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what the flip happened to the video




now its back what the hell


gonno post in this one


gonno play some fightcade


In life you're either the gapee or the gaper


i envy okinawans who keep their culture alive


what sushi bar


like 20 mosquitos on my ass why ive never seen any of em here


why dont you keep yours


did i ever post about hot febreeze works


dont have one im american


i dont have any culture im just a white suburbanite


think its my unwashed cashmere sweater attracting them probably smell like a sheep


File: 1538341717756.jpg (5.34 MB, 2971x1615, Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2_PLW_edit.jpg)

the himalayas


File: 1538341777683.jpg (119.08 KB, 980x653, 1537526240552.jpg)


Wish i was a suburbanite hot milfs to have sex with like the desperate housewives which i have all seasons of on dvd


maybe 3rd strike or kof98


its NOT that great


I think it is listening to all the gossip must be fun as hell Wonder when the desperate housewives is coming out in 4k


File: 1538342103733.jpg (175.32 KB, 1179x880, 1537497959666.jpg)

why are there gay pride parades but no botnet free pride parades my marginalized group needs a voice


the capitalists are bringing us down



why would you think i know


nevermind found it looks like neetblog is gonno like this one


gonno head into tempe does panderson do stuff on sunday or is it wednesday only


why is this something anyone needs how is this even useful


Hey seki what do you think of the haggard garage drama


theyre gonno install backdoors in my plastic girls


dont know what that is


Farted hard and poop came out been having so much leakage since i stopped eating vegan


digging a little deeper into the burgerking girl found a higher quality version that i will save for personal use


post it neetblog



nice meme profile poser girl


its NOT much better


phew thanks seki


File: 1538343074944.txt (6.57 KB, scot updated.txt)

onseki its time to fire up the scot filters


dont waste your time even with the amount of oc and ideas onseki gets from the users he never implements any of them


Ate 3 rib sticks ive come to th3 conclusion i don5 like ribs


got left behind


phew NOThing like downloading stuff at over 10 mbps



why would i like it


nb lets play some hots


gonno jerk it to adult women


for the top kek meme



why NOT


nice `blog


wish nb would just


im too flipping dumb for mobas


just what


you just need basic training


drinkin some coffee hima


wish i had some but im out of coffee


no im simply too reflappered



cant think of a new name for trainee girl shes NOT in training anymore shes just flapper so it seems like she knows NOThing


you are talented even children can play mobas


Does anyone want to play pecker poker


im dumber than a child


what about flappergirl


that is a disrespectful name and i respect woman


you are smart enough to be a codcunnilingus


hell yeah


Can't tell who has trainee girl or the gm mate is it pnig or seki


thats seki


Didn't they talk about the water store or something once


yeah thats onseki


im console peasant


There's NOThing in xbox store that costs 10 bucks what am i supposed to do


save it and wait for a sale




i flipped trainee girl shes been flipped


i pinch at cod




Wonder if i should get some ice cream cake


thinking about buying dragon quest 11 but NOT sure if its worth the price can any sushi chefs weigh in here


its the best dragon quest but flip you sushi chef


norman quest


Should i drive with the short shifter fora week


Wanna go to harbor freight


why do posts in this thread look the same as yesterday didnt we just move here


saw a joke gonno remember it for flappergirl

a man walks into a zoo and it has one animal, a dog
its a shihtzu


bet a dog zoo would be popular


Life is just a simulation of the same old shite you dont get out until you respond properly to the programming


while you spend all of your free time thinking about some water girl shes out there getting flipped hard by her bf and never thinking twice about that creep at her job


i dont think her boyfriend flips her shes even hesitant to call him her boyfriend she calls him her companion


hes a cuck




yeah its said shit zoo


NOT a fan of my good providers being banned


its apparently an open relationship so that might be true


i cant believe youre wanting to be the bull in a literal cuckold fiasco


wait do i want to do that


got the urge to be productive but NOThing to use it on


knowledge is power


24 pack of mexican pepsi gonno be drinking this for a while





gonno buy a fluke multimeter in the near future


File: 1538348515544.png (926.95 KB, 1024x768, 1538344073566.png)

this ones for you neetblog


could use a good slurp right about now


slurp me


*slurps you*


hell yeah


what the flip hima is on the news


finally finished macross pretty good ending all the loose ends tied up ready for a second season
glad ichijo chose the correct girl in the end


whoops that might have been a spoiler


phew glad i read the second post before the first nice one spoilernorm


i edited it hehe


you boosting piece of shit spoilnorm


why does everyone blog about shitting but never pissing


NOThin spoil


i read it before reloading neetblog


because brainlets think poop jokes and farting is funny



farting and pissing and shitting are hilarious


愛 pissing on anthills


remember to say rabbit rabbit tomorrow hima


File: 1538349454186.jpg (3.68 MB, 4160x3120, 20180930_161455.jpg)

ice cream cake cake cake ice cream ca-ca-ca-cake ice cream ice cream cake cake cake


seki posted the other day about pissing on his catch of the day


never ate ice cream cake whats it like




wish The Boss wouldve beaten me as a child maybe i wouldnt have turned out like this


I'm getting awful anxiety sigh


Think I'm gonno have a panic attack


Nice big deep breaths you got this


no more tp and i must shite


It's always Sundays that i get these attacks and my body feels like shit i must do something think I'll go buy Jack stands and power steering fluid


whos coming to our japan trip


I don't want to get taken advantage of


its cunnilingus telling you you should have gone to church


ok back from the store hima got 3 12 packs of pop 1 8 pack a 12 pack od tamales some macaroons and some tea im gonno be set now


I did go


Dont buy store made tamales fool


It only costs 40-50 bucks to make a whole tub The Boss has a secret she mixes the masa with chicken broth with helps tremendously to prevent dry tamales and adds flavor


gonno marinade that pork roast now


that is too much money for food that you will instantly devour


File: 1538350327717.jpeg (8.81 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

No it is a whole tub these silver ones but it also depends on the filings you use obviously cheese will be the cheapest then pork then chicken or maybe chicken is cheaper


They last me at least a week in winter when The Boss makes them


just ordered dragon quest


You can also control the filings to dough ratio I've realized people use more dough than filling to save money but once they burn me i never buy from them again


Wish i had enough money to order a hit man on myself




how about we kill each other


Think I'll go buy Jack stands And power steering fluid


my stats are too high id just end up being scammed into being the last one alive


had a cry


wish pastamate didnt hated me


never knew haysuz was a twig i could eat that in a sitting easily


im twig but i can eat more than your average fat






havent eaten to fullness in months now i wonder if it would take less now


watching parasyte maxim


File: 1538351836425.jpg (55.92 KB, 600x450, tamalePlatter1.jpg)

i think ive made a huge mistake i got xlnt tamales never had paper wrapped ones


hate spic food


Wonder how cam feels knowing his hero made a why NOT to buy manual video


automatics are fine if youre an npc


why would siz be my hero



anyone here live in indianapolis


File: 1538352440287.jpg (118 KB, 447x670, __shirushiru_gdgd_fairies_drawn_by_haruyama_ka….jpg)

gonno jack it to shirushiru




yeah whats up


can i stay with one of you mates for a night while i get my consultation


no anime protagonists allowed in this household sorry


sorry i was just lying


I'm getting shaky i ate too much sugar



its NOT halloween for aNOTher month


my fears are confirmed with the tamales


You don't like them?


thered almost no masa and the filling is like the meat sauce on a detroit hotdog


gonno start a livejournal


never ate a detroit hotdog is that a good thing


did NOT know livejournal still existed



feel a jo coming on


lets have a groupjo






File: 1538353619046.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


wonder how ross is gonno top last years halloween dungeon


underage lady pareido


zig zag zig zag saturday night


File: 1538354025003.jpg (3.53 MB, 4160x3120, 20180930_173306.jpg)

未来が眩しくて見えない grab 2 pairs so thats 4 i think


wow last years halloween episode was the black mirror it really doesnt feel like a year went by since then


feels longer to me


time is an illusion




just got trolled


File: 1538354556147.jpg (Spoiler Image, 699.13 KB, 2560x1440, 1498867952.86863246.jpg)






wish i was her


sex organs


why would you want to be her shes getting flipped


gth sodomite


phew eating some of those feta and spinach triangles dipped in sambal and mayo


Anxiety coming back sigh


stop saying that it makes you look like a kitty manbaby


whatever happened to glass rager and boiling water arm and cold hand


that was freak


I've always had panic attacks think it started cause The Boss would leave me alone at night to go work


where is freak he always 愛d haysuz


he is a millionaire now he has no time for hima


freak still posts he just stopped freakposting


the freak is a real life kaiba hes going to give us all top positions in his conglomerate


he left permanently after onseki made fun of him for triple posting


no hes still here


File: 1538355258779.webm (1.92 MB, 1280x720, 1538336945763.webm)



ugly motherflipper


that mates face makes me physically ill


gonno make a manga


highly punchable
you can tell this bugman is hardly even alive


can i be the ideas man


we dont need ideas men we need actual illustrators like coby


remember that bakuman manga
how did the blond mate with glasses survive on being NOThing but the idea man
popular mangaka arent poor but they arent exactly rich either and you defiantly wouldnt get a 50/50 split just being a spitballer


the machinations are preventing me from reaching my intended potential


uh wasnt he the writer


whatever happened to the mate who said he was gonno write a story or something


hehe parasyte is baste as hell this mate saved a dead dog just to throw it in the trashcan


everyone watched it years ago


i gave up because it pinched


post it


i deleted it


im an idea man and my rates are 70/30


post your ideas


what part are you on


you gotta pay before you get the ideas


im on the part where he has the most angry looking face imaginable and turns around to the purple haired girl amd she flees
im flapperlaughing hard this anime is like half comedy


im half comedy


got 29 topics in my ideas.txt but i prefer to write it some language that isnt english so i wont be starting it anytime soon



forgot about saibou need to watch 2 more episodes


still got the first 3 eps downloaded and unwatched


its kind of mediocre


should i click this




what is the sauce on this scream


black mate sperming in a nasty whore


man what happened to sushi barcenter cx it got so popular but then kinda died of



this too shall pass



always wanted to know that too




cant believe nb was the numa numa mate all along


ordered a credit card im going to be like a real adult



hell yeah


dont post blacks


i didnt


how do i make sushi bars


the last himamatethat did this almost died because of the responsibility


im too old to be irresponsible anymore ill realistically be dead pretty soon anyway


i have a credit card but i can only use it for the dentist


flip dentists those chinks lied to me about cavities ive had one for half a decade now and NOThing bad happened


anyone wanna open a sushi bar studio


dentistry is a big fat meme
the field hasnt really advanced much in decades and dentists dont even carry medical degrees

90% of dental problems would be solved with a proper lifelong diet with plenty of raw fibrous vegetables and very little if any refined sugar


dentist said i need to remove my wisdom teeth and i said wisdom teeth are a meme and he laughed at me
15 years later im still doing fine with my wisdom teeth flipping idiot


you toothmog the fools that fell for the scam with your more efficient mastication


why did cunnilingus engineer me with teeth that serve no purpose


Do NOT use your credit card for evil Cameron i thought The Boss ruined your credit unless you got one of those citicard with a 300 dollar limit


dont think im even sentient


varg btfo


Max it out and repay it right away and keep doing that your credit score will rise quickly


my bank lets me have custom debit cards what should i get on mine


File: 1538362085181.jpg (506.65 KB, 1798x1280, 001.jpg)

maybe this


has a girl ever jod to you


I got Mickey mouse on mine


mines got a picture of uli on it


how can i tell


just ask them



by piecing the clues together


might just go with a picture of linus sebastian


This mate sounds so boring kinda like Cameron but cam has an old man voice filled with wisdom kinda like a geeky 40 year old i will never forget when he made fun of me for stuttering


sigh my door wasnt fitting so i had to shave off the top with a wood planer and sand it then when that was done it turns out it wasnt just having been painted that was stopping it from closing whoever installed it just flipped it up and did it on an angle or too high or something because the lock wasnt fitting into the hole to keep it shut even though it was closing properly now but it was too late to change the door positioning cause the hinge fittings on the door and wall were painted over so i had to move the socket that the lock goes into on the wall up slightly and then chisel out more wood sigh at least it works now




what the fuck is wrong with you


short hair megane yuka eating dominos


I'm a carpenter I'll fix it for you for 80 bucks an hour


i already fixed it it closes perfectly and theres no paint damage or exposed wood it was just annoying


why dont you go a nursing home during lunchtime if you want to watch a bunch of old roasts eat





Wish cam would start a private YouTube channel for us working on his car


onseki remove the neetblog and cunnilingus filters


do you really think onseki would ever do anything for hima


going to initiate the three hour long one piece watching seesh in preparation for my final weekend morph


was thinking of getting pizza today since it rained but i stopped and got aNOTher pack of tamales and a steamer so i can have good tamales but now i dont even feel like eating tamales might just make some cheese sticks and have some instant pho and watch tng


have fun


I can watch Cameron tear down a motor and rebuild it a hundred times if i could sigh


wish i had tamales and pho and cheese sticks and pop


ordered some wine was hoping it would get here today but it wont sigh


Why didn't you just go to the store



dont think varg ever said all of europe was a forest just the biggest forest areas were chopped down


the whole bottom shelf in the fridge is filled with NOThing but pop i decided to mutate the mexican pepsi and got kiwi strawberry pop and rc cola and vanilla coke and sunkist gsnap pop which i regret getting because years ago when i tried all the varieties of gsnap pop one tasted like cough syrup and it was sunkist
welchs was the best for anyone wondering but its incredibly rare


what about coke zero


stop drinking soda you fool


i refuse to drink artificially sweetened pop


keep chugging corn syrup juice then


nice survive the jive comment mentioning bialowieza forest


File: 1538363086767.jpg (29.33 KB, 375x500, 8501870.jpg)

the kiwi strawberry pop is made with cane sugar very very highly recommended if you like strawberry


seki do you have a full version of this song


die sucrosenorm


stop drinking soda


be like daddy and only drink beer


anyone else has problems with twitch sometimes it buffers hard sometimes it works fine


havent had soda in many years outside of the occasional sugarless dry ginger ale with whiskey


use streamlink


is there really dry gingerale that sounds pretty good


miss the days of drinking lavender soda


theres two different types golden and dry dry is less gingery



Wonder how turt is going to feel when i boost my duratec 2.5 with forged internals


seki please


File: 1538363678708.jpeg (313.35 KB, 552x779, 4579d6f5ffc867ee81843222df610dc0.jpeg)


too old


File: 1538363879452.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1505x2123, e3992068bfe763dfad69f0b59eddd50a.jpeg)


my prostate is killing me


milk it


File: 1538364165886.jpg (324.91 KB, 1000x976, 71a39832ae5be183d2ed5a29606aec43.jpg)


the tamales are steaming and the cheese sticks are cooking




flip you once they start steaming you cant stop them


its a ped pie eating contest


File: 1538364336176.webm (Spoiler Image, 439.34 KB, 640x360, sexy lady.webm)


is it ok if i want to jerk it to this part




why would that make you want to jerk off


i dont know the character design on its own is attractive i guess its the hips




hate larpers wish i didnt know about their existence


Girl Just messaged me saying she hasn't seen me in a while ok bitch what the boost do you want me to do about it



turt how do i get status


He will meme you so he can rid himself of competitors


there is a number of ways
-have a family member or members who already have it
-have something that makes people want to buddy up to you like money or a high career position
-be a funny man
-have some sort of skill people would want to exploit
and so on




really keen to roast that pork but i know i should let it sit longer


gotta say still feeling pretty good after spending time with trainee girl and hearing the things she said compared to the things i see here


Does anyone have Cameron's number i want to give him a call again maybe order him aNOTher za


Should i get a piston tattooed on my face to show everyone I'm a car mate


hope turts great massacre will involve the larpers instead of the norms


big chicken nugget


gonno drink chaThe Bossile tea with honey and lemon


Please take off the The Boss cunnilingus and gonno filters seki




boost you


File: 1538366542551.mp3 (68.46 KB, 1493594543667-0.mp3)


just vacuumed and mopped the house


File: 1538366742427.jpg (142.93 KB, 768x768, 1538366270759.jpg)



or else what



i use chaThe Bossile to wash my hair


Thinking of getting that gt wing but i don't feel like i have enough power to justify a wing that size


愛 the smell of chaThe Bossile



touma is baste


dancin hard


that looks tacky just run it


i already told you once thats only for the powered hardtop models


that looks awful


Run it stock? I want that gt wing or that carbon fiber trunk but the bill is too small on that to produce significant down force


do you really need significant downforce driving around in california traffic in your 170hp car



File: 1538367726672.jpg (134.01 KB, 1024x683, pokemonburgermain.jpg)

reality vs in my head


I hit the touge around 3am and i constantly need to run from the police so yeah i need downforce when im hitting a tight corner at 60mph


then why arent you buying coi愛rs instead


nice license plate


I did


turt when are you swapping in that rx7 wankel


Thinking of getting that racing beat sway bar kit for nc and the end links sbould be around ~500 and ill probably pick up the headers too


Give me your honest opinion on those headers Cameron also why don't you design and make up some hoods at your job I'll pay for it if you need me to


File: 1538368293844.gif (2.49 MB, 240x184, 1380656672265.gif)

sigh ill never be as good as josh


That's NOT impressive that's being a boosting asshole


nah its baste


josh is dead




Nah that's just jaypee boy attention whoring shite boost him


wish i could Drive


miss josh
now liam and nb are my only non norm nakama


i thought we were mates


alright gonno roast that pork


youre a norm


bored as hell there are no bars to sush


know that feel


cant believe i only jerked 3x in the last 24 hours


almost had a jerk but then the ballpain started again


i was jerking like five times a day all last week and the last two days i didnt jerk at all


I'm right here buddy


miss the days when onseki would post japanese girl scopes now he just does NOThing


hes busy banging actual japanese girls


i do NOThing


hes busy driving poorly in his civic


what the fuck is impulse speed anyway


I'm an impulse kind of mate


it means below light speed travel


apparently theres a new series that started a year ago i didnt know until a couple of weeks ago buy apparently it pinches


porks in the oven hima i repeat pork is in the oven


This mate is entertaining as he'll never been so into porting as i was watching this mate
Don't forget to like and subscribe


whats porting


File: 1538370733732.png (596.36 KB, 800x450, ggllafevyh3pbmzhapjx.png)

is it the online one with the redesigned klingons



i think so i dont know anything about it other than that i dont want to watch it


would be surprised if its still going on i didnt hear good things about it either


apparently it got renewed for a second season




gonno pee


File: 1538371408662.jpg (131.24 KB, 754x692, 1538364927566.jpg)



really glad i lowered the water level in my toilet so i dont get waterdick when i sit down



My penis is inverted i need to push the around it to make it come out like a zit then i slide back to pee in the toilet


mutate anything with a black mate on the thumbnail


File: 1538372254697.jpeg (35.23 KB, 450x450, payload.jpeg)



cant wait to eat this pork


pork this


pork what


you know


no i dont thats why i asked


File: 1538372935238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.9 KB, 640x800, 2tm8bi2ybrsz.jpg)




phew nice plumber




remove the plumber filter already its an affront


activate the scot filters


a large portion of money and effort at the mansion is dedicated to keeping the plumbers well fed and flipped


time to snoze


remove the cunnilingus filter




flip you cunnilingus worshippers


i only answer to 1 cunnilingus and its NOT that one


why doesnt onseki do anything people ask for


he smoked too hard hes been in a coma for months its just an impersonator now


there isnt green on this planet than can conquer sourseki liar


dont be too sure of yourself


strong urge to jerk it to jcm2 stuff




Cameron will you design hoods for us buddy


File: 1538375163198.jpg (792.67 KB, 868x1228, 16a8f792a3c886d462410e60c176bb67.jpg)

why NOT the girls are underage


what a hideous cunt


gonno fire up some more plane crash vids


File: 1538375394510.jpg (605.08 KB, 844x1051, e5783d5dfbad2022bcf45188956d0c32.jpg)

what about star vs the forces of evil can i jerk it to star butterfly


absolute NOT


fine i guess ill fire up some wranglerstar videos and jerk it


might follow the the regiment this mate left in the comments so i can pick up on beginner airbending techniques


almost worshiped a girl but got a hold of myself


if it was milk it was acceptable


super gross hima had one of those bugs with a 100 legs on my ceiling it was about 3 inches had to wake The Boss up to kill it and she did a brutal job since i saw his antennas left behind and parts of his detached legs were twitching gonno try and fall asleep now


did she tuck you in you big fat manbaby


got startled by my leg hairs this isnt gonno be easy


feasted hard on that pork hima hoo boy




File: 1538378655232.mp4 (802.33 KB, b3nPa2NJJ_DbH5jLe-t8s6cgqqcK1dKYYyNOPV7Ivlg.mp4)

onseki: yo brown girl im at the pool wyd
brown girl:




pretty basted


my chest rash has returned sigh


i havent blogged about brown girl since like june of 2017 nice memory


愛 the mates who complain about me being boring and NOT posting gee try using 93% of your income to pay bills with no broadband internet
no one ever asks how im doing but 愛 complaining about me curious huh maybe ill just buy gnfos again and redirect hima to that domain


redirect my neetballs to your mouth norm


youre gonno be the one getting the goofballs if you dont piss off 🖕


Get em seki


Colbalt short shifter seems like the poor man's il motorsports short shifter I'm boosting heated


gonno jerk it to cartoon children


Hopefully i can return this shite


why NOT give it aNOTher week to loosen up
is everything lubed up maybe try some grease


grease me up


I packed a shite tonof white lithium grease in there I'll try it for a week


Should i get breakfast




flapperlaughing thinking of Cameron making those silly posts such grease me up


Holy boosting shit mates i found a panera bread!!!! Guess i know what's forlunch


you know that song 愛 me do


File: 1538405550931.jpg (3.49 MB, 4160x3120, 20181001_075110.jpg)

They told me to pick a number😂😂


Dont think I'll make it in today on time


recording sis in the shower is my hobby


Dont do that cam that's creepy


File: 1538406821072.jpg (119.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1538405949716.jpg)


File: 1538408311791.jpg (1.06 MB, 3863x3823, 1538327594791.jpg)


hotaru is a hag wheres sayak



NOThing wrong with a little choco look at pnig he's darker than midnight black


nice rainy day today had to come in early to move some water the new gm called and said hes lost so now im just sitting here doing NOThing
flappergirl left a NOTe saying that someone called goat boss and was mad and hopes he wont be giving me an angry call too
she commented on the decorations too


Does anyone know why pnig has a job if he inherited 100k


hi hima at work gonno drink this ice cold coke zero hb


actually its technically coca cola zero sugar


got a job as a street sweeper


Nice good job security and pay government jobs will have you set for life


from what i heard its almost impossible to get fired from them and if you do you get a lot of benefits or something


Yeah government jobs will set you up comfortably and they have all these policies that really make it difficultto get fired cause they're scared of getting sued you won't live lavishly but you'll be super comfortable I'm sure you get a ton of vacation time so you can travel been trying to get a government job for a while


if you do get a desk job or something like that


Yeah i was thinking clerical shite just collecting cash from tickets or a park ranger i prefer park ranger


I've still got my chp pat coming up so hopefully i do that


girl looked at me and said bye before leaving the elevator and now im imagining how our kids would look like


NOTicing that girls meet my eye and immediately look away in a mix of fear and disgust


she has that anna williams hairstyle its pretty cool


girls smile at me whenever i look at them wonder if its pity


its a self defense mechanism


Cam always gets hit on


too bad hes gay


black girls seem to treat me better asking me how my day was and stuff its too bad im NOT a desperate race mixer


young black girl cut my hair and she did a good job i was worried at first but it was better than the old white ladies also she would grab my head and move it around it gave me a big chicken nugget


youre flapper as hell if you got a chicken nugget from that


you dont understand


last time i got my haircut the woman started saying i was attractive and stuff i just said thank you thats very nice because she was pretty flipping gross and if that wasnt bad enough i had to go back the next day to get someone else to fix my hair as she messed up


spermed to shota


die shotaseki


thats NOT me but it will be later




think i might have a cry


gonno longwalk the dog and jog


dont jog


this new mate speaks with uneasiness in his voice and one of the first things he said was that he needed to order some anime loot boxes


moving to the lon lon ranch


are you really going to anxietyshame him of course hes uneasy its a new job


hes going to shoot up the place


I'd be uneasy around a coloured too


you are colored dumb spic




My colour is white


im blue


cant believe pnig is NOT going to japan with me and the seki


i dont give a damn about that coon




enjoy walking behind him as native girls walk up asking him to fuk mi please


thats vietnam




obviously a scam




he looks average as hell theres no way just being white gives you such a smv boost in japan specially in tokyo where its full of foreigners


i refuse to go back to japan without implants i dont even need to be approached by a gross freak like that just NOT being robbed would be all the kindness i could expect




you got robbed in broad daylight in japan because of your aristocratic looks


there are loads of foreigners in tokyo on the streets probably 2% which is a lot its NOT like simply existing is enough to make xenophobic japs come up and talk to you
its NOT like japs even randomly talk to each other in public what makes you think it would be better as a foreigner
when you go to japan youll quickly learn what it means to be a nigger in america the reactions are exactly the same people will grab their bags tighter and sit somewhere else on the train and youll NOTice a space cushion around you in restaurants


that didnt happen to me i lowered my aura as much as possible to avoid that exact scenario thats why train girl sat with me

the old people are actually somewhat nice which is crazy because in america theyre mean as hell


good i dont want to breathe those insectoid japs air they better keep their distance


wish i had a nice japanese obaasan neighbor bet thatd be nice


i cross the road whenever i see a nig


NOT me i just clench my knife tighter and open it up


i puff up with air and hiss whenever i see a rival male


I don't really carry my revolver around cause it's so heavy



carry one of these theyre cheap and really good for the price


cant believe a brown man has touched my sardines


some nig knocked on the door yesterday when i was home alone i came down the stairs with my glock and racked it back right before i got to the door so they must have heard it


愛 a good sardine sandwich


who makes all this specialty equipment to label cans and cut heads off fishes and all that
all that stuff probably isnt engineered from scratch it must be pretty expensive


was that serious i dont want to go in the winter or spring i only want to go in the summer and only in kyushu


its a very hot and humid country you dont want to go in summer


new gm arrived with the marketing girl she said she was told to take pictures for pr because my store was so well maintained and clean


is she cute


Fell for the panera meme i got tomato soup with a grilled cheese some of the people in here boosting stink


flapper looking mate brought me the food


File: 1538421660914.jpg (3.4 MB, 4160x3120, 20181001_122018.jpg)

boost boost boost i had the flash on now some girls are looking at me boosting kill me


This is actually delicious but it's slightly overpriced


File: 1538421792244.jpg (210.49 KB, 850x1201, sample_044518aa84e87cf796912dfa72207e9f.jpg)


Can someone talk to me unlike Cameron i don't have co workers to go to lunch to


chicken nugget




ANOTher lunch by myself sigh wish i was like Cameron pretending to hate this world but easily and eagerly accepted into social groups


The front will come with the preload set. The rear will need to be set since the factory rear top hat is reuse. Once the hats are install of the coi愛r run the spring seat up as tight as possible by hand, then at one full turn with the included adjustment spanners.
Best regards,

What's your setup Cameron


no shes been here before around 4 months ago for less than an hour surprised she remembered me


Colours always get more recognition for less


she has a crush on you ask her out


Hb I'm starting to get light headed might be a foodgasm spasm


Just realized how many health problems i have


I'm defective send me back to the factory


Musflapper yellow wrapped 370 had the license played zenpaiii


hey mates woke up drinkin some coffee


made chicago dogs for lunch


never ate chicago dogs whats it like


It's NOT a real Chicago dog until an old sweaty man spits on your dog because he was yelling get your dogs at a Chicago cubs baseball sushi bar


Told some girl it's NOT gay to find aNOTher man aesthetically pleasing


wish i lived in chi town




caught neetblog lackin


9/10 crimes committed with dracos are connected to the blimp


whats everyone got planned for the evening




going to jerk it and then read


I'm just gonno go home and play battlefield for an hour then go to the gym to judge people then go home to shower and sleep then do it again


stop judging theyre doing their best


That's been my life for about a month or two it's NOT my fault I'm so freaking boring that just my programming


>monday is chest day
Sigh none of my brainlet images work why are they invalid


try doing something different


wish onseki didnt abandon me


wonder if this new mate gets nervous around trainee girl he reminds me of someone from /a/


stop bullying the new mate


call him a virgin in front of her


im NOT im just curious because thats what she said about him and i guess i can see it
wonder was telling me about a japanese restaurant and said the servings were huge "like if youve ever seen an anime with a big bowl of ramen its like that"


normnig showing his true colors reminder that if he was with a himamatehe would belittle and publicly humiliate them for being neets or virgs


make him your otaku matewouldnt mind having one to talk about otaku culture too even if he was an /a/mate


I would knock that Niger out and print his picture and dick pic on flyers and throw them all over his neighborhood and town




was going to say i could see him being one of those meme teens if he brings stuff up ill talk about it but im NOT going to sit there and ask him about stuff that im interested in
like precure movies and the broly movie


he is currently in the back watching movie trailers and yelling
why is everyone at this place so excitable


normal people are just really excitable in general i dont get it feels like they overreact to almost everything


should i make aNOTher cup of coffee


Can you make a grave i need to rest now


glad im NOT allergic to anything


gonno make a cup myself hb


walked in the kitchen and there was a giant moth


Wish i was allergic to air


big fan of the moth meme


Bhole itching hard don't think i wiped right or maybe i wiped too much and its dry


Wiggling around in my seat to scratch it


Lows this week are 75 so freaking hyped gonno wear my beanie to work and my flannel quilt jacket from element from my skater days


wish i was a skater


what the hell 75 isnt beanie or jacket weather idiot


Emailed about my coil overs this morning this cock pinchers hasn't replied I'm hoping they don't come till next week so i can go to Anaheim to pick up the sway bar package and end links


Those are the highs I'm assuming the morning will be aroundthe 60's


File: 1538431091200.jpg (107.22 KB, 1200x1000, __original_drawn_by_nakane_nata__c6599736a1e12….jpg)


get some underglow leds for that bad boy


He'll yeah some neon lights red and blue


File: 1538431367916.webm (1.37 MB, 640x360, 1538428153253.webm)


This teenmateis literally living the life paying for super cars and having millions of fans while also having a hot as boost gf this triggers me i don't think I'll be able to go on YouTube for a while


stop caring so much about what other people do and focus on your own life


spermed twice


had a great sperm sesh yesterday


File: 1538432030146.jpg (107.03 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dropkick - 12 [720p….jpg)


might have some pork sandwich


dont think the new mate does anything other than watch movie trailers this is weird


dont listen to this mate you should NOT be friendly with low power level people


people from /a/ are probably about as good as it gets in regard to anime fans


why NOT


Im devoid of any nice chicken nuggets in my body


would rather talk to someone who only likes normime than an /a/neoteenweeb


might pick up an anime shirt to attract a lgf


its undignified


wore my kancolle stuff and a spic woman gave me a mean look




im NOT too far from that i watched aris play slots in shenmue 1 for over two hours at work today




seki check it out all of long way round was uploaded


Had to kneel down to pick something up and i smelled my balls wow that's gross gonno start using chassis again


just dominated some noobs in wwiiffa


loving this mouse hima the wheels texture feels so nice


Does anyone use baking powder i read it gets sticky when wet and chassis is super in all forms


what the fuck is balls nigger


What are balls? Is that what you're trying to say?



File: 1538433104423.jpg (120.08 KB, 1200x675, melty.jpg)


going to banishment this world


baste melty poverty


baste melts


got a big ulcer on my cheek it hurts hima


thats the start of mouth cancer


no it isnt


File: 1538433943800.jpg (226.58 KB, 1200x898, CZcVRFzWwAAp3wR.jpg)


gonno go for my third cuppa coffee


think ive got meningitis


we kept one of the old employees at the store we took over its some girl who knows scape boss and the old gm she called because the owner of her store took the computers so i had to run the transaction for her she kept saying my name and telling me to hurry hurry like she knew me for a long time she might also be flapper


HILARIOUS OVERPROTECTIVE FATHERS | Anime Dad Compilation | いろんなアニメのお父さんシーン集


wish i could be an anime dad


the water store industry is known to only hire flappers


really seems like that its NOT like its a hard job you just sit there


File: 1538434714459.jpg (5.31 MB, 4160x3120, 20181001_153830.jpg)

Forgot i wiped a booger on my leg in the morning




It's natural


you animal


I was driving didn't want to get it on my carboreeu seats


The Boss said the mouses rgb is tacky and childish so i turned it off




its too bright anyway i like it better turned off




sigh doesnt look like my wine is coming today either


foolish rbgnorm


simply stop drinking you fool give your liver some rest


its already had 5 days rest while im waiting for this wine its gonno end up being more


stop ordering wine just get it from the vineyard


make prison wine


The Boss found the pruno bucket


ive got 8 gallons of applewine brewing but its NOT gonno be drinkable for a while


The Boss found the pruno bag i stashed in the toilet sigh she's getting better and better at finding them



File: 1538436462894.jpg (223.38 KB, 1000x900, 70769975_p0_master1200.jpg)

baste turt


gimme a pint of rosie with a skirt


File: 1538436688127.jpg (74.67 KB, 1200x630, DWXviBrW4AA8aRh.jpg)


ken probably blocked them all




Have y'all seen the new food ranger video


got 1 brainlet image left ill leave it for a special occasion


wish i was dumb enough to find brainlets funny


Where did Trevors gf go i don't see her in this video


die smartnorm


laughing at dumb people instantly makes you smart just look at the bogan


He's NOT smart he got rejected from the French Legion


thats NOT the same person


Wonder if he ever smashed his sisters skulls in


what ever happened to the french legion bogan anyway wonder if he reapplied


wonder what online sushi bars sexy ladies play nowadays






just ask him on mero


lets put up the whitelist and pie eating contest the meronorms


no thanks



cant remember the last good pie eating contest


always enjoy when we have a ck thread


He never reapplied he got a job as an exterminator but he got bit so he's on sick leave right now


the duegster pie eating contest was pretty good


glad to hear it hate that norm


the duegmin utterly dabbed on himako


basted bogan


File: 1538437934706.jpg (230.63 KB, 985x553, 1538410042341.jpg)

nobita may be a cuckold but at least hes NOT as annoying as this imp


File: 1538438025616.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.77 KB, 640x480, 1538437766237.jpg)


show some respect for the dead you piece of shit


he lacks the japanese spirit that i have but cunnilingus swapped our places what a cruel joke


his attitude is what attracts the views


terry isnt dead


Abs hurt think i pulled something lifting


gonno start taking bacopa everyday


wish i was a low test hapa



this season is gonno be great a good rebound from this terrible season


havent looked at the new season whats it got


duegi pinched specially duegi2


the dueg was too baste for this world


wonder if my test levels are higher now that ive been taking vitamin d pills


duegi was baste as hell i miss my mates there


he isnt


everyone that posted there posts here


nah theyve simply stopped existing


the only show that looks good is the space fishing one and ill maybe watch goblin slayer but i already read the ln so its probably a waste of time


and index


Wonder how hondy would fare against Cameron i think cam would get stomped


almost catching up on one piece ive been dreading that for the past months but im almost there now


Just saw a purple McLaren


why are you dreading it


hate when i pee but still have to pee afterwards


slow down your viewing sessions


The Boss bought coconut rounds instead of almond rounds the stupid bitch


whats the difference



jojo and index theres also a new season of ace attorney and senran kagura if youre into the sushi bars


turt would slap that norms shit


i cant sleep without a two hour one piece watching session


you absolute fool


coconuts and almonds are practically the same thing


i dont like watching adaptations of stuff ive already read or played


Hondy is stronger




should i watch this


watch one hour instead


think i need a hug


*hugs u*


you know what it is
more propaganda to get people worked up against incels theyre trying to get it to where the population will be free to knock down your door and drag you out into the street to be burned at the stake

they also do the elliot fake narcissism thing when 99% of cels admit theyre ugly and hate themselves for it


Some mate got yelled at for pouring 3/4 of a cup to try the slushee lol manlet is driving a lifted truck


always had it in my mind that i was ugly but then i realized confidence and how people perceive you is far more important than looks


thats called being bluepilled


its called bde


File: 1538440606571.jpg (4.14 MB, 4160x3120, 20181001_173601.jpg)



women want to be snapped by faceless men they dont care about looks


do hispanics just NOT spend much time at home as a cultural thing
haysuz appears to spend 18 hours a day aimlessly driving around socal and shoopra only goes home to bathe and sleep they never eat in their house or anything


wish i was a nomad


cryin hard


never watched kemono friends


did scooby really build his own house really want to do that one day


i watched a few episodes but dropped it once it started getting popular it pinches anyway its basically japanese blues clues


tasting some of my apple wine since i was checking the gravity its strong as hell and doesnt taste too bad at all considering its just at the end of primary hehe gravitys down to around 1 so its pretty much fermented out gonno wait for the yeast to drop out then bottle that pincher should only be aNOTher few days or a week this is a good sign that its gonno taste real good especially after aging for a few weeks once its b ottled


whatever happened to kitty manbaby


hes right there


gonno snoze till my download is finished


gonno cry again


I'm hitting yoghurt
Togue after togue to sharpen my skill once Cameron visits i can smoke his ass


what does yoghurt have to do with it


tears are pouring from my eyes


Is250 tried losing me looked like he had a exhaust system and tires possibly lowered i kept up tho




Sorry that's my mistake I'm driving i meant tofu


how do i get rid of sushi chef back


give it a rest and lay down all day or sit straight


get a sushi chef chair


Pewdiepiws chair is only 399.99


my chair has a big dead spot where my ass rests


bored guess ill nap


wonder what dovydas is up to


do you want to meet up in the naprealm


was invited to pie eating contest some youtuber do i do it


Might insure the car finally since the dmv will force me to in order to get my tags which expire this month


pie eating contest in hel


Hey cam do you have roadside assistance Anne insurance thinking of coping both



Paid my tags online hopefully i don't get a letter in the mail talking bout the lack of insurance i have so i won't get tags until i get that insured


mexican driving around with no insurance go figure


Dont need insurance when you're such a good driver


probably flipping his ugly as all hell gf


愛 watching forza videos with ramners


kitty is staring again


kitty or kitty


uh oh my corporate mobile data plan got canceled today hope theyre NOT planning on firing me


kitties cant stare so kitty




gonno shite sorry


watching this


firing on all cylinders


trainee girl texted to ask if its raining here
pretty sure its raining everywhere here she really is flapper


thats NOT how rain works


the area is getting some leftovers from a hurricane or something thats near baja california it might be cloudy or rainy where haysuz is too


vision blacked out for a second am i gonno die


youre fine


the forecast for today and tomorrow instead of showers or rain is 'tropical rainstorm'
time to break out the aloha shirt


File: 1538447892988.jpg (1.06 MB, 4096x4096, 6467871baafb81f54cf1806d7c5251f0.jpg)

nice flapperbottle


eat something and drink a glass of water and warn The Boss




i got a cockmeat sandwich for you if you want to eat that


dont tell The Boss shell panic


The Myth About Spiders Crawling on You When You Sleep. ... In fact, spiders are likely afpie eating contest of sleeping people, so there's very little chance that they'll be roaming all over your sleeping body. The vibrations that your body puts off while you're sleeping serve as a warning to spiders to stay away.

this is bullshit


why dont they harness the vibrations to keep spiders away from me permanently


gonno release some essence of man


if spiders are scared of sleeping people why do they crawl on me when im awake


you eat 8 spiders every night on average


theyre good for you


gonno go for a night ride in the tropical rainstorm i dont mind the rainstorms its the breeze storms that are annoying




its over for intel


i am in sorrow



which vtuber is hima voting for NOT sure if i should pick a underage one or flapper one


File: 1538449853034.png (27.15 KB, 806x619, 398a2ed543678831309c2df3e5513213ee1c8119.png)


need a chanpass to vote sigh


File: 1538450026025-0.png (826.93 KB, 1047x2000, 83964b0ac9de85dff686fa9596452bd19bb0142f.png)

File: 1538450026025-1.jpg (131.19 KB, 695x900, 94867b5852b3f9d3b23a35658bb2b4b2e6343f02.jpg)

File: 1538450026025-2.png (29.19 KB, 1152x648, a123b12bdbfe31e65078a71a228f8a13295d5176.png)

NOT that i give two shites about fournorm but one of these would be my pick


File: 1538450074342.jpg (644.35 KB, 1398x1984, 0c8fe1f9d8168fbe0f09c51fac7a6f959338989a.jpg)

big chicken nugget


hell yeah


gonno snoz


same gonno watch some one piece and snoz hard


Yeah it's cloudy gonno rain Wednesday


brushed and flossed




gonno get some


Got a call employer saw my history Anne discord on my computer


gonno fire up some tokyo ghoul


This is it back to the neet life





woke up from my nap eating the rest of the potatoes i roasted with my pork yesterday


lots of parallels to hima and stuff recommend watching


Owned indeed brother


being neet is better


boostin basted


having a nice strong cup of coffee


you can always go back to walmart


havin some cream cheese on toast


stormin rn


File: 1538453944799.jpeg (286.16 KB, 750x1023, 1510389159536.jpeg)

oh excuse me ladies hehe


started listening to ethereal noise


come work at the water store



cant stop doing a fake laugh and then laughing to myself


i bet you could stop if you really wanted to




cleaned my glasses


i need glasses


storming here too it just started


can i come over





took a nap at 2:50 or so and just woke up i guess that was a 9 hour morph just about


dont have to be at work for like five hours i think ill take a little nightwalk and shower before work for a change usually i shower the night before







phew started pouring as soon as i came home now i just hear rain its going to be flooded tomorrow


reinstalling hearthstone sigh


what happened to shadowverse


just fired up sverse




i still like the we are opening


new expansions kept coming out and the ladder was too grindy so i stopped playing


really wish there were a site like saiyanwatch but for one piece


there is


link you fool


glasses or "glasses"


we are is great but i like we go better its a masterpiece


die druidnorm
die arisanorm




think im gonno shower and then watch some "tng"


shadowverse is really dead now even in japan the biggest tournaments struggle to get more than 50 participants


gonno watch this first quick phew


watch this instead


phew ichika


in n out shakes flipping pinch




cleaned my polycarbonateses


File: 1538458182367.jpg (90.84 KB, 725x1024, 3a56a3d911c5a53faec8479e70a8950a.jpg)


File: 1538458218830.jpg (109.98 KB, 1024x652, 76664dd34373696697d1fdd595e62d93.jpg)

this mates pretty good


flip you


gonno mutate the shower and have a wank to ichika


didnt nightwalk yet but i cleaned my room


I've gotten used to the money I'm going to try to get aNOTher sales job really 愛d buying parts and installing them


Can't sleep 未来が眩しくて見えない go take a unisom and drink zzzquil


why are you getting fired


don't wank to her


too late


you're sick


I had a ton of stuff on my browsing history as well as discord downloaded


stop overpaying for garbage just take benadryl


cant stop thinking of underage little ichika


left behind for 2 days this might be my flapperrecord


i do NOT believe that


its time for a jomorph


morphed time to reboot and possibly sushi bar


what a flippin beast


is it weird that i cant morph before 3 am when i have to be at work at 9




might become a method actor


lets put a smile on that face



time to sperm and snoze


hungry maybe ill make some more pork sandwich


hate matemates like that mate who walked in


thats how its going to be in the mansion when onseki walks in to tell you about the twins


more like pnig talking about trainee girl


pnig is probably even worse for losershaming now that you mention it onseki at least holds back on the internet so he can attempt to fit in


what do you mean attempt to hold back im a flipping loser


i deserve to be mocked


just washed the dishes


removed some of the rocks from the tank and replaced like 40 percent of the water
the last fish is still alive hes a fighter


how many fish have to die


pretty sure he hasnt been eating at all hes flapper and probably blind he misses all the food in the tank whenever i feed him and it all sinks to the bottom
sometimes i see him poking around the rocks looking for food but rarely


hes dying


someday soon were all going to be dead like those fish


as many as it takes to completely cycle the tank


spilled my expensive lactaid crying hard


no use crying over spilt “milk”


wish i still had tears


baste turt


going to work in 15 minutes when i get home ill have been awake for 13 hours NOT that bad i wonder if i can repeat this schedule


got real sick hima this pinches


hate being sick


im sick in the head i m a flipping animal




gonno boosting sicksnoze see you later hima


welcome to the freak show this is where the freaks go


morning hima had a dream about taking my angelic 9 year old gook daughter to the park and kissing her was great made some yogurt


File: 1538483732547.jpg (101.91 KB, 1920x1080, dq.jpg)

canNOT think of a name sigh




nice thats a good one


need a daughter in my life




had a streak where i would name my characters actual names but now i just name them seki or baste or pnig or turt


how can you manbabies even consider a child when you cant even take control of your own lives


who here is considering a child
go back norm


nice everyone has a scot accent in this sushi bar hehe






die eater


File: 1538490341375.png (1.25 MB, 1280x824, 100560.png)

got a nice daughter




i thought it was interesting how trainee girl described the mate yesterday as a dork but i had no problem talking to him about things like the differences between drakes and dragons and wyverns


was NOT looking forward to leaving today but once i looked outside and saw the rain i got really excited


woke up and spilled water all over the place sigh


baste dragon geeks
whats the difference between a wyrm and wyvern


isnt it dragons have 2 legs 2 arms and 2 wings
wyverns have 0 arms 2 legs and 2 wings
and wyrms have 0 legs 0 arms and 2 wings


dragons arent real idiot


in their tongue he is neetblog


flapperlaugh hard whenever i remember the skyrim baby


watching aris play the slot machine




blog me


blog yourself blogger


keep getting a whiff of natto but there is none maybe its a ghost


File: 1538498131280.jpg (20.32 KB, 474x284, 11e7d8b542e6202bba910e58676d4171.jpg)


die bloggart


youre having a stroke


so a wyrms pretty much a worm


hell yeah


wyrm is like a big dragony serpent


you mean a snake


chugging some coke zero and watching aris play slots


a snake is just a worm with scales and teeth


u drink coke zero because youve have zero sex lmoa


what about a skeleton


loneliness is worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day


yea funny now go back there


hello out there were on the air its hockey night tonight


File: 1538500148545.jpg (93.23 KB, 800x600, 800px-Common_basilisk_in_Costa_Rica.jpg)

wish i had a basilisk pet


scratch that opening days tomorrow


shoes were very wet so i went and got a pair of slippers gonno leave them here


some mates are interested in my ducky


think im diabetic


thats funny because basically im monky


Bowsette, also known as Koppa Hime (クッパ姫) in Japanese

koppa hima


I don't even feel like posting


same i just wanna morph


why dont we do a japanese style group suicide somewhere in the woods and become internet lore


id wait for everyone to suicide first then chicken out and be the only one left on hima


suicide is for norms


wed tie a rope around everyones waist and jump off a cliff or something so no one would be left with the burden of life


time for some tng this is the holodick sherlock holmes episode


that was me sorry


hell yeah data


File: 1538508115248.jpg (1.29 MB, 1400x932, crossing-the-swamp-frames.jpg)

just ordered this


data is baste


just woke up drinking a big strong cup of coffee


drink up toots


scalp is itchy


scrubbed my hair with a brush and had a ton of flakes hate suffering from this


File: 1538511937886-0.jpg (82.27 KB, 500x500, artworks-000189793500-9eli5y-t500x500.jpg)

File: 1538511937886-1.mp3 (3.17 MB, Hanazawa Kana - Mousou Express.mp3)

have a listen


愛 that song


wish i could go home and have a big ole cup of joe but im stuck at work


and by a i mean two or three


hate coffee


why its great


coffeenorms are addicts


feel pity for the man who cant appreciate the good bean


coffee gives me the shits


coffee is carcinogenic


saw milk tea in a video and it made me miss it i drink it almost every day in japan


weirdly so did i
the lipton stuff right


no its NOT


miss the vast assortment of drinks to choose from in japan i could drink something new every day for a whole year
in the us when you walk into a gas station or convienence store you pretty much have to choose between sports drinks in 30 flavors sugary juice sugary drinks supposed to mimic juice soda or exotic water


gonno become a pro sushi chef


sushi bar on sushi chef


groan still sick


dollar stores around here have different drinks all the time lately theyve been getting in weird blue fruit punch drinks and ramune in plastic bottles


wanted to try the noodle breads because it was as seen on tv but something about an individually wrapped blob of pasta on a hotdog bun just sitting on a shelf was gross


you misunderstand what as seen on tv means


i saw it on tv it was in my cartoons


miss the family mart egg salad sandwiches and the unbelievably soft white bread that is never soggy


if it looked good on the tv but NOT in real life then it was NOT as seen on tv


didnt know herkz was posting on hima


crying over geocities hima


NOThing looks as good in real life as it does on tv


never watched tv whats it like


some things look even better


its like watching something on the computer but from sitting farther away and there are way more ads


File: 1538514871745.png (164.21 KB, 400x469, screenshot2011-07-15at11534am-1.png)

time to slowly adopt the star trek sideburns whos with me


way ahead of you ive had em for years


die hairnorm


chicken nugget


File: 1538515009557.jpg (75.9 KB, 1024x724, a4a82e5b021a4956bc401aaa409fb39d.jpg)


File: 1538515058116.jpg (126.39 KB, 725x1024, cfae7a2b6d63a320a392ba1253dcd4a0.jpg)

his aoi stuff is severely lacking


im still severely lacking


lacking this dick in your ass


sigh miss the days of watching low res jap birl guitar cover vids


aoi cant keep herself from slurping


phew found a nice ichika image on that mates twitter wish onseki would tell me how to download twitter images so i could post it here


are you flapper


i went over three days without coffee that one time mutant weve been through this already


File: 1538515516200.jpg (158.08 KB, 725x1024, DntA6A5VAAEsYBe.jpg)

ok figured it out


wish i had an ichika gf


just suffered a brutal skullmog at the market


skull 💀


mog this


got brutally heightmogged in the elevator the other day


saw a video of asmongold holding a transmog competition and having someone phase in and being amazed by their mog then disconnecting and asmongold was left wondering if they ever existed to begin with it was great hima


what happened


oog mog ooog


i saw it too he was amazed because they had atiesh on a druid


i walked in and couldnt reach the buttons so some mate behind me said hey little mate where are you going and pressed the button for me


theyre like 2 feet off the ground


you were fortunate to have come across such a kind young gentleman


forgot how shitty druids were in vanilla


add :orig to end of the image url


File: 1538516671473-0.jpg (158.08 KB, 725x1024, DntA6A5VAAEsYBe.jpg)

File: 1538516671473-1.jpg (308.66 KB, 1300x1843, DntA6A7V4AAhHOj.jpg)



theyre the same


sometimes theyre the same


reached for The Bosss throat again gotta stop drinking when shes around


mitai ni


sis lets me use her throat to jo sometimes






phew done making sushi


i dont believe you


she lays on her back and then opens her mouth and lets me slowly slide my chicken nugget in her mouth so i can jo



i dont get it




good one wownorm



remember seeing people with atiesh and thunderfury and sulfuras and thinking they were such badasses in vanilla sigh


me wow me bow


nobody on my server ever had any of them


actually i saw a few thunderfuries and a few hands of rag but NOThing else


my dick died can i bury it in your ass


wownorm pie eating contest


hima has always been a wow orientated spinoff




playing wow with my himamates


playing wow with my himamates


stop slam jamming


it was a accident stop raging


bring back double posting


you will literally have to pay onseki to make any changes to the site


does anyone here NOT like mayonnaise


never tried mayonnaise before whats it like


chest pains all day this is it


its flipping gross never understood why norms slather it on everything



im sure you deserve it


take an aspirin


are you a millennial


i hate it


die teens onseki ban them now


愛 a good mayo sandwich in the morning hehe


im teen


die old man


ban the snitch


gonno flipping rage


im baste


rage in hel


File: 1538519499214.jpg (829.69 KB, 1000x1489, ac827c922599e7361e503942f0e106b9.jpg)

when can i do this


wrong pic


im flannaly home hima already got myself a big ol mug of coffee


whatever happened to teenrager


and took out my pants of course


found a thread about rare wow gear i dont have anything legendary but i have some of the things mentioned hehe


i need to snap a child


need to see turt doing a fortnite dance


his arms are too small


getting a tiredchicken nugget


chicken nugget


how come things are more funny when im sleepy



who is teenrager is it the snitch


die norm


look him up on the hima wiki



i dont pay attention to identities they are for norms


nice dodge lad




wish to post about something but onseki will ban me for it


breath smells like raw sewage gonno swish




post it coward


shion is way too underage


one of the new mates keeps ringing up the wrong shit and i need to continually call him and tell him hes wrong
really compared to some of these mates trainee girl isnt bad at all she can at least find the right stuff i need to tell these mates if youre told you have 0 inventory of something then you dont flipping have it and to stop ringing it up as that


What's sustanon Cameron would it be a good cycle with deca?


gonno grill up a steak


speaking of trainee girl she logged into her pandora account and told me to put something on so i put on sublime radio and she started dancing and i just had to sit there while she did something that looked very similar to the female troll dance


always found female trolls underage as hell


thats really creepy


the creepiest part is that dickslam jammer is making all this up


pork sandwich time hima hb


are they crispy



hatem diNOTendies hes obnoxious


sorry people find him more entertaining than your made up trainee girl stories



why would you think im pnig


has pnig ever lied


File: 1538522464884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.03 KB, 576x1024, 1538440359366.jpg)

Rate my pool



better question is has he ever told the truth


File: 1538522547691-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.24 KB, 750x745, 1538450432934.jpg)

File: 1538522547691-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.07 KB, 722x1280, 1538515719233.jpg)


dickslam jammer cant be trusted


burn in hell sodomite freak


I'm just a freak wish i can fast forward to the good parts in life


a gunshot to the head would have the same outcome


all the good stuff has already happened in 2006 2017 was just scsnapping a little from the bottom of the bowl


will onseki at least perma and delete this mate or is even that asking too much


you want everyone banned snitch


i would but he would just unban him sorry


NOThing I've done is a bannable offense please don't bully me


should i have a pan cooked ribeye for dinner or something else like tamales and cheese sticks






tamales are basted


mindboggling the mates who consistently tell others to kill themselves are the first to go


ok i will save the steak for later its been on my mind for a few days ever since i started talking about pans and brought up how good cast iron ones were for cooking steak


Is the mate asking for my banishment siztra i feel like he's angry i left his server




wonder when newsletters with my store will go out


whenever you pretend that they do


ban haysuz too while youre at it hes getting annoying again


nice normeak


which one is haysuz


like i said the snitch wants everyone banned


what kind of ram does the sek want



ban gaysuz tired of his toxic masculinity




nevermind flip the sek NOT buying him ram sticks


in the mood to listen to some chink tunes



might mutate to aNOTher plane and leave the shiteworld behind



File: 1538524260153.jpg (216 KB, 992x558, nashville-style-hot-chicken.jpg)

i bet pg would like hot nashville hot chicken


yeah probably it looks good


nah pastamate doesnt like normfood


toss aNOTher dingo on the barby cunt


throwing back some za right now hima


australian coo wants to do a meeting on friday


how can she slap


wish i was indian


its NOT that great except when youre awake


die bitch


indian is literally the worst race to be right now how can you wish that


it seems like fun


defiantly the funnest race right now


wish i had some butter chicken right now heck ya that would be good


wouldnt mind being this mate in particular


nice tng episode some mate needed help with his ship so he gets brought aboard and starts sperming in all the girls and then we find out that hes wanted for sperming in the wrong girl


he sounds outrageous


File: 1538524903431.jpg (284.38 KB, 1024x768, VFTeyG8.jpg)

yeah lot of fun being a currycel bathing in rivers of shite taking shites in streets and using cow shite as medicine
youll look exactly like every other currycel around you and ride crowded trains and almost get hit by tuktuks every time you go outside and when you stand in line youll have to feel the mates ass on your dick and feel the dick of the mate behind you on your ass

at least if you were a nigger or something you would be fetishized and if were an american nigger you could pretty much have any job you want if you got a stem degree


mutated hard


his name is okona thats an indian name this mate is having a blast it cant be all that bad


technorms in


dont know if i want to be that mate or wranglerstar


ooooog sperm oooooooooooog


the dad said the mate used his daughter its almost as if satsuka itsuka herself wrote the lines for this one


hoooo boy hima my wine has finally arrived


Do an unboxing video


is it fancy wine why did it need to be shipped in


itsuka sensei only draws slurp


slurp juice hehe


she likes to draw :>= but she always likes to draw lots of fliptoy scenarios


no its cheap boxed wine


愛 a good :>= sexy lady stray_pubic_hair


die you sick flip


愛 a good ooooooooooog


hope instigator is doing alright



very nicely drawn body but i cant jerk it because of the looking_at_viewer tag




onseki needs to ban normnig and the wks already


it was the original


hope wk is doing alright


hes up there respecting women in heaven now


im incel


File: 1538526247859.jpg (311.44 KB, 850x849, sample_sample_sample_e991e8a78d0f3f_sample_294….jpg)


Hi Cameron


on_back sex tongue_out ~small_breasts ~flat_chest -nipples





panties_aside girl_on_top from_behind
onsekis going to 愛 this one


File: 1538526565344.jpg (61.53 KB, 480x640, pikablog.jpg)


flip you


while onseki is having fun posting on discord im forced to sit here and suffer


the best part of tokyo ghoul is when they all crossdress tooru was really cute


youre lucky onseki doesnt ban you


how many levels of irony are you on


whos making you suffer


onseki himself



onseki is basted


new gm still never gave back the key to the other store gonno have to get it back tomorrow


File: 1538527011594.jpg (215.02 KB, 1200x1194, 6475287.jpg)




cant wait to get home and masturbate



gth masturbator




wish i had some pajata rn



tg remembered the coin thing what a nice girl


hate indians so much
the country was worthless 400 years ago when the brits were there and its arguably exactly the same now just with iphones and its upper caste living in a marginal at best impression of civility


try saying that after you read the mahabharata


you hate them cause you aint them


ive already read that along with the sharijhartabhudshtva


should i jerk it or jack it


hell yeah jerk that chicken nugget


if onseki doesnt clean his act the dueg might have rise again


low self esteem


cant maintain eye contact even with drawn images


miss the duegi oc


File: 1538531373332-0.png (888.32 KB, 870x1050, 1379975642585.png)

File: 1538531373332-1.jpg (243.16 KB, 650x919, get this virg away from me.jpg)

feels bad knowing girls look at onseki and get horny imagining being flipped but they only look at me with disdain as though its my fault i was born this way


you need confidence and a better personality like onseki


are they psychic how can they tell those things from me existing near them


wonder how many girls spermed to me in school


this pinches


none because girls cant sperm


when i think about the fact that i spermed to every single girl i went to school with it goes to reason that there was at least one perverted hussy who jod thinking about me as well maybe more the same goes for you mates


thats NOT true


foolish man


i can only hope so


i know for a fact that at least three or four girls spermed to me


how do you know


delusional fools why would a girl sperm to you in school when shes surrounded by basketball chads all day
the best you can hope for is some freakish girl with a fetish for stinky losers


hope that every single girl who is nice to me secretly thinks im a creep and is only nice in an effort to get me to leave more quickly


theres gotta be at least one freakish girl



chose basketball for my sport one season since it was mandatory we pick one threw the ball at some mates nads in the first sushi bar and had to sit out for every sushi bar the rest of the season just sat in the corner listening to burzum


i miss when girls didnt universally treat me like a subhuman it was smartphones and tinder that ruined everything


never got hit in the balls because i was NOT a sportsnorm


but if they never cultivated the sugarcane neetblog wouldnt be here


愛 when norms talk about getting picked last in gym class when they werent really last just near the end
from elementary school to my junior year i was picked either last or second to last every single flipping time i wasnt even fat everyone just knew i was worthless


couldnt kick the ball hard enough in gym and the daily humiliation over the course of 4 years gave me ptsd


one of the gym teachers liked me and knew i get picked last so she made me the picker


i should make a tinder like trainee girl said i should and then post the results and then tell hold her accountable


kill them and take revenge lets see your kid get picked first when youre boosting dead bully


they didnt have pickers here the supervising teacher just decided who was playing out of who signed up at random


go for it


same but they made me play every time it was awful i almost failed physical ed


the fat girls got picked last



my gym classes were separated by sex


you were fat



why did they teach us how to have sex in the sex ed class but there wasnt a class on how to get to that point


saw a maserati today didnt know thats the company that has the crown logo always wondered what brand that was


愛d putting hideous questions in the anonymous sex ed question box and watching the teach squirm




daddy likes


tamales are so tabeyasui


what the fuck is this




wonder what my life would look like if i wasnt ped


me ped me chicken nugget


ooog ped ooooooo g


youd be flipping teens just like neetblog


i dont flip anyone


theres no such thing as ped



no what


you flip teens you post about it all the time


no i dont



NOT clicking an unencrypted url


i bugger men


PowerColor RED DRAGON Radeon RX 580 DirectX 12 AXRX 580 8GBD5-3DHDV2/OC 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support ATX Video Card
Free sushi bar pack bundle w/ purchase, limited offer


wait for the 680


File: 1538534165122.jpg (98.66 KB, 558x600, JBG6ft3jvxz5w.jpg)

wouldnt mind flipping a teen like this




but its only 220 and you get 3 shitty sushi bars


wish i had a dad to teach me how to mate


pnig is going to like this one


you are ill


how so she is an attractive young lady at the height of her fertility it is also well documented that young girls have a fondness for cool older mates


youre flipping sick check yourself in


if youre NOT at least hebe its a sign of being a freak


File: 1538534420225.png (209.74 KB, 800x1200, cc043460996f4fa679bdafb39993805d.png)


little bitch is asking for it


always makes me uncomfortable whenever pnig reverts into his primitive potato chef form


gotta piss real bad


guess its true what they say that despite all the affluent upbringing and conditioning theres simply no separating the monkey from his inner jungle


you never know when hes gonno snap


im blue ranger




you piss too fast


i had to piss really quick because i was between hearthstone turns


just unravel it and piss into your ass again


anyone wanna crack a cold on with me


really liking this one


still cant find a skeleton shirt


i cant drink on weekdays sorry


cant believe i was ever foolish enough to have subscribed to the 3dpd nonsense no crude drawing can ever compare to the anatomical perfection on display here


flip almost posted something illegal hehe caught it at the last second




the joke is thats a boy right


dont be stupid


hope onseki is seeing this and isnt busy doing something unrelated to the site he swore an oath to maintain


what was it its gone now




why was that image deleted it is perfectly within our constitutional rights to post it


hate 3d pig disgusting roasts


File: 1538535146866.png (42.09 KB, 300x100, scape skel.png)

halloween bannerize it


use your brain


gonno watch one piece and morph later mates


it was completely safe for work and depicted NOThing illegal or obscene just a family friendly image of a young girl in a bathing suit


uh oh getting a little interference from alternate universes


same boys in cute dresses are baste


die shotaseki


tell it to the judge


on_stomach from_behind hair_bobbles black_hair tanlines one-piece_swimsuit short_twintails facing_away photo tatami


sukumizu are underage as flip what were they thinking when they made them


see while any run-of-the-mill jap artist could probably pull that off only a true master could accurately capture the subtle nuances like the underage underage shoulder blade protrusion


i cant settle for amateurish crap anymore ive seen too much


thats all well and good but keep it elsewhere


mindblowing how peds are always unintelligent


ped hours gonno make sushi


die sushi chef


why are we peds being persecuted in our territory


shut the flip up bitch


the advertisers will rage if the peds arent persecuted


in what way is that persecution it was the lightest admonishment possible


yet peds were responsible for making this site what it is today


and killing warosu boosting peds kill em all


the more you denounce that fact the more you reject your own heritage as a himabro


no ones denouncing it just dont post illegal content you moron


im from buenos aires and i say kill em all


it was sfw you fool


go read the statutes


we peds toil tirelessly, thanklessly under the looming shadow of a society that abhors our very existence and in the end we are met with NOThing but scorn and marginalization even in communities that are supposed to be our havens


missed it sigh


its NOT much of a haven if you intentionally endanger its continued existence


i like this one ill add it give me a sec


there is NOThing wrong with admiring the female form in all of its youthful glory


it was literally NOThing dont worry


the law doesnt agree so go admire it elsewhere


what statutes


why does onseki seem to beg for sympathy yet he makes it so difficult feel anything but disdain towards him


stfu whinenig


case in point


himasugi has one of the most badass legal teams in the jpsphere had that image really violated any NOTeworthy laws we would have been fine


made sushi hard and came back to 200 posts should i mutate




File: 1538536395958.jpeg (1.31 MB, 4032x3024, BF1A3E75-6E33-443C-8623-462D0A06F4EB.jpeg)

guess i cant add that banner after all


the peds got warosu shut down and they want hima to shut down too


maybe its more karma


good it pinched anyways


Consider this: A pack of wild Norms.

Savage, slavering Norms nearing your peaceful community. Trampling your otaku culture. snapping your board heritage.

And you can't do shit since they're savages. The Norm leader grabs your control panel and boosts her with his bad code.

The primal Norm finally dominate your imageboard. They post about barbaric shows from TV and you are forced to be their slave.

Such is the downfall of Hima.


owned windowsnorm


owned windowsnorm


i pity microsoftcels



only turt wants warosu shut down


got hiveminded sigh


the peds already killed warosu before


ok computer is loaded up wonder whats gonno happen


pedophiles are good people


NOT really


pnig was an upstanding citizen and pillar of his community prior to his fall from grace


why NOT you cant control it shotaseki is in no place to judge



meta hours think im gonno lock the board


lock this


what meta hours


I'm new to this channel, but I would just like to tell you that you are an inspiring individual. I appreciate your efforts. I'm NOT a pedophile myself, but I happen to enjoy viewing sexy ladycon on a regular basis, so I'm well aware of the prejudices you face. Never stop fighting for what you believe in.


onseki thinks anything that isnt an extension of discord conversations is meta or offtopic


fondly remember when himako locked the board right after i called her hitlerko during an extended meta hour sesh


File: 1538536729724.png (83.61 KB, 250x419, 1474529180814.png)


you went too far


File: 1538536763232.jpg (848.52 KB, 2048x1536, 1463204847515.jpg)


gonno sushi bar norms are going at it again


dont think ill look back at this point in himas timeline and remember it as anything other than shit


you see only what your beliefs and preconceptions permit


better than NOThing whiner


where the flip did all these posts come from


File: 1538536847012.gif (288.18 KB, 320x240, somekind.gif)


at this point im really NOT sure whats even good about hima compared to any other spinoff


its a pie eating contest


File: 1538536871337.png (Spoiler Image, 49.14 KB, 221x221, josh1.png)


is that a joke





those 1000+ post meta brawls were a hoot and a half but the sb killed hima by stifling intelligent conversation


i think himas better than its been in a long time a certain person just wont quit whining every day


yeah seki



himas fine its been better and its been worse were kinda coasting at a middle point but thats fine so shut the boost up about meta shite


hard to even see it as better than its been with someone incompetent and lazy doing NOThing but trying to change things for the worse


i added that banner are there any other ones anyone would like me to consider before i turn off my computer


what about all the other ones that have been posted in the past months that you conveniently ignored


talk to the hand