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Cream Arrow
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time for som dogs


File: 1561681779247.webm (2.72 MB, 960x540, 1560927023697.webm)


wish i was smart enough for league of legends


wish i could have at least had average looks


wish i was there to shoot that cat


its for tards sc2 is way harder


that just gives you an idea of how tard i am
im too tard for a tard game


im too dumb to play sf tried playing karin today and it felt nice in training mode but i kept dropping easy combos online and lost almost all matches


too tard for fighting games


play a nice tardfriendly rhythm game


wanna play


who won


been mewing hard almsot every day but only for a couple of minutes


i havent played in 9 years you dont want to play with me


die sc2 seki ban


ban him now check the sb


i havent playud since season 3 in 2012


just doing combos off of jump attacks and canceling with vt felt way easier than with guile or dictator but against real people it felt weird


too gods damned hot i need to move to alaska


have a nice chilly bathe


the sb hasnt been working since the move to .blog


hate summer norms so much


NOThin worse than a norm in summer


i probably need to edit the board access file im the admin and ive never been able to access the sb except on the mod panel actually when i try to access it without being logged in it doesnt work hehe


you can access it with a mod account but ya its broken


File: 1561684885173.jpg (38.35 KB, 670x949, fridge.jpg)


never got sb access even though i solved pnigs puzzles


might NOT be any turning back now hima its over for me


the puzzles were a diversion it was simply a list of his closest worshipers


its over everyday and yet NOThing happens


how can i get a gf like this and dont say by watching anime because ive watched more japanese cartoons than all those cgl girls combined


just realized i will never have sex


just realized again it was the norms that did this to us


whos us


you know


its been nice hanging out with you guys


dont come back


watch anime


are you gonno snooze


time for the long snooze


ill be joining you soon make sure to start setting the place up for the rest of us


are you guys moving to the mansion to snooze there


File: 1561687655204.jpg (43.55 KB, 750x549, 3y9wnthbiv631.jpg)


downloading shadowbringers now hima cant wait


die preorderer


weve been over this already with preordering if i was gonno buy it anyways why NOT buy it ahead of time


no point in buying shadowbringers since im NOT max level


cant you play as a cute bunny girl



you have to wait until the reviews come out before you buy games



got 95 hehe


got 87




NOThin norm


anything less than 90 is norm


we already established 85 as the norm threshold


guess im norm


die norm


File: 1561692155218.jpg (33.35 KB, 327x499, 51LlpK1tRPL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg)

going to start reading jin yongs wuxia books


got 73 are you supposed to get high scores or low i dont get how the scoring works




pasted pastachad


got a new tail light from the junkyard
the chrome paint on the inside is flaked off and one of the lights burned hot enough to melt a small hole in the abs housing but all that matters with these things is the actual lens itself everything else is fixable
i need to put it in the oven to loosen up the rubber cement holding the lens on and then i can rebuild the housing and respray it a nice chrome color
even after i restore it i wont put this tail light on the car until the old one gets broken i could probably sell it for a good price too





love a good gamer lecture


hate games hate sushi chefs


daigo is washed up


no he is NOT


gamers are pasted


im gamer


how do i get rid of swamp ass


File: 1561695956207.jpg (53.48 KB, 389x436, 81J5jUr4tPL._AC_UL436_.jpg)

anyone have one of these do they even work well



that norm looks like an asshole


no hes fat and softspoken hes one of us


window units let bugs in even if you seal them


NOT true


flip you bug lover


im no better than a bug that got let in by an ac unit




did i get left behind


sigh no its just the dead hours


what are you doing awake


i could ask you the same thing


gonno snooze


norms are finally asleep


can only take it easy during the dead hours


if you arent living life in the fast lane you arent living at all


never lived life period


File: 1561699134631.jpg (116.23 KB, 1013x1013, smoke.jpg)


gross hag


nice breasts


vile whore


woke up from my nap need some gamin and some hair of the dog that bit me but first gonno eat some pomelo to woke up


busy all day finished reading blood flossed now time to snooze


gamed hard today hima almost time for bed now


holy flip its july 9 preorder preorder preorder


zip it technorm

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