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i keep running into weird issues with php i downgraded all the way to 5.6 and then up to 7.0 and now 7.1


getting a 404 when i try to open the other thread


any problem still
i just checked the tb and im getting a 406 error NOT sure why but when i looked it up on google its related to dns so hopefully several weird issues stop happening tomorrow


ya it works when i open the full thread but NOT last 100


lets all go to sleep









based sb


refuse to use that other thread gonno post here


File: 1561007147102.png (1.16 MB, 601x1145, 1551719586287.png)


wasnt me


is this paste


File: 1561487119677.gif (Spoiler Image, 403.07 KB, 255x85, unclog-your-hog.gif)

i tried this and it works


no need for sleep just do some more meth


get in here


got left behind


hate chinks and hate norms



might fire up some bloodborne the best game ever made


time to fire up n and have a nice jo


how are you going to sperm to a song





die blanker



get in here nb


i already am


someone make a new thread i am NOT worthy


we need to use this blog


this will be the next one it has blog in the title we have to use it


go to hell neetblog


flip you neetblog


wish i was a norm so i could experience massive amounts of cognitive dissonance and just lie to myself during my monthly 5 seconds of inner monologue


pots on the stove gonno make tea


must be weird with how many conversation topics they start


used to NOT understanding a word the people around me are saying


File: 1635975249227.jpg (1.05 MB, 1013x1433, 93897866_p0.jpg)


this would make a good op image hehe


got some big chicken breasts marinating




nah its NOT that pic worthy


File: 1635975661607.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 907x1261, 93899951_p0.jpeg)


how come i was circumcised and she wasnt


teas ready its teatime


overdosed on normffeine


remember that time took a gram and a half as a young teen maybe NOT a teen yet wasnt feeling so good after that


File: 1635976344931.jpg (2.26 MB, 2662x2612, 93900940_p0.jpg)


would be too avoidant to eat at one of those even if i was in japan


whats uncomfortable about eating in extremely close quarters with strangers


its NOT the eating with others can do that in silence staring at the plate its the ordering in the first place


theyre NOT strangers theyre fellow japs


File: 1635976849061.png (277.13 KB, 418x511, Untitled.png)



wonder if that guy needs a liquor license


rice is ready didnt finish that can o spam yesterday guess ill fry up some more


thats the traditional japanese pour


File: 1635977002965.jpg (92.69 KB, 800x521, 160823453973.jpg)


wonder how much one of those rice balls costs


spamrolls are ready poured myself a drink




maybe next time theyre cooling down too fast


gonno get mcds and theres NOThing mom can do to stop me.


oops hit period while reaching for enter on the normtop


are hamburgers still 89 cents


so much shite on my screen i didnt even NOTice


too big of a tard to be trusted with more than 1 keyboard


wouldnt have NOTiced it if you didnt point it out


sorry rules are rules see you in three days


havent been to mcds in almost 2 years when it was cheap i liked it but if theyre charging an arm and a leg for biohazardous goyslop you might as well just make your own burgs


crazy how norms will pay $10 for a meal at a fast food joint


double whopper still costs $6 and change but theyre probably making the burgs smaller or some other dirty kike trick


am i supposed to think $6 is cheap refuse to pay more than $2 for a single fast food item


think youd have to go back to the 1970s for that


taco bell had dollar burritos mcdonalds had dollar burgers when i was there a year ago maybe $2 was too low will go above on occasion but never to $6 unless its something special


really dont get anything out of fastfood that i couldnt get by walking to the kitchen and firing up a frozen pizza even if i could Drive by myself i dont think id seek it out


dont understand who buys the $10 frozen pizzas either


love the 4 pack of costco frozen za


only eat for the dopamine release NOT sustenance


bean sprouts are cheaper in japan


he died doing what he loved


File: 1635979471580.jpg (57.14 KB, 600x785, za.jpg)


phew nice plumper


disgusting pig


this whole thing has been a good joke on me but enough is enough when do i get isekaid




dont be mean thats what happens to a hima poster after eating grains out of plastic containers


was thinking of buying a nice plastic flour bin


File: 1635979864859.jpg (41.84 KB, 1068x712, 1635978540426.jpg)

shhh hes waking up


whats wrong with their faces


theyre white


thinking back the only things ive ever enjoyed about life involve daydreaming or escapism


think moms getting depressed over getting old her birthday was recently and thats why shes been overeating and drinking she said in the car she doesnt want to be old and i said no offense but youve been old for 15 years its NOThing new


hated when mom would start crying


File: 1635980484088.png (1.52 MB, 1740x1094, 23a6f6c26297b978d6565edd208917873476c2802bdf90….png)


damn you abe


wouldnt mind slaving for an ethnically homogenous country where everyone has good manners


after enough mixing every country will be ethnically homogeneous


dont think japan actively hates the bulk of its population and wants them dead so it can replace them with obedient mudpeople either doesnt sound like that bad of a deal


need a job like hasebes


you mean you need a job at applebees


uh no thats NOT what i said


phone is still full of work contact numbers feel like i should do something nefarious with them


gonno pour aNOTher


left behind


love living a blissful neet life


believe in the ritual


File: 1635982187623.jpg (47.6 KB, 576x432, IMG_20211103_192559.jpg)

before rolling


nice countertop mog


uh what countertop


die picnorm


cant ignore a pic request


wish to be rolled in dry seaweed


thought it was granite NOT nori thought you meant a bread roll


mom said i care too much what people think


love when mom asks me for the second or third time in a year if i remember some event or something she used to say 25 years ago like ive done anything with my life that would have overwritten those memories


always had a bad memory its NOT correlated with amount of stuff done


been trying to overwrite all of the bad memories with the squiggles of a dying language


think mom keeps trying to gaslight me but NOT sure because my memory pinches


its neetblogs turn to pick out a game and he said were playing twister


but we just played that at yesterdays mixer


havent been invited back to the mixers since the incident


forgot the salt in tonights rice and tofu but it still tastes good made sure to brown the tofu before adding vegetables




NOThing more norm than eating food and taking pictures of said food


what else am i gonno stick on the gram


your progress pics


thats just a human flaw why do you think weve all spent a minimum of 6 years talking to each other all day despite being avoidant loners


shut up you arent supposed to mention that




perfect thread for nojono


30 is the new 20


then you better start immediately


the hima friendship club


post pics to the 'sugi only to realize that what youre doing is no different from norms posting pics to their social medias except the audience is microscopic in comparison and youre almost assuredly going to get a response even if its negative


File: 1635983213343.jpg (1.57 MB, 2079x1965, 20211103_194535.jpg)


nice nails


you could have no hair


grey hair can be dyed what matters is you arent wrinkled and still have hair


30 is young as hell were just getting started


2050 is gonno be epic


everyone here has been battered by life the wounds arent going to heal


nah its fine



forced myself to eat a few pounds of chicken breast


chicken is lean hope you had it in curry form with a few cups of rice


currys on the menu soon have the roux blocks


recently all my dinners have been rice and tofu 4 nights in a row then rice and beans 3 nights in a row followed by 1 burger night and then back to tofu


nice soyboy


my ancestral homeland


File: 1635984011948.png (644.62 KB, 958x718, 3ea6992a07f2c7566792ebfe9a1f724a.png)




is that how they sleep


thought this season just started but already on ep 5


love a nice explosive racing stream


time to get caught up


im caught up just NOT following as much as last season



penis hurts


i can teach you how to NOT tear the skin


wonder how many penises youll accidentally see in the mansion


none accidentally


what about at the onsen


thats no accident


going to have to fluff up before you go in so you dont get mogged


are we NOT all within a standard deviation of the 4 inch average


nb was bragging about his 5.75" nbpfl cummer the other day and with as fat as he is theres probably 3 or more inches to go and he said he was a grower


it wont fit


feel the sneeze in the pit of me nose and its NOT coming out


that was an impersonator


havent measured myself in a while wonder if ive grown


is it penis inspection day again already




how does kobayashi resist flipping her sexy dragons


shes low test


File: 1635986295135.jpg (259.74 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon ….jpg)


glad i didnt fall for the sex meme


shes a virg what does she know


when am i gonno get a live in maid who loves me dragon fox robot im NOT picky


still get mindblown sometimes over how unattractive you must be to get to 30+ years without anyone ever wanting to see your sex organs


youre ignoring all the people i had to fight off to defend my chastity


die seki


File: 1635986848385.jpg (124.26 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shin no Nakama - 05 (720p) [F31CD….jpg)


whenever you see some ugly fat guy in public with a gf just know that you look even worse than him but youre unable to see it because people naturally rate themselves higher than they actually are


dont think thats how it works


woke up heya there hima hows it hangin


arent you a little old to be coping


uh no why do you ask




might dig a hole outside and start shitting in it



hell yeah time to become true freaks


havin some hair of the dog that bit me


condors were found to have developed parthenogenesis


hows that possible


wish humans could so i could make my own sexy lady


die doublespace


only females can do that trick




didnt they almost go extinct think the extinction level event caused their genetics to resort to desperate measures


wish to grow a fetus in my sack


babies kick


need to return to the womb


need to cockvore someone


i volunteer


NOT before me you dont


get out of my dick


die freaks


never cummed before wonder what its like


you have to sleep eventually ill just climb in then


erp hour


File: 1635987586911.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


go to hell


File: 1635987603432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1200x1920, big pens.jpg)




go to hell and die untitler


the oteen


File: 1635987671004.jpeg (772.88 KB, 2048x1365, FDQXCVXaIAATSNX.jpeg)

found a nice home


sigh that could be the mansion


finally managed to sneeze made it loud as i could


remember that video of that house in the middle of nowhere in japan that they started sending worthless neets to sigh


if you sneeze or yawn loudly youre going to get a nasty glare from me


im loudsneezer


i am the danger


whats wrong with yawning


you can yawn just keep it down


silent yawn


sneeze every time i see direct sunlight its genetic so dont glare


you can sneeze just keep it down


NOT every time but it helps glad ive got that gene shine a light in my eye whenever ive got a sneeze thats NOT quite coming out


i have a german sneeze i cant help it


what about loud farts


just yank nose hairs when i want to sneeze


theres NOThing to yank since i use my trimmer every day if theres a single nose hair within my grasp i get irritated and cant stop touching it




never trimmed


theyre there for your protection


regularly pluck the longhairs from my nose



5lbs isnt even that much stop posting that fat goober


had a calzone for the first time in years just a month or so ago


dont be a prick about it


someone post el pres


cant stop posting him yet im still getting ironic revenge for all those kinoshita yuuka embeds three years ago


used to be a master of irony but gave up my throne for better lands since


at least i can flip the eatgirl i see fat gross american men all the time


thats the point


got into moms rum supply


poured aNOTher drink cant stop


filled up my cup with water


File: 1635988599672.jpg (199.44 KB, 1280x1420, asdf0000_stitch.jpg)


sigh sakurako


it was sakurakos birthday in september shes 26 now


sigh shes way past the age of being able to freely tard out crying for her


did she ever get boobs


cant believe the cute teengirl i feel in love with is actually a busted old hag


been doing warm compresses on my eye all day think its helping


File: 1635989142020.webm (3.8 MB, 640x360, 1635256792280.webm)


wish i could feast without feeling like shite after could feast hard as a teen now start feeling it in my throat before im even full


i watch niko too just be glad i dont embed him here


do you have a bhm feederism fetish




going to join the hima biomass


feeling nice on that rum considering sparking up a fat doink


materialized in moms room for more and she didnt even NOTice me even though shes awake


bought some nice white rum once on a whim it was good reckon that was about 5 years ago occasionally get plastic just rum now


mom asked if id registered to vote said no


you dont need to register or have an id anymore


NOT gonno vote thats how they get you for jury duty


we all need to vote for trump


u mena yang


turn the names off please


didnt even NOTice they were still on till you said that


miko miko nurse



wish quasi religious rituals like in shinto were a thing here


if it wasnt japanese youd think it was stupid




owned that weeb


im waeb


saw traditions like that at temples where you can get your fortune told or perform a ritual it wasnt like you were attending a lecture with a crowd of people in a formal setting


told mom something about japan today


lets hear it


mom is always coughing since getting the vax


crazy to think how religious i was as a little kid wonder when things changed


always coughing regardless of any vaxx


mentioned the existence of these


same i completey believed in god and the word but then i got older and realized i was pranked and nobody else actually did and god didnt love me anyway


mom raised me as an atheist


think the fainting was part of it fainted several times in the church when they made you stand kneel hold position



never had a moment realizing i was pranked simply lost the energy would rather snooze than wake up for church and the rest is history


squatted to read some spice labels at the store today stood up vision went blurry head went light had to hold the shelf and NOT move for a bit to NOT fall


if i was born in the old days i would have probably been an inquisitor happily torturing and slaughtering fornicators


never seen a fast and normious movie


the first three are ok then the rest stop talking about cars


was a hardcore fedora tipper as a kid because religion was norm used to sperg out about having to say god when doing the pledge because i had read about the separation of church and state somewhere


hit the boost kid


the nurse gave me boost when anemic like 10 years ago



gran loves the fnf movies thought she would be excited when i bought an evo 8 which was featured in tokyo drift and the second one but when i showed up at her place she didnt seem to care and made me give the smartcar back dumb bitch


dont post embeds so fast cant watch them that fast


well the second was an evo 7 but its virtually the same outside of the bumper and wing


forgot about the smartcar hehe


cars over 20 years old banged up keyed oils leaking hope it hangs in for aNOTher 20 years because im NOT paying for aNOTher


remember when smart cities were gonno be a thing


they dont even drive it
the smart sucks in every way but i put like 80% of the miles on it so theres probably a bond somewhere sis said her friends said it was funny to see me in it because im jacked


gonno make chicken sashimi when its my turn to cook


what the flip why does rhett look like that


went to the all you can eat sushi place with gran and she didnt order all you can eat but a sashimi platter and i accidentally ate it and she raged hard and we had to leave early


sis friend wants to flip


used to buy ground turkey smash it up in the bowl with a plastic mace tool until it was tiny particles then skillet mix with pasta


never ate turkey


looking forward to the hima thanksgiving meetup im in charge of the pies


never ate sushi its a scam


thats how tv dinners got invented they accidentally had too many turkeys could NOT sell them so company decided to freeze individual meals for selling later


mom said she would be embarrassed if cousin was her son instead of me


havent made a nice pie in years pumpkin may be the classic but sweet potato is much easier to make


is that the cousin with a job and a girlfriend


he got fired and lost his gf but still has to pay child support


hope theres a nice pear pie


all the cousins are younger than me a bunch of them are married with kids now except for dead cousin he was 4 months older


what about meat pie


simply take matters into your own hands


havent made that pear pie was at the grocer earlier today they had a nice selection of pears maybe ill make some later


he was trying to powerplay me at the sushi place by NOT moving his leg to let me out of the booth you realize im just accommodating you and i could disassemble you effortlessly you fat retard


dont think you actually have to pay child support does he know any nigs to show him the ropes



tried to balance the pear problem by buying 4 kinds of fruit at the same time ate 1 pear yesterday because it was ripe now the other pears are on the back burner eating bananas until they ripen




bought bananas myself only buy bananas if theres a good looking bunch


sometimes spend two three minutes staring at all the banana bunches then NOT buy anything


are you thinking about donkey kong


yeah there was a girl at the banana stand the other day stood there waiting for her to select her bunch before moving in



tally me banana


loved dkc


do NOT remember ever playing donkey kong but maybe there was one played on pocket gameboy


learned the donkey kong 64 song when i was a kid


loved the yoshis story theme


My income climbed steadily and while today I’m in a seven-figure lifestyle, I’m NOT that much happier than when it was six. 200k was the sweet spot for me. I could comfortably pay all of my bills, have a nice car, and have a few thousand every month to save up in case of emergency or whatever.


sigh freak



dont understand why people able to do that dont just work for a few more years while living like paupers then quit and neet it up for the rest of their lives




because theyre norms


he said he wasnt happy he must hate working


they have different goals




only played dkc on gayboy color


never played a dk game


loved playing the original dk in ac


sigh ytdl has been throttled at 50kbps for weeks




sometimes wish i could stream



whats the other one




download speed is erratic but more than 50kbps maybe this batch wont take 20 days to download


trying to get into the habit of downloading good vids also downloading the pixiv artists i follow that folders getting pretty big now


these days lot of artists just post directly to twitter NOT pixiv




im counting on you to post the good stuff thats only posted on twitter


refresh my pixiv follows page multiple times an hour even though theres never anything new this time of day


because once ever few dozen times there is in fact something new like just now


the night is young




File: 1635994729836.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


crack some cold ones


think ive only enough normka for one more drink


cooked a ham and cheese with a bunch of raw onion


File: 1635994988371.webm (2.77 MB, 481x854, 1629230790078.webm)








wonder what guinea pigs taste like


ate squirrel once wasnt bad


they have the same faces as rabbits so probably that


probably gamey


had to avoid a squirrel on the road today because mom was in the car didnt want to run it over and accidentally laugh or have one of its bones stab the tires


whats gamey like


bones wont pierce a tire


havent had venison in years


ran over a kitten once looked in the rear view mirror and it was rolling around when i came back a couple of hours later it wasnt on the road




survival of the fittest


how is it my fault if some norms let their cat out its better for the ecosystem for it to die anyway


if it wasnt deliberate who cares


wonder when the next big war is gonno be NOT saying itll happen anytime soon but its just a matter of time


the infowar has already been taking place for years


thats NOT the kind of war im talking about


does anyone want to write my autobiography


dont really expect it to happen in my life hoping it doesnt


thats all youre gonno get from now on


nah therell be aNOTher eventually could be in 20 years could be in 2000 years


dont think well get any big wars now that nukes are a thing


maybe once the browns take over and start getting uppity but thats at least 30 years away and im hoping to be dead by then


im NOT dying so easily


you can take my life from my cold dead hands


they dont need to fight with traditional weapons anymore just cut off international trade economy immediately collapses the population will demand the government surrender to get it back online


we just have to get out there and increase the chances


cant wait for china to halt all trade with america



thinking about 2010 world seemed so much simpler in 2010


im simple


File: 1635996425248.jpg (431.07 KB, 675x1000, 54045848_p0.jpg)






just toss a flipping hoi poi capsule with 50 anvils in it above my head



im tired of this fucking nigger seki do something make him fucking spoiler his disgusting shit do anything you useless fucking nigger


room spinning


what the flip





have always spoilered anything r18 if youre gonno be like that might just stop


sekis too dope addled to even turn the names off hes NOT gonno do anything


feel when will never check out girls asses with seki at the club


File: 1635997080552.png (1.99 MB, 1000x1403, 93909155_p0.png)


did kami send you to be my gf


why do we find cartoons more attractive than reals


uh doesnt everyone


theyre NOT cartoons


never NOTice names on imageboard posts unless someone mentions it


what are they


turn them the flip off i hate halloween




File: 1635997366884.jpg (275.21 KB, 1800x1500, 1635812385812.jpg)


never finished phantom hourglass got stuck in one spot which was NOT even an essential spot just something youre supposed to get through like cabbage so no guides even mentioned it but could NOT find what to do next despite the hours spent


komi cant communicate


never played a zelda game except oracle of ages it was good


couldnt stand to watch that maybe ill watch in in aNOTher 7 years


what about seasons


only played zelda II on the nes


hate the guy that never played zelda or dk


i read the manga a while ago because someone on hima recd it


big bro had seasons i only played it a little bit


played zelda played dk just NOT pokemon


how does she stop from getting snapped


thats neetblog he was too busy pounding babes and playing madden on his playstation


its NOT me


they couldnt get enough of those 8 inches


youre forgetting the bone press


the cope press


occasionally wonder what its like to be flipped


bet it feels good


need to buy a flipping machine


flipping machine or flipping machine




youll probably get flipped eventually in the mansion if you grow your hair out and stand around the kitchen at night


glad theres no stables around here or i might be tempted into crossing a line that cant be uncrossed


my hair doesnt grow out like a girls


always imagined being flipped as pissing me off its annoying if someone is panting and breathing on you and i dont like being pushed around get the flip off of of me asshole


thats the point



need to get held down and gang snapped




should i crack


youre late to the party


late to the hima drinking social and opened the door only to see a bunch of 30 year old neets flipping one aNOTher and ran away


if i had any left i would


thought id only enough normka for one more but poured and have enough for one more after that just a weak one


skipped any streams


wish i had a clone or a portal gun


would try to get some more tomorrow but mom might rage about driving her retarded adult son to a potato chef on a weekday then taking him to buy beer afterwards during his weekly trip out of the house


buy some yeast next time its diy time


sigh i did say i was gonno try to be finnish guess its time to go back to the dark side


crazy how they thought they could outlaw something that requires three ingredients to make all of which are completely ordinary


its NOT illegal to brew just illegal to sell


its illegal to distill



never heard of it


love needing to go to the state run liquor store to buy anything stronger than wine



prohibition ended a while ago grandpa


pc keeps my room warm even though wish it was about 20 degrees cooler


eating halloween candy


need to be about 20 percent cooler



uhh thats the only reason it was ever illegal in the first place


i nominate pg for class president




hes too fat and stupid to be class president


realized how worthless government was at a young age when i was told if i ran for class president i wouldnt be able to have the school shut down


youre thinking of me


hes NOT stupid hes just australian


was fat as a kid and have NOT been to a beach or pool since i realized it as a teen even though think im below median bmi now


wish i was australian



it would pinch


wish i made six figures chatting up teengirls about math


bastard leechers


seems like fun


NOThin fun about living on a sweltering hot island surrounded by bogans and norms and deadly creatures


im a deadly creature



just tried a 50ml bottle of makers mark it wasnt that good gonno crack a brew now


check discord turt


only bought those mini bottles that time i had to go on a plane



hairs running wild need a cut stat


NOT sure if the yeast is dead or NOT


uh just proof some


might be time for a mug of joe


what do you think ive been doing


File: 1636000895262.mp3 (9.05 MB, 02 - Jelly Beans.mp3)


File: 1636000981543.png (246.83 KB, 628x732, b9abbe010fef7858ea97a1b4c996246b.png)


never understood the point of making a bed youre just going to sleep in it anyway


make my bed everyday still a worthless neet


reckon ive made my bed five times over the past decade


tomorrow will be better




wish someone would hug me and tell me tomorrows gonno be better



then what are you waiting for bring it in


have too many pillows to make my bed nicely


never learned how to make a bed too tard



ill hug you but only if i can get a little kissing done too





what the flip


you can give me a peck on the cheek


sigh i guess it will have to do


have four body pillows but no two are the same each play different roles mostly they just get in the way


they dont have characters on them just monochrome three white one blue


why NOT stuff them into some sexy cases


ive spent many an hour looking for the right design and have NOT found one that speaks to me before


File: 1636001647921.jpg (26.55 KB, 520x307, daki.jpg)



lately have had painful lumps on my ears


yeast might be alive after all but there isnt enough sugar moms gonno find it missing and rage


make sure to take a pic once it starts bubbling


that guy said pics are norm i cant


dont listen to that turbonorm


he said its norm to question him


that norm was NOT even able to distinguish between posting a pic to facebook and sharing some pics with a small group of friends


distinguish it for us


wish i was distinguished


might become a norm


wish my brain worked normal


if i could wish for one thing itd be better brain


we arent the problem its everyone else


and if thats too vague then just better memory would be enough


still havent fixed my monitor stand keeps falling due just now went under fell on my head


scary to think that for 99% of the population operating in society comes with complete easy and they dont have to think about it but youre fundamentally defective somewhere and everyone knows it


nah it doesnt


its like that part at the end of independence day when they try to sneak into the mothership but eventually get found out are you going to arm the nuke hima


the CIA made six dogs run, turn, and stop via remote control and brain implants


weird isnt that same number of posters on hima


hope they make me kill myself


File: 1636003828919.mp4 (370.87 KB, video041.mp4)




woke up threw some taquitos in the oven starting to get flipping cold around here


wish being a norm seemed appealing in even the slightest way but theyre all just as miserable as i am except they also have to Drive go to work interact with others for a minimum of 8 hours a day go home eat microwaved slop and have all their money stolen through nonrepresentative taxation while being under constant digital surveillance


they arent as miserable as you they enjoy those things




maybe roasties or immigrants that are still impressed by indoor plumbing


who are they trying to fool


youre vastly overrated the typical norm


all of them hate their lives believe me theyre no better off


you dont know anything


i didnt say they were actively conscious of it at all times


hima hima ^_________________^




turn the names off this is your final warning


ban the raiders


File: 1636006024608.mp4 (6.01 MB, fat fuckin blunt.mp4)

hes preoccupied at the moment


the hima teens


sigh wish i was a happy go lucky norm who could form normal relationships with people and live an overall fulfilling life


none of them are like that except maybe children


all of my friends are text on a rectangle



File: 1636006980389.jpg (124.58 KB, 1280x720, 1635962656972.jpg)


File: 1636007049419.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 825.33 KB, 1414x1000, b6bed1c459bb09e4b1a811c81eaded94.jpeg)


ate a lot of pancakes and puked in my mouth


wish i could game it was nice when i started playing dark days ahead again and had something to focus on


were they blueberry pancakes


somebody save her


no they were chocolate chip


never ate pancakes are they as good as people say


why shes a vile whore


theyre NOT that great


theyre good if you eat them with eggs


theyre just worse waffles


never ate waffles neither


never lasts though being able to game every day for 10 days isnt even a lot to a teen let alone a neet i need to wake up one day and see its already december


hate the guy who never played dk or ate waffles


whats to hate


sigh craving breakfast foods now havent had breakfast in a coons age


sigh the downside of waking up at dinner


cant cook my own eggs only mom knows how to make them right


head out to golden corral in a few hours for a nice breakfast buffet for just $8.99



think ive got lennyism


havent been to a buffet in 25 months


dont think ive ever been to a buffet mom doesnt approve of them


nobody told me what anime im supposed to be watching this season


theyre all 10s


same want to watch something but dont know what to watch


High school student Hiiragi Seiichi is bullied by his classmates for being a "loser." One day, his entire school is suddenly transported to a video game-like world of swords and sorcery. When he accidentally eats "the Fruit of Evolution," his life as a successful "winner" begins.

guess this is the one


what the flip theres a new season of yuuki yuuna


where did everyone go


we are all waiting for you at the cord


new himapolka


polka got some nice sexy ladies to come on


had a nightmare hima was driving a camry through golf course got to a big round cliff filled with land mines tried to avoid them but then many women of different races were around the edges of the cliff about to fall off begging for help tried to drift camry to get closer and the cliff was getting smaller as the mines exploded


was gaming but now im snoozing


NOThin to blog about


mornin hope youre ready to seize the day


last dream i had was about smoking weed


dreamt that the cat caught that mouse but it jumped up and bit him on the neck had to grab the flipper and smash it into the ground over and over while it bit me then woke up


who dream interpretation otaku here


File: 1636025092481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 219.09 KB, 1000x750, FDVzoo4aMAEoHOj.jpg)


she needs help


wish i was her



woke up feeling woozy


File: 1636030144743.jpg (212.75 KB, 800x800, 93916303_p3.jpg)



only been nojoing for three days already having involuntary bones dont think ill make it the whole month


uh dont you get those even if you jo everyday


NOT at my age


im only nojoing to restore my libido the era games have used up all the vigor i once had


File: 1636031290142.jpeg (622.94 KB, 2228x3151, FDQdZAaaIAEtKMg.jpeg)


can easily do nojo would be even easier to nogame


think 3 days is the longest ive ever gone without joing


loved jerkin it in moms womb


i mean since i learned how


wish i could norectangle more


crying for lamy


love browsing may


would norectangle more often if i could go outside without being surrounded by norms and their prying eyes


how will you keep in touch with all your friends on hima without a rectangle


am more of a 55 guy


ill be on mindhima




wont need a rectangle once we all have elons chips in our brains


hope the chips will make it so i can draw with my imagination


best way to extend your lifespan is by fasting


my fast is your feast


never get a chance to fast because my mom always cooks for me


hope they invent the immortality pill and the perfect vr simulator soon


dont we all already look young for our ages thanks to our sedentary indoor chaste lifestyles




starting to look pretty bad after 10 years of alcoholism


buy an accelerator shirt and youll be ready to exact your vengeance upon the norms




having accelerator hair is only cool when you are a teen


just dye it if its bothering you that much


the dyer


File: 1636035902503.jpg (124.58 KB, 1280x720, 1634838362972.jpg)




dark rainy and cloudy it is the perfect weather for a cel


same might put on my gothsexy lady kig and go write some poetry under the pergola and sip tea



sigh elden ring is shite cant wait for the next sekiro instead


walked a mile pacemumbling


love playing the same game over and over again with a slightly different skin


room door started squeaking had to wd40 it because they dogs would start barking


cant wait to fire up souls 4 get invaded by a hacker on the first level and softbanned by the same shitty anticheat from the last game


looks good


uh how does it look good its ds3 with a horse


exactly looks good


looks like a shite version of shadow of the colossus






yes its NOT the souls series anymore


wonder which tubie will play it first


ars will


nah lulu will


sigh that will be magical


love rewatching a nice lulu souls


had a nightmare that seki hit the bong too hard and changed to a russian host and new software that required accounts to post everything looked different then i forgot the url


is that the pedhima


it wasnt called hima


mom just asked if i want to order pizza for dinner sigh might have to start making fun of her for being fat to prevent a category 5 blimpout


doc said mom has high cholesterol but she has yet to change any of her eating habits


well sv3rige said that high cholesterol is a good thing so



shes sticking it to the man


i pay my bills my bills are paid


thats moms job


File: 1636048447663.jpg (188.83 KB, 1998x2048, _.jpg)


every time we drive by the jeans plant mom says something about them hiring or how full the parking lot is bitch i know you arent dropping ynaj implications at me when youve worked like 2 years total in 50 years of life the absolute arrogance


File: 1636048562017.jpg (318.96 KB, 1155x1920, FDULB5qXoAMWWhW.jpg)


love blogging about my job on himasugi


crying for the teens


sigh elden ring looks incredible my real life begins next year


it looks ok but i still have to finish 1 and play through 2 and 3 too and cant forget about the dlc maybe ill get around to elden ring by 2030 if i dont slack off too much


we must promote a return to traditional christian moral values


you should stream


mom insults me by making burgs when the buns are a week stale


dont think it would be fun to watch im NOT very good


20% of 18+ year olds have no friends


nah it would be great to watch you gotta stream


maybe ill try it next time i boot up ds1 but who knows when that will be


dont let that norm peer pressure you


finally a good embed


whats good he makes at most a mild criticism with no interesting new points to consider


but you dont understand you have to have been taken advantage of to find a foid entertaining


i find foids entertaining when theyre being decapitated


pasted fundie


love me some otaku fundies


woke up gonno watch more sports meet practice and play Mario until big bros wow raid theyre having attendance issues again


the teens arent gonno like this one


aris teens wont like it either since most the points apply to them too


too bad i cant watch it since it has vtubers in it and would make me rage guess ill just have to keep wasting my life watching aris


File: 1636051919013.webm (1.98 MB, 640x360, 1615259286603.webm)


gonno watch all his youtube vids they seem good


the sheep webm


File: 1636052248824.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, sheep.webm)



the democracy one is really pasted he contradicts himself every 2 minutes


that one pinches too all he needs to say is that the bible is just a bunch of random passages written by 30 different guys and that they sometimes disagree


the snk one is NOT bad


watching the porn effects on the brain one


thinking about percy


heretic bastard its the literal word of god


youre thinking of the quran the bible was written after jesus died


uhh thats only the new testament plus the quran was also only written after mohamet died


only jews care about the old testament


NOT true there are some parts of the old testament that werent retconned


nice cp spam on the big o


came for the cp stayed for satori


low dose always makes me feel weird in my stomach


hehe stupid deer


tardlaughing at the guy who keeps bump spamming cp from page one because otamin checks the site once a day


dont say that out loud now the otateen that checks hima once a day is gonno snitch


if you hit and kill a deer on accident you can eat it right


deer almost ran into my truck last saturday



too many babies in that o link made me feel bad


imagine being this bh over tubies



dont need glasses they dont use slides at the eye doctor anymore you have to look at a wall mounted rectangle cant see a damned thing because they wanted to upsell me on some jewish retinal scanning machine but i wanted the drops


looking breedable


thanks but im NOT down with the man ass


wonder if that 120lb guy will ever take aNOTher pic


im 130 is that ok


made my bed


take a pic and we will see



File: 1636060407289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 411.07 KB, 1284x2219, boywomp.jpg)


weird kitty


birls must die


birls are protected hima heritage


theyre trying to turn you cool dont trust them



mom bought turkey subs


File: 1636060709946.jpg (973.86 KB, 1500x1250, __holo_and_senko_spice_and_wolf_and_1_more_dra….jpg)


we were all birls once


sigh senko


hate when they give them a human penis


never had a turkey sub whats it like


its just a turkey bacon club on a sub roll


my compliments to the chef


mom made me keep long hair and live with the girl jokes up until i was 6 was always small and frail for my age too would have ended up flipped six ways to sunday if she didnt finally let me cut it


throw some tomato sauce melted cheese and pepperoni on there now thats a sub


gonno make some chicken quesadillas with that breast from last night


put on some sunglasses to rectanglestare until my pupils shrink back up no idea how some of you can wear headphones for 16 hours a day with glasses on


heated his tupperware up in the microwave one time too many


gonno try this on the hima trip


uh what do you mean finish 1


based japanese and their advanced pua techniques


i got bored and took a break ill probably get back to it in a couple years


never did finish dark souls it was too boring after getting the lordvessel




File: 1636062254789.mp3 (9.25 MB, M22_Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.mp3)





watching that elden ring vid


told mom she needs to stop smoking again earlier today reminded her how i stopped by using toothpicks and trained myself to pretend to smoke in the bathroom until the cravings were gone and how shes never tried to stop cold turkey so she should try my method or shes gonno flippin die but she didnt want to talk about it shes also obese and in poor health with copd she could have stopped years ago while she was in the hospital she could have stopped when she was in cmom mode but she always lights up again eventually guess shell have the same fate as that norms mom


wish i had a cool smoker mom


File: 1636063813964.jpg (35.05 KB, 736x398, a1ff431272d687616805eef7f49d5df7.jpg)


there is NOThing cool about smoking its one of the dumbest things you could do


what about the voice gains and test boost


aunt had to get a voice box from smoking too much its NOT that NOTiceable anymore but you can defiantly tell that its there


nice voice gain you get to sound like a robot with a mechanical voice


maybe turn down the gain


just have self control


wonder if you could mod it to have a bunch of different voices


cracked a dr p





its over


dont know how you can watch any of these norms


what are some non norms we can watch
and please dont say its ewhores hiding behind an anime girl making baby squeals into a microphone as their boyfriend counts through the cash off camera




tubies live rent free inside your head


nice teen



remembering the feeling when touching crt feel your hair attracted to it and the unique smell




how can i stop being human


we need to leave humanity behind


dont need to remember that because ive never NOT had one



holy FLIP hima im about to blow a gasket this one fruit fly has been making me rage for weeks can never get him and he always zooms by the monitor and disappears


have any funimation dub voice actor twatter updates for us too teen


a fruit fly only lives 8 to 15 days


bait it into the bathroom and let the drain flies take care of things


haha nice one bro


woke up mornin there hima


whats your plan to seize the day


always snatch at fruit flies probably catch them 15% of the time


have purposely vored a few fruit flies theyre too small to care


me next


gonno make some coffee and read manga all day probably


untranslated i hope


did that guy ever start the season


how about some nice manhwa instead


thats way too much effort unless its simple and has furigana


sigh thats no better than watching dubbed anime youll have to turn in your hima badge


i dont really give a flip what you think


sounds like someone is a little grumpy this morning


i dont make the rules


ya dont talk to me before ive had my coffee


File: 1636071336776.jpg (294.99 KB, 1300x1944, 1624618307499.jpg)


File: 1636071368863.png (Spoiler Image, 123.51 KB, 600x400, 309.png)




give me some manhwa recs


gran used to always say to NOT talk to her until shes had her two cups of coffee and six cigarettes she was never really in that bad of a mood in the mornings though youd hear her scsnapping her bare feet across the floor and going in the bathroom and ripping some echoing farts into the bowl


gross did you really need to include that last bit


i always feel nauseous and exhausted and grumpy for 2 or 3 hours after i wake up


usually pretty content for the first 10 seconds after waking up then the realization sets in


had tapioca for dessert


never ate tapioca



gonno watch some jeetnime


same wonder if it has to do with drinking until the sun comes up every night


if dark days ahead had some of the features from dwarf fortress adventure mode it would be epic i need individually simulated fingers and scar descriptions


im here to see joseph clarence




what will you do if mommy kicks you out


they arent happy they all want to kill themselves constantly



you need bux


wish i had looks and charisma


he had those and look where it got him


thats the classic cycle of consumerism


if theres one thing i couldnt hope to understand its being a pussy nerd wracked with anxiety over dozens and dozens of insignificant things ive built up in my head to be major problems simply cant relate


thats me


wish i was low iq enough to be low inhib


tried saying fantastical things out loud to see if had charisma but none of them sounded with convicted then tried saying known facts like my name and that sounded the same like did NOT believe in my own words


File: 1636076209215.png (742.16 KB, 676x898, 1636062399401.png)


File: 1636076370330.png (118.25 KB, 216x286, untitled.png)


we will become youkai monsters


craving something sweet


seeded seedless gsnaps were kinda sweet


found some choco in the treat jar


uh are you sure you have enough good boy points to be plundering the treat jar



moms gone but ill try to refill it by the time she comes back


youre playing a dangerous game


whats up with the retirement age moms leaving for weeks at a time moms been gone overnight literally one time since new game aired to the best of my memory


moms have needs


mom loves travelling it brings her back to her airline stewardess days


thought theyre attendants now


doesnt sound as cool


going to start larping as an adult man


ill crack to that


had a glass of cherry moscato


any streams tonight



phew in the mood for this


spent 5 minutes scrolling through twitch and youtube live sections then came back here


File: 1636079625078.webm (1.68 MB, 960x1706, 1635981627834.webm)

just lock me in the tard spinner and throw away the key




favorite stream recently was watching homuha play imperishable night


sigh liquid shite


used to get pointless crippling anxiety but then something snapped and i stopped caring about anything




between 2017 and now over 900 anime have been made


dont believe you


its over 900


never managed to beat rumia on easy


should stream a nice cave shmup instead


whats the term for when you think a person should be embarrassed do NOT know what it is but did NOT feel that when watching homuha play th08 just felt excited


enough talk fire up the stream


still havent 1ccd deathsmiles its taunting me


powerful neckmaxxing game


wish i was born with the gaming gene instead im doomed to suck at games forever


chore assignments in the mansion will be decided by the weekly game tournament



she sucks


was forced into piano lessons as a kid played for some 6 8 years ability never progressed past shite


lets see you play on stream


you were born without the piano gene its alright


lets hear it


couldnt even do a scale anymore


i can do a mean c major scale


music is high level normshite


im high level


dont say that we need to support the musically gifted if we want to have piano music at our fancy dinners in the mansion


what about the shamisen


gonno bring my guitar play the three chords i know be the life of the party


some norm in my street is learning the bagpipes and its really loud if i find him im gonno let him know that an artist respects the silence that serves as the foundation of creativity


the pianoman


all hima dinners will have a shamisen koto shakuhachi trio accompaniment


sold my guitar when i was 20 spent all the money on booze


mom bought me a harmonica when i was a wee lad maybe i should pick it up again so i can join the himaband


think its illegal to learn bagpipes in scotland unless you have a soundproof room


cant believe how arrogant youd have to be to poorly play an instrument so loud the entire street has to listen to you instead of renting a soundproof room or something


hate those moments when you realize it was only you that fell for the worthless manbaby meme and on hima youre surrounded by accomplished men with degrees and powerful careers and musical talent and programming skills and chef skills and multilingual abilities and math skills and lawn mowing


uh what are you using all that free time for if NOT to cultivate your artistic and intellectual talents


thats NOT true im as worthless as they come





i used it to wallstare and devise ingenious new ways to be miserable


boles is on the harmonica


sigh guess ill just have to find aNOTher instrument


something i ate is NOT sitting well with me


time to purge


never taken a laxative thought about trying it just for the experience before


its NOT that cool


cool or cool


its pretty cool try it out


File: 1636083484593.webm (470.21 KB, 958x536, cool or cool.webm)





the laxative drug experience NOT to be confused with experiences like heroin and meth


File: 1636084118294.jpg (871.1 KB, 3000x2118, 92771925_p0.jpg)


are there actually girls in japan that like macho men or is that a meme


the red pirate says she does


were pretty macho as it is compared to the average jap


File: 1636084624332.jpg (685.64 KB, 822x1624, 93926129_p1.jpg)


of course there are


id get beat to a pulp by the middle school 番長


File: 1636084736545.jpg (1.91 MB, 1667x2500, untitled.jpg)


wonder if that one train girl thought i was macho


no more pickled jalapeno slices


35f what the flip


still have those use them everyday in my lunch sandwiches but no more corn tortillas using cauliflower bread sandwich thins


34 here im under the kotatsu


opened the windows to vent after cooking my tofu and rice had to close them back again later


cant leave the kotatsu and to whoever keeps rubbing my leg with their foot i appreciate the enthusiasm but im NOT cool


i rip through em in a few meals wish they made pickled habanero slices but you have to make them yourself


that wasnt my foot


only use 3 slices at a time


File: 1636085948977.jpg (1.93 MB, 1694x3452, 88894731_p0.jpg)


how old is that girl need to know if i can jo to her or NOT


what does age have to do with it




remember when there was shamiko spam instead of camwhore spam


cant jo to anyone over the age of 16 its against my code


that wasnt spam


to conserve them or


never had a fresh jalapeno


feel like im forgetting something


what about a fresh gsnap


used to feel like that all the time


heard components for electrical grid stuff are on backorder so if theres too many storms things might get ugly


love outsourcing the production of critical infrastructure to hostile countries


storm season is over


mean winter storms


blizzard season begins


never been in a blizzard or snowed in


File: 1636086665186.jpg (1.97 MB, 3264x1836, 20211104_224417.jpg)

saw deers


youve missed out theyre great


youre forgetting your real life


3 slices or sometimes 4 main concern is sodium but also conserving them


that hasnt started yet


cat on the back porch had to shoo it away


give him some chow



its fun


crying for the imdb forums


File: 1636089375508.jpg (165.92 KB, 586x794, 1636081045781.jpg)


accidentally ran into kitty her skull hit my shin bone it hurt me but she just sat there calmly


its asserting its dominance


pretty mentally ill of mom to tell me i smell good after cracking a six pack considering every male she ever spent lots of time around was an alcoholic


moms out to flip


NOThing wrong with complimenting your sexy 30 year old son it builds confidence


uh oh think mom heard me monologuing in the bathroom and it started with yeah its over for me


maybe it was because i put on a clean shirt for the first time in a few days


she probably cant hear shit unless you have one of the teenmoms


she doesnt give a hoot anyway ive done way crazier things in my younger days and she never cared too much shes probably secretly hoping i get a high score


nice mahjong souls giving two free summon scroll


rolled didnt get anything


tried to confide in neetblog about my full blown aids diagnosis and he just kept yelling spread it around and take some lives


vacuumed mopped cleaned the kitchen cleaned the bathroom showered and shaved hima phew



got some mac and cheesers with cayenne paprika and tabasco after doing jack shite


if an adult contracts hiv it 100% means they were up to no good its such a beautiful disease that punishes the unclean


if they had been sent back to africa he would have offered him his infant daughter to cure it after hearing that


what if you get it from a blood transfusion



why do you need a blood transfusion


then id follow nbs advice


what if you were going for a nightwalk and you stepped on a used syringe that had been discarded by an aids riddled drug addict


tardlaughing they close captioned him saying ignorant as ignant even the bots are race realists


NOT a turbonorm i dont go on nightwalks i just rot


what if you were sitting in your room and an aids riddled drug addict through a syringe taped to a rock through your window and it stabbed you in the neck


my windows are foiled and trashbagged


going to get spirited away any day now


what if an aids riddled nigger broke into your house and forcefully bolstered your ass


hoo boy hima george likes his chicken spicy that 2tbsp of cayenne did the trick


oog me masticate me ingest


poured myself a drink


been having super spicy chicken in my burritos every day for a week now


i check the door locks regularly and have my door barricaded the only basketball americans are 20 minutes away at least


might eat banana


die quaddrink


sigh hope none of his gangsta niggers accuse him of having gay cancer after he gets out of the big house


havent had a banana in about 20 years theyre disgusting


best part of turning 30 is being able to erect a powerful kekkai around your neet hovel with just a few handy household items


we know


you mean a circumvallation


eat a banana every morning its a healthy way to start a productive day


dont say circum


ya me do


havent eaten breakfast in nearly 20 years feel far too nauseous after waking


stopped eating breakfast after the time for school went from 9 to like 730 had hot pockets for a few months but that was it


we cant start breakfast in the mansion until everyone is seated now come down and get your hotcakes


ill take them in my lair


cant remember the last time i didnt eat in front of the rectangle


File: 1636096257909.png (420.97 KB, 499x358, e660c425461f28f75f401a239bf93e70.png)

initiation night in the mansion


seki keeps trying to get me to rip off of the peace pipe lungbuster


might earlysnooze dont feel like watching any of the 30gb of seasonal normime on my drive probably gonno end up deleting it again sigh


mom said shes making tacos tomorrow even if she doesnt i have pizza im stoked


mom doesnt make a damned thing because she fell for the jewish trick of feminism in the 70s


did she teach you how to respect women


File: 1636098305470.mp4 (878.25 KB, wallstare.mp4)


downloading the lost ark beta


no dont its gonno be like tree again where everyone plays the beta and then doesnt play on release


remember dani talking about mind control with random party members in tree hehe


sigh played the tree beta for 500 hours and then barely touched the release


ya i foolishly waited for the release and everyone on hima didnt play it so dont do it again


paste llljlj


got a NOTification of a manga coming back in stock after over a year got real excited thinking i was gonno finally get it but this motherflipper is asking over $400 for one measly volume flip that


get owned manganorm




never understood the point of owning physical goods


own NOThing and im happy


manga is best read in bed or in nature NOT on a screen at a computer desk


thats why i print mine out and staple it into a nice homemade volume


that reminds me of the origin story of gamefreak wonder how much those stapled together fanzines are worth now



File: 1636104494461.jpg (469.4 KB, 737x1126, __murasaki_shion_hololive_drawn_by_ogu_oguogu0….jpg)


maam... your ass



woke up its cold as flip




File: 1636113616169.jpg (1.28 MB, 1455x2890, 93932733_p0.jpg)


File: 1636113909228.jpg (153.81 KB, 1029x1200, FDaa4placAAViCS.jpg)


what the hell is she doing


making tea


thats NOT how you make tea


piss doesnt taste good


hers probably does


nice pissdrinker


File: 1636114716036.jpg (623.3 KB, 2967x3750, FDaEYA_aQAAlYun.jpg)



i thought the seat was on the other side in japan


you can still buy left seat drive vehicles you just need a special license


gloves arrived now i can draw without the tablet rubbing on my skin


so frail as to need protective gear just to use a tablet


post doodles


dont pressure him


post them now


wore gloves outside but skin is still getting dry and cracked from the cold air


time to apply moisturizer


never ended up getting any hyaluronic acid


neighbor woman in her 20s was outside this morning scsnapping frost off her car windows and NOT wearing a coat just a black blouse you know like one of those fancy short sleeve shirts


i dont know lets see a pic


searched for a pic but all of the pics of blouses are long sleeved does that mean she was NOT wearing a blouse


thought a blouse was just a shirt that girls wear


blouses are just loose light shirts that you wear over your clothes


blouse makes me think of louse


time to sleep


opened the window yesterday and a new flew inside tried to steal my lunch




is rosemi the only female on the planet who likes aris


dad took me to the car repair place to get my car checked up in 2017 and there were these two girls behind the counter they looked at me thought one might have said the word effete then they both laughed


korone likes hagrid which means aris is also her type


nice birl


File: 1636122742743.jpg (261.64 KB, 1210x678, 1591933653928944.jpg)

wish i could make stuff like this


wheres the manual shifter


refuse to talk to women who dont drive a stick




cant believe we have to wait until christmas to see elira sauced up like that again


dont know how to Drive with a manual transmission


hate when seki takes away my rights in the cord



glad reviewbrah retained his virg powers and youthful looks


fast food was the secret to boyish good looks all along no wonder himaboys are the beautiful ones



spermed and it was really yellow and rotten smelling dont think were supposed to retain


File: 1636126498935.jpg (180.55 KB, 756x1051, FDbxdm5aUAAZ5_8.jpg)


thats quite impressive miss


File: 1636126674154.jpg (1.95 MB, 1600x1200, 80895102_p0.jpg)

go big or go home


you probably have a garbage diet


dont think its particularly bad but maybe


still doing nojono im gonno make it this time and my real life will begin in december


good luck


didnt feel any different last time wont this time only saving up to explode to megumin in destroy dick december


File: 1636127202550.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.72 KB, 1200x863, EiCp0WJVoAokAYP.jpg)


dont like when they show the guys bhole


File: 1636127845562.png (14.43 KB, 447x108, Screenshot 2021-11-05 175716.png)



i turned it 50/50


think im ready for the next few bars of alhambra



why does the new ww2 cod have red dot sights


same reason it has niggers


uh pretty sure nigs existed in the 1940s



eating carrots again with the window open


rabbit boy


File: 1636129985749-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 411.08 KB, 1577x1134, the mansion.jpg)

File: 1636129985749-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 414.72 KB, 1577x1134, the mansion 2.jpg)


whys the guy getting boned in the second one thats cool


didnt get invited to the hima orgy


taquitos for lunch


feeling lucky hima almost done with lunch window open the entire time and the bees have NOT showed up yet


its NOT bee season


shes just trying to trick aristeens into watching her


no no youre supposed to say something like she only knows about him because of her boyfriend


File: 1636131875063.webm (260.67 KB, 1280x720, 1487407969536.webm)


thats probably true too


dont understand why people romanticize having friends its NOT that great


the 2017 ww2 cod had them as well




homo sapiens are social animals


my friends are here


new luna is way cuter


source sans pro seems popular in jp streams


File: 1636134333244-0.jpg (131.07 KB, 753x1200, FDaxCxjaIAA8s00.jpg)


firefox keeps crashing sigh


woke up moms making tacos


nice madre


puta madre





im afraid NOT


final fantasy sucks balls so does persona and smt


smts good


love simultaneous multithreading



File: 1636136593614.jpg (69.34 KB, 708x1200, FAerI1EVEAAZJfd.jpg)


your dole dippers madam


woke up made some cawfee


stopped watching freemans mind in 2010 or so and forgot about it for a while dont want to go back and overwrite my memories of the first 15 or 20 episodes


couldnt make it as a wise man


im tard


gonno change my last name to tardman


i know if it sucked id be able to watch it


oh flip jamming


never jammed it in


File: 1636140135425.png (464.24 KB, 2000x1000, 1636139777372.png)


sigh iktf




what the flip this works so well


File: 1636140584893.png (1.37 MB, 828x1792, Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 3.27.06 PM.png)

it ate the pic


mindblowing that dweebs spent thousands of hours learning a dying language just to get owned by technology


hate when people tell me i look like is there any problem


owned that masktard


how do you know it works if you dont know what the text means in the first place


no maskholes
masked & vaxed please
because we care about our neighbors


my listening ability far exceeds my reading ability and it lets you do text to speech


actually it can be since illiteracy was the norm for 99% of humans throughout history


so youre saying youre a norm


im NOT a norm because i talk to people and touch grass


the antimask norm got arrested hehe


do i have to wear a mask in the mansion and show proof of vaccination


theyre bored and want attention


they just wanted a little excitement in their boring norm lives
its 99% of the reason that people go to protests or riots they work themselves up thinking they are on the side of justice and that they are doing good by going out and being a nuisance


mom went to a streetsitting protest last year to hang out with her friends think it had something to do with oil lines or something


mom made sausage




love moms sausage


gonno jo


like how a good cup of pourover tastes good an hour or two later


dead hours making aNOTher cup with used grinds


wore normglasses on that Drive mom might have been impressed enough by my ability to act almost as normal as the average american 15 year old over ten years late that she orders pizza tonight


might try to talk her into getting half chovies NOT arrogant enough to try for full


snap her


uh you cant do that


thought about it pizza would almost certainly force me into watching a movie groan


moms a cheap date


i just did tastes fine


tried cofe once like 15 years ago and then never again


File: 1636146129275.png (711.13 KB, 1693x1217, n.png)



i dont get it is he selling a digital image


he sold it for $57k




whats money laundering


anyone else jaw starts hurting after mumbling to self


think its when you buy or sell things you dont actually want to have a tax excuse for why you lost or gained money


wish i had money to launder


get plenty of money from the government but no reason to launder it



couple years ago dentist said the way my jaw formed was weird and said it will get worse the more i chew on stuff maybe thats why it hurts


File: 1636147805912.jpg (121.47 KB, 864x1300, FDZ73hqagAEqoGV.jpg)

is canned coffee good


the freakjaw


the beans are folded over a thousand times


found out some jap canned coffee vending machines heat it for you



listening to crab cream commander


think its time for a crier


mom said im losing too much weight




wish i could twig out


File: 1636149220093.webm (4.68 MB, 1280x720, cn sheep.webm)


going to have abs by december just in time to bundle up in a sweater and a coat


File: 1636149416728.mp4 (327.74 KB, 251638683_404441368090426_545888385821409007_n.mp4)


jumpscare dont click


gonno start wearing a balaclava





thought about starting to wear a balaclava but all the ones on amazon have lame designs


File: 1636149702467.gif (584.08 KB, 310x150, zAXR4.gif)


what the flip screamed




File: 1636150079408.jpg (Spoiler Image, 534.56 KB, 1000x707, 91247252_p0.jpg)


wish i was her


went through a bestiality phase as a teen


shes so happy


File: 1636150302247.jpg (64.03 KB, 545x906, E-7yEM8UYAgIPfv.jpg)

sigh madoka


File: 1636150327305.gif (757.95 KB, 400x300, Tifafuck.gif)

same was really into horse on girl after seeing this on encyclopedia dramatica


youve dogpilled me for the last time


dont understand beastiality but ive been known to get a furbone now and then


sigh gave into temptation bought aNOTher box of pasta swear this ones the last also aNOTher handle


File: 1636150549991.jpg (62.31 KB, 478x350, dickslap.jpg)


never been into bestiality after i realized theres no good vids of a foid getting flipped by a horse


it could be worse you could have a chocolate addiction like me


NOT sure thats worse


the chocoholic


you guys would have a field day if you saw my collection


well lets see it


die braggart


you cant just brag like that and NOT post anything


File: 1636150888208.png (27.93 KB, 472x837, hima 2007.png)


File: 1636150895720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.27 KB, 639x928, 3594dce9d52ee9d6d6bfbd1361054cfa.jpg)

what wrong with illustrations


have the largest collection of clop in southern hemisphere


women would rather get flipped by tard animals than to so much as brush past us in a crowd


weird that animals only allowed themselves to become domesticated so they could flip human females


only clop i need is hoofbeat NOThing could possibly beat that


accidentally scanned something twice in the self checkout so i had to wave for the foid and she just stared at me like a retard and i got frustrated and made a face while waving at her like get your ass over here retard she was nice during the encounter though might need to start pushing foids around its what they want


why NOT just push the i need assistance button


she probably thought you were just saying hi women are used to guys constantly trying to make contact with them


did you get her number


gonno roast some brussels and shrooms


hb these veggies are smelling better than i couldve hoped for


File: 1636152263195.jpg (384.91 KB, 1500x900, 93945163_p0.jpg)


File: 1636152488032.png (637.9 KB, 1369x1422, 93942457_p0.png)

own one of these hats



nice goober hat


3500 dollars what the flip


wish i had a nice 64gb 2tb m1 max macbook pro starting at $5k


File: 1636152770357.jpg (490.84 KB, 1610x2745, 93937115_p0.jpg)


its NOT that expensive when you have a job


saw those hats on a couple anime merch sites when they came out considered buying one since i need a tooque for winter but i didnt watch yuru camp and didnt want to be mistaken for a fan of the show so i decided against it


NOT anime merch its made by a normal company


oh hehe i could use one of those then


its NOT that expensive but its way overpriced


uh you guys know hats make you go bald right


went bald without ever wearing hats



hypothermia is much worse than baldness


wouldnt mind dying


have a thick head of hair always hated how thick it was



so use earmuffs


tried looking up earmuffs before and could only find womens ones was gonno buy some anyway but i forgot about it for a year and now its winter again


uh does she really have to shove her tits into the camera for a gunpla vid


why would she turn down easy money


hope youve all got your mittens


why would i when its mid seventies outside


never made brussel sprouts before except from a frozen bag and i must say these are NOT bad at all


boss cafe au lait is really good


some stores sell jap drinks but theyre always overpriced like 3 to 6 bucks for a can or bottle


File: 1636153675331.png (198.56 KB, 480x646, 1636149105266.png)

sigh frencheye


wish they sold boss here


dont know if they sell boss or just ito en ramune calpis pocari etc


forgot the pythonanywhere password


are they growers


keep getting emails telling me to be a worknorm at battery companies and thermofisher


need a job putting the flowers on the sushi trays


the fleshy core was good but think the best part was the leaves that came off and roasted to a crisp


sounds cool




cool or cool


File: 1636154347529.png (401.8 KB, 886x812, pic.png)

should have born finnish


hate onions


its NOT that great


i thought cold places were supposed to be depressed


wish i lived in greenland


File: 1636154706049.mp4 (160.25 KB, n8xg8r.mp4)


dont click


need to buy a small secluded plot of land in the wilderness with a modestly sized cabin that has internet a fireplace and access to clean water maybe a one hour bike ride away from the store after you make your way through the forest to the nearest road


i agree onions are disgusting


File: 1636154914725.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, premium rounge.webm)


File: 1636154962034.png (657.42 KB, 1102x576, 1636150864101.png)


im tubeteen


File: 1636155241472.jpg (161.08 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Ousama Ranking - 04 (720p) [E7083….jpg)


theyre NOT that great


were invited too right


File: 1636156130532.png (19.37 KB, 500x500, 1636025621773.png)


no get your own cabin


eating spam n eggs on rice


the manbaby oyakodon


uh theres no oya


female pigs have shoulders too


File: 1636156773493.webm (2.06 MB, 720x1280, 1636143341274.webm)


poor frogcel needs to start mewing


uh frogblog doesnt need to do a thing


was taken to a few speech therapy sessions as a kid she told me to mew of course NOT in those words didnt do it



wish i could jbw




hearing that tone again still NOT sure what its from


File: 1636157728860.png (1.42 MB, 1969x1477, 1636152567097.png)

love a nice java enterprise app


why didnt anyone tell me about this


because its gonno suck


i think that guy said something about the land of java


why would boba fett be some weird crime boss syndicate leader thats stupid


hope normlettermedia makes a new nerd crew for this


its just fanfic you shouldnt think about it too much


havent watched anything star wars since mom roped me into seeing ep 7


saw the first one of the new series and didnt bother with the rest


read that as snapped


uh read what


big bro and i saw episode 9 and started tardlaughing when the emperor summoned a few hundred starships at the start


sigh somehow palpatine has returned


has darth returned yet


darth maul returned 3 times now




ominous rumbling in my lower abdomen


File: 1636158743665.jpg (139.21 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 05 (….jpg)


woke up gotta piss but theres invaders here


nightclub juicy rn


show them whos the master of the house


File: 1636158857525.jpg (305.04 KB, 1280x720, 1636156170889.jpg)


if someones living there then its NOT abandoned anymore


wish my elementary school was int the mountains


File: 1636159304607.png (638.33 KB, 827x1169, 93943416_p0.png)


snoozing flip this


right behind you


can you filter snooze to sneeze please





cant snooze now theres only 3 more hours til the sports festival


cant you turn the damn names off its been nearly a week


in other words it hasnt even been a week


love leaving the christmas tree up till february


even leaving them on for one day is egregious


mom hasnt taken the christmas lights down since 2013


the old filipino neighbors did that


remember mom always wanted to put up christmas lights but even as a young boy i would grinch out and tell her NOT to and that i wouldnt help


when are we getting christmas lights on hima


heck yeah fire up the mandatory flashing red and green theme with autoplaying jingle bells midi


might start adblocking the names if this continues


File: 1636159689683.png (277.78 KB, 955x629, Screenshot from 2021-11-05 20-46-51.png)

is this a good deal


maybe add in some sheep christmas song autoplay too


havent touched my dumbbells in months


hehe cant wait to have christmas lights and halloween names in the middle of summer 2022



touching it with my toes right now


truhimamates use the tardbells instead


which ones are those


okay ive touched them just NOT worked out


File: 1636159985466.jpg (13.05 KB, 500x479, 31y0djRv9SL.jpg)

im leaving humanity behind


try holding those in a t pose for 2 minutes you will feel the burn


brussel sprouts cost more per pound than chicken breast so do many other vegetables how come meats seen as an expensive treat


because of government subsidies


best part of starting to work out was the enjoyable pain the day after need to take extended breaks to feel the soreness again otherwise it eventually stops


no one thinks meat is an expensive treat in this country


got 10 pounds of pork loin for 14 bucks


people think of potatoes and carrots when they think about vegetables NOT brussel sprouts


what the flip where


traditionally meat has been a rare treat its been that way in every culture for thousands of years


pork butt sometimes goes on sale for dirt cheap would get it then for pulled pork but havent made that in years


no idea what food costs here


costco mom gives me giftcards sometimes and i go in to get veggis pork and frozen za


eggs are cheap again but produce is more expensive now chickens seemed to stay about the same


love roasting up a big ol boneless pork loin from aldi


dont know about carrots but potatoes have NOT been looking good lately


there are certain essentials will always buy no matter what they cost so do NOT even think about the price


essentials like rice mayo vodka


eggs everything bagels simply orange and gsnapfruit juice rice beans frozen vegetables 3 different kinds of fruit


that image does NOT need to be 2.43 megs


dont have the energy to read the posts i skipped while gaming can everyone stop posting for about 4 hours so i can catch up


simply orange what the flip


yeah mom does NOT like it says simply brand is too expensive but do NOT care what mom thinks its the only brand for me


crying for that guy without access to gsnapfruit juice


why NOT buy a juicer


dont think theres anything that i make sure i always have just buy enough to make one weeks worth of meals of whatever i decide to eat that week and just eat that this week is burritos


File: 1636160756804.jpg (1.14 MB, 2045x1404, 20211105_210439.jpg)




those bottles are great for pissing into


that doesnt look like win7


nice left startbar win10


sigh you cant play the new age of empires unless you get win10


left bar is the only one that makes sense been doing it this way for over a decade


the leftist


uh why would you have the bar showing at all


how could you consider going barless


wherever i right click the menu appears


thats incomprehensible




love microsoft and directx deciding that borderless windowed is the future and killing fullscreen


File: 1636161936719.gif (2.94 MB, 256x144, 12942.gif)


microshaft is paying companies to use dx12 only and NOT have dx11 support for the games they make so that they dont run on anything but win10


File: 1636162028420.swf (320.8 KB, windows_rg.swf)


File: 1636162538143.jpg (388.85 KB, 600x839, 93251552_p0.jpg)


File: 1636162550871.jpg (458.91 KB, 1912x2834, FDb0KjeaQAA159P.jpg)



this shouldnt be allowed


girl pussy awoooga



peeled a couple clementines gonno get under the kotatsu





any speedrunners


okayus gonno speed run the sorts festival in 2 hours


prefer panties to pussy


spreading my poosy


airing out the pussy as well


gonno play splatoon


you gotta be squiddin me


wheres the hima private battle


mom said i should get a j*b at the tire plant




get a jab


need a jab to get a job


File: 1636166112127.jpg (225.67 KB, 1080x1124, 1636003065628.jpg)


does will smith really think hes one of the best actors