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Cream Arrow


utterly vile




yeah thats the stuff


i'm close


woke up everyone is leaving for work


posting in this one


posting in this one




having some black tea


heres your new thread








get in here


flip you



this is it




didnt get left behind this time


made it got left behind for half a day last time


how did you survive


hima im home having a coffee gonno read


guys milk isnt looking forward to being on a plane for 5 hours but its okay cause she has her preflight drink and no layovers




gonno watch leon the profession directors cut edition


die ped


watching the masa conference


woke up hiya hima


someone make a new thread


this is the one


non non biyori banner


szs banner


look like a flipping male model in the mirror but like a complete freak doomcel in pics whats up with that


the pics are the real you but still NOT how others see you
you need to find video taken of you when you werent aware of it to see your true self


if i hit my head really hard will i forget all the anime and games i played so i can experience it again


why NOT experience new ones


they pinch


gonno play some kenshi i suppose


glad the mansion isnt real so nobody here has to suffer looking at me


you can wear a mask if you want


it would NOT help


men dont feel repulsed seeing ugly men only girls do


repulsed by fats but NOT uglies


only fat females right im kinda obese myself


File: 1560986888095.jpg (78.96 KB, 410x426, 1539407955372.jpg)



shut up




this is the one


nb is raging


baking some fries hehe


bloodstain looks like shite but the launch trailer has an impressive like to dislike ratio


time to rest


stop baking and start frying


thats unhealthy


stop eating potatoes


lots of interesting spoilers from m20 and protection is coming back wonder whats behind the design choices rosewater made


17 days until vinland saga


need a blogweiser but mom cut me off


bust out the backup blogweiser


she is wise


thought about pillaging moms room for the good stuff but shes already made at me


NOThing like cracking open a crisp brewski after a hard says work


sigh senko wouldnt do this to me


wonder how many men senko has flipped over the past few thousand years


none shes pure and lovely


and i love her


even if she came to you it wouldnt matter because youd be just aNOTher job on her long list of satisfied customers she wouldnt even remember you after a few years


you mean her underwear


accidentally found moms jo tools once


can we have a different thread this one is gross


mean her booze


shoes smell


i second the motion lets abandon the sexnorm thread


why dont you stop watching the webm if you dont like it


File: 1560991387252.png (487.96 KB, 518x560, 1560879752051.png)



File: 1560991675410.jpg (59.63 KB, 732x626, 1560989669798.jpg)

paste norms


mindblowing that amerinorms still expect you to tip


raged and started hitting my senkosan


File: 1560994078156.jpg (1023.16 KB, 1302x1842, 9058cabb121d06d6c2129bf89914f1c2.jpg)


why cant i have a gf like that


how much status do you have


got my 7 inch wrists will that work


cant stop listening to the sephirot song


you mena sephiroth




cereal time


cereal is bad for you


love a good box of alpha bits


replace those evil grains with some raw meat


dont need to hear this from a fat flip who scarfs down bowls of pasta all day


flip you im 110lbs


havent eaten cereal in probably 15 years or more


you mean kg





sigh got left behind




i would deliberately try to get on this list so everyone who wages for tips realizes theyre an entitled cunt
tips a tip NOT a tax fuck off wagies


glad hes back to making videos in the forest


theyll spit in your stuff


gamed a bunch


having some wine hima


need to game





how can they spit on it if i already ate it


File: 1561000483733.webm (967.86 KB, 956x720, 1560999896545.webm)


would call the police on that man


imagining talking to my son




want to die listening to ritsuko okazaki


die weeb


got the ronald banner


refresh refresh refresh get rid of it


gonno reheat some pizza and have some wine


remember to degrease


watching everybody hates chris vids on youtube


File: 1561001966171.jpg (107.86 KB, 877x1155, sigh.jpg)


why is she flustered


the sun is beating down on her


watching pierre white hehe




File: 1561004060280.png (864.87 KB, 629x890, __kagari_atsuko_little_witch_academia_drawn_by….png)


watching the south park yaoi episode


in in in




i dunno its weird


p anderson is protected hima culture


File: 1561005177678.jpg (123.9 KB, 886x1256, D9a2wuwUwAAm0sA.jpg)

time for your shower hima


File: 1561005368337.jpg (827.82 KB, 3024x4032, objfAL3.jpg)

i was fooled thinking this game was pure ill never get deceived by a western game again


wish i had a gf like that


gonno eat that pizza and have some wine watch some vids and snooze later hima


File: 1561005692471.jpg (74.5 KB, 800x667, 1561001588401.jpg)


boobnorms bh


theyll make a mod on the pc version




drove around for an hour and a half aimlessly still four hours until work hate napping so much


how are you still going


new tifas bossom is about the same size as the original


two small glasses of wine and i cant walk straight


do girls really do this


File: 1561006311669.png (240.75 KB, 600x338, a7d0fbadeabf8695-600x338.png)


File: 1561006402994.mp4 (319.23 KB, Hカップな広告マン-アリペイサン - 個人的な意見ですが 巨乳で良かったことは、 1位 食….mp4)


File: 1561006476857.jpg (112.25 KB, 425x797, Tifa_Early_Art.jpg)


thats still bigger


where did life go


they only look bigger because of the limits of old technology


time has been moving really fast for me lately the weeks are just flying by


japs are so fuckin stupid hate their dumbass weekly memes


that doesnt make any sense


hate the weekly memes too gods damned norms


love japanese memes and japanese internet culture


File: 1561007417806.mp4 (12.03 MB, kanna.mp4)


die freak


i dont get it


sick of nb raging this entire thread


sigh this was a lifetime ago already
never NOTiced some of them dont have microphones and the ones that do probably arent turned on


sigh everything is so fake these days


you are there for the experience NOT their singing


the creepy incel whos recording only kanna deserves some modicum of respect because if he and his contemporaries at other shows hadnt NOTiced her talent early on in her career she probably wouldnt have ended up as popular as she is


wonder who took the legendary photo of her



File: 1561008397369.png (1.29 MB, 960x1204, 5516596A-38E4-40A5-AB64-AAABF119F391.png)

hehe wonder who took this one




i vaguely remember them playing clips of this video in commercials or something


10 million views holy shit


born too late and born in the wrong country sigh ill never go to school with kanna hashimoto


meant early hehe


big sigh


would have confessed to her with a letter in her locker



she wouldve given you a dirty look and called you a creep


wonder if the other girls are jealous of her success






the other girls in rev from dvl arent ugly but they look boring compared to kanna and those are idols
imagine how the normal girls in her classes felt
that anime meme about beautiful women being bullied is probably mostly realistic


senryuu shoujo is actually pretty good if anyone wants to catch it before the season is over


tired hima laying in bed hoping i dont wake up



going to bed hopefully i wake up to a brand new sunshine filled day


hope childjo is safe and well





how did that tiny twig of a chink beat that hulking 7'2 white man


chinks are superior


just updated firefox


might update chrome


File: 1561013505984.png (176.43 KB, 636x436, Screenshot (13).png)



wow autoupdate failed for a whole hour thought it was dead hours


firefox cant handle hima


crying hard


hate women so much


/what/ has experienced a sudden and complete hard drive failure, there is no backup since May 18th 2018.

oh no




no its NOT imagine if something like that happened to hima


File: 1561014915320.jpg (1.63 MB, 4128x2322, 1560956938169.jpg)


we must invite whatmin here for a diplomatic visit


square died when it merged with enix


NOT possible i did a backup NOT even 15 days ago


hehe laptop with no screen been there


they fell for the japanese sitting on the floor meme


need a sensible cute and sexy gf like jasuko to sperm and make children with


i use that mouse hehe paste m325 its the only one that fits my baby hands


how do i get man hands


File: 1561018249173.jpg (3.29 MB, 4128x3096, 1482384337151-1.jpg)

simply be a man


is that pnigs hand


never considered that there are men out there who dont turn wrenches or sand stuff down or cut lumber
if youre NOT working with your hands youre basically a woman


sigh time to go to work


woke up slept through all the fast hours


File: 1561021193341.jpeg (1.62 MB, 4032x3024, D561D404-FC39-4D06-A962-51A6E94C9D94.jpeg)




File: 1561022032443.webm (6.86 MB, 1280x720, Saizen_Taisho_Baseball_Girls_02_720pBlu-RayD9….webm)


sigh poor girl


File: 1561026073651.mp4 (179.53 KB, 1141523681061081089.mp4)


hate smt




File: 1561035427121.png (148.69 KB, 601x582, 1561022660645.png)


File: 1561037161937.jpg (32.33 KB, 605x413, D9b17vxXYAE9M0-.jpg)




still looking for these freedoms i keep hearing about


File: 1561038001694.png (1.21 MB, 1070x1694, __fujiwara_chika_kaguya_sama_wa_kokurasetai_te….png)


too flabby her skin should be tighter


File: 1561038844331.png (241.89 KB, 586x800, D9fhSbzU0AALdM0.png)


woke up with a deep bone thrombosis


File: 1561039543548.jpg (37.2 KB, 1125x755, D9gpDl6WwAcYAS-.jpg)


is chinese codeword for something else




cant stop jerking joing off to orcs


zug zug


gonno join


yes i acknowledged my mistakes and i wanted to reform myself now i wanted to change but it was already too late


die norm


the sleeper has awakened


whats the plan for today


hate hordenorms


mornin hima hows it going


mabi maintenance sigh guess ill morph


fire up the ol xiv


im NOT trans sorry


need chikas feet in my mouth asap


she looks deformed like shes about to explode and a bunch of flood spores are going to come out


got a bone reading that


im oogin out




love sneezing with a mouth full of food


still have my free xiv week being wasted but when i stopped playing was at a dungeon quest and ill need to do that as my first thing back in and im scared


sigh dick fell in the water on a public toilet


good plan


miss being a neet with NOThing on the agenda
actually i dont i miss being a neet with important neet matters


dont play it


id play it with you


File: 1561047445142.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san -….png)




tried to play ff14 three times but always quit there


himas dying


thats the keyboard i use that i found in the dumpster


wrapped in my cocoon of pain and loneliness


File: 1561048966761-0.jpg (103.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1.jpg)

File: 1561048966761-1.jpg (118.41 KB, 960x1200, 2.jpg)

cant wait till robogfs are real


love my g203 since its objectively the greatest mouse ever made although depending on your preferences others might match it


it doesnt have enough buttons


shed be cute without all that shit on her head


i dont think i have ever used the side buttons


File: 1561050797961-0.mp4 (2.01 MB, gun.mp4)


jogged 2 miles


biked 3.25 miles


just found out that my chink keyboard that i bought for like $7 has great key rollover


mindburning that there people who are paying for a fakku subscription


just renewed mine


hb new ippo out hima


this is what foids want to do to non chad men


left the neet cave and it was cold hurried back in


File: 1561054639644.jpg (112.94 KB, 880x586, 1561050398322.jpg)

how does the ffbro cope with this


already cancelled my preorder




having aNOTher coffee


too bad we cant play the remake its only on ps4


speak for yourself


never played a single final fantasy game


what are you doing on hima if you dont have the latest sony console


File: 1561056117216.jpg (147.26 KB, 850x1199, D9ap9_0UwAAesMo.jpg)


mom doesnt let me use the tv for games


simply plug it to your monitor


made some pasketti


gonno play some kenshi
watched a huge battle between about fifty holy nation conscripts and united nations samurai unfold yesterday and after it was over i swoop in to loot from the dead stole a huge sword from an unconscious paladin and gave it to my one armed character but i got into a fight with some of the crippled survivors that were playing dead and he died so im gonno savescum hehe


stream it


gonno become a content creator


pcsan cant handle both


that happens to pretty much all ostrich farmers as well big birds really like humans


what do you mean


female ostriches tend to fall in love with humans


just realized i quoted the wrong post sorry


File: 1561059140584.mp4 (527.73 KB, 1140242193476702209.mp4)

baste chinkdog


doggy want flip


did they beat him less before they cooked him for that


learned a new word



im a dog that cant wag its tail


The Place I Stayed Over at Belonged to Perverted Gyaru Onee-chans


raining hard hima


take cover


wonder when ill hit my growth spurt


you need nutrients to grow you have to stop eating sugar


if sugar is so bad why does it taste so good


because your brain was wired to find sweet fruits while berry picking and remember the location of them



thundering lots might have to migrate under the table


nice dog


woke up hiya


fire up a cup


stomach growling its pizza night


jerking off




hey underlords is out might give it a try


having a coffee


weve all been fooled


the league of legends version is out and its more popular in numbers


league of norms


why is it more popular if its NOT the original one


love league of sexy ladies


lol has a wider audience dota is too inclusive


sis and her gf got kicked out because nobody paid the rent so they needed to stay here for a while but once they said they need to bring a bunch of dogs i raised hell sick of retards trying to call the shots i dont even like sis shes a liar and i overheard her and her gf virg shaming me once lets see who laughs last when i get the heavenly penthouse suite and shes burning in hell for sodomy


have sex


File: 1561072723125.png (74.89 KB, 1322x352, 2019-06-20-181807_1322x352_scrot.png)

paste sushi chef


what do you mean sis and her gf


die skipper


skipping is good for you its like NOT washing your hands


File: 1561072992466.jpg (827.82 KB, 3024x4032, 1561005368337.jpg)

propaganda doesnt have to be about selling products


gotten to the point where i despise gamers


of which genre


all genres theyre all either dumb norms or annoying discorders


die gamist


no you die bugman


love gamin


gamed way too much


had to hold the light for dad while he fixed the car


just bought 16 gib of ram


reflecting on my actions while pnig was alive


better dead than ped


dickspammer is gonno be both soon


when im leering at foids from my window i find myself saying to myself whilst rubbing my bone mmm youre a nice piece of fuck meat or thats a prime piece of fuck meat


playin truck sim hehe this is pretty fun thought it was a stupid meme game


love american truck sim


gonno become a truck driver


just you and the open road driving across the united states long haul resting in your cabin with a laptop and some anime NOThing better


mastered the chidori (one thousand birds)


me and nb are still in the other thread come visit


this is the thread


might crack open a bottle of wine


chidori means blood dream


fire that wine up would crack some myself if mom didnt cut me off


had a couple of glasses yesterday myself thats enough for 2019


fool why didnt you bury a backup vault in the back yard


File: 1561077503123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.57 KB, 960x720, 1541880165138.jpg)


id have to go outside and dig it


pnig would have loved that


sigh ...


File: 1561077666469.jpg (299.76 KB, 1280x960, mark-0151.jpg)

the hima rig


can someone buy a van for us to live out of and tour the wide open land


NOT wasting that money on a van when we could have a yacht


we cant have a yacht but we could have a van


shouldnt have been borned


life is a precious gift from your parents


crying because we are never going to actually do anything its just like the mansion we are just gonno post about it until we are 80


the mansion already exists we just need to change timelines


but can you defeat the version of you in that timeline


discovered i have a big inheritance just have to wait for people to die off


File: 1561078531773.jpg (86.52 KB, 1280x1050, F1.large.jpg)


worse than niggers how could that be possible there must be a mistake


File: 1561078791384.png (860.44 KB, 789x849, Screenshot_2019-06-20_19-59-03.png)

this is where varg would be sent if he would commit aNOTher crime


how many nigs are left on hima


nah i gave up sorry


mindblowing that serial potato chefs and mass murderers get sent to a nice cushy neetisland wish i was norwegian


hate chink music so much
only a race of dumb insects could find such appealing horrid sounds musical
this is real music


they dont have internet


what good has the internet ever done for me


mao killed all the talented chinks


we will coexist


would you duo jo


cant believe this thread is almost full has it really been a week


File: 1561080306964.jpg (Spoiler Image, 244.36 KB, 2048x1547, phew.jpg)


thats NOT very norm


we dont need norm for where were going


cant wait for the hima ropefest


File: 1561081587351.png (96.25 KB, 349x597, Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 3.24.37 PM.png)


time for a big mug of joe and some more truckin my companys based out of phoenix


why in the old days did people revere the elderly as wise and important sages when every old person ive come across has been a moron


everyone is dumber than me


maybe youre the old one


glad the world is ending soon


since the internet lets everyone share their life experiences olds have no purpose


need to update my lightbulb firmware


how did neets blog in the old days


bought the 100 lumen booster subscription with my alexa


they wrote letters and mailed them in to editorials



File: 1561082831524.jpg (118.64 KB, 777x1280, pit.jpg)


too many creases on her arm


i am NOT meant to exist around humans


its anatomically correct


hate foreigners so much


wonder what actually happened


whats to get he is some angry white man


hate angry white men


nah it was the japs fault


nice pit


wonder what that jap actually did to incur the white mans wrath


typical norm shit


File: 1561084926283.mp4 (28.42 MB, l5aq3wqshh531.mp4)


nice evasion techniques


nice flippin tards



cant wait to be killed in a shootout with law enforcement


those eastern european countries are weird


cant believe things went so wrong theyll be writing about us for centuries to come


pasted foid


is there one with english comments


sigh time to go to bed hima gotta wake up early tomorrow as well at least its friday already


i cant flipping do it anymore


get out the rope



did pnig post that


why does he do that with the card


might have watched jojo if the artist knew how to draw why didnt he make the characters cute girls instead of roided freaks






based as hell


hoes mad


sigh wish the days would be shorter already i dont like it when its sunny out till the middle of the night



File: 1561090265201.jpg (186.43 KB, 700x893, 1561006900838.jpg)


what are they laughing at


they are totally oblivious to their own obscenity




theyre laughing at me


is it because you have smaller breasts


gonno start wearing an eyepatch out


did anyone play breath of the norms


ya i pirated it before it was released hehe


is it worth playing


no they got lazy in the last half the dungeons pinch hard


thanks ill play something else it looked like shit anyways


the woman never called back probably raised an eyebrow when i said i dont care about compensation she said everyone cares about salary but apparently NOT everyone


open world games are a snorefest


norms cant understand that mindset they hear it and think theres something wrong with you


hate open world games but norms eat them up


File: 1561093852886.jpg (103.27 KB, 900x670, 1560021580362.jpg)

norms dont understand when you just want your basic needs met


dont understand why norms like realism so much why would you want games and anime to be like real life


got to apply tomorrow at 8am hopefully the old guy hires me he seemed cool


norms cant handle enjoyment so everything has to be just barely interesting


wish i was interesting


you are youre more interesting than any norm


i wouldnt spend a second talking to a norm but i talk to you all day youre at least 10000 times more interesting than a norm


do you consider hima posters your friends




my friends are here


gonno start calling my himamates habibis


heading to bed hima see you all tomorrow



thought pnig was the only arab here


this is gonno happen to pnig and the judge will acquit


File: 1561096343673.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.07 MB, 3840x5760, a11d676feb3915a0f42704466fd353d0.jpg)


should i open that




dead hours sigh


im a friendless neet shutin loser but a norm at heart


paste failednorm


woke up from me nap time for a big mug of joe and some truckin


cant believe those dogs eat better food than me


love how primitive euros weigh things in stones




british people are fucking retarded


File: 1561105688770.jpg (58.88 KB, 548x1266, qk9orsa08ic21.jpg)


updated bios


wish they would arrest him already


cant believe chris chappell is white


File: 1561108859557.jpg (198.54 KB, 927x958, D9ko0Q9VUAAMwF0.jpg)


hate twitter users hate norms that sit around all day replying with the same old gifs of celebrities and what NOT that have been spammed on the internet for 5 years and you just know each time they post one they think theyre funny


was it scary


ya and i had to do it twice because the newest version required a newer version than i had


i need to do it too but im scared of it


no need if everything works and you dont need support for the new ryzens or something hehe


mom wont let me flash my bios after the incident



sigh seems like everyone at my work was literally the number one student in their entire year even the girl who got fired was an award winning national class genius what the heck they all have phds or masters and have been lecturers while im a manchild who didnt get a bachelors until i was quite unironically 26 years of age i feel like im going to be fired eventually if NOT imminently because i diont really care about software just want to watch anime



should i watch this or will it make me want to rope more


if the girl is a virgo thats unrealistic as hilcka


norms have superpowers to be able to work 10 days a week without killing themselves


oops meant 8 hours a day


miss the brett arc nobody has accused me of being brett in years it was probably all done by the guy now facing 7 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor


someone else got hired yesterday guy might call me if the new hire doesnt show kinda sucks but that place was a loud and filthy typical machine workshop


looks terrible dont watch that


responsibilities increasing at work again with no increase in cope keep having premonitions of myself quitting and roping this world was never meant for me


yeah it was like overnight the guy who would call me gay or spam normtube embeds or threaten nb or wk until he was blue in the face disappeared without a trace and the atmosphere has improved drastically


wish i was a kazakhstani prince


gonno make a big mug of coffee


hehe same in fact i started ten minutes ago and just let it steep


updated my amd chipset drivers for the first time on this build and game performance went up massively hehe


hima my boss said that i can go home earlier today hehe


good for you work norm then you can head to the clubs and chug the beers with the bros die


but the guy that hates nb is still here


all the hima boys get rowdy at the local pub on friday nights together to unwind from the workweek they even do that salaryman meme of tying their ties around their heads


NOThin wrong with cracking open a cold one with the boys


the work bros need to form an alliance against the neets


what neets there are only a handful left everyone else had to grow up


getting a feeling there was no new hire and he just didnt want me


he could tell you were too sissy to work in the machine shop


maybe he patted me on the back and said sorry buddy


gonno become a massage thepotato chef


im neet


you need a job


front desk lady treats me better when i put my hair up and dress more flattering in aNOTher timeline id flip that plumper


gods damned norms shut the hell are up


norms need to be seen and NOT heard


im stuck on the bottom



hima hima




im sippin on that \__ean


File: 1561131963131.gif (Spoiler Image, 909.07 KB, 600x960, dfafad6da5bfdadcb691b0a53205a760.gif)


die norm


you can do this legally with a sexy lady because its NOT sexual intercourse


tell it to the judge


gonno pick up a few nintendo switch vouchers


can someone buy me a swich


wish those worked on physical purchases


how does your brain tell you its a female and ok to mate with


you can mate with boys too


no you can NOT


you can hehe


gonno pace around the house for a bit


File: 1561134187669.jpg (1.09 MB, 2046x1447, __ahoge_girl_and_dark_skinned_girl_original_dr….jpg)

me and my wife


which one are you


why dont we simply mate with one aNOTher then


hehe gamefreaks team b is the one in charge of the new poke they dont give a flip


is the a team on the mobage


the pale one


File: 1561136132778.webm (411.4 KB, 480x848, 1561128581505.webm)


scared to watch that


tardlaugh hard when i remember kinder eggs are banned in america because kids eat the toys


americans cant help themselves they must always be eating


what are you waiting for


die chink


this guy is truly mindblowing to think one man could conjure up the idea that bacon and eggs is a quintessential american breakfast


what did people used to eat


love moe love cute things love love love moe




its NOT their fault its the sugar addiction


eviction NOTice arrived


what are you gonno do




how long do you have


didnt read that far


its time for the hima offline meeting


posting on opera gx hehe


NOT using opera normx


youre NOT a gamer if youre NOT using a gaming browser


stop submitting to the chinks


got over my 3rd nihilistic phase


the chinks are just misunderstood


dont know why hands are so underappreciated ill revolutionize the idea of hand worship


chicken and rice time


i post on hima with my feet


used to do that until the incident


ate two meals of chinese food im gonno explode


where is hima


at work


cant believe im the only one here without a job


same sigh its just me


guess some people are just better at neeting than others


neeting is my job



i dont have a job


found my old gameboy advance sp wonder if i should throw it on ebay


play some games on it


only found pokemon ruby dont know where the other games went


theres a bee in my room gonno scream


get the zapper


false alarm mom is just 3 weeks late on rent despite living here for 7 years and the lease gets renewed in august but mom thinks the actual owners just want the house back but its too late for the property managers to give their 60 day or 90 day NOTice or whatever to tell you to get out so this is their way of saying that
dunno if an eviction NOTice is like set in stone or if you just go to court and pay or what though
cleaned and threw out some junk i am ready to skedaddle at a moments NOTice if worse comes to worse

i was really scared when someone yelled sheriffs office and knocked on the door this morning i thought it was over but they just left the letter on the door handle hehe



simply become a squatter


paced chink


sigh im really sorry it must be scary times for you


im home hima hehe time to neet it up hard


having acoffee


did you think they were coming for the stash


what stash


the sexy ladiestash


File: 1561155580727.webm (1.88 MB, 640x640, 1561154742787.webm)


cruel parent filming that


mom found my sexy ladiestash once


if that was nbs pizza that little bitch would be dead



just bought some libra


gonno fire up uber eats


she was probably forgiven because shes a female


gonno get a 'za


had this for dinner


wish i was forgiven


switched to unholy spec


woke up time to truck


front office lady was fired today hate when things happen wish time froze in 2006


die norm



never post metaljesusrocks again


whos that


what 'pings does 'ma get on 'za







i am the danger


cant wait until the incel airstrikes commence


sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished



sigh nb hasnt logged into vrchat since wednesday


whats nbs favorite toon


my real life will start in vr


he usually plays as a penguin in a cowboy hat


told you guys they were going to round up the cels


the hima mansion is going to end up being a concentration camp for virgin men wonder who ill be bunking with


File: 1561166695149.jpg (26.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

nb wont stop following me and asking if i know de way


do you like cute boys and xiv you can bunk with me if you do


went out with sis for chicago dogs hehe


File: 1561167001239.jpg (67.12 KB, 1024x744, p8pmjz3hyp531.jpg)


ive never logged into vrchat



picked up some seven eleven dogs myself


stop eating processed meats


File: 1561167424358.png (427.07 KB, 532x914, bastenig.png)



free narset style in MTGA with code ENLIGHTENME



you can see her panties


he had no idea that his life would turn out the way it did when he took this pic


this stupid bitch is breathing into the mic and it hurts my ears dont get asmrnorms



NOThing paste scapenorm


its paste


guys we need to help daigo with losing weight


very nice


stop watching drain unclogging





its creepy


freak is going to enjoy this one


NOT in the mood for hinata chan


shes an angel


what program do i use to sound like hinata




thats her real voice


thatd be bad youd sound like a girl


wish i sounded like a girl


File: 1561169544240.jpg (789.56 KB, 1414x5084, shortcut to good gear in MMOs.jpg)

its NOT hard


NOT reading all that shite


that has no honor or dignity


i use vim


love spending 40 years learning to use some arcane piece of software at its full potential


wonder if trannies will ever find a way to convincingly sound like girls some of them look better than real girls but they all sound like men


looking like a girl is easy you just pop some pills but voice and gait take effort


mannerisms too


pretty cruel how im forced to remember embarrassing or shameful moments for years and years and years regularly


you could try NOT being such a god damned norm




dont ask me norm





same think ruby is the only game i have too


cant find ruby but found sapphire


you cant play it pokemon is dead


should i watch this thats a scary thumbnail




queued up as a tank


read daigos book


read or read




hey hima long day didnt have time to post
got home and sat around until like 5pm then i went to harbor freight and lowes and got some sanding shit against my financial best interest then bought some cichlids at the pet store
theres a little mystery race roastie there with some nice tattoos NOT nice as in tasteful just nice as in well done and she was chatting me up she said she wanted to see pics of my tanks since im in there all the time made me uncomfortable because 85% of my phone pics are downloaded from hima and you can figure out how that would turn out if i handed someone my phone


kinda sad how the new poke looks like oot couldnt NOTice at first that its NOT a n64 game


simply open the pics up and show it to her from your hand you dont hand over your phone thats weird


holy flip


is that oot or something else
cant say ive ever seen a setting that looks like that in hyrule since hes holding the kokiri sword


i deleted all the smut from my phone because i thought id need to give it to an isp employee but it turns out i didnt need to and i deleted it for NOThing


File: 1561173139832.png (772.8 KB, 707x1000, 845B4FCF-2263-4C3F-8549-A0F4F2FF9913.png)

she seems nice but im NOT interested in women maybe i’ll just hand over my phone and accidentally scroll to this so she leaves me alone


whoops meant to spoiler




oh god im reflapped thats the new pokemon map is this a joke holy shite


File: 1561173335457.jpg (61.05 KB, 640x480, Hyrule-Field.jpg)

this is oot that pic is the new poke game for the switch with link shopped over


on an iphone it shows a preview of like ten pics on either side of the current pic at the bottom of the screen so you cant hide anything when you show someone your phone ive has several close calls already with mom and the landlords it sucks gonno backup all my smut to be safe in the future instead of deleting like that other guy


just checked on mine and youre right didnt know that


to be fair oot still looks pretty good for its age but thats totally unacceptable for an hd console game made in 2019 no ones expecting skyrim but they could have at least attempted to do something other than a flat landscape


hate norms


i own an iphone because it was $100 at t mobile over 24 months as opposed to $300 for the most garbage android huawei chink shite


cant you move the smut to a different folder


no such thing on baste crapple


i was going to make a post saying the night is young but right in the middle of typing that i realized how comfortable it would be to just crawl in bed and play professor layton


love a good bed gaming session


need a fresh cutlass supreme to pimp hoes and wheel and deal in


die norm


mom said the nachos are making me fatter


mom could probably recognize pnig in public at this point




mom was broken up when it old her my friend was going to prison


Think i got a gf
So i went to waba grill for lunch and this new cashier who i haven't seen was there after i ordered she complimented my sweater and i asked her about a tattoo and we talked a bit then when i got my food she said enjoy your meal (she called my number NOT my order like everyone else) then she started sweeping when she got close to me i asked her if she wanted to sit down with me she said yeah shes about to take her break and we talked some more and gave me her number and we've been texting all day
She seems like my type but im adamant about taking on a relationship maybe if i continue talking to her some more I'd change my mind who knows




gonno fire up some mw3



NOT sure what game i want to play


it looks ten years older than ultra moon or the latest animal crossing
oot is 21 years old


fire up american truck sim


speaking of gf i installed tinder again just to mess around and got 21 matches today hehe


hell ya its time to drive some trucks


thinkin back i spent so much time playing minecraft around 2011 and 2014 would just wake up at 2 am fire up a huge denpa playlist put on my headphones load my world and run around and mine and craft


Post your matches


no dont post them




time for a big ol glass of diluted vinegar


youre killing yourself


die pnig


Im NOT taking it to normcord i left that place and surprise surprise the very next day i get a gf i was being held back from my full potential with those toxic bumbling morons


how big are her boobies


jazz music stops


I'd guess a c cup they were big she had a big butt too and small waist didn't see a belly her body was perfect her face was pretty plain NOThing special there but i like that


no one cares normsuz


same but memphis rap in 2016
theres something weird about minecraft just creating little digital chunks of stuff is rewarding


wheres the hima minecraft server


actually 2016 was the revival arc i played it in like 2010 or 2011 when it was still in beta with my only friend i dont remember exactly what we built but it was a lot of fun i would hang out with him after school and play cowadooty or rockband 2 or just mess around in the woods behind his house and then go home and eat dinner and hop on minecraft until 10pm then wed walk to school together the next day
getting a strange feeling wish i could go back i think i was truly happy back then just want my friend back but were on opposite sides of the country now


ya even though i never accomplished anything the most i ever had was a nether base with an automatic blaze farm around a spawner


forgot that youre a teen by the time NOTch released the alpha version i was already a veteran neet that had dropped out of college twice and i never tried out multiplayer


why did you go back after dropping out the first time norman


are you bragging or lamenting your fate


freak dabbin



a bit of both i suppose


should i play granblue


fire up some fgo instead


damn good seven eleven hot dogs hima



hate normis


love a good aris stream



someone stream


cant stream my upload speed pinches too ahrd


Is it wrong to text this late at night she keeps hinting for me to ask her over or something but maybe I'm just misinterpreting


my upload rate is ok but pcsan is too old and frail


die gaysuz


Might be gay NOT sure yet I'll have to date her and a guy at the same time to tell for sure


Often times i think of nb and his happiness or if hes even happy i will miss him the most he was never swayed by any malicious biased entities




File: 1561183030455.mp4 (7.24 MB, oil.mp4)


but im right here


ate some ground beef


hope it was raw


gonno snooze
hanyuu banner its a sign that my snooz is gonno be good


dont trust that little bitch as far as i could throw her


I should've been more clear I'm moving on in life or I'm trying to don't think I'll post again



cant believe gintama ended


yeah right


oh jesus christ
ive got no flippin job man


why dont people just drown themselves it seems easy


how does it seem easy




wish i could cry


how come there were no treasure chests when i played


File: 1561189177280.png (525.6 KB, 651x525, 1561186002539.png)



i dont get it


there are treasure chests after every boss fight


theyre all 98% white


thought the joke was that theres only 6 of them


just got hit with a ynaj for the first time in forever


got that one last week and mom is still giving me the cold shoulder


File: 1561200474461.jpg (732.08 KB, 2753x2753, xi.jpg)


xi is gonno look weak if this keeps up he needs to drop some bombs


File: 1561201297179.jpg (225.89 KB, 1253x1770, D9qIZAhUwAA3qRV.jpg)


shes cute


guess il snooze


whiter than me


im white


wish i was white instead of indonesian


starting to grow horns


love being flip


you mean flipped right


File: 1561211220562.jpg (164.78 KB, 1200x782, D9qx3tWUIAMGLRu.jpg)


File: 1561211408224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 583.83 KB, 2264x3200, D9qqpM6U0AIQ6o0.jpg)


woke up


Hi everyone it's Hiroko from Asian Boss



hate asian norm


hate renewable energy norms


mornin hima howsd it going


no food guess its a starve day


dad got home earlier and brought apfelstrudel


get used to it the mansion is gonno be off the grid


heard that the ending was p good wish i could get into gintama but its too long and i havent even caught up on one piece yet should have kept going three years ago when i watched the first three episodes of gintama one night but to be honest i did NOT like it that much wonder if it gets better or if its like that the whole thing through


feelin a good oooooog coming on hima


get in here


hate norms hate teens hate discord hate foids hate cars hate worknorms hate chinks hate failednorms hate sony hate normime hate twitch hate twitter hate raiders hate


you forgot gamers


love gaming


you cant love gaming and hate sony


sony belongs to the norms now its time to move on




im a gamer


might fire up some xiv


think im gonno play some sf5


wow time


renewable energy is a foolish cope the mansion will be powered by a thorium reactor designed and built by the freak


cool story gamernorm


hate norms


File: 1561226447630.jpg (528.72 KB, 1558x1436, hehe.jpg)


wait a minute if all the girls are flipping boys instead of my why werent any flipping me when i was a boy


Holy fucking shit jay Cutler is at gym woah what the fuck


you smelled


the norms did this to us it didnt have to be this way but they made it be this way


Holyfu k what the hell people are hounding him for pictures


rage is building this has been going on all week


everyday is someones birthday celebrate every day


Its happy hour somewhere haha




Im like a whole head taller than jay what the fuck hes still so fucking ripped christ


What the fuck should i ask him for a pic who would take it though


He left wow what an exciting morning sorry to blog this here but i don't have any friends that know who he is


eating more fries


Ok hes back holy fuck im gonno do it im gonno ask for a pic


Hes tipping the wine haha lol i wanna work out with him what should i say


I'm grunting extra loud but he wont look at me


take a pic of him


Hang on let me walk around try to find him again i tried taking a creepshot earlier but someone was in the way



This place is freaking full its usuallu empty around this time what the fuck they must be communicating



File: 1561231917526.webm (3.11 MB, 1280x720, anger.webm)

wonder if this was aimed at varg


hate that hick americans should just keep quiet


its aimed at me


gonno play some kenshi


is it safe to post again


what do you mean


you know


why would i ask if i know


varg btfo


you know


sigh varg couldnt make it a week with bitchute commenters


at work but i havent done any work just played mobage for three hours


what games did you play


hope its fgo hehe


azur lane


and yugioh duel links
NOT a fan of fgo


azur norm
yugioh norm links


holy shit


File: 1561236294754.png (1.46 MB, 897x886, D71nCnIW4AEI3Bl.png)


wish i was big like turt


guys milk is in new hampshire and she says its beautiful


ive had it just post a virgin for me to worship please ill take anyone just NOT a defiled woman


File: 1561236836637.jpg (151.44 KB, 1121x2048, boob.jpg)


she must have a hard time sleeping


shot some gasoline on me foot


huff of that good stuff


hope everyone preordered shadowbringers


cant think of any good games to preorder


too poor to buy it sigh


stop preordering games


you have to preorder otherwise the norms will play it before you


whats the point of NOT preordering if youre going to buy it on release day anyway


preorder bonuses


gamed hard and ooged hard today hehe


dont play norm games problem solved


might fire up some games here myself


nb asked me to play fortnite with him


no i didnt


File: 1561239927602.jpg (296.14 KB, 640x1136, 1561239413146.jpg)




hate foids





File: 1561240812303.jpg (109.19 KB, 824x1200, D9ko1EMVAAE-0Pf.jpg)


tried the fortnite yesterday didnt like it


nb always makes fun of me because i dont have paid dances or costumes sigh




flip you hes going to think i posted that


File: 1561242178204.jpg (182.47 KB, 750x937, 1561240536976.jpg)

us twigs are the enlightened ones we give more than we take


NOThing worse than personas





his avatar is really cute why doesnt she see that





watching storage wars with mom


mom loves watching how its made


could easily destroy any hima in a type race


nice normpetitive norm


used to come home from school to an empty house turn on how its made in the other room and wallstare


sounds like hell


butthurt npcs why dont you just be quiet until a persona comes to buy arrows or have you upgrade his cape


die norm


any good isekai about being an npc



did milk post that


wish i was milks hamster


lets all fire up some autochess


nah lets truck


love milk


lets pair up in groups of two and start cross country truckin one person drives while the other games jos watches anime and snoozes then we switch


went to the konbini and got myself a frozen lasagna and some gorgonzola


konbinis do NOT have gorgonzola


on the road with a hima as we game and watch only the finest anime sounds like a damn good time to me




sent this to milk


played some underlords the other day it was ok


NOThing norm




flip you




76 wpm


made some rice and lentils gonno feast


how about that but no one drives and we are actually on a boat in the middle of nowhere


we cant afford a boat and you know it


gotta love lentils but its NOT the same without some bacon




we can build a boat


none of us have any talent


well i canNOT afford a sleeper semi truck either


lasogna is in the oven


we need to fire up the hima van caravan


everyone has a talent we just never discovered ours


never had talent never will


fire up the hima tabernacle


need a wizard to read talents at birth


in a few years hima will be a council of wizards


sighing hard


NOT me ill rope before 30


mindshattering that they are supposed to be the same age as me


never felt so much like a manbaby im almost 30 and i got NOThing to show for it my entire life amounted to NOThing thus far


same here NOThing good has happened NOThing good will ever happen and ill eventually just off myself hopefully at the hima offline meeting


hope im one of the 6% that really do get wizard powers unlike those losers


File: 1561251692080.jpg (142.22 KB, 1200x762, ssq.jpg)

guys please buy this gaming chair to support yuyu


been conditioned to immediately rage upon sight of a foid


she is cute i would love to buy the same products as her


hate foids like her


is there a referral code i can use so she gets credit


how do i find a gamer gf


gonno watch the new drainage video


dont its dangerous


if you were capable youd have one already




nah flip that dumb bitch



File: 1561253667622.webm (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, DazzlingSmoothAntarcticfurseal.webm)

story of my life


would like to see a girls reaction to the amount of semen dedicated to her must be gallons on average even for the ugliest of them


hehe could comment on this but i cant without doxing myself


kanna wouldnt be surprised


go for it pussy


i hate bitches


will kanna be performing at the mansion


mindfissioning that we have a nuclear physicist on hima


hate smartnorms


cant believe there were people actually falling for the neet meme when everyone was supposed to be studying stem degrees in college


im neet and pure


File: 1561254337017.mp3 (361.46 KB, Vocaroo_s1qZwn0kMr8z.mp3)


whats so funny huh



second the ban


you cant ban me im neetblog


File: 1561254578112.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.26 KB, 323x522, 1498980165314.jpg)


what a freak


knew foids were cows


we should kidnap her and store her in the basement of the mansion so whenever someone is hungry they will go down there to feed


File: 1561254864380.png (573.85 KB, 580x996, 1561254677215.png)


she looks strong


wonder what female in history has had more semen dedicated to them than anyone else probably some norm celebrity or porn star


probably a streamer


wish we had the actual data for that itd be interesting


need to start keeping a sperm diary


shes 12


whys a 12 year old girl stronger than me


thats a drawing



jokes on the norms and their normphones


sigh wish i was a horned zoomer


oh hey this just came out so i dont mind
jesus lets put that one aside for now jesus
hehe that has just been tweeted to the moon by a random guy jesus so we should see the moon rise
it is getting late
hey kanna is it safe to take this picture and send it out there? i want every bit of you to watch how much it will creep into the public conscience this day.
we have a real problem kawaii girl!
aww the guy looks scared
i cant believe we did it we can be awesome again!
its just jesus that got us there so we need to make sure its out there because its an awesome thing to do


How can i be more assertive i ask myself this a lot there's NOThing wrong with being a pushover unless you want to be a man




i have that but i dont have a normphone


Uh oh hes calling for his dad 😂😂😂


File: 1561256935657.jpg (158 KB, 900x750, hehe.jpg)


mom stopped drinking the white monsters now she buys the green ones


why did god invent boobs but NOT allow me to touch them


do you think i could rent her for 5$ and have her make me lasagna and call me good boy


god blessed you with a big ol penis cock you can touch at any time


wish to flip zoomer doji


no he cursed me with a micropenis


Do NOT fret brother micropenises will be the way of the future



typical foid


two weeks and i only exchanged a few words about my job application with mom but thats it i wonder how long this will keep up


File: 1561258005461.jpg (30.71 KB, 400x340, 1561242448491.jpg)


what if it hits somebody






crazy religious ladies are simply based amazing how devoted they are to the patriarchy





hehe cant read this article without laughing


whats so funny i want to laugh too


die deadpan


File: 1561259941096.jpg (140.41 KB, 1200x894, D9tusk8UIAEk0Yf.jpg)


hima will have its own post bot soon


dead hours


File: 1561260793212.png (Spoiler Image, 85.64 KB, 511x451, 1561235062860.png)


it already has


Nb is just a bot


bored think ill watch dororo


started two big torrents over three months ago that still arent done downloading hehe


holy flippin pasted


I'll never torrent again in my life these actresses work hard which is why i show my appreciation by buying brazzers accounts and premium snapchats


was gonno watch dororo until i saw it was 50 years old that cant be good



what can i do with my new horns


fight other horned males for mates


got horn mogged


File: 1561263456006.png (317.18 KB, 952x717, 1561263123959.png)


NOThing a little meth cant fix


how do you burn out your dopamine receptors on mere imageboards video games and porn when meth is a hundred times more potent sounds




Probably Christmas herc is my favorite herc the back drop is just Nice and relaxing


where can i get meth sounds fun


he spermed when he tried meth


i sperm all the time whats so great about that


its 8x more powerful of a sperm


Would you yelp


is it like the squirming boys post


File: 1561265939598.jpg (433.65 KB, 1280x1024, 1561230091867.jpg)




File: 1561266724120.jpg (156.93 KB, 1000x729, 4627_src.jpg)


its training ram and gpu ram just maxed out hehe


File: 1561267276106.mp4 (3.47 MB, 1142119730670649344.mp4)

owned that dumb foid


sample 2 after ten minutes of training:

turt was a child for a night

what did i missed is it wasnt the latest

the battery is NOT the issue

the battery is the issue

what are you talking about battery

he has to be on my timeline to get a date so i can get the pics then

youre a child

i am the parent of a 12 year old and i was a child as well


my parents dont think theyre old enough


mindrinsing that big poo has been selling us a lie for ages and shampoo is actually bad for your hair


i see the norm as someone who plays to the expectations of society he was only a normal for a moment but after that he has no idea how to deal with the pressures and all the pressure of being a celebrity

this is a brand new sentence the word expectations was used about 10 times on hima but never followed by of society


die norm


saw an extremely short new sentence that didnt appear on google or big 4 archives a while ago dont remember what it was but it was based in its simplicity


was it uhh haha


File: 1561270491957.png (237.73 KB, 1600x860, s9.png)



what was wrong with the just do it guy


hate seeing zoomer posts on the 4 ironically one of the easiest ways to spot them is they do the zero punctuation meme


dont understand why anyone would go to 4norm in this day and age


File: 1561273656660.jpg (166.57 KB, 1448x2048, D9aNYryUYAAWcTg.jpg large.jpg)


hate the feigned apathy thing they do


post the pnig version


new study claims incels suffer when women refuse to have sex with them


cels are NOThing but sexnorms without the sex


lock them up throw away the key


need burg


File: 1561278404868.jpg (453.78 KB, 1448x2048, .jpg)


i would save her


cant believe the climate change meme is still going


wonder how my ancestors will fare


wait whats the reverse of ancestor




woke up eating some pomelo


wonder if we lost any regular skippers with the move to blog


feels bad that im probably going to miss the end of this era and the culmination of all the social decline


its time to wake up


sick of antisemitism


mornin hima


mornin hima havin a coffee


you mean the antonym


Morning brothers i woke up to mom making pancakes and bacon


rise and shine


its bbq day dads outside firing it up


Do you have a real dad or is your mom getting blacked like seki's coal burning whore of a mother




File: 1561310405436.png (630.1 KB, 1000x1000, __misaka_mikoto_to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun_and_e….png)


almost shed a tear watching this


Good evening brothers i hope everyone is having a blessed day


die norm


File: 1561312807407.jpg (187.74 KB, 1489x1138, ehehe.jpg)


tard game


hate jap soys


hate japan


I've actually had great success raising my free test with soy products i don't understand the soy boy meme


post the test results


gonno watch some vegan gains


I watch vegan gains and jon venus prior to hitting the gym


gonno game till he leaves again


why wont he post the test results


What do you mean by he you filthy cracker


saw a skinny greasy girl outside started to get really nervous




probably low due to all that soy


Bolemako will never see the streets again


biking rn bros finna rain soon


need to get ready for mating season need to fix my plumage


File: 1561315858106.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.6 KB, 500x667, 1561219379228.jpg)


Always remember brothers individuality as well as standing united is the only way to overcome this oppressive system that has been imposed on us by the Europeans and european descendents as well as the black slaves and their predecessors


lost my cookie clicker save


Been doing cardio every day getting ready forthe summer


Some old tard man came up to me and mumbled something i shouldve put that average european in the dirt


Can the gameroids commit a game over on themselves


File: 1561318698392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.28 KB, 774x734, 1561292854490.jpg)




Be quiet moron


im starving hima


Tofu is rather filling anyone telling you to worry about the soy tell them to post their body and ill post mine in return


please ban all hispanics


love me some good highly processed expensive healthy soy based alternative foods


Please ban all the invaders without the hispanics youd still be living in the second century stupid Neanderthal


havin a coffee and some cake might game a bit


what the flip i lost mine too


accidentally deleted mine too


i didnt delete it it went away by itself i never delete cookies or anything on quantum theres no reason why itd be gone


ban the clickers


might have to use my strongest attack but it shortens my lifespan


Mom didn'tmake me anything for my post workout meal so im gonno have to heat up a hot pocket or ill probably make a grilled cheese with an egg and left over bacon from this morning


die mahoro




at least i still have my kittens save


gonno watch a newer gccx episode


saw a tesla near a hispanic neighborhood its strange always saw them in rich suburbs


File: 1561321300184.png (70.48 KB, 561x554, Capture.PNG)


File: 1561321878209-0.jpg (626.18 KB, 1280x720, GameCenter CX S19E13 - 209 - Zelda II The Adve….jpg)

File: 1561321878209-1.jpg (479.23 KB, 1280x720, GameCenter CX S19E13 - 209 - Zelda II The Adve….jpg)


gamings all i know hima if i didnt have games i dont know what id do


used to wake up make myself a tuna melt fire up five gccx episodes in the living room watch one after the other then go to bed and repeat did that every days for months




gonno watch the mommy anime coming up


File: 1561322907740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.34 KB, 800x800, Snapchat-1069090813.jpg)


what mommy anime


sigh NOT sure what game i want to play right now


hb my save is back im so glad


thought the clicker thing was a joke cant believe there are people on hima dumb enough to click all day


bh noclick


Might watch something else other than the office today


gonno rage


If you're white go ahead if youre a fellow native be calm brother you must keep your blood pressure low to stay in good health in order to rise when the race war starts


mom bought me a slushie


discord keeps crashing for some reason so ill
blog a little
doing wheel number 3 i just used an 80 grit nylon flap wheel and i basically finished all the labor intensive shit in what i think is a little over an hour power tools are amazing


die discordteen


you cant talk to basedseki like that


Whats the difference of even using discord or hima since its all the same users minus 2-3 different ones


whats a wheel number 3 and what does it mean to do one


He's sanding the wheels


Who knew kenbo was the voice behind the most successful prank channel - ownage pranks


woke up time for some coffee got a lot of truckin to do today




Might get a macbook air so i can use the icloud feature


die you fucking norm


go to hell normsuz


How am i a norm for wanting to transfer files easier


My blood sugar just dipped


I can tell because i get shakey and uneasy


nice trucker


I'm the only one with a cdl here


post it


Well ok
Number: **
Name: ** *
Address: * ** **
Issuing state: **


Wow what the hell why did everything * out


Just got slut shamed as i walked into walmart


seki for fuck sakes


die fnorm


Lmao buster


Any pimps in the chat


mindbrazing haysuz cant figure out why nobody likes him


That's where you're wrong chief i don't want to be indistinguishable from every other post so id rather be hated for who i am than loved for who im NOT
Nice didnt know hima had a spokesperson(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


but if you were to post on some norm website with millions of users you would be utterly indistinguishable




everyone blocked haysuz on discord


hate this norm every time he posts everyone leaves


he ran here in shame because he betrayed some people on discord and they found out


Prove it


hate discordteens so god damn much


paste broom


File: 1561332049746.jpg (3.67 MB, 4160x3120, 20190623_161843.jpg)

Remember brothers to educate yourselves the europeans hate to see an educated brown man


File: 1561332062954.jpg (304.99 KB, 1205x861, 0051e1b530b413195dd624aba8a1a350.jpg)

guess nigs were dumb even in 2006


Shut up about 2006 already you old fuck youll be hitting your 30's soon enough



we all need to hop on roids and go to japan after this anime has aired maybe muscles will be more popular then


Love interest is a twink and the guy with the big bad rocket launcher is a jacked villain this will make no difference in a culture that has been deeply instilled narrow minded morals and outlook


whos the bottom in the seki gaysuz relationship


U mad trolololol


miss pinning test enanthate and going to the gym everyday


when are you gonno go on a dirty bulk with me haysuz


When i start pinning again


pnig wouldnt stand for this


gonno make an anime


its NOT possible


Bolemako been behind bars fuck that nigga what he gets what he gets unfortunately


need to find interesting puzzle games to boost my iq


Big herc gave away an nsx wow



been so long since there was a new game dungeon


weighing the options between going to work tomorrow morning and roping


Go ahead and cope out because you're too afraid of people you weak minded little freak


just remembered its sunday hehe hope the worknorms have their alarms set


My alarm is set Monday through Friday i should probably set it for 4am so i can go to the gym in the mornings again


can convicted peds have kids or do they take them away


somewhat mindblowing that the whole job thing didnt get big until a couple of hundred years ago before then people just lived off the land or were entrepreneurs in trapping/farming/shoemaking/prostitution and so on in a lot of cases you just took up whatever craft your family had been doing before you were born

finding wealth on your own wasnt such an abnormal thing now its uncommon for someone to NOT be a small cog in some huge corporate machine and what businesses you do see being started up are smalltime shite like lawn mowing and home repair when was the last time you saw someone start a simple grocery store and thrive


i think it was called the industrial revolution


Jaja lol whitoid seething about this oppressive system his ancestors set up thats what you get freak


whats the plot



so like a isekai


Did anyone else watch the new hit netflix series "Jail Birds" ?


fresh recruits arrive at the hima mansion


Might grab 2 double doubles or a 4x4 from in n out and some animal style fries its too late to cut for summer anyway


havent shat today


I can finger your ass and break the shit up and make it easier for you to come out if youd like i dont necessarily need to use a finger if you know what i mean 🍆


File: 1561338087101.jpg (144.59 KB, 1191x1145, piss.jpg)


mower needs an oil change


gdq time


File: 1561338309423.jpg (425.84 KB, 1278x717, 4129cc317ac3b664be1222b927a745f7.jpg)

3 and a half minutes into this cartoon and i already want to drop it


miss pictionary


prefer canonically attractive protagonists over dull losers


Lookism is incredibly unhealthy fosters mental illnesses and is counterproductive remember we're all kings some of you just need to push a little harder to see



i cant identify with characters that are attractive intelligent or happy


Don't watch anime to identify with the protag you're an npc know your place


mom says im smart and handsome


i only identify with female characters


mom used to tell me that too you have to get her mad to get the truth out


theres no reason to believe shes lying


if you were smart you would be rich and if you were handsome you wouldnt be a virg


There are volcels all over the world shoopra is just one example


Wait no i think he has a gf again



File: 1561340899547.jpg (212.1 KB, 919x1300, 0.jpg)


this reminds me of my date


what date


wish girls could look up at me


the one last friday with the white haired boob girl


Did you have sex with her or did you make love


playin some sfv


play some blazeblue instead




Video games rot your brain brother educate yourself with higher learning we must eradicate the Europeans and Africans from OUR land


can you at least hellban haysuz he wont even NOTice


would play bbtag if i had it heart would be my main of course hehe


i bet ive been hellbanned


me too


File: 1561343500308.png (76.69 KB, 499x416, switch.png)


please translate


gonno tinder for a bit


Ban any sort of individuality or anyone that can think for themselves matter of fact ban anyone i dont like because this is my safe space


lost a bunch hima im 14-35 with guile cant get out of rookie


shes asking if you want to game


did she bring me a monster or shes drinking both


all this girl gamer talk over the last 5 years or so really jogs the nog when you think back to when you were a boy and there were literally never any girls into video games


sis was into video games


stop playing norm fighter boot up the vampire savior


girls still arent really into video games they just like the attention they get for playing them


dont get the anti safe space meme


its too old


no such thing as too old


Might go on discord can anyone check to make sure bwgoblin is gone


File: 1561345485286.jpg (131 KB, 771x1230, ana.jpg)


stupid whore sleeping on the job


sigh no drain video today


gonno watch some vids and snooze


my rogue is now level 60


gonno skip straight to snoozing


cant believe it haysuz ruined the fast hours now everyones going to sleep what am i supposed to do now


good episode of super


File: 1561347767260.jpg (101.18 KB, 618x960, m720ldruyajx.jpg)

when your real life begins youve got to figure out which character is your age so you can take after them



none of these is my age


you guys think seki is building profiles on us and selling them to normbook


no do you


File: 1561349918864.jpg (122.62 KB, 1200x849, D9tjAElWsAAHmTa.jpg)


File: 1561350068209.png (9.11 KB, 300x118, 2019-06-23-231955_300x118_scrot.png)

seki loves letting his discordbros run wild on hima


baste spy


hima belongs to the discord bros youre the outsider now


die discordteens


is it ever going to be safe to post today


wait for the dead hours


i hate japs so flipping much


forgot that the norms are going back to work phew


we arent safe
they can just post on their smartphones at work


simply ban mobile posting






crying hima internet went down for 10 minutes i was so scared


hate asparagus pee so much



cried at unregistered hypercam 2


File: 1561355336324.png (1.35 MB, 1024x1565, 1561083913619.png)


hate fats


nopersona vs nb


i wont be a fat for much longer im down to 198.5 lbs





File: 1561357815686.jpg (164.89 KB, 1061x1500, D9wlQ9fVUAAGEKW.jpg)


is that turt


File: 1561358022482.png (673.86 KB, 877x1240, 75224316_p0.png)



all small town boys have that turt quality


cant browse hima for more than 5 minutes without getting a bone


raging at eggplant being the default hima theme


cant browse hima for more than 5 minutes without running out of memory


simply install opera gx and use the memory limiter feature


its NOT



when is the hima patreon


gonno become a warosubro


who is responsible for this


hope someone makes a hima archive so i can ghost post on hima


gonno kickstart pnigs legal fees


the warosu admin


mindflipping the amount of times ive pasted an old warosu post here and no one NOTiced


went to sleep and just now i woke up gonno have some coffee and make some fried rice soon


i NOTiced i just didnt say anything


flied lice


eatin that fried rice


just got google fiber




File: 1561372796489.jpg (115.46 KB, 807x1275, D90a99EUcAA07Wl.jpg)


internet is broken


NOThing beats a morning soda



sigh pnig loved crazy frog


Lets quit talking about Bolemako hes doing 100 year minimum


luckily for him they have crazy frog calisthenics in federal


Lets quit talking about Bolemako hes doing 100 year minimum so he wont be here for a long long time


luckily for him they have crazy frog calisthenics in federal


wonder what pnigs last meal will be


dont know but im about to have breakfast which is a smoothie scrambled eggs and a piece of toast with peanut butter


jap snacks sencha and a glass of water


Leave out the toast carbs are bad for you


die norm


NOT going to listen to an actual certified retard


Why is this happening to me


go back


Where ill go back if you tell me where it is in supposed to go back to


mom bought tomato paste instead of ketchup im raging hard




File: 1561387224411.jpg (4.42 MB, 4160x3120, 20190624_073932.jpg)

One of those days bros


nice cancer


I want cancer for Christmas


File: 1561388227023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1458x2002, 1561318573358.jpg)


my retard certification was revoked because they caught me on ota


gonno boycott hima if theres aNOTher day of this


Youre just 1 of 3 people NOT including me you will NOT make a difference


File: 1561390040440.webm (1.12 MB, 400x400, 1561377423722.webm)

turt around the norms




turt more like turd haha




its time for a long day of gaming


its true mom did that to me on my 9th birthday


File: 1561393209455.jpg (181.33 KB, 860x1200, D91mi5AUEAID5T2.jpg)


summer is basically over and i havent seen a single bikini babe


you just saw 2


dont forget your incel beach facts


File: 1561393508047.jpg (194.86 KB, 881x1200, D9w57QSUIAAUdtw.jpg)


how did so many boys get tricked into liking inuyasha


File: 1561394316675.jpg (84.36 KB, 860x1200, D9sOGzgUYAEw5-K.jpg)


Why is it me that only gets hate for NOT watching chinese toons but nb skates freely


Gleeked all over myself sigh


sigh its over if you are a subhuman


This guy's grandfather was Joel Franklin Lebaron it all makes sense now anyone that's anyone has had a historical family member the nobody's of the world will continue to be nobody's no matter what if you aren't born into that position there's no hope like the Rothschilds


File: 1561396052457.jpg (125.98 KB, 720x427, 1561390392480.jpg)


pasted foids


We should only cancel the women's debt as men should have to pay for the oppressive system they run why is there no women in positions of power simply put the government would run a lot smoother and 100x better than any man ever could


sigh aNOTher day where hima will be dead all day someone send up an all clear flare when he leaves again


Shut your mouth moron there's only 2-3 people spamming each other all day


raid the 'cord until onseki complies with our demands


hate discord


You realize seki can see your ips right he knows who you are and so do i


die norm


Kill me


hey chalq reply to this post i want to check test something out


File: 1561403626803.mp4 (362.41 KB, 1561135429142.mp4)


me running away from the discordteen raid


File: 1561404129305.png (216.84 KB, 1692x596, f5jnffgxab631.png)


hima hows it going did NOT post all day mondays are always rough sorry


havent felt motivated to post with haysuz around




laughing at the banlist


is it safe to post again


No I'm still in your safe space


File: 1561407599990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.04 KB, 1131x1597, D9vSmXvVAAATPei.jpg)


File: 1561407776084.jpg (93.97 KB, 960x960, ge1iym3l78e01.jpg)


dragon ball heroes is so bad


gonno watch first person camera amusement park vids


got an electric toothbrush and put it under the water while it was still spinning so i got toothpaste all over me now sigh



wonder if suncrusher will ever come out



File: 1561410579510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 631.74 KB, 930x1200, 27b5d43babb75cbac7b9fcbc55b5ed52.jpg)


File: 1561411748096.jpg (63.95 KB, 960x540, 1561411647500.jpg)


love america


so glad im mgtow


funny how they used the same font for all of them
some of those are atrocious glad they used the last one


File: 1561412581852.png (1.08 MB, 1009x750, 1561408191590.png)

haha yes as a matter of fact i am the administrator of himasugi.blog


can we just refer to this as himasugi.org himasugi.blog sounds weird




writing yaoi chadseki fanfiction


File: 1561413593244.png (203.86 KB, 600x600, 1561316744764.png)


crying thinking about all those hapa children onseki left in his wake


woke up drinkin some joe


napped hard



whats there to bone about thats a fully clothed portrait shot




you are an animal


hima im home and having a nice coffee hate mondays


sex is a part of life its like eating or drinking


wish i had siblings


wish mine wasnt dead


sigh pnig would have loved that shirt



mom bought burgers


wish i had a flipping burg




File: 1561418204906.jpg (2.93 MB, 3474x4632, axhr7y.jpg)



its NOT believe me i wish it was


post that death certificate


Smutards need to be dragged out in the street and executed


dont understand how anyone can stand having that body


whats wrong with it


stop being so indelicate


its gross and feminine


umeharasan is playing poke cards now


thats what i look like but with huge manboobs


gamed all day


fix yourself


die norm


Wonder what nb looks like now he must have a lot of loose skin


Just got off the phone with a potential employer and the receptionist sounded real cute and sugoi she was nervous haha i teased her and she laughed think i made it


love all the normposting lately really why i come to hima


onseki has abandoned the site


pnig was the glue holding hima together


wish i couldd simply game all day


why cant you