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you were supposed to call me a worknorm to which i would reply im a live in home security guard


File: 1635716223716.jpg (303.95 KB, 694x1000, 155a79c47890a19c6333fa2b5e2e67b1.jpg)


sigh aoba




downloaded 50gb of pornographs gonno scrub through two or three of them and sperm in five minutes before deleting them all


aoba seems like the kind of girl that would flip everyone else but me


File: 1635716789298.jpg (2.07 MB, 1284x1712, 20211031_163241.jpg)

went hiking 4 miles hima leaves were falling




isnt that all foids


NOT yun


my jpgf soulmate is still waiting for me


the idea of flipping an american woman is more alien to me than the idea of flipping a jap


nice jbw programming


File: 1635717886177.jpg (116.32 KB, 1024x768, 013.jpg)

me on the left


woke up we dont have water have to wash our hands with bottled water


im NOT white i dont have blue eyes




File: 1635718070281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.64 MB, 5564x3714, 860498c4472ef49b11be33c1f6f96e30.jpg)






File: 1635718368201.jpg (169.99 KB, 1200x800, ricecel.jpg)


at least he can become a birl


File: 1635718596750.jpg (153.8 KB, 1424x1072, [アニメ BD] ギャラクシーエンジェル 第4期(X) 第15-16話「トラのうま煮/今日風….jpg)


the ritual is going to give you a new life a better life far away from here


File: 1635718783832.png (2.04 MB, 960x1073, 1635432252928.png)





left behind


File: 1635718981615.jpg (477.95 KB, 2484x3645, e61986478cc77594bd8a5862c974952b.jpg)


how do you think she would feel if she heard you say that asshole


last day to stroke my bone before i do the nojo meme again


couldnt care less about the feelings of some breeding sow


NOT falling for that meme


cant do that meme too scared ill sperm in my sleep


you get a nice sperm once the month is over


get creepy and angry when i do that and then if i do sperm there are the sperm crystals in it


made out with a girl once it was in a dream




File: 1635719323662.jpg (226.12 KB, 1416x1000, af1f3bc61a3bebad3f32a793f0832818.jpg)


wish furrygirls were real




they are
theyre just a little more furry than youre willing to accept




got left behind


File: 1635719531277.jpg (430.57 KB, 645x912, 74355616_p0.jpg)


the senko vore


bet itd feel nice


meeting a bro off grindr soon




is he top or bottom


got left behind at the me next post sigh


based biseki


no im top


im m


love the woods start thinking about where id put different parts of a town


making the pepper crab ramen


File: 1635720153403.jpg (809.22 KB, 1254x1771, 93745443_p0.jpg)


pepper crab ramen is on the stove


need an aggressive sexy s gyaru to force me into being her bf





same but NOT gyaru dark skin is gross


whenever i get the wrong food and say its fine ill eat it anyway shell grab me by the wrist and drag me to the counter and yell at them for it


the pepper crab was good now im eating the spicy seafood cant see myself stopping here might eat three or four more


uhh thats NOT what it means noob


dark skin is NOT gross you absolute fool they are white just high in vitamin d its NOT like melanin on a nig


stop youll get a sodium hangover


gran said the dna test is wrong because she saw immigration papers starting to get hopeful that i was switched at birth


ew ban the nigger


can hear the normbors groan


hes here


i mean can hear the normbors


how do you know theyre norms


need to carefully craft all my posts so their grammatical structure is sufficiently unambiguous


theyre far worse than the average norm


File: 1635721549130.mp3 (16.75 KB, groaner.mp3)


love thinking someone is potentially non norm because theyre meek and NOT attractive only to find that theyre a big fat norm indeed


teas ready but flipped up ended up with some bad water in it after steeping tastes a little funny but ill still drink it


feeling the pressure to turn it all around there hasnt been a new month that starts on a monday since march


dates and days of the weak are arbitrary


every day i experience is a day of the weak





do people still say bc before christ or has it changed


need a russian gf


this is year 2565 of the buddhist era



aftertaste particularly present when breathing out will probably make aNOTher cup just to get it out of my mouth


what a beautiful place you could literally kill yourself painlessly at any second just by taking a nap outside


uh that wouldnt be painless


make sure to do a cool pose when you do


you wouldnt feel shite if you were unconscious


File: 1635722585666.jpg (174.91 KB, 1200x850, FDD-w6OaMAAt5ry.jpg)


dressed as a ghost for halloween multiple times and only wore underwear under it so as the night went on i would get very cold


by that logic any method of death is painless because you wont feel pain once youre dead


some of them were trick or treating last night then saw kids trick or treating today too why they should have steeled on one day



sigh charlie


whose pov do i watch


die logical fallacy


File: 1635722758404.png (707.11 KB, 838x430, 9ca0e33f-5f87-4445-8212-290d4d3687fd.png)

Workaholic Ha Juwon takes a trip to Phuket after working long hours with no vacations. Juwon, who's been single since birth, winds up in bed with a beautiful man but he wakes up to a stack of bills and the man gone. When Juwon returns to work, feeling worse than before, the beautiful man appears in front of him as top model Aiden Shin. What happens when sparks continue to fly between the gentle Juwon and sexy Aiden?!


die nida


hey hima its halloween


ran out of fruit except for oranges but need those for lunch tomorrow they do NOT hand out fruit for trick or treat


roving bands of children screaming outside


pics now


File: 1635722916794.jpg (180.41 KB, 634x800, stomp.jpg)



File: 1635723088359.jpg (97.14 KB, 900x675, j5yJ0IX.jpg)


File: 1635723235389.jpg (206.96 KB, 700x750, 1478027161789.jpg)


wish i was haunted


File: 1635723542005.ogg (3.75 MB, 08 びっくりさせたらおこるよ!.ogg)


File: 1635724109694.jpg (3.43 MB, 1929x2736, 93839403_p9.jpg)



too many arizona sexy ladies have had to endure this fate


crying for those desert sexy ladies


sexy brown desert sexy ladies




getting depressed thinking about samhain being just aNOTher day


playing tetris 99 looks like im the lowest leveled person above 32nd place


dont get this collab are they just tarding out in vrchat


didnt watch the new rosss either theyre all just sitting in my downloads folder didnt want to waste them but they lose relevance after tonight


if youre watching that crap instead of finana and elira i feel bad for you


i couldnt help being curious


just wait for the erectile dysfunction arc


wish i could be as optimistic as ross


woke up gonno drink some joe and watch the new ross


might look for that halloween dvd or maybe mom will change her mind and watch hellraiser want to just get it out of the way at this point so i can stay in my room without risking being interrupted


just watch hellraiser 1 if she thinks she hasnt seen it


what about the sex scenes


ended up NOT doing anything special for halloween except browsing the halloween tag on pixiv didnt even play deathsmiles


did NOThing at all just gamed


ill be a few blogs deep and i stack pillows between us on the couch so i cant see her


File: 1635726469402.jpg (329.09 KB, 1024x768, 93841020_p0.jpg)


what else is there


wonder how that guys grindr date went


the male prostate


you cant pollute your mind with that shite what youre experiencing is a natural reaction to the freakish dystopia the norms have created


ya feelin pretty refreshed


youd have to chain me down wrench my mouth open to get me to take those zombiepills


File: 1635726965629.png (253.71 KB, 371x361, untitled.png)


tasukete erin


File: 1635727095423.png (1.13 MB, 1750x1714, 93558480_p3.png)


little angel


took lexapro for a few months probably the happiest time in my adult life was very nice NOT feeling panicky all the time got a lot of gaming done


dont think im on a highway to heaven


i think im possessed by belphegor


File: 1635727571579.png (302.76 KB, 640x480, Capture0072.PNG)


File: 1635727737171.jpg (404.07 KB, 1920x910, 1635473181508.jpg)

sigh its beautiful


150 posts in 3 hours looks like the raid succeeded and this is the end of hima


its the end of october


the doomposter


its fine they were all me


hes so desperate to get the whitelist up


the end is near


File: 1635727831219.jpg (561.33 KB, 2894x2079, __shirakami_fubuki_shiranui_flare_tsunomaki_wa….jpg)

dont forget to rabbit rabbit tomorrow






thought it was about first words you speak with larynx voice but do you also have to count text


precious little angels


remember to say raider raider


highlight them


File: 1635728056871.jpg (434.77 KB, 1080x810, 93834432_p0.jpg)


scary eye


werewolf dog ver


whats scary its even got a heart and a bunny


just looks too big its scary


the proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence


thats why i dont buy snacks anymore


been following service size guidelines recently pick out 14 chips and transfer to a paper towel before eating


never followed service guidelines for my car wonder when i last got my oil changed its been leaking


guy who added me messaged me he said hi


time to start your own friend arc



never had a friend whats it like


ya i know i just said its a natural reaction to the reality weve been given life sentences in


its NOT that great they bug you to hang out and then try to one up you all the time


wish someone cared enough about me to bug me to hang out wed go on adventures itd be epic



brother messaged saying there was a big shooting out on the road and six cars crashed together did NOT know what to say so didnt reply


think norms expect you to say stupid stuff like be safe


what about owned


they dont care though its just about serving their interests


need to network


sometimes just want my existence to be recognized


thats what hima is for


only had anything resembling friendships as a kid to get access to other kids video games and toys that i didnt have


thats why im here


had the ninja turtle toy that shot pizza discs out of its chest


im just like michaelangelo


can NOT remember which one shot the pizza but thought it was raphael


im just like him too


only here to access the exclusive hima streams


wheres the stream


wish i had pizza


some foods always leave me feeling like shite after pizzas one pastas aNOTher doesnt stop me from eating them


stream fatal frame


nice insulin resistance


its NOT that


family history of diabetes on moms side



i said its NOT that




face feeling flushed


thought about shaving everything it only grows fully around mouth and chin usually keep that part unshaved


hate shaving hate cutting


didnt cut my hair today either


File: 1635731645782.jpg (1.17 MB, 1131x1600, illust_93421547_20211031_022737.jpg)


no dont


she cut her hair today its short now


need to have my heart broken and cut my hair as i turn over a new leaf


hehe just NOTiced the author list on that cover





what the flip no one told me there was a blog thread on /jp/ now crying we can finally go home


feel free to go back there and NOT post here


File: 1635732633287.png (781.61 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


unlikely that ill ever post on the 4 again still read it most days because im an unemployed loser addicted to low effort sources of distraction but ive only felt the desire to post maybe half a dozen times in four or so years


still post in the rhythm game thread sometimes


got permabanned within an hour of making a thread with a clean ip the last time i posted on the jay only read the normboards i have no emotional attachment to


actually it wasnt even a thread it was a post


link it


i said this thread is relevant to my interests


was it a sexy lady thread


File: 1635733902453.png (818.71 KB, 977x1200, 93830843_p1.png)


pretty sure someone here talked about it when they changed the rules to allow one


oh wait its just a joke post but back in march i remember that there was one neet general allowed on jp


they werent even playing halloween on amc what the flip mom said shed watch hellraiser though


went to the store got burrito supplies


aNOTher halloween has passed did NOT get spirited


tired of living in a world sick and twisted enough where the american movie channel isnt playing the movie halloween at 930 on halloween


uhh do you expect them to play the same movie every year im sure theyve played it a few times also why do you still have cable


uh ya because theyve literally played it and the sequels all day on halloween for as long as i can remember


won a big tv in a contest but do NOT watch it often usually just my monitor


who cares just download it and fire up the hdmi


i bought the dvd in 2007 its the point


whats the point why would you rather watch it on tv with ads and you dont get to pick the exact time rather than just firing up the dvd whenever you want


hdmi is hard to use because you either have to have a very long cable to connect to the tv in the other room or you have to pick up your entire computer and move it closer


have a big vga cable running across my floor to the bedside monitor


american society has collapsed thats like NOT having great pumpkin air


soon it will be thanksgiving then christmas then new years its flipping over


can i start playing christmas music yet


2022 is the year my real life begins


read earthlings after that guy recd it yesterday it was pretty good surprised a woman wrote it


glad you enjoyed it read her earlier book convenience store woman earthlings has some of the same ideas but develops them further liked it more


read in a day go to hell focusnorm


whats the great pumpkin


guess ill read it


its NOT very long

gonno read some houellebecq next it put me in the mood


File: 1635734908326.jpg (143.35 KB, 868x1228, 93841201_p12.jpg)




just finished having some sex


File: 1635734973796.jpg (1.29 MB, 1226x1750, 93830110_p0.jpg)


i put the movie on a usb and use moms laptop to connect to the tv


found some sweet tea in the fridge and gorged on snickers 3 musketeers reeses cups twix n kitkats all day


favorite as a kid was 3 musketeers reckon i havent had one in a decade or two


mom bought like 30 chupa chups to give out but no one knocked on the door guess ill slowly consume them over a couple of months


guess next weeks the right time to get cheap candy but id better NOT


prefer savory stuff NOT too big on sweets


die umaminorms


ran out of msg august havent bought any since


used to have a big tub of msg but mom raged that shes ``allergic'' to it so i cant have it anymore


File: 1635735724800.ogg (3.41 MB, 06 Kou Kyou Kyoku “DEATHSMILES”.ogg)


might be burrito time


chocolate is NOT candy


ever chew gum and eat chocolate at the same time




the gum melts away from the oils in the chocolate




dont like oh guy think hes making fun of me


nah id never make fun of you




sigh the sound of my ancestral home


File: 1635737506545.jpg (729.05 KB, 750x1000, 93829745_p0.jpg)




think thats just about the best burrito i ever ate hima hoooo boy


where was the pic


was about to post it but now that youve made such an arrogant post i think ill keep it to myself




heard rain looked outside it was NOT raining


was it the wind




these halloween pics are endless made it up to page 200 then went back to page 1 back up to page 60 and no sign of catching up to where i started


never cared for halloween mom never let me trick or treat anyway


stairs now


temporomandibular joints are feeling really weird


File: 1635739674636.jpg (178.82 KB, 800x1132, be69653c-c356-4b02-b499-54730328b372.jpg)




sigh now im gonno have nightmares


havent had a nice nightmare in a while cant say i hated the adrenaline rush of waking up terrified every now and then


dreamed about hangin out with seki and turt last night


used to wake up screaming and crying at least once a month as a kid


File: 1635739860873.jpg (28.22 KB, 640x480, GeGeGe no Kitaro (1968) [TSHS - HnG] episode 1….jpg)

nin nin


always have very vivid nightmares when i take melatonin


neck hurts bad dont think i can game anymore


shouldnt have been gaming to begin with


File: 1635740739724.jpg (2.37 MB, 3264x2448, 20210522_092250.jpg)

you ever just sit at the paddock with turt and seki after a long day putting down laps and grill up some dogs while cracking some brews and discussing your favorite hima memes


i wish


wish i was as pasted as aris


in my dream we were drinking cold ones and play console games


guess ill go do some yardwork then


they were playing them earlier in the day


wish the girl in hellraiser 2 was my gf


you wouldnt even know what to do with a gf and dont say flip her because thats only 1% of the time spent together


we could nonverbally solve puzzles together


trick or treated


uh its the middle of the night


thats the best time to do yardwork


eatin midnight cheese


is anyone watching the new dunc the visuals look kind of cool


mom made some fudge


might make some ham and cheesers then fire up some ross


this guy wants her more than me ill concede






wish i had some fudge


its alright would taste better if i left it in the fridge for a while


used to read a tripod site about growing weed when i was a teen


ill watch dunc if its streamed



weird how theyre called dunkin donuts yet their donuts are shite


weird or weird


you said weird twice


File: 1635742629600.webm (1.66 MB, 1280x720, 1635731148913.webm)

hes just like me


you forgot the audio


you just activated my trap card


i found it on that other imageboard but couldnt find a version with sound nor do i care enough to download the show which looks like a mix of sao and accel




you said the same thing twice


i would appreciate it if someone else streams dunc so i dont have to figure out how to download non anime media


dont get me started


fire up tpb


theyre just dunkin now




no its depressing on there because no one comments anymore like the old days


what do you mean by that


you know


but those are children


sigh the mitsus


those are drawings NOT children



you ever sip your sugarwater like this


dont drink sugarwater


die spic


did i NOT post this less than 24 hours ago


you posted the ladder one


you tell me



File: 1635743170821.jpg (413.88 KB, 1000x1048, 156baa5b53db1b776be52e9f86dd7423.jpg)


die oh


oh needs to be permarangebanned


File: 1635743201001.jpg (3.87 MB, 5395x8437, 93842725_p0.jpg)


need a plump japanese daughter


how about a plump american son


let me think





might start using oh meself


stream dunc



gonno make this my last jo for the month


die westcoastnorm



tired think it might be bedtime soon


never learned east from west


west is left east is right


uh it depends on where youre standing


im sitting


same thing


what if im on the north pole which way is it then




the east is burning red


which one was the one hit by the house




sigh the school of the undefeated of the east



did he get banned


did who get what



two months until 2021 is over we had a nice productive year hima


we need to get jobs this month




going to complete the amagami challenge for real this time


in 4th grade the teacher had a foid to rat on the kids and keep them in line and then she gave her a boy counterpart and the foid started bitching at me for NOT standing in the correct place in line or something and i said this in reference to her and the boy and the squad went ham


uh what


uh do you NOT already have a job and gf



Video unavailable
This video is NOT available


owned foreignorm


from his perspective youre the foreign one




that doesnt sound right


hate the creepy foreignnorms



dont have a job and NOT planning on getting a gf


bet the foreigners have weird smelling houses


cracked a shinerblog


went to indeed.com to get a job and tinder.com to get a gf got rejected for both might as well ldar


flip you texas and flip your lone star beer


post that tinder profile


drinkin some vodka and water


tried vodka and water before it just brought out the bad taste of my tap


youre NOT supposed to be tasting it


File: 1635744886918.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.29 KB, 600x768, otaku.jpg)


my tap tastes great NOThin to complain about


wish i had swiss tap water


prefer to drink vodka with flavored seltzer water followed by a puff of loud



cant drink it with anything else too scared of bringing evidence home so i pour it into my waterbottle after i buy it at the store that way mom can never know


dont have access to that cheap beer anymore so switched to vodka and bubblewater myself


you could pour it in a bottle of something thats NOT water


the evidence would be containers of non alcoholic drinks or a glass what are you talking about


drink all my blogs out of plastic


when i had to fly brought some little vodka bottles through security bought a bottle of juice mixed them in the bathroom flight went much smoother after that


NOT sure why you would even want to drink beer unless its a cold refresher after a hard days work got annoyed with cousins pisswater im no boozenorm but it takes too much to feel anything


NOThin like cracking open a cold one after a long day at the yard


gonno become an ldar technician


tastes good


saw some cute teengirl lesbians today


any pics



do you think if you got an easy work from home job and a nice jpgf you could be happy and live in peace forever


dont think gf and peace forever go hand in hand


would only need the first part


dont want to work from home cant let the norms invade my realm


dont know how people can say they cant feel anything after several blogs ive been drinking as close to every day as possible for years and i can tell immediately whats happening after less than half of one


society should pay me just to stay out of their way its NOT like they want anything to do with me itd be cheaper than cost of sticking me in prison


bragging about how much normahol you can drink without feeling a thing makes you look cool


pasted nig


you must be drinking the good stuff cousins was 4% alcohol


ive been cracking 4.3 percent blogs all night and normally drink pabst which is only 4.7


drink nice 5% asahi 500ml cans when i drink beer


pabst is the good stuff only got that on special occasions


do you go paaaah after you chug


want to feel inebriated immediately NOT after my desk has a bunch of cans on it



dont know how you dont feel it i literally experience that sensation almost every day and it takes place after one blog the rest is just keeping it going





the future of the himaneets


used to start with beer then crack open the vodka after getting into the flow did NOT make good decisions bad then


hes obviously joking why is this newsworthy


he was creepy


dont read the comments


ctrl fd for blues brothers and didnt get anything hehe


someone mentions it in a reply to the top comment


hate creeps


did they get the reporter out of bed for that story hes dressed like me


wearing sweatpants and a hoodie without a shirt underneath


wearing a long shirt and panties







the himaburl





jahy no


hehe hes the joker baby


always wonder if the middle age ladies are making fun of me when they call me handsome or if they just have really bad eyesight


post a pic and we can tell you


File: 1635747549319.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.6 KB, 800x600, funnelneck.jpg)


think i could handsome if i cleaned up got a better haircut dressed well


File: 1635747570733.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.29 KB, 2048x2048, 48391035_2308000329429249_5922885640646557696_….jpg)


File: 1635747618505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.21 KB, 477x701, 1.jpg)

might just seal my face away forever or burn it off for a cool skeletor ghost rider skull face


NOT sure why youd take a hi res self portrait and upload it to the internet


you know its considered weird if you dont do that


crazy how quickly everyone fell for social media


paste screamtron


never saw scream


its good


doubt it


its a nice genre deconstruction


hima is a deconstruction of imageboards


im a deconstruction of a man


i ate banana


hate the genre deconstruction meme


crying for that banana


got some ham and cheesers its ross time


File: 1635748838189.jpg (150.27 KB, 1276x1080, faec.jpg)

when the dumpster donut is especially dank(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


whats wrong with her face




hope the guy who had that stroke is doing okay



dont worry once teenseki wakes up hides the bong from his mom and kicks the girl he picked up @ da club out of bed hell check the report queue



checked the report queue but it was so full of racial and homophobic slurs i had to log off


File: 1635749422394.png (209.78 KB, 488x351, 1619897917554.png)


those are mine and theyre all worthy of a perma


they may be worthy of a perma but at least theyre NOT rude


whats wrong with a nice slur against fags or niggers


are you a jan how did you know that


pastor greg said the lord wants us to respect all racial and sexual minorities


lucky guess



that guy wasnt kidding NOT even halfway through this ross and hes already busting out the 15 year old sa screencaps hell ya


this newest ross isnt as good as the other two


dont care at least its a real game and twice the length


File: 1635750342865.jpg (471.29 KB, 1784x1200, 1521605720268.jpg)


File: 1635750421578.jpg (29.25 KB, 284x359, pa.jpg)


bh sodomite


wish i was low inhib enough to chimp out on stage like pa


wish i could interracially marry a gyaru and become a househusband




superspermed so begins my 2nd nojo


are you alaskan or hawaiian


im chink


wish i was chink


crying hard that chinese national anthem vid got taken down


eating corn chowder




forgot what i was about to post


gonno watch aNOTher ross hehe



woke up heads itchin


rabbit rabbit hima


sigh cant jo til december


NOT falling for that normeme


cant help but fall for every meme that comes down the pipe


even fell for normeric


thought nojono started on the 4 remember seeing it on /v/ in high school so at least a decade ago


the vros


File: 1635771007089.jpg (523.36 KB, 1459x1465, 93846037_p0.jpg)


miss campaigning against gamergate with the vros


taoists may use practices to stimulate or increase and conserve their bodily fluids to great extents the fluid believed to contain the most jing is semen therefore taoists believe in decreasing the frequency of or totally avoiding ejaculation in order to conserve life essence



uh no


im woke been woke simply gaming


what do you mean no future just get neetbux and game hard


back to the ol grind


just move in with mom


File: 1635774584361.webm (3.58 MB, 960x540, wagiedance.webm)




ill rope before wagenorming


yeah yeah big talk


simply tard out and get a tutoring job


simply tard out and become proficient in natural sciences


go begin your real life and leave us be


would love a nice bullshite job


dont consider workneeting waging


File: 1635775036695.jpg (183.11 KB, 850x1200, FDE3e4GagAA6_Ip.jpg)


sigh well never get invited to the galactic council dressed like that


File: 1635775462071.png (34.13 KB, 559x301, Screenshot.png)

was it like this


nah manual labor sucks people here spend 16+ hours a day in front of a computer being able to goof off online while getting paid is great


its different when your activities on the rectangle are dictated


eating nachos for breakfast at my wage station getting paid 16 dollars an hour for this life is good


manual labor seems great no foids just a man and his forklift


the men arent much better they are the norms of the norms at least office type norms usually have a certain arrogance where they hold themselves in a more dignified manner


im a flipping retarded manbaby no way i can get a job


feel like manual labor bros would be the retarded naive type that you could pretend to have fun with but secretly laugh at them while the passive agressive officenorms would just be insufferable and laugh at you behind your back


nah theyre all norms theyre all insufferable but at least the ones in the office wont hoot and holler


no experience in this area but it makes sense that blue collar workers would be more harsh and judgmental since they are closer to animals



the rope beckons


the only answer is the ritual


my greatest fear is being old and unfulfilled so id rather just rope while youngish so its on my terms but then i watch roping videos and lose motivation


NOThing this world has to offer is worth slaving for maybe if id been born in japan


then why dont you slave for the opportunity to slave in japan


uh because being a foreigner in japan is NOThing like being native


you can get surgery to japmaxx


what does fulfilled even mean read that many old people spend their days just sitting around staring at pictures of loved ones you can do that already with 2d


my 6'3" height would give me away




then you deserve to suffer tall




NOT having daily suicidal thoughts


File: 1635779618968.png (154.35 KB, 1232x1808, 1635738857842.png)

cant rope now were almost at the point where computer gfs are real


a gf you cant flip whats the point


die sexnorm


File: 1635779750855.png (1.09 MB, 1219x10000, 1635740039883.png)

you can erp


NOT a sexnorm just dont see the point a manfriend would be 100 times better if you arent interested in the flip


nice cool


had to rollback gpu drivers flipping novideo


File: 1635780026268.jpg (100.07 KB, 700x1000, FDHdGa2acAARba0.jpg)




File: 1635780122618.jpg (300.01 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Sakugan - 04 (1080p) [7518DC41].m….jpg)


old people still have suicidal thoughts even after having kids and grandkids grandma talks about death frequently


nice teengran



File: 1635781244738.jpg (334.43 KB, 2048x1511, 1635759331500.jpg)


sigh theyre beautiful


File: 1635781369008.jpg (245.05 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Sakugan - 04 (1080p) [7518DC41].m….jpg)

nice flipping wk


i will defend a maidens honor til the death







its legal to scream at women in public make sure you do it often


would be too embarrassing to talk on stream with mom in the other room


File: 1635784708766.png (151.58 KB, 808x849, 1635774237795.png)


looked at some suggestive drawings but didnt feel like joing


what were they suggesting


you know


need some bing chilling


making a cuppa


up earlier than i have been in weeks made some cawfee


november is the month


no norm november


already jod oops





against the idea of doing that in november because there are probably literal teenbros participating and flipping their gfs to prevent the urge to jerk


isnt that the point


uh doesnt flipping the gf still count as nutting


mom has needs brothers





File: 1635787753801.gif (5.91 MB, 434x640, soyboy-excitement.gif)



woke up just in time for teenspam




lovely day for a tuberager falseflag



jan cant ban himself


why is this NOT permad and deleted


because its funny


i dont know it used to be for nerds to exercise their willpower and raise their test from 10ng/dl to 15 and reduce their estrogen related mental illnesses like anxiety and depression


thats just what r9k and the cel normditors wanted you to think


abstaining for joing raises the risk of prostate cancer


dont they want me to think itll change my life and allow me into the kingdom of heaven now


would have removed my genitals years ago in defiance of the demiurge if i didnt need them for hormone regulation


everyone here is going to get flipped hard by preventable diseases over the next 10 years or so anyway we dont care were freaks


NOT me im living forever



File: 1635789109521.jpg (150.95 KB, 1200x1600, 2a05723d5ec30ceba436e9bf78d144fd.jpg)


NOT very ladylike missy



NOT sure what im even going to do in a day if i do start getting up earlier whether i wake up at 3pm and my room is full of trash or if its at 7am and clean its just gonno be the same shite as always


go outside


touch grass


theres NOThing out there for me


your adventure is about to begin


too low energy for a ブーケ


saw a deer yesterday hima drove through intersection looked right at perpendicular road there was a deer standing there middle of the road between the corn fields with small antlers


that could have been dinner you fool


mom had radio on the other day they played an ad with little girls telling you to bring your deer in to their shop and they would like smoke it for you


wish theyd smoke something else for me


like what


maybe some salmon


File: 1635790190657.jpg (195.71 KB, 1992x1106, z.jpg)

didnt know zuck had such a shapely butte


wish i could kill an animal and eat it over the course of months


just do it


mines bigger


nice zuck jumping on the vtuber bandwagon


soon every norm is gonno be a vtuber


File: 1635790825603.jpg (504.76 KB, 1449x768, ef0bf58800c7e2d78700f79bf6669c83.jpg)

schools now have their own dedicated manga and anime sections


its over


NOT wearing underwear im no longer merely gambling im playing russian roulette




military base libraries here have had manga forever


nice colonel f. weeb


took em off last night


dont see the point of reading translated manga the authors voice is completely overwritten by the translator


only wear underwear if my pants have holes in them


NOTiced some of my teenclothes are starting to fall apart


kitty shredded her old feather toy on top of the clothes pile on the floor so my black pants got covered in pink fluffy bits


love showing up at da club with ill fitting clothes mom bought me over a decade ago


waited so long to update normfox that the esr installer i downloaded is now out of date and the version im using is numbered lower than the current esr version


mom suggested throw out old clothes but refused because what if lost weight they would fit again now finally back to my 2017 weight so that old stuff fits again


NOT sure what to do now avoided upgrading because it changed how the reply box on hima looks but the only esr version old enough to NOT do that isnt getting updates after this month


NOT fitting well in pants i got a year ago


just use chrome it updates itself automatically


love the teens that use vivendi and opera 13 thinking the gov does NOT spy on them on the hardware level


around 3 percent of people use firefox


File: 1635792597408.jpg (201.52 KB, 1280x720, 1635755350213.jpg)

the neo ironic weebs have won


think western media just got so shitty even norms copped out on it


heck yea


isnt almost every currently updated browser built on chromium to steal googles preloading feature without the chrome botnet to learn the preloading feature at this point


hows that possible thought firefox was the most popular one


always associate netscape with those old irritating salvage sale macs the school made us use in the 90s to me firefox is just orange netscape


mentally ya


woke up hiya himasugi


yiff in hell


its gotta be pale moon


is the chupacabra a furred creature always think of scales now because of sakura quest


i think its furred ya


its a scary gerbil i think


you tell me


the only reason anyone had to use pale moon was legacy addons and theyre intentionally developing against that now so flip em


hasnt been a new release of icecat in over two years starting to think theres no way to keep the post box from getting flipped up


isnt that just a bald raccoon


its a chupacabra


hard for people to want to use the legacy firefox and opera forks you either go the way of chrome and chromium and preload pages or be slow or move to the city and get fiber


ill die before i use a normium based browser


bet youre using one and dont even know it


youd lose that bet


if NOT for this one retarded feature that highlights the borders of the post box when you click on it instead of when you tab through id update right now


i thought firefox was fine what browser am i supposed to use to fit in


unless you want to write every extension yourself or you have 4gb of ram just run a chromium fork like brave or vivendi or firefox
if you dont mind waiting for pages to load use a legacy firefox fork basilisk is better than normmoon
if youre totally flipping pasted run opera gx and embrace both the chink and google botnets


awful post shape


firefox isnt a chromium fork


i dont mind it


yah phrased that poorly needed a normicolon


File: 1635794054587.png (913.09 KB, 860x1214, 93857252_p0.png)


if i just dont take my pants off i wont be forced to jo to that


you could microsoft edge through your pants


normally dont bother taking my whole pants off to jo



what about at the urinal


havin a little vodka to start the day dreamed about chinks last night


why do norms act like animals



sigh that cant be right




so many scalpcrumbs my shirt looks like its been dusted in flour




needs legacy addon support


what else you need than ublock origin


thats the only reason to use a normfox fork to begin with


no one said neeting it up was pretty but someone has to do it


i used to be like you but then i bought some 2.5% selenium sulfide shampoo itll fix it


what do i care been wearing this shirt for days anyway and it could have been avoided by simply NOT scratching my head


wish i had a reason to buy one of these


been on no poo for 3 years now dandruff is gone and head isnt itchy anymore


NOT as gross as dumping chemicals from china on your head every day


i am chinese


went on no poo for a year it improved my dandruff but didnt fix it completely thats why i swapped to selenium sulfide once a week


nice typo




was wondering what the hell that meant


im more comfortable living in filth and grime its where i belong


what do you use


filth and grime is good for you it builds up your immunities


the mold


ios safari




alright halloweens over turn the stupid names off




gonno get a new normphone thinking the pixel 6 since the phone company said theyd pay for it


being constantly passively surveilled by moms normphone for as long as shes in the house is enough for me


still using moms old galaxy s5 if it breaks just gonno buy a $20 dumbphone


how will you bedpost


never befouled hima by browsing it on a phone


are you gonno do some doodles for us


sometimes post a risky embed from my normphone


remembering that time a wow dev mentioned he played wow with a tablet mouse and all the tards thought he played wow on an ipad




nah simply lazy


as an ascended one the mantle of responsibility is placed upon you to shepherd the mindless masses


my bed faces my monitor when i lie on my right side and my mouse reaches the bed so i post with onscreen keyboard using my mouse on the floor


gonno pick the less deranged option and throw these piss bottles out instead of trying to clean them for reuse


theyre getting rid of 3g


they make 4g flip phones


flip phones


dont know about 3g 4g any of that shite dont use the internet on my phone if its NOT wifi it costs too much


what if mom drags you somewhere and you need to blog about it


gonno only watch dubbed anime from now on


id just wait til i got home


youll fit right in with the you know whos


a corpse is talking


only use my phone to receive calls and texts from mom and for listening to audiobooks when i do yardwork or go to the store dont understand how anyone can browse the internet on a phone


why doesnt my voice sound like this




cant stop smellin my fingers they smell good today like flavored chips or somethin


why NOT have a taste


my monitor is tv size faces my bed no way am i gonno watch on my phone instead


love playing normgames on my normphone while my gf is asleep in the bed



moms been ynajing me since my dumbphone is going to stop working she wants me to get a job so i can pay for a normphone


wouldnt mind having a job if it was like one of my japanese animes


time for a nice iphone 13 pro max


mom made me a tinder and has been swiping all last week and said shes about to set me up 3 dates and if i dont go there will be trouble


should i become a norm


if i was going to get any normphone it would probably be an iphone mini since all the other normphones are ridiculously big


norms are born NOT made


uhh theres no way in hell someone on hima would choose an iphone over an android phone right


the japanese prefer iphones so thats good enough for me


iphone users are in the majority here


vtubers are the last stand against the jancord


dont want to do anything


i use the mozilla phone




keep hoping laptop and phone parts will get more modular and you can just buy your own parts


you shouldnt be using your phone for anything other than calling mom and light browsing when youre NOT near your computer what difference does it make


dont give a shit about normtops or normphones who cares all i do is sleep and use my desktop


exactly so why pay more for the same thing


mostly use my phone to toss


wish someone would toss the tossnorm off a cliff


dont get excited


File: 1635798470968.png (240.83 KB, 597x660, uh.png)


just wouldnt be neoneoneoneohima without someone to keep me updated on the twatter posts of prostitutes


need a non fungible gf


thought that said non refundable what the flip is a fungible


android phones are too big to put in your pocket



uh dont you wear cargo pants


iphone is pro c*li


dont understand why that scene is supposed to be funny did people NOT know what the plural of fungus was in the 90s


its norm humor dont bother


if the laugh track plays i laugh simple as that


think its because he doesnt explain himself


sigh need kramers low inhib


learned to tune out laugh tracks


high inhib=high iq




love how some of my biggest aspirations involve being able to watch foreign cartoons made for children and retarded adults without constantly thinking about how much of a waste my life is


something in me snapped i while back and i just stopped caring


hope is the greatest torture you have to learn to let go and give up then its smooth sailing


hate how the norms make us feel guilt for living our best lives


NOT sure what you could call this besides giving up i just know its unnatural to serve no purpose


what else is there to do


most people never serve a meaningful purpose beyond breeding more victims or wageslaving


how is it unnatural to serve no purpose every single animal on earth serves no purpose once its needs are met just look at housecats humans are the only one who assign purpose to making money for someone richer than you


feel like there was aNOTher post i was going to reply to when i was reading earlier but got caught up in the normdiscussion and forgot which one


i dont know


maybe this will jog your memory


feel like i would enjoy being a father but the cognitive dissonance that comes with dragging aNOTher life into this hellscape would eat away at me constantly NOT to mention it requires use of a uterus and the owner of that uterus could take my child away forever and put me into debt until theyre an adult while filling their head with lies about how much i hate them and the government would condone and enforce it all oh wait im cel so thats all off the table anyway


why would you be single


would hate being a father kids are annoying as flip


even if you enjoyed being a father it wouldnt have any more inherent meaning than what youre doing now it would just be aNOTher thing that youre doing because you want to and its enjoyable its just an action that society arbitrarily assigns more value either find religion which is probably impossible because youre smart enough to be on hima or accept how youre living now because the feeling wont change no matter what action you take


dont want to be a father for various reasons selfish and non selfish dont think id ever be able to be a good father wouldnt be able to ever find a mate even if i wanted to


cant wait to see all the little hapa rugrats at the 2028 hima meet


even if i started exercising it would only eat up a few hours per week i need to be digging graves for ten hours a day or something


get on a rich piana stack and start working out for 8 hours a day


hehe was just about to post that


wonder how big a hole i could dig if i just dug all day for years


used pale moon for the first time in months the other day it completely freezes for around 10 seconds whenever i open a youtube tab


thats the power of foss


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


lets get big hima


it was only normtube and aNOTher normsite everything else worked fine


ya that purpose is to live vicariously through them if its a male


know how to create the ultimate chad if its a male heir but if its a female i wouldnt know what to do after they get too old to dress in doll clothes and take pictures of


a kid would be better off without a father than one like me who would raise them to be a socially stunted tard


theyd be better off NOT being born


nah even thought youre a shitty excuse for a male you would play the role of keeping the mothers estrogen fueled neuroticism from ruining them and just having an older male figure around is beneficial on some level


gonno fire up the jap flip trip and leave a path of single moms in my wake


its all a joke hima


it was only normtube and aNOTher normsite everything else worked fine


why did you repeat yourself


File: 1635801046847.jpg (39.71 KB, 600x399, 1635785456545.jpg)


humanity flipped up hard when they moved away from the idea that villages raise children NOT just the biological parents


honored the reposter chose one of my posts


ya that was why i stopped using it


in just a hour or two mom will have returned for good from her 4 week vacation sigh i enjoyed every minute of it


autistic guy i know from highschool whos on disability now had a redpilled and cool dad and he ended up the most soy bluepilled person i know


wonder if he posts on ota


then he wasnt good at being a dad


frightening that some posters here think theyd make good fathers



you only get 'purpose' out of things you assign it to and if youre too neurotic to find purpose in enjoying every day as much as you can and taking it easy then youd sabotage anything else you tried to do and wouldnt find purpose in them anyway


only saw my dad on weekends during my school years due to his work schedule wonder if i wouldve been a norm if he had normal work hours


its all a joke hima


love a nice self sabotage


whats the big deal
dont let them eat refined grain mush and drink soda
dont let them eat out of plastic containers
teach them proper tongue posture
dont let them fry their receptors by staring at a rectangle for 12 hours a day
make them do calisthenics for a hour or more a day
make them learn a second or third language early on
inject them with hgh

there you just set them for life and they will graciously let you neet it up once theyre a millionaire ceo


might send them to public school in coontown with NOThing but potted meat for lunch to toughen em up instead


dont forget the home schooling


homeschooling will make them weird and asocial maybe a small private school


Based and redpilled.


why would i inject my daughter with hgh


keep your whore daughter away from my son


theyll find out their classmates that get to grainmunch and screenstare and resent you


spent 16 years raising the perfect cute daughter only for her to bring neetblog home and have to listen to him flippin her all night



pasteseki wont ban his best bro turt


how do you know thats turt it could have been anyone who made that post


turn the flipping normoween names off already seki im flipping warning you




this is just preraging you dont wanna see what i can do when i unleash my true rage


made mac and cheese with macaroni NOT shells this time think this is gonno be my last batch of pasta in a while its NOT pleasant the day after


feeling a strong urge to beat the shit out of a foid


if i dress up like a foid will you beat the shit out of me instead


find a cheap monitor on craigslist and take it out on a vtuber


was thinking of hitting up goodwill for aNOTher monitor so i can have two monitors on the kotatsu two on the table but id need to get a cable splitter to use it


File: 1635803583205.png (1022.88 KB, 1050x1400, 93859636_p0.png)


File: 1635803707759.webm (2.97 MB, 1252x1080, 1635563761220.webm)


if she beat me to death id die happy


happy happy halloween


halloween is over


sigh mom is back its over


current normfox esr looks even worse than the release that kept me from upgrading months ago cant i ever get a break


turn the damn names off seki you dope addled bastard


did you try asking nicely


no and im NOT going to


the grinch


went to the cord once to try and get some positive things done to hima and they called me a twerp and laughed then posted my history and kicked me from the server




hope he turns on christmas names


hope he doesnt


saw some huge saggy mom tits at waltmart today




File: 1635804524901.png (57.74 KB, 400x400, 1635788920279.png)


did i tell you guys i saw some cute teengirl lesbians yesterday






drank 50ml vodka might have aNOTher 50ml later think that guy was right


what guy


100ml guy


File: 1635805366551.jpg (1.17 MB, 1013x1433, 93854426_p0.jpg)


dumb foid ruining her expensive oil paints with tears


dont think those are oil


shes crying because nb dumped her


wish i was that passionate about my art


mom showed up in a nasty mood


File: 1635805681104.png (197.54 KB, 414x1276, dry paint.png)


what was he right about


you know


File: 1635805911169.jpg (118.07 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shinka no Mi - Shiranai Uchi ni K….jpg)


File: 1635805922227.png (920.49 KB, 668x908, 9cdbbe6d098243a273050d4d306686a3.png)


the compression artifacts is how you know its authentic


thats basically what real id is


weird how schools required all sorts of vaccines since boomers were born and now everyone gets mad over them now that everyones too young to remember a prevaxx world


wonder if i would be a norm if i could smell


keep getting emails telling me about the benefits of real id dont have one yet dont have plans to get one


this vaxx uses a different technology and was rushed


nice logical fallacy


lets keep the vaxx crap on facebook


weird how corona is dangerous to everyone even young people because of unstudied long term side effects yet the vaccine is safe because theres no way there could be long term side effects


thought that was the point of using rna instead of an inundated virus


mindblowing that there might be people on hima dumb enough to willingly get vaxxed


youre NOT gonno have a choice


who gives a fuck i want to die


love making fun of bandwagon norms on hima suddenly hating something gets popular and its all the cordnorms can talk about


cant parse your post


File: 1635806440547.jpg (880.4 KB, 1385x2000, 93861616_p0.jpg)


yeah but back then vaccines also made you immune and unable to spread the disease now it means something different


made a big ass burrito gonno eat it


wheres the pic


File: 1635806625344.jpg (88.33 KB, 720x540, 84836ea884cb4d0e1e4dfbaf47a3fc30.jpg)

fine here


File: 1635806638474.jpg (940.34 KB, 1793x3188, burr.jpg)




wipe the fetid neet grease off your lens and try again


belly feels unnaturally soft


wish my burritos looked that nice always falling apart at the seams or NOT filled enough


go to the trouble of taking a pic and you instantly mock it well thats the last one youll get


there are standards here


they were totally out of corn tortillas today stood there in the grocery for like two minutes struggling to decide on a substitute picked sandwich thins made with cauliflower


why NOT get a nice loaf of enriched white bread


whats wrong with flour tortillas


nice gluten allergy


stopped buying good loaves of bread since it polish them off the same day and feel like shite after


File: 1635807002662.jpg (58.86 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot1198.jpg)


mom keeps buying flipping wonder bread gonno go buy my own bread


mom never bought white bread a single time growing up dont think she understood that children arent going to enjoy olive oil and tahini on rye bread


hated rye bread as a kid grew into it as a teen probably havent had a good loaf in a decade


damn good burrito hima


oog me feed


shut it vaxxdrone


are you saying that you dont feed



post those doodles


was never good at drawing hated being forced to draw as a kid would avoid it best as possible NOT even a doodle


looks good


every now and then maybe once or twice a year get the urge to paint something but have zero of the necessary tools and urge doesnt last long enough for me to dump the money into some brushes acrylics and canvas


hope the vaxx gets marine and she dies on the day of the athletics festival


doodle up some chinks for us


new normfox looks flipping god awful they literally doubled the height of the tabs along the top for no reason


youre supposed to use tree tabs idiot


uhh why isnt your fox riced out why would you tolerate the default skin of any browser


chink botnet and chromium botnet


corn tortillas pinch


use a nice 8 year old distro of opera


prefer the texture of the corn tortilla


corn tortillas are good cooked but flour tortillas are better soft


whats wrong with real id got a nice gold star the last time i renewed me permit


nah cooked ones still pinch


dont even know what real id is


dont worry the bros are here to tell you all about the benefits of real id and covid vaccines


File: 1635808548210.mp3 (5.92 MB, 13. Катюша.mp3)



would NOT make fun of you guys for it if you were NOT complacent for the last 100 years of vaxx


this vaccine isnt like those other ones


wonder whens the last time i got a flu shot


give me the vaxx magdump


management saw a big jump in shions earnings after the gura arc so now theyre pushing other stragglers to get in on it


sigh being an idol is hard


hate the jptubers falling for the entuber meme meme already have to listen to watame rant about the pink one every other day


whats wrong with real id all i had to do was bring in a couple pieces of identification like when i originally got my permit


ids are big government so they tell mom its scary and that goes directly to the neetbrain


mom got in trouble three times for swimming too far out in the ocean while drunk and i said its big government sticking their nose where it doesnt belong and gran liked the cut of my jib


permit norms


lamy is playing botw for the first time wonder if seki will tune in


she got flipping owned in the bottom half of act 2 shes gonno get owned by lynels


gonno tune his face into a wall if he doesnt turn the gods damned names off


no offence but seki would stomp your shit in kid


never even been pulled over only use my license for normahol



am i being detained


got pulled over once the officer claimed i was speeding between 2 stoplights a block apart then never submitted the ticket


gonno dump and snooze


the night is still young


gotta sleep earily for tubie primetime


got some good wendys coupons in the mail would consider going but never had a good experience trying to use coupons so probably wont


mom just brought me a triple


never ate wendys how does it measure up


the nuggets are really good the burgs are ok the soda is terrible


uh is the soda NOT the same as every other place


dont drink soda and never order nuggets


thought so too but the machines they buy pinch hard they flip up the carbonation and all the drinks go down the same tube so the syrup tastes awful and no one cleans them to stop that


mcds has the best coca cola


better than maccas and bk and hardees but NOT as good as cookout etc




like mcds burgs they have a unique taste every other burg tastes like a worse version of moms homemade burgs


if you like mcdonalds burgers youre probably an idiot sorry


grilling burgs is a job for a man


sigh love cookout


only good mcdonalds burg is the spicy chicken but i like the bk burgs


enjoy a nice fuddruckers burg they actually taste like meat instead of mystery sauce


would NOT like maccas or bk at full price but their apps are too exploitable to pass up the free food


yeah ok but i dont feel like going inside and getting seated and handed a menu and having to make smalltalk with the waitstaff and having to tip and paying $10 for a burger


havent been to a fudds in maybe a couple decades


uh you can just get takeout


only fast food place i got to eat at when i visited america was wienerschnitzel


you have to get a quarter pounder the regular patties pinch


stream that 1cc


groan cant select a theme on normfox 91 even though i imported my rules


able to 1cc podd every time as long as im sober


youre NOT supposed to update


stopped updating all my software years ago it never ends well


you have to update or youll get owned by normploits


yah but you get to act elitist on prog and 4g and that matters more than quick and efficient computing


been putting it off for 7 months was trying to be productive on a monday


dont do that just dont like when a normdate ruins my software like it always does


glad the bros are here to tell us why automatic updates are also a good thing


love inconveniencing myself for clout among the teens


i manually update


still turn off automatic updates just consider them once a year or so after researching


i guess beauford has been ordered to actively subvert himasugi rather than passively acquire intel


we need to ban conspiracy theorists from hima theyre influencing vulnerable neets with disinformation


at least everyone auto updates have always been evil there was no sudden change in opinion 90 years in


love being normal with my teenbros on himasugi.net


love posting in bad faith


be sure to contact your local fbi handler to purchase weapons for the ritual before the mansion turns into ruby ridge 2


cant watch a stream tonight the games about to start


File: 1635811056320.jpg (616.49 KB, 1026x3071, 1405731654868.jpg)


uhh back in my day vaccines made you immune to diseases and unable to spread them or has the definition changed



id watch but NOT for half an hour its just about bathtime


the antivaxx norms have invaded hima


cant wait to hang out in the kitchen and engage in smalltalk with the neets until they are fully radicalized and prepared to lay siege to the pentagon


nice flipping wangblows is taking 20% cpu because of a corrupted mkv i cant even delete with explorer.exe whats the rm -f equivalent


those people are retarded


delete system32


vaccines only make you as immune as your immune system can make you if your iggs and antibodies fail you die anyways but the vaxx is still somewhere in 83-90% success rate


why would you get vaccinated against something that isnt threatening to anyone whos under 80 or NOT immunodeficient


never gotten a flu shot never had a bad case of the flu


only to help them and i doubt even the biggest norm on hima is out enough to substantially risk spreading the disease


open up powershell in admin mode and give it a good Remove-Item -Force


seki told me he coughs on the all the produce at the store


dont think i can tell the difference between a cold and the flu


i am the superspreader


except getting the vaccine doesnt prevent you from spreading it at all


the flu is the influenza virus the cold is a blanket term for about 200 minor viruses


badhours on the big h mom wants me to watch a movie with her because i was stupid enough to do it just once cant get normfox working what the flip guess ill quit drinking tomorrow instead


god is testing you


dont care about normrona dont care at all


mom asked me if watched squid game yet said no she was like why NOT thought you would love that


tell mom to get some real friends instead of pooping out friends after getting flipped


uh thanks let me just squint and look to see if i can make out which virus ive got next time


its like kaiji but better


any asian moms on hima


sigh kaiji


same had to remind her of the difference between japan and korea and let her know that gooks are dog eating bug faced freaks and that i hate them


she needs to learn


youve been brainwashed by the tojos



dont post that gook shit here you fucking teennorm


File: 1635811601892.webm (653.62 KB, 1280x720, 1635091613870.webm)


uhh i posted an excerpt from the dub to mock it


File: 1635811628495.swf (458.74 KB, kimu.swf)


why do you think i even opened it


mom provides you with food and shelter the least you could do is watch a few flicks with her


i dont thats why i explained it to you



moms freaking me out with her eating she almost kept up with me at the buffet and when she came home today she had a big bag of arbys and a bag of burger king shes also developed a taste for goat milk


love creeper screamers


watched all of the sopranos over a few months with mom once one or two episodes a day



mom does NOT like violent stuff


hate when i have to remind mom that its the gooks and chinks that eat dogs and NOT the japs


will never watch that with mom dont want her to start drawing comparisons to me


moms always comparing me to mafioso


File: 1635812044731.jpg (320.83 KB, 1920x1080, the.sopranos.s03e13.1080p.bluray.x264-shortbre….jpg)


sigh love the sweeping overview at the start of botw feels so magical


i didnt drop out i graduated early


only graduated early if you went straight to community college to get ahead before moving to the dorm


the specifics dont matter mom doesnt need to be watching shows where baby boomer parents are embarrassed by their retarded pmb son shes already living it


ajs pasted take it back



yeah thats what i did


holy flip


uh thats fine but do NOT forget to also tell her that hong kong and taiwan are good


dont mind taiwan but hong kong is pushing it


we must support our hong kong bros


arent those both just parts of china


baths over wheres the stream



gonno miss the stream because i watched a movie with mom a single time a few weeks ago and now i have to watch one every day apparently


nah one is british and the other is spanish


tell her you dont feel like it today


tell mom you have to watch lamy die in botw


ungrateful little prick show some respect to mom





dont click filthy indians




nah told her that theyre damn dirty chinks




been getting real bored having NOThing to watch lately might just give in and become a tubie


sigh things wouldnt have gotten this bad if he had streamed


last time flew in airplane 2019 the seat hmi showed the course lay diagonally across taiwan but when we approached the island the pilot diverted and hugged the ocean the entire way never crossing land for some reason


uhh why were you flying in airplane in 2019 whered you go what did you do


the 2019 hima thai trip


lost my virg 37 times that trip


the mercator projection teen


gonno try these l theanine supps


woke up heartburn


swiped one of moms monsters


kitty keeps giving me bedroom eyes


preferred nos in my energy drink years


a cat is fine too


crying for lamy


never drank energy drinks if im gonno kill myself ill do it with something that at least tastes good


youd probably like humans a lot more if we lived in a large galactic society and you only happened upon a humanoid occasionally


if i dont have other humans to hate i can still hate myself


nah id still hate them give me a sexy alien any day


hope the pink entuber and pekora dont infect watame with the energy drink meme


only drank the m80 and assault monsters because they tasted good


never drank energy drinks neither but once or twice they taste good


need to find a member of my own species to mate with sick of getting probed


energy drinks inately taste like crap it doesnt matter what flavouring you throw in to cover it up


nos tasted just like dew


the white monsters mom buys taste alright


flip yea love streams


you were too slow in the middle of an ep now


only like redbull


File: 1635814873091.jpg (282.18 KB, 1024x768, 1570154968123.jpg)


whats wrong with the audio why is it doing that


gona snooze take a nap


wow that was cool survived all the spells did NOT get hit at all


this isnt madden 08


sounds better now


turning older next month feeling despair


File: 1635815517771.jpg (122.44 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shiroi Suna no Aquatope - 17 (720….jpg)


uh you turn older every day


what the flip happened you survived all those hard spells then got hit by basic fairy stuff in the inbetween stage


never gotten drunk with someone else probably annoying


can only focus when the screens covered in bullets


looking forward to drinking with the boys down at the mansion


the music is so good listened to the entire album on my full moon night run in august



its over




get drunk and post with my hima bros all the time


lunatic holy flip


nice quitter


File: 1635815953615.webm (2.02 MB, 1280x720, eris.webm)

when will it be my turn


it was supposed to be 16 years ago


hate how with the advent of webms people have gotten lazy and dont resize


thats a 30 year old man in the body of a child


die sizequeen


File: 1635816057176.jpg (523.77 KB, 1024x768, 93864724_p3.jpg)


uh i did resize down from 1080p flip face


ate sardines theyre good gonno get mom to buy more


just warning you dont get too attached to eris unless you want ed


im a child in the body of a 30 year old man is it really that different


havent had sardines in months theres a tin in the cabinet


File: 1635816164455.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


hate anime


hate anime




File: 1635816324412.jpg (1.52 MB, 3264x1836, 20211029_154758.jpg)

didnt see pretty girls at the aquarium just fat goofy ones


dont care about sharks post some jellyfish


who did you go to the aquarium with


gonno ask some sexy ladies if they wanna see a bone made of jelly


File: 1635816405412.png (747.74 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


File: 1635816411074-0.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x1836, 20211029_161829.jpg)

File: 1635816411074-1.jpg (1.26 MB, 3264x1836, 20211029_162326.jpg)


File: 1635816420383.jpg (51.25 KB, 640x480, 1361852852636.jpg)


heck ya


File: 1635816528331-0.jpg (1.71 MB, 3264x1836, 20211029_153239.jpg)



aquariums alright prefer going to see the apes and bears at the zoo



hehe think that might be my favourite thumbnail ever


got a fifth of vodka at the store today all the talk of highballs made it sound good


hummus looks really good never had it


napped woke up farted for a while now im making ramen


never eating pasta again


oh yeah got some wine and shrimp so i could make scampi





loved rice miss it dearly


made rice and beans tonight hima its night 2 of 3




diets are for foids


eating gnocchi


what about your beauty


gnocci is superior to normsta


only get gnocchi on special occasions ever since they raised the price


cant understand this post a translation



NOThin foid we need abs for summer


normad is literally me


whos your vanilla


going all in on jasmy this is my last chance to make it


finally finished watching ga think i started maybe a decade ago sad its over


the good anime are running out


mom wanted to watch catch 22 because she never read the book only read a hundred pages or so when i was a kid but the movie was flipping trash


quit watching stuff with your mothers


forgot there was a normsmr anime this season gonno download


File: 1635820101689.jpg (2.88 MB, 6575x6371, 93865246_p0.jpg)




but if you dont act as moms replacement boyfriend shell bring in a real one and hell convince mom to kick you out


File: 1635820651936.jpg (880.57 KB, 1000x1250, 1635520650270.jpg)


regret watching that without having ever finished the book first now i feel like its been ruined for me


File: 1635820829261.jpg (113.09 KB, 1280x720, [IDK] 180 Byou de Kimi no Mimi o Shiawase ni D….jpg)


nice black hair ars


the arse animal


gonno toss


airs stale feel greasy


any streams


streaming dunc in 5


gonno start cracking to wash the taste of that movie out of my mouth




sigh no cp


dont see why anyone would advertise here its NOT like theyd actually want me to post


theyre bots going around to every imageboard on that big list


ban the raider


sigh forgot i cant buy on coinbase because i charged them back for free money


buy the flipping dip


spinach and artichoke or hummus


might buy some dip again when i go to the dentist next or maybe theyll have those tobacco pouches the swedes use


havent had artichoke in a couple decades remember it was the one thing id eat with mayo


mom used to get jars of artichoke hearts those were pretty good


hope you literally mean a couple of decades crying for you if youre old enough to be talking about more than two


File: 1635824109821-0.jpg (30.57 KB, 756x1008, 1.jpg)

File: 1635824109821-1.jpg (36.74 KB, 756x1008, 2.jpg)

File: 1635824109821-2.jpg (51.69 KB, 756x1008, 3.jpg)

went on a pumpkin walk with mom there were a lot of cool ones but i didnt get pictures of them all


File: 1635824119411-0.jpg (30.51 KB, 756x1008, 4.jpg)

File: 1635824119411-1.jpg (47.04 KB, 1008x756, 5.jpg)

File: 1635824119411-2.jpg (55.42 KB, 756x1008, 6.jpg)



scared me


wheres yours


id stomp those to smithereens especially the hello kitty one


what the flip


havent carved a pumpkin since i was a teen mom suggested trying it this year but i guess she forgot


havent carved a pumpkin since 2010


File: 1635824464642.jpg (334.75 KB, 2048x2046, pumpkin .jpg)


gonno sperm on a sexy ladies pumpkin


thats unethical


only if the pumpkin doesnt consent


ordering some programmer socks


File: 1635824815427.png (145.2 KB, 574x434, nb stats.png)

someone has been updating the wiki


cut the top part off my socks so they dont restrict circulation


i dont like things that suck


what doesnt suck


ate chocolate then chugged microplasticwater


hope it was swiss


still dont know why i cant get himathemes on normfox 91


has NOThing to do with normscript because i can get that same menu on the 4


File: 1635826095713.jpg (505.21 KB, 784x3400, 0000_stitch.jpg)


thats demeaning to women


File: 1635826215069.jpg (63.04 KB, 864x480, [polished]He_Is_My_Master_-_05[DVD][F72CDA1C].….jpg)


File: 1635826217232.webm (2.42 MB, 716x720, 1635390098789.webm)



its NOT adblock related either some feature is disabling js on the one website i use for 16 hours a day


feel like i saw that webm years ago




File: 1635826333753.png (408.04 KB, 750x600, 001.png)


weird hand


do the kids still say nom


File: 1635826362306.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1000x1333, f3b20258d29eca12aef76290cdb486be.png)


NOThing weird


im demotivator


File: 1635826547551.webm (3.73 MB, 400x224, 1635629150821.webm)

wonder a lot if anyone on hima acts autistic in real life instead of just vaguely weird and shy


any lolcats


if someone is autistic it doesnt matter how they act theyre acting autistic by definition


dont think i have autism but if i do i was smart enough to know what behaviors should be hidden from others


that hair doesnt seem long enough to donate


File: 1635826663175.png (370.91 KB, 828x575, 1635804408878.png)


File: 1635826670816.jpg (1.25 MB, 1800x1200, gerard-way-now.jpg)


he probably posts here


its NOT like they can get a urine sample and know if theyre autistic they just guess even a mildly quirky hypernorm can be branded autistic now


love being branded mentally defective because my personality doesnt fit into one of the three shapes norms recognize


failed the autism piss test


File: 1635826827554.jpg (327.19 KB, 1280x720, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.jpg)

>failed the autism piss test(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)






get killed and perma


the moNOTone spergvoice




File: 1635826871853.jpg (124.88 KB, 1200x685, arya_stab_ice_king.jpg)



File: 1635826937779.mp4 (485.33 KB, green.mp4)




wonder whens the last time i bought veggies NOT counting the occasional onion


woke up from my nap think ill go back to sleep


love a convenient guilt free cucumber snack


dipped in ranch right


no snacks are NOT guilt free you female


need to get some fleshy filling veggies like squash or eggplant


sometimes stare at the tater tots in the freezer and wonder if today will be the day but cooler heads prevail and i feast on some cumbers instead


guess im just gonno start using yotsuba b and waiting 30 seconds between each post have no idea whats causing these scripts to NOT load is anyone else using a normfox past 84


works on my machine


im NOT good with computers


ya im using the latest version and its fine


i use yotsuba b anyway


File: 1635827597299.png (1.56 MB, 2000x2666, 93864725_p0.png)

its megus birthday


theres probably one about config value thats different NOT gonno waste my time with this tonight theres ross to watch


hope she has a happy birthday


hate chinos friends only like the main group




wish i was a part of the mane six


what about maya


File: 1635827917797.gif (1.09 MB, 540x325, float.gif)


hate those brats


File: 1635828152426.webm (776.21 KB, 720x436, FUAH SQ.webm)


figured it out


its funny because niggers arent cute


was blocking all cookies instead of third party and disabled some storage thing that the js for themes relies on


the cookie blocker


love when cookie autodelete doesnt delete cookies if the window is closed instead of the tab


this highlighting around the post box disgusts me


what highlighting


File: 1635828514253.jpg (13.14 KB, 658x258, vile.jpg)


never even NOTiced it before


still dont understand why it bothers you its just a nonissue


are you sure ive been refusing to update since april because of it


post box normally isnt on screen only go up to type then go right back down normally NOT even looking at the box as i type


never even looked the non quick reply box


i would be fluttershy


it happens with both of them


wonder if someonell make a good web browser by the time im 50


you wont be using the internet outside of a work camp by then


is that like summer camp is it fun




cant wait to spend 15 hours a day shoveling sulfur in the celmines


might make some grilled cheesers all i had for dinner was some turkey bacon and a can of soup


actually that was breakfast because i hadnt eaten up until then


was able to make good grilled cheese as a kid lost my touch since then


File: 1635830368912.png (183.48 KB, 717x1012, 1361238461023.png)


have one more habanero left dont want to waste it on mere cheesers though


any party tricks


i can gleek and do hand farts


never gleeked on command


found some heinous shit in the trash pile wonder if its been giving me brain damage


being two or three feet away from a 6 inch wide mold cake all day for months is good for cognitive function right


uhh clean your damn room


one with the mold


my house is clean enough to be healthy dirty enough to be happy


it is clean it was in a folded over chip bag i was using as a garbage


if theres a 6 inch mold cake in a pile of trash then its NOT clean


tomato tomato




just cracked a can of jellied eels


googled that looks gross


didnt know they came in cans but id eat em


might go with mom to the discount store one of these days like i used to and grab some canned seafood



can someone post a pic of that embed so i can decide if i want to disable my ublock or NOT


die skipper


File: 1635832381956.jpg (16.3 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)


thanks disabled and clicked


cant stand boomers




don rickles didnt get married until he was like 40 and if 40 is the new 30 we all have about 5 years left


sometimes find myself saying quite


to be perfectly honest same



wonder if i would have gotten a job to be able to go see movies like this had i been born 25 years earlier


wish i had been born rich in the early to mid 70s and given a computer


going to start cracking jokes all the time like rodney


he may have invented it but neetblog perfected it give credit where its due


File: 1635835339582.jpg (533.48 KB, 1280x720, mineta bounce.jpg)

mineta x gsnaps loving


never watched that teenshite never will


its pretty trash for a shounen


they sell a bunch of merch for it at walmart



based gucci gunner 1098


wish i lived in hicktown sigh its NOT fair


feel like using trash as a verb in that way is teen perma this guy just to be safe


any good anime im just rewatching stuff now






i stink like piss


cant control my bladder or my normahol appetite


cant control my horny level


might be time to rewatch milky holes again


guess ill make a burrito


i challenge you to a blog off give me one chance to blog your socks off




no more pics after i got made fun of




cant leave your bros hanging just because of one teen i need those pics preferably on the satoko mousepad


that was shion and she got thrown out for being a dirty girl


what the flip are you talking about since when


nice berenstain mousepad


hes making shit up it was satoko i must have forgotten the arc where he got a new one


uh what are you talking about it was always shion


i know youre all having a good tardlaugh at trying to convince me of a false reality but ill link the wiki if i have to


had some more sardines and cracked a can of black olives gave the cats some tuna mom said theres a mouse in the house if they eat that they wont be hungry enough to eat the mouse only kill it and the smell might lure the flipper out


the mice are moms problem NOT mine i stay out of the basement


hes got nowhere to run all the doors are closed and the rodent rippers are wide awake on patrol


sigh just like me trapped in this twisted world


cats kill mice whether theyre hungry or NOT


ive been permad like 6 times what gives


that means youre probably a norm






while i agree with his message generally i think that poster was being too harsh


thats me


wouldnt fish for permas if it wasnt fun


whats so fun about annoying people


it should have stopped being fun after the first few hundred between the 4 and the boles regime


you know



File: 1635840576792.jpg (92.04 KB, 1280x720, 1631729331665-1.jpg)

christmas on the radio


need a nice ego death



File: 1635842383558.png (264.95 KB, 1920x1042, secret_board.png)

this talk of permas reminded me that i made that hima ad thread so i went to check the archives to see how well it did only three replies before it got deleted unfortunately but one of them did mention the secret board url so its NOT a complete loss but its freaking password protected are you guys for real is this where the gay erp happens


pastaguy sb now


are you going to erp with him now there


we are going over whitelist candidates


are you going to erp after you finished doing that
also dont forget to include my ip haha


youre likely kidding but why go over whitelist posters when itll be apparent that the worst posters are regulars just like last time


nice flippin teen


never seen a bad regular poster they are all paste


uhhh i turned 20 a month ago


im the worst poster on hima and im a regular



File: 1635846248878.png (633.6 KB, 550x700, 1518580882392.png)