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does it working
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hard to post when im gaming


there is no reason that everyone here shouldnt be able to have a gf like this


think youtube links need to be banned


File: 1654980536379.jpeg (95.99 KB, 558x1136, 62a3890fb61059912107db59.jpeg)


read baoding as balding and fan as fat


why did you click on it


why NOT


File: 1654981738576.jpg (625.49 KB, 2262x3297, FU8tbF4acAA1CXa.jpg)


she was thinner in her videos from 2015 just aNOTher few years of plumpening and acting like a weirdo in public and her smv might get low enough for one of us if we get abs and a 100k job and wear shoe lifts and mew and cosplay at anime conventions


File: 1654982709871.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1323, unknown.png)


jod in the school bathroom once while skipping a class


didnt reach joing age until after highschool


File: 1654984062968.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 2268x3090, xwoVqehQnlrwh81Gg5wTUcNt.jpeg)


she has been spermt






went to pick up my takeout burger place was crowded but right after walking in the cashier immediately recognized me and said my name


did you get her snap


do people still use snapchat


im pretty sure norms either get snapchat or instagram name asking for a simple phone number is going to make you look old and outdated


people still use snapchat but nobody uses instagram anymore its crap they just use it to keep a log of their normtivities


slept the whole day away after sperming whoops


watching the evil zone stream


is the wife upset


love sperming and immediately falling asleep after pulling my underwear up over the mess


nice slob


every time i use the mora and strop it it feels sharper than the last time really impressed with this little $14 knife probably will never use anything ever again now that i have a stone and a strop


File: 1655006318878.jpg (433.94 KB, 950x633, 2682_Image_1487091907_mora_12243_01.jpg)

its a pro c the c is for carbon steel they make a pro s in stainless also


any good bushcrafting lately


no im NOT a crafter but i tested it on a wet pine branch today and used the spine to scratch off the bark and hacked off the knobby bits with a bit of force and it was great for its size i went back inside and it was slicing cardboard perfectly


wish someone would hack off my knobby bits


this knife is $14 and the garberg bushcrafting centric knife with a full tang is somehow $90 reading the amazon reviews and NOT one mention of a strop they arent using them right and still spending 90 mcdollars


was supposed to have offspring 12 years ago


wonder how i would have turned out as a teenfather


feel like ive subconsciously picked hobbies and interests that require hard work to maintain to be more fulfilled and it works


is scsnapping a blade across a rock really considered hard work


wish i could find an enjoyable hobby


i work on my own vehicles i polish my shoes and boots i have a fishtank i use fountain pens just check the wiki if you want to know more


go get your flipping shinebox


File: 1655010051503.webm (5.73 MB, 533x300, 1654970447989.webm)

this will be soon be the daily reality of the defectors if they dont come to their senses and return home


looks like fun


i dont get it


it takes me more blogka than it used to for me to feel numb im NOT one of those alconorms either so im NOT sure whats going on maybe its a bad batch


does look pretty fun imagine how fast and clean it would be if they only hired white men



love going to wendys and overhearing a bunch of nigger babble in the background while placing my order at the drive thru and then pulling to the window and seeing a fat black woman named tanisha with a residual grin on her face after cutting up with queshawn and kenneth who just rubbed my burger patties on the floor as a tiktok prank


i think theyre poisoning us to change our brains



mom came in and shook a bag of neet chow and poured it in my bowl





sigh why am i so weird this is NOT how i envisioned being at this age


were freaks


dont act or even look like a 30 year old


nice 40 year old cel


there is NOThing left but for us to delve into the abyss


File: 1655021150763.jpg (366.53 KB, 946x1335, FU3eUUlakAA7jqj.jpg)


why does he look like a girl


File: 1655022073861.jpg (2.5 MB, 1600x2259, FU75byWaIAEwTd4.jpg)





File: 1655031763154.jpg (159.37 KB, 950x672, 99007394_p8.jpg)


File: 1655033822929.jpg (876.96 KB, 4096x3789, FVB9HamagAA33zR.jpg)


wish i was chechen


nah they would have helped russia fight the terrorist separatists and keep chechnya safe from extremists


hate when russia invades


sick of the ukraine arc whats the next thing we all change our twitter avatars to


uhh did you NOT get the mom its the sodomite flag now


memo NOT mom


we do that every year though


cant wait for the taiwan arc


dont get why i should care about ukraine


File: 1655041932101.jpg (503.2 KB, 2287x4096, FVCPciGUAAEty52.jpg)


File: 1655045007274.webm (1.01 MB, 480x360, 1655037015531.webm)


wish i was number one


File: 1655046595559.jpg (687.57 KB, 2149x3035, FVDHz0LakAA5HI1.jpg)


woke up lojod




File: 1655052965141.mp4 (951.92 KB, grill-grill-fail.mp4)



File: 1655053374468.jpg (97.74 KB, 522x539, 1654906320622.jpg)



im creep



moms coming today


coming or coming


we got a funny guy here


ark is free on steam again


wish i had a sense of identity


File: 1655069053305.png (107.47 KB, 1000x1300, FU9GclhaMAENqx9.png)


creep is your identity


love creeping


fill this thread so i can post an epic pic in the next one




woke up feeling nolo'd out


wish i had remembered to put the refurb back in the cart




what refurb


some flippin' game console


ban the apostrophenorm


last post time for aNOTher 2 week long thread

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