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i will save her


mindblowing that small a piece of mold is as smart as all of the engineers in japan



if you get some wet aluminum foil you can stick it to the window and no light gets through




finna eat hot chip


die soggychip


NOThin sog


File: 1569986972761.png (233.16 KB, 407x636, dd0e057b1324d871e6e83116f12247b7.png)

that was fast


dont wanna go to work tomorrow


just stay in bed and think about the consequences later


me neither sigh


just dont go


show up but go to the nurses office after 40 minutes and have them call mom


remember seeing the nurse trick in anime and it seemed great you get a nice bed to nap in and skip most of the day but when i went to the office they told me we didnt really have a school nurse


how much of a weeb were you


a big one


loved pretending to be sick so i could go home early hehe


sigh wish i had your mom mine would rage if i ever called her at school flipping selfish bitch


show some respect


no one showed me any respect


used to tell mom to come pick me up and wait outside for hours for her to show up and simply disappear

mindscaping to think just how many hours i spent in school watching traffic and staring at the sky and playing with blades of grass while killing time during periods like this but if it was 10 years later i would have just messed on a smartphone instead


always had to wait around outside by myself waiting


i just had the nurse call her when i knew she hadnt left for work yet


baste spoilernorm


its NOT a spoiler it happened ages ago


nah flip your spoilerer


still no clue how it got serialized it looks and reads like a 14 year old wrote it


love a nice awkward tardstand staring straight ahead alternating pocketed hands for half an hour waiting for mom to give me a ride


sorry she was busy with me


should i go buy more wine or should i spend one more day recovering


wonder why so many people were mean to me as a child even the teachers i think i might be a jinchuuriki


wine it up


File: 1569988065327.jpg (104.54 KB, 699x1042, EFwuanNU8AA39pP.jpg)

are you happy




dont understand that image dont understand most images dont understand most posts dont understand


hate when norms act disgusted at anime to look good in front of their norm peers


they can smell weakness


im doutei


people were good to me when i was a kid even though i was flipping weird wonder if they thought i was tard


only watch manime anything else is creepy


no one has ever been good to me in my entire life the mold treats me fairly


File: 1569988311354.jpg (64.5 KB, 679x510, 1569986357938.jpg)

the mansion will have trained manbaby mommies on staff


still wonder why i had so many friends back in middle school


hate foids hopes there arent any in the mansion


theres no foids allowed in the mansion


what about birls


as long as they arent agp trannies


this will be useful


based dickspammer


reported that video


thought all the birls were agp tranny


there must be some that arent



cant wait to invite young norms to the mansion to be terrorized


can you NOT invite norms hima is bad enough with the few discordteens


norms are our greatest ally


the discordnorms will be kept in a domed enclosure for our entertainment


norms have only brought us pain and suffering


the mold giveth and the mold taketh away


the mold has been nicer to me than any norm ever has or ev ever will


mom used to come into my room while i was asleep and take pictures of the moldy dishes to tardshame me


have been gaming hard the past few days dont understand the mold meme


File: 1569989107333.jpg (83.9 KB, 1200x675, EF2E8UVXkAEJd6f.jpg)


known feel


finna snooze


dont its too early


i was talking about mr williams


have to wake up early


can you help me find a pdf ebook of platos dialogues


stinkbugs got in again squished a few


the flippers are invading my house too theyre so loud when they fly


no no NO you need to live in harmony with the stinkbugs they recognize us as one of their own


they fly into my monitor while im gaming


fire up the ebook irc


any good autism games that play themselves


ya click those cookies


forgot mom left chili cheese fries in the fridge



first page of goodle results idiot


im tard its NOT my fault all i can do is post on hima and game



hima told me to use duckduckgo instead


never mind can you find the manga version




set up a nice cookie farm hima time to snooze hope i wake up to a bountiful harvest





should i rewatch gundam


no fire up some logh instead


nah i havent seen gundam since 2014


seed is the worst one


moeagare gundamu


me want CUNNY


i have unicorn downloaded but never watched it


did the same thing but with 2tb of anime




need to shave my beard and pubes but its so much work


trim dont shave


dont do either only norms do that stuff


like the feeling of being hairless it reminds me of boyhood


started shaving again so mom would stop calling me a numale but now i just shave the neckbeard and my chins


girls are hairless as well


hate girls


wish i had a tube constantly pumping milk into my mouth


drew in illustrator damn fine software


post it


sigh my boy would have replied to that with a nice spoilered frogger by now




only one awake sigh


just woke up


gonno snooze night hima


still neet dont know how long i can keep this up for parents are beginning to look more disappointed and furious


File: 1570015173849.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)




i mutated that vid because the game looked like shite should i watch it




File: 1570017059012.jpg (78.36 KB, 752x960, 1569965058111.jpg)


go under anesthesia instead


multiplication tables are getting easier im going down from 12 at 7 right now


File: 1570019478395.mp4 (264.7 KB, EF3jRPzWoAc9BRz.mp4)


time for work


File: 1570021235604.jpg (365.68 KB, 699x999, __original_drawn_by_nanase_meruchi__bf1f4e3515….jpg)


woke up to 20.665 million cookies




wish i hadnt deleted my cookie clicker save


new neighbors new girl moans this one was going at it for an hour and mom was home


whats she moaning about


its just a shite sketch of a hammer


you know


shes louder than the last one


leave a NOTe tell her to quiet down


nah id jo to it if mom werent home


File: 1570029699440.mp4 (26.58 MB, oog.mp4)


nice cuckold joing to the sound of a girl getting railed by chad


why do girls moan when getting boned


why dont boys


NOThing cuck


scream when i sperm


once called someone on /a/ a cuckold and a mod sent me a message complimenting me for my sick burn this was before the cuck meme


i jo with the window open


nice meme pioneer


all jaypees are meme pioneers except the teenbros


made a couple of hima memes that everyone on hima uses unconsciously every day


name them so i can stop using them


any memers


love emmes


why does mpv have mwheel seek by default


my feet stink


sigh all i have to show for ever existing are the marks ive made on the internet


wish i was a meme pioneer then everyone would think im cool


sis thinks im cool


kiss her then




File: 1570031983099.jpg (152.28 KB, 720x987, 1570028438501.jpg)

the acceleration towards 2020


cant wait to be eliminated out of the job pool the same way i was eliminated out of the gene pool


norms did this to themselves once again the neets have won


File: 1570034473345.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, i.png)


hope that guy skipped work today to neet it up




can someone write an email for me


no but i can write a nice hima post


havin a coffee


File: 1570038573625.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.53 MB, 640x358, nilbog milk.webm)


So far, you've submitted 1 sponsor. You have saved people from 20 sponsor segments.


gonno have to uninstall lineageos


install a nice gamer friendly os instead


found an amazon echo in the living room


why has no one made an os with a built in windows emulator for games


like wine


might pour myself a nice midday glass of wine


hell ya gonno game with that wine too i hope


quit wining


im NOT the alcoholic


why NOT


why do women like wine so much


emulating men


women only like flavored white zinfandels


women dont like you


how come i dont have a car and house and wife with 2 kids by now everyone else my age has those things


you have to go get them


mom didnt send you to private school and didnt buy you a car when you were 16 everyone successful has those things


just wait for the young girls to get tired of having sex and theyll settle down with you


im a gamer i game


working on getting a car and house and wife maybe this time next year but no kids yet


wish mom didnt condemn me to years of public schooling around rowdy niggers


uhhh black people haha


same sigh



simple as that



vased gamers


was just watching that sigh wish they made decent display panels at 1080p with stuff like oled hdr and 10 bit color sick of 4k


just added a sponsor skip to that video


thank you for your service


never click normvids


picked up some hot chip


girl at the liquor store called me hun

they were out of paper bags so i had to walk back to moms car holding the cans in both hands probably had my picture taken as a joke by the 12 year old chads on the schoolbuses that passed me


never once been asked for my id what does it mean


might become a vrtranny seems fun


high smv


dont do it theres no honor pride or dignity in being a girl


theres no honor pride or dignity in being a fat cel balding 30 year old manlet neet slob either what have i got to lose


women desire all of those traits


then why am i a virg


why wouldnt you want to be virg


where can i find a girl who will consent to interacting with me exclusively through text and chloroforming herself so i can show up flip her and leave without speaking


why dont you just buy a nice sexdoll


just wait for sexrobots


File: 1570049574958.jpg (851.26 KB, 4032x3024, sugar.jpg)

hate living in the mansion


classic foid writing that and throwing out the drinks was probably the most work she did all week


File: 1570049989726.jpg (342.06 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600.jpg)

would i get arrested if i sent pnig this card when he goes to prison


worth the risk


why would you get arrested theres NOThing illegal about pictures of fully clothed children


sent pnig a binding of 500 nice froggers


you would just get put on a watchlist but everyone here is already thanks to beauford


dont youll embarrass him in front of his prisonbros


wonder how many free candy bars and ramen packets he gets from the female guards


File: 1570050881126.jpg (216.03 KB, 1558x2048, __original_drawn_by_bouen__0eb86ffe6988461d964….jpg)


im allies with beauford


youre a gods damned norm


wonder why mom didnt abort me


File: 1570051576016.png (23.37 KB, 606x191, 32aafedb274b877f7bb2537bdaa59098.png)



who let her eat that its full of antinutrients


corn is a superfood


love food that survives digestion like corn and broccoli and nuts


dont think ive ever tried pumpkin before


im home hima awful day today feeling suicidal again


british man kept saying i looked tired and overstressed but in reality thats what i always look like because i am cursed with the mantle of knowledge in the form of the redpill


crack open a blogweiser



dont have any so im going to have a coffee instead


get out the sedatives


it has more phytic acid than soy


get in here pnig


mindblowing that sv3rige is actually the sane one


truly believe there isnt a more punchable face on the planet than the food rager


didnt cornfed used to be an insult why didnt we listen


hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boy nice jap trip


File: 1570052851514.jpg (127.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


hb cant wait to jaywalk my way to work tomorrow without looking hope i die


this guy is even more annoying now than he was then


how do norms walk with metal death cages speeding around one wrong step and your guts are splattered all over the pavement but it doesnt even register as a threat in their minds


its terrifying i refuse to use crosswalks you are literally half a second away from some dumb nigger with earbuds in running you over because they were texting


hate driving hate walking life would be great if i lived in a country with a population of a few million spread out over a landmass the size of texas


thought dumb niggers used their 30 inch pioneer subs


nah norms drive with those wireless apple headphones in now they lease cars with $5000 speaker systems and never use them


really no reason NOT to kill yourself if you dont live in an isolated area every venture out into meatspace is a potential death sentence


bought a water bed


cant have the norms finding that out gotta cover it up with a sheet


anything short of a small town with <1k residents and you might as well be living on a sidewalk in new york city i need space away from the flipping norms


File: 1570053810963.png (527.23 KB, 691x360, 39d126e353b848524636c97293ae0282.png)

found something


whats the down payment on that island




whats the likelihood of getting a kitchen job in japan




zero unless you got a visa and n2 nihongo


moms bf gave me $30 to get her scooter tire replaced but i did it myself instead and kept the cash


spend it at gamestop


gonno get a japan smv visa


the japanese were cruel


turt should have fired up tinder in japan



moms gonno give me her current car and buy aNOTher gonno sell it and buy something for 5k that just runs


how do you think he met sleeping surgical mask gyaru on the train


buy an evo



evos are for richnorms



thought evos were cel cars


pretty sure ive seen the same car with a yuru camp window decal twice in the last year


thought his hcim died how is it still hc


hate having my japanese spirit stifled by seeing whiteys in vids like this


japanese will be a minority in japan soon


the majority of children in japan are mixed thanks to seki


wonder what a perfectly peeled apple looks like


like an unpeeled one but NOT red



got a ticket to bangkok gonno seamaxx


youll get arrested they dont allow sexpats anymore


aNOTher chalky what the flip is going on


whatever happened to kill whitey


hes in jail


dont click any western vids about japan


watched 40 hours of japanology last month i have to take a break


post a good episode




based pete


these things cant exist in america because niggers would break and steal everything


inner cities used to be an interesting place to live before niggers were allowed to run rampant


paste explosive racists




classic niggers


theyre all norms


die norm


mindblowing that a non norm nig has ever existed on this planet




anyone watch the fall season 'me


the only people that care about this are norms always been the case always will be




pnig was half white


you are either white or you are NOT there is no in between


his nigger side took over and thats why hes in prison now


the nigger side used the white side as a distraction it was running the show from the start


will his white side take over to help him avoid prison


he only turns white during the new moon


File: 1570061025126.png (591.39 KB, 619x475, e5ijzelje5q31.png)

we need to get him this welcome home present before halloween


theyre NOT going to let him have that in his new home


File: 1570061522259.jpg (841.16 KB, 800x800, 1546740382255.jpg)


going all in on amd


File: 1570061577958.jpg (276.27 KB, 1920x1080, 1570053310602.jpg)

quit playing your childrens games and give me attention


NOThing worse than foids and norms


no no NO i was updating my bios


File: 1570062007475.jpg (116.01 KB, 1280x720, 1.jpg)

if girls like it when you sperg out and hit yourself why am i still virg


you arent attractive


girls dont like failednorms


would make a really sexy girl but i missed the coinflip and was born as a non masculine man


you can always pretend to be a girl its popular to trans out


NOT an agp sorry


then load up on test


its too late that only works if you do it during puberty


File: 1570062378269.jpg (221.09 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

hell ya flip the norms


hate norms


reading the new LQ -Little Queen-


dont like the term foid it isnt vular enough


how about hole


hate normphones


how do fleshlights stack against your average onahole


woke up mom made sausage


i found onaholes to be more realistic


fleshlights are for 47 year old divorced fathers that pay camgirls to call them names


wish i was dumb enough to give camgirls money


having pictures of 3d roasties on the box ruins it too only japanese understand how to help me escape reality entirely


im waiting to buy some covered calls amd had a 80% share in consumer cpu sales at mindfactory epyc is going to be powering the next most powerful supercomputer and microsoft azure and amazon are switching to epyc already and even norms know that intel is a huge meme and intel just announced their i9 cascade lake lineup and bulk prices and its still a joke
their next earning release is in 27 days but intels is five days before so im buying calls on the 15th with 20 days of expiration for good theta
right now the price of $amd is at 28 usd and theyve hit 34 like four times since may it cant go tits up


permission to skip captain


granted these be norm hours


File: 1570064067630.png (351.08 KB, 966x459, navi.png)

better hurry


too many words


File: 1570064161400.jpg (110.35 KB, 1280x720, himako.jpg)



hope himako hasnt found a bf yet


wish i had a shy glasses wearing geek himako gf




you know


File: 1570064526508.jpg (135.01 KB, 1054x1142, 1457585769751.jpg)

kiss me


just started joing and saw that flip you


File: 1570064671786-0.jpg (171.58 KB, 697x1018, 1.JPG)

File: 1570064671786-1.jpg (192.66 KB, 694x1016, 2.JPG)

the cel demon


alright 200 shares at market open captain


im a gamer i game simple as that


massive neetlog hima




shouldnt have deleted the jav folder nobody seeds anymore


the norms control the internet now just like they attempt to control hima


anyone on hima want my xbox 360
already traded in my games to amazon for like $60


you cant let go of the memories you made on it


it has memories in it dont sell it for the price of a burger


you have to keep it for the ritual


its going in the dumpster


mom sold all my old consoles and games


everything is streamed now granpa nobody keeps stuff around for no reason


got every console and game hehe


dont say i didnt warn you when youre spending eternity being able to connect to our custom game


gonno play some greed island


havent read a manga in years should i read this one


dont have any hobbies or interests i just exist and refresh hima and watch vids to pass the time


that is a hobby and an interest


you just have burned out dopamine receptors might i suggest reinvigorating them with some fine crystal meth


hell yeah gotta keep the hedonistic treadmill rolling


sigh mom found where the ants were all coming from


it was like a hundred of them



hey guys gonno have some coffee todays wine day


abstain for just one more day


hope theres a meth lab in the mansion


sorry but thats NOT possible




Do people actually live their lives like this?


owned that freak


ban that teen


promote that guy


seki cant ban himself


gonno need a hug


mansion blankie lab


you can only get one hug a month


no no no that is NOT enough


got a bone what should i do mates


havent been hugged in at least 10 years


jerk it


how about you go tell your bros on discord


really want to quit my job


File: 1570067579026.webm (5.29 MB, 1280x720, planks.webm)


whats stopping you


keep forgetting you can right click a youtube video to loop it


are 25 lb dumbbells good or too small


those are too big for you


any normbell is too big dont bother with this normshite


used the last of my savings to buy weights and havent used them in 3 weeks ive only gotten fatter


File: 1570067819594.webm (546.75 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 12 ….webm)


was wondering if i should put off becoming a twig to train with the dumbells first so i can look like emiya when i do but im unsure of what norms lift


literally weaker now than when i was a 115 pound teen


i am the bone


legs shake when i climb stairs


should have staircrawled


love when i have a muscular seizure trying to pick something up off the ground


emiya lifts cast iron pans does archery and sweeping and picks up boxes from shelves and trains in the dojo



just make sure you lift with your back


thats my current weight


ya but my real life hasnt begun yet so i cant do that stuff so are 25lb dumbells big enougu


25 pounds is pretty heavy if you have zero arm strength do some push ups


its a bit heavy if youve never benched anything but really light if you have so its up to you



always normy


ok thanks


only the manlet can see the foids true nature the others are blind to his struggle



nice bagelcel


File: 1570069034224.webm (1.56 MB, 288x360, 1570065885578.webm)

ota getting btfo


same would never lay my hands on aNOTher with the intention to do violence


File: 1570069235149.jpg (150.96 KB, 1200x1599, j9l8eg16b6q31.jpg)


how much does it cost to go to japan


the flight is like 700


hes just like me


can someone lend me $700




is it to buy a kebab


you need to get flipping jacked for the ritual


do you even have a passport


no why


dont know how turt manages to exercise and work and sleep and shower and commute to work and eat and shite and talk with his teenbros on discord


a passport costs 150


why cant i just pay them 700 and board the plane


because the receiving end wont let you off the plane they will tell you to go back where ever you came from


what the hell just want to go to japan but the norms wont let me


its how they keep the niggers out


he has more t than both of us combined


baste pnig


do you have all the vaccines required


vaccines what the flip why are there so many hurdles just let me in


norms require 5000 additional steps before being allowed to do anything


finna snooze


do you have a travel insurance


why the flip do i need that


you need insurance they will question why youre traveling without one


norm hours gonno game


wish i could game



do people even skateboard anymore


seki does


i do everything as efficiently as i can
at work if there is a lot to do i wont take any breaks all day
but if theres NOThing to do and if theres a lot to do doesnt matter because im leaving after 7.5 hours either way after that i burn out and dont get anything done anyways
i use a gamer mouse with 16 button macros on it so i can work as quickly as possible

i exercise at around 8-10pm because the gym is usually pretty empty but its still a long enough time for me to calm down and my preworkout to wear off before bed
its also advantageous from a physiological standpoint as your test and growth hormone rises overnight
i shower after getting home from the gym it takes around 5 minutes if im NOT washing my hair which i only do weekly

i use my commute time to reflect rather than doing it while lying in bed wallstaring

thankfully mom cooks so i usually dont have to worry about cooking and cleaning which is probably the biggest reason i havent kicked her out


was always too uncoordinated to skateboard and mom wouldnt let me buy one


baste turt


im a sk8r boy


how come i dont look like this


because you dont follow his routine


File: 1570072068749.png (27.48 KB, 920x650, download.png)

we rejected off resistance at the mid 30s again looks like momentum has started to shift to the downside i would hold off on calls until we retest support around $17


you will once you get to the age he was at the time


its NOT reaching 17 please lower your time range to eight months and you will see that theres resistance at 27.5



dont understand that norm graph


cookie farm is going great here hima just started yesterday and things are looking up


everything i can't understand is norm


nice punctunorm die


die apostronorm


got 40 sugar lumps


accidentally harvested a sugar lump ahead of time and it failed and i got NOThing too stupid for cookie clicker


its NOT my fault im tard


cant post about cookie clicking since that guy will make fun of me for only having 20 million cookies


its okay i just started yesterday


took an hour to jo when i should have been studying


mindblowing that christian bale was younger than us when this was made


hima is shaming free zone


File: 1570073801806.jpg (211.37 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0049.jpg)

good op but wish they would stop using video game terms to explain the rules of a fantasy world


File: 1570074041925.png (54.7 KB, 1255x660, amd.png)

from your post it sounds like you think because we tested 34 a few times that its more likely to happen in the future but its the opposite price follows the path of least resistance if it cant break through 34 its going to go where there are more buyers which to me looks like the 16 the area which started the bullish move this year its good that youre factoring in theta but theres also implied volatility before earnings which elevates premium so even if your guess is right it would be priced into the cost of the option


same it makes me rage


the duality of hima


got 70 thousand cookies hehe thats a lotta cookie


die norm


actually calls NOT in the money for nov are like a dollar each its the ones in the money that are expensive


following turts advice could have saved us


theyre cheaper because they are more likely to expire worthless


ban the stocknorms


File: 1570075085397.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)


feeling scared somebody comfort me


youre making it worse idiot


they know


i know


moms gonno ynaj me into oblivion doubt i even have 2 months left what are some good rope brands


get a job working with nb


no dont do it
working pinches


love sitting on the back of the work truck with nb as we whistle at foids walking past



dont click soyboy warning


File: 1570075932975.jpg (142.94 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0054.jpg)

if there are any more gay dog ass smelling scenes in the next episode im NOT watching any more


NOThin wrong with soy




eld looks fun but i dont have time for mtg anymore now that wow is out sigh


is that his gf
some generic ethnic bimbo with tattos and dyed hair


its his wife


thats his wife


why is that manchild married and im NOT


sad that a statusmaxxed millionaire chad can only manage that
goes to show why the rest of us cant even get a birl


the only solution is to split hima down the middle half become birls and then pair up


sigh guess ill sacrifice myself and volunteer to become a birl for hima


no one wants to be a birl though theres no honor or dignity in it


thats why were going to use a lottery system its for the greater good


File: 1570076568093.jpg (203.87 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0051.jpg)

mindblowing that the norms took fansubs away and replaced it with this


everyone shorter than 5'10" will be forced to birlify


phew glad im 5'11


can i still sign up to be a birl if im over 200lbs


youre supposed to resist NOT sign up what are you doing


there are 3 shows being fansubbed and everything else is funimation shite its over


yes you will be placed into the plumper squad


glad i stopped watching anime


should i play fire emblem


nah play advanced wars instead


play fire emblem heroes


think its time to switch to manga


File: 1570077530078.png (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 3000x2004, 76210042_p0.png)

dinner is served


what is that


is that a scat image scared to open it


its a l*li


dont click it


ok i wont


tired hima


long day of working huh


gamed hard today but im NOT feeling good


accidentally wiped my phone all my texts are gone


mom will be disappointed she put a lot of thought into those


hope nb is hanging in there


does ronald mcdonald even exist anymore outside of hima banners whyd they stop using him


NOT sure but now im craving mcdoubles


kids today only know him from mugen


File: 1570082286827.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


mindblowing that norms slave away for a paycheck just to have it taxed and then taxed again when they try to spend it on anything


even more mindblowing is that those taxes are being used to pay us to post on hima


instead of standing up straight as a kid and developing my weak postural muscles i just hunched cant even imagine sitting comfortably anymore


sleep time wish me luck


good luck mate


wine time



why is hima so cancerous first there was the memory leak problem now its overheating my cpu


the baste levels are too high for your computer to handle


woke up any other early rising neets here


i woke up


thinking about going to bed soon but im NOT tired yet

made a new type of sandwich where you put nutella on one slice and butter on the other its really good and saves nutella


File: 1570099795107.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


File: 1570100923532.jpg (2.48 MB, 2480x3508, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mcdowell_gabriel_dropo….jpg)





NOThin oog she just doesnt realise her clothes are too small


she realises thats why shes giving the double v its code for my kitty need flip


comamaxxed hard last night



need to piss but dont want to get out of bed


cant believe i didnt get a piss bucket for times like this


drinkin big



why the HELL did you post this shitemetal


gonno make a cofveve


one day ill prove all my bullies wrong with my success


ive successfully failed at life


thinking about my past blunders


could stream wow or is it the wrong time


why would someone want to watch a wow stream


okay nevermind


going to the store


good luck


keep an eye out for creeps with single bottles of water


tried playing a 3d game and almost threw up this is a real curse


sorry to hear that


3d or vr


misread that as 3ds


when the economy finishes taking a dump the incels will be the first thrown into camps


giving the bathroom a good scrub down


nice killed theradras and it summoned a doom guard and i got owned


make sure you wear gloves you dont want any bleach burns


no dont use bleach use all natural environmentally friendly products


just grabbed a sponge and some spic n span


you probably dont want any cleaning products capable of emulsifying the lipids in your skin natural or NOT without gloves


what you said


i need you guys right now dont leave me alone are you here hima


whats the problem maam


i love you


i love you all


made bacon tasted good


File: 1570114794408.webm (804.58 KB, 1280x720, 1566078020341.webm)


how dare you


mad now



the mold wraps me like a warm blanket


gonno wear the same cargo shorts sandals with socks and iron maiden tee everyday


how do people illegally read manga nowadays havent read any for almost a decade now


cant believe they took onemanga down when did that happen


you know


the mold watches me as i read manga it enjoys this time we spend together


need a moldgf


got dickmold



can someone add a sponsor block for that norm


love a good p anderson vid




guess ill bathe n shave


dont shave you dont want to have a babyface


baby face or soy face theres just no winning



might just have a posh wank



the mold


File: 1570128472331.png (29.64 KB, 719x236, Screenshot.png)


one month until blizzcon hima hope you booked your ticket


blizzard is dead


just keep a nice 10 day stubble


its too much effort


File: 1570129305415.jpg (1.42 MB, 3024x4032, 1570127391983.jpg)

mornin hima


baste manbaby


how come american super heroes all wear tights and are hyper muscular


done absolutely NOThing today wonder if ill keep it that way






File: 1570132348288.png (509.85 KB, 604x579, 1570051943140.png)


what the flip


dead hours


sigh NOT a single post in over an hour guess ill rope


completed my passport application now i need to deliver it to the post office


nice meet you in japan


NOT going to normpan


check ahead because the post office here only does passports during certain hours on certain days
also you probably want to take the picture yourself


uh where else could you possibly be going


where ever the mold commands




File: 1570138577464.png (127.82 KB, 418x308, 2022a1be5671dd6b07ae67a3d2fc171b.png)


got my passport years ago with huge aspirations but never used it


woke up and had some nutella


get your TWIC and MMC


hima im home having a coffee


File: 1570138902269.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.53 MB, 640x358, nilbog milk.webm)


cant wait for the hots news


they are taking the game off life support and it can finally die in peace


cant believe moldova exists


still havent seen what the 3ds 3d effect looks like


it sucks and hurts my eyes i leave it off


ok now riddle me this
im on my way home from work when i see a girl on the street making out with some ethnic one head shorter than me half my frame with awful clothes a beaten backback and an awful looking paki ``beard''
meanwhile im here the supreme gentlemen completely alone and hopeless because im NOT nt


dont mention other mens successes please


ethnic types sometimes moneymax
next time drive into them


did some pushups


do a flip


did some dumbbell presses


next time im getting out of the car and shooting all norms in sight


paste clowncel


the idea of a clowncel is too funny


you want to know how i got these scars


the norms


woke up


the norms woke up


dont let them know about anime its exclusive and theyd defile it with their eyes


rage hard whenever i catch wind of a norm talking about anime


norms love cultural appropriation


File: 1570142694692.jpg (115.78 KB, 1242x1026, bkbm8bis8zp31.jpg)

the norms must pay


whys his arm so vascular


low bf


hes a coomer




i was so certain that the universe would finally grant me salvation after a life of torture and suffering i then looked at my small cramped room and realized that my lonely depressing life of virginity will continue on mercilessly


you say that like its a bad thing


File: 1570143576582.jpg (95.31 KB, 800x597, mfw.jpg)

sigh this was all that was left of him
hes one with the moldmind now


wonder if pnigs cell has any good mold







think i might be an npc


whos the main character


hamudi is losing it boyos...


how come all the crazy people hang out in walmart


whats so great about hamudi hes tard as hell


he is a blackpill jedi


crazy people are poor


walmart has every nintendo switch game for $10 below msrp thats why im gonno be loyal to them from now on


might start shopping at walmart dont need to change out of my sperm shirt to go in


woke up thirsty




whats the point of walmart when amazon exists


whats the point of anything


just said it ten bucks amazon cant beat their price on brand new games


paste preordernorm


time for some hair o the dog


paste alcoholic


got the urge to Drive somewhere where should i go


ford dealership


File: 1570145294857.png (149.44 KB, 778x1337, Screenshot_2019-10-03 Cronometer Track nutriti….png)

todays cronometer


dont know what the flip any of that means


gonno log out goodbye


just made a hima account


did you get the gold pass


bought the unlimited posts package




been drinking for a month straight might take a month off starting tomorrow to let my liver recover


what is the point of npcs existing


so the world doesnt feel empty


what makes you think you can stop


how hard can it be





someone come to the theater with me


dont wanna get shot sorey


take one for the team


File: 1570148539724.jpg (11.88 KB, 300x100, Stand and be Witnessed.jpg)

its your time


the officers are patiently waiting at the mocksville drive-in


incels need to be locked up


she will drop the ecology thing once she gets some chad dick


mindblowing that norms are dumb enough to believe in global warming


there needs to be a squad equipped to handle s rank incels




gonno sell all the incel secrets to fbi


installed vrchat


hope the swat team is ready for clowntron



hope the guy making the camrip doesnt get shot


gonno become a clowncel


camrippers are never american so theres NOT a need to worry


your avatar better be male


why are norms posting clowns now


its a boruto avatar is that okay


ya if its him


uh why would it be


anyone want to vr hima chat meetup


how bout secondlife instead


if your representation is female youd have no honor or dignity


only boomers play second life


wish i could become a zoomer


die oomers


File: 1570150005214.png (47.12 KB, 500x375, 1570055509558.png)




i dont get it


never go oom thanks to my trusty life tap ability


zoomers never got to experience 2006 they deserve pity


made the biggest mistake of my life in 2006


was it NOT roping


gonno rope its flipping over mates


dont rope we need you for the ritual


dont rope youll get a death bone use an exit bag instead


death bone is the manga inspired by himasugi


gonno make david carradine look like a joke


File: 1570150627435.jpg (1.32 MB, 1536x1682, 1570149184133.jpg)


NOT reading that die norm


why does normters video player mute itself if you arent focussed on it


there would be no greater shame than to be eaten by a woman as a baby we are blessed to have avoided that fate


started a blog


is it called hima


howd you know


might start consuming souls to maintain my youth


might make some big ol chicken schnitzel sandwiches with extra pickles and onion


need to stop staring at screens all day eyesight is deteriorating


wear gamer glasses to stop the eye strain


typical darklurker


its NOT a meme our natural state is to browse in the dark


nice fallacy


should i take my passport picture shaved or unshaven



what the flip hima there was a huge mosquito flying in front of the monitor now im afraid to snooze since i lost track of it


unshaven so they cant id you


blankie stat


already shaved guess ill wait a couple weeks


i look like a flipping orc


cant believe that hima posters are NOTorious mass murderers


im NOT a mass murderer im a mass monster


poured myself a small glass of mommys shitty sweet wine hope the alcoholic gets a craving from reading this


im still drinking


why do norms drink alcohol if it tastes bad


for fun


hate norms


it doesnt


it makes you feel good


will girls be impressed by my superior liquor knowledge


girls dont drink


mom drinks all the time


File: 1570153803087.jpg (100.24 KB, 720x695, 1569728042173.jpg)




wish i had some fortified wine


im a gamer i game


still havent decided on a watch


you dont need one theyre for norms


no i need one


get apple watch


no normwatches


get a seiko 5


love a good seiko




File: 1570154802930.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


thought shed be forgotten about today sigh




i love her


time for a nap


no naps


you mean snap


just try and stop me norm


measured my wrists didnt realize it was this bad time to rope


how bad is it




how big do my wrists need to be to get a gf


just harvested my first sugar lump hima


the mosquito has attacked hima i repeat the mosquito has attacked arm is itchy and i feel a bump


dont worry the mold will find the mosquito


love hunting down an engorged mosquito for payback hope you get your revenge


havent seen any stinkbugs yet today


die cookiemog


File: 1570157172712.png (73.86 KB, 446x435, 1570157089526.png)


hate how the froggers and feelsguys halted all progress of new memeguys theres NOThing original anymore


the teens have no originality never did never will they only know how to repeat things others made




do like a lesbian and use your fingers lil dicklet


theres a teen now


cleaning up after a jo is so much better when youre shaved pubes are good for NOThing


dont sperm on yourself


thats the easiest way to clean up where should i shoot instead


just sperm onto yourself and roll around in the sheets no cleanup needed


sperm inside your gf instead let her take care of it


girls hate sperm


cracking open a blogweiser hima


play some kittens instead


cant wait to get home from work and crack open a blogweiser tomorrow


same hehe love friday nights and saturdays


anyone else closes their foreskin to sperm and then disposes of it in the toilet or is it just me


dont have fourskin


crack one open with me long night of gaming ahead of us


its time to snooze


is using cookie monster cheating


hey hima just woke up what did i miss


a bunch of stuff dont forget to read and highlight your favorite posts


wish i was highlighted


its NOT that great


never been highlighted never will


the only natural thing for me is being a bald far 30 year old gamer cel


miss when pnig would highlight 50 posts when he woke up


when will they be hiring bald fat 30 year old gamer cels for modeling the new gamer hardware


was gonno start my keto diet today but after eating a few sausage links i desired ketchup too hard sigh

guess ill just take baby steps and ease it in maybe ill start it for real in a few days



sigh so tired for some reason im gonno nap hopefully ill be back up before morning


rest easy the mold is watching over you



gonno snooze


why do chinks exist


why do ants exist


File: 1570160338015.gif (699.51 KB, 480x270, 1522283827701.gif)


love that gif


File: 1570161114842.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.82 KB, 960x540, babababaaabaa.webm)


hate that webm


cant believe pnig missed both senko and the ababa girl


File: 1570161423158.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1280, 74708757_p0.png)


dumb whore


love abababa love senko


lured the mosquito to the monitor by full screening NOTepad hehe sprayed it with a blast of windex NOT sure where it went but its suffering from ammonia burns now


cant believe theres only 39999 posts left until hima explodes


the mosquito is dead


better NOT be any mosquitos once the ritual is complete



its bed time lets snooze


tried nap but just laid down for an hour instead so i got up and gave myself a neetcut showered and shaved feelin alright


you should NOT have shaved


love the feeling of a nice clear mind after a jo


might buzz it all off hima im gonno flippin do it moms gonno rage


ya do it neetcut those locks


youll regret it


why would i


cant imagine a world where anyone loves me or where i have a friend or where im NOT a tard or where i wasnt bullied my entire life or where anyone wants to talk to me or looks at me with anything other than disgust or pity in their eyes


if i told you my name is chad would you hate me


i love you


you just need a big ole hug


cant imagine a world where anyone would hug me i havent been hugged in over 10 years


get over here we can hug for days if we need to


if only that was possible


File: 1570166785619.webm (Spoiler Image, 384.63 KB, 960x540, 1569003495384.webm)


attempting the snooze for the third time


either snooze or dont but keep it to yourself


you cant talk like that to him


im back up hima didnt know what happened to me earlier but thankfully i didnt sleep long


playin mtg


File: 1570175445855.jpg (140.73 KB, 610x1185, EF3SnbIWkAAiqTK.jpg)


File: 1570175960051.jpg (73.03 KB, 750x942, EF81kFuU0AIcmem.jpg)


hehe she must NOT know


is anyone still awake


File: 1570183306196.mp4 (3.5 MB, monkey trouble.mp4)

scary to think what years and years with no physical contact with members of your own species does to your brain when you look at how other mammals behave the only time anyone ever touches me is during my biannual haircut


i shouldnt be but i just cant snooze


most men break if they go a week without touch


love when a storyteller tries to make me feel pity for a female character that married some violent chad and got beaten


its NOT her fault she thought he was a nice guy just like you so now she has sworn off nice guys


remember in high school that i agreed with calicles on the nature of pleasure and thought socrates was being a complete tard still do


you what


File: 1570188168051.jpg (153.08 KB, 900x1200, __original_drawn_by_oekakizuki__bcee2176b8994d….jpg)


unrealistic a girl that size could never lift a car


holy flip shes badass



just registered himasugi.party and himasugi.pizza hehe


the agitator has left the building


if she lifted the car like that her hand would go through the floorpan and the exhaust would be crushed hate stupid flipping foid worshiping zipperheads


woke up


woke up


woke up


thats enough waking


keep having teeth dreams my teeth keep wiggling hard and falling out wonder what it means


just got home


shrek guy just claimed he was 6'2" when hes my height or maybe slightly taller at best


gonno watch this


maybe you just measured wrong all this time


which dialogue is calicles


just hopping in to say good morning and i love you mates



too smart to buy capcom games


used to get those all the time simply brushmaxx


just say brush your teeth you dont have to copy the norms


mom wants me to go to a job fair


do it might be fun


die mom


signed up for jerkmate


what the hell is that


find a partner to jo with


File: 1570210677756.jpg (550.24 KB, 1124x1600, boobs.jpg)


would this work on a real woman


only if you are a girl


nah if that was the case i wouldnt be a virg right now


is boob suck the equivalent of dick suck but for girls


File: 1570213389800.jpg (595.15 KB, 1124x1600, 2.jpg)


dad called me a sissy manbaby


making all these appointments and completing these tasks feels like progressing a video game




hes gonno flipping make it


theres no making it for me


bored need to do more stuff


time to get swole




NOT gonno make it


wish someone would pay me to do NOThing but sit on my ass and browse hima all day


nice hippie bungalow action


was on the bus some Mexican chick kept looking back at me and laughing flipping minorities


sorry about the caps bros need to turn this auto shite off


leave it on it outs you as a god damned norm


did some joexercise might head to the grocery store then the liquor store


joing is NOT exercise


then explain why my jo arm is bigger than the other


cant imagine having harms smaller than 18 inches ever again


you sleep on your side


File: 1570221007781.jpg (109.39 KB, 800x600, 8e0bea97-b874-4153-bfb8-f4d90ca8f62f.jpg)


games arent fun anymore after spending hours filling out government documents by hand
i need more forms to fill


could you fill out a form to schedule my execution


games are simply a replacement to simulate progress and success


only a norm would think that way die


its a fact


high iq
low iq


die norman


woke up moms gettings subs


mom made shitty soup


hb hima its friday night im home alone and having a coffee


gonno click some cookie



im way too vascular my hands are completely covered in veins


its fine were freaks


simple as that



think that wanting to die is the highest indicative of high iq after all this life is pure shite
is there even one person on earth that loves life and is NOT low iq




a lot of those physicist guys seem pretty happy


mom scheduled me a marriage interview


with a man or woman


a child






be productive



carl sagan
richard feynman


sagan was a npc feynman wasnt a happynorm


File: 1570228165011.jpg (637.92 KB, 1280x1816, dOx2X3a.jpg)


gonno become a harem master


File: 1570228467618.jpg (516.67 KB, 1920x1078, 823d3ec6.jpg)


whats that


got back from the liquor store time to drink lets get cracking spent 200 stocking up


dont your liver will fail


how come people who drink some live longer than people who dont drink at all


bought a mail order bride


from where




you cant breed chinks


whats stopping me


the mold


is the mold part of me or am i part of the mold


File: 1570231557570.png (46.18 KB, 711x534, aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmJlc3RvZm1pY3JvLmNvbS84LzQvOD….png)

its flipping over for intel


caster is trying to make us into wands with the mold dont fall for it


the mold


we need to save intel by buying ice lake laptops


what do i need that much performance for


just bought aNOTher aris shirt


benchmarks diablo2 and scape


dont play any of those games


File: 1570232487200.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1527216760935.png)


sasuke failed to make her honorable and dignified


how come an autistic flip like sasuke has a wife and i dont


high smv


norm normv


have a chadlike bone structure but its covered in fat


hes currently the strongest ninja alive
if you become the strongest ninja in this world youll probably get a gf


isnt naruto stronger


you dont talk to girls


its NOT in his power to change dont give him false hope


its NOT in my power to change the mold it changes itself and we adapt to it


probably the most attractive himamate even more than seki but i sit in my room all day


no youre ugly and you are a product of your looks you were always powerless to change your destiny
just be melancholy


young foid was staring at me while i was in the grocery store wonder if she was eyeing me for the snap or the neet cel manbaby


watching out for you all cels are dangerous murderers


still flapperlaughing about the tennis racket post


post a pic coper


dont think i mog chadseki but at least im 6'3




wonder if its my destiny to work at walmart


File: 1570235744401.jpg (Spoiler Image, 973.65 KB, 4147x3110, pic.jpg)


mogs me


whys everything so yellow


cant believe everyones partying with their coworkers


as my good friend naruto would say believe it


havin a late nightcoffee


hope its unfiltered


File: 1570238090766.png (831.09 KB, 794x673, This_is_America.png)


how come nobody sat near me at lunch


sat and talked with the one weird kid that had no friends and nobody to talk to and sat all by himself remember asking him why and he couldnt tell me


that was me sorry


sigh think i was his only friend then he moved away and probably roped


was sitting alone at lunch and a girl classmate tapped me on the back and asked me a few questions trying to make conversation before walking back to her group
think i shouldnt have given one word answers she mightve been pitying me


i was the one weird kid at school and got bullied mercilessly for it


stop talking about sc**ol


wonder if i never got bullied because of my aura


nah he got a gf


been in bed most of the day to lazy to start pc


wish i had a bed


ota is down someone posted cp and reported it poor teenmin hehe


thats epic


was it pnig approved


hope beauford didnt already go to bed


File: 1570240502112.jpg (138.36 KB, 1280x960, 1570228639020.jpg)


File: 1570240665753.jpg (572.45 KB, 1014x621, 1381906827023.jpg)


i named that norm teenmin years ago glad his shit is finally dead


you cant talk about the oatmin like that


File: 1570242102236.png (1.73 MB, 2010x1170, __kakegawa_hazuki_study_steady_drawn_by_kiba_s….png)


i need her


never used discord in my life




baste broom


shame that mugen died



File: 1570243799475.png (Spoiler Image, 160.59 KB, 796x600, 1570238082061.png)


guys should i buy a seiko 5



get the good seiko you know the one that has better movement than most rolex ones


nah get a timex navi ocean instead


the chronographic capabilities are NOT the focus of owning a rolex


watches make you look like an old dont put one on or your anime adventure will never begin


whats the focus


gonno buy a casio




only old people buy timex


get the one with a calculator hehe


get the seiko that has buttery smooth hand movement you can stare at that all day instead of a wall


found my old tamagotchi





had like at least half a dozen tamagotchis over the years the battery would die or id lose them


File: 1570244310495.jpg (164.14 KB, 826x1170, 1568434006932.jpg)


gonno get an omega speedy its the watch that put the man on the moon after all


get this watch instead


my tamagotchi is probably dead of shitting his own room without cleanup for 2 decades straight sigh


death by shite



should i watch the joker movie


sigh pack of zoomers ruined my gym visit didnt get to slap the slapbag


they dont allow incels in the theatre so you cant


joker is clown kino


is ota down


yes i took it down :) i reported it to the fbi ;)




might settle on a nice jughans watch


dont worry ill put in a good word for oatmin with beauford he will take care of it


sigh otamin was my based celbro


its back up


oh flip oh flip accidentally ate an apple seed


vomit quick


apple tree is gonno grow out of your stomach


mom is supposed to slice the apple for you



File: 1570246867387.webm (1.58 MB, 544x960, 1570244246112.webm)


love pinning a dog to the floor and making it spin as it tries to escape


if i did this id get arrested


surprised the little twig legs on that guy are able to support a full grown foid


no manwebms they make me nervous


File: 1570247054035.webm (1.93 MB, 854x480, manlet.webm)


get a grabahan watch instead


skipped leg day


how old is he





dont body shame


File: 1570247474166.jpg (145.91 KB, 750x1211, paste.jpg)


glad teenmin is finally dead


love leaving a nice thick glob of sperm inside mom


File: 1570247804811.jpg (105.1 KB, 644x692, 1570215781430.jpg)

hope you guys all have six figure jobs or youll never get yourself a gf


dont post your sick thoughts


NOT a thought




what about the wage gap


wish i lived in arizona id get a job there


why would you work there when you could work at a water store printing money by turning on the faucet


what can you do


shitty frame+only training lats and chest+walking like a 1950s cartoon character



die nolink


i could get an employee discount too that gives me a fresh comet lake cpu off the top of the silicon bin


yawning up a storm


cant believe pnig went from neet to waterboy to vp of sales for intel americas


cant believe intel hired a child snappist


he made powerful connections in ped prison


hell be walking free on halloween just in time to post some halloween pics


File: 1570249367762.jpg (701.7 KB, 800x1129, 1505982988118.jpg)


is the trick when the sexy lady undresses and reports you


hehe look at her nips


didnt understand anything from danmachi s2 hate when i dont understand plots




his halloween folder was confiscated



oooooooooog me see child me bone


File: 1570250344762.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


File: 1570250367452.webm (384.63 KB, 960x540, 1569003495384.webm)


you mean nursing


its NOT my fault that children are so incredibly sexy


open every abababa webm and leave it playing for at least 5 minutes


i hide it


you might be a pedophile


made a groundbreaking discovery


File: 1570250587553.png (460.56 KB, 1198x798, 1570250376704.png)


no point in being racist now that pnigs gone


always wondered if there was aNOTher nig on hima who was secretive about it unlike the other one


i hold secrets that hima may never know


File: 1570251336830.webm (4.98 MB, 1920x1080, 2019-10-05 00-46-03.webm)


paste darklurker


crying thinking of iwata


flip him he ruined gaming with the wii


just tried this didn't work


shut up


nah flip you and that norm his last achievement was the wii u he died of shame


zip it


have the house to myself gonno raid the string cheese drawer


me on right


hope malayguy is doing alright


he roped


there is no paradise in this world for we are all chained to the hedonic treadmill
the ritual is the only way out of this hell




what about the few seconds after a jo thats a mental paradise


ban the naysayer


hope maltaman is doing alright


this guy is paste


he roped after he heard what had happened to malayguy


File: 1570253161933.png (264.68 KB, 441x641, Screenshot_2019-10-04_23-24-16.png)

ritualtrons 2nd dog


nice nanny dog


NOThin worse


gonno buy myself 4 mcdoubles hoooooo boy


sigh i havent had mcds in ages moms flipping starving me


hate mcd


NOThing better for a neet


be on the lookout for rare poke


is that the thing where the chat plays pokemon by inputting commands


the mold


oh flipp ohhhhh lfippppppppp oh flippp pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


got mold in my eyes hima what do i do


embrace it welcome it and say hello to it


feel the mold in your eye and know that it embraced you like an equal


it lives near you it lives within you and lives with you


File: 1570256127360.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


File: 1570256201733.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


whats the story behind the abba girl who is she and why does she have horns


shes cute and shes a girl


shes horny


and shes a girl


how come even the most ugly autistic freakish drooling retarded deformed girl can get a bf and im cel


its all about personality


its the way of things


might fire up some diablo 2 tomorrow anyone want to game


cant believe so many scams on the internet are from men posing as girls youd think big tough scammers would find it too dishonorable to pretend to be a girl


norms have no honor


honor is for norms


the only true honor resides in the mold


just realized im a modern day diogenes



gonno grill up some limpets and saltfish and sharksteak and dogfish and mullets and oddfish with savory pickle sauce and thrushes with blackbirds and various pigeons and roosters and pan-roasted wagtails and larks and nice chunks of hare marinated in mulled wine and all of it drizzled with honey and silphium and vinegar, oil and spices galore


how about some imitation crab meat instead


do you like it


gonno resnooze flip this


woke up late today




cant even resnooze guess ill just hair of the blog with a nice irish coffee


File: 1570278115304.jpg (114.56 KB, 452x687, hima.jpg)


File: 1570278515507.png (241.64 KB, 488x655, EGHI1QIVUAAQB7T.png)


god flipping damn it my favorite earbuds broke


time to upgrade to a nice pair of headphones


they dredged up some younger guy from aNOTher plant down south and that fucker called and woke me up to ask if i was coming in today when i told him no he kind of paused for a few seconds like it was the unthinkable

just because youre an idiot that works himself to death for shekels doesnt mean i am i dont care if you go complain about it were in a employees market now id find aNOTher job in no time i bet this retard gets paid less than me too


File: 1570280360034.png (1.43 MB, 1067x2000, __mizuki_original_drawn_by_kutan__e8417b9c487f….png)


File: 1570280520515.png (113.05 KB, 332x351, b7ae988630316024b1c549c8c2ca0549.png)

love when amazon recommends me interesting things i do NOT need at all yet i still consider it for a second


File: 1570280547237.jpg (84.5 KB, 1242x1189, 1570215156041.jpg)


those randomly generated indian videos also make a lot of money same with the phone games its pretty easy to make money if you try


File: 1570281101216.png (536.03 KB, 754x1077, 069ca642041b78b58144537941bf63a8.png)

hate foids hate wks



File: 1570282121031.jpg (910.59 KB, 1375x1694, 1570278362962.jpg)


can do that easily give me my 100 thousand big ones


yhey hima woke up





cant wait till they get to the ant arc


yorknew is nice too


if they are on the norm island arc im mutating the flip out of that but im going to mutate all the vids anyway just like i did all the others hehe


first off you bastard second NOThing norm


pretty sure that entire arc pinched and you can skip all but maybe 3 episodes


do these norms watch like one episode a week or something


nah the training with brisky is baste killua going to the hunter exam is paste and the dodgeball match is nice


ya theyre gonno get to the ant arc in august 2020


the entire concept of the greed island arc is annoying because it makes no sense at all when resources and logistics are considered it was better off at the start when they made it seem like it was a real video game


die ped


NOThin ped


its all self contained and nen just does the turning into a card thing and moving people around


oh and the npcs hehe


mindchinking just how much worse asian americans are compared to regular asians


worse at what


File: 1570292302964.jpg (528.19 KB, 1536x2048, EBujSxiU0AA9nnj.jpg)

do girls really draw this sort of thing


ya they love it


im a gamer i game


they want snap


just cracked open my first hair of the chink that ate his own shite


love waking up with the shakes and staving them off with a nice refreshing 40 oz steel reserve


latest currybutt vr tranny escapades


File: 1570295213224.webm (188.71 KB, 320x320, p8B_vtl4c5WR41x8.webm)

dont understand zoomer memes


they saw epic old internet memes and how random they were and copied them but failed simple as that





File: 1570295653824.webm (Spoiler Image, 365.67 KB, 1920x1080, 1569641803078.webm)


it beeps like the microwave hehe


File: 1570295722908.jpg (730.94 KB, 914x2030, EF7SeB8WoAAqvm6.jpg)


i do NOT understand at all


dont understand why zoomers find ear splitting audio with a face zoom funny


currybutt turned into a vr tranny and now spends his time being a girl in vr


scared of getting trapped in sparkys vr reality marble


File: 1570295985194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.26 KB, 720x576, williamcrenshaw.jpg)


this is my son he has autism
i may need your help with him


crying for his father hima


cry for your own


never had a dad




why is it that grown men who watch cartoons or anime are generally higher iq than men who dont


File: 1570298943159.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


die norms


senko senko senko senko senko


phew went 21-3 today on street fighter


damn fine gamin brother


hate violent games


im a gamer


i game


watching old jontron videos


love binge watching youtube vids all day every day


quit consuming start creating


nice wk incels


been a wk all my life dont know anything else


would die for a woman


same my life has no value compared to the life of a woman id happily sacrifice myself to simply convenience one


the norms claimed aNOTher one


gonno pan-roast some nice chunks of hare marinated in mulled wine




how are you so talented


never pot roasted never ate hate never had mulled wine


its my turn to choose our wine for dinner in the mansion this evening


make sure to add some poison to it


hate the old poisoned wine trick


File: 1570303126678.png (715.07 KB, 890x601, FB_IMG_1570247739287.png)


why is she wearing that stupid costume


will ony be


wheres robert


nasty roast thinks shes a anime girl disgusting


they fired him for toxic masculinity


File: 1570304038040.png (2 MB, 1369x2036, EGCVx04U0AAF4XN.png)



why is the concession cashier selling tickets



File: 1570304458054.jpg (63.95 KB, 1072x951, vdy9JfW.jpg)



normor names


heading to walmart hima anyone need anything


ya grab a couple of tuna cans please


need a gun


mindblowing that you can walk into walmart and walk out with some groceries and video games and a nice m16




abababababababa girl at mogra


cant wait until we have 5 or 6 himabros making weekly visits to walmart for supplies


wonder what the shortest distance between two himamates is


havent jod in almost 10 days it physically hurts


dont think ive gone more than 24 hours without joing in a decade


did anyone get shot at joker yet


i think theres aNOTher hima in vancouver


die normcouver


gonno stop being an incel


the mold came to me last night


File: 1570307563572.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.14 MB, 405x720, 1570265372115.webm)

hate when this happens


paste onseki


how come girls dont do that to me


low smv


poor seki


NOT watching that norm vid


what instrument can a total flippin tard learn


drums were made for tarding out


can you learn to play them though


how hard can it be


i cant even play cookie clicker properly



what do you mean you cant play cookie clicker properly


i keep flipping up the sugar lumps


dont forget to use cookie monster


paste hima ironman group


thats cheating


no it just helps with the golden cookies and stuff


im NOT using any incel addons


keep flippin up the gods damned sugar lumps


whats there to flip up i stopped playing and then a couple of weeks later i had 40


ironman is gay but ill join the hima clan


i harvest them too early and never get the sugar lump





but i dont want to click it


File: 1570310076333.jpg (382.4 KB, 638x850, c2cf59cf4af22803b6b4e2e149ce4401.jpg)


wish she was taking care of us in the hima mansion and


and what


whats a wrinkler


i am the wrinkler


moms picking up italien blts tonight hima i asked for my favorite and shes getting it


they steal your cookies make sure to pop them right away


why would i want to summon a thief


hell yeah tell her to NOT forget the coke zero and nutella cookies


what do you mean nutella cookies what are those


File: 1570310875509.jpeg (72.08 KB, 826x620, 1488905025528.jpeg)


ate a bunch of nutella once and puked never ate it again it blows hard


love a good tard feast


have yearly phases where i either love or hate peanut butter


me too


never had pb whats it like


dont understand




File: 1570311683076.webm (2.43 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san ….webm)


why am i a loser


why wouldnt you be a loser you dont do anything




flip senko flip that retarded bitch god dammit


why dont i


free will


shes NOT retarded


cant wait to fire up this huge feast i spent all day making then wash it down with a few blogweisers and get the propofol iv infusion started so i can comasnooze through to next week


gonno build a boat and sail to japan


almost everything is decided at birth


need to be unbirthed


should i grab myself a few blogweisers


how do i reroll my life


hell ya you should about to crack one here myself



simply start anew


cant wait for my real life to begin when rajang comes out on october 10th


whats that


what age is the loser breaking point where theres no turning back NOT sure if i passed it



iceborne isnt out till january


its 30 thats well established


are you saying that its possible to unloser yourself at 29 cause im pretty sure thats NOT true


there is no breaking point you can unloser at any time


if youre a failednorm then its NOT possible but a truneet can still turn things around they just choose NOT to



how can you tell if youre a loser or NOT


no no that cant be true it has to be 30


have i ever called you a norm and told you to die then youre a loser failednorm


if iceborne isnt out until next year for you youre a loser


File: 1570312763076.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


NOT a single person on hima hasnt been called a norm or told to die at some point in the last 5 years


i havent been the mold hasnt been


die norm


accidentally called myself a norm once that was embarrassing


same my posts are so non distinctive that i accidentally reply to myself sometimes


senko senko senko senko senko senko





norms love senko


i love senko


woke up whys senk still being worshipped


i love her and seeeeeeeennnnnnnnkooooooooooooooooooo


File: 1570313746321.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, Monster Hunter World_ Iceborne_20191005181341.png)



figures theyd be putting gross men in there cant self insert unless its a beautiful neet


File: 1570313763213.gif (2.61 MB, 223x360, 1570313513101.gif)


why is your ability to jo decided by the men


love men


hb thats a morning surprise


im NOT gonno jo to two strangers flipping if i cant self insert im NOT joing


youre supposed to self insert as the woman NOT the man


sicko thats NOT norm


only look at yuri no men allowed


cant jo unless theres a penis in the frame




sex is disgusting cant jo to that


wish to snooze but i know ill wake up at midnight


make yourself a coffee crack a blogweiser get the nachos going and game then


mom ordered pizza and wings hoooooooooooooo boy


really want chinese food tonight but moms being a bitch and making me eat house groceries


hate when mom orders chinese


going out gonno buy kebab and blogweiser


this cant be happening


phew think i just ate 2400 calories in 20 min gonno get the propofol infusion going


File: 1570315980679.mp4 (83.82 MB, e6slrz.mp4)


File: 1570316103107.mp4 (19.61 MB, chimp.mp4)

wish i was black


dont understand why the other races dont simply wipe out negroids once and for all


the kikes wont let us


if our ancestors knew this would happen they would have massacred them instead of enslaving them




stupid failednorms


just lost aNOTher sugar lump


mindsundering norms view them higher than us cels


wonder what happened to yardwork guy


work and his wife are keeping him busy


could be outside stacking rocks but instead i sit here and refresh hima all day



im back hima got myself three weisers lets crack open a cold one with the boys




NOT clicking that blizznorm


eating only makes me more hungry


hate drinking a lot because then i piss a lot


NOThin wrong with a nice


stop drinking piss drinks then


all i drink is water


neet breathing
dance of the blog god


what shows am i supposed to watch this season


NOThing read a nice manga instead


tardlaughing at that blizznorm getting owned


hate how soys and foids ruined video games
when i was a lad it was just my bros and me


more girls play video games than guys


cant read sorry


back in my day they didnt



phone skinnerbox remixes are NOT video games


according to who


File: 1570318534245.jpg (109.42 KB, 796x719, [UTW]_Accel_World_-_09_[h264-720p][C16FEEA].mk….jpg)


File: 1570318793173.jpg (48.19 KB, 480x360, 06019.jpg)


should i watch accel world


me im a gamer i game




thought hots was gonno go uphill after orphea but they released the nig oc and im never reinstalling it again


File: 1570318968257.jpg (329.59 KB, 801x1129, 267b352dc141861dfb0e4ebd0f4dad48.jpg)

cant wait until the christmas sale so i can buy this


why NOT just pirate it


im a gamer i game


love a nice mobage


inccel world is baste


File: 1570319387826.jpg (52.74 KB, 635x269, tort.jpg)


simple as that


File: 1570319568433.jpg (13.95 KB, 300x405, th.jpg)




File: 1570320053328.png (2.1 MB, 1920x1286, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_drawn_by_kazenokaze__1….png)

dont forget we need to get abs for next summer


sigh its too much work just gonno order some tren


whats the point of abs if i have