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drive blog


uhh thats the first flipping setting you change when you install iridium


got left behind


im paste


sigh why did it take me so long to realize moms been feeding me huge portions of food my entire life




i caught the blue diva hima


she knew you were a growing boy


wish mom had fed me mountains of food so i would have had a shoulder with of more than 20 inches


cant believe it was moms huge portions and shite cooking that made me fat my entire youth ultimately leading to my permaceldom


and lets NOT forget hitting me in the head c section vaccines formula circumcision television video games and soda


you never stood a chance


how did i win the sperm race


remember bullying the fat kid back in school wonder what hes doing now


think the other sperms felt bad and let me win


hes posting on hima


do sperms prefer being shot directly into the garbage for a quick death or a foids axe wound


i used to be a sperm and i would have preferred to be shot in the garbage


mindblowing that its been over since sixth grade after i slapped a girl that liked me in front of the whole class


you owned that foid


crazy to see all my old classmates go on to become professionals while i sperm and jo and snack while living with my mom


cant believe i was supposed to be flipping the girls since 7th grade but instead i was gaming how come no one told me


dont worry most of them will rope to student debt and the others will sperm jo and snack or rope later on when they realize they made a huge mistake but by then your real life will have begin and you will excel past them leaps and bounds


at least youre NOT a norm


wonder if any of my classmates are still virgins


most men are virgins they just wont admit it


im NOT talking about the men


this one ugly girl got knocked up right after graduating still blows my mind how that happened


there was a pregnant girl in my class hehe


didnt finish high school hehe


gonno knock up himako


shes in jail


gonno sleep early for church tomorrow



woke up havin some joe


i use it


mom keeps talking about me to the single girls at her work i want to flipping die


used invertmas since its inception no reason to stop now


mushroom is just an inverted invert


you are supposed to be using the halloween theme


crazy to think pnig will never get to read a hima post ever again


having one too hehe


File: 1570926461265.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1072, [HorribleSubs] Goblin Slayer - 10 [1080p] 1.png)


hes coming back


cant believe pg has privileged information about pnigs case and he wont share


thats NOT true


sigh hes probably scared and crying we need to help him


pnig is currently a free man and reading all of these posts


dont snap the newborn if you cant do the time bitch


at least hes gonno finally meet his father


hate eslnorms who are arrogant enough to start threads on 4teen


wonder if pnigs father will be the one to kill him in prison


hate that too


despise em pretty sure one of my permas was over racking up too many bans for raging at them


it is easy to hate and it is difficult to love all good things are difficult to achieve and bad things are very easy to get


whats wrong with being esl


im mewing hard


certain grammatical mistakes are very common among them


NOT feeling too good hima and theres only one cure for what ails me


fire up the chos hell ya


thats NOT the cure for what ails me


hate seeing baste as a norm thing now


5 hours left on my wow sub time to steal moms credit card again


NOThing better than a big ole pile of soggy flipping chips with poorly distributed toppings and poor topping ratios all glued together like a big ole scab easily the most evil abomination of a culinary dish to ever have scarred this earth


die communist




china will win




i just melt some cheese on my chips


i started doing it with the broiler after the microwave broke and its better



have a listen


found a nice video but have to wait to post it since theres too many recent embeds


theyre all normshit


File: 1570930007637.webm (Spoiler Image, 9.68 MB, 480x848, hima.webm)


File: 1570930204345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.32 KB, 850x748, sample_150d18320bc31eac15666ca4590dec520124270….jpg)


nice sampler


how is he sperming without his hands


nice samplenorm


hands free sperm is a learned skill


laughing thinking of all the norms raging about blizz that will secretly make new accounts in a few months for some limited mount


some guy in my guild raged and said he was quitting but hes already playing again


i am now exalted with the voldunai


stop playing retail you fool


why NOT its fun


classic is funner


classic is dead


you should have gotten your classic fix with nostalrius 5 years ago


lets snooze


sigh this has been a bad decade for mmos once youtube guides took off it was all over


its so early the night hasnt begun yet


NOThin wrong with a nice guide hate thinking love being told how to do things


no point in wasting brainpower on something thats already been solved


i did and now im back


been gaming with internet guides since mgs2 hehe


anyone gonno crack a cold one with me


gonno crack your flipping skull alconorm


that was uncalled for


the guides were there but you had to look for them and norms wouldnt know how to find them so they would stay as noobs
now we have mad season show making sure every advantage goes to everyone he can reach


anyone who had used a search engine by 2000 knew where to get game guides NOThing has changed the list of prerequisites for accessing information has just been cut down by 99%


when are you going to finally slit your wrists and die runeheal


im NOT runeheal


ya NOT really sure what this guys talking about i remember looking up game cheats and walkthroughs all the time before youtube existed


i mean stuff like mmo minmaxing there were always max level noobs that would get owned but theres no one in classic like that since theres info presented to them everywhere


File: 1570932323692.gif (2.21 MB, 444x250, cope2.gif)


yes there are unfortunately


why are you playing an mmo thats been analyzed to death by every norm on earth for 15 years if you dont want that


nah theres tons of retarded noobs at sixty wiping groups


i never knew people played wow that way until lich king i always just did quests and picked skills at random


got left behind in a thread from 3 months ago that i actually clicked into


guess its wine time


should i have bacon sandwiches or chicago dogs hima quick


coney dogs


still dont know how you can have fun in wow doing anything but questing with randoms and doing emotes


what about logging on and being obligated to farm enough for raid consumables each week or youll be fired from the guild


got poptarts and choccy milk hima


lets all delete our blizzard accounts


hated all that boring tryhard stuff i liked to walk and wave to people i saw on the roads


semen smell is reeking through my shorts guess i need to change my underwear


whats a chicago dog


NOThing to watch this season



god damn now thats a dog


guess ill make dogs then


File: 1570934045714.webm (9.08 MB, 924x520, cold one.webm)




gamed all day


why do manbabies have this high pitch sissy voice


aris isnt a manbaby


neckbearded balding cel gamer baby


aris is a world class commentator fool


dont know what manbaby means if aris is one


File: 1570935104586.jpg (55.67 KB, 840x630, 1568548077731.jpg)


sigh why cant i meet a local kig is there a kig dating site


those are men


dont look like men to me


ill sacrifice myself to be the mansion kigi


you cant handle it youd get too much attention


someone has to take one for the team


NOT if i sacrifice myself first


wonder if there was a specific event in my life that doomed me to be cel forever



whats so cool about trains anyway


they move stuff


yeah when the sperm made contact with the egg


you can tell hes down to flip


love trains hehehe


mike whalen got jacked



File: 1570937026822.mp4 (7.9 MB, rage.mp4)


did blog related activities today


he smoked you


stupid norm


grazie ragazzi grande lavoro




the muscles are holding you back you need to twig it up


File: 1570938147624.jpg (17.03 KB, 356x77, asdf.JPG)

no he didnt i was a whole 6 hundredths of a second faster

but some asshole manlet named coty operated on a different level entirety


invite two dogs to hima


that was me


eatin two dogs right now hehe




File: 1570938508845.png (522.53 KB, 682x1024, 1570694108587.png)


senko senko sdnko senkosmsksskdk dnrmdkdksndnsd sdmkk msndmko sdnkko senko


put more care into your typing please


i got excited sorry


feel like watching one of those videos where a guy just calmly talks about a games design for half an hour


have a listen


theyre all norms


dislike the senkonorm


hate cardnorms but okay


its NOT limited just to card games



garfield is pasted


garfield is a cat


NOThing norm about senko shes cute and wants the best for us all


senko can only be in one place at a time sigh shell never help everyone


there are no senkos for westerners they are doomed to suffer alone


File: 1570939958039.webm (762.64 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san ….webm)




why didnt he let go


File: 1570940314866.jpg (55.31 KB, 736x653, 1570940085791.jpg)

i need flip





hello ladies




take that back


agreed take it back to ass flipping chinamen




take it back or i rage


take it back now


used to listen to the second soundholic meets touhou album while mowing the lawn sigh




alright the rage is coming hima you just crossed a line you cant uncross the rage is brewing within me once i unleash it youre going to regret this just you wait




calm down


cant calm down now this is going to be a rage the likes of which hima has never seen before i wanted you but you wouldnt listen and take it back now its too late and the rage is coming


relaxing if there are no norms watching


its fun


going to bed


used to listen to shibayan records magico catastrofe album all the time back when i played dota all day sigh good times


think i was more normal when i listened to a constant stream of anime music


you mena you warned




post em


theres no reason why you cant start doing it again



sigh trying to find the video of the animal skins being processed and turned into pages of a book


cracked open a blogweiser


found it hehe


thats cool wish i had a nice feather pen


whats that


File: 1570944084002.jpg (161.13 KB, 800x1129, boob.jpg)


ooo ooo ooooooooooooooooooooog



thought it was for little kids


NOT since pnig got arrested for it


File: 1570945037872.jpeg (374.55 KB, 697x587, 95E112A4-009C-43E1-95E5-451CBD6105B0.jpeg)


mindblowing that my life basically consists of walking to the kitchen and bathroom then back to my room 35 times a day


die oogseki


File: 1570945352382.jpg (356.88 KB, 1600x1200, sudo.jpg)


File: 1570945482463.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530859348436.webm)




my 82 year old granpa did more in a day holy FLIP senko take me now


tired of the senko meme that show ended months ago let it die


wish i was her sigh


flipping sicko


i would give anything to be a cowtit tiny waist babe
my high powered blackpilled male brain in the body of a 11/10 mythical tier foid would bring the world to its knees


would rather be an ugly man than an ugly woman


can someone stream aikatsu


there is no honor pride or dignity in being female


i would but neetblog would report it


who needs any of that stuff when you can become fantastically rich with your genetic traits alone and die with legions of orbiters


dont you feel gross and ashamed when you think of having a weak soft body and having men stare at your body with desire


already have both those things


only have one hehe


same sigh


fired up some 'dogs hima hb


theyre grilled


File: 1570946821717.jpg (275.6 KB, 1920x1080, weiner.jpg)


having trouble breathig sigh


sigh just a worthless tard left behind


sigh wish i was watching aikatsu right now with hima


trying to jo


cracking open the third blogweiser


cracking open a soft drink hb


ate egg


the egg girl


File: 1570948331684.jpg (227.29 KB, 1061x1500, EGf_3khUcAESw7v.jpg)


the only enjoyment out of 4chan these days is identifying who the other neets are by watching what gets repeated over and over that week


whatever happened to 6egg


remember when freakeye was french


he recognized hima was a sinking ship


File: 1570949532954.png (798.51 KB, 950x480, 1521910485459.png)


hate the teens that raided warosu





making a ped that filled a photo album with his own pics burn it all on camera lmfao


File: 1570950739309.jpg (90.61 KB, 640x797, 1570948337868.jpg)

cant believe this alpha otacool just takes what is his while turt just sits there like a beta


oooog turt ooooooog me orbit oog


thats cruel


wait a tic thought oog was turts meme


File: 1570951002714.png (Spoiler Image, 899.35 KB, 1199x1366, e6f12a0bd01cb66890a2d7c2dcbf1027.png)



ooog oooooog


ugly manpic


would i become a twig if i went on a rice only diet


rice piss rice piss rice pissssssss



norms are insane imagine having so little self awareness you tell the same lie on national television dozens of times for ten years NOT even realizing that someone might NOTice it


File: 1570955691243.png (294.16 KB, 940x507, alt.himasugi.png)


hate school hate girls love gaming



need to learn to exercise but how


dont get pressured into doing something you dont want to


fired up the cofvefef maker


make sure you preheat the coffee maker for no less than 20 minutes so that brewing temperatures are stable


hell yeah love covevefee love trump 2020


File: 1570969223084.webm (5.29 MB, 1280x720, planks.webm)

should have watched dumbbell girls


thats it ill wait for the blu ray and get all the extra specials


no thats too far away you need to start now


pretty quick mc and ony this week guess ill make some more dogs


lets snooze its getting late


i just woke up i cant snooze now


File: 1570970938403.jpg (765.62 KB, 1920x1200, 1570970714879.jpg)


stop jerkin it son


just bleated


i was put into this world to jerk


and jerk you shall


dad told me if i dont stop crankin that pecker like it owes me somethin im gonno be outta here before he can blink


woke up raged and made cereal


hope it wasnt some sugar grains cereal


mom got great value crunchy nuggets tastes like death


havent had cereal in at least 10 years probably more like 15


File: 1570974215898.jpg (384.45 KB, 2048x1446, phew.jpg)

woke up


if that girl was from the west shed have a bunch of tattoos and 3 children by different fathers


thats a drawing


File: 1570975211988.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


whats the context of that scene did she nightmared


she realized she was snapped


puked whyd they put so much mayo on it how can nips eat this shite


hows it different to our mayo


it doesnt hae sugar in it


love sugar


mayo owns retard


nah die mayonorm


File: 1570976734745.png (143.92 KB, 368x204, pathfinder.png)

gonno fly


hate going to the city to eat out because all the restaurants are full of niggers now i miss when they only went to red lobster
when i stepped out of the car there was a condom on the ground undoubtedly left by some gross groid


nice explosive racism


vague anxiety hours



why do so many child abusing men hail from mesa arizona




hate arinorma


you better learn to love it since thats where the mansion will be located


mom started asking me why dont i smile
how could anyone smile in this world


little punk deserved it


can we move to qsqqmmmfxfjg




why NOT


File: 1570980746436.jpg (213.94 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - Alicization ….jpg)

what the flip


mindblowing that someone slaved away for dozens of hours making that background art only to have some intern shite on it in a couple of minutes with those awful undetailed characters


i dont get it


look at the cloud


File: 1570981331657.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 937x1324, 77273572_p0.png)


File: 1570982302057.png (371.61 KB, 670x563, 1570981938667.png)


mornin hima hows it going thinking about taking glutathione what do you think


hate when that happens


a17 what does it mean


i dont know but it seems like no one else on the internet has NOTiced it


its just something they put on the animation cels you can see one with A2 at the top at 0:33


get in here


cant believe im a gamer


got my interview tomorrow dont know what to expect


having some ice cream


expect your blood pressure to rise and cause a massive aneurysm to burst


have a listen


interview what




great aNOTher gods damned norm


File: 1570987173807.jpg (320.68 KB, 1920x1080, [Judas] Machikado Mazoku - 05.mkv_snapshot_00:….jpg)

are they tard


all anime girls are tard


job interview


what do you mean job interview


the norms are invading


eating some yogurt


hope its sugar free lactose free yogurt


it says lactose free NOT sure if theres sugar in it though


dont think anyone uses cels anymore


the flipping gods damneds norms


File: 1570988025685.gif (532.44 KB, 540x450, 0116606828d2aa2c350d7ceb2a82c17c.gif)


File: 1570988036093.jpg (82 KB, 800x811, EGuRvReU0AEfo_7.jpg)




gods damned


File: 1570988458908.jpg (944.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1570961664195.jpg)

NOThin personal kid


hope you mates are posting from church


just got back from church


gonno watch some clown kino


paste clowncel




what could i put in my shoe to make myself slightly taller


got a sub that wasnt made by a foid


File: 1570990297329.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.17 KB, 848x1199, EGxtcGIVAAAXU9H.jpg)



i look like garbage human garbage


lucky i cant even be considered human



File: 1570990519153.jpg (10.08 KB, 300x226, index.jpg)


looks uncomfortable


stupid norms


leg lengthening surgery is more uncomfortable


its worth it


File: 1570991336123.jpg (149.49 KB, 708x1000, 1567445915358.jpg)


NOThin like watchin sexy ladies at church



File: 1570991676056.png (564.43 KB, 1370x766, f0b.png)





ate some salt






senko in hell


do boobs actually feel like bags of sand


get this virg out of here




its NOT my fault that im virg


obviously its because you are a bad person



capcom is the fuckign dumbest trashiest company of slant eyed chinks there is holy fuck ono please die


what did they do this time they cant be worse than blizz


senko senko senko


they made the trashiest worst fighting game in human history street fighter five


NOThing trash


play a nice sexy girl fighting game like doa instead


mindnumbing there are people just figuring out about crapcom



love blizz love chinks love xi


should i buy taiko on my switch hehe


you should be playing that in your local arcade instead


File: 1570996044150.png (909.13 KB, 1200x675, upload_2018-6-16_2-21-25-png.25138.png)


umvc3 is a masterpiece compared to mvci



File: 1570996346273.jpg (1.46 MB, 1433x2024, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_tatsumiya_….jpg)


im a gamer


i game


oog me game


simple as that


its nap time hima grab the blankie lets snooze


hehe nap time hehehe





File: 1570999155647.png (337.23 KB, 497x544, 1396750584197.png)


reported hamudi to the fbi


hes german


they will forward it to the fis


hima need to quit my job


why whats wrong with the water store


File: 1570999733363.jpg (137.49 KB, 1080x1920, d7ae9674ff3896e459b44da56d8553a0.jpg)


why is a child dressed like that


hate when im there trying to fill some water bottles and the teen girl coworkers start rubbing my arms or nudging my leg with theirs




gonno fire up a 15 hour coma nap


hate these dark cloudy days it makes me permanently tired


spermed but NOThing came out


sorry to hear


your sperming days are over


no this cant be happening


we told you this would happen with age





really like the ee channel entertaining stuff


went golfing drank a beer smoked half a cigarette and took a pain pill


norm die die die


File: 1571005110957.mp4 (34.44 MB, 720P_1500K_224637871.mp4)

love this vid


is that mp4 worth the bandwidth


are you worth the bandwidth


im NOThin but a worthbless blob o shite


feel bad about recognizing that filename structure


love this vid


why are the norms here


hate those vids hearing the saliva in someones mouth is vile


need one




you know


wish i was a thoroughbred


been watching torvesta pking skillspecs again missed the latest video on it


the norms took over our culture is dying


sure wasted a lot of years doing flip all


better than wasting years of your life slaving away at a job







love work and reading about work and work blogs and discordbros


want to boycott blizzard but keep getting foxbones


shaved lookin good


be bored refreshing hima all day or be bored refreshing hima all day and getting paid


what job can a 9 year neet high school dropout with no job experience get that allows me to do NOThing but browse hima all day


fire up indeed.com and check the entry level box


then browse


water store manager



but what about all that talent you have



gonno floor sit for a bit


File: 1571010219705.mp3 (3.63 MB, crunch crunch.mp3)




hate when a visit a random video on youtube and see frogger profile pic


woke up hi


File: 1571010338594.jpg (14.13 KB, 176x176, settled.jpg)


hey was it a refreshing sleep


it was okay had a nice sexy lady dream


dj senko drop a fresh piss on these teens


eating a nice peanut butter and sugar sandwich


glad theres no pics of senko piss




I really can't stand to look at /jp/ lately. It seems like everything has gotten so much worse recently. I'm slowly starting to realize that running the site was all that was keeping me going. Without it I've lost my reason to sleep and wake at regular times, and what sleep I struggle to get isn't very restful so I'm constantly tired. This is the exact opposite of what I expected to happen by handing over the site. I expected a weight to be taken off my shoulders. But now I'm constantly worrying about how slow things have gotten, how NOThing really gets changed, and how NOThing new is ever added. It makes me sad because the site seems neglected. Even the new owner doesn't post on the main portion of the site. I was able to complete one banner and even then it was never added which just makes me feel even worse. Renewing the domain that one night made me feel useful again. It instantly lifted my spirits, but the next day I woke up feeling the same as the previous day.

I really like the addition of the text board because it reminds me of some of the best years in my life. If only I could bring everything back, or at least the emotions I felt during those years. Instead it seems NOThing I do is going to help much. For the last ten years or so I would have considered myself happy but before that things were bad. I hope it won't be aNOTher unknown length of years before I can start to feel better again.

At this point I lack motivation to do anything more than watch anime opening and ending themes on YouTube all day and fantasize about actually watching them. NOT in a long time have I felt like this and although it's somewhat comforting to feel such a nostalgic emotion, I dislike it because I can so vividly remember how happy I felt just a year ago. I've mostly lost my appetite at this point and of course I've lost all desire to visit any stores. I think about how just a few weeks ago I wanted to visit a bakery and I feel like crying. This is entirely in line with how things were before.

I don't know who will read this or when, but just know that you guys have helped me out in more ways than you could ever imagine. I hope the best for the site and everyone on it. I'll pop back in every now and again. I love you guys, and I mean it.


turt was it hard finding a job with a gap in employment


File: 1571011956900.png (3.55 MB, 1924x2678, c0218950f888c0f4852944ac08a5175d.png)


love dog days hehe


thats improper for a lady


simply lie


lying is wrong


then dont


im already lying about working at planet fitness for a year


cant believe pnig searched sexy ladyta at imagefap.com


they can tell buy your build that you werent working there


did that once and im still here


search a bunch of stuff on bing and yahoo images all the time dont give a flip


your arrogance will be your downfall just like pnig


say you worked at the toysrus but they closed


come and get me ill love to turn a couple of foids into single mothers before blowing my brains out


maybe ill try streaming again and we can watch dog days instead of aikatsu hehe


dog days dog days dog days


love the pink girl hehe


make sure its the dub


but i did go to planet fitness several years ago


planet normness


File: 1571013465411.jpg (276.63 KB, 1961x1470, 460011536.jpg)


alright gotta have some hair of the dog


File: 1571013495212.png (142.64 KB, 640x944, normals planet.png)


planet fatness


how many neetblogs can this feed


each box would provide a single meal for a blog


nb is a twig now hes NOT even 200lbs


the normtwig


hehe set my tinders location to shibuya


dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog daaaaaaaaaaaaaaayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze


last week a guy asked me if i know anything about tinder and i looked at him and i said tinder taught me to NOT even bother


im the fattest man on hima


do you have a permit for those black pills


a neet who drives around town molesting sexy ladies watching dog days playing sonic and ruining the lives of everyone he meets for his own pleasure
hes haunted by a voice in his head constantly yelling how he should just fucking die so he tries to kill himself with isopropyl alcohol
that fails but causes him to go more insane as he abandons his house drives into a forest at night and starts howling like a wolf before falling off a cliff to his death
at the end its revealed however that he had left a bomb in his city that would detonate when his heart stopped beating so his city is destroyed along with him


gth warosunorm


hes going to be around for the rest of this week i think ill continue pilling him and i think itll be easy because hes a tubby manlet

by the time im through with him he will be begging for death


theres no greater feeling than pilling someone you mog with how its over
imagine some guy that brutally mogs you in every aspect telling you that it never even began for him how soul crushing would that be



File: 1571014702947.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.59 KB, 807x605, fvojth.jpg)



for my whole life i didnt know if i even really existed
but i do and people are starting to NOTice


anyone else forget sometimes that most posters here do more than just sit and f5 the thread while tabbing back to a video from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep


i game


why would you f5 when hima has auto update


what do you mean it has auto update


uh hehe


i dont leave hima open because of the memory leak so im constantly opening a new tab typing him pressing enter and checking if theres a new post


hope thats a troll and NOT a huge tard that has had noscript on hima for the past 5 years


sigh wish i didnt have to work tomorrow


wish i could see past 30fps


uhhh haha


might play some hardcore solo self found poe


could quit my job tomorrow if i had a way to make even just $1000 a month somehow but i dont and i dont even have that much saved up evne though i never buy anything


dont quit neetblog just aNOTher 50 years until retirement


no point in working when the tax man will just tax you and then tax you again when you try to spend the money


in my mind NOThing has changed since the first week but everything is different reading these textboard posts is really depressing me

i literally think in himaposts but everyone else has moved on



check the index


cant believe pnigs charisma got him a crt in his cell


cant think normally now its all in himaformat



im sippin that \___ean


think ive developed peladophobia


whats that


can't tell if it's over or NOT my brain is completely fried and i don't enjoy anything i do it's all just habit from when i was happy or at least ignorant

every day i think tomorrow will be different and i do NOThing i'm getting fatter and all my muscles have atrophied


time to become an alcoholic


dog days


gotta love some good ole dog days autism


my desk covered in piles of beer bottles and sperm tissues dont even like the feeling or the taste of alcohol i just want out


File: 1571017761379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.36 KB, 750x1334, b36e4ea.jpg)


dont open that i warned you


drop the alcohol and hit the weights


the warning came too late


nah flip that its time to double down on the cold ones


you need to be conditioned for the ritual


i spent the last of my savings on weights at least two years ago i could be lifting at any time of the day or night within 2 minutes but my brain doesn't let me


simply lift


chug some caffeine




hima hiam snek o sneko oooog me game me bone simpla as that oooog abababababab pissssssssssssssssssssssssss


File: 1571018350020.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


always keep my room neat and clean


i use them once a month or less and take 15 minute breaks then just stare at the ceiling and give up

i bought a bag of chewing tobacco to addict myself to the dopamine release of exercise combined with nicotine but i just ate from the bag and went back to the computer


File: 1571018533364.mp4 (8.54 MB, vul.mp4)




make a schedule


fire up the methamphetamine


thats no she


alcohol and having mom lock away the cord for my psu during the week helped a bit but i just replayed the same zero effort games over and over while listening to the radio and thinking in himaposts for 4 months


shouldve got a backup cord


think your dopamine receptors might be burned out


whats so great about doing anything else besides gaming and posting on hima and watching vids and anime anyway


i used to enjoy all those things and didn't want to do anything else


sigh don't want to depress any of my bros with these posts i'll stop


senko senko aenmkndndnsndjnsndndndkko


File: 1571021664304.png (932.03 KB, 852x1200, 5ec172460e1f8cf0dff7219c2ba52f4c.png)


tried to reserve the name senko for my vulpera but it was taken




File: 1571022077256.jpg (150.29 KB, 2000x1171, mommy.jpg)


mommy no






mommy i can see your kitty hair


guys i havent watched any seasonal anime since autumn 2018 what should i awtch


ask milk what shes watching


time to recede to the dark corner to pump some iron


sigh wish i was yuru camping


File: 1571023571547.jpg (417.37 KB, 1650x2048, rin.jpg)


need to neetcut all her hair off stat




glad im NOT dumb enough to play blizzard games


aNOTher week gone just like countless others
wonder if ill forgive myself for throwing my one shot at being alive away during my last breath


i havent watched the first season yet


would working in the clothes section at walmart be relaxing


nurse put in an order for 10cc fentanyl 10cc propofol and a warm blankie for the patient


read in a book that it isnt


its hard to relax in that place the lights are too bright


thats the just flickering arsenic bulbs irradiating your cerebellum


dog days dog days dog days



File: 1571026503431.jpg (267.92 KB, 1920x1080, c9ee52aa5bffa3b1e178634d221bb07f.jpg)


what the hell are you frowning at you stupid bitch


dog days dog days


aNOTher 10cc of propofol for the patient


we want dog days


we need to call zunbar if we get a dog stream


flip that norm


his wife wont let him


lets snooze hima its time to brush floss and mouthwash


met my wife on hima



and may i say
NOT in a tard way


drinking sweet tea ive got to finish this glass before i brush and its too early were gonno pull an all nighter to game so hope you stay up


guess ill take a nap


no no stay up its party night


wish i could pull an all nighter but i have to go to work


ill be up in a few hours dont worry


got the snacks ready gonno have a wild neet night and tard out hard in honor of pnig


love a good neet night


i need to catch a gold crown augurfly hima


you fishing


no its a bug i have to catch it with my net


why the flip would you be out catching bugs


ive had a few


dog days


we want dog days


File: 1571034290318.png (353.9 KB, 915x1350, 1570911876618.png)


might start an indoor garden


its in monster hunter




File: 1571038300454.jpg (231.91 KB, 1147x1200, EGvjnrCU4AAG5wa.jpg)


why are so many men on the internet 5'9 and below yet i never encounter them in the real


im 5'8


im shrinking from the gamer posture


was short as a boy then i caught up but then around 2010 the internet retaught me to be worried about my height


a young warthog


sigh kind of want to resub to xiv but since my allowance is only 50 a month now its NOT worth it at all


woke up from my nap


are you ready to game





is it gay to suck dick for pleasure


how do you get pleasure


made big pasta


joing makes me feel depressed afterwards


woke up
the days are getting shorter


you went to sleep too early is why


chairdanced too hard and got hot and started coughing sigh


grabbing a half pound jalapeno burger with some jalapeno poppers


too spicy get something more mild


i want to build my tolerance to hot foods


why hot foods dont matter


so i dont like an imbecile sucking in air when im eating hot cheetos


dont eat things you dont like


hot foods are delicious


hot food pinches used to love it then i got pilled


very close call hima whats worth buying the 5700 or 2060 super if you were buying both at $10 above msrp


simply get a console


time for bed


its 9 in the am why are you sleeping


you snoozed through gaming night it was intense



File: 1571060139594.webm (3.9 MB, 406x720, yay.webm)


shawn pinches post a rocco vid




hell yeah just preordered


mornin hima hows it going


go back to sleep for aNOTher nine hours please


havina big ol neetfeast for breakfast


i cant im at work


NOThin wrong with snoozin on the job


if they managed to get rx 580 performance in the xbox one x you have to wonder how good navi will be in there


consoles pinch



was thinking today in the shower about how i think about how much i hate my life and how i wish someone would just kill me sometimes the feeling being so overwhelming that i say it out loud instead of just thinking as i normally do and at the same time my personal life is pretty good i dont have any debts or worries or unsolvable problems or anything affecting me really and my job although i wish i did NOT have one is pretty much perfect for someone like me i have my own office no one bothers me i get lots of free time and my boss is really nice and NOT demanding at all but i still feel like throwing myself into traffic every single day and i absolutely detest my life every single day and i live basically from weekend to weekend it makes no sense


im NOT an xnorm so ill only be following ps5 news


ill pray for you neetblog


its relevant to the ps5 details since sony cheaped out on the gpu in the ps4 pro https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_(microarchitecture)#Consoles


do you want to talk about it


crying for nb


started thinking back to when pnig made the sb and filled it with his most devout worshipers during the height of his reign and how the based duegbros would post sb or sb NOW and trick them into checking the sb to see if their master had given them orders and i laughed a little








sigh hang in there


only need to last long enough to see the completion of the ritual




hima im bored


my blood elf demon hunter is now level 110


youre NOT supposed to play blizz games after the chinese debacle tf is your problem





dont touch that dial
himasugi will be right back


File: 1571069478156.jpg (63.29 KB, 641x640, 29342646_1887668097910145_2953039317376696320_….jpg)

runeheal flipping made it bros


what causes a man to become ped


the abuse from foids




went through my first job interview


did you get the job


tardlaughing again what flapper made this soundtrack


dog days stream dog days stream we want dog days


whether you got the job or NOT the important thing is you tried


me tard me giggle


dog days pink girl dog days green girl


dog days stream


love dog days love streams love tarding out


the authorities have been NOTified of the mold and the closet evacuated
the molds days are numbered


it trusted you



quick collect a sample so it may be reborn



the mold wanted to see dog days


guys alert alert milk is going to japan in 04 2020 guys


no one here is in japan


going to buy a ticket quick


guys it still hasnt hit milk that shes going to japan in april


it hasnt hit me that shes going either is she going by herself or with brad


cant believe milk flipped everyone on the spinoffs but me


milk is asexual she couldnt have


milk pussy


what are we having for lunch



wonder what neetblog has for lunch or does his employer starve him of his lunch break and thats why hes losing weight


NOT really the assembly work was advanced the guy showed me a lot of stuff they make had little idea of half the stuff he talked about he said he could assign me smaller things in the end we both werent sure




as long as youre willing to learn thats all they care about


average person going after entry level manual labor jobs is a retard if you can prove that youre at least 100iq they will be chuffed


iq is valued in the field of lifting boxes for eight hours a day


it is when youve got a plant full of goofs that cant follow the simplest of instructions


crying for milk


will you get turned down if you are higher than 100iq because they know you will be unstable


how will they know youre unstable unless you start stimming in their office or something


what is stimming


exhibiting any of the characteristics of a hima poster


sounds like norm stuff


i knew kiosk assembly wasnt easy but it was a lot more overwhelming he was talking about temperature humidifier and light sensors certain serial protocols power supply connecting ac fans and compressors like i dont know this shite it said on the listing its for mechanically inclined people and NOT an experienced hvac + ee guy i just wanted to solder and screw some stuff in good thing the guy was understandable he was willing to hire someone who wants to learn but id feel like an idiot for atleast the first few months working there okay thats it sorry for the huge blog


could have picked up some valuable experience


someone with an electrical engineering degree is in a worse position than you




a foid at walmart told mom to me careful around me but mom just looked at her and she said just trust me and then i stood up for myself and kept asking her why and she wouldnt answer me


be grateful you get to keep the diaper on



she was bullying me for no reason at the cash register


was she joking or what


she saw the aura


no she must have thought i was too tard to respond or speak up i dont know why and she didnt answer me when i asked and then we left im never going back to walmart i just wanted to help mom




why must the norms torment me


shes a cashier at walmart i dont think her opinion matters very much


its NOT worth it hima why does everyone have to be so mean to us


it was mean though she didnt have to bully me


mom didnt deserve that either


some people are just jerks dont let it stop you from going out the good part is you stood up for yourself for that you should be proud


you should call walmart and complain maybe theyll send you a gift card and get the foid in trouble


thanks for the kind words


no one is a jerk to me ever you must have done something


i didnt i just wanted to help mom lift the groceries im gonno lay in bed now


die high smv


its NOT his fault hes attractive


im balding 30 year old gamer cel NOT sure where the smv comes from


File: 1571077496245.jpg (26.73 KB, 300x400, jason-statham1_1471.jpg)

im balding 30 year old gamer cel


that stuff is all common sense what the flip


norm sense


hate norms


hate norms at the store being rude to mom cant imagine what i would do if someone started mocking me at the register in front of her


youd probably just start crying


i would probably get tunnel vision and start shaking before calling them a cunt and powerwalking to the car


nah i would puss out if mom was there but she would stick up for me


NOT if it was a chad


watching some sheep herding vids


hugged mom and told her im sorry


never hugged mom in my life


die liar


die norm


moms are just old foids
they canNOT be trusted


mom didnt ask to have her son bullied take that back


hug mom every day when she calls me down for dinner




constantly helping mom with things she wont leave me alone until i hug her goodnight


moms are NOT foids after menopause


stopped making physical contact with mom when i realized she had boobs


gonno eat in bed and cry


mom didnt deserve this



blinded by cope


die norm


should i fire up some sekiro




NOT if you looked at any walkthrough or gameplay footage guides or spoilered anything


they all look like queers


sekiro was baste ended up never finishing my second playthrough


norms do that


File: 1571081648472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.34 KB, 222x242, 1571069478156.jpg)



still bored. lonely


dog days stream


got some food at chic fil a




based homophobe


glad you dont have to worry about any fags or trannys while getting some nice delicious artery clogging fast food


NOThing worse than a agp


dog days stream someone please



how bout a nice jo stream


dog days pink girl


File: 1571084110452.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - Alicization ….png)


File: 1571084123718.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, 1320620383958.gif)


shes ripe for flipping


the pink girl


love dogs love foxes love pones


dm tomorrow are you excited hima




File: 1571084415712.jpg (1.26 MB, 4200x2901, eclair.jpg)


File: 1571084453744.jpg (723.2 KB, 850x1240, 1320621696754.jpg)


the green girl


where are their snouts


was going to flush the last 4 blogweisers but now im just looking at them


just cracked open a monster hima


they know what im thinking they wont allow themselves to be flushed


crack one open


File: 1571084852168.webm (2.8 MB, 1280x720, crackin.webm)


what show


cant believe tokyotosho is still up


kamisama give me the strength to NOT crack a cold one


azur lane


gonno chug


sigh need a dog days gf


File: 1571085424331.mp4 (2.03 MB, chugs.mp4)




the pink girl


File: 1571085897562.jpg (773.58 KB, 2045x2500, 1571085746206.jpg)


phew mommy


hooooooooooooooo boy


snap used to be a viable option for cels but now its too easy to be caught with todays technology


peds arent cels


im weaker than a girl how am i supposed to snap one


see that pic for guidance


no dont


might as well get snapped by a man there would be NOThing i could do


File: 1571087006373.jpg (156.99 KB, 721x775, yikes.jpg)




love reporting single word posts like cringe based yikes retard on the 4 hehe


File: 1571087382143-0.jpg (543.33 KB, 1535x1535, cover.jpg)

File: 1571087382143-1.mp3 (26.52 MB, 06. The Allman Brothers - In Memory Of Elizabe….mp3)

hima crackin song


the pink girl dog days


better as a hima jackin song


im a gamer i game


simple as that













whatever happened to that fat british gamer guy i forgot his name he had cancer


guys im home having a coffee and some orange cake hows it going
changed my internet plan to 120 mbps up think its enough


can you stream with that


hes dead


guys has anyone contacted zunbar yet greendog is his wife he would like to watch


SOMEBODY just stream dog days wtf


you stream it




pipe down


oh flip


ohhhh lfipppppp




just woke up and need to jo anyone have smut to share





my head hurts hima ive been studying for 8 hours


playing lego jurassic park hima


File: 1571091439831.jpg (309.89 KB, 2048x1536, 1541024516039.jpg)


he made it


studying what


gonno ferrarimax





never studied whats it like


dog days


mom has been complaining about money recently but im absolutely positive shes going to buy halloween candy to give out


mom said she thinks i might have light depression


got scopophobia


where is the pink girl stream


hate moms passive aggressive questions




sigh warosu


File: 1571092936604.jpg (187.55 KB, 1440x1800, 72633121_2744306738937619_7084234682836975616_….jpg)


alaska is scary


do they stigmatize against those who are too big boned to walk


File: 1571093014191.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.29 MB, 1280x720, sigh.webm)




File: 1571093589325.jpg (426.85 KB, 1920x1080, 1571090712460.jpg)

you bros seeing this


wish stream


you stream


dog days


sigh pnig loved dog days


mailman didnt come by today


chest hurts


where do you think he is


i dont know but i have a very important letter in the mail i need it


shited now im having aNOTher coffee


nice lolympics


piping hot burg fresh out of the pan




already finished it


you shouldnt eat fast you might burn your tongue sometime


bit my tongue so hard it bled


used to bite my tastebuds off hehe


almost neetclogged the toilet with a massive neetlog


File: 1571094745591.jpg (405.62 KB, 2560x1440, 20191014160427_1.jpg)


wish i was a dinosaur instead of a wageslave


showered hard but did NOT shave


File: 1571095151662.jpg (84.89 KB, 780x439, 1571087969957.jpg)


just applied for a position at permacorp


signed the SWEAT pledge




whats the secret to finding an unblocked vpn on the 4


pay for it


fire up nordvpn


hima has been brought to you by NordVPN


havent posted there in years







ate a crunch bar




cant believe fortnite is dead


what do i need that many cores for


your browser loads faster when you open webpages


File: 1571096310177.jpg (95.67 KB, 608x369, 1492876715675.jpg)


File: 1571096316766.jpg (128.64 KB, 849x1200, 1571053569374.jpg)


maam your nipples are exposed


your nipples are showing maam


poured myself a nice drink


hope it was NOT alcoholic


it has exactly one jigger of alcoholic spirits contained within


gonno make aNOTher hehe



got a worthless battler banner sigh




File: 1571096896792-0.jpg (53 KB, 539x714, linus8.jpg)

File: 1571096896792-1.jpg (63.92 KB, 707x713, linus17.jpg)


why does he always facepalm with the hand that has his wedding ring


this blows im getting a refund


thought that was a purity ring


should i get a purity ring


no youd never take it off


why would i be single



wonder what turt would be like if he were born a girl


File: 1571097833460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.27 KB, 858x1200, flip.jpg)


a pure chaste maiden


a norm just like he is now


he would have been raised by a single father and hate all men


mindblowing that fortnite took the most popular game crown from pokemon


hate moids


it cheated by being free


how can anyone call a free game the most popular


does anyone know where the sorcerer is in majula


its redundant free to play games arent even games theyre services


i talked to him near the boat but now hes gone


urge to minecraft


its games as a service


fire up a hima server lets build a nice mansion


fortnight is more of a game than pokemon


neetblog will grief it


sigh no Minecraft no stream


pnig wouldve set up a server and streamed


he would have banned anyone who didnt do his mining for him






i found the sorcerer dont worry and he gave me a ring hehe


i got a ring in there last night


who where


the sorcerer in majula



File: 1571099477923.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


uhhhh senko haha


hate amerifats


love senko


any games coming up


death stranding
mount and blade 2 but its early access normshite


cant wait for zoomers to grow up and start talking about fortnite like the good old days and how modern games are all garbage


randys pasted


archeage up when i wake up hehe


group ironman


you mean dire maul


none of us will be alive by then


iceborne is out


do NOT


any drains


just realized that everything is shit and its always nostalgia that makes things seem good all games and everything has always been shit




thats NOT true


should i play archeage unchained


dont play all games all shit just go lay in bed and fantasize of a perfect world instead


you are ready to begin ritual preparation


File: 1571100122085.jpg (293.99 KB, 1920x1080, dark sided.jpg)


the ritual


played archeage when it came out for a month or so it blows


how korean is it


been spending more and more time doing this lately probably 4 or 5 hours a day


it wont blow when my runescape economic skills will make me the richest player


pray you get isekaid into a good one instead





stop watching drain unblocking videos stop linking drain unblocking videos


its a dirty job someones gotta do it


File: 1571100462755.jpg (298.96 KB, 1920x1080, a46.jpg)

cant wait for the ritual and for our real lives to begin just hope the ptsd from the shiterealm doesnt kick in at random


gonno get isekaid into classic mabinogi


what girl is that


the shit will consume our reality



cant wait to fire up the group ironman


what girl what girl what girl




already got ptsd in this realm sometimes its too overwhelming and i start scratching my head with both hands and thinking out loud


might stream once my internet gets upgraded


dont want to do anything just want to sit in my room forever



feel bad for the guys that play girls in mmos and want to get isekaied hehe they have no idea whats gonno happen to them


holy flip it worked


what do you mean


going to rage if i get isekaid as a foid and have to deal with horndogs


i have a feminine soul


you dont


theyre going to get fatally snapped


theyre gonno look a lot different


i will sacrifice myself and be the female character in the isekaid hima party



pretty sure this realm is a test in order to find those that have the fortitude to reject something wrong rather than lie down and accept the shite


wish to be isekaid to atelier world as a cute alchemist like totori


used to roll female toons so i could jo without having to tab out


dont worry you wont need to we can be an all male party


what kind of homo wants to stare at a mans ass all day while he games


i flip man ass


i dont feel comfortable being healed by a male character sorry


File: 1571101134942.mp3 (68.46 KB, ifma.mp3)




men always make the best healers


being healed by a man is flipping gay and only a sick homo would want to heal aNOTher man


can someone post the egg girl


i only accept healing from a man


we dont have a choice theres no girls here we can only recruit outsiders


if i ever get isekaid into a mmo i do NOT want to be male its much easier to scam thirsty mmo players as a sexy lady


whoever has the lowest test will become the foid


i will give up my honor and dignity for my himabros and become an incredibly cute girl for the hima party


what about all of himakos girl friends she invited here


ill become a anime girl mmo character but im NOT gonno party with hima ill be a lone paladin girl


dont think you guys realize your penis will be completely gone and your body will be frail and weak youll regret it in the first hour


hate penisnorms



sexnorm hours


im willing to give up everything for the sake of my bros i know it wont be easy


it will be weak but with my new manipulation abilities i will just buy muscle hehe


moms coughing a lot lately might need to rope sooner than i thought


NOThin wrong with a nice jiggly piece of manass


gonno shave at least with stubble i can pretend i have the potential to grow more than a 4mm low test chinkbeard


take care of mom once shes gone you will have no one


be glad you dont have a soybeard like me


cracked open a zywiec


need a momgf


a mom wife gf mother senko


hehe thought about buying some the other day



we want dog days we want dog days


youre being lazy by NOT putting in the effort yourself


is the guy who posted that vice video last night here they uploaded a new one


absolutely refuse to break international law by streaming copyrighted anime


gonno snooze gotta wake up for archeage tomorrow


vice is for norms


those 10 counts pnig received were actually from streaming anime


hope he serves them concurrently


wish the freak would geass me into NOT being a manbaby


oooh freak oooog orbit ooooooog


must i jerk it


any good anime games


File: 1571102454453.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.24 KB, 222x242, 1571082296095.jpg)


i dont get it


its a norm theres NOThing to get




there is literally NOThing wrong with orbiting the worlds smartest australian


funY faec


yeah there is it means youre a norm




uhhh nurm hahah


guys dont fight lets be friends


File: 1571102674704.jpg (329.59 KB, 801x1129, 267b352dc141861dfb0e4ebd0f4dad48.jpg)

have you 100%ed this one yet


keep your teens under control admin


rated t for teen


gonno become a teen


need to snap something


i will offer myself up so nobody will be hurt


im sure youre already a teen


stop sacrificing yourself for everything youre making it sound like you want to


its the right thing to do


whats wrong with that


you arent a anime hero youre just a norm


i have the spirit of an anime hero




how about a nice dog days stream


ya stream it


cant believe i missed the warosu dog days streams




stream dokuro chan


stream some manime instead



feelin like bed time


sigh no more fansubs no more good anime


love this one


just figured out it was columbus day


happy columbus day hima


hehe my score is over 500 now




what score




whats a good tard anime


uh thats still low




all anime is for tards


lets pick boruto back up hima theyre throwing us a bone


dog days dog days doggie days


stream milky holme


boruto is unwatchable sorry


my japanese spirit canNOT be broken


dog days pink girl dog days green girl dog days


cant believe one person mentioned dog days now this retard wont stop spamming about it


got my lucky milky holmes shirt on its time to game


dog days is protected jp culture


why dont you stream it to shut him up


he will wake up tomorrow and forget about it


should i go and get some wine


yeah that guy is about to stream dog days for us get a drink


gonno camp dks in order to get nb a nice dragon axe


nb can afford a dragon axe already


i already have a dragon axe and infernal axe


i mena for his ironman


nb stands alone


made an ironwoman


quality of boruto is in direct relation to sumire screentime


File: 1571105309881.webm (1.4 MB, 1280x720, massage.webm)


pink girl dog girls dog days


thats what the police walked into when they raided pnigs house


wasnt gonno ooog tonight but might have to


cant imagine the horrors those brave arizonian officers faced when they raided pnigs snap dungeon


wonder how many missing children were still found alive


just had a nice brush and bloodfloss


File: 1571106306448.gif (798.59 KB, 700x400, 1522542981037.gif)


im a gamer hima i game


crying hima what am i supposed to play now that fortnite is gone


think im gonno go back to eating NOThing but burritos for the next few months


where are his eyes


dont forget to plank pushup and squat before bed


we dont need eyes where were going



already got GRID dont need it rubbed in when im gaming


dont even have the motivation to game anymore time for the paracord


grant us eyes


mindblowing that school children have phones and tablets and talk about fortnite and internet memes in class


fire up the dog days stream



loved reading printed out maddox articles in class


im NOT watching this again




File: 1571107489721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 335.13 KB, 1600x1200, 76449959_p0.jpg)

does this really cost only 1000 yen


ask seki


based sber


foid finds her way onto himasugi


nice gorincel


what happened to fortnite


its gone


owned fortnorms


clever marketing


how do gorillas get so huge if they just eat leaves all day


theyre freaks


they synthesize their own protein



found a place on my body i rarely if ever touched before


is it your taint


no its the ridge of my nose


touch that all the time when i push my glasses up


love pushing my glasses up right before i drop a redpill


File: 1571109333441.png (Spoiler Image, 57.13 KB, 164x201, revs truck.png)


glad my genes arent bad enough to warrant wearing glasses


staring at screens does it so if you arent wearing glasses there is a 99.5% chance youre a norm


File: 1571109564094.png (740.8 KB, 1000x1400, __original_drawn_by_seventeen_st17215__5cf2d9f….png)


need glasses but ill never tell mom ill look like im ugly if i put them on


would like our isekai healer to look like that


wasted 5194 hours screenstaring on scape alone


stinkbug keeps flying around my room


smash it


nah thats a myth and i asked my optometrist this before and he also said thats false


grab the lysol


File: 1571110425867.jpg (295.32 KB, 1206x880, 1571064642687.jpg)


wish i was 23


i posted my chromatic aberration big business theory about worsening eye vision with poly glasses before but i think it mainly has to do with how often you spend up close to things growing up



hate normy potter


sad that little girl with big hair would become just aNOTher sjw hollywood whore


oog sjw




File: 1571111543602.webm (2.88 MB, 405x720, 1571105325326.webm)




what the flip


File: 1571111849822.webm (Spoiler Image, 293.09 KB, 833x1080, __akashi_and_commander_azur_lane_drawn_by_vir….webm)




how many cookies does one flip cost



hate news hate cities hate infections


you shouldnt have a male cat


ive got 3 males and 2 females is that okay


why NOT whats wrong with male cats now


might gotta snooze


think i might gonno finna snooze too


wish i was watching a dog days stream


why dont you just watch dog days by yourself


should i watch this


alright hima should i watch the lockpicking vids or mre vids


how about some drains


how about streaming dog days for everyone


joing after a shower is so nice hehe


youre supposed to jo in the tub


laying in bed clean is the most comfortable you can be


love bed love gamin in bed love being comfortable


cant believe gothic used to mean barbaric


me too


hate bed hate gamin hate being


spermed bloodflossed brushed mouthwashed pushuped planked squatted mewed molted and bleated time to snooze


you forgot to gamed and shate


wanted to be a goth but mom wouldnt let me


File: 1571115834036.png (382.89 KB, 700x700, 1544004383265.png)


always dreamed of dying my hair black and straightening it myself but was too ashamed to even ask mom


why would you do that anyways


hes agp


mom always asked if i wanted to dye or highlight or style my hair i think she wished i was a homo


mom just wants whats best for you


no i wanted to look like itachi


i had frosted tips in grade 3 i think i still didnt have any friends that was the last time i followed the norms


think a girl in 3rd grade liked me but i was too tard to figure it out at the time and she moved away sigh been cel ever since and she probably has 5 kids by now


and youre stuck here having fun gaming away the days with your himas


File: 1571118146187.png (1.13 MB, 858x1200, 1571117909426.png)



based skipper


pubes are getting extra long hima


some guy just told me 'i was single for a long time i dont want to be single again' what in tarnation


paste mark fullmer


shave em off
i shaved the top part of my chest hair in the shower today gonno see how it turns out and i might shave my entire belly if it doesnt get sharp


he knew you were a norm and wanted to norm with you


he was complaining about his hours he doesnt get to see his fiancee


anyone else bite the skin on the side of your nails


damn fine liter of milk tonight


used to but NOT anymore


hope i have a dog days dream


dont flipping snooze


cant remember what life was like before hima


the good old days on jp and warosu


mindblowing that weve been posting on hima longer than warosu


the good old days well never get back too


File: 1571120750176.jpg (137.38 KB, 568x764, 1451229169109.jpg)

gonno buy some more crts


no hope no hope


this could have been us sigh




File: 1571122291973.mp3 (5.27 MB, 14 GEGENUフ・ER DEM EIS.mp3)


crying hima we had one shot in life to be born japanese and it didnt happen


no no the third arc of our lives will be completely different im sure of it we could even enroll in a japanese high school


cant wait for my real life to begin with the december title update for monster hunter world iceborne


phew im thinkin its a shibuya kei night


crying thinking of my boy pnegro aNOTher black male fell victim to the institutions


pnig is institutionalized i saw him stabbing his chicken saying bone check nigga


woke up from my nap had a terrible nightmare have to go and buy wine and burrito supplies to fix this


pnig rolled up with bad paperwork and they took off on him


he got handled by the black car


feeling angry at the world and wanted to stress eat but theres no flipping decent food in my house its been weeks since i had a new jar of nutella


ate some cereal sigh the after taste sucks


havent ate cereal in at least 10 years


dont play it anyway mmos arent for you


bought a pizza eating it feeling tired want to die


yeah may as well buy wow classic instead


archeage is wow but better


no its much worse


makin a weeks worth of burrito filling


File: 1571139265641.jpg (1.72 MB, 2480x3508, 1542454894885.jpg)


oh flip those are nice feet would love to worship


youre NOT wrong mate


get off the fridge you stupid whore


hey hima hows it going


File: 1571148096869.png (45.91 KB, 208x116, flip.png)

horrible i woke up and logged into wow and was greeted with this


package is out for delivery


hope you tip the postman


love the postman he knows im a gamer i game


oh ya wait a minute mr postman



how come theres no videos on exercises a shut in hikkineet could do in his room




NOT falling for the bulk meme again gonno leanmaxx and shredmaxx


how come girls like girly men


theres just no winning


because men are disgusting beasts


nice flippin blizzard nice flippin dm NOT coming out on server reset


owned communist


what do you think of her pnig


File: 1571149908299.png (562.05 KB, 705x1000, e9bdf609379836955f8b180c9885634e.png)


she looks cute but has a gross voice


just want to take this job and shove it and spend the rest of my days leading up to the ritual spending 2 or 3 hours in the gym a day and yucking it up on the internet


do it then pussy


i have to play it smart if i quit i forfeit unemployment


just drop blackpills until you get fired


im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste im paste



garbage bags on the windows fell off


why are there garbage bags on the windows


we need to make incels look better to fight off the norm propaganda that makes us look like pathetic dweebs


to block out the light


why isnt the light allowed in


room is a norm free zone and light is norm


light is NOT norm


its for norms end of story


cant argue with that


why didnt anyone tell my ciconia came out already


now get those garbage bags up you might want to double up a single layer isnt good enough


ate burritos



must have missed it


paste skimmer




can spot one of my posts about 10 above that mustve passed out right before it and thought i was further ahead in the thread when i woke up sigh hope its good gonno ready now


havent read past the intro hehe savoring it


lets read together


im a slow reader sorry




scalps itchy




need senko to massage my itchy scalp


ate some cool whip




NOT sure how amerifats can eat whip cream


never ate cool whip hows it like


File: 1571158089789.jpg (125.65 KB, 1080x1101, 5b190b2f260415a9acb440123807bd8de83372b2864f3d….jpg)




like icing except very thin and with no flavor


thought people bought whip cream to inhale the containers


uh why would anyone do that


for fun


love fun


hate how the norms refuse to make funner a word





hoes mad hoes mad


dog days pink girl dog days green girl


the pink girl


norm days


NOThin norm


the gods have smiled upon me this day matethers for i received the urge to shit NOT one second before i stepped into the shower


File: 1571166299947.jpg (214.55 KB, 1049x1488, piss.jpg)




its natural


File: 1571166816626.jpg (47.85 KB, 750x562, hoes.jpg)




the garbage bags have been reinstated


get yourself some blackout curtains fool


glad there will be no sun after the ritual


those are expensive and i dont know how to install them


pasted teen




why should i ask mom if these garbage bags block out the sun just fine NOT doing extra work for no gain


yeah no point in some normout normtains garbage bags are perfectly fine


sigh spent my first neetmonths watching chaos;head and eating mcd's thought it would last forever


takumi was just like me


mindblowing that mom thought id be a doctor or lawyer but im just a useless neet



you didnt miss anything it sucked


sigh wish there were was a dog days stream


i am a creature of the night


might end up streaming some dog daze tomorrow



you did it now


jontron halloween special gih bros




cant believe newgrounds is dead


it will be when flash dies next year


was there blood


cant wait for pnig to come back and ban all teleiophiles


found that if you blood floss its better to floss only once every other day until they stop bleeding


mom thought id be a computer billionaire because i knew how to plug in a new mouse and NOT get viruses


mom said no more flossing after the incident


impress mom with your kill count


File: 1571174561323.jpg (87.12 KB, 960x720, 9a952466cd65f91fd94fcb9503e53481-imagejpeg.jpg)

me relaxing at the hima mansion after the ritual


paste tinydog


anyone still use bakabt whats it like



File: 1571176568885.jpg (189.8 KB, 1280x720, [Erai-raws] Shinchou Yuusha - Kono Yuusha ga O….jpg)


no its the opposite


hima its an emergency we have ran out of coffee i repeat theres no coffee


mindblowing that incels exist


guys i need jaw implants


just mew


its already over


is jeans and flip flops still cel


depends on what your jawline looks like


hope blizzcon does NOT get canceled


i have high mandibular angle


chinkzzard has crashed and burned


hate this chink


love china so much why do gamers have to persecute them


File: 1571182173409.png (607.89 KB, 906x538, e6f.png)

honor pride and dignity we must protect it


all the shows this season suck cock


the tennis show from the noeins guy is good


should i make a blood elf paladin or a troll druid


did you watch them all


bath time


gth bather


i must soak


gokuraku gokuraku


no point in taking a bath if its NOT a bubble bath


love taking a nice warm bath while browsing hima



kitty is snoozing on my lap


i hunger


who is the amog here


that would be me, pasted neetblog


File: 1571184685344.mp4 (227.85 KB, tqz82ez1fps31.mp4)


woke up


File: 1571184986254.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


moms worried that i wont find a job and we have money only for this months rent


thanks now i gotta jerk it


tell mom to start being more responsible


guess ill eat some dogs


whatever you pick make it a male belf and a female troll


already made a female belf paladin sorry


reroll quick its NOT too late to be male


its too late im already level 6


dog days


is she mad about having to skip meals


think i might be pregnant


you arent




File: 1571188107655.jpg (107.11 KB, 614x702, 1571172248155.jpg)


die norm






time to unleash some hair of the dog that bit me


hair of the norm


hair of the ass flipping chinamen




File: 1571189690651.jpg (705.84 KB, 1920x2160, 1571189283843.jpg)


based agps


cant believe its over


what happened this time


why would any woman want to be a man


need a dog days stream


heroes of the storm got a new patch today hehe



my real life still hasnt started


anyone want to run dire maul with me


how about stockades instead


sorry but im playing an orc female


youre NOT supposed to play horde youre supposed to be alliance in asmongolds guild


only thing i can run is tob


guess ill make some burritos then


can i have one


oh god oh no nonono NO NOT like this


sure come on over



File: 1571191284860.mp4 (13.32 MB, 56zhui8khks31.mp4)


whats wrong with her voice


hate the ethnic food meme


what meme`


muh burritos


File: 1571192073201.png (668 B, 41x18, phew.png)