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i keep running into weird issues with php i downgraded all the way to 5.6 and then up to 7.0 and now 7.1


getting a 404 when i try to open the other thread


any problem still
i just checked the tb and im getting a 406 error NOT sure why but when i looked it up on google its related to dns so hopefully several weird issues stop happening tomorrow


ya it works when i open the full thread but NOT last 100


lets all go to sleep









based sb


refuse to use that other thread gonno post here


File: 1561007147102.png (1.16 MB, 601x1145, 1551719586287.png)


wasnt me


is this paste


File: 1561487119677.gif (Spoiler Image, 403.07 KB, 255x85, unclog-your-hog.gif)

i tried this and it works


no need for sleep just do some more meth


get in here


got left behind


hate chinks and hate norms



might fire up some bloodborne the best game ever made


time to fire up n and have a nice jo


how are you going to sperm to a song





die blanker



get in here nb


i already am


someone make a new thread i am NOT worthy

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