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this is it


get in here


this is the thread


too many good threads i cant just pick one


using this one a crossboarder is in the other


its been a long time coming


got left behind


i am a blackpill jedi


sigh got left behind


this one


File: 1566465855730.jpg (179.33 KB, 1200x675, ECkFfbxVAAAXTQo.jpg)


mindblowing that epstein personally flipped at least 35 separate emo teengirls back in 2003 and pimped out a further 50 more to his friends while turt just sits there thinking about traingirl


wish i was an old jewish billionaire


emo girls are extinct


File: 1566474709095.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.7 KB, 600x954, ECeLuFtU0AIFL_D.jpg)


found a job for boles when he gets out


no he will open his own water store


thats NOT his true passion


hes gonno start a water store empire and become the next epstein


File: 1566476932855.png (1.28 MB, 996x560, Untitled.png)

got my kebab and some fooleh cooleh tabooleh no thanks to you guys though


cant believe i got left behind when i made the last post


sorry that violates knoxs 5th


mindsurprising how drama free hima is without the big p



why is every youtube video these days narrated by a lispy manboy?




you get demonetized and deranked in recommendations if your voice is too masculine


i find caffeine very mindhelping


having a cup of black tea right now


gonno snooze


die snoozer


you cant just tell someone to die


ok sorry get sick snoozer


File: 1566479419671.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4032x3024, 117DF9FA-F8FF-46B3-90F6-38E616218E7F.jpeg)

rate my $4 breakfast


love spinach


File: 1566480932807.jpg (467.57 KB, 900x1157, 1566476844910.jpg)


mornin hima im mewing


phew nice sin nice dorei


oops nice kal too



got left behind



feeling depressed after watching lost butterfly


there is a thoroughly documented case of a boy from Japan NOT only remembering events from when he was in 3 but also the best of the best in the world and the level of consequence of the houses of the houses and the level of consequence of the houses of the houses


take your pills


File: 1566488548202.jpg (600.45 KB, 1296x2392, 1566381139884.jpg)



love epic twitter memes


File: 1566490545563.jpg (72.22 KB, 673x960, neet mommy.jpg)


File: 1566490729967.jpg (662.57 KB, 2048x2048, 1562960360609.jpg)

jap mommy


that is NOT a mommy


im at work
something u wouldnt no about...


dont say jap its racist


going to rage


youtube is recommending weird videos again


File: 1566493473650.jpg (398.1 KB, 2130x1500, sigh.jpg)



wouldnt mind being married to a rich manbaby


File: 1566495599568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 355 KB, 2102x1032, SVBD-AA004[1080] Index.jpg)


why would anyone download and watch a 21gb 6 hour video of a slant eyed foid


die base 10 norm


ooged out


swing left handed but im right handed think im tard


File: 1566496912335-0.jpg (75.14 KB, 676x1024, 1.jpg)

File: 1566496912335-1.jpg (87.62 KB, 1024x790, 2.jpg)

got dangerous otaku from this epic twitter meme


whats the letter for


the first letter of your name


the hell is this norm shite


sadistic demon


nice february bro
whats the day




looks like im a motherly otaku


im delicious vampire


are you serious thats my birthday


how can a person be delicous


horny school idol


getting a bone please stop


can i flip you


im masochist


whys there so many aquarius freaks here


closeted glasses guy


feb is the otaku month


dangerous childhood friend
i dont get it








drinking a big mug of jo


sadistic school idol


ass flippin chinamen




one of the many symptoms of gamer gut


got a gamer headache


normer normache


pastas simmering


File: 1566504070772.png (161.29 KB, 603x783, Capture.PNG)

based varg


varg is tard


File: 1566505655042.jpg (55.5 KB, 1254x700, 92c2cbf67286a8df40d63a5965974132-700.jpg)

delicious vampire


sorry i already did that joke


tummys full of pasta


guys milk is surprised she felt a earthquake and it was 4.6 and she slammed get door too hard


tell her to watch out for afterquakes


that wasnt an earthquake that was nb getting out of bed


wasnt me


die milk larp


ate some tide pods


hey hima im home having a coffee got the ronald banner


what do you mean im home where else would you be


funny how varg claims you should be living in the middle of nowhere with your wife and twelve kids without heating or electricity but spends 12 hours a day posting inane shite on twitter while his kids eat dirt outside and his wife does the chores


yeah...real funny...


die ellipnorm


whatever happened to let me think about that nah guy


he passed away


got left behind in the domain change


paste pnig


have my first ever job interview tomorrow


ill pray for you


if you get nervous just imagine all your himamates cheering you on


dont forget to wear your favorite milky holmes shirt for good luck


simply walk in there and give the man a firm handshake


lucky milky holmes shirt


love milg posting


milk is getting a little old need a young /jp/ girl to orbit


those are all norms only milk is pure


hoo boy smelling something fierce here hima just keep sweating


File: 1566515916240.jpg (815.12 KB, 1719x1175, 1566508196361.jpg)




under ooooooog


oog yeah im pasted oog yeah im basted im based ooooog yeah im basted





File: 1566516966107.jpg (173.91 KB, 1024x766, proto milk.jpg)

milk is eternal


stupid bitch


thats a realistic looking doll


can someone lend me $3000 so i can buy a realistic sex doll like that


sure as long as you arent going to buy a kebab with it


got left behind twice




File: 1566519117205.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)



those sure are ugly zoomers



how dare those arrogant yurocucks mock our glorious culture


america has no culture


looks like them hima boys are at it again


hima anthem


american culture is mass shootings and sugary snacks


NOT just snacks everything has sugar in it


hate yanks


love corn syrup love guns love israel hate china


File: 1566522635699.jpg (262.08 KB, 1079x1079, 1566456546896.jpg)

ill just have pasta thanks


File: 1566522793651.png (2.21 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Machikado Mazoku - 07 [1080p].m….png)

sugar is dangerous


go to hell twigger hima is the bodybuilding board


paste pg


File: 1566523190533.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1329, sketch-1566502696362.png)


im hoe


ready to be dead but hate the thought of missing out on anime of the future


idiot if you die you stop existing


can you prove that



haha buy my book buy these sponsored supplements
no no no dont take steroids those are bad
hate these muscle freaks


that guy on the right is doing something weird like putting makeup on between his muscles and bones he looks like an airbrushed action figure


jealous twig


File: 1566525004244.png (895.19 KB, 1133x1600, 03.png)


its the most likely outcome


gonno start putting keyboard cover over my keyboard before snoozing


hima mansion


cant wait for shower time and meal time in the mansion with the himabros




forgot berserker was still being published
think i stopped reading right after they leave the forest or maybe there was something that happened after that like a big battle in the middle of a town under siege
no idea really


was meant to be a warrior or frontiersman or sailor but instead the times have forced me into a mere office slave


gonno grill up a steak


whew indeed


stop reading unfinished manga



gonno start speedrunning food


but the world will end before it does



was too poor to buy many games when i was younger hated those kids that would get a new game every week





borrowed someones game once and never gave it back hehe


give it back jamal


was too poor growing up for that too but i had diablo and wow hehe


world of normcraft


norm of normnorm


File: 1566529789318.jpg (1.8 MB, 3024x4032, image0.jpg)

rate my pizza




hate the granite countertop norm


what a coincidence was just thinking about making some pizza soon



i bet they take turns flipping shannon while s4 just watches from the corner


talked with a friend who i havent spoken to in years feels good but the tension at first was awful


almost had a heart attack trying to find you are any of the 2015bros still here


just a 16 norm here


die norm


mindsplitting that most of current hima started browsing hima in 2015 or later


havent been here in months but i still think about it every day and how certain personas would react to the posts i make in my head



sorry to say pnig didnt make it to 2019


justice for warosu the greatest board in history


he was framed


flip ken its pasted coby


that ape wont be seeing the light of day this century after what he done to them newborns i tell you hwhat


File: 1566535109845.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.77 KB, 394x544, 1566360417608.jpg)


burn forever in hell qateen




bnbh mom ynaj'd me fml




ban this flippin chinamen


File: 1566535695937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


File: 1566535951121.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 960x540, 1565835778032.webm)


File: 1566536089721.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)




its a raid


uhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


dont call them raiders if they post girls it might discourage them and well only be left with manpics


oh flip im feeling it now ohh flip ohhhh flip ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh god damn pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


the fate movie sure looks pretty


its for norms


the norms took type moon from us


dont care its pretty


oog pretty


woke up but NOThings happening gotta resnooze


File: 1566542234948.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.18 KB, 732x816, OOOOOOG.jpg)


File: 1566544026731.png (87.95 KB, 862x1036, 862px-Refuelling.plan.black.buck.svg.png)


been staring at that pic for 5 minutes


hate planes


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Black_Buck all that work for almost no damage


that looks like piss


gonno puke



read the eye contact wiki



File: 1566560055584.mp4 (753.91 KB, 1164557983998779394.mp4)


holy flip


made some of moms herbal tea it smells yucky


hate posters


File: 1566565449604.webm (Spoiler Image, 141.6 KB, 1280x720, 15665041958612.webm)


snapped myself I accident


think freakeyes himabot has been working overtime lately


hey hima hows it goin busy morning at work today


woke up


get me the run down asap smith


should i buy oninaki




cant make a single post without getting called a norm


have you considered NOT being a norm


30 year old balding manlet fatneet gamer how can i possibly be a norm


do you like senko




why NOT


wish i was smart enough to make webms then i could make a senko one


i can feel the gamer energy building up inside of me


mindpeeling that millions of babies are being born now only to experience the shite that is the 2020s


at least thats all they will ever know we have to go from the golden era of the internet and watch it get worse and worse


pasted cheater


dead hours dead day dead board


shut up


its the gamer hours what are you gaming today hima


the internet is so undeniably horrible now whyd the norms have to ruin it with phoneposting and social media



wont let the norms get away with it


get rid of a norm and 50 more replace him


its over the norms have won


if you cant beat em join em




drinking a coffee


cant wait until you foolish beantards have stained teeth and diabetes


NOThin better than a nice cup of coffee and firing up a game with hima open on the side hell ya its time to game and coffee lets do it hima


the smell of coffee makes me rage almost as much as the smell of cigarettes




we canNOT coexist in the same mansion


File: 1566583397115.jpg (24.8 KB, 465x349, xi.jpg)


is that pepe the frog as winnie the pooh ? oh my god im rolling on the floor laughing what a hilarious picture do you mind if i save it


already have stained teeth and why would coffee give me diabetes


just witnessed a spider crawl into my monitor
guess its trash now


havent had my coffee yet dont talk to me


the capacitors will kill it


love when insects crawl in the crt and get a nice 50kv shock


love crts


just produced a massive neetlog


want to post an ancient jp image but no sure which one


im incel


paste new berserk


File: 1566588746309.png (91.01 KB, 750x1334, CE104864-5690-4B0C-A942-2709FC13E60B.png)

ordered myself some glass finally




>we don't learn English so no wonder they are making fun of us. Learn English so at least you can play good indie games... but there are more foreigners who learn Japanese, most of the case, they seek Hentai or Waifu, and some food.

wonder if western indie games are seen the same way we see japanese games


drinking aNOTher coffee


someone tell that guy some of us learn jap just to read pixiv


File: 1566589345229.jpeg (1.84 MB, 4032x3024, 75DD1AF8-3D51-4021-B62F-92ABB8FA5FB3.jpeg)

i put isopropyl in my acrylic bong and it looks all weird now but works fine
actually when it first happened layers of acrylic were peeling off and melting inside the bowl and then falling off into the sitting pool of alcohol and i had to hold it under the tub faucet for a bit while scsnapping molten smelly acrylic plastic out with tools and old toothbrushes it was horrifying


dont think thats normal certainly wouldnt inhale something from that


tardlaughing hard imagining some japanese cel doing his daily two hours english lessons on anki on his way to work so that he can play indie games and consume english media without subs but since hes been studying it daily for years at this point hes learning colloquialisms that he will never use in real life


got some mystery gas


why would you spend 67 dollars on that when beer cans come free with the beer


just realized i wasted my life playing games and posting on imageboards and have NOThing to show for it


you've lived a richer life than seki and brett and the rest of the pathetic losers who desperately try to become norms but cant


hell ya NOThin better yayoi banner


you have your high intelligence and substantial wisdom


disliked this


as long as you enjoyed yourself thats all that matters


youre still young you have your whole life ahead of you to look forward to


time to ban yourself


would take my own life in a second to give a truneet one more day of tarding there is NOThing worse than a loser who tries to change his fate and play the game by the rules of norms




just put a fucking bullet in my head






seki is a certified norm he made it


nah smoking pot every day and trying to pick up girls while stocking shelves isnt making it


owned that failednorm


i dont smoke every day and NOT once in my life have i ever hit on a girl


baste seki assuming that everyone who posts here is one of his discordbros who got here in 2019 and doesnt remember his posts


skipped the deli girl shite


wish i wasnt a failed norm wish i could go back


hate discord and discordteens


cant go back cant undo whats been done i will never gorogoro again in this life




NOT even sure how men hit on women because i was raised by a single mother in fact dont think anyone does that anymore because its over for so many men


wish i was white


phew glad im white


deligran just flipped me because she was tired of the coons at work hitting on her i never invited her out or anything in fact i lied about being too broke to eat dinner with her for at least three weeks before i was coaxed into it and she got a little drunk and the rest is history


if you guys got minimum wage jobs maybe youll get a revenge flip from a frumpy hag all you have to do is keep the conversation going until theyre drunk enough to overlook your lack of looks money status


File: 1566596631398.jpg (Spoiler Image, 944.3 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=pzpOpwcpu3o - 00:01:09[2019.08.23].jpg)



paste cli youtuber


hehe just watched that episode


sigh should have gotten some minimum wage grocery store job so i could get a gf instead i sit in an office room all day by myself


ganbatte shamikoooooooooooooooooooooooo


cant believe the ol feels good man morphed into the most norm meme on the face of this earth


File: 1566597279714.mp4 (6.89 MB, Good Loser Kumagawa.mp4)


still have the same feelings for a nice frogger


i read medaka box but never watched that anime


jp was always ahead of the curve in high quality subconscious level memes


im behind the curve


hima im home having a coffee
mom is making dog for dinner


phew glad classic will have lfg now i dont have to talk to norms to find a dungeon group


sigh last weekend as a neet


good luck


where is your job


File: 1566598521361.jpg (40.94 KB, 800x506, shirt.jpg)

gonno buy one of these


saw a 6’4 guy just now with a nice beard perfect straight nose great fwhr small forehead hunter eyes expensive looking clothes probably had a brand new bmw parked outside and right after that aNOTher one fitting pretty much the same description like whats the point of anything is my life just a joke set up by some higher being to get some laughs at my expense


whats a fwhr


quick take a pic


tardlaughing at incel tv


hate how half the given posts on the 4 these days are calling someone an incel wk was really a trendsetter


dogs were nice gonno hav esome coke zero nnow


die gook



jo isnt enough anymore i desire flesh


you have an evo just remember that


turt had to get rid of the miata for a family car


what arguments do i use on mom to make her buy me a car


driving is terrifying


woke up gonno have some coffee


mom is buying a new car and giving me her old one


mornin dont forget to read and highlight


everyone gets a free car but me dont know why mom doesnt want me to breed


do you have a license


why would you want to breed


need to impregnate a nice horsey


what are my bros eating for din din tonight


havent got my license yet mom would make me get groceries in her car if i did


dont feel like getting a miata or a car in general i mean i still kind of want a car for those rare occasions where its necessary but i feel like id end up getting dabbed on if i get a miata



wish it was cold


File: 1566603473319.jpeg (2.18 MB, 4032x3024, 6543F559-51B1-40D8-8ACC-7007F71B22AB.jpeg)


i can imagine my boy passing a cop car with his window down blasting eurobeat one hand on the wheel incel glasses and dark grey shirt on and immediately being marked


what do you mean incel glasses


whats the green thing


looks like capers


garlic grinder


File: 1566603666162.png (Spoiler Image, 814.75 KB, 1024x557, 1565847877624.png)


whys turt in that collage


its normsekis drug paraphenalia


no its NOT im using it to grind garlic cloves easy


uh i swear i spent 35 dollars to grind garlic mom haha


im finna do the time


love grinding up some fresh herbs


ban drugseki


wish i had two frozen zas like old times


File: 1566604008395.png (981.43 KB, 1183x2047, __special_week_umamusume_drawn_by_kaze_makase_….png)


no actually this grinder is broken so i was hunting around for some garlic to grind up in here as a test since im eating pizza its just coincidentally in the pic


wonder what weed is like


its NOT that great just makes wallstaring less boring


needs more horse features


nice poneflip


wonder if pnig would like this


what i find truly baste about seki would have to be that he doesnt live in a state where you can buy marijuana legally so he has to call and text his bros daily to acquire more




literally imagine being a neurotypical drugnorm owning a website to corral a bunch of dipewipers so you can laugh at them with your bros at work while you smoke fat blunts


how come pnig had a short blonde teengf and i dont


pnig also now has a rectum with the same circumference as a pringles can so i wouldnt be too envious of him


that wasnt me
but every evo person on the internet i see is some dudebro chad
i still have the miata


a blonde teengf 350k in his bank account multiple cars and motorcycles a huge house filled with sexy ladycousins and snacks and a nice cushy water store job and now its all gone sigh


how can i get moms manfriend to leave forever


snap the baby do the time he should have remembered that old saying


nice mom ntr


its NOT nice


naseuous thinking about how normseki owns this webzone why couldnt we have had one of those research chemical-buying silk road schizoneets take over instead




cant believe i welcomed onseki into my home bought him two meals paid for him to have a fun time at a karting track gave him a few rides in racecars let him sit on my chair and he thanks me by flipping my mother


snacking on a big ole piece of gorgonzola that i bought today
giving some to the kitty too she loves it


paste flippin simptron


is neetblog dead


File: 1566605897546.png (4.81 MB, 1600x1200, Dol.png)


he roped



iceborne in 2 weeks hima


normer hunter


NOThin norm


i stand with neetblog i will carry on his legacy


they put yian garuga in iceborne its gonno be shite now


File: 1566606130139.jpg (7.06 MB, 3500x4425, 4fccc320717fe1d4992768b066c5cc79.jpg)


miss you neetblog im sorry haysuz made you feel uncomfortable in your big sexy body


got the half eaten sandwich neetblog was eating for his last meal as a catalyst to summon him in the next grail war


cant believe normseki banned him what a fuckin faggot it wasnt enough to ruin this site with his presence he needed to remove the best posters too


pnig is back


sigh gonno spam the hima url on every board and chan until neetblog is unbanned you made me do this


once pnig rematerializes from the shadowrealm hes going to start coming after hima posters one by one


like what


miss pasta miss nb miss brett miss fatneet


shes so beautiful


traded my chobits for a cubix


just end it


dont believe pnig was rich or else he would have bought an 1800x


wish i could game with speakers


rich people are frugal



im NOT banned


nice try dopeseki


neetblog was taken too soon bros we didnt appreciate him while we could and now hes gone


think im the best neetblog impersonator here so ill take the title of neetblog II now


File: 1566607617889.png (318.11 KB, 585x800, weed.png)


absolutely NOT im nice


you aint gonno become one of the cool kids with that attitude


im cool



hope death by cop is doing alright


having trouble with kolin


File: 1566609458750.jpeg (3.34 MB, 4093x2894, b126783308afa37044ddb21df8f44470.jpeg)


thats my mom and stepdad except me in my room playing pokémon emerald with headphones in


mindblowing that women would rather be flipped by old brown bald hairy men than to so much as be seated next to me




File: 1566610011988.jpg (345.47 KB, 1440x1440, image0.jpg)

would you entertain this birl for the evening


NOT wasting my time with an ethnic birl


gross birl


nice britblog


sigh mommy



love it when someone bumps a thread of mine from months ago so it greets me on the lil' oh


on what board


feels like my skin is paper and my bones are glass everything hurts all the time


you need some protein


did 2 hours of shoveling im exhausted


shoveling what


couldnt pick up a shovel if i wanted to




a big pile of rock dust and wheelbarrowing it over into a trench


going bouldering with nb this weekend


never seen snow


finna watch sopme vids


where the flip is it snowing in august go to hell


should i watch the gym anime


dropped it after the first ep


yeah its really g ood


nah go to the gym instead


whats the point of mating taking so long wouldnt it be better if it was as fast as possible


whats the point of going to the gym if i look like a freak


they dont call me quickshot for NOThing


to become an even freakier mass monster


vg got owned


and then what


die 4teen


puppey is handling these chinamen cant wait to see lgd get owned too


i mena vg the dota team


File: 1566615064922.webm (1.48 MB, 640x640, 1540784650330.webm)


and then you can dab on norms


File: 1566615477010.gif (2.06 MB, 624x335, 1566615401871.gif)

i wonder if you eventually will learn how to teleport if you practice with the sword for enough years


finna game


you have to let go


cant believe hes dead



wish i had stuck to an exercise program sigh i lasted for about a month five years ago and just got fatter


got left behind




literally got a credit card to buy weightlifting equipment thinking it would solve all my problems and ive used it less than five times in the last year



foolish apathy norm


had a nightmare that diablo 2 was entirely shut down on battle.net and replaced with diablo 4 and somehow blizzard made single player NOT work either all across the world


wish some lost soul could take my place in life and enjoy it more than me


whats NOT to enjoy


gonno snooze


being me


File: 1566618793527.jpg (109.42 KB, 796x719, [UTW]_Accel_World_-_09_[h264-720p][C16FEEA].mk….jpg)



really getting tired of gamers on hima
remembering the days when there was no game talk and gamers were openly mocked and bans were handed out


sweating up a storm


its snowing


uhhh why would it be snowing in august


same gamers are lamers we must go back to our roots


fushiga na sekai ga ne mawaridasu
- Daisuki. by Ayaka Ohashi


gonno start bloodletting


im sorry i dont speak japanese


used to respect the gamers for being able to find interest in something beyond masturbating and refreshing imageboards 18 hours a day


hate when i wake up in the middle of the night and for 30 seconds think the shadow spider is going to get me


mad i can understand this


smoke weed hell go away




never watched anime whats it like




die nonanime


jerked to a good prone_bone


File: 1566620627157.png (331.23 KB, 800x589, __jouga_maya_gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka_drawn_….png)


we dont want manpics please


File: 1566620799113.jpg (28.51 KB, 486x615, 1566614926176.jpg)


hate when i start dating a girl i think is 12 and find out shes actually older than me






might just have a nice sperm



turt could pass for a curry if it werent for the accent


cherokees cant be racist either technically


im mong


im cumbrain


really hate how most of the ideas i have becomes a retarded 4norm buzzword within a few years


hate how the ideas i have only become memes on hima


invented nice kemono nice friend


wish i had clout on the big 4


never post on the 4 enough to make a meme so it would have to get carried from someone on hima


blows ones mind that there are people who make the same thread hundreds of times in an attempt to sway opinion and post in it 100 times each time they do


still sometimes post on 4norm and someone with the same ip as me keeps getting banned on /tv/ hehe


File: 1566622089914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 646.13 KB, 1141x1545, 1439493594297.jpg)




File: 1566622308764.png (Spoiler Image, 417.97 KB, 735x900, 23420605.png)


'cumbrain' is no different than anti-sexnorm nofap shit that's been posted for like eight years except now it has a baste feels guy macro to accompany it the 4 has never felt more alien to me than it has in the last few months


die sexnorm


woah cool it with the apostrophes #whoa


laughed hard when someone posted a thread with an image of some guy and someone responded who the fuck is this guy wheres pepe


im cumbrain and prolactin addled



every time i see baste on 4norm i assume its neetblog


the 4 felt alien to me for at least 3 or 4 years but i like it that way


https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/119333849/#119333849 love /tv/ i think neetblog started this particular meme there




File: 1566623010065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 325.85 KB, 1108x965, 1355818255068.jpg)


oooo ooooooo






hate being ahead of the curve wish i was a mindless sponge


File: 1566623478251.webm (1.34 MB, 640x640, 1566576461611.webm)

how come women get away with this while pnig gets the book just for sexually abusing his cousin leaving her scarred for life a few times


havent spermed to jelly girls in a coons age


the laws are different for primates


the new nissin ramen sucks sapporo ichiban remains king


File: 1566623802704.jpg (1.05 MB, 1444x2222, eb4037ecc542eaa65a46eea08b61ff73.jpg)


false ichiran reigns supreme


if it aint got a drive-thru i aint eatin there


wish to have an ice cream gf


File: 1566624194368.mp3 (3.7 MB, 02 Makina no Theme.mp3)


whats wrong with whispering in a boys ear


you know full well enabler


dont wish to have an ice cream gf since id just eat her when the kebab cravings start


feel like a maladjusted freak for ever using pissbottles now that ive taken the pissbucketpill


used the pissbucket once when i was like 10 and mom raged hard


been trying to aim my morning bone into the toilet for decades finally took the pissbath pill


simply use the sink urinal what the flip


im scared of what will happen when deepfakes really pick off dont you guys realize that truth will no longer exist and youll just call whatever you disagree with a fake and whatever you agree with real


no more letting plastic bottles pile up in my room
no more running the shower for half an hour to get the smell of fermented urine out of the bathroom hoping mom doesnt come home
just a bigass bucket of piss next to me bed like my ancestors had


we've always been at war with eastasia retard




File: 1566624946641.png (545.57 KB, 438x526, based2.png)


wish i wasnt a sexnorm


hate pissbucket meme when the true pill is the 20 gallon pisstank


File: 1566625230681.png (155.25 KB, 329x407, friend.png)


looks jewish


wish i was jewish


dont wish i was jewish even if it comes with higher iq because then id get targeted by white nationalists


File: 1566625830086.png (404.08 KB, 640x613, 1566625624393.png)

wife looks like dude


israel is the most heavily armed ethnostate in the world


glad im NOT a subhuman that needs to carry an epipen


hamas is a terrorist group and bds is a terrorist movmenet


its NOT an ethnostate




unless you think mizrahim and ashkenazi are the same ethnicity NOT to mention hat 20% of their population are goy arabs


less mad about bad posts than i am about people congratulating bad posts


File: 1566626270016.flac (17.38 MB, 02. 萌ジャズ Dreamer (BOSSA NOVA ver.).flac)


sigh big wave bossa nova


got 12k invested


zunbar used to lvoe it


in amd right




File: 1566626784558.png (629.86 KB, 960x1707, 1566622463502.png)


couldve funded the mansion if i had gone through with buying some bitcoins back in 09


could have bought 1200 worth of pc parts with my bitcoin profit but i lost it all



praying to god that he takes me to his kingdom in my sleep tonight


gonno brush and snooze


just had a posh wipe with some baby wipes hehe


god doesnt exist any more than a skying sphagetti beast lol


just ate 6 eggs


die 6egg


hate egg


sick of 6egg dont know why he isnt banned


the egg girl


6egg hours gonno snooze


never figured out what the difference between a dozen and a bakers dozen is


dozen is 12 bakers dozen is 12 but the baker meant to give you 13


why i asked for 12


who is 6egg


bakers are tards



File: 1566629161932.jpg (73.65 KB, 914x1200, ECrc5_XVAAEc_qr.jpg)


got bamboozled by the guy who told me to watch princess mononoke im still having nightmares about the deer thing


gamer bladder has gotten weak over the years


cant snooze


stop drinking so much coffee then


coffee helps me sleep


love when my support ticket is addressed by a flip paid $1.50 per hour who just searches it for keywords then pastes in the prewritten response she thinks matches


lied dont love it in fact i HATE it


behead those who forsake the reading of quest text


cant believe koroks were just a ripoff of ghibli kodama


just bought winrar


A young Rathian got into an unfortunate situation with a Yian Kut-Ku. Had an egg, gave birth to a new wyvern, Garuga. Rathian didn't want it because it whined too much and it kept poisoning the nest so Rathian couldn't lay healthy baby Raths. It had to leave it.

Garuga wandered, looking for a home and friends, but no one wanted to accept it. Raths didn't see it as a Rath, and the Kut-Kus couldn't come close because Garuga's scream hurt their ears. It didn't want to hang with Qurupeco because it makes a lot of bad calls, and it wanted to stay away from Gypceros because they're high as hell. Gypceros wouldn't want Garuga near them anyway. Garuga may have poison in its blood, but the fire it breathes makes it a hazard if they were to work together.

Day and night Garuga wandered alone. It was constantly picked on by other monsters when looking for food or a place to rest. No one wanted Garuga. But one thing is for sure, Garuga lives, and as with all things that live, it will do whatever it takes to survive. It became smart. It escaped those that tried to trap it like an Elder Dragon. It poisoned those that tried to touch it like a Chameleos. It screamed like a Tigrex at those that angered it. Every hardship that it has gone through is shown on its body such as its broken ears and its chiseled beak.

The Raths and the Kut-Ku may NOT have accepted it, but Garuga will grow stronger and make its own place in World. And perhaps one day, it will prove to them both that it is the superior of both species...


die rarbuy


File: 1566634262335.png (324.07 KB, 600x445, rathian_by_elycian_d5sdi8x-fullview.png)

phew sexy rathian


wonder why that russian hangs on to his shite proprietary format that was reverse engineered and beat across every metric in a year


hehe high as hell like how it says as hell


thought phew was just a hima meme but turns out its NOT


hima memes are just norm memes used ironically


File: 1566636046888.jpg (275.18 KB, 1914x976, Three_pictures_of_the_same_noh_'hawk_mask'_sho….jpg)



hate raths hate flying wyverns


miss 6egg


just so sick of everything if this goes on any longer im going to fill a supersoaker with orange juice


thought princess mononoke was bad


hate how a norm can just come along with a 95 IQ comment and arouse the females


File: 1566641580448.png (427.1 KB, 817x656, 1566640794187.png)


nice hope he succeeds



ban the lolnorm


yeah ban me and NOT the latenorm


eating carbonara


earlynorms get the worm


never been on time one day in my life


latenorms get the ban




ban the on time guy


enraged by latenorms i always meticulously plan my time its the most important resource humans have latenorm timewasters need to die


nice autist


ban the guy who doesnt know what latenorm means


im NOT talking about people who reply to posts late im talking about something else thats tangentially relevant to the conversation


File: 1566646900952.png (1.85 MB, 1440x1080, [EG]Turn-A_Gundam_BD_30(1080p_10bit)[791A1291]….png)

hehe his name is meme


looks like a chinese ripoff of the monster guy


File: 1566656019808.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] DanMachi S2 - 07 [720p].mkv_sna….png)


dead hours


no means no foid now beat it and take your ridiculous breasts with you




just learned my abcs


wonder how streamers go so long without farting and picking their nose


same i do those on a constant basis


we need more dipping streamers


guys milk reached out to someone she thought was an old friend now shes depressed cause they didnt want anything to do with her


arrogant flippers


how is milk blissfully unaware that theres dozens of jp veterans who would house and feed her without stint


paid off my semester with mine


milk is a goddess that cant be housed




File: 1566667281240.jpg (285.32 KB, 1080x1080, 1566490259015.jpg)

one raw cow liver please


i would gladly donate my lifes savings to milk if she would simply ask


at least then she would know i exist an actual living goddess would know who i am


hate the milk larp


you can hate me but i wont allow you to hate milk


hate larpers


is he tall or are they 3 feet


then you dont hate me or milk


pasted freaks


wonder how my life would have been if i had a milky gf


waking up every morning in the warm embrace of a goddesses affection


sorry he was mean id like to see more


hey hioma


milk is a lot like hestia in many ways as goddesses theyre very similar


hehe asked milk a question hopefully im worthy of her time


made milk laugh once


finna take a shower rn bros


how did that make you feel


nice i suppose


its a special occasion to make a goddesses laugh you should feel blessed



nah milgs tard as hell you dont need much to make her laugh


dont worship milk please she isnt a virgin and has been used by men


milk is vesta herself shes an asexual goddess


just a bunch of manbabies hanging out having a good time


sigh might have to stare at a photo of her


File: 1566671328490.png (162.47 KB, 1013x767, no milk feel.png)

milk is going to be 30 soon


just like us




its too bad milk got flipped by big stouts otherwise she could attend the ritual and accompany us on the great journey


File: 1566671697653.mp3 (9.7 MB, 01.お願いマッスル.mp3)

wont you have a listen


just had a 2 hour workout there were moggers there a couple of juiced up freaks and a couple of tall twig zoomers that didnt know what they were doing


tired of being a tall twig gonno monster up


one of the original rituals was when all of warosu fused with milk and left for the promised land


wish i could fuse with milk like an anglerfish


varg deleted some of his tweets


is this that gym animes op


File: 1566672466789.png (389.57 KB, 886x801, 93c738143213d428c0d3ef59efcc2deb.png)




uh oh dipe is full


dont understand that norm post is the tranny happy or mad


from that i get shocked and happy


its 2019 why arent you buggering a man


no one actually believes trannys are women right


they are if theyre good at it but theyll never be a female



there are no good ones either just agp larpers


i stand with the terfs


oh look a white soyboy and a chink who would have thought


call them radfems the trannies came up with terf as an insult


shut the fuck up terf


feelin the dota itch


found a filthy dump in russia looks like something straight out of stalker


you will never be a woman and the times are changing people are disgusted by you tranny


now milk thats a woman


just fired up the pc and logged on to hima hows it going


might become an agp


File: 1566674147093.png (43.16 KB, 1119x723, 7039a56f597b4c2f05b1573a3508cae0.png)

no one here has an inkling of a chance at getting a girl like milk NOT even our best like chadseki or pastachad or even chadblog


dont understand that image


the nearly post wall foid rejected 9720 men and only found 81 to be worthy of her of which she only decided to lower herself to have a text conversation with 15


guessing out of 9720 5 of them went on a date with her good thing NOT every girl uses tinder


name one


still dont understand why youre posting this on hima


because milk is a girl!


ya but why post some norm twitter shit


File: 1566674521878.jpg (122.22 KB, 675x1200, ECwfGFwXUAAe66P.jpg)


wow so epic


didnt know there were double bladed katanas


if you dont believe in gender equality then you shouldnt expect a woman to have the same sexual value as a man


memedick !




File: 1566675005022.png (2.21 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Symphogear XV - 08 [1080p].mkv ….png)

what did she mean by this


shes cute and an anime girl




File: 1566675783639.png (1.02 MB, 921x1300, 63eac7c747882183e2c3c7c825d615d2.png)


spermed to that one the other day it pinched


gonno buy a knife for hiking and camping


i never leave urban areas


norman areas


baste hikenorm


get an esee knife theyre good but watch out for rust



wish i could shit without showering


whats stopping you


woke up applied my estrogen patch time for some coffee




fell off my bike


did you hit aNOTher horse


get a bark river knife and go bushcrafting



having a coffee as well


no i veered off the sidewalk to a road but tire slid under something really fast


*disappears in a cloud of bong smoke*
yeah bro i love traditional neet hobbies like bushcrafting and going to the club


File: 1566678083610.png (7.42 KB, 263x268, Capture.PNG)




mindblowing how women are able to delude themselves that they can be equal to a man when their entire existence on this earth is to submit to men in a pose like the op




last i checked men werent the ones selling their bath water



owned that volcel lmao



how can anyone pretend to respect women when every member of the genders goal in being born is to bend over on all fours and submit to males


did you forget most men submit to a relationship with them while NOT being required to


you are in need of a pilling




thats a symptom of our sick society demeaning male friendship and companionship as gay to elevate the status of women

men of old had strong male bonds and only needed women to continue their bloodline


File: 1566679878503.png (360.45 KB, 326x661, white knight.png)

did i hear you disrespecting women


File: 1566679929891.jpg (1.63 MB, 3264x2448, 1518144366485.jpg)


hell ya buying a bushcraft knife cant wait to live with hima in our bush commune living off the land


File: 1566680292859.gif (299.11 KB, 200x200, 1377482589725.gif)


we can put a bushcraft NOTice board in the center of the village to communicate



would never join a hima commune i would be the first killed for being dead weight


ill defend your right to live with the enlightened himas


mindblowing that a woman as pure and beautiful as milk ever posted on jp and now theres just trannys roleplaying women


might have to take a look through the ol brigs folder


i remember when the teenbros started posting about her


panic attack coming gonno break out the emergency weighted blankie


snuggle up with that blankie its gonno be okay


that was me


wish i was a teenbro


wish i had the sack to end it


you mean the chutzpah


you will always be a teen in my mind




do jews have a high suicide rate must be tough knowing the secrets of our world and being expected to go through life pretending you dont


got the body of an old man but the mind of a teen


die teen


weve all been working hard to post some quality content today lets all take a nap


just woke up gonno have a cup o joe


was about to post a rant how nature is dumb by NOT making the shin bone triangular but looking at anatomy pics it looks like it is damn nature with its infinite iq


its nap time now hima stop posting thanks


dont tell me what to do norm


i cant nap


nope its nap time time to get in bed hima


File: 1566684818268.gif (573.63 KB, 576x576, 1451410531992.gif)


wish i had a vr headset


theyre all still shite


why wont the norms let me be


im normn


are we gaming tonight


im tsundoku


already gamed


feel like gaming but cant think of a game to game


fire up some classic wow


dislike wow


i hunger


got a thirst for knowledge


became obsessed with knowledge long ago but took it too far and realized that most things should remain unknown


all i know is that i know NOThing


need to piss but the invaders are here


yardwork time


spleen and ideal


File: 1566689561963.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)



pnig loved vtubers


pnig was a mindless media consumer


so am i


In a large forensic hospital, 39% of psychopathic patients had a consensual sexual relationship with female staff members (Gacono et al., 1995)

The malingerers were significantly more likely to have a history of murder or snap, carry a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder or sexual sadism, and produce greater PCL-R factor 1, factor 2, and total scores than insanity acquittees who did NOT malinger. The malingerers were also significantly more likely to be verbally or physically assaultive, require specialized treatment plans to control their aggression, have sexual relations with female staff.


File: 1566690621964.png (778.13 KB, 1278x718, a44d6b17e652f5e83335f47e7a9a70ef.png)


just woke up from my nap hows everyone doin


weird mouth


hey doing alright


going to become a neet hunter and drag neets out into the world like steve irwin crawling into a croc cave to rope up a fat one except secretly the only reason im doing it is to save up for my own neet retirement


who hunts the hunter



File: 1566691267018.png (101.62 KB, 218x473, 1518288547311.png)


ssnko senmo snsndjsnksns senko senko sndmknkk


File: 1566691831711.png (1019.26 KB, 1920x1080, 00095cb9_1036710.png)


gonno play some dota


i feel you man


just realized the clap method works better for catching bugs than the slap method


how often will the source gungame tournaments be in the hima mansion





isnt that the white trash bands cola


do NOT post things from the early 00s its too early to feel it



File: 1566693132028.png (105.55 KB, 776x951, ban.png)



woke up and gamed scored some gold and mini crowns then raged at mom and wallpunched now i snooze




uh racist and sexist much


ban the cel celseki


damn good bottle of orange crush hima


went to a monhan thread on 4norm and someone posted the hima greener vid was it one of you mates


File: 1566693534621.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1542245465396.webm)




it was probably based normseki owner of himasugi.net and that youtube account


cant believe that im going to have to quit everything im doing now and leave to wizards school in a few months


cant believe that im going to have to quit everything im doing now and leave to wizards school in a few months


quit in hell doubler


ban this flippin doubler


doing neck excercises


if you dont already you need to start consuming any drugs or alcohol you can get your hands on


i didnt mean to double its a side effect of the wizarding


its a drag race


its a raid


its a raid



we need to take the neckpill bros


its a flippin gods damn ass flipping chinamen raid


ban the chinamen schizo






pasted flippin chinkseki letting the street racers run wild


ban the chinamen


you know im kinda glad i have light brown/blonde facial hair for someone who supposedly had a dark skinned ecuadorian father its a nice feeling


its fuarking time bros


oh flip oh flip ohhhhhhhhhh pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss










hima needs a white owner to fix the site up real good mhmm


you can eff right off with that explosive racism pal




senko oh senko you have such big mighty balls


were being raided its a raid


uhhhh senko haha


were being raided its a raid




ban the doublers before they start tripling


senko may you lend me your paws


better to boost you with dear


die goroeye


boost my flippin ass


gonno buy some new pants


get the flip in here bros


stand back
im going to summon the freak


normtral milg hotel


mom wont be back until monday


can i come over




throw a flippin shindig for all your brehs


13 days until iceborne hima


in their tongue he is neetblog


File: 1566694688327-0.png (963.77 KB, 958x943, cover.png)

File: 1566694688327-1.mp3 (3.16 MB, 04 あなたのコアにLove Shot!.mp3)

have a listen my friends


wheres skyrim 2


baste kenneth george boles of mesa, arizona here

normseki can and would suck it


thought mudazukai was going to be aNOTher asobi asobase with unattractive girls drawn in weird western meme style weirdly but actually 80% of them are flippable






i dropped that sexnorm shite pronto have better things to do than watch a realistic anime of young foids drooling over getting flipped by chad


baka is literally me im random


wonder what cwc is up to


what artstyle are we gonno look like after the ritual


baste kenneth 'the babysnapr' george boles here i sweetalked my cell blocks female guard and she let me go early


yoyre thinking of araburu mudazukai is set in an all girls school no chads


File: 1566694899708.jpg (233.08 KB, 900x1274, incarnate.jpg)


no no no thats NOT it




File: 1566694953127.jpg (410.16 KB, 1280x960, 9f779c89cacbeadf79dba9c56b6bbf7b.jpg)


glad anime gals are sexier than the azumanga days


theyre NOT supposed to be sexy theyre funny and cute


fifty years later i wish i could save her in some sort of time machine


didnt stop me on aerisdies hehe


jinouga is in iceborne hima hb


wonder what kenneth was thinking when he got his mugshot knowing theyd seized his pc over unrelated charges of banning gran when she asked for food


bringing nb to the mansion


uhhhh kenneth


mindmealing how little i care about fashion


wonder what 6egg is up to


too much of a norm NOT to care about it


the azumanga girls are sexy as hell


dota is flipping trash now


hate mobas hate battle royales hate streamers


love the opening scene to jurassic park might stream a hima jurassic park night what do you guys think heheheh


never seen normassic park never will




wonder how pilled freak is on the chinks given that australia is a chinese colony


miss when he used to go to the park to get ice cream with his chink friend


he bows to the chinks like the rest of australia but he probably complains about lebos


hate chinks


he never did that his chink friend never even met him offline thats the whole meme


hope both of them flippin die gods damned ass flipping chinamen


still dont get the chinamen meme


china is pilled


just what the chinamen are called amigo


varg said that china is better than america


based murdernorm




chinks dont befriend non chinks he merely got close to the freak so he could steal the research he was doing on quantum computing


uhhh freak haha epic


uber eats still requires a valid payment method even if coupons bring the order to $0 foiled again GOD DAMN IT


ota and pedo meme double ban


File: 1566696440758.png (515.99 KB, 918x1190, 67196646_469147180298570_2011991195181383680_o.png)


haha epic freak love how hes NOT from america


NOT sure what i should be doin for dindin here hima might order a bit ol pizza or fire up some the uber eats and get me some soup what you guys think heheheheafafhgsfdgsf


File: 1566696530283.mp3 (10.43 MB, Aimer - I beg you.mp3)


if i just had a card with like 50 cents on it itd probably go through must be checking for positive balance flip


what are you talking about


nevermind i understand


glad pnig is in prison now he was the only one on hima who knew my secret hehe


whats your secret talk to me norm before i destroy you


File: 1566696999777.png (116.93 KB, 1080x1804, aaaaaa.png)

so close yet so far


can you give me the promo code


miss when brett had the mental fortitude to emulate a dozen warosu posters every day



die orbiter


it only works on new accounts


sigh already used my first time code ordering subway


dont eat pizza


himas popping tonight
nice fake raid earlier


need to think of a way to get a valid payment method


steal moms credit card


get benched faggot


anyone want to send 1 cent to my paypal and see if that works



i dont know how to i would if i could


are those coupons restaurant specific if so cant imagine how bad the food must be


what do you mean what does a coupon have to do with the food quality


just order a baste memetea and be done with it


whats that whats that whats that


its NOT its all uber eats global except the delivery promotion changes its based on where people are currently ordering so the driver can pick up 2 at once


hit the bricks nooblord


what bricks


hows this if someone sends 1 cent to my paypal and it works ill send you back the full non coupon cost at a later date


setting my self-control email service for six months from now to order aNOTher baste memetea


never used this normber shite


what the heck is a baste memetea someone tell me help


are you sure you can go 6 months without memetea


weve got an expert freak memeologist here


die orbiter


burn in hell teenheal


wish nb would let me slap his ass while i open his ass up with my dick


ban this god damn raider already seki


seki loves basedsuz


ban this god damned norm


hate discordteens so god damn much


beat on me bitch


cant believe i cant get one cent to game the uber system


my boy cam is finna let me clap them cheeks


gamed hard are the fast hours over yet


its raid discordteen hours right now


toked up seki style
hate how the sounds of bugs outside suddenly become far more NOTicable


typical weednorm


think its about time to fire up some games


please use this link but make sure theres a way for me to know who sent it


gunga ginga


you can add a NOTe so include your paypal address in the NOTe or a paypal.me link


nobody sent a cent at this rate ill have to try go return the mouse bait i bought the othe day and try to get store credit but last time the fat cashier was suspicious of me


why do you need to borrow money if you can afford to pay it back


weve gone over this but even if you dont trust me its just a cent this time


can you tell me again why do you need mouse bait use peanut butter god damn


its NOT normal bait its poisoned besides id eat the peanut butter


dont even need poison throw down a bunch of the spring traps and kill those sons of bitches


use a humane trap and release the mice somewhere else instead of killing them please you can make one with a bucket and some wood


my bong didnt ship today ordered it yesterday gonno scream


theyre god damn mice


File: 1566699742342.jpg (842.42 KB, 2400x1800, hima.jpg)


went for a drive with dad now im back


File: 1566699808173.jpg (367.54 KB, 817x611, trap.jpg)

bought some spring traps too but look how rusty and flimsy they are despite being new finna return these too but they were 1.50 each


im bonkered out


whats the point in catch and release theyll just breed 90 more mice


nah you want the shitty wood ones with the mouse killer spring on it


no need ive found where they come in its a little space ive blocked the exits and put one pack of bait in the space bought two packs but one i didnt open yet


File: 1566699992146.png (252.6 KB, 698x698, vp-us-M150-1.png)

throw down 10-20 of these all at once one night with peanut butter on them making sure to handle the whole thing with gloves and you will take out half their population


done this myself and killed every last one of them


but were way off topic here point is i need 1 cent to see if it makes my order go through best case i can just send you the 1 cent back since it shouldnt charge but im NOT sure about transfer fees


this is on topic cause youre spending your money on a dumb shit when theres better cheaper alternatives here you wouldnt even need the cent if you listened


sick of being a landlubber


false you dont know the situation here its NOT lack of money


then tell me the situation


when i was a lad i found the strength of the gravitron to be too much i could hardly lift my hands a little i wonder if now im strong enough to walk into the vertex


im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste


if you can send money back to repay you can send it to your own paypal account and just buy food yourself


a rat trap that had a razor blade on it and chopped them in half would be cooler


ok my main bank account is on a different mobile number i keep the sim and password in a safe deposit box in the bank which id only open mon-fri on mon-thur it automatically sends $10 to aNOTher bank account that i have the card to on friday it sends 500 then on friday night i send the remainder back on weekends it sends NOThing


those spring loaded traps rip those chinamens heads right off


no clue what this norm is talking about


reducing mouse population by 50% wont help much with their breeding rate im thinking the bait method in a small enclosed space will own them harder they cant get any other food here


why NOT just have a normal bank account that you can access or just plan ahead and send $30 less back on friday so you can buy food on the weekend


i was actually scared to ride these things until i was an older kid and gran forced me because i read a lot of alien based sci fi stuff and watched a lot of documentaries on aliens and the vision of a bunch of people walking into an enclosed metal disc with a lot of flashing lights and then seeing them stumble out a few minutes later messed with my head i didnt know if there were yeerks in there or something


theres always one norm who has to show off by going upside down


hes such a norm he cant contain himself from spending his hundreds of dollars


why are norms so flipping loud


you have to keep the traps going you can even reuse the same traps over and over again thats what i did killed 20 of them in a week and that was that


because id just buy kebabs NOTe the point of this isnt to save money its to eat less im trying to undermine my own restrictions right now


fatboy is just trying to get us to buy him food


the mewing is paying off





you cant release the mice why the flip would that ever work you kill every last one of those things to get rid of them


if you buy kebabs now then youll just have to send the money to us when monday comes its better if we help you save and dont send you money


release them where theyll just infest someone elses building if everyone did that the mouse population would go up and up and before you know it youre baltimore


why do you want to order from uber eats just go buy the food fatass


yeah but im hungry now in fact youre actually hurting me if you send one cent and it works ill wish it didnt on monday NOT because of money but because of calories so if you really want to own me just send me 1c


i dont want to own you i want to help you achieve your goals and be happy so i wont send it i know youll appreciate it later


i have 0c accessible right now uber eats has exploitable coupons i cant buy anything at the store for 1c and cant buy via paypal either


have some more self control


even if you dont send the 1c im going to return this mouse stuff and buy some cereal or something just dont want cashier lady to judge me or go all the way only for her to say shell only refund to credit card which will take 3-5 business days


what the flip is even happening here


make a sandwich fatty


uber eats must be some serious norm shite


im thinking the 1c might NOT even work since it might charge $1 to test or maybe it will only work with linked credit cards and NOT balance but i want to try it at least


dont you have any food at all or are you doing some intermittent fasting thing


File: 1566701311202.png (750.6 KB, 1200x875, 1566699695753.png)


does this guy sound like a norm to you look at how much he fucked this entire situation up


get in dudes


hate the speedy saturday hours


you dont get it theres no food in this house i dont leave any after friday thats the point


cracked open a few too many blogweisers hell ya hima its time to post


why just to stop eating how fat are you




whens the match starting whats taking so long


what i normally do is eat big league on friday then NOThing on weekends sometimes works well sometimes im craving all weekend trying to think of some way to access money or food


why are you doing weekends are for feasting hard gaming hard and posting on hima


just realized that when people interact with you in the real world they see you in the same way you see those purposely weird characters in movies and sometimes go on in their brains that tells them to stay away from you in order to keep the rest of the tribe safe


technical difficulties


has to be weekends the bank is open weekdays


obviously its NOT working because you go on hima every weekend begging for money to buy food


im 185lbs


im 115


yeah but why are you doing this to your weekends


only done that three weekends but ive had this set up for over a year


simply eat the rats




theyre mice tard read the god damned posts


wish i had a god damnet kebabe


never thought itd be this hard to get a cent i should stop trying to convince somebody and try my luck with cashier girl but returning mouse stuff is even more shameful shell think im poor and unhygienic


we all want you to succeed


post that cashier



how did you end up getting mice in your place anyways did they just show up one day and that was that


ok im going to try with cashier and report back with my haul but im warning you $10 at the supermarket buys way more calories than $15 worth of coupons on uber eats


get a cat to kill the rats


flip cats they kill native birds


i only found out the other night was just getting ready for bed when suddenly a mouse crawled under my bedroom door and scurried along the floor towards my desk immediately closed and blocked the door and tried to find it but couldnt



before you put any more traps down make sure you have 20 of them ready to go


feelin good tonight so imma fire up tinder


then later i was looking in the gamercupboard and saw droppings realized he must have hid in there until i unblocked the door so later i looked all around the house for more droppings and found my bottom kitchen cupboard was full of them but they were hidden by the tupperware in there so i took it all out cleaned the droppings then blocked the cupboard came back later and checked and there were more droppings so its NOT that they get into the cupboard from somewhere else they actually enter into the house from the cupboard looks like it could have small holes leading outside so i put bait in there and kept it blocked


you will never find out where theyre coming from you have to kill ever last one of them


and thats the story of the mice hopefully thats the end of the story but this is NOT related to the 1c i need for kebabs pizza or subway



surprised nobody sent me 1c if it was me id send 1c just for the laughs looks like its really going to be cashier lady but i didnt want it to come to this



id send you 1 cent if i could figure out how you managed to screw everything up this badly i dont even understand your friday system


going to ban the kebab beggar if he spams that shit again starting to get tired of that clown


whos the guy asking for money


the friday system works because im able to hold on from mon-thur looking forward to friday or feastday as i like to call it and usually but once you feast once you want to again but since the bank is closed you cant so you survive the weekend then by monday youre happy to get any food at all dont need a huge feast so you start holding off until next feastday


but if wednesday was feast day for example id just go to the bank again on thursdsy or friday


im actually a valuable resource to the entrepreneurially inclined no need to ban me the problem is NOT me but that most people are too jaded to risk 1c


isnt the problem that you have no self control


no its that i have tardgenes that bestow bad self control or maybe its the unholy union that led to those genes and my birth


night on fire you better better stay night on fire


the draft finally started


can i request to be assigned with cameron neutron


i can listen to him speak for hours


he would rage at me just for existing even though im a volincel


when i slept over at turts house i couldnt sleep because i was thinking of crawling into his bed all night sigh


post a pic volincel


are you really a volincel i doubt you have had women try to have sex with you and you turn them down


you tards are confusing volincel with volcel


shes had men do that



File: 1566703893443.jpg (53.64 KB, 704x960, hat.jpg)


thats a man baby




lookin good champ


should i get an aquarium dont even bother answer seki i already know you killed all your fish


File: 1566704344336.mp3 (5.18 MB, 11 Speed 2.mp3)


dont waste your time fish dont do anything they just stay there youre just asking for more daily chores with no benefits in return


you can feed them though and look at them and name them


just preordered darq


can i pre order a cheek busting for pnig


File: 1566706082008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 4280x3008, 1566698814435.jpg)

rate me


lookin good champ


dislike fat people


sigh fat bald 30 gamer cel and hairy


hope beauford got banned


will cels get a page in the history books of the future or will we only get a footNOTe


the cel menace will only grow larger


cant believe that liquid is doing it


never knew electronic shifters exist for road bikes think this is so epic


hey hima busy night
got hungry so i went to mcdonalds to get three mcchickens and then i didnt eat them and got on the freeway for a while with the windows down blasting eurobeat and took an exit i know well and blazed through some 40mph zones at 75 then i eventually got to a stop light and some norm in a nissan rouge passed me aggressively off the jump so i followed him close and we eventually were going like 80 in a 40
then i made a right turn down a familiar stretch of touge and at the end some corolla guy was off in the distance i could tell he was truckin pretty fast so i caught up with him again going 80 in a 40 zone
then i got back on the highway again and followed a similar little loop the opposite direction and this time a g37 jumped me at a light so i kept up with him and we were cruising at 80 in a 40 for the third time in one night
finally some gay prius flipper was in the left hand turn lane in front of me and he was holding up traffic on the backroads a few minutes prior so when the light turned green i slammed the gas and made a hard cut in front of him in the middle of his turn and he almost clipped me but he didnt so i got up to 80 in a 40 zone once again and dusted his clown ass and didnt see his headlights at all the whole straight


NOT reading that shit


please follow the local traffic laws for both your wellbeing and of others


think people may be right theres no reason for this setup if i spend all weekend trying to undermine it i think ill unlock my bank account on monday and just become a fatneet


i was snacking on one of the mcchickens while going 80mph and i set it down on the passenger seat and after the little touge section it somehow rolled into the gap between the seat and parking brake console and the seat rail was covered in special sauce and lettuce


could use a mcchicken


dont do it


finna do it dont enjoy this life of being a semifatneet having to explain my silly schemes to people on the internet or return pest control goods to judgy cashier women in order to buy stuff from a bargain bin even though i should be able to afford more


mutated all the kebab posts


have no clue what this freak is going on about just mutate all his posts


hope they mutated into something good


alright i still dont understand why you even bothered doing this in the first place but at least you came to your senses


based obama is buying $15,000,000 beach front property wish i was a decamillionaire


love buying 15 million dollar mansions paid for with the blood of aborted fetuses


thats a myth he paid for it in speeches norms paid him to make wish i got paid to speak


might start aborting some fetuses to fund the hima mansion


starting to miss emoticons


hima hima ^____________________________^




hate emotions especially the dreaded big nose ones


no judgy cashier girl only indifferent cashier man who gave cash NOT store credit things are looking up for me


great now you can buy a meal from uber eats...


that was me in the prius sorry


how can it be you when it was me


nice samefag


flip you slownorm *honks*


uber eats doesnt take cash so no i cant besides why would i when im already at the supermarket


cant believe the mouse paypal kebab arc is still going


wish pnig came back already so i could slam jam my own site just to make him rage


only 21 more threads until we hit one million posts


got half a gallon of milk cereal a frozen pizza chips and a pack of m&ms quite the haul


all i have is creamsicles and arizona green tea in bottles


got NOThing to eat here just some beer


the chinks got owned


probably NOT but what happened this time


File: 1566716795973.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


turt you should try hitting the touge with a bike


think watching people play video games is one of the hobbies i understand least


its like watching aNOTher man flip your wife



dont think ive ever told someone to die seriously only use it as a meme to pretend to be mad about trivial things


reminds me of when pnig would expose someones post history if they so much as breathed in his direction


File: 1566718339448.jpg (153.44 KB, 720x960, rx7o30l5kii31.jpg)


onseki has done that


valve bows to the chinks they took down the xi hating game and now gaben is flipping chinkettes


wish i was a chinkette


kill yourself kenneth


he doesnt look as fat as hes supposed to be


watched half of an anime called dr stone on toonami and all of an anime called fire squad but i kept it muted so i dont know if theyre any good


he lost weight


that was i, baste onseki


how could that be kenbo motorcycles dont have windows


ugh hate the word toon



dont like those videos they make people too distrustful to help out the temporarily kebab deprived


dr stone is okay but enen no shouboutai is all style no substance


i like the mc


dropped that show


File: 1566720699077.jpg (157.16 KB, 1186x1200, EAcjQVYU4AAQmOh.jpg)


from what i saw it seemed like an evolution story where two guys start at level 1 and progress is that true


civilization collapses and one guy has to start at level 1 to revive it with the help of some other dumbasses to do the manual labor


dr norme



what the flip matrix 4 is being made too miss out on all the norm news in the hima bubble


same get all my news from hima


named my lightning dog pokemon zinogre im based


bet matrix 4 will be a bluepilled refutation of redpill


saw a hima post on g stop doing that


havent browsed or posted on the 4 in years its your own fault for going there


if i had a job id stop going there


the time has come the boiling pot of hima will spill and its soup will swallow the world


link the hima post


forgot that happened


told you about frozen 2 but theres a black guy in it now so i recommend NOT watching


never watched the first frozen thats from the dead disney era


cant respect adults that watch movies for children


it was okay they put effort in by hiring norse specialist mr crawford


every nation will come to frown upon racism eventually even china


im lesser chink


its 4:15 i should be sleeping


saw a zoomer on the 4 who had never watched the matrix got mad


forget norm is hima lingo and have to force myself to add ie on the ol' eff oh


File: 1566725966411.jpg (762.84 KB, 1024x768, based.jpg)

cant remember the phrase that used to be posted alongside this


let life cease


never really watch streams of anything live just wait until its done


youre missing out


NOT sure what im missing out on because i hate the norm spam chat and the skips sometimes and NOT being able to fast foward boring parts


need twitch emotes on hima


whats a pogger


hate twitch hate emotes hate twitch emotes


when i need to shit i get anxious and remember all the bad things that have ever happened to me then when i shit goes away of all the strange things that you think are specific to just you this is the only one ive never heard anyone else say


ya when i was a kid i used to imagine a ninja jumping on the power lines weird nbody else ever did that


if i was president id make farts illegal dont think anyone really wants them


still cant ever start a youtube channel since hima would dox me


is there anyone on hima who isnt sexist racist and anti gay


freak is pro gay


thats only because he cant get over being catfished



File: 1566730936691.png (39.55 KB, 211x240, kaco.png)


thats the kind of thing id expect from many oriental countries but NOT india


mindrending people go on sex apps and start conversations for the sole purpose of sex


dont people who reach the pinnacle of esports ever think they should just quit while theyre ahead


must be depressingly to slowly watch yourself lose to the zoomers


if they quit after winning 11m last year they wouldnt have won 15m today


it was a risk it paid off this time


File: 1566737602842.png (7.37 KB, 395x150, 1566737408067.png)


how come i havent won any money if ive been gaming my whole life


File: 1566739686029.png (23.76 KB, 375x122, 1566739575716.png)


i like how the demiurge gave me severe acne during my final development years just to insure that i would never be able to enjoy being around humans again




genuinely disgusted when i see a pizza face just assume they have bad hygiene


finna resnooze


how do i get rid of my pizza face




simply eat healthy wash your face twice a day change pillow covers every day and dont get stressed


never eat healthy never wash my face change my pillow cover twice a month and never get stressed



just woke up hima lots of norm posts overnight glad i was sleeping its time to game and eat some pizza gonno order dominos in a bit here but it wont be open till 11


hell yeah order that dominos hope your payment methods are approved


hows it going today mouse guy


that doesnt make any sense


hate 6egg now that i know hes mouse guy



File: 1566749993726.jpg (154.85 KB, 690x920, 1566731688275.jpg)


hate gamers


morning hima hows it going


has anyone played that underrail game


only play epic store exclusives sorry


NOThing weird about that at all anxiety causes us to take a shite so all your anxious moments are linked to your shites


ya i did


the word norm is starting to lose its meaning on hima i use it sparingly but when i do know that i mean it


sounds like something a norm would do


pretty good


church bells are ringing


norm bells


sigh i got left behind can someone time it so that the last post is a link to the new one hate waking up and NOT seeing any new posts


die general norm


got anchovy banner


put the hima wiki when you bake a new bread or its NOT real


oh piss


chocced me jocks


File: 1566754223184.mp4 (1.88 MB, pissssss.mp4)


mindblowing that some weirdo pissing in public restrooms and recording it is directly responsible for the popularity of memefrog




how does he pee that much


thought about how pnig used to accuse so called problem posters of bouncing off one aNOTher and started smiling to myself because i would always picture them doing combo moves like in superstar saga on the wks



wheres the pnig interrogation vid


me and freakeye are the ultimate teammates


pnig watched the video i linked now hes NOT talking to police


cant believe he would snap those babies like thta




File: 1566755586370.jpg (87.94 KB, 737x607, where did you touch her.jpg)

nb did it


might email the ppd and threaten to use the freedom of information act if they dont send it to me


File: 1566755774478.jpg (67.85 KB, 415x640, 1302455495852.jpg)

pure evil


the norms did this to that crab much like they did this to us


the norms


freakeye was a norm until they threw acid on his face


freakeye is merely biding his time until the rinnegan matures


wish brett was NOT so closed off we used to be good friends


where is freakeye nowadays


orbiter hours gonno game


you havent lived until youve been in the hima mansion
with NOThing but one light bulb and 16 men squeezed together on cots
with everybody snoring at once and some of those snores
so deep and gross and unbelievable-
dark sNOTty gross subhuman wheezings from hell itself
your mind almost breaks under those death-like sounds and the intermingling odors:
hard unwashed socks pissed and shitted underwear and over it all slowly circulating air
much like that emanating from uncovered garbage cans
and those bodies in the dark fat and thin and bent some
legless armless some
and worst of all:
the total absence of hope
it shrouds them covers them totally.
its NOT bearable
you get up go out walk the streets up and down sidewalks past buildings around the corner and back up
the same street thinking those men were all children
what has happened to them
and what has happened to me
its dark and cold out


freakeye is busy living the good norm life since he graduated with a phd


topson has been playing as a pro for only 1 year


teen hours


baking some hotdogs



cant stand the teens


im a teenbro


die teen


wonder who the youngest himamate is


im 24


sigh NOT sure what type of pizza to get should i get two medium 2 toppings or one large 4 toppings pizza sigh


im 16


in just a few years hima will be entirely a council of wizards


if you arent already in your 30s get the hell out




ban this raider




anyone unironcally older than 20 needs to leave now




just fired up the dominos hell ya hima were gonno feast tonight





sigh wish i could eat pizza


bought a 1960s toaster


seki is 26 years old


almost frenzied but busted out the sedatives


by sedatives you mean blankie right


lots of likes on tinder


love the weighted blankie


its a must have


weather reminds me of playing pokemon cards when they first came out back before the norms took everything from me




crying thinking of gran and the way pnig abused an innocent white woman


File: 1566762150649.jpg (67.37 KB, 512x384, 1382330984566.jpg)


it wasnt long after pokemon that the norms began their campaign of suffering against me turning life into a living hell




nice doomer


forgot how old i am


internet is getting cut off tomorrow


what are you gonno do


become a phonenorm like seki


hate phonenorms


might just wget this thread from the library parking lot in a few days if mom will drive me but last year i just downloaded a bunch of older threads and read them when i got bored


ban the replynorm


NOThing reply


im 27 year old doomer


forgot about my gpt2 ai that i trained with tens of thousands of hima posts


normt2 normi


cant believe the eggman was freakeyes canonical father


NOThin normi


realized in bed this morning how sick it is that there are multiple generations with zero positive memories of life beyond television and video games


NOThing wrong with that


die NOTnorms


NOThing NOTnorm


im NOT a norm


norms are baste


NOThin baste


should i make some chos y/n


hell ya brother fire those chos up its time to feast


mom said i cant sigh time to snooze


mom cant be in control of the nachos


moms word is final


mom must be overthrown


should i watch terrace house


paste soggy chip


NOThin soggy


sunday afternoon dread


accidentally clicked the banner now im going into a seizure


what do you mean click


left button mouse click



something of a gamer myself




mom agreed to the chos


paste mom


gonno get myself a qwertz keyboard


wish mom wiped me dipe


whats a qwertz keyboard


did i ever tell you guys about herkz


on german keyboards the z and y are swapped


hate germany hate germans hate keyboardnorms hate herkz


did i ever tell you guys about the mud flood hypothesis


sounds like norm shite




one day till classic mates


does everyone have their dipes ready


NOT even going to play classic for at least a month all the teens should be gone by then


wonder how many will die of blood clots


first thing i did in wow was roll a female character take her armor off and /dance


sigh bo4 keeps crashing


hate bloppers


anyone else have a literal learning disability






wish i died in the womb


wish i died in my sleep last night


does autism count


we all got the tism here son


wish i had autism my life would have gone better if i was a cold calculating machine instead of an emotional bitchboy


growing a nice pair of bitchtits here hima


autism isnt a disability


any disabilities i can use as an excuse for being a manbaby neet cel


ya just tell em youre a gamer


tell em youre a skeleton


chinks hate skeletons


im only 10 in neetyears


how many suffering years does that balance out to


hate washing cars


anyone else has hemorrhoids




whats your tdee


hate haysuz


hate that my boy never got his boy cam to bounce them cheeks


making two more pizzas


having some rice n chicken


give me two pizza and six egg


having some medium 2 topping pizza


try pineapple and mushroom


gaming hard


havent gamed in a week im saving it all up for tomorrow


stupid teen


sunday evening dread and i got a flight next wednesday


blow it all off to play wow


think its fake


File: 1566777115309.png (1.08 MB, 1200x900, 1518233732646.png)


File: 1566777618890.jpg (90.05 KB, 1200x1008, __original_drawn_by_masuda_yousaytwosin__d06fe….jpg)


wish to flip a sexy lady


book him beauford



i can do that


need those sexy ladyfeet on my face


wish i could play wow classic


same wish to click on boar for hours while clicking on the 1 key until they die


sigh home alone and something downstairs fell off the wall and made a whole bunch of racket







is it because theyre all crispr chinks with enhanced lifespans




there werent any chinks at the ages theyre measuring because of the white australia policy




im finna dab on taynos