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start again with a new spread


problem is theres only like two true wks here and im pretty sure that its otalad and runeheal which shouldnt even be allowed to look at hima much less post and only two bks haysuz which shouldnt be allowed to post either and turt and whenever you make a slightly wkish suggestion you get called wk and wk this wk that and that only makes you hate the bks further and then you make an antiwk comment the wks flip out and start to complain endlessly its a lousy situation


simply ban haysuz and turt


afraid of what sourseki might do to hima next when he gets a little blueberry haze in his system


haysuz has not posted here in months he keeps whining about it


haysuz cant post here and hes a norm that loves women your observations are invalidated


so its just turt


neetblog joins in sometimes


nb has earned the right


really like this opening picture (op for short)


who is the main person simply ban them


whos the guy who got a 2 week ban what happened to 5 day max


some raider


if you dont want to be called a wk dont behave like a wk


i dont


gonno poop


dont ban anyone we need more bastebros


nah wk will scream


used my tard money to buy a 3ds


should have bought crypto
in 5 months you could have bought 50 of them


crypto pinched after decemeber


i just want to play rune factory 4


been listening to burzum for at least four hours


onseki find some common hima phrases and filter them to their japanese translations


gotta fire up the ol vm


acidtron just gets more baste by the day


turt did you go to your highschools 10 year reunion


watch it turt


flipping hate lain what a retarded anime who wrote that shit


albert einstein


gonno watch a vid and snooze bros sigh didnt even have time to read today but i wont skip them ill read two days worth of posts tomorrow instead



im back almost got taken out by a reckless driver when i was walking home


it would have ended your suffering


sigh thats how i want to die lucky


i gave him the finger dont worry


i want death by cop


always feels good to see someone getting into black metal my brother got into it last year it was nice talking about it to him but it turned out he wasnt really that interested it was just for hipster cred


im into black metal we should hang out and talk about it and maybe get high too


drugs are baste


never 'got' metal its too abrasive


okay come over


not a metal fan but i do like black metal for some reason its primal


metal calms me down


it shouldnt really be grouped with other types of metal its very different in its atmosphere and meaning and usually doesnt sound similar either


post your favorite slams


whats that stoner metal genre called like drone or something


progressive metal


stoner doom


i wish i was basted


only listen to yes epics and beefheart


did i post this


only listen to burzum and mayhem


yes you did


what about darkthrone you fool


onseki turned hima into some weed and metal forum


weird i guess i was on autopilot for a moment there


yeah youre right its been nothing but metal for the past month and im sick of it


recommend me some metal


basted metalblog


weirdly i think of bad brainz when i listen to black metal


why do metal fans have long hair anyway some guy asked me i was into metal because of my long hair


they call me the dunkelblog


punks are way cooler than faggy black metal tards


because theyre homos


nah early black metal is much closer to crust or hardcore than metal but snobs wont admit it



love punk shite


File: 1521000211685.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 2576x1932, redsuns.jpg)


darkthrone ended up turning into a punk band also


im not wk and otalad is skipper you are correct with the other part though


darkthrone is basted as hell


yeah fenriz is the only respectable guy to come out of that scene apart from varg


varg is insane


just remembered i do have work tomorrow i was thinking about having a wild eet night guess this is snooze time


hoest is cool too but i dont think he ever really hung around those guys



how come no one cares about jon nodtveidt even though hes way more baste than varg


munorm hours


File: 1521000918199.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)


stopped watching this it was too much even for me


alright gonno have some sausages then start drinkin


what do you mean


stephen hawking died id be sad but i was too tard to understand anything he said


he took most of his material from freakeye


hes burning in hell


he will he steal the style of the freak no longer


he was a unremarkable scientist with a good pr and marketing team


what the flip



esto es el fin grande padre


they are making a mistake by counting on the decency and honesty of latinos


latinos are some of the best people ive ever met


wouldnt trust a latino to stand in knifes reach of me


iq is all you need for a successful life stephen hawking was as flipped up as you can be and yet he still succeeded because of his high iq life is just a dice roll


feel when too low iq to be happy


i have the lowest iq on hima


he didnt always have the disease you know he didnt become a wheelchair cyborg until like his 20s or something


successful in not being able to wipe his own ass lmaoo


most of how your life will turn out is decided at birth


iq is pretty worthless

imagine how bad it would feel to be part of the 150+ elite and still be a no-name loser or self destructive neettard


its way easier to be happy and content with average iq than it is for someone 20 or 30 above average


doesnt matter because iq alone opens up a lot of opportunities and the only thing then holding you back is yourself but if you have a low iq even if you work hard you will still fail and at best end up some working class chump


thats why the freak is obsessed with his friend he was the only one that could understand his genius


got professionally tested at the 140-150 region as a kid and it hasnt done shit for me


are you the guy who keeps posting the squiggly math lines




born just in time to use my iq to navigate the darkweb and fry my brain on research chemicals


hell yeah lets wig out


probably lost at least 20 iq points drinking almost every day


File: 1521002870581.png (275.45 KB, 1598x194, ydnrziir4ll01.png)



this post is so dumb i tried writing 3 different replies to it and all of them were just a waste of time


if your iq was higher you would have been able to come up with the perfect response so you just proved his point




dumbo the elephant was baste


neetbo the blogophant


one of the posts mentioned that comeback

that guy probably considers 110 a low iq and thinks he's such a misunderstood genius for being 133, he'll spend the rest of his life working for some dumbflip with a 105 iq


born with a genius iq and only use it to steam wks on the internet all day


110 is a low iq


i can read you like a book


ya it was just a joke i agree with you


is programguy here did you get caught cheating


dont understand why turt would do acid or where he even got it


he bought it off the internet and why not


because it builds up in your spinal cord and makes you much more susceptible to getting mk ultra'd


Wealth will pass,
Men will pass,
You too, likewise, will pass.
One thing alone
Will never pass:
The fame of one who has earned it

what does this mean to you turt


Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!


the alcohol and drug use on hima has been ramping up lately we may be entering the final act


ive been drinking almost every day for years before hima even existed


File: 1521003549942.jpg (43.2 KB, 550x365, supreme one.jpg)



taking out the apostrophes and commas for this epic retort nice bro


die vargtard



yeah i already saw that video


you got btfo


wish i was smart enough to understand dota


mindblowing that i was idolizing varg before most of hima even got their first bone


turt that you


nah i was just trying my hand at one of turts patented im older than everyone posts for fun


i got my first bone in 2000 or 2001


sis got her psych evaluation at school and going diagnosed with mild learning difficulties and social anxiety with agoraphobia its nice having a tard sis


nice tween


got mine back in 1997


give her a big hug and a kiss to cheer her up


wk got you


got my first bone when i was 12 last year


watch that social anxiety dry up quick once chad gives her a wink


its true though i just thought it would be fun to make one of those posts




you have to appreciate wks zingers and parodies theyre pretty good


that doesnt rhyme


didnt get a boner til i was 16 sigh i was a late bloomer


File: 1521003983571.jpg (175.99 KB, 1000x1000, you dont want to know that feel.jpg)

im not here for fun


chad doesnt flip autistic girls


if i had been a late bloomer i would have done a lot less retarded shite


a lot of brads will target shy or so called autistic girls because theyre easy targets


whats a brad


you know


a non chad that acts like a chad


no i dont


turt what would you do if one of your himabros showed up at your grans house for a surprise visit


show em a little southern hospitality


bet turt makes great sweet tea and biscuits


you havent lived till youve tried some cassidy cornbread


sweet tea is gross and i dont eat bread anymore
but yes

she just moved there i doubt anyone could get the address


still never ate biscuits hope turts will be my first


you ever make a nice cup of peppermint tea


yeah i have but i dont like it that much




im just not a big tea guy what can i say


is sourseki still up or did he turn in


sourseki doesnt turn in he only turns up






does this mean i can smut spam


how did neil young get so popular sounding so cool


its a trick like when himako tricked the spammer saying she was going to sleep


yeah no they just hang out with normal people instead why do you think every man is out to hunt girls


himako didnt trick me i knew he was lying


oh man i love neil young life is a hiiiiiighway im gonno ride it all night long


ive observed them in the field


love a few of his songs but a lot of them pinch balls


milk should have been mine but brad sniped her instead the flipper


File: 1521004956429.jpg (84.43 KB, 1280x720, 1517693334514.jpg)



未来が眩しくて見えない hit a lick with the bossman gone


File: 1521005054717.png (790.1 KB, 552x994, 2c58d7febcf4633515e4d6744a7bc850.png)

you cant compete with this


id love nothing more than to see turt go to town on that norm and his normgf too


oh well at least im not circumcised


File: 1521005307404.mp4 (1.04 MB, crunch munch munch crunch.mp4)




get some brigs in here stat


post pygma instead


finally ate sardines after days of preparation


File: 1521005962473.jpg (524.25 KB, 1536x2151, SH.jpg)

did you never see him when he was young


nice poindexter


i still dont give a flip how a wk feel


dont think ill ever max im burned out


certified iq of 120 but iq means nothing


internet tested 105


show us the cert


someone post uliana or anna


bad idea




File: 1521007042951.jpg (40.5 KB, 384x512, uliana.jpg)


flip i forgot to spoiler it


did anna ever stream again


dont think so


hope steve will post here as soon as he crosses the styx


File: 1521007435968.mp3 (2.28 MB, ヴォヤージュ1969.mp3)


kind of miss seeing scene kids out and about you never see them anymore


you dont see neets out and about either


you see them now and then at the store with their mothers


File: 1521007600149.mp3 (1.92 MB, 永夜の報い ~ Imperishable Night.mp3)


love how any time the economist magazine says something negative about china theres a response from the chinese embassy in the letters section of the next issue


stop posting touhou shit


does anyone here go to a yoga class whats it like


no should i start


no but moms tried to get me to go numerous times


the chinks are so sensitive


i remember reading about a lot of neets doing it on old jp


File: 1521007892634.mp3 (2.27 MB, 夢と現の境界.mp3)


yoga is queer


can someone post 風と雲と私


File: 1521008074209.mp3 (2.38 MB, 風と雲と私.mp3)


ill play some cs i guess


tell your mom that while shes rolling around on a mat youll be pumping iron


i have a very good sense of balance and im pretty flexible do you think the yoga instructor would be impressed if i told him i could stand and lick my own toes


dont let nb on your team hell spray cool porn on your corpse and makes air burps into the mic


File: 1521008198933.jpg (37.36 KB, 500x500, 1520996097813.jpg)


mom forced me to join a gym once but i only went once or twice and then just lied about going more often


had a goatse spray as a teenager and o lygtcnbg nk


sigh we just lost a himabro and his last post was about gaping assholes


always used cute sexy sprays


i hope he at least had his pants on before he had that brain aneurysm


think how proud your mother would be if she had a big strong son instead of a spindly neet


lifting is for fags you should focus on tone not bulk yoga increases your blood circulation too maybe the reason turts penis is nonfunctional is because no blood gets to it




im not spindly im a big fat hunk of man


not obsessed just stating reasons for turts lack of confidence


confidence is for arrogant norms
speak softly and carry a big stick


[i]is this guy serious[/i]





turt doesnt even have a big stick


women prefer small penii


how come nobody told me gandalf wasnt a human or elf


roosevelt was aware of auras


i prefer radagast


and how come nobody told me that wearing the ring amplified powers and thats why hobbits turn invisible


spoiler alert


a neetblog of morgoth


oh no spoilers for a 50 year old book series


what happened when a human put it on what was humanities power


what the fuck is your problem, nigger?


File: 1521009404404.webm (3.92 MB, 1280x720, virtual tard girls.webm)


thought about boromir while listening to music the other day and almost had a cry

what a way to go


u wuz my brother my kang


do you not know death when you see it old man


maybe its not so much about races but more that you enter some sort of shadow realm or wraith land and since some races already exist in there they get no change from wearing the ring

gandalf saruman and sauron are all the same race


the ring increases my incel powers women get so dry that they crumble away to dust


and then you get ganged up on by every wk in a 10 mile radius


does anyone else like drinking a cup of water and jumping up and down and hearing the water slosh around in your stomach


quit swallowing so much air


yeah when i was eight




turt trying to force himself into a topic he knows nothing about yet again


its not his fault hes autistic


File: 1521009724469.jpg (124.95 KB, 322x455, 1520916334215.jpg)


that guy was right here come the wks


gandalf is ped



im autistic and i can figure out lord of the rings


how long do i need to wait before i go back to the book store


File: 1521009861288.jpg (113.71 KB, 640x480, r8.jpg)


when you need a new book


less than 96 hours and more than 36


i dont read books i only go in to see what manga is getting translated



get a real book for adults and watch her start biting her lip when she sees you


File: 1521010235623.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.85 KB, 2125x1573, 1520985408981.jpg)


no you go in there to work on your daygame


File: 1521010382664.png (1.06 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180313-235012.png)

nobody tell him


I would like to flip this girl.


wish himako would stop playing games on her phone and fix hima


These guys look COMICALLY bad. It just makes it all the more hilarious

A klinefelters aspie currycel with 35% bodyfat and the T levels of a castrated platypus
A balding bespectacled dorkcel lanket who dresses like his mom took him to west49 for the first time
A 5'2 paedomorphic Somalian refugee who can probably speak 4 sentences of proper english

....being instructed by some nasally voiced clueless ethnic guy who looks like he spent his childhood eating cheetos, drinking soy milk and playing Castlevania 4 until 2am

What the flip am I watching


did you have that saved


hey pastaguy are you seeing this


i tried to find the video again when i read the word daygame but its gone


baste sc2 crossposter with the irrelevant drivel




get sean and dani in here to translate that


do we still have an alliance with sc2


onseki obviously doesnt care what happens to hima who cares


File: 1521011398507.jpg (30.13 KB, 500x469, desktop.JPG)


have you guys read the silmarillion its pretty good


hes asleep


File: 1521011526781.mp3 (4.26 MB, HAPPY #U2730 Sensation (German).mp3)


feels good that girls are noticing me and treating me good


ive only read fellowship and the two towers but i hope to one day


the yoga is paying off


ive probably read lotr more than 10 times because when i was growing up the computer wasnt in my room so i read for a few hours before bed every night and i only like had like 50 books and just read them over and over


i didnt start the yoga yet it just seems like after the bookstore girl lots of girls are looking at me and smiling and being very very friendly


i tried reading it at too young of an age to really appreciate it so when i got bored halfway through two towers i just stopped and didnt try again for a long long time


when i was 9 i hated tom bombadil but when i was older he was one of my favorite parts of the book


File: 1521013313650.jpg (120.49 KB, 1920x1080, 00.jpg)



whats sexy about that you perverted freak


File: 1521014455976.jpg (87.13 KB, 640x932, pot.jpg)


tarding pretty hard think its gonno be another one of those nights


nice perfectly flat feet



all alone on hima


he said to the lord why during the hardest times of my life did i see only one set of posts

christ replied my child that is when i picked you up and blogged along myself


does that mean im god




anyone want a hug im ready to hug


its stormin hard hima hehe


feels bad being the only one on hima when im feeling so good guess ill dance


yeah im the only one but you guys can be guaranteed that im dancing the hell out of it


File: 1521025751045.webm (2.16 MB, 640x480, GrimyThriftyDorado.webm)

okay ill receive it just hurry up already



mom called me and i was drunk as flip she asked why i was laughing and i said it was a verbal tic and then went on to say it was spelled t i c hope she didnt figure it out




flip you


flip you


alright flip me


snooze time


wait stay up for 2 more hours


keep forgetting how to breathe non manually


you flipping bastard


true himabros executing the sb dissenters during the purge


turt the man himself in the fedora and black suit



you cookiecutters arent even willing to drink birl piss


hey hima hows it going storming hard here


this is what happens when you insult women around me


its storming ultra hard


die turt


i have the lowest energy ive had all my life i wake up and im exhausted sigh


saw a cute girl reading outside and fantasized our life together up to marriage and children


sick in the head


verified im very high


File: 1521047551097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.33 KB, 800x994, 1521045729653.jpg)




File: 1521048107985.png (416.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180314-101438.png)

nice pinocchio


File: 1521048492397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.3 KB, 1241x677, 1521048112604.jpg)






elliot was a spoiled failed norm the real incel killer was cho


they both have their charms cho was an incarnate of rage elliot was a somber romantic


elliot and turt are both low iq


what the flip happened with the paddock guy that was the biggest shooting in american history and it the whole thing felt like a dud like the cultural impact was muted compared to cho or lanza


dont read that




just ship me to guantanamo and throw away the key


i am bored


woke up made some burgs and now washing them down with an ice cold blogweiser


File: 1521054613066.jpg (109.1 KB, 1080x1080, m6nhgjildql01.jpg)


just realizing himako is arthas and onseki is bolvar
icc under arthas was completely under control and functioning
icc under bolvar is falling apart and melting


who the flip is bolvar hes not in wc3


hes a paladin who at the wrathgate got attacked by the forsaken when they tried to kill all the living things but survived long enough to see the dragons come and scour the earth and still survived so he was taken into icc and tortured by arthas and after arthas gets killed he puts on the helm of damnation and becomes the new lich king


forget i asked


File: 1521055517967.jpg (430.4 KB, 961x1135, Bolvar_Fordragon_comic.jpg)

this is him after putting on the helm you can see his body is charred from the red dragonflight coming and trying to scour the area


so what youre saying is himako was the bad guy and onseki is the righteous heir to the throne sounds about right


as a dk in legion youre his second in command so he has you go back into icc to gather shards of frostmourne to forge into new blades and thats when you see just how much disarray things are in

the dk campaign is one of the good ones because you go and raise other fallen lore characters into dks and actually advance the story


everything that happened after tft is fan fiction as far as im concerned


himako knew how to run things and onseki has no idea what hes doing is what im saying

mograine is also very weary of bolvar and has a group of people ready to take him out its very interesting


File: 1521056008598.png (370.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180314-003053.png)

isnt this a disney character


File: 1521056181878.png (214.57 KB, 707x1131, 52b0e5ff51d35d4fc649c7f08290c235.png)

false alarm




burger king foot lettuce




hima is flipping dead holy shit


die wk


hey guys just got back from work gonno check the report queue


workseki stays on his grind


my vision is so bad i have to put on contacts to shave or ill end up missing a spot because i cant see my face in the mirror from 3 feet away


i shave without ever looking at my face in the shower


hate shaving i cant believe i used to want a beard when i was a little fresh faced schoolbro


why does anyone give a flip about steven hawkins
most norms have no idea what the flip hes talking hes just some thinktank millionaire paraplegic who the hell cares good riddance


simply grow it out and brush your beard


i need to the tv to tell me what to talk about


just found out something funny


man havent abused and class 1 substances today its time to burn some trees


hell yeah


never moshed before never really been to an actual concert



just realized that song is basically the same exact pattern as most eurobeat songs



bought some zinc
if i cant cycle test then ill sure as hell make certain ive got the highest natural levels possible


you guys want to do anything tonight


just woke up hey hima


baste boss got a mini fridge for my office


meet me at godwars


hell yeah stock that mini fridge with some steel reserve


hope hima will be playing classic


ill probably just play bfa instead since arena is the most fun part of wow


i shall stock it with pb and jam and yummy treats


what is having an office job like


its great if you have your own office it pinches if you have to sit next to a bunch of people and have no privacy
today i had to make a bunch of calls because some guy flipped up and forgot to send us back our uasg that they were leasing used to not even answer the phone as a neet due to anxiety but when you simply force yourself to do things they tend to work themselves out


im starving


File: 1521065837062.jpg (137.84 KB, 1280x720, pripara g2h.jpg)


hehe love you aroma love you mikan


uhhh just force yourself haha
*walks into high rise office and gets a job through osmosis*


File: 1521067008662.mp3 (6.7 MB, happyfeelin.mp3)

hima are you feeling happy today


im okay feeling uncertain about the future


yeah im alright gonno make some coffee


going to a staffing agency tomorrow it was a girl on the phone that sounded my age


she wants flip


she was just doing her job


that is her job


i feel like shit and can only hope i have a brain aneurysm soon like that guy


simply start smoking and drinking every day


i can only drink twice a month


just dont drink on the sabbath


dont worry i have a shabbos goy for that


hehe love you aroma love you mikan


need a haughty jewess loli to make me her shabbos goy


made some coffee


me too hehe


mines way too strong but im drinkin it anyways


cant drink weak coffee black anymore too used to the stronger tasting espresso


going to have salad and water for dinner


sausage time


gentlemen welcome back to the shop


losing my mind bros this wont end well


if i give you a hug will that help


has turt asked about me on the discord tell him it’s me haysuz


hug my neck real tight with a noose


no but ill hug your body with my body and maybe accidentally grab your ass a little and kiss you


some guy asked to work in when i was doing the shoulder press and i was too beta to tell him i’m finished so i re did my sets to 3 plates and back down to 1 my shoulders are flipping destroyed


was he mirin your traps


nah just end me instead this life was a bad roll


idk i wasn’t looking at him i’m going to try and get the receptionist’s number after i finish flip it he gave me new perspective cause he saw me looking at the 3 plate he told me don’t think about it just do it



havent set foot inside a toys r us since 2002 it was always for low class nonwhites


hima i just love big boobs so much i want to grope them forever




dont oppress me im horny as flip and deserve to be heard


i took the red pill too late bros


yeah i never went inside a toys r us either but its still weird


magdump me


jesu dod is a nice song


weird how every nation christianity spread to says jesus differently if this guy was so great why couldnt everyone say his name right


just end it



'real' from dailymail


bogans are animals


narrowed down my ailment to either pleurisy peritonitis or a pulmonary embolism


suppressed my hornyness for now


nice facebook tracker



its weird how effeminate he is despite his big muscles


going to resort to drastic measures wish me luck bros


what do you mean


i get all the best stuff from facebook


File: 1521074197986.jpg (2.27 MB, 2400x3200, 050_t_01_23.jpg)

fell asleep with computer running woke up to mom looking around my desk for medication had this up on one of my sceens dont know how much she saw but she told me cheerfully to 'sort that stuff out' maybe she was distracted by some of the mess on my desk


die cuck


why would she come in your room without waking you up first


nothing cuck


moms being considerate she knows i need my rest


nice soyboy


i started locking my door when i sleep ever since i suspected mom of stealing my pens


hehe had forgotten about the pen stealing mom arc


back when hima was good




life pinches


that reminds me i saw on reddit earlier that supposed incels always have a problem with white knights then i remember how asspained turt got and how he now calls everyone he dislikes wk


really gotta shower but i hate it


love showers when the hot water hits my head it feels like im melting its so good


im scared of going bald thats the worst part


is my friend pastaguy here


cam you there bud




ban haysuz


how is that obsession when turt started calling people wk even if they arent wks







yup nothing but nigger worship


cant believe onseki banned my bastebro Fùtari_Lollies


i wish i could have been just like my dad and not an awkward perverted autistic internet-addicted pmb


youre not perverted youre pure


gave the kitty some milk


watching the game with dad


nah im a freak and a failure and theres no excuse for it i can only hope in some other timeline i died real young before i could reach rock bottom


onseki doesnt know how to run a successful spinoff thats why neo gnfos was dead and also why gnfos was dead


it was a joke


took a mineral oil bath and now my hair looks like grease lightning


im not joking






File: 1521081071656.jpg (1.11 MB, 1593x1080, ec73f6f2b85c0c20111448e9a1513269.jpg)

guy that bought the porsche sent me this he parked it and has been messing around with it since putting thousands into it not all of what he did i agree with but at least hes set up the rear suspension decently here


should i go to the book store


cant stop playing ぷよクエ



can you screencap it so i dont have to start my vm



File: 1521081554180.png (801.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180314-193812.png)

have a lower level version of the girl on the right might evolve her because i like the open mouth


nice soygirl


File: 1521081677609.jpg (75.79 KB, 600x516, 45224861_p0_master1200.jpg)

must be a popular character


penis way too big


no she is just small


she doesnt look happy


giant dick art like that is just dumb since i can only imagine how much it must hurt


they only pretend it hurts to make you feel better


the girl on the left is sexier


Mexican Food MEAT NINJA | Trying to Eat A WHOLE 80 KG Lamb


File: 1521082472876.png (45.93 KB, 218x365, Img503803_l.png)


feli is very sexy thats why she has so many different cards



File: 1521082644455.png (34.93 KB, 241x295, Img521606_l.png)

she want flip


gonno josnooze




File: 1521082744060.jpg (58.84 KB, 600x600, 53028550_p1_master1200.jpg)




my longest oog ever


unironically thinking about buying soylent to eat


dont do it youll turn into a wk


File: 1521083082011.png (421.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180314-200225.png)

you better 信じて her


what her


File: 1521083160894.jpg (144.71 KB, 850x1133, __arle_nadja_madou_monogatari_and_puyopuyo_dra….jpg)

mmnnh hnnn


all i want to be is el chapo




File: 1521084954738.jpg (74.78 KB, 500x605, 1521079383791.jpg)


turt you saw the shotgun kid


File: 1521085297913.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 854x478, 1521080209725.webm)

wk after kenneth gets sentenced to 20 years


not funny


thought it was fake at first


sigh poor kid


watching other people suicide makes me want to do it less


thats because people only post videos of the gross and violent methods


amber alert startled me


the norms must have got to that guy it upsets me


if seeing how gross it is makes you want to do it less then you probably didnt want to do it in the first place


watch the part where his mother finds him too


glad im a natural born norm suicides are for drama babbies


can you imagine his mom finding his corpse with bits of his head and brain scattered everywhere


you can watch the video of it so you dont have to imagine


norms kill themselves all the time


nah us norms have our family and friends in mind



im a guy who turned down a lover yes im a guy who never cared about those blue diamond rings one of those things oh look at me now


he was blackpilled by sam hyde


anime melts your brain


why would you teenbro watch that stuff


stop crying for some r9k teen


turt you should love this guy he was your r9k bro and he was subbed to elliot rodger youre practically twins


yes i will make the norms pay for what they did to him


they didnt do anything he did it because 4chan brianwashed him


im brainwashed


nah the norms pushed him over the edge and they must atone




whos the girl thats crying


think thats a young boy


some roast watching the stream crying on the mic so people will give her attention


what time does the mom walk in i dont want to watch all this


reminder that there are millions of people like turt out there


i remember watching a guy livestream his suicide way back when i was a /b/teen all the people in the chat were saying 'do it faguette' and then he did it


typical she was crying from the start of the stream too flipping hate women and their empty emotions


didnt realize that lotr orcs and wow orcs are both made from earth


his mom reads his suicide note and doesnt know what r9k means heh




hope this gets on the news


is my friend pastaguy here


hehe got to the 9 min mark and you can hear his mom screaming


the norm cops laughed


poor mom ill never kill myself


thats why you kill her first


lanza knew this


moms told me to kill myself shes a norm though so its to be expected


kill mom first then call the cops then blow your brains out before they get there


youre a norm too


mom tried hiding the guns but i put them back where they belong so i guess she felt fine after that


kill mom then kill the cops


dont kill anyone and have a happy life instead


these are discordbros


do hobbits have vaginas


its not up to you whether you have a happy life or not


having a happy life isnt something that you can just do you know


maybe not but you should strive for it


yes it is stop being a bunch of bosnian faguettes


ok *lives a happy life*


that settles that


only a bad person can manage to live happily


cant even ask if pastaguy is happy


File: 1521087893193.jpg (83.17 KB, 850x400, happy.jpg)


considering he drinks himself into a stupor every night i doubt it


if drinking makes you happy then whats the problem




just get a liver transplant


if he was happy he wouldnt have to drink happy juice


its just that easy


ill stop drinking soon and then my liver will get better


my grandpa would spend every afternoon drinking and smoking he dies at 50 from cancer


yeah but i quit smoking years ago so it wont happen to me


mary jane keeps callin me


suicide is against the school of varg


neighbors name is mary jane shes makes stupid jokes that piss me off i have no idea what shes talking about most of the time


stop talking to neighbors


dont know my normbors by name


if youre looking for me you better check under the sea


she invades the house


you made me realize i know the song


hima flipping pinches


right on schedule


baste wk


is death parade worth watching


love my chemical romance


yeah its good


cried to violet evergarden again


gave up both those shows on like the 4th ep they were boring


when should i go back to the book store




when youve looksmaxed


is tomorrow okay




drank a gallon of orange juice today my stomach is killing me


dont drink that much sugar


just hit me what a waste of time the jpsphere is think ill just go work on my social skills and go bushcraft regularly


sometimes i say the 'oh no no no no' thing outloud and giggle to myself


all social skills are is learning to be funny


i say あいやいやい a lot and yasa smutya


ya think i subconsciously used hima just to become funnier


hima trained me to get laid


i gained nothing from hima i only gave


this is kind of off topic but i think its great a homosexual such as turt can overcome his defficiency and lead a life as a noble, charasmatic, confident human being


after the bookstore girl ive noticed lots of people looking at me and acting very friendly but especially lots more girls making eye contact and laughing when speaking with me


its in your head


i remember laughing myself silly watching that on dvd


maybe i should just go back on friday she will probably be there


hey himako you there

is it okay to use mushy ginger in tea


himako was banned




going to partake of wine and cheese like the old days


if you havent already you have to buy something before she realizes why youre coming in


but i dont have money


how are you going to approach her


ask mom for ten bucks so you can buy a book on job hunting because if you go in there again with no money just to wander around and try to talk to her your entire plan will fall through


this arc has to be fake nobody can be as dense as this clown


butt hurt turt


buy gravity's rainbow and impress her with how well read you are


but its true he doesnt have looks or he wouldnt be in this mess he doesnt have money because he cant even afford a book and he doesnt have status because hes on hima i cant understand how someone could be so arrogant in real life


rent a suit too so you will look smart


why do you even care


not everyone can go around getting handjobs for just existing some people have to try even though they fail


hes realizing his life is a joke


just go to a tard home and get a tard gf i hear downy girls are really easy


i was thinking about that today mom wants me to go to autism support groups maybe i could get a tardgf


get a nonverbal autistic gf and teach her how to give handjobs


but this girl seemed really cute she reminded me of nagato in disappearance but not as scared and the second time i went in and she remembered me she seemed a bit happy


shes just doing her job


trying for the sake of trying and obviously not succeeding isnt good for your soul

he needs to have at least some chips on his side there are thousands of young single males in most cities who statistically have no females available he has to defeat many rival males to earn the right to mate


always laugh when i see agent smith as an elf


or just get with the single males


why do you care turt youre basically retarded and will make posts just for attention cant you let someone do something that doesnt follow your guidelines


where can i find a girl to obsess over


i exist to snuff out arrogance if there is a god he put me on this planet to do exactly that


basically retarded is an understatement dont forget this is a guy who out of the blue began to question whether his own asshole was irregular


every time you try you get closer to success


i will be his mate


so when do i go back should i go i eating something so she has to tell me to spit it out and then i ask her if she likes what i was eating and ask her out on a date


i mean go in eating


yeah go in chewing food and spit on her face she will like it


go in there and pack a fat lip of chaw thatll impress her trust me


when gandalf yells at boromir in rivendell why do the elves act embarrassed


because humans are embarrassing


they were thinking the same thing as him but didnt want to say it and got embarrassed because gandalf pointed out his folly


but gandalf isnt a human hes a maia


named my cat morgoth now i regret it since im older


rename it


going to ask the bookstore girl if she ever read lotr if no then ill ask if she watched the movies is that a good idea


only if youve read lord of the rings and can talk about the lore


is there like a lore video i can watch because im not reading those books


turin was baste he flipped his own sis


File: 1521093361361.jpg (58.4 KB, 720x960, 1397676782-521904-502969179784958-1198992397-n.jpg)

as long as you dont look like this both of those ideas are good


File: 1521093422150.jpg (253.74 KB, 718x1280, me.jpg)

i look like this


women love a big strong guy


im nowhere near as bad as turt so ill be fine


wonder how that guy feels about being the personification of ugly


baste pastachad


sick in the head >>743940



File: 1521093525102.jpg (384.07 KB, 850x1006, 062.jpg)


if gandalf is so powerful why cant he take the ring himself


he explains that thoroughly


gandalf was dead all along thats the twist at the end


is it just temptation because isnt he supposed to be ultra powerful


File: 1521093599388.jpg (47.42 KB, 483x800, 1425281550750-1.jpg)


galadriel explains it too


File: 1521093661956-0.jpg (113.4 KB, 600x660, 66229600_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 1521093661956-1.jpg (131.69 KB, 600x867, 60710187_p0_master1200.jpg)


its a smut raid get down



read the book and youll find out idiot


File: 1521093725168.jpg (391.42 KB, 1032x1500, 1423950723128.jpg)


dont post more than 3 pictures with a questionable or explicit rating or onseki will ban you


wish the raid guy with the siren video was here


File: 1521093805276.jpg (1008.76 KB, 1422x1000, 1451338298563.jpg)


File: 1521093823641.jpg (92.66 KB, 600x591, 45539454_p0_master1200.jpg)

witch is super sexy and is powerful ingame


succulent lolis


File: 1521093891097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.21 KB, 1600x1200, 1433105340833.jpg)


File: 1521093928068.jpg (252.28 KB, 600x847, 55990564_p0_master1200.jpg)




i could ask for a cookbook too and explain that im making corned beef for st patricks day that might be better than the lotr idea


never ate corned beef is it good


you should try it


yeah well dont bring up lotr if youve never read it obviously


if you like stringy meat covered in mustard then yeah




File: 1521094313435-0.jpg (59.06 KB, 800x600, f0f9acaa2411321a50c41543db5e5dd9357a45ed.jpg)

File: 1521094313435-1.jpg (58.9 KB, 800x600, 13dca21ae0a392ab8506b990d276f31b32d4e74a.jpg)


if its stringy then you cut it wrong like a dumbass and you arent supposed to eat it with mustard either only the mustard seeds from the brine


cool it brother its not oog time yet


ok ive been eating corned beef since i was a toddler i know all about it


why would i want to eat a mustard seed instead of yellow mustard


because yellow mustard is mostly turmeric and vinegar


just went and checked the bottle i never would have guessed turmeric was the 5th ingredient


File: 1521094584499.png (543.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180314-231403.png)

can anyone tell me what the 9/10 achievement is so i can get two more gacha chances


why do you think its yellow


make sure to post pics of that beef


i assumed it was food dye


only ever ate whole dijon mustard never ate the american kind


living as a neet no different than a cell


just buy some manga flip the cookbook shell think you dont already know how to cook if you buy some obscure manga shell think youre a cool nerdy hipster guy


nothing makes a girl drier than to see a man buying manga


yeah shell think youre a grown man buying foreign coloring books


manga and anime are considered cool now by certain kinds of norms


i wouldnt be willing to take that chance


go with gravitys rainbow im sure this is the correct choice shell defiantly be impressed and youll get a good read out of it too


File: 1521095149228.jpg (73.99 KB, 366x500, 61WMTH-gl-L.jpg)

they sell mostly used manga and most of the used manga is yaoi stuff


just go in there and ask how her if she wants to flip


buy some yaoi stuff girls love yaoi


File: 1521095241518-0.jpg (532.59 KB, 743x1040, 1340766009788.jpg)


the only new stuff they had was one pinch man


invite her to hima


if he does that onseki would end up flipping her


glad im not attracted to real women this kind of thing seems hard


hima already has himako theres no need for another girl


chadseki will flip her and make her pay for the plane trip too


onseki wouldnt do his himabro dirty like that


no honor among chads


im just going to try the gacha and figure out which mission i need to clear for those 2 stones wish me luck


good luck


tried to smoke a blunt with the sourseki and he chiefed the whole thing then he put the roach out in my water bottle even though he knew i was really thirsty


File: 1521095745635.png (324.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180314-233512.png)

because nobody wished me luck this is what i got


busy watching the teenbro video felt really bad about the mom part i gotta reassure mom today that i wont do anything like that again


File: 1521095894255-0.jpg (367.34 KB, 1220x1220, Side 1.jpg)

File: 1521095894255-1.mp3 (7.39 MB, Getaway.mp3)


she doesnt care


whats the point of killing yourself if you dont even get to see how people react to your death




didnt even flinch at that video its already out of my mind


still recovering from it might get myself diagnosed with ptsd and get on disability


it wasnt graphic it was the emotions of the mom that got to me kids life probably pinched hard and he had a bunch of faux friends on skype or discord watching his stream instead of actually trying to talk to him

one guy was complaining that his stream was buffering as the kid shot himself what a shame


depressed as hell im going to take a break for a few days and try to sort some things out while keeping my mind occupied enough to not start obsessing over things out of my control


replace sad thoughts with oog thoughts


hima has been shitty ever since onseki


just get really drunk


nah do lsd


crying from boromirs regret


all of those are temporary solutions what i really need is a change in personality or perspective or at least something to distract me from being hyper-analytical of the past




try a lobotomy


try taking it to r9k


get drunk every day til you cant remember the past


alcohol worsens depression lsd has been proven to improve it for a few weeks maybe youll get lucky and have some sort of epiphany or ego death


ego death is a meme its just psychosis


poor wk we need to help him out


alcohol makes you feel great dont worry about that broscience



if thats true why do i end up crying if i drink too much


snort ketamine until you permanently disassociate


sausage time




ive got an in with the pushers on the 7chan irc channel i can get you anything you need for whatever willful chemical change you want to undergo


i just want pnig to jerk his cock on stream then ill be fine


dont talk about pnig when turt is talking about himself its upsetting to him


sorry turt


i forgive you


thinking of getting into canning and fermentation


wish pastagyy didnt leave hima


everyone plays gacha now flipping norms


File: 1521099296803.jpg (207.36 KB, 1936x1936, 1521096029002.jpg)

happy for neetb he made it bros


i heard neetblog is 7 feet tall and 500 pounds


hes 5'4 and 600


neetblog has a swamp ass that’s incurable


bh nojap




think im gonno lie down for a bit and probably jo see you in a couple hours


im too dumb to learn japanese so any mention of it is to mog me


File: 1521099770258.jpg (59.37 KB, 940x545, nb.jpg)


"i learned a language so i could play pokemon on my smartphone"


too stupid to read the name of the game what a sad little life you l
must live


no one mocks nb in my presence and lives to tell the tale


gotta catch em all


sorry ill delete it it was a spur of the moment thing thought it was funny


its not nb


story of my life


where has onseki been the past few days


is it normal to see the pulse in my neck


nailing coworkers and puffing on loud


might start hiding stuff and reporting hima so he will do something


remember tardlaughing with cousin at the part where he deposits a quarter to use his own phone


stayed up too late gonno snooze now au revoir hima


is that a threat hima doesnt negotiate with terrorists


if onseki doesnt care then that will force him to care


the word cousin triggers a fbi flag


File: 1521100594983.jpg (1.11 MB, 1600x1132, 1521051919208.jpg)

me on the right


dad used to work for the afpb


what is happening


just actually report posts and hell clean them up eventually


reporting posts does nothing


hope ill be able to crack some bws on friday i need to decompress


gonno snooze


im ped


ocr doesnt work


flip you paedo


what are you even talking about


hes saying hes going to post illegal content on hima and then report it


i still dont really understand what he wants apart from turt being banned onseki is banning the frogs and stuff


sigh forgot i was going to start learning japanese yesterday ill start tomorrow


start now procrastinator


my soul is indicating that i must wait a day to do so i need to listen to it




turt does deserve to be permad but hes in discord with the seki so it wont happen all you can do is not give him an opportunity to froth about wks


why does he deserve to be permad


ive started to enjoy the pain


you know


i dont


maybe you and him can organize to have opposite sleep schedules so you dont have to see each other


nice skipper


gonno play some dota


good idea nb ive won the last 8 in a row


im going to lose my first 8 games



File: 1521123137845.png (58.34 KB, 296x202, Capture.PNG)

nice flippin phonenorms


what the flip is that new


left the game and uninstalled steam im a pathetic blob of shit


File: 1521124372051.jpg (55.11 KB, 700x700, 1521122409546.jpg)

winks at you


hate how girls started stuffing their panties making more men fall for the trap meme


hate girls


dont post cosplay it enrages me


you dont want to bother with ranked trust me


dont worry i already uninstalled it


im bored


me too and i cant sleep


if youre bored i can find some chores for you


im not bored anymore because i just saw kyle is streaming



wash your bed sheets




mom wont let me use the washer


be sneaky


die mobanorm


was them manually in the sink


i dont need to wash my bed sheets


gonno attempt a nap


File: 1521129855548.jpg (128.72 KB, 585x1200, 1369115758880.jpg)

flip you


File: 1521129936200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.34 KB, 1091x1200, 1498757121395-0.jpg)






oh he actually is baste kyle


jod think i might make some coffee



eating popcorn



hey hima just got back from work
i see the smut spammer is back i made sure to download all the good pics but i think ill just leave them up instead of deleting them


die smutseki


hey nb


File: 1521135529095-0.jpg (237.57 KB, 1000x995, 736410012daef53ddc0074ba53b50a9d.1000x995x1.jpg)

File: 1521135529095-1.mp3 (6.22 MB, 07 Lay It On Me.mp3)


stop being inconsistent



die vargseki


now watch me neet
now watch me blog blog


hard to believe there was actually someone more incompetent than himako out there





plane: hima
passengers: himabros
screamer: wk


File: 1521137337013.swf (9.51 MB, this airplane has free wifi.swf)

in front: friendly smut sharer
im back: ungrateful discordbros


hate stupid little screechers i bet they all grow up like pnig


dont click swfs


File: 1521137838569.jpg (20.06 KB, 300x225, desu cake.jpg)


hey onseki can you check sb


die sbcabal


watching weed vids



say no more


tardlaughing at that entire channel


so thats what the kid from gummo is doing now


i have nothing to do and nothing to offer anyone


if you cannot create then destroy


what would i get out of doing that


you opened the box
we came


does his mom allow him


wish i could teleport to onsekis house and smoke a bowl with him


hed pick on you in public in order to increase his own standing


hed make you pack the bowl and then hog the whole thing


hed stare at his phone the whole time and giggle at things and not show you what was so funny


found some weed in the fridge dont know if it belongs to sis or mom but i took it anyway because sis found mine a long time ago and went through it quick


wish someone would break into my house and blow my head off with a shotgun


10 to life for blogging and entering


im too retarded


im bored


do some stretches


the norms decided for you to suffer


didnt smut spam in days


album droppin next sursdays foo'



sigh miss mindblowing anon


sigh everyones at the club flipping norms


that would trigger my anxiety


im watching mcm vids


i started skipping because hima was literally getting drugnorm posts


nothing norm about taking your legally prescribed medications


moms not cooking tonight wonder what i should eat


ate too much today but felt like i could eat more


dont forget onseki lives in virginia and turt lives in north carolina


who cares go to hell wk


yeah who cares about discussing illegal content



hate shopping for food so much but i must eat


simply shop hungry


hima im stuck in bed


File: 1521151478970.jpg (60.18 KB, 548x800, 1425281550750-2.jpg)


File: 1521152630644-0.png (440.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180315-152308.png)

File: 1521152630644-1.png (416.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180315-152232.png)


looks cool




when is it my turn to be wealthy and powerful


are you working towards becoming wealthy and powerful


no thats too much work


onseki listen to this


File: 1521155043373.png (42.71 KB, 762x526, virgseki.png)

Now. I'll come pick you up in the lambo tomorrow. Don't worry about giving me your address, the admin has already forwarded me your geolocation in exchange for a six inch sub w/ diet pepsi & a cookie.



sigh sorry hima reading is simply not feasible anymore on weekdays


how there is hardly any posts to be read


i only have two hours to shower eat get everything ready for the next day and relax a bit before before going to bed


whats happening


love this track


whats this


its neko daisuki hontodayo


its a pokeman




himas dead i wonder why


that feel when the only person that gives you affection is a cool guy that wants to be choked to death


thats better than having no friends and youre adopted


yeah i guess thanks for cheering me up pal


whats a cool name


cool or cool


working 9-6 and studying 6:30 to 10:30


thats a long shift and a long waste of time good luck dormnorm


saw a nice loli today shopping with her mum her name was jordan or maybe jordyn


shitty name either way


whats wrong with it is it too androgynous



did someone on here coin the term vargtard first


wish to flip a loli


check em




burger king is a shit franchise theyre as bad as jack in the box


never eaten at jerk in the box where does it sit in the fast food hierarchy


below mcdonalds but above burger king
overall i give jack in the box a 8/10 the foods good and the prices are okay


the only way to not waste time is to be a neet and stay in your room doing nothing for a decade


always wanted five guys but there are none around here


its not that good


disagree strongly jack in the box does nothing in particular better than the alternatives and the standards they hold their restaurants to is bottom of the barrel their upside is their large menu with stuff like mozerella sticks


thinking about a different lifestyle where i work for a wage full time and spend my entire paycheck on hots lootboxes it would be a good slap in the face to mom


only go to wendys


get a salad fatties


spent three thousand doritos during the lunar event


ill never be a twig my brain requires calories to function


five guys burgs are really expensive the upside is they cook them to order and have a larger selection of toppings that you wouldnt normally be able to get with fast food


despise entitled mom abusers


moms exist for us to push the limits its natural


all the best fast good places focus on one thing and drill their employees to get it right like chick-fil-a


love moms


lucky flippers wish i had all those fast food options


where do you live that doesnt have a good ol fashioned chick fil a


down under


open up a franchise youll take over the market


open up an esports bar


do they have emu burgers in australia


tried that a long time ago thought i could bluepill myself into turning my brain off and working and then blowing it on internet purchases at home for that sweet dopamine release i only lasted a couple of days


are they good


theres already a bunch of those


trade you a buffalo burg for an emu burg


open a dragonball themed bar then


i cant afford to open a bar


cool it weeb you arent impressing anyone with your perfectly angled bow


the new evergarden defiantly was a crier that guy wasnt lying


had a dream i was on team secret replacing fata hanging out with puppey was cool but intimidating and i couldnt perform


you can thank single motherhood for gangster rap


i thought jews were responsible for it


it was a symbiotic relationship


me too but not because i want too because mom only bought coconut milk and it makes the coffee taste disgusting


no why would i


starting to feel more and more like this world isnt real


File: 1521162558169.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1080, 1521134680219.png)

this season stunk


whoppers dont come with cheese




theres no pink lace in that picture


mom saw my kek flag in the wash


saruman sounds like a really cool japanese super hero


thats blue not pink


shut up


File: 1521163206330.png (1.15 MB, 1265x1080, 1520617905289.png)


dads making quesadillas


she has so much natural beauty


hate her


File: 1521163415761.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dagashi Kashi S2 - 04 [720p].mk….png)

whats with the red eye outline recently ive seen it in a couple places

is it a real thing girls do


never felt secure or confident in my life


smart man


it clearly is


when will a girl enter my life


lots of people looking at me today again


new game had subtle red shade added to the eyelashes it really upset me


everyone catching a second glance at the freak


youre messed up


people started looking after the bookstore girl started showing interest


die norms




but im not fat and i dont sweat


i get maybe 2-3 positive reactions a month the rest are disgusted


got some kirin milk tea hehe


im in a symbiotic relationship with mom


what does she get out of it


my friendship


whats friendship


a ship with a fried end


pilled mom on the ancestral diet


what did she think


set up an appointment with the psych right away


been having small breakfasts and big lunches


ban the lol guy or im gonno snap


snap or "snap"


hima feels really weird today


back to ota


its the discord bros


no matter what you might say about onseki hes better than teenmin


did you check discord today someone bitched out onseki


no i dont check discord what did they say


the snow looked like dew on the blossom as on a summers day


wheres nb to post some screencaps


pnig showed up and literally threatened to release dox on onseki if his demands werent met


the stakes have been raised only you are not aware of that


what the flip


virgin is jealous his life is sterile


banned that guy sorry for the delay


mindboggling how pnig can be such a giant hypocrite and the wks will still defend him







i dont feel like logging into discord


i logged in and read it onseki seemed pretty reasonable i can see both sides though i think they took it to private message after that anyway


gotta respect that


wish onseki would ban himself


gonno snooze now


are you asleep yet


brought a quarter ounce over to soursekis and he smoked it all himself and made me drink the bong water


not yet


stay up


miss the days when hima was fun



miss the days when life was fun


i cant i gotta wake up early tomorrow


for what


sigh me too ive been staying up late lately


the farther we get from 2006 the darker the world becomes


2006 was a great year i loved skipping school almost every day and playing wow and warcraft 3 the whole time


uh it was easily the best in 10 years


miss tarding out and watching that zombie anime and then that chinese generals living as lolis in japan anime with everyone and simply taking it easy all day and waking up and having six to eight hundred posts to read



graduated in 08 sigh


miss 2006 hima


90s teen


remember when we all shocked when nagato saved kyon


i barely remember what happened a month ago let alone 12 years ago


stop being so dumb you need brain exercises


took a brain pill i had leftover just to see if it would bring me some deep dreams i need those dreams within them lies the key to getting out of this shiterealm


normally i just dream about being on pro dota teams and hanging out with turt or pnig


gonno get some debrox to clean my ears


dont know about the 325i
its not eco friendly


theres a guy in my street with a 3 series bmw always makes me think of josh when i walk past it


josh is going to be 25 this year just flipping end it


josh is baste


what the hell hes younger than i thought


the one im eyeing is a sedan not a coupe


gotta have 4 doors for the bros


one for the seki three for the girls


onseki is a norm cockpincher


words cant hurt him


hope that guy doxxes him


wonder if the norms will throw you a bone if you bow to them enough


why is the chan still down






im a friendless blob


at least you have your health


think ill jo to some kemonos


kemonos or kemonos


for now


my health is in shambles


crying at boromirs regret


i thought he was the bad guy why are you crying


because sean bean is a great actor


boromir was always my favorite character its too tragic what happened to him


i like legolas because hes cute


tomorrows the day


File: 1521173587374.jpg (473.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 10 [720p].mkv-00:12….jpg)

sent them a pic of my peen


its against the law to send that kind of thing to underage camper girls


reaction to pnigs penis


its a time honored tradition


remember that time a us congressman sent pics of his peen to a minor


missed the lunch break gacha why didnt anyone tell me


File: 1521173926139.jpg (177.74 KB, 798x1200, __arle_nadja_and_puyo_puyopuyo_drawn_by_orizen….jpg)


if god still talked to people today nobody would believe them if they said so


id believe you


he does talk to people


dozens of people on youtube right now uploading videos about the visions they get from god and the prophecies interpreted about the end times


those are just crazies but i would believe any of my himabros without a doubt


pretty sure neetblog doesnt exist on this plane and his posts are literally just god communicating with us


what if blog was one of us


you would need an extra dimension to fit his gut


File: 1521174355811.jpg (514.25 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 10 [720p].mkv-00:20….jpg)



File: 1521174476134-0.png (506.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180315-212424.png)

File: 1521174476134-1.png (429.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180315-212613.png)


my persona would be a billion times more interesting if i was an alcoholic


File: 1521174522641.png (105.84 KB, 490x517, qa.png)

holy flip


what makes you say that


jist look at pastaguy


im not an alcoholic i just love drinking


being an alcoholic is something youre genetically predisposed to its not something you can become by drinking a lot






but my dads an alcoholic that doesnt mean i am just because i like drinking a lot


either you are born as an alcoholic and you cant control your drinking or youre not an alcoholic and you can drink as much as you like


was born with bottle in hand


its just so much fun it makes me wanna dance and watch my favorite anime and play my favorite games i just have a blast every time so why wouldnt i keep drinking all the time


proud to say im not addicted to anything


flip you asshole


youre addicted to the internet


he hath spoken


nah internet could disappear tomorrow and i wouldnt blink twice


im addicted to bushcrafting i just cant stop



smite me bitch


im not a god im a subhuman


blobliness is next to godliness


nbs humility serves as a lesson by which we could all better ourselves praise be to him






sigh woke up late and the food has been left out for 12 hours it tastes weird i hope i dont die


youll be fine im sure


my ancestors ate worse stuff while scavenging this cant possibly kill me


youre going to be vomiting and having diarrhea for the next week


yeah but im hungry


File: 1521176451129.jpg (641.78 KB, 984x1400, img507g.jpg)


so cute


oo oo oo ooog


me bone me snap


wish i had a loli to snap




File: 1521176863619.jpg (195.47 KB, 685x750, 1309377875857.jpg)


snapping is for the unintelligent i can seduce one with my good looks


File: 1521177060086.jpg (390.05 KB, 1254x1771, 1347511874773.jpg)


File: 1521178581383.mp4 (10.01 MB, b09741a386cc0b743ef72c41326510e36ecdd9be4bea46….mp4)


weird pose


disgusting bitch


more interested in that audio interface


absolutely feasting on some sausages


sick of being 30 years old and miserable


its alright youll be 31 and miserable soon enough


i decided to stop being miserable a while ago


im nigger cattle


how did you do that


you know


*stops being miserable*


all my copes are counterproductive


its really that simple i dont know what to tell you
get rid of the miserable things and replace them with enjoyable things


im a big horny boy


what if i dont enjoy anything


then do nothing and you will be happy


we must study the east


die gamenorm


thats because you are stuck in a depression cycle of doing nothing so you feel bad and you feel bad because you do nothing
simply start doing something


i blog because im unhappy and im unhappy because i blog


what should i do


ride the rails


get good at chess


im too dumb for chess


try shogi instead


isnt that just slanteye chess


wonder what everyone here will be like at 50


no its a million times more complex


i wont make it to 50


youre going to live until 89


just upload my biodata to the algorithm and throw away the husk


i wonder how long we will last as a community it would be funny if we were all still posting together 15 or 20 years from now


not if i start smoking now its not too late


start smoking cigars


hima as is will last no longer than 2 years


thats why he said community


hima is already over


dont worry onseki will sell hima for weed money soon enough


if i started a spinoff would anyone use it


weed is the only thing that can calm psychoseki down


saw a downie begging stuff at the store cant believe onseki does the same job as a retard


the only thing chadseki bags is chocolate coworkers


i would


got blackpilled by an atheist professor and my life spiraled downhill


lets watch


File: 1521182802490.jpg (42.23 KB, 738x393, sb.jpg)

the man known as turtletron is endangering the feminine creatures we worship
there has to be a way to stop him


my iq is 82


more like 182


my iq is too high to be measured


nothing remarkable about me


would it be healthy if i limited myself to joing once a day


File: 1521186412267-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.43 KB, 1700x2338, psych report 1.jpg)

File: 1521186412267-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 651.18 KB, 1700x2338, psych report 2.jpg)

sis psych report came in


hope you give her the same methods you used to conquer your anxiety


had to euthanize the browser because of memory leak


sigh poor sis


on the bright side its ok for girls to be like that so shell be fine


nice family history of autism


got a good family history of tard looks like i got the good genes


im the one with the autism diagnosis and also the depression


have a hard time imagining autists living in premodern times


lots of isolated farmers were probably autistic i think thats how the autism gene survived


people just thought of them as weird and beat them up


never heard anyone tell a story about their great great tard grandpa


because the tards didnt get to breed


good ol great uncle tard he was a real character


watched an old film about "childhood schizophrenia" which is what autism was called back then and the girls father was an engineer who didnt like to talk and preferred to just work on his projects


what about lennie the tard in of mice and men


and also hans asperger writes about the parents of the autistic kids who were generally odd eccentrics


bet he had a hard time in school with that game


meant name




never thought lennie was autistic reading the book thought it was more of a childhood head injury retardation sort of thing


most autistic people just had intricate trades or fields of study that they were interested in obsessively like clock making and stuff the guy who repaired my garage door was defiantly autistic and in his 60s he was obsessed with them and had all the classic social traits they just did stuff like that


the golden age for autists was probably early to mid 20th century when there were lots of practical professional applications for their fixations now it gets diverted into useless consumer activities like anime and video games


stop diagnosing people


i can tell you one of mine


tell it


uh well my great grandfather won at the horses but his wife convinced him it was immoral to live without working it was some religious thing i think so he decided to become an artist and it cost a lot of money to go to a special art school and he became a decent artist and did some nice stuff this was during the turn of the 20th century with expressionism unfortunately nobody wanted to buy paintings during the great depression when they had kids so life was a little hard then in his old age everyone thought he was demented but he was actually completely fine but just kept tardraging about all the new shitty artists and kept loving abstract art which nobody understood mom says she didnt realise what he meant until recently


my great grandpa was schizophrenic and used to think the radio was speaking to him so he smashed it with a hammer he beat his wife and kids really brutally as well and then he got shot in the street by some random guy


could use a hug


saw an asian girl in a literal sailor uniform sigh wish i could have an abusive relationship with a schizoid korean girl


classic gramps


simply walk up to the booker at the horses give him a firm handshake


horses scare the hell out of me i dont wanna ever go near them


umakyun umakyun


schizoids dont want relationships





god i wish i was a jap




a jap schoolgirl or a jap sex predator




being a jap would pinch 日本 is only good to visit on holiday


i would rather live in japan than russia


did i mention how i dont like russia because they put people in work camps and killed their own countrymen


literally invented spread thread and what do i get nothing my friend hasnt even talked to me for 4 years t minus 3 months


ill be your friend


one day i will provide a visual example of how i hear music and it will astound people at least mom


die sexeye


sigh couldnt stop myself from spending all my tardbux just spent 2000 euros on pc parts a 3ds and a bunch of games


nice gamenorm




ill spend the rest on alcohol its going to be a drink and game life from now on i also get free benzos from the government im set for life free money and free drugs thanks socialist europe


wish i lived in europe the welfare is so good over there


hate welfarenorms



mom says no point going on welfare if i dont want to work she says eventually they will make me work id better not risk it


start hima video and invite pastor anderson


have yet another interview monday why is this so hard the fatcat financial analyst on here probably had bigshot connections


dress well and smile a lot


meate dream of a
n octofish


why do i have asian earwax now

it used to be wet and brown but now it is white and flaky


File: 1521214254542.png (284.7 KB, 923x1300, 12.png)

there has been so much stuff introduced in this hunter x hunter arc that its probably not going to resolve for a decade or so once he starts his hiatus shit


File: 1521215840147.png (415.26 KB, 782x752, Screenshot from 2018-03-16 11-56-50.png)

sexy little bitches asking for it hard they love it


File: 1521216372379.mp4 (22.64 MB, DASH_2_4_M.mp4)



introducing a ton of characters and concepts and powers with pretty much no background makes it hard for the readers to care at all about their story youd think that togashi sensei is experienced enough not to make such mistake but here we are


watching a crane demolish a building


dumb norms


File: 1521219423811.png (88.92 KB, 672x755, Screenshot from 2018-03-16 12-55-04.png)

professor chang is going to hand me my ass on a silver platter if i dont master this chapter by monday


what the hell isnt there supposed to be an attendant and emergency shut off thing or even a normal shut off thing


owned those skinorms


i was the attendant but i was busy tarding out


wish i was a trickster god so i could do things like that


god is already a trickster


id rather be a sex god



glad i wasnt around when it happened


>be american
>get squashed by a bridge


die greener




ladies and gentleneets


nothin gentle about these neets


rude crude and lewd neets


File: 1521221065638.jpg (70.37 KB, 463x1024, 1521201965379.jpg)

basted women


love dying because a woman was too busy looking up chads pics on instagram to double check her math


未来が眩しくて見えない stomp a femoid


the bridge looks prettier without a central support column shame on you for criticizing her down to earth designs


hate the arrogance of physicists


why dont i sleep for very long


because you didnt need the rest


sigh need to edit my bodys bios so i can sleep 12 hours daily


File: 1521222826874.webm (2.77 MB, 1280x720, 1521219895808.webm)

just discovered a new species gonno name it neeticus blobicus


its really not that great i can do 12 hrs per day for a week but each day will feel awful and incredibly quick especially if you go for the 18 or 20 hour snoozes

faguette shit


why does it feel bad dont you get fully charged up


mom has given me a grocery shopping quest


i have a condition that makes me charge improperly so when i am asleep it increases the amount of bad charge that i produce i guess thats the best way to describe how it feels


you should get an eeg and sheck out your brainwaves sounds like a neurological condition


do you want to party up


im aware of what i already have to sleep at the hospital every two years covered in electrodes for them to monitor it


wish theyd cover my peen with electrodes so they could diagnose my chronic bedwetting


think ill just skip it i hate fetch quests


should i get a 2700x


its not a fetch quest its a kill quest the hima squad will destroy all the norms in the supermarket and return to mom with the spoils


apartment above me is watching the walking norm


wako san uploads an english video after 2 months and its about his watch


he does not feel hungry
still further he eats
from strange foreign countries
such exotic meats
are granted his favour
he savours the taste
enjoying the flavour
no morsel is waste
the king takes it easy
amid cyberspace
almighty is he
the one who is baste
his meal complete
he adjusts his large girth
the fattest of fatneets
the blogger of mirth


dont get that reference im gonno shower now


File: 1521227056625.png (54.12 KB, 635x1023, sleep.png)

wish i was a newborn


11:10 am still have not showered or brushed teeth


what timezone is that like alaska or something thats 1 hour before pacific time even


if im doing good ill only sleep 5 or 6 hours but if im feeling bad ill go for 8 or 9


stuck in my head


its not a reference its a poem


completed the grocery shopping quest but didnt get any exp sigh this game blows


can i post something


depends what it is


if you have to ask...


File: 1521230621297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.83 KB, 1200x1800, 1521230321561.jpg)

thought turt might like this


simply ignore all women


File: 1521230831144.jpg (17.62 KB, 300x250, 1521230628918.jpg)

thoughts on my fursona


already been posted skipper


flip this cool earth


got a cup of french onion soup from panera bread


not looking forward to organizing my pictures folder


File: 1521231325566.jpeg (28.73 KB, 488x488, 15389441.jpeg)

recommend this


i only drink energy drinks ever since i saw that they lead to brain hemorrhages



was looking at pictures of myself from 8 years ago and my face has changed


did you get fat


no...dont say that


no i compared pictures from when i was around the same bodyfat


all himabros stopped aging at 17 thats the simple truth


i think i looked almost handsome for a short period in my early 20s but it was gone before i knew it




were going to be the most handsome in our 30s thats when we become macho


your only advantage is youve spent so much time indoors that your skin wont wrinkle as badly


amy schumer is my kind of lady


shes a pig


low t


great news talked to some peasants from eastern europe and they were very receptive to the idea of me marrying their 9 yo daughter


one less mouth to feed



what could this be i wonder


dumb fbi blankposter


thats not a blankpost its a youtube embed


rewatched spider-man homecoming and its still good


had to refresh >>744882
makes a lot more sense now


File: 1521233772845.jpg (40.77 KB, 640x512, 1tyo379e5k8z.jpg)


still dont know what website that template is from


wouldnt say its the best but it is up there
and no offense to dafoe but keaton is probably the best villain


File: 1521234454641.png (287.8 KB, 640x880, 66648318_p0.png)

poor kyubey


thats what he gets for fraternizing with sexnorms


when is the sequel to rebellion coming out


just pump me full of chemical waste and dump me in a ditch


File: 1521235478541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.05 KB, 634x793, 1521230828402.jpg)

this is what soy does to people


thats a woman whose been pumped full of test


shes pregnant and his girlfriend is the father


no it was a man that drank so much soylent he became a fertile female and the one on the right used to be a man


what fresh horrors this world has in store


nothing wrong with a man on right and a woman on left having a child together even if theyre unattractive


took a pic of meself i look like a flipping tard


am i crazy for thinking these two shouldnt be raising children


that was epic now do a turt one


File: 1521236834088.jpg (1.85 MB, 2268x3024, race warrior.jpg)


File: 1521237346033.png (1.09 MB, 641x642, 1521224869288.png)

me n the bros just got back from the tat parlor


why did someone report >>744852


i get asked how im doing on the phone and i respond but theres an awkward pause afterwards because i keep forgetting to return the question


nice social anxiety


good way to solve that is by jumping off a tall building


mom doesnt want me having a car she wants me to move out first and then get a car
does that make sense to anyone


its not anxiety its just being bad at talking


its probably better if you dont get one
i begged mom to get me a car in high school but she refused and when i graduated she wanted me to learn to drive so i could get groceries and do other chores so ive resisted since


driving is a pleasure


my iq isnt high enough


in mocksville lived cameron m cassidy
a strange and unusual one was he
posts from r9k
he would plot to betray
the imageboard called himasugi


turt you seeing this


nothing plump


you didnt put as much effort in


of course not turt doesnt deserve anywhere near the effort nb does


did not enjoy the checkmark post but you have swayed me with that one phew


no no no you cant be posting butts


poop comes out of there


File: 1521239501962.jpg (Spoiler Image, 243.37 KB, 850x1648, chinadress3.jpg)

no wonder theres so many chinks



this is horrible news


zfreek did it
he killed col


this cant be happening


dont know what this is nor do i care




sb sb sb


remember to report


hate the way the message is written saying 'thank you' as they throw him out on his ass and stomp on his dreams


hope todays the day onseki deletes the sb


what will col do now


hopefully burn in hell with the other gamernorms


kyle to replace misery




why cant i gorugoru with teen magician megumin chan


whata gorugoru


its over for col


you know in the ln shes the one kazuma chooses she gets flipped


this is neetblogs big chance to get scouted by col and become a professional dota player


neetblog can be scouted from space


words cant hurt him




wouldnt mind having passionate flip with aqua or choking flip with darknessu either


read a vanilla choking doujin the other day it was superb


my greatgrandpa sold fish the others were farmers i think one was a neet and greatgran was the one that had a job instead


baste neetgramp


wish i was handsome enough to be a househusband


the village neet was a prestigious position in those days


File: 1521240880546.webm (2.61 MB, 1280x720, russian zoo.webm)


the more black a lions mane the higher his testosterone


i dont believe it


just watching this is making me sweat i remember people like that thinking theyre getting good boy points by bothering you trying to force conversation even though you have nothing in common with them thats one good thing about being an adult you dont have to deal with that nonsense anymore


im in my mid 20s i cant keep thinking like im still in hs


sick of just aching from random pains all over my body all day


its because you arent exercising enough to stress your body


no were teens forever our body age is irrelevant


padder pill me on how the government uses prison gangs as a form of social control


never touched a skateboard in my life mom says theyre too dangerous


pants are falling down how embarrassing


yeah that guys a total loser


some girl was screaming her lungs out just now i think its the girl thats pregnant wonder what happened


how come that guys not pooping his pants and sobbing in terror


hopefully shes having a miscarriage


hate screamers


sigh just wish i was spider man


whats the protocol for dealing with scream tardouts at the himamansion


put your head down and deal with it until its over


i will deal with any and all tardouts with a swift jab to the throat this is your first and last warning


ill raise all hell


the hima mansion will have sound proofed padded rooms every 15 feet


sigh he was my favorite superhero as a kid


what are those gyms with big trampolines and foam ball pits called


jungle gyms




File: 1521242673846.jpg (81.69 KB, 745x306, AGA_Slider_1a.jpg)

i think theyre just called gymnastic centers i want to go to one so i can train to be spider man