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this was NOT meant to be a new thread!!




new thread




nice bnig


got left behind sigh


it blows


turt you gotta see this


aris pinches at cod


played too much cod4 promod back then


downloading blops 4 gonno morph


hes still learning


pnig is gonno like this


File: 1539325108945.webm (180.28 KB, 1280x720, hey.webm)


File: 1539325468662.gif (222.25 KB, 498x414, __waha_and_yamato_suzuran_suigetsu__82ddec8052….gif)


File: 1539325658862.gif (69.12 KB, 249x207, 1230025094718.gif)


kitty is hunting the mouse pointer


youll have to call again im NOT dressed properly


File: 1539328299959.jpg (48.3 KB, 600x776, bnjnvefye7s01.jpg)


woke up from my nap hey


if we didnt live in the current social climate everyone here would have probably been pressured into marriage


i would have been executed


spermed hard now i morph


firing up blops 4


File: 1539333356833.png (1.56 MB, 827x1168, DmnqZ-4UwAAiE51.png large.png)




keep getting into arguments lately does that mean i have high test


whats so great about blops


only high est girls argue men speak through their actions


gonno play some pubg



powers out


internet arguments? no

real life arguments? maybe


anxious again


grinding my stats to the extreme


spent all week driving to charlotte but i have to get up at 3am tomorrow to drive 3 hours to the track then Drive on it for a couple of days then drive the 3 hours home in time to get up monday and start a fresh week of driving to charlotte i might burn out


ugh im too dumb and gay for this place gonno go back to 162


how gay are you


this african mate sure hates chinks


File: 1539357777083.gif (284.53 KB, 600x600, ezgif-2-9d75a9ec1921.gif)




we did it years later sushi chefgate has won take that norms


what happened


dumb roast bitch


adult sushi bars on nintendo consoles the social justice fascists have officially lost


gonno tell the next roast i see that she will never destroy sushi bars


dead hours


my power is still out


ordered some wings its a nice rainy day


Got left behind sigh


im playing blops 4


woke up hima took a nice shower and had some beef stew that sis cooked now im making coffee hows it going


who left you behind and where


die sisrp


wish i was baste


NOT him


File: 1539372034069.jpg (479.59 KB, 773x1093, 1539371533370.jpg)


fat bitch


fat kitty


boost roasts


gonno power shower


dont know what the hell that means




just woke up hey mates




should i get a zojirushi rice cooker


ya spend all that money on it its so much better than a more affordable one


ok guess ill get a whc40


dont understand the rice cooker meme whats wrong with cooking it on the stove


why do you NOT want access to hot rice 24/7


nice comment


because id eat rice only once a day twice at most


thats why youre an idiot


old gm hurt his back so he cant do delivery so the new gm got aNOTher mate to deliver and the new gm is in the other mates store and he has no idea what the fuck hes doing and boosting everything up


hes just inexperienced


he called me with a simple question so i figured as much


got uptown girl on repeat but im only singing the woooah parts


uptown norm


in the living room laying on the couch with my laptop and tv on The Bosss makn coffee


my ucc 117 came in today but its too late to try because ill be up all night if i do


should i play magic online


shitty buttons shitty digital display shitty heating element shitty pump whats the point




its NOT shitty the one i have NOT is almost 8 years old and its pretty much the same design except the nonstick coating in this one is flaking so i want one with either a stainless interior or ability to be used without it being plugged in


why is hotarus face so underage


then why does it tick all the boxes for cheap piece of disposable chink trash


anyonee else eat pizza with a fork


i dont understand your question please rephrase and repost it


File: 1539385420665.png (167.11 KB, 265x370, en_Co3HGiNQzd.png)



im a cheap piece of disposable chink trash


its a zoji NOT a tiger its like comparing adidas to abibas


last name: gentlesir
first name: euphoric
motto: its actually called a trilby


any chinks here


first name: van
last name: tran


im chink



gonno play some mtg arena


himas dead everyones at the club


im making sushi


texting tg and telling her that the new gm forgot i exist because he called today to ask if i had a safe


gonno install hots


hell yeah install that hots bitch


play magic arena with me instead



ive never played magic


its easy



hell yeah


is that hagrid


and trump is voldemort yes


still dont know who that mate is




hes having a blast playing blops4 hehe


baste lildickgirl


she was just 17 you know what i mean


would rather watch the shadman stream


alright im cancelling hots and downloading magic arena


simply download both


愛 jungle hijnx


same and stickerbrush symphony


miss the donkey kong stream golden age


time to fire up the 100k BTU industrial torch to light the grill


NOT everyone has such freedom with bandwidth


guess ill nap


fool its just 380 mebibytes


is it possible to rip a youtube midi and NOT have it be horrible


youtube does NOT have midis


sis said she wants me to take her to the underwear store


im going to leicon


holy flip i applaud this chink owning those dognorms does anyone know if he has a patreon i could donate to




new jojo


new gm called me by someone elses name tg called me that name then asked if i wanted her to kiss it and make it all better
dont know what this is supposed to mean




seems like wow is turning to shit even the lore mates are getting fed up with how things are turning out and the theorycraft mates are getting upset with titanforging and


wait for the hima classic guild


and what


we went over this last year nobody is playing horde so ill be playing it alone


to be fair wow lore has always been shite it died along with wc3


if you play wow classic as an undead rogue i will rage


vanilla was fine because the story was the lack of a story and it was actually pretty groundbreaking to have a sushi bar as big as wow with only a handful of loading screens


are you kidding me why would you NOT play vanilla as an undead rogue im sure as hell NOT going to be a troll or orc rogue




flip this gonno watch aris play blops



aris is baste


the good old days


wish i was as good as aris


learned how to leave combat and restealth from those vids


still cant believe they removed poisons from rogues


if theyre using the modern wow as a base for vanilla does that mean rogues will have the smooth energy regen or will it still come in chunks


hope its chunky


flip that make it smooth like a sexy lady


die sexy ladypotato chef


i will NOT


wish i had some slurp juice


Where is seki


havin a coffee


shaved with the safety razor again
i cant get a good against the grain shave it takes too many passes and the single blade tugs on every single hair thats the real benefit of multiple blades
if you just shave down and side to side its easy and i dont cut myself but up is too hard i just whip out the ol fusion


youre supposed to shave with the grain


that means youre technique is wrong




brown girl killed him


deli girl vored the seki


sexy ladies can be chunky too


wish i had some hot dogs that would be baste


playin mtg arena


dead hours




everyone is playing blops


Free smoke free smoke you niggas don't want it


I'm at the gym I'm gymcel


cracked open the slurp juice


he has a dog too you dumb catnorm


im volincel


愛 kicking dogs i see on walks


My doggies are screamubg fucjing hate warehouse shit


hit the touge now i need to pick up those sausages hehe its a spp night


Saw some mate pick a wedgie out his bhole we made eye contact i held it but he looked away


dad kicked the neighbors dog once hes one of those really small lapdogs that wont stop barking and growling when it sees someone he tried to bite his ankle and flew five yards instead


make a sausage and taters stew


mutating all walls of text in hxh




ill be playing on horde but ill probably be on a different server


also just woke up from my nap gonno make some roast chicken and taters


rp flapper


Forgot my headphones


i carry a boombox


wow is boring as HELL


sigh nordvpn finally fixed their infinite free trials


Please don't make me laugh that reminds me of the black mate in mac Miller's old videos


okay i downloaded magic arena


just thought of a new question for ck im flapperlaughing

gonno ask if you can redry and reuse pasta


Can you download me a sweet warm embrace of death


use protonvpn fool



does that work on 4teen i use them to mass report posts


die snitch


愛 reportin


never reported a post in my life


where is eveyone


only one on hima sigh


right here


the slurp juice made me tired i think im going to attempt a morph


my power is still out


im learning how to play magic this looks harder than hearthstone and shadowverse


i was cuttin my spp now im drinkin ramune weirded out by tg dont know how to act in those situations
gonno feast and watch the tng generation


hell yeah



I'm too freaking tired to move and its raining think I'll watch a scary movie with The Boss


familiarize yourself with the phases
main 1
combat {
attacker declaration
blocker declaration
first strike damage
regular damage
main 2


i summon neetblog in defense mode and end my turn


the tng generation time


exquisite spp tonight cut the potatoes a bit bigger and the piman peppers a bit smaller


Nb is a trap card NOT a character noob


gonno buy some nice pliers


get knipex


nah looking at nicer ones like erem


found a very underage virtual youtuber can i link her




sigh my arthiritis is acting up


im still waiting to link the jerking video from a few days ago now i cant link this what the fuck


https://youtu.be/hqvgS8LHnEE?t=674 im doing it anyway flip you all


what jerking one you mean from that succubus girl


no i wanted to link a jerking song and someone told me to wait


thats a man with a voice changer


thats what you said about minami but look you were wrong


that video proves me right



no look at how well those girls get along with her thats because they know they wont be flipped anally by minami


chicken nugget


wish to fatally analsnap


chicken and taters time


for your fyi its nearly impossible to analfsnap someone


wish i had some


wrong its easy if you make them bleed enough


any good blops streams


its good



dont rub it in what if hes starving


guess ill make some juice and grilled cheese


cooked up nalesniki





wish i had some monja


aris is baste


File: 1539407871433.jpg (441.72 KB, 1764x2508, 71014476_p1.jpg)

chicken nugget


gonno touch myself


File: 1539407955372.jpg (78.96 KB, 410x426, 1804476776452.jpg)


delete this


burnt me mouth sigh


File: 1539408132370.jpg (62.44 KB, 613x559, 1370248511530.jpg)


your brain only makes you think you burned it these things are all in your head



wish to flip pekorin


precure makes me rage


File: 1539408552407.png (624.95 KB, 924x716, slap.png)


mofurun is way sexier


wow i thought i was catching up on one piece because i downloaded the 1-700 pack but im 150 episodes behind im so glad


norm piece


oh cunnilingus the jojo ed


NOThing norm


File: 1539408977279.jpg (928.23 KB, 1168x826, 6cdf6c8ec84b5d30699d72c6aec4558a.jpg)

gonno jack it to cure mofurun






uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh ombmj haha


was NOT aware that precures seem to also have a nurse mode


wish erika would nurse me


occasionally ill remember and laugh at that episode where she ate only ice cream for breakfast and almost died during a fight because she only ate ice cream




why is that funny


it humanizes her and all precures by extension


so would snap


precures can easily fight off snap from humans thet are super strong after all


what if you kidnap their little brother


if they let you flip them so you return their brother then its NOT snap


tell it to the judge


File: 1539410090694.png (766.69 KB, 816x800, 82070af5b055974780bde3a46c6f215d.png)


remove lipstick NOW


NOThing wrong with a nice lipstick


whats wrong with lipstick


cant believe turt overdosed on phenibut


愛 putting on The Bosss lipstick and walking around in heels


anime sexy ladies should NOT wear red lipstick its only acceptable on russian sexy ladies in real life


once put on The Bosss lipstick and nailpolish as a child and she thought i was cool ever since


The Boss painted one of my fingernails in my sleep once and i went to school like that because i didnt NOTice


The Boss caught me smelling her high heels and things never really recovered after that


what the fuck


File: 1539410480926.jpg (113.92 KB, 500x500, ec81b2bf55fd75f5f35774c03435433c.jpg)


愛 pictures like that its way sexier than seeing it from the other side


kazunori sensei does it again he really does get around


File: 1539410741543.jpg (781.4 KB, 747x1024, 24831ec92606d00eaa6bb6f886b814a5.jpg)

does this really happen




File: 1539410852697.jpg (43.39 KB, 600x800, 991bbc85149c36e575004fd6fcdb118e.jpg)

ya i guess youre right


File: 1539412098211.jpg (139.4 KB, 979x963, 370901ee0a95a03a1491227742971a7b.jpg)

morph time bye


bye bye


gonno morph too


magic is hard


what color are you




aris just got first place


its NOT hard its just different


its hard


that stuff is a scam i tried a moderate dose then a high dose and all it did was make me sleepy


if youre playing a mid range black deck you may want to look into getting some dusk legion zealots and doom whisperers


gonno netdeck it when i have enough cards dont worry im just grinding till then


have a wonderful night im gonno morph wish you all the best
愛 hima


night mate


sleep well bud


this sushi bar takes a lot more thinking ahead than the other card sushi bars i played wish i started playing ten years ago it seems fun never knew anyone who played though


started playing during seventh edition its fun


hope molesterman is safe and happy right now


he is morphing


got my flapperpants on


same but mine are just regular gray sweatpants


himakos used sweatpants...


i am the anathema of hima


dont know what that means


playin some blops


fire up that stream


basted blopser


aris got a win earlier


did everyone else commit suicide




im too flipping dumb for mtg




quick morphed hopefully its enough to escape the neet hours


gth nonneet




wish sis would flip me with her girldick


gonno morph now bye mates


coffee time


woke up with a chicken nugget



went to bed with a chicken nugget


got some flourless chocolate cake today hehe


File: 1539445659465.jpg (7.42 MB, 4160x3120, 20181013_102032.jpg)

had 2 sessions NOThing to do for a hour now im just sitting at sheetz drinking out of a gallon jug of water


is that a factory five 818


File: 1539446524142.jpg (4.3 MB, 4160x3120, 20181013_120017.jpg)

isnt this a bit lewd for a gas station


Isn't that the empowerment girl


old gm called and told me that goat boss scheduled himself with the new girl because he heard she was cute


You're going to get cucked if you don't move in now


i havent even seen this girl all i know is that shes short and has brown hair and is in her early 20s
which is weird because goat boss is 44


creep store


havent had a drink for 6 hours thinking about just sipping on my piss bottle


i cracked open the ucc 117 its delicious gonno leave it in the back for tg to sample


what the hell just drink from the faucet


dont do that unless you have an ro system with uv sanitization


hi hima The Boss woke me up early she cooked some steak well done to charred as usual


rather eat a raw steak than a well done one


never had steak whats it like


like soy but good


Always get my steak medium rare




i think goat boss doesnt schedule tg with me much because at meetings he would see her greeting me separately and sitting next to me


woke up with a chicken nugget so i had a showerjo now think im gonno make some coffee and play mtg


Text her your theories


Think i should get circumcised




gonno fire up dragon quest




norm quest


no that would be creepy


No it wouldn't idiot say pinches we aren't working together as much i think we may have made goat boss unexpectedly jealous




that is way too creepy
ive just been pushing the new gm forgetting i exist thing lately
he just called the store and was surprised i answered and said he thought i was off today
who the flip else is going to be here idiot


NOThing creep about that


Uhh that's creepy but recording underage girls from my window isn't creepy


how is it NOT creepy to say i think we made goat boss jealous when i dont even know if she likes me in that way


It's NOT creepy whatever don't take my advice idiot you'll just be twiddling your thumbs until she hits on you but that won't happen


tronex pliers looks so nice


just ragequit


reported in sushi bar


File: 1539454291167.jpg (444.78 KB, 1000x1402, 1524121593865.jpg)




File: 1539455305807.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 720x404, 1537566641482.webm)


dont open that its gay


Couldn't stop laughing


File: 1539455515121.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.96 MB, 452x800, 1533230676438.webm)

oops i meant to post this one


also gay dont click


File: 1539455637996.jpg (30.66 KB, 600x600, kirakira-precure-a-la-mode-cure-whip-pekorin-l….jpg)


is this on dopyuu yet


They're humping like animals this is hilarious disgusting gays don't know how to boost


doesnt look any different from straights flipping
all sexnorms gay or straight are animals


im an animal and i dont have sex


Um mind if i demonstrate on you cam just bend over straights have sex differently and ill prove it to you


File: 1539457227574.mp4 (10.08 MB, 1489017425441.mp4)


those cobwebs are killing me i must clean


What am i supposed to be looking at pnig


ate a bunch of chocolate


bored as hell


simply play some mtg arena


what is that is it free



dont understand that channel he never shows a lock thats unbreakable or unpickable


he did once





talked to the mannager who built a 207hp bike and he said that the new gm is on his last legs according to the coo
hes pissed that all his stores were working perfectly before the new gm came in and now mine is the only fully functioning store with receipt printers and card readers


turned on starman by david bowie but im only singing the ladada part at the beginning


Now's your chance to throw him under the bus and obtain that position


the coo wants to lean on the managers more so it will come in time
the new gm said to redirect people to a different store further than mine because he flipping forgot i exist and today he took a 'stress day' off
scape boss never did that


Snitch on him


just woke up hey boys




raining so i ordered more wings this time 2 dozen of them im going to flipping feast HARD hima


still cant believe turt overdosed on phenibut


coffee time


Wonder if pnig is jerking off to tg


Thinking of going to a cafè to grab some hot chocolate and some lunch what do you think pnig


get one with marshmallows


going to get some coffee myself and play mtg arena


it was stormin hard when i woke up cunnilingusdamn 愛 a good storm


im watching the tng generation and eating wings and thinking of what im going to leave on the NOTe for tg tomorrow


It's either a cafe or Chinese food


pits reek



nice proto vulcan daughter in this episode


File: 1539465350904.mp4 (11.93 MB, 20181013_141446.mp4)

Is that you seki


staying in a shitty cheap motel but theres two beds wish i had a himamateover so we could jump on them


File: 1539465999458.mp4 (30.76 MB, 20181013_142256.mp4)



im the hammer and women are the nail


holy flip


this daughter is underage as hell wish to flip her


File: 1539466312603.jpg (14.3 KB, 500x378, tumblr_lv8pshMNui1qghg8fo1_500.jpg)


datas actor said he hated that cat and every scene he had to be in with him


why is datas actor such a rude mate


hes basted


Do you mates like my driving 🚗


youre putting peoples lives at risk





he did say it he just regretted it later because people thought it was mean


need some hair of the dog that bit me




愛 a good hair of the dog


got a peek at goat bosss new schedule
he put me in his store on friday and put tg in my store on friday
managers are supposed to stay at their stores unless its an emergency and this is no emergency


i think i like pulaski more than crusher pulaski seems way more like a doctor and crusher seems like just a The Boss


getting a ½chicken nugget


dont like either of them really feels like the writers tried too hard to get the fans to like pulaski and write her as a super smart and kind character and it backfired


I am a man of g-d


may i recommend making your own yogurt


no you may NOT


flip red aggro


kitty yogurt


愛 kissing a pair of vagina lips as if they were real lips


Anyone else get really horny thinking of how warm and tight a pair of teen lips are






simply NOThing better than jerking it to kids this is the life i tell you





wish to flip kid anus


im abunai onisan



hard to imagine caps smaller than 0402


goat boss sent out the finalized schedule that flipper kept the idea of putting me at his store when i would normally be with tg
the old gm said before that this sort of thing would never happen back in the day maybe i should tell the regional manager about my concerns


squirted some peroxide into my ears it feels so weird because it wont stop bubbling and so much dirty stuff came out even though i clean em with a qtip every morning now it feels like my ear canals are pristine





because it actually cleans inside where you shouldnt be sticking a qtip


tell him everything but without sounding like you hate goat boss


the bubbling and fizzling feels weird


you're going to go deaf


Is that an actual thing don't feel as if that's safe


gonno get a gun because p anderson said everyone should own one


its safe as long as you dont have an ear injury


it is encourage every few months or so


I don't believe yous


playing some blops again boys


fine idiot use an ear candle instead


stream that bad boy


Have you mates seen the wackness





I bob my head like this


hate this norm


hey mtg mate are you there


wonder what brett is up to


making moneyyyyyyyyyyyy


baste moneyyYyYyY mate


wonder if that mate ever ended up making moneyYyy


hope so


installing mtg


use the code PlayRavnica to get 3 free packs


where do i enter that


aris is baste


store and redeem code


should i get an onahole


get a virgin age ~admission~


its ok he told old gm that he doesnt feel like he made a good decision with giving goat boss as much responsibility as he did


should i fire up mtg i played it in middle school


ya its baste


the only interaction i had with mtg was the old pc sushi bar hehe


is it that demo that came in free cds used to 愛 it as a kid hehe


just got home
dont think i checked hima once all day


File: 1539476111231.jpg (65.84 KB, 360x459, MTG_Microprose.jpg)

this one


ya that one microprose was flippin baste



keep hiccuping


threw a dip in but i dont remember when
feels really good in my jaw but i also need to eat


nice dipseki


Don't think i can go 5 minutes without checking what tg is up to


thats called 愛


I have triangular pink meds that have 463 on them what are they for


The Boss just gave me them and said i got some new multi vitamins for you


eat your medicine


dipski in the lipski


i already did that


Downloading file 58 of 58


is pastamate dead




Downloading file 1 of 8 gonno rage


mtg is making me rage too i cant win with shit decks and i cant get cards if i lose every sushi bar sigh


simply pay real money


simply make a good cheap deck


File: 1539478186892.jpeg (143.32 KB, 1500x1554, 7CB7C8A5-7D71-41F3-B84A-60EA682C4529.jpeg)






good news my chink washer arrived going to start washing my clothes and draining the water out the window


Erectile dysfunction will be at all time high now that we have young children viewing pornography early in life. Also, due to forced mass immigration, children will be less likely to be let outside as their country will look like Mexico. So in short, things are gonno be really bad


i already have ed


chugged a vanilla coke left a surprise for tg tomorrow hehe


愛 vanilla coke its almost as good as coffee plus


File: 1539480209291.jpg (383.37 KB, 1430x2000, 837241ac69363a79ef3105e1b32cc54a.jpg)


i like vanilla coke the most out of any soda but i havent had it in years i never see it for sale anywhere either


they discontinued it for a lot of places but kept it in areas with a lot of mormons


never had a mormon knock before


mormons seem pretty horny at least the girls


the mormons here havent come back since i tried to win their souls


middle easterners fear me


never met a middle easterner i didnt like




vargpilled some mormons today and they started crying




this chink washer is flipping amazing the clothes come out dry enough to wear




wish i was a chink


that indian just 3-0d jeondding


stopped watching after he stopped playing blops


hes gonno play more afte the tournament hes addicted


activision is paying him to play it


why would they pay that hagrid looking mate it would be negative advertising


hes a popular streamer


im literally amazed by this chink washer the clothes are coming out really clean and nearly dry and it takes like a half hour


just got apprenticed by a master of kintsugi


can you imagine making up a story about a washing machine


wonder how much they paid the normnite streamer to play it




pretend to hate aris but in reality i think hes basted as hell


he reminds me of an older neetblog


esportnorm hours gonno morph


wish i was aris




the only poster i even like is neetblog because he has no interest in technorm shite or sushi barbaby shite he just 愛s baste memes and froggers
neetblog doesnt even care about food or tea or coffee or any meme foods he simply eats whatevers around like a proper neet NOT one of these pampered little prince manchildren


hell yeah




gonno fire up the coffee machine heck yeah its time for some sushi bars


gonno attempt an early snoze


nb plays sushi bars every day


playing a stompy deck its nice


flip you stompnorm


i posted a video of the one i was getting a few days ago i doubt anyone watched it


bh no stomp


i watched it


Should i go to coffee bean and get a hot chocolate


sure why NOT


On their website they have this thing called cookie crumble i think it has pumpkin but i really want a hot choco what else should i get for a snack


get a bear claw


Ok i dont hot chocolate on their menu on the website




i have a thing for brown haired brown eyes girls is that ok


gonno go with varg on this one and say no


new retail archaeology


brown hair
black hair
light brown hair
red hair
anime color hair
white blonde hair
yellow blonde hair

thats the order


my order is
yellow blonde
white blonde
light brown
i dont know what anime color hair is


this one is perfect


whats wrong with blonde hair its the sexiest


pink or blue or green or rainbow color or anything unnatural


Think i might be stupid


oh okay it comes last then


i like blond but only drill blonde hair


its a toss up between blonde pigtails and blonde ponytail with cap being the sexiest possible hairstyles of all time


teferinorms can all go die


tg has white blonde hair


wish i had baste white hair but instead im a balding incel freak


i dont think its her natural color but she has really bright blue eyes so maybe it is but i wont ask


What are those bpie eating contests called with those on the side the big ones


thats underage you must flip her


im sure they will be whatever you want them to be


do you mean french bpie eating contests


bnig hates white people


NOThing like casting act of treason on a six drop and saccing it to pump your brawl bash ogre hehe


that happened to me boost you


teferi is basted


wish i was basted


new gm wants us to put the cash in the safe instead of the microwave so i put the little skeleton in the safe hehe


why would you microwave money is it to get rid of the germs good idea


nice skelesafe


mate i knew in highschool ended up working for wotc wonder what hes doing now his dad wrote a published book about star trek too wish i had a nerd family


You're right it's french bra1d


scape boss figured burglars would take the safe and NOT the microwave


arms hurt


stop doublejerking


Triplejerked on accident


die jerkers


kitty is laying on my lap and licking her paw


remember back in 5th grade or so one of my friends challenged the teacher to mtg and the teacher crushed him mercilessly 5 times in a row so he cried


basted sushi chef teacher


gonno get vaccinated


File: 1539489421200.gif (1.94 MB, 500x280, c1b8f21fb67afb52f6068246d3dfdb302d01f6a6_hq.gif)


raining hard again its rained pretty much every day for the last 3 weeks


installed mtga
gonno play it after i prestige 10 times in blops


raged and uninstalled it because i couldnt beat the 3rd tutorial boss


nice prosushi chef



im NOT an idiot the sushi bar is simply unfair


that event is scripted so if you couldnt win youre flapper as hell


if it was scripted how did i lose


hehe told aris to get some tamales and he read my comment


its raining here too im in a great mood


yeah im feeling really good right now


愛 unleashing ghalta and seeing a norm instantly concede


how do you know theyre norms


because i beat them


what did he say




might have some chicken and rice



he said get some tamales damnnnnn


flip you stormpnorm gonno murder it


flip that norm


hes NOT a norm


already read reid dukes full guide on the magic site


hes a huge norm


travis is basted


he went from pro mtg player to varg style organic subsistence farming in hawaii how is any of that norm


The Boss posts on a truther forum


mates i need help for real right now IMMEDIATELY


what do you need help with


i need to get a new towel but i dont know what counts as an xxxl large towel


you mates are no help im gonno get a 35x68 luxury bath sheet


why do you need such a large towel


im a big mate


chicken and rice are cookin


get a xxl


typical 20 something weeb sexnorm


I'm stupid


because big towels feel better


i can break these cuffs


We have 5 mods online why can't we ban any of the trolls asking why i need such a big towel"


thats good chicken hima hotdamn


Looks like all the browns are actual drug dealers




youre brown


wish i had some korichicken


No I'm NOT


oh ok my mistake


gonno dephlogisticate some bud and morph





still hard to believe bastezus bought a miata just for meme value


might nap for a couple hours bye mates




thats right i nap


File: 1539494822419.png (1.18 MB, 950x761, 1539486440051.png)

just be yourself


should i switch to waterfox




Ban any variation of laughter real talk


wish i had some pigs in a blanket


NOT a troll i just figured if im going to own one nice towel i want it to be the best towel i can get
this one was $16 and its really soft and white and very large
i figued out a while back that white things are the way to go because bleaching them makes them very easy to remove stains like piss and blood and shit


lets become career criminals


i cant even get a regular career


thats the point since we arent cut out for the surface world we must survive through nefarious means


killing norms and taking what we deserve


i live for my next fix


now i can say where we droppin cause im playing blops hehe


fire up that stream


guess ill watch one piece and morph later mates


it was a reference


got two top threes in blackout


did you choke


come to the water business




nhorm & norm


I don't play video sushi bars past 9 i just watch scary movies


File: 1539498969899.png (150.15 KB, 471x467, Unbenannt.png)

its time


hope she is still a virgin


wonder if tg has seen the martian
hope she wouldnt mind watching it with me even if it makes me cry each time


Is it okay


File: 1539499775318.png (27.58 KB, 226x114, 10-14-18.png)




was hima just down


got a win


prosushi chef


my plan is to get a nc or nd miata should i NOT do that


prosushi chef




spent 2 hours restoring and sharpening a nice walnut handle carving knife


flipping idiot


this song gets me pumped


was uli submerged in mud posted


flapperlaughing remembering the 970s half gig of slow ram



File: 1539506995556.jpg (119.28 KB, 1080x1236, hbS8KMD.jpg)




youre sick


where can you find the pegasisters


ehat the heg is a gegagigter


File: 1539508342491.jpg (82.15 KB, 960x639, hk140hydw3s11.jpg)


bet that cat is a incel


nah that cat has defiantly had sex
a proper incel displays perfect posture at all times after happening to watch a video they were in
at least thats what happened to me


File: 1539509233304-0.jpg (120.97 KB, 960x720, mud1.jpg)

File: 1539509233304-1.jpg (138.07 KB, 960x720, mud2.jpg)

File: 1539509233304-2.jpg (136.51 KB, 960x720, mud3.jpg)

For at least 20 years, I've had dreams featuring me being in mud, often soft and gooey. This mud has the gooey part down very well, but it's very thick. That didn't stop me from spending... 4 whole hours immersed in it like this! It was a ton of fun and I 愛d being in it. If it wasn't for the tide coming back in, I'd still be in it for aNOTher good 2 or more hours! View each photo for the finer details.

You're probably thinking I'd be getting very stuck though, especially with such thick mud where, if I got in up to my neck, for example, I wouldn't be able to get out. That's wrong, way wrong. Don't go by what you see in the movies. Reality works much differently. It's actually, in this case, 50 times more difficult to get down in up to my neck than it is to get all the way out (but it's a great work out!)! it took me over an hour to get in up to my neck as it's so difficult to do but it only took me barely 2 minutes to get out. Mud is a lot more dense than water, so you don't sink into it as easily. You float, usually about waist deep or so. To get in any deeper, you have to actually pull yourself in. What keeps you from floating back up again? The high viscosity. The high viscosity is also what's making it so hard to get more submerged.

How did I find this place? NOT long after getting my kayak, I wanted to explore some of the areas I found to the north of Brasher Park where I usually go for launching my kayak. The area I live in has a lot of grass and a fair bit of soft, gooey mud. I had the idea of checking out the rivers and stuff to see if I could find deeper mud.

So, I dedicated the entirety of a day about a month ago to explore the rivers to see if I can find deeper mud. I was only expecting about 1 to 2 feet deep. Since small boats like kayaks can get into some tight spaces in shallow waters, I went into the side routes I found. Some areas I found had modest mud, but there was often a lot of water over it, but it was also high tide so that was to be expected.

Then, at one turn off, I hit the jackpot. I found an area where I got into mud that was at least 2 feet deep, but I couldn't feel anything solid or firm below so I didn't know how deep it was. The water on top was about 20 inches deep so I couldn't really try to get in deeper. I had to come back during low tide. I explored more to see if I could find more such places, but I couldn't find any more. I tried to find that deep mud spot since the tide was going out, but I couldn't find it. I gave up on it as I had to return home due to getting late.

I dedicated some other days, such as when there's a strong north or south wind to exploring the rivers in other areas to see if I can find some alternatives. I happened to find a shipwreck named "blown away". After I was done with exploring Hope Bayou and finding it unfit for my needs, I was thinking about trying to see if I could find that one mud pool, but I didn't bother doing so as I just wanted to get home.

Then, about a week ago, I went off to try to find that mud pool again, and at low tide as well. I spent nearly 2 hours trying to find it. Daylight was running short so I was about to call it quits and return home. I made a few more turns and I found where it was. The water that was at the surface was gone entirely. It was pure mud! But, I only had about a half an hour at the most. During this, I figured out how to "swim" through that thick mud and got that down quite well. I tried to see how deep it was, but even when waist deep, I still couldn't touch anything firm below. I knew I had to return again so I could answer that and other questions about it that I had.

I planned to go on October 10. However, Hurricane Michael struck and was wreaking havoc. It wasn't a direct hit, but the wind was way too high for any kayaking so I had to wait until that left.

My next day off was October 12. I got to the mud pool bright and early... but I had a bit of a tough time finding it again. I had a much better memory of where it was though. I did find it eventually, but there was still a layer of water on top and I waited for that to go down. It didn't, however. So, I went in it anyway and searched around. I then found a spot where I could experience being immersed in pure mud. It was slightly out of the way though. I tried to get photos of it, but it was zoomed out too far and it was also quite underexposed (too dark). The mud, however, was found to be a whopping 5 feet deep! After the tide went up, I went in deeper into this area and found yet aNOTher mud pool very much like the first.

Then I went at it again today, October 13. I got to the mud pool much faster. I went straight to the secondary area and made several attempts to best optimize the photos. However, this mud was much thicker. I didn't know it was going to be very gooey either until I went in it. And that's what these photos are of.


my posture is bad and im a balding incel freak


maybe you should fix those things


its to late once a bald flapper incel always a bald flapper ince


you cant do anything about the incel curse but you should at least concern yourself with your own wellbeing especially since no one else will ever give a shite about you
youre all youve got


woke up feel like shit gonno play some mtga


you are right i should think about this thanks


it is obvious uli has a sick mud fetish and is having a sexual awakening


dont project your sick shite onto uli


gonno make a huge breakfast


wish i could go muddoggin with uli


holy flip is anyone seeing this


hate this sitting around crap
norms 愛 it because they can gab to one aNOTher


my package says out for delivery



File: 1539531220588.jpg (465.24 KB, 860x1214, __abigail_williams_fate_grand_order_and_fate_s….jpg)


Tired mates


chicken nugget


how did he do it mates


he has that blonde mates quirk


credit card saves precious seconds no more pins


i have NOThing but time why would i need to save a few seconds


magic idiot


gonno legally change my name any suggestions


in like rin


wish to flip kirby


garl gunior


really long dead hours today


its over


File: 1539541500500.png (1.42 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! - 02….png)

whats does this means


theyre gonno play multiplayer sushi bars


where are her clothes


its been NOThing but pie eating contestants


Pooping and it hurts mates my virgin bhole isnt meant for this mass




anyone playing ms2



File: 1539542997674.png (1.45 MB, 1280x1385, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! - 02….png)

why did they make this childs butt so sexual


what else would they do with it


youre sick


You want to boosting die


texting tg again got worried for a bit


hi hima woke up took a shower ate some of The Bosss delicious polenta with chicken cacciatore now im having some five hours old coffee at least its still hot how is it going mates


i woke up and decided to get something nice for lunch


die sexnorm


using The Bosss sewing machine like this to make a new seam in pants


File: 1539544610538.jpg (25.89 KB, 512x512, 1371119203891.jpg)

uli no yume.....


phew underage kirby


die jap


need to shit bad


stop that


gonno play some mtga


File: 1539545385704.webm (3.69 MB, 1280x720, ice wallow come.webm)


owned that chink bitch


i dont get it


btfod that dumb yellow roast


gonno put on my thinking cap


woke up gonno have some coffee and play magic


need to get more ingredients for spp


愛 a good succulent pig penis


thats haram


sippin on a nice vanilla coke


normilla coke


remove kebab


nice 720p version


wish i had some vanilla coke rbn


where can i find vanilla coke


wish i wasnt incel


its in all stores here and gas stations in bottles is it really discontinued in some places


yeah you cant get it here


does this cheer you up


playing some chinkout in blops



asked tg about the incel episode and she said she had no idea what i was talking about


File: 1539549845299.webm (518.82 KB, 866x604, incel.webm)


sis said she 愛s black cops


how many wins have you gotten so far



none i make it to top 10 or so and then charge in and die




squeezed a zit on my back and pus shot across the room


gonno buy blops on pc


should i start playing tekken


only girls play tekken


aris plays it and hes a high test male


he is low test


hes higher test than anyone on hima


that doesnt mean hes NOT low


high test mates play magic online


i have the lowest test on earth and i play it


i play it and im incel what does that mean


magic online is for low test geeks


tg called hehe she says my name a lot when we talk


gonno do a 1st amendment audit



addicted to cleaning my ears with peroxide by accident


use q tips instead


File: 1539552801578.jpg (270.22 KB, 2048x1152, Dpf3WkvUYAEnArW.jpg large.jpg)


why does that girl have a chicken nugget


wish i was her


baste id date her


pie eating contest


dumb little bitch is going to get snapped


pastor anderson just knocked on my door


merfolk norms are making me rage


did you vargpill him


same hate em


get owned noobs


nice evolution serm


File: 1539554382502.jpg (187.34 KB, 1200x675, DoQRIzGV4AA_4L7.jpg)

wish i had a pro tekken sushi chefgf


can i become rich if i master tekken




no play street fighter if you want to be rich


problem is sfv pinches hard


play soul caliber


it pinches


you just pinch at it


no the sushi bar pinches




flip you monja fighter


how come panda express always has a real chink working there


its part of the branding


can i post something and trust that it stays confidential




who is going to tell


i canNOT keep a secret


gonno do it anyway
i cant stop jackin it


thats it im telling everyone


die jacker


hey call me the jackblog


i mean they


who are "they"


sis and her friend


just finished the


grats man


desperately need a hug


ill hug you


is sekk here


holy flip that panda express filled me gonno mutate dinner tonight


never ate panda express how is it


whats panda express


Panda express is the mcdonalds of chinese food their portions are small and its average in taste but i always feel as if i got ripped off buying it


what the flip do you know dirty spic


forklift license costs $300 what the flip is this shite


dont speak to poc like that theyre a protected class on hima


except chinks


im chink


im incel


Uhhh dirty spic haha nice ad hominem cracker keep eating your shite tier fast food while i enjoy and support local restaurants bitch uhh muh corporations and their resource boost you


so many npcs taking the same photo next to autumn leaves


im npc


hes gone loco watch out mates


mcdonalds makes the best burgers


might be a bug in his programming


hey keep it down will ya


baste aris


tg called again she was exceptionally giggly this time





dead hours
wagenorms doing laundry and morphing early


im playing blops


baste blopper


just got back from the store got some baileys irish cream 2 cigars sardines anchovies havarti muenster deli meats chicago dog supplies bacon pasta pickles coffee english muffins sauerkraut and spicy sausage


add me on xbl homu




heck yeah


nice hell yeah


might watch some 'me and take a nap


愛 opening packs


got some pasta on a plate


got myself some cookies tuna and bread


going to permanap wish me luck




makin pasta


File: 1539561323431.jpg (339.93 KB, 1920x1080, CCTV4 Amazing China 2018 1080i HDTV H264 DD5.1….jpg)


hate darkies




stop consuming evil grains


im on ps4


Add me on ps4 hayysuz


Why are you slam jamming me with fake accounts there's no way over 5 people here have a ps4


Oh wow all of these are ps plus accounts


i have a ps4


die psnorms


sony rules


File: 1539563220446.jpg (52.51 KB, 853x480, 1539559293270.jpg)

any refugees here


pie eating contest


washing down this pasta with an irish cappuccino




literally 40$ in dumb meme food flip you


you mean $40







is onseki still the admin


sigh asked tg if i got a big pack of snickers if she would help eat them and she said she would 愛 to eat my snickers shes such a helpful girl


no he handed the site over to me


who are you


im neetblob


onseki wouldn't do that he's too stupid


The blimp has become too powerful we must take action


愛 playing ghalta


how do i stop being bh


you just


*stomps feet*
tg tg tg


cant believe im saying this but i miss the cousin slam jam it was better than tg slam jam


at least tg is NOT underage


underage or underage


That's a bad thing?




under age or underage



wow look at this plot development i missed the nigger got a tulpa guess the stress from the trial made him snap


tg has a direct line of contact with me so things are different


cant stop listening to this


any chinks


search for trainee instead youll get triple the results


any other good arcs in the past few months


same but this


ya himako hung herself


rest in piss



dont forget the onseki psych ward arc and the The Bossgf arc


ive never been to a psych ward


already erased those from memory


wish i had an arc


any developments in the neetblob arc it was really starting to pick up


neetblog has never had an arc you flipping mutatenorm occasional poster i should ban your ignorant ass right now



unleash the banseki


guess it was too subtle for you


why am i getting errors when i post


I dont remember the pysch ward arc


The Bossgf..........


look at his gfs exposed middrift
makes me sick


it was after the turt lsd arc


die mutant


gonno piss first and then longjo to some 2.5d smut


fool piss after


She looks like she cheats on him hehe i saw an asian couple maybe Filipino today at the gym the girl defiantly cheats on him



so how frequently does chinkgf post about himself while pretending to be someone else


i get dickburn when i do that


read the hima wiki


are brojobs gay


you already know the answer


no boost that i'd rather smash my skull in with a hammer
i'm already tired of this place again see you in a few months


its as gay as joing


also cunnilingus save blimpblog long may he reign


like midriffs but NOT as much as highriffs and lowriffs


told a girl i liked midriffs then she kept sending pics of her stomach


asked pnig if i could move in with him and he said that id have to give him a weekly brojob


prefer lowriffs


post em


i never said that


she said dont share


he said id have to share my lgf with him


lmao that chink was in here giving people life advice when he wasnt even 21 yet NOTice how he looks 42 in that pic thats what happens when you let a succubus drain your chi an incel can live for up to 250 years if they manage to NOT rope before then


are you the one who posted the birl with abs


ya i posted it so what


post more


File: 1539566785499.jpg (131.51 KB, 1433x2024, 37576de160d91008810e6d48159a05e2.jpg)



Can i move in with you pnig


the offer is only for people who arent haysuz


I'm NOT haysuz


the answer is still no because you post like him


Come on pnig i think I'm going to goodyear next month to visit friends do you mind if i visit you I'll let you drive the miata


File: 1539567262382.png (658.17 KB, 729x1035, e1d06288962de0348eba5ff88c5fc052.png)


you mates scare me out i wouldnt want to meet and get murdered


freak was the only dangerous one but hes dead now


wont see tg for at least aNOTher week


Can't wait to meet tg and pnig


shaved with the safety razor for the hell of it
no blood but my face is burning for some reason even though i used plenty of cream



wonder if i look 10 years younger than i am because im cel


you look 10 years younger because you are a manbaby


shaved with my safety razor today too its the best like my friend used to say it shaves like a butter


sneezed on the monitor sigh


are you shaving against the grain or pressing too hard
you actually remove layers of skin when shaving


too much pressure maybe wrong blade angle too


hes obviously doing it wrong if the blade is new


i shaved down then reapplies cream then shaved a mix of sideways and up depending on where on my face
im NOT pressing hard just letting it pass over my skin with the weight of the handle


someone drop the manticpill on this noob


realize the longer im alive that i will tolerate literally any amount of discomfort or inconvenience for the sake of it
i shave wrong i eat terrible food i drive like a maniac in my old car and ill sperm on myself and NOT clean it up and walk around with cumreek for days


Hey pnig do you need to tell your grandma I'm going to be staying over


are you using cream from a can
the kind with propane in it

get a nice brush and soap and foam it up like that


i can think of more examples but im a stubborn flip who never changes except for my own personal satisfaction never for others


ate twix 3x for dinner gonno watch the tng generation


come to realize that people think im younger because of my personality


the soap doesnt matter just do one pass with the grain and let the blade do the work


nah that shits a waste of money
might as well lather up some laundry soap or dish soap and shave with that soap is soap


wrong again the main purpose of shaving soap is to provide lubrication and to hold up the hair but most importantly to keep the face and hair warm and pores open


i use regular soap and water to shave and have no problems with my safety razor


i know what ill be jacking to tonight


still cant believe turt overdosed on phenibut


think im gonno take a break from shaving for a couple weeks and give the safety razor a shot with a partial beard
one pass is approximately equivalent to 1/10 the hair removed compared to using a gillette fusion razor with twice as much pain
i simply cant justify this straight razor nonsense its a verified meme i dont have 30 minutes to shave every day like white collar 9-5 princesses


the safety in safety razor comes from the idea that only what you need is exposed to be used you ignorant buffoon they are NOT the same as straight razors


are you using a new blade every time youre either a liar or a flapper your experience does NOT match with reality


just do what i do and use a beard trimmer


ive shaved three times with a brand new korean razor im NOT going to use up a new one every single time i only have so many


going to assume you just dont know how to shave


all this blade talk think its time for a s&s hehe


ive been shaving for seven years now daily besides my year long beard fes


sexy ladies jo daily but that doesnt mean that theyre doing it correctly


usually shaved in the shower just by touch simply shave my sideburns after my shower and and feel around on my face in the shower and shave accordingly its easy peasy


ib ought a box of 500 wilkinson blades for like ten bucks wholesale and that will last me ten years its worth it


wish i could teach a sexy lady how to jo properly


got myself a shower mirror last week its great


how would you know how to jo a kitty you dumb fool youve never even seen one in real life


had The Boss remove all the mirrors in the house


ill ask tg how she jos then ill tell you mates


she said with a hairbrush


why do all girls use a hairbrush when you can buy dildos on ebay with no age verification and paypal


they dont need to hide hairbrushes


joing is natural norms turn it into something dirty and private and psychologically embed the idea that we should be ashamed of it and hide our dilldos and virgin age admissions
i say buy your daughter a dildo and get your son a quality ona and let them go wild


good quality onas interfere with flipping havent you seen the disclaimers


Wonder if i have to bunk with pnig or if he has an extra room




no sexnorm is a son of mine



is hima lagging and shitting out for anyone else



never ate a peach before



cant believe bossgf is younger than nb



guess ill make some tuna melts


who is the youngest himabro


im 24


The Bossgf


then suz me pg pnig turt


im 17 yes i am one of the two girls here


made these melts with tuna in water so theres no oil but then i added some more salt and black pepper for flavor phew its pretty great


the other is nagi whos 25


愛 this chink washer was able to wash all of my clothes today and dry them


are you mates watching aris he just killed a mate


File: 1539572059873.png (559.24 KB, 700x1005, 9546415a2bdd73f3f3cf55c630c4082d.png)


die jonorm


baste aris


melts were great today but a bit too spicy gonno crack open those cookies


crack my ass open


die queers


what the hell The Bossgf was a frickin teen


anyone want to go out and bust some cheeks


me getting ready for my first date



ill split their wig and you can bust their cheeks


reported for advertising


すこてもいいんですよお what did she mean by this





is it a jerkin or a jackin kind of night


File: 1539574745948.jpg (694.28 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=Vf0JddRB26Q - 00:13:44[2018.10.14].jpg)

japan knows


i was about to say im glad the birl mate is gone then i read the last 100 posts


File: 1539575033768.jpg (97.41 KB, 1024x1024, 1532874353259.jpg)


what about the boli mate


phew big towel worked great hima


flapperlaughed how the kombucha section in the grocery store keeps getting larger


have you ever had it its pretty good


what the fuck nekoten


nice stream sesh nekoten


kombucha is aNOTher norm fad like avocado theyll get bored of it and find aNOTher food to ruin


there were these little colorful 2oz shots of what looked like lava lamp fluid in the ``health'' drink section labeled probiotic detox shots


might watch goblin slayer


basted russian squirrel




every time ive slept for the past two days ive dreamed about mtg sigh


play hearthstone instead


hearthstone is boring


is seki here or anyone


what do you mean or anyone


should i get aNOTher actioncam


i dont see why NOT


dont buy one from the chinks


really nice how they give you a new deck every day in mtg for five days and a bunch of packs too im almost able to create an opens top 8 deck already


rarely buy anything chink


almost fell asleep in the bathe


it would be aNOTher sony this one in particular the hdras300 its the 1080p version of the fdrx3000 so it has the same optical stabilization and everything just no 4k recording


File: 1539578338871.jpg (632.45 KB, 1280x1823, image013.jpg)



might have some chicken and rice


is that neetblog


no neetblob would never do something so vile




whats vile about saying good morning


hes going to snap her


its consensual


you dont know that


im fairly certain


aris is pumped


time to feast




this is bliss cunnilingus i 愛 to eat


eating is a chore


agreed wish i didnt need to eat


nah its one of lifes great pleasures


neither pleasure nor pain should enter as motives when one must do what must be done


dont think evola was talking about eating when he said that




fire it up




no one told me that 1080p being just an upscale was a meme everything is a lot clearer i defiantly see a difference from 720p


that just means the upscaling you were doing with your computer is worse quality than the upscaling the encoder did on the file are you the mpv mate


foolish upscalers simply watch in the native resolution on a pvm


baste aris


have you been watching anime in 720p all this time are you insane




camping is the key to victory in blackout


hes great at that


boost you bandwidth bragger


just ask The Boss to get a better plan




joed time to pee



wish nb liked aris too


im watching him right now


impersonator but yes i am


flip you impersonator


fatneet here


do NOT trust any of you


id buy one of these shirts if they didnt pinch so bad


theres a bunch of good ones in the store like solid chaiwan eatsports gta and logo


had to switch over to linux to get my trip

flip you impersonator


nice GNU+blog


they all pinch


no they dont


what distro do you use nb


xubuntu because im a flapper


nb here i use a branched arch of my own creation


those teferinorms are making me rage hard


die systemdnorms


hate teferis smug face as well it makes it all the more irritating


File: 1539585702802.png (836.33 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! - 02….png)


im too flapper for that


wish i was baste like aris


admit it you racist flips just hate teferi because hes black


gonno install xublogtu after this revelation


nah ive liked teferi ever since i was a little kid and my aunt got me some packs of urza saga and i opened hermetic study


kinda excited for artifact in december crazy that gaben has richard garfield on board since 2014 wonder how much hes paying him garfield is such a genius so i bet it will be good


same only thing i dont like is that the dota lore is a garbage pile it should be fun to play though


wish i could snoze


wrong its just that the 720p cr releases have a lower bitrate than the 720p raws they get if i had the hardware id install fsrcnnx but i use a laptop


simply snoze
i gotta be up in four hours but i cant either i may end up mutating


herkz said crunchy rips are better quality than tv raws


herkz can pinch my dick


flip herkz


dont really understand your point since you could just get those raws yourself and if you have a good computer the upscaling would be better so the post stands


woke up from my nap


i dont have a point i just bought into the joke that the crunchyroll 720p and 1080p releases were the same


they are the same or worse if you have computer capable of upscaling to the same quality that crunchy encode it at


oh wait youre saying crunchy encode their 720p releases at worse quality than the 720p raws why would they do that




even herkz confirmed it


how does that make money


ate too much cake sigh


slipped and slid


i cut out sugar from my diet i feel a lot healthier already


you need sugar to live


drinkin some almond milk


how do i go to the doctor


i self doctor




havent been to a hospital in years ill die before i go to aNOTher one of those death cults


die norms


File: 1539617292478.jpg (187.79 KB, 1280x720, 1539488377693.jpg)


File: 1539618410973.jpg (217.17 KB, 980x1335, 1539615539502.jpg)

basted neet



PHEW got the almond rounds ready hows it hangin hima


i got some chocolate macaroons HELL yeah




File: 1539623121143.jpg (12.02 MB, 10857x6049, 8ppfa113w2s11.jpg)

mindblowing that my soulmate is somewhere among those stars while im here wasting my life clicking reply


should i get blops4


im pretty sure your soulmate would be on earth



pastor anderson said soulmates dont exist


i cant identify with earthnorms


tg put the end of the day cash deposit in the trash
she is flapper


need to poop


basted watergirl


earth girls just arent worth it


anyone else jo with the window open


gonno jo to xenomorphs


my lgf is in a distant star cluster


told The Boss to bury me in japan when i die


my destined gf was an infamous space pirate shes on her way to take me away from this bad world and probably blow it up on our way out


my life will be complete once i get a new citizenship and trash this shite one


File: 1539627031095.jpg (364.93 KB, 1280x720, [Coalgirls]_Moretsu_Pirates_03_(1280x720_Blu-R….jpg)

liked this show but everyone calls it ass


everyone calls the best shows ass same thing with horse girls


wish i wasnt a contrarian


cant get enough of those horse girls


i really liked it


nice tg left a coffee mug here and a banana
the mug has 'are you kitten me right meow' on it and has a cat mouth and whiskers and nose on it

NOT touching that banana


The Bosss cooking something and it flipping reeks


imagine being a 30 year old pedophile with a crush on a 19 year old mormon


already one of those things


at work hima hows it going


guess ill spend the day talking on tinder ive finally hit 100 matches


she used that banana to jo


post em


whats wrong with that


does anyone else read posts with weird intonations that add to the comedic effect like when someone says he is flapper i hear it inside of my head as heeeeeee....... isflapper


your flapper


File: 1539629078809.png (615.38 KB, 640x629, tg.png)

i refuse but i will post this pic of one of my matches because i want to know if this is how tg looks like



tg does NOT wear glasses


whats wrong with glasses




should i watch eureka seven ao




why NOT


File: 1539629483269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 385.5 KB, 1080x1080, bc88a1eed728868781bc5ad839c6c1ee.jpg)

it should be self explanatory after this


just heard from the old gm that we got aNOTher store its the one that scape boss went to after he was fired and the one he wanted me to go to



phew feasting on a giant sandwich with all the toppings


flip you toppingmog


whats the point of trying to chadbrag if you arent going to share the spoils dumb norm


i am NOT a braggart


whats for lunch


might become a mechanorm




might build a mecha that destroys humanity


i will save the sexy ladies with my eva



when is the date of the japan trip


File: 1539632162477.jpg (256.5 KB, 706x917, 7eff0e53d1b039a250481c8bee9f95df.jpg)

basted chikai girl


april 12


hope the mansion will be in japan


you cant simply live in japan fool


i am japanese on the inside


how coe i always feel sleepy after eating


ive been inside of many japs


cancer mate


your energy is being used by your stomach


its prediabetes


my energy goes straight to my penis


File: 1539632717022.jpg (548.67 KB, 2508x3541, c82327e1ebad0fe7b7d919eafa292bde.jpg)

basted large_breasts veiny_breasts girl


dont see any veins


big boob gerl hi


look closert


they are right above the NIPPLE theyre BLUE


die teenpie eating contestants


hate nurses


need to nap but my food is in the oven


its raining hima walk or nah


its raining here too


walk off a cliff norm


NOT raining here anymore




愛 a good rain walk


tg brought up liking how rain smells a while back thats how i know shes flapper


my shadows the only one that walks beside me


does anyone know some scary movies with underage sexy ladies in them


play a scary sushi bar instead


my t420 cant run many scary sushi bars


gonno just watch goosebumps instead


woke up its raining


old gm said he really doesnt like goat boss in charge of scheduling and said that he does NOT like how hes putting himself with the one girl for 'training' even though shes been working for over 6 months now
apparently shes going to school for 'computer stuff' its the same girl who the new gm was talking about hope i can talk about amd with her


it is raining here as well


gonno try to do the splits


girls are vapid she wont know a thing about amd trust me shes an intelflapper


shes the one who the new gm said was really quiet and always looking at her phone shes basically himako


gonno get a juul


flapperlaughing hard at the rx580 2048sp
its literally a 570 with the exact same amount of stream processors as a 570 why do they call it a 580





chinese markets are weird


gonno become a paperback write


how do i season food


with seasoning



we should go to a conveyor belt sushi bar in japan



they pinch





havin some coffee


raging hard a fly keeps flipping flying in front of the monitor


gonno have some coffee soon myself


they have those here


im a sushi chef


put some baileys in that coffee


wish i had some


anyone tried wasabi before


whats wasabi


愛 wasabi



tg brought back the gummies but theres only like a half cup left from the initial 2.5lb and theyre only the orange ones


cant believe this is the end for intel


gonno make some famous slam jam and ramen for dinner already thinking about it


nice slam jammer


one smidge essence of blog


nah those are for plebs i know a mate by the wharf that will give us the neetblog treatment



i was at walmart NOT long ago and there was a fly or something buzzing around my face and i inhaled so i could blow it away but ended up pinching the bug in with it and when i blew it was more like a spit and im pretty sure the mexican woman in line saw the whole thing




watch the dovy video


lemme think about it



your lost



File: 1539639441067.jpg (51.27 KB, 600x440, 95f82e1bad675dc2afb266a3c1e5dca3.jpg)


do girls really like eating hotdogs with mayonnaise like that


only angels


i like hotdogs with lots of mayo does that make me an angel


it makes you a fat manbaby


File: 1539640425329.jpg (46.02 KB, 700x513, 3bbf4fc8019161c3950e5116f6fb904c.jpg)

this mate draws some nice girls


havin some coffee and eatin lemon pie hima gonno play some mtg


if you arent born a girl or a chad you should immediately reroll


lemon pie is gross


just woke up and read
gonno watch that dovy vid while drinking some coffee and then play some blops


愛 how cho cho was turned to stone and they didnt even bother explaining how she was turned back to normal


wish i didnt have social anhedonia and avolition



i have social anorexia


wish i didnt have gigantism of the penis


i am incapable of socialization


wish i didnt have bunghole thrombosis


on second thought ill have a chili pie for dinner


tried to call the regional manager he didnt pick up


pretty sure i watched all 12 episodes of re but episode 13 isnt ringing any bells did they mutate a bunch of shit


never ate lemon pie how is it


its like


its like lemon pie




gonno snoze


you snoze you loze


everybody get up its time to slam now
we got a real jam goin down
welcome to the slam jam


hey hima havent read in a few days can i get a recap


hima is dead


read everything you fool


no my head hurts


File: 1539641988750.jpg (72.2 KB, 800x800, be6da6e7bad7abac8ea9c8ab2fa708c3.jpg)


pasted kaneki


my patreon subscribers already got to see but i went to a different track around 3 hours away but this time i had a good instructor who was probably the fastest or second fastest mate there he took me out in his c7 a couple of times and it was brutally quick
before he started teaching me i would struggle keeping up with the fiesta st but by the time my training was complete it was no longer an issue as you can see even though everyone else had at least twice the horsepower
probably the first time in my life that being instructed actually worked

he had a chinky gf that looked like a kpop singer and kept pictures of her taped under the hood of his car one time she was sitting in his passenger seat and smiled at me for several seconds as they went by wish i was onseki so i could have cuckolded the mate then told him i was only doing it to show him the evils of the foid



File: 1539642139722.png (303.61 KB, 1000x1000, da9de253a1ec8107c75095c19b977b12.png)

is it ok if i jack off to these photographs


its NOT okay to jack off


cant wait until turt becomes a pro racer


can i jerk it


hes too old to be a pro racer f1 drivers are all zoomers because old people cant handle the g forces


File: 1539642317590.png (206.02 KB, 1000x1000, e430f6374cf24b1cd7d72598cc8abb4e.png)


wish i was pasted


why is turt so swarthy


alright time to jack it off


hes NOT white


sinuses hurt hard



File: 1539642446105.jpg (133.7 KB, 1376x1593, __milla_original_drawn_by_menoo_meno1921__0955….jpg)


its fine
being incel means you dont age as fast because your body thinks its still prepubescent

but now that you mention that whenever that mate would drive hard id hear him panting and grunting through the mic it was weird i dont know if he was having trouble with the g forces or if he was super pumped up

i this summer with the top down a lot itll fade by the start of winter


File: 1539642502619.png (215.32 KB, 1000x1000, 4883953d0c0db622632bf4f9f01bf235.png)

but theyre very sexual photographs how can you look at this and NOT NEED to jack or jerk it


is that why tg thought i was 22


does jerking ruin that i want to be youthful forever


im almost 30 but look 19


stop joing you dumb horndog


im NOT a pedonorm


shes fully developed look at those hips


its all about the sun neets are mostly cel and they dont go outside or pointlessly sunbathe every summer for hours hide from the sun and your skin will always be young


tell that to the norwooders


File: 1539642831173.png (257.7 KB, 1000x1000, 9bd8458693cb595668beaf0287fd2637.png)


should i castrate myself to stop balding and retain my youthfulness NOT like ill ever impregnate anyone




chibi kitty ~>_< ~:d



stop watching the re anime idiot


im balding and have forehead wrinkles even though im a neetcel



been praying to die in my sleep ever since i was 11


why is that girl saying ぬちやあ


cant believe your The Boss actually hired you a fortnite teacher


File: 1539644431684.jpg (372.12 KB, 1280x1813, 001.jpg)


wish to snap a girl with my himamates


is there really hatoba doujinshi why dont they leave her alone


youre in for a treat


i do NOT want to watch her be snapped i want to watch her snap a single mate in his 20s living alone like me


hima im going to work on maxing my verbal fluency any tips


whats that mena


wish an mature office lady would snap me


able to speak without pausing to think of what to say and without stuttering


i cant help im functionally a mute


File: 1539645673205.jpg (109.54 KB, 500x500, 89482dd9e46376c9eabd7a202d9b640f.jpg)


perfectly drawn vagina time to jerk it


i dont stutter but i do think a lot when i speak maybe thats the problem
wish i could just be a nonthinking npc


i have a slow brain


my The Boss is an office lady


File: 1539646102006.png (57.88 KB, 600x600, 1387841255.png)


thats hot do you jo with her underwear


slap a slap slap


no because im NOT a freak


won aNOTher sushi bar of campout



why are all these mates jews


playing mtg


theres NOThing there


phew slam jam and rice time its great


spoke too soon


my soldering station arrived


dont eat too much slam jam youll get cancer


slam jam is an antioxidant



same playing a vamp tribal BW deck


me too but im stompy




was listening to this while shaving earlier


im dunkelheit


cant wait to blast filosofem at the hima mansion


the hima mansion will never happen and anime girls arent real




crying wont solve your problems


Is it true I'm a big creep


old gm called he said he told the new gm that im a huge unused resource sitting around doing NOThing


im a huge useless blob o shite sitting around doing NOThing


i keep telling you mates you can move in any time you want


old gm called he said im a useless blob o shite


gonno mutate the chili pie and make some more spp it really is one of the best meals pg should try it


non americans cant just move so itd be you nb onseki and turt together all day long


once i get my citizenship ill move to the hima apartment


trump will send you back


offered for seki to move in but he went somewhere else and now he has to live off 1 bouillon cube and 2 tablespoons of rice a day


it would just be him and onseki
bnig hates me and turt


poor flapperseki


nb will you marry me so i can get citizenship


think im gonno play a ravnica draft


he could have become a water store manager and flipped tg and himakos doppelganger but now he can only flip himself



returned something i wasnt using and they said it was damaged in shipping so i dont get a refund


was it a dildo how did you damage it




i will never forget the day herkz raged at me for listening to queen


wow is that a thing


Can i move in too pnig I'm only a couple hours away (7)


no boost off haysuz




Is it because that mate reminded you of the bad things i used to tell you


you would become attached like you are to turt and never stop knocking on my door asking what im doing when im jerking it


flapperlaughing hard


No i would just ride your motor bike and use your computer and have tg in my room




Do you need to have your grandma's approval


Can you help me shave my head


oh cunnilingus


he doesnt live with his grandma anymore


goat boss might be in a lot of trouble




im bored and gay




File: 1539652888934.gif (1.89 MB, 450x338, 1539228247753.gif)


some mate just tried to tell me straight shota is queer can you believe that


yeah i could believe that jerking off to little anime boys is queer


Why where does he live


愛 a good straight shota on milf


File: 1539653522314.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 400x710, 1539505992619.webm)

Gay sex don't click


its NOT gay sex its an asian girl dancing