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just act natural
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File: 1670806170231.png (474.95 KB, 640x639, eed0471e.png)

reminds me of that time i stickerbombed moms car


mom wants to watch a christmas romance movie starring an asian woman


might run away from home and join a band of train hopping hobos


File: 1670830967040.png (38.79 KB, 674x356, 8e59fe8ad4c3f80d86631a83d360dc58.png)


she's so ugly


File: 1670869994934.webm (2.87 MB, 848x478, 1670869184591430.webm)


apparently cars dont come with spare tires anymore when did that start happening


die newcarnorm


that nig must be really short


sister talked about how her husband has been cooking japanese hot pot


snowing hima its snowing


sigh turt


dont look much like that these days


holy flip gas is down to 2.94


have to build my own spare tire by buying a wheel and a tire pay someone to assemble it and then its gonno take up my trunk space




paid 3.11 today NOT bad


shopped simply gsnapfruit was on sale only 2.99


gonno gsnap your arse




dropped my scrambled eggs but caught them in midair


picked up pizza after work now im playing ow with the bros


used to play a voxel fps it was fun to create my own skins in paint


guy recommended the gundam overwatch clone to me i already downloaded it but havent opened it


File: 1671238712898.jpg (152.02 KB, 617x657, 20221216_183230.jpg)

shes back




this is the year you ask her out and complete the amagami challenge


shopped saw an asian woman at the self checkout paying 500 dollars with paper money


what a stupid luddite chink should just get apple pay already or face the wall



neighbor is screaming again




NOThing to scream about


wish i was a jong master like miosha


Nono is a NEET who stayed home all day. But when her mother re-married, Nono found her handsome new step-brother Yachiyo to be an overbearing sis-con! All the unwanted attention finally forces her out of the house. But she won't escape that easily!


sister said her husband has sleep apnea and the doctor wants to install a 40000 dollar implant


wearing my funny hat hima


love talking about the men that are railing my sisters pussy


broke the rules of the family white elephant party


File: 1671406627873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.75 MB, 2150x3036, FkF04FHUUAAGRXD.jpg)


phew hairs


tried shaving before and it took forever


File: 1671428635057.png (1.12 MB, 1218x1352, 1671291792911269.png)

Cease or desist pedos.




File: 1671467927194.webm (4.76 MB, 640x640, 1671301011342283.webm)

put me in the pig wash


it looks really clean to be fair


mom still wants me to get a maid


you cant afford a maid


wish mom would get me a bangmaid


inhaled water






man up kitty


weighed myself lost a pound


die weighloss


File: 1671661982657.jpg (238.53 KB, 1200x1600, __original_drawn_by_daisy_mitsumata__d4520cae0….jpg)

selfie for the boys


neighbor is gamer raging again





keep thinking about human lost probably one of the more interesting dystopian future scenarios ive seen in a while


really far behind on anime movies


never watched an anime movie and regretted it


File: 1671778515128.webm (1.29 MB, 404x720, 1671617787748272.webm)


File: 1671932799855.jpg (101.96 KB, 900x1200, 1671927068413318.jpg)


File: 1671948350500.mp4 (4.31 MB, ic4tzr.mp4)


File: 1671971357024.png (465.37 KB, 1080x1200, 1671916525234261.png)


woke up had a nightmare about being body snatched by a fat asian kid he walked around with my face


nobody christmas posted


File: 1672073586671.jpeg (200.23 KB, 1447x2047, EF102960-030C-42FE-98BB-D3BE4C88F06A.jpeg)


dead board its over


pull the plug its time


File: 1672267206534.jpg (313.07 KB, 1448x2048, FlE9HFzaEAExL4P.jpg)


File: 1672271797212.png (1.58 MB, 1657x1968, 1672245063299387.png)


shopped and saw one of those amish type couples where they wear the bonnets and funny hats but the husband was a black man


he knows something you dont



neighbors pipes burst because they left for christmas without leaving the heat on


File: 1672352359149.jpg (127.7 KB, 1280x1014, 1672300727087368.jpg)


glad to see posts again


its just me and one other guy


mom gave me a popcorn popper for christmas


im a poster i post


only 2 days left


rode like 30 miles today couldnt help going double the speed limit


used moms stationary bike because snow was it NOT snow there



it all melted now


no snow here luckily


would regret it if there was never any snow


theres still two months of cold it might happen


feeling drunk after 12 oz of 8 percent


oz or floz




mom told me to clean


got my yeezy reps


my christmas shoes were just aNOTher pair of the same model


NOThing wrong with sticking to what you know


feels really weird being able to walk from bedroom to kitchen without dodging stuff on the floor

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