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youre gonna need your meds


gih beauford


File: 1545548683903.jpg (201.62 KB, 892x751, 1545365307998.jpg)

You mind explaining what you meant when you posted the following: wish to flip that sexy lady


got left behind sigh



only good thread around


finally listened to megalovania and i dont like it


demand that meme halloween names be removed as a rejection of pnigs crimes


you cant say that in the dojo


the fact that kanna went viral at 14 NOT 18 proves japans latent ephebophilia


woke up why is no one posting


why do americans act like girls suddenly get attractive on their 18th birthday


they dont theres a lot of movie stars that start out as sex symbols at 16 or 17


queen are better than the beatles


only boomers listen to those bands


araki loves them


that soup gave me a stomachache




wish pnig told me his silly soup recipe before he got locked up


i think he would like prison soup


File: 1572687944797.jpg (201.1 KB, 1019x896, EIW8OdhWsAAma4c.jpg)


File: 1572688076127.jpg (367.93 KB, 2048x2048, 1571537248544.jpg)


too muscular


lovely girls



File: 1572688630418.png (341.68 KB, 714x936, 7JUfU0R.png)


trying to remember what image im supposed to post



thought vinland was supposed to be epic but it just seems like christian propaganda


what makes me want to post stuff anyway ive seen it shouldnt matter if you guys see it or NOT


you get a rush when people respond to your posts


find something funny and need to reaffirm that its actually funny by posting it on hima and seeing what everyone thinks



dont click that unless you want a ponebone


File: 1572690962531.png (506.27 KB, 766x812, unknown.png)


based wish i was proud of my heritage


hate when a quora post starts off with five paragraphs of background information nobody asked for instead of just answering the question


cant wait for the next eotens chapter


hope that eoten guy is ready for his punishment for that arrogant essay god did NOT turn a blind eye to that


stop reading that shite


no its epic


only like 7 chapters left ill stop then


raging hard at moms dumb decisions again about to blow my top this time


File: 1572700664858.webm (395.85 KB, 1920x1080, 1572587995847.webm)


got left behind


sigh shes getting worse


was gonno post that flip you


File: 1572707783489.webm (Spoiler Image, 506.21 KB, 1198x950, 1572150976650.webm)


NOThin oog you bastard


at "dota2," my teammates say "noob" or "idiot" to me. Also, when I am killed by the enemy, the enemy says "sad" to me. This is probably Sarcasm.

save her dotachink


post her bazongers


got left behind


cant take women suffering seriously because i know her life is better than any of ours and if she was male she would have roped years ago


"i do NOT like my breast i am so sad"
yet literally every picture and video is zoomed in on her swollen milkers god flipping damn i hate women so much





brain pain from the wine it hurts


make it stop


mornin hima had a nice shwoer and a nice coffee hehe


he gave up after fighting for months and simply moved out


mindbaffling that everything in that 4ch leak was true even scaling and levelcap at 60 in wow guess the final boss of d4 is gonno be angelic diablo hehe thats so dumb




nobody clicks those


simply give it a click


wike up


it hurts hi


thought i was caught up but now i have to read 60 more posts


what hurts




my brain


gonno play some minecraft on the hima realm


fire up the end key and skip those pinchers


can someone host minecrafts now thank you


read them



theres a server open but you need a mojang account


his cousins know the secret ingredient


mindblowing that someone would pay $30 for minecraft


it as $10 back in the day


that game is worth $2 at best



how do i play on it


File: 1572717853108.webm (Spoiler Image, 302.75 KB, 604x340, 1571887875528.webm)


how do i play on the hima server


you need to tell me your username so i can add you then when you click on realms the hima one will show up as available


are you gonno hack me if i join




used to think things like that were a joke but with the smartnorm creating a himabot anythings possible ive probably already been doxxed


sigh hope the botnorm dies


got doxed when kenneth george boles was forced to hand over records of my 25k+ posts to the mesa pd


scared to post my mojang account how can i tell if the hima server is real


minecraft stream now





you cant see ips on realms


take a screenshot of the realm


gonno stream for a bit i guess


you bros actually read the entirety of vinland i stopped at the first chapter


hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boy


cant believe theres a stream crying




leave the squids alone


do the doors NOT have windows anymore


holy flip a stream


i need a profile name what should i make it


each type of wood makes a different door if you use oak you still get the original one


paste kaguya


should i buy minecraft again to play on this server i lost my account


went and bought some cofev and got a neetcut now im gonno brew me a mug


same been trying to remember my minecraft info for a week now


too poor for minecraft


buy a better game


but i want to play with hima


sent a ticket to minecraft support like 3 months ago since i cant remember my account either and still have NOT got a reply


pirate the older version where you just type in an ip address to play online


going to make some coffee too


he said i have to post my user name then i can play






maybe they changed it you played online by typing in a server ip and clicking connect


i want to play


what should i eat for breakfast


how about a nice meatball marina


how about some eggs scrambled with spinach and cheddar cheese


2 pancakes 3 eggs 2 pieces of smoked bacon a slice of ham 2 pieces of toast a waffle a side of grits 2 biscuts a glass of orange juice a mug of coffee


ill take two


sounds delicious


dont have meat dont have eggs dont have cheese


thats way too much food


is mom gonno cook it


order some poptarts from amazon


excellent mug of jo today i must express how intoxicating the aroma of this coffee is


wish i could cook then i could eat all that and play minecraft with hima


will it be here before i starve


ive had meatball marinas subs from subway 4 times this week cause that one guy


what toppings


love meatball subs


lettuces olives tomatoes onions and chipotlers



should i watch that




almost watched joker but didnt feel like waiting over a hour for it to start


the sea giveth and the sea taketh


calculus is easy i dont understand why everyone acts like its hard


die chink




asked mom to get subs again tonight and she said we had them too many times for a whole month in a week but she said this is the last time so its meatball subs tonight hehe


eat those subs while watching this


asked mom to get me voltage at the store she said no because it would be too heavy to carry to the car


even offered to pay for it sigh


havin a nice coffee too hehe



chugging a monster


picked up snacks for tonights gaming session got my sour keys 2 more monsters nacho supplies raspberry coke and mom getting the subs




why did no one tell me about this


can you emulate minecraft on that


switchnig is in jail


you cant play anything on It anyways


mom bought roast beef sandwiches


uhhh roast


File: 1572724967311.webm (575.16 KB, 480x360, roastie beef sandwich.webm)


why did he grin after saying that


you know


did seki go to the club why is the stream still afk


is reviewbro an incel


is he gonno play again


he moved


File: 1572725254046.jpg (97.18 KB, 759x1092, 1 like 1 dead norm.jpg)


wish i was playing with him right now


what are you building right now


nice minecraft rain


gonno gather some materials to build a concrete house


sigh can you imagine all of us himas playing together hiding out from the rain


someone build the mansion



raging so hard at linus latest video how can he do that for strangers


hehe horse


initiate ponebone protocol


whats the difference between the original java one and the windows 10 minecrafts


theres a cash shop for skins and you cant import your own in the bedrock edition


what one do i need to play with hima


i must click video game rocks


you can buy a account on ebay for 4$


File: 1572727356606.png (398.78 KB, 446x449, 50c123d6edc5e9c6e2f0e09c6a9252aa.png)


die miners


okay my profile name is Senkooooo


bad name choose something more masculine


i couldnt come up with anything so its senko


its a girls name change it please


you arent even playing are you


no but i want you to protect your honor


i dont have any honor


dont say that


what if he doesnt see my profile name then ill never get invited



holy nice stream adding


cracked open a blogweiser and aNOTher cofvev


laying down my stomach hurts and i need to eat my snacks for gaming later


die gamers


gonno go rake the leaves off of the yard


good luck were all counting on you


gonno join the necrolords


dont say necro if youre white




File: 1572730435510.jpg (231.44 KB, 850x1137, boob.jpg)


first bottle of nog is in the fridge i repeat the first nog of the season has been purchased


never had eggnog before whats it like


tastes like the first time you were dying of thirst and drank a bottle of water in one go


fire up some pictionary


mommys making burgs


File: 1572730940446.jpg (80.26 KB, 1046x800, __original_drawn_by_kaisen_chuui__c87e81578770….jpg)




could go for some nog right about now



wish i had a big cowtit whore to snap


love a good impossible_clothing


whats impossible about that




what if girls didnt have fat sacks strapped to their chest


they would have been deemed useless thousands of years ago and wiped out


NOThing wrong with pettanko


feelin like shite


whats wrong


get the box wine


deploy the blankie


gonno have some fish n broccoli


found a grey hair


File: 1572733769669.jpg (132.74 KB, 707x1000, 1572708026023.jpg)




they ruined her


wish she would beat me up


woke up missed the stream might as well end it


stream that


File: 1572734306383.png (2.38 MB, 1919x1080, shadowlands.png)

which one are you picking


ardenweald looks cool


me kyrian


none of those are appealing




wish rin would crush my skull with those thighs


dont call that thing rin




if i buy minecraft will i get a cute minecraft sexy ladygf


gonno join revendreth they are cool


gonno NOT play wow because im NOT a retard



see you in the shadowlands


always harassed girls in game servers until they quit or i got banned


they just wanted to game like you


leave them alone creep


whats more fun and cooler in ff dragoon or black mage




ff or ffnormteen


might have my first freelance job


play a black mage


dont play as darkies sorry


stupid teen


File: 1572735519890.jpg (598.28 KB, 1244x1000, FFXIV_ARR_Jobs.jpg)

sigh they all look so flippin cool any tiebreakers


dont play that flipping shitegame


pasted non-manbaby


die workers die wowers


hima is a xiv zone


eorzea is in danger


wish i could game like i used to lucky teens




same too busy contributing to society now


what should i do tonight


get some burgers and sweet tea


die teen


this fish tastes extra fishy might be rancid oh well


you are NOT permitted to criticize japanese games


stinkbugs finally stopped invading


glad shadowlands will make the xivnorms extinct hehe


want to game but dont want to get gamerpinky sigh


gaming hard right now hima


File: 1572737332079.jpg (120.28 KB, 750x731, hima.jpg)


is that turt


File: 1572737598946.png (237.69 KB, 431x768, 377b6e5b9e2a450f4e8f7628509a39ba.png)


why did blizz add nig and chink heads if youve always been able to change the skin colors for humans


im a flipping gamer pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


went for a drive with mom



whats wrong with being nig or chink


forgot the boruto manga plot sigh


chinks are baste


he wants to be the hokage


File: 1572738613104.jpg (56.32 KB, 720x388, josh nightcall.jpg)


stupid teen


where is pnig


thinking about hes gonno eat at his final meal


hell be released for sure in two weeks


almost an entire year since they got him


night fae is the official hima resting palce


that means they have NOThing on him he will be out soon and sue them for millions



have so much gray hair already hima


nice stressnorm


when your real life begins it will revert




spent the first 27 years of my life doing NOThing maybe the 28th will be different


its almost time for the pnig rescue arc


paste zoomer doesnt understand they are all 40 year old men


how does this teen twink have a wife


File: 1572739534484.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, Execution.gif)


File: 1572739582830.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


fire up the tard only server


the himarealm is always on simply log in


the hima realm





File: 1572740039529.jpg (437.99 KB, 1640x2648, boobie.jpg)


would laugh if blizz was in on the joke but they wont be and will appease them


pasted enclave was always owning people on grobbulus


hellow lady


cover your bosoms young lady


music doesnt seem appropriate


why NOT


angelic diablo what the flip whats wrong with those blizzard soyboys why cant they do a single thing right


it would be cool if they retcon diablo as the good guy in 1 and 2


light infused angel diablo named diabael primus hehe


nice milk bags


light infused what the flip are we playing warcraft


i thought he was


invite milg to the hima real


d2 retconned the good guy from d1 into diablo


milk is flipping 30 years old its just gross to meme about her now


sigh applemilk1998


just imagine milks drooping battered 30 year old labia


i mean 1988


no longer milk now shes kefir


except shes still a pure virgin


personally i like yogurt more than milk


its milk and shes a goddess


gonno edge


kitty yogurt




sigh disassociating again


hate opening cottage cheese its scary when you open it and it pops and spews cottage cheesers all over you


hate cottage cheese


never ate cottage cheese whats it like


pretty mindblowing how many things weve done with milk cant imagine being a vnig


wish i could eat cheese


like a spoonful or two of cottage but no more


you can eat cheese


no i cant it makes my tum unfun


try cheddar or colby or swiss or havarti




NOT sure if i want democrats to stop being sjws or NOT they might be even more dangerous if they seem sensible and dont race bait but are still communists


wish i had a giant cheese wedge


sigh yogurt condensed milk cheese milk flan milk chocolate mozzarella cheese roll


die normitics norm


is that freak obsessing about normtics again


NOT getting big enough fast enough


simply eat more


four scoops


mom caught me tard dancing to the spaghetti song but she handed over the meatball marina subs and left hehe


sigh wish i had a mom who just gives what i need and leaves


minecraft stream


a gallon of milk a day


that will give you moobs


no it wont


did gomad and all i got was fat


youll get fat if you eat a 2000 calorie surplus and expect that to all become muscle


dont drink milk dont drink soda


hate when mom talks to me


hate mom


hate when mom knocks on my door and says she hasnt talked to me in a few days as if thats a reason to bother me


love mom


love mom but dont like when she knocks on my door


wonder if mom realizes she will be going to hell for what she did to me


youre going to hell for NOT loving thy mother


1 minute short of breaking my all time best 3 mile run



watching aris with a meatball sub heck ya


moms my only friend talk to her for hours every day


can plainly see the strings of fate being plucked its so obvious that its almost insulting but i guess im used to how the demiurge plays its tunes


love a nice meatballa marinara sub and italien blt


got hired for artist rendering freelance work oh flip my first job hope everything goes well


i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work i dont want to go to work


dont bring the italien meme back i hate it


stop it
its saturday night neet night


hehe italien blts are my favorite subs always get them but right now its meatballs


cant even imagine this what a bizarre life


im freaking out because its alreeady late and tomorrow is sunday and then its monday


aaaaaaaa help


shes so nice and funny and caring and helpful and understanding


do you have a crush on her


dislike subs because bread is merely a vehicle for better food that we use because its socially unacceptable to eat with your fingers otherwise


mindblowing that people are supposed to be best friends with their wives imagine being best friends with a woman


italien blt on honey oat bread with onions tomaters lettucers onioners and olivers


norm calibur groan


love soulcalibur


did you know that aris is a soul calibur world champion


gonno build a minecart train in the hima realm



hope its NOT one of those rides that kill you at the end


id never do that to a hima


File: 1572743764884.jpg (234.91 KB, 1200x951, EIWWvAnXkAEgJz3.jpg)


how arrogant of that mom to NOT give him his own room




thinking about monhun and crying


whats to cry about


rage when i play monhon


all the good times ive had playing


thinkin about the six million


File: 1572744852680.jpg (118.75 KB, 807x1112, maid.jpg)

may i take your order


can i get a meatball marina with extra pizza sauce thanks


talk to mom a lot too but just because i need to counterbalance myself and because she will listen to pretty much anything


cant remember the last time i enjoyed talking to someone in real life


would love to be one of the derangedneets that is allowed to NOT interact with mom for weeks on end and lives in a house so large that mom cant hear them rocking in their chair




gonno fire up minecraft


spent most of my life thus far sitting in a room with a closed door and staring at a glowing rectangle for hours and hours


i was meant to live in dimension x


im from there its NOT that great


watching the powerpuff girls



used to pretend i hated powerpuff girls


loved powerpuff girls


how come real maids are all fat gross mexican hags and NOT cute sexy ones like that



you need a french maid


why would a cute sexy girl become a maid when she can just play video games on stream or marry some guy to pay for everything


because they arent paid well so cute girls can make more money getting flipped by old men and stuff


sigh b utttercup


sigh lost all my inventory hima


always liked the ed more


miss when i could spend all day online and barely be reminded of reality




always thought bubbles was sexy


shes a child




what the flip


room stinks like cum


enormous bone


very nice


reading decision points






theyre sexy but this pinches hard the original is better


no ones watching it for the plot just watching so i can jerk my big horny bone i get when i see em


green dog days


just realized most names of the letters correspond to how they sound


what about haitch


pink girl dog days


what do you meaned


same still trying to process that post


got a huge load of shite ready to fire




stream it


always said zee instead of zed


thats what americans do


hate yanks


im NOT american


only ever said zee when i was pronouncing dragon ball z because dragon ball zed sounds weird


seki ban these disgusting third worlders


File: 1572747752480.png (Spoiler Image, 384.35 KB, 700x700, 8573C9E3-CBEC-4282-863A-C08EA1A609EE.png)


blossom is so sexy in this one




wish i was her


why is the sound all flipped up


looks like it was recorded on a vcr


no i literally cant hear anything its like static


sounds normal to me


did she eat those piggers right in front of their own mother what a monster


vored those little babies


anyone watching the big fight


gonno make a big meal then its wine time


heck ya


might become the incel king


hell ya





whatever happened to let me think about that nah guy


hes looking at 10 to life


that was me


found two blogweisers in the back of the fridge hehe


sigh mom wants to go to early service tomorrow




what a weird coincidence i just put two blogweisers in the back of the fridge


food and beverage theft will be a serious problem in the mansion


File: 1572748814579.webm (2.8 MB, 1280x720, crackin.webm)


File: 1572748892381.webm (Spoiler Image, 620.56 KB, 640x272, 1572747752274.webm)


crying no more taco bell packets or shredded cheese to put on my chos


youre crying about some stupid pieces of cheese while pnig is on death row


File: 1572749344846.webm (Spoiler Image, 520.57 KB, 854x480, nachos.webm)




i cry easily sorry


why is whining those taste better


utterly disgusting


love a good soggychip


moms gone time to start drinkin


you have a problem




hide my boxes of wine under the bed so mom doesnt find out


one of the reasons i dont let mom in my room is because the cupboards overflowing with empty wine boxes


hima i really want to live the neet life again its too magical and amazing and nice as paste and baste and nice


simply fire up welfare




need to scream NOT sure if ill make it until monday when the house is empty


uh what does mom thinking youre buying when she drives you to the liquor store 3 times a week


wonder if welfare is better than living with mom


i take the bus


i take the bus its the only time im able to stare at the sexy ladies outside


mom thinks im gay


cant imagine being a busnorm and having to sit next to other busnorms


little does she know im actually ped hehe


what about church


if your real life began youre supposed to laugh at your neet past and how bad it was compared to how good your life is


pasted cityslickers


wish i was a city boy


i require stimulation


thats what joing is for


NOT that kind


people can sense my aura and sit nowhere near me


never learned how to ride a bus how do you know when it stops


but i always loved being a neet i was thankful for every single day


think you just guess


the bus stop has the routes and destinations on it and the bus says what its next stop will be on the front


having trouble suppressing my aura enough the perceptive children keep sensing it and watching me


its too complicated how do norms do it


was scared of the buses in japan so id walk for miles instead



whats scary


ban always normy or i rage


mindblowing that anyone here is able to function without mom cant even use the stove let alone go further away from home than the backyard


ill join in his rage you cant stop us both


you should at least learn how to cook


remember when that guy learned how to microwave the bacon he was so happy


how do norms just know all these things like how to ride the bus how to tie shoes how to cross the street its like it just comes naturally to them


pushed the stop button and the bus driver got mad at me for NOT walking up to the front how was i supposed to know


did you forget to thank the bus driver


mom is supposed to teach you those things


how much are you supposed to tip the bus driver


depends on the distance usually a dollar per mile


grandpa taught me how to tie my shoes when i was a kid


tried to cross a street once stood and waited for 20 minutes because no cars would stop for me even when the hand was up


you what


how fast are you supposed to walk when crossing the street anyways


new masaokis


youre supposed to jog


is that the toilet cooking guy


are you meant to swing your hands when you walk or keep them steady NOT sure how norms do it


keep your hands in your pockets its the safest


holy flip


sis keeps making fun of how i walk she says i walk around like a robot


i sprint across


what if they think i have a gun


explained the autism walk to mom they other day and how different races have different walks with chinks being the most autistic and blacks being the least


NOThing wrong with having a gun so its fine


think i forgot to sperm today how did that happen


always tried to wear a sweatshirt for this reason


make sure youre swinging the arm thats on the same side youre stepping with otherwise youll look like a freak


cant believe i need to calculate which hand to swing based on the leg im stepping with how the flip do norms do it automatically


are you supposed to turn your hips at all when you step or is that just for girls


youre supposed to shift your power from left to right as you walk


going to revert to crawling


after a year of nojo youll be able to hover



moms making me join toastmasters


tall males are so likeable they can make money humilating people in public and filming it


wish some neanderthal browed tallnorm would try that shit on me so i could blow a hole through his solar plexus


sigh these poor tall guys are so disadvantaged


why are tallnorms so arrogant


why are americans so short dont think ive ever seen a man below 5'7 in the wild unless he had some kind of condition


kill yourself


been raging all night and im only 3 pins in the urge to purge is becoming too much to bear


half of american males are over 5'10


thats only the white ones



what is this


neetblog told me he had epstein silenced so he couldnt squeal on pnig


dont open those theyre dangerous


pnig is spamming ota



can you explain what specifically you mean by that before i open ota after clicking an fbi link retard


dont open it


do NOT open it


i opened it and downloaded the pdf and opened that too hehe


im gonno flippin do it


hope we end up as cellmates


hehe opened it as well


found some dry flaky material in my cool whip


fast hours gonno game



paste beauford


kog must be almost 40 at this point


wonder if were gonno hit 1 million before 2020


dont want to hit 1mil dont want it to be 2020


mindblowing that wed already have 1 million posts if pnig didnt get arrested


he called the police on himself


File: 1572753982017.webm (9.23 MB, 600x338, 1572719640185-1.webm)

first day of spring in the hima forest


did you know that even people on jp dont know who kog is anymore


tummy hurts


NOT possible most people on facebook probably know him


saw a frogger on moms facebook once


hate kog


same he stole my get


what about yama


kogs based he uses his powers to own the frogs now


he doesnt play fair hes a cheater


if my post ends in 0 kog is pasted


dont listen kog sent him


you might want to check em


File: 1572754654813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.68 KB, 500x500, 1544072552940-2.jpg)

frogs are paste




hated the dubs guy



File: 1572754940854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.43 KB, 1024x771, 1387839371462.jpg)




crying remember dubs being turned off like it was yesterday


found a nice frogger can i post it


4chan seemed more fun during that era



cracked open a blogweiser


nap time


File: 1572755145789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.67 KB, 640x640, 1572735946873.jpg)






That's what you get when you elect a low IQ person as a President! :D Nevertheless is funny as hell!


mindblowing that i remember periods of the 4 as significant eras in my life and the average poster hasnt even read about them secondhand


remember thinking i was hot shit when posting on 4norm regularly back in 2007


gok sent me


same still consider myself hot shit i was forged in the flames of the internet the norms simply dont understand


File: 1572755682528.png (124.75 KB, 1000x550, 1472250590462.png)


needs to be updated now


dont even know how its possible to have NOT heard of 4chan until after 2010


by being born in 2000


its NOT about NOT hearing of everyone knows about it now but the generic opinion is that its an underground scary dark place that gives you viruses which is what my boomer coworker expressed to me


wouldnt they have more access to the internet NOT less


File: 1572755942802.jpg (500.61 KB, 3624x3624, kiss.jpg)


to most norms the internet is just their phone apps


what year did 4norm get a mobile site i cant remember


2000 isnt young enough to have grown up with a phone they must have been using newgrounds and youtube in 2006


that the flip are you on why would a 6 year old be on newgrounds


tech ceos dont let their children have smartphones


do people still say lol


i was using it when i was 9 or 10 over 15 years ago why would some kid young enough for their older bro to be browsing the 4 in front of them NOT


newgrounds i mean


see people writing lol and lmao on the 4 and rage


its zoomers and norms and women who do that


used to jo to bulma dress up on newgrounds when i was 10


might just fire up a nice meet & flip game


get mad when i rightfully rage at a bad post on the 4 but everyone comes to the norms defense because thats what the population is now


how come even though i played tons of dating sims im still a virg


made some embarrassing posts on newgrounds back then wonder if i can request an account deletion



remember playing meet and flip and thinking i couldnt wait until i was older to do it too


File: 1572756645319.swf (1.66 MB, meetnfliproadtrip.swf)


why did they call deleting blaming or blamfing or whatever they did


blam this piece of crap


sigh jeremy soule



never lacked the self awareness to think i would ever be able to have normal romantic and sexual relationships with women


thought it would be as easy as meet and flip sigh


wouldnt mind being a zoomer and being able to browse the internet in class on a phone all i ever did was doodle and desk stare to pass the time


they take pics of homework and share all the answers too


crackin open blogweiser nummer zwei


would mind that you cant survive childhood today as an autistic cel


you could never survive it


wish i had a smartphone to take to work with me but i dont want to waste the money


neither would you just wait until they upload everything with their phones youd either kill yourself and kill them and then have the mutt who bullied you become an anti gun activist and get a free ride to harvard


camera phones myspace and digital cameras were around 12 years ago grandpa


they were for richnorms


i had already left school 12 years ago


all these gladiator threads and no ralphie references


File: 1572757863867.jpg (663.6 KB, 1200x1600, __illyasviel_von_einzbern_and_chloe_von_einzbe….jpg)



sick of this achronistic retconning where 6 year olds in 2006 browse newgrounds and people have iphone 20 in 2008 rather than a do NOThing nokia




hello there prety girls


every norm at my school had a camera phone in 2007


shouldnt say 2008 because thats past my school years lets say 2003


wish they stopped terminator with judgment day or at least the third movie


never watched terminator


you missed out


watched the first one thirteen years ago bought the second one on bluray ten years ago and havent watched it yet


fast hours




sick of never watched


should i stream soul calibur 6


are you gonno play girl characters


NOT sure havent fired it up in almost a year


havent played a soul game before or after soul calibur 2 when based link was in


stream if youre playing girls


File: 1572758739921.png (15.59 KB, 619x205, rage.png)


sent my sketch to the guy hope he likes it


meatball marina sub is hurting my tummy


was just having fun going to post the funny comment about NOT being able to play it but then had to click view replies and rage


paste rager


love vlc


rageye is based


are you gonno stream


mindblowing that people use videoplayers other than mpv


mpc is all you need


hate the pareto principle and all mentions of it


saw a fate grand order commercial on tv should i be worried


are you chink




File: 1572759832953.mp4 (1.75 MB, 1572411984931.mp4)


never watched sailor moon


never watch is getting out of control


gth eye


nihilus hates sailor moon


if you cant watch something you never watched after the time you were supposed to watch it what are you supposed to watch


how about stream


soul calibur is updating it says 24 minutes left


video games dont need to be updated


no one wants to watch me play single player they want to watch me get owned by chinks


fighting games are only worth playing against cpu


ya you can fight cpus and id watch as long as its girls


whens the stream




going to sleep my body is worthless and weak


youre supposed to play fighting games against rival males at the arcade


i fear other males




played mortal kombat against the cpu in the arcade


remember playing tekken in the arcade


no mom was watching tv came in the living room and saw it think it was on the abc channel


should i redownload fgo


cant believe i need to enable two factor authentication to stream


cant believe i have to rap on tracks so you get it


ya fire up some fgo itse halloween right now


what the flip


stream stream stream stream


timejust changed hehe an extra hour to enjoy a stream in the middle of the night


heck ya


heck ya hima streeaaaaaammmmmmmm


how is this happening dont understand time







2 streams in one day this is the best day ever hima


gth streamnorms


File: 1572762726726.jpg (67.32 KB, 701x1017, xianghua butt.jpg)


why are they speaking english


File: 1572762768842.webm (Spoiler Image, 302.75 KB, 604x340, 1571887875528.webm)


File: 1572762870350.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 1000x563, 1571541960395.webm)


vile whore


File: 1572762927328.png (586.05 KB, 1454x800, 1572535380740.png)


love when i can see their panties


forgot how to use my super hehe


always get my ass kicked by the cpu


nice sexy lady mirror


it was this i saw on tv


theres no way you did


i swear just a little different the one i saw was by funimation



never seen anime outside of toonami on tv


im groh


what the fuck


anime belongs to everyone


bored of talim who should i play






nice nb




theres evil guys with bows attacking me


loved joing to the babysitting cream game


fifth day of fast legs go


always hated inuyasha it pinches


died and lost my house


based streamblog



die you flippers


its night out and im standing inside a dirt 1x2 square


i give up minecraft is too hard


log back in and give me your coordinates


ill do it tomorrow


File: 1572764700822.jpg (267.45 KB, 1920x1080, pasted.jpg)


cant believe this i was building my house and pillagers came and killed me


used to be a taki master sigh have to train again


holy flip


why does nb have such a cool voice



the raiders


always been a tira main


hate raiders


File: 1572765246770.png (Spoiler Image, 888.02 KB, 1280x748, 1572762027438.png)



stream is dead


he started palying dragons crown


love dragons crown


which class should i pick


File: 1572766968925.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.37 KB, 1200x1600, EII7s5sUcAE1tqS.jpg)




woke up from me nap havin some wine


pick the archer


dreamed i was waiting in the doctors office with a japanese girl and i kept starting arguments with other people who were waiting


turn the voice language to japanese please


why would you argue with them


what should i name her






senkos a lover NOT a fighter


always forget how good of a game this is


turns out how good a game is is directly correlated with how sexy the girls are


hope the guards didnt snap her during the night


when will my adventure begin


it can in the hima realm


cant believe you did that


i was outnumbered i had no choice


dont like the prime minister


he flips the princess


damn fine game


too dumb for this puzzle




File: 1572769410779.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.05 KB, 768x1024, EIbnwOHWsAADLvb.jpg)


somebody save her


File: 1572769543733.jpg (432.19 KB, 1433x2024, EIYN9VjWsAAonhl.jpg)


File: 1572769665446.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, ixdXV4tT2UE.png)


she needs to stop eating so much candy and lose weight


cant believe there were two streams today so happy


thanks for the stream


gonno poop sigh i was holding it in that entire time


sleep time


sigh cant find a yamuchan minecraft skin


murdered a baby silverfish



finally got my ony helm


File: 1572782610591.png (913.04 KB, 1280x720, Erai-raws_High_Score_Girl_II_-_02_720p_00_01_0….png)


pasted got rag legs too


File: 1572787527516.png (786.14 KB, 1709x2268, __aqua_kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo_d….png)


boi she dabbin


File: 1572791244982.png (27.87 KB, 620x285, mzZqzNy.png)





File: 1572794297654.jpg (247.19 KB, 962x641, 1572792058011.jpg)



really freaking out hima got aNOTher flight tonight and i only come back on wednesday


sis is making me take her to the airport on tuesday at 4am


dont spoil her females already have easy lives


woke up with a huge zit on my face


woke up with no face


wish i was faceless


got 3 zits in the past week didnt have any for the last 8 years whats going on


File: 1572797415207.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, unknown.png)

happy halloween hima heres a sexy lady for halloween


shes too evil


often fantasize about having a mask permanently affixed to my face


it fits the theme


hello girl i dont have any treats




its too early for stream begging


i need it



kofi time


hima save me


coffee is for adults


im manbaby


cant wait for my coffee later


getting awfully close to exalted hima


ate some yogurt


sugar free yogurt right


plain yogurt


File: 1572800713164.jpg (296.83 KB, 895x1256, EIcpXMYXkAMLHJ4.jpg)


me after nojo november


you need a haircut


how are guys so good at looking like girls nowadays




you going to japan




File: 1572802059397.png (651.43 KB, 751x1053, 7c911826f807e84bb093a793d5091e94.png)


File: 1572802436208.png (163.56 KB, 450x194, ben-franklin-troon-png.355452.png)


agp freaks dont look like girls


chink ones do


love the retard freaks that have long hair and wear dresses and say they are girls without watching thousands of hours of makeup tutorials and practicing and being around other girls to pick up their mannerisms


what do girls smell like


theyre all like that


about to go on a shopping spree


are you buying snacks or gaming gear


File: 1572804032901.jpg (41.27 KB, 640x430, powdered-wig_5.jpg)

himasugi, c1759


was gonno post a picture of hapsburgs and say that the other day


File: 1572804692771.jpg (31.95 KB, 713x552, e12hdl6di3p01.jpg)

me reading hima posts while waiting for the raid to start



miss hots and the hcg hima


gonno game heck ya


me too sigh i wouldnt have boycotted it if blizz didnt give it a skeleton crew


File: 1572805110606.png (304.57 KB, 1181x620, 775d4923dd16d7397b2c5f6346e029db.png)


die norm


File: 1572805345832.jpg (114.72 KB, 633x885, nb.jpg)

neetblog c.1532


hots didnt die they murdered it goddamnit


should i install hots or poe






NOT hots NOT after qhira we must be loyal to dota now


gran asked if i wanted to go to church with her and i said no


gran wont be around much longer you should spend time with her where you can


nah flip her


just put this on the tv


youre supposed to worship p anderson NOT osteen


paste henrichad


anderson is toxic you need osteen in life


love going to church many many sexy ladies to stare at


need to game hima but i dont know what i want to play


minecraft stream


freaking out hima


too dumb to stream


File: 1572806694351.jpg (177.15 KB, 927x1110, piss.jpg)




too hairy



napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo napo


napo napo napo


miss blasting some napo and scaping until dawn



password was reset on my 4$ minecraft account hima its over


mom bought sparkling water


oh flip


got called a boomer


stop posting with teens


you make hard situations for yourself by NOT going the legal route


bought aNOTher account


mindzapping how minecraft support literally just doesnt answer tickets hoping you will get frustrated and just buy the game again




would play if i did NOT have to buy it


found out i did NOT forget my account details they just intentionally locked you out of original minecraft accounts because those didnt have emails attached to them


youre just gonno get scammed agian




norms hate email


wonder why it was made private


File: 1572808757582.jpg (57.62 KB, 618x412, pasta.jpg)


sigh same


why does everything cost money


to keep us enslaved


the norms


hate norms


wonder what will become of the henri arc


cant leave a bad review for the guy that never paid for my ebay thing ebay just says they recorded it on his account but i want to leave a negative review




no i mean ebay wont let me


i dont even need a lot of money im completely 100 paacento beaming and happy and content with just enough to pay for internet and energy and snacks and coffee and water dont need anything else at all why the flip am i even doing this and throwing away my happiness


just save up as much as you can now and quit in 2020 so we can neet it up hard in the months proceeding the ritual


gth cyclical neets


hate the ritual meme


youll regret it for the rest of your life if you miss out its your last and only chance


the ritual


hope he dies at the end sick of everyone being attractive but me


wonder how many neet years i have ahead of me


phew hima just mowed and let me tell you there were some very sexy ladies playing on the street some of them stared at me


were you shirtless


recalculating TATARI at the through the looking glass


wonder if they can tell when you get a bone


sexy ladies shouldnt be playing in the street its dangerous what if turt comes drifting through there


mindblowing that norms are more scared of guns than cars


mow those sexy ladybitches down



feel dumb for NOT knowing how he does it to this day he isnt the only one using scripts


File: 1572812122627.jpg (13.74 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


wonder if theres people that still remember gets on 4chan


File: 1572812178420.webm (682.7 KB, 800x450, gets.webm)


woke up played odinsphere for a few hours because of that stream hehe


damn good game


i flipped cirno she has been flipped


cant wait for the weekly melty tournaments in the hima mansion hehe



what the flip


tamest rage ive ever seen norms just wanted to humiliate the weird kid in their group


File: 1572813601939.mp4 (629.69 KB, kiss.mp4)



im a gamer i game


sigh shouldve been a pilot




playing the outer worlds hima


thats a western game


i game


simple as that


its NOT that simple


ate some fish skin




its delicious




the himabros from the mansion head into town for some fun in the sun


woke up hi


bought some music


oh flippll


File: 1572820885550.webm (1.03 MB, 312x362, 1572761730289.webm)




mom had to step in



i dont get it why did he headbutted him


the norms


minorities have very fragile egos


don't know how long my penis is really NOT interested in measuring it




File: 1572821771123.png (Spoiler Image, 4.59 MB, 2670x2038, selfie.png)


you dont wanna know how big mine is


minorities live by strange rules the other night we went to the mexican restaurant and the mexican waiter touched me like that i didnt know i was supposed to headbutt him


just beat the outer worlds hima it wasnt good


mindblowing how many norms think its acceptable to touch a stranger


if its anything less than 6.75 its over anyway






dont be greedy


just jerked it


File: 1572822636375.webm (Spoiler Image, 302.75 KB, 604x340, 1571887875528.webm)


can someone tell this guy that his oog stuff isnt funny


im a gamer


i game


simple as that


NOT trying to be funny


onseki gave him a free spam pass


love senkospam love oogspam


cant believe one day my computer or game consoles will break down and ill be forced to work to get them back


gonno load up on snacks any suggestions



simply repair them


just order some poptarts off amazon


himasugi dot blog


what do you like


bh sexnorm


i hope this is what the mansion will be like and japanese people will come for miles around to watch us feast


something bad is about to happen


oh yeah like what


quadruple flusher neetlog


something bad


ate two daves triples but the second was gobbed with mayonnaise


dont order mayo on your burgs its the easiest sauce to tamper with


what do you mean tamper


the spit/sNOT/sperm combo


that doesnt happen


did that to sis once


enjoy your spermburger fool


youre the fool


sis loves my sperm cookies


gotta have mayo on the burg


love mayo love burgs


it was too busy for any of that and i didnt do anything to upset the teens


and spaghetters


arent dave triples too big


NOT for fatneet


die twig


i am fatneet but i dont like burgs that are tall would rather spend that money on chicken nuggets or baconater fries


a twig could eat 3


i choose daves triples because they have a good cost to nutrition balance taste decent and you dont end up with a bunch of useless bread


remember all the twigs in school would eat 3 times the calories that i did but i was the fat one


they ran around the playground and played sports while you went home and gamed


love gaming love home




cant afford to become nontwig


cant afford to become twig healthy food is too expensive


you dont need to eat healthy food you just need to eat less food stupid fat


hate fats hate twigs


able to make 6 double cheeseburgers for 3 dollars more than a daves double with drink


minecraft stream


get headaches and tummy rumblies when i eat less


only idiots buy drinks


mom doesnt let me have soda at home


eat the same as everyone on hima but im the fattest sigh flip these genes


all i ate was a smoothie and salad today and few bottles of water


had mini wheats and a sandwich


ate a big bowl of fries and chicken tendies


you must eat big to get big


how do i sign up




the japanese rejected my genetics


oh flip hima its startting again


File: 1572829540731.jpg (100.05 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dagashi Kashi - 09 [720p].mkv_s….jpg)


File: 1572829587837.png (1.48 MB, 1280x1696, [HorribleSubs] Dagashi Kashi S2 - 02 [720p].mk….png)

boobie hotarun


why dont i have a big boobie gf


youre ugly


you dont talk to girls


youre going to get him arrested bastard


feel a nice panic attack coming on


hate when girls try to talk to me




watch some video essays instead


fine with being cel and girls hating me and all that but i dont like being ugly


it cant be helped


love how the gaijin said immigration is needed but having free houses seems like a good deal


if people arent breeding then ya it is needed


should i go on a japan flip tour


if only they had some young healthy neets with plenty of semen to come over and breed them


NOT young or healthy anymore its over




finna piss and bathe


File: 1572832969361.png (Spoiler Image, 806.19 KB, 691x692, DSC_5023.png)

did i make it


the nog is good hima the nog is real good


hate nog


File: 1572834583651.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


nog is like drinking syrup its too rich


love drinking syrup


where is everyone


hate eggnog hate 6egg


File: 1572836059161.jpg (269.45 KB, 749x1200, q.jpg)

does this look like a man to everyone i keep thinking the chin jewel is a goatee
doesnt help that shes tall too gross


dont post characters modeled after savages


looks like a sexy gyaru to me


you should see her christmas version


posture dictates mindset




its the bot


how do i know youre NOT the bot


stop or im gonno existential


hope hima starts requiring proof of humanity


love a good captcha


File: 1572837548067.jpg (72.71 KB, 790x768, 1214431769754.jpg)





there was a skunk waiting outside the gym under a streetlight


it was guiding you


should i watch the spoony phantasmagoria




woke up mom bought pizza


wonder if ill ever meet someone whos finished a ff game


File: 1572839700936.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 1566431517832.jpg)


finished ff12


got to a boss in ff4 that i couldnt beat on the first try and stopped playing


beat most of them whats up


never played a ff game where should i start



dont understand why stuff like this is happening why must the norms go all out to torment me


cant stop watching restoration videos


love eating


love gaming


File: 1572841152042.png (60.69 KB, 1039x780, 1546739304312.png)




uh oh think that natto artichoke hotdog is coming back




new goblin slayer next season cant wait until this one ends


normblin slayer


will there be more goblin snap


post the snap webm


never even touched that me if its just goblin ntr
couldnt even finish konosuba s2 because of darkness sigh


darkness didnt flip a goblin


File: 1572842883900.png (936.02 KB, 1114x1600, 1572831850498.png)


its the same concept of being defiled by nonhumans thats popular with women


wish i was that cool


stop wishing and start becoming


you cant become cool its something youre born with


dont remember the last time i ate something without looking at a screen while i did it


eat dinner with mom at the table she will be happy


she brought this on herself by ynajing me whenever i try to


good episode of vinland


mother knows best


hate cooking non processed foods i always flip it up


File: 1572845661404.png (325.12 KB, 869x631, EH4K143UEAEBU3V.png)


big bone would love to dive head first into the foot


File: 1572845896157.webm (Spoiler Image, 82.85 KB, 66x52, foot.webm)


been over an hour dont care if these sausages are cooked yet or NOT




would you flipping stop saying senk


hate that old hag


its senko and i love her


love posting pics for my himamates to get bones to


big sonko bone


File: 1572849101631.jpg (36.65 KB, 1024x1024, 6086792367628ff5547f91a8447a26bf4917176dr1-120….jpg)





File: 1572849786946.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.13 KB, 1668x1252, 1572504454067.jpg)



hair dont click


love hair


File: 1572850298174.png (Spoiler Image, 6.35 MB, 3439x4856, __hoshinomori_konoha_gamers_drawn_by_kaetzchen….png)


gonno hurl


made mac and cheese


hearing things again


what are they telling you


love diablo 2


File: 1572852961947.mp4 (1.27 MB, FA_G2FCiiyIGFQzB.mp4)




think i heard a ghost


need to get a job so i can start bulk buying ps2s and sealed controllers before they each cost $300


told mom to reinvest her retirement into the used video game hardware market


sleep time hopefully i dont wake up


good luck


love sleep


wish i could snooze without needing a kilogram of sedatives and an anesthesiologist to propofol me out like michael jackson


woke up to poop now im going back to bed


File: 1572862386103.png (1005.8 KB, 1280x720, [Mezashite] Aikatsu on Parade! - 002 [E2C18775….png)



aikatsu aikatsu aikatsu





phew market season is over hima now most of my job involves looking busy while goofing off online


File: 1572875149979.jpg (478.08 KB, 1639x1323, white incel.jpg)


what the flip who put seki in that pic


File: 1572876487904.jpg (182.1 KB, 900x1200, EIhlNyQU8AImJAX.jpg)



raged at the sink being permanently full so i did the dishes myself


File: 1572882861694.jpg (1.19 MB, 1290x1822, 1572028318707.jpg)

stinky stinky



used to spray myself with axe body spray as a teen little did i know girls hated the smell sigh


me too but its moms fault shed buy me lots of cans of it NOT sure why


File: 1572883801696.png (136.21 KB, 831x259, unknown.png)

is this true seki


axe incel spray


used axe incel spray and 2 in 1 incel shampoo thanks mom





File: 1572885314780.png (2.14 MB, 1200x1678, __kujou_karen_kin_iro_mosaic_drawn_by_minato_o….png)


too tall to be her


why do you hate tall girls


gonno cry too


just saying that karen is a sexy lady and thats NOT her but tall girls are manly and unfeminine we must oppose them


used NOThing and allowed my festering stench to permeate the world around me because i couldnt smell and was ignorant to how it works


hate womanlets


hate foids


nice flippin stinktron


never showered never used deodorant never wash clothes


because mom does it for you right


there has never been a non cel male with anosmia


whats that


if its from head injuries then a ton of norms have it


think mom dropped me on my head as a baby


wish i got a head injury then i would have an excuse for being a gigantic fliptard


mom hit me in the hundreds of times



File: 1572888365326.png (1.29 MB, 1370x1500, __seiran_touhou_drawn_by_yonaga_masa07240__622….png)




excuse me young lady might i guide you to the nearest restroom


get away from her


its too late she cant be helped


she needs help


NOT from a pervert like you


my intentions are pure


purely sexual




you dont even know how to ahve sex




File: 1572890577714.mp4 (4.25 MB, B0ywkvX.mp4)



nice tard harness


im incel



do you think thats a real incel


nah he has a good face hes just a fat volcel


ya hes legit


caught my reflection in the monitor


slipped on some incel cargo shorts


stopped wearing shorts after mom commented on my hairy legs


you are supposed to shave them


missed my chance to get a goth teengf on gaia online


File: 1572896009998.jpg (Spoiler Image, 827.12 KB, 1280x1808, 1569028479050.jpg)


shes cumming too much the carpets ruined


its NOT ruined


look at the stains its gonno stink


third load is in the dishwasher i dont understand how people can just live in filth with a permanently full sink how are you even supposed to clean things by hand
no one is going to respect my efforts and its going to be trashed in a couple days anyways


no one respects anything we do


the only choice is to do NOThing at all


File: 1572898430586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 827.45 KB, 1600x900, c8762196b824588eb8eb8e6a23937850.jpg)




eating a italien blt


wish gaming was still a non norm hobby


just saw a fat boomer ride down the street in a flipping golf cart


hate norms hate baby boomers


who don't you hate


my himafriends


lots of stuff


cant imagine living life as a foid having everyone help you and pay you to live simply because of how you look


reminds me of that one video


what one video


the one where the foid goes undercover as a man for a year and realizes how much it pinches



theres a flipping ladybug raid at my front door hima theyre getting in through the cracks


grab the lysol


get the racket


why are they called ladybugs


theyre all sexy ladies


vacuumed them up and left the vacuum there sigh this is bad


youre supposed to lace the inside of the vacuum with poison


theyll die in there for sure


you are going to provoke them and they will send reinforcements


bought some hippie supplements


thats nice


are they going to cure all illness improve memory improve alertness improve concentration and make your bone bigger


File: 1572903691342.png (50.99 KB, 302x395, 5ccf7069130.png)

NOT sure about the bone part


File: 1572904242430.jpg (118.22 KB, 720x960, IMG_20191027_205932.jpg)


wish to feast



is that the ababababa girl


File: 1572904829107.jpg (Spoiler Image, 678.9 KB, 4096x2967, boob.jpg)


wish sis would get me a computer some guys get all the luck


wish a balding man with an asian wife would give me free stuff but im NOT a dumb foid in an apple store so it wont happen


pissed off about this


might start playing fps games


the ababababababa girl


test has me feeling that good ol cel rage again


File: 1572908376385.jpg (443.65 KB, 1438x2000, butte.jpg)


mind blowing doctors literally inject people with dead baby fetuses we need a reset asap


vaccines made me a cel


wish mom aborted me so i could be turned into a vaccine


big bone look how soft




is ota safe yet


have never touched a woman in my life


cant believe ive never even touched moms vagina they cut her stomach open and doomed me to celdom


thats a good thing itd be gross to touch that yuck


no that means you missed out on a lot of bacteria


im cel because i never swallowed the bacteria im moms vagina might have to fix that


you must go back


hit in the head circumcised vaccinated born cesarean formula fed


gonno debirth


File: 1572909664093.png (232.23 KB, 600x780, phew.png)


thats a child


shes 18


do you solemnly swear under the penalty of perjury that she has attained the lawful age of 18




its a drawing


based drawing


File: 1572910204031.jpg (3.35 KB, 251x251, tree in winter.jpg)


File: 1572910323605.gif (204.02 KB, 300x400, Spinning_Dancer.gif)

is she spinning clockwise or anticlockwise




dont understand this


got caught in the background of some norms smartphone video today it will probably go viral and norms will mock me and dox me then find all of my 4norm posts over the last 12 years


theyll probably get mom fired too sigh its over even if i never leave the house again why was i so careless


why is my nose so disfigured


whats wrong with your nose


what the flip


this is how i post on hima i thought that was normal


any openings for a magdump tomorrow at 9


mom types my posts for me


uh its obviously anti




no more magdumping only ritual now


NOT going to make the ritual at this rate


NOT sure if ill make it to 2020


may cho give you strength and elliot give you courage


File: 1572913471439.jpg (64.56 KB, 760x890, AP18138707423198-760x890.jpg)

dont forget him






incel stare


whats wrong with him


the norms


do norms target people with that haircut


cel clones


almost thought that was turts mugshot


bullying hours


i have the same haircut sigh


im nice


havent got a bone in a while


it wouldve been better if i was never born


i wouldnt have been able to read your posts


been saying that to myself a lot lately too dont worry we just need to last a little longer


File: 1572914865553.gif (693.71 KB, 500x281, bed.gif)


love hidamaris


love yuno


never watched hidamari sketch


File: 1572915254604.png (222.41 KB, 750x981, jfh38b1g2sv31.png)

women are getting more and more desperate but we must always stay mgtow


never falter on your path brothers women will NOT take our virginites no matter what tricks they think up


no ring will shine as brightly as your purity


die norm take your norm humor back to wherever you came from


exchanging purity rings will be the first step of the ritual


going to perform a spell to turn me into a girl long enough to come onto hima posters and out the ones who offer to flip as norms


dont your honor and dignity will be harmed


i will take your virginity


there is NOThing more honorable than revealing the norms among us so they may be punished


im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im flippin baste




sperm should only be shared between bros never wasted on a foid


i suppose i have no choice i will sacrifice my ass




no you dont need to sacrifice we can find aNOTher way


crying cause i got neetshamed


i hope i dont get ravaged by some crazed lustful hima poster


i cant make any promises




i will be known as the mansion snapist


File: 1572915913808.webm (Spoiler Image, 111.11 KB, 1280x720, 1539282788733.webm)


can you play the atelier game with just one hand i need the other one available


get a joystick




dont feel full but look full i must have miscalculated


hell yeah keep going


why do you need it available


File: 1572917357242.jpg (126.13 KB, 750x1334, 1572814563057.jpg)

dont like the thought of uli being around people like this every day


you know


2 coom :DD


same dont like the idea of nb being around them either


uli doesnt work at walmart he works at amazon


why is she trying to act like a man


i mean nb NOT uli


wonder if norms even understand what they are saying


crazy how ancient greeks were studying physics and philosophy while africans were living like animals


of course NOT look at the failednorms on hima


even crazier how there is no african literature


im animal


simply epic


stepped in spilled water and my socks flipping ruined that was the last good one too


thought africans were just as smart as whites


hate soggy socks


guys plpease stop posting so much until wednesday im NOT home


whereare you


paste house leaver


todays pork day hima cant wait to roast up some pork soon



havent seen any pork posts in awhile



time to fire up some modern blopfare


eating aNOTher italien blt today hima


File: 1572919534305.png (487.77 KB, 970x703, 6AGgDVbHHzAhc9Ys8q4jeL-970-80.png)

need this 8tb ssd badly


you dont


why does it have a fan


it gets really hot


any streams


minecraft stream




what should we do tonight






anyone want to have sex


File: 1572921256738.jpg (94.5 KB, 666x718, Capture (4).JPG)




is it sex with a vagina


gonno chug some milk


why wont the norms let me be


what did they do to you this time


mom bought gyros




love a nice jai-ro


File: 1572923045566.jpg (402.18 KB, 1100x1012, __sakura_hibiki_and_souryuuin_akemi_danberu_na….jpg)




never had a gyro whats it like




moms tard she thinks gyros are souvlaki




can someone stream


i want you to stream instead


cant wait to eat this pork


im NOT smart enough to stream


hate the ersnorm




food is all thats worth living for


and gaming




love eating love shitting love gaming


healing someone named ponydemon


in what game


File: 1572924600753.jpg (260.54 KB, 918x689, hotdoggf.jpg)

why couldnt things have been different bros


do people still wear overalls


ya asian girls do



its time to stop living in the past


File: 1572925058430.jpg (96.56 KB, 800x600, uber_tristram_2nd_victory.jpg)



cant beat the second dragon in atelier




tried to take a picture and fell out of my chair




im tard




want to crack but know ill regret it


game then


thought we got rid of the last of the tards with pnig


die norm


mindblowing how ugly i am




no photographs of me exist


are you a vampire


rejected my humanity


i have the worst facial structure on hima


im malkavian


File: 1572926718799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.22 KB, 677x921, pic.jpg)


mindblowing that women consider this a 9/10


starting to like things pnig used to like even though i hated them and hated him


youre becoming the next pnig there must always be one



only failednorm think about their facial structure


die chad


stupid teen


how do i work out my jawline


sigh getting filtered




you cant its over


knew about mewing 5 years ago never did it


have a nice jawline but my fat ruins it


been mewing for over a year its helped but NOT enough still a cel freak


you needed to be doing it no later than 2016 sorry


got left behind



might go to walmart and do this until i get detained by the cel police and sterilized


might pacemumble out in public and start taping it


gonno pacemumble


wish i had a twin


wonder if hed be norm


mom would just have two manbabies


stop watching him jbw is offensive


wed finally be able to prove the genetic link to celdom


jbw is true



there was a chance here
its gone now


wish i had a based celbro to team up with instead of some failed norm that got wrapped up with some obese nutjob and scarred for life


nice sibcest


wonder how im NOT a complete fat flip even though i eat huge amounts


its all genes i eat way less than you but im 280 lbs


started turning into a blimp in my late 20s


love food love eating love gaming


gonno ask mom to get burg supplies tomorrow