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thats a man


whatever happened to battlergirl


im right here


got left behind


its almost movie night hima what are we gonno watch tomorrow


green street


is that the one with the chavs that fight each other


cant believe they ruined ast


love it when i pee and it scratches my peehole


what do you mean scratches


the pressure of the stream scratches an itch


the itch might just be caused by joing


lost my ability to pee in a single stream


File: 1561714676994.jpg (44.89 KB, 599x320, microscope.jpg)


File: 1561714779977.jpg (190.73 KB, 681x1024, me.jpg)




dancin hard


might replay chaos head


File: 1561719721828.jpg (85.73 KB, 494x700, D-HQbGRU0AAWReh.jpg)


want to bow down and worship her kitty


foolish pussy worshiper


File: 1561729269744.jpg (363.1 KB, 672x960, IMG_9146.jpg)



wish to smell a kitty


dont use this thread you flipping sodomites


hi hima hows it going


got left behind hard







sigh got left behind


thats a mutation


got the covfefe shits


burnt me toast


i have awakened



keep screaming for senko but she still hasnt come


shes busy flipping old men


cleaned my laptop screen its like a mirror




you missed a spot


think my manboobs are growing


ya i did oh well



File: 1561745714854.png (Spoiler Image, 3.09 MB, 1024x2560, pic.png)


youre cute


hunted monsters and skipped for days sorry


die skipnorm


yeah im a skipper i skip


remember to write down what you learned in your gamer journal


updated my journal


hungry but NOT hungry enough to leave my room


whip out the emergency snacks


finished them all sigh


hate snacks


same need a big hearty meal


had a burg combo for lunch with a coke zero


fool youre never getting abs


abs are for norms die


File: 1561749931680.png (762.14 KB, 735x1005, __rurina_pokemon_game_and_etc_drawn_by_bow_bhp….png)

all you need for abs is low bf


gonno eat a whole pizza flip you norm


make sure to fast to redeem yourself


ill fast by pounding back some baja blast and chowin down on some mcdoubles soyboy


mcdoubles have lots of soy in them



File: 1561751518785.png (1.21 MB, 1950x1600, 92e9d7a5498c40349eec6c0c31a9db4f.png)




damn good two day old microwaved pizza


might go out and eat by myself


File: 1561752431428.png (23.95 KB, 492x227, bswenhuuo4731.png)


oog part


big number me buy


File: 1561752881644.gif (1.93 MB, 480x270, akatsuki-log-horizon-gif-9.gif)


love the purple girl might have to give log horizon aNOTher watch


got bored of log horizon when they started opening food stands


NOT much longer now hima NOT much longer now


stop saying ominous things


hes the preordernorm


mindrending that mom still thinks shell be a gran one day



mom left a NOTe saying to empty the dishwasher but the dishes werent clean


leave her a NOTe saying the dishes werent clean and tell her to clean them


empty em anyway


maybe they were clean did you double check


File: 1561755318468.mp4 (473.34 KB, wublpWtzVIZX62pW.mp4)


hate norms


NOT informed about what happened during this years g20 summit in japan hopefully they put pressure on the chinks


the world bows to the chinks now


File: 1561755620176.webm (2.29 MB, 450x300, 1561417144171.webm)



nah the hk protests revealed how bad china is the world will keep on eye on them


chinks are based


car battery died and something else might be wrong too why do the norms have to ruin my life at the worst times


your fault for being a carnorm


sigh had aNOTher high school nightmare even though its been over a decade


looks cute lets play this


woke up need some hair of the dog


tote stunden gonno shower


hima is flipping dead


scared to post


woke up
shes cute
hb its about time
no girl abs please its unladylike
hope the 8 core is competitive too hehe


whats scary about it


die multireply


hair of the dog guy scares me


dont worry hes a norm



NOThing wrong with a bit of alcoholism might crack some open myself


hell ya its time to crack some beers and eat pizza and game hard


File: 1561766004603.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.69 KB, 860x460, mouse.jpg)


still dont know the difference between a mouse and a rat


when you see em youll know


crying hima internet keeps going down


tuck yourself in for a cry


call and complain to the internet man


been a long time since i seen a multireply


hima havent posted all day hows it goin little bro asked me to play league with him so im gonno play some with sis




love playing sports with my little bro


do you call him squirt


my siblings are afraid of me


my sibling is dead


pasted deadsislarp


need to be flipping thin now but god wont let me


he has a plan


he wont be able to hold back the fat rage if he waits too long


just stop eating so much


but why dont twigs get those hunger urges


eat before youre hungry and you wont have urges


stop eating sugar and stop constantly snacking and you wont get hunger urges


havent had sugar in a coons age


what do you eat


real food


but it makes me happy


mouth gets bored when im NOT snacking


snack on cock


File: 1561771251790.jpg (273.1 KB, 995x1550, 99cefff64f7953d3a6c96085e2c4a3cd.jpg)




where are you senkooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


internet went down again gonno freak


believe it or NOT kenny isnt at home please leave a message at the beep i must be out or id pick up the phone where could i be believe it or NOT im NOT home


gonno watch dark souls on sgdq


File: 1561772640744.jpg (462.55 KB, 2480x3508, __violet_evergarden_violet_evergarden_drawn_by….jpg)

wish i had metal arms and abs


norm souls


damn good game


its coming hima


did anyone speed run sekiro on there






heating up some stock to make quinoa to go with the last of these lentils




File: 1561774990724.png (728.4 KB, 717x914, 1561770969536.png)


out of wine crying


last bottle i bought pinched hard but i drank it anyway


cracked open a nice cool blogweiser


need a big fat hug soon


cry out for senko and hopefully she will come and hug and cuddle you with her fluffy tail


does senko like virgs


everyone hates virgs



senko loves and appreciates you and wants to tell you its going to be okay and pat you on the head and let you hug her tail


File: 1561776608101.png (634.78 KB, 2048x2023, 1561775903889.png)


why is that dog in shibari


do you think he flips his dog





where can i find a nice sexy dog to flip


File: 1561777068191.png (9.97 KB, 406x431, 1559007780662.png)



might practice my soy smile


i need senko to hug me now


dont forget to hold your switch while you do it


love me switch


why would i hold my switch cant wait for the last splatfest by the way but once its over i dont know what im gonno do


File: 1561777487207.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.38 KB, 500x733, 1558285059806.jpg)


senko is like 5'2 shes too small to give a proper hug


shes the one hugging you and you hug her back so its okay i need senko soon


File: 1561777846345.png (Spoiler Image, 652.64 KB, 640x640, 1561777100064.png)





senko cant love all of us though right someone has to lose


senko has a lot of love to give and shes a goddess so she can love us all


nice senko bros



sigh breath of the norms is up next dont want to watch that shit


im starting to think sv3rige is right


NOT watching that norm shit



might watch majoras mask later


normoras mask


paste squeenix


is that real



yeah hehe


might have to turn my character into a bunny girl with that voice



mindcalcifying there are people who can play this


love xiv love eorzea and love the carline canopy


need to decalcify my amygdala


cant wait for my eorzea life to begin


nikka whiskey




dont you realize mmos arent for loners


died in the anime world and got isekaid to this one can anyone give me a rundown on how things work around here


what do you mean




xiv is too easy play a real game


File: 1561781539493.png (593.18 KB, 717x515, 2353ji5bo6731.png)


god forgot to give me my cheat skill


you have to be a real tard to have trouble with jad


im too dumb to do jad


no youre just a coward


im goward


if you do it on task with rigour you can just dps through the healers thats what i ended up doing


mindblowing that level 35s can kill jad and you need maxed stats with rigour and a slayer task to beat it


hehe my mistake i meant level 18s


dont understand why link is constantly naked in this game


its NOT my fault god didnt give me the gaming gene


its sexy thats why




File: 1561783622611.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)


getting incel videos in my youtube recommendations


when is idunnoitsweird going to stream crash team racing


how do you stream from prison


he has to stream sonic first


we have to break pnig out


himas gonno be pissed when his court date is postponed to october




how can a trial last so long what do they need to think about


theyre debating the death penalty


faisal has him covered


sigh why didnt we raise some money for a better lawyer


justice for warosu



the trial hasnt begun


learned a lot about lawyering from gyakuten saiban maybe i could represent him


wish someone would ikejime me






gonno snooze


dead hours


it could have happened to any of us


nah i would have roped


no pnig was the only one arrogant enough to brag about it


snoozed then gamed hunted watched now i resnooze


you cant keep living like this


might oog





was sudo fatter than nb


mindblowing how pig skin looks human


should i pick up kenshi


hell yeah lets kenshi


bought it gonno play tomorrow


get a refund and pirate that pincher


we must support local devs


headin to bed hima hopefully i dont wake up


makin hotsauce


hope hell is hot enough for you spicenorm


uncalled for


File: 1561800877616.jpg (870.93 KB, 1717x2828, 1561777965425.jpg)

senko showed up but she looks a little different


oh hell yeah


sigh forgot to let the hotsauce cool before blending it and the steam made the blender lid explode off and the boiling sauce splashed over my face and arms gonno have some bad burns and my eyes really hurt a lot


you reap what you sow spicer


theres NOT enough room in my neet den for this


guess youre sleeping on the floor


surely youd let her sit on your lap while you game


i want to sleep on top of her pluff


wish shiro was here to game with me sigh


you dont want to game with shiro she cheats


its ok she would be concentrating too much to NOTice my bone hehe


File: 1561813119832.jpg (72.25 KB, 1263x586, D-NV-Q9U0AALPd_.jpg)

big news hima some benchmarks for ffxv are out that include the new gpus hehe


no one gives a flip kill yourself technorm brainlet


dont project your ignorance stay small and stay uninformed


mom went to the grocery store yesterday but somehow didnt buy any edible food


oog chip make compute fast


time for covfe


sigh aunt is staying here for two weeks need to hibernate


flip her


File: 1561829395565.jpg (1.63 MB, 1413x2000, 1561791480400.jpg)


typical japanese girl after being flipped and blocked by onseki


mornin hima


hate chinks


File: 1561831790440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 505.77 KB, 2047x1447, 1547151285645.jpg)


the stars at night are big and bright



remember when we did this to nb on the way to the 2nd hima meet


cant believe the norms did that to him


what can i say im a gamer


need a can of skoal right about now


wish i knew how electromagnetic radiation works so i can chime in on 5g arguments


woke up had a nightmare that all of hima turned against me and i was the only non norm left


wish i was never born i dont see the point of being spewed into this world only to suffer for a few decades


File: 1561833520082.png (287.28 KB, 1600x860, s10.png)

stuck on the appropriate hairstyle


life is what you make it


brewing up aNOTher cup


im havin one rn


shut up


youre a fool


woke up to a loud banging noise turns out the door to moms room got stuck hehe had to break her out




NOT convinced childbirth is that painful why do women line up to have multiple kids if its complete torture


they are slaves to their urges


im a slave to my urge to jo


live by the bone die by the bone




how do chinks tell each other apart


File: 1561840371042.jpg (253.8 KB, 1875x2809, bob.jpg)


hell yeah


gonno play some kenshi


stream that pincher


i cant sorry


kitty loves mutton hima


watching aris stream tekken




too big


sigh wish i asked for pnigs silly soup recipe while he was still around


File: 1561843323375-0.jpg (3.38 MB, 4160x3120, 20190629_164853.jpg)

File: 1561843323375-1.jpg (4.09 MB, 4160x3120, 20190629_164825.jpg)

poor himako had to get a job after being fired as himasugis admin


is that a boy or a girl




nice boomer


NOThin wrong with a sip


time to game timotei


gonno send this vid to hapas





woke up gonno have some coffee


File: 1561844630068.png (805.54 KB, 1440x2773, jbgfk2jnb7731.png)


gonno walk


wish i wasnt a mudblood




hate viral marketing memes it was all part of monsters plan


hate techsoys


get with the times caveman


dumb NOTech lashes out at discussion above his iq range


die norm


love intel


hope youre getting a 9900ks


had hundreds of girls fall for me in the vn world but they wont even look at me in real life


gonno string up a technorm on a tree with a displayport cable


mom said she was going to start a low carb diet and start making more salads and cooking chickens but she has ate NOThing but noodles for the past two weeks can you explain this behavior turt


stop worshiping


NOT worshiping he just knows the most about female behavior


paste fats


sigh spent a hundred bucks grocery shopping hate spending money so much im like smaug


File: 1561849207963.jpg (281.25 KB, 879x1500, 1561848145522.jpg)


sometimes its fun to jump and roll around in bed pretending to be a dragon


miss jumping on the bed but my head hits the ceiling now


File: 1561849426284.jpg (189.61 KB, 671x649, 1518251520543.jpg)


love a good chicken chan pic


that ones reversed


what does that mean


china is famed for eating spicy bloody shits in oil among other cultural foods such as eggs marinated in urine from a young boy


knew something was wrong with chinks must be all the young man pissss


wonder if its annoying to have your nipples rub against your shirt or ass hanging off of both sides of the chair


wonder if its annoying to never have sex because females find your genes repulsive


never asked a female for sex never will


why did this fat bitch let go of the leash or let herself be pulled around surely even a slob like her is strong enough to hold back a golden retriever


think i might be asexual




thanks didnt click it hehehe


crying because its too hot


turn the ac on


flip you bourgeois


hate richnorms


die discordnorm


how do you know


File: 1561852920763.jpg (76.87 KB, 630x462, iajC91G.jpg)


File: 1561853006939.jpg (Spoiler Image, 475.88 KB, 676x1200, __suzukaze_kantai_collection_drawn_by_sakura_m….jpg)


hate kancolle


nah it owns


File: 1561853226863.jpg (225.01 KB, 1522x2048, feab5b09cf5ca0ae3ae1aa154ead7e78.jpg)


get in here




hope you guys are ready for the chrono trigger speedrun


File: 1561853808021.png (910.85 KB, 1165x854, 1561751165097.png)


File: 1561853912880.webm (338.12 KB, 320x320, 1561853328910.webm)


lagging hard hima


File: 1561854407998.webm (1.15 MB, 480x480, 1560929016825.webm)


bet i could get a good time doing a 100% glitchless all quests all items all endings run


i couldnt




already sick of this house invader




why do they finish the event with a 6 hour rpg


good for milking donations


its the best way to finish it


what the fuck did you delete my webm for


dont question moderation decisions




iq is too high to watch speedruns


File: 1561856582812.png (121.17 KB, 812x1004, i2EWHO8.png)




baste trolldad


when are we going to play some ffxiv together we just need 4 right


in the mood to bash some foids


ya i havent played shadowbringers yet


we who


sorry but everyones gonno play alone were too shy


whats the point of playing a mmo if you dont interact with anybody then its just an o


shy "men"


its a raid


we already agreed to play wow


playing xiv wow is for streamers now


im NOT playing classic sorry wow is too outdated


i thought we were joining asmongolds guild


you dont get to decide once pnig is out xiv talk will be banned on hima


3/4 of the board will have roped by the time pnig is out


why does that last 1/4 keep on living without the rest of us


im immortal


theyre dumb and scared
unfortunatey for them they are missing out on the final piece of the ritual and their fright will stay their feet and they shall be left behind


itll be 3/4 living were gonno tardlaugh hard at the few people dumb enough to rope


enjoy your normworld
we will be living it up in the proper plane


cant imagine being left behind by all of hima


hope i dont reincarnate into the same world line as nb


love my old used bike all the parts i see are made in either usa germany italy or japan


theyre really made by chinks


you dont get to leave me here by myself we are all sticking around until 2070 and thats the end of it


we just write random countries on them to fool the gwai lo


NOT going to make it


come with us then


throw that shite in the trash and get yourself some high quality chinese parts instead


File: 1561859062667-0.jpg (62.87 KB, 712x951, awaken.jpg)

hima meetup


good news guys asmongold said we can all join his guild but only if we farm 1000 silithid fragments for his scarab lord each


asnormgold can eat shit pnigs gonno get the scarab lord title


only 15 more days hehe


what happens then


the ritual will be complete


the capital case


why didnt pnig settle


hehe the donation reader said the cake is NOT a lie baste gamergirl


File: 1561859675031.png (142.61 KB, 646x448, 1436854714614.png)


mindblowing that some people simply do NOT masturbate to anything but real girls and will in fact even delete webms with fake girls


portal is like an hour long game sigh


never played portal is it good


die smartnorm


getting a headache from the heat might just sleep forever


mindblowing people save porn


might delete my sexnorm folder again


File: 1561860126820.png (158.28 KB, 500x461, 1527473389076.png)

chirp chirp


ve got 52gb with hydrus which is mostly images




thanks turt i did it


die norms


says the mindless sexnorm


uhhh me no bone me no jo


gonno play some sf




forgot to jo today


ankle hurts


joing is eroding your brain


should i shave the trail of hair between my pubes and belly


dont have that


File: 1561865330178.jpg (333.91 KB, 1679x2048, __kotonoha_akane_and_kotonoha_aoi_voiceroid_dr….jpg)


ya its called a happy trail


shaved mine after someone saw it and commented on it


can you still grow if youre 27 my bones hurt


how can you tell its bone pain



wish i wasnt a norm


its inside


wish i wasnt me


think i could grow an inch or two if my back wasnt flipped up from years of backsitting


im a girl


just ran into a chuck norris joke on a 2006 forum post


File: 1561867390392-0.jpg (993.44 KB, 1242x1194, DSC_42456.jpg)

thinking about shaving my legs


post it







need to pisssssssssssssssssssssssssss


my legs and manass are really hairy but my chest is completely bare what does that mean


got chest crumbs again


i have the opposite problem



anyone else see bugs crawling everywhere when sleep deprived


ya but only about 30 hours in


english is my only language and i pinch at speaking it


thats cause god meant to make you japanese but changed his mind at the last moment


gamin hard


think my skills are deteriorating from never speaking or hearing english


took mom out to a vineyard as a present managed to buy an extra bottle of wine hehe



nice did mom enjoy it




nice mom winer


love wining mom up for a nice flip


only an hour left of this exciting speedrun


watch aris play samsho instead


love speedruns hehe hoyp


how much did you guys donate


haha gamers


thank you twitch chat


4 dollars donation from anonymous the message is my family died of cancer everyones dead im all alone anyway good luck with the run


by speaking i actually meant writing/typing


File: 1561873144116.jpg (52.41 KB, 750x745, 1561839336544.jpg)



pasted mifflin



File: 1561873545792.jpg (1.55 MB, 3840x2160, 1561788128769.jpg)


wish i had plants


>Hahahaha I feel so sorry for all of you GAYstation owning losers

A GAYstation? That's no way to talk about your bedroom.


What??? Nintendo 64 has been here for a while. And just HOW is it physically
possible for a game system to actually kick other consoles in the ass? Seeing
that consoles don't have feet nor asses to kick?

>And if you don't believe me, you're either a retard or a NIGGER

Seeing that if we DON'T believe you, we are either retards or niggers. . .that
must mean that you are NOT a retard or a nigger. But, have you given thought
to the fact that just because you aren't a retard or a nigger, doesn't excuse
you from being a slant-eyed, half-educated sibling-fucker? Give it some
thought, and when you're done doing that, please throw yourself in front of a
train moving at least 80 mph. Be sure to put your entire head on the tracks
(cause you inbreds sometimes need explicit instructions).


What??? Oh no. If the Playstation nation is no more, I guess all of us in the
newsgroup here should pack up all of our shit and go home. You hear that
everybody? No more playstation discussions. As a playstation nation, we're
dead. . .according to Mifflin over here.

He he, Mifflin. So, is that your real name??? Or were both of your fathers on
an acid trip when they were naming you in the mongoloid adoption agency?

Grow up, Mifflin (he he, what a stupid name)

If I were as stupid as you, I would have killed myself by now out of sheer


"When there's no more room in HELL, the dead shall walk the EARTH"
"When the dead start walking and the full moon shines"
"Who are you if you can't laugh at the misfortune of others?"


nice sig


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gaming hard here hima


wish i was smart enough to game


gonno watch some vids and snooze


which vids are you going to watch


think some daigo vids and kenshi vids


watch korean shows instead


why would i do that


theyre superior


who are those girls


File: 1561877795876.gif (798.59 KB, 700x400, 1522542981037.gif)





born a gamer die a gamer


ate some chicken tenderloins


File: 1561882449429.png (472.11 KB, 835x1033, SPOILER_little_sister_23.png)


cant believe i dont have a sexy lil sis


whats stopping you


bought a new bike tire and handlebar tape



might get some kfc tomorrow




File: 1561886261620.mp4 (1.72 MB, skip.mp4)




need some hair of the dog stat


think ill have some bread and sugar for breakfast


dip it in milk


File: 1561906669673.png (253.01 KB, 700x800, D-NfdEOUIAAmmLq.png)


File: 1561907828868.jpg (216.91 KB, 900x1200, D-TizcoU0AApmJf.jpg)

need a gamergf stat


stupid bitches


they would outgame you any day


File: 1561913500636.png (873.52 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san -….png)



arent those too big for her size


its fine


File: 1561914168279.jpg (31.7 KB, 700x350, 1561903146064.jpg)

dont tell me only one is real i remember drawing the right pikachu as a kid


that was back on world a
it was removed from all physical media when we merged with world b


File: 1561914475182.png (91.8 KB, 250x233, tard.png)


paste bernstainers


maybe i can still find my old drawing of pikachu


its no use it will be changed too


hey hima


that right pikachu never existed



wouldnt mind a nice deli slice from that poke


File: 1561916436271.png (604.01 KB, 800x450, 1561904517530.png)

might just be psychological the ears have black tips so your brain assumes the tail end should as well japs are just too dumb to make good brain pleasing design


hey hows it going


ok just a bit anxious because i got a flight tomorrow morning


bring out the blood pressure medication


File: 1561919409789.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 1561884322903.webm)


on the toire hi





me on the left


mewing hard


so am i what a coincidence


die norms


my plumage has come in time to attract some mates


you what


verstappen won the gp hima hehe honda had NOT won in over a decade can you believe it he was complaining on the team radio about power loss when he was behind vettel but then vtec kicked in and he overtook him like a rocket the japanese casters were going crazy


File: 1561922698311.jpg (92.83 KB, 643x900, gamer.jpg)


panties too flat should be going between her ass a little


love gaming and love being a gamer hellllllllll yaaaaaaaaaa


wish i was smart enough to game


im a gamer thats too dumb to game



thats going to be the hima reel this december


get the HELL in here new joseph anderson


File: 1561927245807.jpg (112.78 KB, 713x899, gal.jpg)


feel when no gal gf



cant tell whats happening or whos who


guess ill jo


File: 1561929135916.jpg (641.32 KB, 2800x3667, D-UmbpoU4AAS9D8.jpg)


her legs arent thin enough and toenails are too long gross



gamed my life away hima


the shadowing makes her look dirty as well


hate the art critic


sigh cant believe that guy abandoned me before shadowbringers we could have been ffxiv bfs



sorry dont want to write you a novel but i didnt know i was moving to a new house soon and i wont have my gaming computer and im too shy and a noob anyway


File: 1561930381605.jpg (3.29 MB, 2988x5312, IMG_20190630_162826.jpg)

look what i found in the dumpster bros im excited to check if any of these work


are they all modems


hate tangled wires


thats too bad im shy and a noob too and we could have grown together in eorzea and started our real lives


dumpster diver


wear gloves and then clean it up thoroughly



File: 1561931343029.webm (405.59 KB, 460x452, a0Qr1EL_460svvp9.webm)


baste boomer dad


sodomite btfo


just saw my gamer face in the mirror


im NOT playing ffxiv cause im waiting for classic


no a hp pavilion g6 laptop a drone and a 2019 nokia phone the cables are nice im keeping those but throwing away the modems mindblowing how someone would bin this the nokia uses a newer kind of usb connection so id have to buy a new cable to see if it works but it should this thing came out a few months ago also need to buy a laptop cable to see if the pavilion works but the drone works fine


why do norms love drones so much



dont understand idol culture why must they worship


theyre sexnorms they cant help but bow to the foid


im a drone


no no if shes a virgin then shes pure and has devoted herself to you in spirit so its ok then


hima is an idle culture


you should check the dumpsters around big corporate buildings by the end of the fiscal year whenever corps renew their contracts with lenovo and dell they just throw their barely used stuff away


doubt many of them are actually virgins its all for the camera


im sure japanese men have a microscope on them


all foids are whores


im no dumpster diver i wanted to clean my bike so i went down near the dumpsters where the water hose is and stumbled upon the laptop and bag


this world is a dumpster im tired of diving in


File: 1561934869314.jpg (39.49 KB, 500x281, f106fe00f395c19cd9c98bf32e4103cd4e63585b142763….jpg)

should i watch this


never dumpster dove before


virg witch


File: 1561935228423.png (2.5 KB, 181x70, kittens.png)


owned those little rats


stop you bastard


fire up some cookie instead


kitten is superior





TSMC N7 Yields near 16FF levels, will reach parity by EOY. Fastest D0 reduction ever for N7 HOLY FLIP


nvidia needs to adopt them for ampere asap




gamer legs acting up


new ross get in here


sigh NOT sure if i want to play kenshi or god eater hima


god eater makes me rage because i suck at it


beginning to become the worst year of my life lets see if the demiurge really pushes hard on the second half to make it happen



fire up some kenshi


internet went down for 30 minutes again


kenshi it is


you need a new internet man


dont say the m word


strong urge to play a raynor game but cant reward blizz with my reinstall


what m word




NOT going to play kenshi afterall going to fire up some swgemu on sunnrunner 2


File: 1561940479956.jpg (106.24 KB, 665x1200, D-TEzhdU4AMwgJd.jpg)




mom is leaving for a week gonno starve to death


is she giving you fast food money


you can order food off the internet there is no reason to starve


you have to talk to people


no they will leave it on your door step like a package


should i start as a rebel or imperial or what planet should i start on


norms lame dungeon


feeling really anxious hima i only come back home wednesday


closed 174 tabs


travel norm


hunted hard gonno snooze now


play swg legends


just shaved a few days ago and ive already got disgusting patches growing
guess this is the end i dont want to shave every day for the rest of my life


simply fire up the hrt


mindblowing that we live on a planet with the surface being 70% water and our bodies are around 60% water and we need water desperately in order to survive depending on the circumstances you can die in a day or two without it yet you cant simply walk up to any ol body of water and drink out of it without getting sick but even more mindblowing that no one thinks this is odd


isnt legends nge



ya late nge is a better game with more content than precu emus


die nge norm who the flip wants to play that shite


ok have fun with no new stuff ever and never getting jtl and


dont do that youll get freakboobs


sunrunner2 is nge content with pre-cu everything else


how many players does it have like 5


285 max and ~250 regulars


my life would improve if i grew boobs


NOT enough


at least its NOT 5 players and 995 bots like basilisk


lets play mabinogi


wish i had big bountiful breasts to feed my babies


File: 1561943500031.jpg (245.91 KB, 742x798, ss (2019-06-01).jpg)

post your mabi


were going to look similar to that thing after the ritual


File: 1561943690572.png (650.36 KB, 437x701, Client_2019-05-30_02-16-59.png)


i dont consent can i keep my current form


only if youre currently cute


stomach started burning the morph is cancelled


should i watch the new ross


its okay


gaming hard again hima hellllllll yaaaa


finally we are starting to get some good plumper asmr to fill the void delicate raindrops left


no no no dont give that views


this is NOT regular sitting do NOT click


hima please recommend me a nice keyboard with n key rollover





why do you need nkro


uncovered a grocery store scam
there is two different sizes of peanutbutter jars the 16 oz and the 28 oz and the 16 oz jars are cheaper per oz than the 28 oz
i guess people assume its actually a 32 oz jar and the smaller one is 1/2 in which case it would be more expensive to buy the smaller one but its NOT


to game


how is it a scam if the price is right there and so is the weight


thats a somewhat common thing at stores at walmart for one the little tuna cans used to be cheaper than the big cans


6kro ought to be enough for anybody


people assume buying bulk things is cheaper


6 or higher would be enough but only if its any 6 and its NOT divided into sectors


mom buys all my groceries


nice more waste because corps are greedy


you should be pro pollution and waste


expert detective work hima


im waste


even though i want this world to end i still try to pollute as little as possible maybe its out of habit


i like leopolds


may i have your permission to jo to her


no you cant


why NOT


sigh i was being nice gonno jo to her anyways



cant believe they killed pokemon


mindblowing that pokemon is the 2nd highest grossing game franchise of all time behind mario and they still cant afford to push out a game that doesnt look like shite



wish i was german


just finished stormblood crying




never played an indie game


fire up pokemon its the same thing


File: 1561951563362.webm (2.96 MB, 350x630, 1561928356983.webm)

wont need mom at the mansion anymore


File: 1561951614859.jpg (Spoiler Image, 802.12 KB, 1424x2000, fun (2).jpg)


shes making a mess on the floor needs to be cleaned up


hima needs to be cleaned up





gonno attempt to josnooze to footjobs wish me luck


gonno sperm snooze too


hope no ones actually playing swg yet with suncrusher just around the corner


suncrusher is never coming out


that cant be


anyone else have gamer bladder


File: 1561954902569.jpg (147.78 KB, 1200x684, Du-ggTxUUAEga8u.jpg)


wish i had a body like that


bodies like that dont exist


the ole gb


need to watch some running on empty to learn what fast food i should get this week


joined a rp server




gamer bladders kickin in


the norms wont let me sleep


based norms


gods damned norms keeping you awake


how do we solve the norm problem


we cant they already won


File: 1561957652803.jpg (164 KB, 1024x720, 1561703963120.jpg)


the one in the middle doesnt even have boobs why would i lick her pits




paste oogtron


where is this


its that jap restaurant with the crippled people controlling robots from their bedrooms


do i need to become a cripple to get a job


jobs are for norms you dont need one



need a job so i dont become a homelessnorm


just get neetbux


i suckered ass my boro foro



i have suffered more than any of them where is my robot


getting neetbux is too hard


its easier than working the rest of your life


File: 1561961934919.jpg (230.82 KB, 1112x1857, D-R069NUIAEvMEB.jpg)


how come sexy maids like that dont exist in the real world theyre all gross mexican hags


the world would be better if everyone was gay


get aids and die you freak


wow nice breast


sigh wish i had a ffxiv bf or gf


can i dye a nylon backpack need people to stop pestering me if im in the military so i want to make it bone white or maybe black



wish i was russian


the norms the norms


quit bringing up norms all the time norm


norms gave me the gut rot again


File: 1561972615539.jpg (67.94 KB, 768x1024, foot.jpg)


File: 1561973774710.mp4 (1016.67 KB, bear.mp4)


why do women need to scream about everything


oh flip nice


hehe based deliveroo making their driver position icon on the map a gay pride flag for the month while every one of their drivers is named mohammed


what the flip is deliverloo


its instinctual
they scream to alert nearby males so they can ward off the danger


hate screamers



a gentleman walks into a restaurant and orders turtle soup then has one taste and then leaves



was gonno try a delivery service today but im scared of them eating my food


never used a delivery service didnt want to have to answer the door


usually you can leave a NOTe in their app or online form and just say to leave it at the door


rode the 40 miles to work only to see that they werent running the plant today so i rode the 40 miles home

thanks for telling me norms


wagie btfo


been showering every day to beat the heat wonder if ill become more attractive for it


you wont


your skin and hair will dry out and youll get uglier


> work in small non-SV startup
> boss believes in 2nd amendment, lets us bring guns into work
> code roasty starts work with us
> gets promoted to head of UX after 6 months to cover absolute lack of technical ability
> code roasty thinks she now has power, writes a long email to whole company about how guns make her feel unsafe and should be kept out of work
> boss says no and makes her eat humble pie
> walk in the next day with a plan
> adrenaline pumping through my body
> wait for her to say hello
> take my gun from my holster
> use gun to tip hat
> "how do you do ma'am"
> code roasty gives me the biggest glare I've ever received in my life


does that count as brandishing


It was also a special place for the ariori to practice their custom of ha'apori'a. This custom included eating to gain weight, and staying out of the sun to whiten their skin. Plump and pale was a sign of “well-being and prosperity” for the ariori and chiefs

going to follow nb and engage in ha'apori'a


what national chain pizza should i get


File: 1562001152999.jpg (172.76 KB, 1280x1141, za.jpg)


wonder if the dominos in my area still tastes like cardboard






never ordered pizza before


dead hours


its better this way the norms are all at work


cant wait for the gamer hours hehe


already gaming


hell ya



gamin hard here hima


cant wait to get $1000 a month for doing NOThing


invest in intel then you will get 6 figures a year for joing


the neet shall inherit the earth


cant wait for future battery tech we can charge anything up in mere seconds


whats the rush


might try making this burg




tomorrow its rumored the nvidia super series will come out for review weve got to stock up on snacks




technorms got me excited for amd might switch from intel over to a 3600x


its clocks are fast


just realized the 3600x has a lower base clock than what i have


since the instructions per clock are different clock speeds can only be accurately compared to other cpus in that architecture


heard it before technorm the ole amd excuse


put a sock in it clocknorm


gonno put my dick in your ass if youre NOT careful


setting up my campsite on the outskirts of mos espa hima


where the hell is that


made a gnome death knight


so tired of gamers think ill leave hima forever


dont lump real gamers in with that final norm crap


dont come back norm


what are some real games




same and the discordnorms


name them


File: 1562012717653.png (37.49 KB, 403x402, fx.png)

tard thats the opposite amd bulldozer could hit 8 ghz but it wasnt equal to intels 5


no such thing as 8ghz the silicon will only allow 5.2ghz anyway whats the point of a clock that high


so you can just barely emulate a 40 year old 100 mhz arcade game


File: 1562013760813.jpg (580.27 KB, 1495x2100, 48e729d109f8c307b50d032ee8ed253c.jpg)



boobs to big


NOT big enough


gross shes all sweaty


it cant be helped it is summer after all


File: 1562014759925.jpg (146.87 KB, 1200x900, 1561988977632.jpg)


i dont get it




gonno watch aris


the old amd excuse


no one cares technorm


gotta respect the chinks


justice for trayvon


gaming hard hima


took an aspirin for me gamer clots


File: 1562020932422.jpg (94.18 KB, 1200x1132, D-WVmCGUEAANOo0.jpg)

remember to stretch so you dont get gamer wrists


remember the 20 20 20 rule for gamer eye


playing fortnite and i pinch hard
getting owned by the zoomers


the ole gamer eye


File: 1562021726421.jpg (116.62 KB, 1003x1416, book.jpg)


hey hima at the hotel hows it going gonno order myself a nice gyro


paste gyronig


its kinda fun but the whole building thing is awful


paste fortnorms


sigh pnig wouldve been a top fortnite streamer if he wasnt falsely accused


throatpuncher planted the incriminating material on his computer


if anything happens to pnig im going to kill everyone and then myself


nice homicidenorm




foolish mortal





im senko the goddess everyone around me says im gloomy but i actually listen to hip hop and stuff



senko season is over no more getting babied we gotta pick up some dumbbells


sigh pnig loved this song


did you want to post the text first and then used the image or the image first and added the text




might start going to the gym after work again but i think im too lazy to do it



i like the brown girl shes defiantly my type


nice brownseki


shes tan NOT brown


have you mates been watching pewdiepie play minecraft its great hehe




gonno miss talking about pnig in past tense when the charges get dropped


a white highschool girl showed up with her low test brown bf id run them off if NOT for the fact that moms having trouble selling these puppies


File: 1562023366135.jpg (74.64 KB, 853x1200, D-WnGmzVUAAmeBD.jpg)


nice ribs


would hate if my crotch lines were visible like that


you mean vagina bones


cant see mine over my gamer gut


i only watch pewdiepies non gaming vids


dont post twigs


love a good meme review


no no twig is only for males its ok for girls to be like that


never watched pdp whats he like


hima has an alliance with the plumpers which makes the twiggers our foe


File: 1562023556643.jpg (249.88 KB, 1451x2048, whore.jpg)


gonno rage


no no its male fats and female thins thats the ideal for both genders


women are meant to be plump thats why its easy for them to accumulate fat




hate fats of every gender


no you dont because im obese hehe you didnt know


the hima mansion will only have low carb foodstuff


and mcdoubles and italien blts and taco bell and kfc


you can buy the high carb stuff from nb hes going to smuggle past the twigs



sigh totori guy loved italian blts


where is totori guy


right here


hooo boy hima xi is about to roll out the tanks and steamroll those hk norms


i doubt it


need to annex them before they adopt gay rights like taiwan


hima hima




File: 1562028463474.jpg (237.06 KB, 1625x1300, __original_drawn_by_merunyaa__60e22a2333ce6cd2….jpg)


gross whats wrong with you




File: 1562028699793.jpg (56.14 KB, 640x640, h0qoy4h8to731.jpg)



File: 1562029587330.jpg (280.52 KB, 2048x1280, hima.jpg)



NOThing better than a good diablo session


same love diablo 3


firing up some d3 now


feelin tired gonno watch some vids and earlysnooze


snooze on brother


guess im the only one awake


the hima mansion loses its appeal when you realize it would be populated by a bunch of regular guys who happen to be unlucky in most things it wouldnt be full of interesting freaks and make for a funny anime


im freak


File: 1562033239133.jpg (2.93 MB, 3474x4632, 1562033063459.jpg)


actual freak here too hehe


what makes you so freaky


got a body like >>932367 but with big long boobs


File: 1562033761458.png (615.33 KB, 818x867, Anterior_view_of_human_female_and_male,_with_l….png)

just realized my testicles are filled with millions of xx girl sperms


im the chink


ive seen one too many images like that with a white woman and a chink man whats going on here


no sexual tension


chinks are nonthreatening


that chink mogs me


File: 1562034357137.mp4 (695.31 KB, facial recognition.mp4)


hate cameras




how does the camera tell chinks apart


the same way you and i do idiot racist


i dont




sigh chinks are living in a cyber utopia and we are stuck in the middle ages over here


sigh already winding down on 2019
this year went by so fast and yet there is absolutely NOThing to show for it there wasnt even any good anime shite year shite life


2017 and 2015 were bad too right


2015 was alright but 2016 onward has been terrible


File: 1562037603282.png (3.07 MB, 2560x1440, ffxiv_07012019_231204_214.png)


sigh the glasses ruin her


she got gamer eye it cant be helped


whats everyone watching this season
i havent even checked the livechart yet hopefully when i come back someone replied


i prefer the middle ages


danmachi and dumbbell girls


danmachi and vinland


oh wow the supernatural firefighter manga already got an anime sigh
guess ill watch danmachi the milf isekai takagi2 el-melloi
maybe a few others NOT sure doesnt look bad just NOT going to know about a few of them until the first episodes


hope you preordered hima


v z jbca *&)k]i8[kjdqwoliaqwaqwpisjdpudlknbcbcllsd;pi;p


im thinkin its snooze time


hope that guys okay


feel bad for rich people i think of it from an rpg point of view theyre level 99-100 cant really progress anymore wont experience pure joy they sit at the top and cant reset


NOTch said he wish he made minecraft 20 years later


he had a seizure and is typing with his nose dont post porn his mom will see it when she calls 911 and they break into his room


its really mindblowing how great rpgs mimic the meta of reality playing rpgs should be a mandatory school activity


rpgs ruined my life


still dont know what a rpg is isnt every game an rpg since you play a role


uh can i play as djeeta instead of that homo


rpg originally meant a game where you played the same character for a long time and gradually learned more about them and improved their skills and completed a story with elements like money and items
as opposed to games like platformers fighting games and sports games that preceded rpgs where the character was static and there was limited world interaction
a lot of games could probably be loosely considered rpgs but still a lot of them arent


are games like devil may cry considered platformers
i dont see why the wouldnt be


hi im back


feel bad for anyone still watching boruto


how is devil may cry a platformer


you just wander around preset stages collecting keys and defeating preset enemies and fighting preset boss battles
its basically castlevania in 3d


boruto is okay to just leave in the background when im playing azur lane you really cant miss anything important and the dialog is simple enough that you dont have to read the subtitles


speaking of castlevania im itching to play aria of sorrow


play bloodstained instead


what a terrible night to have autism


File: 1562041842144.jpg (159.75 KB, 1536x2048, snooze.jpg)


sigh being iso norm blows ansi keyboards get all the good stuff


die japmog


File: 1562042284569.png (1.44 MB, 2192x2040, e3.png)


brushed me tooth


she is a goddess


File: 1562043671898.jpg (460.25 KB, 2070x1800, f29e73b6d07873db9cb5b5612d72e63a.jpg)


hate being home alone at night its scary


fire up the panic attack and disturbed sleep



File: 1562044021596.jpg (131.56 KB, 925x1200, D-ZEbvZUIAEKjKt.jpg)


wonder why im incel arent there more women than men in the world shouldnt it be the other way around


mens distribution of incels norms and chads is very uneven compared to womens distribution of femcels norms and stacys


oooog me cel me want flip


hate norms and hate sexnorms


cant have incel sperm polluting the gene pool too its already bad enough we keep every kid alive with a genetic heart valve problem so they can go on to father 30 children


only a matter of time till they round more of us up and throw us into camps


mindblowing that all my ancestors were sexnorms


spent my entire life being a gamer


did yardwork for 9 hours straight and ate some burger king hows it goin hima


shitty as usual
feel sick and got a headache and dont have any food or money for food just crystal light powder


NOThing worse than crystal light


never had crystal light how is it


feeling extremely strange like certain parts of my body are bloated and numb
remember this feeling vaguely from being a kid


File: 1562047446013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.73 KB, 1182x2048, pit.jpg)


dont click that


i love her


tired of deluding myself into thinking anime babes would be any different from real foids


they would be look at senko san she would be a loving wife fox gf mother


spent most of my life thinking women were completely hairless


spent the majority of my life NOT thinking about foids


nice dororo ending


based fleekin' phineas gage




cant believe they backtracked on dororo being a transboy at the last moment and forced an end the heteronorms would be comfortable with despite her explicitly identifying as a boy




phew all gamed out time for my post gaming sesh josnooze


File: 1562051553095.gif (327.5 KB, 549x598, 1560111181267.gif)

NOTiced something interesting when i squint my eyes at something thats moving fast it appears to slow down look test it on this


gamer brain


doesnt work


holy FUCK! can't believe that theres quite literally an asian supermarket version of uber eats that unironically delivers from every bakery and memetea outlet taro anpan tapioca right here in the palm of my hand why didn't I know until now


makin 4 big chicago dogs


squint harder


File: 1562052080113.png (838.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-07-02-17-19-40.png)

flip yeah i believe it is sexy tea time (STT)


die chink


stop drinkin that chlorophyll shite


hate chinks and chlorophyll


cant eat asian food since im NOT asian


ban this wap seki


sekis too busy hitting the bong


do you trust those chinks to NOT take a sip of your tea


caught a sexy chink bitch spitting my tea and drank it all up anyway


NOThing worse than a chink



File: 1562053419987.jpg (119.23 KB, 2048x1365, c60263505bed69dcbc68dc94eed05d69.jpg)



worshiping that


is that tail real


made two cobbed corns one boiled one baked


gamer brain gave me insomnia


File: 1562057840310-0.jpg (80.75 KB, 1280x715, 1.jpg)

File: 1562057840310-1.jpg (29.09 KB, 750x421, 2.jpg)


mindblowing that somewhere out there is the most oog-inducingly flippable woman alive and her father is one of the few men alive or perhaps the sole man who literally canNOT legally or morally flip her even though every other man has potentially free access


wish i was attractive enough to be snapped by a relative


majoras mask is a game you don't watch it you play it


have a feeling senkoguy and the entity known only as totoriguy are in actual fact the very same being


sigh phantom slasher struck again my finger has a large cut but i canNOT bethink myself of when or where it came


something about the word fool that sends me into a blinding rage you can call me a norm an idiot or a tard and i wont flinch but i will NOT be known as a fool


mom laughed at me when she saw the burns and blisters all over my arms from the hotsauce accident


fool of a took


might start taking two four hour naps through the day instead of one sleep


File: 1562065045251.jpg (348.11 KB, 1754x1240, D-dgI63U0AA3qH-.jpg)


managed to fall asleep with a headache but the pain woke me up had to take an advil like a flipping wuss everyone is probably asleep but im NOT going back to bed


hello yes i am here for the job interview


lets all learn our land


i hate the wetness meme its NOT sexy


love humid girls


phew wish she would pull me into her blanket and immerse me in droplets of her sultry musky moistness


what are the best sex positions to avoid cystitis


2019 is gonno get really good once iceborne comes out hb hima


worried about my friend who went to cockcon havent heard from him




first motorcyclist to document riding 28 hours in the same day.




is that thad


owned nergitante hard


went outside and saw a girl on roller blades that was weird


based girl based roller blades based outside


none of those things are based


cloudflare got owned




discord is owned hopefully cloudfare stays dead


is discord down for everyone else too




been strictly joing with moisturizing lotion for a while now but my dick is still ugly theres stretch marks on the shaft and none of the old scar tissue has gotten any better NOT to mention the fordyce hasnt improved no matter what i do
guess im destined to have an ugly gnarled dick forever


ban the discorders


classic cutnorm



sigh wish pnig wasnt a literal child molester who simply had to groom his cousin so we could all just be having fun together but as my grandmother used to say el vell minal es un vell minal


based throatpuncher


File: 1562078983896.png (114.33 KB, 468x257, uhh.png)

i dont know




gth normseki




drinking more water can prevent cystitis


where are you


time to hunt hima


where were you when i was mon hunting last month


hell yeah get that mon get er


sorry i skipped


sigh are you at least playing gu


3ds mh pinch hard get on world




NOThin to sigh about lets hunt


im playing shadowbringers now


paste final norm


NOThing better than a stroll through eorzea


die ff14 freak


this girls name is actually ashley mckitty


does monster hunter world have mouse support


im on ps4


dump that gaystation in the trash and fire up the switch




i have mhw on ps4 and pc hehe


mornin hima gonno fire up some coffee and toast


thinking about trading in my ps4 for a switch


youll regret it


sigh wish i had a high test chad face like that instead of my soft feminine birl face


File: 1562089292679.png (5.87 MB, 3500x4000, 1517024248463.png)


pasted cobes


why would i regret it


File: 1562089586834-0.jpg (622.07 KB, 2048x1536, D6U8alKWwAEZdis.jpg)

File: 1562089586834-1.jpg (368.24 KB, 1536x2048, D6USl9TWsAAIGSx.jpg)




cant believe that coby got to meet pastor anderson


File: 1562090999887.jpg (300 KB, 2048x2048, boob.jpg)

oh no


extreme behemoth soon hima we have to band together and hunt this beast


hate when that happens


File: 1562092038355.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.06 KB, 1063x1710, sakura.jpg)


whats she doing i cant see




simply get carried by japanese neets


dont play with japs on mh they suck


File: 1562093711437.webm (2.96 MB, 1280x720, えーきち - 今日のハイライト りべりぃさんのかっこいいメテオ避け #PS4share-1….webm)


pasted lu


File: 1562095217797.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.32 KB, 960x1334, sakura2.jpg)


nah flip you enjoy your ban


the jan strikes again


mindblowing that pnig managed to be a worse jan than nsj


being a jan really isnt that difficult


no dont




File: 1562097927195.jpg (93.02 KB, 1200x722, D9jmRTFUwAAcJcF.jpg)


why was that guy banned




cant even call something paste anymore without getting banned


dont worry pnig will be back soon


pnig was a tyrant


he was a benevolent dictator


nice banseki ban the gookposter next


only nb can handle the responsibility


nb hates me


who are you


miss when nb wasnt a persona




im the only nopersona left on hima sigh


File: 1562099964785.jpg (196.87 KB, 957x1145, 3.jpg)


theres at least 3 anonymous posters


accidentally napped hard


cant wait till i arrive at the mansion only to find out theres just one other person there and hima was just me and one guy samenorming all along


flip those norms


why did you block me on discord nb


die discordteens


As part of our commitment to offering the best hosting service, we are scheduling a hardware replacement for the server where your account is currently hosted. Your account will be migrated with minimal downtime to one of our newest servers. Our new servers utilize top of the line hardware and contain significant improvements to software and features.
Your account has been scheduled for a migration to the new server on Tuesday, July 9th at 10:30 PM US Central Time. We expect the migration to take about 2-3 hours. All of your data will be transferred to this new server during the migration, and minimal downtime is expected with these changes.


die die die


this is actually perfect because the nameserver is changing which means the .org redirect shite wont occur anymore


guess july 9th will be an earlysnooze


why did you block me nb



im NOT a zoomer dont tell me to die


seem like one to me


gonno chug an ice cold glass of water


woke up hey hima hows it goin


File: 1562104309374.jpg (23.26 KB, 640x480, hima.jpg)


hate having to type https://himasugi.blog/jp


cant believe pnig trolled us from beyond the grave


i hunger


no no dont eat you must NOT


thinkin its fish night




how could senko appear in two rooms at once without someone being the loser




sick of the senko spammer


its NOT spam


lost my breath from choking on a small dry rice flour wrap crumb it was just a tiny piece but it got stuck in my throat and involuntary muscles closed it up was a little shaken up


choke on my own spit more often than i would like to admit


think its time for some chicago dogs and blogweiser


hey hima in my hotel room ordered myself a nice burg and rosemary fries hehe hows it going


give us a tour of the room


love norm posting


sorry id rather NOT its a double suite with a nice tv that ill never use a nice desk that ill never sit on and a king size bed with a nice weighted blanket thats about it the view from the 14th floor is p nice


cant imagine this guy going around shaking hands with businessmen and attending business parties and spitballing business ideas with his boss then showing up to post on hima



its rp


dont forget the meetings


ever heard of the man known as turtletron


NOThing norm


i usually dont have to go around shaking hands or talking too much and ive only had to go on one business trip



amd should really lift the nda before launch day so nvidia can stop stealing their thunder


what the HELL the rosemary fries are just four really big french fries theyre too thick what am i supposed to do with this


you mena chips


die you god damn norm


might make some dogs soon too


just finished feasting mine




need to take the garbage out i hope nobody sees me


im feeling a molt coming on


gonno rot and decay before i ever molt


hehe girl on tinder with the bio ``the loneliness of a woman that refuses to settle for scraps''




im scrap


only senko could help me now only senko would


your himabros are here to help you


the norms run hima now


the norms always ran hima
youre NOThing more than cattle


im less than cattle


cant believe i fell for the neet meme


its NOT a meme its all some of us can manage


thats why i need senko


im destined to live as a nopersona ghost


same live and die anonymous


finna crack open blogweiser number two


whats the plan after you get that blogweiser back


wish i could just peel off the imperfections like a layer of skin and be clean


there would be NOThing left


i am a 20 year old female, due to traumatic events from when i was a child i have NOT slept in a room alone since i was 10, i normally sleep on a different bed or couch by a family member (in the same room). whenever i normally attempt to sleep alone i get nightmares about the person who hurt me but last night i slept through the whole entire night without waking up! and no nightmares either :) i’m very proud of myself and just thought i’d share


wonder what happened to her as a child


wonder why women always brag about traumatic events


ill show that foid real trauma


love when some foid decides she wants to be a man only to realize even being a slightly feminine average manlet bloke is utter hell compared to life as a below average female



we are fighting dreamers


File: 1562115891371.webm (1.22 MB, 480x854, 7ljexwX.webm)


is that the rare jangolin



wonder if nb is enjoying eorzea


he hates it


i dont play final fantasy


So I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of a “spam” or “finsta” (fake Instagram) account, but it’s basically a separate, private account that people use to post more day to day, personal things about their life, whereas a “main” account is just where you post the good stuff (pictures of family, friends, your Friday night out, date night with your significant other, etc.).


social media killed society


love eorzea and love gaming


hate gaming and farting and farts in general


hey nb why did you block me on discord did i do something wrong


stay vigilant mgtow brothers


gamer ass kicked in


instantly cant relate when an online post says any of these words: ex, bf, gf, husband, wife, partner (unless howdy parter), morning sex, j


wish i had a xiv bf or gf


im j


at this point i am incapable of performing sex because i would think of all the memes and probably start laughing uncontrollably


mirued some tights on the train


what memes


Please don't ask me to leave him. I'm a broken fuck, been shat on and abused all my life, bullied, abandoned, snapped. I have no self respect or self esteem. I love this man with all my heart, and I don't have it in me to leave him. I don't know if this abuse will stop. I just wanted to vent because no one in my life knows that I go through this with him. Please don't judge me. I do NOT have any friends. I can't tell my family. I am just so broken and in pain right now.


built a wooden box for the cat


He told me I'm too closed off due to my social anxiety and I should "smoke a fat blunt" if I want people to like me. He told me he hated me and never wanted to speak to me again then came over the next day with freshly bought condoms to apologize

hehe based


classic chadseki


File: 1562119107226.gif (971.88 KB, 387x417, 1562118728455.gif)


love some good spaghetters


hate normasugi


ants have invaded my printer if you lift up the lid you can see a billion of them crawling around and there are eggs everywhere through the scanner glass


donate it to goodwill hehe




stop eating plants


gotta say mha keeps getting better and better it might end up becoming one of the greatest shonen of all time


gamer ass is gettin worse hima


love plants love meat dont know why anyone would be dumb enough to only pick one


same hehe a big mac meals utilizes all


had a big mac earlier hehe


wish mom would buy me fast food


same havent had mcds in like 2 weeks im flipping being starved




stop eating fast food burgs they are full of sugar and bad fats


thats what makes them so tasty


the food i can make sucks


it just takes practice


based whopper based onion ring based large whopper cheese meal with onion rings and large caramel shake


hellllll yaaaaaa


spermed in sispanties and blamed it on dog


love a good plain mcdouble


NOThin better


theres no big mac sauce in that


i wonder if you could ask for mac sauce on a mcdouble


wish i was mac enough


hate fast food burgs gonno puke


NOThing to puke about


mom keeps buying me daves triples


love mom


ate too much rice to sleep


just gave the dog a lap of wine


File: 1562122999773.jpg (73.42 KB, 588x391, 365-feb16-2.jpg)

schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop


i dont have wine im worse off than a neets dog


baked some fries


you mean chips


File: 1562123376088.mp4 (4.24 MB, dog.mp4)



i fried some fries earlier


File: 1562123645758.png (639.2 KB, 600x800, boiled-french-fries.png)

try boiling them next time


why would i boil fries thats for pasta


File: 1562124001947.png (499.57 KB, 1085x789, 1562115387434.png)

wish i had the passive skill to neutralize sexnorms like joan did


all food is better boiled


no no no youre supposed to deep fry everything




cant boil cant bake cant fry things sigh


thats the result of true purity and chasity and when you endorse manpics you destroy those traits


what about yuri moe moe girlpics


File: 1562124294618.mp4 (3.56 MB, sd073.mp4)


only if they have their attention on the viewer and NOT eachother


you forgot to green


thats what makes it moe moe yuri though


bad end


what are those


since when do fish have teeth


File: 1562125353539-0.mp4 (15.81 MB, c8esl8.mp4)

love a good suicide by cop


how would they eat pizza without teeth


how did that guy stand up after being shot that many times


pain is just a feeling you can ignore it and be invincible


Shots to the Central Nervous System (CNS) at the level of the cervical spine (neck) or above, are the only means to reliably cause immediate incapacitation. In this case, any of the calibers commonly used in law enforcement, regardless of expansion, would suffice for obvious reasons. Other than shots to the CNS, the most reliable means for affecting rapid incapacitation is by placing shots to large vital organs thus causing rapid blood loss. Simply stated, shot placement is the most critical component to achieving either method of incapacitation.


hey turt how do i buy a gun


the neets are arming


cant stop laughing at this for some reason hehe dumb dogs why cant they just use a cup


gaming hard hima


the minority spirit guy doesnt post on the o anymore hope hes doing alright


bad end...


never liked that guy


sigh did a report on these guys in the 3rd grade sad to see what the chinks have done to them


never liked carnorms


hate carnorms


hate freaks


File: 1562131067583.jpg (74.06 KB, 1060x766, D-cfFAPXkAAfgNc.jpg)

love twatter


sigh realized too late that i made an alliance character on a server with 95.7% horde


did a report on them for class and determined that they are steamed


vanilla always had more alliance than horde


im NOT playing vanilla


unironically hate twitter


no point in playing wow when youre on a server that isnt illidan or stormrage on the right faction


remaking my death knight on stormrage


human male right




no point joing to anime girls unless its hitagi or senjougahara with the right first name


can it wownorms


bh nowow


its NOT the chinks fault powdered pangolin tail cures ed


if NOT human male then what there cant possibly be a decent alternative


uh was it really just one guy thought they all did it together


File: 1562131404508.jpg (220.07 KB, 1200x1539, aaron-hong-1334169.pic1.jpg)




File: 1562131508926.jpg (335.65 KB, 1211x731, 1458660709972.jpg)

going through 4teen archive to find this pic again was NOT worth it


played horde in actual vanilla NOT gonno play alliance now


would play horde again if i was gonno play classic


the hima guild will hunt you down hordenorm


seems accurate used to roleplay with a night elf girl we had an epic storyline but when it ended she went over to the dark side as a tauren female


we all have to play alliance so we can farm consumables for asmongold


wonder what race and class pnig will choose


ud rogue


hehe remember watching pnigs stream where he made the gender change potion and mailed it to his belf priest to jump around as a girl


hope no ones actually going to make a girl character


im going to play an undead female hope thats okay


undead female is bis


File: 1562132139130.jpg (350.47 KB, 2000x830, 6d3toxy.jpg)

were all playing human male since the armor looks coolest and we can self insert


no because robes look stupid on human males and im playing a warlock


wish i was human


im a failure as a human


in the future theyll just assign every male prisoner an anime sex bot and that will be enough to pacify 99% of cases


is it the future yet


nah NOT for about 55 years


cant wait to snap someone and get rewarded with an anime sexbot


bored what do i do


hope the ritual is completed soon cant wait 55 years


its almost complete we just need the blood of a virgin NOT sure where to find that


wow norm raid



used to think stfu meant stuff you and said it in real life






based schlopper


senko senko senko senko







must suck being a woman getting ooged over by men constantly putting makeup on every day having to settle down before youre 30 losing fertility in your 40s


hate norms


or just sell your bathwater to silly gamer boys and never settle down at all


ya it must be really difficult having everything given to you


ya they have to endure endless gropefests


hate norms so god damn much


wonder what gamer girl bath water tastes like


probably tastes like a norm


every time i take a bath theres a thick layer of grime in the water hehe wonder what its made of


bottle it and sell it to thirsty gamer girls


strange muck behind my ears


time for big burg then tomorrows pork day hima


File: 1562145226660.png (487.76 KB, 600x581, D9ZnZ5nVAAAvyJs.png)


save me senko please



phew nice chink classmate


never met a chink that wasnt a norm


i already lived this


File: 1562150812634.jpg (568.53 KB, 1200x774, 1562150471189.jpg)


wheres canadachink


already 8:30 im going to be late


File: 1562158903607.jpg (91.99 KB, 630x1402, D-i6jD8UIAALrl7.jpg)


wonder why no illyas have appeared in my life yet


sick of girls looking at me like a sex object


thats all you are good for


based youtube banning the murdernorm


die skipper


what murderer



File: 1562169310753-0.jpg (567.09 KB, 2112x3019, 9eca32dbbbe9ccc439021af62f3176ef.jpg)


those hands are too big arent they


its a trans


how can you tell


the man hands


girls can have big hands


never been near one long enough to NOTice


File: 1562173909686.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 01 [….png)

nice plumber


File: 1562174172257.mp4 (5.48 MB, fat.mp4)

paste gran owned that plumper


File: 1562174237350.png (1006.74 KB, 1277x717, 40a8ad171ce588e388bba62fd3a0fa0c.png)


she says being fat doesnt matter then cries about it


would be better without him


dropped dumbbell anime



still listening to the nepolitan song hehe


thats a boomer




NOThing skip




might drop it too it would be better if they got rid of the dumb foids and had more men


women deserve respect


bad case of gamer gut


chicken tendies for breakfast


wonder what pnigs japanese class was like i doubt the majority take these classes for business purposes


File: 1562179231855.mp4 (131.36 KB, nig at it again.mp4)


free ken


probably like this


would i be able to trick people in my jap class and tell them i dont know what anime is and am only learning it for business things


theyll look at you in excitement and recommend you a nice normime like bnha or snk as your first anime


hate anime


hate anime but love japan


File: 1562180503637.png (164.5 KB, 614x894, 1562178750822.png)

uh oh


dont know what that means


never understood the recession meme it didnt affect me at all guess thats one of the perks of being a neet hehe


same but i had to learn the lingo to tell mom why its impossible to work


some day there will be a big enough financial situation that causes your mother to be unable to afford the house and food and then all of the arrogant neets will have to crawl out of the darkness and onto the streets


nah the government will pay for it


hate japan hate money and love being a neet


you need a job


im NOT a norm so i dont


what happens when mom dies


ill die too had enough of this shite life as it is


im doing that arrogant thing again where i start thinking im NOT ugly


simply look into the mirror


you fool the mirror is the source of this delusion


File: 1562181955934.jpg (43.55 KB, 800x784, P12OffWhite_1200x1200.jpg)

you need to get a true mirror to see the real you instead of flipped you


never been flipped



feel like i might be coming down with a case of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_hysteria


it says men dont get it


think mom might have that



paste old bitch owning that dumb positive body image foid


should i pick up fallout 76 hehe


ya fire it up


File: 1562185914178.png (764.85 KB, 669x940, Screenshot_2019-07-03_15-31-41.png)

gonno read



cleaning my bike


bike or bike


closed when he added the scoop of sriracha


love some sirachas pour it all on


its time


silly technorm



born a freak live a freak die a freak


youre NOT a freak youre just special



NOThing special about me


should i phone up yaremchuk


got pissed off while gaming and got a headache