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the wastes


File: 1668999387661.png (7.47 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


i do NOT remember this website at all


well i did


its on my history with the /jp/ search term but yeah i have no idea when or why we even came here


someone posted it on the thread because they have similar posting mannerisms to us


me neither
its NOT much use i NOT everybody knows and some men get left behind


well we have to go somewhere where we dont have to endure biggerspam


well anyway theres 2chan(russian) but it seems broken at least to me
we can sit here for a while

i was also thinking of just meeting up in some random dead caca thread and when the ippy count is high enough we can say what the new URL is and then erase it

also theres a 02ch.in website which seems like aNOTher russian cacan clone but i dont know how dead/active it is in terms of squatting potential


tragsg is dead
long live tragsg


is it possible to have a website that looks anonymous but you can only post with an approved account
it would be basically the same thing since we all know each other and arent expecting new people


shameful and cordlike


well that way if someone biggers it up their account gets disabled and thats the end of it


File: 1669001015250.png (9.22 KB, 957x215, website goal.png)

i was going to go into 162 and i got this error i think this is a pretty good idea
also if you go onto meguca.org(original URL) you get asked for a name/password and if you dont get it it gives a 401 error

i think either of those things would work. everyone would just use admin/somepassword and that doesnt require actual accounts just "authorization"


username: gex
password: his tripcode


its no good if its NOT an actual account because all any invader would need is the current code


well if they do get it then whats the big deal it can just be changed or whatever
it shouldnt be completely impenetrable


die norms


going to go to bed
if tragsg is gone forever when i wake up it wont be too bad


at least 3 of us will be here ;)


we still never heard from poor old jim


can we do a headcount
hm here


i'm... the unnamed poster...(moviewatcher2233/"winkman")


great the fucking goteniggers here when are you gonno link us to bbig


my whole reason for keeping secret is i didnt want to be associated with any of the shitposters and instantly killed because i always assumed you people would have tighter security


youre NOT real!!!
*blinks three times*


well anyway i think canman might vouch for me since i watched all those ancient movies with him




does NOT just get automatically allcapped i dont remember capitalizing my NOT and every other NOT itt is all caps


oh wow
this shall henceforth be known as the NOT website


NOTragsg if you will


NOTgoing to live much longer


NOT an autocap system you're just a schizo


the bigger being an obstinate retard about popn made me get back into bms and im having quite a lot of fun


i quite like that theres no captcha or post timer


if only you didnt have to go to the top to post this place would be pretty good if it stays uncompressed


you dont i can use quick reply just fine


File: 1669002454606-0.png (8.38 KB, 477x324, trite.png)



well i guess you cant see it but thats off to the side for me


wonder what the first topic will be


winkmann: discuss


would rather NOT


i like him


i am against


you put up with the bigger for a year
and dont forget i'v actually been here for far longer


how do you pop it out


oh nvm


the winkmans actually been here longer than me


would be funny if can/sp/ohio died and the winkman replaced their presence in the thread with nobody NOTicing


thats the most likely scenario


looks like the spam stopped


for now...


tragsg is dead


we're too mentally ill to stop


personally i dont get all the tragsg ist tot posts because eventhough the original spirit of the thread isnt the same at all anymore (because its NOT filled with 50 splads making random shitposts) fore me tragsg is just for hanging out with my ""friends"" and that is still the same so.............. tragsg is tot....ja nai...


tragsg is live!


its dead if it becomes impossible to discuss things due to spam
its dead if its just hm barking into the void
its dead if its just splads and complete unknowers


i feel like the vigor and energy of the topics is completely gone and has been for while now
everything in which we shared common ground has been discussed to death


there are always ups and downs


we hold the common ground of being the same group of posters for years
thats an uncommon thing and would be a shame to lose


File: 1669004930801-0.png (54.96 KB, 1197x670, trite.png)

uk flag shoudl be something like that maybe add a unicorn/lion for scotland or more lions for normans


just realized that as soon as the next thread dies all it takes is someone to check the archived versionn and then..............


see thats the kind of extremely soulful post you arent going to find anywhere else


why would they check the archived version


did this get posted on the desuarchive
i thought that there was just a reference to 2ch.hk which nobody is actually using right now


yes its on there how do you think we got here
i told someone to give a hint or part of the url (which "jp" would have shown up for me at least) but they posted the name and also didnt manage to delete it


wow NOT a single post since i started dining NOT a good look


and still NOThing


was at my vietnamese friends house and we were talking with his dad about stuff and vaguely political stuff came up and the dad started talking about how shitty of a system communism is (because everyone wanted to flee to the west) and how people in communist countries are all lazy, then he said "just like those natives" and my friend got all upset and started arguing with his dad insisting on defending them because its NOT their fault theyre poor lazy retarded drug addicts


never had any real life run ins with natives or communists thankfully


dump your friend and be your friends dads friend instead


hima is a commune


its back baby




bit rude


whats taking so long


NOT everybody can be as talented with computers as our dear methhead


wheres my tragsg!!!!!!


you shouldnt spend thanksgiving on the internet


what else is there to do
stare at the wall?


stuff your face while you wait for things to get set up


dinner isnt until 6 hours from now man


for me its going to be more of a lunch supper
or lupper as they say on los sinsones


youll end up fat just like homer


its a sign of wealth and prosperity


its actually the opposite poor people are too stupid to know any better


sometimes its better to be an unknower


dead again




die raiders


raid post ignore


they are here with sekis blessing let them be


what if the site isnt coming back up and he turned it off because the admin said we could come back and forgot/didnt tell us


no i doubt it he said its turn on and off as he was trying things


does it take this long to do git clone and then launch it


i wouldnt want us posting on my site either in all honesty


is it really thanksgivings
do americans really


no that was a month ago


this is a very delicate time in the history of tragsg




had to recreate the vps so the old ip isn't valid anymore
new ip:
sorry for the inconvenience


the world intently watches on


site owner man have you ever played any grand strategies games
perhaps victoria 2 even


so whos going to break the ice and make the first thread


NOT a good sign




did the fucking website die????


is it dead again


y no te vuelvo a ver...


no entiendo


mystery websiteman where did it go???



wtf does that have to do with anything
whats going on!!!


you cant just make a random post then disappear
is the website down or is it just me


it is!!! red betweeen the lines man -_-


does anyone know anything


just a hiccup im sure


^the last words of a deadman


its been down for at least six hours!!!


try 8


was worried it was only down for me because that happened a few days ago
good to know everyone else is suffering too


neighbor is gamer raging again


been dead ever since i woke up


thinking of playing some mountain blade
unsure if i should finally try bannerlord or just stick to the classics


narcotika has been playing the shit out of butterlord you should ask him how it's


havent gamed since last year


havent really done anything but


die raiders


noooo please no himasugger!!!




will anyone tell the siteownerman


ran out of water but dont want to get up


its back... for now


somehow gained back 3 lbs after losing it last week


its always in the last place you look


*looks directly at the camera*


watched the mother and the whore the other day they looked directly into the camera a lot


unpleasant vaguepost


File: 1672984459510.png (498.46 KB, 864x672, 1672981735678920.png)


just WHAT is going on


the website loads but you cant do anything


File: 1673025599308.png (12.21 KB, 634x123, dead.png)

so much for what the mystery websiteman said about the server lasting forever


cant focus on anything due to the overwhelming despair


File: 1673029635436.png (1.81 KB, 148x61, error.png)




dont make cryptic vagueposts at a time like this


if only we had SOMEONE who could afford a high quality server that would last forever


the burden of eternity


wahey now its just completely out so i cant even poke at it anymore


also the last time the mystery websiteman was in according to the log was a few days after christmas so i dont expect him to show up and save us any time soon


File: 1673058077639.jpg (11.21 KB, 266x235, reibird.jpg)

so who was mystery man z


wouldnt be a mystery if anyone knew


i'm guessing no one is interesting in going back to the 4


lost knowledge


already told you to stop cryptic vagueposting


File: 1673060517022.jpg (157.3 KB, 500x706, untitled.jpg)


its you isnt it bigger
here to laugh at us thinking you have somehow won now that this has happened


well do we just squat here until something changes


unless you got any better ideas
might try making a trash thread tomorrow if this nightmare doesnt resolve itself



grandi taketh and grandi taketh and grandi taketh again


we’re the internet’s biggest losers
i mean at least this site seems stable…
would love to go back to meguca……………………


die norms


so it died,............ AGAIN.......huh..........


for me its being dragged across the silver


any living men in




was going to ask if any one wanted to suffer in public by going back to the 4 but i already know the answer


i mean…if we have to


it would just drop off the board


drop that ass maki


is "it" working yet




uhhh…is “it” the mystery man site or something else…if its something else i dont know it


he doesnt know


the mooo and no its NOT wrking


NOT at all


might shave my head


what makes it extra painful is how it felt like we had finally sorted everything out and were in the clear for the first time in months
then it came back and worked for half a day just to taunt us


mono no aware


is that supposed to mean something




mind telling what


i think mono meanns monkey


whats dead


the website


checked up on some 12 year old links bunch of them were dead


death to vagueposters




think we have to accept its NOT coming back and start looking for alternative solutions (suicide)


first you cope then you rope


File: 1673144901819.jpg (106.16 KB, 1000x1000, ifv6d4s1i1891.jpg)

im out of cope


there are some actual trashmen in right now right
dont tell me i'm wallowing alone with biggers again


wouldnt understand how to interact with a woman even if she was interested


we had everything nice and locked down without any problems for days
either it died and nobody cares anymore which means tragsg is dead forever
or everyone migrated secretly for some reason(again) and forgot to tell me




and now i am once again left behind with NOThing but brainless biggers to taunt me


all existence is designed to become extinct


>its going to be only you in a minute
obvious signaling from the last post that something was going to happen
it would also explain why the level of activity was so low in the last few days if everyone secretly moved


why would they invite you


because i'v been around for years and have been practically running the place the past few months


and we have less than 6 men left we cant afford to lose real people at this point


weighed myself lost a pound


see 18 is the exact kind of aloof stream of consciousness post that has NOThing to do with anything that someone would make to taunt me


wait disregard my schizo rambling
nobody had the kind of access that would allow them to make the whole website seize up and die aside from the mystery websiteman but i cant imagine what his motive for doing that would be


have no willingness


just keep in mind all women are sl*ts but very few actually want to think of themselves as such they want to get flipped by you more than you want to flip them


dadc ploid


a flapper must flip


somebody is going to get flopped if these vagueposts keep up


File: 1673146803661.gif (399.13 KB, 640x360, bunnysode.gif)


File: 1673147076418.webm (2.67 MB, 480x480, 1672674785677812.webm)


yep here comes the raid


neighbor sounds like that when hes gamer raging


why am i the ONLY one here!!!
We should be theory crafting figuring out solutions right now


empty internet theory


theory 1: the mystery website man was always an inside man for the bigger and only lulled us into a false sense of security
theory 2: the bigger paid for some kind of ddos program to kill the website
theory 3: it just died and nobody cares and its time for death


i think We care but everybody is poor+retarded so nobody can fix it


well i checked in on the biggers and it looks like they were getting raided recently and migrated too
one less thing to worry about i guess


how did you celebrate the full moon


i'm NOT a lunatic


the moon is our mother


only in wiccantrite
the mother figure in nearly every culture is always either the earth or the wife of deus pater


felt the moonlight on my skin


just remembered that night was the one before garbage day so i did see it and thought "wow cool moon" as i put the garbage out
hows that for a celebration


the trashman


the way the website is up but NOThing works is like its laughing in my face


File: 1673153553196.png (82.24 KB, 640x480, 1279558091881.png)


love how whenever i see latam get brought up on 4chan people start making fun of argentina unprompted


most of the sudacas on 4chan are platines who love talking about themselves or brazilians who love to hate la plata


i see lots of mexicans personally
they count here


only ever see mexicans going off about americans or centracas


do something seki dont let these raiders desecrate himas corpse


hey man can you just give us a break we’ve been through a whole lot


if this isn't resolved some time next week i'll have to take matters into my own hands


nobody gave us a break either


File: 1673199589010.png (10.34 KB, 1204x56, himapost.png)

we already had the big hima come by and lock and unlock this thread


no no its just dead


and its NOT that I/we dont care i just thought it'd be resolved by itself sooner or later so there's NOT a big scramble going on at least in my own mind although its looking kind of dire now


its been down for nearly three days
and its NOT just down its broken and very unlikely to fix itself


feeling euphoric


guess its opposite day




File: 1673207536498.png (133.08 KB, 3191x1117, preflood geopolitics.png)


way too upbeat
need a funeral dirge or just the noise of wind howling


once went for a night drive and stopped at some empty train tracks waiting for the train to arrive and listening to the wind across the snow


sick of all these failed coups, can no one get it right


look how cheap those are
you can even pay with crypto
if somebody buys a server i could set up our own meguca again and we would finally be free of mystery men and deceased meth addicts


wait a minute the bolsonarians are on the attack nobody told me anythig!!!


well you see im p&w


somehow nobody but jim of all people had the knowhow of setting up a website


i do!!! jim just had the knowhow AND the money


put in a few shifts at the box factory so you can save tragsg


*camera pans throughout the kitchen, showing all the overdue bills strewn about the table and empty cupboards full of cobwebs*
yeah that's the first thing i'll do...


dont forget just because theres noposts doesnt mean there arent multiple men checking in every hour to see how much worse things have gotten


when did we get promoted to man status


boys will be boys


hot men


into the oven


File: 1673238583148.jpg (35.94 KB, 1080x1191, 1673059141336905.jpg)




cargo cult


don’t use the word i taught you little man


you should be able to post now
i did NOT NOTice the site wasn't working..



File: 1673398390503.webm (379.08 KB, 1280x720, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.webm)

who are you people


theyre the tragsgraiders skipper


NOT again...

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