anyway


the norms won


bank keeps bothering me goddamn jews


i read the summary years ago but i recently decided to watch it

knowing the story makes zero difference they put all the effort into the effects and the acting


the villain is epic as well his character is great


nah it blows hate looking at gross gooks for two hours


youre watching it wrong


heard my neighbor vomiting gross freak


that was me sorry one too many glasses of wine


cant believe parents give their toddlers phones and tablets now what the flip


just woke up hima is it game night


no thats tomorrow night


who cares fuck em


watching some me or the blog


File: 1571468426349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1600x2241, 77097266_p0.jpg)


hate dicknorms


thats it im taking a nap


nap to this


me in the basement of the house across the street posting on hima unaware that any of this is going on


hate people who get motivated by motivational pictures with those dumb quotes on them cant even comprehend what a norm you have to be for those to work on you


hate people who get motivated by anime with those dumb white haired characters in them cant even comprehend what a norm you have to be for those to work on you


i dont get motivated by them


love searching for collectibles in 3d games


hate collectathons


same flip dk64


crying bigly


dont cry we need your help to defeat some slimes


went to do the washing and got blocked in the doorway by a guy who started talking and wouldnt stop


oog me dirty cloth me wash and reuse


sorry but i watched a sad anime now the tears wont stop


what the hell theyre making a beastars anime based


crying hima


crying too because i just looked at the new season and theres NOThing worth watching but chihayafuru


hate when im trying to NOT jack off and someone posts something like >>967316
now i know how turts felt all these years


holy flip theres a new chihayafuru


im a victim of some banners myself


something to be happy about at least but this is the worst season in years if NOT ever


chihayafuru is pmb shit


die norm


you say that every season


but this season i mean it


take it back right now or i rage


none of the shows feel right


what is pmb i dont know teennorm words




newnorm teen norm


wonder how many of these posts are just otalads mimicking the posting style of calling things norm and teen like how 4teens just add maxx to every activity with a capacity for progression


havent posted on ota since 2014


shocked and appalled by the teens


File: 1571472106341.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)




are you going to take it back or are we going to have a problem


take it back or i rage


File: 1571472209671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.08 KB, 1280x720, 1364000498275.jpg)



its extraordinarily bad


then pay with your blood


need a gf that looks just like that


File: 1571472332286.png (Spoiler Image, 307.17 KB, 640x360, 1363989358770.png)


i dont know about you norms but im watching all the hottest isekai and no guns life and bnha


File: 1571472476501.jpg (419.77 KB, 817x1165, 078ff7198b927b0511df3dba22f9668e.jpg)


perfect sized normboobs phew


lovely body how much


do you really think this season is good


leave her alone sickos


i dont have the time or energy to contemplate whether a season is good or NOT i simply watch anime


File: 1571472623027.png (2.84 MB, 1280x1818, EHKRNXsUYAAG2_L.png)


treat yourself better and stop watching shitenime


File: 1571472638023.png (1.06 MB, 564x800, iBGseAw.png)




this is a cry for help


her legs are very thin she must eat responsibly




shes NOT eating enough if you ask me need to plump her up with preworkout and pancakes asap


love slamming a pre workout and then NOT going to the gym and just gaming


fun little witch


dislike when anime hats and clothing defies physics


what do you mean


ffxiv uninstalled itself hima i dont know what the flip happened but its gone


its a sign time to install classic


NOT playing that trash i raided when it came out


it knows your real life will start elsewhere


its time to relive those days


i hacked you and deleted it hehe was waiting for you to NOTice
nice password btw


why would you hack me


keep getting spam emails saying ive been hacked and they have videos of me jerkin off to teens


ive never told you but i hate you more than anyone else on earth


you dont know who i am


whatever you say harold warbler


gonno buy game time for ff myself i need to at least get to heavensword before i decide that its too boring to play and i cant fail balmung guy after hes been so patient


i thought you abandoned me


mindaching that gamers pay money to play work simulators instead of getting jobs


im a still a noob and i cant play with you until im a raider at least


you arent a noob in my eyes


gave up on ffxiv couldnt invest my hard earned bucks in the new expansion when i knew id be playing classic full time


find me a job where i can stay naked in bed all day gaming and exert almost zero physical or mental energy


its called NOT being a total flippin norman


and now ill have chicken sandwiches okay


enjoy those sandwiches


File: 1571474557351.jpg (158.83 KB, 900x1064, D6P-RUCV4AAuoA8.jpg)


look at her legs oh flip


got one of the beautiful banners i made crying satoko i love you


never reply to one of my posts again


dont reply for me that was uncalled for and mean


suck my shit impersonator


stupid teen


you wish


sorry didnt mean to quote you nb


what did i just tell you


its okay dont listen to that angry guy i liked the image you linked to my post thanks enjoy the chicken sandwiches


ban this guy


File: 1571475232177.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


dont nanoja me you little bitch


angry guy you need to calm down


i refuse


normbours are having aNOTher loud party they do this every week i guess




sigh bouncing off each other again


need flip badly


simply snap a foid and kill her afterwards


gone 29 years without flipping can go the rest of my life no problem


dont listen to this guy


yeah dont listen to that guy you need to kill her first before snap


its NOT snap if shes already dead retard


ive seen dead bodies and never felt inclined to flip them even though it would be easy


only dead body i ever saw was some motorcyclist who got smashed into the side of a blockbuster dumb norm



pity the sexnorms they are no better than beasts


theyll be alright might wanna focus on yourself first


hate happynorms just cant fathom that someone can walk around with a smile all the time makes me suspicious of them


love rubbin my big fat belly


got sent $70 when i wasnt supposed to but havent spent it on kebabs yet cant believe my resolve


just do it think about how good theyd taste


hoping that i learn to stop ooging after this nojo sesh every time i see the op i get a mental bone


its NOT as bad as the one with the detailed foot had to jo every time i opened that thread


what manga


hehe this is really good i finished chapter 3


farting hard hima


love a good sub espanol



why would furries watch that you dont understand us at all


woke up hi


hey are you refreshed


never am




whats that got to do with anything


its too early to be waking up go back to s leep




hate woke up hi


its saturday


theres more than one woke up hi you absolute moron


its the rude guy


never relaxed in my life NOT about to start now


woke up hi is raging


strange you never see woke up hi and 6egg talking to each other isnt it


whats strange about that what reason would they have to talk


weird how himako and pnig never talked


yes they did she said he was a model poster


the flipping arrogance pnig had to call himself a model poster holy flip




whos pnig


remember one of himas first posts being pnig asking himako if 3d banners were okay with her and she said no


what an arrogant publicity stunt


remember in the first thread i made a rambling post with a picture of my cat and then deleted the picture and everyone got upset and himako disabled file deletion


based trallin' high fantasy kino


post that cat


cant wait for despera hima



the normbor party is still going on theyre laughing like idiots


playing legends of runeterra


uninstall that and any other games made by riot this instant


no no were on dotas team you have to support valve ips


its better than mtga


no that cant be


play some nice modo instead


watching fortnite guides


stop now and repent



got a wedgie


how can he eat that much that dish is bigger than his torso


paste foid


hes chink


dont understand these videos whyd they build a house and then submerge it in water


for fun


got the craving for chilli fries now firin em up


he can eat a lot but its also perspective
i remember watching one of those yuka videos that used to get spammed here by the soys and they were going on about a 28 inch pizza or something but by the way it was placed in front of her it looked like it was the size of a diningroom table
its still a lot of food but when you measure it out in front of you it makes more sense


thats why he gives the weight which is all that really matters eating 13 pounds of food is inhuman for a skinny little chink regardless of camera tricks and you wont see yuka eating that much


File: 1571492040450.jpg (137.17 KB, 1193x1617, EHLAgwIUYAEMjEz.jpg)


die soggy fry


its just third world chinks making garbage for ad revenue theres a bunch of these channels id rather watch the ones with the chink girls fishing though


do you ever sleep


does anyone actually believe they do this with just a stick also NOTice how they had to take down all the trees in that area just to do this


all those channels are fake


she doesnt even realize how cute she is while doing that hehe


only because her underpants are showing


she doesnt have emotions because shes a drawing


hate seeing underpants wish these girls would just cover up


ya these channels are weird primitive technology was a pro and now theres these chink channels out of nowhere and they dont look very skilled


primitive technology was fake too but at least he kept it interesting unlike the 100 chink clones raking in ad revenue to buy their fish heads and dog meat for the week


primitive technology was a fool and lost his market share to chinks because he only uploads yearly




thats NOT a wild pig


love chinks


just love em


tell us more about that


lets talk about that


lets unpack this


got something to unpack for you right here


booted up a big ole thick ceramic mug of steaming hot jo


still workin on this stein o wine


cracked open a coke mistakingly thinking i wanted one again then drank 2 sips and poured it down the drain


sigh i do the same thing wish soda gave me the same feeling it did as a boy


its caturday


love the screaming hehe


had weird dreams after reading that concentration camp manga i like that kind of gritty stuff


dont worry it wasnt real itll never happen


feel excited when i hear a pig scream dont know why


its natural


same it must be normal weve been eating pigs for a million years




tlaughing at wikipedias objective academic description of the books content


never read that is it good


wish i was white


cant jo comfortably knowing that im an undesirable specimen crazy how simplistic we humans are


we must defend the uygur people




fuck the uygers
chink and mudslime what a combo



NOThing soy




i already spermed today


mornin hima hehe


was your sleep good


added 6'4 to a new tinder profile and got 12 matches overnight


ya hehe slept too little this week so it was nice to wake up without an alarm


must have written a great bio about your personality


gonno make a 5'11 tinder profile


never been found sexually attractive by someone


cant wait for cyber monday hima im gonno get myself a nice zen2


ya i wrote about how i watched captain marvel twice and added my pronouns


nice i need a new hard drive ive only got 9 gigs left on my anime drive sigh


simple delete it all


anime should never be deleted


File: 1571503202339.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1392x1389, 1571463264692.png)


all anime is devoid of artistic value and emotional depth you should have graduated to cinema by now theres NOThing like the full range of 3d motion or a good mise en scène


norm en norm




movies are made by women thats why theres so many sex scenes


hate art elitists its all a mindless distraction designed to pacify you and suppress revolt


kind of want to see joker but i know i wont


same but i have to go alone and im scared they will think im a incel cause of those news people saying that



NOT clicking that either norm


everyone can already tell youre incel anyway


watch valerie and her week of wonders its super erotic or the vintage romeo and juliet juliets portrayed by a sexy sexy teen with nice milky breasts


whats wrong with you muslims are good people


saw something gross


post those milkers





File: 1571504401188.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


File: 1571504452980.jpg (608.89 KB, 1440x1792, 1571260040705.jpg)


File: 1571504516882.jpg (37.99 KB, 720x540, 1968-Romeo-and-Juliet-1968-romeo-and-juliet-by….jpg)

the wardrobe team really knew how to accentuate those puppies


senko senko senko senko senko


werent you going to leave what happened


i just wanted to see if anyone would ask me to stay


paste mod stalk


senko senko


why do you keep saying that


senkos is losing her appeal and her relevance so hes desperately trying to keep her alive but its too late


you cant say that


sorry i dont make the rules i just follow them


should i accompany mom on a 4 hour road trip


theres no rules just senko being a cute fox wife mother gf


where is mom going




you should go theres lots of food to eat and you dont have to talk to anyone


just make sure you get a allowance for feasting from mom


really i thought it was just a bunch of slot machines wheres the food


its called the heart attack grill


holy crap youre right theres one in vegas always wanted to try it


would NOT go to vegas even if i was paid


the norms there are too busy being norms to bother you so you can walk around and chow down on everything


is blackjack profitable


i dont know i dont gamble just spend your money on food


getting hungry now hima might need to fire up some fast food


what are you having


im hecka hungry as well



help youtube is recommending me questionable content again im supposed to be a reformed man it must have something to do with hima



thats some tasty ice cream


when did boles get out


NOT sure what im gonno eat was thinking a nice burg but burritos are sounding damn good too


getting sleepy think its time we go to bed


you ever have one of those california style ones


heck ya i have


hate everything normfornia


sigh wish i werent too anatomically inferior to venture outdoors


love when its pouring rain out the norms are too scared to go outside and the world belongs to us neets love roaming the streets


im a natural born roamer


pani poni dash stream


File: 1571507814050.png (327.83 KB, 844x1200, 42.png)

based neetpig hehe


wish there was a nice mmo to play


File: 1571508724283.flac (25.79 MB, 15. 梅とら feat. れをる - MONSTER.flac)




there is eve


flaked on mom at the last minute 4 hours without bjork and jo is too much for me


just downloaded this it better be good




does anyone still play that


ya me


hope youre playing mabipro and NOT newmabi


simply fire up tree


mmos are pointless


what game are we supposed to play together



File: 1571511442010.webm (135.26 KB, 494x740, noa.webm)


rock paper scissors




rps is a solved game and theres no girl characters


wonder if this little bitch knows i could kill her with one blow


i dont think she thinks about you at all


cant believe tree was shite it was supposed to fix everything


tree of norms




starting to think there might be some truth to fat acceptance rhetoric ive been chronically underweight all my life weighing 122 lb since adolescence but after some dedication i managed to gain 30 pounds recently and i dont NOTice any difference in my appearance whatsoever my stomachs just flabby now all of the factors i was hoping to improve like wrists and shoulders saw no difference whatsoever

now what im trying to say here is NOT that this demonstrates its super easy to get fat and that it all goes to your stomach or something but rather that it seems like we all have a genetically predetermined fat distribution so i guess some people really are just fat or skinny by default


you need to gain the weight in muscle NOT fat


you could read articles on pubmed if you wanted im sure theres a genetic element


havin some raisins and walnuts


i must twig or blimp i will never musclenorm


the art of tree is great i love it but the game feels so bland


its your gut flora that youve had since childhood once you change it your metabolism will change too


reminds me mom sent me this
gonno cure my autism


need mcdoubles now


crazy how science keeps eroding the concept of individuality first they discovered the existence of cells and how we contain billions each pertaining to complicated physiological systems that operate autonomously then freud and neurologists revealed the influence subconscious processes have on behavior and now its been estimated that literal foreign bodies contribute a significant proportion of a humans total biomass


what are you trying to say


the chinks were right all along with their mystical yin yang buddha all is one nonsense


this is it hima this is life laying in my chair havin some raisins and nuts its a bit cold outside but NOT too much its cloudy and looks like its gonno rain the house is silent mom is havin a nap if i didnt have a job id say that my life is perfect theres NOThing else i need or want


you have no free will it is the gut bacteria pulling the strings


once again we come back to the mold


die indivudualist youre part of something greater




im NOT part of anything my existence is one separated from the masses


the mold


kitty attacked me twice the other day think its time to cage


she is in heat


kitty had her tubes tied no flip for her


if you consume natto you will get your japanese spirit gut bacteria


shes NOT in heat i think shes mentally ill


love it when illiterate teens conflate antisocial with asocial hehe i get to school them hard and expose them for the poser noobs that they are


found out i can pull my underwear leghole to the side to piss without taking them off or using the pissflap


paste wikipedia scholar


ignored a doctor bill for months and they threatened to send it to collections but i havent received any more letters from the doctor or any calls from collections i guess they figured $100 wasnt worth it


owned that doctor


ive turned into a total mmd creep cant even resist the urge to leave embarrassing comments complimenting the models features and choreography my favorite song is that hi fi raver one the motions are too erotic


how about a nice songjo


making a nice lot of coffee anyone want some


File: 1571515400421.png (339.32 KB, 844x1200, 03.png)




love waking up to a norm post explosion


yes please




relax ill pour you a cup of coffee too


cant believe that turt lives right next to harnett county


first tray of fish fingers is in bros


whats in harnett county




sexy teens or





keep being your mythical best hima


File: 1571517562762.png (2.45 KB, 211x16, Capture (2).png)



cant decide what to watch can someone post a number between 0 and 6


mom made lasagna



lucky wish i had some lasagners



senko senko senko senko


paste ketchup pasta




anyone wallstaring


yeah im playing scape


clicking cookies


might fire up some xiv later been awhile since i relaxed by a river fishing up natures bounty



strange recommendations for that video



File: 1571521474975.jpg (97.35 KB, 955x1024, 1571482679977.jpg)

Mindblowing that norms eat things like this multiple times per week


mindblowing how beautiful icelandic and norwegian people are its like everyone else is a goddamn subhuman


are you saying i should move to norway


mindscalding that im going to die a cel all because the bones in my face happened to be a couple of millimeters too shallow


woke up and moms making burgs




my mom just made me coffee hehe


girls canNOT make coffee



my mom is NOT a girl shes a mom




mentally ill bitch


do norms have a built in virg detector how do they keep guessing that im cel


they can tell by your lms


love dailymail comments


just pirated a nice gog game


no no NO theyre drm free out of goodwill you should support them by buying it


mom and i went to a natural grocers store bought some organic poppy seeds dried rosehips and currants as well as organic ground yellow mustard seeds among other things


devoured that poor burg she never stood a chance sigh


will this get me a gf


are you going to grow some opium


honorless roastie valuing her own safety rather than the group thrill of competition and being a part of something greater than yourself


File: 1571523475060.jpg (157.06 KB, 754x1200, pool.jpg)

hop in hima


hello ladies


can i leave my shirt on


File: 1571523908120.png (36.05 KB, 484x123, ali.PNG)

prince agp


why would you do that


value my own safety over all


gonno cannonball right into the middle of that


hehe just got a x777 click power cookie during x7 frenzy


need a vulpera gf sigh


got excited thinking about getting a job and having a ton of money but then i remembered you lose half of it to taxes holy flip how do norms survive


norms love being slaves


you dont lose half of it


would rather have all the time in the world and no money than be a rich worknorm


love working hard with the knowledge that the government will be robbing me of 30 or so percent of it in order to feed niggers and pay for some old rich guys new yacht





youre the coper weekendneet


im the only neet on hima norm


its saturday and i got called twice by my job just wish i could work for myself and make good money doing it


no thats me


why is midna so sexy


whats midna


midna these nuts


weird isnt it


File: 1571526654444.swf (7.47 MB, Midna.swf)


my browser wont play flash



that better NOT be what i think it is


i cant take any more blackpills


playing some vampire the masquerade


hope youre playing a neetsferatu


File: 1571527330875.webm (Spoiler Image, 853.34 KB, 1055x1080, 74710642.webm)




File: 1571527458454.png (28.4 MB, 3960x6326, f8810c6b379eaa98cf3562af722789cb.png)



thighs should NOT be girthier than the waist


NOT opening that flipping 28mb image


bouncing off eachother


prefer human midna


im ventrue


you missed out



should have been a vampire in real life


File: 1571527817096.jpg (48.93 KB, 600x481, imp_mlp_midna_by_soulful_cat_athiest_d9i0du0-f….jpg)

could go for pone midna myself


uh oh incoming ponebone



File: 1571528098811.jpg (406.21 KB, 1920x1080, CAPA-18.jpg)


File: 1571528153503.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.17 KB, 700x853, pone.jpeg)



are you prepared to reject your humanity


do bronies even exist anymore havent heard a peep out of them in years


the show ended a week ago


yeah were still around


i have left my humanity behind long ago




how come jap songs dont rhyme


friend in hs showed me his pony and furry collection everytime we had lunch


NOT feeling too good hima and theres only one cure for what ails me


File: 1571528938001.jpg (844.33 KB, 1936x2776, vxl21MX.jpg)

hima camp


what is it mate


some hair o the dog that bit me


File: 1571529001608.png (91.62 KB, 636x453, 24gd7x27g7ay.png)


sigh they probably had the time of their lives
im of the same status or even lower than these dweebs but i would be miserable if i was there



sigh wish i could crack open some blogweisers and ponejo with my himabros


whats scary about it


gotta shite


groupjo is outlawed in the hima mansion


thats beer NOT cola


twigs btfo


those are plastic bottles of course its soda


big horny ponebone


what a flipping beast




good luck enforcing that


its only a matter of time until two lonely nerds start holding hands while gaming together and within days it spreads like wildfire until everyone is flipping one aNOTher and i have to seal off the mansion and burn it to the ground


its beer


is back to back okay


File: 1571530286761.png (270.66 KB, 1404x696, 1449651368127.png)


whats the l word


it says gold NOT cola


its gold mine beer



baste russians




File: 1571530815248.mp4 (9.65 MB, 407756420172830.mp4)

paste turt


pasted flippin driftchink


last thing she saw was his anime bumperstickers


why did he ranned her over


foids are so privileged in todays world that they forget they arent immortal and stand in roads swiping on tinder


what was she doing in the middle of the road right around a blind corner anyway


hell yeah lets all get jobs bros


theyd see the blood on his car


aika flipped up her face sigh


mindbending that you can just be harmlessly drifting along having a great time and some foid can jump in front of your car and ruin your life out of spite




how do i handmaxx


should i showersnooze


got big hands


nah stay up with us


might game for a few hours


woke up but still a little sleepy might fall back asleep before the gaming sesh


gth snoozer


anyone want to stream


stream dog days


mindblowing how someone can make over a 1000 dollars in one day playing a video game


too lazy to get out of bed to game just going to sleep


whens aris next stream


simply fire up a mobage


File: 1571533308652.png (2.3 MB, 1129x1594, __original_drawn_by_nanahime__e9173c348f075d43….png)


thats NOT proper eating attire young lady


File: 1571533380812.webm (Spoiler Image, 439.34 KB, 640x360, boobie.webm)


that would never happen since everyone would flip but no one would want to be flipped so NOThing would happen


i will sacrifice myself so that everyone else can be happy


woke up from a nap and theres bronies posting on hima


hima was made by bronies for bronies retard




how do i become a vampire


watched mlp while posting on warosu years ago blogging about episodes as i watched


look eerily similar to turt except less muscles and a different haircut


ooog me orbit oooog


wish personarager was around during the early days when orbiting was at its peak


nice newposter


been here since the start raidteen


way more raging at personas was done then than it is now


and ive been here longer


thats why i can this tell this otateen showed up this week


ya but this teen wasnt there during that time


im NOThing but an overgrown paramecia


ya its great


do people still play tf2


watch naruto instead


still got my cheaters lament from when all the idlers got btfo


hope freakeye is hard at work at the office making his boss proud


hopefully NOT because its sunday morning


dont watch shounen


love when a dumb otateen exposes themselves




dont think so


found the peanut butter girls new channel


theres only one otateen here right now


hell ya watch the movies in chronological release order as well


everyone moved on to overwatch and theyre probably going to move to the new riot clone after that


hope it has sexy girls


by everyone you mean the norms right


tf2 was a norm game from the start


nah it was baste there were no foids in it


NOT really


anyone crackin some wine


it came with the orange box and anyone that played tf was excited and norms didnt play games yet and this is before you were born


ooog foid boog


loved playing the orange box on 360


i bought tf2 before it went f2p tard it wasnt even that long ago


never bought a game in my life


it was 12 years ago




i dont have any


used to play on sigvatrs server hehe was kinda fun


cant believe some hima posters werent even born when cs came out


or when tf2 came out


sigh miss tfc


the hima surf server


cant believe hl2 is older than that one teen


mindblowing that people born in 2006 are having sex and im a virg


theres NOT much difference between 2006 and 2005 you still have a chance


how is it mindblowing


just reset my cookies for the first time hima




fool what about your cookie empire


how many ascension levels did you have i flipped up hard


266 heavenly chips


ill rebuild it from scratch and surpass my past self dont worry


how the heck did you get so many


just bought things farmed bakeberries and clicked on golden cookies


miss the butter cookies meme


getting sick of these cookie norms


if you cant beat em join em


felt a bit like old times for a few days





hehe gonno leave my cookie dragon with the reaper aura


highest cookies i ever had was 26 million


fire up cookie monster


what made you think of the old times be specific


what made you think of the old times be specific


oh flip


oh flip


File: 1571537248544.jpg (367.93 KB, 2048x2048, 1570512800539.jpg)






File: 1571537384845.jpg (118.07 KB, 1920x1040, Uncle.Buck.1989.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG.mp….jpg)

just made the popcorn hehe


paste rarbg


too smart to enjoy a yifys rip



the spaghetti girl


you cant just put him on the spot like that


why NOT


just got trolled


what happened


i just told you


what post


who said it was a post


what happened then


NOT repeating myself sorry


why NOT


need a big hug


turt are you SEEING this right now




im lonely


why are you lonely when you have hima


ronery sigh


thirsting for a hug someone please


why isnt hima enough for you


any other good flipped static image vids


do you want to listen to the other spaghetti song instead



spaghetti is the most norm pasta


fettuccine is my personal favorite


love spaghtters love lasangers love fetucciners love pasta


File: 1571538861531.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.07 MB, 815x800, 65866890.webm)


thinking about that japanese maiden from yesterday sigh



too small need a big person who can embrace me completely


stop being picky


never post content containing the korean language in my presence again




it makes me sick


korea is only one door down from japan





stop interrogating me




paste question man


because its none of your damn business


lone foid at the gym just doing butt and ab stuff been too long since i had the place to myself


why NOT





bought a wireless bluetooth dongle for my ps4 controller but it doesnt work


owned consolenorm


trying to play on my pc dont call me a norm


or me and you are gonno have a problem john


whos john


quit staring creep


practicing my headshake



you know


its working hima i plugged it in and its working himaa pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


what game are you gonno stream


cant think of a game worth playing that you would use a controller for


brushed and flossed time to snooze


fire up shadow of the colossus


thats a kb and mouse game




went to a gas stop with my lil bro and got a couple of blogweisers


File: 1571539699368.jpg (190.26 KB, 1078x1500, __nier_drawn_by_asanagi__70354a583eba43222c6e9….jpg)



you know i of all people wont give some slut affirmation


hell yeah couple cold ones with basted bro


i do butt and ab stuff


whats the point of working out your butt if youre the only one who cant see it


its NOT about aesthetics its about having a big strong manass


what kinda work out is on the menu for today champ


to attract jacked gay men to your bulbous ass for the purposes of penetration


gonno jo


dont know how you can jo while hearing the korean language im lucky if i dont puke all over my keyboard let alone getting a bone


NOT a fan of fettuccine


oh yeah then what kind of pasta do you like hotshot


you only had to walk up to her and say こんにちは


umm you cant put him on the spot like that


its none of your damn business what kind of pasta he likes


you should have just used the freakeye on her


played out at least 30 different conversations with her in my head i was probably going to ask her where she wanted to go and then tell her how to get there and where to buy a bus card


john isnt gonno like it if you ask him questions



penne hehe


feel like its hard to shovel lots of penne into my maw it always falls off the fork


just washed my hands but they kinda smell like pisss for some reason


i stick them with my fork instead of spooning


ricecel failed his mission


your inaction will haunt your for the rest of your days


nice tardcel


then you only get three at a time max love twirling up a huge mouthful of fettuccine


i like to eat things slowly i eat chips one at a time and ice cream with a coffee spoon


sigh suffered irreversible mental damage due to being raised by a single mother


love stuffing as much garbage into my mouth as possible





the second you start writing down conversation scripts and memorizing them to use on some girl at the checkout counter you are too far gone


mom said i eat like i just got outta prison


pua was debunked years ago


feels disappointing that i spent all that time learning japanese and the first time it would have actually been useful in real life i was paralyzed with fear


disappointing but predictable


is that the retardmaster


love ma maw but canny help a be glad dat masel got ma da




nice retardgirl


File: 1571540972785.png (7.29 KB, 300x300, 1375474535357.png)


nice gamergirl


raid isnt for aNOTher few hours


fag instincts




anyone want to be my ffxiv bf or gf if i start playing


only if i successfully become a xiv pro and raider otherwise itd be too shameful to show myself


ill be your classic wow gf instead


guess ill fire up some burritos then


im retardgirl




cant wait to make a vulpera on moonguard




im a gamer i game simple as that


what will you name him


ohhh flippp


ohhhhhhhhhh lfififolfllkffip


playing some vampire


uh what do you mean him


what is it


wonder what game that guy bought the dongle for


im having a attack


defend yourself


hair is so itchy sigh need to shower


was cooking up some eggs and liver mush and i heard banging around upstairs and i got a little scared thinking the were back so i had to stop and focus to find the sound before it was too late and i realized the washing machine was going and it was making the water pipes bang


got a water pipe for ya right here


get yourself a nice new water pipe from the water store pnig can hook you up with a discount


pnig only gives discounts to girls


simply bring your sexy ladiesis then


need a weighted blankie badly


was it the goat boss or something did NOT follow most of his posts


wasnt it the black guy or did he get fired


File: 1571543344493.jpg (70.37 KB, 1280x720, The.Exorcist.1973.Extended.DC.720p.BRRip.x264.….jpg)

making more popcorn


pretty sure black guy got fired




good idea might watch a scary movie too


he hated the nigger because he stole his gimmick


crying for all the darkies that had to pretend to be white on hima during his reign



hate hate hate scary movies


no way ever seen a yeti


what about aleins


my destined alien gf is out there somewhere but we are separated by thousands of lightyears i wonder if she can feel me too


File: 1571543776562.png (386.54 KB, 800x1131, hug.png)


youre too small for me to hug



gonno snap this little bitch


leave her alone you sick piece of shit


flip you


badly want blizzard to fall like a stone they disrespected me with their terrible sequel to d2


cant wait for blizzcon gonno be a good laugh


can you wait until after tbc classic servers are finished progression


hima stands with hong kong tibet and taiwan


i stand with taiwan all the the other chinks can go to hell


hate all chinks


taiwan is paste


i dont stand with no dirty goddamn chinks


love chinks life would be too boring without them


gods damned


sigh that ugly sexpat deleted his video of the taiwan train racist


File: 1571545199431.jpg (125.37 KB, 1280x720, 1571543491900.jpg)


paste snapblog


whats going on here


he was right


that was a great vid hehe


love watching people play games instead of actually playing them


gonno take a nap before the raid bye


miss my brother


was he murdered too


he roped after killing the sis


woke up


finished my shower


hey are you refreshed



flipping damnit the janitor opening filled up and they didnt even contact me sigh
guess my real life isnt gonno begin just yet


you real life will begin in eorzea with me


hehe guess our isekai is coming it must be fate



cant believe pewdiepie is banned in china


flip that explosive racist




gonno snooze


File: 1571549249381.png (1 MB, 1366x768, 6TkSEYn.png)


dont post my pics


does pnig have agp


just realized what agp means


what the fuck are you talking about you retard already tired of your dumb ass posts holy shit


fuck you too pal


baste pewds


the rude guy


it means advanced graphics port


this large flying insect that i see a ton of outside got inside had to get mom to kill it




big sigh


based mom protecting her special little man


caught a bristly crake hima


really wish i was smart enough to live without just jumping from dopamine rush to dopamine rush would love to have a hobby i could enjoy all day


dont want to be tardfat


or tardplump


got to the ocean view hotel part gonno leave that for tomorrow hehe


its all so empty




think the slice of bread i used for my hot dog had mold


sigh can you vomit it up


gonno sanitize myself with some more blogweisers hehe