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ban the flippin raidnorms


File: 1634588247619.jpg (31.81 KB, 600x400, tummy.jpg)

posting my boyfriend


reddit tuberager you mean


you arent fooling anyone kid


got left behind


you arent missing anything just the redditor instigating


wouldnt mind a smelly poo gf if it meant i could get in them guts


you dont understand he cant ban himself



File: 1634588624219.png (11.64 KB, 414x420, 1332129942424.png)


me on the right




pasted on a stack


File: 1634588790734.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.75 KB, 1122x1496, selfie.jpg)


looking good


sigh wish i was that cool


you are


faggot norm posting selfies like this is facebook. go kys


die already


die norm


File: 1634588989761.png (3.14 MB, 2486x3000, phew.png)


ban the punctuationnorm


is ironic punctuation still punctuation


call me when the raids over


same just wanted to take it easy but i cant like this gonno go play diablo


Ey up himaladdies was just thinking about taking a good nice shite all over hima but it seems like you're already in middle of some kind of altercations is now NOT a good time mayhaps?


if only the manbabies didnt chimpout over a few harmless tuber posts


fucking kill yourself






normhours gonno snooze


what a bitch


What's really good witcha, you already know, it's ya boy Ramiro

Had a few things I wanted to say before I hit the gym this evening. First of all, I just got out of the shower with my bitch Maria. She's 90 pounds, 5'3 and the has the body and face of a goddess. You know how I pulled her? By being the alpha male. Something you nerds don't know shit about. All you know about is tubers and blogs, while I'm out there in the club popping bottles and cheating on my bitch every night with the finest dimes in Jersey.

Did I fuck my bitch in the shower just a minute ago? Yea, it was clutch, and that bitch would never cheat on a greek god looking specimen like myself, I give it to her so good. Don't believe me? Ask your mom. Know what I'm saying? Face, pussy.

I am the most attractive man any of you will ever have the privilege of being amongst. I bench 240 pounds now and do 2,500 sit-ups a day. My abs are hard as a rock and my dick is the size of a cucumber. When I walk down the street I can smell your girlfriend's pussy getting wet. She wants to fucks with a real boss, NOT a chump change coward like yourself. Just playin, you ain't even got a girl. All you got is hima. You play that shit, imma be playing with my girls tits in the club.




looks kind of like a younger seki


Don't be hatin bro


got avgolemono from the greek place god greek food is so good everything is a winner


Do NOT reply to newfags.


if you get butthurt when people post otaku culture thats your own business


back to cuckchan


back to cuckchan


back to cuckchan


I think I gonno just start permanently posting on hima instead of just periodically raiding


what is going on why cant i enjoy my dolmas and gyro and avgolemono in peace im going to hand out permas as soon as ive stuffed my big fat greek belly




mom made some really nice german noodle stew with the leftover thanksgiving turkey its absolutely delicious cant remember the last time i tasted anything this good


love gettin permad


yo these janny niggas poppin off

thread theme



File: 1634590811320.png (101.55 KB, 2106x936, Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 22-57-00 Banned .png)

Hima's got more draconian moderation than freaking 4jp like LMAOOOOOOOOO




Of all the tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under the omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.





eating sour keys


more of a sour octopus guy




wonder what shes gonno talk about


virtual japan stuff




hope she bullies the sheep for disconnecting and does drugs again


would be weird if she talked about hosexy ladyve


sour keys are sour kinda and made of sugar and they look like keys


nobody alive knows


coco should start an agency for burned vtubers it could be her lulu aloe and roa as the first gen


what happened to roa


she got flamed for alleged bullying


mindblowing that hima is a better source of information on vtubers than wikis


otaku culture experts


have seen over 300 otaku cultures


the otaku cultures are blending together


should have skipped instead of reading the last thread getting secondhand 恥ずかし


File: 1634592479885.jpg (162.1 KB, 828x832, hima.jpg)


too bad jan isnt self aware enough to be embarrassed by his chimp outs


im embarrassed for you norm


ok teen


File: 1634592614293.png (1.26 MB, 803x976, jp - 二次元裏 2.png)



File: 1634592699093.jpg (123.48 KB, 724x1023, FB-hcLtVgAMm0Vr.jpg)


caught up weird how one joke about korosans boyfriend lead to complete hima implosion
pretty okayu


ban the teentubers while youre at it


remember reading somewhere that yakuza were gooks


those gooks are crooks


its the instigator trying to disrupt the board


File: 1634593023716.png (111.34 KB, 1468x686, Banned!.png)

hehe steamin


the norms ruined my life in meatspace now theyre ruining my life in cyberspace just go back there you flipping clowns


Yo these jan jans be straight up cringe bruh. Like how you gonno ban a nigga? They doin too much bruh.


felt the same way about norms invading jp in 2011


back to the tuberagercord


ive wanted all those faggots dead for years


imagine instead of being this arrogant you just realized that its NOT up to you what people talk about especially when its otaku culture


seki are you here






i think we need rules and please come up with them yourself i trust you


got the deluxe switch lite case for 9 bucks on ebay its nice



Welcome to himasugi.blog, the premier neet lifestyle and mgtow discussion imageboard. Here at himasugi dot blog we take the content of posts extremely seriously. Discussion of the following topics will result in a permaban:

cheese pizza/pedo shit
sex/dating/gf/girls discussion
job/work blogging
china shilling/grifting
/pol/ shit excluding paste froggers

the following may result in a ban depending on how steamed the janny is:
posting vtuber videos over 2mb
posting any file over 10mb
using capital letters
misusing the quotation feature
using punctuation
using question marks
using any language other than english or japanese
impersonating neetblog

for gatekeeping reasons there is no board index nor are there any boardlinks at the top of the page. if you dont know what the main board url is youre NOT welcome here in the first place. the discord exists for discussing topics that are considered inappropriate for the board if you can find it

if you have any questions or inquiries please do NOT email me at admin@himasugi.org


ya new ones for this case this guy isnt going to give up


ill just keep banning him i dont care ive already decided i wont let him post here


nice impartial moderation


can you add the en vs jp difference


you belong in a mental institution getting blasted with a firehose if you english speaking whores are otaku culture might as well start posting twatter screencaps from funimation dub vas its just NOT up for debate


owned that tube


that was the part i meant


uh its NOT norm because theyre speaking japanese haha


youre frothing at the mouth just take a moment to calm down


uh nobody was sucking anything except you sucking your thumb


complained about those for years too before giving up but the line has to be drawn somewhere


uh haha


File: 1634593935932.webm (1 MB, 1920x1080, p.webm)


skipped this era


if your browser autocompletes to jp youd probably never see them


uh why would it autocomplete


all modern browsers do


by being a regular user and typing h into your address bar and NOT a raider


i manually type it in


dont have browser history or autocomplete turned on manually type out every url by hand and always put the jp at the end of hima


gonno puke




got deus ex off gog never played it before seems hilarious


dont know think im sick


nice impotent manbaby wants to burn the whole thing down rather than NOT get his way


put the difficulty on realistic couldnt beat liberty island never touched the game again


feel sick as well the top of my throat feels like it usually does before i get sick


denton is my favorite entuber


hate when i think of a post in my head then start typing it out and forget what it was half way through


never played honkai impact 3rd is it any good


hate when i make some small formatting errors that render my post incomprehensible and i lose my train of thought completely


hate mindposting during all waking hours only about 20 percent ever makes it to hima


NOThing will ever be enough for you i just know it


something bad happened when i went for a walk but dont even have it in me to feel embarrassed anymore im just a husk


this is what made me want to play it hehe just hilarious dialog


did you trip while walking past someone hate it when that happens


NOThing you did could have been worse than that time i woke up a carsnoozer with watame night fever


did taco mates mom make dinner yet


went outside and stared at some lady idling her truck she had the hood up and the dog was leaning out the window with its tongue out panting


why were you staring


starting crying at the bad apple part


was considering asking her to turn her engine off but it looked like she was fixing something and NOT just sitting in her car with her engine on for no reason


why NOT just mind your own business


because its flipping loud and annoying


owned that busy body


as my japanese got better the difference between entubers and jptubers faded a lot but the jps are defiantly better at playing a character


if you see something say something


if you see something go back in the house


farts smelling foul today






always liked this one the percussion is good


cant watch a video with that many views too many norms have seen it


same felt a little guilty even linking it got bad feels when i read the comments


dumb hipsters



never cared about the personalities of the touhous or their relationships or anything i just like them as hard schmups with good music


the antisecondary


moms gonno make me pancakes to cheer up


nice mom give her a smooch for me


to cheer herself up or to cheer you up


cheer me up


had a chance to make pancakes on a big flat 48" grill once i could get 40 pancakes onto it and they all turned out perfectly every time never had luck at home


what upset you


the touhous defiantly have personalities but there really isnt much in the way of relationships outside of fan stuff


think it was a 60" grill actually looking at pictures


lots of stuff that i dont understand it isnt worth writing


your himabros are here for you if you need us


touhou fanfiction and discussion makes me wince reading it probably why i havent made a post on jp after ironic touhou discussion was stamped out by the jans


which touhou has the worst gout /jp/


fell for the ironic unemployed avoidant adult virgin living with mom meme


just like the flannel wearing coke bottle glasses japanese otaku of yore you followed the noble path


nah i just sat on me arse


at least i didnt puke this time


otaku culture is alive and well in japan they just dont dress funny anymore they still go to to events and game centers and hobby stores and raibu and tard out on imageboards



File: 1634596917424.gif (734.38 KB, 500x262, 8zZtKrh7Zj70fEJbYAWQDQzJe11dXfS9l8xr6SqnJ8o.gif)


read a blog last night from 2011 about how otaku culture only looks popular because normal people stopped buying music while the otaku kept buying inelastically


sakuya from too much knife throwing practice


when i was in japan i went to toranoana looking for t girls volume 3 at the time it was long out of print and the cashier actually knew about it and was amazed that i was looking for such an obscure album wonder if he blogged about it somewhere



uhh you cant go to events and game centers right now have to buy doujins online and play online crane games for holo dolls


mom wants me to make burgs was just about to jerk it


i want to post some tracks from t★girls 4 but too lazy to break out the external


i want to stab a pedophile


doujinstyle is still up but it looks different theres no forum that i can see


they moved to discord


File: 1634597961288.mp3 (8.85 MB, 05 - A La Maid☆紅魔館店.mp3)

oh flip crying


sigh why cant people just be happy with forums they work perfectly fine



discord is easier to search honestly as long as the official server doesnt go down or the conversation youre interested in doesnt get derailed


forums are like 90% garbage dead threads where a guy asks a question and one guy answers and five guys post i dunno lol or direct you to a dead link or dead photobucket pictures


congrats whos gonno be next


next is covid fgo theres gonno be no new characters til himiko and summer abby a year out


File: 1634598719085.png (991.07 KB, 1280x720, 04326334-3FE9-40C0-B54C-A9405CA0E259.png)

still stuck on this shinespark puzzle is the other dread guy here


if people were actually working from home when they worked from home then NOThing would be delayed


feel guilty watching this but i guess i started from the wrong side i forgot you can use the low slide without breaking your speed boost


i tried like every button combo possible to cancel a shinespark or chain one into aNOTher its NOT possible i dont think


castoria is flipping broken fgo is merely her playground now


last night dreamed about gas pedal accelerating up to 8000 rpm but car was NOT moving


got a real problem if your gas pedal is rotating that fast itll break your foot


20 minutes hehe i started at 12:35am and didnt give up until 1:59am



uh wasnt me haha


mom took me to the mexican restaurant shes been blimping out these last two weeks guess ill have a plumpermom soon


left behind sigh


doc said mom has high cholesterol shes NOT allowed to blimp out anymore


cant believe the whole jpsphere dropped 400 dollars to play dread each


i just got steak fajitas but she got the seafood fajitas and a taco salad and she was munching on the tortillas and dip must be nice to be a foid and be able to get fat and still be worshiped meanwhile im having to rinse my ground beef under the faucet after draining it


mom is thinner than both of her sisters she exercises regularly and eats healthy


if smash couldnt make me buy a switch then NOThing can


polka and botan and okayu are nice plumpers that deserve their worship


those arent plumpers theyre just fat noel is a plumper


hate having a preference for plumpers because i dont want them to get away with it


mom was up my ass the entire time i was making those burgs despite knowing the rule that she has to fuck off when im cooking hope i get a brain tumor and the curtain closes on this shite life


so dramatic


what if its a pituitary tumor and you start growing again and become a megachad


dont like this there should be one more cycle of the blonde girl


as long as it enlarges my heart and kills me


listenan :D




ban who? O.o




who perma be... -_o let's get that ass >:)


student at tutoring wrote an essay about dying in ark time to apply my hosexy ladyve knowledge in real life


and my nijiark ars knowledge


ban the seether


hate when i think theres only a couple hundred posts to get caught up with and then i realize theres a new thread


based i love that band


can you tutor me in quantum field theory


woke up mornin there hima need some hair of the dog real bad hows everyone hangin


rice and bean night 1 hima


wish my ass wasnt so fat makes me self conscious




long and low


no thatd be weird


physics left my brain after p chem but actually decent with subatomic physics even its mostly just plugging things into titan


wish i didnt have such a flippable arse


fucking homo, go kys


the arse animal
the butt beast




how can i become valuable


engineer a situation in which the target does you a favor then their brains will justify their actions by making them think they did it because they like you and then they will seek to do more things for you



made mac gonno regret it tomorrow


going to abandon this ape form and evolve into a crab


do you really post there


were all gnbros arent we


the hima admin is a regular gnfos shitter its flipping over for himasugi its so flipping over


>░░▄░░░░░░░░░░▄▄██████▄▄░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄ GNFOS.COM
>▄▄███▀░░░░░░▄██████████░░░░░░░░░░░░▀███ GNFOS.COM
>░▀███▄░░░░░░▀█████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████ GNFOS.COM
>░▄███▀░░░░░░░█████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄█▀▀▀ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░██░░░░░░░░░▀██████▄▄▄░░░░░░░░░██ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░▐█▄░░░░░░▄███████████░░░░░░▄██▀ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░▀██▄░░▄█████████████▄░░░░██▀ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░▀▀█████████████████▄▄██▀ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░▐███████████████▌ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░▐██████████████▀█▀ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░█▌░░▀████████▀░░█▄ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░█▀░░░░██████░░░░██▄ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░█▄░░░░░█████░░░░▐█ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░██▄░░░░▀███▌░░░░▐█ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░▀█▄░░░░░███▀░░░░▐█ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░░▀█▄░░░░███▄░░░░██ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░░░░░██░░░░▀▀▀░░░░░█▌ GNFOS.COM
>░░░░░░░░▀▀▀▀▀▀░░░░░░░░░░░░██▄▄▄ GNFOS.COM


shouldnt be surprised but i thought he grew out of that when he got to the ripe old age of 25 in 2019


sb NOW


hope hondys safe and happy wherever he is


sigh he loved secret boards


tried half a tab and all it did was make me feel weird


the fomer gnfos discord admin couldnt possibly be a gnfos poster


uh former haha


hes norming it up on merorin these days


wonder if zoo guy got to see those apes


i had to cancel thinking wednesday now


dont think anyone thought that ive been complaining about it for almost 4 years just didnt think anyone actually posted on younow except for trev and those one or two schizophrenic norms that make all the threads


pretty sure gn has more users than hima they just post less


hes norming it up with his gang of orbiters in the teencord 247 too why would he even bother


from my research im positive that all vtuber posts originate on gnfos


hes NOT like t he doesnt get orbiters in fact hes kind of disrespected


heads up soooooooniccccccccccccccc stream soon


you can orbit without being aware of it do you think the planets are aware of orbiting the sun


i spit on him


i worship him


the duality of hima...


he just doesnt have that leader persona that makes you want to worship he was born for a supporting role


nah hes pasted


sigh pnig had real charisma he was born to be a leader


sigh he hated the burden of power but he bore it anyway to protect us


yeah a dark lord


the spiral nig


remember to use the sama honorific


dickspammer sama


wish i had a girl to worship physically


File: 1634604104895.jpg (61.33 KB, 1601x256, ruin.JPG)


forgot how hard seki steamed him maybe he is based after all



love how turt is NOT only a bad poster but a malicious norm


saw different kinds of worship at temples and shrines looked more cathartic to perform the rituals instead of the personal relationship with god thing that many christian churches push


hes NOT only a good poster hes a good friend


File: 1634604324809.jpg (102.57 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shinka no Mi - Shiranai Uchi ni K….jpg)


hes only malicious to those he finds arrogant


wrong i only post here


go to hell and die tubie


dont like normnig dont like gymnorm dont like hikenorm dont like normeye dont like the raidnorms


File: 1634604411645.png (321.96 KB, 692x374, untitled.png)


what about me do you like me


yes i love you nopersona 3


love you too


took a trip to 162 a few months ago to do some spying and it seemed like they had a similar vtuber problem it could be possible that there is a connection between the ones who post there and the ones who post here


im certain the tubie posts that have been going on for 3 years on one site originated on aNOTher that became tubie infested within the last year


why did those guys harass us


there isnt i only post here i dont understand why you wont listen


we have a good thing going on


its probably the same people their blacklist has kept me out but sometimes when there was normspam i would check and several times the same embeds would be here and there within a few minutes of each other


wow the site with a post stealing gimmick stole posts


seki the time has come to reactivate the whitelist make sure to NOT add yourself to it




because they thought hima read similarly to the posting style in their general




File: 1634604727732.jpg (280.38 KB, 1440x1600, 93537361_p0.jpg)


was a raider during the whitelist days and was still in


maybe hima would be better if everyone had to use a tripcode then people could filter the posters they dont like



never filtered a post


i dont understand anything anymore




id filter the tubies without breaking a sweat


theres 5 tubies there would only be jans left


used a word replacement firefox addon filter on the 4 for a while but it was far too stressful for my modest machine


NOT looking forward to needing to upload a picture of my id to post on hima


dont know what overstimulated these norms but the last day and a half has been exceptionally awful


read and change all your data on the websites you visit


highlight the most awful posts for us


sigh if only i had a small piece of that arrogance id be a millionaire ceo with a beautiful jpgf by now


theres too many


owned those russian hackers with pages of floorshitting posts


dont understand anything


someone lost it and decided its permanent meta hours and keeps dragging the talk back to it


tell me who it is ill find em and make em pay


File: 1634605099534.png (946.62 KB, 1527x1850, 93539074_p0.png)


moons rising


jan is mad that his bans dont do anything


i just shitted




keep the bans coming


was it a reel grate one


so arrogant that i gave myself an inferiority complex


File: 1634605238704.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.23 KB, 480x360, cl.jpg)


ordered some fish and chips


at least 7.8 courics


i dont believe you thats way too much


File: 1634605451052.png (11.55 KB, 615x134, uli.png)



used to occasionally weigh myself before and after a big shite rarely changed think the scale was defective


ban those raidnorms


keep dying to the ice boss to stressed from todays posts


flip you raidteen


my item collection was 66% but now its 28% hehe


lowest was 149 lbs in march 2012 then peaked at 212 lbs june 2020 now down to 171 lbs


i think the human body is good at sucking out moisture because ive eaten 10lbs or more of food in one sitting but ive never pooped that much


havent gained or lost a single pound in months


been slowly losing weight since mom banned me from drinking since it means i can only drink when shes at work



gonno finish talos principle and watch tubers night hima


i was 125 lbs at the start of the plandemic


are you cute


im hideous


no im sexy


damn good doc


the ohnorm has gone too far this time


File: 1634605897536.png (506.41 KB, 557x1000, 68896092_p0.png)


File: 1634606051090.jpeg (4.58 KB, 180x280, senpai.jpeg)

i look like this


did you get too rowdy


NOT really maybe i got too arrogant getting drunk in front of mom every night for a week so she just came home and raged and said its banned


so you have a feisty mexican gf


rookie mistake youre supposed to let her see you being cool and collected with two or three blogs then unleash the floorshitting neetbeast when she goes to bed


File: 1634606177193.png (2.18 KB, 261x66, 4a363b58c96c46b1337af41f98a3493f.png)



File: 1634606180395.jpg (684.2 KB, 1020x689, 66791614_p0.jpg)


record from 2012 says lost 20 lbs in 3 months how did that happen can NOT remember


lost 20lb in a few months a couple years ago but gained it all back wasnt trying to lose weight


lost 15lbs in 3 weeks when i went to japan i dont recommend it


she's NOT mexican it's a tan




you were supposed to be feasting it up on ramen and dorayaki


ban him already


i kept getting depressed and NOT eating


jealous much


yeah remember that happening would just game and NOT eat for hours skipped meals


the gamer


any doodle requests


why does pomu scream more playing sm64 than gura playing re7(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


how about a nice horsey


doodle me up a plumper


draw anon getting snapped by a pack of escaped convicts


sm64 is a terrifying game


can you draw some sour keys



draw some chinks


dangerous urge to go momramble



die jnorm


cant stop giggling himas funny today


the giggler


you mean envious how many times do i have to explain the difference between jealousy and envy


thats a pony




houston we have ponebone


got a ponebone that just wont satisfy itself now thanks a lot


sick of the raid this might be the end


the end of what


it all returns to NOThing


god i wanna fuck that horsey pussy


start with your own species and work your way up


wonder what societyd be like if prostitution was NOT merely widely legal but normal


itd be like japan








sigh package was supposed to arrive saturday and its still NOT here


similar tragedies occur all over the world every day


the hima drawpool


lets NOT bring back the chess arc


thinkin about snap


hate when i swallow a bit of saliva the wrong way and end up coughing intermittently for the next half hour


wonder when ill level up and gain the ability to NOT choke on my own drool


File: 1634608749017.png (76.27 KB, 982x563, _pwnage.png)

easy win wasnt even a problem for the champ


tarded out and ended up on the tardboard for tards with defective brains


never won at chess


uh i said die and closed the tab when you took my prawn dont get cunty


nice bh ragequitter


in high school used to go and play chess in the library and smash all the pieces away if i lost and left it for the librarian to clean up


used to be the connect 4 champion


never been good at something


whered the doodler go arent you gonno doodle some chinks


File: 1634609058582.png (663.33 KB, 1350x1920, 202.png)


all doodled out for today


chess is for norms with high iqs




what the flip you doodled for like 15 minutes and thats it what are you some sort of self improvement asshole


wish i could improve myself


was doodling before that for private use


the private pones


doodle some gods damned chinks or im gonno lose it dont test me


theres aNOTher doodler ask him


no youre better than me


im NOT asking him im asking you


doodling is NOT about better or worse


File: 1634610186672.jpg (157.01 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu - 03 (720p….jpg)


yaoi bait




File: 1634610293736.jpg (328.78 KB, 1370x2048, 93545328_p0.jpg)


nice doodle


shes cute


whys she trembling and stuff


no shes sexy


shes nearly naked and its cold




she has low blood sugar from being twig


the ohnorm has gone too far this time


why do you keep saying that


the hima hoa coming around to make sure your posts are the right color


how about a nice green


File: 1634610536373.jpg (10.64 KB, 270x434, druid.jpg)


eating cottege cheese


the green posts the posts with letters in their ids or anything numberless




stop blanking please stop blanking


sorry i get excited when someone else does and then i do


havent blanked out after getting out of the bath in a while


finished the cottege cheese


all cheesed out


prefer ricotta goes good with rice


mission accomplished now go eat some more things you dumb animal


theres no need for abuse


ethernet cable ends breaking hope it hangs in there


i was happy when you said mission accomplished then sad when you called me dumb


rambled and watched some army of darkness with mom whatd i miss


ganbare cable kun


why do people keep posting about army of darkness



File: 1634611137632.jpg (77.22 KB, 680x600, 28196566_p1.jpg)


cat girl and her friend


wish i was cat girl



File: 1634611222135.jpg (184.48 KB, 550x700, 61881787_p0.jpg)


crying i flippin miss my cats hima


that one must be a biter


same sigh


wish a cute girl would bite my dick and balls off


need to attract mates


File: 1634611389158.png (657.69 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


wish i had a watermelon


sick of the raid


i like watermelon and the green melon and the cantalope


any streams




is there other melons


what about rockmelon



oh thats cantalope


used to get crenshaw


never had it what does it taste like


more like muskmelon or honeydew NOT like watermelon


alright cool it with the arrogance melonnorm


love a nice bitter melon


used to feast on countless cantaloupes every summer but havent had any in a couple years now


thanks ill try and find one maybe one day ill eat it and ill think about you


feel like melons are a multiplayer fruit


my friend the crenshaw melon guy


would occasionally buy 5 6 kinds of melon and make melon salad they dont sell that many anymore


what the flip


hate melon of every kind never ate a melon i liked flip melonnorms


cant bring myself to eat what you youngsters refer to as fruit back in my day the fruit was all bitter and full of seeds


shopped today bad selection of vegetables but walked by the melons without considering buying maybe should have got the melon


ya its easier now even oranges are gonno ask mom if she will cut a navel orange for me


get tangerines in the winter to eat sitting under the kotatsu


shut the fuck up


flay the orange by your own hand


consider melons


cool it with the foul language


consider melonsconsider melonsconsider melonsconsider melons




consider the lobster


got a melon webm but its over 7 megs


post that badboy


melons or melons



upload the image or i skip


are any smartnorms online


im dumb as a nailpost


im the smartest and the most norm on hima how can i help



is he telling us the way


i ask lots of questions maybe i can help you


if we replace all of our cells but the neurons many times over how come my moles and scars dont go away after a decade


arent they replaced with more moles



eww gross NOT answering a question from a guy with a bunch of moles and scars


File: 1634612963769.webm (8.9 MB, 1280x720, nolife.webm)


i sometimes go to gnfos and ask t why he hasnt killed himself yet and make his worshipers rage i guess i can admit that now that seki was outed


what do you mean outed half the people on hima post there and everyone knew seki did the whole time are you new


yes i am thank you


i dont and never did


im of the half


stool calibur drove me to drinking


put pressure on my inner knee till my foot fell asleep


the guy who puts pressure on his knee until his foot falls asleep...


hate kneeguy




no wonder things are so bad


fell for the anti crossboarding meme


the crossies...


only post here maybe its just me and you


come to daddy


what the flip noone told me theres a 3d kirby game coming out NOT that i have a switch anyway


assumed everyone on hima watches nintendo directs


File: 1634613678551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 710.53 KB, 4096x4096, 2c965ed38f101d6ba365eaf93386720e.jpg)


about to release a lot of gas


prefer female kirby


File: 1634613734016.jpg (89.43 KB, 473x648, 1634606746609.jpg)


speak for yourself teenbro


i just did bitch



hima is currently the most powerful spinoff we should just raid the others and force them to submit under our rule


im the least powerful man who ever existed


thats how it ended up half crossboard people


theres always a bigger mog




watch the nintendo directs with the vtuber watchalongs but the holo ones pinch


i watched the animal crossing one and posted on hima mom doesnt care and i have no one else to talk to about it


all of the other animals are always holding things in their mouths but i dont let anything in my mouth that i dont think is either edible or sterilized




i read those posts


had to tell mom about pnig


the latest niji one was good


File: 1634614450885.jpg (2.11 MB, 3155x3642, FCB1DzWUcAA975M.jpg)

miku no


getting aNOTher ponebone


less than 2 gigs free need to make space


rm *.webm *.mp4


just reformat youll feel a lot better


dont understand anything anymore


uh no its just on one drive


its NOT worth understanding


nice computer whiz kid with multiple drives


reformat the hima server


this temp folders almost 5 gigs probably safe to delete ill go with that




got 100% completion


playan wow




unsubbed last night and told my gm i dont wanna play anymore


got tier 6 on my warlock


File: 1634615170947.jpg (211.5 KB, 1100x723, 39145217_p0.jpg)



tier 6 isnt out yet


it is for me


seem to remember 100% completion in zero mission being harder maybe ill revisit that game i already got 100% super and fusion clears


grats sorry i didnt reply to your first post


equip a belt to carry skipping stones


gonno pull a kanno naoyuki


wear a belt so i dont need to find pants that fit perfectly


gonno toss




love belching as deeply and loudly as possible when alone but expanding my throat so its a silent puff of air when someone is near


the belcher


congrats on the win


remembering when i teenraged and started the narutoposting in retaliation to all the wow posting must be what tuberager feels like




uhh i enjoyed both narutoposting and wowposting unironically was i missing the subtext



feasted heavily today debating on finishing it off with a nice chocomilk but ill feel bloated should i


no dont milk is the enemy


sverige says milk is good for you


only raw milk NOT chocomilk


milk is still milk




occasionally consider getting chocomilk then dont reckon i havent gotten any in about 5 years


its NOT a feast until youre propped over your dresser trying to count backwards so you dont vomit


reckon if i ever heard you talkin about chocomilk to my face id do something about it


sigh guess ill save it for tomorrow i should fast for the rest of the night


why would milk do that to you


im xit


gonno drink some milk


stop no more milk


going all in on the milk gambit gonno cure my lactose intolerance or die trying


you should drink it because it tastes good


thinkin about childs


thats right chug down that cow fluid get some nice big milkers of your own from all that estrogen


milk is pussssssssssssss


never played wow but feel like i did


i will that wont happen because you dont know anything



dont understand altnorms



4/4 on detecting trannies by their posting styles today dont know how i do it they just make it so obvious


link them


i dont think any post here



sigh back to the unpleasant sensation of feeling someone stirring in the room beneath me and their brainwaves permeating my cleanspace



perma now




spotting trannys on reddit on a subreddit inhabited by trannys doesnt exactly make you a seer


none of the reddit posts are banned


only found 1 there


someone bring me a triple


never had a triple hows it like


its a little too mayonnaissey if you dont get it without
the second one is always way worse than the first and if you get a third you wont even really enjoy it


love mayo dont see how you could have too much


might get a fountain pen


uhhh fountain pen are you flippin kidding me


File: 1634618669993.swf (1.51 MB, romanhiko-.swf)


cant open that file with a modern browser sorry


terrible game of jong today regret playing




File: 1634618804315.png (626.41 KB, 1263x929, 91061612_p6.png)


snooze time


dont trust the doublespace guy




mindblowing that i can order something from amazon now and it will arrive by 6tam


youre supposed to support local businesses


how can you trust anyone after today


never trusted before whats it like


love a man like belmond


wonder when theyll just be able to teleport amazon products to your room


teleport me into the sun


File: 1634622419248.webm (3.46 MB, 400x224, 1634446224186.webm)


you betrayed me


havent those chinks heard of the stairs


chinks arent quite human


ningen shikkaku


you betrayed me


phew good stream thanks


die streamwatchnorm


there was a trailer park across the street from that farmhouse i moved into and i lit all the furniture on fire in one of them then ran away forgot that fire doesnt spread when you arent within sight and my character got a cold so i didnt leave the house for a few days but when i went back all the monsters were being drawn to the noise and getting torched hehe


of course theyre norms they all post on gnfos this is a sideboard to them


what are you talking about i thought we were all watching the hima stream of army of darkness


you mean gnfos stream


what army of darkness stream did i miss it


sigh thats what i get for skipping


skippers will hang


woke up from that big nap i just took just woke up from my nap hi hima


good morning did you wake up from your nap


ya just woke up from the nap i took




might have a shower as well


i was gaming and waiting for the raid to finish


File: 1634628574961.png (305.77 KB, 975x1400, 08302237.png)


hes too powerful


just found a house full of turkeys and started wailing on them with a baseball bat hehe gonno be eating good if i can find a way to preserve the meat


leave those birds alone


File: 1634628944461.jpg (50.72 KB, 600x784, 1634628438477.jpg)





always hated normily guy



sigh miss playing fgo and by fgo i mean family guy online NOT the fate cashgrab gambling game


it was self defense


mindblowing that retards still film their televisions in 2021


what raid everyone here is from gnfos now


havent posted on the gn since hima was made


whats that shitty looking anime they started to advertise at the end
is that some netflix thing


dont know but that girl looks sexy


fena pirate princess


the baste gn lads are here to stay simple as that


it is shite


did we get ishtar


wish i was low iq enough to get a kick out of gambling for jpgs


File: 1634630093804.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


wonder what mom would think if she saw you enjoying that webm


whats wrong with it


42f what the flip


mom said it was cute


mom has never liked anime mom will never like anime


bad news for those turkeys one of the houses had a charcoal smoker in the backyard


what game are you playing


finally finished reading there were lots of awful posts wish i was a skipper


highlight the most awful of them


would take too long already took me long enough to get through all of them



whats arrogant about it ive played on and off for 7 or 8 years but always died within an hour or so


crying for rushia


im one of the dumbest retards on hima


soooo tard



her cats dying


why do you care about some random jap whores cat dying


all life is precious


youre welcome


stroggify me



NOT sure what happened but my character is dead guess the broken arm and leg on top of having a cold was too much


graphics tablet arrived today so i made some kindergarden drawings but it only works on sai NOT sure if it is compatible with different software



love driver updates


cant find where the drivers would be


nevermind it works now



godawful day today hoping itll be better tomorrow


dont get it


woke up feeling gassy



File: 1634644390011.png (681.36 KB, 891x1518, 93548319_p3.png)


File: 1634645730253.jpg (698.36 KB, 1043x1915, 93552809_p2.jpg)


bastard potato chef enough


im dqn chuunibyou


File: 1634646552741.png (2.41 MB, 2399x1478, 93542518_p0.png)


how much hair would one need to have this long hair with a bun thing suisei has


the cherry boy


it needs to be down to your butt


cant decide between anju niji vn or mio okayu duet


why NOT mori x irys


ok but ill use mio okayu as a background track anju gets too much views for chat interaction anyways


watched a few seconds out of morbid curiosity and had to close sorry


File: 1634649262663.jpg (127.36 KB, 951x535, oogkamimio.jpg)



im watching hes raging


cant watch because only just started dread myself sorry


File: 1634649830336.jpg (311.88 KB, 1909x947, uhhhhh.jpg)



your username



posted it on hima like 6 flipping times before


consider yourself doxxed


might see my one video showing how to jump through a wall in wow


nice hacker


he is purging the list


wheres your fishhead sub


some good u15 gravure dumpers if you dig deep enough


really NOT the malguy do all my bookkeeping in text files and mangadex


how the flip is youtube usable for you with that many subs i have to purge my list every few months or it becomes impossible to find the vids i want


lots of em are inactive most of the feed is just tubie clips and news and have a filter set up for those to check for real videos


creepy that the amazon delivery page shows a picture of my front porch



pretty sure all the nijiens have called each other bitch theyre crass


this shinespark looks too hard good thing im super and fusion casual


yah but it was NOT required just helped get a few more missiles that do less damage than your beam


autists will find the pro speedrunner shinesparks in dread in due time


its a term of endearment for girls




japs eat really weird sandwiches would NOT eat a blueberry or chocolate sandwich like mio


ill try any food at least once


im sick to the bone


you could probably land a job at starbucks


pretty sure mom wont die before i do


thought he meant meters


wouldnt make sense since you have to be at least 6' to post on hima


himasugi dot pastachad


only one under 6' on hima sigh


crazy that nijien has a french subbranch now


the french have always been higher up on the ladder than the rest of us


but seki isnt cel that doesnt make sense


i spit on the french


die subjectkeepernorm


the sheep webm


no the other one


no the other one


no the other one


today mightve been the best day for me for almost a decade and all just for a shitty drawing i drew NOT even the rain right now can top that getting the draw rectangle was the right call


post it


is it the one with the dancing girl shepherd of the one with the man in the road who gets rammed over by sheep


now that its cooled down i can sit in the car waiting for mom instead of having to go in


File: 1634660296063.png (250.99 KB, 572x754, koishi2.png)


shes beautiful




wish i could draw


File: 1634660386756.webm (Spoiler Image, 284.39 KB, 1280x720, 1581894243444.webm)


jaypee creativity days are coming back its a renaissance


found mine


sigh thats the one but why did you post the low quality version


ill get banned otherwise




uh think youre getting banned regardless


can you draw magic circles


thats ok i guess after yesterday


NOT a single one of the reddit posts got banned


he cant ban himself


thats the only explanation how did things end up this bad


pomu was unhinged last night wonder if it was the allergy meds



how do you know he didnt just search for vein head kid and the first result happened to be reddit


what about when he was playing agpguesser


hes just like me


the arse animal


woke up jerked it n found a bagel mom wants me to mess with her tv again


the butt beast


nice jan waking up and immediately getting to work


the banlist watcher


bastard deleted the ars embed thats protected hima culture you inept moron


i had to look it up with the filename


old posts show up for me whenever stuff gets deld just scrolled up and saw green links to confirm


bought some allergy medicine yesterday



only played re2 as leon


its NOT gnfos culture and thats what matters now


gn despises entubers and nijis


File: 1634663509496.jpg (268.1 KB, 400x500, 1331731217498.jpg)


am i supposed to like or hate tubers need someone to tell me what to think


gave tubers a chance when the webm ban happened ending up really liking em but theres 2 mates who hate em more than anything


just happy the entubers are drawing the steamed jan aggro so we can safely post tubers at all again



big stream tonight new halloween servants soon


how are so many tubers musically inclined but terrible at rhythm games and timing games like jump king


that thumbnail looks NOThing like her


wish there was a hima gacha so i could roll for my favorite personas


speaking of which new banner tonight gonno spend my 12000 funny orbs


File: 1634664523706.png (511.15 KB, 720x1280, 1593063737186.png)


hehe but im rolling for a 3 star so its different




feel like i should switch back to windows 7


dont youll get left behind


already gonno be left behind by 11 might as well go back to the os i enjoyed most



guess ill watch


ars is a gamer


fired up pd


gave up on my dreams of a hima realm




the norms love ars


sigh windows 7 has problems with ryzen guess ill stick to 10


remember when they renamed vista windows 7


almost died today




slipped in the tub


youre supposed to hate them


if youre a norm maybe




the owned guy



damn good game resident evil 2 remake damn good


anyone wanna play elyon with me tomorrow


File: 1634668768728.png (23.68 KB, 400x400, 134ndj.png)


wonder if i should get a controller to game on me phone


hey hima its derek from more plates more dates dot com




paste tard


tried gaming on my phone with my ps4 controller but there was horrible input lag




die ohnorm




oh isnt gnfos approved




vtubers are gnfos approved


dont think so theyre being banned


pretty sure only pekora and watame are posted there


how come i always see the admin posting vtuber images whenever i go to gnfos


their whole front page is vtubers we are defiantly being raided by these teens


did you skip yesterday hima is just gnfos now


then why are vtubers being banned


what phone



couldnt focus and im stuck at the ice boss


never posted on 4jp


File: 1634670559904.png (5.02 MB, 2048x1536, 1634666262916.png)


gaming is important the freedom pure hearted gamers earned was hard earned


dont think ill ever get 100% these shinespark challenges are ridiculous


same gave up on most of them


my patience has limits


sighing remembering my forum jan days when i would post evidence and write out a full report on every person i banned on a staff only subforum even though the owner said i didnt need to do that


would make a terrible jan i wouldnt ban or delete anything


File: 1634672496862.jpg (87.59 KB, 430x1117, 1351527604751.jpg)


same would only delete spam


is the raid over


would start powertripping hard as a jan


you should apply to jan hima and join the rest of them


as long as you powertrip in a unbiased way im ok id take that any day


ate some really spicy mustard sneezed


still waiting for those raiders from yesterday to be banned but looks like biased jan only has a problem with tubers



hes NOT allowed to ban sekis bros


the gnfos reddit bros


reeling from the last day or two himas never been this bad posting seniority means NOThing if the admin floods the board with his younow teens just flipping end it


are you smart enough to make a imageboard






File: 1634674031446.webm (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, power.webm)


more of an irate gamer kind of guy


reeling what are you fishing or something


File: 1634674132736.webm (3.61 MB, 1280x720, 1634646394624.webm)


dont think ive taken a break from hima in 10 or 11 months was too scared of it NOT being there but at this point who gives a flip its already dead the norms killed it


thats just what norms do they take and take and never care about us


File: 1634674264637.webm (2.39 MB, 1280x720, 1590546878918.webm)


the norms


hid the last three webms


arrogant eop bastards


tuberager when he sees a tubepost


when there are unironic teenbros that arrived later than 2015 posting here without being permabanned


and sharing reddit images and posting reddit links


die tubeteen


only mistake i made was coming here after ghost was disabled now theres no where left


File: 1634674548688.webm (1.05 MB, 482x358, the norms.webm)




File: 1634674667958.webm (Spoiler Image, 484.39 KB, 508x646, 1.webm)


if you want to talk about female video game streaming personalities so much why NOT go back to gnfos and do it there where vtubers are celebrated and beloved by all


did you skip yesterday



whats with the one rager who wants metahours 24/7


hes the tuberager


cant be ignored that 90 percent of the posters are raidteens that showed up within the last two or three years and that the true and honest himabros are being punished just for existing


thats just how the norms operate


mom saw my figs and said i have such pretty dolls


test is far too low to rage anymore just gonno roll over and die like so many neets before me



gonno puke


the ones that arent from gnfos and reddit


the puker


i didnt puke the sensation went away


doubt anyone thats been posting here the whole time is posting any of that shite they only watch the japanese ones


wonder if any of the vshoujo girls even like japanese stuff beyond entry level anime


dont see how anyone could look at this and say its NOT otaku culture


no true himaman


normhours gonno game


nyanners does


nah its very simple just dont be a raider


havent had to see that name since jp


didnt nyanners just pretend to like that stuff for internet points and then drop it the instant it was no longer useful to her


thats what all foids do


and teens


and norms


yeah i bet pomu just tarded out and went to akihabara countless times to visit the maid cafes and idol events for internet points


dont know who either of those are


pomu is a real otaku more than all of discord teenbros added together(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


time to dish out the permabans


dont know who that is


dont know why youre reading so heavily into some innocent granola bar talk(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



females do NOT have genuine interests everything they do is for the purpose of attracting a mate they are biological npcs buddha said women can NOT be enlightened


order 66 on teentubers this has gone on long enough


can you ban the gnfos reddit posts first


ban all the tubeteens even the ones that post japanese tubers


bans coming in hot



you missed the reddit link


whats a granola bar skin


is this powertalk


the teencord is owning hima its over


the wrapper maybe


there reported the reddit link again


why would anyone eat the wrapper


wish i had the balls to rope


maybe because some people unwrap it all the way before they eat it versus unwrapping it little by little as you eat it


im ambivalent about tubers being posted but i made a conscious decision to never get into them because id probably start thinking they were my gf and then id suffer a mental breakdown after it got revealed they had a bf


was decided id be a cel eons before i was born


youll get sticky stuff on your hands if you unwrap it fully


teentubers dont have a problem with that because theyre norm themselves they have a wife kids and job already they just post on hima for fun


some like it sticky


are you saying that if i got into teentubes id get a gf


no i just want the reddit poster banned


NOThing shameful about posting otaku culture


simply do this >>1284146


and the gnfos posters


i dont like the wrapper being near my mouth so i have to take it out


tamamo at bond 13 gonno grail


wish i could rope hima was my only escape from the dystopian hellhole that exists outside the boundaries of my room and the damned dirty norms blew it up


my test was higher then


its way worse now for different reasons


we were all a pack of rowdy young bucks with high test and something to prove


the whole thing is just a misunderstanding anyway someone from chat asked the question and pomu said without because it was the only NOT nonsensical answer


gonno make a python script that grabs embed thumbnails and feeds em through one of the auto ascii art generator sites


good work you banned one of the posts was that the reddit linker why 2 days


die you flipping teen


hate metahours


good work hope you get her to 130 when it comes out on en


same wish the tuberagers would quit forcing them


File: 1634676972186.webm (1.91 MB, 854x480, eternal law.webm)


heart cries for nippon



should i switch over to fgo jp


footage of tuber being permad


File: 1634677303158.jpg (120.42 KB, 850x1200, FB0GSsUVUAMt94_.jpg)


you can buy a chink jp account for next to NOThing thats been collecting login rewards since day 1 but maybe wait til the next castoria banner if youre NOT sure



just rangeban the spammer and ban >>1285108 for bouncing off him


NOT gonno spend any money on a free game


why do chinks work so hard for so little


a joke about korosans boyfriend started this mess only korosan can end it


personally prefer uncut dicks in hmanga cut ones look weird


that was me sorry


sigh all this talk made me feel bad about NOT having a foreskin again


maybe when you can reroll for castoria


youve been brainwashed




dont care about NOT having a foreskin was never going to use it anyway


what about whilst jerking it


uh you dont jo


you could have mailed smegma to nsj with the warosubros


jerking is a waste of time glad i dont have to do it very often since it doesnt feel that good


bet it feels great having enough foreskin to be able to stimulate your whole glans instead of deathgrip jackhammering it with your fists


sigh dont say things like that the cutbros feel bad enough


mindblowing that babies in the us are mutilated for the sole reason that they will be discouraged from jerking it later in life


too late crying ive been robbed


shouldnt have been born anyway what do i care if i was norm i wouldnt even realize that part of my dick had been surgically removed at birth


was fortunate enough to NOT have been born in the us but still got circumcised at the age of 7


what the flip thats pure evil


if you were a nigger theyd make you do it yourself as a teen while they all stood around hooting and hollering


love talking about tubewhores and dicks


the complainer


entuber clips are good conversation starters foids love when i pull them out on dates and at frat parties


i had phimosis but when i read up on it when i got older i realized the surgery was probably unnecessary and all i had to do was jo but that wasnt properly communicated to me and instead i just pulled my foreskin back once a day


been doing that for years but it still hurts to pull back when fully erect


might talk sis into becoming a tuber


make sure to post her debut embed


wasnt supposed to be born modern medicine is an affront to god


have no affections for my sex organs


sigh wish i had a nice fukuoka gf


bored just gonno snooze at 5pm


might sit in my truck and monologue into the camera


no i dont want the norms looking at me


shes NOT


suisei and kanata are nice autistic jap girls


was lied to and told japan was a country of autistics


they are


thinking about eorzea and


File: 1634679250286.jpg (96.2 KB, 1280x720, 7f56b0a71a.jpg)

funland is the only country full of autistics



i was meant to be scandinavian


File: 1634679333992.jpg (111.87 KB, 617x444, 1384193994946.jpg)


File: 1634679393977.jpg (110.99 KB, 720x483, finnish club.jpg)


the ancient meme guy


how are you on melons


love melons


are we allowing accented letters



depending on what board youre from you can do anything you want


something smells funny


wish i wasnt too intelligent to fall for the products they set up by the register


no theyre NOT they are such collectivist super norms some of them simply happened loop back into being super freaks who then gave us otaku culture


how was there three tiktok links posted in the last hour and zero permabans


you know


dont forget rubbers


cant get any of the stuff at the register its all filled with crap i cant eat


we need to coöperate to drive away the raiders


he would have loved hitting on preteens on tiktok


i report them but im NOT on the approved gnfos list so they get tossed out


what date is the public execution scheduled for


adherence to rules is autistic


autists are norms


wish i had a touch of the tism they seem much happier


im the flipping normblog


norm it up normblog


get myself angry thinking about how the posters here probably had gfs in highschool and arent even virgs and probably have bros they hang out with now but theyre quiet about it all because they want to fit in


watch kanata or suisei maybe their obsession with idols or NOT losing might rub off and give you the tism


theres only one guy like that


only thing close to friends i have is big bros friends theyre nice and let me feel like one of the big boys


what about your himamates


felt like a big boy the other day waiting in the car by myself in the drivers seat while mom went into the bank


nice chauffeur


sigh wish i could go to a jap arcade with the himabros and play some キラッとプリ☆チャン


love big bros taking pity on me as his autistic little brother


why were you in the drivers seat did mom say you could sit there while she was gone


that would be me the normblog


why would anyone regularly post here if they had a gf relations and friends during their developmental years or even as an adult


i Drive


maybe they fell off the wagon or maybe it makes them feel like a bigshot like momgf


remember to turn your himabadge in when you become a norm


how can you tell when youve become a norm


hehe this show looks good


gonno filter sorry


when youre forced to break your truneet vows


greedy bastard that guy was posting pones yesterday what more do you want


cant get to the tablet its too slippery and too hard to draw a straight line i tried putting a piece of paper over it and it helped like 5%


we have one in the making


need a nice roastie beef sandwich


we need a dedicated youtuber to rank each blog at the end of its cycle and spend a few minutes talking about each one of his favourite posts




sigh just NOTiced i left the milk out when i made cookies two days ago guess no milk tea tonight


cant believe the global elite convinced a generation of young men that its cool to do NOThing we are truly doomed


nice gn repost


what the flip hes right die norm


cant tell if it would be better or worse if he posted that on younow then posted it here or replied to some teens younow thread on hima


full moon tomorrow


cant complain about gnfos when the admin posts there


File: 1634681779872.jpg (208.36 KB, 1000x1000, octo.jpg)




flip him he can go take a hike off a cliff


any metroid dread speedrun streams tonight


cant talk about pasteseki like that


all dreams eventually disappear when the dreamer wakes


never had tangible dreams just daydreamed


File: 1634682265909.swf (669.87 KB, nbk.swf)


you might be a npc


would take seki over tuberager that doesnt game or watch anime or manga or tubers any day just surfs reddit and tiktok


cant beat raven claw i made it to his third or fourth stage with minimal damage but the glowing yellow thing is beyond me


perma both of them and you


finishing the realistic isekai show


do you mean grimgar


just realized its split cour


genjitsu shugi yusha no oukoku saikenki


grimgar was good enjoyed that series a lot wish there was an s2


i take that back im sure at some point as a kid i had a yume to be a worthless retard sitting on my ass for the rest of my life in front of the computer NOT having to leave my room guess dreams do come true


i knew i would never have close friends of romantic relationships early on perhaps at 14


love realistically gaining control of the kingdom through winning a few arguments its just like hegemon arc of enders game


didnt even realize i was subhumanly ugly until around that age and thought it could still happen for aNOTher 4 or 5 despite being a teenneet


used to fantasize about being transported back in time and amazing the nobles with my immense knowledge of the world but then realized id just be seen as a crazy person and killed


used to read books about that as a kid


File: 1634682769136.jpg (907.62 KB, 1000x1399, untitled.jpg)


the twain reader


has she been flipped


a homely bookworm like that would surely save herself for marriage


she looks to be older than 10 and goes to a coed school that probably has a sports team so ya



wish i could read


im gonno ask her to prom


you will NOT


strange how i always enjoy reading and feel satisfied after then end up NOT reading again for aNOTher year


didnt go to that lame shite cant believe the highlight of the average norms life is getting their dick sucked in the back of a rented limo


whats the highlight of your life


same but with manga i havent read any since i caught up with made in abyss last year i always enjoy it but cant find the motivation to fire up madokami


felt horribly unsatisfied by reading these past few books ive done


wow did NOT know mito and roberu were gonno be at the imas anniversary announcements


love how nobody learned their lesson after all the past manga sites died and just moved to aNOTher centralized website that proceeded to leak all their data


think someone flipped up at the honeybun factory the buns in this box are all small and misshapen




otaku culture is arising


mangadex is pasted it had basically no data anyways unless your a single password norm


i dont know probably involves being alone in a room playing video games or watching japanese animes


moot replied to me one time on jp


yah last few books i read pinched too might just reread discworld and work on the vn backlog


NOThing more pasted than being hacked going down for months then coming back with a hyperbloated web 5.0 half broken redesign


tried readinf brothers karamazov and moby dick and they both sucked need some good paperbacks to read maybe tom clancy


hima is NOT allowed to call any other site bloated


how about a nice ln ideally isekai


thats only because of one retarded feature normnig should have never implemented


File: 1634683491746.webm (2.81 MB, 281x500, 1634672271366.webm)



their backend is so bloated that it would cost $180k/yr to host on aws cant imagine how many memes they stuffed into the frontend


refuse to read translated lns scared all the nuance will disappear in translation like murakami books cant even read him anymore because im paranoid about the translations


dont think theres any in lns


same but then i was too lazy to learn normanese


trapped in eop hell


translations of norm stuff are even worse than lns might as well be rewrites


native japanese complain that murakami writes his books for foreign audiences


why do those apparently white people have a poster of ganesha in their living room


lns are even easier to read than most shounen manga theyre made for tards in middle school
they make nukige look like ivanhoe


need to get back to reading adachi to shimamura


File: 1634683695375.jpg (107.21 KB, 695x1161, untitled.jpg)


didnt open that normshite but only slavs look like the guy in the thumbnail


thought slavs were white


if they have a nice rug on their wall then they are russian


wish i had a nice rug i asked mom for a rug with a cool pattern and she said id ruin it and no


flipped up big time touched my bhole a bit ago then forgot and touched my nose


whats wrong with that


dont like smelling me bhole



pekoras mom got her themed tissue boxes just cause she mentioned an anime twice


gnfos hours


sigh wish i had a considerate pekomom


can i get a summary


may actually be mentally retarded


tried downloading a 12 gig file from mega had to wait all day because download limits then it failed at 10 gig anyway


pretended to be retarded for too long and it became real



File: 1634684106545.webm (151.98 KB, 1280x720, 1603606395762.webm)


shes tarding out


sigh im just like adachi only never found my shimamura


did NOT understand the anime dropped it then people said well of course you wouldnt understand it need to read it first


uh whats NOT to understand


theres like a space thing or an alien or something and people said that in the reading version they spend a lot of time describing internal thoughts that does NOT carry over into the anime scenes


thats every japanese book even toradora has ryuuji spazzing out in his head every 10 pages


die spoilernorm


all i do is spazz out in my head


the turbo


pressed the turbo button on my desktop


forgot that was even there but i was talking about auto update


the alien isnt important shes just there because the author likes aliens



so do i maybe we could be friends


hima would NOT be hima if we had to manually refresh


would just write a script to auto refresh


mash that f5 button


manually refresh anyways




File: 1634684813571.jpg (305.96 KB, 742x1200, 1634666143655.jpg)


wish i had a nice nihonjin friend to talk to


thats too stressful


gonno mio mama jo


NOT if your friend is patient


you can simply go on chatpad and be excessively nice then ask for their line found some splatoon teammates that way



dont know what that is but i tried one of those exchange apps before i was too scared to initiate a conversation so i deleted it after a month of staring


someone save suica from melonguy


glad people realized this was a winning formula and gave us vtubers




theres more than one melonguy theres crenshaw melonguy and watermelon melonguy and rockmelon melonguy


im honeydew melonguy


welcome to the melonclub for melonguys


shopped yesterday bought onions but one of them was brown inside so shopped again today and looked at melon


what kind


File: 1634685478401.jpg (527.08 KB, 702x1024, 83225170_p0.jpg)


did NOT stop and consider long enough to identify them with that level of detail just walked by and thought hey thats a melon




weird traced or shopped hair


weird anatomyguy


uh shopped


yeah it was at the organic natural foods store because vegetable selection was bad at the supermarket yesterday


love heading to whole foods after a nice day of working at starbucks


truhima required manual updates


just refreshed


sigh can one of the jans delete that post and perma me havent multireplied in years if ever the shape is all wrong


we all make mistakes


love entering a thread late and replying to a few dozen posts all at once


my life is a mistake


the w used to love the mistakes into miracles sonic image from v


started spamming sonic out of boredom


File: 1634686480207.jpg (1.08 MB, 1131x1541, 75783340_p22.jpg)


sorry sexy ladies mio is just hotter


File: 1634687262193.png (416.87 KB, 708x697, classic.png)

hell yeah


season of normstery


glad im NOT a norm who gives a flip about normmos


holy flip though mages got flipping owned cant wait to see everyone play paladin to aoe farm or pickpocket brd or just find a new dungeon to farm


i like eorzea


love wow and xiv


chinks are masters of brd pickpocketing




swallow it back up to restore equilibrium


the puker


woke up sigh missed all the trolling hiya hima


dont worry tune in at 9am pst tomorrow for aNOTher episode of tuberager wakes up


theres still time for trolling


dont like that show


thats how all geniuses ahead of their time operate


im genuis


wish there was an mmo that took place in a 1:1 model of japan and let you be a salary man


wish i was otas robot mod capable of himaposting


same but only if it takes place in the 90s


fevertime bathtime


might fire up a nice bath too


wait no i mean the 80s they were all ready to sudoku by the 90s


how much would you pay for that


f2p for a couple weeks till i get bored


owned that entranormper


mostly just want a 1:1 scale map of japan to wander through hold the mmo crap


File: 1634688841658.jpg (5.27 MB, 2330x3495, 81646471_p0.jpg)


kyaru chan


weird anatomy


sick of this norm


id only play the game if you can snap in it


lets make a game hima


the complainer


rice and beans night 2 hima bought serranos today


drinking beer and eating hazelnut spread


trying to learn unity


alright but were gonno need an ideas guy


feel like its rice and bean night somewhere every night


its the same norm every night


cry about it


microsoft flight sim


its NOT every night sometimes do tofu


no need to be able to go in buildings and see the details


gonno hide tubie easter eggs in the hima game without telling anyone


buy a vr headset and explore vr chat japan worlds


NOT gonno buy vr its a scam


just play normkuza




ok youre right about every day but NOT dinner its breakfast always have eggs every morning the same way


the eggnorm




wish i knew some japanese plumpers


wish i had a corndog or three


File: 1634689765013.jpg (34.86 KB, 600x457, 1345681369140.jpg)


had to sit at the tv all day showing mom how to stream


the momtuber


i eat six eggs every day


showed mom how to do that thinking she would cancel the cable service to save money but its been like 5 years and now she just pays for both


eve did NOT taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge until she was tempted


mom takes it easy


might be the biggest infp on hima


big or big



dislike aqua shes a ccp dog


mom cancelled the $100 a month standard definition basic cable earlier this year and got sling tv


wish i was a ccp dog


paste shion


phew that was a nice bath can feel my heart pounding


why did a bath make your heart pound


hes a gamer


showed mom sling shes thinking about getting it but told her she doesnt need it since she can watch any movies and shows with debrid and stream from a browser but she wants the live cable jews to tell her who to vote for


uh is it NOT supposed to do that


got up walked to the kitchen for a banana just finished eating it checked my pulse 47 bpm


heart always pounds head gets light after a hot bath



nice bradychardianeet


A quasi-experimental, single-blinded study design was used with nine CFS participants and nine matched controls.


all the other ones i could find were focused on heart failure patients


you need to have faith in the science


hes right though it is a shite sample size issue using other peoples controls is fine though as long as they measured good


what the flip is this


dont know wont ever know


obviously you know what it is because you embedded it the real question is why didnt you just say so and save me the trouble of clicking something i dont give a flip about


meant it more in the sense of who the flip approved such a bizarre marketing gimmick for a poke game


File: 1634691551553.jpg (224.44 KB, 890x501, untitled.jpg)

the new fisher price chatter telephone can make and receive calls over bluetooth


cool any new lego vids


sigh he would have loved that


gonno love reading stories of people hacking into those to phone up sexy ladies



time to invest in a van and a long range bluetooth transmitter



gonno snap pomu


i wont let you bastard


too late shes been snapped


might pour that bath




hehe he mentioned it earlier we knew this was coming


doesnt seem that bizarre


two minutes of static and heavy breathing doesnt seem bizarre


arent you supposed to be a genius it just looks like a realistic version of pokemon snap


cant wait for the pokemon version of blair witch




forgot that its friday


sigh dont prank your himabros like that


File: 1634692515947.png (80.6 KB, 347x225, 1634691701633.png)


pomu just killed someone


post the voiced one


nice thumbnail


nice stealing from younow


lulu and the shark are NOT wholesome




its only tuesday night


jaw sore


the shark is wholesome


love tuesdays


time to head to the club





some serious ownage today





watame makes perving on other girls wakipai cute so its ok


uh shes japanese so its okay


but i already said lulu wasnt wholesome


the us postal service has suspended package shipments to new zealand


its over


the poe devs deserve it


norm zealand


those kiwi flippers wouldnt even exist if it wasnt for lord of the rings


File: 1634693637840.jpg (704 KB, 839x1191, 91607793_p11.jpg)


didnt know new zealand was created for lord of the rings


hate cutternorms


might crack


good idea


like it more when they say nice idea




it feels good




a lizardman just broke into pomus bathroom






can someone look up when muv luv what muv would you luv alternative airs thanks






File: 1634694515617.jpg (264.94 KB, 800x600, luv muv.jpg)

excuse me but why are you always near my window each night


i live across the street


eating gsnaps


the gpotato chef


cant stop pulling out beard hairs


what how did you know that


know what


was literally doing that right now at the moment you posted it you knew


oh that wasnt me why are you doing that


do NOT know




feeling strange


File: 1634695166870.png (374.22 KB, 485x540, 35421132541254124.png)


went for a walk with mom saw lots of street cats and petted one


hell ya


love taking mom for a walk


wish i had a sumika gf


crying for mel shes so bad at networking she has to have watame show her the en server


she shouldnt pet strange animals


File: 1634695590269.png (124.32 KB, 2039x2894, 93555704_p1.png)


post the rabies vid again to teach that neet


the cats around here dont have rabies theyre all very healthy and well fed


sigh thats good to hear


do cats get rabies shots


been thinking of donating blood want to get my blood drawn by a sexy nurse


are you healthy enough to donate


banned from donating blood


are there requirements






wouldnt donate blood even if i wasnt terrified of needles its my blood


what rabies vid


grr friday pranker made me look its still thursday



know for a fact that its tuesday because i went for a walk with mom today




the fire kanji is right there NOT sure how anyone could get tricked


uhh i have a water one


it all blends together


one day on the moon lasts 27 earth days


hope zoo guy has a nice day at the zoo viewing monkeys tomorrow


yea we call that a month


if i spend a couple weeks out there is that akin to time travelling




what about NOT leaving your room or house for weeks


you would but the difference would be miniscule im talking nanoseconds


only good way to time travel is to go next to a big planet like in interstellar


just got artmogged



sigh doodleguy


pluck you flowerboy


saved the metroid dinosaur and guinea pig


car clock keeps falling minutes behind the globalists clock


why would you want to time travel this shiteworld isnt getting any better


looking forward to seeing what things are like in 50 years


endwalker comes out soon and then monster hunter rise on pc and bloodborne pc and elden rings


uhhh youre supposed to have switch rise so you can play with your favorite vtubers


you could time travel and play them thats what id do


the world in 50 years sounds scary all the traces of everything good will probably be gone by then



File: 1634696779050.jpg (2.63 MB, 2560x1600, 93551711_p0.jpg)


dont care about soulsshite


youre a norm then die


what about bloodborne 2


little angel


souls games are for turbonorms