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an a press is an a press you cant say its only a half
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scared to quest in stranglethorn




finished questing there already everyone just ignored each other instead of fighting


gonno huff some gasoline and head to the anime world flip this shite life


no wait for the ritual


never used steam whats it like


bought an xbox one


gonno huff


sigh guess neetblog is too busy with his fancy job and real life friends and new girlfriend to bother blogging with his old mates anymore


die orbiter


File: 1567738941977.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


mastered the wind scar


i dont have anything to blog about


File: 1567739211808.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


dumb little cunt


how come he didnt ikejime


its a meme


hope they are manufactured by bd



closed foid narrator


worship women


feel a cry coming


hope turt doesnt get caught in the storm


File: 1567747270980.jpg (261.67 KB, 1520x1159, 1567642825137.jpg)


dont post that norm


game for at least 14 hours a day


love gamin


simple as that


whats so great about gaming if theres no games to game


classic wow


tons of games to game one of the best times to be a gamer just got done playing some super metroid hell ya


can neets get credit cards


hell ya you can get a few of those max them out and end it all when they come asking for money


thats NOT good advice


why NOT


gonno put my annual income down as $0 unemployed hehe


time for bed hima hopefully i dont wake up


woke up feelin like shite


lie about your income idiot


already got a 30 thousand dollar line of credit approved


today was the big day for the plaintiff


do we get case minutes


was pnig executed


its the return of the king


regardless of what happens i dont see him returning here


normalfag -> normie -> norm


NOT even seven years in federal prison can stop the hone from instigating


nah he is coming home i have already leveled up an undead rogue for him to use


File: 1567766929675.png (207.29 KB, 746x157, unknown.png)

hate catcallers


link me up i need a new rpg


love a good pit


wasnt able to post yesterday hima hope you did NOT miss me that much


mates our first official himatrip should be to az we could cheer kenny up and then go to fwbc together hehe


have a friend who lives in arizona wonder if he NOTiced boles is gone


the trial has been delayed until halloween


cant believe how lax the justice system is in this country we need a strong prosecutor as president


i dont think theyll let that many people visit someone in prison at one time


File: 1567774314888.jpg (96.13 KB, 960x958, a1kcwp9h5qk31.jpg)

crying so happy for her


hate foid enablers


File: 1567775605849.jpg (36.91 KB, 480x480, xagpvrz71uk31.jpg)

its happening


well all shooters are single men thats common sense


hate when i start crying at Q&As


what q&as what are you talking about


File: 1567776780344.jpg (219.33 KB, 1000x1414, EDxee3VUEAEITAy.jpg)


theyre also the most mistreated


reminded me that i wasted summer again sigh maybe next year


summer is the worst season its hot and sweaty and bugs are everywhere NOT sure why norms love it so much


love heat love sweat love jock itch


stomache ache


File: 1567782288413.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


the egg girl



we come here for better life


hate chinks


go back we dont want you


im a gamer i game simple as that


miss being a lad and never seeing chinks now i see them all the time and it makes me rage especially if theyve had a bunch of kids when theyre already horribly overpopulated


rolling around in their own shit eating dogs god damn


whatever happened to the hoo boys


that was pnig


dont mind the chinks what i do mind is having to work my butt off everyday from nine to six gonno find a way to get rid of this ball n chain


paste wagie


why do we stop using sippy cups


cant chug with those


sigh he loved halloween


you mean he loved sexy children dressing up
truly a sicko




had a dream i was riding a bike and a car ran into the back of me and squished my rear tire all up
i tried stomping on the rim so it would unbend to be straightish so i could get home but it didnt work and it shattered


sigh cant believe they wont be releasing him from all charges before halloween


simply take an uber home next time


at least he can come home on halloween and snack hard and post all about it


File: 1567792143331.webm (5.72 MB, 640x360, tard management.webm)


why NOT what happened


they found THAT folder


always keep that folder 512 bit encrypted


bought a switch


to play some mario maker 2 i hope


nah gonno install android on it


File: 1567795711483.mp4 (732.11 KB, pisssssssss.mp4)



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