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File: 1645546402444.jpg (28.32 KB, 550x294, sole.JPG)


never had sole is it good


here it is


that thing at the bottom of the inside of the shoe slipped out





binging tard songs


File: 1645551610812.mp3 (63.11 KB, gtkw6x.mp3)


actually she sounds kind of cute im NOT ashamed of my butt stick two or three fingers up there honey


i peg manass


yogurt cup was easier to open than usual hope it wasnt unsealed


love chatting with my female coworkers racing at the track lifting at the gym chilling with my friends and most of all telling my friends all about how im a cel and NOT a norm at himasugi dot blog and ota dash ch dot com


yeah i love all that stuff get fucked boring retard


turts got this guy on strings


ban the swearnorm


you cant ban the heckin turterino


that was me normseki i have never once regretted siding with the gynowhino alliance


mom bought 3 packs of orange soda pepsi and coke


my penis exploded and now it's gone




love being a retard


love tarding out hardcore


he loved tarding out to sexy ladycore



File: 1645553895440.png (115.19 KB, 1856x232, 1645552971080.png)


youre getting stronger




thought girls smelled like flowers


girl farts are deadly


forgot about gynowhino hehe


love eating my gfs farts


nice fart commander


dont want a gf just want a body temperature pillow in the shape and sturdiness of a doujin housewife


how about a neetblog instead






is that a food rager embed


youve gotta see that baklava


sigh pnigs gonno have 10 years worth of food ranger linus and nanahira content to come back to


its gonno be like the end of gunbuster when he finds his way here




so at $6 a month for 10 years thats $720 to keep hima online i better see a lump sum in my account by friday if you expect me to keep this graveyard alive for him for that long


did his lawyer let him know about the domain change


simply fire up the j-list ads


did anyone get his prison address i have a bunch of stamps here i might print out himaposts and mail them


File: 1645558851935.jpg (33.88 KB, 560x609, 8CF6E8D2-54A2-429D-B55B-62D7D046B089.jpg)


dont know how to use snailmail


File: 1645558921744.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 589.27 KB, 640x845, AC835D59-E9C7-4C23-9865-5CED48368098.jpeg)

what is wrong with marines


skip in hell


cant wait for the united states military to begin using vtubers to advertise with


miss wearing my blues sigh


they are trying to disrupt incels recruiting process


dont remember why i signed up to join incel i guess it seemed like a good idea at the time


File: 1645560093730.png (Spoiler Image, 3.26 MB, 1402x1400, F468101F-5FFF-4A78-AE9D-619CE070791C.png)

should i stream this show looks sexy


its a high iq comedy


loved listening to slipkNOT on my ipod while sitting in detention with the bros


this was the first song i ever pirated on limewire hehe


oh my god hima got a flashback of looking for music in 2006 on myspace and google leading me to weird personal blogs with 5kb magazine scans of promotional material with visible white padding on low color density pngs and bmps


hate musicnorms


knew an autistic guy who hated music


thats me


do you still ramble loudly about sanguivores and solipsism


used to be the cool music guy who always had something cool to play now its just japanese game and anime ost


the denpa rotted your mind


deleted all my teenmusic only listen to it once in a blue moon


theres no better music than japanese game osts


post your faves


been looping the same nmh song for the past 2 days



norm milk hotel


NOT that nmh





keep trying but i fear its too late
should have been at this point of self repair over 10 years ago why didnt misaki save me


File: 1645565527540.png (385.02 KB, 960x1280, 95404306_p0.png)


hated that bitch



wish i wasnt fat


keep hearing nasubi say densha de go in my head



File: 1645567647796.jpg (399.77 KB, 742x1200, __shiranui_flare_hololive_drawn_by_fumihiko_fu….jpg)


tardlaughing at the paint mixer


love being a musicnorm


paste vfoid ripping her nail out on stream


love vids made by finns and other azns because they never talk


love being finn




made cawfee and grabbed aNOTher donut told mom ive actually been up since noon hehe


scheduled a doctors appointment


is it for the earwax or the skin cracking


just a checkup havent had a checkup in 3 years only went to urgent care after my old doctor told me she was leaving


why would you go to a doctor for no reason do you like giving away money to richnorms


if you dont go for 3 years they pretend you never existed and consider you a new patient even if they have years and years worth of files because the norms cant conceive that an adult wouldnt be going several times per year



based foids and their denial of reality


why are they so stupid


because simps started letting them get away with everything


I received my bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies & Psychology from Vassar College and I graduated summa cum laude from the University at Albany’s MSW program.

When I’m NOT slaying diet culture, you can find me reading fiction, binge-watching reality television, and taking way too many pictures of my dog.


if this was saudi arabia she would be executed in public


starting to rage why us hima why did we have to be sharted out into this hellpit of a society as soon as it started to collapse


we were put here to fix it


too damaged from being put through the gynocentric american education system cant fix anything


gamed hard got the post game shivers


never had those


trying hard to stay sane


didnt game much need to save my gamer juice for er


do they think the doctor cares or something they probably see 50 fat people a day


love the blind weighting cope


i can understand i dont want some norm in a white coat laughing at my micropenis or distended beer gut


theyve seen worse they dont care


im NOT concerned for them


think i have the softest hands on hima


each hand has 8 callouses


fairly confident i have the roughest hands on hima


File: 1645572195811.png (2.17 MB, 1207x1125, IMG_3242.png)


no one said pic yet


is this chadseki


seki is 5'8


cant pull my sata connector around to the ssd mounting location just gonno leave the ssd leaning vertically against the case wall


he was eager


sata ssd are you flipping kidding me


whats the problem


you need a nice nvme


mogs me


been consistently around 200-215 pounds for the last 12 years never higher never lower


was 213 at the end of december currently 230


yeah you recommended that new version but my motherboard doesnt support it would have to buy an expansion thing and nobody sells the unit anywhere


lost a handful of pounds this weekend cant say how many but my belt is cinched up tighter now


thought would have gained weight because ate takeout food 3 nights in a row while recovering from my gastritis but no


whats the difference


i had to buy a new motherboard to use it so its better by default


it suggested drive letter h so named the volume hakugyokurou


die drivenamer


bought a nvme but too lazy to move os to it so its just sitting empty


havent you seen the pictures we all name our drives here


was going to say nah but then i remembered ya i did name them


all 3 drives are unnamed


named my computer after okuu


computers hostname is desktop


gonno try cut and paste whole game folder to new ssd hope it runs


NOT sure what the signs of a dying ssd are all i know is to look out for those dj sounds


there are no signs they just give out


there are no signs it just dies after its been powered on for ten thousand hours


thats NOT true you stop being able to write to it and thats it


ill buy one when theyve worked out the bugs


File: 1645573924702.jpg (1.92 MB, 5000x4451, d.jpg)


ssds have NOT had issues for over 10 years now


mom said to clean the toilet with bleach got some of the mold and puke off but then saw all the other stuff and got overwhelmed had to stop


nice sysadmin


too tard to use a computer whats the point of sitting in front of one for 16 hours a day


no way that pic cant be that old


sigh didnt look at the dates before posting


what else do you do 16 hours a day


i dont know whatever the high iq nerds are doing


miss when the only ones online 16 hours a day were the spergnerds now every norm is online 16 hours a day watching tiktoks or going on instagram or streaming disney shite


sigh same


theres aNOTher qbittorrent update dont want to get screwed even worse than last time


wonder how the spergteens deal with having nowhere to escape


im such a nerd


sometimes mom watches kdramas on her phone when the tv is right next to her


they go on hima


wish my iq was above 75


big sis let me play with her boobs again


die hornyteen


cant believe no girl ever wanted me to touch her boobs


sis has no boobs


have you tried asking


simply feel your own


am only a kv


i dont need to ask i can see them



File: 1645575221883.mp4 (7.95 MB, wall.mp4)


only real memory of feeling a girls boobs was when i fell on top of one and my hand landed there when we were 12 it was jiggly i dont think she minded but we both know what happened


theyre just boobs girls dont care that much


dont know what breasts feel like but do know what it is like to be hugged by a girl because of all my classmates lusting after me in my mid teens too bad i was too much of a sperg to realise what happened and now all of my looks are gone


the hugchads


meanwhile the non autistic teens didnt take the propaganda literally and probably had a different girl sending boob pics to their slide out keyboard nokias every night


File: 1645575585065.jpg (23.59 KB, 640x480, s-l640.jpg)

mom bought me this one


who did you call up on it


my emo grungegf


File: 1645575758647.jpg (291.79 KB, 1236x1400, FMK-NOXaQAUj115.jpg)


sigh hope i can run it


its NOT looking good the emergency micro center trip is probably gonno have to happen


wonder if that guys gonno get the 02/22/22 22:22:22 get


File: 1645575933647.png (34.44 KB, 279x207, pic.png)


cant wait for the elder scrolls of zion to come out




File: 1645575990610.jpg (134.48 KB, 600x591, november.jpg)


ban this spec mogging norm


die skipper


wondered why firefox was shitting itself found the stray hima tab


put a sock in it norm


takes one to know one norm


uh huh


eating some microwaved frozen sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches


skipper doesnt like getting called out for skipping


no need to be bh that no one cared when you posted it the first time


starting to get enraged


woke up coffee time


fire up some nice green tea instead


chicken mom made had some pink streaks NOT sure if it was because it was thigh meat or because she doesnt know how to cook put it all in the fridge to cancerwave later


whats wrong with a little pink


starting to get enraged




ragers arent welcome here anymore


started to rage last night so i doubled my brainpill dose to keep me submissive and weak


put a breaded chicken breast and a handful of fries in the


ragers are always welcome here


NOT since the incident


stopped taking my brainpills a few weeks ago and i feel better sometimes but worse other times


dont feel comfortable around the pillguy


they scammed him


the secret is to keep your mental state right on the cusp of nihilistic indifference but if you tip too far towards despair or hopefueling youre going to start panicking or raging or roping




hima is a safe space for ragers to rage safely


isnt fishing just an excuse to get away from the wife and drink beer all day



thought about buying a fishing rod so i can live in the woods when ww3 starts


ya but after a month or so i start to panic thinking about what the next five years of my life are gonno look like if himas NOT around


keep getting permad when i try to have a little fun


i do NOT have this problem because i hide embeds


norms wont let ww3 start


we need to start it lets build an emp


tubes arent fun


the accelerator


you cant talk about onsekis nice bros he invited to dilute the userbase like that


might raid


raid some manarse faguette


any rammers


yeah but i still make myself read every post



which posts are you upset about


going to buy a nice special week


mom asked how its going


what did you say


what did you say







mumbled something like ya under my breath then got the hell out of there




well how is it


mom sent me a crappy meme


classic mom


mom keeps emailing me ytmnd links


wouldve said fine until she asked me then i got reminded of my place in the world


moms horny


File: 1645581202963.webm (2.74 MB, 1024x576, kaiji.webm)




you cant perma him


cracking my fingers


normwaku norming foid


loved crackin my fingers neck elbows knees ankles and toes


wish someone cracked my neck


love giving my fingers the ol kaneki crack


loved cracking me back on the school chairs


didnt understand how to crack my knuckles until i was probably 14


always sat in the back corner


used to always sit in the front but far enough from the teacher so he could NOT NOTice me slacking off


used to play on the psp in class


was the main character so i had to sit in the back by the window


mom never bought me the consoles cause we were too poor and had to rely on the flea market to game


tired of the poor guy and his sob stories


think its time to go back to transmission both times ive updated this shite software in the last 6 months theres been multiple problems ive never seen before now its just flooding my log files with a message ive literally never seen before in 6 terabytes worth of downloads


works on my machine


read that as its time to transition


perish disgracefully richnorm


how when the norms ruined everything


our arrogance will be our undoing


File: 1645582955341.jpg (681.88 KB, 1195x1682, hi.jpg)

interesting shes a twig yet she is a health at any size advocate wonder what the story behind that is




once i learn how to draw my real life will surely begin



what do you mean the story she gets paid to tell hambones what they want to hear


wonder what its like to be fat


why NOT have a chikan ok hour on the train service everyone who boards is consenting


seems like itd be fun you could hide things in your rolls and dont have to eat for months if you want to save some money


wish i could understand japanese puns instead of relying on tl NOTes to explain the joke


same would have probably exhaled air through my nose more often in my life


the fats rule the mansion


if kitty ever gets pregnant im going to cage her 8 hours a day for being a flipping norm


gonno unlock all the cat cages in the mansion when everyones snoozing


loved denying my dog the sex he craved from the bitch in heat how does it feel chadhound


capsnorm .norm ban


if i cant flip no one can


guess ill practice my firm handshake


cold call some ceos and tell em you want to work for them theyll be impressed by your go getter attitude and will to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and hire you on the spot


need a job where im in a locked room with a pc unsupervised and alone


same but i cant do any actual work or things with time limits


wish i was a nice greybeard system administrator for a company with 20 employees who didnt know any better that i was just automating everything with scripts all day while actually posting on hima and gaming


gonno drink out of the mug tonight washed it for the first time in a week or two


think the last jacks is in my near future as well


sometimes wish id never been born at all


starting to get enraged


take a pill




wish i could have had a simpler life


the simple man


we could have been someone


toss in maint what do i do now




rice and beans night 2 forgot to include ginger and peppers yesterday today is gonno be more flavorful


get some more umami in there


used sisters sichuan sauce its kinda umami


gonno play poko souls


sigh i could have been a contender


think my monitor geometry is messed up but i dont want to screw around with the settings for the same reason i havent cleaned my ps/2 keyboard in twenty years


nice diabetic



got an apartment hima its in an until recently abandoned chinese motel


check for cameras and bugs behind the outlet covers and in the ceiling vents


guy liked my comment from 8 years ago




left behind


woah flip just realized its 2/22/2022


die skipper



what the flip now theyre telling me the tracker urls timed out had just about enough of this i tell you hwhat


was already sick of this tard the last time


made that curry today turned out good


was about to eat an orange but then i remembered i already ate two full plates of them today


love me some カレーライス but havent bought any of the cubes in probably five years


NOT sure why anyone would post this on the internet knowing that there are dangerous caucasian superpredators abound


asians look weird


funny coming from a cumskin


heated up some midnight curry


permaban the nigger using slurs against Whites


File: 1645593656929.png (1.15 MB, 1288x1653, 96423366_p0.png)


permaban the phonenorm capitalizing his words


check these quads


putting jack in the oven


what kind


dont get the hot new jack meme


File: 1645594175448.jpg (1.04 MB, 1600x1400, 96418848_p0.jpg)


this may be hard to believe but i invented that meme



hate when i look for a pic find one and its a webp


was gonno make a post earlier about how if i owned a website uploading a webp would be an instant perma


thats why you arent an admin




for dessert squeezed some honey into my mouth


whats the appeal of kodomokids


mail him and ask


hell if i know i feel the same way about them as i do pets the second they start annoying me i want to beat the shit out of them


youve got a few screws loose


boys usually like me because i maxxed out my teen stats and they admire those things


worried might have nodular melanoma


dont remember if i complained about opening pic being chink or NOT


how is that possible if youve avoided the sun and light in general for over half of your life


dont know




File: 1645595231248.jpg (1.93 MB, 2480x3508, 96424708_p0.jpg)


sigh keep getting reminded of that anime film from last year ai something something probably NOT going to be available anywhere online for aNOTher year


forgot about jack hope hes NOT burnt to a crisp


youre supposed to set a timer


File: 1645596021915.jpg (698.55 KB, 1248x960, 96458903_p3.jpg)


i did but im in my room


why didnt mom alert you


should i drink some pepsi ginger ale or orange soda before bed


no you shouldnt


i dont snack when moms conscious


you could starve


would always wait till everyone was asleep then go downstairs and break into the tub of goldfish


why would you eat your pets


im top of the food chain


File: 1645596421429.png (2.04 MB, 1845x1313, 96461737_p0.png)


too tard to follow that story


wonder if things would have been different if mom spanked me


youd end up with a bdsm fetish


you would have just laughed at her or stomped a mudhole in her ass once you got older it would have to be dad


dad took a belt to me once or twice still ended up on hima


got spanked a few times by gran and the like figured out to make a giant fuss so they think theyre really hurting you when youre barely feeling it at all


File: 1645597011740.jpg (379.06 KB, 1159x894, cost-of-raising-child-infographic.jpg)


glad to know my taxes are going to single mothers to pay for all that


simply dont pay taxes


how are montana wyoming and idaho the urban west and new hampshire vermont and maine the urban northeast


had damn near a heart attack when i got a letter from the irs earlier this year


based overreactor



wild that that guy had the same upbringing as trevor


File: 1645597244304.jpg (685.84 KB, 2362x3242, 96447121_p0.jpg)


sometimes wonder if i would have been better off left at an orphanage instead of getting the single mother special


could go for a nice single mother sandwich right about now


a what


die dadnorm


need a monkey


love playing catch with dad as he teaches me how to pick up women and land a career


do you really think men born in the 50s would have had a good perspective on how to help their autistic sons get up in them guts and a job


wonder what all the himadads are up to


own dad didnt want me but mom let me experience getting abandoned by two stepdads


did you get triple child support


no she only got one for it



highest i got was killimanjaro


never played halo or at least NOT more than maybe a few times


fire up the new one think its free


dont think my pc could handle it


wonder what molestermans up to


sharing a cel with pnig




arizona department of corrections phoenix is no place for an upstanding caucasian neet gentleman


wonder if pnig got the top or bottom bunk


he wasnt a neet at the end


wonder if hes had his first fight yet


gotta fight as soon as you walk through the door to prove yourself


just think how tough and hardcore hes going to be in 10 years


hell probably get a stand at some point too


File: 1645599889732.jpg (10.63 KB, 184x184, 9ac42eb851701c4fe0c23d4853e7ccb622bd3643_full.jpg)



sigh imagine having 10 years of anime to catch up on right after leaving prison


never been in a fight but i think i could rule a prison with my intellet




int alone is NOT gonno cut it you need high charisma



youll learn to fight in the mansion


pretty sure i have that too


cant identify with norms enough to have charisma


get the flip out


i hope apartmentguy provides us with great blogs about girls coming over like that


never understood the celery bag thing what food do they make with that


they shove it up your arse




its fine youll love it


few trips around the neighborhood for snacks and blogs and theyll be busting his door down


File: 1645601873205.jpg (1.88 MB, 1682x1708, ccd.jpg)

is he home


been dreaming about eating japanese food forever but in reality id probably spit it out and eat something sugary and greasy instead


they love grease


uh doesnt all celery come in bags


im japanese in every other timeline but this one


like the idea of being japanese but dont like the idea of being asian


already short and scrawny with a micropenis doubt it would be that much of an adjustment beyond NOT being able to see properly


i can make your penis bigger


chink eyes are adapted for staring at glowing rectangles




was just thinking tonight that the chink girl at the gym has big boobs for a chink



whats to sigh about its only been ten years



just flippin magdump me


wish i was that target



200 for some shite missing half the keys


feel like my tolerance is gone


sick of keyboardnorms if your wpm isnt well over 100 then flip your lubed norm switches youre a flipping tard


im tard



typical chink tryhard


File: 1645608432078.jpeg (484.49 KB, 1851x2800, FMPhYcLagAAbI_-.jpeg)


cant decide which one i like the most


wish i had a cute micropenis


wonder if that chicken was bad just violently spewed and burned the hell out of my nostrils


cant wait to start my journey to find the elden ring


simply watch lulu


File: 1645617508248.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1900x2691, FMRsNCWUYAUCsuM.jpeg)


are they supposed to curve up like that




no they all got peyronies disease


woke up dont feel rested


you have a ghost haunting you


considering a jo but NOT sure what to


sigh i wish i had a cute ghost haunting me eventually id be able to sense her and wed become friends


what if it was this guy instead


saw a pokeflip image with akari and 3 lickitungs


File: 1645622336676.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.13 KB, 847x1214, FMSHoA2aQAQdagJ.jpeg)


File: 1645623032294.png (398.05 KB, 960x1280, 95862427_p0.png)


thinking about all the times found a game that looked kinda cool but then saw the like 5 gig storage requirement and had to skip


simply stop hoarding


bought that second ssd can finally game




File: 1645624496322.jpg (92.81 KB, 829x579, sigh.jpg)


feels like lumpy object is stuck on chair digging into my spine reached to remove it but there was NOThing there



the chair goblins are tormenting you


stomach never stops making noise from the pills




stop youre scaring me


couldnt sleep NOT liking this recent trend of bad shite flooding my brain right away


thought about my microbiome think it must have been devastated after the gastritis


its time to turn your life around


theres NOThing to turn around


guess ill make some cawfee the one guy in the world seeding the movie i was gonno watch last night turned his computer back on


youre welcome


arrogant seeder


gonno seed your ass if you arent careful


File: 1645633555442.jpeg (204.18 KB, 902x1557, FMSzMCcaAAIfiZa.jpeg)


 "I want to change the negative image of a small man." Shigeru Otani (27), who is 162 cm tall and himself, started the D2C brand "UNITED ANTS" in January 2021.


feel the need to seed



preloading er


nice singaporean


cant wait to finally go er


do you have the balls


File: 1645635633110.jpg (74.85 KB, 521x801, Prisoner.jpg)

weird that the prisoner is black


nice tard griffith


ya im a darkie pro


he looks caucasian


i dont see color




my real life starts today took some d3 and fish oil


got some d for you right here


moms makin quesadillas


love a nice cheese dilla dipped in fresh guac


die spics


File: 1645639794579.jpg (317.79 KB, 1500x2100, 89478100_p0.jpg)


nice spread


gross looking hole


groan might as well be the middle of july its 72 in here right now what a joke


you mean im supposed to flip this


whats the problem thats what its there for


its -3c and theres too flipping much snow


die finnbrag


as it should be


youd be arrogant too if you were finn


-5c here


i thrive on darkness and cold temperatures


what do you do in summer



the darkcoldlurker


the same thing i do now except i have the ac running


youre going to become a youkai if you arent careful



got myself a nice 5600x for er this week




what was your old cpu


hope you have a nice 3080 to pair it with


some nice big boob girls will give me one


only if youre a shota


File: 1645644331938.jpeg (521.72 KB, 2000x3507, FMNyQDrUUAEkBRo.jpeg)


we are all shotas in regards to sexual experience and thats what its mainly about


if foids like shotas so much why do they hate mantlets


same reason you like sexy ladies and hate adult women


phenom 2


flipped up my satiety again now my stomach thinks its hungry 20 minutes after eating


had a nice phenom ii 555 black edition unlocked to 4 cores


File: 1645644750377.jpeg (123.49 KB, 782x1017, FMTQsqOVEAAtgkZ.jpeg)


was 2009 really 13 years ago


he loved the phenom ii


can i just move my drives to the new motherboard or is it more complicated




whats uh


ultra hard




simply eat chicken every day


ya if theyre just storage drives but windows drive might NOT work


been eating chicken every day my whole life and turned into a chicken


but the windows drive is the one i need


simply try it it should work


youre NOT supposed to install wangblows on bare metal you need a nice virtual disk image


yea nah


File: 1645646073675.jpg (82.87 KB, 773x1280, FJrWpBbaQAMtryd.jpg)


uh with wsl2 its the other way around




whos streaming elden





File: 1645646501402.jpg (944.36 KB, 992x1403, 1645621146693.jpg)


File: 1645646887823.mp4 (7.77 MB, cow.mp4)


File: 1645646958492.jpg (137.19 KB, 1200x628, BostonBeer_HardMountainDew102112-1200x628.jpg)

anyone tried the new hard mtn dew


are they just dropping all pretense about alcohol NOT being marketed to kids seems sort of weird


crying hard that hes never going to get a chance to give his cousin some hard baja blast


File: 1645647316728.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 400x720, 1645433129765.webm)


File: 1645648040089.jpg (50.42 KB, 500x499, 1645626409974.jpg)


File: 1645648422647.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 2000x1409, FMS0a0daUAApnld.jpg)


die spoilnorm they arent even engaged in graphic depictions of sex acts




you dont get to force me into doing extra work to see what youve uploaded


i am simply being courteous to those of us posting from work


ban now


sigh wheres the unspoiler when you need him


you dont have to worry im on my phone with the brightness low no ones gonno see my screen


File: 1645649093848.jpg (711.58 KB, 2000x1409, 1645648422647.jpg)


love chilling on my hima phone while surfing the cali waves




nah mom said its dog night gonno get my dog on




the chink


feeling lethal


i need a weapon


die murdernorm


guess ill watch a nice cringe compilation


spent 30 years living one


nice independent young man


30 years old and still feel like a teen


feel like its been 300 years already always spiritually exhausted


Today is the day. Hard MTN DEW is hitting shelves in Florida, Tennessee, and Iowa.


feeling vague panic


nice neet


girls cant be neet they can only be housewives in waiting


im a neet too where are my worshipers


stream and ill worship you


everyone whos been worshipped on hima has had a job




everyone whos been on hima has had a job


sigh shes just like me



listening to yukimame




that couldve been us


she sure is drawn to businesses that use english names




gonno norm


File: 1645655432664.mp3 (4.86 MB, TRUE♥︎LOVE.mp3)


these people all became upstanding regular norms


hate matsuri


File: 1645655791412.jpeg (238.74 KB, 1242x1855, dad.jpeg)


needed a father figure to teach me how to be a man sigh


its an evening in february why the flip is it in the upper 70s


File: 1645656667809.webm (2.43 MB, 853x480, braixen_lose.webm)





never learned how to shave


dogged hard


its NOT too late


preferred the nice gardevoir upskirts in that game


think mom saw my sweatpants chub


damn good dilla


love a good pork or chicken dilla



we can practice being dads for one aNOTher


File: 1645657561987.jpeg (5.39 MB, 4032x3024, 12B6CF4A-3905-4F18-9604-1546D26F770D.jpeg)

hey hima got a new bike today took it out for a spin and my left hand hurts bad from clutching i can barely move it


crying hes back due to mistrial and they gave him a motorcycle as a payout




nice bikemin


sigh its so nice looking anyone else getting it would be banned for normdom


NOThin norm about dragging knee


bet you get crazy pussy riding that thing around


burped out some food chunks never had that happen before was NOT vomit


thats happened to me countless times sometimes it tastes and feels exactly the same as it did the first time


love some nice bilesnacks


i only got like 3 girls numbers on the 250 but it was beat


sitch & adam are the official streamers of hima


what about himalive and himasanji


sorry only watch streamers that dont speak or show their face


drinking tea with honey and cream




some mercedes tried to race me at the light but i was cramping up from NOT riding for 5 months and the bike is brand new so i cant thrash it like id like to yet


more of a da vinci rider than a kintoki rider


oh sorry wrong tab i thought this was my cord


File: 1645659592002.jpg (401.42 KB, 1004x1416, 96461062_p0.jpg)


gonno fall for the arc meme and make a bandit


good luck with the grind


File: 1645660156654.gif (72.34 KB, 160x160, chiyo.gif)


starting as vaganorm


better than a vargnorm


hell yeah great day hima lets all preload elden ring everyone on hima playing together and blogging go!


flip you



think the expectations for that norm game are so high at this point that people will worship it for a week then realize bloodborne and armored core 3 are still better


how do we get rid of the gamers


hate spergs that use these


hima is for gamers by gamers


gotta minmax to own ganknorms


im gamer i game


File: 1645661552388.jpg (359.29 KB, 1500x2009, store.jpg)


thats gotta cut off circulation


cant play er until cpu arrives says itll be here the 25th




why NOT simply Drive to micro center


getting real tired of the uh guy if you got something to say just say it


think best buy is the only place within an hour where i could buy a pc component NOT related to storage


rashes worse than usual this evening


File: 1645662197841.jpg (444.89 KB, 1022x962, EcJn4wzUYAAiO6L.jpg)


nice floating strap


tonights dinner ate unagi don


die eelweeb


NOT sure if ive ever had eel


pizza almost done


used to have fried eels at the friday market in the town where gran lives


lets see that pie


will never know what its like to go to a japanese middle and high school


its NOT too late to tard out and become an english teacher


starting to freak


File: 1645662795930.jpg (1.57 MB, 1590x1664, 20220223_182042.jpg)


dont care about your eel richnorm i was asking about the pizza



love a good eel topped pizza pie


File: 1645662928711.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.41 MB, 1000x11631, 96474910_p0.jpg)


sigh pnig


woke up mornin hima


do NOT click


wish i listened



File: 1645663101303.png (2.08 MB, 1729x871, Untitled.png)

hb now thats some good eatin


NOT clicking is the same as skipping


says who


the council


the council of norms



grandpa served on the boards of some companies


why havent you


its elastic


saw at least 8 cars today where the left headlight was on but the right light was off why are there so many


have posted on a few boards myself


youre being gangstalked





digesting some dogs


heated up some curry its better the second day as they say


just had a sloppy joe myself


File: 1645665031445.jpg (837.27 KB, 2393x3385, 96466330_p0.jpg)


dancing in my chair to this


how does the wine play into whats going on here


you know


i dont


looked at my face in the mirror and growled


like a grrr or a rawr


like the start of a scream but broke it off before it could get loud



still havent watched the film need to rewatch the show because ive forgotten everything


arent your 30 year old gentleman looks coming in


im silver fox


File: 1645666111581.jpg (859.38 KB, 1160x956, FJE7L95acAEcb8T.jpg)


hate when sis does that does she have no shame


started out as an ugly tween and somehow got even uglier i dont even know what to call myself now


the creature


File: 1645666198328.jpeg (331.57 KB, 1533x2169, Dlu9_EWUcAAPecV.jpeg)



didnt even realize it until i came across a picture of me at 20 and realized dont get how this happened at least back then i was passable now im borderline deformed


i could see bigger tits than that taking my shirt off and looking in a mirror dumb twigbitch


post em


could be worse at least youre NOT freak


considering were both cel id be better off with freaks 203iq whats the point in being uhh slightly less cel


he doesnt have a care in the world


yeah must suck being over 300 iq and making 6 figures chatting with girls about math hes got it hard


feeling arrogant might listen to music through the monitor speakers while moms busy watching tv and cant hear shite


have no desire to talk to girls just to flip them


you and every other man on earth


guess ill jo to some crying girls


why do they cry


File: 1645666712574.jpg (448.55 KB, 1115x1474, 96476088_p5.jpg)


they were forcibly paired up with me in class because i had no partner


sitting here nude waiting for it to get cool enough to clean my room since theres NOThing better to do


File: 1645666917976.jpg (135.77 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to….jpg)


hate when i get normsplained


i dont need to i observe from a distance


worked as a sushi place ran by gooks making stuff like that disgusting eel bowl posted earlier


i mean at


love jerkin it to manboobs instead of cute lil girly tits


did you hose anything down with bodily fluids


did you hit on the japgirls


why cant i just have sex with the entire student body of a girls high school


dont need the entire body just a few limbs


farts smell godsdamned rancid today


maybe dont eat so many fodmaps


only ate chicken today


dispersed probably two years worth of dust into the air


youll get asthma


were in for it now scoob


wonder if theres one "Dude" out there who has the ability to unilaterally end the world by launching a few dozen nukes without needing anyone else to sign off or approve maybe putin


just freak



dont get the overreaction to gross pics meme weve seen it all by now


nah my eyes are pure


based fleetin' onseki making you load the entire thread to click a quote even if its literally one post ago


why NOT just add +50 in the quote url


simply hover


gods damned tard



twigs btfo


help cant stop ordering food hima im blogging out


owned britnorms


nice dont need to buy a new in box dualshock 2 after all forgot i had one that mom destroyed the cord to with the vacuum within a week of getting it now all i need is a phd in electrical engineering to find out how to replace it


just call up your nice bro turt


simply grab a soldering iron and tard out


hope saulguy is ready for april


ive got bad news for you


what is it


you know


why would i ask if i knew


you know




gonno rage


rage whenever i see the purple bird girl


you mena paaparu tori onanoko


no i meant 紫



File: 1645671788725.png (2.03 MB, 2000x2000, 96479824_p0.png)


whats going on with this guys first day on hima how about you rtfm bitch


its a raid


what about the blue bird girl


im using https on hima right now


nice pop nice cat nice flippin popcat


choking had to crack open the door and window room is toxic


hate her she ruined endwalker


nah she saved it


what of the foil and trashbags


wish i had some poptards


took those down once mom got me blackout curtains


stopped using foil on my windows i wake up with the natural morning sun now


gonno put some blogs in the freezer really energetic after that d3 and fish oil its unnatural


use a nice blankie and thumbtacks


uhh im a tardbird some emo guy created in like 5 minutes guess ill just set in motion 10k years of suffering because i got sad and malfunctioned by the way i dont use aether i have my own special energy that nobody mentioned until this expansion


dont understand that post


it could happen


nice speedreader


why did you respond to me with that webm


gonno pog out hard tomorrow




thats me i game


dont know where the hell some of my stuff ended up could have sworn i had a second dvd drive to fill up this empty drive bay in my case


what the flip do you need two dvd drives for




careful youll upset the namerager


its the one i was using before it broke and i got the one im using now


love a good 74 degree february evening


its 20 degrees




firing up that elden


damn good game


raw chicken i tossed in the bin some days ago starting to stink something fierce


you never played it how do you know its good


its gotta be


they casualized it


all my game journalist bros said so


going to collab with nb for his birthday stream


hate casuls


wonder if mom sperged out and threw out the box with that dvd drive and all the old cables and stuff when she cleared room for her hoaxvirus work from home area in the garage


big bro told me he booked days off work to play elden ring


i did too took tomorrow and friday off


are you his brother why did you invite that norm here


good idea think ill take the rest of the quarter off maybe the next one too


classic gamebro


which tuber are we watching play elden ring







uh quarter




What Is a Fiscal Quarter?

Fiscal quarters are consecutive, three-month periods within a company’s fiscal year (also referred to as a financial year). Fiscal quarters are used by publicly-traded companies to schedule the release of financial reports and the payment of stock dividends.


the shareholders are NOT going to be happy




nice smoughblog


Wordle 249 X/6


post em




love firing up my securities ledger and collecting those double short sold dividend derivative futures






took a shower caught myself in the mirror afterwards i am NOT looking good these days looked better put together a couple years ago


dont understand host clubs why would women pay for that


morally speaking would there be anything wrong if i bought a chicken and then flipped it spermed in it thoroughly cleaned it so there was no sperm left then cooked it and fed it to mom


File: 1645674321185.jpg (426 KB, 1406x1600, 96469974_p0.jpg)


if you have to ask the answer is yes


a little sperm wont hurt her


wouldnt be so sure semen makes my throat sore


to be fair there is a very low chance that all of our moms havent ingested sperm at some point just wish i could have been one of the sperms mom vored instead of being cast into the hellscape


nice garglermom


never know how far up my burns to shave


i stop at the earlobe





thinking about the peacefulness of 2010


dont bring up old dates


but its how i cope


i said if i cleaned all the sperm out assume i have magic cleaning that just gets rid of all sperm would that be moral


sigh 2010 had lucky star haruhi and strike witches what a year


who decides whats moral the norms thats who


wonder if its even possible to get the arsereek out of this chair


File: 1645675423063.jpg (3.89 MB, 3036x3951, dragoneet.jpg)


if i told mom i had flipped the chicken but it was completely cleaned and she knew all of it had been cleaned out would she be fine with it


rarely sit in my chair for that very reason easier to just lie down on the bed and change the sheets every so often


feel like i have NOThing in common with mom at all might as well be a stranger of aNOTher species but in that genderswapped pic i looked like a chubby version of her


jod to femturt


look exactly like me pa and from the side with my gay little nose i look like my sister


its NOT about the sperm its about you flipping it


why does it matter if i flipped it if i remove all residue from the flip so its as if i never did


needed to look NOThing like mom


i wouldnt want to eat flipchicken therefore i dont give anyone else flipchicken


what if i flip the chicken and feed it to a 15 year old girl but again i clean it fully is that illegal


whats the problem you dont eat the inside of a chicken anyway


would NOT want to eat it but cant argue that its immoral you got me


need to consult my imam on this one


going to lose my virg to a dead bird


why NOT just buy a virgin age ~demolition~


dont mock the admission in my presence again


or what you gonno cry






feel fancy with my freshly vacuumed floor


moved some stuff off the floor meself NOT ready to vacuum yet need to buy some earplugs


do they have ai that auto generates pornographs yet


thats real life


painful lump on my chin


File: 1645676606074.jpg (1.77 MB, 1296x1812, 96477050_p0.jpg)


had just about enough of chinlumps arrogance


i wish i was arrogant


you are


im NOT


yes you are youre arrogant as all hell


sigh i dont have to take this


feel like after he left the vacuum of arrogance is so great that no one really compares enough to even be called arrogant


going to compile a master compendium of every hima persona from chinlump to 6egg


if you had checked the wiki you would know it already exists


could never manage to get a persona


glad im nopersona





File: 1645677247562.jpg (85.71 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei….jpg)


why arent there any girl personas


did you forget himako



hima is a homosexual board


File: 1645677341892.jpg (305.66 KB, 1275x1409, [SubsPlease] Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to….jpg)


no boobs NOT interested




might sperm


took some more antihistamines


i like her teeth


dont tell me you fell for the flat meme


think that show has my favorite ending sequence this season


wonder how drawguys doing


File: 1645677578313.jpg (187.45 KB, 808x1137, 1645677513610.jpg)


sigh coby


File: 1645677604425.png (1.96 MB, 2127x3019, 029.png)


loved cobys funny skits


i mean our new drawguy in training who kept blogging about it some weeks ago


she needs help


weeks wasnt it months


shes getting it


File: 1645677740115.jpg (168.63 KB, 1133x1316, IMG_6181.jpg.jpg)

i gave up



think i watched it about 8 times today


why NOT sell fetish art your skills are up to par


please draw more of this


why its vile


never jod to vore except for that one miku vid


NOT into vore for its own sake but enjoy a nice fully immersed tentacle snap


what about analvore


File: 1645678161421.jpg (262.02 KB, 645x860, 96483228_p0.jpg)


hehe mom got me some hard mountain dew before i could ask her


dont believe you


wonder if i can understand japanese if i hit my head in the right spot


might be autistic


nah were fine


he was telling the truth found his vid



need a perma on that


what even is autism


a superpower


varg said its the natural european perspective


File: 1645679116274.jpg (1.76 MB, 1224x1736, 96476783_p0.jpg)


wish i could hug a girl again


you only get autism if you eat antifoods


have to hug mom regularly doesnt do anything for me


File: 1645679282385.jpg (138.54 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uma Musume - Pretty Derby - 09 ….jpg)

she was autistic


youre either protein or youre antitein


always fill up on the appetizers at grans



would kill for some of that cheesecake


the antiteen




playing kindred


in ranked i hope


ready for that new game dungeon



cant i just buy blogka and a 12 pack of voltage


uhh haha


whats the magic word




how do you feel about coleslaw


gonno eat some tomorrow


love slaw


wish i was as pasted as ross


hate slaw


hate bbq slaw





its chris chans bday


dont care what else do you have to say


File: 1645683299190.png (59.91 KB, 615x894, vroast btfo.PNG)


0/2 what else


imagine being a foid and getting handed a job where you do NOThing but play video games and squeal into a mic for a couple of hours today and let the thousands of dollars roll in but thats NOT good enough you still have to get flipped by chad on the side you simply canNOT resist doing the one thing you arent supposed to do


what a fresh and interesting perspective into the world of women being retarded


crying for her



how hard is it to NOT text your bf mid stream


wonder what lies she was spreading


might get some voltage tomorrow while im at the store with mom


why would she work aNOTher day in her life shes a multi millionaire


japan is expensive why do you think they think its normal for adults to live in 50 square foot rooms rationing rice grains


why would you need more space than that


why are these teens dumb enough to think she didnt have a bf in the first place


they all have bfs
but that doesnt mean theyre NOT supposed to hide it


shes been dating nb for 11 months


breath stinks might go for my monthly brush


shell just make a new channel


phew nice drunken surprise opened the cabinet and found a bag of chips mom used to buy for me pretty regularly 4 or 5 years ago


wonder what the hima moms say about their 30 year old manbaby sons to their coworkers


moms on disability


NOT my problem


bring your autistic adult son to the office day


glad ww3 started after i turned into a 30 year old manbaby



hope you mates are fat enough to avoid the draft


wish i was as pasted as carl


mom tells them im a genius who builds computers


she must be a quick thinker because there are several follow up questions that could shatter her story like when i go to the dentist and make shit up


always hated when the barber would ask me questions


hate when mom tries to set me up with the daughters of some of her work friends


he knows im always super special thats why i give him a big tip


the necromancer got owned


arrogant bastards having single women brought right to the threshold of their lairs and saying no


im scared of girls


floorspitting like mad after those chips hoo boy george likes his chicken spicy




wish mom would arrange a marriage for me


im just like nasubi except i have a job and a girlfriend and plenty of friends and leave the house daily in my car


wonder how long id last in the nasubi room


remembering those point allocation locked in a basement for ten years images on the 4 and realizing its my ideal life


wish i australian nobility like pastaguy and could just tard out in my own tower all day and night and have mom send flipmaids up to me on a monthly basis


youre NOT tall enough


wouldnt mind aNOTher nasubi stream


mindblowing that i could have had a gf if i was born in 1985 and worked at the video store


you could have one now if you just came out of your shell and put yourself out there


wouldnt even know what to do with a gf if i somehow got one


after the invention of normphones all women became evil whores


you would hold hands and go out to eat and smoochy smooch and flip and send each other funny pictures and publicly flaunt your love in front of cels


wonder if a girl would laugh at how soft my hands are


i refuse to have sex or talk to any western woman until they collectively change their ways im on strike


oh no im sure theyre absolutely devastated


uh that was your cue to fire it up NOT mine


do your parents know youre gay


thats NOT an indictment on norms its on people who are dumb enough to play the lottery


mom didnt buy me any christmas scratch cards for the first time in probably twenty years bet i would have won this year


how hard is it to save money and NOT burn it on dumb shite


is a rich lawyer with 2 luxury cars and a billion dollar home NOT a norm


love how our chief norm just financed a $5000 motorcycle on his grocery store stocker salary


wouldnt mind a shelf stocker job think id be good at it actually


$5000 isnt that much


got 60k in the stock market its been crashing hard lately thanks biden


richnorm thats a car plus repairs easily


bought the dip


the arrogance of the richnorms is beyond all control


NOT rich made less than seki when i had a job


nice beaner working for less than minimum wage


seki makes $16 an hour


wonder what my future wife is up to right now


NOT bad for 28 years old


learning the alphabet


whats your height


66 inches


shes probably scanning things at a 711 or wacking a futon with a stick or making soba


my biological clock is raging need to pass on my genes


sigh imagine putting your penis in a 19 year old girl who has 99% japanese genes on her 23 and me


i need baby


might get a job at the nearby gas station so i can get shot by a nig


you are NOT man


do you at least have quality genes or will you simply cause yet more suffering by creating aNOTher cel


NOT my problem


gongcha is supposed to be based but in my experience its the least based memetea chain with NOThing interesting


based in what


need to have a child and teach them valuable skills like how to cook frozen pizzas just right and how to pee silently and how to ask mom for money


youre supposed to turn the tap on to mask the sound



im gross explosion


i piss on the side of the bowl so it doesnt make noise guess thats why im cel


File: 1645688696814.png (59.73 KB, 556x791, unknown.png)


used to try to get the entire surface of the water to be bubbles


no way



what the fuck


good year so far only 10 months to go


die pirates


going to be 40 in less than 8 years


oh wait its just codex call me when one of the big dawgs dies off




theyre already dead


i dont play modern games


20s were NOThing but anxiety and depression and fear and hell thought the 30s seem better in comparison but i think its only because you are forced to develop advanced coping methods to survive the 20s and they carry over


sis is almost 40


nice maturesis


hope ww3 is real it should spice things up enough to forget about dumb things like complaining about aging and time


really hope you stfu about it because it wont be


dont want to fight the russians again


File: 1645689730799.png (289.68 KB, 1332x1864, FMWMHsuakAAqcxX.png)


really dont have a care in the world except to ensure i can keep cracking and snacking alone in my room couldnt give less of a shite if they dropped the nuke right now on my house


sigh 40sis


her aura is stronger than mine


hope rushia still lets us superchat her


they already finished off their military its over


why NOT flip a grandma they used to be a sexy teengirl you know


hehe nice roleplay bet theres someone out there actually thinking that


slurpjobs are old news its all about grans gumjobs


if you just realize that your mindset hasnt changed that much since you were a teen then apply that to nice gran you should be able to enjoy flipping her




get this hima youre NOT going to believe this i made a doordash order and then it did the double dash thing so i made aNOTher order and then when the guy delivered them he took a picture of the same bag twice as his proof and never delivered the second order


dont get it


why wouldnt i believe that a norm would make a norm post on normasugi.blog


he was supposed to deliver two orders and take pictures of them to prove he delivered but instead he just took a picture of the same order from two angles and stole the other order



love when the amazon slaves hurl my package at the door and then take a pic from a mile away as proof


wish i had a license so i could do doordash and steal food from norms


mom was telling me some dumb story about how they delivered it to the wrong address and took a picture of it in front of a totally different house so she found amazons phone number and called to complain


reported it to the nice malaysian online support and they refunded wonder if they actually punish the drivers for it though


File: 1645691096570.gif (3.25 MB, 497x463, 1645517817232.gif)


need to punish the working caste before they get any funny ideas


dont post dead people


forgot he died


miss watching terrys streams




love hanging out with my teenbros on the 4 making a spectacle out of mentally ill 50 year olds


it was like having a neet bud to watch youtube vids with


you were supposed to have neet buds to watch youtube videos with years before he started being spammed on teen central norman


you cant just call hima teen central


wonder if ill end up dying in my sleep from all these noxious farts clouding up the air today


having a donut for dinner have to say im NOT impressed now that its been sitting in a plastic bag for two or three days


ate some prunes


bored guess ill snooze


the shadowmen are back


NOThing to do


time to ring


File: 1645693894094.png (112.93 KB, 672x343, casualized.png)

went to look up if the release date was the 24th or the 25th enjoy babys first rpg


critics are rating it higher than super mario odyssey and breath of the wild that should tell you something*

*that its really easy because usually they dont like it for being too hard


nice flippin disclaimereye


i cant


wonder if hillbilly select is gonno drink that mountain spew that guy doesnt post him anymore so ill never know


never played a souls game never will


the norms took it


paid 5k for a mullerectomy but it didnt work


thats your チャームポイント


File: 1645696153890.jpg (560.58 KB, 1920x1080, nenepc.jpg)


if nenes NOT crying over rushia then she really must have been a bitch


need a jap to fire up a nice kyoani part two order 66 on those dumb sluts asap so i dont have to see them anymore


sigh kyoani now im crying




watame didnt even cry and she cries when her flipping pokemon faint


only watch tubies who dont cry because the criers are fakers





dont get it whats happening to her


cry all the time myself NOThing fake


sigh knew it was going to blow this isnt lookin good


File: 1645698515678.png (394.3 KB, 1080x821, le reddit comic.png)

its going to be the greatest game of all time


only played demons dark and blood


its fine sekiro isnt souls


File: 1645698900035.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 3208x4096, FMTwIvDaQAAT_hf.jpeg)


wish i was her


if you want to see some hairy fat dudes unwashed dick just look down


only see my blankie


youre good at gaming mom into letting you remain unemployed




ya but thats just desperate flailing she has no power here


might have to cancel my elden preorder got a bad feeling



librewolf he says


just change the blasted settings in normfox


just stop using normtube


use a free alternative


i dont know


love going out of my way to use a non chromium browser then still using norm sites that do more independent tracking than the chromium preloading prediction does anyways


fire up the newpipe or other youtube mirror sites


hell yeah hima great day welcome to the day 21 hours until elden ring lets get it preloaded get ready get our sleep cycles synced


uh its less than 12 hours


thought the big day was okayus birthday


sigh this watame fubuki duet is really good


sigh hope they are safe and NOT scared after what happened to their friend


watame already did worse in stream and came out fine


youre finally becoming japanese


watching er stream





sigh got entrapped


this cooking fighter game is pasted



woke up lojod


gotta piss



rushia no it cant be real


you better believe it


File: 1645709432334.mp4 (1.9 MB, 1496827404270006275.mp4)


going back to sleep everything will be better after the second snooze and rushia will be back


gotta love her


woke up left the window open and fan on all night


File: 1645711071545.mp4 (724.27 KB, arigato-2.mp4)


listening to momoiro clover z



File: 1645712762280.png (1.25 MB, 1280x593, 1645702012290.png)

cant wait to be captured and doxxed when ww3 starts


saw a truck flipped upside down


listening to some hard bass in support of russia


die tankie


File: 1645713287777.jpg (67.98 KB, 1024x600, 943f0061fc6ea8a4.jpg)


uh finns


i feel stinky



File: 1645718162568.jpg (373.04 KB, 1536x2048, FMXtz6KUUAIojm2.jpg)



spilled la croix all over my shirt and pants


woke up made coffee


File: 1645723191592.webm (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 1645722310333.webm)


crying for rushia she didnt deserve this



think ill hit up the japanese grocer for some snackage before it unlocks on steam


crying only 5 hours left


normen ring


wish these normens would die


need to join a monastery far away from all of this



are monks allowed to game


racists wont support their childrens interracial marriage sigh how horrible


dont know how jobnorms do it i would have to be up at 5 am to leave at 8 how do these freaks get up and go so fast


gotta do what you gotta do


didnt you get up for school every day for years and years its NOT that hard to imagine


no mom dragged me out of bed kicking and screaming for ten years


used to get up with just enough time to get dressed and get to the school bus even back then would sometimes sit up in bed and wonder why it had to be like this


5 hours till what


NOT going with mom to the store after all unless i take two showers sigh wanted to get some voltage and chip dip


was thinking about bathing as well in the old days id go a week or two without a second thought now i feel disgusting and dont like moving if i miss one day is this what maturing is like


coughed hard and now im seeing things in my peripheral vision that look like when a piece of paper catches fire and sends little flaming bits everywhere




File: 1645729131696.jpg (329.17 KB, 1280x1780, 1645722469851.jpg)


NOT looking forward to cuckolding japanese men during the hima trip



woke up disappointed that i didnt get nuked in my sleep



theres always tomorrow


never watched norm park


woke up too much bullshite happening today



epic win


love watching south park


norms are blasting music outside


hell yea ww3 party


neighborhood party down ahhhhhh yeaaaah


everyones been begging for ww3 since ww2 ended we should just have a war every 20 years to keep things fresh


party hard


File: 1645730976605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.84 KB, 983x1200, FL9m_jfaUAgRnJd.jpg)

always hate when this happens


wish i had a prettier penis


cant believe im saying this but i wish trannies had foid brains




does anyone have とろ美 - モドルノキオク in 320kbps


because flipping anything with a male brain is weird and wrong


i flip manass


might tomboyjo


snacks acquired



im tard



no what


i dont get it


took that guys advice made an account went to bed woke up swiped a few times on the ones i thought were sexy got matches and got scared so i closed it dont know what 18 and 19 year olds want with us maybe they were right about our real lives starting at 30


3 hours


what happens in 3 hours


you know


you know


no i dont tell me


cant believe everyone on hima is soying out over norman ring instead of atelier sophie 2


atelier normie


never played an atelier game



post em


dont talk about elden ring until my cpu comes in


got gamer gunk on my qwe and alt keys


File: 1645734059199.png (Spoiler Image, 430.14 KB, 417x638, e38fee126178a2a88f495df915e58ce1.png)


File: 1645734401495.jpg (1.82 MB, 1157x1637, 96375724_p0.jpg)


nasty hid


potato chef said most guys and girls my age have finished education or training and started careers and relationships what the flip how did she know i never mentioned gfs


got called a regurgitated cum bubble in elementary school once


its time for us to get the teengfs we deserve just like he did


that kid sounds smart


he already flipped his sexy lady gf in 5th grade while we were jerking it on limewire


File: 1645735721908.png (43.38 KB, 465x405, phew.png)


all set for dosbox hell ya


made some more cawfee might go to the store with mom after all the lure of chip dip and voltage is too strong



guess ill mow


wish i could mow



no gross tranny


you cant call her that


File: 1645739228523.png (23.46 KB, 589x194, 1496960828225974274.png)

sigh time to call on the cel troops



wonder if seinfeld is what norm life is like


probably if youre an urbanite jew



never tried kimchi but it sounds vile


i dont much care for koreans


yes i can because it's a tranny




ban the teen raider


having a penis doesnt make her any less of a girl


what the flip do they actually think they have a chance just surrender




biden will save them



how do you have a normfeld clip for everything


nb is a big seinfeld otaku raider


thats NOT me


was just talking to mom about that clip


caught mom sticking her hands in the food to get morsels to eat and called her out on it and she got mad


the morselmom




seen every episode of seinfeld NOT that one must be the mandela effect in action


might try eating some baby food


im baby


sex and gender are different


make a fukaboku thread on ota we can discuss this there




why NOT go all the way and request mom hire a wet nurse


File: 1645740810873.png (Spoiler Image, 737.19 KB, 2296x3376, 95726178_p0.png)


cant wait for all the transgirls ive defended on the internet to reward me in the afterlife


girls with peepees are just men


im manbaby


gonno draw a girl and call it a boy


mom asked if i wanted her old iphone


read on the 4 that women will refuse you sex if you text them from an android phone this is your chance


hate when that happens


feeling juiced up enough from that cawfee and d3 to try and use the monitor speakers but for some reason they arent working


his test is too high from the vitamin d hes talking crazy


she has 200k more subscribers than last night


shes rushia


i know


doesnt look like rushia


shes become evil and swore to destroy vtubing


phew rocking out to some nice 25 percent volume


always have it set to low volume hate loudnorms who cant hear if its NOT at 110%


through the speakers i mean


threw a nice chicken burg and some fries in the tabletop convection oven


you mena chicken sandwich


never did find out the difference between a burg and a wich


listened to a recording of myself NOT a good idea


burger is grounded protein


prepared to game


probably sound better to others than i do in my head or out loud but thats about all i have going for me


lets hear it then confident guy


when does confidence end and arrogance begin


that depends on your cha stat


depends on what he actually sounds like


uh thats NOT what i meant just that its probably NOT as bad as i think it is which is untrue for everything else


the arrogance


mom bought an expensive pair of scissors think it might be japanese


should have gotten a nice pair of fiskars





plugged in my dusty gamer mouse felt weird had to up the dpi


its aNOTher leftover curry day reckon it will be for aNOTher few days at least


its snowing gonno have to shovel later


never adjusted dpi in me life


just how much curry did you make


a batch


then youre no gamer


wish i could game


which stream are we watching




File: 1645743331525.jpg (244.16 KB, 1191x1684, FMP7fCPaAAMHhh9.jpg)


hes just yelling at a black screen why would we watch this


hes baste


even noels better at gaming than aris


File: 1645743949906.png (2.25 MB, 1170x1500, 96465399_p9.png)


noel isnt entertaining


its unpacking


shes entertaining when she tards out and dies repeatedly but elden is supposedly tardproof easy


ban eldennorms now


theyre in moldova which is also getting attacked by russia


dont need to download anything just need a list of my favorites and i can get it somewhere else


paste putin helping me stop joing


did something happen in ukraine NOT sure im following these posts


do you know how to rebuild a country


im fertile


lots of pasted combat footage mostly old helicopters and tanks getting flipping owned


post em


will your children be born with the knowledge of how to build a country


cant post em have to go to red lobster with mom


dont remember the last time i went to eat at a restaurant


where do you go with mom then




post from their wifi


youre NOT supposed to be on your phone at the restaurant with mom



red lobster isnt a real restaurant


what do you mean


painful lump in my chin hasnt gone away


File: 1645747699547.jpg (113.04 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja - ….jpg)




whats the matter champ




yours or mine


mild pain in back and knee feel like it might degenerate and that red lump on my forehead looks like its growing larger gasped loudly earlier for no reason


i wouldnt worry everythings gonno be just fine


File: 1645748857560.jpg (206.13 KB, 1000x1000, 96495064_p0.jpg)




so did he


wonder what he actually did


he had 10 sexy lady slaves screaming for help from the basement when the cops came to save gran


sigh hes the only one here who knows what it feels like inside a sexy lady


stomach is feeling awful after that curry had two big bowls


will i go to prison for 10 years for owning a sexy ladyhole


depends lets see it


do they model those onaholes after real sexy ladyholes


File: 1645750344710.jpg (33.53 KB, 364x364, virgin_age_admission_3_4.jpg)

its too small i only use under specific circumstances


its too small by the way did i remember to tell you that yeah its too small i have a big penis just wanted to let you know


its screaming cold hima


no its NOT


imagine how a real sexy ladies flesh hole would fare against kens caucasian monster rod


they didnt have any voltage or light salt fritos so i got a twelve pack and two mini bags of the regular kind instead




wonder what life will be like in a million years


uh how do you sleep


i do that


File: 1645751601005.jpg (Spoiler Image, 976.15 KB, 1568x1200, 96490533_p0.jpg)




thats no horse




File: 1645751808416-0.jpg (288.01 KB, 1276x2207, [SubsPlease] Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja - ….jpg)

File: 1645751808416-1.jpg (307.56 KB, 1279x1434, [SubsPlease] Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja - ….jpg)




love how people on hima will claim to be based but 90% of the time when you look it up theyre either NOT actually based or theres no evidence that they are


nice wikicrawler


never once claimed to be based


im NOT based at all


im based


spermed to horse


moved into my apartment hima mom cried


File: 1645754148455.jpg (96.48 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Ousama Ranking - 19 (720p) [6D09B….jpg)



well give us a tour


now you can party all night long and mom cant stop you


dont give us a tour its bad luck look what happened to pcauc


he had the most luck out of anyone here he just chose to be dumb with it


havin a ham and swiss sub


what kind


should i bring anything


eating black pepper flakes and choking


love moving furniture near the designated floorspitting zone and seeing that the carpet a millimeter outside of it is several shades lighter


whens the stream


uh were all watching it right now


wish pcauc could do a prison stream but turt would report it


File: 1645757012919.jpg (36.03 KB, 640x424, s-l640.jpg)

sighing found a mini catalog i got with my battle chest before lich king came out advertising one of these bet i could have had a gf if mom bought me one


remeber wanting a z board real bad but they were overprice did have both the game guides for vanilla and tbc though


File: 1645757245338.jpg (7.04 MB, 2115x2752, 96493443_p0.jpg)


used to read the guides for free at the bookstore hehe


good timing was just about to pour a glass of wine


still havent tried that wine i got last year just havent found the right occasion


weird how girls can produce milk


NOT just girls


only have a single udder between me legs cant get much out of it but its there





File: 1645758006252.png (2.71 MB, 2508x3541, 96497852_p1.png)