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File: 1641842738985.jpg (2.24 MB, 3264x2448, 20220110_112457.jpg)

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chip blog


File: 1641873763112.mp4 (1.04 MB, crunch munch munch crunch.mp4)






thats from the doki doki literature stream way back in 2015


but that was released in 2017


sorry i meant huniepop


molg needs to become a vtuber


would donate my last dime to the milgtuber shes jp heritage


left behind


skyward sword might be the one zelda game i never play its so damn bad if it just had botw controls it would be doable but this dumb shite holding l to look around and holding zr to select items NOT to mention the stupid bomb throwing mechanic


just a black void where my soul used to be


made something cool






why NOT


you know


no i dont


File: 1642568662641.jpg (110.98 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja - ….jpg)


is that a number 1 or number 2


File: 1642568896860.jpg (86.61 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja - ….jpg)


why sit for a 1


hate genderbender where they refuse to embrace their new body


girls cant stand while peeing or they piss everywhere


might be a girl


i sit for 1




boys piss everywhere too if they stand up most of them are just too arrogant to realize it


always piss all over the floor


the himaboids


maybe its time for aNOTher darkie playthough


never played


what the flip play it now and stream


in the mood for some des now that you mention it


hell yea fire it up


pheww the painters are done and gone mom finally let me out of the cage sigh some good posts while i was locked up


anxiety acting up


are we going to have to get the hug blanket


wish i could download anime on my normphone dont want to get up fire up the computer


uh you can


maybe you can smartnorm


if you dont know how to download things you just might be a norm sis is like that too


i have an iphone theres no torrent clients for apple im NOT jailbreaking it either


if you have an iphone theres no might youre just a norm


you need the storage for your gacha games


hima we must acquire additional mass


scared for the future


simply eat more


ate plenty today still scared


was talking to the twig NOT you scaredy cat





crying zucc will save us with the metaverse


looks like a ps2 game dont know how she was so fooled


File: 1642572607782.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 3974x2869, 1638657518206.jpg)


left behind


mom made two breads a banana bread and a lemon bread theyre both delicious


sniffing my toe jam


mom never cooked


what did you eat


potted meat and sardines


you needed to buy her a cookbook moms love to cook


i am the only member of my species


bored gonno toss



nb always told me that if a twister doesnt look like its moving then its coming straight for you


left behind


watched twister on tv one time felt sick when the guy got cut in half


have never gotten left behind in my life


sis loves twister


love watching sexy ladies play twister hehe




NOThing wrong with watching


you are thinking impure thoughts when watching


yeah you wish you could work as fuck as hard as i can


ya so what theyre just thoughts


what if they knew what you were thinking


theyll never know ill die honourably without revealing my burden


never was able to fall for the ped meme


uh same haha


only attracted to fully grown women with hanging breasts and fully haired pussies




i have sex with adult women




sorry nevermind i flip little babies


time to slay some demons


File: 1642576161848.jpg (112.81 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to….jpg)

this is a porno for children if you film kids
i am a child





can tell an audiophile dog embed just by the thumbnail NOT clicking


youre missing out on great advice


when was the last time you laughed at an anime




how about a snort or a sharp exhale


maybe a smirk and an exhale but thats it


laughed at an anime last week


all the time love a good laugh


loving every laugh


hes so lucky wish it would happen to me


the chip blog


you mean crisp



hate brits


weird accent dont click


hb now thats a meal


dont know why people use chicken breast the thighs are better and cheaper


started tardlaughing hard when he covered it in bbq sauce and grated cheese


what more do you need


why NOT grill up a nice beef heart


asobi asobase was funny




the flipping arrogance


you think that up until the point youre getting mounted by the 300lb stinkneet that used to be your friend and getting flipped against your will


at least my friend would be happy


well in that case youre a real pal


File: 1642596306978.jpg (1.69 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20170528_204946.jpg)

woke up wishing i was in japan


the sour gsnaps have taken full effect feel no desire to visit japan anymore think id rather visit taiwan


woke up stomach gnawing dont have any breakfast food guess ill starve


going to lose my virg 100 times during the hima east asia jbw fliptrip


too high inhib for international travel


im coughing



File: 1642597329789.png (4.68 MB, 3440x1920, 95631674_p0.png)


could never display such an erotic figure


ate a banana


havent been able to drink water all day because of an invader gonno die in here


had a dream that my urine was dark brown but now can NOT remember if it was actually a real memory


File: 1642599768505.mp4 (1.06 MB, hQ-xn7NvtsZkbQ-q.mp4)

paste italians



wasnt woxxy italian


nice otamin doing it for the lulz


File: 1642601618473.mp4 (11.23 MB, o.mp4)



how come an effeminate swedish man gets 11k horny jp girls lusting after him and i get NOThing


girls love sverige


simply become a tuber and the asian girls will be yours


id flip up and reveal my cel level somehow


do NOT know how to fill air time


practice your streaming skills by doing a nice himastream


swedish men are NOToriously tall and women know that


hate the talls


cant wait to purge the talls in the mansion dragging them out from their rooms and immolating them in the courtyard


cant wait to purge the shorts at the mansion by putting all the food in the pantry on the top shelf


never seen a tall that wasnt an arrogant


the doorframes in the mansion will all be 70 inches high


thats too low even i would hit that


nice hobbit hole


anyone want to exchange contact info


simply bend down a little you should be able to pass through even at 6 feet the talls will have to get on their knees


i like my idea about killing them more


we cant do that even if theyre tall theyre still our friends


theyre NOT like us


if theyre cel theyre my friend


i should have been born as a funny 4koma character



wish i had some cheesecake


had a cheesecake slice at christmas felt sick so rich but actually lost weight over the holiday


uh were supposed to be bulking


woke up


yeah gained 3 pounds since last monday but did NOT want to


File: 1642614182528.webm (912.5 KB, 1920x1080, nene gm.webm)


nose bleeding


did you see a sexy girl




feel better after eating sweet potatoes



File: 1642617005461.mp4 (1.32 MB, Black athletes arriving in China.mp4)


based nig worshiping chinks proclaiming those powerful black pulls as their leaders


chinks will never surrender to the norms


crying for those millionaires having to face that kind of abuse


if i had to pick nigs or chinks to eradicate the chinks would have to go


have NOT consciously killed a living thing in awhile


always pictured myself as roping NOT getting killed


need to kill


remember writing your name and the date on papers in school thousands upon thousands of times


still using paper because nobody will implement a universal electronic documentation standard


hated the cycle of writing the wrong year just after new years i guess these days itd be writing the wrong name after you transition


think doctor was right remembered to do lunges this morning and leg feels better now


File: 1642623544761.jpg (7.19 MB, 4093x2894, 370aa198d700a6e65c3834658c2bb01e.jpg)


no point in writing your name if youre the only one in the class who doesnt then its easy to tell its your paper


File: 1642624359479.jpg (333.52 KB, 2130x2741, 23589.jpg)

all the new pokes leaked this regional variant looks absurd


cant wait to mindjack into the metaverse and have zucc shoot ads directly into my frontal lobe


cant wait for himamates to mog my avatar


cant wait to finally be a cute japanese girl in the metaverse


zuck wont let that happen


my instincts tell me i should be flipping soft girls with big eyes


sigh this cq is too hard NOT sure i can do it


mom forgot the password to her amazon account but she wasnt getting a recovery email so she spent 30 minutes on the phone talking to some spic with a heavy accent and static in the background she asked him if he understood her a few times then he hung up on her she raged and said god damn foreigners


dumb foid voted for this so her 401k can double every year


nice racistmom


so youre saying people dumb enough to get locked out of their accounts are xenophobic


told her she should have just remembered her password even set up a password manager for her to use but she didnt put in her amazon info


i get locked out of my accounts all the time it has NOThing to do with being dumb


why didnt chrome save her password


love how foids are pro immigrants and pro trans and pro whatever other distasteful thing right up until it mildly inconveniences them in some way then theyre suddenly calling for deathsquads to rally in the streets burning these people alive


never been locked out of an account how does that even happen if you keep track of your pwords



File: 1642626492222.mp4 (7.94 MB, g.mp4)

just wish to be magdumped by a cute girl


mom always disliked foreigners she voted for orange guy because he shat on muslims


sometimes websites have weird password requirements that ill never be able to remember or i signed up using an email that i have long since forgotten and no longer have access too its NOT that uncommon


the cel elimination squad leader


must be nice to be a foid and be violently worshiped for having a passing interest in insert male hobby here


ya its NOT uncommon if youre dumb


how do you lose track of your email accounts have those in my pword file with all the other accounts


arrogant smartnorm


the only place that you should store your login info is your brain password managers and filers are NOT safe


she cant do that so she needs one


prefer microsofts new form of authentication where they just email you a one time password wish all sites did that so you could just biometrically secure your email and be completely protected


File: 1642627024013.mp4 (1.04 MB, 85LzVVsdgj7X7V42.mp4)


weird just booted up des


would bs that norm off a cliff


sick hima


get well soon


stop being sick and start being awesome


need to be rolled off a cliff


thats a man


even better


weird lips


die jobnorm


life in the hima mansion


File: 1642627924606.jpg (117.98 KB, 1080x1736, 1642623464574.jpg)

need a gf like this


weird navel placement


weird kitty


File: 1642628082676.mp4 (7.49 MB, himagirl.mp4)


hate people who live in filth


bet shes had lots of tall boyfriends


ask pnig




File: 1642629227626.jpg (714.01 KB, 2881x3072, 1642610331288.jpg)

why cant they design good pokemon anymore


the liligant weavile and zorua are sexy


paste nb


those look pretty good


File: 1642630010917.png (Spoiler Image, 393.94 KB, 444x600, ProblemSolved.png)


dont open


File: 1642630352857.jpg (281.04 KB, 1318x2068, FJe-pjSakAAy-yz.jpg)




cut down a tree before it was a lot harder than i thought




File: 1642630924272.jpg (3.65 MB, 4032x3024, pic.jpg)


sigh he loved sex toys


might be an onajo night


File: 1642631323352.jpg (345.43 KB, 1800x1013, FGKbZz4VcAIKfBh.jpg)


that was posted already skippy




nice 4boob


NOT posted in this thread


you have to wait at least a year before reposting


File: 1642631975538.png (303.63 KB, 463x453, 1642546633676.png)

lots of good sword shield mons


File: 1642632011629.jpg (66.71 KB, 850x786, __alcremie_and_alcremie_pokemon_drawn_by_nao_n….jpg)

what the flip NOT the image i clicked hate the laptop


preferred the first pic


phew sexy little creature


listening to a podcast about magical girls



File: 1642633009311.jpg (793.24 KB, 2400x3500, FJeY3yRaAAAn17s.jpg)


love when she shows up in watames chat after the sheep makes fun of her


File: 1642633452783.png (1.09 MB, 1200x928, __shishiro_botan_and_tsunomaki_watame_hololive….png)


tried the oolong tea today didnt taste like much


mixing cranberries and peanuts tastes like pbnj


File: 1642633890154.jpg (3.91 MB, 1931x2727, 95631327_p0.jpg)


saw some giant kitty snowmen when i went for a walk with mom last month also some weird creatures with tails and ears and sharp demon fangs


do you mean a squirrel


squirells dont have fangs theyre cute and friendly


File: 1642634331518.jpg (1.78 MB, 1414x2000, __tsunomaki_watame_hololive_drawn_by_nyasunyad….jpg)


keep hearing weird nonsense questions in my head


thats just the schizo kicking in


what kind of questions


woke up mornin hima stink like cum had a dream i joined the hima discord and a bunch of norms were making fun of me in the voice chat


who were the gamers


youre being mindprobed by historians from hundreds of years in the future


could be the holo live gamers could just be asking about your himamates


these girls on the anime podcast keep saying thats interesting over and over


why are you listening to thatq


watched a video previewing delicious party precure and they said this podcaster did the translations for the video recommended listening to it but its NOT edited enough


isnt that show for little girls


feeling a bit giddy


are her boobs that big looks off model


youre in heat


uhhh welcome to 3rd party garage kits


first time some greasy nerd gives me a sarcastic uhh in the mansion hes going to get a knuckle sandwich


preferred pnigs whimsical uhhs


watched a prodigy math game vid where the sexy lady had precure playing in the background cant find it now its probably gone sigh


NOT that kind of giddy


youre looking to get flipped by an alpha male


NOT looking forward to trying to sneak into the mansion kitchen while noones around getting NOTiced and asked whats up stammering out an uhh getting a snack then getting socked in the face


cant remember the last time i initiated communication even with mom if i need to talk ill go into her room and pick up a dog and start playing with it until she says something going to result in a lot of awkward kitchen moments of staring into the counter while waiting on the microwave


even back in my most social teen days only way i could initiate a conversation was by hanging around awkwardly until someone else initiated the conversation


dont know why i have so much trouble with this


found some dumbbells in the closet might start using them


time to lift my 10 lb weights


theyre 30


wow youre strong


is that considered strong i use 30 and have noodle arms


uh im NOT thats why i want to use em


this game guras playing tonight looks pretty cool


this might work actually


like it better when youre clearly talking about her to anyone with the dex open but dont speak her name


arms and thighs too big to fit in any of my clothes been asked if my arms are 20 inches but i have to say no theyre still 19 something


sorry ill keep it discrete next time


moms forcing me to keep the light on in the room taped some paper onto the ceiling light so its dim


tell her youre a grown man and can have the lights however you want


the mom fears the mold


NOT a grown man until i get a job and move out


mom found a beatle on the floor had to activate the red alert and prepare to initiate the self destruct sequence


rageraunt came into my room last spring raging about keeping the light on talking about conserving electricity despite it being a flipping led when she leaves the tv on 15 hours a day


was it ringo or john lennon


die dadjokenorm


mom likes lennon she has a big picture of him in the living room


NOT my fault he was the one who spelled it beatle instead of beetle


cant believe ive been spelling beetle wrong this whole time and had no idea




NOThing funny


brain tarded out and forgot the word for cylinder had to google circle prisms a bit to find it


youre getting old


thats the long covid


hate when that happens wish my brain would just work good


File: 1642638681153.jpg (492.16 KB, 1830x2555, 95643540_p0.jpg)


brain spent the last 10 years trying to self terminate


got long covid like a year ago


hate the long covid meme uhh i dont feel perfect after getting sick better use that as justification to force medical procedures on the entire population


the opinionatednorm


thats NOT a good idea


poured some normahol


its NOT going to fix things


hes starting with the man in the mirror


hate that worthless ugly piece of shite


do NOT bully him its NOT his fault


want to snack but NOT hungry and dont have any small snacks itd have to be rice an with toppings


head to the store




any streams


could stream NOT gonno


why NOT


NOT a stream night


still got over 11 months to fulfill my new years resolution to figure out how to stream


lets make it one


rice and tofu night 1 added sesame seeds


never had tofu


thats it fired up the rice cooker


poured aNOTher


poured cranberry juice and lime juice


sigh havent had cranberry juice in years remember as a kid motels would always have the juice dispenser with orange and cranberry id get cranberry wonder if they still use those


i should get a juice dispenser for my room


dont even bother buying juice anymore have to pay the big bucks for juice that even tastes like juice cant believe the normal stuff they sell shouldnt be allowed


guess i enjoyed that can of pineapple juice got some months ago


used too much rice vinegar while cooking the vegetables and tofu its pretty acidic


dont see the point of banning a wave of tubeteens once a month


checked the ban list crying for joy


you might be one then


well this is a pickle


tube me up


holy smokes


order 66 on vteens


went to kitchen to fill up water and wash hands NOTiced left the rice cooker on again unplugged it


did you clean it out


File: 1642641668592.jpg (174.89 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Leadale no Daichi nite - 03 (720p….jpg)


no the bowl was NOT in the cooker it was sitting dirty on the stove the heating element in the cooker was on though


all rice cookers ive had shut themselves off without the bowl


daydream about getting hugs




well yeah it does shut down to the warming stage a low temp but still on theres no power switch have to unplug


if only i had tacos at a time like this


only got 4 bans




one of the artists following on twitter converted into an nft shiller just constant crypto spam time to unfollow


just NOTiced have my pants on inside out


she got hacked


please do


File: 1642642498182.jpg (327.45 KB, 1728x2304, 95643578_p0.jpg)


gonno fry up some potstickers


hi you have nice fingers


love eating the ice cubes at restaurants but mom told me NOT to do it



who were the gamers


https://hosexy ladyve.wiki/wiki/Hosexy ladyve_Gamers


potstickers are done now let the feast begin


mom used to get bags of potstickers theyd come with a packet with some kind of sauce wonder what that was using a little bowl of soy sauce but it isnt quite the same


also hurts when the soy sauce gets in my torn skin


wore bandaids two days in a row and used lotion each night but the crack has NOT sealed


sorry cast a spell to transfer my negative energy to you my usual cracked and bleeding hands havent made an appearance this year


love when janny makes a thread on younow thinking he dabbed on posters that continue posting through bans within seconds


sigh those were good they hit the spot but didnt hit all of it still want more wish i had an unlimited pot or conveyor belt of fresh snacks i could grab from


remember those conveyor belt restaurants


never been to one




cant enjoy a snack when i know its the last of what i have and cant just buy a huge bunch since too expensive


feel so happy watching that and almost cried but that might be from the onion residue


bought an onion to cook with the pork but forgot to cook it with the pork now its just sitting there bought it maybe a week ago


get in the habit of eating 1 onion every day then you will NOT forget


onions arent that cheap here for some reason


thats NOT possible




pulled up the usda national onion report but can NOT understand how to read it


does the 4 still filter soy to onion dont remember when that was instituted


ya just tested it


nice onionman


File: 1642645998129.jpg (533.37 KB, 1080x1920, 95646525_p0.jpg)


sorry i dont speak lorem ipsum


i dont get it


File: 1642646489798.jpg (230.49 KB, 1200x675, 95645748_p0.jpg)


hehe pretty mona


File: 1642646973556.gif (287.58 KB, 1280x720, ei.gif)


kind of prefer the dim lights more than full on darklurking now that i covered it with paper might dim it some more


havent darklurked in years always keep a light on


normally point the light away from me however dont use the ceiling light


File: 1642647152857.png (13.47 MB, 4209x2976, a378a87383a529acafc424e65977c87b.png)


ceiling light is a glass dome thats bright as flip on one side and made it feel hot and sweaty think thats why i preferred darklurking the light was too harsh now its dim and nicer


phew nice plumper


is that plump


if your belly doesnt jiggle when you slap it then its NOT plump


more like loose skin than plump


scared of losing weight ill be a loose skin monster


got big red stretch marks all over my waist from bloating up in my early 20s




spose its dog time


brother had to get a series of medical operations as a kid and each time we would eat at a restaurant that served baskets of corndogs without sticks


sigh they dont make resturaunts like that anymore


havent had a corndog in years


havent had a corndog ever


what the flip


its never too late to try it


mindblowing how microwave corndogs taste better than the restaurant ones


its too late


what about the county fair corndogs


think it might be too late to try sex


went in a corn maze one time got kicked out but cant remember why


went to the corn maze yearly as a kid damn big place


mindblowing how once i became an adult and stopped being forced to hang around relatives i lost access to the fairs and beach trips and mountain trips and events and so on i guess youre supposed to start your own family to do dumb stuff like that


always wondered when i was gonno have all the fun experiences id hear relatives talk about for some reason they havent happened yet


uh it was too late 15 years ago you were supposed to be fooling around with your anime club weeb gf at her parents house after you both skip school to lose your virg to one aNOTher


aunt worked for the government so she got us free tickets to the fair every year until the election removed her boss


city had an epic yearly fair as a kid eventually local businesses got bh about it shutting down the roads for a week and it got downsized to an out of the way lot


never ate corndog neither


loved the starship 2000 would just ride it over and over




nice delusions


uh how


wish i could cope like that guy


crazy how everyone else on hima is just pretending to be virg for yucks


nobody at my school had a bf or gf it was a tardschool


NOThin wrong with pretending to be a virg on hima


only trucel on hima since im the only one that cant solve it all with a $500 ticket to asia and a jbw pass


some foids were already talking about getting flipped back in junior hs


you think some chink in burma can really tell if youre white or NOT


there were some burmese people there they came across the border to work


hate the nonwhite


File: 1642648900448.png (739.52 KB, 1037x806, sex.png)

is this true


what the flip is that thing on the left


me on the left




got asked if i was a virg by a girl on the bus in 10th grade lied and said nah doubt she was dumb enough to believe that


wish there was a sign of male virginity like the hymen for girls


uh simply look at face height and frame


thats a cope it isnt real


theres defiantly something because im still getting asked in my 30s


family always complimented my face and broad shoulders growing up


what about the virgwalk


you can tell by the dead eyes its like they dont reflect light anymore


File: 1642649446368.jpg (556.03 KB, 1017x1200, 92637857_p0.jpg)




wed probably be happier if we tarded out and moved to japan the land of the virg


nah the vast majority of japs are norms same as anywhere else


yeah but they have a much higher number of virgs we could be among our own kind living in peace as we till fields and study the arts and train the next generation of cel padawans


whats the nonnormest country


you know






nah its china


the mokou meme artist posted a new one but shes chinese


good joke







holy flip the triumvirate are gathered


there is no force in heaven or earth that can make me click that embed


started tardluaghing uncontrollably when i saw it



got a kfc pot pie wasnt bad wont get it again


his ancestors loved kfc


wonder what 4norm slang ive missed in the last 10 years its probably unreadable now


pretty much exactly like hima


but defiantly only by coincidence and NOT cause hima is full of 4teens



do people still say character a shit or character a cute



malguy can i get a rundown on what to watch


dont think theres any significant new memes or lingo on 4norm anymore everyone saves their creativity for cords


NOThin wrong with a nice lmao


gave in and joined the himacord wish i did it sooner my friends are there


just ban


smhtbhfam got popular 5 years ago but it died after the wordfilter


top 3 for me this season are the mushroom the cosplay and the sailor suit


wheres priconne


what about paste snk




how about demon slayer


uh 3 million results what the flip


File: 1642653224590.jpg (274.63 KB, 1152x1536, EnL8OZeUYAADuxH.jpg)

love trevor cat


pikamee loves priconne


no one believed my tardwalk diagram when i posted it


can we get aNOTher tuber massacre please


why do you hate tubers


i hate simps


dont like those science tubers they always beat around the bush why NOT just get to the point already


they get more ad money that way


read that they intentionally say incorrect things to encourage debate in the comments because the youtube algorithm uses that engagement to boost the video


hate the youtube algorithm meme


why didnt he use his extreme charisma to start a successful youtube channel


too lazy


think my issue was that i simply did NOT like people


watching a tranny


File: 1642655177449.jpg (669.95 KB, 1449x869, 1627276743971.jpg)

he was already rich


hated on the sb when he would make us call him the god king


File: 1642655319621.png (933.74 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


would probably get up to no good if i lived like a roman emperor


im down bad


think i was meant to sail the seas but spawned in the middle of nowhere NOT near any bodies of water


want to crack but NOT only am i sick but my liver is already dealing with a lot


finally found a good show must have missed it when it aired


the algorithm will bring us together again soldiers


dad went sober so now he drinks 3 bottles of nonalcoholic beer a day




the hima algorithm


NOThing dad he only came over to install our new countertops


maximizing my hima engagement metrics by posting vtubers


checked my himascore for the first time this year its gone down sigh


hope theyre marble


flush the chicken and get some tuna in there


crying for your teeth




File: 1642660966675.jpg (362.3 KB, 1370x1939, FJdgg63acAUVDgD.jpg)



why would a woman disgrace herself by dressing like that



why doesnt she kill it first





NOT sure if im more scared of the live feeder guy or the fish slicer guy


File: 1642667305306.jpg (93.7 KB, 960x960, nFgYbPMiMGVwIfji7_qojyDNKLYsDVt_x1zz5YsrWP8.jpg)


is that his sis


watched three episodes of anime im getting back into it finally found a good show



good luck


dont say i didnt warn you


does this count as a live feeding video


File: 1642678779283.png (399.53 KB, 768x1024, 95640195_p0.png)

happy birthday


copying a nice western game onto my hard drive


still have NOT bought a bigger ssd


had a dream i celraged hard like eren NOThin er but the cops were still called and they were annoying because they were using their dumb de escalation psychobabble techniques they teach them just wanted to be left alone


deescalate with a nice mag dump


lot of weapons involved in this de-escalation training


caught up on zettai karen hyoubu is literally me


File: 1642679878986.jpg (725.29 KB, 1970x3508, FJhik8iVQAA3D6b.jpg)


they were like hey buddy lets talk youre NOT thinking about hurting anyone or yourself are you


dreamed that mom bought me a new black pepper grinder


been wanting a new one myself need to crank it one or two hundred times just for a single dish


found a 1 minute clip from a 2019 himastream on the hdd mustve tarded out and accidentally hit the record button


post it


File: 1642681602130.png (108.01 KB, 500x700, 95654161_p0.png)


cant post mkvs on hima


the himaturds


simply convert


grinding coffee beans



NOT enabling js to see if thats a virus or NOT


dont tell me you fell for the noscript meme


now im getting a ponebone bastard


NOT my fault you told me to post it


uh yeah post it here NOT some random site




NOT reading a 10 page guide on how to convert mkv to mp4


hate converting files because it adds unnecessary recompression


eyes are too tard to spot video compression


made coffee eating with some dark chocolate


ffmpeg -i input.mkv -c:v libx264 output.mp4


File: 1642683436148.jpg (532.35 KB, 891x1300, untitled.jpg)


why is it untitled


coffee was good chocolate was good but they did NOT go well together


the ancient mexica drank hot and spicy liquid chocolate


File: 1642684306900.jpg (230.14 KB, 1354x1985, FJZIm5MaUAAPRX-.jpg)




been meaning to get some peppers so i can make spicy hot cocoa


thought that was the aztecs NOT the mexicans


they called themselves the mexica it was the spanish who called them aztecs


who cares what they called themselves theyre all dead now


File: 1642685848310.jpg (2.78 MB, 1968x2671, 1642683985953.jpg)


weird breast


File: 1642685973175.jpg (1.93 MB, 2118x1615, 95650841_p0.jpg)


weird pinky fingers


File: 1642686046428.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.68 KB, 908x1271, FJjBfseUcAMXGFn.jpg)




File: 1642687925209.mp4 (1.49 MB, 1641837510513-0.mp4)




he looks like a norm



sun rose bright mostly blue sky but also a few snowflakes blowing in the wind


File: 1642695194586.gif (4.84 MB, 428x604, 95635446.gif)


wish i was her


still a few snowflakes with blue partly cloudy sky


you mog him


dropped a carrot under my chair could NOT find it gave up


get a weird feeling when google reads my mind after i only type one or two letters in the search bar


gonno grail melusine love this sexy little lover


File: 1642703660345.jpg (746.05 KB, 2048x1365, fam.jpg)


mom came in out of nowhere and heard me mumbling in the kitchen about ending this farce


did she ask why you were bitchin in the kitchen


i used to do this in class



File: 1642708042062.jpg (755.9 KB, 1320x900, 1642687698011.jpg)


NOT sure buying a giant monitor was a good idea its barely a foot from my weak cel eyes


we dont need eyes where were going



is this your channel hes got all the mpt albums hooooboy



creamy morning


walked into the forest in deep snow and back winded


partly cloudy blue sky all day with ethereal snowflakes but no accumulation


File: 1642716694573.png (665.82 KB, 640x849, pic.png)

going for a walk


overheard a run of the mill norm tell aNOTher norm he fought his demons and won and accidentally snorted a chuckle


sister told me about how her brother in law used to be addicted to cocaine but broke the habit and became rich finance guy


File: 1642717143009.png (385.3 KB, 700x952, 95652210_p0.png)


File: 1642717149502.mp4 (6.03 MB, rave.mp4)

cant wait for my real life to start in the metaverse



just NOTiced everyones a manlet in meta is that because of zucc


based zucc destroying talls


sigh they look like theyre having so much fun


mom called gran and told her im going to kill her again i wasnt even mad at her i think she gets off on the attention


woke up mornin hima hows it hangin




File: 1642721882430.png (300.79 KB, 950x578, 019fc4e06.png)


dont get it


puke at bald girls or short hair girls


File: 1642723157374.png (1.92 MB, 1414x2000, 95657912_p0.png)


File: 1642723202202.jpg (1.04 MB, 2508x3877, FJibUrhVIAEI2Do.jpg)


wonder why i feel weird after eating a large amount of rice pass from feeling overfull to a strange gnawing feeling


you have diabetes



File: 1642723795165.webm (2.99 MB, 442x720, 1639734608752.webm)


sexy little baby


hehe rub that little belly


die creep


finally got summer chen after 66k chinkorbs


NOT sure what that is but good job


thought you were gonno stream it


ran 8 miles in the snow finally some accumulation but just a thin layer


waiting for nee san to be done shopping at universal



oiling up for her first day at the lbi


weighed myself lost 3 pounds back to last weeks weight


weird how norms just watch ads all day and dont think twice about it


mom got burger king


ow tooth


anything within 5 pounds doesnt count since your weight can fluctuate that much every day


the weighter


wish i had a big horsey gf so bad


real foid behavior weighing yourself as often as this guy


hes just trying to join the twigs


started tracking my snacks on a calendar i will NOT let my appetite get out of control


wish i was a twig


File: 1642727560890.jpg (6.8 MB, 3762x4299, 95657890_p0.jpg)


dont think thats true barely fluctuate a pound or two all week no matter when i weigh


who were the gamers


im gamer


wonder how many millions of dollars worth of anime games movies software and other stuff ive pirated over the years


love pirating so much media that i cant make use of any of it due to decision paralysis


File: 1642728406231.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1090, untitled.png)


why is it untitled and why is it x1090 NOT x1080


to make you rage




she was kind enough to upload an image for you the least you can do is NOT nitpick


NOT sure what to play next guess ill level black mage


only played a punching kitty then i forgot my login and never played it again


cant stand catgirls in xiv they have tardfaces


theyre cute but the moon ones are best


but can you cosplay as tubies


File: 1642729841878.jpg (101.03 KB, 1049x1052, gura.jpg)


it was 5 years ago do NOT remember why searched and found the reason


trying to make hot chocolate by melting chocolate into milk instead of using cocoa powder and sugar


that would make you a tard


uh why


are you doing the double pot strategy i think thats how youre supposed to melt chocolate


are you using baking chocolate


just finely chopped some normal dark chocolate and dumped it into the milk







helped sister make buckeyes at christmas molded the cores with her and then the next day she melted chocolate to dip them in


NOT sure what that guys problem is its good nice and thick was a bit bitter so added a teaspoon of sugar also added a bit of vanilla extract and spices since i was at the cabinet


sigh wish i had some chocobroth


switched out keyboards


File: 1642730586837.png (997.74 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


File: 1642730663107.jpg (148.48 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Atasha Kawajiri Kodama Da yo - 02….jpg)


might be a bit too thick added five big squares


throw it in a pot and add some more milk


too much trouble


File: 1642731101855.jpg (5.3 MB, 2344x3604, 95654383_p0.jpg)


hmm having zoomed in more dont think i like the eyes




almost time


10 years ago was running on the river trail and this woman parked she ran down the hill grabbed a goose and ran back to her van with it drove off


crying for that goose


mom got a nice healthy salad with sugary pecans sugary pomegranate dressing and sugary apples


those are good sugars


toss that shite get some nice iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing


File: 1642733311154.jpg (155.61 KB, 1022x1628, 95664249_p0.jpg)


love fructose make sure to eat it at least 3 times a day


File: 1642733343315.jpg (222.8 KB, 818x1200, izcxrl8y3uc81.jpg)


sigh got stuck between two pics thats the worst post position


was there a post i didnt NOTice anything


whats wrong being between two beautiful ladies


try to NOT post a pic right after aNOTher was posted dont want to sandwich anyone


my lunch apple tasted moldy




the rest of the apples are probably bad too and every meal must have fruit so gonno have to eat 2 peaches or 2 bananas tomorrow


hb now im getting hungry gonno snack


theres a void between these did janny delete a post or something


any frutarians


relative had to stop eating bananas because they were bad for his stomach


tonight was rice and tofu night 2


mom had rice and tofu the other night didnt get any for myself had to make my own dinner


File: 1642733893990.mp4 (2.4 MB, nfts.mp4)


had rice and tuna today


saw an artist who was trying to sell their art as an nft but someone saved the image and sold a counterfeit nft for more money


watching that vid so i can understand that post


File: 1642734765119.jpg (218.03 KB, 605x537, 95659145_p0.jpg)


whats wrong with her


saw a snow kitty picture today


sigh wish i had a sexy little kitty


why didnt you post it


kitty or kitty


you know




File: 1642735090629.swf (213.48 KB, nyan.swf)


File: 1642735139928.jpg (122.74 KB, 850x1200, untitled.jpg)




making progress on rhythm tengoku


File: 1642736191921.mp3 (5.5 MB, 02. Koi no Honey Sweet Angel.mp3)


kitty jumped behind my computer and unplugged my external


hate when the gf unplugs my external




File: 1642736407435.jpg (6.85 MB, 2894x4093, 95667301_p0.jpg)


weird face


dont remind me



File: 1642737661302.jpg (439.99 KB, 1816x2500, 95667833_p0.jpg)


sexy little gema


weird how he says people have a vtuber instead of saying people become vtubers


they better start treating gema with some respect or else


NOThing beats a cool gallon of water after waking up


wish to leave my physical form behind


File: 1642737994753.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


File: 1642738088206.jpg (94.02 KB, 595x1024, FJmOjV1acAINORf.jpg)


watched a show with mom where the kid came out as trans and the parents thought transgender but the kid said no its transhuman


wonder if sis thinks im in the closet


File: 1642738637328.webm (2.93 MB, 1136x640, 1642716209541.webm)

sigh BOLES tried making a run for it


same but mom


did he died


is there really a facebook avenue


bros already out of the closet think it would be weird to have two gay sons


its in the water


uncle was cool wonder if he passed it down to me


File: 1642738874103.jpg (343.58 KB, 1448x2048, 95656591_p0.jpg)


is she ok


no she needs your help


she needs to bring me the drinks i ordered i dont have all day


have some compassion shes just a child


sigh broslurp


wonder how common sibling sex is never really hear about it


NOTiced my penis was showing through my pants the other day had to run back upstairs and put on tighter underwear dont want people thinking if have a big penis


File: 1642739132557.jpg (2.3 MB, 2480x3508, 95079397_p0.jpg)


got a ring in there last night


File: 1642739280085.jpg (483.86 KB, 1000x1373, FJimDFxVIAQ-gUW.jpg)




gook shite can tell by the way the leg wrinkles are drawn


die racist


imagine finding out your siblings were flipping but they left you out the whole time


bro and sis never had a problem getting to flip


btc is 38k why are gpus still expensive


uh btc isnt mined with gpus


is this the dip should i buy




all the coins they mine are coupled to btc


only virg over middle school age in the entire family this cant be right


mentally middle school aged so still safe


siblings never talked about their sex lives but sister talked about her birth control sometimes


fat idiot cousin talked about getting women last time i saw him i tried to use it as celfuel but its hard to be envious when he only gets giant fat blimps and is going to be paying child support forever after getting stuck in a relationship that lasted less than a year


hes still NOT a virgin and thats all that matters


File: 1642740306804.png (1.05 MB, 1200x1000, 95659701_p0.png)


saw that image earlier but did NOT understand


what do you mean


why is everything cracked is it about her life shattering into pieces but she does NOT look too worried


throught those were spider webs


shes a slut anyway look at the picture of her with her bf


does just having a bf make you a slut


it does if im NOT the bf


chowing down on some raw garlic so i dont get moms flu


cant wait until i become just aNOTher statistic



File: 1642741265071.jpg (1.44 MB, 1400x2100, 95667900_p0.jpg)


NOT signing in to confirm my age and NOT bothering to go use a third party website just to watch a vid about some celeb


youre missing out she gets shot for NOT obeying the 5150


sneezed twice but NOT loudsneezes


File: 1642741492773.png (1.3 MB, 1359x1920, 169.png)


but what


uh why did the they have to settle in court and take more money from the taxpayers she pointed what looked like a gun at them just more wk shit


things would have ended up different if i had a big sis


its NOT that great


you would just regret it


File: 1642741994582.jpg (867.05 KB, 1240x1754, 95660216_p0.jpg)


sigh wish i was a nadeshiko


whats stopping you


just a few chromosomes


you can have some of mine


isnt that too many


try to be a good person sometimes hope i get a good reincarnation


nah youre just being a fool taken advantage of



can you really buy baby chicken eggs in the store like that






File: 1642743356503.png (1.06 MB, 540x960, 1642709635230.png)

mogged again


shes sexier than both of them combined


now imagine how she feels
she wants a nice normal man but instead the only men who like her are ped creeps


she can barely be considered a woman


NOThing wrong with creeping


crying for the femcels


wish someone would creep on me


what if its an imageboard man


it would be ok if he was cute


what if it was freak and you were his old friend


been gaming all day hima


File: 1642744766365.jpg (225.36 KB, 2001x1364, sexy lady girl.jpg)



might lojo to some nice haga yui


sigh shes perfect


every single pixel in that image has been shopped


File: 1642745509440.jpg (212.46 KB, 1224x1632, sexy lady shirt 2.jpg)


love shopping myself to look like a cute japanese girl


love reading sexy lady books with my gf in bed


how about a nice ddlg


went to the store got a bottle of blogka and gyudon supplies


i wonder if the comic lo will hurt my case after the raid


nice raider


just realized hima is like china




you know


no i dont know thats why i asked


im chink





File: 1642747534677.jpeg (441.72 KB, 1536x2048, c.jpeg)


oh flip which one of you idiots pulled aggro


love that shot its badass


why is his head shaped like minecraft guy


hes chink


File: 1642747703007.jpg (586 KB, 827x1470, FJmxdyLVEAA_Psz.jpg)


dont get how everyone else can look normal in pictures but i look like a shinigami is lurking overhead at all times starting to think something supernatural really is happenign


wonder when itll be my turn to touch a girls boobs


you need to learn to hide your aura


when youre ready to slip $40 to the chink at the massage parlor


never seen a chink with huge boobs


thought i was suppressing it fine think i need an exorcist instead


mogs me


File: 1642748171198.png (188.62 KB, 311x302, virgin walk.png)



mindblowing that a random 18 year old chink had more smv than everyone on hima


lost cobys smv pic


hate when i find a nice doujin with good art but it ends up being ntr


wish i wore a hat to bed like they did in cartoons


thought those big sleeping caps were for putting your hair in when you sleep but the guy said no thats NOT what theyre for



craving bone broth



is bone broth what i think it is


its a bowl of umami


File: 1642750164793.jpg (633.29 KB, 1280x944, 1642747203173.jpg)

i think i could have said something a little more profound to be remembered throughout the ages


lets hear it then


uh am i getting mandela effected since when does antarctica look like that its supposed to be as long as the entire earth


NOTiced my penis was showing through my pants the other day had to run back upstairs and put on tighter underwear dont want people thinking if have a big penis


File: 1642750333187.jpg (413.84 KB, 1977x1029, World-Continents-Topographic-map.jpg)


global maps dont really work correctly


can you circle the south pole


File: 1642750403167.png (238.17 KB, 2220x1248, greenland-actual-size.png)


how do we know any of it is real



cant they just say theyre roommates


the best part about being queer is letting everyone know that you are


File: 1642751006100.jpg (579.75 KB, 1600x800, 6jARjazQJfq2v882YHZGxZ.jpg)


is that real


whats on the bottom side of the flat earth




dreamed i transitioned last night




were you sexy






still remember the time i linked the umamiburger website to someone raging about umami on hima within 5 seconds of them posting it with pride


dont know if i should keep gaming or watch anime tough one only got a couple hours left of the night


its time to game


finna snooze


arrogant little kitty


wouldnt mind a job like this




damn good games might be time to wipe off the psp




dont know how


why scape when new world is out


wish you had to unlock most skills and they were hard to unlock in regular oldscape


having a stroopwaffle


painful spot by my nose


File: 1642766260021.jpg (251.86 KB, 1447x844, 95668160_p0.jpg)


eating eggs bagel soy sausage orange juice banana and kitty tried to taste it


die soyman


the air fryer has been deployed tendies and potato wedgies are a go


you cant just eat tendies this early in the morning




love wedgies


its NOT healthy


uh it does it magically become healthy if i eat it later in the day what difference does it make


might as well start cracking at the crack of dawn what difference does it make when i start


File: 1642769335154.jpg (738.79 KB, 1080x1525, 95672237_p1.jpg)


you cant compare a couple of tendies to normahol


vigorously washed myself in the shower arm muscles started burning and growled out loud


didnt even realize he was drawing an ironic parallel since ive been cracking in the morning for years now


crack aches even when NOT touching it


in a dex ruled by ark one sheep dares to play minecraft






sigh meat loaf died


just had some meat loaf earlier


File: 1642774952534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.76 KB, 907x1210, FJoK_T3UcAI8dUo.jpg)


how many times must i implore you STOP posting these hairy pussies


File: 1642775565182.png (1.97 MB, 828x1227, park.png)


wish i was one of those skippers that spend all day hanging out with the boys or out with their gfs or making a big deal at the office only to boot up hima and drop some link or video that the actual hima people have already seen twice


havent seen either of those


dad went to a meatloaf concert said he danced across the stage with ribbons


called dad a norm and told him to stay out of my room



wish humans didnt have the most difficult mating strategy in the animal kingdom by basing the entire thing on facial bones


File: 1642778977431.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1100x1200, 88888738_p0.png)


the bone structure cope


shes flexible


NOThin cope just rope



long day ahead of me at work showed up to the guild katheryne gave me my commissions and told me were short on ore need to mine hundreds of crystals and we gotta hunt unagi and crab for recipes we still need a solid elemental mastery goblet and missed a star in the abyss too sigh its NOT easy being an adventurer


autoraged at that post


love work sims


File: 1642780721311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.8 KB, 654x917, riaru.jpg)


File: 1642781240941.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 1413x2000, e4f862462feb321388d81089349aa3e0.png)



moms gone gonno crank the heater


how many layers are you wearing




File: 1642788427489.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.69 KB, 1075x1518, E-SIiIHVcAIN_DV.jpg)


File: 1642791549010.jpg (116.52 KB, 1920x1080, lulustation.jpg)


NOTiced my penis was showing through my pants the other day had to run back upstairs and put on tighter underwear dont want people thinking if have a big penis


tired of the spam do something seki


what spam?



penis starting to look kind of fat i think ill put it on a diet




File: 1642793116675.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.07 KB, 323x314, help.jpg)


sigh nb



File: 1642793289440.jpeg (182.19 KB, 800x600, 6f0163604f684635443b8db5b5e6fa28.jpeg)


Shuuma Aguri isn’t like other high school boys. He doesn’t get into sexual talks with his friends, and he sits alone. While he does have a secret fetish, he keeps it to himself - after all, who would willingly talk to a guy with a tickle fetish?

The only solace he has in his life is Anzu, a girl he met online who herself has a desire to be tickled. The two decide to meet up one day, only for Shuuma to find out that Anzu… is actually his teacher, Maiko Ogura?


tickle my pickle


what does the circle do


sigh had to shower made it six days but my bh developed a sore today




cant say ive ever seen my asshole never bothered spreading my cheeks in front of a mirror its an unsightly part of the human body best left alone


i dont understand why my buttcrack is so hairy why would it be hairy




to keep assbugs out and keep dirt and bacteria away from your bum


when i was a kid i didnt have the crackhair and things were great why would you want to risk getting shite matted up in the hair its a design flaw



thats a fake story ive personally shaved mine before and it was fine


cant deny that its nasty but most mammals get shit in their asshair too its more unnatural to NOT get shit in your asshair like livestock bred chinks


did it feel like sandpaper between your ass cheeks when it grew back


i didnt shave it smooth i used the clippers



why is she constantly laughing


some kind of show going on in diagon alley bunch of adults are enraptured


love going to amusement parks with my gf and blogging about it on hima


looks fun did you get butter beer and ride hagrids ride




crater earth is the only projection i subscribe to


some people are just naturally jovial


thats just how foids are


File: 1642800193505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 640.3 KB, 1200x1177, 95252571_p0.jpg)


she wasnt raised right


girls are sperm receptacles


NOT true


ya its how god made them


got a nice chocolate coronet from the bakery


hope youre eating it from the big side


floornapped had to wake myself up because hand fell asleep hard was lying on it odd


are you that guys kitty


hate that guy


File: 1642803930813.png (872.1 KB, 1720x1300, 95677308_p0.png)




im scared of whats going to happen hima


view petblogging on the same level as blogging about your gf i just dont want to hear it


kitty flopped on my foot


sometimes get my gf stories and my pet stories mixed up


finally happened feel better


do you need a hug


File: 1642804966966.gif (1.92 MB, 400x300, congratulation.gif)


head was bleeding earlier


dont think its supposed to do that


its fine


File: 1642805514632.jpg (1.62 MB, 1273x1767, 95682220_p0.jpg)


File: 1642805547775.jpg (385.2 KB, 1400x1900, 1642804982994.jpg)


do you ever wonder what made you end up like this hima
did you ever find out


what do you mean


end up like what






what happened to what


sigh theyre too far gone to even realize


everythings fine snacking on some nuts and berries and watching vids


must go shopping


love to shop


hate shopping


shop til ya drop


wonder if that guy went on velocicoaster yet


thats nb skipper


is there anything nb cant do


File: 1642807621356.jpg (747.35 KB, 2067x1181, FJXJ6HVX0AgZdvK.jpg)


woke up mornin hima wish i had some hair o the blog me head hurts



great hack great playthrough give it a watch if you want


posting tubers at all is bad but posting entubers is just being obnoxious on purpose


just learned youre supposed to chew rice and NOT just shovel it in and swallow


like how banning him 12 more times just made him more obnoxious about it


wish i had his low inhib


read somewhere as a kid that japanese people had a custom of swallowing their ramen whole so of course in an attempt to be closer to japanese i would eat my cup ramen with chopsticks without chewing any of it



there was this amish family at the store they walked slowly blocked the aisle mom was covered but the little girl had her blonde hair out


amish dont believe in peds


used to always run into the local semi amish cult at the bread store theyd take all the sexy ladies out to help get all the bread in the car and do other grocery trips NOT sure if theyre really amish though cause im wcr might be aNOTher denomination


never seen a ped in real life think they might just be aNOTher himameme


probably just those shiftless mennonites


how can you tell someones ped


remember mom had some freakish biblethumpers over as guests they all wore the exact same sweater vests and the mom kept reminding the kids to be happy and cheerful


im ped




could use that reminder myself from time to time


happy happy joy joy


biblethumpers always seem happy maybe i should start believing


File: 1642810418912.png (756.1 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


its boring need a different cope




sure why NOT


gyudon time


need a 6 foot 2 autistic womanbaby jpgf


foids are immune to autism


then whats her problem


File: 1642811260326.jpg (42.94 KB, 600x800, 1514853622117.jpg)


explain my wife


crying for her difficulties in life as a disabled person


File: 1642812442301.mp4 (1.26 MB, peds.mp4)


how old is she might jo


back off creep


nah this is the land of the free i can jo if i want


cooked rice and tofu night 3 realized forgot to buy a new black pepper grinder


nice freejoer


whats her flippin problem


the tism


sigh had too much salt know id regret it going into it didnt really get that much enjoyment during it feeling bloated after it


mom bought sodium free imitation salt tastes horrendous


saw a fake semen recipe recently it used salt substitute


only buy no salt added cans of beans why would you add imitation salt


love buying canned beans for 5x the cost of equivalent dry beans


ordered a couple doujinshi theyve finally shipped


do NOT want to have to prepare my meal 24 hours in advance soak the beans overnight then cook them for 2 hours thats NOT worth the cost savings


are you gonno scan em


ya bought two of each only might NOT bother uploading anywhere


you dont need to soak em thats a myth


might make some roasted garbanzo beans but dont want to soak


gonno pour a double once i work up the energy to stand up


poured lime juice into the half empty cranberry juice bottle shook it up added water


what about the blogka




thats okay poured myself a double one for me one for you


File: 1642814944512.png (337.68 KB, 600x800, 95683573_p1.png)


think im a fan of sakurin dont think i couldve come up with it myself


File: 1642815679055.jpg (128.37 KB, 1280x720, [Niplex] Irodorimidori 02 [720p][69950FC3].mkv….jpg)


still waiting for the fortune summoners sequel it ended on a cliffhanger sigh




wonder if paolos son is gonno post on hima


someone here needs to breed so we can all raise the child like 7 dwarves or something



i would only agree if it was a sexy lady im NOT interested in raising a shota


kitty binged her dinner then puked right next to the bowl and cried


what about when shes 11 and finds a big nig to get flipped by


havent feastpurged in years


we would raise her to be poor and chaste she would be the shrine maiden at the mansion


meant pure and chaste


poor is right


girls dont like nigs


File: 1642817897928.mp4 (21.28 MB, p.mp4)

need a nice portahole


fired up dodonpachi resurrection only to be reminded that im NOT a gamer only made it to stage 4


have never 1ccd any danmaku


dont think i could ever get good at those kinds of games im too tard


can still fire up podd and 1cc first try consistently never got that good at other games


1ccd 4 toehoe games then got bored


1ccd soew all types to unlock extra but could NOT beat it no matter how hard i tried


remember went back to it some time after that but extra NOThing couldnt even make it far in the normal game anymore it wasnt like riding a bike at all


wonder if i could still ride a bike


File: 1642818730033.jpg (562.33 KB, 1347x1905, 95687272_p0.jpg)



just skewer and toss me on the bbq


wish i had that backdrop for my room


simply feast until it is your turn to be feasted upon


File: 1642819644825.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 860x1214, 95680443_p2.png)




might make cinnamon rolls tomorrow


from one of those tins or from scratch


scratch of course who do you think i am


who are you


hes the scratchguy


that guy said you dont need to come up with a little character for every post


wish i hadnt eaten that earlier now dont have room for snacks


listening to itch and scratch part 2


youre going to love him when hes in the mansion whipping you up some buttermilk biscuits from scratch and white gravy on a monday morning


got some white gravy for you right here


watching teen humor vids


sister wanted gravy for christmas mom hated it kept saying no made the gravy for her myself


nice browk





moons rising


File: 1642821080920.png (689.75 KB, 1536x2048, 95688143_p0.png)


too high inhib to live too high inhib to rope sounds like a twilight zone thing


File: 1642821325443.jpg (167.35 KB, 1920x1080, [AK-Submarines] GIRLS und PANZER OVA6 v2 [1984….jpg)


sigh its up to us to set things in motion


found a cool vid but NOT sure if i should post it


cool or cool




File: 1642822284845.jpg (1010.89 KB, 688x1635, 88817341_p2.jpg)



you shouldntve


hoping that was just an imposter


thats NOT me


well im only seeing one vid without aNOTher gonno have to assume its your post


need a sexy ladiesis right now


it isnt a tubie vid


File: 1642823285214.swf (1.19 MB, kagami.swf)


feeling emotional





bring it in big guy


uh who let the chinks in



back when i was still able to go to restaurants would get tempted to say xie xie to the chink lady but always wimped out



at the ramen place last weekend just stood there waiting for one of the staff to NOTice me took several minutes


grabbed the chink at the restaurant dont know what i was thinking NOT sure how youd even apologize


nice low inhib grabber


wouldnt mind being grabbed


NOT only was it extremely out of character but it must have been terrifying on her part cant go back there for 10 or 15 years i suppose


she loved it


File: 1642824958695.png (3.41 MB, 1447x2047, 95674195_p0.png)


remember went to the horse races once maybe twice at most with mom and someone else maybe it was aunt they didnt bet or anything just went to go


File: 1642825361398.jpg (336.9 KB, 1500x2427, 95674847_p0.jpg)


horse track an hour away would be fun to go but no one to go with


what about mom


bring your own horse and a nearby himabro will come along


one time as a teen met someone irl who i knew online that wasnt a good idea





did you meet at her place or yours


met him at a public mall wasnt that tard NOT even as a teen




what are some good tubers to watch for a beginner


guy from the internet drove 5 hours to pick me up then drove me 5 hours back to where he was staying bought me a motel room and fed me then one day said ok you need to go back im running out of money so he drove me back and that was it spent a lot of time pretending to be asleep during the ride so i wouldnt be expected to talk


crying for your lost virginity


cant imagine meeting anyone from the internet closest ive ever come was voice chatting with one guy and that was the most awkward experience of my life


but the mansion


thats different i can just hide in my room and live vicariously through the security cameras and hima


no voices are allowed in the mansion we will write posts and stick them on the fridge


sister said one of her college roommates left passive aggressive NOTes about the waffle maker


uh youre gonno have to do your assigned chores you cant just hole up


wouldnt mind a nice chalkboard as long as the trollers agreed NOT to deface it


uh i thought wed have sexy ladymaids to do that stuff


yeah thats when you get in the kig


might NOT be able to resist grabbing the kig im probably a molester potato chef now


one kigflip is all i ask


i saw a kig in real life it was the girl from the boku hero shite


sigh lucky


only seen people in fursuits in real life before


i dont know if it was simply an expensive well done one or what but i have to admit it wasnt the least sexy thing ive ever seen


tried watching that teenime couldnt get halfway through the first ep


didnt even bother trying to pick it up


never tried


File: 1642827137108.jpg (3.7 MB, 2894x3564, 95679212_p0.jpg)


wonder if its worse to be a girl with small boobs than a guy with a small benis


never seen a woman exclaim she loves small penised men


despite regretting that sodium overload still got a desire to snack so opened up a pack of saltines


how are you supposed to attract a woman with a big penis you cant just walk around whipping it out


why NOT its natural


isnt that what pnig did thought he asked everyone if they would suck it yes or no



you wear the lose underwear and tight pants so they can see it


remember reading that in eye trackers girls looked at the crotch more than guys did


the other day had to use a public restroom cant use urinals only stalls guy was using the urinal tried to get into the stall by him it was the only one but door opened out and bumped into him as it was opening said sorry felt awkward but kept opening moved him away went in



always imagine the its natural posts being vocalized in the smarmiest voice possible


sigh he had an incredibly smarmy voice


dont even have a big penis it just fluffs out for some reason maybe its positioned too high up


cant even use the stall my bladder will NOT cooperate


time to install a port


File: 1642827620168.mp4 (214.44 KB, agybat.mp4)


hate when some norm comes into the bathroom blasting music on his phone and cant urinate till he leaves


you touched a man when he was pissing


wouldnt mind being touched right now a hug or just a nudge on the shoulder something to tell me someone exists who NOTices my existence


hate living with sicknorms cant even touch anything outside my lair


hate when i get accidentally touched by someone but they did it in a way that feels good and i get confused


im comin in for a big ol hug and kiss


a kiss might be going too far might be fine if its one of those european greeting kisses


pucker up im gonno smooch ya


single mother cousin trained her brat to go around kissing everyone had to set the little queer aside one day and said men dont kiss one aNOTher
dumb bitch is going to turn the boy into a peter puffer at that rate


subzero outside forecast says 21 havent bothered to measure for myself opened the window feeling the chill


vented this morning installed a new wallflower bottle smells nice


a new what now


mouth dry as the sahara was already dry now almost polished off the sleeve of saltines


why is this guy eating crackers


dont talk about me like im NOT in the room


File: 1642829091419.jpg (554.87 KB, 983x1110, 20220122_002132.jpg)


remember fighting with sis over the nightlight but dont remember who was on what side


cat looks tard


what a stupid flipping cat


hope saulguy is doing alright


after last weeks winter storm turned out to NOT wipe out power for the county like the last one left me with the supplies id got in preparation canned soup butane and so forth had some of the canned soup today maybe ill get some stuff can fire up on the camping stove later


maybe time for some raclette


File: 1642829658596.swf (6.09 MB, Chens_Errand.swf)


sigh popped into an old thread to watch a webm and it was deleted


i saved it


File: 1642830460620.webm (1.4 MB, 900x675, 1495448497429.webm)

was it this


File: 1642831041930.png (285.2 KB, 724x1023, 0f78db0088f06bdada3bf37cdc17c8f7.png)


you know when you say youre too much of a perfectionist to do something because youll go crazy getting it just right youre basically just saying youre too lazy to bother


guess ill get started on the himavgm hope everyone else does their part


File: 1642831935039.jpg (174.6 KB, 1280x720, 2022-01-22-01h07m09s331.jpg)

hate when i have to turn down horny girls looking to flip because im a queer far more interested in my tall brown boytoy


my black mage is now level 90


File: 1642832514384.jpg (287.22 KB, 2048x1536, 1642826613044.jpg)


pools closed


onseki needs to sell the site to moot


why is every imageboard admin a chad


been working on my art skills for the big upcoming hima project


File: 1642832988341.jpg (1000.46 KB, 1060x1500, 0931a56a2dfc63fcfa899db7e1e58576.jpg)


vile whoer


dont talk about my gyaru gf like that


you mean our gyaru gf


what the flip


im cold hima im so cold


File: 1642834007865.mp4 (1.89 MB, ratt.mp4)


File: 1642834381965.png (353.64 KB, 1080x701, 1642829470011.png)


File: 1642834589113.jpg (333.51 KB, 720x888, Merry.jpg)


File: 1642834739505.png (909.28 KB, 864x1080, 1642609827504.png)


phew phew phew




should i make oyakodon or gyudon for dinner


whats the difference


※Please refrain from taking screenshots and clips of this stream.

uh why


ones chicken ones beef


meat is murder


used to be a vegetarian when i was a teen


go to hell tubeteen


File: 1642845827049.jpg (474.84 KB, 849x1200, FJmnu6AVcAIhOy3.jpg)


is it possible to stop being a wristcel


ya just get fat


File: 1642850696219.jpg (219.29 KB, 800x1119, FJsxUxeaIAYo9m-.jpg)


wish real boobs levitated like that


File: 1642852559527.jpg (273.29 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease]_Slow_Loop_-_03_(1080p)_[CD9DF61E]….jpg)


always oog hard to 3d flare


File: 1642853937094.jpg (363.36 KB, 2048x1536, UGhM_B8U7_boHMkIAUEHXz6cl-Iuy5qVBgQUExrK_8g.jpg)


oog hard to 3d noel


3d or 3d


File: 1642860552601.jpg (126.25 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Leadale no Daichi nite - 02 (720p….jpg)


miss lytt love that shes still in the op and the ed heavily focuses on her


File: 1642861691040.jpg (191.75 KB, 1227x2048, 95697613_p0.jpg)


File: 1642862740288.webm (1.83 MB, 1280x720, party night.webm)


friday night at the mansion


File: 1642863365297.jpg (190.46 KB, 1000x1600, 93819473_p0.jpg)



remember when we spent an hour trying to find the website in that op


File: 1642865641771.png (3.26 MB, 4500x3200, 95704519_p0.png)


hate when i try to do something but the drive its on has spun down and have to wait half a minute for things to unfreeze


did NOT listen when that guy told me to buy a new ssd it could have been here by now


cant afford that many ssds


yeah the first one he recommended was like a thousand dollars or something ridiculous then he said wait thats a joke and suggested a cheaper model it was still over 200 dollars


that doesnt mean anything without listing the storage too and theyre defiantly NOT up to par with my 8-12tb hds


File: 1642867157237.jpg (3.74 MB, 2894x4093, 95692108_p0.jpg)


got trolled by hima into buying a ryzen computer


uh the second one i suggested was also a joke once you found out there was no m2 slot on your motherboard i suggested the most expensive sata ssd i saw on the first page of amazon results


had about enough of the joker here


that was epic for the win


File: 1642868506015.jpg (87.12 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 03 (720p) [4B7C1A15].….jpg)


pots on the stove gonno make some tea


File: 1642869063297.jpg (149.8 KB, 1246x1204, [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 03 (720p) [4B7C1A15]0….jpg)


tea has been made


hope its a nice sencha


its NOT


ate the last of the gyoza


its out


never had matcha


File: 1642870962306.png (4.28 MB, 2268x3024, 95696176_p0.png)


eating carrots


are they baby carrots


File: 1642871120313.jpg (162.56 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja - 03….jpg)


File: 1642871287025.jpg (299.96 KB, 930x905, 20220122_120636.jpg)


nice cheeto puff


saw a car driving outside with a trash bag on top of the windshield



woke up havin a turkey sandwich with carrots


are they baby carrots





File: 1642876598365.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1695, 0fff2fc7-97b6-4d80-b959-694183ffbd48.png)


shes just like me


im a born loser


File: 1642877287826.png (1.11 MB, 1400x988, 95708296_p0.png)


File: 1642878139661.webm (183.88 KB, 1920x1080, wah.webm)


how come i havent met any girls like her


you havent been outside in almost 10 years


thats NOT true i went outside just the other day bought some gum


going to come out of the cocoon for the first time in 10 years and shock the world


File: 1642878775079.mp4 (2.97 MB, crabblog.mp4)


making ramen


got the hotel gym all to myself hehe


die norm


wonder if the plasticky stuff on the top from where the lid didnt cleanly come off is toxic


File: 1642879879080.png (498.79 KB, 800x600, 4a1ad034fa25b8ddc54b6a97cdf04342.png)


at universal most of the chinks who wore hogwarts clothes had slytherin thought it was quite telling


post those sexy witches


love soying out at the wizarding world of harry potter then blogging about it on hima in the hotel room


sorry im waiting on my gf to get ready


drank all the ramen broth


nice elira dictionary


those poor jops falling for the entuber meme



can read all of this guess its time to go to japan and start a family


make a channel like paolo so you can keep us updated


mindblowing that we are all biologically capable of creating offspring but will never do so


deciding between more tea or hot chocolate guess ill go with the tea got an oversized thing of honey since it was cheaper per unit but caps poorly made so it didnt pour well at all since its big its hard to hold and squeeze for extended times used scissors to make the hole bigger


thats a lot of words to justify stressing up your hormones


what makes you think anyone gives a damn


had some hot cocoa and sesame squares yesterday got a real bad stomach ache thats why i use the calendar now


dont understand the last few posts


forgot why i was scared of norms to begin with


theyre scary


were social creatures if the tribe rejects you its very disturbing you were supposed to wander into the woods and die or make a new tribe in unexplored territory


isnt that hima


joined the hima tribe and had to adapt to their strange customs


naproxen is a hormone repressor


used ibuprofen NOT naproxen


my teen hormones


File: 1642885993944.jpg (180.58 KB, 1278x1318, [SubsPlease] Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru -….jpg)


File: 1642886650928.jpg (94.4 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku - 03 (7….jpg)

fire up the new ep and this is the first thing i can see NOT sure if i can handle the stimulation


love pretending to be turned on by armpits and children and other jaypee memes


uhh haha


time for a nice ironic losperm


File: 1642888081171.jpg (169.68 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku - 03 (7….jpg)


File: 1642889056306.jpg (596.34 KB, 1024x1024, 95704999_p0.jpg)



NOT watching half an hour of that aro can i get the highlights


should i watch this




on second thought its probably typical jap cuckolding trash where the mc gets within a quarter inch of sex multiple times every chapter and never goes all the way



feel so bad for japs having zero manga that accurately portray a normal healthy sexual partnership


dont know what that means


File: 1642891451039.webm (49.79 KB, 640x360, [SubsPlease] Vanitas no Carte - 14 (720p) [F2….webm)


almost made that webm myself


well i made it first






those make japs rage so they dont get published


love hanging out on boards.4channel.org/vt/ and sharing the highlights with my bros on himasugi.blog/jp/


burned my tongue


good riddens


File: 1642892949726.jpg (778.65 KB, 2046x2048, 1642891974270.jpg)


sigh added too much salt


scared one day ill snap and flip a kig


why NOT simply say snap doesnt that include flip


no i mean snap NOT snap


she got the snip


hand smells like garlic


cut up an onion every day while wearing my hooded sweatshirt the sleeve smells of onion


hey hima just got back from 8 km sunset run watched the ice float down the river and wind turbines spin on the horizon




dont know how to measure distance weight or height its all too complicated


we need metric units how else will we measure millimeter differences in face bones


dont understand turts mm posts ive seen that ugly mug and it would take a lot more than a few mm of change to get anywhere good


you cant heckin say that about the chonkin turterino


weighed myself lost a pound down to lowest weight since 2017


File: 1642895200098.png (1.84 MB, 1547x2866, 95711148_p0.png)


weird doggy


its an incelosphere meme you wouldnt get it


glad im NOT an incel