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made that joke once in high school and the guys mom was actually dead


wonder how mom will feel about outliving her offspring


death by misadventure sounds way cooler on a death certificate than roping like a pussy


are there actually people struggling with this


thats why were going to go underwater cave diving


i dont know i didnt click it im too tard for math


File: 1649735199491.jpg (5.69 MB, 2516x3775, 97276656_p0.jpg)


mom came from an upper middle class family but just had to be the insane rebel teen getting abortions and severing ties with her parents and ending up dirt poor wonder what its like for her to fall like that never considered it much but gran lived in a massive house with a pool and mom lives in tiny one bedroom public housing


she entered the own zone


they dont theyre all leftist now


lets still pretend im konata



based slutmom


the republican party is full of sleeper cell leftists that hate america and the white race so in that sense youre right


File: 1649735678868.png (1.17 MB, 1290x1013, 82720487_p0.png)


they mog me



pre plastic


got a better spacial iq score than verbal but english was always so easy while i flunked prealgebra and now struggle with mind arithmetic


my life was destroyed by being high verbal iq


wonder how things would have been different if dad was upper middle class probably would have gone on vacations to exotic places


was nonverbal until 25


loved hearing the kids at school talk about their trip to europe


who cares about that dumb shite vacationing is for holes


what about the japan trip


NOT sure how to make the japan trip a japan flip trip need freak to give me the scoop


ive been traveling there in spirit since i was in my teens


File: 1649736317048.jpg (137.15 KB, 1280x942, 1649723669802.jpg)


genitals smell spermy but i havent jod since yesterday and just took a bath


konnichiwa ladies


where are the forks


dont crash the joshikai


sigh traingirl and traingirl 2


wish i was as sophisticated as some of these fine gentlemen


have a headache even though i feasted hard today and got 2000 calories


thinkin about getting a kitchen scale so i can see how much im eating have no clue how many calories i eat a day


how can we be sexier


who cares about calories and being sexy put a bullet through your foidbrains already


just curious calm down rager


got angry with mom today she has these stupid habits and i got flipped because of it


bh fatty



we must find mates


bloating hard from the biscuits and gravy




bored gonno darkie


NOThing to pic i ate it all and this is my punishment


dosed off in my chair for 40 minutes and woke up feeling depressed


sigh could have been a 6 foot 3 alpha male eating like that every day as a kid but instead i got eggos and turkey bacon


never ate turkey bacon is it good


eggos and turkey bacon is pretty good compared to what slop the average western single mother feeds her sons


never ate eggos either


i mean on the weekends dont even remember eating breakfast before school besides toast


File: 1649741003040.png (781.61 KB, 593x897, 1649737535053.png)


never ate breakfast since i was 10 or so way too nauseous in the mornings every day in high school used to just wait until i got home at 3:30 to eat id make a big nachos and turn on the aircon in my room and read books every day


went through a hot pocket phase trying to norm it up and eat breakfast like everyone else


just want to know why all through school i had to be up early to be one of the first few people on the bus but my bus was always the last one to get to school and id have only a few minutes before the bell rang always envious of those kids that had time to get a little box of cereal from the cafeteria or get a quick game of yugioh in


dont think the highlight of my day was supposed to be coming home turning out the lights and gaming or watching anime or using the computer until mom knocked on my door and left a covered plate of dinner then staying up until 1 am


File: 1649741779305.jpg (92.12 KB, 636x352, 1649736818708.jpg)


when youre growing its the volume and frequency that counts NOT the quality when your growth spurt hits you better have calories for it to use


i was talking about volume and frequency


story of my life


you mog a lot of chinks on a daily basis huh


no im the chink in that scenario


same but its probably why i was so miserable you need a good breakfast


now that ive read the manual i can go back and redo everything correctly this time right


no matter how many simulations i run i simply do NOT see things ever ending well best i can cope with now is being one of those people that regularly buy powerball tickets


ate big breakfast every day still miserable because i was fat and had to play the role of fat kid in school


at least you were physically large and intimidating


if any of you have ideas im more than glad to hear them


simply tard out and be normal


even if you woke up as a norm tomorrow youd still be in this hellscape


were you the funny fat kid or the sad fat kid


clearly they dont think its a hellscape theyre loving it


if i could get 10 years back i think i would try the jap route at least there youll be able to buy a house and if youre feeling especially tenacious try to jbwmaxx up a gf


the funny fat kid got a gf


hes got charisma


10 years are you flipping kidding me NOThings changed since then it was already over id have to go back to at least the start of highschool


hope he was the fat kid that wore his shirt in the pool and creeped out the girls by taking pics of them with his camera phone that guy was baste


nah if i could wake up tomorrow and be 10 years younger id have ample time to learn japanese and get some sort of degree that would work


you need to have a caretaker if youre mentally retarded enough to think home ownership is cheaper in japan than the united states


wore the pool shirt and tried to remain unNOTiced but i was the fat kid in the pool shirt so everyone NOTiced


their olds are dying en masse leaving a bunch of dilapidated housing meanwhile everything habitable here is getting scooped up by jewish megafirms



dont tell me youre one of those 35 year old virgs that refuse to buy a house or get a niggy loan unless its outright with cash because they read on the 4 debt is a jewish trick


dont like this rudeguy


love some nice severely autistic black and white thinking


beat seath


what soul level


File: 1649743817660.jpg (65.19 KB, 914x156, 111.jpg)






NOThin grind thats normal


i would be a popular vlogger


5 posts left going to the titblog


youre gonno get left behind if you do


File: 1649744840080.jpg (254.61 KB, 1500x1000, 1483847421483.jpg)


always make sure NOT to get too close to towelheads in case they explode maybe thats how norms feel about turt wearing his trenchcoat and fingerless gloves on 90 degree days


were going straight to the k blog


File: 1663794375677.png (2.11 MB, 2062x1099, Quotestalmud6.png)

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