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File: 1653917766214.jpg (132.89 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Machikado Mazoku S2 - 03 (720p) [….jpg)

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does it working


File: 1653936181011.png (29.13 KB, 370x320, 438768868@2x.png)


retreating to here until the raid is over


retreating to here until the raid is over


crying dont want to go back to ota


crying dont want to go back to ota




nice captcha


can we get ones like on the 4 hate these google streetview picture captchas


simply use chrome and you almost never have to solve it



its NOT going to be a permanent thing it will only be used during raids


can you use a verification utility that doesnt require me to provide free labor to jewgle


he loved doing it for free


why wont the norms just let us be


lmfao get kuk'd


no one can get through the verification cant believe hima was full of bots all along


only human on hima



can you make a custom hima captcha


started playing genshin got mona obviously gonno level her up but should i level noel aswell she seems strong


gonno play some スト5


noelle isnt bad with mona and you can use her as a healer


how can she be a healer when shes got a big sword


how about some nice japanese captcha


its over


sigh nb cant figure out the captcha


File: 1654022233689.png (27.54 KB, 718x532, Oekaki.png)

gonno test the oekaki


it looks like it worked


disable the recaptchav2 seki


the dev team already brought it up in a meeting and is looking into it
if you have any other concerns or questions please do NOT hesitate to email me at sjennings@himasugi.blog

Stacey Jennings
Himasugi Customer Support Representative





got supplies hb is it a scorcher today


wish i was pasted


nobody wants to post seems like the more hardened the site gets the farther it drifts from its original feel sigh


you are


woke up and spent 3 hours trying to go back to sleep just have me put down


its too hot to post im sitting in my room in my underskippies eating a whole watermelon


woke up




watermelons gotten too expensive


it was $3.60 at walmart they had pineapples for less than $2 but last time i did that the acid burned my gums


the mansion


might join the mansion polycule if nene will be there instead of just molg


crying nene will be the last gokisei to one million subs


File: 1654028274130.png (134.63 KB, 640x640, unnamed.png)




if youve ever played one of those you probably deserve to be killed the exception would be league of norms between for a year to two years after release


package is out for delivery


make sure you post a pic when you unbox all your artbooks


bit nervous since the tracking site says its out for delivery but also says its on the other side of the continent


think normazons confused and its NOT out for delivery just changed hands from ecms to a domestic shipping company


youre posting on one right now


norm spec games


nah they delivered it to the other company so its correct



its NOT correct they even sent me an email saying the package will be delivered today so if its NOT delivered today then it isnt correct


NOT sure what the guy on ota is talking about what makes it neo hima we blew past that years ago and you dont need js to post same as always


just talked to mom about going to walmart to get those shorts


dont need js to post unless spyseki enables normtcha again


its fudguy hes been at it for two weeks


File: 1654029544884.jpg (2.52 MB, 1555x2000, 98506718_p0.jpg)


guess i dont understand how its any different than it was when he first took over what specifically happened


File: 1654029562002.jpg (255.91 KB, 1920x1080, nonfree.jpg)


the copyright NOTice at the bottom is different now


its the same on the index except for the version number


different is different


uh to stop automated spam


after two weeks of virtual homelessness im willing to accept changes that small


seki made turt a jan


uh oh


finished the watermelon feels good


doubt even hes that retarded but if he tries any shit just submit a tip to the dea that you know someone committing a felony by cultivating psilocybin


Your request looks automated; Post discarded.


woke up hi


are you refreshed


NOT really its too hot even with the ac


File: 1654030473030.webm (912.5 KB, 1920x1080, m20825.webm)


saw a normazon driver lean and soak his face in some sprinklers today


bought an ac


crying watames gonno play deer simulator again just after we lost all the sheep webms


think it might be time to build a new upgraded pc but too tard to figure out whats good weird how this stuff came so easily a decade ago


tried genshin after seeing t play it if you like the solo experience in mmos its NOT that bad


hate everything involved in building and maintaining a pc just want mine to run forever without issue


back from the store got poptards bacon butter cookies chicken tendies dogs dog bread lettuce and tomatoes and a cucumber


only ever had the solo experience in mmos


never heard of valorant


File: 1654030941003.png (950.48 KB, 1197x1786, 97871064_p0.png)


its cs with normwatch heroes


thai art


wish i was her


NOThings stopping you pick up a nice dildo from the xxx store off the highway and go to town


i9 12900k
z690 mb
32gb ram
rtx 3090 ti




fire up some nice linus vids


marble countertops dog buns instead of sliced bread 3090s and i9s just start workblogging about your 120k a year it and programming jobs


he thinks 120k is a high salary Please stick it in mee


300k starting


how about a nice steam deck


it is for a single man living with mom or in a trailer


im NOT a gamer my cpus just NOT cutting it anymore for web browsing


wwdc is just around the corner rumor is theyre announcing the m2 just wait for that


the what nows announcing who


is seki gonno run hima on an m2 mac mini


how about a nice alienware


we will see about that after hundreds of tubie webms


what issues are you having


File: 1654031646581.jpg (234.05 KB, 1600x700, cs2301g0002_564221_gl_cs_co_fy23q1_sit_wave_1_….jpg)


its a raid




me on the left


theyre just like me


screw the i9 get a nice ryzen


get a nice ryzen 5600


the issue of frequent pausing and crashing and occasionally needing to wait a few minutes as the browser runs all cores at 100% clearing up memory all i want is to be able to open up a few hundred pixiv tabs


is bacon butter good


did you try a different browser or a different os


hate lettuce



oh youre a 200tabnorm


ya if you add aNOTher 0



youre looking at a nice threadripper pro 5995wx


bacon at the local grocers overpriced can only buy it when i head all the way to walmart


its over $9000


its worth it


well do you want your pixiv tabs or NOT


sigh guess ill put off upgrading for aNOTher few years


File: 1654032147495.jpg (1.78 MB, 1540x1161, 98683873_p0.jpg)





the largest chicken refinery in the country burned down recently and both trips to walmart ive made revealed them to be out of chicken breast and beef is too expensive for anyone now i guess i should be happy i lived long enough to witness the quickening i just wish i could have enjoyed the old days a bit more


Little girls can improve everything. Take, for example, human innards. Normally, one wouldn't think of his spleen or kidneys as being adorable, but once you imagine them as cute little girls, even human viscera can be worth falling in love with. Your kidneys, for example, would be identical twins wearing the adrenal glands as their hats, gladly devoting themselves to their rather disagreeable job with a warm smile on their faces so that your body can be free of waste products. Your bladder would be a shy, clumsy sexy lady under the kidneys' guidance, trying her best to hold in your urine but occassionally falling and spilling pee everywhere. Your liver would be a reliable onee-sama type who oversees the blood sugar levels in your body and detoxifies harmful chemicals, she'd always be concerned over your well-being and admonish you if you don't watch your food and alcohol intake; but despite being a strict, no-nonsense class president type on the surface (she'd probably wear glasses too) she'd secretly be a perverted sexy ladycon in an incestous lesbian relationship with her little sister gallbladder-tan. Your stomach would be a womanizer despite being a little girl, frequently kissing both oesophagus-tan and small intestine-tan mouth-to-mouth with the excuse of "transferring digestive contents", but she'd do this even if you haven't eaten in days.

As the alchemists of old believed that gold was the ideal form of all metals, I believe the ideal form of humankind to be adorable young maidens. I pray that once we die, the afterlife awaits us will involve all /jp/ users turning into elegant young ladies and taking it easy until the end of times.


forgot about that one



File: 1654032855973.jpeg (185.34 KB, 732x929, FTMoruMaMAAg-Uz.jpeg)


dont buy tyson so im NOT affected


translate it


was going to post translate it but i dont think i want to know what it says


need to invest in one of these for the mansion


File: 1654033016679.jpg (53.75 KB, 649x649, 1654009153476.jpg)

thinking of therapyguy


need a translator for that one too




sorry to say that therapyguy didnt make it through the recent turmoil


ask turt


File: 1654033160263.webm (581.57 KB, 960x540, tomorrow.webm)


gonno lojo





you cant block pasted anthony


the norms took everything from me things werent supposed to turn out like this


crying for maltaguy hope ill get to post with him again before i die


just realized everyone from 2015 hima roped and im the only one left


wish i had roped


im still here


they didnt rope they simply got married and busy with their careers


2015 was 10 years ago sigh




grans funeral is on the 16th


never been to a funeral


File: 1654036276901.webm (409.95 KB, 960x540, 1621409586356.webm)


whos gran died again


eatin dilla dipped in salsa




had she gone tard yet or was she normal


she just turned 85 and was NOT tard


its a raid


who are these people




dont know dont care perma immediately


you cant be rude to sekis invited guests


all the bans were lifted so they are coming back to life all at once like zombies


mindblowing none of this would have happened if the teentubers were just banned from the start now theyre feeling cozy and flip out and unleash the botnet when theyre called out


seki only knows how to perma


what about sekis famous 5 minute bans


the great value taco seasoning is too salty


gonno participate in valve hardware survey


sometimes refresh and find a post i already made in the comment box now have to make sure i delete it before posting anything else


nice newnorm


NOThin new didnt happen this often before


simply return to the index after a few posts to avoid the leak and you wont have to deal with it


yeah never understood how the leak guy never just got in the habit of clicking return then last 50


use my schizo powers to know whos talking to who


im schiz


File: 1654037519856.jpeg (351.04 KB, 600x801, FUHUBIzaAAAiqSO.jpeg)


the leaks NOT supposed to be an issue until it gets to at least near a hundred posts this threads still small


saw that pic earlier thought about how i dont listen to new music very often anymore


juicy little butt


NOThing remarkable about a tiny ass


big enough for me


eating dilla with taco meat dipping it in salsa


File: 1654037675905.jpg (316.9 KB, 2508x1764, 85aac439aab17af2272b7950e6007319.jpg)




you cant just blank twice in a row




can someone NOT blacklisted on sc2 just tell those faggots to give it a rest


ya thatd get them to stop




why are you pretending to be a raider


love firing up the vpn and raiding my own board


nice qateen


there was no war a shared user between this site and scv got rangebanned from here due to incessant spam and he went ballistic


if youre NOT raiding why NOT just conform to the grammar


File: 1654038176598.jpg (797.69 KB, 1920x1080, 98733198_p0.jpg)


if youre NOT raiding why dont you just conform to the grammar standards never understood that


wish i was norm enough to tard out and cause trouble for everybody




weird how anyone could skim the rules and automatically become an official seki approved hima poster but they dont wanna do it


its over dont want to go aNOTher week without hima


spam and raid abettor


File: 1654038347856.png (731.71 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


dine in hell untitlednorm


the resident attention teen made his way back from daycare


lagging hard were under attack




504 Gateway Time-out


the hima troubles are only just beginning this period of time will go down in the history books


love NOT backing up the ban list with over 9000 permas on my site that was just destroyed by spam and ddosing


it got wiped in 2019 at some point too NOT the first time


thats when i was able to rejoin hehe



didnt have internet when the domain switched dont have a clue what happened


a nice banlist clear is good every once in a while keeps things fresh


just submit a ban appeal and the moderators will see to your case in 3 to 5 business days


had a bowl of plain unflavored popcorn for both breakfast and dinner 2 days in a row then last night had trouble wiping


nice foid dieter


im moid


about 8000 of those were just cp ads and catfishes and nijien spammer


flip mixed up honeypot and catfish in me head


cool it dude we dont tolerate racism here


got the hot salsa last time i got it it was real hot but now its NOT


never had a truly hot premade salsa wouldnt be opposed to making my own habanero salsa


used to be able to make a damn fine salsa real damn fine but forgot the steps now


might rage


rage on brother


used to love buying habaneros but then the quality fell off and each week they were moldy






dont understand mowing


rage hard whenever i think of how produce used to taste compared to now


done cleaning the other thread phew that took a while


was just about to comment about that do you have to fill out a form for each post or something is there NOT a select multiple


File: 1654040454017.mp4 (663.95 KB, very_important_video-426p.mp4)


i have to put in a del order with seki and get approval from the head jan


you missed one


clean it up jan


File: 1654040686457.webm (1.52 MB, 640x360, bwainsbroken.webm)


the head jan is a mysteryman but hes always difficult to get a hold of because he lives in an unknown oceanic country below the equator and is often busy preparing pastas


wish i had a brain to break like haachama


File: 1654040755425.webm (233.33 KB, 800x1020, baka.webm)


shes so cute


wonder what the fat ugly quiet girl at school that read manga and had no friends is up to now


hate the naming sense in genchink mondstadt starsnatch dadaupa gorge what the flip


googled two of those girls shes a mid level merchandising manager at a shopping center in sf and the other is a system engineer at western digital


hows hima gonno celebrate pride month


sister plans to travel to a festival


be sure to find her nudes online to blackmail flip her


File: 1654041024606.ogg (24.22 KB, baka.ogg)


maybe thats why western digital blows so hard now


my good externals are wd


mindblowing that i could have picked out some unfortunate looking shy nerd girl to court in school and have lived the norm life and could currently be sitting in my livingroom drinking beers and eating stouffers lasagna after a hard day installing hvac units as my 2 kids run around screaming over an ironman toy and my now 240lb shy nerd wife mindlessly scrolls the gram on her smartphone looking at pictures of barn quilts on the other side of the sofa


couldnt figure out how to mount my internal its just laying diagonally inside the case


werent they secretly changing all their drives under 8tb to bad magnets or whatever are that make drives slow as flip


whats mindblowing about that


ive got the drinking beers and eating frozen food part down


ive got the 2 kids and shy nerd wife parts down


File: 1654041430930.mp4 (3.93 MB, 871.mp4)

paste japs


love it when richnorms expand nice neighborhoods into the hills and got owned by neetslides


dont think id be standing on the balcony if i saw that happening so close but NOT sure wheres the safest place to go


mindblowing that women have boobies and can feel them whenever they want


stood out on my balcony during the tornado warning the other day then went downstairs


thought that firefighter was gonno be toast


got some boobs and nipples myself




File: 1654041765202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.21 KB, 480x640, 1503457600807.jpg)


File: 1654041826928.jpg (454.79 KB, 2448x3264, 20201110_223610.jpg)

in the 2000s this biologically female shy nerd girl would have been passed over by your arrogance but in the 2020s she has more smv than all of hima combined and makes fun of you online for being cel


i hate cuckime and weebs


thats a man baby


its natural


love squeezing me nipples


File: 1654041945682.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


sigh nb is transitioning beautifully


dont want to lose my virg to nb after a night of drinking


I can relate with the trans girl who did the school shooting in Texas.
That is a very conservative state with no health care for transgender children.
In other words, she returned normies a favor.
I hope conservatives are happy now she haven't got her testosterone blockers.
For each ruined trans life we need to take 24 theirs.
If you have testosterone - use it for good.
Fight the gatekeeping conservatives and American fascism!


the agp uprising


the omnigynophile


you mean fries


fish n chips anyone


p anderson said thats gods wrath for loveplus


if i lived in a city i would defiantly be a train groper might even get arrogant and start leaving a calling card before making my getaway


never squeezed somebody elses boobies or butt although i have brushed up against them before


would like to try a primarily meat diet if only beef wasnt so expensive


File: 1654043483362.jpg (2.81 MB, 2894x4093, 98748974_p0.jpg)




sexy ladies


thats one lady just multiple drawings


File: 1654043610907.png (3.63 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


scared me


how could you NOT recognize the gosenzodoll


my tablet is 14 years old NOT sure if it even works anymore


fire it up


hate when mom goes around telling people that all i eat is meat and protein when in reality i eat more vegetables than anything


dont wanna get up and dig through the closets to find it cant somebody else do it


get coby on the line


coby left his hima days behind


theres multiple dolls maybe momo is controlling a few


he never started them he was busy teening it up the whole time


do you guys ac your whole house or just your room


got the windows open feeling that nice 29 degree air


File: 1654044101422.jpg (234.73 KB, 1920x1080, [LoopSubs] Machikado Mazoku S2 - 04 [1080p][FA….jpg)


File: 1654044119876.mp4 (1.07 MB, cobybottle.mp4)

dont get why women would rather be flipped by this thing than me he doesnt even have eyes


moms got one in the living room window and her bedroom ive got one in mine


he mogs me hard


uh do you guys NOT have central ac


die granite countertop




ive had it before a few houses ago but it always reeked of dead mice and animal piss


wish i owned a few houses


remember 2015 only had 1 window unit installed it in the bedroom to make sleep bearable but computer was in the other room and this was my homebuilt pc that couldnt figure out how to plug in the heat sink so it constantly overheated


thats great norm


owned that norm


the upstairs unit broke and the downstairs unit freezes over after a couple of hours tried to fix them but couldnt NOT paying a repairman to fix a rental house and ever since i started only using a window unit in my room the electric bill is below what the electric company considers an efficient home


didnt have ac for much of my teenhood NOT sure how i got by


the central ac unit was right outside my bedroom as a kid one of my fondest memories is laying in bed in the daytime listening to it hum


watched the cat murder a mouse


crying for nazrin


theyre like 80 bucks


no way could it possibly be only 80 dollars


maybe 100


got my current window unit for $150 and it has a remote


File: 1654045393234.jpg (177.86 KB, 960x1143, 1654042664909.jpg)


was driving really carefully and slowly last week but this week let loose and now gas is 5 dolalrs


the hoa says no window units allowed


the thumbnail compression feels worse but i cant tell if im just losing it


every fan ive owned eventually starts rattling


the cel uprising is upon us


ac unit is across the house but my room is first in the vent order for cooling


File: 1654045975798.jpg (2.53 MB, 1852x2203, 98700244_p2.jpg)


File: 1654046058668.jpg (1.33 MB, 2606x1843, 96852315_p0.jpg)


ching chong


starting to think im NOT gonno be able to get that beach bod


been hovering around 156 lbs for the past few months


die thinmog


i seem to be stable at 205lbs i can blimp out pretty hard a couple times a week with no changes its enough to keep ok abs while still having arms over 18 inches


156 isnt thin at all unless hes a tallnorm


who cares how many inches your arms are all that matters is your height


i care because it looks cool to me i gave up all hope on ever reaching minimum smv levels to NOT die cel a while back


mom said abs dont matter its all about the core


big bone


yeah that sounds real cool


trying to browse fancy undies but all the models are black


whats wrong with black dont tell me your wear white underwear


love checking out the sexy little sexy lady undie section


NOThin wrong with white unless your nickname was lil skiddy as a kid


File: 1654047331195.mp4 (131.36 KB, nig at it again.mp4)


File: 1654047342652.jpg (481.44 KB, 599x1200, illust_98502677_20220521_100503.jpg)

why NOT browse tubers in lingerie


$38 for a single brief what the flip


products mainly advertised through podcasts usually arent the best


File: 1654047532892.webm (3.14 MB, 576x720, ww.webm)


they are drawings that arent even from an anime


i was looking at calvin klein


File: 1654047607671.jpg (114.68 KB, 1500x1975, 62102623_110_main.jpg)


I am Japanese


ban the dirty jap


no dont


why NOT




arent those the undies they always have in gay porn NOT that i watch it


i dont know anything about that


File: 1654047785330.jpg (2.47 MB, 1736x2456, 97489863_p0.jpg)


snacking on rutabaga


File: 1654047897129.jpg (2.03 MB, 2150x3035, 748662.jpg)

need a hima girl to worship


the ck website has over 50 noscript entries cant figure out which to disable for it to work guess im NOT buying any



thats the sheeps role now that himako is in prison


vaguely remember watching some of s1 and thinking it sucked cant believe it ended 9 years ago


sigh phosphophyllite


theyre gymcels like us


File: 1654048906097.jpg (94.62 KB, 519x596, 1387334038318.jpg)

Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see? Do you know how many miles I Drive a year? I mean, even if I told you, you wouldn't believe it. Do you know what would happen if I suddenly decided to stop Driving into /jp/? A business big enough that it could be listed on the NASDAQ goes belly up. Disappears! It ceases to exist without me. No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am NOT in danger, Janny. I AM the danger. A guy posts his thread and gets muted and you think that of me? No. I am the one who Drives.


what happened to the tb


File: 1654049533174.mp3 (8.09 MB, 07 Moot Shut the Text Boards.mp3)


theyve got those shorts at a walmart a few towns over the one to the east only had the tall and morbidly obese sizes


when that happens i just wait whats the rush


whats that supposed to mean


i mean i wait till theyre in stock


in my case its jeans NOT shorts but same principle


crying for the tbguys


it didnt say they were out of stock just that theyre NOT available at that location maybe theyll never be there


whats the rush



File: 1654050425556.webm (5.69 MB, 960x540, 1652340625234.webm)


5/27/2022 NAR - NOTice Of Appearance - Party (001) 5/31/2022
NOTE: NOTice of Appearance


just want to get them and know what im working with NOT talking about getting a job or a degree or a license here theres no reason to procrastinate


procrastination isnt something you need a reason to do


dont have a reason to NOT start my real life already but i still havent




the girl lawyer arc


shes going to flee with him and ultimately blow her brains out like that other foid that wanted to flip a dangerous criminal


dont own shorts never will they are NOThing but disappointment


worse shorts exclusively as a kid


i mena wore


havent had to do a captcha yet wonder what it does


File: 1654052496134.png (1.83 KB, 320x320, 3193F7C1-AC1E-4A02-91F3-2696B6C64DD2.png)


love a nice pair of shorts



wore my cutoff jorts when mowing today




did any hot girls in convertibles whistle at you


just imagine a guy with abs and a straw hat wearing jeans cut off 6 inches above the knee


imaginations been fried from years of NOT using it gonno have to see a pic


wish i could look in a mirror and see that guy instead of having to imagine it


File: 1654054083765.jpg (235.48 KB, 724x1024, 98749642_p0.jpg)


cant remember how many of those i watched feels like i missed one


theres aNOTher coming up


cant rush to latenorm the third season guess ill miss out again


what are we joing to tonight


watching chinese rope binding films



youre flippin foul


File: 1654054743432.jpg (955.94 KB, 1060x1505, FT6t0NRaUAUr2UB.jpg)


she mogs us we must


hair alert spoiler it janseki


File: 1654055072029.png (3.81 MB, 1376x1947, 98738027_p0.png)


ぺちゃぱい gf


emailed stacey to handle it


just realized my life might NOT be going in a positive direction


you can thank the norms for that if they werent all such deranged freaks we would have had to deliberately try to make things turn out this way


the norms are our superiors


i kneel to the norms



File: 1654055604934.webm (824.44 KB, 640x360, 1620534586307.webm)


its high time we stop wallowing in misery and start making something of ourselves


nah the game is rigged id like to but its just braindead to do it now


lets get js at subway


File: 1654056108542.png (88.83 KB, 413x403, spargy.png)




if youd like to then simply do it the point is to try and keep trying its NOT braindead to live with intention


went to the gas station after the gym and the woman at the register said i look like an anime character


you made it


File: 1654056285361.webm (5.7 MB, 1280x720, fba172dd5688326a4594206a6c286139b08021c95d7dc….webm)


job at the liquor store i used to live by seemed like it could be nice guy was normally just watching some vid or chatting on the phone


gonno get a cs degree then a job at fb finally found my way out of being cel


the intention is misguided


File: 1654056805761.jpg (2.5 MB, 1101x3135, 92876902_p6.jpg)



dont get it


theyre soo tard


theyre just like me except they have friends



you are my friend


File: 1654057357904.jpg (168.93 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life - Isek….jpg)


id accept her into my group if you know what i mean


the norms stole our slow lives from us



need a job working at an out of the way candy store that gets barely any business but somehow manages to stick around


File: 1654057731060.jpg (1.24 MB, 1960x1260, 0c8787424b6957013e97d5d65f470340.jpg)

hated when the maids at fathers estate would do this to me


saving this one for later


paste neetmaids tricking the little ones into a lifetime of child support bills


they should perma every english comment


hate when i scroll down and see an english comment on pixiv always something inane too


File: 1654057977497.png (19.22 KB, 711x724, 1620537993970.png)


love seein a comment that aint jap scribbles


die norm


wish i was a norm


wouldnt mind being a norm 1000 years ago seems like shite now


are they really NOT on the 7th lostbelt yet its been forever


its NOT that bad


pasted gundam vs satoko fight on salty bets


hate that bitch


work a mundane job for 50 years while your wife and daughter are out getting flipped and your gay son does drugs NOT bad at all


gonno fire up a ham egg and cheese


youd be a serf doing backbreaking labor for your local neetlord


id be an aristocrat


id be a poet by day assassin by night the emperors secret right hand man


wonder if id still be a virg if i was born in the olden days


nah youd be assigned a virgin preteenwife the day you turned 16


must be nice to be born into a real family and community instead of a single mom a gran and NOThing else


File: 1654059121476.jpg (123.27 KB, 1280x720, [Coalgirls]_Toradora_22_(1280x720_Blu-ray_FLAC….jpg)


nah a male raised with no father figures is doomed youre only saying that because youre a single mother slag and dont want to feel bad



im just like hiei


wouldve roped if i didnt have pnig as a father figure


hes gonno be doing that now


removed my fungus cakes from the jars had no issues at all with contamination this time around learned from the mistakes


in that context its probably true because theyre working 120 hour weeks and paying to sleep in morgue drawers rather than go home


die shroomtron


sigh gonno miss turt after he takes that heroic dose and realizes hes been going about it all wrong gets a gf self actualizes and leaves jp for good


hate turt




you cant hate turt hes our bro


hes a deeply disturbed norm


hes NOT a norm he failed at that


hes NOT a norm


nice worshipers




tummy hurts


love a nice belly punch


didnt happen the first time doubt itd happen now


love this nice fan just shooting hot air at me


finished a night in the theatre phew


why does microwave soup get cold so much faster than stovetop soup


File: 1654062261422.png (471.65 KB, 1392x569, YouTube.png)

uh what the flip did seki do to hima that im getting vids like this as recommended directly related to posts ive made today


how do you think he afforded the upgrades


fud guy was right oh shit


uh im NOT that i simply made a post using those 3 characters earlier and the norms are already tracking me harder than ever before


its over im getting videos about medieval peasant food


take your meds


there isnt even a captcha how are my posts being scanned


want to game but stomach is killing me NOT sure how long i can stand this


like i say to mom even if you say you cant take it anymore taking it is all there is to life until youre dead


stop abusing mom with your schizoidrambles




who gives a shite about what some fat chink said


suffering a lot more than before lately


maybe its because shes NOT saying it exclusively in the context of roping and sees what she calls it as a temporary negative period and NOT life as a whole


call the cops on them


better yet grab the blankie and make mom do it


suffer more than anyone on hima




File: 1654063950330.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 2965x4096, FTxOsDNaQAIN12p.jpg)


she is suffering someone do something


im 30 virg never gf


so god forbid if my mother dies i would be homeless and die from hunger in the street and nobody gives fuck that i am smart have bachelors master degrees and so on


owned smartnorm


ill make sure to give you a few bucks when i see you there


never give homeless money because theyre probably norms


cant you see shes enjoying herself


hate having to tip the bums to advance down the sidewalk


simply release your aura


just ordered 150 dollars worth of snacks hoo boy gonno neet it up hard


moms gonno get the belt once she sees the credit card statement


shes tard as hell she never NOTices


sigh back when i was in control of grans finances there were many times i would sneak off to feast in restaurants then come home and make her a humble egg sandwich before retiring to my quarters


paste ken


if she was in a home the darkies would be beating her with phonebooks and broomstick snapping her instead


at least with me i kept the house somewhat tidy and things were orderly whenever i go to her place now its a dump because her and cousin are both slobs


wonder if all the people complaining about baby boomers on the 4 realize that theyre going to be the most vulnerable and frail members of a collapsed society the ownage is coming soon enough


wish i was a zoomer


why they never experienced 2006


In 2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to be 83.7 million
thats a fifth of the population


uh do you think the population is just gonno stay the same in 30 years


no i estimated it at 415 million which is probably low


2/3 of the population is going to die out soon


the careguys


can i get on that list


nah were dying in 2065


we need you in the breeding program


your estimate includes africans its gonno be closer to a third of the human population


hate breeders


weird feeling when i remember ill never breed


thats for the us


made chicken melt gonno feast


need flags on hima so i can filter the amerinorms


File: 1654066386206.webm (1.57 MB, 224x400, bogan cunt.webm)

die ausnorm


i like his style


hairs growing back might shave my head again


that bogan is NOT virg


nigs are baste


he looks over 17 of course he wouldnt be virg



whats he saying about maiden cunt



chinks always look so stupid trying to act cool


go to hell


nice bogan translator


mindblowing that i can only hear it after reading that is sound even real


brain has experienced a fatal error


Find an object in your room roughly the size of your fist. It could be a cup, or a tennis ball, or any other item of medium size. Hold onto your left thumb with your right hand. Lower your left middle finger down, towards the object. This must be done as slowly as possible. If your hand is slow enough, your finger will pass through the object. DO NOT STOP MOVING YOUR HAND. Also, DO NOT REGISTER THIS EVENT IN YOUR BRAIN, as much as this is possible. You are playing with reality itself. The realisation of this violation can cause you to lose your soul


just tried it but my hand didnt pass through the object and last sentence freaked me out NOT gonno try it again


its too late fool



creepy sounds


just wait until you get an earful of the noises coming from the halls of the mansion during the witching hour


its dark and cold out


lucky its flippin hot and sunny as hell here


think its pretty weird that in theory we are biologically capable of producing offspring


sigh if i was finnish it would be cold in here


alternatively crank that ac dial to 11


thought about this a couple times walking down the street those fertile teengirls you could just stick it in there for a few minutes and become a dad if only they would agree its that simple


NOT that simple it takes an average of a year of being spermed in daily to get pregnant


File: 1654069291627.png (941.2 KB, 1574x839, brain problems.png)


why do the norms always talk about snap babies then


i dont know theyre probably lying just like they do about everything maybe they mean incest snap


you have to be real unlucky to get pregged after one snap


scary to think we might have mental problems and are NOT functioning properly but have no way of knowing it kind of like being born blind and having no idea what vision is
then its even scarier to think about mom or other people see you as some sort of weirdo nut


think its pretty obvious were NOT functioning properly


its the norms that are improper


ran several thousand self checks and everything came up correct its the norms that are wrong


File: 1654070007806.mp4 (549.61 KB, mv6l0a.mp4)


luckily mom decided to cope hard and because im NOT having health problems or losing my hair she can still pretend im late bloomer


mom pulls out the mental issues card in arguments because she knows it annoys me and it puts her in a position of clarity and control


yeah she does that one to me too and theres NOThing i can do because i use the same card to avoid working


ban the dubber


NOThin dub just aNOTher peaceful supper in the mansion


hate norm why is everything easy for him but NOT me


the world is made in his image


out of snacks had to get creative poured a glass full of sugar and added a little water nice slushy


what poison


File: 1654071965246.jpg (162.18 KB, 1406x2500, FUI4M9WWQAE2snq.jpg)


feelin extra thirsty



wonder if pnig cried


cant imagine the arrogance required to spend two years on trial for felonies that can lock you in a cage until youre in your mid 40s on top of having a deranged norm from the internet contact all of your family members and NOT rope


guess ill snooze


ate all the sugar slush might pour myself aNOTher glass


sugar is a nutrient are you saying nutrients are bad


mindblowing to think women paint their faces every day before going outside so people cant see how ugly they are


File: 1654074797427.webm (5.89 MB, 480x270, 1651222169083.webm)


need to carb up


guess ill snooze


changed my background for the first time in years feels like i just entered a different world


went from plain black to plain red feels alive now


why NOT have some cute girls on there


used to do that but ended up having to jo every time i minimized something


only use solid color backgrounds or just the default os background for i am based


go to hell normblog


File: 1654081520952.jpeg (144.46 KB, 827x1170, FUJ7sEMVEAAVG8h.jpeg)


she wants to chu


other himas: uhh just shite myself raged at mom
turt: a e s t h e t i c c


wish females wanted to do things with me


File: 1654081877176.jpeg (3.62 MB, 2224x3473, FUKXx44UYAEke98.jpeg)


File: 1654082222559.png (487.27 KB, 1080x1084, gb9lnpp6cv781.png)


File: 1654082558326.png (4.6 MB, 5000x3000, 98419619_p0.png)


mom get my roach bat


why are sexy ladies so angelic


File: 1654082998104.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 910x1024, supershane.png)


uh did they have permission from the nintendo legal department to do that


dont understand the guy who takes the time to go to pixiv but browses the art drawn by chinks and westerners that one was drawn by a flipping spic


who cares about race or religion when it comes to sexy art


its NOT sexy its shitty da level trash


a bones a bone




File: 1654083382773.jpeg (333.95 KB, 1832x1298, FUAIryYUUAAy8rW.jpeg)




File: 1654083764299.jpeg (439 KB, 1500x1783, FUKGSzUaQAMPQIX.jpeg)


wish i could still enjoy games


paste charlie


woke up gonno try nojo for a week maybe the blood in my semen will go away this is day 1


uh blood in your semen what


youve grown out of childish toys your brain is telling you that its time to start living your real life


yeah for couple weeks theres been some brown stuff mixed in and it got progressively worse yesterday like half or more of the total volume was reddish brown


its flipping june already


fire up the ciprofloxacin


will that take me back to january so i can start over


no itll just treat pissbleeds uti


stiguy can die


File: 1654087251927.png (406.86 KB, 1200x1600, 98758273_p0.png)


just did 396lb deadlift for 5 reps and still havent been given a gf even though thats the top 25% of men


showed my friend the fanart that was submitted for the kr launch of endwalker and they raged saying its trash and that its an insult for ffxiv to be represented by art of that level but i didnt see the problem with it at all reminds me of the artrage guy here sigh just wanted to make them happy that i was honoring the artists of their homelands


why are they always mad


when was the last time you were sexually active with someone


File: 1654089667851.jpg (80.49 KB, 640x480, mp07ld7kfry81.jpg)

dont see the issue


wow 25th percentile in lifting big pieces of metal in a controlled environment bet the chicks dig that theyre NOT into people with interesting personalities they just want that lift up and down action up and down up and down make sure to do it in a gym wouldnt want to accidentally do anything useful just up and down up and down up and down


going to lift hay bales onto a tractor


ive got the personality thing nailed down and i make over 100k usd a year


die 100keye


when girls think of interesting personalities they arent thinking of bizarre internet personas in obscure freakshow web forums theyre thinking of drug dealing amateur rap artists and billionaire potato chefs


if you dont present yourself as a high value male then foids will never get the message you need an expensive watch tailored suit and a professional haircut also talk about how rich you are all the time


bought a nice timex at kohls the other day


if i was a girl i would date freak so long as we dont flip and he lets me neet hard at home


wouldnt date a girl who wouldnt flip me


maybe they dont like gaia lustfully looking at ryne


realized to flip girls that you have to talk to them and gave up


File: 1654091099556.jpeg (57.5 KB, 640x480, images (2).jpeg)

i didnt link that one in particular since i didnt want them to accuse me of being attracted to teengirls just used this one and linked the collection they called them all trash


talked to a fat girl in an ahegao hoody once pretty sure she was into me but i got scared


sigh okayu


what you think youre too good for casio is it


did you speak japanese to her


no she was talking about how girl clothes are hard to shop for i said i wouldnt know she said she wouldnt judge and i got uncomfortable and walked away


phew nice monetization shes already raking it in on prechat


cant believe she invited you to come watch her try on lingerie


how can she look back on her first stream when she debuted 4 days ago


love hearing about NOT a norm trons wacky cel life chatting up chicks about fashion at anime conventions


NOT turt and it was at whole foods


have never been aware of a girl being attracted to me past like 13 when i think maybe a fat girl was seeing me as the alpha when i beat everyone in the library at yugioh


love sarging daygame at whole foods


uhh whole foods


never heard that term before now are you sure youre NOT some kind of cel pua yourself


never been approached by a woman my age at any store


norm foods


thats a lie i guess the store staff still do that


i think he approached her probably to compliment her on her epic meme hoodie


wonder if i shop like a deranged tard making nobody want to come near me i probably celwalk too fast because i dont want to waste time and probably do exaggerated movements when avoiding other people in aisles because i dont know how to do things in a self aware non cel manner


if anything youre doing things in an extremely self aware manner


back up to 280 again gonno starve for a few months its too flipping hot to be this fat


dont remember how i started talking to her just remember getting scared when she insinuated i was a crossdresser


did you explain to her that kigs are different from crossdressing


gay guy at work tried to get me interested in coming with him to shop for drag dresses


norms in a big box store are like animals there is no shame in defensive shopping


dont have the build to kig it up


all manlets will be required to kig in the mansion


been starving myself on the 18-6 diet


love dieting and self improving while telling myself its defiantly NOT because i hope a member of the opposite sex will deign me worthy of mating with them


hate seeing a tallnorm walk along the street the flipping arrogance


we arent meant to mate we are the beautiful ones of lore


what counts as tall


6' and above


sigh i didnt make the cut


pre 2010 we would have been slayers


the 2030s will be our time


Jay Sterling, a science teacher in the Midlands, said she heard teenage boys cite incel ideas after an assembly about sexism. “We heard comments about men losing power, the wage gap being a myth, and key phrases like ‘Chads’, popular good-looking lads, and ‘Stacys’, who want to go out with them.”


pretty sure the wage gap is already closed


wonder how all the young cels named chad feel must be an identity crisis


wish i had been named marvin


at least im NOT named crooked nose


ill call you marvin if you want


woke up threw my comforter in the wash and cleaned the motorcycle


woke up hi


uh how does she have 771k subs after a few days


uhh comforter its in the flipping 90s


need a designated comforter


wheres my comfort woman


always use the comforter


shittin nonstop today


summer or NOT gotta have my comforter and weighted blanky


she showed her insides on stream


mom ynajd me under the pretext of needing health insurance


damn girl those guts be juicing you gonno let me gunk that


sigh she stole that idea from turts channel


out of eggs


flip that mom can get on obamacare


wonder what it feels like to have been gunked no part of what i imagine seems pleasant but foid brains are different so maybe they really like the thought of their holes being sore and stretched and dripping with some guys gunk inside them


NOT just foids plenty of boids like it as well


sigh would love to experience that someday


its NOT that mysterious you can emulate it with prostate stimulation and an enema both of which are quite pleasant


File: 1654101794022.jpg (445.57 KB, 700x1058, FULjnMCaMAAb3OH.jpg)


pouring and thundering hard outside




bought some eggs used the self checkout and scrambled out of there so fast i did NOT NOTice two of the eggs were broken spent 10 minutes tarding out in the kitchen scsnapping congealed egg juice off the carton


both you and the eggs scrambled out of there hehe




power went out phoning it up


always grab a carton open it and inspect each egg individually if theres a crack i put it back


the egg inspector


i get the 60 egg box its taped up so you cant check the eggs but very rarely is one cracked


they dont sell 60 egg cartons here


hb 60egg just imagine


i eat 60 eggs every day


would never eat that many eggs because youll get sick of the taste and NOT be able to eat eggs for weeks


mom texted me NOT going to respond because im still ignoring her after the incident


nice foid


pooped out a bunch of watermelon seeds


measured myself


tried turkey bacon its ok




woke up cookies tasted weird and floury had a second look under a light and they were moldy as flip felt weird and snoozed


dont try playing with your prostate thats NOT a road you want to go down


why NOT


turkey bacon tastes better than regular bacon


eventually you will desire a cock to play with it for you


never been able to find my prostate


dont worry youll feel exactly where it is when the bph hits



i can help


wonder why there arent cheap hand powered sex machines available just a crank attached to something that converts circular to linear motion attached to a dildo reaching down there isnt very comfortable and its quite difficult to get an angle for going in and out maybe i should invent it ill make a killing



cool hours


wish i was cool


NOThin cool god gave man a prostate for a reason


the reason is so you dont piss and sperm at the same time NOT so you can flip mens asses


its natural



he flipping made it


where are my hapa daughters and fat white soyworshipers


simply become a tuber


woke up shot a wad of wax out my ear gamed now moms making fried eggs


hope shes making 6


shes making flippin 7


NOThin quite like waking up and following my usual routine of immediately logging onto neoteensugi.net and seeing that by clicking the ban page im connecting to google glad that theyre scanning all my posts and NOT just the internet sex crimes division of the mesa pd


if you dont like it you can go back to ota


uhh how dare you ban a spambot haha


nah dont want to talk to myself for 16 hours a day while that one guy that stayed thinks its multiple posters


gonno do a pushup by the end of june hell ya lets get jacked


got some stuff in my eye now its red and sore


nice chatterbox


nice age appropriate interaction with mom if you were only telling your gf that instead of us youd be just like everyone else


im norm


die norm


crying he won


crying for amber


File: 1654114199621.jpg (186.65 KB, 1920x1080, [tlacatlc6] Working!! 05 (BD 1920x1080 x264 FL….jpg)


just call me mister casual khakis


im more of a franklin myself


hung around mom for a bit after she got home but she didnt offer to go get any blogs


gonno bishounenmaxx


might walk through again in a few minutes with the mug and see if it jogs her memory


File: 1654114868785.png (1.34 MB, 1763x2507, 98757425_p0.png)


hey hima woke up




mug trick didnt work


try making her feel young again


do women feel young when getting carded trying to buy their adult sons a 30 pack


looked up at the ceiling a bit got real lightheaded arms tingly almost fainted


die tall


im NOT tall i didnt make that guys threshold of tallness


File: 1654116671586.png (441.4 KB, 598x644, r.png)


groaning somehow got her started off cleaning the house while standing around and nodding or saying ya while she rambled shes probably gonno remember as soon as theyre closed


love nodding off after shooting up some nice opium



what the flip i use the electric kettle all the time never boiled water on the stove unless im dumping pasta in it


never NOT boiled water on the stove


guess ill make half a gallon of iced tea for a normffeine buzz moms NOT going back out tonight



backs hurting badly stretching and bending went wrong


dont own an electric kettle never owned one


in this fantasy realm where i have a drivers license and feel comfortable leaving the house unnecessarily i would just buy like ten 30 packs at a time


no you wouldnt thatd make you stand out


need to get some kids quick so they can wheel you around when you need the wheelchair


File: 1654119937366.png (1.24 MB, 2104x2919, 98752248_p0.png)


its okay im having a party


am i invited


youre the guest of honor


never been to a party what do you do there


i dont know i think you just play splitscreen games


you mean beer pong


woke up eating dog


File: 1654120353543.png (1.84 MB, 1736x2456, 89507437_p0.png)


had some eggs and bacon butter


had a banana this morning havent eaten since


File: 1654121472246.png (3.46 KB, 529x102, scrot.png)



you got a problem scrotumguy


eating protein pudding



try posting p u r i n


File: 1654122407092.png (14.89 KB, 256x256, purin.png)


File: 1654122722786.flac (2.05 MB, 49 Pudding no Uta.flac)


thought aio was making weird sloshing noises but it was just the toilet


just NOTiced all the images are still there on the rules page plus the sticky symbol isnt broken anymore


when was the sticky symbol ever broken


gonno fire up a game


File: 1654122961175.webm (7.16 MB, 960x540, vid.webm)

pasted nigs


just gonno hide based on the skin color alone


File: 1654123002432.png (603 B, 65x26, Screenshot 2022-03-12 at 14-52-29 rules - 適切な….png)

i mean this thing


theyre just like us


its never looked like that for me but i was retarded enough to always have js enabled because i need to darklurk




die racist


NOT racist simply dont care for niggers


dont use the n word it makes me uncomfortable


shopped they had simply gsnapfruit juice this time and it was more expensive up to 3.99 but still worth it


store hasnt had gsnapfruit juice in stock in months only the stuff that tries to trick you into thinking its gsnapfruit juice until you look closer and see its a bunch of other stuff too



guess ill javsperm


wish i was a nice blue collar working man in scandinavia


its NOT that great


always buy simply gsnapfruit its just gsnapfruit


im a flippin drone


die richnorm just die


File: 1654123983470.jpg (701.02 KB, 1943x1480, 98755451_p0.jpg)




sigh nbs wife is such a looker


drank some water feeling nauseated the water tastes foul too





die tteen


*spits in your mouth*


File: 1654125590363.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.01 KB, 1200x1571, 98755260_p11.jpg)




i think you mean sexy


i find it hard to believe that women actually experience arousal


whats hard to believe about that


File: 1654126090955.png (5.34 MB, 2141x3092, 81163359_p0.png)


why hasnt one ever flagged me down for a slurp


wonder if marine meant intercourse or joing when she talked about doing ``it''


File: 1654126128321.jpg (153.64 KB, 640x1136, 49265872_p0.jpg)

gotta gunk


do you experience sexual arousal


i dont know but im compelled to jo several times per day and i think about attractive women i see in public for days afterwards



well why havent you flagged one down for a flip




im usually with mom when i leave the house


so its NOThing she hasnt done herself


i have the physique of an obese ten year old i need to get jacked before the impromptu sexual encounters with girls at the store begin


ya just hit the gym and get jacked youll be swimming in chicks in no time they love a muscular man





i would parlay that into getting a manual labor job


women wish we were dead


dont think foids think of us


nah theres some fat 23 year old walmart cashier just waiting for a muscular tanned blue collar ex neet to check out a pack of magnum condoms at her register


and then what
you dont know how to talk to girls on a conversational level much less steer them towards sex or know how to maintain a relationship or know how to have sex or anything at all really


wow rude much


File: 1654127099203.jpg (105.08 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabi….jpg)


its tough love


got over $250 in my wallet hehe


moms getting wendys anyone want something



File: 1654127351851.png (2.5 MB, 1518x1750, 90806769_p0.png)




yeah i do you just nonaggressively talk down to them and try to be funny


her ass was bolstered


wish i had ass


how will you be funny make me laugh funnyman


id start with something light and politcally neutral like the holocaust or aids


women demand all men under 182cm of height to be killed


die esl



just heard some horrible news concerning fred durst


im 182 if i tippy toe does that count


File: 1654128609664.jpg (705.82 KB, 1254x1771, 98755922_p0.jpg)


theyre too stupid to measure distances or volume by eye anyway



File: 1654128773152.jpg (194.32 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Birdie Wing - Golf Girls' Story -….jpg)


discerning male height is the only thing women are good at


height isnt everything


guess ill click some cookies for a bit


File: 1654131001282.jpg (633.11 KB, 1000x1414, 98754987_p7.jpg)


those are boobs




arent they great


File: 1654131622790.jpg (137.01 KB, 1000x1293, 1654124300499.jpg)


me on the left


found some gum in the cavity of my back tooth wonder how long that was there


now thats worth a pic


just a bit of normal blue gum


File: 1654131950801.jpg (1.86 MB, 1447x2016, __mihono_bourbon_umamusume_drawn_by_tsukareme_….jpg)




feeling some regret


it is better to have loved and lost


been browsing sexy pics for a while no longer getting a bone


File: 1654133085065.png (882.86 KB, 1925x3120, 98758414_p0.png)


darkshower time


recently been thinking itd be nice to have a chair to sit on in the shower


mom had one when she was cripplemom dont know where she put it


i can think of things i need less


already did my pacemumble reps


ive had a few


never watched a bond film


File: 1654133986826.jpg (397.68 KB, 1329x1600, 98760899_p0.jpg)


my brain has paralyzed me into a life of inaction


you just need an aniki


made coffee


hb todays back pain is NOT a joke



beer doesnt sound half bad right now


i remember when i used to drink beers and watch nice movies but monday was a month ago


wish i still had the attention span to watch movies


File: 1654135254046.jpg (311 KB, 1821x2500, 98751482_p0.jpg)


you will regain it with our weekly movie nights in the mansion


sure hope you dont mind if i pause every 10 minutes to wash my hands or piss


simply ring the bell for the chambermaids to replace your catheter bag


never used a catheter id sooner stick stuff up me rear end than down my magic wand


die luddite


why NOT its a pretty fancy stick


i mena why NOT why NOT


eating dilla


weird how ill be awake for at least aNOTher 3 hours but because its evening feel like the days over so i cant do anything else end up just doing NOThing until going to bed instead of watching a movie or gaming or something




dont have the attention span anymore and id have to start a new character ive thought about trying ironman someday since at least then its normal to try to start fresh maybe try an ironman ds run someday but NOT today


balls hurting hard weird this happened a few weeks ago too


because i havent played in years and last time i checked my character was banned without any appeal possible even though i didnt do anything wrong


i have had it with these motherflipping insects on my motherflipping screen


i said i didnt do anything im NOT a botnorm


File: 1654136571572.png (811.18 KB, 1050x1400, 98765175_p0.png)


couldnt tell you its NOT like i was there for the ban only found out when i tried to log in for the first time in years


its NOT like i lost much too tard to powerlevel


File: 1654136780612.webm (809.33 KB, 1280x720, screamer.webm)




fire up a nice tile uim


just want to tard out wasting my time in cw


to eat a third dilla or NOT to eat a thirdilla


i can


ill regret having all the sodium plus if i have more salsa now i wont have much for tomorrow


made a bottle of coffee gonno sip it all night until its empty


im a forward thinker


uhh bottle


File: 1654137524035.png (698.45 KB, 1834x1793, 98753917_p0.png)


dont like when the jan deletes post this wouldnt happen on the w


whats uhh about it its a 1 quart thermos insulated bottle


why NOT just make a new cup whenever you want so its fresh


never had kan kohi


oh no NOT the posts copy pasted from /vg/ by a spam bot


sounds like a big waste of coffee filters


its a matter of principle those arent the only posts that have been deleted over the past years




normeye has no room to talk about imageboards or himajans ever again


cant believe he just abandoned us in our time of need


well hes back to guarantee the rights of automatized spambots that ddossed hima down for a week


im NOT freak


nice neet timekeeping


the bots only took hima down for a day or two seki did the rest


freak was connected with the spammer


eatin my thirdilla


hes a growing boy


NOThin weak say that to me face and see how weak i am


wish i was still growing just aNOTher half an inch thats all i ask


how long was it


File: 1654138912527.jpg (158.55 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Deaimon - 09 (720p) [D5CCE473].mk….jpg)


File: 1654139114274.jpg (126.21 KB, 1240x874, 1637918274453.jpg)


cant sleep with pajamas like that


,' 3


wish i had jimjams like that


maybe its time to lay off the alcohol



thats a steal


same been sober for 2 days


been sober for 2 months maybe more dont quite remember


one beer is enough to give me a buzz im the lightest drinker around


File: 1654139729250.png (573.35 KB, 1200x1500, 98770515_p1.png)




water tastes real foul today wonder what chemicals theyre dumping in the tap now


theres plenty norm about it


theyre putting chemicals in the water and turning the flippin neets cool


File: 1654140501184.png (707.49 KB, 768x885, 92867861_p0.png)


all the norms do it at social events and you have to pay for it


what breathe


love surfing hima at the public library


it is now in a broad sense


what were they thinking when they designed charlemagnes np its a mess


ballpain starting to subside


File: 1654141109605.png (1.76 MB, 1440x1440, 98772608_p1.png)


speaking of ballpain im NOT sure its even possible to nojo as a neet if you arent 45 or on medication im my room with the door closed in front of a computer with an internet connection whats stopping me


my amazones order has arrived


a little thing called self control


wouldnt be neet if i had a lick of either


ive needed a lot of self control in my life to remain vol its tough when they throw themselves at you


still waiting for my package dont get tracking info anymore now that they handed it off to a domestic carrier so ive got no clue what timeframe it might arrive could be tomorow could be two weeks from now


why would you say that




hes mad as hell and hes NOT gonno take it anymore


youve wounded me greatly


File: 1654141503339.jpg (95.47 KB, 1024x576, [Koro-tan yay] Saki Biyori - OAD 01 (DVD 1024x….jpg)


File: 1654141597244.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1620524779647.jpg)


wonder what it would be like to have good finger mobility and reflexes and all that i remember being like six years old and it taking me several minutes to figure out how to make my fingers do that


the trekkers will make fun of you if you cant at least do that


ive been able to do it since then i just have terrible gross and fine motor control


hope you can roll your tongue


ya could do that one and i could whistle too


sigh he loved snapping sexy ladies


File: 1654141990429.jpg (1020.2 KB, 1000x1200, 98772701_p2.jpg)




File: 1654142449474.jpg (201.46 KB, 1459x2048, FQ1hcQTaMAAKDh5.jpg)


probably should have eaten more with that half gallon of tea hands are shaking like ive got parkinsons


the arrogance


File: 1654143936240.jpg (115.04 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibish….jpg)


got heightmogged by a foid at walmart last time she was stocking the grocery and was blonde with the ends dyed blue


did you flip


no im cel



went to the bathroom supported myself by leaning my head against the wall twinge shot through my jaw


youre turning into a chad


uh turning into


think using the internet in my formative years gave me brain damage who can i sue to become the first big winning case against isps



thatll never work because itll be a slippery slope first youre suing isps then youre suing companies that dumped microplastics into the water supply and so on theres no end


one look at me and the jury will all vote in my favor


why NOT become the demon lord


File: 1654145513230.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 256x480, 1654141475601.webm)

now im just like you guys bone haha


perma immediately


wish i listened


pretty sure im flipped up mentally


File: 1654146341441.webm (5.52 MB, 320x240, 1654029783720.webm)

while you were too busy being a stuck up dork this goober was slaying teen pussy


imageboards made me virg and i very likely could have kissed a girl or touched boobs by the end of high school otherwise




nah trust me if 13 to around 16 had gone differently we wouldnt even be discussing this


well that was a long time ago what are you going to do now


just be meself


find a way to open the portal


im vol


you arent truly vol you are mentally ill and scared of intimacy


hes vol i confirmed it


this is mental illness sugi


feel like moms cognitive dissonance regarding to me will probably snap soon NOT gonno be able to lose enough weight in time but maybe i can start teenshaving every day to pretend like im at least making an effort


time to stop holding back and release your illnesses


too beta from my upbringing


just learned how to snap my fingers a month or two ago


mom said from the beginning i was always alone


arms still hurt days after hauling those snacks


sigh he loved a good snackhaul


send him some money for the canteen and he can snackhaul just like the old days



will japan be welcoming of us if we escape there before the collapse of the states


dont think so they dont seem to even like the norms of our species that much let alone us


File: 1654150436837.jpg (383.07 KB, 1814x2537, FUAEv49akAAYt6y.jpg)


id sex her


wasnt that supposed to be me


canNOT envision a ropeless destiny


shes a child


would love to harapan a child


weird when i looked at /b/ a few months ago it looked a lot better but now its back to what it was and almost every thread is porn spam or related to sex oh well


sigh miss the epic raids


me /b/one me jo


feel like you just said that recently





always liked the pic at 2:06


considering making the last frozen pizza but dont want to risk mom waking up already ate the coldcuts she got today


never did find out what the discussing penises pic was from


wonder if i would have ended up better off if i watched more highschool friendship and dating type anime when i was in highschool


sex holes fluids tight


File: 1654152037215.webm (9.86 MB, 640x360, 1432079164761.webm)



sigh ritsu


youd have been better off if you never watched anime in the first place


every zoomer norm watches anime and has a gf now though


that only works if youre a zoomer youre NOT that lucky


File: 1654152284719.jpg (243.36 KB, 900x1200, CWTppEeXAAE7pog.jpg)

i dont think thats true for us fatherless ones


File: 1654152393317.png (1.89 MB, 1844x1634, 69254497_p3.png)


thought i would be like the pasted order of light and live with a bunch of bros gaming in a rented house and working menial jobs


why NOT create your own gamerbro clout house


i didnt realize they were early millenials and that by the time i was their age things would have changed


was too autistic to understand that i wouldnt literally become one of the teenagers i looked up to as an elementary schooler thought it would be the late 90s and early 2000s for like aNOTher 20 years


was always scared of older kids


File: 1654153856299.webm (490.32 KB, 630x615, 97450380.webm)


thought older and spent too much time around mom


cant enjoy sweets anymore




wish i could freeze time at will


left hima open for 3 hours and it was taking 4 gb of ram


shes just like me sigh


File: 1654161516451.webm (1.54 MB, 810x480, 1620527575608.webm)




tired but trying to fix my sleep schedule


ive accepted it what do i want to be awake during the day for anyway


wonder why you never hear of prisoners smuggling onaholes in feel like thatd be a high value item


why they have plenty of manholes


they already have onas


manass isnt the same as a nice virgin age


need to ask him when he comes back


do you have any privacy there anyways


eating that たこわさ




cant believe he found jesus in prison


File: 1654163332830.jpg (24.57 KB, 221x221, 1633160079735.jpg)




thought she played that 3 years ago what are you bleating on about


squeezing sebum out of my nose




File: 1654166697371.jpg (85.05 KB, 550x800, FUODyoDaUAAn2TE.jpg)

dont remember her arse being that huge


dont say a*se its crude and reminds me that brits exist


File: 1654167851850.mp3 (79.32 KB, ars.mp3)


can the bogan translator do that one


her rump


sipping coffee


File: 1654170109670.jpg (884.89 KB, 1007x1792, FUMNXCmaQAEPR0x.jpg)


File: 1654170373635.mp4 (4.05 MB, fight.mp4)


woke up


doesnt say anything except yomenai at the end maybe shes expressing that what shes trying to read is gibberish by speaking gibberish but im NOT much into arse animals so cant say for sure


File: 1654171822704.mp3 (203.4 KB, 1619499891967.mp3)

you need one where shes actually saying something


may NOT be but i could have translated the clip he originally translated for you in fact didnt realize it was hard to understand to begin with


nice soundbragger


he has the arrogance of a bogan maybe he is the translator


woke up feeling hopeful need some pills


something about sitting and being iraira then dont mess with me get lost ill kill you want to one punch him dont know what shes saying at the beginning or end


where the fweep is my female companion


File: 1654173626750.png (592.56 KB, 769x524, Share_Media_20220602_083838.png)


nojo day 2 inspected my scrotum with a flashlight last night and there was an aching dark bold purple vein then this morning it was less visible think that proves the bloody cum was due to physical damage and its healing




thats normal i get that sometimes when i go for a cbt session with the mistress


back still hurts but its getting better made some instant


went 23 days without joing once because reading vns makes me nojo naturally for some reason


been thinking its about time to read aNOTher vn always enjoy them but then dont read aNOTher for a long time


always feel compelled to jo at every h scene and it makes it hard to get through them


Upload failure (file #1): Error code 1. Refer to http://php.net/manual/en/features.file-upload.errors.php; post discarded.


always rush through the h scenes




the file was NOT that big should i start restricting my files to 3mb now maybe disable audio too


never have the patience to read h scenes if ive been reading a vn for hours and hours then at that point i simply want to know what happens next joing to the characters getting their oog on is my last concern




love how seki made a complaints thread then locked it behind captcha


File: 1654174851640.png (1.45 MB, 1158x1638, 98777227_p0.png)


simply solve the captcha


remember a decade ago spend a couple days joing to monster girl quest think had some candles burning it was a very sensual experience


normster girl


thats pretty weak think monster norm quest would have been a better followup


that would have a different meaning placing the emphasis on the game itself rather than the general monster girl concept which is what i was calling norm how about you die norm


miss when the biggest plague on the ol jip was the monster girl general


i said die






File: 1654175618953.jpg (184.93 KB, 1278x1054, [Commie] Yama no Susume Second Season - 07 [42….jpg)


phew nice treat for uncle hima come here sweet little princess


dont get why norms complained about monster girl threads they were harmless


love a scary monsterman general


love popping on the jay after being kicked out of a


monstermans arent real


the w was a hive of crossies too most of us came from /v/ and /o/


File: 1654175974358.png (222.25 KB, 600x445, 1424145586829.png)

that feel when you will never kNOT a rathian from monster hunter 4 ultimate


mh4g was my most played mh at 650 hours


got rise on steam and only played it for an hour dont have the patience for monster normer anymore


damn good game iceborne






you cant just call anything and everything norm


you cant just shoop ed into everything


biggest norm on hima no cap


you cant just slap snks theme onto everything



get off the thumbnail you fat pig


cant remember the last time i heard a man mention respecting women based foids managing to be such awful people over the last 10 years they lost their position as irrefutable goddesses and are now merely revered queens


the johnny depp amber heard verdict changed everything foids dont have rights anymore


mom claims to hate feminism and other women and says working is for chumps shed rather be a tradwife but she doesnt like cooking or cleaning either


File: 1654177964468.jpg (155.73 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Zettai Bouei Leviathan - 01 [10….jpg)


the office foids all despised one aNOTher too


depp v heard was the female holocaust


only heard about it because of the literal celebrity worshipping norms posting about it here


no ones streaming guess ill watch asmongold


first roe vs wade now deep vs heard crying for our pegasisters


the ass mongol


File: 1654178291941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.33 KB, 600x800, FUP82-tagAERPxI.jpg)


nice 600x800 anyone got a magnifying glass i can borrow


File: 1654178365978.mp4 (3.33 MB, 【動画】微メンヘラ彼女☆川とオタクくん 街角デート編(音声あり) [153234799242….mp4)


playing some diablo immortal



cant accept this draconian bandwidth limit some things are worth an extra megabyte or two its NOT like seki has anything against just deleting all the old files if space runs low


the hairrager


uh its the same size


thats why it cant be helped


ya my principles say there shouldnt be a hard limit imposed by the software


it can be helped for the low cost of 100 yen


never hit a file size limit in my life cant imagine having anything larger than 1 mb that id want to upload


remember turts 50mb vids


what can i say im a fast and loose guy


love how nobody bats an eye at all the bandwidth nb is using


just wanted to share a cute pic with my bros


im NOT gonno resize an artists image thats heretical


then link it instead of uploading


File: 1654179266199.webm (575.99 KB, 1111x625, 1596416847699.webm)


please respect the filesize






hehe basted


File: 1654179794539.jpg (141.41 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium S2 - 10 [720p….jpg)


glad cordseki brought in a new dev team to lay down the law and tell us how hima 3.0 is gonno be looking forward to seeing a vibrant new himasugi culture flourish out with the old in with the new i say


hes being sarcastic


File: 1654180152265.jpg (239.88 KB, 2186x1158, FT3eVLrakAAVwun.jpg)


hes right lets go back to ota


hima 3.0 is a success
everyone is happy in himasugi.blog


ill do you one better lets go back to the jay that hima thread that lasted a week proves well be fine there


uh you just described hima



wish i was a teenbro


respect their hand eating culture i also eat everything with my hands


File: 1654181825823.jpg (2.29 MB, 1806x2558, 98775891_p0.jpg)


saromes playing gtav


going to create a proof for the 3n+1 problem



hes too blackpilled its over


hes a millionaire tech lead it doesnt matter to him


File: 1654183803722.jpg (205.46 KB, 1060x1814, FUOqpdPagAAGJSU.jpg)


he has to pay child support


File: 1654184207798.jpg (621.68 KB, 3840x2160, pic.jpg)


File: 1654184276442.png (105.77 KB, 811x607, 1620442783120.png)


made a turkey sandwich but forgot to move the 3rd tortilla up to the top layer so when picked it up the whole sandwich slid off fell onto one of the empty boxes on my countertop didnt want to risk contamination so made aNOTher


File: 1654184771121.jpg (186.57 KB, 1200x1600, tardchamber.jpg)


didnt realize all my old games were worth hundreds of dollars now what the hell


youre rich now


did you account for inflation $50 when the ps1 came out is like $100 now


some of my games have been stored in boxes on the closet floor and the cat likes to jump in with them


cat jumped in the water nailing something down there


uhh think gomennasai roped


File: 1654188048196.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.35 MB, 3082x1500, 98780351_p0.jpg)


feel like generic shredded cheese has gotten greasier over the years


really should have skipped didnt think normseki literally sold the site to a bunch of teens


nb is spinning in his grave


NOT dead yet


looks like fudguy gets the last laugh



File: 1654191562706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.87 KB, 1200x1697, FT7JNupaMAsI8dy.jpg)


they sell natty daddy at the grocery store now but mom always uses her little rewards tracking tag dont want her to start getting emails for bail bonds or whatever


File: 1654192072342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 910.89 KB, 1897x2707, FUQ4jYpaMAEo0wA.jpg)


die noöog


i sex adult women frequently


youre stupid and boring


never sexed whats it like




sweaty and exhausting


NOT a single sexy lady will be spared from the sperm


its just our bastebro turt having a bit of fun


hate when i get semen in my hair


might nooog for a week


flip that how about a nice weeklong oog session


time to buy a nice onahole


its cold and humid hima


same ever since i started having sex i havent been able to get it up to porn


gth sexnorm


loved pornjoing while the gf wasnt around


we watch it together hehe she says it gets her in the mood


sick of the teenraid


balanced my portfolio


might pick up some series i savings bonds


might buy some vanguard etfs



think the bot is back


love the thumb hehe


lot of my moneys in vti


what bot


im bot


dont know if real estate funds are a good investment or NOT havent decided if i think were gonno keep taking the path of reducing everyone to serfs unable to afford even their own home or if its just a bubble



wonder if id be more interested in flip if i had my normskin


id say its NOT that great but it really is


never NOT had foreskin whats it like


weird to think women will get wet undies just by looking at a penis the same way ill get hard just looking at some boobs


weird how i boog when i oog


the booger


booged all over my doog


hate cooking recipes why do they all have measurements that dont make sense like a pinch of salt or a knob of butter or a dash of vinegar


quite using normsites and get a nice cookbook instead


cant read


youre NOT wrong


hate the metricnorms worse if theyre americans NOThing worse than someone whos been tricked into hating his own nation and culture




dont get imperial theres like 50 different units and you need a calculator to convert between them


NOThing wrong with hating it if its tard


tell me more about why americans are dumb id really love to hear about it


File: 1654200648200.png (17.99 KB, 307x439, m.png)

gonno stop using mbs for filesizes whats the imperial equivalent




File: 1654200864086.jpg (185.5 KB, 926x875, 1417589960256.jpg)


suddenly started raining hard think there might be hail too powers flickering


hb hardest storm in years power keeps going off and on glad ive got my ups better shut down


hehe pasted


guess ill make a nice chicken bacon sandwich


mom bought meatball subs


sounds weird


got a meatball sub for you right here




File: 1654203225181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.49 KB, 1200x800, pic.jpg)


dickmog him




mom trolled me hard by changing her mind about going to the grocery store after i was already in the car the dollar store was the planet of the apes because its the first of the month and the only cashier was a teen tranny or dyke with pink hair left without buying anything


File: 1654203561531.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.33 KB, 1280x1831, 004.jpg)


storms passed


where are her balls


up your ass


theyre retractable


might try tucking


keep in mind shes been the one asking how many blogs i have left every day and saying shell get some more


fat little baby


youre sick


sick or sick


fine night for a paimonjo


wish i could get a plump tubie baby gf that always walks around with a full dipe


mom has screwed me yet again groan


It is interesting that Amber Heard stated after the verdict about her free speech being stifled. Perhaps if we are lucky this may be a turning point in the demands of the right for unbridled free speech which so obviously is and can be problematic . Truth is often a casualty at the altar of free speech as we have seen with Trump and to lesser extents players on the right of Australian politics.


die eye


In this public display of hatred and tragic claims for adjudication and possible payouts, these two famous people need to think about UKRAINE. They should/could make a public apology for taking
up so much money, space and time that might have been spent on something way bigger than themselves.


File: 1654206289297.jpeg (745.4 KB, 4096x2497, FUQyyOGagAEyL3C.jpeg)


love waking up at 7am bright and early after a good nights sleep reading the news and sharing the latest celebrity gossip with my himabros before heading off to work


gamergate wins again


do i watch state of play or the lunch lady collab


wouldnt mind the first part


trying the mug trick again if this doesnt do it im simply flipped until tomorrow at best


same but with tubie yabs instead of celeb gossip


generally wake up between 6 and 8 wish i could still teensnooze to 2pm




love a restful 6.5 hours of sleep


why what


why 2pm


die whybeg


would you prefer if i just said past noon i just picked a random number



why past noon


wonder if smw is still around on ota or something


because thats when i used to teensnooze till


might read some feminist propaganda any recs


yeah im flipped she took the keys out of her pocket and turned on the talmudvision shes in a leftist mind control coma




i have never NOT been in a constant state of ownage


the guardian


thats too vague need a book or something


critical race theory: the key writings that form the movement


whipping girl: a transsexual woman on sexism and the scapegoating of femininity by julia serano


sigh truly the socrates and aristotles of the modern age


no theyre the plato


cooked the burg buns on the skillet with butter tasted real good




uh i just said it tasted real good that means its gone


uhh dont tell me you only had one burg


it was a test burg



that means the real deals coming up remember to snap a pic


gonno snap you


crying the future of gaming looks bright


wish a female would sit down at her computer with her vagina and breasts with nipples and post on hima


sigh himako


were you buckled into the babyseat


on todays fifthdilla might fire up a sixthdilla only got a bit of meat left


dont trust any gaming company that calls their customers players NOT gamers


uh wheres bb on pc and dd2


im a player if you know what i mean


sony blew it again


who cares


the gamers care


the norms ruined gaming a long time ago the gamers arent watching this shite


you missed the stream gaming is saved


too busy gaming to watch the stream


until im playing bb at 60 fps they are blowing it


theyre remaking re4 big deal we already live in a worse version of hell NOT interested in paying to see all of my fond memories destroyed


never played resident norm




looks retarded


tired of slashing ankles i want to be the big monster squishing tiny humans


youre sick


youd get defeated by the chosen one and his friends


dad didnt want me to play games where you kill humans


all i wanted out of video games as a kid was to kill humans


zombies were fine too


finished inventorying the chemical cabinets in moms school science prep rooms nice 20kg spread of calcium carbonate spread across 70 bottles


have her make some meth to fund the mansion


uhhh could make meth with my allergy meds but wont out of protest cause i hate how nigs made me need to show a license to get my allergy meds to begin with and a prescription for codeine too cause of that pink haired enwhore


what has rosemi to do with it


die entubie


NOT that pink enwhore


uhh what flipping allergy meds are you talking about


claritin 24 hour with decongestant used to get it otc but now you need id and are only allowed to buy 30-40 pills a month after showing id cause tard pharmacists would just let some nig or skinhead walk in and buy 1000s of pills to cook and they made fluticasone propionate nasal spray prescription too


just go to different stores