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The phone call that saved hima


File: 1522367604805.jpg (83.17 KB, 1366x768, 1517461935373.jpg)


hes calling andrew offenberg


the real phone call that saved hima was baste boles calling the cops on himself




sick of this meme and im sick of the pie eating contestants




time to s&s


should i watch re zero


everyone got left behind


File: 1539916526820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.5 KB, 396x451, u.jpg)


just repair it


gonno go on a diet


i would repair it but the screws are underneath the skates and i dont want to buy new skates because you know if you pealed them off then they will be permanently bent slightly and NOT go back on right


only buy cheap chink mice and keyboards so i can just replace them instead of trying to fix or clean them


but fixing and cleaning stuff is fun


cant be a pro sushi chef with a cheap chink mouse it has to be a 200$ making sushi mouse with rgb and 300 buttons


only noobs need sushi chef gear all the pro sushi chefs get their equipment out of the dumpster


the pro sushi chefs all use sponsored gear because it doesnt matter what you use


i flapperrage with my peripherals so it makes no sense to buy high quality since i slam my mice and break keyboards with my face


what the hell stop that


beard itches hard


shave that flippin crap off




onseki shaved his the beard meme is over


onseki does NOT decide what goes on my face


gues ill eat some tuna and raw onion


heck ya


thats what deli girl said


old gm called and was talking about the himako girl hehe he brought up tg being weird too


just finished my tuna pepper onion and sardines now i can snoze


this mate has a channel where he reviews mres i posted a video the other day but it got ignored


had to order a new drain hose for my dishwasher sigh


it wasnt ignored >>842946


wish i had some sardine


never ate sardines how are they


im done with the 1-700 torrent batch for one piece so now i have to go to hs and click them one by one im downloading 10 and its going to take over an hour because no one is seeding old eps


very salty they go on pizza


whats the mercury level in sardines


saw a mate on a bike today he was wearing shorts and on one leg he had an iron cross tattoo and the other one had a celtic cross with white pride world wide around it


theyre pretty great the texture is unlike any other fish
you mena anchovies sardines have no salt


hes a nazi


Sardines are at the bottom of the aquatic food chain, feeding solely on plankton. As a result, they do NOT concentrate heavy metals like mercury and other contaminants found in most fish.



how do i get rid of the hiccups


hold your breath as long as you can


did that once and died



yuka is so flipping underage oh my cunnilingus


time to feast hima


burping hard help


you just gotta keep burping till there gone


ive NOTiced random people doing stuff like that or hiccuping really hard i think people are super repressed now


File: 1539921128450.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.46 KB, 868x960, 14064CA9-9937-4FE9-85F4-BD2C52798278.jpeg)

rate me


u ugly


feasted hard


愛 feasting


File: 1539921707407.png (14.6 KB, 157x212, green drags.PNG)

dont go to the green dragons tonight....


wonder if i have good chicken nugget structure hard to tell under all this blubber


you do now get rid of the blubber


basted venezuelan killer




a venezuelan girl started talking to me tbh and asked me to show her how to pk but she hasn't talked to me for 2 days :(



File: 1539922774362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.71 KB, 640x480, 1539860113513.jpg)


thats a badass gun


neetblog is strapped


it wasnt fair what i went through in my teens i wish i could make fun of gun ownership like you mates but its part of my life i need because my past keeps catching up with me


ban all south americans


wish i had someone to scape with


im north american


im a freakzoid


miss himako because she would have banned this poster


wish boganeye would stop hiding


whats wrong with that post?



the freak shall be unleashed when the time is right


need to train some mate tomorrow at goat bosss store which means i will need to call my own store and do the transactions over the phone with tg this is going to be fun



get paid to do absolutely NOThing and still despise it how can you get excited to go to work


trainee girl pinched my dick




File: 1539925701734.png (218.54 KB, 2560x1440, 7bBQYLw.png)

gonno bingewatch


anime is for children


die norm


gonno snoze


keeping anime and non anime in the same folder bothers me
keeping anime and manga in the same folder bothers me


what doesnt bother you


sexy ladies


same its offensive


wish i was cool like data


File: 1539928037778.mp4 (8.9 MB, 20181018_224107.mp4)

New Altima


new post to mutate


mutate this


File: 1539929005728.mp4 (3.04 MB, Snapchat-344261990.mp4)


File: 1539929074913.jpg (2.06 MB, 1447x2046, __koutari_yuu_black_rock_shooter_drawn_by_m_da….jpg)


ブラックロックシューター 何処へ行ったの


sighing hard remembering old jp and nnd


should i watch golden kamuy


should i watch blade runner


File: 1539930672266.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.97 KB, 1280x720, Snapchat-851379122.jpg)

Are you here cam


I walk
with the wolf
that is no more


its an upgrade
miatas are for homos


I still have the miata but it's out of commission for a while them are 21 inch str rims a little big for my taste


did you boost up the coi愛rs


gonno become a puyo world champion


do your best


gonno have some hors d'oeuvres


wish i lived near a touge


accidentally napped for 6 hours


accidentally napped for 6 hours


oh flip


i keep accidentally sleeping for 8 hours and tonight i had a lot of dreams and i remember thinking when i first woke up and was groggy that my business i must attend to in the dream world is much more important than whats going on in the real


ate some bacon sandwiches might morph now


snozed hard


dreamed i accidentally brought a gun to middle school hehe


is gay ass T here


yeah im here



gonno use the cast iron from now on to make eggs its faster they dont stick and you basically just have to rinse it out



sigh time for work


File: 1539959750537.jpg (222.46 KB, 1280x720, 1539947285758.jpg)



she bends over and moves around a lot i think she glued her shirt to her boobs


milk truk just arrive


hello bitch lasagna


what anime is it?




why is my phones weather app in japanese what the hell did you hackers do it was probably just T acting on his own


she was just 17 you know what i mea


no i dont flippin know what you mean


baste bossgfs dad


forgot girls existed


lottery is at almost 1 billion payout everyone buy a ticket so if one of us wins we can buy a mansion and live it up for the rest of our days




buy a lottery ticket and a 40 oz steel reserve


File: 1539968066056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB, 2150x3035, __lexington_zhan_jian_shao_nyu_drawn_by_ray_pi….jpg)

me having a cryjo


File: 1539969368436.png (112.34 KB, 585x214, bad8fb7f139c89c82e7cea649b515242.png)

wish i had a sense of smell


hate breeders


any girls here wanna hook up







File: 1539969909198.jpg (203.07 KB, 767x1279, tinder-height-supremacist.jpg)

its just babyfat


wish mgtow types would stop making fake dating profiles and such because it makes it harder to pill the masses
women are bad enough people on their own they dont need our help


File: 1539970190542.png (923.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-123051.png)

this bitch a giraffe


nice facebooker


File: 1539970803135.png (889.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-124128.png)



have a feeling these girls are NOT actually 18


no shit


bring on the teens


at work hima gonno get myself a burg and a coke coffee plus


die and ban


stop drinking coffee with drain cleaner added


made some kicked up brownies with sriracha damn theyre good


dead hours


gonno bring the whole pan upstairs and watch overlord for the next five hours thanks for NOThing hima


just got finished running two miles


wonder if preteen girls still play maplestory


its NOT 2004 again


what do they play now then


wish i had a combat maid


roblox and fortnite


fixing this keyboard is gonno be a nightmare i removed some caps and replaced 1 but being a reflappered perfectionist i didnt like how i soldered it so i retouched it but when i checked continuity again i was receiving a beep from both ends i NOTiced i scratched the pcb exposing the copper underneath i tried repositioning it again but this next one of the copper pads next to it came off i think its over now


sexy ladies hate fortnite they only play smash mates


File: 1539978839120.png (453.5 KB, 1080x1920, 46rsu4sxo4t11.png)



i dont get it


gonno get a switch and the new smash mates and main dk


fool you have to be quick with the iron


main little mac instead


if you grab me and suicide im gonno rage


sorry to say i would own everyone here hard in smash mates even if you all teamed up against me


meet me in the wilderness


Just got a job at Amazon as a delivery driver


you mean amazon flex yeah anybody can sign up for it



dont they use robots why would they need a human delivery mate


Idk she seems kind of cool


No I'm a driver but it's NOT tofu they had two options 5 8 hour days or 4 10 hour days i chose the 5 because it was the only Monday thru Friday


nervous and shivering sigh


shiver me timbers


Short blonde bimbo walks like she just got blacked she's cute as he'll though



ya thats a lesson learned im really demotivated to keep going if the lifted pad is going to it from working can i scratch at the nearest track and have the solder touch it how am i supposed to fix this


crushed some almond rounds now im eating the bits with a spoon hehe


File: 1539982448065.jpg (61.1 KB, 800x377, tools_Header_Joints.jpg)

thats exactly how you fix it






if you dont shower everyday youre a reflapper




hoooooooooooly flip
overlord is baste as hell
im on episode nine


tg called and we negotiated that she NOT eat any twix shes eaten at least 6 chocolate bars and said she would pay me back somehow


just propose already youre NOT getting any younger


also dont forget to pick the right temperature and size tip
if its too small or too cool you wont be soldering youll just be burning it and if its too large or too hot youll still just be burning it theres an optimal range and the process should only take a second if youve got to keep holding it on youre gonno break the traces or the component


really want a hakko soldering setup but i need some red wing boots more


twix is the worst anyway meet me with some 3 musketeers and milky bars


regret being humble seki just hand hima over alright


shes eating all the snickers first


just woke up hey mates




meet me in the wild


speaking of the wilderness should i shave my pubes


trim them unless youre a teenage girl who is fasting to the future part of the color you want to take a look at the config and the color we know as orange was originally called geoluread or yellow-red and the other one is a reverse print and theres a group of girls talking about the great opportunity for you and your business to make your life easier and easier


didnt understand that post


i like when girls shave their kitty all the way bald


i like whe girls dont have any hair to shave


sometimes girls have to go to a bar with them on a regular came up with her boyfriend guess that they will NOT be able and 22 22nd or 21st century the next to a sexy lady party on their first year in a few weeks longer and more likely to wear a new one because they will have to wait until the first of the season to get a new battery


tg just asked what imperative meant


ya well thats cool but if i ever have a wife i would want her kitty bald and make her do her hair in pigtails and wear a disney backpack and dress and wear school uniform shoes or the shoes that flash when you walk


ban whatever the hell this is


what about sneakers


that too i would want her to wear that stuff when i boost her




was thinking about it hehe what the hell


the imperative lesson learned in life is to be believed in the back of their minds and the door to the world to be a pedophile discussion forum for incels and other lesser known issues with the same amount of casual sexual encounters along with the gf shortage of the worlds most popular and popular destinations in the world of the United States


stop slam jamming


if she 愛s me shell do it


also it would be cool to add to the roleplay to dress her up like that and boost her when we invited some company over and then like they show up and she needs to change into regular clothes really fast and i make an excuse for what shes doing haha thatd be tight


my sentences are all over the place this im flappering out over this almost ripped a second pad out


tg asked once if her hair looked good up and i said yeah so now she wears it up all the time


shawty let ur hair down


also she voiced disapproval about my decision to buy a blue switch keyboard for the store
she says its obnoxious and hates typing on it


fire her


how do i stop wetting the bed


im just going to use it as an excuse to ask her if shes tap dancing its fine



whatever happened to dipey




got a bad case of dipe rash


got road rash from jerking too hard


anyone else have sanpaku


Slit my boosting throat




ordered hakko tips for smd parts that was supposed to arrive yesterday but i got impatient and worked with the regular tip


Send me your location I'll pull up


theres gonno be a tip in your ass if youre NOT careful


this is all so infuriating i thought because im getting continuity on both sides of a cap means that the cap is shorted but once i take it off i get continuity on both sides of the pads too what does that mean


just buy a new keyboard


cant stop sneezing


does anyone else sneeze when they get exposed to direct sunlight


when you get the urge to sneeze you are supposed to look into a bright light to force it out


I only sneeze when someone is thinking of me (never)


never been exposed to direct sunlight before


Aren't you going to ask what it's like


these placebos work wonders


got a bad case of ingrown toenail hima help


quit biting your toenails


why would i put my toe in my mouth idiot



File: 1539989234895.jpg (300.22 KB, 1920x1200, 26_tokyo_ghoul.jpg)

the light burns


File: 1539989249057.jpg (336.38 KB, 857x1200, __shinjou_akane_ssss_gridman_drawn_by_ookanehi….jpg)

theyre underage


愛 underage gridman girls


Always get ingrowns but i regularly cut cut my nails every week i get my eyebrows threaded every 2 weeks moisturize every day so whenever i get complimented i get really happy people recognize my hard work


if im going to put this work into looking good i need a man who does the same or at least puts in a little effort


File: 1539989891445.jpg (246.78 KB, 709x564, 540633.jpg)


guess ill play some mtga


gonno put some peroxide in my ear again


bring out the toeknife


finished overlord I now im watchin mushishi


unbanned hima hows it going


why were you banned


gonno fetch the poop knife


starting to really like talking with tg i can make her laugh easily now


make me laugh


i posted


uhhhh tg haha


File: 1539994175441.webm (3.69 MB, 1280x720, ice wallow come.webm)


reposts arent funny


this time last year i would say uhh haha out loud to myself and my knees would get weak from laughing so hard


how does ginko have western clothes like a cotton shurt and a wool turtleneck isnt this before the dutch arrived in japan
does he just have western clothes to identify him as unique


its terminal reflapperation im sorry


should i start donating to girl streamers in need


hungry and thirsty


only truflapper on hima





i must flip yuka


grilling up some dogs


wish bnig didnt despise me


drinkin some 'fe and readin some 'ga


hes too busy flirting with trainee girl to care about us


bored as all HELL


onseki replace the ota banner


File: 1539998404658.png (820.09 KB, 702x1080, 1522541921129.png)

wish a 'nime girl would do this on my dick


feelin groggy




was thinking about logging into the ol vnc and adding a bunch of filters


seki are you there


愛 smelly steam from the pits and crotch


girl crotch doesnt smell


it smells the most its the pheromones


fire up the scot filters


im pheromoneless


pheromones dont have a stench


i have a stench


is this mate right can i detect a short by measuring resistances i get 0 ohms on the two pads where the big cap was but i dont know what to do next


wait its NOT 0 its 6.7


why would there be a short


i dont know what im doing


dont know what im doing with my life


slimy today


the only thing you would have done by flipping the polarity of the keyboard is breaking some components probably blowing a fuse melting some diodes and capacitors none of those cause a short because thats NOT whats wrong with the keyboard


ideally one diode and a fuse would be broken if the keyboard had some kind of polarity protection


keyboard hours i sleep


there has to be a short since im getting continuity on both sides of multiple capacitors



gth kbnorms


she plays elegantly


i want her to take my load


File: 1540001560540.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.43 MB, 4160x3120, 20181019_191153.jpg)

Hit up shell time to hit the town mates


monster pinches get a redbull


ur an idiot


File: 1540001722146.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1080, 1539031446721.png)


im gonno


gonno what


gonno 未来が眩しくて見えない


would you boost a thicc bitch even if she wasnt pretty


i dont get it


saw goat bosss schedule for next week i got a day with tg


shes has the same drink as him


File: 1540003119950.jpg (52.11 KB, 630x630, 1513413033267.jpg)


Upset stomach with that monster just realized ihaven't ate anything all day




I've been too busy in the skreets hope The Boss isn't mad i should call her


Oh nice a Bentley


cant remember the last time i had monster i assume it tastes like piss with the other energy drinks


this mate just taught me a lot


Almost got crashed into by a Corolla of man 4 car crash saw them arguing


I was in the corollas blind spot gu3ss the motherbooster didnt check his blind spot it was 2012 corolla shouldve let him crash me and got mad money


2017 sonata trying to race lol


just learned something new


gonno rage because he didnt clean the shit off the pcb or set the cap straight


eatin some dogs


what kind of sausage did you load them up with


File: 1540005269864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.36 MB, 4160x3120, 20181019_201223.jpg)

Had to re-up mates also how good is a avic-8000nex should i buy it for 75$


ur The Bosss


what are you talking about sausage i said im eating dogs


what type of frank did you use


roids are bad for you


foolish gweilo


awful case of ingrown toenail my toe is pulsating with pain


File: 1540005479154.jpg (71.08 KB, 721x1056, 1531540135544.jpg)


take some ibuprofen


ok i will


hope you loaded them up with relish onion celery salt sports peppers pickles and tomato on a poppy seed bun


Wish turt would advise on the stereo


Think seki would be more knowledgeable I that field though



and sauerkraut


so it hima just pie eating contest central nowadays





File: 1540005760365.jpg (247.48 KB, 1240x1754, 1537241309073.jpg)


yes because onseki is a flipping reflapper that just wants to sit back and light a doink and he refuses to either do anything or to give it to someone else i hope youre happy with how things are himako great job there


Pnig is steaming


i hate him


why does everyone think i smoke weed its been like five months now since ive lit up


ya thats exactly what you would say hehe


onseki can you add a banner and remove the ota one


i cant even tell whos a pie eating contestant and who isnt because the regular posters make awful posts too and some hop around different ips for whatever reason
theres haysuz but as everyone knows hes more trouble when hes banned than if i just let him post


post a replacement
the ota banner will expire after halloween anyway



File: 1540006071486.jpg (9.57 KB, 320x60, wbb.jpg)


consider it done
post more like that too


dont know if i have more like it my folders are a flipping mess


thats NOT me im sitting here heating up a pot pie and thinking of places to ask tg to go for dinner she said she doesnt like pizza


how can you NOT like pizza is she flapper


shes allergic to cheese


best hurry up if you have banner suggestions cunnilingus knows when ill turn on the ol hotspot and fire up core ftp


thats NOT a real thing


i gotta evade 4bans


yeah it is


she is very flapper
doesnt like pizza
doesnt like sugar drinks because they 'stick to her throat'
will eat 2lbs of gummy bears in a week
will eat 8+ chocolate bars in a day
most importantly she does NOT see the benefit to having a mannequin in the store i had to explain to her that i could dress it up in halloween stuff or santa stuff then she asked what i would do with the clothes after the seasons and i said i would wear them
she said shed 愛 to see me be santa with emphasis on 愛 like she was egging me on
oh and when i told her that it was imperative she asked what imperative meant so yeah the short answer is she is flapper


youre unsuited for the job


thats a complex tulpa how long did it take


holy flip thats a mutate if i ever saw one


shes right about sugary drinks


is enterprise any good


hes developed it progressively


i dont know


sugary drinks stick to my throat


i like the premise but heard it was really shitty




lot of art of that girl getting snapped by goblins


rangeban 75.162.x.x seki


simply dont allow haysuz to post on his phone its simple


im NOT talking about haysuz im talking about that neetblog neetblob


i wasnt talking to you loser dont look at me


flip you


go to hell bnig


ok i followed what that mate did cant believe i didnt try reversing the polarity again its NOT like i can do any more damage well i did it again and the hottest parts are the 2 big capacitors and im guessing its either 1 or both thats causing the rest of the capacitors to appear shorted shouldnt have desoldered the other ones but im learning and rosin is defiantly a big help in desoldering last time i was doing it dry thats maybe why my pads flew off on me



can you say that again in english


uhh flappered out again and reversed the earths polarity haha


baste bogan


pretty sure i told you to check the ones right at the start off the power supply first


File: 1540007092346.jpg (49.02 KB, 300x100, s.jpg)

banner this


papa mama gomenasai ahan
yurushite waruikodayone ahan


gonno snoze


boku wa abunomaru


added that one
changed the filters around a little
NOT sure if i got all the annoying ones but i changed the ones i can remember people bringing up


gonno grill up some steaks


flapperlaughing nice one seki


wish onseki would make me laugh or even feel happy but he does the complete opposite


its a flipping drag race ban the street racers


drag race


those are fine


gonno mutate for a bit hopefully when i come back hima wont have too many posts (笑)


basteseki pissing on himakos grave


drag racerseki


new router should be hear tomorrow hopefully itll come before i head up to iowa




filter trainee girl


theres a filter that turns into trainee girl ill let you find it
added some himaceleb filters too


thats NOT the same thing


he stopped referring to her as trainee girl like a week ago but filtering tg might work


im chuffed


filter tg or gran to sandwich lady


this ones NOT as good as my idea


this cubic futurismo album is good
its the album with the koisuru zukei from the bijutsubu show


NOT sure if its a technoboys pulcraft greenfund track honestly doesnt say in the metadata but probably






gonno eat some lasagna


gonno nap


nice new grand tour in 3 weeks


愛ly lady


norm tour


sigh 2014


laughing hard


getting flashbacks to 2014 when i used to get drunk and listen to dumb memes songs on repeat very loudly and the neighbors would bang on the door when i was passed out on the floor in a pool of frothy vomit



seki will repopulate japan


laughed so hard i drooled all over my desk


wish i was baste like aris


gonno transform see you tomorrow hima


nevermind im NOT coming back until its morph again


die tranformer


dont understand why anyone would give money to a streamer


i gave money to neetblog when he streamed


what did he spend it on


scape 12 month membership


that gran


File: 1540010855234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.33 MB, 4160x3120, 20181019_213957.jpg)

Tbat mate reminded me of bruce from grand theft auto he gave me 2 energy drinks


oh hehe
the tg filter is overriding the bastàrd filter ill fix that


fire up the scot filter list


holy flip those 2 capacitors near the usb power get really hot fast i think youre its those caps at fault how did i mess up checking that


theyre being recompensed financially according to their service


went to the hardware store then got a burger whats up mates


im trying to fix my nail but i dont think its possible because theres NOThing left to cut


gonno watch some one piece


amputate the toe


File: 1540014255439.png (359.55 KB, 1000x868, 83a7c807f18b72db34b75773c9a0e5152b513aa34a23ca….png)


just cut the whole nail out and let it regrow naturally


jod to shunga again sigh


i might have to go to the hospital tomorrow and remove the toenail actually cant stand this pain right now even laying down


hopefully youll take more care when you trim them next time


welp now i must jerk it


gonno mow


gonno transform



flapperlaughing at all these novelty artists


going to listen to obamas speeches that man was a true leader


NOThing like this incompetent trump buffoon



finished mowing


File: 1540026155088.png (914.68 KB, 600x708, 1526194850908.png)


dont understand the boson meme



feeling lonely lately


forgot how flipping pasted (and redpilled!) umineko is


bacon sandwich time


senpai bought me a club sandwich today wasnt too bad


her panties are visible through the cloth at the end


holy flip didnt realize it was so late for everyone already this is like noon for me since i woke up at around midnight


im about to transform


what was the point of changing the sound of imagine breaker theyve been using the same one for over 10 years and it was fine





cappuccino time


waked whats up hima


im gamin


is sushi bar still the same filter




File: 1540046905208.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.85 KB, 768x1024, __original_drawn_by_takezamurai__365d14ede5362….jpg)


jaypee boy


hate gayboosts


stretched and yelled


i must sperm



slave to the demiurge


its natural


File: 1540050844178.jpg (90.3 KB, 600x800, 1441799421517.jpg)


wish i could quench my thirst on some sexy ladypee


File: 1540053028204.jpg (111.18 KB, 850x1050, Dp9BbriU4AEXNUX.jpg)

always hated when girls aired out their feet on my desk


if you cant handle me at my neet you dont deserve me at my blog


really i 愛d it


i remember one time in 10th grade a girl took her shoes off and laid down on the floor beside my desk in a class and started talking to me she probably had some weirdo fantasies and thought the acne kid might humor her but she thought wrong


never went to 10th grade whats it like


school was hell


i have awoken


live organ sample


what the flipping boost onseki revert the live organ sample filter NOW


is it live organ sample


chicken nugget


pasted sb mates and their filters


gonno grill up some steaks dammit


this was all sekis own decision


yeah sure because filters didnt exist preseki


this is paste




put some ketchup on those bad boys


the ones added yesterday were added by onseki mutant


ribeye steak and live organ sample are staying


got a live organ sample for you right here seki


nah the sb gave him a list of filters to integrate and he did as he was told like the good little pet he is


hi chew is baste


there havent been any new posts on the sb in over 3 months


the sb must be overthrown


never been to the sb before whats it like



cartoons are so cringe and they always have been its like they were engineered to turn viewers into autismos who 愛d shite like signature poses and quips and one liners
their entire thought patterns twisted by some dumb cartoon tjey watched when they were seven


she was just 17 you know what i mean


gonno fire up some milky holmes


should i get a roomba


NOT if you value your life


File: 1540062224007.png (1020.82 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! - 03….png)


i dont know what you boosting mean


wish i had a jacked gf so long as shes NOT some bimbo constantly posting pics on instagram


girls only go over the top on things for attention so good luck with that


thats NOT over the top but yeah


pnig why didnt you go to the donald trump rally in mesa


he was busy stalking gran


trying to murder gran


flapperlaughing hard imagining roombamates death


gonno flapperlaugh to


its like
i got a wing in one hand and a brerb in the other


texting flappergirl hehe


wish i was gran


File: 1540063680129.jpg (25.84 KB, 540x540, jUYsdnb.jpg)


pasted capememe


File: 1540064340333.jpg (6.04 KB, 240x240, RZNP2XbR_400x400.jpg)

im a artist


File: 1540064625958.jpg (97.22 KB, 1024x683, 000_5GQiCEI.jpg)



is that cam




having a 愛ly saturday hima its sunny theres a slight breeze its 70-75f im watching some classic cars show on cable tv with senpai and having a coffee


its sunday


die pastaheal


how can i be less threatening to women


be hot


chop your balls off


how about you die instead buddy


the new mate and the dork mate are talking about naruto


really wish i could join the water industry


dork mate started reading manga on his phone while eating a 12 pack of tacos


wouldnt stand having to be around those mates i do NOT envy you


gonno play some mtga


norm the gathering


File: 1540067097965.jpg (127.64 KB, 1440x571, wuppvndvw8t11.jpg)



got the waha banner


baste van




translate it weebs


just woke up hey mates gonno have some coffee and play mtga


hey im havin coffee and playing mtga too


jaypee boy the gathering


NOThing jaypee boyish


im jaypee boy


kitty is transforming on my lap


kittys real slimy today


torikku oa torito



dont post pics seki will ban you


feasting soon hima


feast in hell


愛 to expand my bde aura


i just feasted on some lahmajoun and tabbouleh myself


flip you sandnig


i must dump


hate saturday night shift so bad
roasts in here looking at me like an insect


simply look better


the world gonno grill up some steaks only knows taught me that being looked at in disgust is better than getting no attention at all


unironically considering leaving hima until the sb filters calm down


theyre sekifilters mutant


gonno give flappergirl a call and make her laugh


wonder if seki is ever going to enable the scotfilters


hope himas still here in a couple decades might timetravel


send me the FLIP back to 2006


seki fire up the ssh board



seki initiate order 66


dont think i could go back to a time before hima its already too deep i say things out loud like wish to flip a sexy lady and im flapper there would be no place for me


gonno draft


draft is stupid literally every deck is dimir


whats draft


nice meme street racers


dork mate said he just caught up on mutate beat
other mate said he wants to watch yuyu hakusho

called flappergirl and had a fun chat with her shared some laughs


gonno grill up some steaks


simply get under the dimir decks with a nice boros draft


steak is the most norm food


no its NOT


that would be bacon


it is


got a pack of bacon yesterday gonno fry it up


hate when norms call rare steak bloody


hate steaknorms


these flips are talking nonstop about naruto now gonno grill up some steaks damnit


naruto is basted


never seen a shounen series before


almost couldnt contain my laughter when i heard them talking about hinatas soft fist
they both agree boruto is a bitch


boruto is simply misunderstood


its a filter for gonno grill up some steaks


havent watched boruto in months


shounen is the only good type of anime


it is bloody


flappergirl said i need to stop tempting her with food she even changed the tone of her voice and sobbed in a whining tone that shes going to get fat
NOT stopping


nice plumbergirl


its NOT blood


nice feedernig


feedee girl


what is it then


water and plasma


never understood how people can use multiple monitors hurts my eyes having to move between them


dont move between them so much then or maybe you are sitting too close


i only have one monitor i threw my old ones away


i have no monitors


baste phonemate


gonno buy some pizza pops senpai is gonno get mad




might make some bacon sandwiches soon


or maybe some carbonara hehe havent had pasta in a while


might make my bacon into carbonara


wish seki would give me some tips for flappergirl


make some puttanesca instead


thirsty what should i drink


drink blops monster energy hehe


i dont have any anchovies




megamillions at 1.6 billion now you mates have to buy in its the right thing to do because it could save all of your himamates from a life of wageslavery


can you buy my ticket for me


make puttanesca napoletana instead then


miss senpaigf


if i won the megamillions i would make the himamansion and buy every himamate a mialta to steam turt


im just gonno make a recipe of my own creation


gonno create my dick in your ass




gonno huff some gasoline here hima time to get high


drink it instead


File: 1540075937839.jpg (725.3 KB, 1448x2048, __admiral_and_atago_azur_lane_drawn_by_dako699….jpg)

live organ sample


drinking is bad for you and you dont get high


whats azur lane is it just kancolle


why would that steam me


turt is permasteamed


if i won id invest it all in diversified assets



because you would lose the uniqueness of the only positive trait you have


but haysuz already has a miata



theyve sold over a million miatas if i was concerned over having a unique car i would have looked elsewhere


these creatures dont look human


p anderson said its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich mate to go to heaven


because id rather have virtually infinite money forever


p anderson is a flipping flapperrager


his wife is the whore of babylon


nah hes pasted








just wiped a dimirnorms board with citywide bust hoo boy


got seven wins hell yeah


thats pasted


aris playing some sc6 pretty baste


think i have a kidney stone




used claura and invertmas for over two years but now im really enjoying the w theme even though its bright im used to it now


canNOT stand the w theme because theres no red chat bubbles


did you know that aris is a sc world champion


File: 1540077588994.png (540 B, 19x17, internal.png)

add them now



pastas cookin


you cant survive on pasta only you need variety


wish to sniff a sexy lady


sniff this


i dont get it


wish i had some pasta


i havent had pasta in like a week


sexy ladies smell like milk and strawberry shampoo


some of them smell like pee


sexy ladies smell like shit


what does sexy ladypee smell like


it smells the same as old man pee


thats NOT true


milks baste


just got ynajed


pasta time


like cream soda


hate cream soda


愛 cream soda


gonno cream soda



may i post this


flip this reflapper


mentally ill


hate this deck so flipping much im making it next


gonno think


any niv mizzet parun deck really i rage hard every time he gets played


simply counter it


it cant be countered


activate your trap card


whats up




should i eat raw brain







guess ill hit the konbini im out of sugary goods



fake scooped my way to a gp semifinals before getting banned for life


Holy boost two nc miatas 1 is a newer model 2009 probably other is like mine both are live organ sample stock including ride height there's twoChad's with gfs in them


wish i could get a gf in my miata but theyd probably hate the seats



told flappergirl all the things i want to do with her next week phew



File: 1540084221019.jpg (2.61 MB, 4160x3120, 20181020_180857.jpg)



gonno listen to some sargon


yardwork time


are you gonno spread mulch


i make my own fertilizer


whats your recipe




just realized china is better than japan in ever conceivable way


which ways were those again


wonder when japan is going to apologize for nanking




hate when i get asked why i decided to go to japan they probably want me to admit im a weebcel that likes watching cartoons the african mate asked me just the other day and followed it with asking me if i watch anime and i said the usual 'ive seen a couple' he probably knows


well whats the answer


Ever since that run my sinuses have opened up and i can't stop sneezing or dropping boogs


expected to be a slayer all those years i spent preparing to beat the norms at their own sushi bar amounted to NOThing


you got owned hard




why would you go to japan for cartoons if you cant even understand the cartoons without subtitles


i thought the people would have subtitles too


think i might cry


i only watch the dubbed versions


realized today that the dork mate does NOT wear deodorant
going to bring it up to tg tomorrow if i say 'i hope i dont smell like that' she will tell me right away if i smell good or NOT shes nice like that


cant believe aris is a molester


File: 1540085915220.jpg (75.94 KB, 700x490, 1336639061731.jpg)


what do nigs smell like


File: 1540086164937.jpg (31.28 KB, 320x385, 1532740554390.jpg)


i use old spice fiji scent so its supposed to smell like fresh coconut and tropical wood


pants keep falling down my ass


congrats neetblog how much do you weigh now


ever heard of a belt you brat


that wasnt me i still weight around 220 lbs


dont need no belt gonno keep on sagging


thats NOT fat



whats NOT fat


220 lbs


yeah it is im obese




i weigh 1.3 neetblogs


youre morbidly obese


whats morbid about it


im 160lb


a man shouldnt weigh less than 200lbs


its part of the fgc culture


does that mean if i weight less then 200lb i can boost sexy ladies and sexually active teenagers


no it means youll be a certifiable manbaby


seems like a yes in my book


if i weighed 199 id still be obese


is there such thing as a womanchild


thats just a sexy lady


all women are children


im a child


NOT senpai


like that filter better than the boss


speaking of senpai the dork mate got his phone fixed so he told me all his ringtones are anime sound effects
his text tone is a wash tub dropping


also NOTiced today his backpack says fairy tail on it with the logo
wish i could surprise him with a milky holmes shirt but ill just continue wearing my aloha shirts


can i put a tgm cabinet in the back of the waterstore


if you can fit it back there you can put it back there im going to try to get a couch for the back i just need someone to move it



File: 1540088130098.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.27 KB, 600x440, deyuuku.jpg)


literally shaking



File: 1540088332200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.48 KB, 400x544, 44a8988e246508c74687fba1251e587c.jpg)


File: 1540088413204.png (79.34 KB, 454x245, 2018-10-20-181829_454x245_scrot.png)

seki put this banner with the regular ones so its there after halloween


hes watching zombieland




should i get an fdrx1000


wonder what cammy is doing


played some forza 4 makes me want to go get a license so i can Drive but i mainly just paint cars like touhous





kind of want to get one so i can motovlog but if nobody will watch theres no point




flip you touhou is pasted


im pasted


no because its expected for woman to act like teens


nah it blows


i act the same now as i did when i was a teen


he doesnt know about milky holmes


probably NOT ill bring that one up with someone else


this one feels like a zun song


actually yes thats what i did we bought a big bale and i was breaking it up and carting it over to where the vegetables are gonno be and spreading it



my prestige level is now 1



aris is a disgusting pervert


he hates perverbs


i have a confession to make




go ahead


my name is also cameron




sardine time


you can be cam jr


staying at an airbnb house in iowa


come visit me


herkz used to live in iowa




traveling by bus going to ames tomorrow


thinking about getting jacked


iowa is kind of dull bunch of chads cute girls though no wonder nb stares at a wall all day


This mate is getting his dick touched by some old roast at the club loooool


dont get jacked get toned thats what girls really 愛




Think its time to leave dont like this place its too old


nice pedsuz


can i post a jo song yet


cant jo to music


you should be able to easily jo to this song


cant jo to that song can only jack to it


sigh im so disappointed
i spent 20 minutes trying to figure out which type of popcorn to get i was struggling trying to find the differences between ultimate butter and movie theater butter and butter 愛r flavor
i was looking for the type that has a little oil pouch in it but i guess i chose wrong


flux just kicked in


very nice lyrics in this song can you jo to this one


popcorn codes


flippin hate popcorn it makes me rage how anyone can enjoy that shite


is codes a new filter


i got it for my gf


stop using flux


drafted a selesnya deck lets do this mates


you told me to


whats wrong with popcorn its great


File: 1540091983595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.35 KB, 720x1280, Snapchat-1181181018.jpg)

Eating its really loud here too got a 32 of corona familiar


i, neetblog, told you do, and im an utter buffoon


crying listening to marginal


where are you


right between sawcon and bofa


File: 1540092488816.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.9 KB, 720x1280, Snapchat-1584021239.jpg)


gonno puke


i stopped using it shortly after


sigh cant stop using it now or ill get eyestrain


use to be a flux hater but now i like it




stopped using it because it messes with the colors too much so id turn it off before watching anything


ya i turn it off when i watch stuff but its good for hardcore all night making sushi sessions


i cant hardcore all night sushi bar anymore


used flux for a little while a couple of years ago
when it turned on i would always switch to movie mode


wont bring up any of the times flux flipped up hima


time to feast on chicken parmjon




This burrito is garage time to boosting leave


how can a burrito be garage


wish i had a burrito right about now


that fortune cookie still haunts me to this day sigh


had a burrito earlier and sat down to eat but then people started walking in and the new mate and the dork mate were flipping useless at helping them so i had to wait to finish it


It's too salty and the sauce is shit and it has too much rice NOT enough meat plus the meat isn't great


wish i had a mamacita to make me a real deal mexican burrito


Theres spanish karaoke think im 未来が眩しくて見えない puke


go there and sing some bruno mars


I will get kicked out


sing despacito


gonno learn mandarin



wo jiao neetblog


hima i need to ask something that will immediately impact my life for the remainder of the night and possibly months to come


ask away


nevermind i should NOT have even mentioned it


deja q time




went 7-1 with the selesnya draft
so far im 6-3 3-3 7-1 7-1 in draft


gonno pick me nose


File: 1540095592327.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.27 KB, 600x440, deyuuku.jpg)


File: 1540095645059.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)


glad i didnt ask phew i doused that popcorn with popcorn butter and hoooo boy was it good


just got a headache and my right eye went blurry is this a stroke


愛 a good buttery popcorn


there was a puddle of butter at the bottom of the bowl thats how you know it was good



i only use salt


youre a flipping fool get out of my sight


File: 1540096187692.png (2.38 MB, 1298x2118, Untitled_Panorama2.png)

wish that was me


i avoid the puddle


broke my tooth a little bit uh oh


nice comments canadians are gross eating popcorn with a spoon


hate popcorn it gets stuck in your teeth and stabs your gums and scsnaps your throat on the way down


the butter is to lubricate it so that it doesnt scsnap your throat


it tastes like cardboard


File: 1540096431112.jpg (1.55 MB, 1861x2642, 1539973764193.jpg)



use salted butter


thats what the butter is for too


youre ignorant




need a foot on my face


is this a jacking song


may as well just eat butter out of a bowl and mutate the corn


the texture of the popcorn is the key


hell yeah thats the stuff


feeling very motivated like i could write a nice long fabricated post


File: 1540096950954.png (492.68 KB, 1200x1700, 9e1fa9ae25066656b306db88bdcfd3cf.png)

forgot how incredibly hideous this character is


shes hideous




File: 1540096998862.jpg (262.59 KB, 1300x910, f1b4859a0578394c91f6f3c741856545.jpg)

how about now


sigh seki ruined my post


basted fuhlippin filterseki flipping everything up and forcing people to leave hima


File: 1540097140729.png (320.46 KB, 674x980, 60834b6a0365990c2e6fca5a7db47cc8.png)


big chicken nugget


posted this before shes even hideous in the op




File: 1540097396250-0.png (658.66 KB, 666x1000, c6e08291a30fd19a3f2e1ca0413d9f90.png)

File: 1540097396250-1.png (849.46 KB, 1000x1031, c970f4fdd1a27b7ba37f911617cb3ed4.png)

does this really ever happen do girls this age really just start crying for no reason


yes because its so hard to be a woman in todays society


i cry for no reason
actually its for a lot of reasons but it just happens randomly


havent had a cry in years


after a mate in his 30s gave tg his number she told me it was hard being a girl





cant stop looking at akazukin chacha shes very cute but also kind of hideous


im very hideous but also kind of cute


File: 1540097590262-0.png (236.43 KB, 600x780, ef1bfa4fcd9f015111094e040bde3030.png)

do you look like this


no i meant hideous


hideous or hideous


striking resemblance


sis said i should get aniracetam turt as the resident drugnorm whats the verdict


thought i lost a lot of anime songs that i had favorited but they were just on an anime song playlist




baste seki owning the sexnorms


i prefer to say sexual anyway


i dont download music


zenzen kanojo ni itenai


thou fool


herkz said he deleted music after listening to it


i wish i could delete your herkz posts after reading them too


its NOT herkz fault he was insufferable


des moines


lets meet up


the fact that chacha is just a stupid ass kid is mindblowing


dont do it youll be snapped


im always fascinated by kazunori senseis ability to identify the best and most sexual girls and draw them in ways that satisfy many high class fetishes including my own


my fetishes are much more aristocratic


what are they


moral degeneration and drug use


what the fuck


thoroughly enjoyed listening to this but its very different from something zun would make although you can hear his influence


File: 1540099025793.jpg (117.38 KB, 500x824, e322b7139750fa906e6de99165e7aee3.jpg)

as for me its gotta include -looking_at_viewer and most of their works satisfy this


a us to kagoshima flight is only about 2k


File: 1540099202876.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, jefjwa.png)


nevermind only half of that what a steal


wonder when ill hit my growth spurt


going to watch some one piece and eat some tuna sandwiches


nekomata master is a master



when i wake up i think i went through a growth spurt each night but the growth goes away in a few minutes


File: 1540099470668.png (438.86 KB, 760x720, 1436466816362.png)


youre taller in the morning than in the afternoon


the growth is centered about my groin area


File: 1540099534917.png (1.42 MB, 1754x1240, 5f812b5c128344dcbd4a8d55f10835ca.png)

this makes me uncomfortable but i enjoy armpit_peek


if i stretch will i grow taller


might do some more yardwork then


dont leave me alone with neetblog



File: 1540099832814.png (80.23 KB, 750x600, dc6a5c74da8a0b793b3b1a7b37a337fd.png)

tomu needs to be stopped


i visualise music in my head in strange ways zuns is thinner but more encompassing perhaps its because of his instruments and slow beat with excessive quiet background beats and the music is threaded together instead of blended maybe its just because ive listened to it so many times though that ive practiced picking up on particular melodies but i dont feel it as much with this video even though i can appreciate the composition







403 forbidden




nah go to hell


File: 1540100496992-0.png (Spoiler Image, 104.52 KB, 600x730, 79eefbc2ab17b93cda33ef98c9fadecb.png)

File: 1540100496992-1.png (Spoiler Image, 88.73 KB, 730x600, b1e19b49aac98e027db97ac04a9194ff.png)

File: 1540100496992-2.png (Spoiler Image, 86.22 KB, 730x590, 961dc49a97ab78ed3dc38181b9714d50.png)


anyone have the mananachio webm


File: 1540100615421.webm (3.95 MB, 800x450, Mananacchio.webm)


nice hehe


File: 1540100792240.mp4 (7.61 MB, 45ga3.mp4)




pretty cute in the beginning running around like flappers but the glasses getting knocked off left much to be desired


had to cancel my yardwork because it started raining


its like they werent even trying disgusting whores


sick of comcast NOT working what does senpai pay them for


like seeing girls of different sizes acting seductively like them


gonno snoze


found a decomposing maggot filled rat had to dump him


gonno nap but i hope i dont nap too long


might crack open a cold one and play some mtga


crack open a cold one with the boys


Finally home I'm boosting tired


die capitalnorm


time for some eurobeat and 250mph sushi making


pasta time


the end is near


File: 1540115291312.jpg (Spoiler Image, 672.93 KB, 1500x1250, 8c624ffc0d09bb10ec9466438f818a6f.jpg)

live organ sample


whats wrong with her


flip you synth 愛r


hima is dead


never read sicp whats it like



heh ive broken up chicken breasts to be boiled like that i didnt get oiled up beforehand though


File: 1540128659483.jpg (1020.45 KB, 1374x2000, 001.jpg)

live organ sample


愛 kashima feets


never understood footnorms


die nofoot


File: 1540131045757.png (803.79 KB, 855x797, 1540125125631.png)


any humans here


i am NOT a robot


its time to add captcha to hima onseki


hehe that would be a good april fools joke actually


fire up the kanji captcha


only kanji i know is 姦


where is everyone


im making sushi




what are you gamin


im playing puyo puyo tetris against himako


himako is playing puyo puyo tetris in heaven now


cant believe himako is dead


shes NOT


himako achieved satori


at the water store that scape boss went to its pretty nice lots of cool water products that only franchise owners can sell


do you stock zamzam water at the water store


wish i was shameless enough to scam people by selling water


only going to get 4 hours of sleep today sigh


simply transform


just bought soul calibur 6


未来が眩しくて見えない transform see you in the neet hours


norm calibur


its pasted


paste this


when do i get to stop being bored


start working at a place with teenage girls and bother them


do NOT work


i dont wanna be around young girls what if i get a crush on one


you wont thats unnatural


just woke up grabbed a monster and its time for some blops hima whats going on with you mates


need to shower bad


gonno cry


wish i was a dashing bishi like sesshomaru


flappergirl called unable to turn on the computer she sent a picture of the monitor light saying it wasnt turning on
had to explain how to restart the computer itself now shes excited and proud of herself for actually doing it


never seen an orbiter with this level of obsession



its easy to be obsessed when its all in your head hehe


this isnt 0 week step it up


File: 1540146248917.png (Spoiler Image, 76.58 KB, 708x1123, Screenshot_20181021-112202~2.png)

now shes talking about how shes soooo bored


pasted erika


pasted kenny


shes one of the only other people who works at my store it just so happens that shes flapper and kind of nice to talk to


fabricating text messages just for a meme


fired up the nekomata master medley


is turkish coffee good


spermed to megumin


post the pic you spermed at


NOT playin all that well right now hima might drop out of blops for a bit


blop in hell


File: 1540148092830.jpg (Spoiler Image, 614.46 KB, 1133x800, f62f217dbdbf4b29f8df70c30b9419f1.jpg)




busy day hima
intended to go buy a cichlid for the tank but when i started up my car the belts were whining and since i had the whole day open i figured id just buy them and install them
spent 60 dollars on them which is kind of expensive but i needed them now


busy day playing blops here hima gonno fire up some pho later to then get back on ops


just pledged $10 to that patreon


die bloppers


File: 1540148588185-0.jpeg (1.99 MB, 4032x3024, 1E3679EB-BAF2-409B-A17E-6009A903F622.jpeg)

File: 1540148588185-1.jpeg (1.97 MB, 4032x3024, 7D243ED6-A6AA-46C0-B990-2E5EF5CCB85F.jpeg)

found some fairly annoying things while i was changing them one of the engine mounts is knackered and my exhaust manifold has a crack in it


plumber pass just arrived in the mail


愛 gettin all greasy


old store owner came in and i had to leave and call tg


im greaser


woke up three hours ago whats up mates


i have a bad oil leak behind the alternator im going to have to address at some point but im NOT sure how high its coming from seems to be from the headseal


workin man hands


senpai always makes fun of my soft hands sigh


dark spot of dried blood has been under my callous for weeks


watching the f1 race with dad


wish i had a daddy


its NOT that great


my hands are soft


havin a coffee too


time to make brownies but first ramen


ive got a brownie right here for you



goat boss sent out the schedule he flipping moved tg to a different store that fool


flip you kenny


cant believe raikkonen won that was crazy


phew jogged two miles again to boomer music


cant keep up the tulpa girl meme anymore so he moved her to aNOTher store


i was scheduled to be with her on friday but he put her in a different store on friday and back in my store the next day


im sure you are


gonno flip erika


firing up some musou


musous code


what the flip is that filter pinch was way better


musou is baste


live organ sample


nice bald まんこ vagina girls


woke up gonno have some coffee


horrible filters very disappointing


File: 1540155542155.jpg (68.51 KB, 372x594, Db0s7YXVAAAtH-S.jpg)


basteseki owning the sbnorms


hows everyone doing today


cant believe jpgfs would rather get flipped by fat old businessmen than to so much as NOT rob me




Shouldve been strapped and magdumped the theives


uh oh things are going downhill time to get a job


NOT having a job is a big meme simply Work


File: 1540156019884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.28 KB, 1080x1206, 1540154657820.jpg)


buy a megamillions ticket instead
working is for idiots


is that seki


Think that's a pic of old seki he's bearded now


onseki isnt a chinlet and he would never touch up his abs in photoshop


Seki is a chinlet that's why he has facial hair


so is gambling


its NOT gambling if you win


i dont have a beard anymore i shave like three times a week
watching peace maker kurogane


File: 1540156250620.png (Spoiler Image, 796.18 KB, 1100x1022, __original_drawn_by_toxxy__afa8ef4652ce42396f6….png)




File: 1540156304318.jpg (111.16 KB, 860x1288, 067.jpg)


just airing out the twat


hairy まんこ


What do they call those japanese mates who pay to sniff sexy ladies panties




Isnt there a word for them they catch them going home from school and pay them


i do that




they call em basted


wish i was basted


new filters code hard


theyre fine


pinch was basted


wish i could stop jacking it so i didnt smell like cum every morning


what does cum smell like


Smells how it taste - sweet


dont jerk it for a week and you will defiantly NOTice it


almost feel bad for onseki he tries so hard to be cool but always fails


phew nice 7 wins`


good job



seki did you get my memo last night


send it again to the sb email



File: 1540158131466.png (79.34 KB, 454x245, 2018-10-20-181829_454x245_scrot.png)

put this banner with the regular ones so it stays after halloween its pasted


need to code




code or code




code or code




pinch or pinch


why do you keep living


just to suffer


End my suffering


File: 1540158626507.webm (677.65 KB, 1280x720, whywontyoudie.webm)


just aNOTher day in the life of a sub 5/10


basted memetron


nice oblivion ref bro


Thank you


my gonno grill up some steaks playing dimir in draft feels so dirty


its the wrong dimensions plus seki would never make a good decision


Niece doesn't want to watch monster family with me should i hold her but then she'll cry for her senpai


just played t2 spybug t3 agent t4 predator t5 watcher t6 predator surveiling away for perfect draws


die sushi chef


day is almost over need to have tg order some stuff


by that you mean your going to order stuff


joing to the next image posted


File: 1540160165070.jpg (61.57 KB, 638x483, 1537142450116.jpg)


senpai got me the meat mountain from Arby's(TM)


reflapper i meant the banner in the scrot NOT the whole picture you absolute fool


remind me after halloween


glad i only work mon-fri


firing up some legalized thc here


die norm


your lunacy fits neatly with my own
my very own


hell yea


old owner came in now i cant talk with tg


holiday banners are 300x120 normal banners are 300x100 its too big


headphones smell awful i should clean them




File: 1540161746530.png (1.55 MB, 1114x839, RJ203383.png)


die sexnorm


the size of the banners does NOT matter at all they will display regardless of size just like ronald


sexual little minx


vile gal


phew 愛 little dark skinned goth lolis


nice boobies


do you really want the page shifting 10 pixels or more down just because you cant resize the banners properly


thats NOT a goth sexy lady


im a goth hideous lady



baste hideous goth lolis


is this a drag race


its the new filter for goth loli


thats hella paste


File: 1540162223320.jpg (285.62 KB, 1100x1607, 1539796443764.jpg)

just knocking back some brewskis with the buds


me in the middle


wish that was me




wish people still used dvds


i still use dvds


all my anime dvds turned piss yellow


愛 cds jewel cases are pasted


life would improve in every facet except muscular ability height and the inclusion of the menstrual process if we could reroll as females


just finished installing blops4 with the sushi barstop 8 dvd package


File: 1540162714046.jpg (701.7 KB, 800x1129, 1505982988118.jpg)


do wells actually exist never seen one before


miss drinking well water




youve never seen a kitty either do you think theyre fictional




never seen a vagina i wasnt related to





big flippin sigh


is deadbeef still pasted or does it code



ive never seen a vagina and i dont plan to


we already had this discussion


deadbeef codes use audacious


never got people who use cli music players they code hard and are only good for looking cool


gave tg a call and said that the things i wanted to do with her when we were together would have to wait and she said she was really sad about us NOT having a day together hehe
said she would want to hit the touge too but her bike was too slow so i said she could go on the back of mine and she said that would be perfect


time to feast on this peanut butter and sardine sandwich




at the club


im a balding incel freak whats up hima


cant believe all these music players code this hard


i code


same but im volcel


stopped using music players and just listen to music on youtube


its baste im using it



NOT everything is on youtube


streaming music is unethical and anticonsumer


stream this you fuggin norm


you should only listen to your hand ripped and hand tagged used cds bought in cash


im going to make a website where people can request obscure files like anime and music and webms and deleted youtube vids and people can upload them to help other people out possibly anonymously
basically you as an uploader would get NOTifications when someone is looking for something in your general area of expertise and possibly even financially compensated depending on the requesters demands
if you dont want to give the file up for free you can request payment probably dependent on file size



basically like ss but for things other than audio


once money gets involved youll get sued hard


back where


gonno eat again


is there a panderson service today im NOT kidding i think i can hear him in there


what day is it


oh yeah tg also said she blames me for her gaining 3lbs over the weekend she went from 114 to 117


foolish feeder


doesnt he do the services on wednesday


he does 2 on sunday as well


there are only 6 cars here how many people are normally present




that is a lie


wish i weighed 117 lbs


his sunday night sermon ended over two hours ago


no its NOT


well someone is inside talking loudly in there im about 50 yards from the door and i hear something happening in there


gonno leave and continue my hunt for a new backpack



time for the lasta my pasta


get a vertx backpack google it


how am i supposed to know whats a filter now and what isnt


the swallows that live in my garage had their chicks hatch today


revert the filters seki


End my suffering


havent done anything but wallstare for months


fire a sushi bar up


have you achieved any enlightenment


whats the flipping point


deskstaring hard


thinking about tg again


go womanstaring instead


is sexy ladiestaring okay


hope women dont find out they can kill me by just looking at me with a grossed out expression


go goth loli staring instead


did you black her yet


whats goth sexy lady filtering


its filtering goth hideous lady


cant understand hima anymore


the hubris of the sb will bring about the destruction of himasugi


hima is still too understandable we need more filters


make new ones then instead of changing old ones i dont like change


unleash the scot filters


boot up the scot filters


the filters get me upset


revert the live organ sample filter asap this is a direct order


live organ sampleless wings in garlic sauce


bring back the chicken nuggetless wings


File: 1540169454241.webm (3.9 MB, 540x960, 1539786741120.webm)


mutated the flip out of that


File: 1540169597658.webm (3.92 MB, 540x960, 1539704763966.webm)

mutate this


okay mutated


made myself three tuna melts gonno feast


thats too many


the freak his cloned himself a new body in the image of megumin it may be too late to stop him now




time for the walking norm


wish i was aris


File: 1540170049355.jpg (67.36 KB, 662x885, IMG_20181021_192152.jpg)


File: 1540170252536.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.45 KB, 560x420, 1540164249929.jpg)



good night


sleep tight


im NOT sure whats really going on with her it seems like weve gotten much closer especially in the last few weeks with all the texting and calling


just ask her the "would you code it?" question with a dick pic


sperm and snoze
masturbate and morph
transform and tug


race mixing is wrong


i need to buy some new underwear myself


Is tg fat that's the only reason i see her talking to a nig


she talks to him because there arent many people to talk to its a small store


time to transform


die transformer


gonno grill up some steaks i hate the filters


poisoned all the weeds in the driveway hows it goin mates


shes about 115lbs i posted earlier about her blaming me for her gaining 3lbs to 117lbs
she wasnt even in the same store as me today but we were talking or texting almost all day
she was saddened by us NOT working together when i told her about goat bosss schedule change


think im going to transform


wish i was 115lbs


you said that before except it was 117lbs


im 160lbs


a man should NOT weigh less than 200 no matter the height


im 160 too


Twink seki



Cameron weighs 231 are you going to call him a fatty




usually dislike people saying my name and me saying peoples names but with tg i like hearing her say my name and i like saying her name


gonno get some welchs pop and some caffeine free coke


get some coke coffee plus instead


hate names everyone should just be assigned a number at birth instead


i need a doctor to give me brain pills that make you enjoy things


there is none but they have vanilla coke and vanilla coke zero


愛 vanilla zero


File: 1540174710847.jpg (1.01 MB, 906x1300, 01.jpg)




should i play senpaiirs madness


boruto is a bitch



dont play it it goes towards charity


tried some vanilla coke the other day it tastes like coke and captain morgan


captain norman


im 5'6 i would still be obese if i was 199lbs


I'm 5'4"


im 5'7


played senpaiirs madness and went 0-2


new ななひら


i guess they never miss huh


whos they and what do they never miss


good question


this reminds me of the dork mate and his lack of deodorant
told tg about it and she asked why i didnt tell him i said he would have felt bad the rest of the day and she said if she smelled she would want someone to tell her and then said if i smelled bad she would tell me
ok thats the last tg post for today gonno eat some chili


there better NOT be any beans in that chili


pass that chili my way


weird art and nayuta is NOT my favorite artist the koko albums were amazing


i think thats nayutas artist


what the fuck




hey nice! waki .


Please end my suffering


未来が眩しくて見えない dab on taynos



i didnt get in there the last 20 times why would i now


because aris is b00sting basted


pasted and redpill


No one wants to watch some twitchflapper get out already


flip you normsuz aris is baste


wish i was basted


Only the blimp has a say in what's baste and he hasn't said anything about this aris


i am the blimp you dummy


My apologies emperor i am watching the stream now


Enjoying the stream mates come join blimp and I


might have some bacon sandwich then


aris is baste i watch him every time hes on always makes me flapperlaugh


always makes me want to grab a hotdog to


need to ask something again hima


lay it on us


bold chili or angus chili


bold and get some hot sauce in there


File: 1540178820342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 409.39 KB, 1166x2000, __original_drawn_by_smoke_flyx21__a3435440c136….jpg)


i went with the angus first


wish i was her


how the flip do transporters work why are there seemingly so many instances where people are in ships that have blown up and they just appear on the transport pad


whats the difference between bold and angus


bold ingredients
Ingredients: Ingredients: Water, Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Pinto Beans, Seasoned Cooked Beef Crumbles (Beef, Salt, Flavoring), Diced Tomatoes In Tomato Juice, Jalapeno Peppers, Contains Less Than 2% Of: Chili Pepper, Modified Food Starch, Dried Onions, Salt, Wheat Flour, Spices, Dried Garlic.

angus ingredients
Ingredients: Ingredients: Beef Stock, Seasoned Angus Beef (Beef, Beef Stock, Salt, Sodium Phosphate, Spice), Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Black Beans, Diced Tomatoes In Tomato Juice, Red Peppers, Contains Less Than 2% Of: Modified Food Starch, Dried Onions, Chipotle Adobo Puree (Water, Onion Puree, Chipotle Pepper Puree, Tomatoes, Canola Oil, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Garlic Puree, Natural Smoke Flavoring, White Pepper, Oregano, Bay Leaves), Sugar, Salt, Yeast Extract, White Corn Flour, Dried Garlic, Dried Roasted Garlic, Natural Flavoring, Spices, Soy Sauce (Wheat, Soybeans, Salt, Maltodextrin), Beef Extract, Water, Beef Tallow, Sesame Seed Oil, Carrots, Celery, Onions, Glutamic Acid, Xanthan Gum.


if theyve got beans it aint chili flush em both


flush my ass


gonno fire up some blops and chili in a bit here


Average rating:1out of5stars, pasted on0reviews
It's missing only one thing: flavor. I can't even say it's anything thing that tastes like chili.
tsg1000, February 5, 2017

basted bold reviewer


its NOT chili its bean stew


First, this looks like a microwave type container, but the lid is NOT! What the? Other label Campbells chillis have a perforated plastic lid just for microwaving, but NOT this label, stupid. Next, this isn't chilli. It tastes NOThing like any chilli, ever. It is more like a thin, watery, stew with strange super small beans. NOT a hint of chilli powder taste.

nice super small beans


愛 me some bean stew chili


愛 reading walmart reviews for food they always make me laugh


i like reading reviews of local fast food stores kfc is usually the best


wish i knew how to brown ground beef then i could make my own chili


ill brown y ou


dont use ground beef you boosting reflapper


dont trust beef i didnt grind myself


i'm size 10, ordered L/XL, and my footprint is larger than the cushionless, paper then sole... made in china, what a surprise


cooknorm hours gonno shoot myself


should i stream making a pumpkin pie from scratch


why cant i use ground beef dont be mean to me like that for no reason


Erika, Erika and Erika movies


if you wish to make a pumpkin pie from scratch you must first invent the universe


hell yeah i boosting 愛 science


that reminds me i need to find a download of cosmos hope it doesnt make me cry again


nice cosmosblog


this microwave stag chili is going to be baste cant wait


i remember the first time i watched it on the last episode it was prefaced with a message from carl a few months before his death it was startling to see him go from a middle aged man to a skinny old man


thats cosmosnig


File: 1540181207198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 851.96 KB, 3024x4032, opwubgzf4ft11.jpg)


looks like a roast


gotta hurl


nice まんこ girl


i cant believe turt didnt answer my question


want to watch a movie but NOT sure what i want to watch has anything good come out


just watch cosmos


wanted to get a new backpack but the one i had in mind is wolfwarriorx brand it sounds like a furry owned company


well i guess that settles it im getting one


gonno watch star wars




should i watch some 'me or play mtg


fire up the anime



gonno play mtg instead


norm the normaning


got enough gold for the draft but i dont know what to pick


theres a japanese deck that i really want to craft but it feels like aa waste to use wildcards on because its so unusual most of the cards are useless in any otherdeck


ill help you if you want or i could link you some helpful articles about ravnica limited


what kind of deck is it


its a self milling deck that utilizes narcomoeba and crippling chill


link me up


sounds basted craft it up



and check on channel fireballs websites pvddrs whats the pick articles and lsvs card by card limited reviews for reference


des moines is flipping dead rarely see people on the street maybe because i came on the weekend but still how is this the capitol it is lifeless excluding a few select restaurants


why do you think herkz left for washington when he went to college


i came here to check out iowa state seeing the dozens of fraternity buildings gave me an unsettling feeling


when are we going to meet up


im leaving tomorrow morning




who the boost is in iowa and why


hes a nopersona


thats me the iowablog


might do some yardwork then


no the mate visiting iowa


PHEW nice 8 hour making sushi sesh what did i miss hima


what were you playing


souls calibur


wish i could make sushi


its NOT too late


it is


File: 1540185137064.png (1.33 MB, 1033x877, 1GZlR81.png)


gonno grill up some steaks ciel is so attractive


tsukihime ciel


just ordered a katana from japan


File: 1540185592194.jpg (589.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1ebbd386592b49d561a5a79dd2ae8a64.jpg)



was it really necessary to show an xray of that


why NOT


ya it was tsukihime is better though


File: 1540186205539.jpg (2.69 MB, 4075x5930, 1502952385163.jpg)


File: 1540186238210.png (379.75 KB, 600x800, 77d858fe41d4ed64dc5a7e665d304101.png)