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i think it was popular over here because the norms are norms and hei killed people had flipped girls so they liked it




lock the thread and make aNOTher one this raider is gonno spam either way at least dont encourage it with a tubie op


its a fate op


did you read the title and look at whats actually happening in the image


the title says エレと遊びましょうー! wouldnt mind a little 遊び wtih ere chan


dont worry once jan bans him for the thousandth time it will stop for sure


this is an outrage


love a nice steamed rager


shitted me guts out today weighed myself gained ten pounds since last week


lost 2


based bulker cringe twigger


love bein twig its great


what makes it great


gonno crack a blog and start some chili


NOT being a lardass


im NOT really seeing any benefits to twigging unless were talking deathfat but even then theyll at least give you neetbux


moms deathfat smoker and tard


i am NOT coping well


File: 1643669829047.jpg (1.06 MB, 1248x1684, 95910119_p0.jpg)


grocery was out of baby carrots again gonno be aNOTher week of chomping whole carrots but they had gsnapfruit juice this time so thats a win


did you ask them if to check if there were any left in the back


did NOT talk to anyone until the self checkout refused to read my cranberry juice and bag of pears she had to run out to the floor to do a price check


youre NOT supposed to use the self checkout



why NOT always use the self checkout never had any problems


uh you just had a problem


hate when i go to the self checkout and there are a bunch of dumb norms trying to scan entire carts full of items and theyre stupid boomers so they keep having issues


im NOT the same guy


travel three times the distance just to go to the grocery with the self checkout


mom goes to multiple stores to get the sales at each one


this parallels humans and anime girls


File: 1643670905146.jpg (413.25 KB, 1331x1500, 95907542_p0.jpg)




suppose ill go for the triple jo today


do you pay in cash


drinkin seltzer


is it flavored




why NOT drink tap


taps been looking like milk and tasting like chemicals lately


the tap tastes like fish


the frackers are owning you hard


stop trying to teach us japanese


dont want to alarm anyone but i think normahol might be an addictive substance






File: 1643673711721.jpg (2.08 MB, 2000x3500, 95909083_p0.jpg)


only addicts deny that


wish i was her



woke up drinkin some joe


havent had normahol in over a week its NOT that hard


twilight run listened to 33.turbo and toho eurobeat then boko no friend came on and it started snowing


love 33.turbo sigh


that already got posted skipper


hate that guy


ya i skip so what


die skipper die die die




File: 1643674751618.webm (62.92 KB, 240x178, 1597701061001.webm)




if i had been where i am now in middle or high school my whole life could have gone differently it just took me an extra 13 or 14 years to level up to the point of cool 16 year old except i dont have a license


youre every teen girls dream


would NOT be able to get a license if i didnt already have one dont know how i managed


i know but the norms are getting in the way of letting me buy them beer and cigs as a way into their hearts


File: 1643675301267.png (1.93 MB, 2000x2000, 95914713_p0.png)


i need one of those


repulsed by girls who drink or smoke


would like to drink but too scared itd worsen my condition




i didnt mean that in a general way


me neither


what if theyre just experimenting because a strapping 30 year old neet gentleman agreed to buy it for them


need to experiment with a sexy lady


chilis done gonno grab a fourth blog


lets see that chili


found a chunk of jalapeno under the tv hehe kitty had a good time


File: 1643676945294.jpg (137.16 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-sa….jpg)


that episode had the funniest moment of the whole week when he whipped out a gun


File: 1643677141873.mp4 (6.73 MB, 58tegd.mp4)

sigh the vrchat fanmeet looks like it was fun wish i wasnt too shy for stuff like that(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)




got cold enough caved in and used the mini heater that was a mistake covered in rashes again


have you tried wearing layers


hate the guy who keeps giving inane advice why didnt i think of layers here i am just sitting naked in the snow


File: 1643678165458.jpg (640.07 KB, 707x1000, 95904018_p0.jpg)


thats one way to warm up cuddle with a furry animal




should i watch this yes or no






ill wait for malguys input


File: 1643680668174.png (864.82 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)




File: 1643681466146.png (1.69 MB, 1081x1500, 95913659_p0.png)


whats wrong with whole carrots



you didnt have to delay your response for an hour and a half just so you could say gone if you didnt want to take a pic you could just say so


i didnt delay my response i was eating it and just sat back down


theres some prep involved in whole carrots have to wash them and kinda worry about my teeth when biting near the top but might have to get used to this


hate carrots


whats to hate


have carrots twice a day the fresh raw carrots for lunch and the frozen diced carrots with dinner


the raw food diet


just dont like em


File: 1643684266776.png (5.31 MB, 2160x3840, 95904847_p0.png)


shes got that look in her eyes


wisdom tooths been irritating my cheek


what look




remember mom getting a rain check a couple times as a kid for things the store was out of dont think ive seen it in a couple decades wonder if they still do that


think they stopped because of the hoax resulting in more things being missing than usual i know moms gotten them within the last two years


thats way too much effort you have to carry the rain check around and go back to the store for the item later no thanks


is it a physical check ive never been with mom when she does it but shes mentioned it a few times a year for my entire life


as for myself wouldnt be able to ask for one in the first place




defiantly gonno put sheets on the bed tonight


gonno fire up a nice servanttuber


have NOT washed sheets since november


washed my sheets last week when the itching started trying to get rid of possible sources


mom washed my sheets when i dusted and vacuumed my room a month ago




mom doesnt come in here id have to keep the place too clean for her to come in and clean it


hadnt done it in years only did it because she made me


accidentally tossed my 4sou ruining my ryanmen 26sou wait was gonno toss the 8/9pin but then i got the 7pin and took first with a sanankou dama dora dora mangan hehe




File: 1643687905839.webm (8.42 MB, 1280x720, toss.webm)


File: 1643687937199.jpg (130.7 KB, 477x719, 1234898723453.jpg)


loved being a snob on the internet because i didnt use gaia or reddit or whatever




mom made me promise that i wouldnt rope


die gaianorm


never used gaia


forgot about gaia


guess ill make a banana bread


had to reboot yet again because i was arrogant enough to open 80 tabs on 8gb of ram


File: 1643689615125.jpg (563.94 KB, 2340x1080, eresh gold.jpg)

shes all done


wish i could be arrogant


File: 1643690109046.webm (2.37 MB, 384x480, 1643687432007.webm)

chink btfo


cant imagine being retarded enough to live in a city and then being retarded enough to go out at night and on top of that see a gaggle of niggers on the same sidewalk as you and continuing to walk towards them


its racist to cross the street to avoid them


its logical spock would avoid the groid too


File: 1643690933425.jpg (143.16 KB, 1080x1158, 1643689549712.jpg)


sigh february in an hour


cant believe i was surviving without a 1440p gamer monitor until now its a whole new world


if 720p is good enough for aris then it should be good enough for you


nice job i still have to gold fou mine


went to the 711 and witnessed a nigger steal money out of the tip jar when the cashier wasnt looking and then proceeded to pay for his beer with the stolen money


based signig


did you tattle


NOT going to provoke a likely armed and schitzo nig


what about your honor


its NOT stealing since the tip could have been for anyone


i will recover my honor elsewhere


if you would have done something it would have triggered the event that begins your real life




File: 1643694228300.jpg (76.74 KB, 680x510, 1643693890619.jpg)


never understood how people can get that subhumanly fat


she mogs all of hima combined in smv


probably builds up muscle just by existing while i just atrophy maybe thats the difference






nice normpoll strawnorm


could have been somebody in the anime club


yeah youd be the guy that sits in the corner wearing a hoodie and when people joke that you dont talk much youll just put on a goofy fake smile and mumble uhh i dont have anything to talk about


dont they all do that except for the fat girls doing hare hare yukai


i dont know ive never been to an anime club in my life


the anime club respects and admires loners like sasuke


just had a good idea for what to eat hope mom stays asleep aNOTher few hours


how can we further leave humanity behind hima


im no longer human


is that true are you no longer feeling any emotions



File: 1643700909781.jpg (665.2 KB, 752x1200, FKfpOrwaIAA2RSi.jpg)




File: 1643701529224.png (536.37 KB, 1176x843, blaze.png)

its over for turt


he will only grow more powerful


gonno try and get some food hope mom doesnt wake up


woke up hi


File: 1643702487238-0.jpg (1.57 MB, 1557x2150, FKe9dqXacAACK2B.jpg)

File: 1643702487238-1.jpg (1.27 MB, 1557x2150, FKe9dqbacAM6umY.jpg)



whats sighworthy about that


if he didnt ignore her she wouldnt have any interest in him the second he reciprocates shes gone


weird how schoolgirls walk around in those uniforms everywhere in japan wonder how people can last 5 minutes without ooging hard and turning into an animal in public


mindblowing when you think about it




chili mac is done


nice american cuisine




never had chili


youre gonno have a fun time at the mansion then


dont even know what it is it just spicy beans and ground beef or what




will only eat authentic japanese food


hate chili


same until i was about twenty and found out it was something completely different than what mom was making


hate onions dont understand why theyre in every recipe


how do you feel about garlic


dont mind it but too much makes me puke


and i mean that in a literal sense i start puking hard


hate onions and garlic


what do you eat




File: 1643704441225.jpg (107.2 KB, 1378x1026, stream.jpg)


do girls just feel no shame about showing their boobs to hundreds of millions of men


you would do it too if it made you a millionaire




nah i have honor


you wouldnt if you werent male


girls can have honor and dignity




what about mom and gran


mom grew up in a different time


forgot to say rabbit rabbit


uh what about money pretty sure the tubers make more


eating some nice raw garlic right now


same sigh


File: 1643711490685.jpg (510.42 KB, 1536x2048, FKgLhf6acAA8QpP.jpg)


all i see is a punching bag


you cant hit women


what if it was just lightly to put her in line


what do you mean


nice foid pretending to like yugioh now that its popular


by now do you mean 20 years ago because i dont think thats when she took the picture


shes an otaku just like us


yugioh is the top most played game on steam


just to show her whos in charge


no yugioh is a stupid card game with cool artwork and the rich kids at the after school place give you their cards when they get bored with the fad so you have to play it with yourself


File: 1643714035418.png (44.13 KB, 470x316, ss.png)

what the flip is naraka


forgot i was allergic to soy milk and had a glass this blows


glad im NOT a weakling with allergies


how have you used that advantage to NOT end up a subhuman manbaby like the rest of us


eating eggs bagel soy sausage orange juice with pineapple juice and a banana


didnt make a difference since ive been eating the same foods for my whole life


the world is yours



sigh miss the autism girl


guess ill snooze


im autism boy


raged at kitty because she woke me up at 5 am


uh thats when you should be waking up anyways


friend of a friend used to be proud his blue collar worker dad woke up at 5am to get ready for work


thats a mans time


File: 1643722193526.png (972.93 KB, 2094x1886, 95927788_p2.png)


was supposed to have a chuuni world banishing gf but i was born with a deformed face


File: 1643722533186.jpg (575.16 KB, 2701x2700, FIpe6mraIAAhzLZ.jpg)




love announcing my hiding spot to everyone defiantly do NOT try to find me im hiding


hes cute


its a cry for help


crying out in the night like a little baby


File: 1643723650163.jpg (179.19 KB, 776x1024, 95930238_p0.jpg)


had enough of this place need a portal to the anime world immediately


screaming tears running down my face curled up in the corner of the room banging my fist against the wall just want him back


sigh henri




gotta love lulu


recommendations have filled with vr asmr


anything sexy




listening to a russian song


rabbit rabbit


[ASMR] "Femboy Step Bro, relaxes you - UWU" [Kissing] [Ear licking] [Brushing] SUPER RELAXING :3


die homo




winter storm warning




should i fire up that femboy


had a dream i accidentally posted with a tripcode on hima


remember having a himadream but forgot it


trying something new cut up my whole carrots into smaller pieces before eating them


how adventurous


get a load of this low inhib hotshot


im hotshite


touhou is getting popular with the norms


its over


might flanjo


that big ol belly


File: 1643735125753.jpg (942.8 KB, 1813x2560, c83pedoriaF_0001.jpg)


had an rts dream once after gaming the whole day satan was walking across the map



still have belly fat even after losing 50 pounds




from 350lbs to just 300lbs





stream blog and NOT a single stream sigh


im a god damn flipping tard


im tard and cel


are you sure you arent just a copecel or low test


you just need to find the right one they will help you come out of your shell


having 2 slices of frozen za



i didnt specify foid just please come out of your shell already


how about a nice man


File: 1643744234972.jpg (2.68 MB, 2480x3508, 77220278_p0.jpg)


want to come out of my shell but theres NOThing to come out to im in a void


get out of the void its going to maim you physically and mentally





wonder if im on the spectrum


think its over im gonno rope


no i have to be the first


well youve got maybe a couple hours im NOT waiting for you




File: 1643747045530.jpg (150.21 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to….jpg)



tarded out and forgot the passage of time never stops even if i personally do NOThing


just wait for the ritual to give us aNOTher chance


shes so cute


hes so cool


cool or cool





love how the norms all went completely batshit insane as the rule NOT the exception within a decade of widespread internet usage in this country


File: 1643752617222.mp4 (6.23 MB, road rage.mp4)


too much of a rule oriented autistic pussy to be an american why couldnt i have been scandinavian or japanese


its NOT that great


File: 1643752855245.jpg (113.28 KB, 1189x1378, FKild5bUUAEODxZ.jpg)


File: 1643753033510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 359.73 KB, 2560x2568, FEfm219acAAyZXB.jpg)


dont want to get mogged in the mansion bath can we wear towels in the onsen


thats improper


please bro dont mog me


its either mog or be mogged


its a moggy mog world


sigh moogy


witnessed a road rage incident


what meds


took those once couldnt even form a coherent thought let alone reps


isnt that for girls


those are foid housewife pills how about a nice tardout followed by a forced haldol injection


think thats the only one with recreational appeal


uh huh


sometimes daydream about turning myself in at the tard shelter in the hopes itll solve something but i dont because i know it wont theres just left left to try


if people use it recreationally that means it might actually make you feel better the other stuff is just to create zombies


keep getting ads for a once monthly injection to treat schizophrenia


only pill i ever took that felt like it could fix your life was adderall


yeah ssris probably help if you have an actual chemical problem but if youre actually sane and just doing hard time on this twisted birdcage then they make things slightly worse of anything


brutal blackpill



im the last sane manbaby and the inmates have taken over the asylum


time for a lobotomy


if you get a job you get a gf just like that even if youre ugly and weird and wear glasses



had a job once and it did NOT get me a gf


you probably didnt NOTice her



she cut her hair


knew it was over when i was asked if i had ever had a gf at work


cant you just say ya


theyd know


File: 1643757354523.png (587.48 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


norms dont ask questions like that without already knowing the answer


seems weirder for them to be asking that than you NOT having a gf



NOT having a gf isnt a big deal never having a gf is freakshow tier if youre in your 20s


ya i know it just seems weird that theyre asking NOT if you have a gf but if youve ever had a gf


thats what happens when youre extremely unattractive and theyre bored and trying to tally up status


i dont know about that i thought i looked pretty good in the reflection of the microwave at 3am last night after eight blogs while boiling my macaroni and cheese


very loud sound outside and the windows are shaking


ok name 100 people


kenneth boles trevor richardson sean shannon christopher poole um uhhhhh thats all i got


how much will you pay me for onsekis name


30m gil


NOT sure what trevors been up to but youd probably be doing him a favor


i dont want him dead was simply naming 100 names


he became a feeder ped and acts as a live in butler for his vastly more successful brother while gorging his two brown nieces


he flippin made it


he was born to make it hes 6 foot 1


i dont know how he does it even i have too much shame to live off of my happy norm brother and have to see his wife glare at me with disdain as i mop the floor and prepare snacks for the kids


ive finished my manifesto hima


need a pastedbin asap







rice and beans night 2 added some habaneros to spice it up




File: 1643759979630.jpg (924.06 KB, 1390x1325, 20220201_185817.jpg)


whos pinging you on the cord



its NOT him he doesnt watch twitch stuff or cook his own food


woke up mornin hima


whats for breakfast


he probably has the twitch app for wow addons or the free games


File: 1643760262378.png (38.52 KB, 969x470, 637d46b31f2f56274584ea4d93d39f5b.png)


im a fat too but i didnt vote in the poll


normpoll strawnorm


im twig didnt vote



File: 1643762915823.jpg (Spoiler Image, 461.51 KB, 720x960, 94029241_p1.jpg)


i need to mate




File: 1643764748726.jpg (139.39 KB, 1200x1200, 1643761095843.jpg)


watching tuck


did you say rabbit rabbit


teenshaved for the first time in a few weeks think im gonno get a haircut and fully shave with a razor next month


full for the first time in a while feels nice


think its been two and a half years since i used a razor on anything but my neck


slid the blade across my skin


thats typically how you shave


might shave soon too cheap to buy razors so started using my hairclippers doesnt do a real clean shave but it doesnt matter


i grow a beard october through february its almost time to shave it off luckily the hair clippers work great im getting itchy just thinking about it


my beard only connects on one side gap on the other but its still more than dad and brother have


cant grow a beard just facial pubes




one wisdom tooth points out more towards the cheek never NOTiced it before this week now its been bothering me


File: 1643767859720.jpg (67.47 KB, 1024x768, s-9a01d9387d76fc9ef6ac54f74cd8e210ecd30f28.jpg)


File: 1643768187178.jpg (3.32 MB, 2621x1966, 95515696_p0.jpg)


my bottom right wisdom tooth is still giving me problems it was digging into my cheek on and off from age 25-26 NOT getting it removed



do her teeth hurt


bottom right wisdom tooth has a gum flap went through a bad episode a year or two ago with it but it doesnt bother me anymore


File: 1643768529190.jpg (111.92 KB, 1264x1326, [SubsPlease] Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja - ….jpg)


holy flip maybe dropping that was a mistake




same i could flick it with my tongue no clue where the flap wound up i think its strange so many people pay money to get their wisdom teeth removed its just a minor amount of pain over the years in exchange for four more chewing teeth


flaps still there just NOT radiating pain anymore


flip that flap


still on episode 11 of flip flappers


File: 1643769164020.jpg (3.16 MB, 2400x3650, 95943326_p0.jpg)


crisis management


File: 1643771046132.jpg (152.21 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to….jpg)


took a break from normfee heads been pounding all day



had some normffee for the first time in a while today made instant think i used too much powder because it got me real wired for a while


feeling feverish


why didnt you use your french press


norm press


dont have one


have never made coffee


why NOT


dont like hot drinks only reason to drink it would be for the caffeine but its a very inefficient source there are far cheaper alternatives


went to the blog store but forgot my mask and guy behind the counter got passive aggressive and made a rude remark then made me show my id even though i was viciously height and beardmogging him got a liter of blogka


mom said to use disposable masks NOT the cloth ones so theres always a spare mask floating around the car floor


always forget to put a spare one in my backpack


but hot drinks really get you goin


only drink hot drinks have a nice cup of plain boiling water every night


are you chink


File: 1643773511536.webm (293.37 KB, 640x360, haruhi.webm)


liked a haruhi song once but cant remember what it was


could you do the dance


it was NOT the dance one it was a song where one of the other characters tries singing really badly and is embarrassed about it starting to wonder if thats some totally different anime



is it really NOT possible to ban one teen


its an army


an army recruiter called the house once


File: 1643775577430.jpg (432.14 KB, 1004x1000, 95942411_p0.jpg)


File: 1643775617747.jpg (37.16 KB, 600x338, me.JPG)


used to refuse to wear a coat as a teen but cant remember why


wore a coat daily even in 90 degree heat


are you hiding the scars


have to drive mom an hour and a half to the dentist then wait for an hour and a half while she gets a root canal then drive back an hour and a half tomorrow


bring the switch


nah fire up fgo


File: 1643776368009.png (472.06 KB, 1226x1750, 95939540_p0.png)


dont have either of those probably just going to read a book


never read a book in my life


need to get back to reading


File: 1643776721274.jpg (171.12 KB, 850x1188, untitled.jpg)

remember that time we played the find the differences game with the yuru camp picture


why is it untitled


old bitch invader still awake at midnight gonno rage


weird how the once a year or so i read a book i enjoy it quite a bit and think i should do it more often then dont same with vns


what did you read last for me it was cows


read the first logh book technically a reread since id read the old translation a decade ago


no it was my shell i felt vulnerable without it


remember that time we met up and ate at shoneys


you cant call mom that its her house


been getting a weird feeling in my chest and throat last few days its a cross between chest pain heartburn and nausea and its NOT pleasant


youre evolving


would rather NOT update can i revert to my teen release think that version worked better


havin a weep


hated my teen form was an ugly little goober but from aside from the acne i thought i was average mindblowing i didnt realize the truth until i was 20


sigh same


used to think i was tall and fast


im NOT average im exceptional


an exceptional loser




regularly daydream about going back in time and meeting up with myself and teaching him things i didnt figure out until many years later and telling him about mewing and what to eat and buying him some clothes and giving him some money and a cool car for the time and telling him to get a teengf while he can and getting him braces and maybe mention those bitcoins i guess thats the whole point of having children of course my single mother didnt teach me anything except everyone is out to get you and how to beg for handouts


in the village days you wouldve been the most handsome teen and everyone would be begging you to marry their daughters NOT your fault you were born in the mass communication age


the village idiot


i would go back in time and drown that little pussy in a bathtub


in those days i think just being able to supply 3 good meals a day made you look like a gigachad


wish my dad did that stuff


can see my penis in my pants think its time to just start wearing boxer briefs even though i hate them


now that guys going to start spamming that post


i wonder if its jarring for mom to see how i turned out i experienced it firsthand so i can see the natural progression but from her perspective it must seem like i was just a weird kid that went into his room one day and came out a retarded adult


she still holds out hope


NOT sure why or how but if it keeps her off my back whatever


weird how foids can call someone they know ``flipping ugly'' in front of thousands of people and think NOThing wrong of it


thats what he gets for having 2.1mm of insufficient bone growth along his infraorbital rim


went and got some bk it was NOThing but teengirls working in a frenzy behind the counter


no one watching the stream knows him


did you flirt with them


did you get a free burger


were they sexy


no i mumbled can i get a whopper with cheese meal with diet coke then the skinny girl said what i didnt hear you then i said it again and waited and some indian guy picked up a delivery order


File: 1643784016411.png (5.06 KB, 492x69, uhh.png)



were being hacked permission freak the flip out


sigh he would have walked in there and walked out with a bag full of free food and 3 of the girls numbers


he loved hacking


one of them was super skinny and one was obese the rest were normal


head on back in there and take some creepshots of the normal ones


yeah go in there and say youre still hungry theyll be like wow a real man knows how to feast and then just talk natural to them and flip them in the freezer


thanks for the advice seki


i dont see why you guys have so many girl problems its easy


im flipping ugly


girls like that


youre NOT ugly youre rugged



forgot half of my pinky toenail broke off in the shower earlier while i was scrubbing the tops of my feet and i put it on the cap of moms shampoo better go flick it down the drain


thatll be the day


just remembered aNOTher chapter from my dark past


dont do that




fell back into the comfortable nihilist state if i play my cards right ill get to be manic again for a while before falling back into despair and then void and this is how my life will be forever


drink too often to be manic


why does it have to be this way hima


looks like mom wants to buy a nice studio apartment neetpad for me to live in and she moves out to the country hehe


hell ya


guess ill snooze


nice protagonist with his overseas parents and own apartment



im a side character in my own life


File: 1643802641146.jpg (1.02 MB, 1700x1080, FKgWG79aMAAUxfk.jpg)


whats wrong with her hole


she jod too much


cracked but one of the pieces fell inside could NOT get it out just gonno have to be a crunchy morning


youll be singing a different tune when she stops paying your rent in a year



File: 1643804729811.jpg (205.04 KB, 1000x1489, FKk4zW4VIAMlAl1.jpg)




more of a digiflip than a pokeflip


gonno google sexy digimons



die danorm


uh how can it be norm when it has the word deviant in it


people made armies of bots that crawl the most popular da images and mint them as nfts the artists get no money


crying for those artists


should i be a secretive guy with a bow or a big angry guy with a mace hima


yeah its a trick






the mushroom anime has a bow guy



hate rangednorms



singing the heartcatch precure op in my mind hima its so good


File: 1643813765142.jpg (260.37 KB, 1448x1084, FKlmm-HaIAMBhxM.jpg)


shes leaking


a gamer must game




what did i miss


still raining but the temp dropped below freezing


lucky we only get nice weather here


want to move somewhere where its freezing and snowing for half the year and you might die if you get stuck outside


its NOT that great



the teentubers finally started spamming 3d female streamers now was only a matter of time and shes a plumper at that


would you be surprised if i told you shes a tuber


cant wait for the amouranth embeds


seki needs to add support for twitch embeds


cant wait for hima to be integrated into the twitch app once seki sells the site to amazon


File: 1643827899941.jpg (528.56 KB, 1303x2000, FKi8sSXacAA4fcP.jpg)


been raining all day now dropping below freezing and starting to snow mom said to stay off the road heh time for a drive


are you going to flipping end it


cant believe we couldnt find a willing stud for this marecel


time to take mom to the dentist see you in 5 hours hima







mom got some good news for once


had a fun winter drive truck tried to pass on the left but he lost control and ran off into a farm field


wonder if moms gonno buy beer today if i take a trip with her


there arent enough leftovers for two people so shes going to the store hehe



tonight will be rice and beans night 3 finishing off the last of the can


sigh mom got a 30 pack and said she thought i would be out already with a weird tone too autistic to know if she was pissed or coping with reality


didnt you start playing that months ago


tell mom youre cel so she either keeps the cope juice coming or the rope comes out


but she thinks im a well adjusted alpha male pussy slayer i cant destroy her perception like that


moms bf was yacking on the phone about me needing a gf again and mom said no im NOT ready for my first relationship because i am too unstable these people do NOT remember theyre talking about a 32 year old things ended in 2012 now i simply continue to exist in this realm out of arrogance


shes right 32 is too young to start dating best to wait until 40



File: 1643838917904.webm (1.76 MB, 480x480, 1643634181628.webm)




weighed myself im back to normal NOT even that 10lb gain could keep me from returning to stasis


loaded up on supplies tonights a celebration




already stored it all away gonno start with some pizza


hope its a supreme


did you vote on the poll


no and im NOT going back to look for it


also wish it was supreme they were out of most types


File: 1643842729462.png (1.54 MB, 2047x1447, 95954207_p0.png)


gobbled down that pizza it was NOT enough might fry up some quesadillas


woke up mornin hima




its a wild neet night


File: 1643843550076.png (1.67 MB, 2200x2200, 95954179_p0.png)


too much cawfee heads hurtin


you need to detox


nah i just should have eaten


drank 30ml normka


walked by a mixed gender group of teens at the sledding hill one of the boys said hi to me and then the girls mocked him for talking to me


love running around the neighborhood and chatting with strangers






File: 1643844579127.png (1.44 MB, 1378x2039, 95949591_p0.png)


its ツインテールの日


frying up one of me bean and cheese quesadillas havent had one of these in ages


nice chad attracting all the local gay teens into his harem




File: 1643846458437.jpg (2.33 MB, 1621x2826, 1643289143114.jpg)





did you get her number




sigh aNOTher himaro graduates


cant believe the arrogance of therapyguy


was thinking about that pic the other day minus the japanese bird


im unapproachable


just got back from 6 mile snow hike used a pole to stay steady


dont you have anything better to do than walk around all day


would probably spend all day tardwandering if i was born a millenium earlier


yeah you should be staring at rectangles and keeping people updated every time your mom brings you fast food


cleaned my room and washed all the clothes towels and sheets very productive day


die self improver


were going to flipping made it like therapyguy


have to wake up early tomorrow to shovel the driveway before mom goes to work


File: 1643847711556.png (446.83 KB, 875x709, 1643835769782.png)




sorry i was hoping someone would say something funny


its a raid


i need flip i need flip sex sex sex sex


File: 1643847997903.jpg (1.36 MB, 1800x2400, 95953156_p0.jpg)


maam.. your breast


File: 1643848284319.jpg (106.39 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei….jpg)


File: 1643848442882.png (292.79 KB, 882x963, 1323ae15fbdf5e859a7410b4cbf0c062.png)

dont bother taking test get estrogen instead


how about dont do drugs


File: 1643848562041.jpg (438.9 KB, 1816x2000, 95956078_p0.jpg)


had a pizza and two of my stuffed quesadillas feel full also feel like eating more shouldve gotten some chips


full or full i think you need to keep eating


are those my only two options


File: 1643848759926.jpg (717.28 KB, 782x1043, 20220202_170929.jpg)


she is NOT a successful pornstar


snows mostly melted and its set to rain for the new few days gonno be almost 60 on friday must be that global warming i keep hearing about


File: 1643848944349.jpg (914.55 KB, 1175x1425, 95934292_p0.jpg)


hate when mom makes me pose like that for pictures




picked up some ice cream sandwiches on a whim waiting in line havent had these in many years


post a pic of that queue


uh that was some hours ago


heads still hurting would take some aspirins but mom said they cause stomach bleeding if you drink with them


weighed myself lost a pound


dont think ive ever had aspirin use ibuprofen have used naproxen in the past


why did everyone start posting when they gained a pound lost two pounds


bought a new scale half a year ago


gamed for 10 hours today




File: 1643849968694.jpg (341.92 KB, 1728x2304, 95963153_p0.jpg)


gained 15lbs in 3 weeks guess this is supposed to be my natural weight too bad its fat


winters ending its time to cut


gotta start working on those abs for summer


we will cut during spring so we will be ready for the beach



we need to make a list of beaches in japan to go to also may want to look into coed onsen if those are a thing


i would NOT be able to go into a mixed bath in fact dont think id be able to go in a normal bath


you need to show the sexy jpgfs your massive western penis so they will be aroused and interested in mating


im NOT a shower


im a shower and a grower




how tight do you have to wear your underwear


worn briefs my whole life went through a very brief period trying boxer briefs as a teen that didnt last do use boxers as indoor shorts



got numerous pairs of dirty crapped briefs


NOT sure if im special or just defective



youre always super special


tired even though its NOT even 9pm guess ill space out for four five hours unable to game or watch instead of going to bed early then do the same thing again tomorrow because i didnt get enough sleep


its a good time to start playing priconne if you were on the fence


i dont play gacha


ya those two are what i meant thought aspirin was just a term for nsaids


only took 2 painkiller pills in the past 4 months




steroids said NOT to take ibuprofen with them just took a lot of antihistamines that week


think im being hacked ive lost 2 gigs on my hard drive even though all my downloads are going to an external


hope you find them


File: 1643853360678.jpg (1.26 MB, 4134x5846, 95951868_p0.jpg)


2 viewers yikes


rated t for teen


inferiority complex having a flare up


ate a minneola for dessert


thats NOT a dessert


unmounted the external and found those gigs what the flip


File: 1643855053234.jpg (121.15 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Hakozume - Kouban Joshi no Gyakus….jpg)


gonno mount yer arse if you arent careful


File: 1643856741573.jpg (265.78 KB, 595x842, 95957399_p0.jpg)




why NOT just go ahead and post some instagrammers and tiktoks instead


the kids at the park were talking about tiktok


File: 1643858437161.jpg (100.53 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Vanitas no Carte - 15 (720p) [963….jpg)



File: 1643858751476.jpg (218.22 KB, 1448x2048, FKlxfBAacAEQP6q.jpg)


she needs to see a tailor


she needs to lose about 15 pounds


i need to lose about twice that


sisters husband measured me for a tailored suit but then gained 50 pounds could NOT wear it anymore and now lost all the weight so the suit fits but have no reason to wear it


you can wear it while courting ladies


you should wear it around town ladies love a well dressed man


is it a complex if we are actually inferior




im born loser i was born and then i lost


diced an onion for scrambled eggs later


eat an entire onion every day


how many hairs grow on your chest per day


theres more now than there were 3 years ago


File: 1643861106695.jpg (222.57 KB, 857x1218, 95956683_p0.jpg)



moms suicidal ideation makes me realize how gay it is for me to even hint at it


hate when mom starts talking about the rope must be nice to be a foid and be able to blab about it to anyone and relieve stress only people i can tell are people on imageboards and only in a jovial or subtle manner also pretty difficult to empathize with her when shes lived a life on easymode and im over here playing on the cel mod


farthest i go is saying i dont care if i die and if i only made it to 50 id be fine with it


unfortunately all of my family members are still kicking despite decades of nonstop alcoholism and drug abuse and have only died of unnatural causes so i doubt id be lucky enough to die of lifestyle related disease by 50


id be fine with it if i got to reroll to 20 and go through them again for aNOTher 10 years do NOT want to be around for the day i turn 40 though rather just get out of here now and ritual my way to the anime world


its gonno be the same as every birthday since you were a teen except youll be fatter balder and have more aches and pains


but i can cope that its just my 20s and my real life will start any day now thats the most important part better to be fat and bald as a tween than jacked and with full hair as a weird 30 something old guy


40 is the new 18 were just late bloomers


theres simply no benefit to going on when there is no signs of anything good happening youve already passed the point of completing the setup phase youre too old to ever become a functional adult


theres NOThing good happening but there are benefits i dont have a job i dont have to regularly interact with anyone but mom and i can sit in my neetcave drinking beer in front of the computer


have NOT had any alcohol in weeks


havent gone more than 5 days without it in 2 years


where is the honor in that


i didnt have any to begin with mom sentenced me to life in this meatprison im just making the best of it


File: 1643866627503.gif (1.05 MB, 600x600, 82742252_p0.gif)



think its about time for some eggs


only had a turkey bacon sub today


what were the ingredients


lettuce onion provalone t b


extremely tired out of nowhere


t and b or tb


t n b


where was the pic


on my insta









you cant ban pg


joked to a man about his small stature was kind of fun can see why talls are so arrogant




dont see why norms get mad about racist jokes but have no problem shitting on shorts or microdicks even though its genetics too


only women get mad about racist jokes because theyre retarded


i think the bigger question is why it is seemingly never ok to insult someone for being a fat but its ok to make fun of them for those genetic features you mentioned i think its one of those things that only norms can explain


it is ok to insult people for being a hambone who told you otherwise





File: 1643872261902.jpg (102.12 KB, 661x539, 1581323847734.jpg)




first bite of scrambled eggs had a shell in it story of my life


a little bit of shell is good for you


its NOT good for morale


get your mind out of the gutter


i could have saved her


it sounds great on paper until you have to deal with the screaming night terrors and the inappropriate grabbing


sigh id probably be happier if i adopted a child and raised them like merlin id keep them away from the evils of the modern world while still subtly preparing them to deal with it


File: 1643873209487.jpg (381.92 KB, 1200x1694, 92994203_p0.jpg)


50 years later i wish i could save her in some sort of time machine


wish i was her


i wonder which one of us is going to flip out first and become a dangerous lunatic


what about cameron and kenneth




im really NOT that bad


File: 1643874118581.png (614.49 KB, 362x640, 070de2ad775b0843.png)


based wager


headache hasnt gone away even with blogs mom said theres a pressure difference because its gonno rain until sunday


watching a normime








File: 1643875501969.jpg (270.11 KB, 980x735, biggulp.jpg)


wish i had that sandwich rn


hate premade wrapped up sandwiches basically a giant wad of bread in every bite


got a wad for you right here




love bread


loving bread doesnt make you japanese


downloaded priconne



it sucks delete it
i watched the first episode it sucked currently watching the second it sucks even more did NOT even pause it to write this post


i meant the mobage


go to hell phonenorm


damn good game
damn good anime


File: 1643876961316.jpg (299.34 KB, 1080x1440, FKlzNGTacAEuqr3.jpg)


too lazy to chase after her like those other alpha males just gonno set up a nice tripwire a mile down the road


File: 1643877558144.png (107.28 KB, 1111x615, pic.png)

crying this cant be happening


dont understand the metaverse just looks like a low quality vrchat


nice fuckerturd



damned good game bloodnorme


sigh blogs didnt really do it for me tonight NOT sure why




wonder how i wouldve turned out if i had a mom and dad who loved each other instead of an absent deadbeat dad


you would just be the weird kid they hated


get a weird feeling when i remember almost everyone has loving parents and i failed the dice roll


and that having a single mother is NOT normal


think my parents are too loving


losing a lot of posts lately i said mom was born in the 50s when having a single mother was actually abnormal but now its like 65 percent of kids under 18 so really youre norm if you came from a broken home


the normification


dont think the divorce statistics are accurate when 99 percent of them are initiated by the woman really they shouldnt even be allowed to vote or file for divorce in a sane society they have no concept of long term planning


File: 1643882717417.png (67.56 KB, 1291x984, anger.png)

nice Taiwan, Province of China


wish i was finnish


are you rager


no but in my restless dreams i see that face


ban the C*-P L*o*l*ii ロリファンビデオ thread


what the heck is that the full game


ya what else would it be


you cant ban ken and his silent protest against the arizona department of corrections


hes dead to us



BOLES claimed this post was a joke





sigh raining


File: 1643894203939.png (2 MB, 2000x2666, 95959788_p0.png)

its setsubun


File: 1643895180343.png (1 MB, 926x1200, 95974382_p0.png)


File: 1643895970229.jpg (187.65 KB, 907x1210, FKrHszFaMAMMdE3.jpg)


drinking tea


the official precure youtube channel posted a video with vtubers instead of kigs


always wanted to go for a car ride with sam even though i know if be very uncomfortable and want to escape


never gotten poosy


File: 1643896692136.jpg (711.86 KB, 2480x3508, 95963412_p0.jpg)


did NOT get a shell fragment in my eggs this morning


is that bad


cracked got shell fragments 2 days in a row then today that other guy got one but NOT me


never learned how to cringe is it something norms just know how to do instinctively




nice miso


File: 1643903423156.jpg (1.09 MB, 3475x3840, mansion kitchen.jpg)


finished the can last night so tonight is gonno be rice and tofu night 1


felt a little weird ever since a few days ago when i realized im the ugliest person ive ever met i was the freak all along




File: 1643907943862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.24 KB, 397x400, FA9EA0B2-F09A-4CCC-A150-972B13642A5F.jpeg)


would love to work in the honda factory and wear the legendary green cap



thats a norm dream


dreamed about some kids putting on an adaptation of the odyssey set in the modern day but it also was some sort of takedown against the actors dad


File: 1643912547527.mp4 (571.79 KB, the norms.mp4)


nice mom



spilled my piss


im a stay at home man


somebodys car is stuck in the snow outside watched a team of 5 people try to dig it out and push


redpill me on human feet why do they look so weird




wish i could heightmaxx like that


made some cawfee


File: 1643917893185.jpg (278.02 KB, 1454x2048, 1643192796780.jpg)



woke up had a dream that aris came over to my house and sat on the bed silently while i showed everyone my yugioh collection on the floor


who is everyone


the boys


chair is still hurting my legs and now the armrest broke theres a sharp pointy edge waiting to slice open my hand at any moment


this is the chair mom gave me for christmas 2020 she convinced me to throw out my old comfortable chair and use her new gift one


leather started tearing off my chair and now my floor is covered with little black specks


is it for gaymers


getting a bit bored of living


yeah it was branded as a gaming chair my old chair was one of those mesh office chairs and it rocked and reclined could sit cross legged comfortably for hours


only look forward to eating and sleeping


doesnt everybody


speaking of eating i wonder if moms gonno get a frozen pizza today i read her day planner and she was going to target after work


hate when mom thinks im depressed and starts giving me a lot of food i guess when youre 70iq thats all you can think to do its kind of sad and cute in a way


File: 1643920462904.jpeg (5.63 MB, 3669x2680, 25e4b8c8e94f4deeba72699d2f4b31f0.jpeg.jpeg)


im 70 iq


searching through all of my pictures from the past 8 years to see if one of them captured my old chair so can go buy the exact model again


post em


File: 1643921267322.jpg (508.72 KB, 1600x1061, 1643919166665.jpg)


File: 1643921919059.jpg (36.88 KB, 199x250, chair.jpg)

found the armrest in one pic looks kind of like the staples hyken


sigh he loved uli


think you got the model right looks pretty comfortable


die richnorm


my chair has a mesh back but i just put a pillow behind me


made more cawfee



File: 1643923333297.jpg (320.78 KB, 2080x960, untitled.jpg)


my blahaj is sitting right next to me


nice meme consumer


hermon miller aerons are great just go on facebook marketplace and search chair for free


no frozen pizza but she got some corn chips cheese and 3 jars of pickled jalapeno slices might be a nacho night


sigh he loved preparing elaborate meals for himself while everyone else here lives off of frozen garbage boiled chicken or fast food


wonder if things would have been different if i had a cat


love elaborate meals like corn chips and shredded cheese on a paper plate in the microwave


you would have become a soyboy


i am a soy goy just with none of the perks or ability to function in society


moms root canal is bothering her shes gonno have soup again tonight


never had a pet theyve all been moms could take them or leave them but theyre good for looking at to avoid making eye contact or talking about to avoid awkward silence when i leave my room


tell her i wished her well


would things have been different if i had a sis


find it funny that ive buried some of moms pets at rental properties would be amusing to see someone digging for access to a pipe or something and finding a box with a cat skeleton in it 30 seconds in


remember seeing a bloody dead cat corpse on the grass on the walk home from school once


told mom if i die before her i want to be buried in the yard


be attractive


you just have to put yourself out there


wonder how big the dopamine hit is after you drop a nice akasupa must be sublime


why would giving someone money release dopamine


some people are born to serve


they say your name


i dont even like hearing mom say my name


have had to give mom a talking to several times after she loudly blurts out my name in public



trimmed my pits




you mean shaved right


no i dont want to deal with the stubble so i only trim them down with the clippers


fired up sackiro killed inner genichiro


hes a man hes NOT supposed to be removing any pit hair


who was this for


we are the beautiful ones


the himastreamer


never once felt like a man in three decades wonder when thatll kick in


you picked the wrong generation to spawn in if you want to feel like a man that time is long gone


File: 1643927633648.webm (6.78 MB, 640x480, d233822a8934e174fff6755f30871844e51e6ada5f504….webm)


did you hack me i have a search tab of all the digi shows open right now


blood on my tp




thats only if its dark red hes probably just got roids from spending the last twenty years sitting on his ass


havent had a roid flareup in a year or two


tarded out and wasted too much time trying to save the good anime i havent seen wish i had watched them all before i was 25 when it wasnt pathetic to be emotionally invested in cartoons


uh its NOT pathetic now




File: 1643930538042.jpg (427.48 KB, 692x1000, 95964417_p0.jpg)


moms making fish fingeys and rice for dinner


die norm


got hit with flood detection for trying to post the same thing


were in sync


got mango lime bubblewater its NOT very good


mom says im allergic to mangos


uhh how would she know anything about your allergies that you dont



whats dubious about that


File: 1643932521389.jpg (724.07 KB, 1200x932, 95985389_p3.jpg)


kind of interesting surprised how many japanese get into touhou through friends and how many of them support doujinshi


did you NOT get into touhou through your friend in the anime club


i got into toehoes through my anonymous friends on the information superhighway


no i discovered it through vocaloid and also jp since those two letters are weeb bait


the weeb


moms freaking out about mayo prices while making tardar sauce


what does it mean


only teens like it


selection bias


File: 1643934293913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 448.29 KB, 1174x910, 95977086_p0.jpg)


woke up heya


on my third dilla



went on a 6 mile snow hike again but a lot slower today


File: 1643935421833.jpg (416.79 KB, 854x923, 20220203_165627.jpg)


flip you


dont just feed us the dregs post the selfies you took for your insta


File: 1643935759190.jpg (963.41 KB, 2026x2865, 95974233_p0.jpg)


stupid little bitch thats NOT how you eat a burrito


thats a sushi


how do you eat a burrito


with a knife and fork


eating a peanut butter and off brand nutella sandwich with a big glass of milk


who says knife before fork


never ate nutella is it good




weighed myself lost aNOTher pound


feel like breads been getting more expensive even the cheap mass manufactured loaves 3 4 dollars NOT counting the store brand wonderbread type bread


its always been that much because mom gets the whole wheat shite


NOT true these brands used to be 2 3 dollars


die richnorm


also got a loaf of the cheapest store brand white bread for baloney sandwiches


the bread mom gets for me is still 3 bucks a loaf because you have to buy two at the same time when you get it at costco dont remember what it was 20 years ago but 2 or 3 bucks sounds about right


im NOT talking about normco prices


havent been in a costco in years


thats the only place you should be buying things you know youre going to be buying again


stopped buying bread switched to tortillas 3 tortillas are only 100 calories


think my tortillas are quite a bit more calories but i dont count calories because im NOT a teengirl


holy flip


himasugi.org/jp/ banner


reimu marisa banner


File: 1643937958335.jpg (142.16 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi ….jpg)


File: 1643938133434.jpg (129.85 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Leadale no Daichi nite - 05 (720p….jpg)


weird post


hello kitty woman removed her inflatable hello kitty its NOT there anymore


hes hacking


shes growing up


dont know if ive gotten fatter or what but im neetreekin hard after a mere 24 hours without showering


maybe its been two days cant remember


defiantly did NOT shower yesterday but then did 2 hikes in a row without showering


its natural


cant smell anything wrong except for when standing in front of the toilet but that might just be my clothes smell or the dirty floor


if me arsehole didnt itch like i wiped with poison ivy i doubt i would bathe even twice a week


NOT everyone sweats like a pig


File: 1643940043799.jpg (253.78 KB, 623x1067, sei.jpg)


im a flippin animal


digging the animation in the new season of princess connect


File: 1643940219220.jpg (145.7 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Princess Connect! Re-Dive S2 - 04….jpg)


2/1/2022 MFW - Motion For Withdraw of counsel - Party (001) 2/3/2022
NOTE: Motion to Withdraw as Attorney of Record
its really over


first sean now mark what the flip


bought a delta 8 vape didnt realize it was legal here until yesterday never done weed before






sister always tries to get me to use drugs always refused except for that one time at grandmas funeral when she gave me an edible


i was square my whole adolescence because i didnt want to screw up my life but now im 30 cel so flip it


was she just offering them to you or did she want to do them together like a couple of hypersocialized normans



she shared them with our cousins then handed one to me


sis told me she did coke a couple weeks ago


why were you getting high at grans funeral


never going to go to aNOTher funeral sober again


should have just held onto it until you got back home its a waste to use substances around others i always turn the alcoholic pothead uncs down and just use it alone if they give me any


wish i had a sis to get me flipped up and take advantage of me


gramps was on xannies at grans funeral


never been to a funeral wouldnt care unless it was moms


youd better get high at moms funeral


sis smokes weed every day thinks it helps her but shes also out the wazoo on happy pills and i am NOT convinced her problems arent just self perpetuating


File: 1643941951655.jpg (254.13 KB, 1279x1460, [SubsPlease] Princess Connect! Re-Dive S2 - 04….jpg)


why would i


youll be sad


sadness is a normal part of life youre NOT supposed to start taking drugs because of a bit of sadness


already cried all my tears


dead moms NOT just a bit of sadness


i dont feel less sad after combusting the devils lettuce


i do


File: 1643942273829.webm (388.19 KB, 640x360, [SubsPlease] Princess Connect! Re-Dive S2 - 0….webm)


how flipping weak is the tardcat


shes NOT tard and shes NOT weak


nice forced animation


lets see about that when i snap her


ill protect her from you


File: 1643942608325.png (1.22 MB, 882x896, unknown.png)


throats irritated coughing hard


opened that and started to scroll down then panic closed it thinking it was a gif


File: 1643942829379.png (7.1 MB, 2998x4311, 95972338_p0.png)


its natural




post em


learned that telegrams are still in use because some laws require documents to be sent in writing email doesnt count and mailing it takes too long


uh then why dont they just use a fax machine like the nice autistic japanese


why NOT fax it


wheres himas fax address


File: 1643943234691.png (9.52 MB, 4093x2894, 95974186_p0.png)


raging internally


cant get comfortable need to be rolled up in the weighted tardblanket and pointed towards the rectangle


they use fax at moms work because her computer system will NOT talk with different computer systems so to transfer data they have to print it out fax it and data entry


just roll me up in a spare futon and stuff me in the closet



File: 1643944119538.jpg (497.32 KB, 2000x1622, FKtinetagAAtoOV.jpg)


growing tired of arrogantguy posting his entire pixiv and twatter feeds


dont use twitter only pixiv


developed dermatographia since last week


im goo shit


what do you write


im NOT trying to write anything


oh just assumed dermatographia was where you write on your skin


keep tardgiggling whenever coco says bone


die tubie


saw some sexy lady art where she had 2 pacifiers 1 in the mouth and 1 down there


thanks for sharing




you dont want to see it had to open it myself and learned that its fanart of an en tuber


which tuber


some independent one had never seen before


bored and mom took a shower early without me realizing so i have to wait to snack and crack


File: 1643945631646.jpg (1.09 MB, 1400x965, 92e3285baeed90233c01ef21900d6f2d.jpg)


File: 1643946126717.jpg (1.23 MB, 1003x1416, FKuM2jwUYAYp_yd.jpg)


sister invited me to a big cat sanctuary once


the warosu wolf sanctuary




bored gonno toss



a stray dog was on the other side of the bridge it crossed the street to say hi to me then sprinted off


uh dogs cant talk


found dried blood in my ear after waking up what the flip


happens sometimes


sister used to wake up with weird stuff on her body


what did you do to her bastard


she would sleep on the floor in the kitchen then wake up with bruises and wonder why


drove past a big cat sanctuary on the way to moms dentist the sign said it was for sale


big cat sanctuary or big cat sanctuary


File: 1643947391108.png (287.89 KB, 616x599, big cat.png)


read this twice before i understood you werent taking a shower with your gf and calling her mom


mom and dad had conflicting ideas of what time of day to bathe me


didnt take regular baths or showers till into my teens


was doing that thing where i eat a meal and daydream about how i excited i am to eat the next one


wish i had food i could soy out over


after my dinner tonight thought about how cant travel to the store and most of the restaurants are shut down for snow even mcdonalds was closed


File: 1643948781913.webm (3.36 MB, 480x360, 1643922052643.webm)


sometimes get a bit sad when i realize again that ill never go to japan


thats what you get for procrastinating now their borders are closed forever


she had a trip planned for march 2020


thats the way its supposed to be


perhaps in the future you can join an immigration program and slave in factories and live in flats with a dozen random guys from africa and eastern europe


ill die in the mud of my homeland


leave the africans out and youve got a deal


need mom to just go the hell to bed already so i can eat


only reason i chose himasugi over the other spinoffs was because the admin was african american


think my ass is getting bigger


thought the trial was over why is his lawyer resigning


he grew a conscience


never been to court but maybe thats why hes resigning i dont think you keep the same lawyer the whole time youre in prison


he needs to appeal to the supreme court


sister wanted to be a lawyer


big bro said arceus is epic


think im gonno cook a turkey sandwich and darkshower


phoneteen perma


whats wrong with a nice phone


starting to feel the manic power lets do this


harness the power


raging hard


chicago pizza is in the oven


didnt flipping ask


its in the oven


would put you in the oven


feast upon me


gonno hit you in the jawbone


have a feeling like this year is going to be a pivotal one you arent going to be able to weasel your way out of this one like the others


adorable beer baby


sexy baby no


File: 1643954381723.jpg (7.04 MB, 3198x5236, 92431174_p0.jpg)


feeling weird


gonno wait to darkshower until after i eat almost out of mustard again wish they sold it in bigger jars


cant believe that pandemic stuff happened and the norms just went along with it


youre talking about a country where the average person thinks 9/11 was the result of a plane flying into a building


ban the misinformation spreaders


gonno watch some normie again hehe


thermometer says its 70 in here but im cold and when i had my shirt on i was too hot


heard a noise downstairs grabbed my knife


thats NOT a knoife


might grab one more blog before i put clean clothes on after the darkshower was trying to keep it to 5 but what the hell


mom said sugarwater


why does she know that term


File: 1643965567261.jpg (690.79 KB, 900x1200, FKuvVOEaQAAjoXQ.jpg)


wish i had a job so i could creepshot her and post it here


youd get doxxed


if i had a job i would be cool and confident so it wouldnt bother me like trevor


you mean cameron


nah he hides in the shadows and takes his anger out on posters he sees as lesser beings trevor put himself out there and gave NOT a flip


sigh remembered lowtax is dead as i read an 18 year old article




we were supposed to be cool sarcastic guys with gfs and friends from online meetups like them instead of feral retards


im nice



File: 1643969895804.png (3.27 KB, 379x92, eb3744d05.png)

woah new record hima almost twice my current highest


nice thats about 10 grand more than moms


thats a lot of free money already maxed out all my cards sigh


File: 1643970697812.mp4 (3.34 MB, rage.mp4)


nice creditnorm



me and mom


was gonno include that but thought it was self evident hehe



think mom flipped up one of my hand me down shirts i dont remember seeing holes in the wrists


dont know what she did because it defiantly didnt look like this even a year ago


found my old sweater from about 15 years ago in excellent condition still fits perfectly


always had mom get my clothes in xl even though i was twig and im still able to wear them all these years later hehe


dont understand why norms buy clothes every week or month been wearing the same clothes for over a decade



whatever norms do is good because they work and reproduce and spend money whatever we do is bad because were wearing sweatpants weve had since highschool with the crotch blown out and posting muscle girl stream links at 5 am on a weekday




we should do the same thing except with jacked up dudes


im a jacked up dude on the internet


do we see certain things as norm and lowbrow because we actually see it that way or is it a fox and gsnaps cope thing


the former


just making sure


woke up had a couple of vivid dreams lots happening too lazy to log em in the diary


are you the guy that started lexapro




File: 1643978684445.jpg (413.61 KB, 1446x2048, FKwJigmUcAEVTJu.jpg)


lot of sNOT leaking out me nose today


im just like sesshomaru


never read inuyasha




File: 1643979016641.jpg (1.63 MB, 1400x1867, 95982051_p0.jpg)

its her birthday


File: 1643979318825.jpg (337.22 KB, 1242x1664, 1643968294416.jpg)


nice now i can avoid the nig owned stuff


over $5 for a dinky little bag of rice what the hell


uh thats per pound


weird how no ones buying black owned rice nice amerikkka


i only use imageboards that were created by blacks


himako was japanese


File: 1643979916919.webm (2.58 MB, 576x1024, 1643978303693.webm)

signing into the sb as NOTacoolguy


do NOT know where my rice comes from


you should be eating nishiki premium rice



only buy the 5 pound bag of meijer brand enriched long grain white rice mom doesnt like it keeps telling me to buy brown but no


rice made me fat dont eat it


buy botan myself


lost 50 pounds while eating rice


you must have been deathfat level before


rice isnt making the japs fat maybe you shouldve added less cheese and mayo


i looked it up and it said 700 calories per cup so i thought this is great and ate a lot of it with everything until i discovered that meant 700 calories per uncooked cup NOT cooked cup


was bmi 27 in 2020 now at bmi 20


the twigger


listening to special days and watching a guy shovel snow outside


two dark rainy days in a row nice


sun is very bright here


File: 1643984057310.png (746.65 KB, 800x600, 1fd649a53925431a3266a0767cd54858.png)


wish i owned a mountain and lived on it alone like an ogre and people would make up stories and say to never go to the ogre mountain


File: 1643984882109.png (1.15 MB, 1040x674, untitled.png)




when your only company is yourself but you dont really like that guy either


File: 1643985791405.mp4 (2.63 MB, cdlvcs.mp4)


no better compliment than someone getting an erection from seeing you


futas are always erect


new slow loop is out wheres that guy who loves koi


koiguy is off today


cute koi this episode


File: 1643995703346.jpg (119.64 KB, 850x1200, FKvrsddaIAMcaVs.jpg)


wish i was confident enough to smoosh by bone up against people in hallways


got tricked


neetblog totally beefed it


File: 1644000143408.mp4 (725 KB, boob.mp4)


decided ill be a bangs guy until i die tried all sorts of things over the last few years but the bangs simply feel right


enjoy your hair while you still can


never liked hair whats the big deal would rather be bald


how will you get a wife without hair its a smv killer


been going with bangs myself like the way they frame by face




why did you reread your own post 4 minutes later


hes a slow reader give him a break


wasnt going to get one with hair so im NOT bothered


theyre just waiting for us to come out of our shells


no ones waiting for me i got left behind



crying for her


mom didnt have to go to work because too many roads were iced over so she took the trash while i was snoozing sigh didnt mean for her to have to empty the blog bag by herself into the dumpster


love taking out a garbage bag full of 30 rattling beer bottles as my 30 year old 300lb autistic virgin manbaby sleeps soundly upstairs at 2pm


it was more like 90 but two thirds were cans


take trash out maybe once a week


horrific luck in jong was close to ascending from gold but now im spiraling down



you need a mate with large breasts to ensure your young have plenty to eat



wasnt he like 24 in that show


4/jp/ will turn 18 in 4 years


34 is the new 24 we still have time


need a jan to delete that post before anyone else sees it holy flip you cant just say that


together or NOT together


its over


it never even began


cut my thumb just a little bit cuts really dont hurt me at all anymore i have a feeling if i was stabbed i would be underwhelmed


cut my flipping life into pieces


ross is 39 and doesnt have a real job yet everyone respects him whos to say its over


a child called me sir once


i call all children sir and maam


got called sir by a teengirl a few weeks ago i blogged about it now that were old were supposed to be at our smv peak right thats what those coping redpill articles always said


plumber or plumber


she probably thought you were 22


hearing maple music in my head again



phew very nice phone call from tg she asked if i needed anything ordered for tomorrow and was teasing me and giggling very much and ended the call by saying she would see me in a few days things feel different now its back and forth and NOT just one way


arrogant son of a bitch




if you search the word phone and scroll down its all his posts for a while


giant banner scared me


wish to save for castoria but also to to np2 snow ilya


put a sock in it gachanorm


you can get sitonai np2 with the free ssr ticket keep saving for castoria




bet hes flipped tg and moved onto two or three other girls and flipped them too by now thats what life is like when youre 6 foot 2


why the flip would you roll for a man


hes a flippin manroller


men have treated me better in life




just in case there was any doubt touhou fans are all teens


finally won a godsflippingdamn game


a woman outside is clearing ice and snow off her car its been 5 minutes and shes still NOT done




saving it for later still havent watched the last one dont want to go through em too fast


havent decided if tonights a normahol night or NOT


only got one za also havent decided whether to fire it up or NOT could make pasta instead


thats every night


NOT true


read that anything more than 14 blogs a week is heavy drinking


think its 14 standard drinks which equates to 5 percent


used one blog as a standin for one standard drink im NOT counting 14 of your 40s


ya it is but i rarely go above 50 a week


so its okay to drink 14 in one night then


used to be able to do that but NOT anymore


thats the loophole norms think up then they die much sooner because they arent pacing themselves every day hehe


File: 1644014188295.png (2.32 MB, 3008x2342, 95989385_p0.png)


its good for your heart to be completely sedentary and drink a bunch of cawfee while sitting in front of the computer every day right


no its better to be out breaking your back at the construction site every day


wish i worked for a japanese moving company


File: 1644014562038.jpg (327.55 KB, 873x918, 20220204_174125.jpg)


scared of that stuff mom said she wants to take my blood pressure but i know shell freak out when she sees it


they took my pressure three separate times at the doc also got asked the same sequence of questions by three or four different people dont trust those quacks to be able to tell a patients foot from their anus


they took my blood pressure at the doctors a few weeks ago apparently it was high when the aggressive nonwhite nurse took it but when the calm white nurse came in it went down


uh i mean months


File: 1644015574508.jpg (1.22 MB, 1523x1000, 1643975697839.jpg)


wish i could produce milk


simply eat some tv dinners




gamed hard eatin souvlaki




File: 1644016534225.jpg (95.7 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 04 (720p) [45FD2916].….jpg)


thats right i game


wish i could game



poured some normka guess ill fire up that za after all


think of your waistline


what about it


havent gamed in weeks


pretty sure the whole za is under 1k calories


die zanorm


got a nice za in the freezer now


dont think mines gonno be that nice


hey koi friend is back did you like her outfit today


saving it for later dont want to go through em too fast


got $12000 worth of koi in the swimming pool out back myself


rubbed on some menthol its kicking in now


eating rice and tofu


die soyman


might game




dont know how


nows your chance to learn


File: 1644018411130.jpg (384.55 KB, 1110x1553, 95993170_p0.jpg)


wish i was one of them


which one


knew this pizza wouldnt be very good bought it anyway it isnt very good


hows it been going


File: 1644019539867.png (636.63 KB, 750x1061, 95998345_p0.png)


thats it throwing out the rest im NOT wasting food whoever manufactured this already wasted it


excuse me maam your breasts are showing through your shirt


quit staring creep


its pretty hard NOT to stare at big boobs in public mainly because you dont see them often outside of anime


cant say ive had that problem


File: 1644020343381.jpg (199.58 KB, 1270x1467, [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 04 (720p) [45FD2916]0….jpg)




see big boobs all the time


im talking about proper big boobs NOT just fat women


so am i


sigh sis


sis boobs were the last boobs i ever saw


tried making dilla with cheese from a block of cheap cheddar NOT a good idea


love cheap cheddar


just went down to the pantry and a fight had broken out in the kitchen ran back to my room someone should probably do something


get the gun


you cant just shoot a himabro


woke up and bought some blogka


love lining up outside waiting for the liquor store to open


File: 1644023178879.jpg (125.09 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Vanitas no Carte - 16 (720p) [973….jpg)


moms watching the goybox dont know how shes been alive for so long and still feels a desire to watch the normlympics especially with the relatively recent addition of hoaxvirus and globalist propaganda


thought the olympics were over


only weirdos and creeps dont love watching tv


watch this with mom


nigger skipped


File: 1644023508317.jpg (907 KB, 1000x1000, 96005570_p2.jpg)


theyre doing the winter one




nice chinklympics


dont know why we allow anyone with chinese citizenship to enter north america theyre all spies and should be hanged for treason


dream if the day i can openly behead chinks in the street


dont think you know what that word means


i wasnt talking to u


they owe their allegiance to the us the second they take one step onto our soil


nice try tard


are you saying immigrants cant commit treason


File: 1644024766232.jpg (180.74 KB, 711x1000, 95991424_p0.jpg)


little baby


quiet night guess everyones at the club


just thinking about how i have literally NOThing to show for that 10 years of hell i spent except for weird thoughts could have at least learned japanese or something


weird or weird




youre supposed to channel that experience into a work of art being a shutin for long periods gives you a valuable perspective that the world needs to see


watched a video there were 15 minutes left then suddenly an ad was playing and a new video started have no memory of the gap time


uh youre NOT supposed to be seeing ads


its all negative


arms burning


trying to use the pain as a focus


its NOT that kind of burn


love lying down in bed and snuggling up to my 19 inch arms


isnt that a bit short


looked up reference on arm sizes said average armspan is a little longer than height


bath time hima


already took one


File: 1644029056723.png (735.03 KB, 1296x1802, 96007820_p1.png)


still have NOT showered since tuesday and went on 2 6 mile snow hikes since then


anyone ever played one of those coloring games looking for a nice tard game


you mean like those coloring books for adults


sister loves coloring she does it as therapy for her anxiety along with all the meds


i have good skin and im pretty sure its because i only shower once or twice a week you have to give your skin time to secrete everything under your pores


still dont understand why sis needs to be hopped up on anxiety meds while at the same time being a hypersocial norm


reckon shes been on and off them more on than off for a decade just cant see it being healthy


sister and her husband started using a meditation phone app after he lost his job to the virus


saw some buddhists handing out books as though they were missionaries seemed weird


File: 1644030388176.jpg (579.21 KB, 2362x3496, 96000470_p0.jpg)


based doctors giving normgran xanax for alleged anxiety while telling me to man up pussy


have you tried manning up


what id give for a lap pillow and ear cleaning even just the ear cleaning would be fine


uh youre NOT supposed to put stuff in your ears


youll be my first customer in the mansion




whats the matter chief


my ears


i was gaming


oh it was a barcade night


played some hidden star in four seasons


who won




firing up the barcade right now just went out to the garage and grabbed a six pack


hungry but NOT gonno snack tonight


fire up the feast


ate a 2000 calorie pizza yesterday so i cant eat anything until tomorrow


get a carrot bag


ran out of carrots today dont know what to do tomorrow is it safe to go to the store


might stream some oblivion


dont care for her accent


did some running flip you runnorm this sucks


love running up and down hills while listening to denpa


wish i could run but there are no sidewalks here used to run in circles in the basement as a kid maybe ill do that again


hehehe you fools