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an a press is an a press you cant say its only a half


drinkin that wine whos with me






die tj "henry" yoshi


this one please


mouse is double clicking sigh


going to use this thread instead


the other cel got a 350 reply thread on ota because he got a respectable number of kills


die norm


File: 1565831763682.jpg (458.52 KB, 1277x717, 346af6f9b8d63e4bbb7d44ce05f9fb6f.jpg)


dont know which thread to use


NOT gonno use the sexnorm blogs


gonno watch pewds and snooze


is he still doing normcraft videos


yummy feets blog


finally this is it


really funny episode of dumbbell that was great


how can people keep on working for years without any meaningful vacation time


got left behind with my own post sigh


paste gambler


where do you need to vacation to


got left behind





File: 1567049361940.webm (5.51 MB, 1280x720, 1567047982286.webm)

dad caught the vr tranny


how can someone who sounds so low iq afford to buy his kid a 900 dollar vr headset


hate vr trannies


dont think you need a vr headset for that game


despite all my rage


just fall of my chair


was going to post a painless death infographic but i dont want himablood on my hands


mowed for 2 hours got left behind


post that badboy


got the exit bag strapped on and ready to go at all times just in case


mom would be sad


File: 1567052437697.png (432.86 KB, 640x804, 1567045991373.png)



wonder how many times someone has taken my picture in public and sent it to their friends as a joke


never been in public


how are you gonno get a tall building


remember saving a helium one back in my teen years


if that was the teen years you must still be one now


were all gonno be teens if the ritual goes through


anyone under 26 is a teen


wish i was a teen so bad


im only interested in returning to the <9 ages


its NOT that great



whats the point of being a teen again if you didnt have a car or friends or money or a gf the first time i would rather be five and innocent again


wish i was a teen in the tool days


teens never existed in the old days you became a man at 13


you only become a man after your bar mitzvah


we are all peasant stock we were meant to work and die without time for contemplation


but i had friends


wish i didnt turn down so many girls




File: 1567053803132.jpg (179.41 KB, 1260x1255, 1567046756233.jpg)


a truly mindblowing experience when you come to the realization that everything everyone does is a cope for whatever they canNOT do


hope that post is a joke and you understood that two to three seconds after the first time you saw cope posted


wonder if pnig will get himself a 3950x after hes released he deserves a treat for the stress hes been put through


last living uncle shot himself in the head no one found him for weeks until now


who gets to keep the gun


cant tell if the guy on the far right is a cutout or NOT


the government keeps them i think he had a bunch


youre a brainlet im talking complex social systems as in why a society behaves different from aNOTher society


like ponder on the idea why japan takes obedience more seriously than western countries and what could they be coping for


all asians are coping for their little shrimpdicks


couldnt even win 1 time out of a hundred tries


put the bong down dumbfuck


time for some more yardwork


evolution is a cope


hate weednorms so god damn much


wish instigator was here so he could drop a nice reaction image to that post


kill yourself




could have been the next zizek


instead you chose to be a teen that orbits other teens



sigh pamperchu died


drugnorms are fine if theyre friendless neets that order it online but normseki chitchats with his dealerbros while logged into himas admin interface it makes me want to retch


File: 1567055898835.jpg (199.36 KB, 1280x960, 1305697059295.jpg)

check out my girlfriend


nice liar


*tokes up after work*
*logs into hima and shares post histories on discord to laugh at with his bros from work*


my post history is clean


hate norms so god damn much


hima is gonno be all norms here soon things have gotten worse and worse


NOThin to hide NOThin to fear


warned you about 2020 but you didnt listen no one ever listens


sleeping hopefully all the discordnorms are dead when i wake up


we were supposed to make it in 2021


love the discordbros they steam the neets


love a good neet steam




File: 1567056568199.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.39 KB, 1024x1021, 1560111181445.jpg)


gonno look for some jobs


was that the guy that ended up in the military


discordseki drove all my bros away and then had his teens emulate their posting styles sigh i hope we can all gorogoro again someday


onseki is paste


nah the place is overrun with norms


kens constant sockpuppet arguments maintained the illusion of life for a while but its all over the norms won


just had a nice cry remembering pasted haurchefant


File: 1567058747419.mp4 (6.55 MB, XSEeEEZPNYS5jgYw.mp4)


sigh the servers are down


owned wownorm added your ear to my collection


you should support your fellow blizzbros


glad were using this thread its a great one


hehe gonno listen to that new tool album


why bother


why even bother being alive


too lazy to rope


cracked me back


wish to eat but i have to decide what to watch first


you should be eating at the dinner table with mom


cant look mom in the eyes


File: 1567063446173-0.jpg (878.89 KB, 3000x3000, cover.jpg)

File: 1567063446173-1.mp3 (30.97 MB, 07. 7empest.mp3)

File: 1567063446173-2.mp3 (9.97 MB, 06. Chocolate Chip Trip.mp3)

pass that bong and gih


die drugnorm


wine time


could really go for a b___n ___o_____y rn


dont try i spelled it wrong


might become a flat earther


servers are still down raging


oceanic servers but they just came back up hehe


paste brett


thought of a funny post but its too late to post it


why did god create me if i was predestined to hell


hell in a cel


File: 1567074150582.jpg (166.96 KB, 849x1200, EDCrTiAX4AE3bfp.jpg)


hello miss




sigh got left behind


whats the stuff that looks like sand on the bottom of bread loaves




have to go outside a lot and do a lot of adult things soon give me strength jobnorms


i guess 11am is a bad time for them sorry i forgot


File: 1567093789583.jpg (38.53 KB, 591x335, 1567092904849.jpg)



i went from being the son of a single welfare mom to being a supercel


ban the flippin cels celseki


ya norms only hima is for epic twitter posts and talking about jobs and wives




never twittered never jobbed never wived in my life


hope neetblog is learning a lot on his first day of gainful employment


whenever youre feeling down just remember at least you dont have to manually breathe


how come i cant manually make my heart stop beating


i can manually make mine go up its kind of fun to go to the pharmacy where they have the blood pressure machine and do one normally then do aNOTher and have a blood pressure of 180 for mom


i can do that too all i have to do is think about high school


File: 1567096243129.jpg (81.75 KB, 728x971, 1567096014266.jpg)


just learned something


paste cumbrain


damn that nigga faded


thats a ban


ban that norm


im a norm yah yah im a norm yah yah



File: 1567099347000.gif (25.26 MB, 720x720, 2kike.gif)


nice 25mb gif


File: 1567103155124.jpg (59.82 KB, 640x473, 1567095212750.jpg)

pack your bags


why do norms love money


it increases your status with other norms


hate norms


just realized the yardwork guy is a norm with a job


NOThing wrong with some yardwork


should i play classic


no its for streamnorms


got pilled on portable air conditioners


mom found me a wife


did you consent


my consent means NOThing


all wow classic servers are rp servers because its adult men rping as teens again


File: 1567108205478.jpeg (207.82 KB, 750x750, 100D7EFA-0CD0-4397-A368-093F1184673A.jpeg)


too smart to play mmos


File: 1567109197439.gif (3.82 MB, 540x540, bf222e88807c1d69dc6558e914de1d1e.gif)




big boob gerl hi


why did god create boobers and NOT allow me to touch them


just find a boob girl and ask politely


id get sent to prison


File: 1567111225568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 526.46 KB, 1361x1892, EDJwUdNU0AAL0vw.jpg)


asked a boobgirl that once and she laughed at me so i said nevermind


gran said shes NOT leaving florida unless there is a mandatory evacuation


at mom house
mom made laksa
love my chink mom


lovely kitty


whys there cum in her pussy and a condom on her leg


ive been neet for over a decade


hate florida


File: 1567115397735.jpg (86.2 KB, 832x1146, tl3oephnrej31.jpg)


fired up the opera gx its game time hima


opera gx is pasted


how did they get away with this


Can adult women be cute?


ate 2 mcdonalds


foids were powerless in the 70s thats how


nice cyberpunk 2077 stream tomorrow



wake the fuck up samurai


nice ped


File: 1567117071978.jpg (52.22 KB, 1024x571, 1560207206604.jpg)


why do every other mans fingers look like that but mine dont


like what


do you use lotion


like keanus no i dont use lotion


looks like sausage fingers



only niggers use lotion


90 min queue... wish I lived in east coast to avoid the west coast norms


face has been extremely dry lately i was bleeding so i started using moms prescription lotion and its great




used to use mom's prescription lotion to bate


had eczema as a shota


aoc was ten years old until the roaring 20s


might start taking fentanyl to cure my bonejoing


women are just failed men


im women


they failed in the womb we failed in life


guest service comin with a nice burg soon


had about enough of living with mom shes always been bad but now its like she cant follow words at all you can say something and she will say something off the wall and if you ask her what you just said she cant repeat it i think its about time to take her out behind the shed


tard genes run in the family huh


yeah but shes a woman so she has no sense of honor if i got that bad i would rope like akagi did


you must take care of her its the right thing to do


you wouldnt realize if you had gotten that bad


hurts my heart to hear you talk about your mother that way




all norms are the same especially foids


hate foids hate norms hate hate haet


hope pnig is alright


he is writhing in agony


he was euthanized in accordance with federal laws


would be crying and screaming right now if i were in pnigs situation might even rope too


hes at home doing NOThing probably riding his bike and working at the water store just like before
wouldnt surprise me if hes engaged to tg already


ken is just butthurt he cant spend his nights cruising to the newborn ward on his grandmas dollar anymore


doubt a water store would employ a convicted child potato chef there is too much interaction with children


hes innocent


hes to be hung here soon


wish i lived alone but i would settle for a soundproofed room with a minifridge and a hotplate


only need a small room with a desk computer and bed and a garage but garages only come with bigger houses dont even use half the house here


too much of a pu*sy to play music without headphones or game with the speakers on



just flippin end it


always get antsy whenever i hear a door knock sound


wish i had an apartment with a garage so bad


wish i had a boat


were gonno buy one of these


gonno keel haul the teens day one


cant wait to sail into port on the jolly blog flying captain nbs flag as we strike terror into the hearts of the land lovers


wait she says it was built 5 years ago thats NOT a pirate ship


why NOT


its never pirated


hate norm pirates that havent pirated


pirated with napster does that count




File: 1567126971166.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san ….webm)


senko senko senko senko senko senko sen ko ssenko senoks eoksenko



that reminds me i downloaded superstar saga and didnt install it


that game was pasted


getting lean like posing nude downstairs under the light because its perfectly soft and makes me look like a greek sculpture


put some clothes on freak


die norm


clothes are for norms


when i take my clothes off i look like a fat girl


you dont look like a girl


well i defiantly dont look like a man




nah you look like a man


File: 1567127840007.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.32 KB, 900x720, 1278088509700.jpg)


File: 1567127863198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.71 KB, 1280x720, WC -4.jpg)


queue in hell


oh flip


wearing a bathrobe with no clothes underneath is baste


File: 1567127940179.jpg (755.98 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=EeDvpUzYPno - 00:04:12[2019.08.29].jpg)


might start waking up earlier to hit the gym before work


really hate that pokenorm and his videos and you to gymnorm die


you shouldnt be so full of hatred


thats when i go it sucks because it takes half a hour just to get woken up and i have to rush home to shower and sometimes there are boomers playing on the machines had to tell one to get his phone off the flipping dipping station today miss going at 3am when it was just me and i could focus


tell that to the norms that made me this way


wonder if the bogan still collects


he collects the underwear of all the chinksluts he bangs


havent eaten any carbohydrates in so long feel weird


eat some plants


made some decent cash selling stuff i found in the trash


dont do that


humans sure are arrogant for a bunch of wandering monkeys


carbs are good for you


no we have to get shredded for the ruby


sigh paper mario


when is the ttyd stream


love himastreams


made neetblog threads on a bunch of sites


spermed to the ghost witch girl in ttyd before i realized she was a birl


wish hed blog about his first day on the job but hes probably too tuckered out


die orbiter


that would require me to hook up the shame cube


link one


how do i learn how to manipulate vectors


nen and sama already deleted them


good die teen


priming up a big samashite


gonno eat 3 eggs


only care about roosters NOT the foids


dad has a chicken coop


i mean the fowls


im foul





those chickens are getting macerated wether they like it or NOT a neets gotta eat


those are mallards


learned a new word today


was it mallard


it was malding


cant believe im a 30 year old malding gamer fat cel thats bald





too bad its diablo 3 and that game sucks


File: 1567135350531.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)



mom said shes cutting my allowance sigh guess i need to give up my dreams of saving up for a vita


wonder how many miles ive scrolled


wonder how many gallons ive spermed


thats disgusting


its natural


death to protestnorms death to scrollnorms death to spermnorms







getting tired of the blankers


NOThin blank


mom said i have to get a drivers license


are you gonno stream a first amendment audit from the dmv


whats that


im pushover


m word gives age dysphoria use boy or guy instead


im manbaby


im pmb


30 year old balding fat gamer cel manbaby




wish i could game


whats stopping you


too lazy and will alt tab out every two minutes to refresh imageboards


i do that with anime but NOT games


never seen a day where someone didnt call someone else a norm


cant be in the same room as the computer anymore if i want to game or watch a movie

even when i game i have to listen to music so my tiny brain doesnt get bored


maybe you should stop playing boring shite grindnorm games then


i do the same thing have to be here for the second anyone posts on hima


what are grindnorm games in your opinion because i can almost guarantee you i dont own any


stuff like poe that was the only game i ever played where you had to have on music a podcast a stream and a youtube playlist to NOT fall asleep


path of norms


hate poe


never played any of that kind of shite but all games feel like a grind

when i was a kid i was obsessed with gaming and i could only play at neighbors/classmates houses so i was never able to use them as escapism that well by myself


love a good grind


just feel empty i cant recall a single instance in my life where i ever did something because i enjoyed it instead of just wanting to fit in and do what the people around me were doing


ooog me grind me level


File: 1567144884916.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Machikado Mazoku - 08 [1080p].m….png)


im mindless lemming everything about myself i deliberately copied from someone or something else


remember the lemmings game hehe


my first response was to lie and say yes but i never played it myself i just read about it in gaming magazines and online


hate that game


is that the abababa girl




File: 1567146052351.png (154.86 KB, 1063x683, Screenshot (26).png)

nice 30 year old balding fat gamer resume


wish i was a


might have a movie night tomorrow


what mobie we watching




maybe i could rip a dvd and stream it sometime


i dont think they would be online at least NOT seeded


my posture is horrific think its because i have no muscle


onegai muscle


File: 1567159925653.mp4 (5.46 MB, あまね - 男の子なにもしてないのにw-1166977003251089414.mp4)


still cant believe people actually have sex


wowing bigly


false played diablo 2 for years then played wow for years wow talent tree was the spiritual successor to the d2 skill tree but then they fucked it all up


take it from me youre missing out


sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex


didnt need to make that reply everyone who played both games knew that


the guy who made the post doesnt know


because he only played one of them


so he needs to be informed


why doesnt wow have good graphics like d2


bed time


its time to wake up


time to qigong



laying in bed snoozing


dub ban


check em




File: 1567176171092.webm (682.7 KB, 800x450, gets.webm)


im based im paste im based im pisssssssssss


bow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow


im paste im based



based pasted basted based based based


File: 1567177757979.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 960x540, 1564694920819.webm)


kill yourself seki


wish i wouldnt get so mad over low iq people who think theyre smart




you fucking chink


makes me really mad when people write conventionally compounded words separately


what you said


wish my iq wasnt so high


simply hit the bottle then hit the nozzle


its the middle of the day there is no reason to be snoozing



couldnt hate twitter more


mindblowing that if you add one number to a different one you get a completely different number and if you subtract that same number it fixes it


File: 1567180992928.jpg (207.85 KB, 1881x1373, 328695af356994e77569e8f36dfdbf94.jpg)


File: 1567181413805.png (3.82 MB, 2000x4884, Picture (4).png)



hes just practicing for the audition


1 hour left hima gonno grab some snacks


sick of weekends


was going to hope florida gets owned but im moving out of state and so dont want karma to strike me back midair


love based black man dave and his new special





never played diablo 3 for even a second and have no interest in doing so hate blizzard and their zombie franchise stolen from blizzard north


uh dont you have a phone


you mean her


shat twice today need to shite again sigh think i have food poisoning


love when have the watery shites with the stench of vomit


mindminding that if only men voted democrats could never win


stream is starting hooo boy


why is she buzzing




love vibrating through walls


love making posts with hidden meaning hate waiting for someone to discover them


cant read between the lines when hima posts are only one line long


just check the wiki


wiki has too many spoilers


is the wiki real or just a joke like the sb






this bottled water has dirt floating around in it again


its the bacteria pooping


mom keeps calling me short and fat


are you short and fat


thats NOT the point


moving guys took almost all the stuff


hope they didnt take the weighted blankie


tired but dont want to snooze through the fast hours


anime time


queued up for a random bg


you bros alright


gotta sleep on the couch for 2 days


did your wife kick you out of the bedroom


hate how many richnorms are on hima between the people always getting their houses renovated and the granite countertop guy and now this richnorm that hires a moving service because hes too good to carry a box


all neets are richnorms


ban the arrogant richneets


NOThin rich


baby please kill me


how else are we going to fund the mansion


always be closing


gave up on the mansion im going the yacht route


its NOT even real granite im 100% sure im the poorest guy here


woke up drinkin my joe time for wow


love jo hate wow


carb time


File: 1567206994256.png (75.37 KB, 660x680, 1567206897822.png)





cant believe moms lowering my allowance sigh think i should go on a shopping spree for some games with the money i have left


you need a job




she needs to buy me a car first cant get dropped off at work evetyday


sorry i skimmed


how will you make up for your crimes


buy a bicycle and ride to work




mind if i post some asmongold highlights



theyre all from lithuania


dont get why naruto keeps getting his butt kicked in boruto when he has limitless chakra and six paths sage mode and the ability to make thousands of clones of himself and etc etc


you mena venezuela


hima im starting to get norm culture they travel everywhere work all day drink a lot make lots of money marry a girl have like a dumb looking dog that cost two grand and thats it they love it ots funny


theyre npcs they dont know why they do the things they do


feel uneasy about this one gonno watch it later


bought merino wool boxers from lithuania should arrive in a few weeks


mom made meatball subs


they love their normlives they go to bed at 12 wake up at 6 waste time with some dumb shite then work until 7 pm then go out on happyour drink until 10 and then do it all over again and it doesnt bother them that theyre wasting their one chance at being alive their one shot at consciousness because they dont see it as a waste they love it


damn it a nextcloud server im using it shutting down got nearly 3gb stored there




its time bros get in here


normclouds are all just outsourced to applecloud whcihc is outsourced to amazoncloud which is outsourced to microsoft azure cloud which is outsourced to nutanix cloud which is outsourced to hycu cloud which is outsourced to some guys pentium 3 pc in cambodia with a 5400 rpm hdd






hows nb doinng at work


paste dovy hope pg is having a good time rn


hes already been promoted


word around the water cooler is hes being considered to replace the union president


uhh there tons of servers from different countries and you can self host


File: 1567216686442.png (242.45 KB, 372x454, EDPpTpUX4AEGRd0.png)



havin some arab food and fries hima


uhhhh paste


File: 1567217040749.jpg (443.21 KB, 2048x1536, 1566730005263.jpg)


dont get it


get what






onegai muscle


File: 1567217806581.jpg (83.29 KB, 930x386, andthisisoursonsroom.jpg)





will soon reach my final form


only ever seen that as a soundless webm but why is a chan thing in pokemon


isnt it from one of those musically apps


didnt realize it was so popular but i still dont get why its funny


need to eat some sexy lady booty


same hehe ook ook gimme dat sexy lady poosy


NOT sure why norms are so arrogant 99% of them are replaceable nobodies everything they contribute can be done by someone else and within 3-4 generations they will be completely forgotten no one will care who they were or what they did they were just aNOTher norm


File: 1567220260529.jpg (116.85 KB, 405x561, 1.jpg)


wowing big



dead hours


File: 1567223364702.png (212.27 KB, 491x712, cosplay_girl_3.png)


made myself a white russian


love seeing galaxy NOTe 7 on the tsa restricted list along with things like explosives and firearms


paste lagdroid


is that just milk and vodka or does it have sugar in it


like my sugar how i like my women


the coffee liquor has sugar in it


wonder how memes will morph in 50 years


dont know dont care hope to be long dead by then


wonder what hima memes will end up in official court documents


File: 1567224773332.jpg (543.16 KB, 1010x671, 011_Buckfast_Abbey_(5930472496).jpg)

wish i could try this stuff


uhh haha
sexy lady
dead hours
bhole juicy rn
NOThin norm


sperm in akaris 13 year old vagina


finna brush floss mouthwash sperm and snooze


might have a nice slowjo



sigh brd is such a cool dungeon



just watching NOT gonno play classic


someones already level 60


it was baste t-shite


got some wine


wonder how full his shitedrawer is


he hasnt eaten either so NOT that full


it was maltaman


he's poopsocking with god now


saw my boy on /o/


File: 1567231101156.jpg (1.22 MB, 3000x4000, 8ms1z0e8nnj31.jpg)


mi nombre es lucifer, porfavor toma mi mano







gaming is believing


finally got around to renewing my plumper pass


feel when no squatter teengf


how come when i eat that much i get fat and he stays twig


its NOT funny its popular with zoomers because of oogthirst just like boxy and cracky


wish pnig wasnt dead so i could make a pnig highlights channel


mindsizzling that pnig couldve been a top wow streamer and on the front page of twitch alongside asmongold if he didnt get arrested


was supposed to instant transfer but did it the wrong way and now im NOT getting it until monday GOD DAMN IT


instant transfer yourself back there


wish i could time travel sometimes wonder if anyone else ever feels that way


ugh dumb fat drugroast


invented a cool foodhack: open all of the nights blogweisers at once and pour them into as many 32oz fast food cups as you need


wish i could foodhack dominos into giving me a pizza right about now


feel like im at the big sportsball game doing it this way


hate sportsball


shes NOT fat shes plump


sigh no yamaigf


anyone else eat like a retard

i dont chew properly certain textures make me rage and i cant eat unless im watching tv


wowing big league


hate eat multitaskers you have to focus on your meal or it is gone before you know it


fool always sleep at least 8 hours


just realized ive never had a gf


envious of you being able to eat without being aware of it my food gets cold because im too lazy to use utensils while watching so i have to pause


cant eat at a restaurant without dropping things everywhere and making the toomfool of myself


never had a tv i just watch streams while eating hehe


File: 1567245008240.jpg (77.24 KB, 1200x675, EDSgCj3U8AAaYPK.jpg)


die streamwatch


didnt think anyone here still watched anime


i dont mean literal television i mean the actual shows

commercial breaks in real tv would be the perfect time to eat actually


only norms watch tv shows


watched sticks and stones


when anime doesnt work as escapism anymore you have to branch out


gonno become a stream monster


why wouldnt it work


dont want to talk about it its a long story


lying coward


File: 1567246173216.jpg (61.28 KB, 879x474, 1567200219851.jpg)


wish i was lying wish i could go back wish i could make you understand


mindmelting that my money can be in limbo between two accounts of mine and NOThing can change that except some guy pushing a button when he gets into work on monday


wish i could gorogoro again


what you mean thats all anyone on hima ever does


you dont understand


help me to understand then


weird how projared can completely unmeetoo himself overnight still NOT sure who he is though


File: 1567247458470.webm (2.88 MB, 404x720, 1567242593649.webm)

gonno fire up that d2


same love destiny 2


you know that isnt what i meant lying coward


theres NOThing to understand and until things are fixed theres no point in posting about it


could use a fix right now im thinking caramel milkshake fries and a burg


once went on /v/ and made a thread where i gave out people a bunch of free games then a jan deleted it


i saw a badcrash on the freeway i am gonno cry hima hold me


on my way to give you a big hug


please hurry my knees are getting weaker by the second




think i might get fired for being too edgy on slacl




did you redpill your co workers nb


wonder if they realize im dabbing on them by never +1ing anyones meme skin color emoji but always +1ing the yellow ones


might donate my bone marrow to a sexy lady for a hug



only use slack for either work stuff or to complain about work stuff


File: 1567255611525.jpg (89.46 KB, 640x1024, 1567236720112.jpg)

phew nice plumper


File: 1567255872157.webm (1.58 MB, 338x480, 1567253566080.webm)


File: 1567256085036.jpg (298.9 KB, 1273x668, 1567244924233.jpg)

what a couple of scumbags you can tell they set the camera up and were like hehe lets make a video to steam the incels


mindblowing malta guy is now the most successful twitch streamer of all time


wish baka was my gf


dont even know what im living for anymore


File: 1567256931330.jpg (236.78 KB, 2048x1333, 30a33466f6f40666d1833dfbd6d2c6ee.jpg)


that show and manga is so terrible dont understand why norms latch onto the worst shite and praise it


its better than bha


because its animated by ufotable


it isnt better its worse


nah bha has a world kimetsu is just a weird empty thing with michael jackson


die shounennorms


i just like nezuko shes a sexier version of morgiana


yeah shes sexy but it feels like it was written and drawn by a 16 year old


thats all shounen


if you can do better then lets see it hotshot


i just have a fetish for imouto characters that can shrink into a sexy sexy chibi form


File: 1567257432093.jpg (1.43 MB, 2282x2496, __original_drawn_by_hieung__c0cf741b61f434602f….jpg)

how bout a feral gf instead


dont like that they turned mj into a villain like he didnt suffer enough in this world


only if she shuts up and heals


mindblowing how good hensuki is


got stuck in my chibi form this isnt good


yes it is


sexy come sit on my lap


bed time


signed my name on the s.w.e.a.t. pledge right under where nb signed its time to step up to the plate boys


where does that boomer get off telling people to take shit jobs when hes a tv star


do as i say NOT as i do


somebody tell me what im living for




wtf penn jillette and john carmack i love joe rogan now


i consider stranger things and life is strange to be the same thing


is it strange i know what both of those are


hate people who are both stupid and happy


File: 1567262417899.gif (1.62 MB, 600x338, 1567262361743.gif)

sexy sexy


hate when i get winked at because i have no idea of how to interpret it



File: 1567263276396.webm (2.87 MB, 576x720, 1567210816520.webm)


if i may
just a sip mlady


ugh gross gap teeth anglo


File: 1567263626006.webm (3.78 MB, 720x1280, yaho.webm)


hope that chad falls off his bike and gets run over by a train


nice matt nice prank


File: 1567263715754.jpg (168.84 KB, 1485x520, 1567257684595.jpg)


how come a guy with lice gets a gf and i dont


woke up and dont care about anything or want to do anything


have real dopamine problems get really frustrated when my bluetooth headphones cut out and i cant hear the man talk about politics


what man


whatever man it is at the time doesnt matter as long as hes talking


foolish blue tooth


cant do wired all the time if im wired and listening to the man talk about politics then im stuck tethered to the wire until he stops talking or i switch to bluetooth


hate politics hate people that cant shut up about politics


politics run your life


sigh 8bit theater


File: 1567266626031.jpg (287.77 KB, 640x3336, 1567262788600.jpg)



hate this history revision where we pretend all girls were playing video games during the 90s and 2000s hello i was a gamer during that time and foids were very rare


sis played games but NOT the same ones as me


gonno have to see gran havent seen her in months


you mean chris


sis played hentai flash games


girls only like games like the sims and animal crossing


sigh fucking norms goddamnit im raging


never knew a single girl who was actually interested in games



just realized how great hairline aniki had even in his late 40s


we need to put together a team for the upcoming dark tournament so we can obtain the reagents needed for the ritual




im a gamer i game simple as that


lets search for some deals


NOT buying intcel


got tricked into buying amd


just dont see the point anymore


told you never fall for the amd meme everything they make is shite flip the technorms and flip the pissss


got r5 2600 and rx580 theyre alright


cant believe you bought an 8 core cpu hehe how did you fall for that


no reason to live


uhh its 6 core


spent 1500 on a nice ibuypower


live for the weekend then spend it just mindlessly clicking imageboards whats the point


NOThing better than a nice mindless imageboard clickin day


i HATE it


love imageboards love tarding out love clicking love posting love




hate all those things and hate myself after doing them


wish the 9350k came with hyperthreading the clocks are so nice sigh


who the flip buys 4c4t in 2019


love part


we need 4c8t to make a comeback in gaming


its too late next gen consoles will have 8c16t


why wont asmongold close his mouth


love when teens orbit their favorite twitch idol


what else is he supposed to do hes shite at the game


love NOT having fun abilities in the game because of "ability bloat"


nice quotenorm how about you take that on back to normland


knew that would make someone mad but if i dont sound quotes im giving more credence to the term than it deserves


stupid norm




roomba got stuck on something now its making a weird noise
dont want to go investigate


anyone gamin


die roombastuck


had a dream about pnig
turns out NOT using the internet was the best thing that ever happened to him hes been going to norm social functions and joined a bikenorm riding group


im gamin


in the dream he was super arrogant and said something like “oh anime? yeah i used to watch that stuff haha”


sigh quotenorm still here




always mindblown when im talking about wow with someone i met 12 years ago on wow


flip you norm


thought pnig was the groaner


die discordteen


heheehe love owning norms in pvp


think i was a fisherman in my past live ive got the urge to fish


hey hima im flannaly home and having a big ole coffee with mom hows it going



why do you keep posting that


its for the discordbros


sigh wish someone could force me to watch anime for hours and hours like clockwork orange the only way i could get away from the dopamine rush of watching hima all day sigh sigh sigh


get a hobby loser


i have on its hima


a real hobby


i simply post what i watch


hima is a real hobby


wish i could play a nice dinosaur game hehe


fire up some turok


love turok


that sounds too realistic to be a mere dream who are you and how are you related to the mesa molester


theres one of the discordteens now


pasted astral projector


just flipping end it


done reading about 800 posts hehe



didnt understand they werent going to attack him until i read the comments why do niggers scream over each other as loud as they can


gonno start learning to drive again this time ill stick with it


dont say the n word


im gonno try and get my permit next month too


what i coincidence im getting mine next month too mom told me to last week


they just give it to you after you take an online test with braindead easy questions if i had known how easy it was i would have done it years ago the license is the hard thing to get


never gonno drive


dont have anywhere to go i just wish i could drive on back roads listening to music sometimes


drive right into on coming traffic


NOT allowed to drive without mom in the car sorry cant do that


ya i got a permit in 2013 but i never used it and it expired so i need to go back and take the test again


moms giving me her current car


is it a good one


dont know its a five year old french car


its NOT good


moms gonno have to buy me a car if im gonno get a job no way im being dropped off like a schoolboy


i just have her do it in a quiet corner of the parking lot so no one sees me


norms can instantly pick up on someone being a tard whether or NOT you drive yourself makes no difference


im a gamer i game NOT drive


should have ended it


super happy hima




mom said we are ordering pizza tonight hehe


lucky i havent had fast food in days im gonno starve


ate fast food yesterday for the first time in weeks or months and it was the happiest ive been in a while


wonder whats freaks take on fast food


ooooog freak oooog


hard gamer sweat going on


what you gamin


ordered from uber eats hope i dont have to tip



File: 1567289700401.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1816, 03e0dc5fd386c15d85d47146549641d0.png)

That'll be $11.99, plus tip.




do girls work there or is it only fob immigrants


need to gain 6 lbs fast


wowing and drinking coffee


as you wish


wish i was a discordbro then i wouldnt get banned


oog discord oog


getting a bone from this thumbnail


visited gran today glad that shes in good condition laughed when she said "america is a false country" out loud


glad shes in high spirits after you molested her grandaughters and threw out her medicine


uhhh haha


the stressful day is over just got my flight tomorrow and its smooth sailing from there


are you having fun




File: 1567291420982.jpg (72.78 KB, 443x304, 1567289897377.jpg)

how could kenneth george boles do this


thats why i dont eat fast food


thats why i eat fast food




pasted nig


finished my uber eats meal so full feel ill


finna dab on taynos


dislike classic wow and regular wow


apes are doing mc



praying for texas


they killed rag


constantly see nonexistent bugs in my peripheral vision



almost posted 'if that isnt ross gtfo'






File: 1567297040536.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


is that the ababa




File: 1567297897158.jpg (5.05 MB, 4160x3120, 20190831_162243.jpg)

the time has come to shed the final vestiges of my humanity and awaken as something different
...something more


just learned something


based roidtron


can i have some


your muscles cant handle it


sigh wish we lived together we could split the costs and cycle together


why would i share a needle with you pozzed fag


sorry i train alone like piccolo


youre gonno be so bald


paste foid


back from work


hope my boy makes it this time


wish i had some test


why are people blaming the operator
if she wasnt a fat flip she would have survived too


hate needles


what the heck she dint take her clothes of



dont have any problems watching anime because ive got a bud i watch every single episode with but i have problems doing anything else


are there test kits for gear like there are for other drugs i wouldnt want to get trolled into injesting estrogen thinking it would make me jacked


she was flapper as hell practically asking to die


love when critics get blown the malt out and give a critic score 50,000 basis points below the audience score


im sure there are but its NOT necessary if you buy from a longterm vendor with a good track record or if youre really worried simply spend a little more and buy pharmaceutical grade stuff

ive developed a stack that will hit hard and fast and leave the body quickly so you can return to normal levels and its as if you never cycled at all outside of the mass i dream of a himasugi thats the most pumped up jacked imageboard in history


no point in juicing yet when i dont even have the discipline to do pushups regularly despite doing NOThing all day


your days are NOThing but mush you need a routine


would play classic but theres no death knights whats the point


why bother leveling up a toon when you can level up yourself in real life


why would i do that when i can neet it up in my own stinkroom with snacks and games


hate leveling up in real life the mechanics are poor


ban this goddamn budnorm holy FLIP


hate localizers


no point leveling up in real life when your initial rolls were so bad you cant make up for it


simply play in japanese only


dont use the t word


no problem with my bud met him on wow 12 years ago and we went to japan together


what happened was there aNOTher shooting


had to go to japan budless sigh


nice budseki


gonno play some league


hope youre picking a nice sexy lady like annie or zoe


playing vi sorry


why do they have bulges


dont know how you could stay friends with someone you met when you were 13 for so long



they are men


i was 16


we know youre 25


File: 1567304106275.mp3 (9.7 MB, 1566671697653.mp3)




someone edit it so they dont have them


is this from the meathead anime


we gotta get shredded hima


seki bro we know you arent 28


File: 1567304252191.webm (3.84 MB, 560x314, 1477502198991.webm)


File: 1567304387835.png (489.98 KB, 844x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san -….png)

do this right now


any other completely sedentary blobs here i cant even pass for average exercise level


phew nice hibiki


simply start small might i suggest shin splinting a mile or two


wish i had a teenbro clone to transfer my mind to


sigh rich piana died


saw a norwooding bespectacled soyboy doing these with his mom on the floor as her halfbreed nigger daughter watched them both it was a pathetic sight


bet he fucks his halfbreed sister(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


too many big words


wouldnt walk more than 75 feet in a day if NOT for the kitchen being downstairs


skipped this post


hibiki should have been plumper



File: 1567305104092.mp4 (808.09 KB, 145639-52c24ea806fdeb1ccce0d1cc62d9f142.mp4)




hey nb come to discord i have a question for you


can we fast forward to monday so the norms will leave already


sorry to inform you but monday is a holiday


is onseki transferring ownership on monday




think i ate below my calorie limit today just had some doritos for lunch and chicken and beans for dinner i might become a twig


paid for my bud to go to japan


he wants us to go back to work


im twig i need neetblogs routine to get big how does he do it


i respect the japanese for showing me just how ugly i am and letting me know that it is solidly over


nb is no longer neet nor big he turned over a new leaf and if he could do it so can you


do you have access to $10+ of junk food a day






then youre twig out of necessity the only way out is to get your own money


hey nb should i buy a 1987 chevrolet silverado k20


$10 of junk food isnt a lot


you can get 32-count pack of poptarts for $7
$10 is a flip ton


nice fat


could easily be 2500 calories but probably even more


File: 1567306540904.jpg (107.37 KB, 848x1200, EC-xErSVUAA0QYa.jpg)



boobie time


ban this stupid fucking nigger seki this is a blue board god damn it


cant believe its already been two years


believe it buster


gamerbro talked me out of preordering dark souls in 2010 didnt play it until 2014


2500 can be maintenance for someone who isnt a manlet and is minimally active


gotta wake up at 4am



im 5 feet 2 inches and 110 pounds how much should i eat


keep doing whatever youre doing


thought bartholomew was the better trailer because i saw it first but all saints day is far superior





never played any from game


fire up some armored core 3





NOT yet


love the excitement of clicking a hima youtube embed you never know what its going to be from the thumbnail


just be white


made milk laugh once think she peed her pants a little




File: 1567307959914.webm (2.98 MB, 700x392, 1566596445308.webm)




this dialogue and scenario seems like a woman wrote it to masturbate to


tried this doesnt work


File: 1567308140612.jpg (435.12 KB, 1900x1200, phew.jpg)


unrealistic chads arent pedo they dont need to be


ped isnt a choice


yeah it is peds do it because they cant handle a mature woman who can say no


nice dogblogs


thats only true for the fakepeds who are attracted to adult women


this is the latest i have been awake in 2 weeks im sleeping by 7 and its 826pm


thats every ped just look at pnig and trainee girl


women being able to say no is also a recent phenomenon


mindblowing that epstein had a female accomplice




i wish to flip a sexy lady


mind bending how nb is already talking to a young woman at work wont be long until hes settled down with a family of his own


File: 1567308809904.jpg (17.88 MB, 4128x5928, 032953aee26ba199bf5b13a1eb73e91b.jpg)


how do i find a gf like that


girl at work lent me her umbrella


tardlaughing remembering how pnig would nonchalantly talk about how he wants to flip children


hes going to flipping make it bros


you wont be laughing when seki submits your posts to FBI-san


cant believe pnig would laugh at thads fate and NOT learn from it


they found evidence that pnig was a frequent visitor to epsteins island


File: 1567309204655.png (815.99 KB, 600x853, b4f944735886a948dcfb74916c9c8d95.png)


well in that case hes fine nobody is going to jail from that


thad wasnt retarded enough to blog about everything he did in his daily life for 5+ years


actually he was


you know what i meant


File: 1567309350043.jpeg (713.48 KB, 1200x675, 0c3a940f8774e4192c88e23c0980b0c3.jpeg)


i dont really thats what he did and thats how he got caught


gross artist


whyd she take her sock off


hate bellybuttons


creeped out by artists who only draw black haired girls with natural hairstyles


youre right i misspoke it really is the exact same scenario except kenny was unknown outside of /jp/


wish i had a bellybutton


no manpics please


you have a bellybutton


think its about time to stroke my penis


i will be honest i spammed the fbi daily whenever someone would post sexy ladies and write paragraphs about pnig




false alarm mom brought mcds time to feast instead


nice feeder mom


cant believe how hard i owned myself by doing a non instant transfer could be eating mcds right now


the newborns of mesa az will thank you when theyre older


they wont because pnig will be out by then


hes bein hung like the rest of the peds


use your credit card fool


dont get to eat fast food because mom doesnt buy it and i cant get to one without a car


do they let neets have credit cards


mom told me i wouldnt be able to get one without a job but i think she lied


no they reject them and lower their credit score even more to punish their arrogance for asking


thats actually true


why would you assume i was lying



great episode


a neet can probably get a secured credit card


what would they secure it with




wonder why pnig didnt use encryption


he believed he was too big to fall


whos to say he didnt


bet pnig was brought down by witness testimony NOT his pc


youll have to wait until the dateline episode to find out


cant believe the arrogance he had to leave his computer on with no encryption and hardcore cp on his desktop


he had all that and even decided to draw attention to himself by starving gran


hes coming back in four days fools


wonder if japan will ever turn feminist and cancel all the problematic anime


isnt his trial in october


insane chinks


should i use full disk encryption even if i dont have cp


might have to make a call to a mr. andrew s. offenberg if this is true


you should why leave the possibility that someone can view your dad whether it be the man or a thiefnorm


or your jealous gf


anyone else cry while peeing


nah i shiver while peeing


any peescreamers here


cant believe theres less than 50k posts until hima explodes


how come my body gets horny on its own when im incapable of finding a mate


wish i had an answer for you that would imply there was a way to turn it off


it used to be to drive you forward through life in pursuit of reproduction but now its just a waste


arent there plenty of medications that have a side effect of killing your libido just take those


became unable to sympathize with anyone when i discovered that even the tardest of neet boards is filled with dadvoice norms


whats dadvoice


turning yourself into a feminized eunich isnt the same as killing your libido


sigh yamai


walked past a kindergarten a couple of days ago and some kid asked whos dad i was


i sound like a child




hate kids they always ask questions youre NOT supposed to ask like why dont you have a girlfriend


wish i had enough test for a child to confuse me for a father


smoked aNOTher 2 inches off that cigar


getting the tummy rumblies again time for a painshite


same being ugly is one thing but there are 16 year olds that look like they could be older than me


mindmealing how i turn into a different person when i need food


nice rabidneet


its just like they say addicts have two personalities one of them being when they need their fix


dont get hungry and usually eat only 1 meal per day


eat one meal a day precisely because im always hungry


sigh pnig was so nice and helpful at the water store until his thirst for child snap took over


weird how there can be people who simply need to kill others


anyone else watching accelerator still


File: 1567313523146.webm (2.59 MB, 710x400, 1567302451463.webm)

mindbugging how even a guy so smart can be a dumb racist


it is genetic


you can almost see the smart part of him struggling against the racism before he says it but then it loses and he becomes a base animal


dont understand why thats so controversial just proven biology


mindmineralizing people think all races are equal


they would be no different from any other race if they had been left alone in africa to complete their evolutionary and cultural development


how come the jews were smart enough to walk out of that shit hole to the land of milk and honey


File: 1567314338648.png (1018.24 KB, 848x1200, 1567279466234.png)


god damn banking elite locking up my money until monday


big bone love but


gross butts are for shitting and farting hate farts


monday is a holiday the banks arent open


what the flip then what about my transfer thats supposed to come through on the first banking day


thats tuesday


no no no no no no no this cant be happenign NO


what does it matter anyway norm


shut up you never make an announcement other than that youre going to make one


mindmortgaging the kebabnorm cant even figure out how to purchase some fast food with a bank account



how do you do that


but i aint no faggot


Satoko is such a cute sexy lady kid, and yet... she's got an arse! Pathetic! Humiliating! Lewd!

Nor wonder how I lost my wits

Satoko, Satoko, Satoko shits!


just had a nice machine gun diarrhea inside of the toilet bowl looked like i was playing splatoon hehe


ugh mindblowing guy is such a creep


isnt mindblowing just pnig


wonder how many furries jerk it to monsters like zinogre



none they only jerk to rathian


literally weaker than those japs


holy flip based gamergate 2.0 is happening


wheres saten give me a rundown


that was freak




made rathian flipping into a minor meme on 8chan /v/ back in the gamergate days but i dont think anyone here would know about that bit too niche for you


pasted memesmith


zoe quin again flipping bitch


shell be back on twitter next week after a few hundred thousand patreon donations dont worry


shes paste doesnt give a flip about anyone or anything does whatever she wants and still manages to survive the shtiesotmrs everytime


didnt think it was true but with 8chan shutting down so recently it could happen


yeah thats pretty paste to be honest wish i was her only without the bpd


love steaming gamers


do you mean a a male version of her



gonno watch ross and snooze hima gnight


too apathetic to care this time ive accepted that making my life as comfortable as possible is all that matters


no because her grift doesnt work when youre male


if you were female youd have no honor pride or dignity


dont need honor pride or dignity when ive got those patreon bucks


i have none of those now





didnt pokemon have to remove the pachinko parlors to keep an e rating while this games primary focus is for kids play virtual slots with credit cards



gentlemen how do we deal with the sjw menace



whatever happened to the fart gambler


he stopped caring


he gambled and lost


might hook up the ps3



die freak


unironically wonder what the cause of sjwism is and how it can be combated


who cares norm


thanks for clarifying you werent wondering ironically


no problem youre welcome


feel sick hima just want to snooze but i cant


that sucks wanna send me a kebab




mustve killed hundreds of rajangs in my lifetime


baste 4unorm


lots of roast norm posts tonight love sekis discordcrew


NOThin 4u only ever played fu and world


tried to play the first mh a few times since it came out but i never got hooked


thats because it pinches hard fire up world


dont know why they ruined the game by NOT having it single player only i didnt want to buy the network adapter



i used to do that but with my allowance


got the deluxe edition pre ordered on my piss4 hehe


world norms


cant believe hima is full of sonyponys


hate the phony playshitstation


love sony love discord love onseki


wonder if life would have been better if i went with nintendo


love being a total ass flippin chinamen


its for manbabies


nice now do it against an opponent that can think


never owned a single non-nintendo console


think i should just buy my switch games digitally now since my allowance is running out i wont be able to buy as many games and wont run out of sd card space


typed up a post but the switch manbaby made me ctrl w in rage


File: 1567321972225.jpg (137.41 KB, 933x700, bone.jpg)


post it coward liar


started thinking of binging on kebabs as shooting up like a druggie because thats the impact it has on my life



based flippin occy ring


sigh tried to find that video for a while and failed


it was about how before the ps2 all kids as well as a decent amount of adults played games that would be called manchild shit today and kids born this decade would have no interest in it


watched my bro asmongold react to videos about what used to be differnt in classic wow it sure used to suck lol



never known someone over the age of twelve that played nintendo games but ive seen adults that had playstations just to play racing games or grand theft auto twice a month


what do you mean dont you know me


lots of smash fans at my work


i meant when the ps2 was new


took a freshly made coffee from my boss's desk while he was away hehe


why are you working on a sunday


talking about something i did last week


do you mates fullscreen your browser


only when joing


no i keep 470 pixels open on the right side


no NOT even when joing because i dont jo on my browser


one window would never sate my dopamine receptors


is anyone still keeping up with boruto


never watched naruto never watched boruto will never watch horuto




only fullscreen for local video files pdf readers and some games




smoking a nice pack of mevius


File: 1567324557667.jpg (382.61 KB, 1280x1062, lift.jpg)


think i need to buy rpg maker and make a game society will appreciate me giving back


hope you wrote never knows best on the first one


wish society would give back to me


they wont they will hunt you down and force you to commit suicide


File: 1567325254444.jpg (74.02 KB, 674x873, chicken.jpg)


found a new game get out your phone type a random word then keep clicking the top suggested word until it generates a paragraph for you then post it


hehe would love to take her shoes off


hate that blueballing artist


File: 1567325444214.mp4 (1.17 MB, ooga.mp4)

pasted mobile 4norm memes


love seeing zoomerboy get btfo


guess what you say is a chess game that is NOT a political position but it is immoral to kill the game itself and it is NOT a political position to play in the past thats generally been whats blocking finance all the way only for the first time in the year and the level of consequence of the houses of the houses of the houses of the houses of the houses of the houses of the houses


might take the day off tomorrow and just eat in bed


they started requiring a doctors NOTe if youre away on monday


i mean from sitting upright at the computer and typing




File: 1567326796097.jpg (31.02 KB, 823x252, 1567322908150.jpg)



spermed to gyarus


In August 2019, Soule was accused of snap by Nathalie Lawhead.[34][35][36][37][38][39] He was also accused of sexual harassment by vocalist Aeralie Brighton.[40][41][42] He denied the accusations.[40]



dont know who any of those norms are




File: 1567328573115.jpg (145.31 KB, 628x1200, EDXZEN7UYAAQVWp.jpg)


File: 1567328659074.png (38.44 KB, 617x321, NO.png)





figured it all out brehs


me too its all in the hips



why does she sound tard


love the norms posting lately really great love discord love norms love twitter love poldrama hell ya keep it up boys thats what the jay is for


thanks appreciate it any suggestions for what else you want


keep up the good get some facebook posts and myspace and your msn chats heck ya


love a good irc session too


i thought she was faking at first but shes genuine and probably 25 years old poaaivlt muxh younger this is the kind of girl the good hearted autistic neets were meant to spend the rest of their lives with NOT a drop of bitterness or cynicism in her you cant fake that


sigh msn messenger


yeah you can every heard of lonelygirl15


love 25 year old beautiful women just love them so much wish i could real about them all day on himasugi dot soc love it keep it up


love that too but i love kebabs with lots of mayo and mustard more


haha shes just like me a 25 year old rich boy that goes out for the beers with his bros on friday and listens to electronic music and parties at the bar heck ya hima


lets drink some budweisers hima its time to party hard and drink the beers with the bros till its 3 am cause we all have to work on the mondays


this girl doesnt post vlogs nobody who does that is ever genuine


having to work 5 days a week makes me miserable i think i know misery more than a mere neet who gets to tard out and rage about norms on his board


haha wow she doesnt post blogs just all over instagram did you see her last twitter post wow shes just like me she has 300000 viewers and followers wow just like me


hehe shes literally the stereotypical nerd character from a cartoon wish i could smell her


yeah just love working 5 days a week and going out on friday and partying with the bros lets all drink some beers and get paid and go the club boys heck ya


its an act shes an actor look up daxflame


haha wow shes just like me cant believe someone else is such a weird nerd like me with only 20 or 30 friends and 50 boyfriends haha wow


stop including the partying part i dont even drink my friday night is stopping at the store to buy some binge and eat


haha yeah stopping off at the store to pick some budweisers and light beers for the bros gotta love it the girls love that and theyll be coming over to listen to some music and party before we hit the club gonno drive us on all down there with my license and car heck ya party on bros


is brightburn literally superman if he was evil or is he just a character similar to superman im NOT watching some random


no beers just a whole chicken chocolate some jerky cheesecake and cured meat sticks hell yeah


haha lets all watch the new marvel film bros i heard its totally epic and we can go for some beers after watching that heck ya the film of the year love hollywood and love acting just appreciate films so much cant believe how good marvel movies are


never watched a single mcu movie dont have a drivers license stop making up stuff about me


after a good night of partying and chugging the beers with my bros we can all work out and take some steroids and drugs heck ya bros were gonno get janked and watch twitch streams of these nerds and laugh wow those nerds are lame


ok that part was true except the beers


all of them were posting videos on a website which was completely new and no one thought of them as actors trying to trick them they felt like they were looking into someones window this girl clearly has a life that consists of watching superhero movies and zombie makeup because she enjoys it


yeah but shes an actor she acts


she doesnt have enough views for it to be an acting channel no way her agent wouldnt have promoted her more


wow like i cant believe shes totally so cool and popular like wow


if its fake shes a very good actor because between the way she looks speaks and dresses is spot on with a nonautistic teenage girl who socializes almost entirely with women


based fleeking dax


wow lets like and follow her channel bros she needs our support hashtag loveher basedgirl love this vid wow shes beautiful inspiring love it gonno base my entire life on her bros


me too but ben shapiro NOT her


based my life on dax


vomit pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


fake vloggers always had some kind of conflict they didnt just talk about movies


thats what gave them away shes the new generation


anyone posting videos like that today knows that youtube is so enormous hardly anyone would ever see it NOTice how she has zero comments on most videos she isnt even playing for a single repeat commenter


die norms


File: 1567331939119.jpg (1.21 MB, 4096x2407, EDVS3_wVUAU6IxC.jpg)


feel bad for her tv is going to treat her just like lit it was better for no one to ever find her shes going to shut down her channel and be forever scarred


nah shes an actor havent you learned anything about foids




going to use her channel to make fun of marvelnorms by proxy


why is hima so fast at this hour


women are so entirely motivated by attention and manipulation that i just didnt think it was possible for it to be fake but it is


glad you came around


made some really bad posts the last two days sorry




File: 1567333966358.jpg (75.58 KB, 506x980, EDTFzCfVAAQNBR7.jpg)


pick a random post and it will probably be mine


how can that be if i make 51% of all hima posts



how can that be when i make 80%


long time lurker first time poster here


load up the full thread and pick a few


you need 128gb of ram to open a full hima thread


going to quote all my posts like in the old days


had a chinese guy in my dungeon group just now he didnt move towards the instance and demanded a summon then as we walked in he went afk to 'feed his dog' and didnt come back for 10 minutes then when he came back he got ganked by alliance and didnt release but was waiting for us to walk back out and rez him until his 6 minutes were up we cleared 3 quarters of the instance before he even got in knew it was bad news when he linked an item in chinese characters


owned by the basedchink


used to report people on my roleplay server who had non-roleplay names


everywhere i go people tell me to go back NOT sure where im supposed to go


hate choosing what to jo to only have so many jos to use


love lubing up my ass and fingering myself early in the morning




could make a lot of money selling gamer girl bath water


ban anyone who replies to posts that were made past 100 or more ago


die skipper


wish i could have some of those sandwiches right about now


die jan


why is that the one thread that didnt get deleted


we need more hima user testing to resolve the dead hours


mindblowing that robert chase can molest a 9 year old child in his care and get promoted to head diagnostician while pnig gets 7 years in a federal prison for the crime of doing so while black



scary thinking about what they must have found
they wouldnt have drawn this case out over mere anime sexy lady porn or borderline pictures of russian girls wearing swimsuits
they probably found the whole dungeon




File: 1567347774967.webm (1.8 MB, 400x224, 1567334930328.webm)


and it's beautiful


cant fathom caring about that kind of shite in any way


shes so beautiful just wish she was smiling


she knows there is NOThing worth smiling about in this world


had a dream i was shooting the shit with some foid for hours she wouldnt stop talking it was torture


nah she loves explosions


had a dream i was a nazi we were stuck in a bunker getting bombed it was really scary


she cant use explosion magic in this world she wants to get back to the other world


remember when i was 7 and had to take an aids test and the doctor said there was a 1 in a thousand chance and my mom broke down hysterically crying


cant believe mom had aids


she didnt


File: 1567349413156.webm (3.95 MB, 427x240, 1567320493868.webm)


thats how i feel when trying to interact with knuckledragging sexnorms


having a coffee


gonno fire up an espresso


pasted abos



NOT surprising since no one in the us knows how to make coffee


File: 1567352588458.jpg (503.23 KB, 2591x3624, boob.jpg)




gross we want something a bit more norm




respect all flavors of booby


gonno respect my dick in your ass if youre NOT careful


File: 1567353469549.png (483.4 KB, 480x600, D941FDCC-E931-437C-A759-2977A52F27AE.png)


if theyre deformed they need to be hidden away in shame


no no no that makes them more unique and beautiful


whats he thinking


i should have just fed gran




*record scratch*


oooog me kidjo


hes thinking of tg getting her ass split open from her ex he was so close


his only regret in life will be NOT being able to lose his virginity to a real girl


mindconglomerating this all started when pnig called the cops on himself


tejina senpai is pure sexnorm shite


poetic justice


moms watching dr phil


its a teengirl episode so i lucked out this time





paste single mother


cache me outside how bou that


flip those norms in the audience smoke weed fuck hoes hail satan


epic simply epic


blowin them milky clouds nigga


told mom to pick up some energy drinks yesterday she didnt


what do you need energy for


havin a coffee


olympic joing


need it for gamin


told mom i was planning a huge gaming session today and she said you do that every day and so i didnt needed the energy drinks and theyre expensive she didnt understand that im doing a special session today and its NOT the same


its a special session


File: 1567361345625.jpg (1.6 MB, 2165x2224, 810d8a64d4b93c5ad33fef831372523b.jpg)

casual megumin


havent spermed in 24 hours starting to get the jitters


grab the josock


shes so beautiful


sigh now what am i gonno do i dont want to go to the store thats moms job


cant believe onyxia and molten core were already cleared by non max levels


use moms credit card to buy it online


go to hell wownorm


that poopsocking guild had 25 lvl 60s


hima was founded by wownorms for wownorms


nah flip you


never pooped in a sock before


its NOT that great


never pooped anywhere weird before


i cant use her credit card to order online i need them for today for todays gaming session it was supposed to be a special day and now its ruined cause mom didnt buy the energy drinks i dont even have nacho supplies either the whole day is flipped cause her


hope beauford got that promotion


it was supposed to be a special day now its just a bad day like any other one cause of her


shut upppp


boss gave me a business credit card for expenses


im going to the store i just screamed at mom and grabbed 20 dollars from her purse and told her that im NOT gonno let her wreck my special day bye hima


pasted moneynorms


need a nice pair of sexy ladyfeet to worship


me too itd give life some purpose


die peds


baking some chicken just checked the temp after 24 minutes at 400f and they were barely at 120


owned soggy chip


NOThin soggy


im baste


guys milk is watching chobits and its really cute but she thought it would be cringe


eating 3 eggs hima






it is thats why i only streamed one episode


its NOT milk said it was cute and NOT cringe


milks tard


tell milk to come over we could watch together


milk is a goddess


goddess of pissssssss


File: 1567368301492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 830.03 KB, 1944x2592, IMAG0007.jpg)

am i ugly


dont open its a curse


time for a neetcut


just got back from the store with my energy drinks and cheese for nachos mom yelled at me but i went right into my neetcave and she kept yelling but jokes on her today isnt ruined


File: 1567369018786.jpg (124.63 KB, 800x1131, __megumin_kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_w….jpg)

casual this


filtered milk with 4normx


the next pnig




wish i had a neetcave


too extreme you have to stop


whats stopping you


wonder if my butt is shiny like that


dont compare your manass to hers its NOT the same


just realized ive never seen my own bhole



oil up the bad boy


NOThin wrong with a nice juicy manass


mom must be stopped


manass is shameful and needs to be covered up


stop bullying mom


she drew first blood


the stupid neither forgive nor forget the naive forgive and forget the wise forgive but do NOT forget


mom is responsible for her actions she brought this on herself


does anyone arrange their monitors like this /\


mine are more like / \


im a gamer i game simple as that


i should have gotten a smaller monitor



mine are like --


bored hima took too long getting my energy drinks now im tired and dont know what to do


thinking of grabbing a calzone and a margherita za from the local spot


what do you mean monitors why would i have more than one


sigh sounds splendid


want to post about being a gamer


thinking bout my boy cam cleaning the injection site


thinking about nachos and how much i love cheese and gaming and anime hehe


ohhhh ggggod i want to neet it up


NOThin better than being neet


need to gain about thirty to forty pounds


fire up the mcdoubles


no no no you cant be a bad influence when i begin my journey to become a twig


i do NOT have an iota of self control wonder how nb did it


mines - \


thinking of switching to that


six feet tall and have the same problems with this chair as a tiny asian woman because of how flipped my posture is just end it now


sickening posture sickening bodyweight/bodyfat ratio sickening lack of muscle

can gamers apply for disability


stop sitting around and you wont have that problem


sitting is the new smoking


love sitting love nachos love blogweisers love hima hate norms


going for a stand be back later


its flipping over


sigh need a ikea chair reviewing asian gf


ordered a standing desk


at my new place had a mild panic attack at first because i never experienced such a drastic move ive moved a few times but a few miles away NOT 1000


File: 1567377704555.jpg (18.33 KB, 640x400, Untitled.jpg)


hopefully i can get to know the area and the people around here would be nice


nice drawing



File: 1567378070205.png (203.16 KB, 1156x761, 1511219893796.png)

i slouch backwards NOT forwards


then youre NOT a gamer


what am i


have this chair and my head is in the same position as hers


a chump


hes NOT a chump you are


aris is on


damn good cup of joe hima


hook up the ps3 y n


hell ya


have you ever felt the flesh of other races


feel the norm of the norms norm


cant decide what to play


fire up some diablo 2



fire up some league


geese is too strong


paste daigo got over 100 hours on higurashi


flippin piss hima my ass is bleedin


mom got fro za might play re5 for the first time since it came out


fire up some re outbreak instead


never played any of the online ps2 games except mgs3


nb can suck a golf ball through a water hose


dont remember re5 enough to play it without sound demons souls it is


wowing bigly


gonno go to garls


was gonno post something but by the time i finished reading i forgot what it was


then it was NOT worth posting


get yourself a nice big garl burger


wish i had a nice gyaru burg


finna lubejo


finna kill yourself chinamen


never understood the circumcised lube meme


its happening suncrusher is finally coming out


gonno go to the store get some ground turkey for the burgs tomorrow and sausages



getting the urge to play some ffx might fire up my save again


final norm


epic love orbiting teenbros seki


any tards


im tard


File: 1567391113209.jpeg (955.91 KB, 780x1200, b741c1aa9eb4ed48d20639775b7df0ab.jpeg)



im pretty tard myself


seki bans you for tardposting


couldnt bring myself to tard out again when pnig left us


shes budding


she what


trimmed me pubes up im ready


why bother norman


makes it easier to jo


you know


NOThin know


ate a fudge twinkie and a snickers and a lunchables now i have a blogweiser


heck ya lunchables


manbaby diet


im manbaby


really hate twinkies they dont even taste good how come fats love em


NOThin better than a nice twinkie


File: 1567393771868.png (529.81 KB, 765x960, 68699765_10217840253030111_5869898818094366720….png)


literally me


might have a nice cry myself


dont compare yourself to a girl its honorless


heck ya NOThin better than a nice thursday night cry


stop its games as a service


spent some time yesterday explaining to mom that as a female she has no sense of honor or anything and that is why she immediatey asks for assistance in things while a man will try to solve them himself first and only request help when absolutely necessary


its sunday


what the hell how is it thursday


you know like time zones and stuff


hehe tricked you


cant believe i got tricked again


cant find any good asmr anymore its all ear eaters and talkers now


simply watch latte asmr



sigh didnt mean to link that cant find the shoenice potato chip asmr video anymore


hope delicate raindrops is eating well