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we want you in here you believe in magic dont you


die fucking norm


my boy seki 未来が眩しくて見えない bout to show you a magic trick real quick


File: 1536552282182.jpg (181.1 KB, 800x914, 1355681829631.jpg)


we need more battler kun banners


according to onseki hes NOT adding any new banners because one person requests them even though i also think we need some more banners


stop flipping whining you butthurt nigger no one gives a damn about banners except you theres already over fifty and half of them are unremarkable


but there are two people in this thread that want more banners


you mean three


flip you bannernorms


gonno fire up the lasta the pasta




spooky thread for halloween


File: 1538694408649.png (261.13 KB, 628x568, 1538670934512.png)


File: 1538694661401.jpg (1.23 MB, 1168x1500, 68673ffb05cf80f5034402b3bc7fe215.jpg)

those boobs are NOT of this world just look at them do you think shes been flipped i want to flip her so she can be flipped and me too


未来が眩しくて見えない gonno shave


gonno fire up a sushi bar


there can be no other way forward except the complete destruction of the norm


the only possible way back to 2006


gonno fire up the sis cam


let me see


might have some wine whos with me


daddy will be drinking one single can of session ale tonight



new broly movie trailer




i appreciate you linking the siscam and saying its a broly trailer


Just realized the mate who hates me here is Liam yet he doesn't have a valid reason hope that fat potato nigger finds peace with his chippys


never met an irish person who wasnt repulsive in one way or aNOTher


how is old liam these days


File: 1538696055226.jpg (40.47 KB, 318x469, 305686.jpg)

may i recommend a book




no i meant whats he been up to lately hope hes doing well


learn to read


hes suffering


im irish



cunnilingus never gave me a chance


just realized i havent seen a website with a customized right click menu in years it used to be really common


make it happen seki


gotta dump again


add a custom cursor too hehe


File: 1538697078490.gif (5.62 KB, 95x95, ani1112.gif)

remember when himako added this good times




File: 1538697213347.png (1.63 KB, 200x200, runescape-jagex-animated-dragon-.png)


body {
background: #EEF2FF url('img/fade-blue.png') repeat-x 50% 0%;
color: black;
font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;
font-size: 10pt;
margin: 0 4px;
padding-left: 4px;
cursor: wait;
padding-right: 4px;
cursor: wait;

a,a:visited {
text-decoration: underline;
color: #34345C;
cursor: wait;

do it


Thanks, Cameron!
Your booking in Roanoke Rapids is confirmed.


into style.css of course


what is this


dont do it hes trying to hack the server


hes a hacker


it gives the body element the property of changing the mouse cursor into your systems default 'wait' cursor

basically it makes your cursor into the loading cursor on hima


also the a elements which are all hyperlinks


thats evil


its fitting for onsekis hima


i dont understand a word of what you just said


NOT a big fan of seeing google ips pop up in wireshark


File: 1538697562648.css (19.03 KB, style.css)

try it out


nah im NOT letting you infiltrate my system hacknorm i wasnt born yesterday


flapperlaughing remembering the time all text had a tilt on it those days are never coming back


cunnilingus rebuilding takes forever


wouldnt mind if seki put a nice song of his choosing at the top each week



he literally wont do that


id like to just have no clue how to


it would be rap garbage every time


and you get mad when i call you incompetent


simply embed a player in the board announcement field and make sure html is enabled its very simple


can you give me that in laymans terms


the cyberia theme is up in a very experimental state


<audio controls>
<source src="whatever.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">


dont know why i bother helping you when you treat me like shit boost you


may i recommend installing pihole


seki dont mean no harm


would have believed that if NOT for what transpired a couple nights ago


what transpired


he was an asshole and all around scumbag


and apparently he still has a stick up his ass today so boost him


its NOT his fault he was blazed out of his mind


wish everyone could just be friends theres only so many himamates in the world


what are you chimping out about
have you considered that im busy editing stylesheets and dont have time to reply to every one of your little personal attacks


crying hima


cant you two just be kind to each other


im just barely reading the posts i saw your tip on embedding audio and i was waiting to get to a stopping point to ask where i would put this on main.js


what should it be today mates chardonnay or merlot


ban the nigger


you dont put anything on main.js you dumb booster



gnap juice water


i respect you for typing that out even though you messed up


File: 1538699543173.webm (3.91 MB, 1024x768, 1538533286986.webm)

if i got an engineering degree like turt


think about it for a second
every time there is unrest among the flock who is always the antagonist no matter what


its neetblog isnt it


basted nb


getting anxious


are you gonno be okay do you need a hug


passed the toilet paper roll test i stayed up all night studying for it


Same brother just take deep breaths like me


hate the deep breaths meme


when is the hima mansion coming


The deep breaths isn't a meme it slows down your heart rate


gotta wake up early and get gas before work


switched to opendns


gonno wake up at my regular time and get ready for an interview


wake up in hell


gotta wake up at the normal time tomorrow and get ready for doing NOThing all day again


NOT sure where its inheriting the hot pink color from its NOT in the stylesheet anywhere
pretty sure i have to add a line somewhere but i gotta morph


hima hima


there are easy ways to check for that sort of thing youll figure it out


i woke up in hell on january 1 2010


dont remember anything before 2012






File: 1538702230139.jpg (136.19 KB, 748x954, 1538700121758.jpg)

so tell me about yourself


i masturbate 8 times a day and shower twice a year


File: 1538702320595.mp3 (68.46 KB, 1493594543667-0.mp3)


im basted they call me the basteblog


wish they called me the basteblog


ill call you basteblog


im nice


but im NOT baste


how do i become baste


File: 1538702994510.jpg (543.25 KB, 1536x2240, 1538701949597.jpg)

im NOT so basted mates


could sperm to that


never spermed to a picture


never spermed before whats it like


its awful


its NOT that bad


NOT basted either


bh nosperm


got left behind


got left behind and the world moved on beyond 2006


screaming and crying


gonno get myself a coke coffee plus tomorrow


stop drinking soda


wish i had a coke coffee plus its basted


gonno time travel


stop drinking soda and start drinking pop


where are you going


hima meetup




i want to go with you take me back to


imagine traveling back to 2003 and flipping a sexy lady then when you get back you would have a cute sexy ladiesis


i have to undertake this mission alone my himamates will join me in spirit


can you at least end this shite life before it ends up shit



dont click virus


File: 1538705985845.jpg (1.07 MB, 2030x3000, 8ef0e73276f88a90c94640eb31c5b277.jpg)

any time i see creamy i instantly think of creamy mami


takem me boosting back take me back take me back take me back ahhhhh


wonder what it is with sexy ladies turning into fully grown women in anime


same and shampoo and shampoo


sexy ladies want to grow up its why theyre so eager to flip


where do i find the horny sexy ladies


you know


is it libraries




did anyone else watch that video about the girl who said when she was a sexy lady she read a lot of romance novels and would get really horny but she didnt know how to jo until she was 13 and spermed within 30 seconds


mindblowing to think these obnoxious goofs have probably never had a dark thought in their lives and keep lots of friends and most arent even virgs


was going to say that its NOT real but from what ive heard there are actual LBIs out there


gth degenerates


Winter has come it's getting dark early


autumn began like a week ago winter doesnt begin until late december


Autumn has began we must get done scarfs to stay warm


Should i buy one of those sweaters they're called something with a c


They're like very deep v necks




jaypee boy


accidentally had safe browsing enabled now i dont get see any google connections being made


theres crew neck but thats NOT it


Cardigan! Should i get one of those cardigans


theyre for women


why are there no manaka_lala sex closed_eyes blush from_behind pictures





Ban anyone that doesn't wear 10 year old hand me downs


aloha shirts are the only acceptable exception


i buy used designer


how can you be blushing and from_behind at the same time


File: 1538707966938.jpg (574.5 KB, 605x1052, 78e6f7ddec342c792db158944fd85711.jpg)


thought that said used diaper


File: 1538707986360.jpg (100.76 KB, 540x720, 92e6cffdf707afa38d4ae376dd3310b0.jpg)


spoil it


File: 1538708017479.jpg (274.44 KB, 720x960, bf4eff9ac3d5cf8bae07af9e508f2703.jpg)

i cant its gone for me


should i watch serial experiments lain


bought $10 worth of chocolate from a chocolate shop gonno eat that with my cheese sticks and tamales


have you never watched it you fool youre supposed to have been watching it once a year since 99


die fatnig


i watch cosmos each year



yeah watch it its pretty good


if you think about it the hima mansion isnt that far away we just need to live like haibane and get an abandoned dormitory or warehouse or factory and wear used clothes and do our chores itll be a fulfilling existence


ive never watched lain


i kept saying if anyone wanted to live here they could i can pay everything you would just need to get here


dropped lain after like episode 3 stupid meme show


lain is pretty alright but NOT all its cracked up to be but the teens 愛 it


how does a neet with no money experience or assets make it to japan


lain finds a way to astonish me every time i rewatch it its truly a one of a kind anime


simply astral project


maybe you just dont get it


whats to get


NOT true i get it and its good but its NOT that hard to get and theres better anime


id feel bad to leech off someone ive never even met thats NOT even family and pg cant go to america i dont think


i agree but its still worth a watch if you havent seen it


never watched an anime in my life




think lain fans ruined it for me


didnt we all post on jp and warosu for over 10 years now


i thought like that too after only watching it twice because the surface is quite shallow and parallels are easily made and understood but once you internalize the implications of the schumann resonance and connected consciousness as is presented every episode becomes completely different and its like watching something completely new watching only one episode a day and then going for a walk or meditating or daydreaming about it afterwards is specially important to the whole experience


i started posting on jp and warosu in 2012


wouldnt feel safe in the same house as someone from here id have to snoze with my eyes open


yes but its different and only 5 years together the first 5 do NOT count


baste twelveblog


wouldnt feel comfortable having someone pay for all my stuff either


did you post this as a joke


you can repay it by letting him bugger you whenever he likes


simply lock your door with a lock that exceeds maximum security



gonno see if trainee girl wants to be my roommate so i can flip her easily


shes already your headmate why NOT


tng time


is this like the rick and morty kopipe


did you quote the wrong post what do you mean


yeah i meant to quote >>838769




alright time for some wine


gonno go with merlot i think anyone care to join me


i only have sparkling wine sorry


just applied to be a writer for christcenteredsushi chef.com


daddy is busy jerking it to manaka_lala -rating:safe


nice i just landed a job at animefeminist.com myself


post one


get me a job right now


File: 1538709570613.gif (1.3 MB, 500x281, tumblr_oolvc3jBcj1tlyjpto1_500.gif)


File: 1538709593686.jpg (489.87 KB, 1000x1411, 0d437e7cd1de6311cbabcf2b0f304fa3.jpg)


spoil it!


nice vulcan medical girl in this episode


the alien girls in star trek give me a big horny chicken nugget theres an episode where rikers undercover and a horny alien girl says she wont expose his secret only if he flips her hard so he does


im abstaining


wish i was riker or data or wesley


sternum hurts


eating a blood orange


you mean a tangerine


oranges arent ripe for aNOTher few months in the northern atmosphere flip you


File: 1538710256481.jpg (124.6 KB, 700x980, Blood-Orange-Margarita-5-700x980.jpg)

always wanted a blood orange tree


wonder what the fruit of knowledge tasted like


same except troi or dr crusher


thats a metaphor like mimirs well


pomegranates blow


i fear haysuz is slam jamming it was NOT this fast before


it wasnt a metaphor p anderson said it happened


pastor anderson said the earth is 6000 years old and that people used to live with dinosaurs


nice datas grandpa seems flapper as hell


dont listen to pastors


hes right



datas actor said hes never watched an episode of the show and thinks sci fi is stupid sigh


what the fuck what an asshole



hes basted


yeah hes super basted


File: 1538710949605.jpg (786.78 KB, 1385x1028, Kareen,_Worf,_and_Selar.jpg)


wish i was worf


are you neetblog because only neetblog can become worf



yeah they dont call me the worfblog for NOThing


gonno watch star trek voyage once upon a time phew


mutate every p anderson vid




youre going to hell


wish creep was filtered to crepe


File: 1538711608885.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, mattoi and crepe.png)


cant stop laughing whenever i see riker smile


wish seki would fix the regex so words like The Bossent wouldnt get flipped up


hate trekkies


activate the scot filters


rikers basted hes my second favorite after data


he doesnt want to do stuff like that you saw his posts


what about good old picard




getting post errors again this time about packets




he comes after geordie and worf


Why do people always state when i lift somewhat heavy then all the manlets come next to me and load up more than just walk away after standing around for a minute or two


you got liftmogged


my forearms and hands are slim and sculpted from years of bike riding and making sushi


Post a pic bud


showed tg the tanline on my arm from my g愛s and she tried to show me her tanlines and it made me feel weird so i changed the topic quick and told her that she should get a pair because when you fall you put your hands out instinctively and you cant get skin grafts on your hands
then she said her helmet was like $50 on amazon and it made me feel genuinely worried for her


race her


got a bad case of natto crotch


whats wrong with $50 helmets theyre all the same anyways


does that mean you dick stinks


shes on a 250 theres no way she could keep up
been feeling really good on the vfr lately i feel like my cornering has improved and my balance is at its peak i think doing touge runs every other day helps a lot
part of why i want to take her on a ride is so she can pick up some tips from watching


is it weird that spider man is my favorite superhero gambit is a close second


spiderman is the best hero hes as smart or smarter than tony stark and as strong or stronger than the hulk


too bad hes dead




superman is my favorite followed by martian manhunter


cheaper ones are heavier and have worse fits because they make one or two shell sizes for 4-5 helmet sizes
there are also lots of safety tests and ratings that helmets go through and more expensive helmets have nice features like quick release internals so if you crash and a spine injury is suspected the ambulance can remove the helmet without putting force on your neck


my dad told me once when he was riding his motorcycle he started puking inside his helmet with the shield down and couldnt see anything also hes missing a knee cap because he crashed it while street racing some mate


never threw up in my helmet but had many moths fly inside and just fly around


i was just thinking about moths



just killed a moth


dont kill bugs


they deserve suffering




File: 1538713586836.mp3 (8.91 MB, 04 - ベースラインやってる?笑.mp3)


bugs will be the main food source of humanity once crops become unsustainable


im NOT eating bugs that gross


they are already gradually being introduced into every day foods


boost you bugboy go eat worms somewhere else


poor rj


only the ignorant masses will eat insects and fake labmeat like how we feed pigs slop so dont worry


File: 1538714124166.mp3 (3.14 MB, 06. エイリアンエイリアン.mp3)


men flip pigs more than cats


found something but if i post it its going to make a certain person rage


stop doing this its NOT funny


i wonder how loud this mates bike actually is to be able to scare people


post it queerboy


If interviewer ask about my hobbies tomorrow I'm gonno say computer and anime


post it and make me rage bitch


File: 1538714281690.png (Spoiler Image, 104.07 KB, 1255x758, 1506605252092.png)


why would anyone use mpv instead of mpchc anyways


uhhh haha


Unironically been using mpchc foralmost 6 years now find it extremely convieneny snd easy to use


i use zplayer


already listened to this yesterday



i listened to it before you



i use vlc


What's wrong with mpchc i use vlc too with mkv files



been using cccp for years


eyes hurt when i see korean


wish i was like rhett


food ranger went to india


wasnt he there already


i just watched it


i thought he was in egypt


File: 1538716072286.mp3 (9.99 MB, 06. かたほとり — ダンシング☆サムライ~RIN style~.mp3)


hearing vocaloids gets me horny




they make me rage


rin is baste


feeling nervous


File: 1538716558339.mp4 (1.29 MB, output1.mp4)

cant see the thumbnail what is this


usually pubic hair disgusts me but thats pretty hot




wish i was that white




File: 1538716688158.mp4 (2.26 MB, output2.mp4)

then whats this one


im a bassline junky





File: 1538717352381.mp4 (14.22 MB, output.mp4)



hideous bitch


its happening again


ban the oognorm slam jammer


athlon 200ge vs ryzen 2200u phew


File: 1538718047115.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 428x316, 1481234757636.webm)


you cant ban bastedsuz


looks the same


ban the flipping sexnorm slam jammer or i rage


and they said i was an idiot for wanting a 200ge dont they know the ge stands for greatest ever


why is the 2200 only allocating 1gb of ram for the gpu instead of 2


had to block banners again since that ota one keeps giving me seizures


still think its a foolish buy


basted buck


aNOTher bad decision by onseki


the 2200 is in some laptop so maybe that has something to do with it i dont know if there are any desktop apu vs 200ge videos and im too lazy to find them

for $50 i think its still a good deal defiantly a good buy for a htpc


wheres himako


go to hell whinenig


get a nice pentium gold instead


who cares


That wasn't me i only watch boku no pico exclusively for the past 3 years


died while on a trip to daiso
died from a heart attack while watching old anime
killed self because of onseki
laying comatose in a bed doing NOThing

one of these


at that price point its unbeatable sure but you cant expect much more than using it as a living room htpc to watch stuff with


is there a quick way to comamorph


pnig is right here


does locked clocks mean locked everything can i still undervolt a 200ge and get a passive cooler


basteseki is 10x the admin shitmako could ever be


hope himako is having a good time maybe she ended up visiting that bakery


okay seki


File: 1538718907866.jpg (437.13 KB, 1000x750, 805.jpg)


himako was last seen 8/17 when onseki flipped up something and then tried to manually mess with the database like an idiot


i think voltage supply is controlled by the mobo and NOT the cpu but i am NOT sure


asked the mate at the computer store about the 200ge and he tried to push a 2700x on me and then said he would probably be sticking with the old apus for a long time
words canNOT explain what i felt at that The Bossent


would be funny if he tried to push a skylake x hehe


hope himako is safe and happy


technorm hours gonno sulk and wallstare


shes neither


sigh nobody understands what it is like being a femcel


nice newegg has the 200ge for $59.99 and out of stock this is perfect real basted




gotta remember to bring the little skelton to the water store tomorrow


File: 1538719468327-0.jpg (333.11 KB, 470x470, cover.jpg)

File: 1538719468327-1.mp3 (10.34 MB, 14. かめりあ - オリガミカル・スウィートラヴ (Long ver.).mp3)


File: 1538719484317.png (2.3 MB, 1300x1818, 6de41808f31f4c250b20af7d2e3c1c71.png)


hell yeah



post some okinawan folk to get everyone ready for the kyushu trip


heck yeah


im a freaky manbaby


started out good but quickly turned to shite


my fishing level is now 71




woke up became too self aware for a The Bossent and almost fell


gonno sperm&snoze


File: 1538732998101.png (912.05 KB, 1133x638, c30fb9ca4fec947dffdf3f164182b367.png)



your pineal gland was awakening


all alone


feeling bad think im getting sick


you canNOT kill me i am subhuman


im baste


when i was a kid i could do it voluntarily if i tried while standing in a mirror but now it happens on its own all the time especially when waking up


File: 1538749315536.jpg (216.42 KB, 720x960, 1538699195734.jpg)



gonno close the hima tab once and for all


gonno sleep it bye hima


pnig do you recognize this song
the tags are all messed up i have no clue


see you soon



Faintly smell shit on my hands i should've washed them I'll just ask for a restroom at the interviewer place


okay thanks for the help
what is it from


good luck bro


its called シーズンパレット by のみこ its the second track from スキップ hope you remember this next time you decide to be an asshole


oh its nomico no wonder
i downloaded all the music on my new laptop from here in early 2017 so i figured someone would know


i would have identified it for him dont be arrogant


if only you knew the amount of shit thats happened recently


pick on someone your own size



if i hadnt seen pnigs dick hundreds of times i would probably think he was a girl the way he nags and gets emotional


Should i have tucked in my shirt


These receptionists have it easy they just say the company name and say hold on a The Bossent


Corporate office are intimidating everyone has their shirt tucked in maybe i should've tucked mine


It's too late they've seen me without it tucked in they'll know


Ok washed my hands hopefully no smell is emitting from my posterior


File: 1538754640968.jpg (3.56 MB, 4160x3120, 20181005_084851.jpg)



you a bitch


quick take a selfie


File: 1538755325535.jpg (3.18 MB, 4160x3120, 20181005_090048.jpg)


why are you wearing those shoes to an interview


They're just shoes i didn't want to wear my Jordan's NOT like it's an exec position


feel like screaming


Sigh i don't think I'll get the job i should've worn some other shoes


hope it went ok bro


I think it did he gave me his card



wish a sexy lady would find my sword


File: 1538758461669.mp4 (34.59 MB, 20181005_094521.mp4)



File: 1538758783857.jpg (41.47 KB, 576x579, nQTw5Ag.jpg)

cant believe girls would rather be flipped hard by that bald loudmouth than to so much as NOT wish for my death after accidentally making eye contact with me


I'm in chino hills anyone wanna come


Think I'll head to Huntington Beach and try to find siztras house so i can pop his tires


new jojo is out


gonno wait for it to end and save the whole thing for later


then you cant discuss the episodes with your himamates


What's a good haircut to start my new job in corporate America please don't say Hitler youth i don't wanna look like this


File: 1538761957201.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.26 KB, 627x482, 1538736871841.jpg)


her name is saga thats epic


all i wear is hitler youth theres NOThing better






simply get the just


sigh ronaldo sama...


gonno have to cover up for someone else thats taking a vacation for the whole next week im anxious as hell and freaking out im ready to flipping quit hima but The Boss would rage hard so i cant


deep breaths
its going to be okay


i dont think so i think everything will go wrong and it will be awful im hyperventilating


itll be over before you know it


just remember your himamates are all cheering you on


gonno upgrade debian stable to testing had enough of using old software versions




thanks for the support mates sigh


so long stretch hello buster


1238 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.


gonno fire up the linux vm to pretend im a cool hacker


doing this for the new season want to use the vulkan api i downloaded plus new shaders


what did you just said


im still stuck as lala what the fuckff


How did you bypass the word filter what the boost


𝖿𝗎𝖼𝗄 𝗅𝗈𝗅𝗂 𝗉𝗎𝗌𝗌𝗒


what the fuck


File: 1538769453364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.01 KB, 722x1280, 1538769412357.jpg)

I was cleaning my mirror Ann's accidentally took this I'm so embarrassed


iron your shirt


simply commit suicide f word norms i hate you all




I did but i tucked it in then it felt uncomfortable so i untucked it


Does anyone want to be the Zack to my miri and make a porno


its NOT about how it feels its about how it looks


i am lala noobs


Function over form is what I've been told


words of a perennial fashion victim


what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


If you're so fashionable post a pic


and you dont seem to understand


Grabbing a couple hot n readys for tonight it's a big night


what does it even mean to become self aware i either have never been or am at all times


Pimpley roasts always work at fast food places


You truly become enlightened


They have this new thing called the pizza portal it looks neat


File: 1538772327229.jpg (3.97 MB, 4160x3120, 20181005_134447.jpg)

They don't have seats in here though it's irritating


Everyone sure started partying early today


a shame you seemed an honest man


and all the fears you hold so dear


Carmax salesman looking fly as boost


flip you boostman


Oh no receding hairline nevermind he isn't fly


im norwooding hard



TSMC to start 5nm production in april 2019


in my time of dying want nobody to mourn all i want for you to do is take my body home


slam jam my kitty


always like calling flappergirl because she seems happy to talk



shes only pretending she hates talking to crepes


mosquito got me through my pants that booster


Who's flappergirl


sigh this drama was the only thing thats made me cry in the last 10 years


sadly i dont think so but how can i tell


my life is falling apart


you must be fun at parties


b00st you


diggin this


woke up read didnt highlight then refreshed and the ota banner almost memory leaked me thanks seki


bnigs imaginary gf


who wants to hump my kitty


die weirdo


just woke up havin a big cup of coffee and patting my dog hows it hangin mates


File: 1538777130759.png (74.76 KB, 450x461, fish.png)

im having some coffee and catching some fish


sitting in the front of the store doing NOThing while the new mate sits in the back playing cod on his laptop


which cod is he playing




Hey mates do you think it went well if the mate gave me his card there were only two other roasts there for the job they didn't seem like good candidates compared to me


when hiring people you need to hire people that you either want to be around or think you can stand to be around all day which means hes probably hiring the girls so he can flip them


put yourself in his situation who would you hire you or a hot girl


I also mentioned i use reddit i said i like to browse the internet and frequent websites like reddit for news


They weren't hot but you're >>839095 right


thats why trainee girl was hired after she left her interview scape boss said she was pretty cute and the old gm said when he first saw her she was the most attractive but after spending time with her shes just annoying to him now


i want to snap her


snap or snap


snap her right in the kitty




Tired think I'll nap


drank too much wine yesterday think im gonno puke


未来が眩しくて見えない hurl


why did you drink so much fool


it was fun


gonno hurl


time to barf


that upgrade boosted my debian system i wanted to come fix thr problem later but i accidently closed the laptop lid which made it restart with dependency errors glad i could still access the shell




boosted or boosted


why doesnt clicking the ota banner take me to ota


need some hair of the dog that bit me


hehe i thought he actually meant boosted at first but then i realized he meant flipped


why did onseki add the ota banner if its causing so many problems with so many people


Sometimes i wonder if all this drama is made up no way someone has this many problems with their computer


keep the banner remove like half the wordfilters


remove the plumber filter
remove the cunnilingus filter


What does plumber filter from






plumber or plumber


add the crepe filter


phew truly one must rise at the tree where one fell


spelled properly crepè


dumb boring day
bought a dent repair kit but the glue they provide pinches so it was pretty much useless might buy some glue from home depot or a crafts store and give it aNOTher try at some point
that was pretty much the last random purchase i wanted to make from harbor freight


File: 1538779011153.jpg (46.71 KB, 750x667, nm0ybv6f0eq11.jpg)

empathize with women


what the hell kind of name is fleance forkuo


Just pour scorching hot water and get a plunger


wish battler kun would bend me over and plunge me


plunge or plunge


what the fuck is crepe suzette


time to fire up blops 3


die blopnorm


havent had cointreau in years


New York minute stinks olsen twins were 18 or 17 when they made this


you shall become the blops3cel


blop you motherblopper


what are you trying to imply in regards to their age


hes saying theyre old grannies


thats the sickest thing ive ever heard i need to lie down


quit calling them grannies




seems like a huge rigmarole just to end up with crepes in sugar syrup


eating some chicken nuggetless wings and superhots and fries hb


got excited thinking i would finally be able to see him if hes coming to my native philippines but its just flipping pastor jiminez instead cunnilingusdamnit


sigh how come no one told me about all the excess skin when you lose weight i should have stayed fat


wish i never got fat i wouldnt have disgusting stretch marks all around my waist


you have to lose weight slowly


gonno play splat 2 with my boosting mateboys lets go


wish i was dumb enough to play splatoon


splatoon is for smarties


have stretchmarks on my arms from freakening too fast


never heen fat whats it like


get fat then lose it for an intense learning experience expand your worldview


its okay sometimes it feels nice grabbing your belly but it isnt worth it


girls 愛 it


big pharma made me fat and ruined my life



i suffocate my woman with my tremendous flab


i suffocate them with my big callused hands


i was underweight then i got fat really fast and got stretchmarks on my thighs and stomach it was terrible but now im normal and they have mostly healed and are mostly invisible now
never going to be fat again


getting even more excited for vanilla wow after suffering through 2 months of bfa


why settle for NOT being fat when you can aspire to leave humanity behind


hungry gonno nosh on some almond rounds


File: 1538780822346.png (362.81 KB, 984x688, npc.png)


okay now that is epic


愛 how only blatant npcs get upset over the npc mania


how come cooking recipes never flipping tell me how hot i should make the pan or oven


too much work


do you think they will have more than one server for each type of server in vanilla
ideally there would be just one giant server but then the rpers would complain
one rp
one pvp
one pve
maybe one rp pvp and thats it


you should know these things


cant wait to spec into improved sap as sub so i can at most get a 90% chance to NOT come out of stealth when i sap someone


you should be studying and NOT playing video sushi bars young man


from what ive gathered it seems like theyre majorly underestimating how many players there will be in regards to servers but i think there will be a couple of pve and pvp realms per region if it ends up like that you will find me on the rp pvp server to be honest i hope theres lots of moderately sized servers rather than a few giant ones because one of the highpoints of vanilla was having a server community where everyone knows the major players and pvpers or campers by name its part of why i dont like private servers that much because theyre either completely dead or an enormous mess with 5 times the realm pop of what a vanilla server had
i hope they find the right balance


knowing blizzard they will boost it up and the launch is going to be awful though


fixed it one system link was jamming everything


pasta time


I'm awake




can i use margerine instead of butter in a recipe


a true vanilla experience


File: 1538781952384.webm (154.79 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet - 01 ….webm)


whats the recipe




yeah stick to butter for that recipe


i dont have butter


how hard is it to get butter


you wouldnt understand


kays cooking substitutes marg for butter every time and it works great


apparently trainee girls bike had NOThing wrong with it she just really doesnt know how to ride


ride this


okay so apparently the piece of shit postman here just chooses NOT to deliver packages or even carry them on his bike when hes delivering since i caught him today and he just had the slip saying theres a package waiting at the post office instead of bringing it at all even though it was letter sized and didnt require a signature at least its a nice scenic walk up and i can listen to a sermon on the way sigh


had the same thing happen to me before


shift just ended me and trainee girl are heading down to the 愛 shack


had a The Boss come in with her daughter and the daughter kept annoying the The Boss so the The Boss brought up how her daughter is like a boy and laughs at naked people and fart jokes and the daughter walked outside


it happened before and i just chalked it up to missing him or something but he literally just doesnt deliver packages ever




i saw the post man here who came earlier leave the NOTe saying he would try delivering the same day at a later time but when he came by to do the normal mail he made no attempt to deliver so i had to get in the car and go to the next block and he had the package in the back of his truck he literally didnt even bother ringing the doorbell


fast hours



hima im finally home having a big hot mug of coffee and cookies hehe hb finally friday night


they did this to me too


think my neighbor has just about the most beautiful herd of brahmin ive ever seen


flip you pajeet




i wish


uhh i meant brahman


File: 1538784151063.jpg (25.89 KB, 512x512, 1371119203891.jpg)


dislike the fat mate hes gross


hes basted


his wink at 0:50 is incredibly seductive


linus has seduced many men


they call me the brahmablog


gonno go for aNOTher mug hima and tonight i shall make some tuna melts i wont fail this time


its brewski time mates whos with me


what do boobs feel like


i dont have any cold ones so i cant crack open with you boys but go ahead


soft and nice


giant testicles


literally like balls with fat in them instead of testicles


never understood why mates always seem to want to pinch on breasts


go to hell and die breast touchers


The Boss used to drink lots of wine and then stand naked in front of me in the bathroom and tell me how beautiful she still was and how lucky any man would be to be near her and then id have to give her a massage on her stomach and breasts


its NOT that great
might as well pinch on your bicep


thats my point


wish i had an older sister so badly


what for


wonder how underage nbs sister is


nb is an only child


he has an older sis fool learn your nb lore before it comes back to bite you


ive never touched one i was just taking a guess


gonno fire up scape its been a while


shes NOT underage
no i have an older sister


i want an older sister because she would have told me how reflappered i was as a teenmatewithout holding back and incould have corrected my behavior before it was too late


i want an older sister so she could have molested me


that doesnt happen


you couldnt be more wrong


my sister didnt


i hate this boosting sushi bar im never playing it again



hope hes NOT still using xfce


NOThin wrong with xfce


cant believe i literally wasted thousands of hours of my life playing runescape what the hell was i thinking


felt something in my spine and shivered hard


its NOT wasted if you had fun


i can barely even remember any of it


what happened


there was a girl in 7th grade that had huge breasts even though she was skinny and shed let me fondle them all i wanted which is NOT much because id rather have a flat petanko gf


you are a liar


they call me the xfceblog


wonder how NOTanorm is doing


sounds like a lie but its true i cant prove it though that was in 2003


he is suffering


going to make a craigslist post asking to touch breasts just once


he is content


sigh me and basteheal are the only scapers left


what happened to the bastest of them all the scapeblob


wish i could scape but just logging in makes me contemplate suicide


im the one who made that post


what happened to mister calamari


hes scaping in heaven now


scape makes him contemplate suicide


never tried calamari before is it good


good calamari is really really good bad calamari is really really bad


drunk and horny theres no better combination


mutated my daily jo and now my balls hurt hard im dying


theres only one solution you gotta jerk it


really 愛 hanging out with you mates im so grateful i have you in my life


flip off


lately ive just been rereading old vns and feeling my mind rotting away


they changed the bank nice



what they did to the ignore icon is an outrage



same i got physically ill just being logged in


hobbes is baste gonno read


the dark one looks ok
how do i selectively make windows transparent therr must be a simple way


File: 1538787516216.jpg (2.54 KB, 59x57, ignore.jpg)


i just dont feel like playing anymore because im almost base 90 and everything is a month long grind to achieve


make your own theme or youll literally never be completely satisfied


forgot to wipe and got an assrash sigh


how can you forget to wipe


its too hard manually editing checkboxes and border image files


i cant play because i got 99 in every skill i enjoyed and the only ones left i really hate and id have to do them for months to max and theres no real point since i only like skilling to begin with so theres NOThing to do after that anyway

maybe ill just sell my account


runescape pinches hard ive been saying this for years


get 200m in the skills you enjoy


im NOT insane


is gaap here


never inviting neetblog over again after what he did to my bidet


new gm said that trainee girl got some mates phone number today



ninja son of a bitch


too smart to waste my life playing video sushi bars


what are you doing instead


going to become the jebrim of runecrafting




no you arent


have NOT even gotten out of bed all night just on my phone surfing


how can macroshaft dig the hole deeper at every single turn


watch me


die mobile surfer


record a minute of efficient lavas then maybe ill believe you


heres my one hour long run


late night snack four oreos and some doritos coop tanch crumbs


baste xchicken nugget


hope autumn elegy is doing well


hate aris


aris is a nice mate


wonder what aris jacks off to


nice we got a lee thumbnail


smash The Bosss




File: 1538789849198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 996.79 KB, 1171x2048, 06f057d8f4edcc41e6e80cb4d5762fca.jpg)





spermed earlier today think ill go for round two and morph


die jomorph



my neighbor keeps shooting at something wish he would stop


bring a bat and tell him to flip off


isnt that dangerous


File: 1538790377380.mp4 (3.67 MB, 1483828735679.mp4)


take yer swing


its a bolt action rifle from the sound of it but he stopped shooting now maybe there were wild dogs or something


bring your wife with you and start yelling at him



turt is limp wristed look how he loses control of the camera


sigh never seen snow i bet its nice


wish it was wasnt illegal to discharge a firearm around here id shoot and post vids all the time


why do they call him neetblog if he doesnt even blog


just do it


ya whats up


the police would knock on my door within five minutes if i fired off in the yard
if i drove out somewhere and fired off more than one round theres a chance the cops would inspect my car and find my unregistered state illegal guns and toss me in prison
a couple years ago i might have made a comment about shall NOT be infringed but i frankly just dont care about guns anymore i just fiddle with them while i watch anime


wish i could own guns havent fired one off in probably like 15 years but it sure is fun


feeling nice and snug may just have to morph after all


no dont im just starting to feel good


NOThing fun about guns once you realize youre spending like 23 cents every time you pull the trigger
dollar for dollar driving is more fun


thats true


i blog


simply make your own bullets


never fired a gun


i dont consider them fun but they do make me feel powerful when shooting them
but since im NOT your average beaten down boomer or some flabby high est proudboy type i dont have to do it every weekend to reaffirm what tiny shrivel of masculinity i have remaining


training for blops 4


same id probably flapper out and shoot someone by accident just like that video with the sexy lady


everything enjoyable in this world is regulated by the government driving fast shooting guns l snapping killing smoking opium
the only thing the government hasnt ruined is joing


think i remember telling you mates about my uncle firing a sawed off garand into a tv before when i was like 10 he used to get drunk and shoot bottles off his mates heads but he died of liver failure a few years ago






glad im NOT cut


if i had a gun id probably shoot myself


time to move to africa itll be a blast


im cut and i get cunnilingus awful drydick recently ive been using essential oil lube and after one jo with it i can stave off drydick for two days


die psstnorm


my condolences


im cut but i never get drydick and never understood the lube meme


luckily my gf gushes slime like a hagfish so my dried up dick can survive



circumcision is pure evil feel bad for amerinorms that never had a chance to NOT get mutilated at birth its probably the biggest reason why i hate doctors so passionately


small brain or just low self awareness



NOT gonno lie when i think about circumcision it makes me never want to go to the doctor they obviously cant be trusted if they think circumcision is a good thing
why should i trust vaccines when the same people are recommending literal genital mutilation


yeah its sickening


wish i was her


you get drydick you just dont know that you do becauze youve lived your whole life with it


what is drydick


most doctors are norms idiots why would you trust a norm to start with


wish i could show my cutmates just how good joing can really be its a shame theyre permanently disfigured having a foreskin is a blessing from cunnilingus


imagining flappergirl saying her text messages is nice hehe


fire this up


when your dick feels coarse or vaguely fuzzy like rubbing your hands together when theyre dry and you cant stroke it with a firm grip
a non drydick should feel good to stroke like when you grab your sweaty balls NOT wet like that but the same feeling


File: 1538793318534.jpg (74.77 KB, 960x706, bloodstained-men-anti-circumcision-protest.jpg)

sign up to the bloodstained men today


File: 1538793321233.jpg (4.97 KB, 265x190, cutnorms will never recover.jpg)

would you pinch it?


did a touge run it was completely dark felt nice to pass some tryhards and continue my tempo


ive never had that


stop soaping your dick nonstop you flipping freak


i think mates whove been circumcised literally cant imagine how sensitive an uncut glans is

its out of this world and it makes me physically cringe when i think about the raw head brushing up against underwear and stuff every day it must be so desensitized


ban these scvnorms


i did a touge run after work but it felt really slow so i didnt upload it
theres a one lane bridge on my usual run and its too risky to fly through it at 65 in the middle of the day


will seki help decode the last text she sent


boost those bridgenorms blow through that badboy at 100


post it


my car doesnt go 100


so glad im uncut like cunnilingus intended


die sexnorm dickbraggers


my dad used to take his lotus up to 130 with me on weekends wish i could have been there when he spun out into the guard rail


how can your car NOT go 100


nevermind im just overthinking it all she said was "lol dont be so mean ___" with ___ being my name after i said she was slow and NOT her bike


might go to the range this weekend


shes horny thats a horny text


need to find aNOTher backroad to plow through preferably with hairpins
when i was leaving sugar loaf mountain there was a 愛ly one way downhill exit with five or six hairpins and one roundabout and the car was doing pretty good


theres a sugarloaf here too i broke my arm there


She's want to boost send her a dick pic and say would you pinch it yes or no


that text means NOThing dont overthink it


its a common name for a mountain for some reason



go to hell with the dickbrags dadbrag


mindboggling that pnig has her number and hasnt even attempted to take her out to dinner or to a movie or to the mall or any number of norm activities


entered the double chicane going 150 back in '08 and never made it out the other side all thats left is this ghost still speeding through time


when you were courting females i was mastering the art of the dickslam jam


sigh wish i was intact


how do i get out of the botnet


chatting with women is so dull its like talking to an ai or a shopkeeper in final fantasy they have a few predetermined responses and a few easter egg messages but you can pretty much ignore the dialog


women are pretty much children what do you expect


never broken a chicken nugget before how is it


Just how pathetic it must feel knowing pnig gets women without even trying meanwhile turt went to get his diploma for mechanical engineering and abused steroids until his hair fell off trying to get a girl


turt literally got sexually assaulted by a horny chink bitch what are you talking about




there are half smart women out there with perhaps a 100iq and they initially appear to be worth the conversation but it doesnt take long to realize that even these comparitively intelligent women are still vapid brainlets who think completely differently from you and their humor is twisted in the completely wrong direction so every joke or witty comment you make has to be middle school level


he went to get a massage and she jod his chicken nugget uninvited


i wish i could have insightful conversations with 100iq people but i was cursed with big brain


flapperlaughing imagining what was going through turts mind
bet he made a funny face


just pissed thinking about dumping


100iq might as well be children to me


is it possible to shit and piss at the same time i cant do it


know what you mean and its kind of sad also have you mates NOTiced that women just absorb the interests or hobbies of men theyre dating or interested in and drop them instantly after the relationship is over


its impossible for me NOT to expel urine while dumping how can you NOT


i do it daily
just today i walked into a random subway and pissed and shat concurrently and wiped my ass all within 15 seconds i have mastered the quickshit


i could corrupt harmless stories involving girls and make it sound like im a chad getting all sorts of attention too but im NOT a deluded hopecel


they have no real interests besides buying things
The Boss crochets but really she just likes buying new yarn


ironic that turt blathers on about sexnorms when hes gotten more action than anyone bar onseki in the last 5 years


doubt ill ever have a sexual relationship again all my personal connections are tapped out and im NOT the kind of person that makes new friends


go to hell chadseki


Hey hey don't laugh at turt for that it's normal wonder if he was laughing cause it tickled or if he just stared at the ceiling he should've caressed her hand or something and then he could've had sex with her


he was moaning in ecstacy


holy flip the gimp update


die conversationnorm


uhhh i only flipped escorts in japan i swear *flips cute 5’4 coworker effortlessly* *does it again weeks later*


die you flipping smartnorms


die flossnorm


literally havent had an enthralling real life conversation in 10 years


id rather sit there talking to o'aka than any woman on the planet


rage hours


ive never had one because im NOT a smartnorm


true suffering is caring for something and seeing it deteriorate


Stop talking about sex and women please you're going to trigger turt


ban the smartnorms


Would that include me




Sigh yes it would I'm smart


youre the dumbest person ive ever met


Are you being ironic i refuse to believe that


The Boss hired me a lifecoach and hes coming over tomorrow


having a great day today hima just drank and posted with my mates and read some fun stuff its bliss i hope every day can be like this one


need to pee but too lazy to move might just piss me pants


hell yeah piss those pants


sigh theres roos all over the yard again




I used to do that but The Boss got mad so i just bought adult diapers for the night time


still waiting on that mate to sell me his siss diapers


baste flippin pamperchu


is pamperchu dead yet


Fortunately NOT yet


glad to hear it weve lost too many these past few years


sigh little satania


no i am


nice elliot


cant even begin to describe the light youve shone upon my life nb


i worship the blog


you cant because youre full of shit


dont make me try because ill be going at it for hours you beautiful bast ard


think im sick of hearthstone alread wow is unplayable scape is unplayable dota is unplayable what the boost am i meant to do with my time now


tried heartstone but realized it was pay to win shite after a handful of matches


yeah but theres plenty of budget decks you can play and you can get lucky with getting cards if you play enough

shadowverse is way more balanced and f2p friendly but for some reason it just isnt as fun i guess the activision blizzard psychologists really know what theyre doing


i like shadowverse more because it isjapanese


powerful song


same my opinion of a sushi bar rises ten fold when i know its japanese






File: 1538797611763.mp3 (10.93 MB, 09 いかれたNeet.mp3)


wapanese freak


i dont play western sushi bars at all


gonno pass out soon



laugh hard whenever i watch this because i can actually understand the lyrics


i would hope everyone here can


die japmogs


愛 when he says 満足




hate how wow streams always have no sound other than obnoxious key presses



wouldnt that be a bit weird if she says no and i have to still work with her
she does bring up a lot of stuff though like saying when she turns 21 she wants to go to a bar with me or saying she goes to the movies almost every week and saying i should see more movies too or saying i should make a tinder
with the tinder thing she specifically brought up cooking steaks on a cast iron pan and watching movies and said that it seemed fun i dont know if im missing flags or something i should have played more vns
she said that her pumpkin pie recipe is completely different from mine as well and that she wanted to try some of mine she got especially interested after i told her the process of making one from scratch including the crust


think i might be pregnant


men dont get pregnant


wanna play hearthstone against me i used to be good back in the inspire expansion



then why do men have nipples


she clearly wants to get boosted but at the same time it might NOT be worth it since youll have to work with her


愛 this one so cunnilingusdamn much


sis stopped pissing herself so i will never sell you one


or with me i should say


booster whats your problem i need that sispiss


at the risk of sounding like a chadnorm
its only weird if you make it weird
if she says no do NOT i repeat NOT get discouraged do NOT wait a long time to reply and do NOT say something that could he interpreted as resignation or an apology just say something that keeps her hooked into talking with you
women are dumb flips half the stuff they say is just to guage your reactions just because she says no doesnt mean no


ok my decks are really stupid though and i accidentally deleted you when i was clearing my friends list whats your # number again


potato chef


did NOT expect such a banging handcore beat when i clicked this


mutant its a masterpiece


nice mutant


whats handcore


stream the grudge match


forgot about how she asked last time too why i dont ride with anyone else because almost all of us ride in one way or aNOTher maybe she was expecting me to ask her
the first time i met her she did say that we should become riding buddies

always assumed she was just a friendly person but so far shes called the new gm a crepe and the new mate a dork so shes NOT nice to everyone and the old gm says she doesnt do anything at his shop but at mine shes always doing things and being proactive maybe i judged her wrongly


booked my double eyelid surgery for this tuesday



shes nice to you because she wants to sample that mushroom


used to hate hardcore but ive been listening to a ton of it lately


only listen to happy hardcore please save yourself the heart attack or stroke


die bnorm


listened to this for hours on end when the group finder came out in wow while i healed on my priest to max level





nice mountain goat


File: 1538799560816.mp3 (9.26 MB, 03-Cloud Nine.mp3)

been listening to this one on repeat a lot lately especially while levelling alts


no way




listened to hardcore a lot in 2013-2014 and stopped downloading new stuff in early 2016 and now i rarely listen to anything besides NOTebook records


when i watch this i cant stop laughing i think goats might be my favorite animal


goats are flipping basted as hell probably gonno get one in a few weeks


make sure to get a girl otherwise the boys will piss on their necks and try to ram you


blizzard capping my download rate at 1.7mb/s sasuga



thats three times my maximum internet speed dont complain


closed this after 1 second


yeah thats what i said to The Boss i dont want to get gored like that mate in the witch


its a good song


stream the flippin hearthstone match for cunnilinguss sake


ya fire it up lets place bets on it too


gotta 愛 a nice goat


all on neetblog


flapperlaughing imagining the inner voice of a goat eating grass and repeating 'hell yeah grassssssss motherflipper its so good flipping 愛 grassssssss'


when i get my goat ill post pics but be warned its gonno be a kid


saw some goats at the petting zoo theyre cute and fairly smart basted on the way they systematically chomp on grass


愛 kid goats



they 愛 eating just like me


are goats and sheep anything more than annoying are they actually dangerous


male goats can easily kill a man if they feel like it




goat: grouchnig
mexicans: hima


i havent played in years so i dont know what else to build


is that pastaman on the other side





gonno cook this pastaloc al dente



nice card back


sorry i shouldnt have played a cheese deck


cant believe you let neetblog push you around like that


pastamate cheated


stream sniping neetblog


i paused the stream before the sushi bar started lets rematch ill play a different deck


who am i pushing around


nice flippin snipeblog


im too dumb for hearthstone


i did NOT snipe


File: 1538800982804.jpg (112.2 KB, 331x442, 1538799805920.jpg)


i cant find where you can see it or change it but im pretty sure we have the same one hehe


wish sasuke kun would snap me


no one is too dumb for hearthstone its all rng


okay im NOT playing murloc aggro this time but it is a meme deck


ok netdecked something time for the rematch


nice jaina vs thrall



used to be a brooding mate like sasuke


should i install shadowverse


what happened


shadowverse is dead even tournaments in japan dont get enough entrants


i got owned


i simply got lucky


i dont understand this sushi bar mode whats going on


what do you mena


we need someone to do commentary


are we playing with the same deck


pnig should do it



pastamate cheated yet again


shudderwock is basted


ya hehe


they changed jotaros voice


wish cheatmate would stop cheating


this mode is stupid its all spiders


its too slow


wish i was smart enough to understand hearthstone


its simple you just attack each other with creatures and play spells that do stuff


gonno make a textboard called dumbassugi and ban anyone who exhibits triple digit iq behavior


bring back duegi


do you wanna keep playing i only have one more deck that isnt zoo


text looks clearer this is nice


i dont know


me neither


nice i drafted an arena and never played a match so they surrendered it at 0 because its old


nicesquid started a new arena run go 12 0 this time


where the hell is my prize i got 25 gold and a pack but its gone




think i flipped up hard no confidence in this deck


do you best


dont think i can stand up uh oh


joed to something i should NOT have




just b confident




might have some more pasta soon


still thinking about tg wonder if goat boss doesnt schedule her with me because he would always be at the meetings and she would say hi to me and sit next to me


frostmourne hungers


ate too many tamales feeling sick



hes jealous and trying to cockblock


she wants to be anally snapped


missed the stream did anyone record it


forgot when she asked about hiding chicken nuggets hehe
ok enough of that its tng time


hope she would eat me the mate can get lost though


pretty sure the stream is still live


愛 this track


hungry as HELL gonno make some tuna melts and watch one piece and snoze


good night


File: 1538804418427.jpg (203.44 KB, 1000x1000, 9925.jpg)


watch some tng the girls are underage


guess ill have some pasta at this point


wish i were pinoy


mutated hard


nice riker on a klingon ship episode


愛 that ep might be my faorite after picard flute and double riker and the barclay eps


double riker episode sounds great


miss staying up late to watch hey arnold kenan and kel drake and josh and neds survival guide


just you wait


the norm generation


norm trek


you wish kitties


those shows pinched should have been watching justice league and


and teen titans instead


by cunnilingus thats some good pasta


was embarrassed to be caught watching teen titans but i enjoyed it anyway




starfire was underage and raven was ultra mega underage




why dont girls like raven exist only some sort of demon possessed magic gothgirl will ever be able to handle my darkness



I've no shame my asbergers prevents such primal emotion


prove it assburger


no i dont like asparagus


did neds survival guide feature any tight little pieces


never even heard of neds survivial guide it sounds like shite id rather watch the amanda show she gives me a chicken nugget


glad i wasnt the only one that NOTiced


drank a gallon of wine already today


firing up the old jelqing routine

thinking of buying a bathmate as well to harness my full potential


What does little pieces filter from


speaking of raven the new gm said theres a short quiet girl at one of the new stores wonder if she will be cycling through my store hopefully ill have better luck with this one


little pieces


i drink whiskey by the gallon


force her down and snap her thats what id do


had to hold back laughter as i typed that penis enlargement terminology makes me flapperlaugh doubt any of it even works and dont intend to try it just wanted to type those words out


it works trust me i grew 2 inches after a friendly mate emailed me


File: 1538806362371.jpg (38.78 KB, 576x472, 13672319.jpg)

The Boss found the phallosan


What does raven have to do with you potentially getting a new co worker




raven is a short underage quiet girl


Speaking of bathmates I've yet to hear about my coil overs for my car


counterculture girls like goth girls probably see snap as a deep poetic and romantic gesture do it


i can see why tg thinks the the new gm is a crepe
he said that the girl was mostly sitting on her phone texting and that he just knew she was calling him a fat boosting idiot and wishing he was gone hehe
if he got that impression from her then theres hope ill just need to wait and see what goat boss does


actually you have


girls 愛 to be snapped especially by me


what a crude young lady


sick of the girl meme


cant prank call tg tomorrow because the phones dont work there so im going to clear out the back room gonno morph bye


you must be real big and strong


have a good morph


I'm compact according to discord users


dont think im that strong but yeah im boosting huge


are you confident that you would framemog all of those on hima




What are your measurements



i dont know ive never measured


File: 1538806713110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.23 KB, 480x360, cl.jpg)


absolute unit


i was reading some underage stuff on reddit about a girl who got molested and snapped hard by her uncle from 9 until 13 and chicken nuggetd when said that contrary to feeling like a victim he was the only man she has ever 愛d


peds are just bad people


Why's he pointing down


how can that be true when one of these socalled peds captivated the heart of a young girl


She mistook snap for 愛/affection


gonno visit the lbi and come back with a wife or three


I'm fairly sure my 10 year old daughter has already started masturbating.

I am NOT concerned that she is doing it, I knew she was going to eventually. Although I kind of expected her to be 11 or 12. Bu I'm wondering if I should say something to her about washing her hands after she does it.

It's like she masturbates and then just rubs her hand on her clothes or something. Her clothes smell like, well, a woman has been fingered. You know what smell I mean. I expect other people will eventually NOTice it too.

Would it freak her out to hear this from her father, is this something I should let her mother handle?


havent been here in a while but assume lbi refers to sexy lady bitch island 愛 that mates motif


dont forget to stop at the hotdog stand and say hi


i dont know what smell he means


himas a lot more enjoyable since ive started mutating normnigs posts



Tell us


succumbing to millennial degeneracy and fantasizing about teengirls calling me daddy i am no longer an ideologically pure ped with a strict preference for prepubescents




die nonexclusive id kill you if i could


i smell a girls discharge before is it that smell or something else


Eyes getting heavy having a hard time holding them up


what makes you think you have the capability to do so


My 9yr old daughter...
she woke up from a nightmare and was crying. So I went in to her bedroom to console her and fell asleep next to her. Don't know how much time passed, but I NOTiced a change in her breathing pattern. When I checked she had her hand between her tightly closed thighs, rubbing over her pants. Looked like she was masturbating basted on how she was breathing.

I asked her if she was okay. She said it itches, turned around, and fell back to sleep. Asked her next morning about it and she said she was itching on her vagina, so she was scratching. She was a little embarrassed, so I told her it was NOThing wrong, but something she should do when she's alone.


File: 1538807510681.jpg (115.61 KB, 1000x640, AKG109490.jpg)

throughout antiquity plumbers were reserved for the most powerful and wealthy citizens


wish i could stab and snap a cunt like that mate


a 5'2 paedomorphic somalian refugee


its raining hard the roos are getting soaked



to what


can barely walk hima just staggered around for a bit and screamed at my cats


this songs pumping me up could imagine myself flipping some sexy ladies to that catchy guitar phrase


norming heads


why dont the roos have an enclosure


they are wild


tame them


my brother really 愛s david byrne


did you ever do gay stuff with your brother when you were shota


last time i went to the zoo the roos were neeting it up hard they werent even properly caged in there was just a rope fence around them and they laid back in the shade scratching themselves with their huge roo balls flopped out


i hate balls


yeah actually he molested me and made me pinch his dick and did everything short of snap from when i was 7 to 9 thanks for bringing it up


a ball is sexy ladies favorite shape


theres a pie eating contestant amongst us


wow he really made you into his little bitch didnt he good for him wish id had a younger sib


File: 1538808174643.jpg (2.41 MB, 5312x2988, 20181006_154746.jpg)

its hard to get a picture since they just stare at you then hop away whenever you get anywhere near them but theyre funny

i usually see at least 10 of them a day and sometimes in the morning theres like 30 or 40 hanging out in the paddock


im sorry that was obscene uncalled for and insensitive i will delete that message


if i had a real camera i could easily get some good pictures but its NOT possible with what i have ive tried for the last week or so and that was the best one ive got theyre about 50 feet away


what are they looking for


those arent kangaroos those are meerkats idiot


does pastadog run at the roos


nah he doesnt care about them


File: 1538808411727.webm (1.58 MB, 640x360, 1481525802994.webm)


did you mates know theres more kangaroos than people in australia


sigh thats an eastern grey like the ones that hang out here if it was a red one i could understand since theyre evil and overpopulated but thats kind of sad


humans are more evil and overpopulated why dont you help me with that


File: 1538808637569.jpg (807.42 KB, 1400x1800, 1538792544925.jpg)


holy flip




do think megaspergs or downs syndromes ever have dreams


yeah probably


wish i could remember my dreams


ill try to get a better pic or maybe a vid of the roos soon ive been trying for a while and its hard they really enthrall me for some reason


i like it when swamp beast posts about his dreams theyre always flapper as hell


freakeye was a flipping genius shine on crazy diamond


how to i start drinking if in 26 and never done it before starting to think i need a little more excitement in my life want to see if id do some flapper or crazy things while drunk can someone describe the effects

should i just drink some of The Bosss wine and how much


never mind forget it i promised The Boss i would never succumb to the indulgence of intoxication i never abandon my principles


yeah go for it drinking is amazing and basically the most fun i ever have is when im drunk

youre probably overestimating how out of control it makes a person though the people who do crazy stuff when theyre drunk are usually either already mentally ill or on other drugs it is fun as hell though

its hard to gauge how much to drink it really depends i tihnk if its your first time you probably shouldnt drink more than a bottle of wine


oh sigh


its really NOT that great but you should do it anyway so you can experience it yourself


dont understand how you can get to 26 and never have drunk alcohol


same way you get to 26 without ever having a gf


simply never felt the need to alter my state of mind i am naturally lighthearted and cheerful


alcohol pinches and is the most norm drug


think ill trust bukowski over you NOT to mention pretty much every great writer from the last two centuries


alcohol gives you the release of the dream without the deadness of drugs


what drugs have you done


pnig makes the best posts


no mutant is a mateof mine


weed lsd mushrooms and dph


stop altering your consciousness


File: 1538810458273.jpg (3.62 MB, 5312x2988, 20181006_154633.jpg)

turt what do i do with these bad boys for a good time


do NOT eat those


too late i already boiled and at 7 of them is that bad


NOT if you stream it


im NOT feeling so good sorry


funny that someone had to have planted that there and even funnier that you recognized it


whats so funny about it


think i should have waited for turts advice before drinking this uh oh


might start playing tekken or something i need a good multiplayer sushi bar thats NOT team basted and has no grind for levels or whatever



you already posted about dwale we read it then


what about star craft


see you tomorrow mates 👋🏻 good night 🌙😴💤 sleep 🛏 well 😎


have a good night mate


starcraft bw is too clunky and ancient and from what i know sc2 is bad and beyond dead


id have one if The Boss brought one home for me


yeah its dead as hell now sadly the average norm would rather play fortnite or league of legends than a real sushi bar but ill have you know i made diamond back in 2010 when that meant a lot my zerg play was untouched especially my zvz and zvt NOT to mention artosis asked fruitdealer my question right before the first gsl finals cunnilingusdamn those were good times




die scv



feel need to burp but i cant


did you try belching


its wc3 ladder tiome


wish i could belch


all alone on hima


life just aint the same without the rackhouse


think ive made areally big mistake hima sorry


im here


hope that a joke and you really didnt eat any


dumbass pastaflipper


are you


no i drank it


sigh scape drove pastamate to suicide


himas gonno be on tv




the more i live like this the more i wonder if this world is a dream


how do i wake up


this world is a nightmare


gonno fire up kyonyuu jk ga ojisan chinpo to jupo jupo iyarashii sex shitemasu


no dont


tl that shit wap


you dont want the translation


gonno snoze


illya give me a hug


you snoze you loze


why couldnt ririchiyo sama be my girlfriend what kind of freakish existence is this where i can look at her and know shes completely perfect but never touch or interact bet cunnilingus is having a big old laugh at this


im home hima sigh long day read about 200 and gave up


keep reading kitty


missing the dueg


couldnt snoze



my package has arrived


no way


gonno tune in to SevenPerfectAngels


didnt drink any water today think im in for some trouble


think ive got shellshock



they call me the chinkmutant


was flappering out fiercely because the internet was down for an hour


i like the zombie show i dont like zombies though


i used to be a zombie


just booked a flight to shenzen


got back from the ymca we couldnt play long because a local team was scheduled to use the court and gm said we should think about starting our own basketball team with me playing center


File: 1538842898031.jpg (222.19 KB, 1024x768, 1538842534027.jpg)






nice apartment wall ducks


hi hima woke up with The Boss searching for the kitty she was hiding under my bed hehe took a nice shower how im having my second coffee


im kyonyuu ojisan


File: 1538846477061.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1280, 95cb0c09c0b72211f5d270dd1c1faed4.png)


whats with the stupid sound effects


i fell the same way about brown girls illya


sasuga arisu san


File: 1538846738728.png (479.31 KB, 750x930, 66e1a410998c4d1203f111a6307c058e.png)

die idiot


愛 愛 hina


Best part of waking up on Saturday mornings is browsing r9k


File: 1538847013603.png (275.78 KB, 752x1062, 1491015815939-0.png)

愛 brown 2d girls


die seki


Wonder if tg has been flipped every girl gets a chicken nugget on Friday and Saturday


once you go brown youre never around


go to hell browners


gonno nosh on some fish and chips


😂😂 he'll yeah


The Boss bought a fresh bag of cedar shavings to change out my bedding


File: 1538848461278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.12 KB, 1200x1200, 1538778229897.jpg)


Simply mind blowing seeing these teens have pubic hair that's trimmed and take pictures in such provocative poses knowing full well there's many men whole will save them and jerk it to them


File: 1538848909030.jpg (32.32 KB, 632x426, qaq9u5yk6kq11.jpg)



That lady said that photo shoot ruined her life


is that the one where the chink sued his wife for false advertisement


why was this a big deal again was it mocking her plastic surgery


thats a plastic surgery center ad NOT a real photo


No that was made up the real story is >>839845


File: 1538849293494.webm (2.95 MB, 640x800, 1538799787868.webm)


girls should NOT have muscles


Her pits are sweaty imagine the smell haha


File: 1538849397642.png (847.66 KB, 850x1186, 1508165781897.png)

brown 2d musclegirls phew


probably smells the same as man stink


im no yellow fever cel but the asian muscle girls are the only attractive ones


Turts knees would tremble in her presence


nice biased yellowfever opinion


That girl is so boosting underage cunnilingus damn look where her hamstring ends and her butt begins simply amazing creature


no yfever here but there is the fact that the worse a girl is at english the nicer she is to me


how can an opinion NOT be biased




Just thinking of how many women post such provocative pictures yet they're disgusted by yelptron


Must feel terrible being the only true incel surrounded by teenmates going through a phase


my opinions are NOT biased they are basted my mystic eyes of death perception allow me to see the true nature of things


Making it my goal to tell a girl she can get all 3 inches by the end of today


thats harassment


once my neck is 18" ill probably be able to get a gf


It's NOT harassment if I'm a Chad I'll just cut out a picture of cam and put it over my own face


just quickspermed



Some manlet freak looked at me then i looked at him and he looked down at my legs what the boost


he wants to boost


going to watch goblin slayer


what do you mean watch isnt it a manga


File: 1538854232996.gif (2.18 MB, 640x480, QF9irfE.gif)


episode 1 came out today


havin aNOTher coffee




im NOT weve been through this


aaah NOThing like a nice cuppa coffee


die scaper


File: 1538855981037.png (77.41 KB, 243x227, give me a run down.png)


Neety B you're wanted in the discord


You can be addicted to caffeine soon you'll be doing cocaine and speed


the main mistake men make is doing cheek work its funny how cosmetic surgeons dont seem to have any clue of what makes a mans face attractive


passed the lookism classes with 4.0 gpa


i paid $400 and had to spend 2 days in raleigh to get psl certified im thinking about making the money back by having a stand at the fair where i rate people for $2 each


woke up drinking some coffee hows it goin


just found a black lotus while searching through the basement


sigh i missed runefest




can i post a nice frogger


post that badboy


File: 1538860070440.webm (Spoiler Image, 684.45 KB, 400x222, 1538794751765.webm)


i thought you werent meant to touch froges because it hurts them


I thought you get warts from touching them



woke up and thought my bladder was gonno explode



beard itches




nah flip you shavenorm


pinch my ass beardnorm



sigh might switch to easy mode in dragon quest im getting owned hard




File: 1538861477442.jpg (154.36 KB, 1280x960, easy modo.jpg)


what the flip did you just called me


wish i could switch to easymode irl


i think thats called starting hrt


ironically im too tall to have success with the pinkpill


youre already on easymode then tallnorm


sick of suffering in the shadow of tallnorms


thinkin about dumpin


File: 1538861900344.jpg (187.8 KB, 867x1200, 7a99ed6521e7906823d9aaa98f781ab9.jpg)

no because im too short to live on easymode with pastaman


thats anti frogger propaganda


pastamate is dead


die beardbrag


being tall is a curse i hit my head everywhere


My spirit is that of a short courageous honorable strong willed humble man


pastamans arrogance was his undoing


gonno crack open a cask of wine in his honor


My undoing is my life


reading scoobys about page sigh hes the incarnation of the northern spirit


hes flipping queer


could really go for some hotdogs right about now




so hes going to hell



nah he rejected middle eastern religions


she kept calling today so im at the store with her its nice


you damn greenhorn


whos a greenhorn whats a greenhorn


hope seki uses vim


he uses emacs


seki no...


she asked if i wanted music on then she turned on some music and started doing aNOTher one of those troll dances
its really easy to talk to her and she seems interested in things i say


does she know any fortnite dances


Tell her to do the floss and record it and upload it here but say it's for YouTube or Insta


ok you win i shaved the beard off




baste seki


does it count as idolatry if i have anime figs


File: 1538863682277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.19 KB, 1728x2048, 1494504998473.jpg)


File: 1538864130454.png (83.61 KB, 250x419, 1474529180814.png)


cant believe i spent $150 on a piece of plastic sigh




bored as hecka but dont have any sushi bars i want to sushi bar


put the dog down today sigh should have been me


what happened


NOT falling for that one again


havin some toast hima


Anyone else smell of balls






die stinkers


File: 1538865231692.png (399.51 KB, 825x713, 1371821184595.png)


no go read it yourself


I tried reason scp but i was too flapper to understand


still talking with trainee girl


ask flappergirl if she has a console


she only plays runescape`


whats her rsn




baste kavanaugh





kavanaugh is a cuck


whos kavanaugh


a swamp critter


hope he outlaws sinful abortions


wish i had been aborted


hes going to outlaw genital mutilation


[KFC] Crunchy & Spicy!! Kentucky Spicy Mexican Flavor Here Now!


basted yuka



found something funny hehe


should i play lol


why would anyone listen to a literal murderers opinion on abortion


self defense isnt murder


because hes right


ya fire it up and stream


Missed call but no one calls me other than scammers or telemarketers


watching aris and flapperlaughing hard


what did you find


NOT falling for the stream meme again


what are you talking about


new sao is epic




forgot about index


when people tell you to stream and then you fire it up and nobody tunes it and you look like a fool and everyone laugh at you for falling for that and thinking that anybody at all would be interested in watching you stream something


i watch but sometimes i close the tab and come back to it later




stream that bitch


sigh no good subs


wouldnt mind a meatball sub right about now


愛 meatballs



does anyone want to boost me


nah gth sodomite


which act


File: 1538868035018.jpg (72.73 KB, 1200x901, Doy_CVpUcAAmL_L.jpg)


that should be me




still talking with trainee girl


gonno order a pizza hima what should i get on it


ask her if she likes pumpkin 🎃 spice