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this is the one


the 14mb blog


hell ya


teeth hurt head hurts dont understand anything


just get a cheap third party controller and play docked


switch dpad is really bad cant play tetris on it


day in the life of one who blogs


do you mean the hours where i make 80 percent of the posts while drunk


that cant be i reply to half the posts all day


moms going on a trip gonno be alone for a week wonder how i should tard out


play diablo 2


invite the bros over for a party


a diablo 2 party with animal crackers and pizza and dr pepper


make that smash bros and youve got yourself a good time


and super metroid


File: 1634775406854.swf (255.79 KB, drpepper.swf)


what about mario karts


too much rng


thats why its fun


the blue shell will cause fights with that many hot blooded males playing


what about sonic racing




gonno game too


still havent resumed my game starting to forget where i was will probably have to restart it was a good run but NOT good enough


restart all the time restarted my animal crossing world


cant reply have to play diablo 2


games should be played for 1 hour every day


got left behind sigh


how do you go 20 minutes without trying to make a post




i didnt have anything to say


what full priced switch game should i buy


splatoon 2


fire emblem


what do you mean full priced shouldnt old games be half off by now


mystery dungeon looks okay but ill probably get bored of it fire emblem is boring maybe ill just mario kart 8 or smash


splatoon and the expansion


some of the best gaming a gamer could game


dont want to download anything multiplayer if i have to pay to play online


gonno head to the store for some brandy and bacon sandwich supplies


the campaign is really fun


the campaign is NOT worth full price


downloaded unite now its downloading an update if i need to pay to play ill just del it bastards


uh download were you NOT headed to gamestop


File: 1634778135334.jpg (3.4 MB, 1793x2517, 93582629_p0.jpg)


shes vulnerable


cut a big potato in 8ths frying her up


love potatoes


great aNOTher day of accomplishing NOThing of value


you kept me company all day on himasugi dot blog


never a chance to be lonely when all my friends are here


boycotting muv luv


ranted hard to mom


neetreeking hard too she said i had to shower


taters done gonno wait for it to cool then eat with mayo hope it cooked enough cut thicker than usual


whats taters


File: 1634780115082.jpg (552.29 KB, 1435x1826, 20211020_212822.jpg)

woah hima hey rice and bean night 3 moon was hidden behind clouds for most of my full moon night run but then got home and the moon came out for dinner




hb damn good tater


take that back has a weird rotten undertaste


too bad


NOT sure if its because the weeks old potato or because the potato was oversized or because the month old oil



youre probably gonno die


nah itll be fine


back from the store


when did they add rockets to maincra


years ago


read this japanese book dendera featured poisonous potatoes


sigh i always miss out on the cool stuff


id show you all the cool new stuff if there was a himarealm


hate how it takes me hours to read because i have to go back and reread posts i already read multiple times to make sure i read them even though i know i did


gave up on the himarealm people would ruin it


simply build far away from spawn in a secret location


i wanted to build a train to connect all the stuff


what about octopath traveler


why a realm cant you just fire up a server share your ip


fatal mistake


i will join a hima server but i cant host it myself


this guy named wingo ran a minecraft server 10 years ago used to play there but then he died we all went to his familys memorial webpage but did NOT write a message there


sigh wingo what a good guy




that was me i faked my death cause i was sick of playin with you norms


just gonno start buying physical cartridges i guess can always flip them for the market price on ebay meaning basically it was free


theres a shortage of magnesium can NOT build many things they need your magnesium




what the flip has magnesium


unite is basically pokemon league of legends hehe


are game cartridges made of magnesium


nobody knows


uh its a moba


nice assfaggots


yeah im an assfag so what


found a stability tip for the blog tower if you turn the tab sideways it lays below the rim of the can so you can stack them more easily


remember that scene from prison school where he has to convince the admin that hes really an ass man


never made blog towers just let them spread out


dont have the room for that and the trash bag has been full for a week or two


uh theres always room simply toss it and itll land somewhere


makes too much noise having to kick through an ankle deep pile of cans to navigate my room


File: 1634783296366.jpg (86.35 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shin no Nakama - 03 (720p) [017F0….jpg)


hands off shes mine


sorry i already creamed her you can have her now though


File: 1634783442873.jpg (814.29 KB, 1043x1915, 93583505_p1.jpg)




File: 1634783483603.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)



File: 1634783678854.swf (640.66 KB, oharai.swf)





did they die


oh the wind made it go away


File: 1634784223155.png (603.72 KB, 616x770, Screenshot from 2021-10-20 22-42-58.png)

did they really wear pink armor and makeup to war back then




they had bright colored armor dont think they wore makeup though


put on some hydrocortisone under my eyes an hour before running did NOT cause any problems


your skin problems are on your eyes i thought it was your hands


have NOT had skin problems like that on my hands since puberty


sorry dont know why i thought that


it got bad fingers would break open the kids called me the band aid man




shouldnt use steroid creams regularly it might help at first but in the long run it will only exacerbate the problem


always carry some bandaids in my wallet


it did NOT start happening under eyes until this year mom said maybe it was caused by masks


why did you put a mask on your eyes


hehe band aid man


strange how everyone wears masks stores ask you to wear a mask wasnt there supposed to be a vaccine


no its NOT on the eyes its on the upper cheeks in between the nose and eyes


ive gotten used to NOT having to smell the norms going to keep masking for as long as possible


oh well i hope the cream helps


masks starting to smell bad been using the same one over a year now


mom buys new ones and i take them from the box


think it helps the red flaky scaly skin goes back to normal then flares up again later still NOT sure if its really connected to masks like mom thought


only ones that dont fog up my glasses have NOT found a replacement


just aNOTher reason to never go outside


feel very uneasy for some reason


try some selenium sulfide


been feeling uneasy for days now


the definition of vaccine changed it no longer means something that makes you immune or incapable of spreading a disease now it just means something that makes your symptoms less severe for a few months


the times are changing


lets NOT think about that and just hope to die quickly





can you make a summary


only read hima posts







me too


nice cope


File: 1634785670748.jpg (526.81 KB, 1200x1633, 1955461700-smokeless_30.jpg)


its gonno have to happen sooner rather than later


why did you skip over me


nah im relying on them inventing the anti death pill in my lifetime already say damnation in the inverse fire and im NOT looking forward to it


mom had a hankering for some za and gave me $20 and told me to order it but i refused the guilt is simply too much i will never eat a non waterfried or raw food item again


why NOT a nice raw za


please respond


think ancestors must have eaten boiled food but they did NOT keep their recipes when they traveled


was considering getting a head of cabbage to boil


havent lost a match of unite yet always get mvp award too


need to swag out my female character




laundry time hima



keep fantasizing about getting snapped


what about your honor


he survived on a diet of pork belly candies honeycums skittles and baja blast and was having to beat teengirls off of him at stoplights while the rest of us arent even allowed to have a slice of pizza and were so deep in incel hell that our own mothers cant stand to look at us


i talk to mom all the time


he got his comeuppance thats for sure


mom says im very handsome


mom asks me to wear a mask when i come downstairs but she tries to say its because she doesnt want to get me sick


uh huh


time to bite the bullet and just start wearing a brown paper bag over my head



time to bite the bullet and bite the bullet


laundry machine is making weird noises scared hima


moms watching some capeshit moving on the firestick


blankie until its over


meant movie sigh


sometimes the fridge makes loud noises and i jump and mom laughs at me then i laugh


get more scared when the fridge doesnt make noises ever since the incident


the other day i realized that i stopped using the neetstep technique i guess once you stop being a neet you really do stop bothering


the incident


mom leaves the vibration function on her bed on at night and it makes a loud noise in the bathroom have to shite there sometimes when mines clogged


die multibathroom


this guys mom jos with her bed what the flip


hate hearing moms vibrator


mom has needs too


cant neet it up on the same floor as mom need my own penthouse suite upstairs


too bored for hima gonno go lay in bed and stare at the ceiling bye




watch some anime


File: 1634788172543.jpg (42.39 KB, 720x480, Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei No Man's Land 2 b….jpg)


would rather read a nice book


unite is fun hehe


its only fun because youre unfairly owning children


loved being a lad and hearing mom getting flipped by strangers


won the last game 750 to 82


unironically experienced this and it never bothered me


hate that word


you must lack honor must be nice


walked in on mom getting flipped when i was like five


NOT about honor think i was just completely numb and in end stage ldar at that point already


found the condoms in moms bathroom as a kid only time ive touched a condom wrapper


did i ever tell you about the time i jod with a condom on out of curiosity


weve all done that


NOT me


youre missing out


thats what the normskin is for


told mom i dont care who she flips as long as its NOT here so i dont have to feel the floor shake and hear the grunts and that gross slapping sound if i get too close to her door


once word got around of my big cock i had to steal condoms from mom to stay safe


we need to start dating each others moms so there arent any norms involved


getting a bone thinking of that guys mom getting pounded




would feel better about mom getting himaflipped than by some random norm just dont want them looking at me with a smug expression or something


too scared to buy condoms


its alright we all partner up with each others moms so if he gives you a smug expression you can give one right back knowing you also flipped his mom and probably in a more depraved manner


want freak to do it so i might end up with a 250iq savant brother with psychic powers itd be like mob psycho


moms too old for aNOTher son


File: 1634788950897.swf (1.7 MB, doku.swf)


thought you were replying to >>1286681


yeah like last night


these momposts have me awful close to crossing a line that cant be uncrossed


what the flip was laying down then fell asleep and woke up thought it was morning


dont do it bastard


mom has reminded me to shower twice today


uh what do you mean





love a good pres stream


paste elneetador


played some th17 got the youmu bad ending



File: 1634790281258.png (2.87 MB, 2480x1753, bath.png)


should have locked the door retard


thinking about 2011 think that was around the time i realized things werent going to improve exponentially


need to dip my wick


2011 was the last ok year after that the suffering years began


2020 was probably the best year of my life its all downhill from here sigh


what the flip


sigh 2020


i enjoyed 2020 too


take me back


enjoyed it it just happened


File: 1634791024481.mp4 (3.41 MB, 1631636734675-1.mp4)


sigh 2011 after that jp was permanently ruined by the new people


going to start my own haplogroup


dont think anything will ever compare to imageboards before 2011 and those few years before 2006n


NOThing has NOThin will


wonder if gen x people look at us the same way we look at zoomers and pity them for never having truly experienced 2006


third time mom told me to take a shower


based stinkneet


wouldnt doubt it but the reason would be different we got to experience those early days as the internet grew before the norms ruined it


lats and abs keep cramping


none of us got to experience that because it ended in the early 90s


sigh pre 93


there was no turning back after 2011 those posters just think differently


still NOT sure what happened


money and the death of being anonymous


normphones started becoming commonplace


this stream is biblical



thanks for responding


mom said all i do is nag


all i do is hide from moms nagging in the dark


do you think im allowed to trick or treat


go to a sexy halloween party instead


i just want candys



youre supposed to wait till a week after halloween to get candy


doubt i could go up to a door anyways ill just ask mom to buy sale halloween candy a week later i hope the twizzler pack is still around sigh


miss wearing my fedora until the post 2011 norms turned it into a meme


youre a grown man you can buy your own candy whenever you want


halloween candy is special


remember mocking fedoras at least as early as 2009


tips fedora


might spend the next 10 years blaming the post 2011 norms for what happened to the internet


there was a nerdy lanky guy in highschool that bleached one 2 inch lock of his hair white that routinely wore a fedora to school NOT sure what statement he was trying to make because he was just a nerdy low status goob


internet was norm infested long before 2011 buddy boy


same but the fedora bros were just aNOTher group that were holding back the truly deranged norms


File: 1634792551423.png (239.33 KB, 555x878, 1364511240606.png)


holy flip


ya but jp was fine till then i just meant jp i cant handle more than one thing on the internet at a time


fair enough


you have now entered the brone zone


didnt start browsing jp until 2011


File: 1634792767513.jpg (86.55 KB, 1280x720, woman.jpg)


thats the signpost up ahead your next stop the brone zone


have 130 chink orbs


sigh cinderella liz


wish i was low inhib enough at the time to join the herd


did they call themselves that i did my best to ignore them


loved raging about them


wonder when the big 4 will relax the rule about no pones outside of the mlp board




just open the flipping floodgates who cares at this point


is 2011 11 years ago


in this moment i am euphoric


File: 1634793133468.jpeg (844.33 KB, 1936x2776, Hqk25TW.jpeg)



we shouldve went to an mlp con orgy




its NOT too late


just a couple of russian bros drinking a few hundred blogs in the woods and clopping til they drop NOThing weird


shes perfect


whats with all the ice tea


NOT looking forward to orgy nights at the mansion


thats brewskis


that shouldnt be a problem with my mom solution from earlier since each himabro has aNOTher himabros mom to satisfy all his needs


dont want anyone to touch me or go near me leave some snacks at my door and tell me on hima


same might jo to the surveillance cam footage but thats it


File: 1634793415604.jpg (86.33 KB, 978x748, russian milk.jpg)


she loves it



dont think i want my first time to be with a 60 year old single mother


30 year old bald pony person cel


beggers cant be choosers


one of my abs has been cramped for 5 minutes now


getting tired


die abcramp im sick of your arrogance


my leg cramped when i had my face on my desk earlier and it hurt and i had to get up


that made me hit the desk




might start drooling on my desk


chairsnoozed today while leaning back in my chair woke up with my asscheek asleep once it woke up i went back to sleep with my head on the desk and woke up with my whole leg asleep



damn good sleep if you ask me


do you have a spare invite to passthepopcorn you can send to me at hayysuz@gmail.com


ya sure

*spits in your mouth*


dont you mean broadcastthe.net


havent logged in to any private trackers in years too avoidant to use irc and get them reactivated


having a bowl of utz cheese balls


havent had cheese balls since like 2002


die normsuz


having aNOTher bowl


love some nice intrusive thoughts about trying to strangle myself with the cord of my mouse


you need your mouse to game


love a bit of autoerotic asphyxiation


been gaming keyboard only


need to click


whats a good suicide streaming site





File: 1634795383371.png (556.05 KB, 765x763, untitled.png)


File: 1634795402861.png (693.55 KB, 832x538, 1634701539621.png)


dont even know who that character is


NOThing that dangerous just a bit of pressure on the neck maybe a slight bit of lightheadedness


misumaru she crafted reimus yin yang orbs




wouldnt be able to relax in such a soulless bathroom


post yours


hate the soul meme


if i only had a heart


hate it too


dont know a single synonym for soulless name one and ill use it instead


sigh how did we communicate before teen memes


just say what you dont like about it what the hell


my bathroom and the downstairs bathroom both require me to stare at myself in the mirror as i sit on the toilet


what the fuck


do you make faces in the mirror


take a selfie next time


wouldnt feel comfortable being naked in front of the mirror man


why would you be naked to leave a shite


why would you be naked in front of him


having aNOTher bowl


no i just glare at him for a bit then i look at my feet




gonno self actualize


need a nice ego death


need a mcdouble or three


youll just be a walking shell


are mcchickens still a dollar


cant sleep now that ive woken up


doubt it


mcchickens pinch


loved eating a bag of mickchickens in the backyard then going inside to watch anime all night


theyre good


cause im just a teenage neetblog baby


might let the freak off the leash even though i have to see the potato chef tomorrow theres only 5 blogs left


bored gonno sleep wish me luck


strategically floorspitting on the floortrash


wish i had a few double quarter pounders


just swallow your spit


theyre more like loogies



File: 1634796812666.png (27.42 KB, 396x402, 14c8a547ccae480998be4affb5fa4012.png)

where are we at hima


the abyss


havent had my call to adventure yet


youve had several you just keep ignoring them



slowly growing depressed



do you need a manhug


men dont hug


no i need a manmagdump


i hug man ass



its NOT a drink more like a drink


saved the last blog for the potato chef tomorrow mom washed my pants that had the gum i bought a couple of weeks ago in them dont know if its still gonno cover the smell




sigh still a month until endwalker why must i be the only person who suffers on earth


chiisana koro ni wa takara no chizu ga


speak english


when i was a young boy


im just like usopp


in what way


my nose


im coward


if i didnt live with mom i would more than likely be yelling at the top of my lungs and smashing things for most of the day


im just like chopper


wish to flip that ririmu sperm that sexy ririmu


can you feed me some poison shrooms


go to hell tubie


yo ho ho he took a bite of gum gum


wish i had eaten the blimpu blimpu no mi


if i wake up before moms home one of these days im gonno give the blog tower a nice right cross and knock his old ass out




File: 1634802610123.jpg (483.85 KB, 4096x2669, FCMQVOlVkAU36n6.jpg)




never finished watching beck


i was made to shit in america


10/26/2021 9:00 Trial



its time for him to settle the score


didnt shower after mom said to 3 times bracing myself for the rage awakening


paste stinkneet




gonno try to grab aNOTher slice of pizza or two before mom wakes up if she hasnt already


groan shes up and theres still like 3 hours before she leaves might as well snooze and have some for breakfast when she rages me awake to go to the potato chef



File: 1634808700656.webm (508.35 KB, 1920x1080, pomu_gamer.webm)


die a violent death teenkid


File: 1634808993491.jpg (324.11 KB, 600x818, FCMgob-VcAUr0mF.jpg)








come on now wont you ease my mind


dont be a retard and eat proprietary meat


the only tinyhat grown meat ill eat will be licensed under the gpl3 or the bsd license


confused how you get 100 lives with only 20 stars and feel like im the only one who likes mario 64 ds more than the original


played it more than the original because i never owned a normtendo home console


afraid lab grown meat will be like veal or fish texture cause the muscles go unused and to save on volume of whatever they use to feed the culture


shes gamer


my muscles are unused


the potato chef wanted me to fill out some dumb flipping worksheet page gonno tell her im too mentally ill to right anything down and pull the ol highschool trick of reading it in the car on the way there


will only eat meat grown under a +N license


File: 1634813089923.jpg (80.5 KB, 960x540, south-park-s06e05c01-slaughter-house-16x9.jpg)



easily have 2.5 gallons of piss in my room right now


highlight what wasnt fine for us


its 10 pm do you know how many gallons of piss are in your room


uhh its 8pm



guess its time to strap in for the okayu endurance stream but nenes thumbnail sure is sexy





NOT me hate that norm


hes cool


in an alterante timeline that was how the tunaman defeated pnig


no because hes australian pnig is white


see that entuber embed about inuyasha from the other day or any clip where a jp holo leaks their fujo powerlevel


File: 1634815725637.mp4 (825.98 KB, white man.mp4)


sigh ill never forget truhima even after the sites been up without him longer than it ever was


we already passed that point its gonno be 4 years since the indictment in february hima wasnt even 3 years old when he got pinched


no way


2/10/2018 Dismissed Due To Grand Jury Indictment


he had it all and threw it away just to beat off in the newborn ward on surveillance camera didnt he think about what would become of his himabros




sobbing uncontrollably miss him


hate the nig but would rather have him back just to maintain the status quo of 2015 dont want time to keep moving forward


i liked him and dont wish him any ill but hima is defiantly better off without him


burg time


NOT so sure anymore the spiral nig kept the worst offenders at bay


hehe saved


simply wish to reverse time and spend a few more years in those carefree himadays



woke up feeling it in my intestines


bed time bye good luck with your intestines


im the hima enderman on the hima realm


gonno watch miko play pubg




File: 1634819134596.mp4 (3.19 MB, towa.mp4)


crying listening to sobakasu


she needs your power hima


NOT watching the voice changer tuber


ive never known a home only places to sleep


home is where the heart is


cham more like a man


File: 1634820224954.jpg (2.08 MB, 2512x1982, 1634820011813.jpg)



wonder exactly what age i stopped being ticklish


hope cham calls in to kson and doubles her sub count overnight


going to grandpas for moms birthday gonno play this wrecking crew game then and save dread for the christmas list


tardlaughing remembering how turt contacted pnigs relatives on facebook and told them about all the cousin ped posts hehe


chams NOT a tuber shes a vcreator


the metanorms are back gonno go zone out


im unhinged


my boys a madman


its hilarious pnig actually made posts like that and left a very easy trail of breadcrumbs to follow for doxx cant imagine that level of arrogance what is it about basketball americans that makes them like that


playing elyon


might upgrade to a nice xuantie risc-v cpu next


ya so


nice chinkpu


is it a decent time waster might fire it up


phew nice sexy new regional variant


sigh thought it was going to be a sexy new froslass when i saw snorunt


File: 1634825659854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 768.35 KB, 2000x1845, 93587232_p0.jpg)

hisui froslass variant leaked


im sold gonno learn how to use dots



damn i still havent beat raven beak hehe


sigh beasts cats love him whats wrong with that one


bastard should take better care of it clearly has issues if its licking itself bald like that


he didnt it was just one fat ugly girl that was low enough to project halo theory onto him we all had those in highschool


pasted beak


sigh cham


sigh hate when irresponsible norms have pets the arrogance is unreal


our real lives will begin once we go er



the arse animal


flagged for animal abuse encourage you all to do the same


shes a gamer



hes clearly creating a stressful living environment if the cat is engaging in that kind of behavior


hate catnorms glad it killed its kittens so now they cant grow up to become ecological murderers themselves


NOT an excuse to torture an animal


how is he torturing it
sometimes animals are mentally ill just like people


mom trained the 2 dogs we had really well and ive met so many tard dogs think id flip up being a pet owner meself if i tried it
didnt know most dogs could NOT open doors or take themselves on walks without getting lost or know people names or werent potty trained


dont understand


File: 1634833160549.png (941.2 KB, 1574x839, brain problems.png)

there are mentalcel horses


all it takes to eliminate your cats ecological impact is a collar with a bell on it


el presadors cats love him he takes good care of them that one is just ill




we cant be wasting time on video games




what the flip ars is playing re2 on assisted


reported that norm for animal abuse


you already told us


never reported before


i didnt someone else did i just wanted to say i joined him


nice follower


siding with a mentally ill cat over elneetador


did that guy skip 2018 pnig came back after his first arrest


didnt follow reviewed the footage there was no other option


reported someone for an inappropriate name they got banned 3 days and had to pay for a name change because they didnt like the one gms gave him hehe




die snitches


wish i could have skipped the arc after the first arrest it was like a teen sitcom drama


owning noobs is protected jp culture


thought the trial was in october did sean get it pushed back again


look at the number of trials need details to know what those mean


was named fagballz on my warlock alt for years


ars is owning mr x


arse animal


the gamer animal


uh whys she playing on tard difficulty


shes tard


screamed at that part too


why does she laugh at inappropriate moments


shes tard


every re game is unintentionally hilarious


shes neurodivergent


ya have to agree with that one


shes a fake gamer like all vroasts


she isnt she games hard


gaming hard or hardly gaming


im a gamer i game


im gaming im a gamer


game on gamer game on


File: 1634834854648.webm (508.35 KB, 1920x1080, pomu_gamer.webm)


okayu is playing a pretty hard retro game and suisei can tard out just cause she hates losing botans just a gamer agree on most other vroasts


tarded out and diverged me neuros


watched botan play bfv she makes good choices


the purple one she was gaming with is bad


know some gamers that took multiple hours on phase 95 of wrecking crew hope okayu gets there before bedtime


sigh birkin is so cool looking


botan is a man


im manbaby


someone posted botan face last week skipper





is that a chinese rocket


stop posting jbw material


teenbw material






theres breakfast sausages and eggs last time i tried to do this the fire alarm went off and i havent used the stove since


wonder what sis kitty feels like




told mom to stop buying folgers so she bought the folgers rebrand one then i gave up


crazy that jbw is powerful enough to surmount the incest barrier


sigh its just like the tsukimi burger commercial



David Gobert
1 year ago
The way she says, “Oh...” when getting the gift is such a sigh of disappointment when what she really wanted was to be railed right there on the table. Maybe next year.


pasted gobert san


that wasnt him


wasnt who


File: 1634835888684.jpg (158.36 KB, 855x1200, FCOLGQ0UUAMLD96.jpg)

hate when this happens


it wasnt botan




will never get on a swing again after i got my hand stuck in the joints


love twisting myself up in the swing and spinning undone




didnt write down a single lock in re2 had to brute force every single one


love tarding out on swings


the daily cup of black folgers hasnt tasted as good since i tried café bustelo


feel like someone would have figured out shes a man in her 12 year gaming vid career if she was


born a gamer die a gamer


paste foid worshiper


you can tell shes really good at battlefield


hate video games


video games will always love you and be waiting for you


love games and gaming and diablo 2


hate that cool norm


eat a normal sized meal and immediately start yawning and lose the energy to get out of the chair


dont need to get out of the chair everything we need in life is right here


but im thirsty


email mom for a supply drop


i dont like her coming up to my domain


draw out a map of territory and tell her to leave it in the dmz


video games are boring


what isnt boring


woke up


sigh wish i could eat jap food every day


hate rice hate fish


wish to become an honorary japanese




die richnorm


too much coffee youll get stones


File: 1634838362972.jpg (124.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)




sigh gura is so cute


tru life im a neetblog


File: 1634838815962.gif (288.18 KB, 320x240, somekind.gif)



post a real misato


File: 1634839429914.mp4 (319.07 KB, motivational_ltg.mp4)



doorbell rang and mom and i panicked


hate doorbells panic every time sorry that happened to you


current dwelling does NOT have a doorbell


they probably heard us standing at the window arguing over who was going to answer it i won because she was more dressed


owned that mom


cant calm down for days after the doorbell rings hasnt happened in a year starting to panic already


heart sinks whenever im watching something that has a doorbell noise or phone vibration noise





fire alarms scare me in shows too


love when me phone vibrates usually means a tubie just went live




code red hima she just let him inside i repeat code red


seal the blast doors



listening to the muvluv alternative ost


stop posting this norm


is the ff6 pixel remaster out yet


silently raging why does that dumb bitch tell strangers so much about her life


quit being so unneighborly and go join the conversation tell them what youve been up to lately


dont tell anyone in real life about me or my situation



mom might she said one of her friends asked and she said she wanted me to say hi 2 years ago and i never did


you could have gotten a gamestop card


im just like the japs


cant say i know what youre talking about im a simple skipper


dont say that


mom is making the spaghetti flip yea gonno stop by the store and pick up some sugarwater so its cold by the time i feast


hell ya


ars is stuck on the plant vial puzzle got stuck here too then i mashed


the masher


bet shes reading a guide little cheater


too dumb for puzzles couldnt even beat the knight statue puzzle in 1 even after the 20th time


moms makin tendies


love when mom gives me 15bux to give to aNOTher woman around the same age so she can listen to me talk about how Driving twice in one day and NOT having to shower in between makes me feel like a big boy



you can email me at hayysuz@gmail.com if you feel like you want to talk you are NOT alone





raging hard mom didnt add meatballs to her spaghetti whats the point its just the sauce




File: 1634846863690.jpg (56.56 KB, 771x886, sauce chicken.jpg)

crazy bout that sauce


nene milggggggggg




simply must impregnate nene so she can make milk


now watch me whip now watch me nene


did that guy ever start the fall season


i dont know about him but i havent



the tubeteen hours


already at 20 gb we have to do something fast


paste crunchtuber



when will it be my turn for a jpgf


you can tell she has jomon ancestry only neetblog would be good enough for her


need an ainu gf


just be white


they dont care about skin tone if youre missing all of the desirable features associated with european ancestry


think those are implied


then its NOT just be white its just be white and handsome and tall and rich


need a pomu pits pillow



wonder if creeper crunch is good


whats that


watch the embed


getting tired was going to jo might make some cawfee first


File: 1634850624634.jpeg (181.22 KB, 667x1000, 3910538.jpeg)


isnt that just alphabits









tired of the tube meme


how does mom react to her 40 year old unemployed son watching this with his pants down


pretends she didnt see anything


is she a pokemon


teenblog hours


wish i was a manteen instead of a manbabe


im manbaby


cawfees done


she says its cute


hima ive been seeing drain flies a lot lately and today ive found out where theyre coming from behind my toilet is a dozen or so larvee just tarding out in a puddle of piss NOT gonno tell mom about it because she might make me do something about it just gonno leave it there and keep killing the flies




simply spray some bleach on the piss


what do you mean my toilet


thats moms job i take care of everything else shes supposed to do the gross toilet jobs


wonder what mom thought when i opened that ars embed the other day right in the middle of a scream with my volume up


youre supposed to laugh and act like someone pranked you when that happens


post the gif where the asian guy keeps joing as his mom opens the door and looks her into the eyes


mom made tofu getting a strange urge to buy an oled switch and fire up some vtubers


life squeezes us and these are the noises we make


forgot to mention that the papers the potato chef gave me have the acronym erp on them hehe gonno start erping


Exposure Response Prevention, commonly referred to as ERP , is a therapy that encourages you to face your fears and let obsessive thoughts occur without 'putting them right' or 'neutralising' them with compulsions.

sounds like fun


uh what does enterprise resource planning have to do with it


love watching tubers on my switchs youtube app


wont be doing any of that but ill pretend to


tofu is the food of the samurai


dont you want to get better


im fine its society thats messed up





erp sounds like you should simply man up if you had a dad he could have told you that for free


nice thepotato chef vtuber


everything but schizophrenia is cured by manning up i just need to get jacked to be able to do it


File: 1634852848540.jpg (39.31 KB, 442x650, im fine.jpg)


single mother upbringing coupled with a negative public school experience is a recipe for avoidant manbaby inceldom




can you stream the human condition trilogy


cousins had those things and turned out way better than me who didnt wonder if having a brother helps


wasnt raised by a single mother as a kid


are your cousins attractive


ya theyre both handsome upstanding gentlemen


well thats why
their school experience went way better




only had bad school experiences for 8 of the 10 years i went


wasnt bullied have a dad whats my problem


have a dad but only saw him on the weekend during my school years due to his work schedule


school could have been worse only got lightly bullied a few times never got shoved into a locker or given a wedgie or a swirlie


its NOT all about being bullied did you have a regular friend group did you enjoy school in general or did you just want to get home asap


the latter


yes to both


sigh should have joined the anime club and made some nerd friends but my pride wouldnt let me


brain and penis too big



hate norms


i was kind of the popular guy on campus


shouldve kept hanging out with my pity friends rather than relying on imageboards for social interaction


your friends are here


had a few pseudo friends but my autistic tendencies showed through the cracks and they stopped talking to me started leaving school in the middle of the day after that and walked home


spent a massive amount of time in school daydreaming would sit down for a class but as soon as the teacher turned out the lights and fired up the projector i was long gone


developed a reputation as someone who should be avoided that i never grew out of


i guess i was norm until highschool when everyone started going out and getting wasted and all i wanted was to go home to game then i entered college and promptly dropped out and turned into full blown avoidant schizoid dont know what the hell happened


no im NOT


ban this instigator


will tubies get you a friend group in high school these days


loved when the teacher would write problems on the board and pick people to do them and i would be chosen and would feel the cold sweats wish i wasnt too dumb to have dropped out


theyre just the new brones so probably high schools are full of faggots these days too


nah promote him to mod


for the first day in the mansion were going to go around the room and everyone tell us your name and something interesting about yourself


what if theres NOThing interesting about me


there is just think harder


just wish for a log cabin in the woods where i can hunt elk and chop wood all day


think i might be getting constipated either that or ive been impregnated




hate chopping wood too much work


what was that one game with this in it that we raised a long time ago


its mans work itll get you strong


love clicking on some trees


chopping wood in the middle of the winter is NOT fun NOT after youve been at it for months


only had anything resembling rl friends for a brief period because there were only like 35 or 40 males in the class and i had teenarrogance and the chance to start over dont miss it would rather have been able to keep my online gamerbros


went through 7 cords one year and i chopped most of it


nice cordnorm


they wouldnt call it work if it was fun now get out there and chop some wood


theres enough chopped for weeks


all of my childhood friendships were based on video games and trading cards then school ended and it was over




splitting wood doesnt actually require any strength you just raise the ax high up and then let it crash into the log



what about felling the tree to get the logs in the first place



its NOT about strength its about going outside to chop wood in the gods damned snow and rain


you let dad use the chainsaw


modern technology is verboten on manor grounds


moving the wood in a wheelbarrow


varg said trees are sacred you cant cut them


still vividly remember going to the school to pick up my diploma and walking back to the car with the anxiety of knowing things were probably about to get harder in life mindblowing that was 14 years ago


how are you supposed to heat your home we dont all have peat deposits nearby


all i ever aspired to have was a job at the video store a gf to watch movies with and to game hard with my bros only got to do the last one and that didnt even last until i was 18


what about your blanket


we will pack on large blubber deposits during the fall


blanket wont help in the dead of winter you need a good wood stove


no amount of blanket can keep the chill off


NOT if you have two blankets


File: 1634854565401.jpg (60.45 KB, 1280x720, [Ohys-Raws] Yuru Camp Season 2 - 08 (AT-X 1280….jpg)


you simply sleep with the animals


NOT going to happen the animals stay outside


you need to get inside the animals


the northpond hermit never lit a fire even in the harshest winter


what do you mean they need shelter too you shouldve already erected your housebarn before winter came


mean outside the house theyll be in the barn


gonno have a heard of goats too main source of calories will be goats milk and cheese


he stole propane tanks from the locals


the thief guy


the chinkposters cant digest dairy


they can flipping starve


the house doubled both as a barn and a house everyone lived under the same roof in ye olden times


well you can get the job part easily enough maybe the rest comes after that


hehe trying to find that webm



that will bring diseases


the purple one


its NOT 2006 anymore


varg is a flipping elf




cocos stealing pikas new boyfriend


File: 1634854975125.webm (1008.49 KB, 1280x720, 1627100227390.webm)




how come he and sverige never made a collab


he doesnt like that guy referring to himself as the retarded varg


go to therapy to do your erp then get a job then just talk to people its NOT hard


NOT everyone can be a norm


you are a human so the social programming is all there you just need to come out of your shell


wish i was a cool european and NOT a stinky tard american


i dont want a job or to talk to people


its fine youll love it


have a bug in my code that traps me in an infinite loop of being a manbaby


ive talked to people before defiantly dont love it


is hima NOT a social club for gentlemen


you just need practice keep at it


thats mindtalking NOT mouthtalking


thought there was still one family video left in town but i guess it closed too


can only handle meaningless inconsequential forms of social interaction like posting on anonymous imageboards




its NOT meaningless


ya meant the anonymous imageboard part i dont think its meaningless either


inconsequential implies meaningless





cant handle the tard effects and music in modern nature docs


nice froggers


whens the hima doc coming out


File: 1634855808576.png (3.8 MB, 1563x2000, 93537898_p0.png)


funny how these manbabies on hima will claim to be super ascendant non norms and yet they cling to hima for social interaction and blog all day which really isnt much different from something like twitter or snapchat except with a smaller audience


thats great kid feel free to go back there


already came out




advanced is like 38


too busy gaming all day to post more than the occasional bone n mom made x


File: 1634856073562.png (642.52 KB, 750x1500, 93595860_p0.png)


hello maam may i have sex with you


mom said the pot pies are done



File: 1634856271904.png (Spoiler Image, 26.59 KB, 1054x1087, 1627776709509.png)


File: 1634856310827.png (186.3 KB, 349x551, IMG_4020.png)


dont understand how a male can look at himself in the mirror with a body like that and NOT rage himself into getting jacked


NOT everyone is a norm


sexy birl


NOThing more norm than being skinnyfat


hes right


if thats skinnyfat im obese


think its time for a losnapjo


i dropped all internet socializing before and i didnt feel ascended you probably need to get rid of the internet entirely


getting jacked cant fix my face and my tard brain


no but it can fix NOT being jacked


getting jacked is pointless


you cant be cute if you get jacked


wish i could gain muscle


no one here is young enough to be cute anymore


hate norms


any cute teen raiders


wish i was cute


youre a beautiful one


File: 1634857292745.gif (2.67 MB, 360x270, Untitled2.gif)



think i might be ready to rewatch utena


cant wait for the fujoraiders next fushigi yuugi webm




cant stream anime


moms friends came in pestering me again one called me f6 i hate when she goes out drinking with them i told her a hundred times before NOT to do it she wont listen to me


are these friends female


whats f6


no theyre boys


hate when moms friends come in drunk and invade my room and start twerking on me and grabbing my ass and manboobs


glad mom has no friends


youre her friend


love being so much of a loser that i poop out a living thing and force it to be my friend


hate when i make an embarrassing post on 4teen and im too scared to check the replies



you already posted that


same but hima usually just close the tab and skip hard for a couple of hours


it fixes your brain because mental illness is caused by low testosterone and exposure to plastics


it deserved aNOTher spin on the blog


post it again in an hour too busy to watch now


woke up mornin hima gonno have some joe


every post i make on hima is equally embarrassing




think mom causes me to overeat when i cook for myself i just do the bare minimum


she wants you to grow up tall and strong


im already high test


high teen


would probably only eat one meal a day if i lived by myself


birds are at the bird bath again chirping up a storm insane how these birds have more interaction in a single hour than i do all year


show me your nuts


i would eat 3 if i could follow the routines of making the food in isolation as it stands i just wake up and avoid mom until dinner then cook in the middle of the night


live with mom and only eat one meal a day


File: 1634859081905.jpg (53.1 KB, 1024x768, 1634747764119.jpg)




hate when norms brag about their grandmothers cooking big elaborate meals when my gran has hardly ever cooked and when it was it was something like a bag of boiled rice mixed with a can of mushroom soup or just hard biscuits with gravy


wish i had soup


one of my grans still cooks stuff because shes only in her 70s but the other is a vegetable in her 90s


bpa is a meme they just replace it with things as bad if NOT worse


barely even know my grans they certainly never cooked me anything


both grans are dead


need to find a mate that has a big loving family i can join since mine is shite


find a nice chink family they feast all the time


are you talking about me i did stop using it but it makes no difference because i was exposed to it before and during puberty


tell mom to buy her soda in metal cans but she keeps getting plsatic bottles


the birds wont leave i fed them already


the inside of cans are coated with plastic


the cans are lined with plastic



what the flip since when


i dont know probably the late 70s




File: 1634860371905.jpg (126.56 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. - 01….jpg)

shes a beautiful one just like us




chest hurts



had to watch a lot of sanford and son in the old days


mom didnt like me watching shows with blacks


still need to have my ac in and its almost november this is absurd im going to have to rope if this becomes a regular thing


cold as hell here


File: 1634861602776.jpg (29.34 KB, 720x713, 1634861511647.jpg)


45f here


im pomu


NOT cold enough for the kotatsu yet but im looking forward to it


anyone want to play unite later dont have any friends on my switch yet


File: 1634862231662.jpg (738.17 KB, 1107x976, 89672105_p1.jpg)


me on the bottom right


cant decide which ones the cutest


top right


you mean monster hunter freedom unite


top middle looks just like me


prepare to get snapped


you gonno get snapped


the wks will protect us


cant decide between mask blonde and seater


meant sweater


polkas minecraft music is really good


could try unite have been master in hots and lol but feel like i could NOT aim on a stick


crazy that theres a group of women in japan who know more than you would ever expect about minecraft


hungry but dont have any quick eats


have yet to fall for the minecraft meme




its for neurodivergents


just remembered some tortillas in the fridge guess ill make some quesadillas although dont have good quesadilla cheese


why is her framerate show bad


meant so


nice voice to text fail




shes NOT that kind of beautiful one


pinched my nips




middle school cross country coach was in a wheel chair and had pierced nipples



wish i was a middle school coach


you mean elementary school


no this was in middle school


time for some anime



do they even have cross country in elementary schools


File: 1634865145398.jpg (111.15 KB, 1280x720, angel.jpg)

sigh hate when they draw the boys pretty makes me feel confused




uh thats an angel NOT a boy


whats to rage about


gaijin comments


uh is your language set to american


maybe didnt know that was a thing




its a new feature


its NOT that new


newer than 2008 is new


File: 1634866111988.png (6.28 KB, 550x400, Untitled.png)



oh flip its almost 2022 tarded out aNOTher year


cant believe 22 is the last year for us




my real life begins in 2023


phew good anime this ones the surprise hit for me


name it


the one with the birl angel



if you know you know


keep biting my cheeks while chewing


wish mom named me accelerator


need spaghetti


dont remember the last time i had some ghetti


code geass is 15 years old


code gayass


shut up


uhh whats your problem



probably older than the mom


anime ladies are ageless


nice single mother propaganda


showed mom the yshtola doll


releasing massive amounts of gas into the atmosphere this cant be normal


did she think it was sexy


no she looked at it and said weird


is there a point where norms stop preferring teen girls and prefer old ladies because ive NOT yet reached it


dont know i got old and i only think about gaming


File: 1634868986432.jpg (117.58 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Ousama Ranking - 02 (720p) [FE27C….jpg)

sigh bojji




was surrounded by teengirls driven mad with horniness for 4 years and still made it out with virg intact that was a close one


thinking about spaghetti with lots of kraft parmesan on it


butter too right




found a fidget spinner


how is it




hell ya


File: 1634870276869.jpg (124.2 KB, 600x800, FIGURE-132886_01.jpg)

50000 yen


whats the point cant see up their skirt


pinched or pinched


File: 1634870717764.jpg (107.61 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Puraore! Pride of Orange - 03 (72….jpg)


hate hockey


File: 1634870812210.jpg (121.09 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Puraore! Pride of Orange - 03 (72….jpg)

love naochan


File: 1634871504154.swf (715.33 KB, one.swf)


reading 2010 jp threads


link em



hate the rule norms in retrospect that redirected to other boards



im tarding the flip out


forgot about athens


athens was a trailblazer in regards to misogyny


wonder if he went and founded the incel community on reddit or just died heres a stay dry thread https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S6255803


sigh every other page on warosu must have been a board wipe by the jans


NOT that interesting heres one of the thousands of attempts of making neet money https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S6210072


File: 1634874536521.jpg (37.24 KB, 848x480, [HorribleSubs] Ai-Mai-Mi - 09 [480p].mkv_snaps….jpg)


remembering shitting on that game and on arr beta stone had a 5 second cast time





File: 1634875495822.png (9.23 KB, 651x111, Screenshot from 2021-10-21 21-01-06.png)


File: 1634875597135.jpg (111.35 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shiroi Suna no Aquatope - 16 (720….jpg)


whats her problem


shes autism


crying for gamagama


arsehole is itching something fierce


weird how theres almost 8 billion people on earth many thousands dying every day yet ive never seen a dead body


foid btfo




all out of beer might try to make some bacon wrapped dogs loaded with pickled jalapeno slices onion and dijon


heck ya remember to take a pic


hate onions


sd card is full too lazy to dump them all to my hard drive then erase it


feel like you said that months ago already whats the point having it if youre NOT gonno use it


said it when i made those ribs theres just too many steps involved im working up to it


goin to taco bell


heard they killed the beefy frito


crunchwrap supreme


thats NOT cost effective


cleaned the house then showered and shaved smooth as an apple hima phew




uhh i mean i shaved my face


need to shave myself starting to get overgrown food gets caught dont have a razor was planning to get one today but didnt





balding bad need to shave my head


starting to drift guess its bedtime


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


think i might toss


also found a final blog cowering in the corner of the 30 pack hoping to go unNOTiced


File: 1634879594928.jpg (544.2 KB, 2349x2000, 1634843980357.jpg)

he looks so cool


sigh akagi


prefer makin em with nice lukewarm dogwater


dont know


the manic phase is here im flipping pumped


File: 1634880616047.webm (7.33 MB, 1280x720, rager.webm)


dogs need to be boiled


was gonno do that but the bacon takes a long time



bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


id be just like akagi if only i smoked


whats stopping you


i dont want my test to go up


worst days of the week coming up


we already had those


cant decide what movie to watch flipped up should have picked one before i made the food


fire up the higurashi live action


stream the land before time




probably should have kept it to 2 dogs


they were good but NOT as good as i thought theyd be forgot i dont really like bacon if its NOT charred to a crisp


prefer my bacon barely cooked and flimsy




File: 1634883276906.jpg (91.28 KB, 718x797, 1634866102867.jpg)

are the bogans going to kill him


cant handle being reminded of the purely evil dystopia we live in im just trying to take it easy


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


well then you better go catch them


mom bought ice cream


theyve already been consumed and shat out


its the third round


tardlaughing at the thought of all the chink tourists you see in don quixotes being forced to listen to a holo song in the store


they were good but NOT as good as i thought theyd be forgot i dont really like bacon if its NOT charred to a crisp


cruising for a snoozing




just got owned


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


got bullied by an akiha player




why didnt you stream it


would have cried if i streamed that


next time you will stream


the hima council


internet went down so i started going through old computer files and found a suicide NOTe hehe


post it


already deleted it ill write you a manifesto to read later




tomorrow will be hell have to take care of the toilet can only pray i do NOT wake up


File: 1634890784584.mp4 (35.2 MB, 10000000_443942690398871_1582156488930203973_n.mp4)


hate norms


thats news to me why didnt you ever say so


never finished ffxv


File: 1634895825166.png (75.9 KB, 750x296, asd.png)


running out of empty containers to piss in


aint got a pot to piss in cant afford to pay attention


File: 1634898801538.jpg (209.4 KB, 1070x1200, FCPGdReVgAIvhum.jpg)


thats norm


ask normseki if you can borrow some of his paraphernalia


gonno eat some bacon sandwiches then snooze to wake up for poe


sigh the hima podd lan party


tarded out and spent the prime of my life as a completely sedentary malnourished dweeb in front of a screen in a dark room was over before it even began


same but NOT malnourished i ate big and drank big


uh i wasnt talking about caloric content


yah malnourishment is when you eat malguys


mal nourished hehe


have a watch


woke up ingesting caffeine


crying hima wasted my 15k funny orbs and didnt get what i wanted then had enough for 1 last pull and it worked


File: 1634904355825.jpg (682.04 KB, 1043x1915, 93606835_p1.jpg)


File: 1634905095669.jpg (Spoiler Image, 605.37 KB, 900x1200, 93609247_p0.jpg)


thats a yellow card


always did the granny throw when we played basketball in gym class


too short to play basketball






might try this game botan is playing next week


looks a bit dull


get on elyon


swore off mmos after quitting scape


File: 1634913132077.jpg (415.35 KB, 2048x1365, danmaku.jpg)

cant believe it


nice reptile wearing human skin


dreamed the accelerator got stuck on a mustang i borrowed and the brakes wouldnt stop it so i had to swerve around kids and stuff to crash it happened twice and i had to stand around with the ems oh and i lived in my highschool home which in real life has long since been demolished now i feel jittery and spooked


File: 1634913909944.jpg (429.69 KB, 1534x2048, 1634904906163.jpg)

need a gf like this


youre too old for an egirl the meme about girls liking older guys lasted for millennia up until we became older guys and it became taboo and now the gfs are scared


love getting pranked like that


why would japanese web 1.0 websites be hard to navigate


3d ban


maybe because all text is in images


why would that matter


must be nice to be a jap otaku and naturally know where everything actually is


tarded out and became fluent in japanese by watching cardcaptor


sigh its beautiful


File: 1634916753170.gif (1.32 MB, 600x480, original.gif)


view the page source theres a nice comment at the top


File: 1634917056812.png (1.34 MB, 881x1300, 1634916394833.png)



sigh youmu


watching lulu


time to simp



cant find me flippin 3.5 to 6.3 adaptor


where are your airpods pros


hope it was a nice pasta post it so we can read it


using them now but the left one has an unpleasant buzz apple scammed me


dont want powerful emf that close to my brain


wonder why all my chairs keep breaking


you know


wish the have an apartment in the ars minecraft highrise


meant to




what the flip wheres her vtuber avatar



hope she collabs with pomu


cold hima wearing layers



grats who did you get


oog me get png oog



bastard lying chinks thats almost as ridiculous as the concentration camps


the south east asian and indian hoes were trying to get me to fuck them everywhere i went i could t walk 20 feet without beinf bothered by them but i was holding out for a nice jp girl but they were extinct
bad dream


die norm


File: 1634926645138.jpg (2.4 MB, 1000x2006, untitled.jpg)

went shopping with mom bath and body works got a wallflower bottle patchouli scent mom asked are you sure you want that said yes


im kitty


kitty steam


she thinks youre homo


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


hope you enjoy your touhou scents


crying for nijien


tried watching but the hag is too much


whats wrong


time to roll out of bed crack and get to gaming


using some over ear headphones but worried about gamer dent


woke up poe time


path of norm


File: 1634929527203.png (93.95 KB, 284x210, Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 3.04.50 PM.png)

sigh lulus kitty



cool cat


die macnorm


stop NOTicing things


i canNOT


NOThing worse than a macnorm NOThin


woke up


he loved his grandmas imac


wonder if hell be able to get the new macbook smuggled into prison


lulu deserves a nice deep dicking


simply wish to see the japanese birth rate rise to sustainable levels


might be a dominos day


as the ancient hawaiians used to say




uh it wont be japan anymore if the populace is half blog


it will pinch




moms on hold trying to activate the phone she got me because i forgot to do it for a month


mom mom mm


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


whats going on with you big guy why the mental patient repetition


turt deserves a nice deep dicking


hell yeah get that powerbottom


hate norms




stop NOTicing things


make it stop make it stop make it stop


6th batch of peppered bacondogs


i canNOT


last time i NOTiced something i got a cia tail just keep my mouth shut these days


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


make it stop make it stop make it stop



bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


sigh pomu


File: 1634931458934.jpg (29.64 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)


sigh gootecks


hid some posts today


shivering hima


hurt myself today


excavating deep inside my nose got a booger way up in there that needs to come out


jp creativity


do you have examples


NOT true the slowmo physics bug in botw is a top tier bug


File: 1634932370324.jpg (132.58 KB, 1200x960, FCU7VOrVcAEnOSf.jpg)


hiding that in case mom peeks over me shoulder


thinking about jahy


little brat makes me rage


i would have built a giant statue to jahy on the himarealm but that dream is dead


consider it mindgriefed



bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


was it bigfoot


its a spam


File: 1634933023158.jpg (108.53 KB, 550x1000, 1329714786404.jpg)


File: 1634933101426.jpg (2.01 MB, 3022x3464, pic.jpg)


just came back from the washroom and spotted a giant string of cobweb hanging above my chair looks like the spiders been hard at work getting ready for halloween


tired of the norms cant they just vanish overnight


isekai shokudou needs to get it together fast two episodes in a row about dumbass kids



File: 1634933717300.jpg (478.9 KB, 707x1000, 1634933241821.jpg)

i wonder what it would have been like to have sexy sis i canNOT fathom a situation in which i am on good terms with an attractive foid


tired of the spergs cant they just vanish overnight


im a bacon pepperjack dog im in the oven simple as that


prepare to be ingested


wish my browser had vertical tabs


wish i had a hot cousin to marry


but you would still be able to speak in a friendly way towards them it would be an alien experience


impotent rage rising ya we are ready for the punchline


bacon pepperjack dog days


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


need to get blog horizoned into a game world with purple girl


sigh purple girl


whens the hima blog horizon stream with the faces we can spam


hopefully never that shite was boring as hell


damn good show purple girl blog horizon bacon pepperjack dogs days are in the oven damn good


im a bacon pepperjack dog im in the oven simple as that


sigh cant believe bacondog lost his flipping marbles and is going to get the 5150


we all saw it coming


the oven


i thought the therapy would help him


File: 1634935011533.png (3.3 KB, 80x80, u-jelly.png)


switch to pasted edge


dont like change


sigh the lucky star stream


moms gone for the weekend i got mcdonalds now im gaming


mom goes back to the beach this weekend for one last week cant wait


hell ya


moms gone for the weekend i got lsd now im naked












a watcher must watch


playing elyon do you want a stream of that




elyon musk


gassy for days now starting to worry that something is wrong


stop eating shite


all ive had today was carrots and cabbage and mushrooms and chicken breast and a couple of arbys roast beefs


hid from mom the entire day do NOT want to deal with the toilet


its over


sigh selen is getting more viewers playing fear than all of gen3 combined did during their collab crying for those girls


its over


considering gaming


watching aris


nice $700k a year streamer


File: 1634940228112.jpg (101.38 KB, 1080x1080, 73a.jpg)


thought delivery jobs were reserved for mud people


macs in the oven used small shells this time also got some brie and bread tonights a feast got some wine too but NOT sure if ill open it


never liked wine but it was cheap so got a bottle on a whim



File: 1634941106409.jpg (2 MB, 1451x1844, 93612614_p0.jpg)


wonder if he got the feather from a bird he shot


bought hairclippers


could NOT find a bottle opener mom pointed me to the opener dad had been using to open his non alcoholic bottles


damn good shells n cheese



lulu beat super metroid


did NOT ask


File: 1634942753488.png (5.42 MB, 2507x4096, 93612401_p0.png)


File: 1634943517828.jpg (113.09 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 03 (….jpg)


as you can see im a sperg manbaby of 30


File: 1634943798663.jpg (229.52 KB, 1280x2094, [SubsPlease] Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 03 (….jpg)


mom got some german dark chocolate at aldis she gave me a piece


store was selling pound bars of chocolate pretty cheap thought about buying one but didnt know id scarf the whole thing down then feel like puking




theres no hide button for embeds


File: 1634943986486.jpg (1.03 MB, 1479x1479, 20211022_190502.jpg)


toss it get some real swiss chocolate instead


turn it into hot cocoa


its good hima




mom gave me a gift card gonno try the pog pog dance girls starbucks drink


finished deltarune gonno start dread tomorrow


nice slobber marks do you eat like a fly


found an old gift card went to the store to use it today but it would NOT scan had to stand there as the checkout lady tried swiping it aNOTher 10 times then entering the number then calling someone over to go through it again eventually they found how to manually enter it i just stood there clogging the lane would NOT do that again given the choice


bit some of it off then thought wait should show hima




raging the japs just dont get it


think im tard dont know what the difference between sauce and syrup is at starbucks


dont understand the obsession norms have with starbucks and coffee in general


File: 1634945052919.jpg (610.51 KB, 2362x3589, 93612321_p0.jpg)



they have to flip up their natural circadian rhythm to wageslave


i flipped up my natural circadian rhythm to game


gotten more proficient with my moka some damn good milk coffee start some mornings with a mug and an ep of aria


woke up skimmed


youre living the dream


File: 1634945588593.jpg (84.08 KB, 712x480, Aria_the_Natural_02_[ENG][4E2B06C9].mkv_snapsh….jpg)


love boss coffee torokeru cafe au lait


never had can kohi


sigh finished the last magipoka special guess thats one less good anime left to watch


its been a few hours did bacondog flipping die


could NOT find a bottle opener mom pointed me to the opener dad had been using to open his non alcoholic bottles


bacondog climbed into the oven


mom said some of her coworkers eat sandwiches with ten slices of bacon then can NOT understand why shes thin


reading a translated japanese book main character is an 11 year old precure fan who rps as a mahou shoujo with her origami magic wand and magical transformation mirror


File: 1634947456602.gif (90.6 KB, 900x282, 4879e5f0055e013291b6005056a9545d.gif)


reminds me of that old vgcats where sonic says he drinks so much coffee he pees blood


james hoffnorm


bacon is fairly low calorie the way lots of people burn it to a crisp so all the fat is outside the bacon


uh youre NOT supposed to throw away that fat



File: 1634948016183.png (281.85 KB, 700x875, 93617658_p2.png)


need to get an office job and my own cute kouhai


isnt that what momgf did but without the office


eating burnt bacon will give you cancer


we dont care about cancer were freaks


never been to venice


ask otamin to let you crash on his couch



sick of the flippin norms wish we were all finnish and kept to ourselves


wish i was rich enough to drink coffee


gochiusas town was partially modeled after colmar which also has canals with boats


it doesnt get much cheaper than beanwater from beans grown by slaves


File: 1634948545355.jpg (158.35 KB, 900x675, 187725-131-7F3B1ADC.jpg)


proper coffee is expensive


File: 1634948595164.jpg (270.83 KB, 816x612, colmar.jpg)


every town looks like shite when its overcast


File: 1634948762937.jpg (200.38 KB, 816x612, colmar2.jpg)



mom gets big bags of ground normbucks cawfee because its the largest container that regularly has coupons im sure you could find it far cheaper


you can watch the christmas and hotspring episodes again in just over a month


need to wait 6 years before rewatching


that town looks like crap would take anywhere in japan a thousand times over


preground is unacceptable


dont like the sound of the grinder


you just dont understand


im a grinder i grind


have a hand grinder it doesnt grind that well think i ruined it that time tried to use it to grind cloves but it gets the job done


dont even know where i would start with real coffee all the information is overwhelming


gotta love my keurig


folgers n mr coffee


invest in an espresso machine best $100 i ever spent


mom wants a nespresso for christmas and her birthday


cant seem to find my melitta filters box




me thinks the lady doth request too much


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


flipping pasted


File: 1634949540824.swf (893.15 KB, ojamajo.swf)


he loved onpu


just need to wean myself off of the daily mugs of folgers and forget about drinking coffee im NOT cut out for it


File: 1634949999198.jpg (56.19 KB, 876x876, 20091110.jpg.jpg)



really liked chitose wish she had been put into galaxy angel earlier on


make sure to NOT drink coffee for a week a few times a year so i know im safe


sigh thats ars meme



never played ga


what kind of coffee should i get