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how are you guys prepared for 2020


what happens then





gonno go with blaze of glory this time


economic collapse leading to world war 3


got left behind


even this one is better


got left behind


got left behind too


wonder why kitty likes to watch me poop


sigh making more bacon and mayos


can i make a dog days one


File: 1573097085334.png (Spoiler Image, 179.52 KB, 730x600, 77100078_p0.png)



File: 1573097150576.png (4.12 MB, 4092x3637, __formidable_azur_lane_drawn_by_bishi_bishi__e….png)



squall is just like me


always thought seifer was the coolest when i was young


quistis bone




it will take you to the farplane


hope this is a legally purchased copy of ff8


left behind




wish i had a gf


gonno junction myself a gf


hope youre using real cartridges on real hardware via the framemeister


die lcdnorm


what is junction i missed the explanation


this the hd version but ffviii only came on cds i think


someone post that my life in gaming pic


this random encounter rate is obscene


woke up from a short nap hima and my chest is heavy dont think those nachos were good for my heart

never buy from gamestop i went to buy a switch game from there once and they didnt give me a fresh new box they had already opened it and kept the cartridge inside the front counter so they took the opened box on the shelf and put the cartridge in it as if that makes it brand new


they always do that hate ebgames



got left behind


squall is so cool


is he


hes cel


only ever played the first part of disk 1 cause i found the cd on the road



sigh pnig loved dragon ball


File: 1573099622086.jpg (116.85 KB, 405x561, 1571454920426.jpg)




pnig was arrested for having sexy teen bulma pics on his hard drive


no he was arrested with 10 charges of sexual exploitation of a child


whats the difference


you know



File: 1573099942546.webm (Spoiler Image, 620.56 KB, 640x272, 1572747752274.webm)


pasted 100yearsentencenig


File: 1573100106520.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.05 KB, 637x900, EIvMvBmU0AYr-V6.jpg)


hehe remember that thread


hes done for


im just like zell




what the hell is inadvertent distribution


Yes, you can KILL a child and get a shorter prison sentence than your neighbor who has looked at six underage-porn images, in Arizona.



is her breast ok



its time to spermsync hima were gonno sperm at midnight so get ready


sorry im all worn out go on without me


already spermed sorry gotta recharge


File: 1573100622069.mp4 (1.53 MB, jet.mp4)


based jetnorm



big fan of the differential one


forgot how complicated this game is


gonno get a mechanical engineering degree


sexy stupid selphie




wish i had a gameshark


paste cheater


loved my gameshark



ok thats enough stream for today


he had the chance to rope and didnt




miss how things used to be


cant believe pnig is going to spend the rest of his life in prison for having some innocuous streams on his hard drive


im sure innocuous was the word the prosecution used to describe them


starting to rage reading that thread the norms ruined hima then split to discord to let the rest of us rot in the depths of their shite


ill stream some more tomorrow maybe



sigh 2017






(Incognito), girl, age 27
Tívar, boy, age 12
Éloi, boy, age 10
Sóvili, girl, age 8
Baldur, boy, age 5 (soon 6)
Bjørn, boy, age 3
Maïa, girl, age 1


think some of the old posters went to sc2


why would they go to sc2


whats varg doing thats way too many children


just get that feeling maybe they had to get jobs


no point in getting a job when the norms are forced to pay a percentage of their paycheck to you every month for the suffering they have caused you


might worship some idols


make sure theyre virgins first


What is this?


mindblowing that i follow the exact same routine every day even though i dont enjoy it


kenneths snap list



korea has had that for years


makin a BLT with ketchup


File: 1573107034879.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.26 KB, 1024x768, juicy.jpg)


sorry that looks good on paper but im NOT a fan of the bh having a thick ring like that


that just means its juicy


File: 1573107238169.gif (Spoiler Image, 640.22 KB, 320x240, 1453781761136.gif)


post the zombie asshole


love a good mud dream


what happened to the mud flood hypothesis guy


best recent memory was over 5 years ago sigh


mom made some experimental sausage egg things tastes like quiche


woke up screaming again


used to lay on the floor eating frozen zas and watching anime on a laptop for 10 hours a day and love life sigh


love lasgana love the floor love anime




File: 1573108889550.png (263.84 KB, 890x1300, shino.png)


bought a futon


hard to believe how quickly i could be living a complete and total nightmare if something happened to mom


dont think


simply have a ynaj backup plan ready to roll out at a moments NOTice


time to take a big fat nap


tuck in for the long nap


havent watched anime in a while but have no desire to fire up an ep


are you a norm


you have to be in the correct state of soul and mind to watch anime


could go for some fish and chips with lots of vinegar yum


what type of bugs


i put vinegar on the front door gap too when the ladybugs were raiding NOT sure if it worked


ef oh ee


wonder how long itll be until some lonely random smart guy manages to clone himself in his basement


it wont happen in a basement but a lab


wish to clone myself in the womb of a sexy lady




glad pnig is gone he was the only one who knew my secret now hes gonno carry it to the grave hehe


when i visit him in prison hell tell me through this


File: 1573114894507.mp4 (24.57 MB, dsnqyd.mp4)


looks like the teacher is picking on the cel and he finally snaps


typical american classroom


hearing things but i think they may be real


uhhhhhhhhhhh haha


really want some nog now


die nogmog


cant wait for mom to break out the nog she probably wont until december


guess ill jerk it to some draeneis


may i suggest some sexy vulpera instead


post em


File: 1573122930188.gif (998.66 KB, 359x332, wokeup.gif)


love watching women die


based pastaNOTe


dropped an egg today is NOT off to a good start


mom made spam and eggs


owned 5egg


gonno play the elder scrolls online


dont do that


what if its fun


its NOT fun dont play it


kishi gave shino two fights then he got sidelined forever because they were too hard to draw


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


too hard to make up stories for a bug man who is only going to poison people


whats a bugmen


anyone remember the japanese documentary where two teens travel from india to paris


dont understand why anyone would want to leave japan



im a gamer i game


simple as that


sitting outside


how is your skin NOT burning


NOT a vampire


rejected my humanity and became a vamp




its almost 70 degrees no snow in sight


gonno dehumanize myself and face to bloodshed





woke up time for my daily dose of asmongold


die norm


its ya boy


hair started falling out a lot after i started eating onions




dont like being called a liar


wonder if alexa can hear me from my room


File: 1573154596229.png (Spoiler Image, 315.71 KB, 924x639, 1573152866612.png)


File: 1573154783329.webm (2.92 MB, 850x478, 1573150400792.webm)

its bad bros


stupid teen


no no NO this cant be happening


why isnt he puching back


File: 1573155916828.mp3 (12.85 MB, 12 AstronomicalФAKIBA-POP!!.mp3)



got a job


time to give up your hima card


theres more job norms here than neets now


cope jobnorm


im readin factotum hehe its baste as flip bukowski would sometimes find a job work somewhere for one day tell everyone to flip off quit then buy a couple of bottles of wine on his way home lock himself in his room and drink wine and sleep and tard out for days until he ran out of money then do it over again hehe


is that what the book is about


wonder if the 3950x will actually be able to get 4.7ghz with the new bios
sigh its gonno be a long month


what did you said


File: 1573157909289.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


who cares about cpu only gpu matters


cpu matters a lot for emulators


thats illegal


threw the xbox on craigslist got 2 responses already


grandma was supposed to call me today but its getting late hope she doesnt call too late


lucky wish i still had a gran sigh


File: 1573163466545.jpg (114.99 KB, 886x1604, EIw6mc1UcAAofan.jpg)


may i have your hand in marriage miss


she wouldnt marry an incel


test telling me to find a mate but it doesnt know that isnt possible


im NOT incel im just saving myself for marriage


is that what your mom tells the neighbors




norm btfo




hey are you refreshed


how come you never ask me if im refreshed


you never post about waking up


you should just know


sigh thats unreasonable




yeah now im drinkin some coffee


File: 1573167791782.webm (17.15 MB, 640x292, phgaav.webm)


if i worshiped satan i wonder if hed give me a better face


File: 1573168384401.flac (37.85 MB, 02 Baäl.flac)





bobby kotick is the devil


glad my name isnt hebrew


jews are all satan worshipers


half of christian saints are jewish


biblical jews arent the same as the jews we have now






mom tried to make me drink some soymilk but luckily it was open and we had to pour it out


howd you get a job at target when i got rejected for it seasonal


pnig loved target


gonno try and find an assembly job thats closer to home


assembly or assembly



basted kojima using this sequence again except with worthless characters nobody gives a flip about




love how those norms didnt put the queso on the chips to make them more difficult to eat because they knew their pussy burrito could be demolished in well under the time limit


File: 1573169914050.jpg (29.28 KB, 272x361, Capture (5).JPG)


cant eat mexican food


rarely eat foreign food


dont understand how streamers can stream for so long without farting and burping and picking their nose


excessive farting and burping is NOT normal





hey hima done working for today time to have a coffee and relax a lil


Kenneth George Boles of Mesa, Arizona was arrested Friday after an arrest warrant was issued for him on a drug charge.

According to the Mesa Police Department, they responded to an incident in the 1500 block of South Central Avenue around 4 a.m. where a woman reported that she believed her son was holding her hostage at gunpoint.

A police sergeant and officer went to Boles' residence and he was detained by officers. They then searched his vehicle, finding marijuana and methamphetamine.

The Mesa Police Department says it will pursue charges on those charges.


ya for sure the new agesa is great and the guy that made the ryzen ram app made a custom power plan that makes it even better


farted more times in the past 2 days than i have for the last month think somethings wrong with me


the book is about bukowski getting fed up with the norms neeting it up for as long as possible before he runs out of money and has to work shite jobs for a couple of days and traveling around the us and tarding out


running on two hours of sleep


mindblowing that norms sleep for two hours wake up to a blaring alarm take a cold shower ingest a cup of caffeine clog their arteries with junk food worry about their mortgage every day and wonder why their heart fails at 45


why would you only sleep two hours


had fever all night was physically unable to sleep


stayed up all night gaming




hope the doctor tomorrow will give me a NOTe that can get me off jury duty


bukowski says exactly that in factotum


wish the doctor would give me a NOTe to be euthanized


simply tell them that youre a sovereign citizen and that you will side with the defendant no matter what and they will let you go


you can get in trouble for that


tell them you are prejudiced against all non-neets


only non neets get selected for jury duty


never had a job in my life they still sent me a letter because i had a state id card to buy beer with


eating microwaved mashed potaters


dont even own a normwave


NOThin norm


only use the microwave to steam my broccoli


microwaves are for reheating NOT for cooking


microwaved mashed potaters




feel cool but dont look cool


fast forwarded through the full death stranding stream

NOT gonno play it but it looks like a perfect game to play for 3 days straight to forget your life


why am i so hungry all the time when i sit in a chair all day




black fridays coming hima were gonno push shove and grab the cheapest tvs harder than ever before


flip you
pnig might be a child potato chef but at least he isnt a drugnorm


wish my brain wasnt broken and consumerism made me happy


if theres so much people why dont they just steal everything no one will be able to see anything or stop you


looks like a drugnorm to me


thats why im bringing the tv to the self checkout and scanning it as a tomato


mom made quesadillas


havent used a tv in years


browse hima on a tv


wish i hadnt reuploaded that video with that hateful title


dont tell me you fell for the watching movies and anime all day sitting upright at a computer desk meme


wonder what became of his figs


havent accomplished a single thing my entire life


why are all the psycho pass episodes 40 minutes


theyre evidence now


of what


they analyzed the dried semen dna on the figs and it was a match with his cousins snapkit


sigh pnig


hope they put him on the pedblock so he doesnt get fbusted


how come thad didnt get his wig split for joing to children


he said it was because he was funny and really good at sucking dick


thought gays were born NOT created but then thad proved me wrong


pnig will return to hima as a master of fellatio


would you suck it
yes he would


bored might fire up a nice blind dark souls 2 playthrough


norm pass normidence normblock norm souls




hate the foolnorm


thad was born gay why do you think he liked underdeveloped girls that look like boys


underdeveloped girls look like underdeveloped girls NOT boys




a youthful girl is the furthest thing from a man as possible


File: 1573175090955.jpg (28.59 KB, 600x423, 1572982492479.jpg)


hey you dropped your gay card


File: 1573175657087.jpg (92.09 KB, 1024x683, Rich-Piana-1024x683.jpg)

cant believe pastaman got to meet rich before he died


package has arrived


need to be magdumped brought back from the brink of death and magdumped again


guys milk lives by a airport but she says it sucks because the planes are loud and that means she cant napb


napping is bad you shouldnt nap


reply to that tweet and tell her i think shes a vile doggess


shes a goddess


nah he didnt put the queso on them because he did NOT want them to have to eat soggy chips


dont reply to normsuz


feeling like a freak on a leash


time to fire up modern blopfare


guys milk is feeling bad about NOT knowing when to cut toxic people out of her life and knowing people for a long time is NOT an excuse for all the bad they have done to her


all i want is a virgin can you find one somewhere for me to worship


File: 1573177256815.png (33.59 KB, 906x155, milk cunt.png)

funny since everyone to have once been in milks inner circle said he was a huge bitch


File: 1573177306167.jpg (61.42 KB, 600x871, milk crouch.jpg)

shes a womanbaby


shes tard bring her to hima


guys milk is making nachos tonight guys this is NOT a drill




guys nachos


milk is the slimy kitty poster


how are you supposed to do situps my legs always lift up before my shoulders


File: 1573178083038.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, [LeftWing] Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai - 03 [B1….png)




File: 1573178222161.jpg (54.38 KB, 531x366, himaoogi.jpg)


does anyone know where she works now


do you think she makes nachos for a living


gran is texting me spam again


im such an honest person i forget people can lie




applied the chapstick


hate liars



normy talent


2008 was the worst year of my life all downhill from there


2012 was the worst year of my life 2017 was the best


everything after 2009 pinched hard


think the exact moment things started to go downhill was the day megaupload got taken down



how is it possible for 2017 to be your best year what the flip


look badass with my hoodie on


black hoodies are a hallmark of celdom


nah they make you look cool


File: 1573181096253.jpg (171.63 KB, 1440x1080, 1571226638857.jpg)

you get what you fuckin deserve


how can this fantastic shot be from that shitty cgi anime what the flip


for me it was zip up hoodies with flames and skulls


NOT shitty


loved my flame t shirt


wonder if my flame jacket is still at dads house


also liked that flame head guy on the skateboard wheels


File: 1573181399166.png (11.18 KB, 300x250, Spitfire_Wheels_Logo.png)


File: 1573181465738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.89 KB, 480x600, kenny.jpg)


are girls still into guys with spiky gelled hair who wear graphic tshirts with skeletons guitars and or flames on them


File: 1573181734694.png (713.76 KB, 655x582, 24709a9793cc8aca898c094f9c08b792.png)



just watched that sonic movie trailer from last year what were they thinking


drinking some chocolate milk


File: 1573182729940.jpg (87.99 KB, 809x1024, 1573179024150.jpg)




starving hima need some sugar


those are boobs


love snorting pixie sticks hehe


moms going to bed soon gonno raid the leftovers




File: 1573183887012.png (1.2 MB, 1440x1256, dfcr6ju0nbx31.png)


get in here momgf






norms are a joke


File: 1573184626166.jpg (144.42 KB, 883x720, lucoa.jpg)


lucoa mommy


miss when the norms didnt infringe on my anime


hate sexnormime


is it ending


File: 1573185045647.mp4 (347.33 KB, Za_hando.mp4)


thats a skip


just bought up a core item in archeage and sold for 3x canNOT believe that people are so desperate and buy my overpriced goodies wish i could do this in reality


you can people do it all the time




i need money for that and theres so many regulations


File: 1573185352601.webm (2.38 MB, 460x342, 1572998157936-0.webm)

going to rage over the fact that i will never get to moon walk


ordered some ram and a 1600


my cousin visited me NOT long he said in 40 years we will have space tourism


guys im going to make a tuna melt that means im having tuna melt two days in a row do you understand do you comprehend what that means


its NOT a melt without hotsauce


goddamnit its still NOT out on mangastream what are they doing


File: 1573185680041.webm (2.84 MB, 1280x720, 1426732829208.webm)

feel like only men can truly appreciate such power imagine throwing a body in there and it immediately disintegrating now that is mindblowing


im dashing some hotsauce in there this time


gonno watch some lets plays


space isnt real grow up


youre correct


cant believe the earth is flat and space is just a dome


vaporize me


File: 1573185791297.jpg (69.63 KB, 605x869, 01bd05cb5cf31f881f52373c4a154264.jpg)


File: 1573185797553.jpg (219.38 KB, 443x890, 9ff541377e73685af7a39e831a52d4e6.jpg)


looking forward to the ritual


cant wait either




could you please loosen your shirt maam its distracting


always cry at the end of an anime even if its NOT sad


shes NOT doing it for you shes doing it for chad


mercury poinosning


wish i had some tuna for melts but i forgot to get some



guys milk updated she ate too many nachos


she sounds just like someone i know


same its like a part of my life is gone and its never coming back and i will never experience this for the first time again and its over


File: 1573186737689.webm (865.7 KB, 484x360, sprint abm.webm)

love rockets


merscury posisonong is NOT real


thats NOT what its like thats exactly what is happening


cant wait till they invent the brain laser that selectively removes memories of fiction youve consumed


can i use it to erase highschool


mindblowing that i missed my once in a lifetime chance to attend a japanese high school


loved high school but only between the hours of 3 pm and 1 am when i gamed


pasted gamer


hima these melts came out perfect think im gonno eat them with some ketchup can i get a hb


loved skipping class just to scape hehe


no ketchup



love a good scape sesh mining some coal to sell at fall then using the money to buy lobsters to kill moss giants until you run out of food





never ate ihop or dennys how are they


sugar and grains


full of niggers


File: 1573187260819.jpg (142.15 KB, 434x718, Untitled (3).jpg)


die explosive racist


ya still need to get a mobo i want something that can handle a 3950 for future upgradability but then again i might as well buy a regular cheap b450 now and then get a x570 with the cpu once i decide to upgrade which probably wont happen in the next five years


god intended for your gut biome to be filled with both



call upon the b450 tomahawk


the machine would probably just eat my dollar sigh


heck yea


with my luck id end up getting a birl


hate when that happens


dont want to live with mom anymore but too much of a baby to try to get neetbucks


why NOT


neetbucks are only good if you live with mom its barely enough to pay rent unless you want to live in coontown


the magic incantation is "i am a danger to myself and others i need to be involuntarily committed"


move in with a hima


File: 1573188857970.jpg (4.53 MB, 4160x3120, 1566093222257.jpg)

cant wait for the hima rv


too posh could use some weight reduction


how are breasts inappropriate when her daughter sucked on them for years


the hima ghetto welfare den


amerinorms let their kids play bloody violent gore shooter games but cant handle boobies


thats right sexnorm


File: 1573189235857.webm (Spoiler Image, 84.23 KB, 130x46, boobies.webm)



love a good onion ring but the breadings gotta be crunchy



theres a wildfire nearby hima


think i know when its an oogtron webm





sigh accidentally downloaded dual audio


took a shower and saw myself in the mirror i think im the fattest ive ever been hima this is bad i was seeing creases where there had never been there before



File: 1573191091888.mp4 (1.75 MB, 1572411984931.mp4)


File: 1573191120711.jpg (72.63 KB, 1241x1228, 1572910872298.jpg)


opened this one with the volume at max last time and mom heard hehe


what did she say


she asked what that noise was


why arent you using headphones


i am but the tv volume was up hehe


you should be using open back headphones


whats the point of those


File: 1573191738032.jpeg (98.14 KB, 960x720, 1557366303100.jpeg)


me on the left


wish i was an audiophile



what are they listening to


320kbps mp3s


lofi hip hop



its over its been over




dont click that


theres 30 quartz in the present box hima what should we use them on




are you the guy from the videos


NOThing more grating than starting an episode and forgetting its english default sigh feel so sick


dubs are superior


dont say that


it has been said


File: 1573192983914.jpg (196.56 KB, 1280x720, [Cleo]Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_03_(Dual Audi….jpg)

sigh no clingy ghost gf


wish i was cool enough to watch anime


if i watch raws will i learn japanese


your supposed to watch raws while you sleep so your brain subconsiously picks up on japanese




loved learning through osmosis thats how i made it through high school


File: 1573193331420.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


File: 1573193476794.webm (2.43 MB, 1280x720, 1572127777733.webm)


we dont want senk anymore


flip senko post the shishou one


File: 1573193642285.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1572588819342.webm)


the shishou girl


File: 1573193680522.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)




its NOT spam i love her


post the one where she lifts her skirt up


File: 1573194437668.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 519.37 KB, 1220x1342, 8b518c622012085f9e6cf65ccb8fdf27.jpeg)


whats wrong with his dick


manpic dont open


mine looks like that whats wrong with it


wish i had some nachos


wish i had some lms


nachos himas nachos hima nachooooooooos


File: 1573195511941.webm (Spoiler Image, 520.57 KB, 854x480, nachos.webm)


thats it im getting nacho supplies and monster and a big thing of blogweisers and playing games




i think i might NOT be ped after all


where did the ok boomer meme originate from


might buy big ol nacho supplies next time i go shopping


ingredients for making big nachos with


raging hard


love nachos love big nachos love feasting hard on nachos


you said it brother


what should i put in my nachos what does hima usually put in there


no toppings needed just mix sour cream with salsa as a dip


arms twitching


File: 1573198032987.jpg (78.17 KB, 900x572, EIzj8UJUUAAvmI8.jpg)


too many muscles creases and sag NOT very appealing


weird torso


File: 1573198258592.jpg (597.33 KB, 1629x1080, 76089809336218dde11e2aaf4ca85dbb.jpg)



lets tardout




ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


nani kore nani kore nani koreeeeeeeeeeee




gonno have big old chicago dogs extra onion hima im talkin big time dogs


no do coney dogs instead


NOT a chance coney boy


hell yeah



nice impale that freak


think ive mastered the art of procrastination


love a good snoozeless night


guess ill josnooze


love drinking wine and gaming all night till the sun comes up and stumbling into the kitchen to make coffee and say hi to mom


File: 1573202870685.jpg (62.22 KB, 576x768, EItxCBgW4AExz9B.jpg)

take a bite


im so hideous even the burgs are mocking me


File: 1573203808796.jpg (207.65 KB, 1517x2048, himako.jpg)


too big gross


whats wrong with her nips


started pissing in bottles again


mindblowing that the toilet is literally the last place to want to piss



File: 1573204472076.png (4.44 MB, 2256x2463, 2.png)


mindcontorting that the best way to make money is to simply trick senile retirees like 1%gran into wiring their savings


thats immoral


File: 1573205622902.webm (18.84 MB, 1280x720, ababbabaaba.webm)




hate when teens watch the same anime as me


maybe you watch the same anime as the teens


that says something about you then haha


the teens have ruined my life


dont compliment that or hell post more


raging hard


wonder how life wouldve been enrolled in a boarding school


File: 1573208417498.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, based.png)


rare karuta


wish i went to boarding school and was inducted into the old boys club


File: 1573216707257.jpg (518.92 KB, 1920x1925, 1573206241337.jpg)


gonno worship some sexy ladies


File: 1573219823150.jpg (94.52 KB, 661x640, EI2mDHOU0AI3v7I.jpg)

hima gang


really hope i get that doctors NOTe today


lovely lady wish to worship


File: 1573226136643.png (16.68 KB, 116x123, hima.png)


known feel




you cant relate to her shes too different


nah im literally her


shes asking to be snapped


you shouldnt identify with girls theyre simply too different from your brain


im asking to be snapped


by a sexy lady right


got the garage door opener stuck it took me about 10 minutes to realize that i only needed to pull a string to release the door from the opener to close it manually then came back and stepped on a flipping thumb tack


File: 1573230755790.jpg (81.9 KB, 715x1000, EI2k7HCU0AAqYIA.jpg)




File: 1573232434191.jpg (57.19 KB, 1014x653, EI2xrU-VUAA7cep.jpg)


the ribbon girl


finally saved $10000 in cash now we can pool our money together for the down payment on the mansion


i have 10k too


im a girl (NOT birl) can i come for free?




cant wait to be woken up by the sounds of chadseki flipping some twins


dont worship please


skipped a few days hi


you can never unskip those posts


i must worship those superior to myself


were there any good ones just give me the recap


hate teens


hate scrolling through an old thread and seeing all the good posts i subconsciously skipped that i did NOT want to skip


wonder how much money i couldve saved up by now if i had a job


same wish my real life would hurry up


cut open my chair and removed some foam




there was too much now its soft


woke up can feel some drool stuck to my beard


unbelievable doctor didnt give me his NOTe i cant believe this


you have to pay for those now


thats corrupt


thats business






versus xiii was meant to be epic sigh i was just like noctis too bad 15 pinched hard


did you beat 15


made 3egg


what happened to the other 3


happy nice boobs day bros


why is nice boobs day in nojo november


start each day with a dozen eggs


File: 1573239444844.webm (1.79 MB, 350x622, 1572104473684.webm)


idiot foid


File: 1573239515877.webm (1.52 MB, 290x480, 1573142367512.webm)


NOT clicking that




File: 1573239637946.webm (2.61 MB, 480x480, 1572472715309.webm)





its a raid


File: 1573243308136.jpg (242.62 KB, 1088x1500, phew.jpg)


why cant i dress like this outside


you can but youd have to put up with men harassing you


wish i was harassed by girls


why do men exist cant we just send them all to labor camps


im a gamer i game simple as that


hey hima friday is almost over hehe are you excited


why would i be excited


more little ones


hate weekends everyone is home and in the way


File: 1573245028985.png (351 KB, 623x918, 5.png)


why is that child worrying about that at her age


about what


mindblowing that a handful of lines placed in the correct positions can make my brain oog


if early man had access to sexy drawings the human race would have been wiped out thousands of years ago


File: 1573245520097.jpg (1.85 MB, 2001x3177, Willendorf-Venus-1468.jpg)

phew nice and plump


plumpers were taken by the norms we need to get into ana girls


File: 1573245758285.jpg (68.78 KB, 676x960, b3ffc3c43014775f36aca0063053ec5e.jpg)


File: 1573246024950.webm (1.96 MB, 352x288, 1573199459649.webm)


File: 1573246508721.png (602.84 KB, 350x1974, 42b93e6eec70865f3b58344b9ac71e72.png)

hope you got heavy damage





is it better to empty piss jugs in the sink or toilet


dont empty piss jugs in the toilet if moms home


the toilet is meant to smell like gallons of old fermented piss the sink is NOT


you arent supposed to empty them just throw the whole jug out


thats only if you can just chuck em into a dumpster


love sneaking out at 4 am under cover of night to pour a good fermented piss jug on a rats nest or in a snake hole


mindblowing that the average penis size in japan is larger than the us average


if you had read that post you would know thats NOT true



hate mom so much


File: 1573248573477.jpg (420.63 KB, 1500x1472, 810Q2DpvqHL._SL1500_.jpg)


found a cobweb on the ceiling


too bad none of these things can be rendered in real time with vr


going to rub my balls for a bit brb



love a good mtx


paste exile


guy came up beside me on the highway taking pictures and waving


hope diablo 4 will have cool skins and mounts


File: 1573250050684.jpg (126.78 KB, 1200x802, 1540919895093.jpg)


bought a new hard drive never realized how fast the huge remuxes download because the people seeding them arent living in guatemala


hima mom ordered pizza


you bros watching any death stranding streams


flip you gamenorm



had a burg and eating a cake for dessert


File: 1573252259035.jpg (258.01 KB, 900x1200, 1570418254590.jpg)

in japan rn havin a good time


based pigs


what happened there


howaito piggu go homeu


File: 1573252332710.mp3 (659.16 KB, R09_0028.mp3)


japs litter on top of mt fuji


no they dont climb the mountain before you start spewing bullshit


post halloween in shinjuku


winston going live soon


hope train girl is still a virgin


why would i spew bs it literally was NOT a heritage site for a while because of all the garbage


wish i had a chinese doctor wife


dont be a litterbug


god gave humans single use fast food packaging to improve His divine vision


japs love littering theyre just scared to be seen doing it


everything about japan is fake


if we cover everything in asphalt and concrete there wont be any more nature which means we will be able to litter everywhere problem solved


where does the asphalt and concrete come from




you havent lived until youve stood at the summit of mt fuji and pissed into the sacred lava lake



having a heart attack


its fine


saw a car plastered with anime decals a few weeks ago it caught the corner of my eye but didnt get a good look at what was on it


its the foreigners putting all that trash on the mountain


woke up drinkin some joe


nice lug nuts


lilitales game finally fully translated time to jo hehe



despise ricers so much just leave the damn car alone for gods sake


if riding swangas is wrong i dont wanna be right


ricers are paste


was about to jo but then the girl started saying how much she valued me and loved me and it ruined the mood


you cant jo its november


surprising that they dont even throw butts on the ground while westerners are too retarded to NOT fall asleep with lit cigs


it really is amusing that foreigners actually take the no littering meme more seriously than the natives hehe


im using the julian calendar i still have a few days to jo


americans just cant help but throw their garbage on the ground right next to them


hated littering ever since i was a little shite blasted my cousins for NOT throwing things away


i never litter


love littering i only feel safe with a pile of garbage around me


i always wear my seatbelt even though it doesnt even work


it didnt used to be like that all the heisei teens ruined japan


loved carrying trash with me all day because the japanese dont believe in public waste disposal


ya the jap millenials are god awful western larpers they hate japan and love niggers and bape and supreme


always liked their mini ashtrays


finding a public trash can in japan is as hard as finding a jkgf



NOThing wrong with littering if the land has been tainted by humanity i would take my own life before throwing trash in the woods though

highways towns cities business are all fair game fuck em


i throw my trash at the norms


they have these funny boxed in areas on the corners of streets in the business districts where all the wagies collect to smoke cigarettes because you cant smoke on the streets except in designated areas


mindblowing people still smoke tobacco


whats mindblowing about that cigs are great


hate how you cant smoke anywhere you want anymore i should be able to stroll into mcdonalds and light up a lucky


love me a strong smoke


sigh pnig loved smokers


ya they arent killers like their previous generation


the smokers took away my sense of smell i will never forgive them


been a year since i quit


dont remember the last time i saw a non manual laborer or chinese immigrant smoking all the nicotine addicts just use vapers now



ya i quit two years ago and started vaping instead its too expensive


gonno shower


have to wait until after dinner to shower


ive been dipping for three years hehe


dystopian how poorly smokers are treated might start lighting up again to strike back


why are there so many smokers on hima




mom smokes so i tried it one day


File: 1573255217132.jpg (175.27 KB, 806x562, 1555213595104.jpg)


fire up the gum graft


paste cam


half of the userbase are hillbillies who picked it up from their single mother


NOT a hillbilly just a tard


its good when youre a neet to take a nice gamer break and relax with a smoke


im no hillbilly i just larp as one


cant afford to smoke even if i wanted to


NOThing like packing a lip or lighting up a cig after a feast


hate smokers hate anyone who makes this beautiful world more dirty


every time i see a photo of this cam guy i get really mad i might have to track him down




hillbillies dont smoke cigars those are for classy neets


cigars are baste as hell


used to enjoy cracking open the bathroom window and blowing smoke outside


i do NOT smoke
i do NOT drugs
i do NOT drink


simply walk outside in your underwear and smoke


got NOThing to lose


hate the straightedge misanthropic neet meme


we are the majority


smoked to be cool as a teen and id feel disgusted taking a shower the next morning and smelling smoke coming out of my hair could never go back to that


do people still call themselves straight edge


NOT a meme they simply have stronger wills than the drugnorms



cant wait to gang up on the straight edgers in the mansion pin them down and blow smoke in their face


was never cool enough to smoke mindblowing that everyone on hima but me was a cool kid standing out there at the gazebo lighting up every morning before school


very easy to avoid all vices when you arent forced to be a part of normworld dont know why any neet would drink alcohol or coffee or smoke any kind of drug


today is the 30th anniversary of the berlin wall falling


they arent neets is why


yeah NOThing as cool as swigging alcohol out of a waterbottle as you walk to school in a dirty smokereek jacket


whats a gazebo


didnt start smoking until my early 20s


its fun


tattled on norms like you and got one expelled hehe


die snitch


you got owned


mindblowing that anyone on hima would be dumb enough to waste money on smoking


never got around to shooting up the school even though people joked that i would even my own mother


i swiped them from mom


its just gnfoseki


no i dip


what else is there to spend neetbucks on other than a good time


pasted dipseki


norm hours skipped the last 2 hours


mom bought subs but she forgot my fries


i dont drink and i stopped smoking weed the very least i can do to enjoy myself is pack a fat lip every few hours and lay back and relax


your chin will disappear if you keep dipping


File: 1573256362415.jpg (26.45 KB, 600x450, vin-diesel-mos_101315120036_1444730649.jpg)

havin a smoke at the mansion


sigh pnigs changed so much


vin diesels a gamer just like me


NOThin like a good ol pack of luckys
theyre roasted


finally got the hang of driving stick shift


smoke em


i didnt actually do that it was my friend


cant drive


guys all heroes are free on hots until next sunday


you told me NOT to play that game


blizz abandoned hots


wish turt would teach me how to drive stick


wish turt would fuck my ass with his stick


are they good


those are an appetizer while the real burgs cook


chicken wings are in the oven


hate beans


roll that beautiful bean footage


this nigga eatin beans


cat sneezed on me


hehe cute


pets and their owners have similar bacteria compositions on their skin


simply use the cat as a sNOTrag



mom had a cat when i was an infant think i ended up tarded from toxoplasmosis


mom ordered pizza


wish my mom ordered pizza


gambled and think i lost


is the cat bacteria making me cel


upside down bowel movement c sectioned toxoplasmosis infected avoidant unemployable schizoid 30 year old tard hima




at least you were breastfed


sigh saw a cute angelic girl outside walking with some ethnic manlet with amazing bone structure hope theyre just friends



might start my own superpower list


nice coby


how much does a gf cost these days


sigh hima moms making me go to a wedding tomorrow and im gonno be overdressed im gonno look like a fat idiot
probably gonno be a lot of pictures taken too and mom will post the ones of me all over facebook and i dont know them well enough to explain why i refuse to be in any pics
im flipped its gonno be a real bad day


why did you looksmaxx


why are you going just oppose her authority


meant did NOT


i dont have that power


why does mom think she can dress you up like a zoo animal for the amusement of her norm friends simply lock yourself in your room and threaten to kill yourself if she doesnt let you stay home like any rational adult


love slapping on some nice dress pants that dont fit and shoelacing or zip tying the belt loops together


just give yourself food poisoning with raw chicken or something the day before then you wont have to go


i cant do anything dramatic but maybe i can try and sleep through it


toxoplasmosis is the reason im a sheltered neet


lent mom 11 grand and she doesnt want to pay me back


dont have a suit


Up to half of the world's population is infected by toxoplasmosis, but have no symptoms.
oh no


almost all the infected people are in third world countries



wonder if i have toxoplasma


trust me the time for being dramatic is right now you will wake up screaming in the middle of the night knowing how the norms humiliated you for the rest of your life if you let mom drag you to a wedding


never been to a wedding


same never been to one never been to a funeral or a party either


really looking forward to normsgiving normsmas and norm years eve truly the most wonderful time of the year


went to my cousins wedding a few years ago cant imagine what its like to be married


ok im in bed now gonno try and nap until midnight then wake up and game until around 7 then go back to sleep before mom wakes up hopefully ill be in such a deep sleep that she gives up on trying to wake me


NOT going to any family events wont be able to activate the tooth capsule fast enough if someone asks me what ive been doing for the last decade


my cats go out and they have gotten parasites a few times so i wouldnt be surprised if theyre infected with toxoplasma and that i had it as well


might meet some sexy singles at a wedding


if the plan fails youre gonno be sleep deprived on top of everything else




File: 1573259758285.png (1.41 MB, 1280x1440, 1573171498224.png)


classic avoidant schizoid


really wish my door had a lock


being sleep deprived or on drugs is the only way he could make it out alive


you shouldnt get toxoplasmosis unless youre accidentally eating cat shite


hooooooo boy now youve done it this bone will NOT yield


nice plumperknight


all outta dogs gonno make some big ol pork sandwich soon though


cracked open the sambuca



paste masao


gotta get the k swap


need the kswap asap


how do engines work


raging hard hima hoo boy am i raging hard forgot to turn the flipping oven on aaAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


the gasoline gets put under the pistons with some air and then the pressure of them going up and down explodes and pushes them up and down some more and that turns a big rod connected to the wheels


ok thanks


dont even know how to turn the wipers on how does turt dismantle and put an entire car back together every weekend


mechanical engineering


wish i had more time i could somewhat easily build the evo into a 600whp+ awd monster but its ritual time makes me kind of wish i spent less time as a neet


without those neet years you woulda roped it long ago


die norms


mindshattering that i hate myself and think im better than everybody else at the same time




nice upgrade


classic battered nerd syndrome




just swiped my ebt


no im avoidant schizoid




your first post was miles better




wish this norm wasnt talking over schizophrenia


by the very meaning of the term, the schizoid is described as cut off from the world of outer reality in an emotional sense
all this libidinal desire and striving is directed inward toward internal objects and he lives an intense inner life often revealed in an astonishing wealth and richness of fantasy and imaginative life whenever that becomes accessible to observation
though mostly his varied fantasy life is carried on in secret, hidden away

narcissism is a characteristic that arises out of the predominantly interior life the schizoid lives
his love objects are all inside him and moreover he is greatly identified with them so that his libidinal attachments appear to be in himself
the question, however, is whether the intense inner life of the schizoid is due to a desire for hungry incorporation of external objects or due to withdrawal from the outer to a presumed safer inner world

if i am superior to others, if i am above others, then i do NOT need others when i say that i am above others, it does NOT mean that i feel better than them, it means that i am at a distance from them, a safe distance


dont fall for the mental illness meme youre just a battered nerd


song sounds kind of weird is it a remix


what does battered nerd mean





how come they only have the model in the suit for one picture thats lame


should i go out for weeisers


ate some halal meat




its kishimotos birthday




got 3 billion heavenly chips hehe


normteen is back


gotta nut


god is a woman



why did god make me cel



File: 1573263389175.jpg (124.34 KB, 984x985, 2dzuak8f58x31.jpg)


wonder why god set my default setting to sad


gonno recompile without the incel flag


really want to jo but moms awake


will i get a big boobed samurai gf if i buy that


lost count of how many times i spermed today


NOT horny enough to jo today nobody posted any good big boobers yet


File: 1573264867781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 704.17 KB, 5214x1000, 765642cffc5aa53753e3187fb097bc5a.jpg)

hima mansion


have zero interest in doing anything but joing to release dopamine wouldnt even take my clothes off in the communal hot springs


why is makoto the only girl




File: 1573265764932.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1720x2428, e9c7267aa73a607b5ef67afd7a8b0296.png)


used to have a shirt like that except black and blue with a guitar coming up through the ribcage


what about the penis and breasts


File: 1573266178223.png (342.49 KB, 1411x665, train station.png)

halfway done with my train station


that does NOT look halfway done


mindblowing that most people burn out their dopamine receptors smoking meth but i managed to do it joing to cartoons


thats an oog


fire up the sudoephedrine cold extraction




would love to have been an otaku in 1987 popping amphetamines in my room and watching taped anime all day


oh god hima forgot the leftover pizza in the oven


gonno game and blast some denpa





hes queer


they signal that he is a giver of the bug gift




File: 1573267700480.jpg (412.04 KB, 2448x3264, b9uqmbrobkr31.jpg)


how come a little techtwink like that has a wife and i dont


dont use the term twink please its used by gays


its NOT a real wife its an ugly yellow thing


promise some SEAmonkey a life free from slave labor and living in a house with a toilet used by less than 50 people and she'll be yours


what do you mean there was only one


just read at least 400 posts and they all pinched hard


you cant say that


probably made 200 of those


nice bot


gonno chug some water hard


teen hours arent worth reading


im almost 30


are you fat and balding


no im twig


and a gamer


anyone want to try brewing some ale


how do i tell my coworker that i dont want to go to the bar



lol u tk him 2da bar|?




File: 1573270762080.jpg (32.2 KB, 328x508, Capture (6).JPG)


you have to break the avoidant cycle fire up that bar and drop some pills on that coworker



nah i just need to think of something to text them that doesnt sound too rude


gonno start flipping random tinder girls until i become a norm by osmosis


never brewing alcohol again too many nights of the yeast snapping me from the inside as punishment for trying to harness their power


if a girl agrees to flip you then youre already a norm


paste paste paste paste paste


that is NOT true


its damn true


"i am currently experiencing medical complications related to my homosexual lifestyle. i won't be able to join you at the bar, sorry"



normness comes from the inside you dont understand


failednorms will never understand


none of the failednorms here have failed at anything related to being a norm

they all Drive and have sex and talk to friends



my bros made it im still manbaby sigh


thats just seki everyone else is going to the gym and doing whatever it takes whatever it takes


just go out there



gonno use pua skills


believe i practice what turt would refer to as laying down and rotting


i dont have any friends or have sex and i barely even drive


cant believe there are norms on hima who have a license


have a license but cant drive without having flashbacks of nam


die norm


mindblowing how any 16 year old norm can get a license without even trying




wish i could accidentally tard out and get free taco bell and a license and flip my gf in the backseat of my miata


its NOT fair


seki is about to surpass genghis khans genetic spread


hope his ancestors take mercy on me in 50 years


hate teens


onseki wouldnt show me a pic of deligirl he thinks he was smooth by changing the subject but in reality i let him pass because i didnt want to scare him


shut up norm


hate normsuz


oh piss oh flip hima its happening again oh



File: 1573274439557.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.73 KB, 850x1570, sample_78a81b57d72f3eb39fcb700b4f27dbbb.jpg)


File: 1573274524995.jpg (16.26 KB, 720x540, 1569195606498.jpg)

And to think I could kill every chad, foid, and norm on this board in the blink of an eye if I wanted to. The power of death in intoxicating, wouldn't you say… Otamin.


kind of an ugly outfit it ruins the appeal


oogly outfit


File: 1573274836687.jpg (190.49 KB, 1584x1113, __vash_the_stampede_and_nicholas_d_wolfwood_tr….jpg)

me on the right 2015 hima on the left


moms pacing in the hallway


youre going to get the talk





take it back or i cry


okay i take it back sorry


cant sit for more than an hour without getting sorecheeks used to be able to sit forever what happened


you got old


hate how you have to finish ice cream bars theres no good way to dispose of them


personally i flush em





hate fat flips


fat women you mean only hate fat women


no all fats need to die


if you say that then ill die


NOT if you put the burg down


we are ready to go milly and meryl and wolfwood are waiting


i cant stop the burg its my last cope ill lose my humanity if i cant eat


cast aside your humanity and ascend


the less you eat the less you will want to eat over time your stomach will shrink to accommodate


in my experience the shrinkage thing is a myth i think you just get used to eating less mentally


you just need to trick your tummy and fill it with water instead of food



gonno start lighting luckies again bring on the COPD


stop you arent cool enough to smoke


mom opened the door to say good night and i started tardlaughing uncontrollably whats wrong with me


youve got the schizo avoidance


need to stack my carcinogens for maxium damage before i can roll again


is schizotypal where all of your friends are anime characters


are cool people born or created


>The band are seen carrying a coffin across the dunes at the end. This, Hay has explained, was a warning to his fellow Australians that their country's identity was dying as a result of overdevelopment and Americanization. Hay has also stated that the same ominous sentiment lies behind the choral line, Can't you hear that thunder? You'd better run; you'd better take cover.

holy flip redpilled


what does a coffin have to do with any of that


who ye quot


how are you supposed to know that


nerded out yesterday and played luigis mansion 3


its symbolism tard


paste nintendrone


suck me into the fuckin poltergust and flush me down the toilet


are you a manbaby


cant stop tardlaughing


wouldve said yes a year ago but its NOT worth it game freak has destroyed pokemon for good




its NOT only that but they have abandoned japan as they introduced yet aNOTher region based on a foreign country and put dark skinned characters everywhere in it


love down under even if its popular i dont give a flip


miss cowboy hours


File: 1573279919369.jpg (40.32 KB, 610x610, scorbunny-cinderace-evolution.jpg)


why dont they make pokemon with good designs anymore like jigglypuff


File: 1573280130675.jpg (29.5 KB, 610x610, sobble-intelleon-evolution.jpg)


stop it


ya or tangela


sigh my slothbro got cut NOT like i was buying a pokemanbaby game anyway


hollered at ma to get my hat


when i was a kid i would trash the female pokemon because i thought they were inferior




what do you mean they did you catch multiple nidoqueens



stop posting videos with flipping norm monkey bait thumbnails



pnig would love current hima sigh


pnig loved having cigarette smoke blown in his face sigh


should i start smoking again


no its NOT cool anymore


ya its NOT cool start vaping instead


yeah we decided we were going to start rolling our own check the sb


why are news women always overly masculine


last post on sb was a month ago



think i might still have some of that chaw somewhere hehe


are you flippin kidding me they cut victreebel they better watch what theyre flippin doin or there might be aNOTher kyoani


seen these guys on the 4 on and off for maybe ten years now wonder what its like to have friends


File: 1573282902639.jpg (226.87 KB, 1024x907, 1515325736593.jpg)


are these norms really implying tsukihime is porn


dont sexualize mareep you fool



thought about posting that the other day


hate norms so much how can they own houses while i rent like a fool


is any movie with nudity porn then


according to mom yes


NOThin worse than a norm giving his opinion on anime


i can think of a few worse things



hate when people cant pronounce moe properly


surpassed those guys years ago they gave me my kickstart into anime in 2006 i've left them in the dust



sigh they were my best friends 12 years ago




stop with the norm thumbnails





biblical get




gn hima







we dont want senk


i love her


File: 1573284982810.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


youve posted her too much shes NOT pretty anymore


drunk out of my mind rn hima this hasnt happened in a while


she is


post some webms


gonno make someBLTs


alright thats it now i gotta go to the store and buy some wine


File: 1573285149112.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1572588819342.webm)


thats more like it


File: 1573285217801.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 1280x720, 1572127777733.webm)


no the world out there is evil and waiting to pluck the meat from your bones at any sign of weakness


how else is he gonno get wine


he needs to remain strategic in his thinking and strike when the time is right NOThing has ever come out of rashness


can you post something interesting


bored bored boreddddd


feeel like this is much more genuine than other internet streams



is that a real girl




whys he NOT saying anything then


whats demure


think thats like cow poop


wish i was smart enough to cook chili dogs


dont worry moms gonno drive me


mindblowing that theres a 1 in 77 chance of you being in a car accident and yet norms are more afraid of planes and sharks and terrorists


thats why i feel bad sending mom to the store for snacks sigh


simply stop at the 76th snack haul


File: 1573289715247.jpg (61.25 KB, 1000x563, EI2ovJ9U8AA_Nw_.jpg)



mindblowing how good a game diablo 2 was


hate that ugly retard shoving the camera in his face every 90 seconds


paolo is baste


NOThing better than d2 we should get a hima d2 playthrough going


he mogs the flip out of all of the natives


Telekinesis, while seeming to most naive players to be useless, can be very good for getting yourself out of bad spots. For instance, if you happen to be in Act II, and have Teleport, if you don't feel like fighting the minions in the Claw Viper Temple, you can cast Telekinesis on the altar from afar, Teleport over, grab the Viper Amulet, and safely cast a Town Portal scroll, returning to town with your quest item. It is also good for picking up gold (if you, like some players, have an OCD for picking up every single speck of gold). It only works on the following: field objects, golden keys, gold, potions, and scrolls.


might read some tard posts debating d2 skills


tried soy sauce once didnt really like it



bg normbi


mindseething how the correct way to eat nigirizushi is to wolf it down in a split second and pay $50 per piece for the privilege


nice jrpg boss room


stop overpaying for sushi just because some old japanese jew told you to


im NOT im raging at the decadence of those that do




whos gonno be the mansions sushi chef


im potato chef


its almost 5am hima time to sleep


no its NOT i just started drinking can you stay up aNOTher 4 hours with me


hope pg is well


im fine how about you


File: 1573294381037.mp3 (12.11 MB, 葉桜.mp3)


cant believe vulperas wont be out till 2020 grinded all this rep for NOThing


owned furfreak


NOThin fur


File: 1573295714011.jpg (3.57 MB, 1750x2500, 1571969892475.jpg)

level a nice dark iron dwarf instead


File: 1573296318341.jpg (186.92 KB, 1024x512, 1573272574323.jpg)


koreas gonno freak


time to make those chili fries


cant get through a dwarf fort video without raging


hate them so much dont they realize im supposed to be rich NOT them


cant believe how much ive sacrificed and for what to spend 40 hours in an office and a further 20 hours doing my god damn anki reps




File: 1573308260748.jpg (191.3 KB, 1280x853, 1555882279717.jpg)


File: 1573309018722.jpg (34.37 KB, 496x296, madaras-moons-eye-plan1.jpg)

stop wasting time
you know what you must do


File: 1573309550491.jpg (157.25 KB, 758x810, EI7yppsVUAACQgJ.jpg)


File: 1573311127359.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


sigh miss terry


woke up turned on my computer and 200 popups of feet videos came up sigh i had a crazy jo sesh last night


File: 1573313150431.png (4.9 MB, 3840x2160, __original_drawn_by_hotel01__ab2b6ec83ec33b9e3….png)


File: 1573317033403.png (3.57 MB, 3174x2328, 4cfffad72d2dff48dbd933b539ef5bab.png)

gonno have some coffee



File: 1573318997401.jpg (92.31 KB, 1024x580, 1573318852262.jpg)


baste drumpf


File: 1573319346747-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.02 KB, 800x1130, 1.jpg)

File: 1573319346747-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.11 KB, 800x1130, 2.jpg)


do skirt girls really just sit their bare asses on things


thats how they mark their territory


remember raging to myself whenever a girl would sit in the desk in front of me and droop her hair on mine


hate women going to kill them all


you seeing this agent beauford


File: 1573321676345.jpg (333.35 KB, 1536x2048, __original_drawn_by_artina__6df3b142fc15c8fd1c….jpg)


shes so beautiful


cant believe brofist is considered a hate symbol now


im a gamer i game


going to beat that child to death




dude rage teen


raged grabbed some yogurt


napo napo napo napo




miss the teen years when i was a hormonal raging freak


you still are teen


might fire up some american truck sim


hate amerinorms


found my house hehe





you cant get a bone thats a manpic


maybe hes cool


File: 1573324312327.jpg (57.62 KB, 618x412, pasta.jpg)


hate pasta





File: 1573325040308.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 150x150, 2d5.gif)


File: 1573325380423.gif (681.41 KB, 340x300, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.gif)


nice soygirl




need to send the text


the ababababa girl


going to have aNOTher coffee


found a cave under my base hima


the hima cave


theres spiders in it


thats a phew


nose is running


catch it


wish i was smart enough to make stew


bought a fortnite battle pass


cant believe every regular internet guy thinks the nice frogger came out in 2015 while here i am sitting with 2013 froggers on my harddrive


love a good stew


remember froggers being posted in 2009




died to a skeleton archer


hima gotta say i love the minecraft ost


what ost theres just one song looping forever


NOT true


mindblowing that i can type okayubg and the google overlord will know that i meant to type playing


in a month 2009 will be what 1989 was in the 2000




i dont get it


same flip smartnorms


its raining hima


raining here too maybe we live close to each other


thats it im roping


File: 1573329495516.jpg (62.97 KB, 1200x800, Kids-Minecraft1.jpg)


imagine playing minecraft on an iphone and being satisfied


love pc gaming on my android tablet


made some real bad posts gonno try to clear my head for a few days


post the abababa one




built a bridge


File: 1573330701127.webm (3.06 MB, 960x540, 1567045037546.webm)


its raining in minecraft


zombies raided my house almost died


i left the door open




gonno study




sigh roasts are better at math than me


maths isnt a word i cant watch this


can you make a railroad in a loop with a train that auto drives



maths is a word in american


why did you post this


he is deranged


dont think american is a language


i think mom knows im retarded


how can you be retarded if you have a 194 iq


NOT even 200


♫honda yamaha suzuki kawasaki♫


norms always assumed i was smart because i was quiet and NOT good at anything else


hey youre smart right whats the answer to number 4



only a few more years left until norms completely take over anime sigh

need to find a way to get into one of those private torrent sites for old stuff


the norms already have taken over anime look at isekai


File: 1573332803498.webm (1009.16 KB, 1280x720, ababbabaaba.webm)


wish a norm would beat me to death




the abababababa girl



how come girls always got better grades than boys in school


because school is built for girls



girls get better grades because school is perfect for them girls are very organized and routined and thats what studying and homework is boys find that shit boring


no girl i know is more organized or routined than the boys i know


cant believe i tested at college level in elementary school and let my brain rot away


take it easy


im a troubled genius


remember cousin making straight As through school and being smart and she went on to drop out and have two kids before 20 and became a lesbian neet drug addict based education


File: 1573333376598.jpg (111.21 KB, 650x885, image.jpg)

you were too smart for the norms around you


women are a joke


a boy that hands in a fantastic paper that's creased and crumpled will get a lower grade than a girl who hands in something completely retarded but is in a pink glittery binder

norms dont care about actual organization or intelligence just how well you will comply and pretend to know what youre doing


can we make a railway between our bases


think thats why they are so anti-automation 90% of the workforce would be declared completely incompetent overnight the average norm is so fucking dumb you would think they were dug out of a cave last week


automation is the greatest weapon we have against the norms


i am the greatest weapon you have against the norms


wish i was smart but was born with a low iq


gonno get burger king and a whooper


File: 1573334208357.png (766.38 KB, 533x820, 1568639472727.png)


iq only determines how quickly you can understand things if you have all the free time in the world youre smarter than a norm who only introspects once or twice a decade


how do i stop doing NOThing


nice how about some of their mozzarella sticks


whats wrong with doing NOThing


takes me 3 hours to understand basic directions


its NOT natural


should i eat a whopper


the primitive man spent the majority of the day doing NOThing its very natural


humans have been around for 300,000 years but spent 250,000 doing NOThing


its been two days since ive had fastfood im thinking its time to change that


primitive man had daily quests to complete


hunting for an hour then wallstaring for fifteen hours


sigh what do i wear on jury duty next week dad was telling me to wear a suit because they dont pick smart people for the jury but i was reading online you should dress casual so you look like a smelly bum nobody wants to pick im conflicted


hima i lost mom made me go to the wedding
they took pics of me mostly group pics but theyre defiantly all over the net now sigh at least barely anyone talked to me and mom let us go home early after i begged enough
might still end up waking up screaming from this trauma for the rest of my life now


simply talk about jury nullification and youre guaranteed to NOT be selected


sorry i blogged right after yours didnt see it


wear an anime shirt



tracksuit and tons of cologne


File: 1573335107583.jpg (97.04 KB, 408x407, Sedative.jpg)


sigh NOThing will ever be good for us


introspection leads to the rope


i might go with the tracksuit that sounds cool



i dont know this jury nullification thing is really complicated for me to understand and i dont want to accidentally get myself in trouble


went on enough rants about zuck and state surveillance to get mom to agree to NOT upload pictures of me


File: 1573335530360.jpg (82.08 KB, 1100x825, zuck.jpg)


its where the jury convicts pnig of child snap just because they all hate peds and want them to go to prison


why do you care the gov does NOT care about some fat 30 year old bald neets


embarrassingly unfunny image


flip you bootlicker


flip you failednorm


mom still doesnt get it she doesnt think about how facebook makes money she just thinks its like the tv or phone


thats NOT what a bootlicker is


PHEW ate two slices of pizza im stuffed time to game


helps calm me down sometimes that after i die and have no perception of time millions of years could go by in the blink of an eye and all trace of my life on this planet would be gone try to think about that


had pizza last night and shit my guts out all night and morning dont know what happened with that maybe i developed lactose intolerance


sorry to tell you but mom is a norm


milk is lactose


all moms are norms


hate moms



purchased the switch exercise game


mom forgot to get voltage again but she got a 2l of bangs


of whats



bangs famous old tyme root beer





pussy manbaby


die norm


nah hes just avoidant schizoid


anyone remember golden time


firing up the wine and the pasta only one bottle of non womens wine left


hate women


high iq


eyes are puffing up and were out of allergy meds


i remember golden time still have the sweet cherry in my playlist


what if theres a woman posting on hima how do you think shed feel after reading that


yeah i can be einstein if i just work twice as hard to understand


i will ban her


i hope she cuts her fucking throat open


raging at the lawyer girl who sits behind me and says like every third word cant believe we let women take over by pacifying the school system


might buy minecraft do i need all access or just the java one


cant believe im letting norms get away with this i simply must become the next bezos and crush them all underfoot


you need the java one to play with us


if a foid wandered into hima the cel killsquad would be sortied


i will save her


called the new officefoid disgusting and stupid and hick i think she thinks im just joking around because i smile when i say it but the reality is i hate her for existing


thinking of becoming a lawyer just so a foid who sat quietly and did what she was told cant turn around and go oh yeah well why come im a lawyer and youre NOT


think i read that if a girl likes you she will let you insult her


shes gonno get you fired


spit on her next time you see her


am i remembering this correctly i think theres even a term for it they think youre flirting with them by calling them stupid


love blogging about women were so wacky


i doubt it because im more valuable but i wouldnt mind if it happened

they always do this they pick out the most attractive girl on the floor and give her a raise and have her work in the office but the girl ultimately gets overwhelmed and quits because theyre brainlets
on the plus side its fun to see how butthurt the uglier girls get


hima is the working professional board


hate the and their feminist agenda in slack and gushing over greta thunberg they can push their left wing nonsense all they want but any pushback would lead to an instant firing


die already norm


yeah love it when the senior management are all at least 6 feet tall


thought slack was for worknorms why are they talking about politics on it


they need to invite everyone to the newest feminist meetup


love spamming animemes on slack


do people with jobs actually spend most of their day posting in an offtopic chatroom what the flip


yeah and blasting norm music so you cant get any work done


someone invite me to the hima slack


File: 1573339048616.jpg (496.74 KB, 2500x1739, 1573301211934.jpg)


File: 1573339161564.jpg (68.01 KB, 1024x577, CSG2n7hUcAAuTuf.jpg)




going for a smoking anyone want to join


genuinely dont think ill buy sword and shield


File: 1573339827872.jpg (252.96 KB, 1065x1130, 1573327056415.jpg)


wonder what it smells like


hehe milk


pasted game freak


23 dollars in my bank account now hehe might have to mturk it


File: 1573340060605.jpg (40.62 KB, 615x924, 0_JY-Dolls-Goddess-copy.jpg)


crying for those sexbots denied the chads they deserve


where are the sexy lady bots


pasta sauce is almost ready


those arent happening sorry


mindblowing that norms are trying to get those banned after denying real sex to cels



charles manson would have been doomed if he was active during modern times on account of his manlet status


havin a couple of tuna sandwiches hima


with wine right


File: 1573340637003.jpg (508.06 KB, 1176x1037, 1573209735555.jpg)




she deserves worship


File: 1573340897824.jpg (56.07 KB, 750x394, 1573312854598.jpg)


mornin hima


reminds me of the amd worshiping techcels we get in here


no now that im done im having a coffee hehe


brand worship will kill the west


flip you norm


yeah im the norm NOT the soy gulping brand worshiper


mom said she was disappointed that a cute new girl at the grocery store had those gauge earrings


nice intel worshipper


cant wait to party with my gf


your mom is pilled


was it milk


mad that linusposting didn't stop when pnig was executed


File: 1573341087313.jpg (97.53 KB, 500x654, 1560309285087.jpg)


whats the point of putting a massive hole in your ear reminds me of africans and lip discs


i used my hair to express myself


it was a fad that brainlets fell for


mom called them those african earrings hehe


get mad whenever i see a chicken legged guy with some katakana bullshit on his tshirt


your mom is an incel



stay mad cocksucker


File: 1573341410067.png (1.76 MB, 1266x710, 1573334553822.png)


its over for momcels


File: 1573341597840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 986.74 KB, 1920x1080, 1546052600984.jpg)


hate the norms who wont shut the fuck up and have never heard of communicating via slack because of their 20wpm they literally just talk for hours


still cant believe the frogger is possibly more well-known than all of the rage faces at this point


still dont know what slack is


its like discord except with no teens


ok just looked it up its worknorm discord


been alive for decades it feels like a few months

would love to get amnesia so tired of reliving every negative part of my life over and over in my head


love when i get an email and then the boomer immediately calls me and repeats what the email says to me two or three times


oh god im having a heart attack call 911


File: 1573341986494.jpg (96.46 KB, 500x654, redpill.jpg)


love when i get my job explained to me so when i do it exactly the way i intended to do it anyway someone else gets the credit for planning it


my wpm is 81


are you the guy who types with 2 fingers


wish i was smart enough to get an office job


no i use 8 fingers


embrace it you are finally free


moms ordering chinese


been a manager for months and its just NOT worth it i really want to quit getting over 20 calls every day doesnt help either


i only use 7 fingers to type


why NOT quit


now that youre manager you can hire on all of your himabros


been a ceo for a top 500 company for months its really stressful