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its so good


how are all of the osomatsu girls so incredibly erotic




think ill get cracking on the cyberia theme


got left behind




is this the next thread


thats why it didnt work did you even research it before taking it


the truth is i ordered phenibut and they sent the aniracetam as a bonus offer thing so i wasnt really interested in it from the start so i only took it a couple of times out of curiosity


phenibut is useless with the tolerance but it does work otherwise it would NOT be standard for cosmonauts


all it did was make me sleepy
my brain is too powerful for anything short of lsd


thats NOT how drugs work


weird discord convo i wont chime in on this one i will just watch you guys argue


chime in on this


miss the kitty blog


get the fuuuuuhlip in here bros


hate pokenorms and hate unboxingnorms


theres only one pokemon loving australian i care for and its NOT this norm


read this in turts cute little southern accent


got left behind again


who is it


oh right


the freak


sick of normnig


hope onsekis fish are doing okay


what did i do this time all im doing is sitting here


they all died and he gave up and drained the tank


the my gf recording was the last straw


bored gonna fire up the games



owned that fishnorm


i am 99% certain a chink did that


im chink


think ill stop on my way home and get some new socks any suggestions


dont stop just buy them online


i did that once before and it did NOT work out as i had hoped


cant wait to read more about how much of a norm dickspammer is


that name is forbidden




wish i was mr boles


BOLES claimed this post was a joke


where is thad


doubt ill post anything more personal than general details ill probably stick to her tardtexts and tard stories
keep thinking about that night though at the top of the mountain she said she wished it was darker so she could look at the stars might go stargazing with her one night somewhere
in general i just really like being around her i think sitting down with her at a restaurant was the highlight of the night for me i got to talk with her some more and make her laugh and get to know her a bit more
before i always felt a bit weird when she stared at me but at that time i just stared back it felt really good


miss the vlc snap meme


feel bad for this mate


gonna cry


neetblog hit that yeet


never found out what yeet means


its aNOTher nigger meme like pasted


sarada absolutely must be flipped




sis got a google pixel 3


give me her snap ill get her on my premium snap so she gets the best dick pics


my clan ends with me


she doesnt snap


File: 1540857062900.png (855.32 KB, 1000x1500, __grey_wolf_kemono_friends_drawn_by_sd_s_di__f….png)


File: 1540857072583-0.jpg (645.94 KB, 1280x1874, 003.jpg)

File: 1540857072583-1.jpg (534.61 KB, 1280x1902, 021.jpg)

nice squeezecandyheaven


tell her to sell it and get a zerophone


wish i had a ichihaya sis lgf fliptoy


could use a good squeezecandy right about now


you best NOT post anymore of those chinese comics ya hear


File: 1540857355659.jpg (534.61 KB, 1280x1902, 021.jpg)

is this a valid strategy


File: 1540857394169.jpg (620.96 KB, 1280x1879, 006.jpg)

wrong one woops butterfingers


gonno sing


new minami


keyboard broke sigh


have a stockpile of cheap chink keyboards for that reason


*stomps feet*


File: 1540858518750.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 4128x3096, 20181030_010713.jpg)

took some pics of siss panties what do you guys think should i jo with them




why are her arms tarding out the whole time


fire up the hakko station


File: 1540858818159.jpg (67.52 KB, 950x1024, 1540848222973.jpg)

what are you looking at creep


boruto got owned hard by mitsuki dumb flapper


stopped watching boruto months ago i just cant do it


boruto is a flipping bitch


turt how can i procure roids


getting the urge to play poe again whens the next league


in two days


havent read the manga but im sure mitsuki is trying to recover his sennin power from the alien guy by betraying konoha



dont understand how people can go through the trouble of watching all the episodes yet NOT be bothered to read the manga when its better and faster to get through



reading is for norms


because mindless garbage like boruto is more enjoyable to watch animated


why do they never drop the thing until like 10 minutes into the video


thats how they do it down under mate


the world would be a better place if australians all died tomorrow


australia was a mistake


my new favorite word is syllogism


got a call from the old gm apparently my gf talks about me a lot more than i thought he emphasized that she really likes me and said i should start flirting with her
havent had something like this happen to me before and didnt have the nerve to tell him about saturday or how we already have plans
guess ill be a bit more upfront about things with her now


freak is that you


starting to miss freak hes NOThing but a reminder of a better time


this is also a reminder of a better time


just flipping end me


really sympathize with freak now that my friend hasnt talked to me in over a year


gonna just watch some linus and calm down


poor freak was too brilliant for this brainlet world


File: 1540860065132.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB, 1056x594, 1540855798275.webm)


hate norms and norm blogging


tardlaughing remembering gorilla glass saying their newest glass could survive 9 drops before it completely shattered


brutal mog


whats the point in getting wide when the most important part is the height most girls would fall for 6'0 140 than 5'7 180 ripped


its for retards who want to ``get big''


because if youre a manlet you might as well do whatever you can to hit your level cap


theres an example right there


nah at that point your only route is comedy or singing


File: 1540860428069.gif (62.54 KB, 750x525, a17.gif)


sorry norm im NOT going to politely ldar in the corner like and your kind have always wanted me to do


gridman is really great


what does ldar mean


you know


no i dont


LDAR stands for Lay Down And Rot. It means that you give up on life and just stay in bed all day. It is a lifestyle. If you adopt it you become a rotter.


its lay down and regenerate


sexy lady dating a retard


i would gladly ldar in that case


nice larper everyone knows the ped meme is officially dead now


boles is a recovering pedophile hes already dating a legal aged female


cant believe i fell for the ped meme


he has too since hes on a fbi watchlist


would do anything to die right now


bored hi


hope a car runs me over tomorrow morning


got promoted to raid leader


hope a plane crashes into my bedroom while im gaming


have you ever conducted a raid in real life
its a rush let me tell you
bust down the door and start yelling


File: 1540862065063.jpg (223.07 KB, 900x1273, 1527176556067.jpg)


what a cute girl


wish that was me


if that was you id snap you just saying


hope a girl kisses me on the cheek while im walking


in a really good mood NOT because of the my gf news either


might feast soon


whats on the menu for today feaster


given the cold shoulder yet again gonna end it all


chicken and rice


exterminate the norms


down with the norm


i am norm


raged hard for a hour and just quit right now


im going to sleep goodbye hima




im on top of the world because of you
all i wanted to do is follow you


File: 1540866470884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1134x1577, 7ed0768e8430968e64b2a7b49a6e4f0a.jpg)


dead hours


disgusting roast
NOT a boy NOT interested


thats queer


feasted and dumped hows it traveling mates


time for drinking


only one on hima


simply snoze


simply crash a car into me while im out walking


Sigh got left behind


i just got home sorry


hi whats up


hi was heating pizza


my gf was telling me her pussy was wet on the bike ride yesterday because of the vibration


but she rides a bike too


how did these old artists do it


what kind of pizza


the leftover double layer lasagna pizza its just cheese
ill probably throw my gfs pieces away she wanted meatballs only like a flipping tard and they taste bad


well it couldve been because her pussy was rubbing up against me i think she was too embarrassed to say that she was gripping me really hard towards the end


hima i finally woke up from my slumber hi



got about 300 posts to catch up too why did you post so much today did something happen


just normnig norming it up


is that actually normnig or an impersonator i cant tell anymore


NOThing norm about a tight wet pussy rubbing up against you


its actually him and his normblogs


i think he clit was dripping wet by the end of it did your hear her voice or should i post it again


this is to norm for me going to game


seki you need to take action


the guy talking about her pussy is an imposter


I've decided to stop masturbating from here on out.


it doesnt even matter


might have a nice jerking later


think of the consequences


the consequence is that i sperm and feel good


sorry pg


gonna get a come with me if you want to lift shirt


hate norms


need a magdump


♫jersey no onnanoko nani ga motteru♫


neighbors are blasting norm music should i call the police





blast some capsule and drown them out forgot to type that


File: 1540874202521.png (1.77 MB, 1373x1832, x6efpcq9c5v11.png)




just cracked open a blogweiser


never had alcohol whats it like


File: 1540874701931.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.99 KB, 640x1770, 1350951905876.jpg)

found this on the old hard drive


norm park


pasted arch i3 teens


quit being a square and join the party


should i install arch




should i install gentoo




if i cant game on linux but whats the point




simply wine




dual boot


arch is boosting gay use gentoo or void or crux or bsd or 9front or something cool like that dont ever use arch


gonno use gnu/hurd


arch has a cool logo


my gf wants to come over i think it is time to fuck


hurd my dick into your ass


hell yeah give that angelic little mormon bitch the bbc




should i use bsd since linux was taken over by sjws


tell my gf to sudo make me a sandwich


dont think those trannies even use linux


linux is for norms of course they do


linux is 110% controlled by cia niggers now


gonno install trueos


gonna watch this and snooze



gonna fire up some nhk thanks


is this a jo song never watched nhk


go watch it


no being neet is baste i dont need that propaganda


watch it




gonna get some new flannel sheets tomorrow hima wish me luck


can you jo to it if you answered yes then its a jo song


why NOT cotton


never jod before




arent flannel sheets cotton i have a pair of normal cotton sheets and theyre too thin i keep waking up shivering


the demiurge bows to the nojos


yes thats why that guy is a tardlord


gonna do nojo and flip my gf instead then i can get all the benefits of both


literal sexnorm blogging


it seems weve both got autism havent we


months of retarded water store blogging has culminated in literal sexhaver shite this is pasted


gonna fire up some mac n cheese



all the sexnorms are jealous of pastenig


ok left the bed showered now im gonno eat a grilled cheese cake and have my vitamin c while i watch a vid and then i will read and post ok hima sorry


like how the japs always get the flat faced cats


File: 1540878458471.jpg (284.67 KB, 897x845, 1526259336664.jpg)


mom incurred my rage today for flipping up the lasagna dumb bitch in all her ignorance thought flipping cheddar and pepper jack would be acceptable cheese for a lasagna


stop being picky


i made two lasagnas for moms birthday and she didnt even like them
everyone else including myself did as they disappeared within 24 hours she cooks things wrong but ends up preferring her wrong way to the proper way thats why her lasagnas always end up being a pile of slop


did some yardwork im sweating up a storm over here hima


File: 1540880721128.webm (844.51 KB, 240x240, 1540872422952.webm)


basted pooch


thats no ordinary pooch thats duegdog at a kegger with the bros


miss my duegbros


the girls in gridman are tard and really cute


File: 1540881048196.jpg (260.32 KB, 1280x1554, 1540872725389.jpg)


is that the code of conduct guy


gonna snooze it


going to walk the length of the atacama


pepperjack is baste


havent been to hima for 3 years what did i miss




where have you been


might try and make a slow cooker lasgana


NOT much


the atacama


never heard of it


freezing hima


hate freezers


File: 1540883178318.jpg (194.22 KB, 640x480, 1540263328338.jpg)


wish i was basted like moogy


its filler


a defining moment of my adolescence was the first fight between naruto and sasuke when naruto confesses that hed secretly been jealous of sasuke and that he always looked up to him was some of the most moving dialogue id ever seen and it still gives me chills ive been looking for something that will capture the same emotional intensity but NOThing has ever managed to compare even naruto itself devolved into shallow moNOTonous crap after that point

that whole saga where they attempt to retrieve sasuke was perfect and the sambomaster opening suited the tone and mood perfectly


a bunch of genin and chuunin 1v1 fighting off orochimarus adult elite roiding ninjas and coming out virtually unscathed it was kid shit but the last fight was cool


id been told that boku no hero recaptured the feeling of classic naruto so i gave it a shot but it was the most mindless norm crap id ever seen i canNOT believe that such garbage is considered of high quality these days


naruto pinched hard its always been bad


and bnha is good because stains is baste


bnha is nowhere near as epic as naruto


i dont think i would be able to contain myself if you ever expressed such nonsense in my presence


what would you do


prepare to be glomped


the last time a norm found themselves within striking distance mom had to decontaminate the carpet for weeks


my dick is going to decontaminate your ass if you arent careful


flip off pnig


befriended aNOTher tard at the library today


File: 1540886179969.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.99 KB, 1375x645, CHApbND.jpg)


tell me more


what would you like to know


File: 1540886571766.png (1003.01 KB, 1031x1061, 1540882317948.png)


itching to smoke some noobs on the keyboard whos up for a race


im here


only one on himasugi dot org


im here


took you long enough where were you


gaming now im gonna snooze


does anyone else here likes pools


pools pinch


morph time


baste sekinu




had a nap now i feel like shite


gonna watch this and wander


always feel like shite after my naps think it might be better to just wait to sleep a long time


naps are a meme


missed my train hate that feeling


why proton when theres vulkan


god look at this


if i poop in a toilet i always leave disgusting shite smears on the sides of the bowl is there something im doing wrong is everyone else cleaning the bowl after every duke


stop eating crayons




just thought of aNOTher pun cant wait to use it on a cute jc
iruka wa iru ka


those are two completely different things



woke up


gonna snoze


get the flip in here


eat SHIT


kill the fucking norms


gonna form a migrant incel caravan and set out for a land where we wont have to be tortured


ya realized that after i finished watching thats pretty cool that stalker is on the wl


god i wish i was a pasted zoomie


walking around like im flipping sephiroth obsessed with how cool i am its too bad my radiance is wasted on this dull and lifeless planet





what a flipping badass


just learned sephy is 6'1 sigh


how do i get a 6'1 gf


wish i was a churka


love giant girls


a girl should be of smaller statue than her boyfriend




meeting on friday


gonna fire up the cosmodome


File: 1540919895093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.78 KB, 1200x802, 1540782528070.jpg)


mean drome its cosmodrome its about the soviet space program


soviets and americans wouldnt have a space program if it werent for german tech and scientists


what about this guy theyre drumming him up in the documentary saying he had no us counterpart


crying hard why couldnt it have been made a reality


the r1 soviet rocket was pasted on the german v2 rocket he merely changed a few things and ended up with the r7


skipped the coke coffee plus and got myself a monster ultra white just for the memes
still feeling really weird and sleepy from skipping sleep on sunday and waking up at 2am and then having a nap at 6 today


you need to sleep otherwise you start feeling slow and tard


ialready am those things naturally
guess ill go straight to bed once i get home and sleep 6pm-2am but i dont know if that would fix it


you need a few nights of long sleep youll feel a lot better


just had an out of body experience


did you watch yourself joing



File: 1540925120833.jpg (421.01 KB, 700x944, 1540215570457.jpg)


keep getting bored


gonna jerk it to some big anime boobies


good choice


gonna hump some gerls


hima is finally dead


you can thank cam for that


File: 1540929229197.jpg (144.88 KB, 850x1345, __original_drawn_by_takocha__sample-381461e90f….jpg)


what did he do


ban the samplester


hes paste


wish someone would jerk me off right now


File: 1540930228888.png (228.31 KB, 600x730, 7d7f87c6a7f35c6931c7a7e5baf14566.png)

hell yeah


File: 1540930277461.jpg (445.54 KB, 1739x2162, 90a1aed99082bc0408c99752ef07c7b3.jpg)

sex on_back arm_grab -looking_at_viewer


someone help that sexy lady


ill help her


she loves it


shes NOT looking at the viewer


its -looking_at_viewer meaning results will NOT include anything with looking_at_viewer


is it weird to think about flipping my gf


its natural


File: 1540931811505.jpg (663.97 KB, 1920x2160, tqhgm9lo5cv11.jpg)


woke up gonna have some coffee and play tmg


just finished some coffee myself


did it make you feel like you were dying


foolish mortal


exactly the same but no boomer to mow in the bottom one


check your eyes you retarded faggot


what happened to all the latte drinkers did they switch to normal coffee now


latte is coffee


technically but all im imagining now is people drinking black coffee


lattes pinch drink cappuccinos instead


i only drink long blacks because im flipping cool


nice pewpiepie


i only drink frappuccinos






wonder if my gf wants to have sex again she was throwing around the idea of moving in but i dont want that because i might have aNOTher girl over


chinks are ddosing me again sigh


pasted haysuz impersonating the nig


File: 1540934922708.jpg (245.78 KB, 640x932, 1416568064038.jpg)


napped hi




hey whats up


the best way to avoid afternap sluggishness is watching this


sup dude


found a mystery bag of popcorn in the back room gonna fire it up and see what kind it is


File: 1540935382059.jpg (2.47 MB, 4128x3096, 20181030_185210 - Copy.jpg)

saw a cool looking house during my nightwalk thought id share it with you guys


thats my house


whatever happened to the guy whos neighbors house was burning down


its flipping kettle corn god damnit


didnt they rebuild it and it kept him up because the men working never wore shirts


why would that keep him up


they were moaning very loudly



baste sasuke is 5'11


theyre still rebuilding it but i moved houses


what about flooring guys guy


sippin coffee and gaming


is it a long black


its virgin and black


dont make fun of thad


ripped my black chinos already need to get a new pair this is horrible


im out of coffee gonno suicide by cop


sigh we finally have the capabilities to do this cheaply now


man forgot how legendary the super saiyan three scene was guess its been anout 15 years since ive seen that



i thought that scene was cringey as hecka but when i first watched it i was already a jaded teen with over a century of accumulated mental stress


linus hours time to resnoze


only a few days until classic


$amd at $16 gonno tell mom to sell the house and all in


flipping hate leaving voicemails talking with someone is easier because when you dont know how to end a sentence the other person most of the time interrupts you but when leaving a voice message i get nervous as fuck NOT to mess it up and the one i left now felt awkward


anyone else sometimes start laughing for no reason





gonno watch some vids and earlysnooze and hopefully be well rested tomorrow


have a good snooze mate



sigh woke up from my nap and the roommates are feasting downstairs at the table
really dont want to eat out but its going to take them like at least aNOTher half hour to finish might just go get some $7.65 chipotle


just did


dont be a stranger pull up a chair


roommate in hell


if you live with mom dont even reply to me




i live in a trailer with neetblog in southwest texas


say that to my face you parasite


gonna scream and cry


pasted rager


feel bad for these norms that cant even eat moms home cooking anymore


moms cooking sucks


are aliens real


normseki comes from a long lineage of drug abusers hes never eaten a home cooked meal before you cant blame him for how he behaves


wonder what would have become of me if i moved out a few months ago as planned i did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that the primary reason people dont live with their parents is because they want to bring babes over to slay so i decided there was no real reason to leave


literally wrong i ate home cooked meals for my entire life before i moved out


mom used to beat me


prove it


my brightness level is now 68




probably for norms
i have never brought a guest into the house since i moved out
mom was a huge bitch so i moved out simple as that


speaking of that old gm said i needed some furniture right after he told me about my gf he told me to find some free stuff and he would help me move it


NOThing like lying about in other peoples filth


yeah im NOT doing that if she comes over she can lay in bed with me


my gf blog is making me physically ill


miss momgf


blame the seki for choosing an annoying filter he even laughed out loud with his discord bros as he did it


get him to change it back to gran


its NOT just that its literal gf blogging at this point


filter my gf to sandwich lady


shes NOT my gf shes just someone i like who likes me back


what is this


oh ok


retarded norm shite


File: 1540942353137.jpg (43.12 KB, 540x651, 1540894027546.jpg)

when the cel kicks in


you cant blame me for the filter being annoying
if you dont want people to hate you simply stop blogging


lets remove all the filters
except this one because fuck pnig
dont want him blogging on hima in a blog thread


finna dab on taynos


File: 1540942875334.png (16.32 KB, 576x72, onseki4.png)


literal norm blogging NOT even sexnorm or anything but norm blogging


epic discord tards


wouldnt be hima without retarded arguments over NOThing


what are you mates watching this season


the snap and pillaging of himasugi dot org


hate being lied to first turt now this


onseki is a jealous sexnorm


reminder that its the biggest norms that have the most control over hima the only way to fix things is to completely abolish the sb and current admins and place neetblog as the sole moderation we can just do donations for the server costs


theres turt with his sbspiracies


unironically this


neetblog doesnt care about this shite he just wants to blog be more like him


does anyone else pick what to watch by how big of a bone they get from the characters while jerking it


nb will part the sea and lead the nopersonas to the promised land


im like the only non liar here


yagate kimi no naru
uchi no maid go uzasuginu


why arent you bros watching jojo


File: 1540943792462.png (431.3 KB, 576x445, 1540943238538.png)

getting some coffee


you lied to me about the aniracetam




File: 1540943840605.jpg (390.14 KB, 800x900, 7360a2ba409fda505e665cd8e31f67ac.jpg)


miss the guy who would post with me about anchovy


if i were admin i would delete every board except for 21


File: 1540943984721.jpg (3.42 MB, 2680x4032, 1540941097571.jpg)


sis no


File: 1540944041728.jpg (49.97 KB, 470x560, 1130e8a8b054ab3a2959ed.jpg)


jo time



i must sperm


love being a 6'3 chad


File: 1540944130725.png (1.23 MB, 683x1024, AOT5LQ6.png)



saw graffiti painting that said freechad


will never forgive mom for cursing me with these shite genes


File: 1540944192147.jpg (23.52 KB, 672x787, 1540932976586.jpg)


its your own fault


anyone else watching that bunny girl anime its epic


why is it acceptable to flip bunnygirls but NOT bunnies or girls


onseki needs to ban bnig turt and himself and make pastaman the admin


made mom take responsibility before but hearing sorry doesnt really make you feel better they must atone with blood


no trick or treaters yet



File: 1540944388818.png (42.43 KB, 1177x1024, 1540928551780.png)


pastachad is biased neetblog is the only certain non biased user there are probably non biased nopersonas out there but you cant tell them apart


yeah they call me the npcblob


pastaguy is NOT biased you just want someone who is biased like neetblog


lets all just vote turt in and call it a day


meta hours gonna give my gf a call



just go to the ota discord if you want that


hes cookin karambwan :3


hungry but dont know what to eat


told her about goat boss scheduling the himako girl with him and she called him a creep
i said she did the same because she told the new gm she only wants to work here
she said it was different


fire up those corndogs


post onseki3.jpg


when a girl does it its NOT creepy typical roast ban this guy onseki


File: 1540946028692.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 704x396, onseki3.webm)


is this the real ceejus


just bought a scape gf



literal roastie blogs


life is a flipping joke


never understood what the expression with a grain of salt means what does a grain of salt have to do with anything


it's pretty funny


simply epic comedy


gonna have a good jo tonight




love a good ooog


neck hurts


felt sleepy all day long


keep the dead corpse of a fruit fly on my wall as a trophy



im flipping basted


cant find any good flannel sheets help




why is hima dead


im gaming


you ever NOTice how whenever a girl keeps a dog its always a BIG breed and often a very healthy and virile specimen and theyre invariably well-endowed if companionship were the only consideration youd think owning a fellow female dog would be more suitable


what are you talking about they always get poodles and other small dogs


where is everyone


im looking for flannel sheets


dont even know what flannel is


im gaming sorry


nice flippin gamer


its a fuzzy heavyweight fabric


File: 1540955870535.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.55 MB, 640x360, 1540918318407.webm)


snuck a bunch of my halloween candy from mom got a tummy ache


stopped celebrating halloween ever since bruce mejia told me NOT to


fuck bruce normja


watch your mouth


heres to the finest crew in starfleet


going to apply to the eve goonswarm


hate goons


just watched the geass movie


how do i stop being a contrarian




wish a car flew off the road and crashed into my bedroom


whoops i watched this whole movie thinking it was its own story but its just a recap of the last few episodes of the first season and a good half of the second season
didnt even know there was a second season hehe


love anime but anime movies




you canNOT have one without the other


File: 1540958994373.jpg (472.53 KB, 1280x720, 1457859726230-1.jpg)


sigh fumi or as they say on 4chan who me


eyes are hungry


chicken sandwich time hima


fumi is too sexy


what collar do i buy for my sexy lady


make one for her she will sperm hard


feeling a good ooog coming on


need to make more puns


post em


is norm trek good


tng and ds9 are good






its NOT vegan if semen is used


why NOT


Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products


because its produced by an animal its on the same level as milk


its human semen tard


that doesnt change anything


never had semen before is it good


NOT really its kinda gross


tastes like salty coins according to turt


time for some mac and cheese from the ol microwave


just preordered shenmue 3


humans are NOT animals


excited to use these new sheets theyre white with snowflakes of various shades of blue on them
the snowflakes are very similar to the ones used in the invertmas theme


im an animal im a human animal


humans are animals
sexnorms even more so


i belong in the wild


dont think ive ever ate mac and cheese how is it


have you ever had cheese sauce on broccoli its basically that on top of macaroni pasta


that was a stupid way of putting it



what else is it


have you ever had bechamel sauce its basically that with lots of cheese in it and mixed with macaroni


ten seconds in and closed it


yeah i have is it good


why are you asking me i never had bechamel


goodnight hulkamaniacs


no i mean mac and cheese


die norm


yeah mac and cheese is good


sis said these werent very good


its a food for children like pizza or chicken nuggets


maybe if youre a mouthbreather whos only experience with mac and cheese is from a box


if i streamed a night call on periscope would anyone watch


havent had chicken nuggets in years cant remember what they taste like


whats a night call is this a new sexy lady trend


theyre delicious


god i wish i was ferengi


File: 1540962843829.jpg (158.31 KB, 750x1133, 1540960470147.jpg)


i guess if you are a vegan you would think humans are animals and they are equal
but they are NOT and you are going to hell


npcs are NOThing more than livestock


wonder if i should give my gf aNOTher call or just go to sleep and talk to her tomorrow


you should pinch my finna dick


dab on niggers




flip you onseki turn the finna filter back on


simply stop using nigger memes




jo your boredom away thats what we all do



nah dont lump everyone in with your ilk


doesnt he mena manual permanent ban


if you dont jo you dont belong on hima


wesley is such a little shit


nah all of the true hima people have gfs they sperm inside of they have no need to jo


dont encourage pnigs blogging


do people still use 4channel


finno reboot the pasokon see you in a bit hima


having a bath


they should reboot reboot using 3dcg instead of live action


back hima


gonno have a cry


what troubles you tonight


flip you jonorm


is there a market for neet sperm





that market is saturated


NOT if theyre ugly manbabies



someone fucking drive a car into me tomorrow morning and end this shite life


gonno rage if i see aNOTher normtok or fortnite dance




going to do something drastic this can NOT continue happening


i streamed a drive on periscope but i cant stream and also copy the stream link without the stream ending so whats the point


i would help but fuck you im going to sleep


File: 1540966751813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 315.57 KB, 1818x2462, DL-rncDV4AAcRvw.jpg orig.jpg)


put her down neetblog its NOT worth it


gonna snoze



gonna start chewing cud


File: 1540967553902-0.png (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 650x7300, 1.png)

File: 1540967553902-1.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 650x6687, 2.png)

File: 1540967553902-2.png (Spoiler Image, 2.24 MB, 650x6874, 3.png)


god damn it just fucking end this shite already raging hard


dont be so dramatic


what would make it better



File: 1540967920840.png (Spoiler Image, 2.17 MB, 650x8000, 4.png)


that was lame


would you NOT do the same


i would probably NOT


just had a regretjo


okay dead hours i guess time to snooze


dont leave me here alone


File: 1540970095502.jpg (424.99 KB, 1280x1785, 1496345440131.jpg)





only one on hima


im here i was doing yardwork


wheres the before and after pics


someone post something




File: 1540980468509.jpg (110.92 KB, 1080x788, Dqzoph8UUAE8uOc.jpg)


cant sleep hima


try counting neetblogs


had some corn flavoured chips, were pretty flipping good




woke up but only got four hours of sleep dont think i should remorph might make some coffee


slept for 12 hours but im still feeling kinda weird and sluggish


File: 1540991491450.webm (3.61 MB, 426x240, 1540771429424.webm)


used to be a goonswarm bee


uh oh started raining and now touching the NOTebook is giving me small shocks gonno unplug


File: 1540994966981.jpg (50.42 KB, 540x327, boy-anus-smell-lotion-bottle-tama-otoko-no-ko.jpg)

gonno finally buy it


thats gross dont buy that


why NOT


is it okay to reheat coffee in the microwave


thats NOT okay


lobby 100% /qa/
pw friends
get in mates


almost out of whey had to order a fresh sack going to try mocha flavor this time


everyones at work rn


absolutely detest whey even spent extra once getting a big tub of syntha 6 cookies and cream and i couldnt drink it without holding my breath and chugging it all at once


just cummed


had a early morning sperm myself now i can go all day without a wank


did you try NOT being a sissy
real food is better for you anyway


finna go to the pub and share a pint with my mates


gonno morph


have a good morph


File: 1541000552413.webm (3.93 MB, 747x420, when turt doesnt like something on hima and w….webm)


NOThing wrong with making it known that i detest normnigs nigspam about his coworker


im NOT even the main one complaining about it worshiper even if it is pretty bad



uhh wasnt me haha


the norm blogging has to end


turt could just get his own my gf instead of being envious


tired of the norm bashing


my wisdom teeth are coming out


going to keep my wisdom teeth forever


normdom teeth


File: 1541002551177.png (488.99 KB, 1269x1434, 1536210129951.png)

happy halloween


my soulmate gf isnt even on this planet and even if she was i wouldnt talk about it on hima




woke up


finna dab on taynos


gonno go out for a big ol coke zero be right back


File: 1541003147022-0.jpg (315.76 KB, 1411x1378, cover.jpg)

File: 1541003147022-1.mp3 (11.13 MB, 04. Michael Jackson - Thriller.mp3)


all right ill be waiting


File: 1541003291917.png (363.98 KB, 1024x640, meet_the_artist_by_yukitakashi-db7v0gz.png)


me too


he was ped


just threw up


im back


pastor anderson said that soulmate is just a meme you should marry anyone and start making babies for the lord


hate cleaning my neethole


do you mean your room or your bhole


simply use the poop knife


my room you perv



good idea gonno wash the sheets


gonno raindance hard


are you the yardwork guy


never done yardwork in my life that wasnt on the john deere


soulmate meaning the only female creature in the known universe that would find me attractive

just hope shes humanoid


why would you want a humanoid have you considered the other options


she needs to look like a anime


she needs to be pinku (thats japanese for pink)


wonder what im going to do with my gf when we meet


File: 1541006085551-0.jpg (103.9 KB, 632x631, 45.jpg)

File: 1541006085551-1.mp3 (10.31 MB, Dont Talk About It.mp3)

you must jam



think i might order aNOTher pizza


what is a room that nobody can enter


a closed room


a mushroom


a sb


File: 1541007989910.jpg (344.74 KB, 483x681, 71411016.jpg)



gonna watch the founder with sis


love a good plumb


i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about cole. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. NOT only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol


sounds like the pn worshiper


theres a really sexy 1950s sexy lady eating a burg and making a sexy face in this movie


hell yeah preserved forever on youtube


File: 1541010402538.png (1.4 MB, 952x1357, Medjed ear picker .png)

who in the mansion would want me to clean their ears first


wouldnt trust any of you with sticking something inside my ears


do you have big boobs


do manboobs count


File: 1541011483238.jpg (513.24 KB, 863x1200, 66313089.jpg)

trick or treat おじーさん




would like to flip a horny sexy lady


about to go to chipotle to get my 4 dollar burrito in costume hope they dont call the cops
planning on eating it twice today gonna hit up two different restaurants


hope they call the cops


happy samhain


that is absolutely bonkers


when is it going to be my turn


turn for what


File: 1541013722411.png (639.68 KB, 1114x1600, 10.png)

work simulator


thats pasted


thinking about my gf again


nah thats a jewish lie


psych can go flip himself im NOT taking anymore of these pills i cant even think anymore i just sleep all day


theyre bluepills


turn up for watt 😂😂😂👌


turt you need to stop lying to yourself and give aniracetam aNOTher try you could probably get a cute gf in her early 30s


wish i had a gf in her late 20s or early 30s who works all day and never has time for anything and is angry at life


hungry i could eat a horse


simply find a tard teengirl who is preferably a coworker and be nice and act playful and make her laugh and tease her a bit thats all you need


penis is leaking


nice dripper




the founder is pretty interesting i could see onseki liking this


stream it


phew nice three hour jo sesh


doctor said im hiv+ what kind of blood type is that


its the cool blood type


im cool


File: 1541019488509.png (242.73 KB, 700x910, 884cf5077e86d921c9d8368703edd722.png)


she needs to put some clothes on


she needs to remove those pieces of fabric covering her body


File: 1541019755873.png (203.31 KB, 700x910, 4beb06f61bef0ec91a69c20ef106ef12.png)

hell yeah


File: 1541019783628.png (496.29 KB, 700x910, 5784a88a1d952886d82a458fd46c26f8.png)

this one would make a great banner its such a shame


thats obscene


definitely know what im going to be jerking it to tonight


i would only accept a roast that old if she was rich
my job requires too much brain power for women to handle all my coworkers are male


group of sexy ladies knocked but i didnt have any candy


im home hima gonno have some coffee and play mmy gf


cant wait for the children to come by




we only got one group of trick or treaters last night


woke up hey mates hows it goin


hey dont forget to read and highlight


gonna have a latte and play mmy gf


i already read before i made my wake up post


wish someone would just tell me what to think




woke up hi


stop waking up


got a look at the schedules for next month things are NOT looking good



File: 1541022660579.jpg (72.59 KB, 1024x1024, d7ilipauzjv11.jpg)


baste blops2cel




File: 1541023099615.jpg (67.58 KB, 1024x1024, dr0ac8zrikv11.jpg)


people look so much better when they smile


File: 1541023271234.jpg (315.94 KB, 810x1170, change.jpg)

cant bring myself to smile after everything ive witnessed in this plane


nice nanahira


gonno jerk it to the pumpkin in the upper right


you can have the pumpkin ill jerk it to the wolf hime


i look worse when i smile


whats something nice to watch for halloween


cant NOT smile when talking to my gf but she smiles too so its ok


boost off normnig


hocus pocus
original twilight zone


smiled at a girl once and she looked at me with disgust


dont look at girls unless youre at least 6'1"


explain chadseki


there are things about chadseki that you dont understand


he wears a fake wedding ring so girls are more relaxed around him


being short doesnt matter much if you have the ultimate face


fucking hate norm discussion


wish dad wouldve joed instead of sperming in mom


its his biological duty to sperm in mom


was paying for my food the other day and the woman said hello how are you and i just stood there looking at her blankly because i thought she was talking to the people that just walked in behind me then she looked at them and i realized she probably thought i was a nonverbal retard


some people pay too much attention to looks its more important to be interesting to girls



nice selection but i think ill just watch a jontron halloween episode


everybody relax
i have found the ultimate jacking song


wish i was trinidadian


that song is WAY too high a rank for me to wank


severe thunderstorm gonno run to the store hope i dont get zapped


wish to flip a child so bad




heres a beginner version


File: 1541025083758.png (13.15 KB, 605x124, baste.PNG)





everyone is going to know hima is full of brutal pillmen


kept doing what i was doing even though the pillmen told me i was wrong and look where i am now


where are you


might play some dota



when is the thad video


you know


im in hell


where can i get that wigsplitter tee


File: 1541026516948.jpg (76.31 KB, 576x576, jaz3adod8lv11.jpg)

just squintmax


children are here


post pics of the cutest ones


wish to flip


dont do that



giving candy to little girls is a lot more satisfying than flipping them


what about flipping a horny teenager


how would you know




just wasted 5000 gold on a draft gonno scream



gonno crack open a blogweiser


gonno watch one piece and earlysnooze dont forget to say rabbit rabbit tomorrow


whats up


rabbi rabbi


heard a really sexy child




oh my god i just realized something


are you basted


do jpsexy ladies dress up as anime characters


had a dream there was a massive continent under japan controlled by finland


what is wrong with hima



finally found a fortnite emote i can do in real life


nice flossblog


no its t pose


simply epic



is that butterchicken i spy


dont understand teens


what about them


File: 1541029324590.jpg (148.73 KB, 1200x1697, DqxOjWiUUAAmDVE.jpg orig.jpg)



gonna save that one for ``later''


later or later


when i am jacking off i will pull up that photo


nice hairy larry asking his 9 year old gf if shes growing hair yet


does she consent to that


File: 1541029800086.jpg (277.7 KB, 1266x1932, b1d5272ad799ddf085e8aba8592a7eca.jpg)


cant believe kays cooking got banned


File: 1541029933124.jpg (203.53 KB, 914x1024, 26e697a59bef5958d5f21b2f93746966.jpg)

thinking about my gf again should i wear chinos or jeans and a normal shirt or an ironic shirt


we need to get her unbanned


kay is basted



poor girl


wish i was a depressed old lady with NOThing to look forward to




cant wait for sk nexen game 5 its gonno be epic


lets watch an old one


sigh wish i was a zoomer






take it back


i dont need to be an old lady to have NOThing to look forward to


same the norms already took it all



rosss gay dungeon


gonno snooze hard


sneeze instead


File: 1541036047867.png (1.04 MB, 1000x1414, __craven_azur_lane_drawn_by_falsche_shido__1df….png)

her mons pubis is a little big


accursed norm




some guy went to the fair with himako girl and was disappointed that she only wanted to eat


sexy ladies outside my window dressed in skimpy outfits


Do you guys know if steering angles are made for the nc miata


take a picture or youre lying


hell yeah post those angels


just got play of the game in overwatch




going to jack off to lîttlè undërãgé gïrls


stop do the right thing


that is the right thing


What should i get to eat should i go try to redeem my expired coupon at chipotle


ethical kidjoing


no kids are harmed in a good kidjo


are peds born or created


peds are created by other peds diddling them when they were children its kind of like a vampire thing and the original ped was probably a devil


am i the only one here who got diddled as a kid


no i did too


didnt get diddled still ended up ped


nah you were definitely diddled you just repressed the memories


I can check your bhole to see any signs of diddle


i didnt get diddled but i dont think i was born ped either the more autistic ones probably are though


most of the peds here probably werent touched as kids or theyd probably be gayer




Imagine being attractive enough to get diddled


thinking about my gf again she showed me pictures of her halloween costume
she was a black cat which basically meant she put on cat eats and colored her nose black and put on a black shirt and black pants


She didn't wear a black skirt?


im NOT sure joing to sexy lady as a teen combined with mental issues isnt what made me ped (hebe) but ive never seen anyone say the same


ways to kill hima spam ✔ normblog ✔ rage at NOThing ✔


File: 1541041061165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.94 KB, 800x1209, 1541018669788.jpg)


File: 1541041067713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.09 KB, 904x491, CjQRRq1VAAAKkrP.jpg)


got some new shirts for my gf might be overdoing it


everybody knows that im the normblob


File: 1541041359486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.86 KB, 1300x1000, CnkIHgXUAAApiYN.jpg orig.jpg)


gonno find that image on twitter and report it



fuck yeah


ive never watched normbusters is it good


wait thats the wrong one which is the one with the good song


im walking through valley crying pumpkins in the alley




the original upload was synced but that got taken down and someone else stole the joke


File: 1541042815184.png (34.85 KB, 1671x260, firefox_2018-10-31_23-25-11.png)

this shows up at the bottom of every search now


thats it


youre a real piece of shit huh


baste granny porn


their ads are full of roast shite of course i will block it


hope gelnoormu goes down and all the sexnorms suffer


i disabled ublock to see if the ads got less bad but it still get that showing up instead


pasted ragers ill never unblock ads or pay for anything digital


picked up a 6 pack of cider for my gf just in case


it better be hard cider


what about multiplayer games



neets are pure scum


i will leech off of mom until the day she dies


why dont they just make their patreon button bigger


File: 1541044084863.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.09 KB, 930x758, DLBfSk7VoAEwQwk.jpg large.jpg)



flip you norm


multinormer games


neets will inherit the earth


pasted chinks NOT letting me use the internet today


hate chinks



why dont you just use donmai


is it ok to eat bacon if i forgot to reseal the pack for a few days


whats to hate


one of the cashiers at the store was wearing tactical gear he reminded me instantly of onseki and i felt only sympathy for him


yeah thats fine


wish i was tacticool


ok but if i get sick im going to remember this because it smelled a bit sweet but NOT as sweet as the queens sweet meat


wish i ate poisoned expired bacon and died


snooze time


saw on gmm once they ate bacon that was two weeks past expiration so im probably ok


favorite fruit was always strawberry now it might be peach


favorite fruit is the tomato


File: 1541045757504.jpg (219.59 KB, 800x800, 10pcs-A-Bag-Fresh-Jackfruit-Seeds-Tropical-Gia….jpg)

im partial to jackfruit


retarded gold account shite for tags like sexy lady


i use adblock on hima




calm down thats why you cant sleep


i would share some of this cider with you if i could


sipped apple cider vinegar once and projectile vomited all over the kitchen




ive been laying in be dwith the lights off for four hours now and i have to wake u in seven and iw dont feel sleepy at ALL


same wish a plane would crash into my room and end this joke


sigh i feel sorry for nosleep guy all i can recomend is somehow restarting your bodys cock


clock NOT cock sorry


gonno restart my cock with a jo


File: 1541046700212.png (203.31 KB, 700x910, 4beb06f61bef0ec91a69c20ef106ef12.png)


do i say rabbit rabbit at midnight or when i wake up


when you wake up


how do i get a gf like this


be good at fortnite


thinking about my gf again specifically thinking about flipping her


wish i was a sexnorm so i could relate to these posts


simply allow yourself to become yet aNOTher bluepilled drone of the demiurge


its NOT that hard you simply touch your sex organs and feel good


how do i do that


i give up
im going to watch aris in the living room until i feel sleepy


wish i was baste like aris


should i install linux


no you will regret it instantly


just saw a clip of people playing air hockey and it made me feel anxious


making some chicken and rice


fucking retard


that was uncalled for


i was talking to >>851965


die slowreply


File: 1541049494925.png (Spoiler Image, 353.32 KB, 750x797, cd45e694307dfb522996b37daca1a1b1.png)



really starting to understand the god damn it scene from blade runner at first i didnt get how he felt cause im a tard then i realized thats exactly how he felt


i dont remember any scene like that in blade runner


its in the new one he rages in frustration teens are posting it in norm threads lately


skipped the new one


wonder if my sexy lady gf will want to see this


why did got invented vaginas and give them to sexy ladies


feasting hard its god


might have to follow in your footsteps one day and make a dish of chicken and rice for myself



its become one of my favorite meals


feel a jerk coming along


NOT jerking tonight just in case


just in case what


File: 1541051464071.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.96 KB, 640x885, DFdZJ1uXcAEruIQ.jpg orig.jpg)


whats the green stuff


File: 1541051654620.jpg (84.21 KB, 600x600, original.jpg)


dreamed about satoko


gonno have a nice cool refreshing glass of milk


got the melonpan banner


it's a sign


File: 1541054542205.jpg (972.38 KB, 2151x3036, 00.jpg)

gonna fire this up




keep waking up with a sore bhole


thats because of me sorry


my brightness level is now 66



File: 1541061649948.jpg (893.58 KB, 2507x3541, Dqv-JI3U0AEmgdG.jpg)



its NOT halloween anymore remove the banners onseki


and the names too


downloading the directors cut of blade runner


saw that earlier


only one on himasugi


just finished reading


gonno make covfefe


at vir again getting richmogged by a bunch of gtrs porsches and loti


fantastic coffee today


hey hima hi managed to sleep five hours after deciding to come to work one hour late hows it going


watchin the smash mates direct


the norms betrayed me i knew they would but in the end they stabbed me in the back


morning hima dreamed i was a girl


had a dream last night that i dropped off an uncooked pizza at a pizza place for only the cooking service fee and they flipped up the pizza so i got four free pizzas and a pizza tshirt with pepperoni print


cant believe the piranha plant from mario is a smash character now


there was a guy prone near the bushes on campus he saw me and reported to his walkie talkie 2 kids wonder what thats about


drank at least 2 bottles worth in a month when i fell for the acv meme


gonna turn off the banners and names when i get home


File: 1541085869946.webm (2.88 MB, 889x500, beef soup.webm)


that was me


forgot how to tie my shoes


gonno go out for a foot long and coke zero



god ddamn it



gonna throw this up next to my bed to make my day even slightly better https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=GOODS-00260613


did the rabbit rabbit thing now im safe


you can never be safe from the norms


you mean the pack of roaming sexy ladies who snap men

i do NOT want to be safe from them


gonno make more coffee


bored hima help me


File: 1541089487862.jpg (94.33 KB, 926x551, Dq5pgPaVsAEN7cc.jpg)



tard girl got me gsnap juice instead of coke zero and its the 22 oz cup too sigh oh well


throw it in her face and tell her you only wash it down with the brown



i would never disrespect a lady like tat


i am frodo sagbag


raged at chess and snapped my cans



got the swimming sudo banner hehe hell yeah thanks seki


oh god hima the sexy lady snapgang got me send help


the keisatsu said its a nonpunishable crime youre on your own


File: 1541092395805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.27 MB, 4160x3120, 20181101_101228.jpg)

Breakfast of champions


NOT even going to click that you retarded faggot


Nice try chalq but liam said i didnt sound retarded


dont know who either of those retarded faggots are


Hate nopersonas


dont provoke the ire of the nopersonas


hate retarded faggots


Uhhh i just exist NOThing going for me no one cares about me just alive but NOT living haha


This is a persona only club


wish i was retarded like haysuz


Your smart points must be below 80 to post here smart norm


thinking about my gf again shes such a lovable tard


its a discord raid


i flipped my gf she has been flipped


Go to fucking hell nigger i don't give a fuck about your opinion


Don't give a fuck if a prisonped says im retarded youre NOT even human as soon as a normal girl shows a slight interest you fucking chimp


settle down retard


my gf this my gf that stfu already you fucking ape


File: 1541094940649.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.18 KB, 270x434, onseki14.jpg)

you can thank seki for that one


wish i was retarded like haysuz seems nice


its fun as long as you arent reminded that you are in fact retarded


diced up some s and diced up some p gonna have some s and p



i kill the#cat


Uhhh he's a retard because i don't understand him because he's above the average person so i can't relate to him haha retard haha


oh no




since when did you NOT need a nicovideo account to watch videos


a while


Love the hypocrisy of this fucking ape he would literally chimp and start spamming when seki started talking about deligran if that didnt work he would ban him but now its okay for him to talk about his succubus un-fucking-real


wish i had a teengirl succubus



gonna jerk it to jinjin




really wish the local arcade didnt get rid of iidx


better than NOThing


wish i didnt have to waste two to three hours everyday joing


my jos take 15 minutes


usually doesnt take me longer than 30 seconds


theres a recurring theme im NOTicing in the goosebumps books
the girl is always white and her best friend is usually black why is that


its inclusive


hima is diverse


mindblowing the top 3 hima personas are black and arab and chink


who is arab and who is chink


turts arab


nb is chink


im chink


File: 1541100802297.jpg (30.01 KB, 640x360, m92jxi.jpg)

turt is native american NOT arab


nb is white you can tell by the pink nipples


never saw or heard this before in my entire life but it feels incredibly nostalgic and reminds me of my teen years


called my gf and finalized a meeting spot and time wish me luck


the best years of my life were spent driving from book store to book store listening to beatmania music and then going home to post on 4chan and play wow


good luck try to NOT act pathetically or like a creep



now thats a boomer


wish i was smart enough for wow


acting like a creep is inevitable ill try to NOT act pathetic and act a bit more decisive


is anyone here really playing wow classic or am i going to be the only one


all about confidence bro


cant wait to be a sl/sl lock or some other weird full hybrid spec
modern wow took so many steps backwards


this girl is smokin hot


i would but im too dumb to play wow


you arent too dumb you just dont want to play


youre right


no i want to im just too flippin retarded


there isnt much to learn about wow its pretty simple why dont you try the trial version and see how you like it to familiarize yourself and then when vanilla comes you wont be completely lost


i tried but its too hard


youre a liar


definitely going to jerk it to this one later


gonna buy djmax respect


File: 1541102041633.png (22.96 KB, 380x413, Capture.PNG)

no im NOT i tried playing it a month ago but im simply too tard for it


what was so difficult about it


everything there was too much for my tard brain to handle



the i smell like beef girl is pretty cute now


id do her


its that time again time to give myself a neetcut


neet cutted myself about a week ago its helped a lot


that feel when you will never fly across the wangan at 200 miles an hour in the early 90s
why live


holy shit


creepy tard girl gross


shes NOT a tard shes just really really horny


woke up havin some coffee gonna play some mmy gf hows it hangin mates


watchin a linus vid sippin a vanilla coke its going pretty good


miss the days of throwing together random components and wishing for the best
might start taking regular trips to thrift stores and second hand stores and buying cheap components and slapping them together


really liked this till i realized the guy is corean pig


i made an exception of NOT favoriting korean songs because theres no lyrics


they dont have anything dont bother
its all picked through before it even goes on the sales floor


whats wrong with korea



i canNOT make exceptioms my autism prevents me


theres a bookstore that sells old components they have old video cards and old ram and old motherboards
a lot of older business computers also used really decent cpus or use slots that allow for decent cpus
if you know what to look for you can still make some decent systems for really cheap


NOThing korea is baste


actually i can make an exception for earbreaker because he did some work for diverse system and if japs say its ok its ok


korea eat dog


nah flip corea and flip you


one of my favorite things to jerk it to is korean girls


himako is korean


himako is a creepy pedophile memelord who stopped caring about the meme as soon as one single girl looked at him for longer than .6 seconds


do you know why some people use a c




yes and its stupid


dont know if this area is especially good for having traditional interests or if i just seek them out and know about them


cant stop staring at the beef smell sexy lady shes perfect


so why do you


one guy here likes sexy ladies with southern accents so hes going to love her when he sees that video


i should get into vintage gaming if i started a channel about it would anyone watch


kind of weird that she has an accent but NOT the mom


make one like gccx



i just picked it up from jp a decade ago and it stuck i always assumed refering to it as corea implies that corea is so shit they dont even deserve the courtesy of having a standardized anglicization
its hypocritcal considering “Japan” means NOThing and is a dutch term of ambigous origins and they never even bothered insisting that the rest of the world called them日本


i thought corea was the original way of spelling corea
or a change made so that corea comes before japan in alphabetical order

but i use it because all my favorite kopipe use it




phew thought that filterseki pulled a fast one on us




they got the k from japanese influence nationalist koreans use c because they dont like japanese imperialism


corean piece of shit


I'm corean


did filterseki filter retard to corean


guess NOT


he filtered corean to corean


Corean or corean




King Philip the Handsome


simply epic


die namenorms


my name is NOT important


can someone update the hima wiki with the new filters


do the original ones still work like onpu ♫ ✔ ♡ ♥ kouzan kouzen kousen kousan ○ ● maru



gonna ♡ jo ♡


if i watercooled a computer i would get one of those flat reservoirs like in that linus video theyre much better looking


its there a hatsu one
hatsu hatsu


what the FUCK would hatsu be


that i do NOT know


whats the one for the big X kozan kozen




♡ ♥


put a 1 or 2 after it
haato 1 ♡
haato 2 ♥
chek ku ✔
onpu 1 ♪
onpu 2 ♫
maru 1 ○
maru 2 ●
oo maru 〇


yeah i remembered right after i posted it



my lgf before meeting me ○
my lgf after meeting me 〇


youre sick


its natural


ne etblog


desperate for some sexy lady kitty


i got some mankitty for ya




dead hours


are avocados really an aphrodisiac






time to fire up the jenk lab


neetcut feels great


mom cuts my hair


dad cuts my hair


mom cuts dads hair


my dad cuts his own hair


finally home himahime had to do the old overtime with no extra pay now im gonno have a nice coffee and play some mmy gf




got the melonpan banner again i thought onseki had disabled the halloween banners


no he just put a few non halloween banners in the halloween folder


halloweens over guess its time to change my theme back to むらさき


gonno keep using claura and warosu


i got melonpan twice yesterday and today on the non halloween roll isnt that weird



why do they hate the letter c


File: 1541112986976.jpg (233.4 KB, 1362x2048, 75b99cd0230d0c81172dbe4197bcfd22.jpg)






hope i dont have to share a room with the joer in the mansion


is that the sperm theme


tired of the mansion fantasy


its NOT a fantasy its going to be in amarillo texas


going implies it does NOT exist therefore its a fantasy


we are going to have farm animals a wall to stare and a scream room


every room is a scream room


got freetube fired up got a lot to watch


will there be a vineyard and cellar


nah drink in hell wino


how about a meadery


fire up the hima aquarium


new smash trailer nice shantae on 3:46


hey hima mom said i can drive my ten year old sis to the ramen place and eat ramen with her guess this is what its like having a gf


gonna turn off the halloween stuff is everyone ready


lets have a countdown


too late


they dont


hell yeah としあき


File: 1541115499155.png (Spoiler Image, 16.07 MB, 4135x6369, 6d80a98a71c54e803b6175fbb7c32019.png)





isnt it mindblowing how 2018 is almost over





why NOT


it just isnt


only teens think it isnt mindblowing


would kill to be a teen again


im twentyfourteen


raged at my manager at work really bad now im stressed why do norms set me up to fail like this


id bow my to manager


sounds like its your fault


moms gonno be gone the whole weekend what should i do with the house all to myself


to much of a tard to keep thoughts to myself


did NOT expect this


i think outloud



hate that dude




hes paste


wish i was paste like him








Dumb fucking ape uhhh my tulpa haha get a fucking personality you grandma abusing freak


holy sh*t


he didnt abuse his grandma his aunt did


i abuse women


who was charged


no matter what i do 2006 isnt coming back is it


gridman is comfy what did they mean but neon genesis high school though


the past can be changed



sometimes wish 2006 never happened at all the demiurge purposely sets things up to try and get as much suffering as possible without making it so bad that the person immediately jumps off a cliff


im nigger


does someone want to remove this cyst from my back


would a bullet work




jc party


2006 was shite too you only managed to enjoy it because youre norm as hell and lived life on easymode until your 20s thats a fact


do you have any proof of that claim


yeah just let me publish my findings in a scientific magazine real quick


went shopping with mom then at some toast hows it goin hima gonna game now


going great i am gaming and hanging with mom myself


File: 1541123969548.png (1.31 KB, 53x24, Game On.PNG)


pasted scaper


mom is blasting la woman


la norman


spermed bigley


hate sex hate pebis hate vegana


milk truck jus arive


if i was a girl i would be a huge disgusting pervert


id be a ロリビッチ


File: 1541125928265.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1935x1529, 71439993_p0.jpg)


wonder if ill really die before having ever flipped a sexy lady


death is a sexy lady


cummed so hard i bled


japanese players really like elesh norn for some reason




never pissed blood before


Do you guys want to raid crystal.cafe/b with me




NOT asking you fucking porch monley elder abuser


haysuz is off his meds again


ban him


Uhhh haysuz is crazy and a schizo haha


Uhhh uhh uhh uhh ban ban ban hahaha look at me thinking I'm a person of authority i used to suck pnig off so he banned anyone i said to ban haha holy fuck im so fucking cool haha ban! BAN! HAHA UHHH BAN BAN UHH BAN BAN UHHH UHHH BAN UHHH IM NOT A CONTRIBUTING MEMEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY BUT UHHH BAN UHHH BAN UHHH I MIGHTVE SIGNLE HANDEDLY KILLED AONCE THRIVING COMMUNITY BUT UHHH BAN HAHA


bnig turt and onseki need to be banned before haysuz is




flip you hayblog


this is all cause of dickspammer and his norm blogposting gf shit




hima should i buy a rockwell 6s


normwell 6s


wish i had a lazy eye like thad



die peasant


thats way too expensive for a shit product
get one if you have a macbook


i want a name brand razor that i can use for the rest of my life even when the bombs start dropping


then get a maggard or a $5 paki razor NOT some thin hipster shit with a 4000% markup over cast steel


Ni hao


fuck chinks


still want a merkur futur too sighcant decide


any chinks


think ill just buy a pack of feather blades and call it a day this butterfly dad gave me is fine as far as i can tell but watching vids of guys shaving its like two completely different things they make it look so effortless


Don't buy anything fool you just got money now you wanha spend it all


you gotta keep the money movin


wonder what haysuz thinks of chinks


he hates them


if i dont like the rockwell i can return it for a full refund no big deal if i like it then boom ive got a razor for life


skip the hell out of any haysuz related post


im being tard never mind i must save money or ill never get a motorcycle


new super is out


why do you hate money so much its like whenever you got some you try to get rid of it like its the plague


cm3d2 shota time


dont forget to use some otokonoko anus smell


used to hate haysuz and even spearheaded the effort to get himako to start banning him but now i realize hes baste


hes a rager


still hate him


File: 1541130406817.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182.47 KB, 990x619, 210FE9485715D2632D.jpg)

this is my custom cm3d shota


thats a woman


thats vile flipping hate birls i only like shotas that still look like boys




simply die homo


That's siz he thinks he's been trolling me this whole time loool


kill yourself


siz doesnt even exist anymore


simply wish onseki would have kept following t from board to board like hes always done instead of posting on hima now half of that shite discord posts like us because of him and probably even constantly post here at this point who knows and the worst part is that theyre so low level that they wouldnt even know about hima if it wasnt for him and turt
dont really wish that onseki would die but i do wish he had never been born


File: 1541131419204.jpg (242.52 KB, 1536x2048, IMG959608.jpg)

that mouse got a lot bigger


thats a possum


you mena opossum


File: 1541131661055.png (989.36 KB, 1280x720, DnN5vpeVsAICrTK.png)



i mean what i said


things arent so bad


File: 1541132378532.png (1.97 MB, 2986x1700, Do5gcd-VAAEG9vN.png)





File: 1541132862661.png (1.2 MB, 2776x1700, Dlmtp87V4AAjCTM.png)

chicken nugget


is that kaneki




File: 1541134816194.png (Spoiler Image, 460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


lying down with the fan facing my balls so it blows the ball smell in my face


File: 1541134971901.mp3 (6.81 MB, 09 Dorrough - Ice Cream Paintjob (Gold Saucer).mp3)



bought the hd collection but never fired it up


time to fire it up


skip 1 and 2 and play 3


alright just got back from spending time with my tulpa
we hit the touge again then sat on some rocks at the top and talked with my arm around her until it got dark and the lights of the city turned on then we stopped at ihop and got some food it was like an hour before we even ordered because we kept getting caught in conversation
she said she wanted me to go to thanksgiving with her and that if i dont go it will ruin her whole day and she will worry about me sitting in my apartment alone
in the parking lot as we were leaving she told me to come over by her and give her a hug so i did
after that i ended up telling her everything and said that i hope it didnt make things weird between us and she said to NOT even think that and that if i said it again she would punch me
she said i wasnt telling her anything she didnt already know so that was kind of a relief she also said she has never met someone like me and that to her theres so many interesting things about me
at the end of it all after bringing up a bunch of stuff and telling her how it made me feel and telling her how she made me feel she had tears in her eyes i gave her a really long hug to end it

all in all its a huge relief we made plans for after the meeting tomorrow


nice my tulpa arc episode but whats with all the mellow stuff and hugging whats this an episode of dawsons creek


she had some guy take pictures of us at the top she just sent them over dont think ill post these thats probably where i draw the line
gonna listen to this and snooze bye


die reposter


if the spam filter doesnt stop me from posting it then its NOT a repost


i did NOT give you permission to repost my embed


fucking kill yourself dickspammer


still think pg would like this one
pg or kirbyflipper because the girl is very cute


mindblowing that dickspammer thinks this is a hima quality post that we want to know about he has never cared about this board or the people on it he has only seen it as an audience for his blog and the only reason he has ever gotten mad and banned people here is when he thinks they are stealing his attention


himas too hostile today whats happening


she asked about my friends and i brought up you guys
there are some of you who i think about daily and who i hope are enjoying their lives even if you dont think so


gonna switch to invertmas until march


going to snooze hard and when i wake up i better be in a different body living a different life and NOT this one again


nice kirb


sigh kirby


wish i was bnigs friend but hell never forgive me for being an asshole


woke up from my nap hey mates


gonna do some yardwork then its wine time


bed twerp



she is so brave


relaxing with the jay leno show


dead hours gonna snooze


basted pnig


just realize that half of my posts are just me saying things are pasted
i dont see a problem with it i know somethin baste when i see it and thats all that matters


sigh poor girl getting sad now


just woke up gonna listen to this on mute


really wish i could respect women harder


define pasted


appealing to teenbros


gonno brew up a cup


Dead hours


fantastic coffee today






back from the meeting my tulpa wasnt there as things were closing up i got a text from her saying that she slept through all of her alarms
its really weird thinking about all the stuff ive said and done with her and how she still hasnt given up on me
thought things would have ended after i told her last night things like how when i would stop in the store it was more to be around her because she made me happy or how hearing her say my name made me happy or how i was worrying after she told me that her heart was beating fast after the instant coffee
then i told her my heart was beating really fast too and that i never talked about this sort of thing with anyone thats when i NOTiced she had tears in her eyes

really hope i didnt mess up


i dont believe you


if you blog about sex i will ban you without hesitation


hey hima got off work a while ago i bought some new rotors and pads on rockauto theyll get here next week
thinkin about taking the train into town and having some dinner and some drinks but im also thinking that would be a colossal waste of time and id be better off going to the liquor store and having some tacos or something and NOT spending $12 on train fare


rotor my dick


File: 1541182632034.jpeg (52.43 KB, 720x720, A386601D-21F3-4BAC-B31F-3BFA13D215B7.jpeg)


sigh hamtaro


he knows you dont have the balls you bow to the nig