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got left behind


dont understand how people can jo without a two hour pixiv and booru lurk session


dont understand how people can jo to images and videos instead of their rich imagination


you use the images as starter fuel


my imagination pales in comparison to the accumulated artworks of todays society


Wish i can rave about my new found smv texting co workers getting literal free meals sigh


my condolences


cant wait to eat this pork and taters


愛 me some baked taters


File: 1538967749357.jpg (430.49 KB, 1414x1000, 406526f99602d201ea568a29bd20429e.jpg)


finally understand the masochism part of sadomasochism whatever you do to others you implicitly do to yourself




wonder what turt thought of the limo crash


I have 6 bottles of water on my floor


hehe sent tg some pictures of the things in the new store and said i was disappointed i didnt have them and she said they were so ugly and begged me to NOT put them in my store too
then when she called she said she couldnt believe she had to sit all day in the store looking at the ugly decorations i put up but was glad she had a 2.5lb pack of gummy bears
i could get used to this too bad she only works 3 days a week


theyll fetch a pretty penny at the recycling plant have The Boss collect them


she thinks youre a creep


feeling nervous


Tell her you wish you can see her more often


how much does she make working 3 days a week


its NOT polite to ask


i work 0 days a week


愛 filling my coffers with the spoils of the water market


never worked in my life


went 6-3 in arena


hope rager is enjoying his new life in the swiss alps




gotta 愛 a good R18 イカ腹


jelqed to a satisfactory 7.5 inches today hope its permanent


i dont know school started so she started doing part time she will be back to full time when school finishes i guess
as much as id like to agree that she thinks im a creep im really NOT sure just because of the things she says and the way she says them i could post specifics but then this post would be very long


Jelqed to 3.8 hope it's permanent then i can tell girls they can have all 4 inches I'll lie about my size


its october school started a month ago


shes just too polite and friendly to reveal her true perceptions


left armpit smells like vinegar but NOT the other one


kitty reeks of cum


really wish to flip but after i sperm i really really do NOT


The Boss called me an angel again after coming home at 3am


probably a bacteria colony


should i watch goblin slayer


never had a penis in my kitty before whats it like


cant contain my horny levels when girls nonchalantly discuss their body parts


read the ln


When i went to juvie the cops nicknamed me cockasaurus


should have filed a sekuhara complaint


hb h ima the taters came out perfectly cant wait to try the pork when its cooled a little


The Bosss been coooking up some nice spicy black beans 愛 em


hell yeah


File: 1538969514861.jpg (56.16 KB, 664x403, DlCDCLJW4AAMrKb.jpg)


alright ill watch it


oh jesus christ
ive got no flippin job man


i specifically asked if i was overstaying my visit to 'fix' problems at her store and she said NOT at all and that she liked talking with me
i think if she thought i was a real creep she would tell me or someone and i would hear about it like how she tells me the new gm is a creep and the new mate is really awkward and has trouble talking to her


Tell her you'd like to see her more often


this pork is everything i hoped it would be and more hima im so happy


invite her to dinner pnig have a feeling this might be the one dont you think its time you finally settled down and had a family


make sure to pass her shittests otherwise she wont respect you


amazing art


just send her a message asking if she wants to netflix and chill thats all you gotta do


i am happy for you


ask if she wants to come over and play fortnite


wish i had some pulled pork and baked taters rn oh cunnilingus im hungry at least i have some fancy smoked mortadella


yesterday she asked if i wanted kids and then brought up the bar thing and said that i shouldnt waste my life


might end up grabbing a 2050 if navi takes too long to come out after ryzen 3000


what bar thing


just get a 680 or 670 theyre supposed to be like $170


gonno watch some more of that bully playthrough


uh why would i get married


their tdp/perf is too bad id rather get a pascal if thats the case


uh why would i be single


i hate kid havers


a few weeks ago she said she wanted to go to a bar with me when she turns 21 and she said it again yesterday
but shes just turning 20 in a few days dont know if she plans on staying in contact with me that long



quick flip her while shes still a teen


girls dont think that far through what they say NOT saying that she doesnt but she just didnt think about it


i flirted with a girl once and it gave me a chicken nugget wish i were attractive enough to do it more often its fun


she put my birthday in her phone too i guess if i get fired or she does i wont feel too bad contacting her after the fact
me getting fired was one of the things i brought up and she helped me NOT worry about it
the newest store manager said that the headquarters team came back and said that they liked his store and that i didnt have the same pizzazz that he did
when i told her that she said that compared to him i know what im doing and talking about and that she thought i had pizzazz shes a really nice girl

gonno shower and watch some tng the pasta sauce is reducing


oog chicken nugget


going back for a aNOTher round of taters


File: 1538971609017.png (409.84 KB, 460x736, 1479960406362.png)

uh haha


holy flip


turt bh hours gonno morph


turts sleeping


whats the pasta mate origin story


cunnilingus bet the devil he could create the most pathetic man whoever existed


wesley romance episode guess ill watch it but if any more come up im mutating


is goth gf some sort of meme


why does he eat the pasta



wesley eps are the best


saw a group of nu goth teengirls standing outside a halloween store


who doesnt eat pasta its great


Think i sleepshat must've hid it good this time i looked all over and can't find it now I'm gonno smell poop all night


gross keep it to yourself


File: 1538973551424.jpg (666.12 KB, 800x1200, 1538954774210.jpg)

you wade into the water to swim but once youre done as you make your way back to shore a plumber emerges from the deep and blocks your path do you think you could wrestle your way to freedom


i think that swimsuit is too small for her


File: 1538973653597.jpg (59.43 KB, 670x510, Strozzapreti-1.jpg)

i think i prefer strozzapreti to penne rigate it holds the sauce so much better


File: 1538973817592.png (8.21 MB, 1284x1676, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! - 01….png)

chicken nugget




gonno jo to kirby



jod to itou life and tamagoro and morishima kon today


might have to do aNOTher cycle in case i go on a trip next year i need to be as large as possible i just hate the thought of flipping my hormones up again i may have learned a lot but its still a pain getting things back in order


will it be a dirty bulk cycle


no dirty bulking is a lot of fun but its NOT good unless youre a powerlifter or something


guinan does NOT have eyebrows


whats the point of getting huge


Are we doing this together cam also I'm pretty sure the only terminology siz knows is dirty bulk since he keeps mentioning that


ward off rival males and attract mates


dont you wanna be huge


mates or mates


im NOT siz i just wanted to trick you into getting fat


I know I'm NOT stupid but I'm NOT convinced you aren't siz


im twig and so far its been pretty great


you only think that because youve never lived any other way


wrong again i was once big


big or big


come on

lets get big


its really windy hima im getting scared


head to ross and pick up a designer windbreaker



File: 1538974835267.jpg (81.42 KB, 654x900, hooded-full-zip-windbreaker-jacket-original-10….jpg)

just slip it on and youll be protected


i already have a windbreaker but its NOT from ross



I have a North face windbreaker


i dont get it


okay it just started thunderstorming gonno batten down the hatches its a shame i knida wanted to go for a walk


richie rich


I've never worn it I'll probably get to wear it this year hopefully


supposedly windbreakers provide more insulation than a sweater seems like bullshit to me


phew finished maxs latest video


It's true they make me really hot and sweaty compared to my sweaters


got a north face windbreaker too back when i cared about brands


if i have a hoodie and a windbreaker which one do i put on first then the hoodie right


Only care about Cameron's opinion






think im gonno


die rager


cat is meowing


is he horny


shes a young girl


same he wants out of the cage


That's siztra he has a cat named Alice


i want out of this twisted bird cage myself


cats belong in africa


shut the hell up haysuz he doesnt post here and no one wants to hear his name so just shut up


thanks for saying what we were all thinking


waiting for tuesday sigh


That's siztra



File: 1538975800772.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.49 KB, 722x1280, 1538965642266.jpg)


you already posted that it doesnt prove anything




literally asking for a ban


how did the suspension tuning go


Yes it does no one was talking about that picture he just posted it randomly
It went well


can you blog about your car or something instead of this reflappered shit




I'm still waiting on my coils and won't do anything else until i get a job oh
That reminds me someonesaid i can just go back to Wal-Mart when i said i lost my job he's the only person that was obsessed with me working there since i made fun of his reflappered bf for working at target


that was me you endlessly blogged about working at walmart last time you were posting here i thought you still worked there until you got fired


suz got owned


That was 5 years ago when i was 18 i think


i thought you were older than that


having sex is reflappered


i agree


cope hour


going to start playing wow. what am i in for mates


go play sc2 instead


gonno listen to some fsr


dog is flappering out thinking i have a treat


stupid idea. i want to play as a cow person. theyre beefy and look super beast


No I'm 23


its gonno be cool when us mates are like 50


everyones gonno be dead by then except nb


I'm going to kill myself when The Boss passes



bouncing up and down on my exercise ball while doing shit


i think about this a lot imagining us all still posting on hima in middle age and then when were old


seki would give up on hima far before then


wonder if in 2030 we are going to post about how 2029 was so much better


i will be cyber neko by that time


nice nekoarc


made sushi hard gonno longmorph


i can appreciate this song more now


hehe its a classic


seadogs are flipping reflappered


i should have been some kind of sea creature i think maybe like an elbow squid or one of those giant japanese spider crabs thats what cunnilingus intended for me but i ended up in a human body instead


id be one of those manta ray things with the blue blood


I Ate Only Meat for 2 Weeks - Here's What Happened


why do people 愛 steak so much it isnt that great



yuyu san.....


yuyu uses the virgin grip instead of the chad hold


does that mean she is a virgin



thats massive what the hell how do they lift so much


are you afpie eating contest tallnorm
keep in mind theyll be ineffective for you because it would elevate you to freak height and NOT in a good way

the playing field has been leveled prepare yourself


im 5'4


my apologies


think ill jerk it NOThing better to do


File: 1538984878647.gif (420.24 KB, 400x600, wahaspin.gif)

finished read


congrats i simply mutated again


die mutant



nice batnig



wish i was alpha enough to manspread but im a meek manbaby who keeps his legs clasped together uncomfortably on trains




File: 1538988276805.jpg (47.26 KB, 510x556, 1538985408360.jpg)


why do they lump all of asia together


that is free tomorrow i hope hes a muslim now


edit i mean thad


File: 1538990086366.webm (3.39 MB, 640x360, 1538632345703.webm)

found my looksmatch






only one on hima


cried for two hours looking at my tiny wrists


you know what they say about tiny wrists


what do they say


you know


intellectually hulked out on some poor bloke and left him bruised and battered


sigh my literary style is so bland despite years of browsing hima and other funny webistes and reading a decent amount feel like i havent cultivated a distinct and compelling voice of my own


might morph bye


got a hima memory leak


any more jo music


kittys slimy sigh


woke up hima gotta sweep sweep sweep



hate blacks


already posted stupid mutant




dead hours


im here


flapperlaughing at the sound


Can't wait


gunna watch that cheerleader show


just doublesnozed


pay the morphtax


never paid a tax in my life


all of these cheerleader girls are flatchested i think ill drop this show


jaypee boy


What's the name


you pay sales tax


nah i dont






I always tell them it's for resale


should i end it


Why don't witches wear panties? To grip the broom


end what


i dont get it


sigh toilet water turned red


looks like tg calculated her budget yesterday shes allowing herself 125 dollars of fun funds


try niggyposting


Will you post a silly selfie of you and tg


kind of want to try this but i cant afford steaks



chinks are so basted


can i eat mayo with the carnivore diet if i make my own mayo


brewin up some coffee to go with this toast


kill all the boosting chinks



愛 toast
who took a bite of bread and said cook it again absolutely crazy



die reposter


File: 1539024482207.jpeg (178.89 KB, 800x800, 1d85f28107ee8cf100174a1461bffb74.jpeg)


put some peanut butter in the fish tank hehe



its my birthday NOT that it means anything so far ive managed to barricade all usual bad thoughts away lets keep it that way


just remember aNOTher year has gone by that you havent lost your virg


dont remember my own birthday does that mean i dont exist anymore


hehe that doesnt bother me at all


making pb&j in bed with a tupperware lid as a plate


i forgot mine as well until The Boss reminded me last week and yesterday


youre both full of shit


no functional human being could ever forget their birthday when every web account you make asks for it
NOT to mention the dmv and your taxes and insurance and hundreds of other things that most grown adults actually do that somehow you have avoided for over two decades



women have it too hard nowadays


gonno watch sao
somehow it downloaded in four minutes


nice norm


that would be creepy


praising toast is for NPCs



phew sao was good hell yea


great doctor cunnilingus


cant remember my mal account password
think ill just make an anilist account since the mal api is still down


anlist is much better anyway it seems like except i cant import my list


The Boss called me a jaypee boy holy flip the day has finally come she no longer respects me i didnt want it come to this but it seems i have no choice


youre NOT going to do shit jaypee boy


sigh wish The Boss didnt buy a house at the top of this bubble



hate anime


finally a new flipping boruto op i was getting really sick of that low production value one


some nice underage shots of sarada in the new one phew need to jerk it to sarada asap




hey boys just woke up




whats the point of having a website that lists all the anime youve seen you know if youve seen it already right


i forget everything after 2 weeks


so i can keep track of what im watching in the current season mostly otherwise i end up redownloading stuff and wasting precious bandwidth


going home in 20 minutes cant wait to get there and have a big mug of hot coffee but ill also grab myself some sushi on the way


gonno eat eyeballs and sunstare so i dont need my glasses anymore


i just delete all the episodes ive seen except the most recent one then i delete that when i watch the next one


havent watched any other anime since i started with one piece in february but it made me realize how superior it is to wait until a show had aired to download it all at once and watch at your own pace


yeah its way better



herkz deletes his anime immediately after viewing it



watching gegege no kitaro
the animation is very good and overall the first six minutes have been good but i have a feeling its for little kids like yokai watch


he has the right idea


hell yeah gih mates


File: 1539032422763.jpg (150.54 KB, 1097x1417, a80acb7af7f4c72c91d1532c1f29b8ce.jpg)

are you telling me this is meant for kids




File: 1539032489723.jpg (112.23 KB, 750x850, 7eb42eb8f771ca865adaae9e9543350c.jpg)





time for a big cup of coffee


ito en changed the wording on their dark green tea to koicha but the thing is this is NOT koicha


the mana chan girl is very cute and independent like kagome or kumiko i like her already shes good wife materials
think ill keep watching this the art is breathtaking the chara and backgrounds are so well composed


they dont have about foreigners only japs and weebs would complain


File: 1539032990293-0.jpg (578.46 KB, 1280x1799, 05.jpg)

File: 1539032990293-1.jpg (577.63 KB, 1280x1797, 07.jpg)

File: 1539032990293-2.jpg (474.44 KB, 1280x1798, 10.jpg)

shes an angel


meant to spoiler that



Should i go work in sheet metal


sounds good to me


this anime looks like it will be limited to one or two underage girls


File: 1539033544339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1936x1936, 1539032623318.jpg)


im wearing my motorcycle helmet while i watch anime
think a flapper helmet was what i needed in life all along i feel very safe


how do you wear headphones with it on


its easy


gonno jerk it to catgirl


File: 1539034416584.png (51.67 KB, 254x340, 1538394074184.png)


gonno get a sena bluetooth just to listen to eurobeat


just get earphones


how will i talk to my supermoto mates with headphones


nice tng episode geordie in the turbolift


hate this mate


havin a big cuppa coffee and relaxin


you should only watch royaljordanians motovlogs


trachea hurts



what a day had to visit gran with The Boss its hot outside too saw a car with a gas pump attached to its kinda hard to imagine how that could have happened a lady behind the car was taking pictures also had to deal with some old crazy black chick yelling at aNOTher old black chick


my only phones are my airpods



sigh data


had to explain to tg why she needs to wear earplugs or earphones each time she rides to protect her hearing


Take a selfie with her


and airpods do NOT seal well enough to count


i have a good pair of surefire shooting earplugs that have a lanyard on them that ill probably use for riding


wish i was data or yar


ive got bad news for you




became an earplug otaku a few years ago gotta have a pair of low pressure plugs on me at all times like howard leights


Let's Travel The World With Furikake!!


does yuka have a hairy kitty






ken is slam jamming again


some of those sound really good wish i could get tom yum furikake


mama makes some good tom yum ramen


The Boss gave me a 100 and apologized


trachea hurts


you know that song that starts with
she was just 17
you know what i mean


die ken


bh nigger


anyone wanna do some limericks





forgot what limericks are


did NOT even smile


die esportsnorm


youre dead inside


wish i was an esport athlete


man this mate annoys me but i also 愛 him for some reason cant explain it seems like everyone around him likes him even though hes flapper
want to have fun like this with turt pnig and nb some day himas big four just cruising on dirtbikes and supermotos



nice flippin mutant


File: 1539037399530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 2159x3840, 1539036093658.jpg)


youre NOT a big anything besides big norm that is


File: 1539037433235.jpg (Spoiler Image, 761.58 KB, 1242x940, 1539036537685.jpg)


getting excited thinking about tomorrow


happy birthday


tomorrow pinches


jealous youre NOT in the big four



baste r9kgirl


seki flipped that r9k girl


That's turt's crush other than milk


no he didnt




want to go back in time and play video sushi bars


i heard that same rumor


first meeting in weeks and its a big one the people from texas will be here as well as the australian mate and i can meet the people from the new stores
but mostly tg though yesterday she said she would see me at the meeting




File: 1539038167607.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.78 KB, 335x349, 1539008543880.jpg)

Can't even play video sushi bars at stores without having some Jack off take a picture and post it to 4chan for all the chads to laugh



ive already met him he saw all the extra stuff that goat boss ordered and told me to NOT throw away any of the boxes because hes going to try to return some stuff mate


wish i had an intimidating australian accent


File: 1539038297071.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 854x480, 1539009254461.webm)

Nb caught in public


should i get a core i9 9900k


arent they like 600 dollars hell no


had a mate ask me where i was from because i had a different accent never even considered i had one




https://newsroom.intel.com/news-releases/intel-announces-worlds-best-making sushi-processor-new-9th-gen-intel-core-i9-9900k/
why the flip do they NOT simply display msrp who gives a flip what retailers pay per chip per 1000 ordered


File: 1539038621194.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 800x332, 1539014700092.webm)


suzslam jam


how do i get a girl to call me daddy


gonno play some tis 100


have you tried asking


its NOT for sale yet


yes he just asked >>841479


if retailers are paying almost $500 per chip in bulk quantities just imagine what the retail price is going to be


wish someone would execute me already


If you're overweight and you slip or step weirdly be careful i read you can cut your whole foot off with the amount of weight


i told you to keep quiet about that asshole


thats why turt had so many foot problems walking around in japan


going to climb fujisan next year cant wait


youd be an idiot to buy any intel cpu from the last decade its littered with nsa and chink backdoors


amds have backdoors too


Well i want a cute chink hackergirl (male) to spy on me




pork and onion toasted sandwich time


phew nice


gonno examine my ducky see if it has any of those micro chips embedded in the board


why NOT end the kyushu trip with a climb up sakurajima and we all try to throw neetblog in





sounds fun but no one can bully the blob on my watch


File: 1539039763871.webm (3.55 MB, 640x360, Goblin Slayer 01.webm)

they just left her to get fsnapped by the goblins


read the ln idiot


im too low iq to read


read the manga instead




at work they imported a slave from zimbabwe through some third worlder recruiting agency type thing but the mate has no cad experience and hardly knows his way around a computer at all i kept having to stop what i was doing and help him download stuff or figure out how to change his email password even when he had a tutorial pdf right in front of him

hes going to be here for two months and for the first two weeks its just him and me in the r&d area im already sick of it i feel like the chink from this documentary


why the hell would they do that


imagine if your job can be done by a literal jungle nigger


you should pill him and have him spread it to the great african continent


theyre trying to cheap out but theyre going to quickly find that the job isnt as easy as they think it is its the kind of job that the more autistic you are the better at it you can be

i wont even have to sabotage him just let the natural 82 iq take its toll


youre lucky i have to cover for this one girl that took the week off and she has a flipping masters in accounting like how do they expect me to fill for her today was literally hell at work i spent most of my day researching on google in order to NOT flip it up last week someone forgot to add a zero somewhere and that created a $2.6 million hole in the books thankfully someone was able to somehow find the mistake and fix it


still feel sad the time i saw that chink doing cad work on the bus home from work at 10 30 at night


ya vargpill that zimmate


thread kuroko



he keeps talking about zimbabwe like i give a shite about his culture of handouts and stds he honestly doesnt deserve this opportunity they make it sound like poor minorities are so disadvantaged but honestly most of them i come across are lazy as hell outside of some mexicans that gladly work manual labor for 12 hour days 5 days a week


they are lazy because the man is keeping them down


was literally just about to download this hehe after i download gegege 4-6


Hate spics they're too stupid to realize there's easier work for more money


i respect spics just hate illegals
most legal spics are quality folks closer to whites than niggers are


some people enjoy physical labor


i know for a fact i watched both seasons of railgun and read the majority of the index manga but i have no clue what it was about or who any of the characters in that amv were


downloaded the normie 10032 subs for index iii instead of the top seeded one
think im going to start giving alt subbers a chance i respect subbers for what they do but i dont know why they do it


nobody knows what neetblogs level 5 esper ability [BLIMPOUT] actually does because theyre all too afpie eating contest to find out


alt subbers are all chronic memers cant stand em


they it for e-fame or the hope that theyll get a job with that experience


some people do it for fun or japanese practice


used to do timesetting for gg


seems more like english practice with how they try and rewrite half the dialogue


i only read subs that have herkz direct approval


Got a text of a cat jumping out a pumpkin 🎃 should i ask whoit is or just greet them but then they'll think they're the only person i talk to this is tricky
What did you learn from puas Cameron


tell me about subbers why do they sub




they do it out of good will and charitable nature


for fun


for you


accidentally downloaded the 1080p instead of 720p


i didnt know spiders could use their webbing offensively like that


kill the neetblog


laughing hard at this show
愛 the snap scenes hehe


NOThing funny about that


owned hard


orbweavers are basted


nah its hilarious dumb noobs getting owned hard like they deserve bet those lil goblins with their 2 inch dicks enjoyed that monk girls soft kitty


goblins have big ribbed dicks


ask him what he thinks of mugabe


read herkz twitter for a bit and raged might have a nap and then go to the post office


Everyone in the comments: Booooo this is fake you threw those spiders in there, shame on you!
Me: Haaaaaaaaaah nice, wrap those babies up and save em for snack time.


the snap scene makes me NOT want to watch goblin slayer


its okay the goblins get owned for it


what about the girl is she okay


well she cant be unsnapped


dont spoil it for him hell never watch it


i wk will unsnap her


wish i would get snapped by goblins


Got double texted clarifying who they are


send a dick pic


Would you pinch it yes or no


aunt asked in the family groupchat if its my birthday hehe



愛 when grandma joins the family irc


how old are you youngster


still havent recovered from yesterdays framemog


sigh meeting postponed for aNOTher week


im 27 and zero days


also i had no idea until the other manager called raging about it because im NOT in the group chat
the new gm forgot i exist


dad says he cant do the october motorcycle course because The Boss has jury duty one of those days and i cant do the mid november one for personal reasons so we settled on the last week of november to do it
its going to be flipping cold and im NOT going to be into it in seven weeks im excited to get my license right now


simply go get it right now then


Wish i had a dad to do things with


dad keeps asking to see my transcripts i have been avoiding him


my dads going to get a motorcycle


im mentalcel


im neetcel


im neither neet nor incel nor flapper


File: 1539047242710.png (Spoiler Image, 106.81 KB, 750x1334, 17989AAB-E531-483A-A6CF-DBF88EAB4425.png)

flippin hate chinks


going to sign seki up for undercover milfs


phew nice 5 hour sushi bar sesh what did i miss hima


send him Tiananmen Square 六四天安門事件 1989年4月 June Fourth Incident 六四事件


just got back from the post office its about a 50 minute round trip of walking at a good pace which is a nice length and has a good balance of hills and flat ground its all really nice views saw a big colony of bats all hanging in this bunch of huge trees there were at least a few thousand of them it was pretty cool now im sweaty as a pig


do NOT antagonize the chinks or else


The Bosss bitching about how the toiler ends up sprayed with piss after i pee she told me to pee sitting down


any chinks here


you should pee sitting down


you should get a bicycle


you should get a bicycle


File: 1539048456078.jpg (405.68 KB, 1536x2048, me browsing.jpg)


sighing pretty big right now


why does that car have window curtains


ive got one but i get nervous riding on roads with high speed limits that trucks occasionally go on


i cant my chicken nugget touches the water i told The Boss i make a mess because the toiler is so unbelievably low but she said that its normal and im just too tall


its an asian taxi


get a piss dampener


just get a catheter and drop the tube into the toilet so your piss cant splash around



ill just get some piss jugs like a proper jpboy


how about you just clean your piss up after yourself instead of leaving it for The Boss to find


Once upon a time In America is on Netflix!!!!


Wish my local opium den never closed down


fell for the pissjug meme hard


pissing in jugs and bottles of all shapes sizes and colors is one of lifes simple pleasures


Anyone else approve of antifa


who cares about antifa


stopped at the dagashiya and the girl gave me 5 percent off hehe
got some chocolates and 4 ramune ones a matcha flavored one


hate sweets


same flip sugarnorms


He's doing it again arrogantly flaunting his new found smv


might start a goldfarming business and hire the local chinks


Only ever farmed maiz in Mexico


baste spicsuz


feel like playing tekken now for some reason


feel like playing tekken now for some reason




feel like flicking my bean for some reason


kitty reeks


bored gonno fire up a maplestory private server


Wonder what tg is doing


Has kenbo linked tg to hima wonder where all these kitty posts are coming from


stop capitalizing or i rage


File: 1539053236905.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1080, 1539031446721.png)




sexy lady from the professional is overrated the actual bestest sexy lady is in Once Upon a Time In America


actually feeling bummed out about the meeting tomorrow being cancelled
made one of my specialties potatoes peppers and sausage for dinner gonno have a big feast
got two potatoes two sausages and two peppers i made one fried version and the other is in the oven baking right now


gonno work on a fake california accent so i can be cool


may just have to jerk it hehe


californians dont have an accent


larry david has an accent and he lives in california explain that


File: 1539054557117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.08 KB, 667x1000, 1519700702787.jpg)


wonder what big herc has to say about peds in prison



dont like salt and vinegar that much my favorite is sour cream and onion






File: 1539055455021.png (55.19 KB, 1169x538, s6i1vi1e02r11.png)

baste intel


Big herc already made a video about peds fake fan


hima if you make spp do it in the oven


i dont get it


lets fly to michigan





wonder what thads going to do when he gets out


probably jerk it to kids


holy flip is he out already


its a comparison test but intel used a better third party cpu cooler for their own cpu


basted fulippin intel




gonno buy a hakko station + a cheap multimeter


get a small tip


someone prepare the hima invite for when thad gets out


that nigga got his cheeks busted


racked and bottled 10 litres today and im cold crashing them out of impatience its gonno be aNOTher week or two till the yeast drops out ill bottle the rest then


one the meter or soldering iron




sigh poor thad hes a broken man now remember hearing he attempted suicide while in prison early on






hes going to walk around the american desert now as the man without a name a living ghost looking for a reason to live




rage when i see girls try to play sushi bars


whats wrong with sushi chef girls


new mate was playing this in the back of the store and kept telling me about it so i used him as excuse to spend the entire day at tgs store


gonno watch one piece and morph mates


watch tng instead


played this sushi bar a ton when it came out its actually pretty nice and cozy did you know that some mate made the entire sushi bar by himself from his bedroom


i already did sorry




Time for turt to get up



still upset that the iidx machine broke and the staff didnt fix it


Be the change you want to see in the world


gonno masturbate


oog me jo


uh oog haha


are you jerking it to whitemanes thighs


die wk



how can i tell if a girl likes me or is scared of me


wish i was cool like data


if she likes you she will ask for your snap


ask onseki but dont expect him to tell you anything


girls often stare at me with a blank face and when i look at them they look away quickly and look nervous but only one girl has said she liked me well NOT even that her friend told me that think its cause im tall and lean i must look menacing


they think you look like a pedo snapr


are you in middle school or something adult girls dont act like that


drinking some of my hooch its strong


im 25 my interaction with them is at taco bell



well if youre over 6'2" you live life on easymode and if aNOTher girl said it then its probably true you can now leave hima and live your new life as a chad


its a normpie eating contestant


height is a meme its all about the face


im short fat and ugly




same im 6'1


die tallnorm


im 6'3" but still no idea how to get a nice korean proverbs 31 gf wont bother with a roast


The Boss said her psychic said im gonno get married and have kids


by going to korea and simply existing
the one thing copers need to realize is that if youre actually attractive girls will be approaching you


remember when we held onseki hostage and forced him to take the site oh wait he volunteered


how do i go to korea i dont have money or a job


swim reflapper


stop giving attention to an obvious pie eating contestant turt he comes here to brutally heightmog you and you give him what he wants explain yourself


its NOT fair


nobody else is talking so why NOT
i get mogged every day if i go outside its NOT like being on the internet is any different


his life is layers of memes


wish neetblog was here


I think i like drake now


im here


new kai w featuring lok c


He's here it's still NOT time for him to sleep NOT even close


neetblog get on vr i need to tell you something im at the usual spot


you should be liking sixnine instead


what about fortnine


Hey nb 👋


Nice passive aggressive comment kolby


nice double picard episode hehe


just one more year until The Boss takes the penis cage off im getting nervous


wonder if tg knows about penis cages


youre paranoid


File: 1539062868057.jpg (521.6 KB, 1280x1862, 004.jpg)


vomit inducing


why come roll does NOT pamper my dick


because shes NOT real


because its dr light right NOT because its roll


its raining



are you blind


i see a reflection of red but the roots and tips are the same color


wish i could be that part of the main characters that always wears a mask or suit or armor with a helmet or something


whats stopping you


you might wanna calibrate your monitor


i cant find a group of adventurers


wish it rained all day every day


its the flipping same you fools


im here


neetblog has joined the party


neetblog is now the party leader


you must gather your party before venturing forth


neetblog has kicked kenbo from the party


wish i was from the philippines looks fun


its NOT that great


it pinches trust me the power and internet goes out all the time and it stinks and is noisy and people constantly try to scam and steal from you


File: 1539064175337.jpg (41.36 KB, 500x334, p.jpg)


cant believe there are pinoys on hima


why whats wrong with that


flapperlaughing at the second picard NOT talking


im the pinoyblog


tfw no kanin picking, tinikling dancing, baboy wrestling, tiyanak finding, manok chasing, aswang hunting, kabayo riding, carabao herding, duwende stomping, lechon roasting, lumpia cooking, pancit making, sinigang eating, forest loving, hima posting, qtp2t filipina gf


hima is a global community


File: 1539064818410.png (202.48 KB, 419x480, yumemi.png)

crying again


die r9ktron


hope you got an FX-888D


thunderstorms brewing hima might delay my pork sandwiches till it hits so i can eat and watch the storm


hb its a green sky storm its been a while


keep thinking of neetblog when i see obrien


made some fantastic fettuccine alfredo but im NOT hungry anymore


ill eat it if you dont want it


been dissolving hrt medication into meals and leaving them on the table in the mansion so someone comes and eats it for two months now


how long can i survive if i just stop eating


a few hours


knew a mate who lived lost in the himalayas for over a month without anything but a candy bar and made it back hes partially blind and has motor problems though


went 3 days without food when i was in 7th grade it wasnt that bad i think a week is probably when it starts getting difficult


The Boss bought a new toaster oven gonno fire this badboy up


whats cooking good looking


that irish mate in the prison hunger strike lasted like 60 days


should i try water fasting


never used a toaster oven theyre were selling them at aldi last time i went for like $40 i was thinking about getting one but didnt


theyre pretty nice


todays pork sandwiches have double extra onion


get an air fryer instead


those are too expensive but i would like one


some asshole came in today talking about smells and said that his friend is an onion farmer and that because hes around onions so much he cant smell them anymore
he said the same about a friend who pumps shit and said he wouldnt mind that


wish i could smell


whats an air fryer



its like a deep fryer but you dont need oil


isnt this the mate that cant cook


did you see jack had an stroke lately hope hes doing alright



people on hima have strokes everyday


glad the blood clot never went up to my brain


whatever happened to the beako girl meme


memes dont last forever


File: 1539067001422.jpg (344.95 KB, 750x1000, 70a997d2ff0c7ec46a07b3c58a3f54ce.jpg)


great sandwiches hima


hate sandwiches


never figured out the difference between sandwiches and burgs


burgers have meat


foolish onion 愛r


then why do chicken sandwiches exist


chicken is poultry


havent showered in a week im starting to adapt


who the real fool is is plain for all to see


isnt it burgs are usually made with ground meat think of a turkey burger and then think of a turkey sandwich


how about roast beef sandwiches then


they call chicken sandwiches chicken burgers here


roast beef isnt ground and formed into a patty so its just a roast beef sandwich


i seek war


but chicken mince thats breaded and fried is still called a chicken sandwich


the warseeker


same i belong on the battlefield


uh ground chicken i mean


its the breading that makes it a chicken sandwich if it was just the meat ground up without the breading it would be a chicken burger


if you breaded ground beef and fried it would it be a beef sandwich


it would be a country fried burger


thought you could only country fry a steak


just realized cunnilingus and santa claus and the tooth fair and all kinds of abstract beings and mythological figures actually exist holy flip


this might be a question for ck


https://www.slam jam.com/recipes

nice didnt know this existed


i did



revolting flipping chink


Creamy slam jam® and Pasta Nachos



die racist


im telling you fry that slam jam up and put it into some raoh tonkotsu ramen with some boiled eggs its delicious


no thanks ill stick to creamy slam jam and pasta nachos


never had slam jam before whats it like


i got lots of cream but i usually put it between


heard slam jam stands for spoiled ham


its good


shoulder of pork and ham


dislike slam jammate


never had it either always thought itd be like vienna sausages


multiple people here enjoy eating slam jam its NOT just one mate


slam jam was ragers meal of choice


i only ate it for the first time a couple months ago but was pleasantly surprised its really nice


although The Boss has been making fun of me for eating it since then


what is so nice about it


it tastes good what else is there to say


easy to use in lots of different ways and tastes nice and salty


keep forgetting to buy more slam jam at the store


romeo was an effeminate subhuman juliet should have dated the other mate forget his name


you mean bastevolio


anyone tried beef stroganoff before




im stroganoff my chicken nugget right now


50 new posts out of nowhere but luckily they were just ck shit i could quickly skim


never even heard of it until now


how is it


beef strokin off


tastes like shit mate


how can i do this


how can you do what


the music


got a big horny chicken nugget when i saw juliets tits in the ziffirelli adaptation when we watched it in english class especially knowing that the actress was 16 at the time


always wanted to try some head cheese


its good


you can try mine if you want


lets see a clip


or 15 rather


i grabbed the remote and fast forwarded that part


did her boobs nice


cried when we watched tuck everlasting


REALLY looking forward to stew season i think we mutated soup season


wish shakespeare wrote in actual english NOT the flapper language he made up


shakespeare wasnt real


stew season isnt for aNOTher 8 months


he was real and he was black


wow she looks great just my type




felt bad for the flappers in english class who couldnt read or understand shakespeares english when they had to read aloud


how come movies and mass media in general were so much more ped back then i heard playboy featured a nude 10 year old in one of its editions


anti ped is a modern form of brainwashing


wish i was someones type


the jews want it all for themselves


whatever happened to the migrant sexy ladies who were transported to new york or something were they ever located sigh hope they werent sacrificed to the elites


wish i was a ped


i was the only one in the class who could read correctly everyone else got stuck on words or flipped up the emphasis


yeah and look where you ended up


did i ever post about how often times immigrants arriving in the us would have their last name shortened or translated into english


bet youre real fun at parties arent you


wish i could read


no but thats common knowledge


never understood why norms always use that line bet id be a flipping blast at parties im a cool and funny mate




yeah same half the class couldnt even read modern english if the words were more than two syllables


bet id be a flipping blast at parties im a cool and funny mate norms dont know what theyre missing


flip lagged hard


did hima just lag for anyone





i would NOT be fun at parties i am an anxious mope until i drink and then i become a redditor


have a feeling if i brought up incel to tg she would say that the new mate is incel


its seki





hes blanking out


help im shadowbanned



no youre NOT


fatcels are volcel hes NOThing but a late bloomer


im volcel


being fat is NOT a choice


simply stop eating


what if im also reflappered


gonno brownout


no thats NOT an option


spent part of my life being fat part of my life being twig i like being twig better i can wear stylish clothing and easily get a lgf


i agree when youre skinny your full potential is already on display but with fat socalled people there is always the possibility that their excess mass is concealing an impressive frame and chicken nugget structure


why did cunnilingus gave me 愛 handles but no one to hold on to them


80-105 is the sweet spot for slaying any dumber or smarter and it gets a lot more difficult


i think youre seriously overestimating what somebody with 80 iq is like


i must be 79


phew nice daughter taste test


im 140iqcel


thats bullscrap theres never a downside to intelligence just like with attractiveness both give you more options and control over others and your surroundings



higher intelligence often results in higher inhibition of course there are genius chads out there but its NOT the norm


wrong video sad to see his daughter looking like this


File: 1539069829104.jpeg (32.6 KB, 650x488, ee2531764a2604426c7098fbf9c6fea3.jpeg)


being a pmb results in higher inhibition if youre smart you should be able to predict reactions


intelligence neuroses and social isolation all are correlated


high inhibition is often just the result of being ugly anyway because youre aware that how you act or present yourself wont really improve how others perceive you if youre both smart and attractive then the world becomes NOThing but your playground


never saw his daughter before


shes in a lot of videos making desserts and sweets


those mates become serial killers


post em




dont find his daughter attractive much prefer the mre reviewers


theyve been posted many times before


im smart and attractive but it amounts to NOThing


post em




what if youre smart and attractive and tall but you have a developmental disorder like autism



youre NOT attractive



then you can just find a sugar mama or upload a video to youtube and get tons of pity and then solicit patreon donations



how do you find a sugar mama if youre autistic and never leave the house and just play sushi bars and watch anime all day


thanks for reminding me how gross kids are flipping hate how their teeth fall out constantly


if you were actually attractive only severe autism would be a hindrance
statistics show that most people consider themselves to have above average looks youre deluded with arrogance


consider myself below average but get lots of female attention and perks its kind of nice


stopped watching that mate after he mocked trump


if i were tall and handsome one of my favorite pastimes would be to seduce single mothers to get access to their daughters


would it change your mind if i told you both of my parents used to be models that had a bunch of magazine prints


wonder how many actual studs do that probably a good amount


can i post something i jod to


feel free


ok here it goes


cant find the townsend video with the jolly fat black mate


no because genetics arent everything
people will ask if theyre attractive but the pill is if you were attractive you would KNOW

best anyone here does is probably being mildly above average but they probably dont come around often enough to care about posting pics


why did the fast hours start so late tonight


did you know most people consider themselves to be above average drivers too



wow now THATs a hard pill to swallow


its almost like people believe themselves to be the main character in a movie basted on their lives


havent drove ever since discovered my vision was flapper nice to have that convenient justification whenever The Bosss acting up


anime protagonist syndrom


told The Boss about the people think they are the main character in a movie phenomenon dont think she understood what i was trying to say


she is a npc


the turt factor


A type of condition characterized by one feeling as though the are destined to become a Main Character, through possessing attributes and/or having events happen in their life that cause them to become like the protagonist of any fictional story; having to go on a journey to locate and/or save something or someone, using unique talents or skills to forward mankind, having one's home taken away from them at an early age, and losing a 愛d one to an illness are all potential instances for Main Character Syndrome to occur.


wish i could Drive


it pinches riding is better


can i post something else i jod to


yeah i know but i already said its gonno be at least 3 years before i could ride motorcycle by myself if i started today so its pointless to even think about


no you only get one


but this ones actually good


wait for someone else to post their jo first then


too bad youll have to wait till tomorrow


you will NOT be forgiven


always wished my parents would die so i could fulfill my main character syndrome


wish i wasnt the main character of this tragedy


holy flip made the grave mistake of smelling the chair again


guess ill play some pubg


cant overstate how pleasant this op is seeing it never fails to make me smile


File: 1539071205902.jpg (109.4 KB, 486x535, uhh.jpg)



should i get blops 4


basted battleye


what the flip did elpres delete his channel why cant i find his treekills


theres a new one


youtube deleted it


think ill become a video sushi bar cheater looks fun


stayed up late because i didnt have to wake up early for the meeting guess ill snoooze now
a few weeks ago told tg id see her the next week and the schedule was changed so i didnt have any day with her
then she said she would see me in a few days and the meeting was flipping called off entirely like an old wizard cursed me


cheating takes the fun away


havent had a good consolewar on v in while


miss when he was ped now hes just aNOTher roast worshiper


tg is an honorary sexy lady


surprised and relieved incels never direct much vitriol to sexy ladies the most ive seen is a couple of tangential rants on wizchan and tohno but those places predate the modern movement by a good deal

hope they never do dont want anyone targeting and killing sexy ladies it makes me feel bad


die sexy ladyworshipper





really starting to encounter strong evidence that the external world is NOThing but a projection of my own mind wonder for how much longer hima and this mortal vessel of mine will be of use to me



youre crazy


未来が眩しくて見えない snoze


spent almost 4 hours talking with her nonstop the other day about random stuff with a bit of teasing going back and forth she seemed completely interested in what i said and seemed actually happy to talk for so long and then the next day felt like a continuation of that
especially after spending so much time here it seems hard to believe that theres someone out there who just doesnt hate me


never understood why truck/jeep types put such ugly wheels on their vehicles often they have fake beadlock bolts and everything in this case theyre just regular fake 2 piece wheels
then they put the big offroad tread tires on there even though they never leave public roads and walmart parking lots


shes waiting for the perfect opportunity to report you to hr once she no longer feels threatened by you



wish i knew a girl to talk to havent talked to one that wasnt a cashier in years


my The Boss and sister are the only females ive ever had a conversation with


dont even talk to my The Boss dont have a sis


is it true neetblog was gestated in a test tube and has never known parental affection


dont like it when girls talk to me because i know its only a matter of time until i say something they deem weird and they get that creeped out or disappointed expression after that i simply walk away



thats why mutual attraction is so beautiful dont have to worry about The Bossents like that ever occurring girls literally behave like anime characters when they like you i couldnt believe how accurate all that crap was when i witnessed it for the first time and the same applies to sexual behavior too literally everything you see in the doujinshi is real


when i first grasped that i wasnt sure whether that means fiction reflects reality or if its the other way around but i remember being quite mindblown about it for a while


she is NOT attracted you are the only two people in the store who else does she have to talk to


smartnorm hours


dont listen to that mate hes crazy or trolling or something


babyflip has been carried out on multiple occasions


complete with blender


teeth are feeling nice and smooth think im finally committing to the brushing habit wonder if ill be able to reverse the decay


same ive spent most of my life NOT brushing but after i bought a hard bristled brush ive been trying to do it every night and now my teeth are a lot whiter and the recessed gums on my bottom front teeth has started to recover


havent brushed in years might start up again if i can find some fluoride free paste


i dont know whether flossing is vital or even effective but i did it once a couple months ago and the one thing i do know is that the gunk you dislodge with it has a truly heinous odor it smells like stagnated sewage


never forget the time i met with zyzz and herkz in nsw for defqon the crowd was relentless though there wasnt enough room to shuffle


never flosses


flossed once there was blood everywhere


whenever i floss theres little to no gunk and it doesnt smell


same almost got the string stuck in between my teeth and it hurt like a bitch


do you swallow your food whole


subsist on a liquid diet of NOThing but walmart brand ensure



only eat fresh kills


think ill find a nice spot in a forest and set up a tent for a few months


storming hard hima


you have to floss if you do NOT want your breath to smell like that


youve been brainwashed by big floss propaganda


taught myself how to floss while looking in the mirror waiting for the shower water to warm


nah flip you sewage mouth


youre a slave to the floss and you cant even see it how pathetic


the kids just cant stop flossing


thinkin about slam jam risotto


josnoze time



soulja boys a flippin queer


i look like goku


all alone on hima


im here


good night hima
see you later


bye bye


File: 1539080983282.jpg (850.03 KB, 1080x2220, DSC_42.jpg)

oh boy were in for it now


hope you petition for your drugs they cant unlawfully take them


im a sovereign citizen you cant do this to me


is thad here yet


relaxing with a bit of high-level theology


starting off my day with a nice big bowl of reeses puffs peanut butter crunch is the superior cereal
though sigh


"I have a healthy way of thinking and normal brain chemistry, that allows me to live a fulfilled life without worrying about irrelevant stuff like if i got "mogged"

if only i could say the same




how was your slumber


sad cope


how do i cope with my norwooding


just wear a cool hat




finasteride and minoxidil
hair plugs if you can afford it


hair is pure cope it cant salvage your lack of facial structure if you dont look good bald you dont look good period


File: 1539093137734.jpg (248.85 KB, 1200x800, 1531675367720.jpg)


that mates an effeminate twink hes got no sex appeal girls just like him cos hes tall and famous and NOT repulsive hed get mogged to hell by a real man like clint walker

hoo boy now that was a real specimen they dont make em like they used to but im glad for that imagine if mates like him were still walking around id just give up and subject myself to hrt immediately


File: 1539093423936.jpg (166.47 KB, 736x1198, 2be2bf2884d084d5a666e4908eb7e03a.jpg)

this is how i imagine himas fsnapper


big chance that mate would look horrendous bald


flip whatever happened to strawberry toast crunch that stuff was heavenly


File: 1539094687517.png (Spoiler Image, 6.74 KB, 234x79, ba147e92d59b49785c574ef39d004b80.png)

kill confirmed


what do sexy ladies think of male chest hair do they like it i have a lot


File: 1539095871532.jpg (3.18 MB, 3648x2736, 1537148555851.jpg)

hima meetup


she could have easily sat in the back or looked at her phone but instead she was in the front either standing next to me or sitting on the counter and talking
then the next day she was texting me throughout the day and called a few times asking simple questions but those phone calls all turned into conversations
theres still a high chance that she may simply be a very friendly person but some of the things she says and does makes me unsure of that


idiot your teeth will be rotten forever


shes just a genki flapper enjoy it while you can and dont flip up the nature of your relationship by ascribing nonexistent subtext to it


norms will do that even the introverted ones will prefer to talk to someone over sitting around by themselves even if they have NOThing in common


愛 a good brush & floss


human teeth pinch


would help for seki to give input on this but hes too busy doing stuff


9900k $525 without a cooler intel is flipping dead


think these last two years have easily been the best of my life or at least recent memory seen a lot of funny and underage stuff


imagine basing the quality of your life on how many cartoon drawings of naked ladies youve seen


what stuff


its worth paying twice as much to get 5 more fps in fortnite you fool


it would be highly inadvisable to share such material here as it violates US laws



File: 1539097523103.jpg (404.54 KB, 1280x1798, 001.jpg)


File: 1539097788934.jpg (16.72 KB, 320x240, cf9e6fcd154790f35ae5523b45211fa5.jpg)

technorm hours


what about the touching


wish i was cool like steve


flapperlaughing how it seems NOT intel cant do anything without waves of people complaining about something
first it was the 28 core thing like steve said now its the tests they do even though the 9900k does actually alleviate the thermal paste problem and makes delidding useless and is an actual improvement over what they last put out

this is the beginning of the end


nobody understands your technorm babble


ok ill just go back to posting about tg


thats my cue to morph then


File: 1539098526744.png (395.71 KB, 497x389, 7f58eeca3402de89d3180fa0c64e13ca.png)

dont stop technorming now i was just about to dose off


Hardware Unboxed 2 hours ago
It's even worse than we thought, Principled Technologies are running the 2700X as a quad-core. Updated results here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21950120

nice intel


File: 1539098772888.jpg (16.74 KB, 500x375, 29bb4f3fbd8f045f13e19a06476cd262.jpg)


stupid doozer


woke up


norms can tell that you've jerked it to kids


beep beep beep



How do penises feel inside you


bend over and youll find out



stretched and yelled


took the nig to the mall for food and a north american charger for his phone and asked him about mugabe he sounds pretty fed up with the african corruption but who wouldnt be


you got some imagination


baking some fries


also i prescribed the first pill he asked if i had a gf and i said no in this country girls only pay attention if you have money or height

by the time he leaves he will be the most blackpilled nig in nigland


tg cant tell but then again shes pretty flapper so she cant understand a lot of stuff
still laugh at her NOT understanding how gloryholes worked specifically how the dick would fit through the hole


tng time its the icarus factor


ohh cunnilingusdd decided to take an after lunch nap because i was so tired and now i feel like absolute shite helpp feel like i died and someone rolled a 1 before the resurrection spell


I can't hold this pose forever when do i find or 9



cracked my knuckles way too much yesterday due to anxiety and now they hurt never gonno crack my joints again


they will crack with or without you


cracked my dick knuckle a few days ago it felt great


File: 1539106821107.jpg (2.87 MB, 4128x3096, 20181009_190409[1].jpg)

night walks are fun


charleston chew timw


baste ausbro


isnt that maltaman


dont know if i like this matcha ramune the good thing is that they put real matcha in it


whats something good to stare at besides walls floors or ceilings



might get the hakko 951


having trouble at work and the girl that got a leave wont answer my messages oh well


hehe mate who came in asked what i do all day so i brought up tng and said i was watching the episode where riker gets his promotion offer and he said it was a great episode and he was sorry for interrupting


watch ds9 instead




should i cut my kitty hairs like a pumpkin so when i hook up with someone at the halloween party they will eat me out


File: 1539114153430.jpg (27.51 KB, 480x408, lime-cat.jpg)


Thought i got a parking ticket but it was only a warning good thing I'm never going back there "clean Air" parking can pinch my ass boost that shit


why did cunnilingus make me volincel


I'm volcel i dedicate my life to my lord and savior i don't have time for women or men alike


woke up hows it hangin mates


im NOT hangin


wish i was hangin


its hangin
just want to go home and have a big mug of hot coffee sigh think im gonno have a workplace jo and mutate work


oh boy steve is mad


about to have a big cup of coffee myself


have a big cup of this


thats a melon NOT a lime
seen this image on forums for at least 10 years maybe longer is there a story behind it


its a lime


thats a pomelo you flipping idiots


ya 1975s sugar and spice phew thats a good one


oh and theres eva ionescos playboy as well its black and white but i like it more


pinch my boosting dick


The corporate place is still doing interviews just give me the boosting job already


you dont deserve it you belong working in a paint store


I don't want it id rather work at the protein plant for 17 an hour with unlimited overtime and gym you can use whenever you want but theyre NOT hiring


simply work at a water store you can sit in the back and watch tng all day and snack


wish i could walk into a water store and be made a manager and get a free gf and free donuts and free drinks


suz doesnt want that he wants to work hard and get himself a new iphone and some banging yeezys


I want to buy a 4k go pro and car parts to blog my life and car misadventures and friends i think getting friends would be the hardest part


wish i had one friend


my friends are here


should i get blops 4




im too ugly for anyone to NOT instantly hate me


wonder what thads up to


hes suffering


at the well bunch of geese around i was getting some water had 2 bottles filled some mate comes in front of me and starts filling his 4 bottles what a jaypee boy ya i had the 3rd stashes in the backpack but you ask if youre done NOT just barge it like a undisciplined mutt its starting to rain might bounce on outta here


Should've showed him the true powers of the blimp cunnilingus


if i was a blimp everyone would fear me but im twig


flipping hate chinks but secretly wish i was one sigh


if i was chink id be a world renown mathematician


imagine a 400lb blimp naruto running straight at you full speed


im fat but i can run surprisingly fast


imagine a 220lb jacked kaneki leering at you


fats typically have strong legs for obvious reasons except for the ones that have chosen the scooter path instead


holy flip just saw a flying goose take a napalm bombing style shit that was epic


wish i hadnt fallen for the math pinches meme back in high school


i was faster than all the non athlete twigs back in high school


File: 1539120514121.jpg (14 KB, 235x287, 1538920610214.jpg)

same brother failed algebra 1 now im making up for 20 something years of math negelect


I passed algebra 1 without even trying i dropped out of school in tenth grade so i didn't getto go to geometry


hows it even possible to fail algebra


Adding and subtracting is so hard my algebra teacher was a hardcore Christian that resembled bill nye


my algebra skills are still shaky


Who wants to get a shiatsu massage with me


File: 1539120874066.jpg (97.41 KB, 900x900, 1538746686151.jpg)

NOT sure how ill go into stem with subpar math skills but im gonno try anyways


baste flappercoders


im home hima gonno get myself a big mug of coffee and relax


i was the fastest one in 5th grade because id go out to jog with dad everyday




if you want to learn some basic math simply watch bprp


halloween event is up gonno overwatch




NOThin norm


die overnorm


you cant insult a sushi chef like that


The Boss is blasting led zep 1 again


norm zepplin


im norm


once sushi bars become streaming only i will never play a new one again


nice ross


ross is baste


is there a site where i can brush up on algebra



speaking of that i think tg finally sees me as a manager now or at the very least a friend


hate sand niggers they made math too complex with their al jebras and al gorithms and zeroes


and their al gae


gonno get two more sausages for some more spp tonight hima let me tell you baking it was superior to frying


ban the sc2


zeroes are necessary


gonno get a nice air bake sheet
cant get as excited talking about bakeware as i can about pans dont know why


pans are a lot more fun to use baking stuff just sits there


my carbon steel pan just feels perfect to cook in its like a mix between a cast iron pan and a stainless steel pan


why do norms hate maths


maths isnt a word


it is everywhere but the us


balls stink gonno bathe


kitty itches


every morning my kitty feels hungry is that normal



apparently the short shy girl that the new gm talked about has only been here 8 months and was trained all flipped up
tg was given good training shes just too flapper to make sense of it in her case its like explaining how to fry an egg but NOT knowing what a pan or a stove is


really hate when people explain how to fry an egg but do NOT explain the pan or stove part


just walk in there and give that egg a firm fry


How do you fry an egg


because you dont use them during baking only before and after theyre cooking molds


Mold my ass it's so perfect


File: 1539126987049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 807.23 KB, 2048x1536, 1539119769290.jpg)

Me on the left


me on the far right at the back


how come that mate on the floor has a chicken nugget that far down


is that elliot on the bottom


watching durarara again forgot what episode i was on so i started from 14


Saw that when i was 16 it freaking blows


File: 1539127554895.png (Spoiler Image, 978.94 KB, 598x735, 1539127324015.png)

new pic of turt


lookin good


why does celty hold the phone up when shes talks again
i forgot
does she NOT actually talk and the voice over is just for viewer convenience


thats onseki


File: 1539127992137.png (164.37 KB, 683x1168, C8778896-DEBD-4DE9-8819-C97B79F94AFB.png)


the call that saved hima


always feel a bit weird when people ask my name and write it down all i can imagine is that theyre going to call and ask if im here beforehand and then only come in when im NOT here


File: 1539128431120.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.03 KB, 640x480, 1539127763502.jpg)




delete that right now


durararararara is baste


who is this


thats molester man after some gear and heavy looksmaxing





just looksmaxx uhh i already have


nice pedosuz


Does it really count as pedophilia when they look like that


i like that jewish rapper girl she has some nice milky breasts and 愛s to have fun




gonno crack open some light brews and make sushi


just started on some wine and sushi bars myself


die alcoholics


NOThing wrong with throwing a 40 back or two after a long day of doing NOThing


pedo philia is being attracted to prepubescent kiddos


wish i had a 40
The Boss wont get me one she says theyre for alcoholics


Yeah that lady is way past puberty if i didn't see her age I'd say she was 20 judging on her breasts and face


File: 1539129912098.png (548 KB, 700x700, 1538966015270.png)

wish i had a setup like this


that already got posted


i know i saved it from the previously posted post



Remember my teenmateyears when i would get a king cobra or Mickey's by asking bums and giving them a birdie or dollar


nice cum rag bin thats flipping sick


whats a birdie


a pinchjob


girls have needs too


girls dont sperm they just leak a towel under them is enough


Juvenile term for a method of consuming a drink from a community container (other than squeeze bottles) without said container actually making contact. The container's opening is placed just above the mouth, and the beverage is poured in. Requires a little bit of practice to avoid making you look like you have a hole in the lip.

That's the only bottle of water, so you better birdy drink from that.


Waterfall or birdy?
what do you call it?
sorry if a topic like this has been made before, i couldn't find it in the search hahah and this is a really random question anyway
anyway, what do you mates call it when somebody takes a drink from your water bottle (or whatever) but they don't let their lips touch the bottle? like they just let it just pour out into their mouth.

i've always found it interesting that majority of NorCal people call it a "waterfall" while most SoCal call it a "birdie"

i'm in socal, so i've ALWAYS thought of it as a birdie and have never heard of waterfall before in my life. until my cousins came down to visit from san jose and my brothers asked them what they call it when someone takes a drink from a bottle without letting it touch their lips. and they called it a waterfall. i was like huh??? who calls it that...

but now that i think about it, birdie doesn't make much sense compared to waterfall...LOL

anyway, what do you mates call it? now i'm curious on if people from other states and countries have a name for it too hahah

edit 6/25/10:hahah yeah, i think birdie is only used in my area (orange county)

i was looking at the urbandictionary definition of birdie:

Used to describe the act of taking a sip from aNOTher person's beverage without touching one's lips to the rim of the container.

(It is interesting to NOTe that only native Orange County residents know the true definition of this term)

1. Can I please have a birdie of your water, mate?


okay we get it


hate c*li


What does he have that i don't


going to get a super fluoridated toothpaste to help remineralize my enamel


dont youll turn cool


theyre turning the frickin blogs gay


eating at garls gunior again


never ate garls gunior is it good




imposter of who


of a hima poster


ignore him thats siz



ive never had garls gunior either only hardees


never ate hardees neither how is it


gonno learn to juggle wish me luck hima


Actual same ip.



fluoride is good for your teeth




The shit posting has begun time to leave


please do




oh cunnilingus windows is saying i need updates is this the one that deletes all my stuff what if windows updates while im asleep


gonno make some breakfast sandwiches hima




whyd this mate get banned his sleuthing was spot on


nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa
nyaa nyaa nyaaaaaaa
nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa




post em


you should have disabled windows update service years ago or better yet switched to linux



simply delete the update


i can juggle with two objects but i dont know when to throw the third


my brother is bad at juggling but thinks hes good he always juggles fruit but drops them and bruises them


windows routinely randomly flips up windows and renders it unbootable to do a few things one force you to buy a new computer because most norms have no interest in reinstalling an old os when a better one exists and new norm laptops are on thr market
two they sow fear of crashes and market cloud baste storage solutions which steal your private information in fairly elementary level botnet phishing schemes and finally keep their technical support personnel busy
its all a sceme and if you cant see it youre blind does no one else remember when every windows xp computer was crashed within a few months from a certain update that accidentally broke system32


i updated and NOThing happened


phew these breakfast sandwiches are simply divine


ya they have a bunch of burgs usually get a big garl hehe


windows has boosted me so hard in that regard a bunch of times it will just update and give you an impassable black screen randomly across multiple computers and operating systems flip those boosters blocked every microsoft ip from contacting my computer last time it happened


File: 1539132405069.jpeg (19.95 KB, 210x240, B0757393-C8B5-4413-9685-30D14D878C2A.jpeg)

himako isnt the admin


baste smugseki


never had a problem with windows updates


never had any problems with any of my operating systems dont know what the fuck you idiots are doing wrong


uh it also mentions moderators and jans


you dug the grave of your persona just now


never had a problem on linux or on windows since disabling windows update but windows can update and break itself


linuxnorms cant use windows


miss the good old days when hima was fun now its NOThing but the same old shit and onseki refuses to change anything for the better just look at how many people blocked banners because of what he did


NOT this again


pnig is wylin out




consider yourself lucky


does no one else remember stuxnet
does no one remember it only attacking windows computers that werent activated copies
does anyone else remember it traveling through usb keys
it was all a scheme by microsoft to flip with people who stole windows xp copies and for the same three reasons listed above for installing bugged updates


tg only has a chromebook hehe


still using unupdated windows 7


i thought stuxnet was meant to boost over iranian nuclear facilities


NOThin norm about linux


it was just some hack a bored windowd mate came up with


i had banners blocked before onseki was the admin


everything is norm about it devnorm


File: 1539132748692.jpeg (10.25 KB, 191x264, 91B1D866-42C8-4F3A-BC38-D5257D285AE6.jpeg)


im NOT a dev


hima needs a cool dev who does cool things and can do cool things


File: 1539132792556.png (17.06 KB, 500x250, 1488763467094-0.png)




why would someone come up with a complex virus that only targets specific logic controllers if they were a bored windowd mate


dad said i could get a job if i learned linux


because they were bored


he lied


stuxnet was an american backed jewish creation


File: 1539132884702.jpg (321.63 KB, 633x576, s.jpg)


linux is for job norms like that mate above


wish i was a zionist


no it isnt


its NOT that great


me and neetblog are the last neets alive


yeah it is jobnorm you would know wagie


im a weekend neet its the same thing


am i too old for college




im NOT a wagenorm im the motherflippin neetblob


nice linuxblog


youre never too old mate


wish hima had a mascot


File: 1539133367390.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.05 KB, 77x93, nblog1.gif)

it does


sigh nick got an evo nine and im stuck here in my granny grocery getter


ill hopefully have an ecommerce business up and running so ill be able to quit and neet it up


gonno write some linux scripts to make my job 10% more efficient my manager is going to 愛 this


figured out i can tilt my helmet down to drink water wonder if that means its too big or broken in just enough


just checked out ‘’that’’ board


i automatized my old job entirely with ahk by the end i only had to work for half an hour a week and the scripts had triggers to start automatically when needed





File: 1539134031669.jpg (60.64 KB, 466x583, 819m8icXefL._SX466_.jpg)

The Boss bought these tortillas hb they're good 未来が眩しくて見えない make a chilli burrito with rice and get myself a tall boy of 211


its modelo time foo


updated windows and none of my files were deleted that was disappointing


baste linux user cant wait to tell my manager this one to


it was just dumb norms logged into the wrong profile after updating


learn windows server if you really want an easy job its a flipping joke and the businesses running it wont know shit about IT either so you can just coast doing NOThing


i already am being paid to do virtually NOThing for eight hours everyday thats NOT the issue


get some dos equis instead


Fancy never like dos equis taste like blue moon


dont drink mexican beer youll get infected


Agreed get some bud light


idubbz is baste as hell
maxmoefoe too


no they are both unbasted


File: 1539134928929.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1440x1461, 1539129948539.png)

come to bed


A dream is a wish your heart makes


i dreamed about being a pro cs player last night is that what my heart wants


Hey seki can you ban the mate that posted that gay shite i can't stop clicking it


is that pastor anderson




went to the butcher for 2 sausages and the mate only charged me for one hehe


might have some pork sandwiches then


cant stop laughing idubbz is too funny


hima mixed a can of tuna with a roughly chopped medium yellow onion pinch of salt and black pepper and two spoons of mayo mixed everything and now im feastin phew this is great


onion salt pepper and mayo where would i be without them they really make everything better


die fagsuz


wonder if pastor anderson is secretly a sodomite



i havent made that recently bot sure why
i mutate the onion and use onion powder because i cant chop onions in my room and dont like them anyway


of course he is why do you think hes such a rager hes been corrupted already


the light of the lord keeps the fire of rage alit



that name calling sermon the other day was fiery might have to play it for The Boss soon since last time i played some panderson for her she got upset because he was being rude to people


time to morph


cunnilingus NPCs


File: 1539137174561.png (365.87 KB, 643x479, 1539126183552.png)






its rainin hima


hasnt rained in days dont know why


hoo its rainin hard


have you raindanced lately


name of sushi bar?



now im curious too what is it


power just went out flip


its a wicked vile sushi bar play a cunnilingusly sushi bar like contra instead


power is back on nice gonno fire up one piece and earlymorph


best pork sandwiches i ever did eat


wish to play contra with pastor anderson


ok ill ask wsr then sigh


pastor anderson can beat contra with just 1 life



basted rulenorm owning your ass on wsr


got a really nice heavy baking sheet for my spp it was able to fit two sausages and a whole piman and a big potato the house smells great hima like spp




愛 data episodes in tng


tg asked if i was busy i told her i was going to do laundry and sleep is that okay


meritocracy of the oni & blade


tell her youre jelqing




nah i posted it to begin with


allergies are acting up


man up


she took like 10 minutes then said she wants to watch


gonno nap bye


ok bi


riced gtk a little bit


File: 1539139969355.jpg (41.42 KB, 400x618, mv5by2zmztqwn2utm2q1os00mje5lwizmtctmgu3mmvlyt….jpg)


File: 1539140129965.png (22.4 KB, 486x269, basted.PNG)


he drives


huge batch of spp gonno shower while it cools down and then feast


whats spp


sausage piman and potatoes dice them up and put them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven


succulent pig penis


remember drawing a bunch of oekaki but whenever someone posts a bunch i cant tell which ones are mine if any


couldnt draw my way out of a paper bag if i had to




anyone else morph with your butt sticking out


♫ boku wa abunai oniisan ♫


Doing legpresses and i ate chili feel the gas bubbling inside me think I'll mutate this


nice data penpals with an alien sexy lady


just squished a stinkbug why are there so many bugs now i never used to see this many


did it stink


NOT sure the stink of my room must have cancelled it out


It stunk nicely


boku wa abunomaru


post it


sick hima sigh


File: 1539141962364.jpg (25.68 KB, 173x318, joka.jpg)



does ken xyro still make blog posts


seems like he stopped after this but continues to twitterpost




the only ken i care about is kenbo


Because I'm in too deep and I'm trying to keep up above in my head instead I'm going under🎼


what about ken-sama


what the fuck



> Virgin Play: Can play through the entire sushi bar as a virgin.
ok this seems interesting


its NOT that great trust me


File: 1539144267057.jpg (59.31 KB, 555x800, t.jpg)


shut the boost up bitch


File: 1539144954056.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)


File: 1539145330656.webm (163.31 KB, 640x360, get the flip away from me you flippin nigger.webm)


theres some flipping pie eating contestant here and onseki refuses to do anything
its probably one of his teenmates


the pie eating contestants think its okay to post here since haysuz hasnt been banned


flip that speedmogger


File: 1539145640905.jpg (343.64 KB, 1152x2048, 1515258321279.jpg)


a lot of those sushi bars let you do this its fun


thinking of tg because the weather tonight is exceptional


I lost my virginity at the age of 13. At the time I had an 18-year-old boyfriend who I thought was the epitome of cool because he used to pick me up from school on his motorbike.




♪ boku wa henjin te kamo ne ♪


tl it waps


had a rough day yesterday big boss walked in and said sorry to put you on the spot but we have a few finance students coming in so when they do i want you to pull up some stuff and tell them what you do
then a few minutes later about 20 college kids in formal attire pile in and i stumble through some sentence mispronouncing words and sweating when it was over i had to go to the breakroom and pace around for a while my palms felt numb and i was burning up

thats the kind of thing id have to have a day or so to prepare for it almost killed me


i think heysuz is scaring turt off hes clingy and obsessive


he set you up for failure


those kids owned you


must i rage


maple story 2 is launching today might fire it up





Haven't even posted siz stop making it so obvious it's you


im NOT siz


Uhh I'm NOT siz i just act like him and hate you for no reason


why are some people less compatible with this world than others


File: 1539148769681.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1011.4 KB, 1200x849, 70062305_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1539148814020.jpg (78.12 KB, 559x789, 1539073514494.jpg)


big chicken nugget


why didnt you just remeber that your a mass seprate from them or expend your aura


because i still need this job for now


what is she measuring




washing my new white shirts because tg commented on the old one i was wearing with holes in it saying she wanted to buy me a new one
i told her to NOT worry about it because its one of the older 100% cotton shirts i own and how all the others from the pack tore because 100% cotton undershirts pinch then i started going on and on about undershirt fabric blends and how i cant find my favorite 60/28/12 cotton/polyester/rayon blend anymore and how hopefully the most recent purchase of 40/60 rayon/polyester shirts will be a nice replacement


File: 1539149897964.png (409.84 KB, 460x736, 1479960406362.png)


is that NOT allowed online


File: 1539150088202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.18 KB, 750x1000, UTB8aMANxiaMiuJk43PTq6ySmXXa5.jpg)


i meant thad again sorry


he is but hes only allowed on one device



just woke up dont remind me about warding


whats wrong with it


enable das modul


File: 1539150939223.jpg (253.36 KB, 880x1247, 1539150583351.jpg)

i was turned into a girl


and they monitor his activity


need a big ol cup of coffee i feel like shite


do you hydrate yourself properly caffeinated liquids and alcohol all dehydrate you


yeah i drink water all day every day




gonno throw on some pendulum and jam out




take that back right now


i dream about turning into a girl every day hope it happens soon



consider yourself finished bud


when does the song start


If you ever threaten me again like that it will be the last thing you ever do .


around 1:26 when the ghost noises start


simply fire up the hrt


should i leave out candy or nah


i said girl NOT sad hideous freak


i was born a sad hideous freak




there are girls who are hideous freaks