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why is she so enthusiastic to see a flip in progress


longtime fantasy of mine to be interrupted by a girls younger sister while flipping hell it could even be her little brother show that little fag whos the real man of the house


In 1500, Columbus wrote to a friend, "A hundred castellanoes [a Spanish coin] are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general, and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten (years old) are now in demand."

the paraphilic model of pedism becomes increasingly absurd with each passing day wonder why it is that such young girls were so sought after if its supposed to be an anomaly


got left behind


got left behind god fucking damn it fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck got left behind got left behind


damn good fishin today started off a little rocky but tuna did it ever come around in the end


had a nice hard rage sesh


good mgtow message


sexy sexy glameow who can blame him


ya what a shame


wish i was her you literally cant fail in this world as a woman


do you not see shes getting flipped by a man


your just horny


no im not im an ascended

i see no man in that pic


sao ended on a bunch of cliffhangers flip this



bet a lot of that is a waste of time the brain can only handle so much studying before burning out


File: 1554039183616.jpg (153.66 KB, 931x2048, boobs.jpg)


wonder if pnig conjured up a second hima in his own mind and is posting there from his jail cell now


any nip slips


File: 1554040095415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 3000x2694, nip.jpg)


bastard i meant of her >>903872


old roast


File: 1554040353283.png (681.73 KB, 1280x720, [CBM]_Sword_Art_Online_~Ordinal_Scale~_(Eng_Su….png)


nice boob


File: 1554040791321.jpg (1.78 MB, 3000x3000, long.jpg)



cant you just post normal perky nips like these >>903878


i will not post normboobs


wish i was sexy


same i need abs and muscles and a cool jaw


you are


im gonno slog through a shower its gonno be real boring but its something i have to do wish me luck hima


learned why you are supposed to eat toast with eggs


woke up



dads watching the race


eggs have no fiber


metamucil is such a gamechanger


still dont know what tapioca is


got left behind regret not staying onseki can you ban the inverted nipple mate


nanahira banner


shower was successful but it was so long and boring that i couldnt muster the energy to shave afterwards so now ive got a big nest growing on my neck


crazy how much uglier i look after just one day without showering


why not shave in the shower


not part of my routine and id need a mirror anyway


got brain freeze aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA


you should have mastered the art of blind shaving years ago


File: 1554050555793.png (54.04 KB, 621x977, 2da8f104884edf554a76be6fa367fe1d.png)


File: 1554051484819.png (49.62 KB, 635x981, lame.png)



got sperg with 33% norm


File: 1554051867379.png (56.28 KB, 674x927, scrot.png)



baked some tilapia came out pretty good


got -5 -3


rage wave coming on i can feel it coming when it hits not sure what im going to do but i know ill be a howlin


got this too


only wow the consolation prizes this week on the cactpot hima god damn it


but its time to buy three more tickets for next week one of these days hima one of these days


having a big coffee


guess ill crack open a blogweiser here in a minute and get right back to fishin


played story of eastern wonderland for a bit gonno feast soon


not sure what that is but i know what a feast is and damn piss norm fuck feasting is good


you mean flip


feel empty without an mmo to grind


fire up mabi


lifes an mmo


well theres only one mmo worth playing right now and its ffxiv time to fire it up and explore eorzea




exploring eorzea right now


>Would you compromise with a friend?
i hate when these things ask you questions you cant answer


X - -4.5
Y - 0.75


onseki ban that guy


nothing better than a 9 am blogweiser


exploring gielinor


niche norm


oh shit theres a wild hog after me hima ahhhhhh


run for it


get that neethog


throw that hogger in the firepit


got -4 -7


just threw up guess that blogweiser wasnt gonno fix things


answered in a more realistic way and got x -4 and y -10


File: 1554058988927.jpg (852.49 KB, 1062x746, kirby.jpg)


not sure why they did that to kirby must be americans and how angry they are


calm down


got in bed its been a long day hima


happy dreams ill see you when you wake up



its snowing hima


gentlemen welcome back to the shop


really really want to be a neet again but i cant go back to having no income again


where the neet elite meet to eat


lets switch places im craving a structured life


do not miss the fear of feeling of ineptitude in having to rely on others to get by i think working is better than being a neet on the brink but being a neet with money is by far the best and what everyone should strive for


fire up some xiv hima its time to meet up at the carline canopy


old guys with retirement checks still get jobs as walmart greeters because theyre bored
dont know if gamers will be the same


never gonno work


my sub ran out its ok to wait until shadowbringers comes out right


yeah but you have to promise that you will meet up with me


im too dumb to play as thaumaturge


my handsomecut is starting to bite me back my bangs are too long for comfort i shouldve just shaved it sigh


never had any fear regarding expenses mom never struggled with money and i never asked for any money never bought myself anything mom would still live here and have to pay for internet and stuff if i werent here i think adding energy and foodstuff i spent maybe $250 a month as a neet it was more about pride and feeling worthless and selfish



you need to stop asking for pics its never happened cant you realize how useless it is to ask


sigh havent seen many mp3s since pnig got pinched


yes it has


almost posted a pic after someone asked but stopped myself


found a picture of me when i was a fat little boy i thought about posting


its time to go to sleep and join the snoozing underworld hima lets get to bed




File: 1554064633379.mp4 (17 MB, 427073299.mp4)



hate game ragers



spe ed runner


new mtga code ShinyGoblinPirate


File: 1554067096763.jpg (44.51 KB, 396x528, soylent cheers.jpg)


love a good chai soylent


File: 1554068037214.jpg (308.19 KB, 1920x1369, 1.jpg)


hear a parade people drumming not sure what it is


hear a parade people drumming not sure what it is




go adventure outside and check it out




File: 1554071442714.jpg (202.43 KB, 1200x1344, bhole.jpg)

does this actually feel good might try an assjo




File: 1554072583711.jpg (528.43 KB, 1076x1496, __original_drawn_by_velzhe__dd7442a1c3ca03b473….jpg)

chinkman looks like hes having a blast



rabbit rabbit hima


nice they put googly eyes on all my decks


die foreignnorm


die smutnorms


got lame normie on that test




the norms stole my 20s from me


i got sperg


lets make up to it by going to japan and flipping as many hanakos at the hub as possible after drinking one too many strong zeros


none of us are attractive enough for that except onseki and hes already tapped out the japan market


japs cant tell an unattractive westerner from an attractive one


yeah they can i went there for a few weeks to do recon remember


they have heightened sixth sense it was just your aura


just ate a baked potato like an apple


had some baked apples earlier


dont know what a baked apple tastes like is it anything like a baked potato


wouldnt mind a baked tater


no its like candy


ate 10 oh henrys


wish i had one


is it a blogweiser night


dont drink too much or you wont be able to wake up early to work tomorrow morning


paste amerimutts


the shinobi hunter is so easy too


File: 1554079266472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 362.89 KB, 800x1363, 1554076421096.jpg)

do not open this


hes simply dumb he didnt even notice the huge area of tall grass directly behind his back that you could easily sneak attack him with they couldnt have made it anymore painfully obvious without having a prompt telling you how to win


we need gamer journalist mode but for rager teens


paste tards


flip you smartnorm


made a thread on v


big urge to order something online need the dopamine rush of consumerism


order a weighted blanket


need to buy something distinctly japanese


bought some supplements


a japanese weighted blankie


flip you wap


can i make my own weighted blankie out of two sheets and some sand


sounds unwise


you might get sand fleas


buy a japanese pillow


paste old bitch


take it back


gonno jerk it to her


File: 1554082408029.webm (Spoiler Image, 357.05 KB, 770x1004, 1554081555253.webm)


thats sick



think mom may have the talk with me soon


did you get her pregnant again


wonder why old bags always cut their hair short long white hair looks good


why do men get their hair cut



not that talk the other one


thought they were shutting down hots


i think theyre just hosting an independent tournament not sure



ciel vs maoh get in here


post orphea


because pastor anderson said so


no no no no
im in love


dont worry it will pass when you realize how draining constantly being with someone who isnt obligated to stick around would be


firing up some tiberian sun hima lets game


gonno fire up stella glow


gonno put on a bunch of makeup airbrush my face draw on my eyebrows put on fake eyelashes add some filters and post a blurry lowres pic of my face on instagram


are you going to crossdress too




going to bet some on saltybets and then watch some vids


what are you going to watch


the answer has been in front of us the whole time bros we just need to get jacked


porn jerkers should be euthanized


File: 1554085190046.jpg (47.63 KB, 600x416, black_rock_shooter_by_pikiru_dcaj6km-fullview.jpg)


the answer isnt being a fucking norm fuck you


i dont know


does this actually work?


what was it



we dont have a choice


no im not going to roleplay being a norm


getting jacked will fix everything do you really want to be the only one left out


i know one thing i wont ever be a norm so i guess i will be left out


i am norm


nn about getting jacked just look at nb and pasta


ill start getting jacked tomorrow


stupid norms


nothin wrong with being norm


wish a himamate would help me jack


theres nothing worse than being a norm


how about being ped


everyones ped so in a way being ped is norm


i aint ped


only one ped here the rest of us were just pretending


feel bad that he actually fell for it hehe


theres no such thing as ped sexuality is a complex device perfected over years of evolution it cannot be simplified to such a fragile human understanding


evolution isnt real


i need to spend a week in a sensory deprivation tank or something whatever this is it aint workin


gonno build an anechoic chamber in the hima mansion


gonno crossdress in the hima mansion and provide services to other himas



its ok you dont have to


to accumulate the wealth needed to build the hima mansion we would all need to get jacked and then we would have gfs so there would be no need for it really


dont understand how people get gfs in the first place do i have to apply for one



this totally sounds like a suitable name for a touhou spell card hehe surprised zun hasnt used it yet hes usually quite eager to use literary references


would rather live in a mansion with my himamates than have a gf


they openly proposition you for sex once you satisfy a minimum level of attractiveness



living in a mansion with the bros is probably more likely to happen


mom bought me a shaved ice


april first


norm first


what the flip does it say


got nuts last year and formatted the hard drive with my begin japanology batch sigh




theres an official japanology account now with hd versions of two dozen or so episodes


cant you stop posting manpics


whatd you buy i might order a game today


wondering about wondering


File: 1554091834759-0.jpeg (198.35 KB, 500x703, front.jpeg)

File: 1554091834759-1.mp3 (6.28 MB, Will Force (Original Mission).mp3)



going to snooze sigh weekend went by in a flash


get owned worknorm


hehe favorite day of the week i relish in the dread norms have on mondays


cant wait to restart my monday neet schedule tired of being stuck in my room all weekend


think i slept through the alive hours again flip


wonder why they never published the soundtrack to paper mario tyd


because it pinched


File: 1554093300456.jpg (60.01 KB, 960x540, 1521732706285.jpg)


poor girls must be cold


you will be cursed to walk the world of the living soon enough yourself so laugh it up while you can


all will end soon


didnt leave my room to fart and now my room stinks i flipped up bad


stay cool... kirito


gonno have my first jo in the reiwa era


gonno supress my oca2 gene


found an old picture i drew when i was like 10 last week of mom and me i used a green crayon to color moms eye and on my eyes as well little did i know i had brown eyes


thats cute


sigh i used to be so perfectly innocent and the world responded to that by crushing it under its feet wish to go back to when i was still human


wish mom didnt curse me with brown eyes


dont imply that brown eyes are inferior it was just a cute mistake of youth


gray eyes here


paste blindblog


youre still more human than me or the rest of the norms


used to think i have blue eyes but gray eyes can look green or blue


wonder if im the human or the norms are the human


nah the norms and i are undead you have 99 humanity


norms are more human than me


as a norm myself i can safely say you are more human and deserving of life than any norm i can think of


4norm is baste rn


wonder how many didnt and wont make it to see the reiwa jidai


cant believe seki never pulled an april fools joke on us wouldve been funny if he enabled ids or something


his cellie is celebrating by bustin some cheeks i can tell you that much


i deserve death




wish i was dead


nobody else does so why should you


what the flip my vpn got rid of my usual proxy now i have to use a new one ugh this ruins everything


why wouldnt i im a 30 year old fat balding cel


none of those things matter compared to what kind of man you are


did you know mozart was into scat


File: 1554098484949.jpg (43.2 KB, 550x365, supreme one.jpg)

sometimes dying for the right cause is the most human thing you can do


im way too terrified of death it might be a phobia


i sometimes i get so scared of death that i want to die i guess i accept it as an inevitability and want to get it over with


i would assume you just have a slightly more intense reaction to death while being surrounded by people amongst whom suicide is normalized and idealized


saved this image but cropped everything except her eyes might jo to them later


are you scared of pain or death itself


im scared of unknowns
pain is nothing


death isnt really an unknown because we know what happens from an external perspective the brain releases chemicals to make you dream and all your organs shut down


nothin to be scared of if youre saved


nothing worse than being alive death would be fine


since you will be spending most of your time in a state of non existence death is your natural state


what if consciousness persists in the form of a disembodied mind wouldnt that be dreadful


wonder if my consciousness could continue playing ffxiv


how you wouldnt have a body with which to manipulate your surroundings


youll wake up in azeroth


in the countless trillions of years that the universe will exist i had but one tiny chance at life and i just so happened to be born cel what a farce


hope i wake up as female orc in azeroth hehe


you mean a sexy night elf female


you should want to be the hero


dont want to die


if i was immortal a lot of my fear of death would leave because much of it is a fear of wasting my life which obviously has been going on if im here


already screwed up the beginning of this run ill just take it easy and wait for the next go around


nobody makes the decision to be given a life so its yours to waste


what defines a life as wasted anyway


one where you never found meaning


you have time then


mindblowing that there are people that actually believe aliens exist


at 30 youve run out of time


ill reverse it with my newfound wizard powers


dont worry about death or anything
focus on completion of the ritual


take your life up to this point and imagine going through the same amount of time again because thats how much time you still have left to find meaning


having a attack hima a big one too


gonno spoil the ritual by offering up nonvirg blood


the norms are going to start coming after us soon they dont want to go back to 2006 they want things to get worse and worse because they love it


good luck finding the crystal skull for the ritual the drop rates are abysmal


made a night elf priest


can norms smell fear


they smell my neetmusk


i used to check out ufo books in our school library


are there any countries where we can buy some good reliable slaves for the hima mansion


typed up a long post but deleted it


post that post


youd need an earth like planet which is statistically impossible then youd need life to spontaneously erupt on that planet which is also statistically impossible and both those things somehow happening make it exponentially impossible then youd need all of that to happen a second time somewhere else in the universe which is exponentially exponentially impossible then even if all that happened theyd have to exist at the same time as we do and not be long dead or not exist yet


not reading that


you asked for it


remember to have a good dose of iodine you dont want eye bags do you


too stupid to understand what that post is even in relation to


you never know


File: 1554103491716.jpg (95.95 KB, 785x1000, baby.jpg)


what the hell is wrong with that little baby


this is the month im really going to get it together bros


it is very statistically possible to have an earth like planet elsewhere in the universe weve found a few of them ourselves even with limited technology
so long as a planet has liquid water anything is possible the universe is vast


the conditions necessary for life to arise are far rarer than previously thought i agree with that post and i believe that overestimation of the probability of life is the solution to the supposed drake equation paradox or whatever it was called about why the detection of alien life has proven so elusive despite the huge scale of the universe


ive been personally abducted and probed by idiots you fools theyre real


oh rest assured i have never doubted the existence of idiots hehe that is not what is in dispute here my good friend


would personally bring about humanitys end and after a few thousand years no one would ever know
maybe some random spacehick would find the voyager probe and use it for scrap


youd be no better than a murderer is that what you really want


i meant aliens not idiots


well thats not what the records are going to show


sexy alien women are going to come down and make me breed with them for the rest of my life


typical scifi geek fantasy why dont you try focusing on securing a prosperous future instead of those outlandish daydreams of yours because aliens arent going to come down and save us you know


maybe they will




hope a sexy alien vores me


nice flippin voretron


when it turns out alien girls like nice guys the most women are going to be sorry for going for the bad boys all these years hehe but itll be too late


mom said women love a gentleman



hima you dont even know the horrors id unleash if a chink were within striking distance right now


birds are idiots some stupid bird got trapped in my house today and was just wildly flailing at a window screen had to grab it with a bag and release it outside


no no no birds are beautiful creatures that display remarkable intelligence and awareness


the curry is good today hima the curry is good


flip your ethnic food cook up an all-american dinner instead


anime says currys from britain


birds as baste go to hell beakrager


what does an all american dinner entail


its got to have clam chowder and its got to have at least a helping of corn but most importantly its got to have soul



flip yes hopefully these new restrictions run some euronorms off of the internet


without the euros we are nothing


think i go through this sometimes


woke up but didnt post until now sorry


youre fine just dont make a habit of it


woke up its time to fire up wow


wow pinches play something else


like what


yoshis story look doesnt it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside


cant control my bone when i play yoshis story sorry thats not an option




i dont support normtendo


what do you mean i hope you arent serious such a lighthearted and charming game shouldnt induce those crude thoughts


you must support nintendo at all costs theyre the last bastion of true wholesome gaming


its not my fault its just what happens


stop playing on normdale and preserve yourself for when classic comes out



there wont be a guild without pnig anyway


did you know the items with the best calorie to price ratio available at mcdonalds are the sausage biscuit followed by the bakers dozen batch of cookies


no because i dont eat mcdonalds and neither should you


sigh theyre both gross i just wanna eat fries and burgers forever


why would anyone go to mcdonalds to eat a cookie


im nothing but a machine all of my choices adhere to maximum efficiency if the math dictates it then thats what im buying


die fat chink


buying food at mcdonalds is defiantly not maximum efficiency


im aware im just saying in a hypothetical scenario where i find myself at mcdonalds ive always laughed at the ignorant masses who mindlessly believe that fast food is cheap when you could buy a flipping bag of rice and beans and feed yourself for weeks at a fraction of the price


fast food is flipping expensive the misconception that its affordable and cost effective has always pissed me off ever since i was in high school


hate rice hate beans


preposterous no sane self respecting adult could hate such life sustaining foods as rice and beans


mcdonalds is the scientific final phase of food its perfection of taste


theres a reason why stupid people are poor and fat


other way around dumb people go to the gym and think about diets and exercise


you dont have to go to the gym or diet or exercise to not be fat


the freak is the worlds smartest australian and hes twig


File: 1554122873045.png (666.36 KB, 1202x912, i.png)


feel bad for that lone chink
he will never convince the billions of other chinks to care about anything these are people who gladly slaughter nearly extinct animals for no good reason and will ignore their own children writing around in pain after being ran over by trucks


p anderson said animals dont matter who cares if they go extinct


panderson also gets off to race mixing who cares what he thinks


die racist


pnig taught us that race mixing is a capital sin


he kicked the only black guy from his church out


File: 1554125187555.jpg (74.47 KB, 540x570, u7quFMl.jpg)



stop posting that gross shit


you need to be dogpilled


File: 1554125620692.jpg (356.88 KB, 2323x2472, cotton candy.jpg)


getting dogpiled


hate when fuckers like that spam their beast fetishes and pretend theyre not getting a kick out of it


why wont you just drop dead f word norm


no beast fetish here just aware that women would rather have sex with dogs and horses than a non chad low status male


nah it excites you thats why youre posting it everywhere like ntr stuff


dont kinkshame


bout time to whip out the pone bone


get a flipping job you arrogant neets you should be at work right now


i am at work


what makes you think i dont exert myself every day i may not have a job but a neets work is never done


workin hard in the dead mines


neets work harder than any norm norms are the laziest most incompetent creatures in existence neets are always diligently perfecting their craft day in and day out


those crafts involve masturbation and moving dots around on a screen


how presumptuous of you i am an aspiring scientist and im going to transform the lives of million with my brilliant new technology


dreamed i had long hair again
i liked it


got excited and made a really thick smoothie but we dont have anymore smoothie straws so im slurping hard through a regular straw god flip nothing can go right ever


guys if youre using firefox and your smooth scroll feels slow change mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount to 25 its great


i use macos scrolling is always great





wheres jayc


baste linkin park


are we still doing the hima panel at sakuracon


File: 1554129807521.png (666.23 KB, 2304x1296, 1490721844177.png)



big sigh



phew bone


where did it all go wrong


at the turn of the millennium it was already over


hehe just found a good way to insult somebody whos trying too hard going to tell them to consider a career in acting im going to be like one of those witty boomers on news articles in no time


baste beauford



dont like the word conservation its too similar to conversation


dont mind if i do


the internet will be reclaimed from the norms in our lifetimes brothers a beautiful premonition has descended to me from the heavens



are you gonno grow it out now


might start gaming again


started playing some classic flash games and now im addicted to tower defense games sigh im never going to unravel natures mysteries at this rate


gaming makes the world go round


is it ok for men to wear hoodies or is it for boys only


well new 4chans april fools day sucks


made a groundbreaking discovery


cant stop opening this plumper gif


guzma made it to the anime


forgot to pay the himabill so the site will be closing down on the 8th gen your posts in while you can
theres no backups sorry


really like this art style
golisopod flipping sucks though only guzmas is cool


someone make a hima spinoff


i used one hehe but the escape ability got annoying when he was my type advantage


same when i first discovered it i must have watched it on and off for like an hour this gif made me want a plumber gf


mom bought cinnabon time to feast




i feel bad when i sit still but when i move i start to feel not so bad
gonno become and outside dweller phoneposter


theres a scape sticky on v



some guy i dont know is messaging me bros what do i do think imma freak out


mindblowing how snap doesnt exist in the animal kingdom


how do you know it doesnt


ask him where he lives and murder him


made coffee


im suffering


pnigs gonno be free and posting with us in 1 week its so exciting


dickspammer is going to rot in jail for hurting those kids the sick fuck


File: 1554143641610.gif (826.32 KB, 500x375, 1554052278210.gif)


shes cute


caught up with work hima


miss my mate pnig so much looking forward to it


cant wait for the signed piece of paper that says i wont have to see another linus spam for another 100 years


loved those would spend the entire day on kongregate playing tower defense flash games like a tard


they copied it from yokai watch


april fooled mom told her i was kicked out of the school i was accepted to she was bh


in the end it was chomonigs own arrogance that was his downfall


arrogance is a chad trait that should be rewarded


File: 1554145002354.jpg (70.19 KB, 830x1024, 1554077971173.jpg)

the last enemy bole will face in prison then hes free


arrogance is only rewarded when someone is attractive enough to back it up


wonder if pnig is a peter puffer now



should i become a video game journalist


are you good at video games




cant wait to offer pnig a cigarette to puff my peter


went to pick up a prescription and the pharmacist says my insurance didnt approve it until tomorrow i feel humiliated


get in here


pretty sure pnig has been out on bail since december he probably cant use the internet


cant even survive a few hours without internet wonder how hes holding up


if hes guilty someone has to mail him the zen2 benchmarks


File: 1554147789020.webm (2.32 MB, 640x360, 1554138350454.webm)


File: 1554147959564.jpg (140.68 KB, 768x960, 1554146114295.jpg)

pnigs upcoming opponent pray for him bros 🙏🙏


cant he just cross the border to mexico take a bus to panama and go to thailand or something no ones going after him outside of the us


they youre overqualified im sorry


they arent going to let someone wander across the boarder with a big case like this coming up


really want to go live somewhere remote like some isolated siberian village


go live with gran




how do i weaponize my full gallon piss jugs


its about time to go to sleep hima lets get to bed


its not even 5pm euronorm


just spilled water all over my carpet is there any benefit to cleaning it up or will it just dry


dry it with a rag just toss it over and step on it then fold it and do it again


mom might step on it and think you spermed


File: 1554152652989.png (144.59 KB, 635x852, e40f6a290cc0e357b1cd43c0c579490d.png)

incels shall inherit the earth


pat/press it dry with a rag but other than that theres not much else you can really do
if it was a lot and you have as hop vac you can suck it out


dont let it dry by itself or it might get moldy and it will smell bad for sure


mom stepped on my sperm once had to say i sneezed


my hips and feet are killing me but i dont feel so bad


drop an m80 inside it


crazy to think im bad at everything there is nothing i am good at


make one of those 2 liter soda bottle rockets but fill it with month old piss instead of water


im home hima put on my neeting pants and got myself aa big mug of steaming hot coffee it tastes best after a hard days work


new baby metal album announced


that wouldnt work the fuse would extinguish wouldnt it
was thinking about tossing them off a bridge at passing cars


File: 1554155348250.gif (8.19 KB, 417x423, piss rocket.gif)

firing at sis


do i need character development to cut my hair or do i need to cut my hair to get character development hmmm


just cut it


baste hordeteens killing all the flight masters


havin another coffee


guess ill make one too




going to watch adoredtv and then play some sekiro


File: 1554159259723.png (42.96 KB, 1174x468, 1554137054324.png)

turt can i get your thoughts


that reads like obvious parody


File: 1554159665952.png (408.81 KB, 756x1284, 03.png)



hated normadora




whats a consumption tax



a tax levied on consumption spending on goods and services


it was toradorable


die scapenorm


scapenorms are a hundred times better than ffxiv norms and wownorms


stupid teen


they did something to the nsfw 4chan boards so you cant block the ads and those ads are the worst its a bunch of disgusting sexnorm shit


nsfw 4chan boards work for me with adblock youre probably using some weird things


i only go to hima and duegi


guess ill just stop going to r9k and start going on the incel subreddits more


how come theyre still blocked then norm


no ive chosen to keep a low profile for some big reasons


hehe the poke showdown april fools is cute


File: 1554165042775.jpg (80.45 KB, 827x1200, 1554160469037.jpg)



now thats a plumper


any ideas guys here


ive got a big head and even bigger ideas


ill be the idea guy


File: 1554165857551.jpg (30.87 KB, 666x500, 1554162873994.jpg)

ba-baja blast por favor


wish i was a carefree fun loving latino with a heart of gold



i dont understand


mom mom mom mom mom mom


mindblowing how arrogant judges get its even worse than imageboard admins humans are not capable of administering themselves its time to roll out the ai


that judge is baste


nah he let emotions get to him that is something that should be inexcusable for any public official and is why we shall be ruled by freakeyes killbots


hes ped


what a funny looking girl


just finished having sex it was way more tiring than i thought it would be but not as hard as i thought


you werent thrusting optimally


how do you know where to stick it in


she will help


how will she know


dead hours dead day dead board


something weird on my monitor


beat the shinobi hunter first try hehe


really bored bros




gamed all day my arms are sore


lay down and watch some vids then


hate gamers




think ill just snooze


File: 1554171089834.png (1.02 MB, 1084x922, k32oufa80op21.png)




phew just love my neetmusk after a week without showering


bought some new soap today smelling masculine


i only use girly scented soap like strawberries or cherry white tea


cagers btfo


please shower regularly


turt can you weld a basket on my bike


mates lets make a corp in eve and game together it will be fun




sigh xiv is going down in a bit here




once a week is regular


think i hear a simoom coming hima


holy flip im exhausted i didnt used to be this unfit even a year or two ago when i was fatter and drinking every day what went wrong


never been fat or drunk whats it like


really fun


should i start bellydancing


are you a sexy lady


File: 1554182977196.jpg (209.99 KB, 845x1200, D3H9_BDX0AAp8O8.jpg)


hehe shes cute but shes accidentily exposing herself



one life and i was born fat cel and balding


stop mentioning the balding part being bald is cool and manly


nothin manly about it just bald bald bald bakd baly bald baldk


imagine snapping this lil slut


not sure why i still play insurgency hate changing games



foolish technorm


its the neet life or death for me


going to bed not that anyone else is here anymore




woke up


make sure to turn your computer all the way off every night that helped me get a bit more sleep


are you refreshed


no not really


File: 1554196018403.png (512.95 KB, 847x1076, DFFOO_Vivi_Ornitier.png)



other guy got laid off boss claimed it was pasted on seniority but in reality its because hes shit at his job but i cant help but be a little jealous if he actually gets hired back on he just got to have a no strings attached vacation for a few weeks


if youre dreaming about vacations youre in the wrong mindset


why couldnt i be born as a gal gohan i dont see how anyone can worship a god when they are cursed with a life of not being a gal gohan i would spit in gods face at the gates of heaven


stop wanting to be a girl youd have to wear skirts and show your legs and other humiliating stuff




thought pamperchu was supposed to be dead by now


File: 1554209099535.jpg (309.07 KB, 1191x1684, g.jpg)


whens another disease gonno wipe out most of earths population


need a gf so bad


File: 1554210641656-0.jpg (261.48 KB, 1487x2048, 1.jpg)

File: 1554210641656-1.jpg (255.48 KB, 1487x2048, 2.jpg)


why do i have to work if im cel i dont get any benefits of society




please stop posting pics with men at least spoil it




thats not going to happen


every time you see a man with a woman like that youre exposing yourself to cuckoldry and its training your brain to see yourself as a lower male


no i self insert


i self insert as the foid


if you were a poke which one would you be




think i got black lung hima


im a beldum



File: 1554217419549.jpg (459.29 KB, 2040x1440, __kagamine_rin_vocaloid_drawn_by_an_telin__a8e….jpg)

wish i could do that


same think ill have a stretch


wish i could suck my own dick




is it worth having some ribs removed for some selfslurps


wouldnt recommend it



File: 1554218631331.jpg (162.47 KB, 1200x900, 1554217299840.jpg)

you should only use it to pee


in the drowsy dark cave of the mind dreams build their nest with fragments dropped from days caravan


shes got nice feet would love a quick lick


cant wait for my real life to begin


going to wait for the ritual to be completed first


dont have a choice but to wait


AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su to Deliver COMPUTEX 2019 CEO Keynote



nice pajeets


and chinks




why are subhuman asians always doing this


hate that norm they owned him hard in this vid


and in this one as well he doesnt know what hes doing but hes such an arrogant show off that the norms fall for it i hate the norms so much


think ill get some taco bell


holy flip i can sell old gmail accounts to chinks


do you think well get any navi info


ya zen2 and navi they said theyre announcing 4 new products


need to find a better mobile browser


A total of 1279 seventh-grade students, mean age 12 years from 10 middle schools in a large southeastern US public school district completed a cross-sectional survey using audio computer-assisted self-interviews.

Overall, 12.0% of students had engaged in vaginal sex, 7.9% in oral sex, and 6.5% in anal sex.


simply use safari


most of those were probably niggers


no one told me everyone was having sex i was just blissfully gaming while it was going on


12% is not everybody


installed bromite





didnt even know what sex was when i was 12


its built into your brain


im celbrained


File: 1554240687329.jpg (796.58 KB, 1761x2560, 1554232032640.jpg)

i miss himako before she was flipped by onseki


do you think shes found a bf yet


im sure there will be plenty of suitors on their cell block


wizchan is down


very tired hima but i dont want to snooze yet


i am starving


hate this normchink


wizchan was dead anyway


wonder what will happen on hima if he gets acquitted


theres gonno be a welcoming party


turt and seki will be finished



havin a coffee


File: 1554245002206.jpg (54.92 KB, 608x336, 1554216633215.jpg)

do japs instinctively know to become aggressive around americans


hate that westaboo


File: 1554247290025.mp4 (3.18 MB, disco.mp4)

is this a man




File: 1554247686830.webm (2.32 MB, 960x540, 1554247028028.webm)




weird i was just thinking of this video


File: 1554248588769.jpg (137.83 KB, 1122x1584, boobe.jpg)


wonder what the man hater thinks of that pic


im manlover



gotta love a good unusual_eyes



get your ass to mars


File: 1554252180928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.06 KB, 747x750, N27VPO5.jpg)


get in here




your loss


File: 1554253419324.png (5.23 MB, 2720x1920, 199.png)





you missed out on teenage romance and there is nothing you can do about it even if you were to wake up tomorrow as the ultimate gigachad you will never change that history

until now
weve reached a breakthrough in the progress of the ritual our salvation is all but assured


nice frenchtron


you can live comfortably in thailand for under $800/month


but how do you make $800 in thailand as a neet


dont know im trying to figure that part out still


i almost hope dickspammer is acquitted so i dont have to read this teens posts


bit my mouth ow


his posts were basted


you forgot the pic


wheres pg and the fisherguy


just owned aguy hard with mr mime


File: 1554255452467.png (481.6 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-754Lurantis.png)





watch aris play sekiro


i got a male one sigh


nothin wrong with that




die norms die



File: 1554259394106.webm (260.67 KB, 1280x720, 1487407969536.webm)



cant believe they turned anko into a fat old hag in boruto
remember being pretty aroused by anko when i read naruto i must had been like ten back then i thought the bodysuits were just fishnets and her tits were completely exposed even putting that aside shes still incredibly sexy


File: 1554259596378.png (912.04 KB, 750x1334, E492F249-2117-4AC0-9416-2994F793DE4B.png)

nice random link hehe


thats what happens to women when they age


File: 1554259818642.jpeg (50.38 KB, 409x512, 1D6982C1-81DF-49DD-8C08-FC385916FBC8.jpeg)

oh no someone uploaded my fanfic






love a good fanfic


its about time for a nice long snooze


everyones snoozing maybe ill get in bed and attempt poni island
ashamed to admit im getting stomped by random trainers the wild pokemon are pretty strong too lowest ive seen is 40 and my pokes are around 42-48 thats too close


all wowed out


die pokseki


wonder if it was ever possible for me to not be a worthless loser


yeah wait until you see how great everything will be after the ritual is finished


hate the ritual meme prefer the mansion meme


the mansion will be in a space not of this world


got ronald


just get a poke with high speed and good coverage and one shot everything




its down again


love leveling a single poke and steamrolling the whole game


File: 1554264946156.jpg (112.47 KB, 1096x1096, D3MXF5nVsAAC86W.jpg)


didnt know ramzpaul was still active


who the flip is ramzpaul


some norm on youtube i remember watching a couple his videos ages ago looks like he took the old ones down though


might resnooze


hate that norm


File: 1554267155514.jpg (128.51 KB, 960x720, neetblog rebellion.jpg)


cant believe hed let all the himamates starve


index is over i can finally dump this off my ssd


stop using ssds


whats wrong with ssds technorm


woke up did i make it before the dead hours


might boot up devil may cry 5 that i pirated


mom said she wants to buy an old cheap pickup for me to drive around in


whats your team look like now


gonno watch quin play sekiro


hate quin hate everyone from new zealand


quin pinches


how do i kill a raccoon


fashion yourself a wooden neetspear


gonno kill that raccoon and its babies


rats racoons and possums get the neetspear


what about ggg


never bought a wii u im feeling regret


same fell for the memes


had the first wii then sold it for a 360


had a wii wii u and switch


you mean have right


hope wk is doing alright


hes waiting to be declared not guilty so he can start posting on hima again


uhh haha


laughing at quin hes so tard


yeah i still have them only play the switch though


might make a coffee


pour yourself a coffee and get on xiv


how about not ffnorm


nothing norm about it




going into hibernation for all of tomorrow then im gonno do a 48 hour ffxiv marathon see you guys in a day


cancelled my ff sub gonno take a break from mmos so i can play wow for 18 hours a day when it comes out without getting burned out


good night i hope you get well rested but i suggest a 6 hour marathon instead


really want to order something but mom shamed me for my last package


order a gift for mom and if she shames you again you can make her feel like a bad person


good idea but waste of money


money exists to be spent


ya but i have to spend it on games not on dumb mom stuff hehe


mom loves being spoiled


woke up its wow time


never understood the appeal of mmos


starting to hate mom bad


whats she doing


just remembered when i was a teen i raged at once for having me mutilated at birth and she laughed it off she couldnt comprehend why i would be upset over it
hate foids so much and in the end shes just another one hope she gets owned hard


sigh made some typographical errors in that


File: 1554291257766.jpg (193.5 KB, 1175x1200, c.jpg)


File: 1554291684583.jpg (54.12 KB, 450x452, fmnqhrh0wxp21.jpg)


poor guy he was deprived of the sight of natures fairest creature


did he still get bones


theyre cute


cuteness wont alleviate world hunger or combat the impending climate shift



hope jesus gets on that server wipe soon


wish i could have been a grand archwizard
knowledge of foids has only brought me pain




hope he brought enough creamos for the whole class


mornin hima



good morning are you feeling refreshed


no i didnt get enough sleep


hope classic has lfr


File: 1554303554277.jpg (158.4 KB, 1200x675, D3PIiJaWAAMMDo2.jpg)


paste tardgirl


gonno chug some water


careful to not drown


the kill bots are here


hungry but too lazy to get up sigh


File: 1554307738270.jpg (1.35 MB, 1393x936, 1554276087164.jpg)



shes too aroused its scary


how can you tell shes aroused


shes drunk and has her breasts exposed she wouldnt do that if she wasnt i think


i expose my breasts all the time and im not horny


dont do it around men or they might get the wrong idea


got myself a coke zero on my way back form lunch


shes not aroused shes just having fun as you both enjoy some alcohol


oh didnt know


you should work on your arrogance why would anyone be aroused around you


ive never seen an exposed breast before its just what i figured the situation entails


havent you seen moms bosom


gross no shes not a real girl anyway


i did that in every playthrough hehe mostly with a starter but sometimes with a poke i like like persian zero training required hehe


got a big bone think ill satisfy it


may i recommend eve until then


im oogin out


you are a slave to your bone


i am the bone of my bone


yet those hands will never hold anything


had a dream turt kept touching my nipples and wouldnt cut it out


spilled dr p on the keyboard and had to wipe it with my josock


might snack and jack


keep getting calls and the other person doesnt say anything just waits 10 seconds and hangs up whats going on


its a bot


File: 1554322373859.jpg (185.82 KB, 1568x2200, 8b95b77619a7efddc1c258e813476dea.jpg)


shes got beautiful eyes


miss the shite drawer meme


sorry thats me im shy


shy boys...


File: 1554324488777.jpg (269.45 KB, 1720x2384, 266f1b5f2b4ddae9c907501241290093.jpg)


holy flip shes dripping


sigh bros been awhile since ive seen japanese tourists need to bow to one STAT


bow to hima in 5 minutes and ill bow back


i will flip this cat


i already flipped her shes been flipped


sorry i missed it


got new shoes the same as my old ones but thet old ones are from 2012
hate the breaking in part they are very stiff and not as comfortable or conformed to my feet as my old ones



biked to the water well saw a ton of teens to and coming back one teen yelled homosexuals are possessed by demons when i biked passed


hes right


owned those homo reprobates


had a trim and bathe


im havin a big coffee


wonder if pnigs fatwa is still active


my ass is sweating


my ass is bolstered


really bored might rope


no rollbar so going to have to use a helmetcam now and as a bonus my face isnt visible in the mirror so i dont have to be reminded of the impending rope


almost crashed in that truck at the beginning how pasted


black punch buggy no punch back


oog adrenaline oooooog


why did you have to flip him off dumb rager


gamed too hard today its time to sleep lets get to bed




woke up hungover as shite stocked up on wine yesterday drinking a big mug of joe might need some hair of the dog that bit me


my defining personality trait is lazyness


because that norm saw i was having fun and purposely sat there waiting for a car to come that was really far away just to be an asshole

its kind of funny that it ended up being the thumbnail though


norms dont like fun


when i used to ride around while dad drove hed tell me to flip people off for him


going to get myself another coffee
mom is using my pc


hell yeah brew that cup


need a sexy lady to give me a nice slurp


no you dont


why not


its immoral illegal and just plain sick



love sexy ladies gonno jo




that overtake was illegal


need an extra cute extra sexy extra naughty extra small daughter stat



what the fuck is wrong with jagex


what did they do now


File: 1554334885897.png (431.48 KB, 651x383, cujw3e6v82q21.png)


i dont get it


looks like a ps1 game


it looks stupid and they keep releasing pvm updates instead of fixing their shit game


yappari need some hair of the dog after all


what do they need to fix




jagex is powerless against pvp clans and theres still no authenticator delay


you will never free yourself from the cycle if you drink to fix the side effects of drinking




gonno play some sekiro


pvp is for norms


how about some rlpvp


hate cagenorms hope they all crash


flip you biker go bust your jaw open somewhere else


my mower has a roll cage



fuck this im starting hrt i cant take it any longer


itll only make you look worse


hrt is the only chance i have of losing my virg


its alright everyone will be too scared to say i look like a man so i can just happily live in a bubble of delusion thinking im cute




nah most people will call out trannies




how will hrt help you lose your virg if you want to get flipped by a man any reprobate will take up that task for you


cant wait to have some late night girltalk in the mansion


need to flip a nice jiggly pair of mancheeks


girls will give you flip when they see how brave you are


i fuck man ass?


i have a man ass


i dont believe that


im chink


check this out *unzips man ass*


its a raid


ooooooog drag race oooooog


cat is pissing me off in the cage it goes


flipping die cager


cats are way happier in the cage mine yowls with excitement and joy all day and night


me at 50 seconds


cant believe the only other himagirl is also a terf hehe


paste amir


why are jazzs friends also all trans people isnt that kinda weird


all my friends are straight men so


my friends are all neets pedophiles and masturbation addicts


there arent any girls on hima


must i jerk my horny bone


you musnt


ok ill wait


gonno jerk it to jazzs huge boobs


cant believe people think this is real this acting is so horrible ive seen high school psas with more composed dialog it sounds like theyre just reading off wikihow bulletpoints


it is real


this bone is made for jerkin and thats just what ill do


i thought thats how norms talked


god i wish i was a girl


its not too late


post that clip of plumper jazz in the car eating



time for taiwan


i already grew too tall gonno curse mom with my final breath for not putting me on hrt when i was 12


die tallnorm bragnorm


maybe youre right i havent been around norms socially in ten years


wish i was a girl not a tranny freak


norms have low iq they speak in simple sentences with no punctuation or grammar


soon itll be impossible to tell the difference


nah norms are smart


nah i disagree


norms are dumb as rocks


norms just follow whatever trend is popular they do not think its the herd mentality


on that note im going to jo to kirby


never watched the princess bride should i


nothing makes the norms foolish mentality more apparent than the widespread sentiment that peds are evil criminals


give it a rest pedsplainer


anyone who hates peds for any reason that involves the childrens feelings is dumb as rocks


love blowing norms minds away with rind et al


File: 1554337413153.jpg (354.39 KB, 800x618, mul.jpg)

ok you imagine being 5 years old and this guy fondling and rubbing your body while you cant escape and tell me theres nothing wrong with peds


id love it`


always get really embarrassed and feel a deep blush when i accidentally fatfinger the ` button when i press tab and enter


stop imagining being the 5 year old empathy is for norms


cant believe the water store was a front for his underground child trafficking ring all along


File: 1554337514895.mp3 (68.46 KB, ifma.mp3)


File: 1554337531243.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1920x1080, 1553216000442.webm)




penises are disgusting


dont post foreskins they make me weep for what could have been


im dumber than a norm


not possible


kind of want to study math


probably gonno end up getting a drivers license by the end of this year might be fun


lets all get math phds


wish i had parents that injected me with hrt and chopped my penis off so they could get paid to showcase a freak on a tlc show


a norm can have two stem phds and work out of a prestigious university and i will still consider him to be dumb as a rock if he isnt pilled


why would you want to study maths


i guess i must be a norm then


ill never get a license


ted said its a waste of time


thats not what happened


it is a waste of time maths is what geeks in the old days got obsessed with since they didnt have computers


go get a stem degree and youll see how absolutely right you are theyre the most brainless robotic norms ive ever met


maths isnt a word




hate smartnorms


i already have a stem degree and yes i know


cant believe simplified english has taken over hima where are my eurobros in this time of need


mom made nachos



what happened


colour honour mathematics bedfellows


never hated math just hated school wonder what itd be like to study on my own seems interesting


raid hours


can we ban everyone without degrees already theyre dumbing down hima


you mean diplomas right


dropped out one semester before getting a stem degree had to avoid the prospect of getting a job working with technorms


ban the graduatenorms


they dont need to be banned but perhaps limit them to 50 posts a day that way they can improve themselves by reading our posts and also wont be clogging up the board with brainlet scribbles


hima should require a photo of your id submitted publically to be allowed to post that way everyone would have to take responsibility for what they say im a genius


mindblowing that i have to have a phd in neuroscience to post im baste on hima


just wait till i get my phd then ill show you


got a stem degree and then never got a job hehe


lots of discordteens today


i wonder if theres anyone on hima right now that actually fell for the jp neet meme




wish i was american its not fair


always laugh when i realize my $0 net worth is higher than most norms because im a neet loser with no debt


getting owned by the kicking ninja in sekiro hima


saw a documentary about dishwashers one of them had a degree in philosophy


mindblowing how only america forces young people into debt to become educated


never played sekiro is it good


should i go to ng+ in sekiro




should i get surgery to fix my hunchback


thats a shame dont have a controller guess ill have to play vicariously by watching day9 play it on youtube


die sc2



should i become a skater


sigh avril where did it all go wrong


die younow


proud younow regular do your worst


pill gang represent


what the fuck younow is down sigh


File: 1554338821073.jpg (1.14 MB, 1548x1024, avril-lavigne-april-20-2018-billboard-1548.jpg)

now she just looks like a used up old bimbo everyone peaked in the early to mid 2000s


i never peaked


shes only 34


cant believe this was 2014 thing the timeline is corrupted again feels like 2016 to me


someone send me a telepathic message when the teens leave


the norms are trying to prevent returning the world to 2006 because they like it more the way things are now with all the social media and degeneracy


well i dont like it one bit hurry up with the ritual already


wish i was gay


the norms need to be massacred its the only way we can go back


okay you go first


spermed hard to jazz


you wont make it past the true last boss


we need pnig here to complete the ritual


hima meetup april 23rd in berghain please arrive safely


why do you need all those buttons


get a gaming chair too


hope mom doesnt find the magic wand i ordered


hope im not the only one on hima with a dxracer that would be embarrassing



still trying to beat the kicking guy must have died 30 times already


bored gonno mind control some hordes off the thousand needles elevator hehe


simply deflect


love vanilla thousand needles so damn much might be my second favourite zone after swamp of sorrows and desolace cant believe they massacred it the way they did


might have a cry


played a warlock and used to summon norms off cliffs sigh


thats thunderbluff idiot


summon them underwater and watch them drown instead



almost drowned at a pool once sigh


tried swimming again a few years ago its a lot harder than it used to be


just got him hehe
no items but had to resurrect once




really wish to start swimming but i dont want to be around people sigh


simply convince mom to have a pool put in


same i was 6 but some guy saved me


thanks im feelin accomplished


used to float in the pool and read books for hours each day until mom made me demolish it because it cost too much always was terrified of the pool pump and im still terrified of any water related machinery especially the engine rooms of boats they send me into a horrible state


he told me to call him ken and he gave me a warm smile and disappeared into the sunset


how am i an adult


is dickspammer eating his last meal yet


hate public pools hate fat people wearing clothes into the water hate the stupid 10 minute break where they make everyone get out of the water hate the gross feeling warm water on the ground where people have stepped hate the squealing children hate the piss


probably not since he wont even be tried for another 4 days


first video i got was a black child


always wore a swimshirt and then sat out during swim lessons at school


70% of the videos are black people their bone density prevents them from being able to swim well


wasnt fat but i wore a shirt because i was shy


hate to say it but there are some really cute girls in bikinis that are not age appropriate in some of those videos


dont share pools with others because its like going into a huge human soup its gross


kens only hope is to plead guilty and admit he has a problem and beg for leniency so the courts might only give him 10 years


ill visit ken every week and give him printouts of hima threads


cant believe arcs gone forever weve seen a legend fade before our very eyes take heed hima so you dont share the same fate


File: 1554340621204.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 2048x1536, vacuum.jpg)


plead insanity and only got three years probation it worked for me it can work for him


what language is that




ken was the sanest guy here it wont work


the mesa molester
the terror of tucson


he didnt molest anyone he simply downloaded pictures and videos


used to have magyar neighbours growing up they had a really cute daughter who was a few years younger than me that i still think about the dad would never wear a shirt


i meant i still think about the daughter not the dad


sexy dad...


when did you realize he flipped her every day


thingen about that dad..


he snapped and murdered multiple kids hes getting the death penalty


no he was gross and fat i think she liked my brother though sigh cant believe i missed out on defiantly possible childhood experimentation


there are years of posts he made bragging about molesting his cousins who couldnt escape him


i wont post it out of respect but they found some pretty bad stuff in his room


remember girls talking about me when around 14 some of them had a crush on me really regret not doing anything


himas dead


you kitty faggot


only got handsome in grade 12 when i cut off my long hair but by then it was too late


at the time i didnt even know what it meant only as an adult did i realize they wanted to flip


at the time you could have put your dick in their 14 year old kitties now you have to live with the knowledge that you didnt


still hear girls talking about turt in himaclass


remember getting asked out a few times and saying no and when they asked why i couldnt come up with a good reason


just die



gg normin


remember telling my psychologist he looked like gg allin he hated me after that


think its time to give up on normasugi




hima has always been the same


mindblowing to think everyone here will be dead within 18 months


just look at the flipping norm posts tonight whats the point of coming here anymore


where are they


should i ban the norms and haysuz


miss freaking out with the freak wonder what hes up to now




not going to waste my time quoting a hundred posts


hes freakin


basted freak


since when did your time have any value


report them and ill unleash my hammer



how much is your time worth


want to bash some norms


File: 1554341821069.png (9.71 KB, 725x123, 14758eb8cd084b4fa3d062bca43fc029.png)


dont do it i made some pretty bad posts tonight i apologize




its okay i got reported too so i wont ban anybody


dad said only faggots apologize


time to leave i guess


maintenance is a keyword for fbi investigation cant trust any site that doesnt have a canary


File: 1554342066548.jpg (485.08 KB, 1503x847, eb51f4f4d2910f9325193d052168683f.jpg)

going to bash some sexnorms


love yellow subs


File: 1554342155846.png (Spoiler Image, 196.57 KB, 556x433, 1477870287888.png)

time to unleash the frogs


wonder what pnig thought of the frogger nb mailed


unleash it nb theres nothing holding you back now


pnig already roped in his cell 5 weeks ago fools


flip you


hes probably going to make a run to mexico


cant wait for the fresh out episode



Growing up I had dreams and aspirations but I always felt like the kid who didn't fit in. For the most part I wasn't a bad kid but when I made the transition into adulthood I turned to the internet for guidance. This led to posting on 4chan /jp/, being an active user of the warosu archive and Himasugi.org, and eventually a hundred and twenty one sentence in federal prison.

I had a lot of time to think and reflect during my federal stint so I share with you what I learned, hoping I can positively influence someone else's life with prison talk.


hes living rent free in your head you know


got the hiccoughs


i get hiccurps


reliving my teen years through music currently




same just downloaded some muse albums


firing up limewire


cant believe i sold my les paul to buy cheap liquor wish i had an instrument to play



whats wrong with the skin flute


could have been a chink im so unlucky


might play oblivion again


went and patted my cat for a long while love him so much


one day someone will stomp your cat to death


went to hima to check the thread i started yesterday before sleeping only to find it turned into a good-for-nothing metathread




nice reference hehe


maybe this will sheer you mates up


my cat will never be stomped hes safe and secure in the cage


jenked it


die cager die


listening to that album and wishing i was dead already


you mena sotos


no but i havent had a nice drunken sotos snooze in a while might be time


File: 1554346964434.jpg (185.12 KB, 2048x1536, kanna.jpg)


wish i was bald


File: 1554347051453.jpg (11.19 KB, 209x173, norwood.jpg)


gonno lose it


wonder how many truckloads of fat old hairy man semen has been devoted to kanna hashimoto at this point




proudly dumped at least 1 truckload while thinking about her highness


why does my body waste energy and resources making sperm


its bad for your psyche



no its good


wish i was a one in a million years talent like hashimoto kanna san hennakoto ittetari shitsureinakoto ittetara ittene


why kill brazil


cant believe its been almost 5 months already


okay now this is baste


glad to see that place hasnt changed


wish i was brasilian


mindboggling that mero still exists


the screaming lady is back


hope hondyko is safe and happy tonight


remember visiting that place turt just called me a random norm then i left


thats what you get why set foot in such an accursed place


any molesterman pics turt


im baste




gonno snooze


no dont


how do you know it was turt


i was talking about #warosu


fired up the speakers


liam added me but i never added him back


post hondys sexy cousin


got a broken blister on my hand from digging my mower out it hurts like shite flip


flip you and flip normiam


grab a bandaid


no need


pretty sure i just got bitten by an eastern brown hope you will hold with me while i call an ambulance hima put a compression bandage on my leg really hope its enough or this could be the end wish me lucjk


File: 1554349188198.jpg (197.8 KB, 992x1403, d.jpg)


sexy breasts


ill pray for your safety


big smartphone


hope they arrive soon ill probably die pretty quick


its a xs and shes 5'2"


hell yeah my crypto portfolio is up 2k$ what should i buy


make sure you close the hima tab before you die


its kinda funny because you dont really feel it it feels like a cat scratch or something less like a bug bite but it will kill you within an hour hope i make it out


first aid treatment for any suspected bite from a venomous snake is for a pressure bandage to the bite site, the victim to move as little as possible and to be conveyed to a hospital or clinic where they should be monitored for at least 24 hours tetanus toxoid is given though the mainstay of treatment is the administration of the appropriate antivenom


i couldnt really move as little as possible since i had to walk back to my house but i put a pressure bandage on then sate down and called an ambulance and posted on hima hope it works out


not feeling too good gope they come soon


File: 1554349667327.png (857.14 KB, 1300x919, legs.png)


shes too big


what do you have against bigs


okay theyre here by


pasta guy is fucking dead




if only camelman were there


his fault for going outside


it cant be helped


got assaulted by a militant vegan


same but a militant carnivore


guys im gonno snooze now good night


File: 1554351987130.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1522117678624.webm)


just learned rabbits and other rodents eat their own poop


bible says you should not eat rodents


File: 1554352565127.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)


wonder where josh is now


woke up did i miss the live hours or are they still going on


wonder what i would have spent my money on before video games


youd be spending all your money on paying your mortgage and caring for your wife and kids


thatd be a waste what a hellish life that wouldve been


nah its great why else would everyone do it


maybe ill get it when i grow up into a man



File: 1554369873694-0.jpg (108.56 KB, 867x1334, 1.jpg)

File: 1554369873694-1.jpg (134.3 KB, 962x1481, 2.jpg)

which one


i dont flip women sorry


defiantly the one on the left she looks nicer


dark girls intimidate me


well i may be in prison for life and in permanent danger of being killed by any inmate who learns the nature of my crimes but on the plus side im living rent free in some guys head who posts on a forum of 7 people so it all balances out really


cant stop thinking of pnig listening to this album


i respect women too much to flip them


i hate women more than anything but i love looking at them


you lack self discipline


hard to have discipline when your test is as high as mine its off the charts


love starting my day with a brutal blackpill


mornin hima hows it going


pastaguy you there


going to take the pasta pill and become a worthless goof


hope pg is safe and happy


he cant even use nen


waiting anxiously for pnigs court date


im a transmutercel while all chads are enhancers


long gaming sesh i need to take a break


mates if youve been using peppermint oil on your face do not use it right after shaving my whole face is burning hard




File: 1554389274470.png (Spoiler Image, 11.45 KB, 251x144, 7adad196a1872175454578dad0563d0f.png)


get back to work instead of thinking about memes youre on the clock


almost out of food


hate the discorders who knows what theyre plotting behind the scenes


why dont you join and find out


why dont you flipping drop dead discordnorm


im so excited i could explode


runefactory sucks shit its just harvest moon with weeb bait


had 2 bananas for breakfast


i did too but with nutella it was great


the first ingredient in nutella is sugar


free my boy lil ken


harvest moon is harvest moon with weeb bait rf3 and 4 are fantastic 1 and 2 stink


going to jerk it


same think ill joski


got the ronald banner


wowing hard


wow in hell reprobate


wowing will be mandatory for all himamates when classic is out you better get used to it


but the new ff and eso expansions are coming out how is that possible


pnig will come back and make playing those games a ban


dont call it a toon


play a real game like scape idiot


File: 1554407651262.png (557.47 KB, 1041x841, 1507069320700.png)


File: 1554408639280-0.jpg (36.88 KB, 600x577, penis.jpg)


cant believe bolemako would delete the turt in japan thread




why dont men want to have sex anymore whats going on


File: 1554412140331.jpg (137.2 KB, 900x1200, kanna.jpg)


whos ready for the 2019 soul winning mega marathon


sigh natural selection has selected me


im home havin a coffee hima hehe


>ONE in four men haven't had sex in the last year
so if there are 7 active users on hima that means someone here isnt having sex what a loser


all men interviewed from hima said they arent having sex


File: 1554415796043.jpg (182.46 KB, 1024x768, 1554415464741.jpg)

the hima fishing village


you never asked me
the sexblog


pen delivery arrived hima gonno write some papers


why dont you go to fucking hell greener


why its a trash heap


seems fitting then


purchase high isnt cutting it anymore



maybe you arent going big enough or you need a physical shopping spree


shopping in an actual store is too stressful


having another coffee


i daydream about murdering the norms for that high you should try it


zip it murdernorm


each time you jo you are murdering hundreds of millions of norms


gonno listen to britney spears and jo


gonno piss


piss in hell


buy a apple slicer and then go slice some apples


im back time for some wine


File: 1554419597853.jpg (643.65 KB, 2510x1744, 9fxf0bl0q8q21.jpg)





are you ok


ended up bleeding out of my ass and cock but got the antivenin so im fine now


meant to reply to >>905252


sure am lucky medical care is free here though hehe


he needs to be told that women nowadays are all feminist sjw bitches does he not know


should i become a postnorm


hes a preacher so of course hes bluepilled


find a nice girl in the church and you wont have that problem


im glad youre ok but try wearing jeans and boots when in tall grass


he talked about it in the vid you didnt even watch it and youre wrong to begin with


theres a snake in my boot


youve obviously never been to church


still cant believe mom dated a literal mgtow guy and he even told her about it

he was terrified of the dark hehe


youve obviously only been to the wrong ones


uh if he was going his own way why was he trying to date a single mother slut with a pathetic son


whats wrong with being scared of the dark


does this cover the bases


your mom is pasted


because mgtow guys are all retarded hypocrites


would give everything for a nice sexy momgf and a basted himason


he probably had a milf fetish or something since he was 20 years younger than her

got hassled a lot in school for having a hot mom






not sure if i told you mates but my dad divorced his wife a few months ago she was fucking her personal trainer now hes dating a girl whos only a couple years older than me


if he was a good dad he would convince her to seduce you


well hes not a good dad thats pretty clear


its too hot


baste oogdad


cant imagine mom getting flipped by a himabro id probably have to rope immediately after making eye contact with him


better me than some random norm whats her number


pnigs gonno embrace his dark side when he gets out and stop being nice to those who hate him it clearly got him nowhere


cant believe pnig prefers spiderman to batman


yeah... real nice


if pnig gets out im going to be as nice to him as i can


everyone has to agree to not bring up the trial and just pretend it never happened he wont post about it for a while


hima ate my long post gonno have to write it again sigh


pnig was defeated in the third age and banished to the shadow realm he wont plague hima again for thousands of years


why are japs so nice in mmos but so bad mannered in card games almost every time i get roped in mtg or rage disconnected in sv its a flippin jap but theyre so polite and friendly in xiv


stop playing on their servers its rude


did you guys learn japanese yet


remember the first night in japan when i finally found the hostel and i was exhausted getting ready to bathe and a japanese girl came down the stairs and said hello in the most hushed and defenseless tone possible i pretended to not hear her because i was tired but it made me wonder why you would even bother saying something to a stinky american standing in the kitchen wearing underwear


she wanted you to bend her over


File: 1554422627624.jpg (2.93 KB, 150x48, incel hell.jpg)


same thing used to happen to me in shadowverse but theyre nice in minecraft and tree


she was honorbound


die stinker


read shogun the other day japs are flippin baste


gonno play somew sekiro im trying to beat the drunkard but hes too strong
moms still not home she went to a happy hour after work


mom is drunk and ready


get drunk with mom


had to delay my marathon i woke up and felt terrible so i went back to sleep and woke up again at the wrong time




File: 1554423323381.jpg (506.88 KB, 1139x1200, 1552448498678.jpg)


streaaaaaa m


wonder if its better to stay on the brainpills for life or go out in a blaze of incel glory



gonno marry kagamin just try and stop me


File: 1554423413791.jpg (1.79 KB, 84x35, s.jpg)


hope streamguy comes back


slow down you have to enter the love triangle with me first


no i dont




File: 1554423669220.jpg (199.62 KB, 700x1050, lKKOJHQ.jpg)




when was the last time you fired up your favorite iosys album hima


fire up the hima radio


its time for pastaman and the freak mornings on W106.5 the wombat


to stop the package shaming im gonno wait for my next allowance check and then buy a big package with multiple things hopefully they dont split it up
just hope it doesnt sell out before then sigh


is pg alive




pasta guy is fucking dead


buy stuff now and put in a request for extra slow shipping


the 24th episode of sao was actually good glad i stuck around wonder how many more eps there are or if theyre going to wait several years for a new season


just buy stuff anyways and tell the package shamer to mind their own business


cant believe someone watches norm art normline here


its ok i just have to be patient ill be ordering more stuff anyway so this is where i must hold back for a short time


its just teentron pay no heed



wheres the fucking streammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


found a trick to avoid package shaming if its usps you can order it for general delivery and discreetly pick it up at the post office


nice raider lucky star ended weeks ago


sorry i cant stream sekiro pcsan is struggling


wish i was smart enough to play sekiro


hate the transition between two anime seasons


just fire up something good not like anything in the coming season will be any good


hope god can forgive me for watching that momiji and sakuya video


is it the one where two cute boys have sex with eachother while crossplaying


its raining hima


cant wait for the hima crossplay orgy







any manga recs


are you into yuri i have a ton of that


thats sinful


nothing wrong with cute girls enjoying each others company


got the hiccoughs again


hajime no ippo


keep your dick in a vice


gonno go to the store anyone want anything


love you mates so damn much im so thankful you are there for me im crying


literally watching ave as you posted that hehe basted



nice newman


grab me some of their finest gorgonzola




File: 1554427316563.jpg (151.8 KB, 1447x1343, g.jpg)


ohh sexy breasts


why is the right one so much bigger


whats with the inverted nipple obsession are they really common or something




never seen bare breasts never will


File: 1554427451522.jpg (297.84 KB, 1482x2048, inv.jpg)


saw moms breasts on accident once they were nasty


my teen gf had inverted nips theyre nice


sigh kaguya ending got me cryin


guess ill lie down


kaguya is normime


and hima has been overrun by norms


should i try getting a job at the post office


you either die a neet or live long enough to see yourself become a norm


sure how hard can it be


hate postnorms


its normal to have asymmetrical breasts


remember to tip your mail man


mindblowing that bukowski worked at a post office for like 20 years


what do you even do at a post office


organize pieces of paper i guess


wish i had a nice well paying water store job