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bye hima


its so tard friendly and intuitive just driving with the bars it makes sense and you can turn 360 degrees in place if you ever get stuck why dont they just make cars like this it goes pretty quick too gonna have a lot of fun hima


love making the critters run in terror when i fire up the mower


spermed to tranny porn sigh


im happy for you ive seen those ones before






sighing hard


one time this kid at school asked for my lunch money and if I didnt give it up he gave me a wedgie and put me down the toilet and put my face in the toilet if I didnt give him the money it inspired me to get big and defend myself and get some muscle on me and some beef to defend myself it got me muscular i confronted him and said im NOT giving up the lunch money he put my head down the toilet again


get fukt


love ordering pizza and acting like a retard


got left behind flipping shit


might have some chicken and rice then mates


im waiting for wings and a cheese bread


think im losing it hima


whai you loosin it mon


just want to flipping end it sigh


does anyone have the penis size calculator


uhh uhhbb


sardine time


stop using mowers


i dont want to get added to the scythe list


scythe the grass and let everything else grow or just buy a cow theyre natural mowers


missed the pizza guy he called to tell me he will be back in a half hour what the fuck


forgot to release the goats


used the first of this years chili crop in this chicken and rice hima its good


how can you miss him


gonno watch pewdiepie and snooze


wish i had some im makin roo soup


roo meat isnt too bad actually ive had it a few times


gonna own some libs


can we do one of those hima sings things where everyone posts them singing a song and somebody combined them all


flip this to finish the scorpion quest you have to do the barbarian outpost one first of drinking in every pub NOT gonna scape anymore today


this world exists only to provide me with maximum suffering just a little more and id take my own life its a finely tuned torture device


you have to do that to do horror from the deep anyway which is an essential quest theres no avoiding it


what song


always tardlaugh when himako starts complaining about 3 users "bouncing off each other" like the sky is falling when arguments happen


this one


moms taking me to the ethnic grocery store today going to get rice and urad dal and fun surprises


get some banana leaves


pick something slower and easier to sing


dont forget the pork belly please


hehe told mom if i vacuum ill lose 26k gold because im in nightmare zone and she acted worried and said thats okay you can finish your game little does she know ive got 3 more hours of overloads




File: 1541992505484.jpg (239.38 KB, 1280x1359, 1541992306149.jpg)


hey thats my post


sighing very bigly RIGHT NOW


got back pain from too much yardwork



sing this


90s kids aminin natin sweet soul review and feel like dance ang national anthem natin wala pang wifi cellphone and youtube sa radyo at tv lang plus 90s anime yun lang ang source pero super saya na pero mala ebola ang kasikatan nito sa pilipinas even more than decade na to eh sarap p rin balik-balikan the best ang 90s


aNOTher reason to hate pinoys the language is hideous



beep beep



lay down are relax


i cant theres still more yardwork to be done


might have a cry even though tomorrow is supposed to be a good day



its monday tomorrow it cant be good because work is hell you die if you work and i am a walking corpse




File: 1541994071675.jpg (5.84 MB, 4000x3507, 3dd35bd43c52436ff007c42f4c6a7384.jpg)


File: 1541994116293.jpg (263.7 KB, 900x1273, a683e88a8c6c536b2430ed8bcdd26ad7.jpg)


thats too many oysters


lots of places like this out here if the hima mansion is here we can have late night or witching hour grocery trips


hope coby is having a good time


neetblogs NOT allowed in grocery stores after the incident


sounds like fun sigh


the arms on this couch are like 7 inches across so theyre perfect for setting plates on and eating


thats what they were made for


gamed hard did i miss anything


what is this actually



is there a hima parody of that song


she had to put her makeup on she died because of it


miss dadposter
miss sislarp


watched this the other day stay safe harsuz


love seeing calinorms incinerated for their sins


keep getting owned in yakuza sigh thought this game was going to be easy


stop playing single player games




is that you nb


new 373


believe ill nap then later mates


same havent heard anything from t g i hope shes ok and resting well


anyone know how canada is like


File: 1541997528475.jpg (156.52 KB, 1920x1080, yakuza.jpg)

nice cave



i can handle the cold anything else


its filled with chinks


im chink


thats vancouver anything else


then youll fit right in


it pinches


lots of weednorms and mounties


take it back




their president is queer


are taxes high what about housing prices do they have nice towns


i heard neetblog is finally going to lead the quebecois to independence


its easy to get neetbux here hehe




wish i was a neetbux collecting canachink


is it ok to jo on your own couch


im all of those things except a chink take it back


want to live in canada and be aves neighbor


dont watch aves videos he flips his daughter


dont jo in the apartment it will smell


i jod tons of times here had to hide the sperm box because i thought id have a visitor today


okay this is epic


he is the physical embodiment of the boomer meme



cried hard watching the bunny girl show gonna drink some coffee and game


havent cried in years


its important to have a big cry at least once a week


need to pee but dont want to get up


make sure you dont piss your pant


its ok i dont wear clothes anymore


gotta wake up in 5 hours isnt that just terrific


browsed the neet subreddit for a bit and now im feeling bad


why cant i live in japan




go to fucking hell


wish i didnt stink like shit


take a shower


that is NOT an option


bought some moefoe merch


File: 1542009483700.jpg (83.42 KB, 799x599, 8ae41e7d8700017281186d8cbddc713d3d9f48b0_hq.jpg)



that was me


anyone here use gnu privacy assistant


dont understand this mathnorm shite


wish i was smart enough for order theory but im just a brainlet that barely understands counting theory


how about looks theory


too smart for lookism






File: 1542014811628.png (1.21 KB, 72x65, error.png)


die smartnorm


im NOT a smartnorm im neetblog


made eggs


just woke up


farewell my 20s


what do you have to show for them


NOThing at all


stop holding yourself to norm standards
age is just a measurement of days lived NOT a benchmark


File: 1542033096121.jpg (422.6 KB, 634x2662, aamigo.jpg)


had to beat mom after she bought decaf coffee after i told her to buy coffee


gonno flipping end it


mom knows better than to even think of speaking to me until ive had my smoke and a cup of bold joe


dont know what the point of decaf coffee is


cant believe i wasted the first 6 years of my 20s attending acme looniversity


never kissed never had a job never passed a driving test never had a holiday with friends never bought a car never been a best man or had a partner or rented on my own or got engaged or got married or bought a flat or had a kid or bought a house or earned average wage think im behind in life


flying to headquarters on december 6 for a bbq just kill me baby


what were you doing


woke up feeling worried


File: 1542037103366.jpg (Spoiler Image, 895.3 KB, 2238x1600, cfd3b02d2dd03f85ffcb5649caa425b6.jpg)


woke up hi gonna fire up viptronix and wallstare


dont like this women need to be sexy and fit that is one gross hog




dont even oog a little bit looking at well drawn anime pussy
they arent real and never will be whats the point
even if 2d girls were real theyd just flock to chads just like they do in real life


File: 1542037503644.jpg (Spoiler Image, 946.28 KB, 1600x2238, b03338c3ef4cceb3030c65a019929458.jpg)


theyre pure they would never do such a thing they would all flock to me





if only i could ironically bluepill myself like you


lol i watch lauren chen to(back)


nigger hours time to snooze


think ill jack it to this one



press f5


gonna do some online shopping today i was thinking of getting aNOTher zojirushi and a nice kyusu and cups and some very nice fukamushi sencha


die you fucking buyfag weeaboo cunt


bh NOTea


NOThing in life quite like a nice cup of sencha


File: 1542037890486.jpg (30.42 KB, 600x600, kokudeifukujuM_LRG-600x600.jpg)

check this bad boy out


yeah getting laid lmao




pnig hours time to leg it


does that mean i can start posting about my tulpa now


sexnorm hours


when i awoke and was barely conscious in ned just waiting to get up i scratched my butthole with my right hand and it stinks bad hours later


use some stainless steel soap you idiot


thats NOT true because there would be an extreme surplus of anime girls


feel such dread on sunday nights


whys that


copied and pasted


take me down to the neet city where the tea is green and the girls are 2d


bhole itches bad


evening my melanin rich friend


get sis to scratch it


hit or miss




just drank some tap water hope i dont die


tap water is good for you






gran is making sopa de macaco


woke up


had to use the emergency kippers


pasale pasale


cant believe tanuki are actually dogs NOT raccoons


feel sick like bad heartburn but in my soul


theyre closer to foxes than racoons or dogs


just learned about the ultraviolet catastrophe


grandpa served in that war


happy bday


did NOT know that


less than a year until i join the 30 year old manchild club


found out yesterday that raisins are just dried gsnaps why didnt anyone tell me this before


are you flapper its common knowledge like how you dont need a rooster to make eggs


then why call it raisins and NOT just dried gsnaps same goes from prunes never knew they were just dried plums


same reason they dont call bread baked wet flour


my tulpa called what a relief she said she just woke up and slept for 15 hours
told her how happy i was that she was ok and told her i would hate for anything to happen to her
she thanked me for everything and we chatted a bit about it all


didnt asked


stop being such a little bitch no ones gonna die from that


sketched a ne555 circuit starting to get a better understanding of this just NOT sure how to incorporate a motor along with a switch


wish i had the motivation to learn something still


curiosity impaled me during puberty i cant help wanting to learn everything


jack of all trades master of none


im the master of jacking


just quit ff14 my heart is shattered and im lonely hima is my only retreat yet again


ya hate that really hope i find something to master no one respects jackers


im NOT a jacker and NOT a master im just a useless blob of shite


ave is a jacker thats why he only does poking and a prodding


wish i was a real man like ave instead of single mother spawn


simply find a good father figure


getting a medium tiger oscar for the tank hehe
apparently theyre really smart like dogs hes going to slaughter all the goldfish




stan lee just died


im sure he deserved it


File: 1542050240274.png (3.54 MB, 2508x3541, __funami_yui_and_yoshikawa_chinatsu_yuru_yuri_….png)


nice tranny


whats the difference between hima is qa or a discord at this point


who the fuck is the ff player i want names


really hope youre enjoying the pnig endorsed himako approved sekimin


reisen inaba in midgardsormr hope i dont get sent to detention for this


welcome to post normblog hima


how did you know


the posts arent even that bad today its just someone trying to start up meta hours


got the tiger oscar home hes hiding behind a log
he moves very slowly
oh he just moved hes trying to eat dirt


theres no undoing the months of bad influence youre responsible for


the fish in the other tank seem to be flipped out the female gourami is always darting away from me when i approach even though i give her lots of food and bloodworms and the catfish is always hiding under the gtr
wondering if i should just move them over to think big tank and see what happens


ban the ff14norm




wouldnt mind NOT having balls they just get in the way


only use my balls to make test


what are balls like


this is just meta being forced aint that right might as well ban me since you see me as being the problem and NOT THAT


jogged 4 miles tracker says it was over 1000 calories now im having a nice mug of black coffee





wheres daddy


gonno come back when meta hours are over



tossed the female gourami and the catfish in the big tank
theyre both recluses and this tank has more room for them and places for them to hide gonna have to watch how they behave and how they interact with the oscar which im guessing is male


i think even though the logs are bleeding the water brown the water quality is very good because the goldfish have excellent coloring and have been doing very good havent lost a single one or NOTiced them in distress


sorry for fish blogging dunno if anyone cares
wish there was aNOTher fishmate on hima its a cheap hobby and they give me something nice to come home to every day


murdering decorative fish for no reason is off putting to most individuals


Nearly one-in-four young Italians are NEETs, latest figures reveal.

The data, obtained to mark the UN-Youth Day on August 12, shows 24.3 percent of 15-29 year olds in Italy face this bleak predicament – the highest proportion recorded in the European Union.



how are fish a cheap hobby saltwater fish are easily one of the most expensive and time consuming


is it fixed yet


baste neglectseki


File: 1542060155001.mp3 (5.54 MB, 110_summer sky stars.mp3)

hell yeah hima


diy fishkeeper must make a lot of money to have a 2000 gallon tank
he has a 375 gallon acryllic tank too must cost a couple thousand NOT even including his custom filter


post a nice gondola instead


File: 1542061054579.png (451.76 KB, 636x773, 0waxacil2yx11.png)


shes got NOThin on me, neetblog


bad bad heartburn still hours later
only have spicy ramen incredients
might eat out sigh


woke up got a song stuck in my head that i cant remember the lyrics or name of


oh stan lee died



t g said before she goes to bed she googles 'who died today' she doesnt know who stan lee is though sigh


i was an avid fishkeeper in my youth but ive settled down a lot recently


yeah i had fish for quite a while when i was a teen catfish were my favorite to keep


dont put an oscar in with anything you fool also 20g is too small for an oscar


newest guy today at work had an earpiece in listening to hunterxhunter walking around the store with his hands in his pocket chuckling to himself


put honey on my turkey to make with my rice stir fry but didnt realize how quickly honey burns now my stir fry looks like california



realized that immediately when i read that they grow yo eight inches in like the first year


return him and get some nice malawi cichlids instead


made ramen time to feast


bad news i ate chipotle and im NOT full might hit up the sandwich shop for a sandwich



File: 1542063245810.mp4 (5.94 MB, b69436c2.mp4)



hungry and bored


wouldnt normally eat twice but ive been malnourished lately


new guy was talking about this too


they should have had a sexy girl mc and pikachus voice is retarded


yes it should have been a cute girl like eli fanning


would like to hear the freaks thoughts on the matter



wonder if t g remembers any of the things i said yesterday when she was tarding out


gonna build a htpc


these guys have accomplished more than i ever will


bet those guys flip lots of girls just like neetyb


neetblog mogs me


13 minutes ago
Why are Brock's eyes open?


anyone wanna start a spermlog itll be like a dreamlog but for jos


lets do a goodjoblog where we NOTe down our current accomplishments instead


bored as fuck what the hell do i game


make the hima private poe league


getting that 00s feel


i dont have any money




guess ill just watch every episode of as the world turns again


actually that sounds cool


id play in it


need to get my tulpas keys back to her i told her id have my tv set up today it would be nice if she came over to 'watch a movie'

was trying to make her feel better yesterday so i moved the hair out of her face and asked if she forgot to brush her hair yet again and she laughed and said i was so mean


minblowing how all of the pleasure i experienced in 2010-2018 is still less than what was supplied during one month of 2006


youre lacking fulfillment NOT pleasure





fulfillment is NOThing
i fell for the self improvement meme and trust me its a big fat meme


thats what i was telling you guys before but nobody wanted to listen to me


nobody listened to you because it doesnt mean anything coming from someone who never self improved


my hygiene improved


does it mean anything coming from me now you should compare our outlooks on life thats a big one


no it still doesnt because you never self improved
its like someone thats never seen snow before offering to teach people how to ski


oh ok then


figured out a way to cash in on the fortnite craze who wants to hear it


ive never seen snow but ive been grass skiing for the last 10 years so i could probably show you a thing or two


maybe it really is all neurochemical my life for all intents and purposes should be incomplete and unfulfilling and i have many regrets and uncertainties but my mental state has always remained quite stable and i can usually derive some satisfaction from whatever distraction i choose to preoccupy myself with


thats because you were always a pampered npc NOThing more and NOThing else


my tulpa feels the same way about me when i tell her certain things she starts crying because they seem so sad to her but to me theyre just normal things like spending christmas alone and i already told her that week between christmas and new years is my favorite time of year


what about halloween


i cried when i found out what you did to your innocent gran


truly disgusting to have to prey on the weak first sexy ladies then your own gran she was literally the only person who tolerated you


what about halloween ive been spending nearly all holidays alone since i was 15 or 16 but shes forcing me to go to thanksgiving with her
starting to get a picture of how she sees me after the cheesesteak day when she said she liked me touching her and how she called me first to tell me she wasnt feeling good
she leans into me whenever i put my arm around her now im really glad shes back to normal and safe


File: 1542065811974.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.48 KB, 1280x720, 6OwpUB2.jpg)


this has been in my suggestions for a while


i remembered the song that was stuck in my head it was os uchuujin




is it ok to jerk it to madoka


sure just stay the hell away from kyouko shes mine



fuck /a/


File: 1542066268710.mp4 (423.71 KB, 491b527ab289c887b88ba42a1ebc0b07.mp4)

tardlaughing never saw this before


what did i just tell you asshole


how coincidental i downloaded that song NOT too long ago after coming across it in an old jp thread i had bookmarked


oh sorry


never watched madoka stopped after the 3th episode i dont like sad or gory stuff


the what episode


life is sad


its the greatest most influential anime ever made


so the way to cash in on the fortnite craze is to build a bunch of crappy computers and sell them as fortnite machines to retarded kids who dont know any better
400+ for a 6970 4gb of ram and a 128gb ssd drive on a shitty $40 mobo and a decent power supply so it doesnt blow up i think it would work


kids are already buying ninja sponsored fortnite machines


microsoft and sony are already doing that


that distinction belongs to haruhi


File: 1542066607704.jpg (94.88 KB, 850x566, scr.jpg)


this would satisfy my urge to tinker with old hadware and get me aNOTher steady stream of income and then i can start a tech channel


never play gortnite whats it like


File: 1542066664475.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 979x1027, 5d5310162691ba3ac93395a28fa02c15.gif)

never had this happen to me but it probably happens a lot in fortnite


retarded kids all play fortnite on phones or consoles


do u play fortnite


cant imagine playing a game on a phone


do u suk my ballz


File: 1542066760884.jpeg (106.39 KB, 1280x692, runescape-old-school-mobile-1132094-1280x0.jpeg)


hell yeah baby


all i do is play mindless phone games


File: 1542066821541.gif (2.08 MB, 1280x886, 909879fd2d89b5efa5776f9890fa2d8e.gif)


stop it


wish i wasnt bad at everything


is it normal to see stuff like that and think of my tulpa




youre the best at being you


watchin normyo ghoul


Cpu: i5 3470 quad core
Gpu: r9 270 2gb(comparable to gtx 1050)
Ram: 8gb ddr3
Psu: Corsair cx750
Memory: 1tb 7200rpm HDD

this ASSHOLE is selling it for $350


hehe i know what ill be jerking it to tonight


wrong video but it matters NOT


File: 1542067405207.jpg (161.5 KB, 959x959, lG1Jqts.jpg)

im in


might make some alfredo soon


tardlaughing at the child tag even though i know its talking about the post itself NOT the art


nevermind it is talking about her thats the parent post


tv guy pulled up getting excited



oh no no no no no


japanese neetblog


File: 1542067660663.gif (1.87 MB, 421x360, 1542063109951.gif)


tardlaughing at my top 30 most frequently played tracks might be time to turn in my patrician credentials


post em


me taking a big shite all over sekimin


its all asmr i personally extracted from youtube and video game music


whats wrong with sushi bar music


video game tracks should always be the most played


post those delicate raindrops vids


i only like asmr i can sperm to sorry


hate asmr never saw the the appeal but then again i have adhd and lose interest within seconds to find some more stimulating distraction


File: 1542068487816.webm (19.88 MB, 640x360, Unintended ASMR _ Young Girl Performs Magic T….webm)

this is my go-to


only recognized about 1/3 of these songs


something about the sound of friction of the paper is incredibly erotic


mom accidentally fell down the stairs again hehehe


should i stream setting up the tv i need to assemble the stand first


finally managed to go the distance today will be the day i finally restore my sleeping habits to normal just hope my body doesnt betray me by deciding 4 hours is adequate going to need a good nights rest for this to succeed


simply abandon sleep all together


might make some alfredo


zen2 is still so far away from being released sigh
might end up grabbing myself a 570 after the 590 comes out


make sure you eat a big meal when you wake up


bust out the benadryl and coma snooze


been sleeping 5 hours a day for awhile it blows


never understood why is is blow and suck are used interchangeably


slept 8 hours yesterday ill probably snooze in two hours and get aNOTher eight hours


i want to be like you


i usually sleep 9 or 10 hours a night


how often do you hibernate


got 7 hours last night


guess its overwatch time


die normwatcher piece of shite


whats norm about it


just about everything




love the gridman ending
has that indie feel like a high school band wrote it






gonna crank my pecker




i pray the worst of it is over brothers hoo boy my ass was burning like vesuvius but luckely i didnt shite mesell and the skidmarks are minimal

heed my warning brothers even if it looks tempting dont eat half the jar of jalapenos its NOT worth it and if you do make sure you fall asleep right away


sigh that reminds me you should stream hare nochi guu pnig its the perfect streamime


guu gives me a big horny bone


phew drafted esper and started 0-2 but now im 5-2


alright guess ill make that alfredo then


heck yeah


grooled all over my keyb


kitty climbed all the way to the top of the wardrobe licked her paws a bit and now shes snoozing


should i get a 8gb 570 for 179


Some girl deadlifting 135 for reps keeps touching her ass wish i can touch her ass she looks like the average gym thot body wise but her face is sub par



cant imagine caring about modern pc hardware upgrades


same technorms are low iq
been using the same computer for five years whats the point it works fine


what dictates your system is your monitor
im using 1080p and will be for the foreseeable future until they start making anime at 4k
so im only buying hardware that matches that so im NOT going to get a vega 56 or a 1070ti because itd be a complete waste and the 570 is only 179 right now


16:9norms bow to the 16:10


flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig
flip pnig


my graphics card is 10 years old you should NOT be quick to judge


gotta agree with this mate


its so much better love my ultrasharp


i have an ultrasharp too hehe


fuck that god damned ape wish the war continues and he gets drafted


born too early for think chink war too late for the middle east wars
why live


die sharpnorms


enjoy your black bars norm:10


who cares about that its NOT like i only use my computer for watching anime


yyeah bro who cares about that am i right haha


alfredo time its good hima



just flew into an incel rage


almost got my tv stand assembled but its cracking bcause its wood sigh
still gonna put my tv on it and fire up a frozen lasagna


File: 1542075381073.png (537.97 KB, 1072x1450, 0440e52063351dfaaeee85eb507e2897.png)


someone edit the honda 250r tag its bugging me


could have been studying mathematics but instead im joing


pilled mom too hard she told me i should learn how to dance i told her dancing is an african mating ritual thats why blacks are good at dancing because its in their genes she started to get mad then i told her we were meant to be singers she said NOT everyone has the voice to sing but everyone can dance which is wrong so i told her NOT everyone is born with rhythm then she closed her ears when i kept talking


stop abusing mom


is it the 55 inch linus tv


File: 1542075584470.jpg (151.03 KB, 558x787, 3895547181847.jpg)


dancing is flipping gay unless its happy dancing by yourself in your room to anison


its natural


its a 55 inch qled i cant justify spending 1500+ on an oled tv if im NOT going to be sitting at it constantly


really wish i had some wine right now


nevermind found some hehe


cant wait until we are all squeezed in the couch watching nime on that tv


dibs sitting next to neetblog


was watching the new shite episode of boruto but paused to watch my gf hinata


how can that be when shes already my gf idiot




sorry mates but shes my gf and has always been


fool youre addicted


but i havent drank in a week or so


shes a fat balding japanese man with a mocap suit and a voice changer


have some mead instead


Addictionorms never been addicted to anuthing unhealthy


you can hear her true voice multiple times when she plays scary games because she gets so scared hehe


youre like those guys who think all the people in kigurumi are girls too every virtual youtuber is secretly a hideous man



they are a girl at heart


no female can be as good at games as her


dont think i could be in borutos position i would get too horny being around sarada all the time theres no way i couldnt oog and molest her at the very least if NOT a fatal snapping


girls are as good as boys


File: 1542076481241.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1526005270035.png)


same but for himawari


himawari makes me og



glad im NOT a shounen teen


youre missing out




im partly into shonen but NOT enough to watch shite like hxh boruto or sao


sao is good


dont compare boruto to those trashcan anime


laffing hard hehe


stop laughing it isnt funny


never laugh watching anime


baste flipping naruto NOT showing up to his kids tanjoubi like a true nig


i laugh when im NOT supposed to
geass was a very funny anime i dont know how anyone could watch that without laffing
same with fma


cant for the life of me follow the index plot it doesnt even feel sequential


i laugh because every time they say geass i think of gay ass




its simple


sigh accidentally touched my tulpas boob yesterday when she stood up then started to fall over
never actually saw someone fall like that she never completely passed out if i talked to her she would take a few seconds and then respond in a really sleepy voice
shes light enough that i could pick her up like a kid under her arms


File: 1542077149033.png (158.28 KB, 500x461, 32261242_p12.png)

chirp chirp


gonna unleash my geass


gonna put that lasagna in the oven wish me luck


File: 1542077231993.png (83.61 KB, 250x419, 1474529180814.png)

good luck


some guy has a power called dark matter and im getting flashbacks to my prepubescent days reading books on dark matter


the lasagna made it into the oven thanks for wishing me luck


dark matter isnt real


can you prove that



ooooog dark magger ooog


did you rewatch the others first


you have to prove it is first


aliens and star trek


wish i was a minihamu


forgot about this little gem gonna put this on repeat


suddenly got the urge to sing the national anthem


me neither
read like 140 chapters of the manga too and completely forgot it must NOT have been that great
i remember the slutty nun with braids



File: 1542077742768.png (12.3 KB, 720x118, Screenshot_2018-11-12-18-54-12.png)

baste god has spoken


glad i left discord flip those norms


phew im thirsty gonna fill up my jug with some tub water and gulp before bed


seki logic: incels who cant speak to women and sweat profusely and mumble are norms but black chimps who tell girls if they want to netflix and chill unironically are NOT norms
classic brainlet


thats why hes a jan


never implied either of those things
are you one of those guys who takes it seriously every time the word norm is used


you are calling the discord norms but somehow hima to you is NOT filled with norms
just come back bro


laffing hard at your weak attempt to steam me actually were you even trying you really stretched that single brain cell hard


theyre all norms hiding behind the himajan


nah flip you go back there


fire up the meta argument


uh oh a argument better clean it up himajan


im NOThing but a dumb worthless norm


im incel but can talk to my tulpa without sweating


snooze time
washed up with dove soap its nice but i think ill go to the dollar store and find some extremely cheap soap instead


gonna take a big fat nap later mates


why did you even chimp out the way you did? did pnig threaten to leak your personal info if you continued to browse there?



File: 1542078554060.jpg (390.79 KB, 2074x1167, fc6a989997e1d1a20350c234539bb57d81d82e7a.jpg)


gonna work on my pcb circuit then snooze too


get on discord seki let us talk alone




gonno morph molt and mutate


discords for teens and tards


i am teen and tard and i do NOT discord




File: 1542079446387-0.png (183.77 KB, 369x375, Dr1MnusU0AAxsnQ.png)

File: 1542079446387-1.jpg (46.06 KB, 1013x482, image0.jpg)

File: 1542079446387-2.jpg (28.91 KB, 550x478, image1.jpg)

the more i look at these live action poketards the more sickening they become


tvs all set up lasagna is just about done hell yes


enjoy that lasagna while watching some vids on the tv


cant figure out how to change the voume on this thing flip


might have a bath 2 days in a row


watching linus in hd hehe
turned off the 120hz simulation thing now it looks like a normal video and NOT some weird 60fps shit


grilled up some dogs


why are americans making a pokemon movie


manchildren like pnig


glad i went with a smaller higher quality display over a larger shittier display


cant wait to jerk it all over


wish i could jerk it more than once a day


i jerk it like 3 times a day


i get sore penis




can i start a gofundme to get one of those deepweb guys to go after pnig if i just give them his name and place of employment


why cant you do it yourself


yes i need you to find a kenbo boles yes he works at water store in arizona


Kenneth Boles in the Tucson area working at a water store he has a record already so he will NOT be hard to find


go find him yourself


i am NOT going to try to find you ugly bastard


excited to get my tulpa over here and watch some scary as FUCK movies


File: 1542085260665.png (Spoiler Image, 136.06 KB, 510x720, cd88e8e3114c996a327c34d87aaa9db1.png)

time to jack it


ooga booga netflix n fooga


it turned out a lot better than i thought im satisfied with it


File: 1542085688173.jpg (102.78 KB, 444x580, 378709f180dcfe2d2378ec4392a3d6ed.jpg)


have you watched any of these shoujo series or do you just jerk it to them


which ones




kenneth boles


gamed hard hima what didi miss


tired hima


watched pripara futari wa pretty cure heartcatch precure precure alamode and some others like lilpri and jewelpet tinkle

the tinkle girls are sexy but all the pripara girls are tard which makes them sexier
precure girls are formulated and created only to appeal to creeps like me so naturally theyre very sexy too
the lilpri girls were lacking in everything but i watched it anyway


canNOT stop eating ice cream bars


which ones the best without factoring in joing


loved ice cream bars as a kid but i havent eaten them in a decade because grown men arent supposed to eat ice cream


flip the norms just eat them


pripara is probably my favorite and probably one of the better ones ive seen
its directed by the director of the first milky holmes dont let the girly aesthetic scare you away its definitely targeted at the same tards who liked milky holmes


listen to him fool grown men are NOT meant to eat such childish treats


growing up is norm cope shite i went backwards in maturity and it made me happier


during the summer i exist almost entirely on ice cream dont let the norms control your life


always push forward cameron never go back! progression is what we live for fool


im NOT him im a nopersona


would bring over my tulpa to watch grand tour but dont want to cry in front of her


die nopersona






give my tulpa the jamesmaypill


are norm hours going to end soon or what


ban the nopersonas


just go to the sb tard


File: 1542088606955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.91 KB, 480x260, image0.jpg)

wonder who is behind this post


think im going to get an htpc before i get a normal gaming pc


gonna sing to the heavens


nb can slay 10 norms with one swing of his kanabo


nb refuses to post here until that chimp is banned which is NOT something i can argue with he knows best


nice metasuz


gonna switch to 9front


heya mates just awoke from me nap hows it travelin


just deciding how to punish the nopersonas




without the nopersonas there would be no one to read your blogs


i skip their blogs




jewelpet looks cute is it good


only watch sunshine


die skipper nopersonas


going to rouse the nopersonas into a revolt to save hima


File: 1542089851706.png (663.17 KB, 1337x1588, Untitled-1.png)



quality posts if you ask me


you cant just post someones post history like that


haysuz is dabbing hard on bolemako


uhhh i got your ip haha


File: 1542090032042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.26 KB, 888x547, 1541432196211.jpg)


damn this chimp is really aching down south round the rear 😂😂


remember boys you best NOT be talking back to this black man or else he will post your post history along with your ip address in an attempt to try and get someone to dox you because he is too stupid to do it himself


put a bullet in it haysuz you literal retard chimp


do NOT forget to worship him and make the "relationship" between himself and t g your #goals i expect to see a ten page essay on it stat


dont call him the r word it hits too hard


those posts are almost as baste as nbs


ooga booga me mad me post personal info


le snarky passive aggressive remark
got em


how do we stop the foids


flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig
flip bolenig


File: 1542090667054.jpg (Spoiler Image, 806.9 KB, 907x1187, 8fd942ce0137fbcfc12d094be51866f3.jpg)

weird nipples


uh those are normal nipples


time for my annual umineko rereading


File: 1542090837292.jpg (Spoiler Image, 690.58 KB, 1200x900, 10acb621c00810f2ccd6217a21f6b03b.jpg)

are these normal nipples


gonna have a latte and play mmy tulpa


Lets all hope Kenneth George Boles is giving his gran her medication how disgusting do you have to be to withhold crucial medication to an eldery woman


wish i had a flippin gran


Kenneth G Boles

Relatives: Curtis Boles • Robert Boles • Carol Boles • Mindi Boles
Locations: Mesa, AZ



wish i was as retarded as haysuz


crying for gran rn



turt already knows everything about bnig


File: 1542091235632.png (229.61 KB, 1349x542, Untitled-2.png)

wonder who this could be


how can i tell if i have diabetes



check to see if kenneth george boles is hiding your medication somewhere in his ass


this is all very INTERESTING information boy george i will you be hearing from me shortly


File: 1542091540808.png (108.66 KB, 1344x226, Untitled-3.png)


very himako-like behavior from mr boles


uhhh ip haha keep trying you fucking chimp you keep failing time and time again

Kenneth George Boles from the Mesa Arizona area just know when your cousins boyfriend comes at you you brought this upon yourself you passive aggressive pussy


File: 1542091997950.png (Spoiler Image, 97.28 KB, 1323x234, 4472f6d1dc4225e364a9117ad20fbaa0.png)


its almost as if...


why did this start all of a sudden




see >>856682
he hasnt been getting enough attention and people have been standing up to him and his shit posts
assume its one last attempt at trying to sway things back in his favor but honestly hes just irrational emotional soy boy
i have already contacted his relatives along with screenshots of his cousinblogging he did back in the day knew saving those would pay off


File: 1542092410518.png (69.4 KB, 935x254, Untitled-5.png)


bh chimp its all over for you your family will know your degeneracy and so will precious t g


finding my tulpa should NOT be too hard


cant tell if haysuz normally sounds like hes retarded or if being upset is making him sound more retarded


first one


probably a bit of both we at the very least should be glad his posts can still be deciphered


everybody calls you retarded because you are retarded


what's the matter kenneth george boles tired of posting screenshots?


haysuz no care what everyone think haysuz living his life NOT everyone living his life


kenneth george boles


never understood the you cant see depth with only one eye thing i have no problems judging distance with one eye closed




hey guys uhh im a battered nerd please give me kenneth george boles attention


gamed hard and game back to someone taking a big ole fat dookie on hima just lovely


dont talk about kenneth george boles like that or else he will post your posting history



good then i would stop being nopersona and become 71.120


nice 71.120


link some of your posts 71.120


le responding to my own post to brush over the embarrassment i put myself ke*neth ge*rge b*les through face


i cant remember my own posts beyond 5 minutes ago and i was NOT posting 5 minutes ago


time for bed my work is done for today i will be continuing tomorrow stay tuned for t g pics and dms


what caused tonights chimp


the minorities are at it again


haysuz is upset about something that happened in discord


what did nb do to him


well gentlemen it looks like ive failed i wasnt able to hold out much longer after posting this and ive awakened at midnight yet again looks like i didnt even get as much sleep as id hoped for but with any luck 7 hours will prove to be more invigorating than the typical 2-4 hours and i will be able to use this momentum to charge onward through to tomorrow evening


File: 1542101285772.jpg (80.06 KB, 528x960, cowpoke.jpg)

what are you looking at


any snack experts here can tell me what is the best flavor of gold fish


crying thinking about how much of a harmonious utopia hima could have been if it had been an exclusively white community


woke up regret NOT mutating all those posts


File: 1542114248525.png (20.44 KB, 627x539, 9c3fd4c9bb4d1c99d72004d94af0686d.png)

phase 1 complete
mk677 is less potent in powder form so i had to use crypto to buy it in liquid form



NOT even a steroid its just a supplement


the laws changed recently and liquid sarms became illegal so a lot of vendors had to change to powder and pills
like i said this was only phase 1 i already sent $300 to the source for phase 2


i think that pills have the same effect just takes a bit longer to kick in
are you getting some tren


no im NOT doing anything harsh
i came up with this cycle to shoot for the fastest recovery possible while still having something to show for it


haysuz is chimping hard hehe
im on my break snacking on some nugs and tots


can i have a nug and a tot


tug and a kNOT


no theyre all mine sorry
they taste like shit in the microwave anyway your tastebuds would be snapped


my tastebuds dont work anyway eating is such a chore
dad always complains about that too he thinks that having to eat breathe and poop to survive should be bellow us


eyes burning like hell


wish i had a cool madafaka preteen sexy lady gf who looks exactly like that girl from bridge to terabithia


got into an altercation with a cholo on the way to the cs and thought of haysuz


what you mean cs




nice job banning me and thinking im haysuz


whats the point in showing haysuzs ip anyway he uses a tmobile ip NOT like that isnt shared among many including me


niggers and spics hate one aNOTher its just how things are




NOT like im worth being unbanned after all the spamming i did but its just a heads up


cereal shop brought back a nice haul of strawberry toast crunch two boxes of fruity pebbles and some pb crunch


check pms


File: 1542124399875.jpg (50.8 KB, 399x738, 1542123584532.jpg)

going to start dressing like this


woke up turned on wan show on the tv gonna get that online shopping done today at least im going to get a nice zoji with a nice vacuum thermos



woke up


is this your day off


crying hard sigh


File: 1542125960009.jpg (30.59 KB, 400x400, shirai_kuroko_6214.jpg)

Going to look for a job today. I feel good. Hopefully the water store will hire me since I have had sales experience.

-resume [✔]
-bus and lunch fare [✔]
-clean shaven [✔]
-my lucky milky holmes shirt on [✔]
-iPhone 4 to browse hima and prog on the bus [✔]
-backpack full of snacks and Halloween candy [✔]

Wish me luck!


good luck


nerf this


guy next to me was pissing for literally a minute straight maybe longer


File: 1542126263226.jpg (44.63 KB, 531x514, 1541780316404.jpg)

stand tall


nice 12 hours just give me the flipping perma


woke up hi what happened


skipped breaky AND lunchy and im NOT hungry


neck itches


ate some tuna


how close does real tuna taste to the canned stuff


i cant remember what cooked fresh tuna tastes like because i never have it only sushi tuna or canned


dont eat fish waters are too polluted


mercury poisoning is basted you get cool powers


NOT mercury tardbreath talking about stuff like microplastics that fish eat then you eat which gives you low t among other things


im low t


gonna stop eating anything with sugar in it


are you a sexy lady


start pinning a trt dose of testE and eat all the fish you want lets face it with the average life style here low t is a given


my t levels are around 900



think i have bed bugs




ya im sure injecting yourself with t is gonna stop all those xenoestrogens floating around in your body

the hormone estrogen was declared a known human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program. The association between estrogen and cancer is NOThing new; the relationship between estrogen-driven cell proliferation and uterine cancer is well known, and women with higher lifelong exposure to estrogen (resulting from early menses and late menarche) have an elevated risk of breast cancer


ooooooog xenoestomans oog


the people on this board have been drinking out of plastic cups and drinking milk since childhood theyre already doomed who cares
just fill yourself with as many chemicals as possible it doesnt matter


you cant talk to turt like that


being mocked is that teens purpose in life


thinking about my tulpa again


do it irl NOT online and see what happens


convince me to NOT buy a ryzen laptop right now



hand tarded out and smacked the cup off the desk


milk is fine as long as its quality non homogenized unpasteurized milk but im sure everyone here drank milk so poor it needs to be fortified with vitamin d


gonno milk sexy ladies for my cup of tea when i get rich


desktops are more efficient perf/dollar


vaccinated then fed formula as a baby and no dad i never stood a chance


same but sexy ladygrool for my coffee


that you nb


flipping jehovah witness i cant say no to them because theyre so nice


almost no vaccines breastfed until two and dad to game and play with and im still here


wish brave would let me pick which scripts to block it just blocks everything so i cant quote and no auto update


File: 1542131206284.jpg (2.95 MB, 5016x7083, __kaguya_luna_kaguya_luna_drawn_by_haruhara_hi….jpg)



uh oh


miss the flooring mates


thats a big phew well drawn hands give me a bone




nice intro


i pastor anderson pilled them last time they came by



dont post middle eastern people


thinkin about wow classic


File: 1542132404748.jpg (78.26 KB, 888x547, 1541432196211.jpg)


gth blizznorms


wash your back


only blizz games i played were d2 and 3




flipping love this photo


dreamed about satoko-chan


was it a sex dream


fired up the hot chocolate


how come 3600 cl16 ram is almost all rgb


because its for teens


this is actually a real problem theres no non offensive ram at 3200 cl14 and 3600 cl16 sigh


can you disable the rgb or unplug the leds


i just didnt want to have to install more software to turn them off but it looks like the trident ones can be controlled with the asus rgb program so its ok


i unplugged the jst connector for the leds on my graphics card so i didnt have to install some shite software also it only disabled them after boot and only on windows





jod 6 times today how do i stop


hhhbbbb finna watch that in a couple of min


is it true that armpits smell like whopper


im home hima gonno make some coffee and relax a bit


dont expect your ram to hit 3600 even if its rated at that




gonna close my eyes everytime any light shines on me then through the lack of exposure to sunlight my descendants wont inheret my brown eyes via epegenetics


how are you going to find mates without leaving the darkness of your room


decent looking trailer


saw myself walking in a reflection today and i look like something that belongs in a belltower


File: 1542142594325.jpg (64.2 KB, 300x300, 1541971556820.jpg)


just woke up hey mates


phew cant wait


havin coffee and talking to mom hehe


File: 1542144275323.png (257.24 KB, 970x542, 1542127718169.png)

wish i could trade a select handful of you for just one neetblog but hes gone forever now


tears in the rain


as long as i can downclock it to 3200 cl14 knowing the sticks are rated at 3600 cl16 i think id be happy theyre both the same price anyway
its going to be a 2600 with a 580 in an asus 470 pro with 16gb of the aforementioned ram with a 970 evo nvme drive all crammed into an r6 swapped to open layout


new update is out gonno sushi bar


phew nice build


spermed gonna shower then coffee and game


thinkin about getting a 570 but i dont want to regret it if navi is way better for about the same price or even if zen2 apus end up being way faster which i dont think is a possibility



chipped my tootrh


you could always put the slower parts in a different build



feel a scream coming


release it


took a long nap in the middle of the day
gonna go to aldi and get some cheap dinner


wtf is aldi


think ill have some spp tonight


big headache gonna steal moms pills hehe


get some wine with them


snoozed 16 hours feel great


basted vega56 btfoing the 2070


tardlaughing watching that video i think this is it for me


how do you snooze that long without peeing yourself


maybe she did pee herself


bored and tired and bone


perhaps ill go to taco bell today


find one with a teengirl at the front and make her blush and ill give you $50


crying watching deaf dad again


alfredo time


went to the chinese buffet it smells like piss and i only want three things off the whole set


do they kick you out of all you can eat buffets if you eat too much


do you think gordon ramsay ever flips the teengirl waitresses at the restaurants he goes to


thats illegal


hes a serial adulterer so probably


he flips his daughters


my tulpa said her old boyfriend flipped his own ass with a toothbrush and thats when she broke up with him


no theyre over 12 its normal and natural


Boy, I remember the days in which I could barely even get 60 pounds off the ground. I was only able to get to move by dragging/pushing it. These days, however, I pick up 80 pounds without much trouble. (A customer about 2 weeks ago wanted 2 of those 32-packs of half-liter waters but none were on the shelf - I went to the back room to grab some, but for the sake of speed and efficiency, I carried 2 at once to deliver them to the customer, which was around 71 pounds. I think I can barely get 100 pounds off the ground, but I don't know my actual limit.

All that lifting of merchandise from stocking it, NOT to mention the occasional 60-pound box that has 3 of those 20-pound bags of rice, and the kayaking has likely caused my strength to increase a good bit.


all my strength comes from jacking it dont forget thats the only way to increase strength jerking it and wanking it dont do anything and joing is a flipping joke


cant jo with my clammy hands


why did he do that


NOThing wrong with shoving things up your ass


i need to buy a nice prostate stimulator any reccs


File: 1542155492038.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.88 MB, 845x634, 1517586384667.gif)

how about this one


simply use an electric toothbrush


thats sick you put that in your mouth


you use the other end idiot



i thought i posted about him basically hes really gay hes 5'4 and weighs about 100lbs and wears makeup and shoes with heels on them and calls himself androgynous

the more i think about my tulpa the more confused i get i dont know if she called me a few days ago because she was actually scared and wanted me to comfort her or because she just wanted me to close the store
dont know if she keeps doing things with me because she likes me or because she just has NOThing to do on those days
she does talk differently to me and talks to me about things that shes insecure about and i do the same with her
she said she wanted to talk about what i told her that night and said that it definitely wouldnt be a bad talk and that i shouldnt be worried
the touching thing just made me even more confused i still dont know if shes just a really really friendly person or if she sees me how i see her the only hints are that almost every time we meet she either says im amazing or interesting and that she likes spending time with me
she said she told her mom about me so if she does somehow force me to go to thanksgiving with her like she said im going to feel really weird about it all

i guess in the end i should just be happy she makes me feel like this and i get to do things with her like go to restaurants or hit the touge or just talk with


that came out longer than i expected sigh


sudo always recommended the aneros


hated how sudo would order figs and just stack them in their boxes against a wall


wish i was androgynnous


File: 1542156711518.jpg (178.42 KB, 1038x1500, 81Oyq09UREL._SL1500_.jpg)

1200 for the build NOT including peripherals should i do it
was gonna get aNOTher pair of 880s i didnt even know they had a black version these things look great
gonna get a nice filco 10 keyless and a g403
then i gotta get a monitor just a normal 1080p 75hz+ monitor would be fine
then ill get a table to put it all on hehe


nice consumernig watch this before you make the buy




im NOT going to NOT be without a nice pair of cans and a nice computer you fool


hate tenkeyless without my numpad id be dead


whats wrong with your old pair of 880s just replace the pads are you really going to buy a new pair because they spray painted them black well enjoy the paint peel if you want a filco find one used on ebay and why a g403 an intellimouse is just as good what do you need a new monitor for whats wrong with your old one
if you want a new table then build one yourself


im guessing they got broken during the incident


technorm hours gonna fire up the dqn electronics


File: 1542157329578.jpg (2.16 MB, 4304x2860, 1352146882415.jpg)


i have absolutely NOThing from before except some shirts


basted boomer


i completely skipped that part of your life what did your aunt do


gonno eat a mortadella sandwch


File: 1542157519969.jpg (36.78 KB, 473x1024, 7azu0ep2e6y11.jpg)


whats the flipping point of headphones in your own apartment upgrade to speakers you dumb flip


headphones are better


even when i was living with mom i never used headphones i used my vanatoo speakers at no higher than 16 percent volume and no one could hear them and then when there was no one in the house i could crank them up to 100 and listen to music in the shower or party it up or listen to music while cleaning or tinkering with whatever


never in my life will i have an hdd that has a p in its storage size


really wanna try a pair of k7xx headphones


in like rin boyos


👏👏 meme review


ok now this is epic


NOThin wrong with a nice poopbone
nice uli grinded his strength stat to the max


ill probably see the pokemon movie anyone want to go with me


getting the urge to play pokemon now guess ill fire up x or y or whatever one i paid for


i do NOT financially support hollywood


id ask my tulpa if she wants to see the pokemon movie but shes too young to have any interest in the series


leaving the store now should i stream making some spp when i get home


feel naked and exposed without headphones on it gives me anxiety when i need to take them off to do something


hell yeah turn on that stream


does the new generation NOT like pokemon i thought it stayed popular


remember what my cousin said


i think headphones made my hearing extra sensitive


gonna shower before i start the stream im flipping cold


my sis is ten and she didnt even know pokemon was a video game she thought it was just a card game
kids know what pokemon is but they dont know its origins or any of the fine details because they were born too late to partake in the golden era of 1998-2004
kids her age dont even know what a nintendo ds is much less a gameboy advance or gameboy and these systems arent really available anymore so if they wanted to play the old games theyd have to be resourceful or have an older sibling


or download a 2 mb emulator


does anyone even want the stream dont even know if the guy who had trouble with cooking is still here


dont stream if you dont feel like it


they wouldnt have an interest in doing that if they barely are aware of the games and have never played any of them


gonna skip the stream for tonight and feast then


die emulatornorm


whats wrong with a nice no$gba emulation


its NOT the same
sigh probably spent 1000 nights in bed with my gba playing pokemon


the oscar is really genki in the 20 gallon tank but i feel bad that hes going to oumy tulparow it in a few months
strongly considering getting a 75 gallon tank and NOT doing anything fancy just putting a very light coat of gravel at the bottom but i dont know how long im going to be living here it would suck to have to move a 75 gallon tank


whats with the fish obsession all of a sudden


oumy tulparew siss dildo


fish are pasted


they call me aquablog


sigh my tulpa didnt pick up feeling bad tonight


woke up like three hours ago still feeling bad guess ill play some ‘kemon


just drank a shot of worcestershire sauce


mom touched my coffee machine almost killed her right then and there


love worcestershire its my third favorite time of sauce


what are the others


cant stand playing pokemon without frame skip now


opposite of accelerationism
like traditionalism but with retardation being more explicit.


always forget the type chart especially the psychic/dark/ghost/fighting part
no clue about fairy types either


fantastic spp tonight


what about dragon types and steel types


File: 1542165179908.mp3 (7.77 MB, Okashi no Uta.mp3)


File: 1542165488602.jpg (18.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


snooze time


same had to write a type checker last time i played showdown because there werent any up to date ones either


hotsauce and mayo


i know those for whatever reason
for every game when i would get to the gyms with those types i was already 15-25 levels above the leaders pokemon so the types didnt really matter
generally psychic dark and fighting are late game gyms


are you one of those guys who only uses one pokemon the whole game so it ends up overlevelled


i used to do that until i played diamond and pearl
mostly use two or three competent pokemon one hm slave one exp share pokemon and one random one id switch out for exp or an egg
now that they made exp all standard ill usually have two in the party just for leveling


i like levelling 6 pokemon exactly equally throughout the game now its more fun


NOT really liking pokemon x there is a critical lack of pokemon i actually want to use and they give you three free multitype starters so whats the point i can just fill the list with greninja blaziken and venasaur and cover a good chunk of bases


havent played since heart gold


think sun and moon were after x and y thats the aloha one right
might buy it


bought a multimeter


is it a thule


night hima


night mate


meant fluke
varg confusing me


i only use the starter all the way through without training even once and skipping tall grass as much as possible or simply using repel


nice thuleseki id get a fluke 87 but as a hobbyist i have no need just got the an8008 best chink meter for the price


going to snooze hima


took one of my old brainpills before napping just to see if maybe i could deepdream like the old days since its been so long but it didnt work
i think i had stumbled onto actual bliss and the demiurge found out and released a patch to ensure there will be only suffering and turmoil


gonna have the last of my alfredo


hate dreams


only dream when i drink


whats the point of dreaming when you only wake up to a nightmare


that looks nice
the flukes are really durable and feel solid but they all do the same thing


NOT all precision instruments are the same


ive got a precision instrument for you right here in my pants


feel bad for turt because he cant dream
id gladly give him my dreams if i could i hate em
while i was napping i had a strange dream where i was stocking some freezers NOT in my store but somewhere else and a guy was blabbing to me while i was doing it and all the ceiling lights were going off slowly in rows coming towards me and all the ceiling lights were finally off but the freezer lights were still on and the guy was still blabbing and before i knew it the freezer lights went out and i was in complete darkness and my hands were cold
NOT sure if the store was closing or if something terrible was going on but the dream ended as i felt my way to an exit


herkz doesnt dream either


love a good dream


im NOT talking about regular dreams
im talking about deepdreams


feasted but good







im confused how are the globalists responsible for this one


napping or snapping


File: 1542172691285.png (1.16 MB, 1628x1085, licking_plate.png)


did you guys know theres a google connection between it and 23andme


File: 1542173371866.jpg (111.22 KB, 1080x1080, 1542169592608.jpg)


baste coby


why is her son is a chink


thats her bf NOT her son


you know i think the whole maternal love thing must be a human fabrication if you look towards other mammals in nature its NOT like they treat motherhood with any sort of distinction or anticipation if anything it and pregnancy are a moment of extreme vulnerability that should be avoided in fact females pretty much exclusively get pregnant as a result of snap dont they its just aNOTher burden that they must temporarily endure the way humans treat it as some kind of accomplishment or thing to look forward to is brainwashing to the max and its probably something early leaders, or protoglobalists, invented from the very outset of organized civilization


File: 1542174245402.jpg (80.68 KB, 960x540, stand.jpg)

brutal mog


classic case of projection
my mommy didnt like me therefore maternal love does NOT exist i can prove you wrong but its NOT like youll accept it


bh mommas boy


actually my mom coddles me and is probably incapable of ever seeing me for the parasite i am but i chose imprecise phrasing i should clarify that the pursuit of pregnancy and motherhood is what i find unnatural, NOT the resulting practice of raising children which is undoubtedly mediated by all kinds of hormones and crap that promote some kind of maternal bond which would be foolish to deny


most females like being flipped


isnt snap is the most common reproductive strategy in the animal kingdom i thought human females were one of the only species to feel any kind of stimulation during sex


no its NOT and i urge you to do some research before bringing this up again


can no longer see other animals the same way knowing they like to get flipped now it makes sense why former childhood cat was constantly pregnant the little slut


updating my 3ds over my 50kbps phone internet so i can trade a haunter for aNOTher haunter
laughing at the ridiculous trades people ask for
level one bulbasaur for a serebii


it should make you see humans differently as well
they are NOThing more than arrogant animals that happened to evolve slightly higher intelligence


that reminds me since i have 100mbps wifi now i should start playing pokemon again


been thinking about my tulpa hard tonight
i should stop overthinking things shes done a lot to show that she likes me even if she hasnt said it like i did that one night it seemed hard enough for her to tell me she liked me touching her maybe actual confessions are something people dont do often
i was only with her for about an hour the other day trying to help her relax she would lean against me or put her head on my chest i had my arm around her each time she put her head down her hair would fall over her face so i was moving it out of the way each time she would look at me
at this point i should just assume shes ok with me doing almost anything to her


do you do the miracle trade thing those are always fun


speaking of mindless animals


back in the early days of global pokemon training i used my gameshark to make level 100 arceuses and trade them to lucky winners on the exchange but they all had hm moves and bad names hehe


die cheater


skipped big time


homes been full of intruders for 2 days now times like these i really wish i had a minifridge or at least a drawer full of emergency rations


my tulpa always likes hearing what i have to say sigh


have you asked if she would suck it yes or no


cheating in diamond and pearl was painfully easy there was a code to use the calculator app thing to create your next wild encounter pokemon and of course i had hacked cherish balls and the 100% catch rate cheats so i could catch almost natural rare event giveaways


gamed hard ashe is pretty fun to play hehe


might start making 1bit music it seems like fun


so where do you work


dont understand the appeal of 1bit music


you fucking retard



what do you mean


if i post about kissing and cuddling with my tulpa will i be banned or is the line drawn at sex


shouldnt have brought up music now im listening to the umihara kawase ost


if you have to ask maybe you should keep it all to yourself


listen to katawa shoujos


mom signed me up for the paw patrol


ill be sure to post about everything other than flipping then its NOT like anyone reads the posts


tardlaughing reminiscing about how the mere mention of katawa shoujo would send jp into a fit of rage


did the original artist ever get royalties


File: 1542176690528.png (386.38 KB, 1070x1520, 2814735cb5ac579cb5c44dbc0f979172.png)


File: 1542176791965.jpg (216.34 KB, 1280x842, c86b37017506207ab7d8cdc243970dfa.jpg)

maybe he shouldnt get any after all


hate that kind of lumpy anatomy



kadabra level 18
shaymin level 91 or above
convinced most of the people using gts are sub 90 iq
you can only have one deposited pokemon at a time and they waste it on NOThing whats even the point
this is like that kid in elementary school that wants to trade a chansey for a moltres except a thousand times more stupid


oh flipping sighing hard remembering ‘’that’’ song


like leaves in the wind........


i know some men who would prefer a chansey to a moltres




File: 1542178162065.jpg (69.71 KB, 1025x576, 1541920223024.jpg)



Man does NOT weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

such wisdom


might have to fire that thing up for old times sake


having a look at some old-timey actresses and this yvette mimieux was a real looker hoo boy shame there arent any childhood photos of her


stop being such a creepy horndog


gonna jo to mom


File: 1542179800324.jpg (59.06 KB, 736x927, 03a261e186ab21ccfc261d7cb7b0db7d--yvette-mimie….jpg)

time to sperm


wonder what it was like before they invented color seems boring


ive played more than a couple vns but the armless girl is still probably one of my favorites


but she cant even jo you off


katawa normjo



point out the error or misunderstanding


guess ill snooze


she has very capable feet
also why would i want a girl jerking me off they have no clue how to jo me properly and plus they have soft wet kitties that are superior to their hands


getting alarmed at how many trannies are on the internet


just bought spyro reignited


never played spyro whats it like looks kind of dull since he doesnt seem to be nimble and acrobatic like mario and other platforming characters



File: 1542183870990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 3088x2320, 1542183588901.jpg)


the iron dome is pasted









hi hima mornin
got myself a monster white on my way to work gonno sip


would have banned >>857076 on the spot if i could


woke up
nice gonno morningcry


sigh think ill resnooze


Hima! Do you like this board? I have to say that I love it very, very much. But soon everything changes. Well, at least it does eventually.
Fun things...Happy things...They'll all...They'll all eventually change some day, you know? But can you still love this place?


flip you norm


File: 1542206566608.jpg (48.24 KB, 600x670, j27uxyv95ay11.jpg)


baste turt


woke up time to




>He wanted Lang to fear other people (on account of believing the war was still raging). He did NOT tell him about females to "dowse his son's instincts". The strategy worked, and he and Yang lived happily together.

the secret to happiness
avoid the foid


who you quote


woken up by sis blasting this song


File: 1542209498274.mp3 (2.99 MB, 205_satoko torture techniques.mp3)

sis woke me up with this


wish the pink elephants would come crush me to pulp


dont ever talk to me again


had to send a list of the events ive driven to this guy and after all that he says i may sign up for novice as if im a flipping scrub

but if he did that for everyone then its probably fine they likely do it to keep the scared boomers in their c5s or sn197s from holding everyone up


he probably suggested you stay in the novice group because of your cars lack of power
do you really want to show up and hold up all the guys in faster cars


tell that to the gtr i passed twice during my last time at vir
im used to being the underdog in literally everything


turt youre getting an inflated ego


File: 1542213684367.png (13.1 KB, 569x173, 8637777a1c92e0c1eddec5ce437282e4.png)

checked my bank account to make sure there was plenty to pay for the event and it turns out i finally got my $5k raise i found a 20% discount code too but it doesnt seem like it went through even though it shows on the invoice hmm


wish i had five thousand smackers


its NOT that great


accidentally longsnoozed


woke up and almost immediately started thinking about my tulpa sigh
i still need to meet up with her again so i can give her some keys and so she can give me back my jacket


in which city were you first kissed
what is your dads birthday


you shouldnt wake up late fools


she has already spermed all over that jacket and ruined it


did NOThing at work today just sat around on my phone


the norms and the incels locked in eternal conflict


the jacket looked so big on her and she looked so happy to wear it
she really is a nice girl


there are lots of sub $500 builds for htpcs with tiny cases and sodimm but using ryzen apus
if i got one of those i could probably use it for emulation or low spec pc games like umihara kawase on the tv and for anime


get the cheapest one its NOT worth investing much in something that will just play vids and non demanding software


will a 200ge do 4k and umihara or emulate up to n64/ps2
if i get a 2200g i can undervolt it and i get a quieter cooler and double the cores and a better igpu
pauls htpc is a fanless undervolted 2200g



dont be deceived by their act woman is the most contemptible creature alive who wont hesitate to abandon and betray you at a moments NOTice


the 200ge can run half life 2 at 200fps in 4k


sigh mom had the adult talk with me and it usually doesnt phase but this time i started contemplating how even compared to other losers like those in my family i dont have a single applicable skill ive literally never had a creative muscle in my body even one of my half-brothers the most deadbeat weed addicted guy i can think of has some programming expertise i have literally NOThing

i NOTice a lot of you guys for example at least know something about the internal components of computers or about cars or agriculture or cooking or cybercurrency but i have no practical knowledge whatsoever dont even know how to game the system but i guess ill try to apply to disability soon but that would require an id that ive also been neglecting to obtain for so long sigh guess i have no choice but to enter the governments database i had a good run


have to hand it to freak eye for having the ability to persevere through adversity despite being so hopelessly mogged no idea how the little fellow managed such an impressive feat


what he lacked in stature and smv he more than made up in intelligence he brainmogs all


probably half of highschool dropouts your age would say the same thing
just get a shitty job and work your way up enough is enough you have to move forward


freak can pinch my ass intelligence means NOThing if you just use it to cope all day



ynaj hours gonna nap


compiled mwm


i dont know ive posted about it before even knowing almost everything about me like no sex no gf no social life no school and everything thats happened recently my tulpa still likes me and it seems like shes waiting for me to escalate things
shes genuinely a nice person who makes me feel like she actually cares about me


but the 200ge comes with all the shitty windblower coolers and the 2200g comes with a nice sexy wraith stealth cooler


hell yeah the 590 only costs 399


go for the 2200g then its at a reasonable price point and if you can undervolt it a bit to make it fanless all the better


is there a term for weeaboo but for chinks NOT japs




i found my old bottle of aniracetam the capsules only come in 750mg though




pasted placebonorm


bored and tired


File: 1542223803687.jpg (129.35 KB, 1199x760, 1542203354083.jpg)

wonder how many shitheads on this board bought fumos


never bought anything in my life


would it be weird to ask my tulpa what she wants to do


die norm



was eating sunflower seeds but now im NOT feeling it
thinking about aNOTher nap and going to get fast food whenever i wake up


no one told me how bad things are with blizz that blizzcon event was painful they gave up on the diablo style arpg for pc d3 was their way to bank off nostalgia they cant pull it off again with d4 itll be a financial sink ggg has full control in that category and with the constant on going development no one can even compete


just lick the shells


sunflower seeds require too much work i eventually find myself eating them whole


poe would easily be blown out of the water by a real competitor


theyre way too salty


keep picking my nose and wiping it on the desk now its covered with dried boogers


used to keep a boogerwall until mom raged


like who exactly even the old makers of d2 couldnt make a good diablo style arpg what makes you think any big names would do it right


my pants are always covered in boogers hehe
love a good pick


im just saying ggg doesnt set the bar very high the only reason they are where they are right now is because of the repeated failures of blizzard


norm hours gonna snack


looking for m.2 ssds theres a lightning deal for adata xpg nvme drives right now
256gb for 50 512gb for 90 and 1tb for 170
512 should be fine for this right


yeah probably
get a wd green drive for your hdd they last forever


they managed to get the atmosphere down grim dawn was also aNOTher arpg and it just fell into obscurity


have to admit ggg is one of the luckiest gaming company ive ever seen imagine spending years working on a clone of your favorite game only for your favorite game to have a sequel released in the same year your closed beta is gaining traction then having that sequel flop so hard in the first week that your fan base multiplies by a hundred then having that sequel continuously flop while youre raking in money and more fans to the point a big chinese company NOTices and gives you truckloads of more money meanwhile your favorite series manages to ruin its reputation even further by having a mobile game released to double your already gigantic audience then having a red carpet rolled in front of you giving you the spot for the only good diablo style arpg out there




whats ggg


theres NOThing wrong with grim dawn other than the fact that it doesnt get ``new'' content or powercreep every few months to trick you into grinding the same thing over and over again


will NOT be getting hard dick drives anymore


never had an ssd whats it like


i dont know i never had one either im going from a 3200rpm drive to nvme m.2


eye twitch is back i hate this


thinking about my tulpa again sigh god damnit


the only two big gripes i have with poe and always had was one it feels like a sandbox game theres never been any real direction and two the skills are NOT fun to use almost every skill in d2 was both aesthetic in animation and visually and it was fun to use ggg just cant get it down all the skills are dull and thanks to the support gems that make you hit a thousand times a second they cant add any good effects


same keep eye twitching wonder why


im already tracer




could be gay aids i had a dog that died from that



slurp my taters you boosting conehead


ban this guy already


guess they never miss huh




put on a ps4 controller and an hdmi cable the mobo has bluetooth built in and wifi getting excited thinking about playing games on it


right trigger keeps breaking on my controllers sigh have to keep buying new ones


im home hima had to pay some bills on the way back and stop to grab some food as well now im gonno have a coffee and play some mmy tulpaa


but first im going to watch pewds hehe


should i stream the build
8gb adata cl18 3000 ram
asrock b450 gaming itx
512gb adata nvme ssd
all in an inwin chopin


heck yeah and then stream a nice jo


diablo 2 was fun but diablo 1 now that was a good game


you should get a 1tb 860 evo for 100 why are you so obsessed with m.2 its the same thing


breath smells like shit


simply brush and floss


going to have aNOTher covfefe


the betrayal



just woke up hey guys gonna have some coffee


gonna make some ramen


didnt realize it before but they added rolling balls like from dark souls


nice intro nice game hehe


m.2 and 2.5 inch ssds are comparable but m.2 nvmes are a different thing




also i figured for such a tiny case like the chopin it will help NOT needing more cables


might jo to my tulpa is that ok


File: 1542235003342.jpg (19.81 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

oh mama


did someone sit on that


i, neetblog, sat on ot


stupid and gross
why NOT just buy a bag of mozzarella and eat out of it




File: 1542235606710.jpg (252.28 KB, 600x847, 55990564_p0_master1200.jpg)

does this really happen


cant believe 1 novemvigintillion is a real number


i cant believe that


File: 1542237476746.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.31 KB, 1081x1636, 1542236528282.jpg)




going to the grocery store hima gonno get myself some breadsticks and pizza and kittyfood


dont forget the gorgonzola


got that buzzing feeling in my brain


sigh didnt read until now and forgot the gorgonzola




think moms addicted to renovating cant remember a single week in the past 5 years where she didnt call someone to renovate


File: 1542239131843.jpg (16.11 KB, 400x300, momo-projectjustice-intro.jpg)

watching etaprime he has a 2200g emulation setup

he was playing project justice for dreamcast i was tardlaughing he was a gym teacher beating the SHIT out of momo


best hinata vid so far i love her
also nice tanasinn hehe


its a girl thing my tulpa talks about decorating my apartment all the time


File: 1542239259571.jpg (13.12 KB, 210x240, momo-projectjustice-mugshot.jpg)


i love jerkin it to her


got a 3 month membership at a real gym because im a long way away from buying a bunch of machines i cant even deadlift with my stuff at home and i want to get as much as possible out of this cycle

kind of excited to try out all the stuff but i cant go yet have to wait until 1 or 2am hopefully there wont be any people there who just got off their 2nd shift jobs


do they let sexy ladies work out there




flip you bastard take it back


File: 1542240204115.jpg (85.38 KB, 514x1024, 1542226664695.jpg)

we must go stronger to face the growing opposition the norms desire NOThing more than the extinction of incelkind


File: 1542240402051.jpg (325.66 KB, 1000x750, __nekomiya_hinata_hinata_channel_drawn_by_sch_….jpg)


do you think she knows shes sexual


saw a bunch of sexy ladies today
two twin sexy ladies with their mom at a bus stop spinning around wearing the same tiara and long sundress but ones red and ones blue they had kind of a cali tan and light brown hair
one outrageous sexy lady with her mom at the konbini with a VERY short black spandex shorts and sleeveless shirt and brown hair in a ponytail and very pale skin she looked like shed just left the candydoll set
and then two sexy ladies coming out of the sexy lady dance studio on my block a white blond one and an almost black brunette one both wearing the same ballet outfit the brunette one had kind of a granny voice


thats unbelievable


hope my tulpa dies in a horrible accident and the water store burns down so pnig can go back to his old self


he was never ped he was just fitting in
it takes a high level norm to make something like pedophilia into a normtivity


didnt know bnig was the one that moved to an apartment something i really skipped something bad that happened to him


fucked that post up


should i get something other than aNOTher filco im looking at options and when i look at a 10 keyless ninja i wonder if there might be something better
or if ill miss the 10 keys


was really scared for her the other day but now i feel way way closer with her after having her against me and only giggling when i moved the hair out of her face


buy yourself a piece of paper to write your formal apology on


gonno bite me nails


he got arrested and hima tried to make things worse then everything was dismissed and he got a job and got promoted instantly then got an apartment and a gf and a large settlement


by hima you mean turt


yeah basically just turt


i know about the arrest but something happened between that moment and the water store job someone said something about his aunt wrecking his room turt also proved the settlement thing was a hoax


he had it coming i warned him like 10 times
also the settlement was aNOTher lie


im sorry but why should anyone here fill a raider in


NOT a lie they had to fill out an irs report because the withdrawal was over 10k
wonder if showing my tulpa a huge stack of cash would make me look like an ass or NOT
so far ive only spent around 3.5k for the bed and tv and couch and itx rig


right sorry about that wk i forgot hima is only for pnig worshipers


hehe i paid for the couch and bed in cash it madr the people nervous
i specifically wore the shirt with holes in it too


idiot get a debit card


dmitry said that 10 keyless boards are faster because you dont move the mouse hand as far over the keypad to start typing


already have a debit card but its aNOTher irs report to deposit over 10k again and at that point it just looks suspicious


wouldnt call my tulpa my gf either unless this is all that having a gf is


i like how compact they are



ill check this out when i get home if possible ill just get a tkl with pcb mounted switches so i can more easily swap them out


just awakened my shinigami eyes




File: 1542243240140.png (53.55 KB, 953x423, baste tardsuz.PNG)


just read that


just awakened my mystic eyes of death perception


hes approaching sean levels thats like an entire self made fanfic and he thinks its real


still have the phone number of an fbi agent when i reported ken probably NOT necessary anymore since cam practically destroyed his life on his own


hes better off now than he ever could have been if he were left alone


just woke up from a nap
sort of
NOT sure when i fell asleep or if i woke up in the middle
i think something is actually wrong with me ive been feeling like shite for like four days


i need dip for tomorrow morning so im gonna make a trip to sheetz and get some donuts too


onseki you might want to watch this


NOThin like a dipski in the ol lipski


think haysuz is mentally ill and NOT in the im tard way


you mena in the sv3rige way


hes retarded and NOT in a good way


no time for dat goku



theres a pack of beef in the freezer that says SPECIAL of the WEEK and every time i open the freezer i see it and miss those horse girls




horse girls flipping pinched


same all i know is some scheme lisp and c and im too dumb to even use pointers
wish freak would teach me the difference between pointers and arrays


did NOT watch horse girls because i have NOT watched any new anime since ryuuou no oshigoto!


die smartnorm


whats so hard to understand about it


go to hell npcs


were all npcs



ate some sandwiches


its confusing


low iq


File: 1542245338133.jpg (11.68 KB, 225x225, 24993647_10209051803086986_8059170270482965220….jpg)

me on the left


die highiqnorm


File: 1542245409585.jpg (103.55 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 12 [720p]….jpg)

i really liked ryuuou no oshigoto


File: 1542245465396.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)




remember that time the blogman totally beefed it


oh no suz is chimping again






oh no suz is chimping again


gonna play pokemon


hey onseki can you come back to the discord and ban gaysuz


grixis control is super fun


gonna dinner


wish i could play grixis but i need bolas nivmizzet sarkhan and some lands



i got lucky with packs and event rewards and didnt have to craft any of the mythics and most of the rares still missing a few lands but its fine think this is the deck for me


wish i didnt have d rank charisma


need to go to the store but i work up too late now its freezing outside sigh


simply use instant transmission


flip you lucknorm


almost never post about things that happen in my life because i feel like no one would care




i care


give it a shot


phew just sink pissed


File: 1542249457605.gif (1003.83 KB, 500x281, 1.gif)


kissing is vile


no its great


just aNOTher npc tradition


been thinking of kissing my tulpa


never kissed a girl before whats it like


i dont know i think i might have missed a chance to kiss my tulpa when she was leaning against me she said her lips felt weird so i told her to look at me when she did i put my hand on her face and looked at her lips and told her they looked fine sigh


got some hand pies for dinner i got a steak one and a chicken one


playing white aggro hehe


nah its disgusting


kissing is just amazing theres something to it thats magical its so intimate




give me a kiss


nah thats gay as boost


dont become like these low iq personanorms you never know when ken might dox you


its NOT gay if i shave and you close your eyes


new foe bros!!





im NOTicing theres a lot of times when i could do things with her but never do


stop replying to yourself




watching grand tour again last night i watched some halloween movie with 3 or 4 mini movies in it and it was pretty interesting there was a roaming pack of killer sexy ladies


wish a sexy lady would fatalsnap me


got your fsnap right here


might become a card collector


these hand pies flipping suck


whats a hand pie


its like a pasty


you mean the stickers you put on your nipples



im gonno


gonna jerk it to manaka lalas legs and ass


is it mmy tulpa cards


File: 1542252470515.jpg (611.08 KB, 1092x2850, edeed52c9a6c59b5210901d266bff99f.jpg)


you shall NOT look at lalas bare children ass


File: 1542252515483.png (Spoiler Image, 218.57 KB, 656x980, 6602883d04dc0893f02f39c43fa76554.png)


foot is numb again





File: 1542252759983.png (199.85 KB, 700x800, b051b9c16eed707bbbd0138c569b73c0.png)


you need to do more cardio exercises




dreamcast now that was a good console




File: 1542253425550.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 2380x1680, 8 (2).jpg)




is that supposed to be my tulpa


i dont get it


why are there three hands on her


gordo is flipping her


im zordon


File: 1542253533562.jpg (720.24 KB, 900x900, 80f4c5663286cac6e764bf3a07423ce1.jpg)



never saw the appeal of lala personally
dont like good sexy ladies only the nasty mindbroken slurp slave sexy ladies


its her retardation


im retardationed


going to quietly blast mosaic wav so mom and dad wont hear it


listen to 0hz no koibito its one of my favorites




time to turn the lights off and darklurk


sigh poor guy mulliganed to zero and conceded hehe


had to break out the crocheted blanket mom made for me
usually it just gets tossed on the floor for when i spill aquarium water on the ground but today its to keep me warm
mom crochetes fast as hell she loves making me stuff so i dont feel bad


gonna have a quick sperm and read some manga on my phone till i snooze what should i read



read exterminator its an isekai


poes halfway done installing


whats so fun about poe you just walk around two shotting random mobs with the single skill your character uses for hours


its fun as FUCK


die fnorm


die cursenorm


its only fun if your mind is still susceptible to the skinner box exploit


wonder if i can get my tulpa to play any games


life is just one big skinner box


the sims at best


get her to play clash royale



File: 1542254569299.png (17.18 KB, 500x250, 1488777033843.png)


File: 1542254844275.mp3 (7.1 MB, 02 GAMERS ACTRESS ~My Sweet xxx Voice~.mp3)

love this song way too much


what should i play instead


where's the flac


mmy tulpaa


think ill skip the manga but i will check out exterminator before i snooze


mmy tulpa is lame


is it ok to jerk it to umihara kawases huge boobs


you're sick


die apostronorm


File: 1542255451456.png (869.16 KB, 728x562, yv2x4qxsm2w11.png)


is that linus with a neetcut




lookin good


wow exterminator is good hehe


just bought dragons crown



File: 1542256211559.jpg (80.84 KB, 768x870, 4096426e7a94c9f7777d20cb0e9d7fc4.jpg)




File: 1542256372279.jpg (262.49 KB, 1256x1080, N9uDXnk.jpg)

do you prefer my posting that or this


id prefer if you go to hell


you cant talk to bastenig like that


whys this guys name balzack hehe


wish the himamates would stop arguing


nobody is arguing its literally always haysuz starting meta hours



i dont consider normsuz a himamate he wasnt part of that statement also oops hehe


haysuz is more of a himamate than me


gonna fire up the nightcore


dont it sucks


listening to enter the wu tang


gonna invite my tulpa over to see if she wants to play dream daddy


File: 1542257812058.jpg (984.1 KB, 1920x1080, ss_e2f23d6bde25ba2b4146b9b798fbfc92d3e1c800.19….jpg)


nice they added pnig to dream daddy as dlc


basted balzack


sigh asked my tulpa if she was ok to work the weekend and said i still needed to give her her key back and i didnt get any response for a half hour so i put the phone in the other room and when i checked now she sent like 4 texts
the last one was my name with an exclamation point shes a tard


tardlaughing hard remembering one time when i was playing wow with a friend he tamed a pet and all it ate was cheese fruit and bread so he let it go


memedick !


need a memesexy lady ! in my life


pet uli


oh well ill call her tomorrow


ask t g if she digs wu tang


gonno watch some vids and snooze see you tomorrow hima


she listens to girl music like echosmith and country music


bye snoozer


have a good snooze mate


File: 1542259745661.jpg (203.44 KB, 1000x1000, 9925.jpg)


popped a fat nose zit and shot pus across the room


do you mean you jod




is it safe to post now that the norms are gone


just divided by zero


achieved satori



i the normblob am here


p anderson can pinch my flipping chicken strip




waiting for the chink takeover


gonna chop some onions


gonno nap until my usual sleep time and then go to sleep


went to aldi stocked up on pork and sambal


went to the gym at 3am and it was empty so i got to walk around and become acquainted with the equipment then some ottermode chad came and did biceps triceps biceps triceps biceps triceps treadmill and then a bigger taller chad came he said whats going on man to me and i hissed at him and ignored him for the remainder of my time

i guess thats the early early morning crowd ill try coming around 1am next time and hopefully i can get a couple of hours cant wait to use the lat stuff


he wanted to be mates


gonna snooze see you later hima


no he was going in for the mog because he knew that i knew the only defense against a mog if you are incapable of mogging back is to imagine them out of existence


the only defense is to be emotionally secure


norms dont care about mogging he probably just wanted a gym bud since no one goes there at that time


yes they do idiot norm hierarchy is entirely pasted on mogging its mog or be mogged out there
also he was with a big fat nigger he already has a 'gym bitch'


wish i was a big fat nigger


laughed at memedick !


miss freak


time for some asparagus and rice


wish i had food to eat


its snowing what the flip


cant go buy food its too cold outside sigh gonno starve


gonno make coffee and take a huge shite


mornin hima im posting from bed hehe


wish i could achieve satori but im having trouble with pointers


sis finally left the bathroom gonno shower and have a coffee


cat pooped on the floor again


havin that coffee


persecution complex


is roasting your own coffee beans worth the trouble


yea beans go bad about 2 weeks after roasting retardless of how they were packaged so roasting small amounts of green beens is best


snowing rn


hate coffee


phew enjoying my day so far hima its NOT too cold and sunny and theres a slight breeze dad made some delicious pasta and mom got drunk on sparkling wine gonno lay on the couch and have some myself


die pastanorm youre supposed to suffer the cold like the rest of us


wish i had a normal relationship with mom