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you meet me somewhere


wanna fight


fakeneet thread


owned the flip out of that lastpostnorm


never been in a fight


dont talk about fightblog


elbows are hurting wonder how fat you have to get before theyre cushioned



was under the impression that you could unlock your doors in japan and NOThin would happen


she lives in a bad neighborhood


times have been tough since mukkun dumped her


sigh think winters already over


File: 1645137197097.jpeg (165.33 KB, 933x1500, FLzEadbaUAEpwDU.jpeg)


skipping yae


die skipper


cant roll on every banner NOT a whaletard


love that we finally have a real big blog thread with blog in the title


been snowing hard for a few hours now gonno have to shovel the driveway again




wish i could move in with apartment guy


i mean the place im looking at has 2 rooms i wouldnt mind a himapal to clean up after me


sometimes wish i had my own apartment so i could arrange the furniture how i want


live in 2 story house with mom got a whole floor for meself


mom will be moving out in the next few months so ill go from having the upstairs to having the whole house dont feel like buying furniture so ill probably just leave it all bare


nice youll be ready for your gf to move in


might be time to start pursuing bux have to get the flip away from mom and her constant promises of things that never happen


i just dont want them saying he was a manbaby living with his mother on the news




now i know how mom feels when she says she cant take it anymore and i tell her theres NOThing else to do but take it unless you rope


sorta want to eat more but feel like ive been eating too much lately gained some weight




raming hard


the rammer


lost a lot over the past week pants dont fit even with belt at the tightest setting


simply punch aNOTher hole in the belt


sigh that guys been transferring his weight to me




sis is making carrot cake for my bday


why do i NOT have a sisgf baking me cakes


hate that fakeneet bitch


We find a mental disorder to be “serious and persistent” when there is a medically documented history of the existence of the mental disorder in the listing category over a period of at least 2 years, and evidence shows that your disorder satisfies both C1 and C2.

groan cant i just show them my posts on hima to prove im too mentally ill to work


Interact with others (paragraph B2). This area of mental functioning refers to the abilities to relate to and work with supervisors, co-workers, and the public. Examples include: cooperating with others; asking for help when needed; handling conflicts with others; stating own point of view; initiating or sustaining conversation; understanding and responding to social cues (physical, verbal, emotional); responding to requests, suggestions, criticism, correction, and challenges; and keeping social interactions free of excessive irritability, sensitivity, argumentativeness, or suspiciousness. These examples illustrate the nature of this area of mental functioning. We do NOT require documentation of all of the examples.

do you think we have extreme limitation with any of these things because apparently thats good enough


love paying thousands for the privilege of socializing with doctors so that i can prove im too paranoid to leave the house and too poor to support myself


File: 1645141131922.png (1.08 MB, 1800x1160, 86393018_p0.png)


how would they medically document any of that if i dont have a job do i just have to uh haha my way into having them write down that im unable to talk to others while being suspiscious and paranoid


just follow uncle remuss guide


File: 1645141453433.jpg (133.74 KB, 500x400, 1374943871009.jpg)

burger night burger fight


had some herbal tea added honey and heavy cream


woke up gotta resnooze


File: 1645141958080.jpg (530.27 KB, 1280x1785, 1556022608300.jpg)


sigh seems like a lot of effort and mom wouldnt help me with any of it if im too pussy to kill myself i might as well just become a government assisted shut in and NOT have any worries rather than hold out hope that its all gonno turn around for me


File: 1645142093089.jpg (224.46 KB, 1024x683, 1644995326232.jpg)


saw 4 crashes today and 4 ambulances


how do i get paid to do NOThing but browse hima all day


File: 1645142176138.jpg (2.37 MB, 2336x4093, 96327956_p0.jpg)


File: 1645142195483.jpg (262.95 KB, 1000x750, 74764087_p3.jpg)



anything weird today




sigh he actually banned tor


nice torped


why didnt he just tell the prosecutors he was virped


File: 1645143771599.png (6.33 MB, 2160x3840, 96322901_p0.png)


no such thing any ped will eventually snap


snap or snap


wonder when peds will become accepted and trendy


crying for epstein


any maps on hima


i like maps


had to walk away from mom before i told her to shut the flip up


calm down


File: 1645144337309.mp4 (4.88 MB, fGT7j_4tbJyYxMkp.mp4)


nah enough is enough need to start doing some pushups and practicing to rage while making eye contact and without my voice cracking


wish i could do this


love a nice steamed neet



see police on horses every once in a while


File: 1645145422157.jpg (787.55 KB, 1280x1280, 96335710_p0.jpg)


listening to linkin park


mom bought a ton of frozen nuggets and wings and taters and other stuff the air fryer is gonno be working overtime


pan fryin them brussels


couldnt fill the void with air fried goy feed if i wanted to


look at big shot over here with his high food standards


havent gotten some nice frozen nuggets or tenders in a while pass by the aisle sometimes but balk at the price and leave


File: 1645145893539.jpg (170.9 KB, 1440x1080, Love Hina - S01E02 [BD h264 1080p] (Dual Audio….jpg)


uh im gonno make a jacks for dinner in a bit it just wont solve anything


brussel sprouts turned out but oversalted them


also too much oil


read a trick on 4norm to put a pan of water in with the pizza to make the crust more like a real one


dont think that works with jacks


File: 1645146935652.png (2.58 MB, 3000x2200, 96322103_p0.png)


remember reading a peanut butter cookie recipe and someone said it makes a fire NOT sure if that was a troll


love a nice bleach ammonia and peanut butter cookie


bought a backscratcher


wish i could still scratch my itches


any cool vids wheres embedguy



NOT cool post something cool


what the hell


sort of did






try this on for size


no pics means it didnt happen


mom was firmly up me pipe the whole time i was in the kitchen didnt get to degrease and didnt want her talking to me so i only took half


up your pipe or up your pipe


you know


half a jacks is barely a snack


thats why its gone


File: 1645148795054.jpg (60.74 KB, 1280x720, [Anime-Koi] Majimoji Rurumo - 01 [h264-720p][6….jpg)


saw them swapping out the valentines products for easter products the other day isnt it a bit early for that maybe i didnt see right


bought the new champ


nice fbk hair and eye color


played against her earlier she made my game crash


dont understand those posts


the tubie ones or the gamer ones


how should i know


howm i supposed to upload my normbook memes to hima if tor is blocked


wish i just didnt want to get a job instead of being incapable of doing so because mom and by extension myself could use the money


fire up mullvad


youre NOT supposed to do that in the first place


unban mullvad release the freak


saw an old screencap of that post history recently and had to stifle a tardlaugh


the stifler


it was the wild west back then


always get a good laugh when seki posts aNOTher batch of post histories in the cord




crying may have to make a phonecall this week


File: 1645153029430.jpg (111.2 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-sa….jpg)


power just flickered


how does she know


i dont know i told her i had a gf a few years ago and she still saw through it


i wasnt meant for this world


wonder if my life will change if i have sex


its NOT worth it


lets find out together


maybe if you were able to do it for free more than once with the same girl because you would have become normal but hjtron and eye have proven it changes NOThing if you pay for it



how has freak proven it doesnt change anything hes out there with a fulfilling high paying career reunited with his friend he flipping made it


File: 1645154442841.jpg (183.93 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Princess Connect! Re-Dive S2 - 06….jpg)


all meaningless if you dont also acquire a mate


my mates are here


rewatched the golem fight you dont see animation like that very often these days


wonder how much i had to hate my life to become a booru uploader


whats wrong with being a booru uploader


uhh haha


hate danbooru norms they dont even put the good art up there


NOT an uploader but a reporter of new booru uploads that dont meet my standard


thats because the danbooru approvers dont approve the good art


been freaking out all day and didnt even have any cawfee


think its the temperature spring means things can only get worse for at least aNOTher 8 months


we were supposed to have wives and kids and a house by now


saw some good approvers on danbooru get demoralised by the other ones because they did NOT hold up to their perceived standards and havent uploaded much since then


dont think ross got married until he was 30 or older


forecast has been saying 90% chance of rain all day and its still NOT coming down


File: 1645156637206.jpg (130.11 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Vanitas no Carte - 17 (720p) [D4C….jpg)


hell yeah great day hima lets get out there lots of fun games like the new lost ark


hell yeah great day hima lets get out there lots of fun games like the new lost ark




hima is waiting for elden ring only one more week left


wish i could game


waiting for nice elex 2 instead


sigh lost the game


fire up the ps5


you can get a nice 6600xt for only half a grand


only half a grand oh yeah i keep that kind of change in my left shoe


wouldnt that take up too much space in the shoe how do you fit your foot in


never wear shoes


five benjamins arent that thick


forgot that hundred dollar bills exist


how come theres so much uma musume art on pixiv yet so few doujins on the big e


use a couple hundred dollar bills as bookmarks


love flossing my teeth with hundreds while i inspect jewels


just lost the game


File: 1645159839718.jpg (851.75 KB, 1000x1000, FLKVb6pacAMBtVf.jpg)


wish i was her


why shes in for a whipping


accidentally looked at a woman and she looked then looked away then back weird i read that means theyre horny youre probably supposed to go say some words and then they present their vaginas for flipping that must be what norms do going to become a norm now


you flipping made it


cant believe im the only virg on hima


File: 1645160379222.jpeg (207.46 KB, 1280x1837, FLEa6kqaQAAXcHq.jpeg)


always get glanced at by a teengirl dont know what sequence of words to say that makes her willing to mate though


just do what pnig did


i have d rank charisma


you can respec but its NOT gonno be cheap


ill just keep trying to NOT think about it then


whats she gonno do with all that butter


never tried butter before mom always buys margarine


File: 1645161278532.jpg (321.58 KB, 1300x1100, 1645077475525.jpg)

hate when mom steals my fries


mom said she wants to get me out of my room but i dont Drive and i dont want to go anywhere with her and get forced into some kind of norm bonding activity like im twelve


kept touching the outside of my nostril now it hurts


you got too arrogant


what sort of activities are we talking


i dont know she might drag me to the umi like she did 5 years ago


feel like things have accelerated for hima over the past year or so this might be the it this might be the shattering


its ok we have room on staffas


everythings fine


no i think its time to flipping panic


been doing that for 24 hours lets just take it yukkuri


i just hope theres something beyond this reality
my instincts tell me there must be more than this


thats god telling you there is a heaven


10 years introspection was too much


didnt spend any of the time introspecting i was gaming


wish i could game


youre in luck elden ring is out in less than a week


dont understand why i should be excited for yet aNOTher soles game


alone in the world is a little catdog


File: 1645165151965.png (19.99 KB, 300x224, Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 06-18-37 Pre-purchase….png)

think again


the pills give me a weird nihilistic sensation where i still know all of the usual bad things but instead of being tough enough to brave aNOTher trip through the void i just sit here like normal


that means theyre working


sounds great ill take a carton


what are they supposed to do then


mindblowing how much better my life would be if winter lasted 6 months per year


move north



im paralyzed with anxiety


might go live among the oni



ban tubetok guy


you cant ban the nice admin


admin is asleep hes going on a trip to new york tomorrow


forgot the national can stacking championship was this month


sigh want to snooze but also wish to stay up and watch sexy baby play life is tumblr


does she game thought she just danced around like in those clips


NOT sure why i feel so bad but im NOT liking it hope mom gets a 30 pack tomorrow


bored gonno toss


nose is still hurting


hope she bans that sign for having eigo on it



went to drag a file into the quick reply pc froze up for a few seconds now the files icon is stuck on the screen


uhh dragging files are you joking


whats the problem its usually faster to open the files location in my browsers downloads and drag it in




ya im teen so what


simply must bring about the great jan calamities and restore the jpsphere to its unspinoffed state


touhg luck gramps its ours now


kill yourself faggot bitch


calm down


what are you gonno do about it old head


ya thats right NOThing get teened


teenbros cant stop winning


we were too arrogant


get in here


hima hima


NOThin teen about a nice drag n drop



File: 1645181533971.jpg (72.65 KB, 571x537, nikki.jpg)




woke up felt like it was saturday realized its NOT


after posting that had to double check the calendar to make sure i got it right


bet shes gone through 4 or 5 bfs since that recording


File: 1645188611599.png (4.32 MB, 2111x2964, 025.png)


File: 1645190539733.png (22.69 KB, 663x645, FL3Ch4yX0AE48Oi.png)


dreamed shizuku told me all my disks are dying


fried up six eggs


File: 1645191199486.jpg (4.95 MB, 2704x2942, 96345111_p0.jpg)


File: 1645191207515.jpeg (773.04 KB, 1543x974, FL4Xt6aaQAM_OTQ.jpeg)



love a nice bleeding woman


File: 1645192260492.jpg (1.78 MB, 1290x1821, 96324511_1.jpg)


you know those dreams where youre either a serial killer or those dreams where you killed at least one person and the police are closing in on the body keep having those recently




12 years ago had a waking dream while driving the cell towers turned into the cobblestone towers that had been using for navigation in minecraft


12 years ago i said it was over


im less than a man


guess ill watch this norm movie with sexy baby too


you spent too much time in front of the rectangle youre becoming a new species of youkai



its over


on the bus up to nyc only person on here right now


your new life is about to begin



Shannon was used to her socially awkward son being bullied by other boys at the private school he attends in Atlanta.

But when she picked him up from school in mid-January and her eighth grader told her he was being called a "simp," Shannon, who's only using her first name to protect her son's identity, didn't know what to think.


im too flipping nice


why take the bus why NOT Drive


witnessed someone call themselves an oldfag for having started browsing the 4 in 2014


remember feeling pride over having been on 4chan for a long time


only feel profound sadness when i think about how many years ive wasted on imageboards


you learned things though right


learned how to steam the jan


owned that flippin turd


File: 1645200635408.jpg (603.77 KB, 2612x1964, FL24FkVUUAQ6MAU.jpg)


shes just like me


waiting until the time is right to depart for fastfood


ate a whole pound bag of baby carrots yesterday now my stomachs feelin it knew this was gonno happen but i couldnt stop munching


File: 1645202015331.png (2.34 MB, 950x1330, 94102871_p0.png)


File: 1645202874565.jpeg (1.58 MB, 2480x2372, FL4vRiBaMAEq9B0.jpeg)


File: 1645203230932.png (2.62 MB, 1600x1200, 1645200827991.png)


bored hungry tired bored


nice tard


File: 1645204910132.jpeg (123.57 KB, 1000x1307, FL1CbeFXoAASUa4.jpeg)


File: 1645205266140.jpg (335.94 KB, 1184x1000, 72267209_p0.jpg)

dinner is served


its flipping raw


ya its great


boobop1987 is getting weird she keeps uploading short vaguely political videos i think shes going to blow up a federal building


wish i was low inhib enough to blow up a government building



soon theyre going to give up on trying to prosectue peds and legalize it and release him with a fat payout


sexy little baby wanna flip that baby wanna sperm that baby snap that baby sexy little 10 year old sexy elementary school baby with sexy elementary school baby 10 year old baby pussy for sperming by my dick sexy


fine day for a sashajo


sigh wonder when the next big power outage will be need to prepare


have a solar charging power bank but never had to use it



live across the street from an elementary school




cant imagine what public transport is like without scary nigs around every corner willing to kill you for looking at them or NOT looking at them



dont remember entering this thread


he wouldnt have committed a crime if they hadnt lured him into it


File: 1645209822985.jpg (57.39 KB, 1280x720, sumi-chan.jpg)


im going to agree with the ped defender they obviously got him all worked up and excited and then after a few weeks slipped in oh by the way im actually 15 but i still love you


only a ped would defend a ped


ive publicly defended peds i dont care what the norms think


i NOT a ped by the way


usually a waste of time to argue with most norms about peds they dont even know what it means


mommy made pasta



File: 1645210406975.jpg (674.14 KB, 715x1000, 94873336_p0.jpg)


File: 1645211542412.mp4 (1.06 MB, v12044gd0000c84hlfjc77u5s8cf97gg.mp4)


think i was meant to be born a few hundred years ago but something went wrong


the hima lbi fliptrip


whatever happened to roombaguy


File: 1645213818050.jpg (41.7 KB, 647x567, 1611357645800.jpg)


nice blackedtuber


never been blacked whats it like




arab music is so good


its a teenraid


hate when mom enters the room while im streaming


mom only gets desperate enough to enter my room when shes out of hooch and wants some of mine


the caffe style works again


whats hooch


looks like a nice job wouldnt want to wear a facemask for 8 hours though


why NOT


whyd they translate gojira go to whale language


id get claustrophobic


thinkin about those beans


File: 1645218444680.jpg (1.13 MB, 2391x1595, FJeWp-WVUAUbrQM.jpg)


sigh china is so beautiful



might have jod to a black woman once or twice but they probably looked white


File: 1645220681734.jpg (632.53 KB, 848x1200, illust_94195469_20220218_134251.jpg)




love black women like kuro


weird how a uniform is all it takes for norms to trust you and obey everything you say


what is the purpose of that outfit


dont understand how norms speak with their hands


what was it



it was just a ped getting arrested


do girls wear microbikinis for any reason other than attracting male attention maybe they are comfortable or something


do foids do anything for any other reason


most things girls do are for male attention


didnt mean to sleep until 5 but i turned my lights on a few hours ago so i can just tell mom i was awake


love when some pseudointellectual norm tries telling me men only do things for sex with females figured that theory would have been completely blown away with the current social climate



refreshed shoujo ramune banner


by their laws you have to have an actual professional craftsman handle the repairs to get to code and hes probably going to gouge you for everything youre worth you cant just diy it out


shes at disneyland


we can just squat


been watching anime my whole im an expert in traditional japanese carpentry


its true


hope mom got blogs


had 5pm coffee NOT a good idea feeling wired and giddy guess ill have some normahol to calm down


havent had cawfee in 2 days


File: 1645227874094.png (684.33 KB, 1322x1839, 96352184_p0.png)


ronald gonno snooze


thats an omen


sigh just remembered never beat that game no chance i can continue the save gonno have to restart


File: 1645228353360.png (34.31 KB, 344x117, game.png)

ramming hard


have to offer a sliver of sanity as penance for lightshowering they will come to feast on my dreams tonight


File: 1645228411894.jpeg (2.06 MB, 2210x1515, FL5DCOmaIAAV-hr.jpeg)


freaking out guess were doing this again today


doing what


sigh hope someone on hima has a strong enough pc to play and stream elden ring


pcs barely strong enough to watch streams


freaking out





sigh its over


fully expect er to be a broken buggy mess like every souls game


cant think of a single reason why NOT


i can


cookin up some chicken rice is ready too havent decided how ill combine them


sekiro wasnt broken


thats a rhythm game NOT a souls game


thats NOT true


you mash r1 and circle in souls and l1 in sackhero its different


never played sekiro bloodborne nioh ds2 or ds3 only ds1


File: 1645229935812.jpg (2.52 MB, 1885x3000, 96345874_p0.jpg)


mom doesnt like to gamble supposedly but then had a kid at 35 probably NOT thinking she was sentencing it to a lifetime in hell trapped inside the body of an ugly retard


what about demons


made teriyaki chicken its alright


a true miracle is possible only with a commensurate amount of risk in the alternate universe where her dice rolled better youre already the ceo of a multibillion dollar company


sigh shouldve trimmed off the gristle after all


bet it all on the ritual


need to go back in time and and accidentally ram moms stomach with a shopping cart in 1991


never understand when people say things like that what does it matter if you go back in time to prevent your birth you could rope right now if you wanted and it would have the same end result


being dead is secondary to NOT existing


you cant just tell a himabro to rope


im NOT telling him to rope im just saying i dont get it


you cant just passive aggressively say you dont understand why a himabro hasnt roped yet


most of us are going to rope within the next 8 years anyway


u mena get wives and careers


yeah in the other world


whats to get wouldnt you want to wipe all traces of your existence from reality and NOT just stop existing after decades of humilation have already taken place


no because if that happens what was the point of all the suffering i had to go through until now


uh whats the point even if it doesnt


theres no point either way


it wont exist but it would have existed in an alternate timeline someone has to pay


they must pay


read in the paper that theyre admitting the hoaxflu is over and mom forced me into a suicide pact with her for no reason hopefully it shaved a good amount of time off and i dont live past 45 even if i want to


the paper


read the funnies every day as a kid loved when sunday came around and it was two sheets in color


File: 1645232496408.jpg (697.53 KB, 1043x1915, 96338832_p0.jpg)




its good



never played souls


why didnt n5 guy move to japan and start a youtube channel like paolo and make a living annoying japanese workers


he only learned jap to boast about it on jp spinoffs with 5 people on it


-1 second(s) ago


File: 1645233716250.jpg (1.2 MB, 1000x1000, 96338997_p0.jpg)


too high inhib for that



cat made me trip over the headphone extension cable it violently pulled out of the socket and snapped the male connector


never played any mmos except scape


File: 1645234311044.jpg (982.48 KB, 1012x1433, 96351580_p0.jpg)


scape is a single player game




you could have funded the mansion you selfish prick


didnt realize paolo was close to 3 million subs thought he just had a few hundred thousand


regretting that feast


might have a nice slice of chococake today




File: 1645234786436.jpg (106.04 KB, 670x828, 1c97183a122f146bf62586d4e7a3d297.jpg)


hate nuts in chocolate desserts


no refined sugars


laughed to myself then two seconds later was back to ropethoughts


go to a brain doctor


checked the ban page hb the jan man is back in action


File: 1645235163633.png (250.07 KB, 470x470, cake.png)

looks like this



who blanked



hope its NOT a puny slice like that


uh what do you mean slice thats a picture of the whole cake its as big as my arm


gonno need a pic


thats a slice idiot cake sides dont turn out like that naturally




they do its in my fridge








wish i had a nice costco sheet cake


wonder if they also repair trains that people jumped in front of



nah they just throw it out and build aNOTher


feel bad for the guy who has to mop up the guts off the track


no point in pills when im just rotting to death in a chair anyway


thats what i thought but look at therapyguy


i dont want to


File: 1645236608658.jpg (387.07 KB, 2048x1448, 96350563_p0.jpg)


aim right between my eyes please


woke up mornin hima


guess ill ram for a bit


dont you think youve ramed enough its time for some ranked


you can spend your last days doing fun things instead of writhing in dread




ram is fun ranked is NOT simple as that


its NOT fun unless the numbers go up or down at the end


File: 1645237290954.jpg (338.45 KB, 827x1169, 96350956_p1.jpg)


dont give a hoot about the end brain tingles when i snowball and ranked doesnt have snowballs


im causal


it does if you play nunu


only tard play nunu




File: 1645238272855.jpg (381.89 KB, 740x1180, 96356101_p0.jpg)



mindblowing that much like my ancestors i cant compete in the country i was born in except now theres nowhere else to go




they live worse than animals



im animal


got too many chests and NOT enough keys


going insane as my body tears itself apart from the inside


no different than the tossers


same got a bunch of chests but cant get any key fragments because im honor level 0 because i keep getting 2 week bans and chat restrictions


wish i was smart enough to toss


never been banned from an online game well thats NOT quite true last i checked my old scape account was banned but i dont know why


whats the point in playing online games if you dont abuse the norms


my crippling anxiety and high inhibition is NOT restricted to interactions in the real world


have you tried manning up


usually the bans come the day after i had one too many blogs and then encountered some chinese players


too incompatible with the norms in this modern hellscape could have handled it 15 years ago or earlier


never typed in chat


couldnt handle having a gf or having a job constantly being photographed and forced to pretend at all times that i wouldnt be better off splattered on the pavement


inferiority complex and self loathing in overdrive tonight


File: 1645240478616.png (5.23 MB, 1920x3440, 96342267_p0.png)


shes asking for it




asking for what


to be fsnapped


need to get my manass snapped


i had ufo corki and king rammus and i looked it up and those accounts are only worth like $30 more than regular unranked accounts that account got permad though sigh


File: 1645241117628.jpg (240.86 KB, 1200x675, 96354616_p2.jpg)


i belong on the open sea


it was incredibly easy to get in to closed beta i dont think they were ever worth much


im closed beta



get random people adding me from time to time and asking to buy my summoner name


what is it


feelin real bad


im NOT sure how to say this but i might be autistic


pasted uliguy


File: 1645242660248.png (1.33 MB, 2126x1800, 96345176_p0.png)


release the lady or face my wrath


n5guys arrogance has gone on long enough


hate the norms


crying for my wasted years of brain elasticity


im actually an etl


File: 1645242925987.ogg (3.78 MB, 11 - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times.ogg)


spent my elastic 20s developing ingenious new ways to be miserable




wish i wasnt such a worthless retard


things would have been different if i had an aniki to kick my rear into gear instead i was allowed to fester as a NOThingbaby under the uncaring eye of my single mother


had an aneki and it didnt help NOThin


i mean a real cool guy to make you into a man


shared a room with my sis growing up but we got our own rooms by the time i was i dont remember but well before teen


if my iq was as high as the freaks maybe i wouldnt have to instantly kill myself if something happened to mom sigh


File: 1645243600360.jpg (3.37 MB, 2894x4093, FLjD1KEVEAEwjHv.jpg)


got an iq test as a kid for some reason then as a teen when mom got me tested got a pretty high score but jokes on them because the questions were the same the second time around even though it was a completely unrelated location NOTiced when i stumbled hard on the same question twice


my iq was documented to be 139 had i one more point i would have had a genius level iq and my real life could have had a chance to begin


if you had the freaks iq you would go mad pondering the universe and the only thing to bring you away from the cliffs edge will be fetid asian prostitute pussy


thought iq tests were out of 100 got stoked when i got a 93


crazy how freak is a multimillionaire now but he spends all his dosh on asian hookers and camwhores instead of funding the mansion


once you get rich you forget about those that got you there in the first place


needed to be a confident high iq psychopath or a low iq aggressive laborer but ended up somewhere in between and wasted my entire life


it wasnt a waste didnt we have some good times every now and then


its NOT a waste if you had fun with your bros on hima


tearing up


File: 1645244046704.jpg (962.62 KB, 1248x827, 96349745_p0.jpg)


accepting roommate applications


wanted to arrange the mansion construction in france with the bogs but the norms killed them off before it could take off


the call saved hima but at what cost


the abducted ukrainian maids will be forced to dress up as touhous


can i choose to dress up too


File: 1645244729132.jpg (421.02 KB, 1920x1080, lala hd.jpg)


File: 1645244742026.jpg (836.25 KB, 900x1300, 96346181_p0.jpg)


somehow unconsciously made the worst choice out of every decision i was ever faced with


the only correct decision i made in life was to drop out of school and neet so i could fit in on /jp/


this time i stared down the teen and she was the one who had to look away awkwardly


still breaking out into rash or hives everywhere i rub or scratch even slightly just wiped my lips with my sleeve by habit yep its heating up just like every other day and night


you made her think she was going to get snapped


wonder how the checkout lady would react if instead of staring hard at a fixed point beyond the stand i stared into her eyes instead


stare at her boobs


im NOT seki


i would snap her were it NOT for the fact that were both socially awkward teens ignoring the fact im probably almost twice her age


would rage if i was a girl and someone stared at my boobs


sis flaunts them


what if it was an upstanding mentally ill neet gentleman


autism is NOT a mental illness


hate when sis comes in my room when im gaming and rests her giant boobers atop my head and starts telling me to stop being a nerd and to play with her instead


need access to a himamates sis


closed my heart to everyone since i was well before teen even mom and sis


the viibryd gave me a full day of diarrhea when i first started now it only makes me nauseas after i take it try to do it before i go to sleep so i can be unconscious during


why NOT im a nice guy


sis is attractive as a human body but NOT as a person


you need to be a jacked face tattoo ex con NOT a nice guy


thats all women


File: 1645245603870.jpg (514.73 KB, 1514x1000, 27244635_p0.jpg)



sigh remember when sis and i were innocent wed play teatime in the car now she spends her time hopped up on weed and brainpills dont even remember how many bfs shes gone through


can i be the next one


last i heard she broke up with the last one but isnt planning on getting aNOTher one for a bit


File: 1645245838736.jpg (Spoiler Image, 680.79 KB, 857x1200, 96350030_p0.jpg)


things wouldnt have ended up like this if id had a sis


glad i dont have a sis cant imagine having to hear some guy flipsperming her while im trying to game


love having a wank to sis latest tinder fling railing her down the hall


feeling emotional


emotions are for women


dont call me vile


been betrayed by mom too many times to consider her close


would NOT want spend years raising a daughter only to have her spermed in hard by some other man


want to


simply become an absentee dad just like your own


that would only exacerbate the problem shed get spermed in by hundreds of men if that happened


gonno toss and rage


relax and ram instead


File: 1645246370445.png (6.92 MB, 5016x3541, 96360894_p0.png)


me on the right


me on the left


where am i


in our mouths




im NOT gonno feel good tomorrow norming


dont feel good now


you shouldnt have drank all that normahol


too low iq to comprehend kissing


practice on the pillow


too late because im NOT gonno stop


havent needed to drink since the pills


try to NOT take me pills after drinking


would never take brainpills on a schedule prescribed by some quack but wouldnt be opposed to trying them on my own terms to see what theyre like


File: 1645247131291.png (1.13 MB, 2756x2757, 96351446_p0.png)


norms assume im smart because theyve never seen someone who is actually smart


used to climb mountains dont remember the last time managed to Drive up a mountain a year ago or so managed to fail to climb up a mountain half a decade ago or so before that i was more successful guess it scarred me


spilled ketchup all over my bedsheets


and my keyb


havent had ketchup in maybe a year


saw a picture of ketchup at a video rental store that was unappetizing so i never ate ketchup again


post it




is that before or after you played catch and he introduced you to your choice of a dozen gfs


how do i know someone didnt sperm in the rented ketchup


wonder if i wouldve turned out norm if i had a dad


youd still be a tard


youd be an arrogant dadnorm like the dadnorms on here


tried wiping ketchup off the keyb but i think i just pushed some into the keys


how about a pic


how about you get off my back picker


still have the vinegar i bought last year to clean me keyboard still havent cleaned


File: 1645247669795.jpg (224.72 KB, 1044x781, summer night.jpg)

post those dads


cant blame the norms for making my life hell it all started when the demiurge decided my fate was to be a freak the moment i was born


nah out of sight out of mind the keys still work it just smells like ketchup now


most norms arent sentient you were granted the spark of wisdom its up to you what to do with it


soon all will be returned to NOThing under the name of the demiurge


how soon


we were supposed to be dads by now


need to become normal fast


mom still thinks she might be a gran one day hehe


told mom its over but she simply gave me a smug laugh


i think ive gotten pretty good at larping as a norm just make sure you dont get too comfortable and say something too out there


cant imagine ever being that comfortable let alone in a world where i had a license and a job


have a dad and im one of the least norm here


think im pretty good at norming it up myself when that guy asked me about my pb responding by asking if hed found a cheaper place


im the biggest norm on hima NOT counting the unvirgs


we kneel to the unvirgs


live with mom and dad but dont mention dad too often because of the dad rager


die kneeler just die


whats a pb


peanut butter


i observed a lot of norms i think the thing that helped the most was learning to talk slower instead of getting worked up and panicking and tripping over words or saying the wrong words


wish i had roped as a teen would have been a lot better


if you flip in your dream are you still cel


never flipped in my dreams that i can remember


im the most retarded faggot on hima


work hard and be able to master basic human interaction in your early 30s maybe if youre lucky you can master powertalk by your 40s and when youre 50 who knows maybe you can lose your virg


the checkout lady says something like hi how are you i respond with a resounding good you then stare off into the distance sometimes she says NOThing well then i also say NOThing at the end she gives the total i plug in the card im never really sure when im supposed to plug in the card but luckily this part of the script doesnt trip me up too often after thats over she gives me the receipt and says something like have a nice day and i say thanks you too in a cheery voice sometimes she says something that doesnt apply to like something related to what i bought ive said thanks you too in that case but i try to adapt and say thanks have a nice day instead then im on my way if im lucky thats it sometimes im unlucky and run into the cart guy at the same time im returning my own hate when that happens but have managed to ad lib it so far


NOT stupid enough to value flipping or human interaction


then what are you going to do


whenever norms ask me a superfluous question like how are you i say good but dont ask them back or say anything else so either theres a long pause before they continue with their script or NOThing but silence afterwards


the physical card im using right now its just a debit card never got a credit card well it ran into issues with the chip for a while that resulted in some awful moments that i dont feel like recalling but one time the checkout lady grabbed my card and held it on the machine thats when i learned about the tap so now i just tap at certain stores


i dont know either try to norm it up or start trying to get bux


every once in a while you get an anomaly who will try to converse with you while scanning your things had a black girl start talking about my items and said i must like spaghetti she likes spaghetti too i said oh


mom got me a gift card and hb that was hell because it did NOT want to scan when i tried to use it and just happened to choose the trainee checkout lane so the lady didnt know how to enter the card well thats NOT being fair she called over the manager who also didnt know how to enter so i stood there awkwardly tried to interject saying if it didnt scan i could just pay but they didnt even acknowledge my existence at that point luckily manager lady eventually figured out how to manually enter it had to ask me for how much was on the card still wonder what wouldve happened if i lied and gave an amount that would cover the whole transaction


mindblowing that having a job would involve literally hundreds of experiences like that every day forever


each experience nets you a good amount of xp thats how seki gained enough to spend on the loss of virginity status upgrade


sometimes i think about doing something unique to change up their routine out of pity because i know i wouldnt want to stand there and do that for 6 or more hours but im NOT cool enough to think of anything


i like pretending to be badly retarded from entering the store until i leave and then giving them a sly wink on the way out


nah it just increases the odds that something will go wrong


that only worked for seki because he was already a norm in that guys case hes going to be the one with the gardevoir pin


oh it didnt scan right does that mean its free


uh no


have a terrible memory from when mom tried making me get a job and i dropped off the application infront of a bunch of cute highschool girls while i was leaving i accidentally hit the door like a tard because it was the open door and didnt open on exit when i looked back i saw the girls laughing never went back


one time checkout lanes were all full because the god damn norms keep using the self checkout lanes and putting the workers out of business well i was in a regular lane i trying to be but there wasnt room because the aisle wasnt designed well so hung back a bit so that thered be room between me and the next guy for people walking to pass by well guess what some norm came in front of me as if i wasnt there so i clocked him one good just kidding didnt say anything well the checkout lady commended me just kidding the interaction was like usual the whole experience made me wonder why i even bother yet ill continue to bother because im NOT able to NOT



you should have been used to looking like a retard in public and having girls laugh at you by that age


uh drop off at the front no youre supposed to ask for the manager and give him a firm handshake



im NOT sure why all these checkout lane memories are coming back to me now but i wish they werent one trick ive found useful is pretending like im deciding hard what to buy among the various things presented at the lane itself like candy bars sometimes even pick up a bar and pretend to check the nutrition facts never bought one however


File: 1645249552467.jpg (103.21 KB, 600x750, lolicon-dating-motivator.jpg)


uh miuchan would want you to spend dollars on her now


have a checkout lane story that pains me to this day the whole queue was laughing at me going to leave it at that for now maybe someday ill be ready to talk about it


File: 1645249691164.png (8.57 MB, 3169x4409, 96361010_p0.png)


File: 1645249875256.png (245.63 KB, 700x659, f95db7a7cef0ad6acd8ecd66c97699ce.png)


mop da doo didda


spermed to a nice himako doujin



was in a situation with a chaotic line and a dumb beaner preventing anyone else from checking out NOT too long ago just stood there myself used all the invisibility skills id learned over the years to let things pass because of the awkward aisle placement some people ended up in front of me but i didnt mind just kept staring off into the distance trying to look like i was thinking about something but when the guy was about done the lady up next had to bring up that i was next tried to say oh no youre there go ahead that always works at the grocer but this was a home improvement store so she kept insisting went back and forth once or twice before i just cut it short by cutting ahead there were plenty of self checkout lanes open i couldve used but i didnt because i wanted to pay cash because i did NOT want what i was buying to be trackable and just as well i didnt want anyone paying me mind but she did and i got to the checkout well the lady made some commend i didnt even know we sell something this cheap think i tried to respond with something like oh yeah you even have cheaper tubing but this is the size i needed but she just repeated herself didnt really know what to say ended up skedaddling luckily went fine otherwise unlike the time there was a fire alarm in the store


youre hired


is it that easy to get a j


ya theres a labor shortage just walk in ask for the manager give him a firm handshake


regretting that normffeine regretting this normahol gonno regret tomoorrow norming


hate the labor shortage meme


love seeing the were hiring signs


aunt mentioned she was a buddhist once


File: 1645250759592.png (1.04 MB, 828x912, b98.png)


hope you showed her this


uh no i just nodded my head and said whatever generic phrase was on the top of my stack


dont want to get on their bad side aunt and uncle are well off and get the feeling that unc has a good opinion of me for some reason if im still alive in 40 years when they die 99% of that wealth is going to their own but if im lucky i might get the scraps


40 years give me a break




we all agreed to die in 2065


wouldnt be surprised if hes still alive in 40 years great unc lived pretty damn long


what is there even to do for aNOTher 40 years especially with the way things outside the room get worse and worse


you know


wish i could be normal without having to try and just didnt want to get a job but still had all the other perks


well lets see at my current pace would take me at least a couple centuries to finish up the stuff i wouldve finished up in a few months as a teen


dont you get bored


File: 1645251229127.jpg (21.69 KB, 639x361, room.jpg)


love when im taller than the refrigerator


mom wanted to measure me last normsmas always measured us when we were kids have it marked on the wall well apparently i shrunk more like i was standing on me tiptoes when i was measured last time why did i have to stop growing just short of six feet just flipping shoot me


File: 1645251529209.jpg (3.81 MB, 2668x3425, 96363110_p0.jpg)


wish hitler won so gacha games wouldnt exist


just one factor wouldnt make a difference for any of us unless that factor was being norm


mom always measured me bone pressed


ya tall enough to bump into the ceiling on a cavern tour and NOT tall enough to have the ladies lining up


never rolled


vaguely remember all the stop drop and roll campaigns yet i never caught on fire NOT even a little bit talk about a ripoff


you think that was bad i had to sit through 3 sex education classes and none actually taught how to get to the sex


never gone through sex ed can you give me the highlights


i think by now you would have figured it all out they talked about puberty and pubic hair and the menstrual cycle and joing


uh what hair sorry youre gonno have to start from the basiscs


File: 1645251958295.jpg (495.69 KB, 1031x1518, 96362270_p0.jpg)


ok around age 12 to 14 you may start having funny feelings that make you feel ashamed but just know its a natural part of growing up


all these years later and i still feel ashamed


remember my first time ejaculating dont remember the age but do remember i wasnt thinking any untoward thoughts it was purely a physical phenomenon for a bit


think it took 3 wet dreams to realize that i was making sperm in my sleep i didnt get it because i didnt do it when awake


nice uli


started by squeezing didnt know i was supposed to stroke


first sperm was in the tub pulled a muscle


NOT sure why mom refuses to trim fat and gristle off of meat it looks and tastes vile


it tastes great


got some i think the package said thigh cutlets they were 30-40 cents more per lb than breasts so it was a splurge pack also said they were well trimmed well i tried them without a single bit of extra trimming and i ended up without a mouth full of gristle


best god damn muscle i ever pulled wish i could feel the feeling i felt that day


never fell for the nojo meme


the gristler


things start to get a little freaky after a week


uhh freaky




remember scamming someone out of their cash shop glasses and cape hehe



that child will grow up to be the hima admin


spent hundreds of hours chopping yews in 07 to afford full dharoks and got lured with some weird vengeance poh glitch and died still NOT sure how they did it to this day


ended up using a camelot teleport just before i died so they didnt get the loot some lucky guy got my dh helm and other stuff sigh


that was me





you could have met your wife on it


she would have approached you



ran a big operation in 05 where i hired noobs to mine essence for me for 20gp each then hopped to world 1 and resold them for 30gp each


wonder how turt and freak and trevor and neetblog all managed to learn things and input consistent effort into improving their chances in life it cant just be high iq


trying to remember the last time i performed even some semi positive action on a regular basis


NOT roping is positive


feel like i cant now because you told me thanks a lot


chances of what


even pretending to larp as an adult


File: 1645257527974.png (831.93 KB, 704x872, Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 07-40-23 Leisure_Suit….png)


long day in the big apple hima im about to fire up happy color and fall asleep


snowing hima its snowing





might darkshower


didnt bother theres no point


mioshas really bad at marika


die tubeteen


youre NOT even supposed to wear a towel in the onsen you stupid bitch


shes almost bond 11 gonno try to np3 her too


wonder how it feels to flip a kid




File: 1645270043709.jpeg (846.04 KB, 3070x4096, FL8nQgEVcAIMGyK.jpeg)


finna smoke a bowl


forgot to wash behind my ears


did you remember to wash under your foreskin


wish i had a foreskin



hes starting to look like jack nicholson


File: 1645274857943.jpeg (280.85 KB, 733x1000, FL9EqAZakAMTtRQ.jpeg)


buy a nice cocolo


woke up do NOT feel good


File: 1645280691989.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 187.68 KB, 876x1210, FL9u0tQVUAIv0HR.jpeg)


you dont need to post everything from that artists twitter we already get that youre following them


he is the artist


File: 1645282921253.jpg (1.78 MB, 1814x2450, illust_92549345_20220219_065645.jpg)

love tomimis big sexy tail


magdump me with a rocket launcher


gobbling some rice and chicken starting to feel a little better accidentally dropped one of the fillets in the sink


might start carrying the jan in lol so he stops lashing out at my tubebros


that was 14 hours ago were you too busy dancing at da club to make a comment at the time


snoozed after subarus stream and didnt unskip til now


always pop in to check hima a few times a night while im at the pub with me mates or grinding on birds at the club


File: 1645284887730.png (563.61 KB, 1280x1280, 96370012_p1.png)


desire to feel boobies and i dont know why


big or small


File: 1645285348962.png (1.35 MB, 1800x2600, 96367216_p0.png)


still raging at kitty after me made me snap my headphone cable last night but one silver lining is she made me shop online finally bought a new ssd while there


how is being tricked into wasting money a silver lining


hope it was an nvme




hate when i move files from my sata ssds to my nvme and it takes forever


File: 1645286583799.jpg (3.71 MB, 3636x2668, 96369322_p0.jpg)



crying for the koicel




File: 1645287031649.jpeg (261.81 KB, 1000x1200, FL9ytetVIAMqcp-.jpeg)


had a dream i was inuyasha


regretting that coffee


File: 1645289169129.jpg (492.36 KB, 1280x1028, 96373061_p0.jpg)


File: 1645289610561.jpg (74.79 KB, 800x1000, 95829006_p5.jpg)




you mean high intensity discharge




head feels like its gonno burst


tried playing wily beast and weakest creature but fingernails are too long hard to hit the keys right


nice longnail


dont have that problem bite em soon as theres enough to get me teeth on


you need to use a clipper


might ushizaki jo


sis gave me a molly


you mean molotov cocktail


took one of my sleepy knock out pills


File: 1645293821329.jpeg (257.29 KB, 1440x1418, A7F664CC-32A5-4298-915F-824DD5383899.jpeg)


dont get it


File: 1645293949190.png (8.57 MB, 3169x4409, 96361010_p0.png)




wanted to be strong bad but ended up as senor cardgage


party with sis


ken will tell us



finally had a bowel movement for the first time since my diarrhea ended on wednesday


cant believe i need a quantum supercomputer to play elden ring


woke up and immediately started gaming for 5 hours before pissing or eating


woke up five hours ago still havent done anything


was cursed with a girly face and no hair




no pics of me exist


take one


what do i get in return




why would i want compliments from a man


tired of seeing the that blonde pink fotm girl everywhere




you know the one


never get tired of seeing the dog days pink girl or blonde girl


as a matter of fact i dont


File: 1645299177708.webm (3.95 MB, 800x450, 1576193322240.webm)


File: 1645301018533.mp4 (9.58 MB, Daoab5M.mp4)


uh where are the posts hello




hey what are you up to


playing splatoon


uh thats a kids game




youre a grown ass man






NOT a streamer


the pc version of elden ring is looking bad


yeah its unfortunate hope someone makes an erfix


cant wait to play er at a nice 23 fps and have malcolm reynolds wannabe teens invade me to crash me get me banned and steal my bank information


love stealing bank info


more of a steamer than a streamer meself


stream a nice steaming


File: 1645306252165.jpg (529.11 KB, 813x1306, 96377197_p0.jpg)



starting to feel a bit better


had a nice islamic zilean game


trash starting to build up by my bed


groaning hard woke up at 4 again


4 or 4


you know


moms makin stuffed peps


File: 1645308202254.jpg (1.28 MB, 2204x1364, top_mv.jpg)

dont remember hearing theres gonno be a movie


never watched that never will


your loss




nah i already watched yama no susume and saw plenty of screencaps


uh theyre completely different


File: 1645308969434.jpg (250.44 KB, 517x1000, 96372445_p0.jpg)


File: 1645309365293.png (347.63 KB, 905x813, hellya.png)

we won hima


how can they fire someone for a statement of fact


she was too arrogant


love making up the plot of an anime in my head based on hima screencaps


pasted rushia roping on stream


what do you mean making up the screencaps had subtitles they just teach urbanite soyjaps how to break spaghetti and spend hundreds of dollars on camping equipment


wow you must be one of those red pilled folks i keep hearing about


yama no susume is the superior hobby advertisement


hope youre talking about tardass yuru camp and NOT yama no susume cause the latter has really good cheap and safe camping advice


never camped


camping pinches hard


who invited you


File: 1645310849273.jpg (1.44 MB, 1500x1800, 96373513_p0.jpg)


isnt 5'7 above average in japan


its average


who do these short women think are the ones spawning manlets


File: 1645311808043.jpg (265.56 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru -….jpg)

gonno try this


uh why would she rope when she has a loving bf


File: 1645312057819.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru -….png)



crying for her


dont know if i felt good last month but i remember it far more fondly


File: 1645312386039.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 788.15 KB, 970x1172, FLtUg8BUYAEsp9e.jpeg)


i dont think girls like that


how do you know


they dont even like sex


you couldnt be more wrong


how did my genes get this far


File: 1645313250893.png (2.2 MB, 2368x1309, unknown.png)


hate vsimps more than i could ever hate a vfoid


dont know how i won the sperm race


theyre rational they just dont care about cels i wouldnt either if i was in their position


tired of feeling so bad gonno take a shower




hate entube


ya but only when you play scape


he loved scape sigh


will never support a single entuber i consider them to be dubs


there are good dubs


nice toonami adult swim brainwashed norm


hima posts are dubs




no theyre scanlations



there are no good hima posts


how are there no good hima posts out of almost 1.4 million there must be a few


youtube started recommending me nagatoro dub clips the other day its pretty bad but the norms in comment sections are saying its great


wonder if id start disliking jp voices if i was fluent in jap


nice anime clip this reminds me of when a certain shark said a make sure you reply if you agree


dont get why the tubies are surprised about her bf


a lot of japs watch the entubies


File: 1645314303026.mp4 (816.22 KB, screamer.mp4)


the translations must be inaccurate then because the lyrics seem tard


NOT sure why things have to be this way i could have been the manager of the video store by now



mom bought pizza wings


ya but NOT boneless






still have NOT been on the receiving end of a single comment from a female on my musculature only males


except sis but that doesnt count


wish i knew how to use a computer


it counts


might sisjo any recs


merely being on hima is likely to place you in the 90th percentile of computer users


nah im a subhuman fliptard


wish i had a sis to flip



NOT like that the ceo of normbuster should have been snapped with a rusty knife



wonder what percent of the population has been convicted for violent crime at some point probably less than 5% imagine if we just gassed them all


those norms ruined my life by driving independent stores out of business


you cant just gas turt


never used tinder wonder what would happen if i did


cant use tinder i dont want to be flooded with gfs sigh the hard life of a vol


File: 1645315343779.png (653.86 KB, 832x1254, 96383351_p1.png)


im mgtow


can i blame females for NOT secreting arousal hormones in response to my presence when its built into them from birth the same that my ugliness and social retardation is built into me


you can only be mgtow if you arent cel


ya thats why im mgtow


what if youre vol


why come verifiaby low iq celebrities with millions and billions of dollars exist why cant i crack the code and pretend to be one


can be mgtow if youre vol but only if there isnt aNOTher layer of in underneath it still surrounding the nice core of warm pusser


everyone here can easily get a gf except me


just put yourself out there


never put myself out there so how can i know if im really incel



cant imagine having a live in gf who tells you that you have to make your bed and shower twice a day and NOT piss in the sink


File: 1645315924460.jpg (29.25 KB, 284x359, pa.jpg)




love how mom sis bro and me all have mental illness


mental normness


good question guess im vol


shower was a waste of time cut the hell out of my neck shaving for some reason


arent you a bit old to be cutting


you are never too old for anything


think it was because i normally dont bother until its much longer NOT used to shaving stubble because i dont have a job


File: 1645318013031.jpg (2.83 MB, 2894x4093, 96370726_p0.jpg)


what are you looking at roastoid


you cant talk to a lady like that



it took me countless hours a lot of food and a few cheeky enhancement cycles to get so much as a single comment from a random foid on my physique youre fighting an uphill battle


never done any of that and still gotten compliments from ladies


wonder if a single compliment from a female would change my life forever and uncel me into a norm


memory lapsed and cant remember if i made this post or NOT


i think i made it


wasnt me


we need the jan to settle this


ask mom if youre handsome or NOT


even mom doesnt compliment me


women dont compliment men because they dont want them to immediately get the wrong idea and think they want to be flipped by them


cant believe theyre only making one of these and raffling it what the flip








3 slices 6 wings and 1 pop phwe im stuffed




the japs love gura


the language barrier prevents them from knowing the truth about enwhores


what was that guy talking about tor still works


isnt it the same the other way around


nice fleeking twignorm


gura isnt a whore


zip it fatso


hate how 70% of entubers are asian


yeah it works both ways thats why japs prefer enwhores and eops prefer jpwhores


which ones are asian


im white i should be living in the frozen taiga like my ancestors NOT this tropical shite


which ones are asian




white girls dont watch anime


what tropical shite do you live in


jps dont prefer enwhores theres just a minority of kenichi smiths


sick of arrogant second generation asian americans who only date other asian americans


which ones are asian




bet that purple nijibitch is asian


which ones are asian


sigh why cant i be the uber eats delivery man for shiina yuika



were being spammed where the flip is 石


that one reaper entuber that raps is a fat stocky girl in real life she looks like she could help out on the farm


thankfully there are no chinks where i live




yeah we know shes been posted here before


sorry i didnt know my post went through


wonder if she plays ffxiv theres the perfect class for her if you catch my drift hehe


vile enwhore


dont get it


who cares


tor proxies are a necessary evil so i can post my 4chad memes without taking the blame


got rammed


hima was bought out by the chinks


time to grow a sack and risk a ban


already got a three month ban for >>1210166 that was enough


we got mexican ate fajitas then mom didnt want half of her wrap so i ate that then she didnt want her rice and beans so ate those too trying to fight off snoozing


why did she order so much


dont care NOT complaining


woke up hi


wonder whatll happen when mom moves out forever


hate when mom does that


mallike how at some places you cant order a decent meal without a it being placed on a big fat slab of evil grains or worse sandwiched between two


why its more grub for you


used to trick lil' brudda into eating his fries and drinking his drink first so hed be full when he got to the nice burg hehe


nice puppetmaster


just being able to eat more than twignorms made me fat because id always be the one eating their leftovers


correct order is fries burg drink hate people who eat them all concurrently but ill accept some sips of the drink occasionally if your throat gets blocked


bet i could eat anyone on hima under the table


read that post then started to whisper nice puppetmaster under my breath was going to post it then i looked down


put on 18lbs in the last month and thats NOT counting the water weight




wish i had a nice plumpergf to eat me under the table


NOT sure if ive ever witnessed anyone in real life who could eat more than me


you couldve had a submissive plumper wife but you decided to have high standards and volcel yourself


all the plumpers are taken by the manlets with decent faces who arent socially retarded and


incredible the constant butthurt twitter generates among uploaders


think if you picked a random 50 people plus me and had an eating contest within them id win but i wouldnt win a real eating contest because those attract the top 0.1%


what did you said


ive never seen someone eat more than me in real life would be pretty impressed to see it happen from how the buffet chinks act in the region i should be pretty high up on the leaderboards


youd get smoked by real eaters


the hima eatoff


NOT if one of the 50 was me


dont like the idea of eating contests because even though i can eat a lot i dont want to do it too fast thats NOT enjoyable


youre confusing people NOT wanting to eat more with them NOT being able to eat more youre just low eat inhib


real fats eat slow


eat one colossal meal per day


ive also never seen anyone who eats faster than me


would never be able to an eating contest cant stand food being around my mouth dont want to be stared at by a bunch of norms dont want to have to throw up and waste food after its over so i dont become ultra obese


absolutely hate people seeing me eat


whenever the boys at da club have a shared dish multi course dinner with me im always finishing off every dish so NOThing is left over


love stuffing fries into my mouth after i take a bite of burg


im NOT real fat and ive always eaten slow


i dont think they serve multi course dinners at nightclubs


love sneaking into the toilet with a bottle of whipped cream


youre an honorary fat


ya we just know each other at da club we go to a fine eatery


cant count the times ive almost posted on hima after autocompleting my real name and email


once made a fat mans pact


dont believe anyone on hima would use autocomplete


i respect the choice of fats to prioritize food pleasure over their health


what if im fat from alcohol abuse


hima is perfect for autocomplete because everyone posts the same shite so much they forget if it was even them who posted it


same hehe


cant wait to embarrass that arrogant fat at the hima dog off


wish i was turt imagine the pusser i could get by putting myself out there


if you took his body would you still have his aura


no dont you remember the ginyuu arc


File: 1645325345476.jpg (1.37 MB, 1900x2573, FL-IGLTakAQ2aJ9.jpg)


let me know what to do then and ill do that


just be yourself


never done this


just fire up that tinder


might become an incel


NOT falling for that ropefuel again


spend every day posting on ota about how i hate women why am i still single its NOT fair


cracked aNOTher can of sugar


i eat fast love having my mouth stuffed full of food


you guys ready for world war 3


there wont be a ww3


there will its like a week away




i need a hug


who cares if they extend the draft to the upper limit of recruitment im just gonno cut off my pinkies anyway


you dont have the chutzpah


gonno become a conscientious blogjector



you can solve one aNOThers problem


nah i dont need a manhug


just realized its almost 2/22/2022


are there lots of girls on ota maybe i made a mistake


oh right my second chance to get that time get


lets NOT talk about dates or time or women or employment


the time getter


File: 1645326827050.png (934.37 KB, 1000x1333, 92522338_p1.png)


somebody save that baby


that cant be true


shes getting what she needs


maybe i should just snap


shes NOT supposed to be doing things like that until shes in her 30s and then only with me


youll create aNOTher mutantcel


wish i was her


File: 1645327147492.png (4.71 MB, 1898x2246, 96367950_p0.png)


we should move the hima cord to the thad cord


eating rice with mayo tunna


hate thad hes a norm


perfect for the cord


File: 1645327665910.jpg (3.44 MB, 1200x1200, 96384817_p7.jpg)


gonno invite him to hima


cant get a nigger to replace a caucasian


he couldnt post on hima anyway since the feds dont allow him to look at sexy ladies


fire up the mcdonalds wifi


gonno make some herbal tea


any criers tonight


no just sighing


hima im going to be blunt with you if youre a man you should NOT be crying except on extremely rare occasions and they better involve stuff like death




im NOT a real man


havent felt the need to cry at all ever since i started taking my good boy pills


jesus wept



crying will never be japanese


File: 1645329223677.gif (495.17 KB, 320x180, [Hiryuu] Dog Days 12 [BD Hi10P 1280x720 H264 A….gif)


wonder why i didnt end up getting the brainwaves that turned me into an adult who naturally knows how to get a job and gf



love being a physically inferior introverted male with no social skills and somehow still ending up retarded instead of a nice soyman with some kind of skill you can only get good at as a nolifer like programming or math


File: 1645329692923.jpg (25.76 KB, 496x368, Galaxy Express 999 - 034.mp4_snapshot_12.46_[2….jpg)


mom tried to make an apple pie told her to go back to the drawing board and threw it in the trash after one bite


soys are very social


File: 1645330159592.jpg (105.08 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Vanitas no Carte - 15 (720p) [963….jpg)


mornin hima made some hot cocoa NOT sure what to do now


only amongst themselves i had too much self awareness from using imageboards to join the sonic club or whatever the flip


butt feels flabbier than usual


hate the kind of person who just consumes what their culture puts in front of them


what do you mean


i squeeze my back lovehandle to gauge my fat level and change my eating habits accordingly


yeah whatever twigger


i mean they were born in x country and just consume stuff from that country and cultures adjacent to it and are incapable of going outside that


never seen aqua teen hunger force never will it disgusts me aesthetically dont know why its popular


its in the name


youll get it when youre older


its time for us to just be confident simply play pretend until the norms think its real


its NOT just confidence i lack i just cant do the same body language and charismatic timing that comes naturally to norms


hives on me arse


nah if you simply be confident that youre doing all that correctly its fine


reminds me i NOTiced a big ol scab on me frenulum in the shower earlier thats a new one


nice globalist


File: 1645330897481.jpg (89.95 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 07 (720p) [F5294995].….jpg)


love japanese culture


hate how im expected to have seen all the big new shows on netflix


uh expected by whom


the norms


my bros at the club


turt doesnt it disgust you when you see a married literal anorexia twigman whose arms would snap if you applied the slightest pressure



might worship


twigs reign supreme yet again


pushed past aesthetic disgust many times and came out mentally stronger for it


no NOT really im used to it
i used to daydream about beating the hell out of them both and running away though


File: 1645331297830.webm (315.5 KB, 640x360, [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 07 (720p) [F5294995].webm)


mindblowing how every couple you see is exchanging sexual fluids all the flipping time


gf told me she wanted me to start carrying a gun all the time after we ran into turt at the go kart track


sigh wish i had a nice pro gun gf


moms pro gun but shes never fired one


males are majority right wing pretty mindblowing when you think about it


post the kirino mosaic one


a gun is virtually useless within 21 feet with my stats that distance is more like 100

i just enjoy the thought of seeing some happy norms living on cloud 9 never having suffered never expecting to suffer and then boom reality happens and they come to with bloody broken faces and with their missing teeth laying on the ground its beautiful like the universe coming to balance i wanted to help that happen


i only have the magipoka one


File: 1645331536780.png (107.69 KB, 270x370, ShadowTheHedgehogSA2.png)


File: 1645331547790.jpg (91.89 KB, 1278x757, [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 07 (720p) [F5294995]0….jpg)


youre a beta male sonic


this is it hima im getting ripped


wish i had the pdf for turts routine


took a bath gonno fire up some cocoa and get under the blankie


simply eat clen tren hard anavar give up


had multiple tell me to become a personal trainer cant think of anything more horrible than dealing with weak fats by the hour


you cant talk about your himabros like that


cant believe this is code for steroid use


File: 1645332518979.webm (2.88 MB, 1280x720, 1626128959202.webm)


cant believe rich posted on hima


used to only drink black tea but cherry tea is pretty good as well


he loved tea


still remember the day i woke up and checked hima and rich was gone




why arent you drinking sencha


cherry tea for the cherry boy


File: 1645332954444.webm (3.29 MB, 1280x720, 1641797249021.webm)


File: 1645332960067.jpg (780.08 KB, 1129x1543, 96381729_p1.jpg)


never drink jap tea only fake east frisian tea


why arent you drinking genmaicha


NOT a fan


hate drunknorms


hate when pg has a little too much and starts trying to hug everyone


NOThing wrong with a nice big hug


if i had the founding power id rewrite everyones bodies so that nobody has any desire to be drunk or a drugnorm


flip you i love getting drunk


can you rewrite me to NOT be cel


File: 1645333531770.jpg (126.25 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Leadale no Daichi nite - 02 (720p….jpg)


miss being able to get drunk-high


uhh let me just imbibe this fluid that turns me into a literal chimp


im a chimp without it


alc is the only thing that can keep my sperg down


it makes me happy and enjoy things


go from being a sperg to being a dumb goofnorm on alcohol


make posts i regret after too many drinks




didnt realize hima was chimpnorm territory


how did you NOT realize this


finna chimp out


did you miss the multiple years worth of posts about drinking every night


all this talk is gettin me thirsty might go get some blogka


thought it was just one loudmouth norm guess this explains why hima is a crab bucket



would you rather your himafriend ascend and make it as a norm or die peacefully




pretty wild how much time im able to waste while doing absolutely NOThing only watched about 20 anime in a year and a half only beat 2 or 3 games i could probably do more with a full time job


came to the realization last night that i dont even know what my hobbies are dont think i have any of NOTe barely watch anime barely play games what else is there


havent beaten a game in quite some time


posting on hima is a hobby


think i started watching the anime im watching right now in august and it only got like 20 episodes


dont even post that much just sit here stare at the wall and refresh pages


sigh jahy


still listen to the jahy opening regularly


despair that the culture of the majority caters to the most common intelligences which consist mostly of 100 iq retards




die smartnorm


feel when too intelligent to initiate conversations or work jobs or have sex


gonno snooze


im going to pretend to be retarded and become the top socialist streamer on twitch then buy a mansion


File: 1645334692531.webm (163.31 KB, 640x360, 1543712392058.webm)


considering firing up a jacks to make the warui kimochis go away


cant stop hair twirling





File: 1645335428232.webm (395.41 KB, 640x360, fightblog.webm)


too used to the yukkuri version


did my good friend naruto ever become hokage stopped paying attention after the chuuni exams




sigh if he can achieve his dreams so can i


do you have any facial hair youre supposed to be touching that instead like a wizened elderneet


that molly was a dud


where were you when i was spamming naruto 4 years ago to own the wownorms


sis pranked you


love twirling my greasy pubestache suggestively at girls


they love it too


mustve tuned it out along with the boruto spam


hate how i look with a beard




simply imagine a hobo


watched all of naruto while getting 99 mining and drinking wine every day sigh those were good times


File: 1645336681069.jpeg (53.42 KB, 220x220, EEDEC752-410E-47F1-8A39-F7EE67DC821A.jpeg)




File: 1645336809765.png (1.56 MB, 1191x1684, illust_96297226_20220219_215849.png)


jack is in the oven


thought naruto was alright until they turned into godzilla then i dropped it


more intelligent than vast majority of humans but that doesnt matter to women sigh


already have indentations in my ankles after like two hours wearing socks what the flip


File: 1645337273822-0.jpg (96.05 KB, 606x611, 1.jpg)

would you flip a foideye




no but id flip that half undressed lamy


File: 1645337355143-0.jpg (99.96 KB, 480x600, 2.jpg)

how about a femnig then


lovely cant wait for his prison transition


too swarthy


File: 1645337466702-0.jpg (278.44 KB, 1280x720, 3.jpg)


japan has no word for sister


post the femblog


cute lil plumper


this just looks trans


File: 1645337594094.jpg (64.29 KB, 480x600, 352403.jpg)


File: 1645337619678-0.jpg (79.45 KB, 323x522, 4.jpg)




turt is the only one who actually looks female


what the heck have they done to him


post molesterwoman


File: 1645337708474.jpeg (205.85 KB, 480x600, DC934369-FD77-4271-BB31-486BBC95DFA6.jpeg)


those are soulless eyes


this is whos coming for turt in 10 years


why didnt he just flipping rope


at least he enjoyed his time glad to see hes still in good spirits




too arrogant to rope


he couldnt rope he got tg pregnant


what happens if you take one of the female images and turn it back into male


File: 1645337911210-0.jpg (107.15 KB, 711x400, 5.jpg)


maybe he shouldnt have conspired to snap his cousin


sigh himako


looks male again now this ai sucks


better stop before turt falls in love with his female self


hes incapable of love


hed be watching koyori rn instead of nice about anime


File: 1645338037639-0.jpg (87.64 KB, 606x611, 6.jpg)

File: 1645338037639-1.jpg (40.54 KB, 606x611, Capture.JPG)

improvement maybe


gonno go to the store


oops forgot to fully clear the text window ignore the about


always laugh at the persona pics until i realize they all mog me hard


nice alpha tard


king of the virgs


if you dont have girls approaching you then youre ugly


put a sign on the lawn for all the passing babes that might NOT know you live there


cant believe mankind has been to the moon and yet still only cares about physical appearance


then post a pic and we will tell you


you went to highschool right even ugly guys got approached there




wonder if i had a chance with the ugly girls and fat girls


cant help but laugh when 30 year old cels question if they could actually have been attractive the whole time powerful cope


elliot mogs every persona


bet everyone who sees me just assumes im a retard


we have far greater problems than being undesirable to women


any ikemen on hima


think i developed one of those nonstandard sleep cycles where you sleep 4 hours two times per day


wish i could remote view on that alternate timeline where we were all running the hima host club in shibuya


NOT even gonno cut that pizza just fold it


should just become a fatnorm foids wont touch me either way


you never tried


cant stop thinking about that pnig pic


its fake


hope wearing masks is normalized forever at least then i can cover half my face in public


had the arm holding the pizza plate extended through my doorway as soon as mom turned the corner that was a close one


is it the ugly half


made this post after seeing the pnig pic >>1347683


it wasnt the norms that forced him to impregnate his cousin then try to coathanger her in andrews house


biggest mistake was trying to be like inuyasha and sesshomaru shouldve been a ladies man like miroku trying to flip every girl he meets


you should have been more like woody


if you want an image of the future imagine a fat man hunched in front of a rectangle in a dark room eating a rolled up frozen pizza forever


feel bad for whoever has to clean up our bodies in 2065


itll build character


yeah... 2065


just remembered the possibility of heartburn that wasnt fun last time


went to the store got a bottle of blogka and a pizza



if you could choose to never need to piss or shite again which do you choose


piss obviously you only shite once a day


pooping is disgusting and looks pathetic


with piss you have options


used to hate shiteing but now i love it


if you eat 6000 calories a day then shiteing is a very bad experience NOT so with urination


only shite twice a month so piss


having to piss when you drink 12 pints of beer a day blows though


would NOT needing to shite eliminate farts too because theyre a side effect of what leads to shite



sometimes cup my fart and have a quick whiff


do you get poopbones


love a good mid feast emergency diarrhea episode because my stomach pushed down on my intestines



same just NOT sometimes and NOT quick


File: 1645341968791.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 645.45 KB, 1167x1433, FL9X-FNaQAIHMKS.jpeg)


horsey dont click


glad i didnt listen


thought you meant it was a nice pone


suddenly very sleepy


you snooze you lose


getting that weird feeling again


feel like almost everyone on hima has been undergoing some sort of metamorphosis as of late


for example


the pajamamorphosis


its all so kafkaesque


i have lost all of my mirth as of late


File: 1645343058920.mp4 (5.75 MB, ed.mp4)


dont click nigger


die racist


dont click loud




sigh mom didnt like me watching ed edd n eddy probably for precisely that reason had to tape it and watch it when she wasnt home


someone on the 4 replied to my post with the gigachad.jpg


nice gigachad


love getting my opinion validated by a dumb fucking teen


sounds like someone replied to your post with the soy wojak


you mena feels guy


running it down mid


what about pedbear


File: 1645344055945.png (72.57 KB, 190x356, chris.png)


wonder if they still post that on /b/



maybe thats where you belong


facetimed some random girl i met online today for two hours NOT bad all things considered she was eating out of the palm of my hand from the first few seconds i have a way with words what can i say


ban now




does haysuz know about pnig getting 10 years


dont know who either of those are


what a beast


she watches anime seasonally shes watching bisque aot and jujutsu this season and we talked about goblin slayer and konosuba she didnt have anything anime on her profile completely lucked out were 600 miles apart though so probably NOThing will come from it


he should be tarding out to some gato bebe vids in his bedroom at grans house NOT flipping rotting in cell its NOT fair


always wince when i read bebe




been going to sleep after only 11 or 12 hours of consciousness then sleeping for 10 the last few days


how long do chomos usually survive in prison


where are the other 2-3 hours


manually holding my eyes shut trying NOT to think before i fall asleep then trying to go back to sleep after waking up


nowhere im just counting one sleep cycle as a day


im a glass half full guy i always count my waking hours with 16 being a normal and if im over 16 i just mentally calculate the percentage of waking hours im over for example 19 hours would be 3/16 or .19 or 20% basically 20% is a normal deviation never even count my hypothetical sleeping hours because NOThing is certain and thinking about it makes me less likely to sleep


too long


people who sleep 6.5 hours live longer on average than people who sleep 8


File: 1645349564575.mp4 (334.44 KB, Watame Brap.mp4)



turt post a day in the life and ill send it to sv3rige for a review


love when i pass a deep fart after pooping the ones that feel like they came right from the core





dont understand japanese humor


its too deep for you


crying haachama is starting to be fun again


paste haachama doxxing luna on stream



watched dancer in the dark with mom she said id do that for you


too low on rotten tomatoes for me to watch that


inspect the audience score


what the flip whys there a huge gap on this one