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remember that time we listened to witchy activity


File: 1632199731608.mp4 (217.2 KB, too big.mp4)


thats fairly frequently for me


posting here because this is the only true blog thread




woke up caught up thread full


too big its obscene but at least this is a blog and its seasonally themed


get the fuck in here fucking retards


die titnorm


please god let this be the thread by halloween


thought this thread was already full am i going crazy


the radiers arent in this thread


is it finally time


good no more raider


phew this gyro is perfection couldnt ask for more why wasnt i born greek


magical witch blog


wanted to like dq11 since it was on switch but just couldnt get into it


dont think this will make it to halloween


it was supposed to be the witch blogs turn sigh


wont make it to halloween


wont make it to christmas


get in here


nah its NOT time


we are in this halloween thread raidnorms


only norms care about holidays


it wont make it were too fast


File: 1635055538985.jpg (144.25 KB, 1200x900, E8r6-TbVcAElwQ1.jpg)


is it time


hate the raid blog


sigh my animal friends


that guy said it was for halloween


wish i was in gridania right now


why NOT make aNOTher witchblog


thats NOT possible


sigh gonno snooze then hopefully the matter is settled when i wake


its over this will divide hima


you cant just run away from your problems and snooze


love a good multithread blog


have to move so much shite just to try to get to that e reader and once i do im gonno regret the last 7 or 8 years that ive had it and never once used it to read actual book pdfs


sigh the secondaries must be really happy right now




File: 1635064612257.jpg (85.24 KB, 615x769, 1_Alec-Baldwin-fired-prop-gun-that-killed-woma….jpg)



File: 1635064639457.png (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 1750x973, 1635063785940.png)


im just like flan


more of a mokou myself


got drunk and gamed all day finally its time for the witch blog


nah we arent supposed to use it just posting in it until everyone comes to their senses and migrates so its still empty for halloween


make aNOTher monsterblog for halloween


that guy said it wasnt possible


that guy doesnt know his arse from a hole in the ground


i made the thread and i dont give a good god damn about halloween the op pic just turned me on


once you make the thread its out of your control the will of the people dictates when its used


are you talking about >>1280118


hid that op image over a week ago cant believe its still there


im talking about the thread were posting in


what thread are we posting in i hid all the ops


we shouldnt be allowed to get turned on since we arent breedable


we do the breeding NOT the other way around


no one here is ever going to breed except maybe onseki and nb and it probably wont go well


sigh its a disaster we need the halloween blog to welcome pnig


their kids will just be the future generation of hima posters


love waiting until the wife goes to bed so i can tard out on hima


neetblog has had his pick of women hes only seeded those with strong backs and legs for optimal field plowing and scything capabilities


im never going to breed


they all say that until they make eye contact with a 22 year old chinese immigrant with a fat fetish


chinese immigrants smell and have tard accents



you arent perfect either


would rather remain a permavirg than settle for subpar goods


stomach is hungry but its 5am and i dont feel like bothering


theyre just like me


I met a Chinese girl once but she stole my NOTebook with NOTes in it and I told her give it back


i am chinese immigrant


i am japanese goburin


die capsnorm
die chink


like neetblog always says if you aint white you aint right and if youre white and a norm i hope you die too



scared me


wish to flip sexy lady mio


sick freak why NOT flip any of the others that arent as vulnerable


thats what life in the mansion will be like


its flip or be flipped but ill be avoiding the whole scenario by nailing my door shut from the inside and only communicating on lanhima and through the tardwaiter shaft


i meant the video NOT the flipping


hate it when someone in the mansion says an idiom about flowing water and it summons a tidal wave to sweep away our sexy ladies


no one on hima is even remotely flippable at least from the pictures posted thus far


tell that to momgf and pastachads gfs


turt needs to post a pic of seki


cant stop clearing my throat lately think i need to spit some loogies


i meant flippable from a manflip mansion perspective


he posted a vid of him joing in his car or something hes just a nerd with glasses and a beard probably under 6 feet too



dont have any respect for anyone posting on hima that isnt a real motherflippin subhuman besides nb


all of the regulars are high level subhuman freaks


a real flippin subhuman and a real human bean


File: 1635069080093.jpg (180.98 KB, 1280x720, 1633758750735.jpg)

get in here incel bros


spend all day wondering what nb is thinking


you wouldnt be able to comprehend it


he looks like he has left humanity behind


was thinking the exact same thing at the same second i read that post


might become nbs apprentice and follow him on his travels


File: 1635069731487.jpg (668.29 KB, 2213x2554, 97c05a640f7ef92945a3c672a7c99a1b.jpg)


im just like smegol


of course you are thats what 20+ years of joing daily does to you


thought it would just make me go blind and grow hair on my palms never expected this


im the biggest subhuman on hima


no need to be modest we know were your inferiors


love arguing over who the biggest failure is


File: 1635070841133.gif (1.39 MB, 440x293, 1632829471395.gif)


never lost a subhuman battle or typing race


nice typechad ubermensch



im boycotting the marriage market since its rigged too much in the favor of women


scared of the doubleblanker


an a press is an a press you cant say its only a half


oh wait all those were embeds because i adblocked one earlier gonno keep blocking them


block deez


File: 1635073524046.jpg (395.66 KB, 1200x1800, 1616508703666.jpg)


hima youre making deez nuts embed opportunities faster than i can find entuber clips


the half NOTation is important for communicating a presses across levels but useless for whole game runs some things only get checked in button release and sometimes you can hold it to do stuff


wont see any of them if someone posts a non norm embed they can print out the url and mail it to me








woke up




needed to piss


feel free to skip then NOT post


File: 1635075631471.jpg (405.26 KB, 1000x1474, 93651444_p0.jpg)


same this is the end of hima


this is the twentieth end of hima this year


crying theyre adding entubers to the sports festival



hima ended the day they gassed himako


File: 1635078480513.jpg (8.82 MB, 4000x4093, 93652186_p0.jpg)




looks like the 14tb is best price per byte but i dont have any other that big so itd mess up my entire flow would have to get two and thats NOT cheap


think one of these drives costs more than pc cost even counting its upgrades



thought about buying pc upgrades but then remembered i dont do anything


always regret upgrading my pc and then remembering i do NOThing but refresh hima


upgraded from a r5 2600 to 5600x now i can reëncode tiktok memes to post on hima slightly faster


i needed to upgrade my ram to post on hima


wish to sell my old cpu but do NOT want to deal with norms


never resold old hardware if it works then im still using it


uh dads cousin is he NOT your second cousin


wouldnt that be his second uncle


thought it was a dad cousin once removed


cousin once removed


whatever it is its NOT dads cousin unless this is one of those wifes son jokes but if it is im NOT getting it


File: 1635082157493.jpg (449.67 KB, 1000x1414, 93660514_p0.jpg)


the plumpergf


is she builking


wish i was lulus cat


File: 1635083214925.jpeg (88.07 KB, 1024x576, FCOEeUfVIAEPyed.jpeg)

would rather be botans or mios


would rather be a tubies dog


tardlaughing at nene


sexy nene




translate it weeb


File: 1635087164518.jpg (432.02 KB, 1541x2671, 93657926_p0.jpg)




crying for nene her slither server is too packed


she revels in the chaotic energy


File: 1635088736246.jpg (22.83 KB, 400x400, H0JyJ0uf_400x400.jpg)


love having to pretend orcs are human


think todays a store brand spam n rice day


got a can of original and a can of low sodium maybe ill try the latter today its NOT actually that low




why NOT


just tell her its for your instagram



hehe owned that arrogant chadnorm


got left behind sigh


shaved used a hair clipper NOT a razor blade so its NOT a completely clean shave but its good enough think i need a haircut too but thatll have to wait


we are leaving this thread soon anyway pack it up


begone vile wench


the guy looks like aris


File: 1635094461387.gif (2.87 MB, 368x270, aris.gif)


rice finished made a few rolls


gonno snap


gonno watch some anime although this is the worst time of day can barely see the screen with this glare still havent put up the aluminum foil need a bigger piece of cardboard i could tape it directly to the wall but i want something removable


sigh used to watch anime during the day back in 2007


haha anime



File: 1635095790723.jpg (299.95 KB, 475x1236, 1598057814644.jpg)


he got mad when the top picture was posted after the arrest because they might use it as evidence




tardlaughing imagining a jury being shown that image


use a benjamin as a bookmark


he made it to 30 without becoming a wizard




File: 1635096348610.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x1400, 93667991_p2.jpg)


sigh should have sent in my neetslop


File: 1635096865214.jpg (63.16 KB, 900x675, pic.jpg)

sis drew a pic hima what do you think


is she single


ya shes 8


the shroomgirl









thinking about getting some sichuan pepper to spice up the chili


might spend the day on gridania with my animal friends


placed an order for a burg


dont even remember the last time i had a burg


burg shop is just down the road why dont you treat yourself


have a gift card for a burg place but dont want to go pick it up


closest burger shops 10 minutes away


listening to momobako hima




still havent watched the shirobako movie need to rewatch the series first


cant watch that until it gets quality subs


sigh shirobako was 7 years ago


shivering again


kotatsu stat


sigh made the mistake of looking in the mirror


helped mom carry the ac downstairs


File: 1635099920901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.25 KB, 1024x768, 2009849494_4982.JPG)


call the exorcist


seki we have a situation


used to watch anime in the 60s


File: 1635099989786.jpg (104.32 KB, 618x725, 764201c3214249e62de8270a0b434f48.jpg)


hated getting snapped by the popular girls in school




File: 1635100297135.jpg (688.07 KB, 980x1400, 04.jpg)


File: 1635100370885.jpg (179.83 KB, 549x390, 1469559543171.jpg)


thought this was satire


listening to smile precure ed she sings yay yay yay so cheerfully makes me happy


was in the middle of futari wa but havent watched an ep in months


File: 1635101140544.png (671.78 KB, 1200x1000, 16346427_p0.png)


why arent they my friends


youre 5 times their age


anyone have that music video with the guy on the motorcycle


File: 1635101356224.jpg (87.91 KB, 756x1200, FCeKS2tUcAA5EP6.jpg)


tarded out for three decades and missed the deadline to ever get a gf




gaming hard here hima


File: 1635101444793.swf (1.25 MB, bike.swf)


create it


dont have a single creative bone in my body


File: 1635101644971.png (156.27 KB, 495x700, 42555532_p5.png)



nevermind found it




never played splatoon


its good


never watched a vid either dont even know what kind of game it is just enjoy some of the artwork on occasion


File: 1635102307181.png (524.91 KB, 750x654, 1635017706140.png)




File: 1635103206076.jpg (77.26 KB, 640x480, [Exiled-Destiny]_Ninja_Nonsense_Ep12_(CCD02E3E….jpg)

sigh what a nice show




thinking about dropping some acid today while moms gone




changed terminal and editor fonts to fira code


no that cant be true


what are you terminating and editing


you know


wangblows 10


simply install windows terminal by microsoft


always have a couple instances of cmd running


back when the computer was a big thing in a central location and you had to use a terminal tp access it




File: 1635104782905.png (55.85 KB, 728x745, hack.png)


its over


rm -rf --no-preserve-root /


hack the planet


wish i had some pickled daikon


gonno try to watch normime have to calm down


falling behind again


File: 1635105293163.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.8 KB, 931x1024, E_e4fYdUcAECvYb.jpg)


wish i was her


NOT looking forward to waking up covered in sperm in the mansion


her modesty is being attacked


woke up several times covered in cold sticky sperm as a teen do NOT miss those mornings


what modesty


what the flip dont joke about that


was it your own sperm


uh wheres the joke


uh haha


oh thought he was snapped




never spermed in my sleep started jerking too soon and havent stopped for more than a few days since



yes it was mine im NOT broslurp


rarely feel things in my dreams


gonno feel my dick in your ass if youre NOT careful




dick in ass
feel the pleasure
no pressure

what do you think of my poem


no one ever found me attractive enough to snap


we could own something like this if we all put our bitcoins together


i dont like it i would rather live in a dusty old castle full of cobwebs and bearskin rugs and scary paintings




hope you dont mind if i snooze in a coffin


the sleeper has awakened


File: 1635107372301.mp3 (2.31 MB, 16 - Dark Rooms.mp3)


can already feel myself turning into a youkai


File: 1635107638193.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Mushoku Tensei - 15 (1080p) [E203….png)


im already a demon


kogasa suffers from selfesteem problems shes stated that shes trying to imagine what humans want and then plans on becoming that something they can use deep down it appears this pitiable illegally dumped object and troubled forgotten item just wants to be desired


wheres the gaming room


was able to stop pissing in bottles for a while a few years ago NOT like i care it would just be one less thing to worry about having to deal with


the piss youkai


the elite do NOT game


File: 1635108157823.jpg (602.1 KB, 2121x1500, FCd89yyUcAUDzwv.jpg)


NOT like we do but its all a big game to them


jpsies are impressionable whats new


saw a chinese girl running outside in the 13 c rain with just a pink tshirt no coat


wish i was an optimist but cant see how anyone in the first world can think theres any future worth living for maybe if i was a spic and knew eventually if i worked hard i would be able to live in a house without a dirt floor it would be different


were taking the first ritual out of this dump


always take care of my things so they dont turn into tsukumogami


im growin ghorns


the ghorner


even norms with good habits and hobbies and jobs and friends and gfs are miserable losers being swept over the cliff by this clown world that want to blow their brains out what chance did i ever have


i think most norms get by without those thoughts dominating their daily lives


the norm whisperer


File: 1635109960590.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


if youre gonno download pointless shitty upscales and take bloated screens why NOT go all the way to 4k


NOT talking about 90 iq golem norms that live to watch the sportsball match with their bros on a fridey night


sigh wish i was one


then who are you talking about because thats pretty much most norms


thats NOT to say they arent also suicidal they are just with a higher tolerance


File: 1635110150420.png (13.31 MB, 3008x3541, 83162568_p0.png)


they built an instrument that reads your body data and determines if you have suicidal thoughts


wish i was her


can it detect peds too


all men are ped only a few admit it



freak is the worlds smartest australian and a genius by all accounts and he was able to stave off the urge to self terminate brought about by carrying the tremendous load of his considerable intellect by hiring an asian hooker and getting up in dem guts


it measures their height fwhr gonial angle orbital vectors zygos and eyelid angles


thats a scam


cant imagine a $20 hooker could compare to the expert solo play ive honed through the years


theyre pros they know what theyre doing


434 out of 1600 favorites on ex have the sexy lady tag guess im only 27% ped


File: 1635110883443.jpg (48.34 KB, 800x600, 1566341115711.jpg)


favourite part of escortceling is touching the girl its especially nice if she has a hard body and soft skin


translate it


i like anime but hate those neotenous japs


can you repeat that with words i dont need a dictionary for


love sexy neotenous little babies


those words are easy but im NOT sure if the second sentences grammar is correct


feel slightly better when i spend months in isolation without an internet connection and avoiding all mention of the outside world but apart from that its a constant desire to rope


mom made meatloaf n taters


spent a year or two without interaction NOT even imageboards didnt help but didnt pull the plug on the internet entirely maybe i need to do that


changes NOThing just helps you game and watch without thinking too hard about anything outside of your room


wish i was an rpg shopkeeper dont want to think too much just want constant distraction and no problems until im dead in a colorful happy isekai world


what meaning can there be in such a pointless existence


wanted to be a librarian when i was a kid


all existence is pointless at least i would have my lizard brain validated by performing a useful function and working in a zero risk zero stress environment


File: 1635112912159.png (783.17 KB, 1392x2000, 1532983543746.png)


a little older still wanted to be a librarian but also though running a low traffic store would be nice like a convenience store in the middle of nowhere but all of these arent how i viewed them at the time as a librarian if its a public library youre spending your time doing community activities with kids at a convenience store youre spending your time with thieves and other lowlifes why wasnt i born the son of owners of a small candy store in japan i could inherit to work and live a slow satisfying life


File: 1635113116047.jpg (167.35 KB, 1920x1080, [AK-Submarines] GIRLS und PANZER OVA6 v2 [1984….jpg)


ya or like non non biyori


it wouldnt be like it is now


File: 1635113349531.png (4.47 KB, 79x106, Untitled.png)


pasted shinku


if you had been born in a good reality your brain would have formed properly and talking to other people wouldnt have bothered you the rules of social interaction would also be much more clearly defined like they used to be



File: 1635113455587.png (3.86 KB, 76x91, Untitled.png)



if this was an en seki would be raging but they speak jp so its fine


hid some embeds


nice bluffer


hid em all the thread is far better


the nene one reminds me of some 13 year old post on dqn of a guy freaking out over why a girl would be shaving down there if no one is supposedly going to see it


you cant do that youll miss out on all the good ones


only hide the teen ones


all the best ones start related conversations anyways theyll just be in a parallel universe with an incomplete hima


only bother hiding things with actively repulsive thumbnails


hiding is skipping


how can you hide if you skip


the filter


still havent read rozen maiden 0


it makes you realize how good the human characters you disregarded in the original were


die humans


the humans in 0 are fine kiku and hana are cute


theyll make an anime eventually gonno wait


File: 1635114661484.jpg (82.91 KB, 600x750, 1370399238192.jpg)


been feeling like that a lot lately but keep reading anyway


feel like everyones just overly mellow in response to the 4way 2 week ragefest


maybe its just the rain though


File: 1635115120703.webm (1 MB, 1920x1080, p.webm)



hb feelin it


sigh im garbage


gonno unite some mons


i care but the norms sapped all my energy and strength years ago can only wait and hope for them to flip off or get permad


vaguely recall someone promising a stream today could i be mistaken


moms in a cunty mood


File: 1635115595513.jpg (154.97 KB, 1280x720, [DmonHiro] Anne Happy - Episode 04 - A Mysteri….jpg)


mom made pasta


File: 1635115718096.png (4.03 MB, 3035x2862, 13.png)


hid but will unhide later


already jod to a sexy little lady earlier today


die worknorm


uh who works on sundays


listening to some chants


havent heard the oog song in a while


uh do you think stores just close on sunday


File: 1635116400972.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


might darkshower


stole one of moms nail files


are you planning a jailbreak


its important to keep nails in good order


the beautiful one


File: 1635116653702.jpg (88.47 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Mieruko-chan - 04 (720p) [98A38DC….jpg)


File: 1635116707983.jpg (318.22 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Mieruko-chan - 04 (720p) [98A38DC….jpg)

NOT watching that show its too perverted


File: 1635116728464.jpg (121.08 KB, 858x1200, FCf_zGDVQAApzhv.jpg)


the show isnt perverted the viewer is


they said the represent the audience and they also represent teen boys


that canNOT be


hate that manga it has one joke over and over every flipping chapter


the arts nice though such a waste


forgot jahy had a new op surprised me when it started playing


wont fall for your entrapment


dont we tarded out with nene and are on a short leash again


youre just in time for the holoen phasmo collab






aNOTher one


stop calling her that


vague anxietys setting in tonight


wish i could simply tard out and spend a few decades in lothlorien until i get it together then come back after only a few weeks have passed in normworld


can somebody link me that vtuber clip where she says s needo feedo ando seedo been thinking about it all day dont know her name or care





done with anime forever since nyaa is blocked on my isp and the tor browser doesnt automatically fire up magnet links with tixati if its NOT a one click affair i simply canNOT be bothered


simply fire up mullvad


cheers mate


why lothlorien those stuck up elves would be boring as hell id rather tard it up in the shire



hate linux so much hate my trackpad so much i cant watch anime on my desktop its too uncomfortable sitting in the chair when i could be in bed the other option is buying a tv and hanging it on the wall




time moves normally in the shire


just stick me in the spirit and time room with my backlog


the shire sucks ass too did you even read the books


got a new chair from goodwill a couple months ago much more comfortable for watching than the old one its like night and day


time does NOT slow down in lothlorien it only feels that way


never watched sitting in a chair never will


still cant believe i spent 6 years with that last chair instead of just getting a new one


use irc and xdcc its easy


gonno start sitting under the kotatsu instead once it gets colder


and whats bad about the shire you get to live in a hole smoke longbottom leaf and flip a sexy little hobbit


every hobbit will be in your business and bothering you and expecting gifts all the time its better than rohan or gondor sure but NOT that great




what the flip


File: 1635118558551.jpg (134.19 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! - 12 (720….jpg)


burger night hima went to pick up my burger wearing an old stained baggy jacket then this guy came in behind me wearing totally black perfectly fitted clothes that showed off his well defined muscles and his burger was ready before mine


just a coincidence


forgot how it worked but it moves more slowly there than outside whatever just stop the world i want to get off


flip that stick me on a spaceship traveling at sublightspeed take me back when things get better


anything that doesnt involve letting life cease is unrealistic so thats what im clinging to as my last hope


woke up dreamed about sexy lady kitty time to game


galadriels ring lets her preserve lothlorien so that it doesnt diminish but it doesnt actually slow time a mortal living there wouldnt live any longer than otherwise that would go against the will of eru


moms home from her trip and she brought nandos


never had nandos


spermed all over the downstairs


do you remember love


robotech was one of my first anime but i dont remember if i ever went back to watch macross its on my todo list


its one of the good anime im saving for when the circumstances are right


cant stand mecha what the flip mecha are a mans romance


do you remember love has a special place in my heart because of that time he posted it


used to NOT like it either but almost every series has like 50 episodes to distract yourself with for a week at least you can just burn through tons of them without worry


File: 1635120485062.jpg (352.81 KB, 1113x619, elira gengar.jpg)

elira drew gengar


mechas NOT even a genre you cant just say mazinger z and nge are the same kind of show


read a youtube comment from a 58 year old japanese man about how plastic love makes him remember those days when he was 22 years old miss it very much


nge isnt mecha stop lumping it in there


File: 1635120855599.jpg (44.77 KB, 380x245, WIDE.jpg)

found this comic


nge is the outlier NOT the rule geass geopolitical gundam shows mazinger and eureka have way more in common if you forget about nge


fat people should be removed from society


they remove themselves


die sticks


threw a stick in the water for dog but it was too cold for him


watched nge in 2011 and liked it but then i realized every normalfag casual anime watcher has seen it and likes it so i dont like it anymore didnt even bother watching the newest movie because the first two were garbage noncanon



damn good show



same point stands comparing mazinger and gundam


dropped evangelion and watched oreimo instead


the bangladeshi kid in school was a huge gundam fan



never watched oreimo s2 is it good i think saori bajeena takes her glasses off


i skipped s2 too


i remembered s2 existed the other day because i was looking for saori pics


oog ayase oog saori oog manami oog kirino


sigh saw the halloween names in the index and got tricked for a second


i can bring them back


you have that kind of power




its a trick dont fall for it


holy flip


i forgot that i can just edit the instance config through cpanel without doing any ftp stuff



youre amazing


im mummy


ill turn them off on thanksgiving probably kind of lame to only do it for seven more days


im invisible man


we think of frankenstein as a book about a monster but really its a ghost story about the tragedy of human reproduction and the destruction of family feeling which mary shelley wrote after the death of her first child and published after the deaths of her second and third


wonder if anyone was actually scared of frankenstein seems like theres scarier freaks in your local walmart


sigh october is almost over went outside once this month


they werent scared of him they just hated him because he was a freak sigh


things were better when most of your children died


used to love going outside in autumn sigh


the veil between this world and the next is weakest in the next couple days this is our chance to be spirited away


keep seeing people posting about remember remember the fifth of november but NOThing ever happens


Why did he try to hide the beer? He was literally in a crowd of 1000 people who look underage anyway. God i hate norms they are so lame.


of course NOThing happens youre simply supposed to remember


wind is getting powerful hima things are banging


File: 1635124534119.jpg (161.46 KB, 1280x720, [DeadFish] GJ-bu - 02 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot….jpg)



paste toshiaki


File: 1635124632879.jpg (144.61 KB, 1280x720, [JacobSwaggedUp] GJ-Bu - 05 (BD 1280x720)_00_2….jpg)


ive given up on reality


cant remember if i raged about the names or NOT the first time around dont like neohima elements being injected into neoneoneoneohima where the average poster has only been here for 2 years


pre post modern unironic semiaquatic hima




who are these name norms


uh ya average 2 years




did some sperging in front of mom shes now started deflecting by saying to tell it to the potato chef she wants to watch a movie again because i got out of it last night so im gonno start cracking hard


save it for the thepotato chef freak


they are gonno give you the electro shock at this rate youre a loose cannon



never seen a thepotato chef before unless that time i got tested as a kid counts but those would have been psychiatrists or whatever


psychiatrists made me drive 50 minutes away for a 12 minute long appointment and gave me a bunch of pills no time to talk


i guess i was forced to see a counselor a few times as a teen forgot about that those meetings didnt go anywhere and that didnt last long dont remember a thing about them they might NOT have happened maybe this was a dream


had a dream that i flossed my teeth and thought it was real for 3 days before i remembered that i dont floss


still have thousands of dollars in brainpills lying around might try eating them all at once someday to see if i grow horns


when grandma died they found tons of opiate pain pills in dresser


did you swipe them


mom disposed of them


File: 1635125807880.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.04 MB, 4299x6071, 93672599_p0.jpg)


File: 1635125841775.jpg (402.05 KB, 1600x912, 93417286_p0.jpg)


the memegirls


wish i was sugoi


probably have better movies on my computer than on moms nonfree psychological profiling streaming service but dont want to unplug everything and bring it downstairs just on one of her whims


which one has NOT been flipped




left two are canonically flipped


then i will take satania thank you


File: 1635126456125.png (3.57 MB, 2401x3481, you may kiss the demon.png)


i do


banged the side of my foot hard against the side of the bottom of the door


found a gross bug on my chair


imagine how scary it must be for mom to hear the 300lb 30 year old mentally ill manbaby banging against the walls


made coffee eating chocolate covered peanuts


trying to enable oekaki think it has to be added to the post form but NOT the quick reply might need to call maricopa county corrections




rarely if ever use quick reply always hit the home button and use the real box


always use the quick reply and frequently find myself moving the box around to make it line up closely with the post boxes so it looks like a natural part of the page


dont like the quick reply box its too bright compared to the rest to the page


gotta go quick


hate dark themes i am a creature of light


made spam fried rice its okay


theyre in the oven


darkness is faster than light


im slow as molasses


hate trying to pick movies to watch with mom saw about 3 good ones flipping through the whole thing and one of them i literally just watched last night for the first time in years


simply rewatch jurassic park


havent rewatched kellys heroes in a while


used to have hogans heroes on the tv


she wants to watch a horror movie


japari park pizza party




if i do find a good one i havent seen i have to check the imdb parents guide to make sure i can strategically leave if a flip scene comes on




you cant just finish a pizza party in 10 seconds


this fried rice is missing something to make it flavorful need to figure out what the chinks add probably msg but im fresh out


extra sugar and msg


didnt add sugar


thats why its extra


ill add 2x the amount next time


sigh tripped out me flipping gourd for 4 hours now my brain feels deflated


pass the bong


had lots of fun with my island animal friends today


forgot just how good gjbu is


File: 1635127503006.jpg (129.68 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Yakunara Mug Cup mo S2 - 04 (720p….jpg)


been planning to rewatch gjbu for a while


mug show didnt deserve aNOTher season


cant figure out oekaki im pretty sure its enabled but it wont show up on the post form also the actual resources for it seem to be missing from its folder i doubt pmako would remove them entirely


yeah still upset about that but still watching it is my duty


thank you for your hard work


you could have streamed but you didnt


File: 1635128048656-0.jpg (105.12 KB, 1280x720, [Anime-Koi] GJ-bu - 03 [h264-720p][23B5A445].m….jpg)

she was literally me the whole time


never played pikmin before might stream on wednesday


wearing all black clothes




NOT doxxing myself


File: 1635128207571.jpg (289.9 KB, 1920x1080, 9386292127456.jpg)


like when i can match the color of my sweats to the color of my shirt either gray black or blue


File: 1635128362632-0.png (21.29 KB, 640x480, Oekaki_3.png)


reminds me was at the store the other day did NOT see any halloween stuff being sold only christmas stuff


the norms stole halloween away because it doesnt bring in the big bucks like christmas


wednesday is booked for the fatal frame stream if you want to stream pikman it will have to be before then


sigh miss trick or treating as a kid miss handing out candy as a teen


never got to experience life on the other side of the candy bowl it sounds scary


mom would get the full size bars so kids loved our house


gonno watch phantasm cant tell if theres graphic sex in it


havent seen it since i was teen


there is but im gonno keep cracking and avoid the elephant in the room that ive never had relations


never cheated on a woman


cheated on my right hand with my left a few times


started ranting to mom and she got up from the couch saying yep uh huh walked into the bathroom and closed the door on me mid rant


wish id gotten into the habit of switching hands maybe i wouldnt have a rod that points to the side now


glad i lost what remained of my respect for mom around 2014 and never blessed her with my rants again


gonno toss




occasionally think of streaming then remember too tard too paranoid dont have an account and give up


streamed once then forgot how to stream



File: 1635129996981.jpg (84.1 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi ….jpg)


smug bitch


there were skeletons at the end of every aisle and cobwebs and spooky signs at the grocery store today


did you scream


no im NOT a baby


store didnt have halloween decorations just christmas stuff


NOThin baby


File: 1635131155443-0.jpg (373.42 KB, 1944x2592, 1635106944136.jpg)




File: 1635131234685.jpg (807.05 KB, 1292x1700, 86683295_p0.jpg)



always fell asleep watching the boring dbz movies


need to become like broly


never watched dbz


chinks always conspiring against me


File: 1635132553605.jpg (1.6 MB, 2000x2000, 93673473_p0.jpg)


getting tired its still early got tired around this time yesterday too


shes sexy is she single


office romance is forbidden




thats boson


nah flipping is supposedly very common among coworkers


NOT in japan


File: 1635133954989-0.jpg (59.14 KB, 706x1296, FB_IMG_1635132986925.jpg)

wish i had a dad to have shown me how things work


is that from the hima fb page


nice wkdad


yes dear


File: 1635134694352.jpg (184.5 KB, 960x1280, 33005175_p1.jpg)



File: 1635135021307.jpg (61.43 KB, 564x845, 1500619611244.jpg)


im glad our parents dont come and watch us be humiliated during american school field days


used to have big gatherings at the school where all the parents and teachers would mingle and the kids would go out to the field and run around and play games and then we would have dinner in the schoolyard and then run around some more until it got dark and then go home


ordered some brandy ive been drinking it and ive been gaming


Mommy Alien Adopts and Comforts You, Personal Attention | Anime ASMR RP A4A


uh your parents were supposed to attend those


NOT in america they dont





first scene shows bare tits and two norms flipping but that was it mom didnt like it


i would bet 20 bucks this guy is bald or balding and wears glasses what a faggot


love when mom gets all shy during the sex scenes


die 20/20norm


love when something remotely sexual comes up in the atmosphere when its mom and me and i know that mom knows im a virg and is probably sighing in her head at that thought


this could be you hima you just need to come out of your shell and put yourself out there and be confident and be yourself


its NOT the glasses themselves that are the problem


better to be a cel than be with one


File: 1635136312587-0.jpg (231.21 KB, 1378x2039, senk.jpg)








is the chika love live banner new


cant tell if i have a high normahol tolerance and the norms are just lying or too stupid to NOTice when theyve had more than 6 or 7 blogs


sigh henri loved love live


chika chika henris


die lads


never understood the norm bragging over who can drink the most without passing out


NOT bragging i just thought that they literally meant after a certain amount of time you could no longer feel the effect of the drug



komi san is good and it only had like 200 seeds guess i can keep enjoying this masterpiece knowing the norms are ignoring it


uhh ignoring its a netflix anime


uhhh its possibly the most norm manga outside of shuseia stuff running right now and it hasnt been good since they moved to second year


okay forget i said anything


cant wait to hear all of the deadpan moNOTone uhhhs in the mansion followed by some snarky sarcastic remark


uhhh ok


cant wait to piss all over the toilet seat and say uhhh haha wasnt me


cant wait to trip the circuit breaker every time i rage



the first year is good but the author gives up on more character development to just rotate the supporting cast in and out instead of really elevating his work it leaves a very shallow feeling but stick with it unless youre afraid of watching it cause its popular


wish i could have character development


waiting for my arc


just had a flashback to going to school with 4 burger king jurassic park wristwatches on


turn the halloween names off theyre reminding me of himas sordid past


waiting for my kohaku


ptsd from the great hima war arc


never lost a hima argument or typing race


thats NOT true


in the argument of neets no one wins


heated debates over which cartoon drawing has been flipped


yah glad hima could get past that and move on to arguing which women hiding behind cartoon drawings have been flipped


thats NOT as fun because its literally all of them


nips hate flipping fat fujo hags


sigh october is almost over and i only had a single good day


get japan on the phone and tell them to leave the plumpers to me


love a cheeky nandos


ate mint



freckles acting up


havent had freckles since i was a kid


File: 1635146067368.jpg (34.36 KB, 600x300, 25fmo9sn68r11.jpg)

wore one of these to school and kept pressing the button until it got taken away and mom had to get it back for me


is that the one that said cool your jets man


no i had the krunchy the clown one


nice class clown


looked up the bart watch and thats what it said how can i remember what a fast food giveaway toy that i didnt even own does when the button is pressed but i cant learn japanese or how to draw properly or how to do anything remotely worthwhile


you need talent for those



had the are we there yet one think i may have wore it to school but didnt press the button


such a well behaved child


sigh wish i hadnt been such a pathetic kitty manbaby during my school years


you couldnt help it you were a child of light
the norms will pay for twisting and warping that light into the creature you are today


this is just the trial run for our real lives well get it right next time around


grabbed aNOTher blog and the lasta meant to start trying to snooze about 3 hours ago but this neet you canNOT change


we need to get to bed right now and start looking for jobs when we wake up


nah its NOT 2023 yet


too much lasta ohgod


the drain flies


nice lulu ring fit stream in 4 hours gonno jo hard


File: 1635155239653.jpg (146.84 KB, 800x600, 71300399_p0_master1200.jpg)


wish i was japanese already a small penised beta male adult virg if i was there i would be norm


File: 1635156094068.jpg (974.12 KB, 1280x857, hinamizawareal1.jpg)

if you lived here youd be home by now


its 530


sigh its like a hidden elf village untouched by man


thats what the site of the mansion is gonno look like after a generation or two as long as we get some chicks to let us sperm in them


thought we agreed to buy a hima yacht instead to sail the seven seas to collect the lost sheep of jp


sure whatever but youre gonno need a place to dock


File: 1635160209548.jpg (24.26 KB, 400x301, bilbobaggins-smoking1.jpg)


youre just going to die alone and with a full dipe anyway why bother doing any of that cookie cutter shite


whats to enjoy besides the shower


thats like half an hour worth of stuff who has the energy for all that


maybe if i got up at 5 or 6 am instead of 2 or 3 pm i could take pleasure in larping as a norm instead of a feral retard


thats all i do all day


gonno snooze hope in my restless dreams i can see that town


woke up heads itching need that neetcut


youre dying


uh no




spit it out then


File: 1635163835368.swf (511.76 KB, hage.swf)


did i already tell how much better deens rm adaption was


is rm reality marble


it was NOT as good as the original


the original was ok but i dont like a lot of the things they did and made up if deen adapted the whole thing from start to finish that wouldve been amazing since their artstyle and presentation was way better than the originals and more fitting for rm but of course we cant ever get things finished


the original is a classic you just dont understand


File: 1635165684244.jpg (189.81 KB, 1329x1463, stitch.jpg)


feelin that urge to yell nigger



we all know that feel


the teen feel


that teen dream


miss jp feel threads


found aNOTher jav with nb in it


File: 1635168065238.png (50.58 KB, 1056x570, i.png)


4/jp/ spearheaded antijan culture



now the teentubers are just posting actual female video game streamers


thats lulu you swine


havent gone two days without bathing in a while feel gross


File: 1635169981174.mp4 (480.14 KB, weird.mp4)


sigh he ballmoggs me


she looks like shes having fun


never understood this eirin meme


never understood why they made a board for vtubers but never actively removed them from /jp/ so there are still huge generals being posted


because its otaku culture


nah its foid worship


was born to kneel before the pussy


File: 1635170606650.jpg (136.54 KB, 684x960, 1635170366981.jpg)


arent you too old to still be complaining about generals


File: 1635170896396.png (1.29 MB, 1810x1014, jigen2.png)



File: 1635171345463.png (262.52 KB, 406x471, 1634861975181.png)




im here to teen and tube and im all out of tube


watching this and eating breakfast sandiwches


File: 1635171581253.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


shes going to grease some bearings


nah shes gonno lube some mechanical keyboard switches


File: 1635171791643.jpg (569.67 KB, 1000x1022, FChe5nOVcAEcylD.jpg)


give me a ride to walmart


norm stars


think the sausage i ate was undercooked


prefer antiques roadshow


wish i looked like that


youd have a fat ass


and id love it


hate exposed pockets so stupid looking


men would stare


only creeps like onseki


File: 1635176019736.jpg (584.57 KB, 1495x2208, 93686677_p0.jpg)


File: 1635176552941.png (23.45 KB, 1623x191, scrot.png)


its intermission time


hope they dont block nyaa for me


good thing im volcel


must be a nice dopamine rush for someone to say yes to your marriage proposal sigh ill never know


only if your brain is norm


would love to get married so that a foid can steal half my stuff if she ever gets bored of me


File: 1635179124057.webm (207.16 KB, 1920x1080, woke_up.webm)


mom had gone through two marriages by the time she was my current age


nice woke up webm


me waking up after the ritual was a success



cleaning up downloads folder so many teenvids to delete


i wasnt able to post yesterday because i had to spend it with my animal friends hope everyone is doing well




luna is getting better and better at the piano while i just sit on my ass and do NOThing


File: 1635179982855.png (321.42 KB, 692x1024, chamoween.png)


File: 1635180733863.webm (1.75 MB, 640x352, 1635157693577.webm)

the dogs are fighting back against the chinks



the duegdogs


File: 1635181354845.png (125.92 KB, 900x594, onlineitem_nai_okayu.png)


fat cat


nice plumper


File: 1635181865037.webm (2.35 MB, 480x360, 1635164513779.webm)



File: 1635181989554.jpg (570.34 KB, 2574x905, FCixmAnUUAM_Aj-.jpg)


people keep slamming car doors get anxious every time









some of these wrecking crew levels get really hard


think okayus lost it


nevermind this strat is good if shes fast on the bombs


she needs to get flipped thats how women get when they go too long without the flip




weird vid in my sexy ladiesubs a girl asked her mom where babies come from and recorded it




remembering when precure had an ed about asking where babies come from


remembering that time nb intentionally spilled the curry onto the ground


tired of being trapped in this hellscape


if only there was an easy way out


playing diablo 2


check this 0




wish i could watch some normime


playing a assassin now


File: 1635193018942.jpg (780.55 KB, 1696x2471, 1635188899868.jpg)


sigh miss when being fat was treated as the personal flaw and mental disorder that it is and when being fat meant a girl was like 30 pounds overweight and had low enough self esteem to be my gf




utterly despise real life fats because they have all of the negative traits of the normal sized girls except they arent even worth looking at and theyre gross with their piggy faces gasping for air


failednorm failednorm


i have personal flaws and mental disorders too if i had had a gf we could have saved each other


File: 1635193987490.jpg (577.07 KB, 2064x1548, FCituQFUcAA93OX.jpg)

only aikatsu mahjong is permitted inside the mansion




they dont need your saving they already have two bfs and 5 orbiters


File: 1635194188711.png (3.25 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


gonno watch from the side and manually nod after every move to pretend like i know whats happening


woke up mom made meatballs


hell ya


make sure to smoke heavily while you do


File: 1635194430312.gif (39.55 KB, 600x172, ga191115.gif)


is that guy caught up with the fall season yet


have NOT started komi cant communicate some people said the official subs skipped translating some signs but the fansubs typeset too much to the point of uselessness NOT sure which to watch




cant take that shite seriously oh im too beautiful for people to talk to normally an thats why im shy give me a break


dont think it was meant to be taken seriously just a hunch


calm down


woke up time to game


they cant be among their own thoughts so they work simulate


dont think thats right


got ads for medical device stapler they use it to staple things in your body


File: 1635196959188.gif (90.36 KB, 450x325, 1329981338129.gif)


youre NOT meant to think about it youre just meant to jo to her cute mannerisms


thinking about stegosaurus


File: 1635197324715.jpg (604.31 KB, 2222x3204, 1635193526565.jpg)


mamn youre 20 times my size i dont think this will work out


tardlaughing someone superchatted watame about forcing his daughter to watch the concert with him


shut the fuck up


owned that tubenorm


watch your flipping language mister


theyre young and are still producing test they cant help it theyve gotta mate


kaiji flipping pinches cant even come up with an original joke or character hes like aris but worse


watched a video comparing kaiji and squid game but have NOT watched either series


watch yashiro and touya on occasion though if theyre playing a neat game


watching part 2 of the hinata jurassic park stream


nice media consumers


any the thing streams


the movie the movie the movie the movie the game or the game


what the flip the index was stuck on a post was waiting for everyone else to start posting again


its funnier for us chink otakus when you translate the hanzi


mom wants to watch aNOTher movie


add /s39/ himacord hidden himacord otamin is a regular poster offenberg chalksplat tulpagirl omar


all these years and never knew what the sb was called because he wanted to keep me away from it at all costs


never see any italian ip ranges maybe otamin is using a vpn after learning his lesson on that younow spinoff


its been a few years since he posted




logins required too what a flipping norm he let being a spinoff admin go to his already inflated head way too fast


sigh raining hard ceiling leak getting dangerously close to my pc might have to relocate


you had to be one of his most devout worshipers to be welcomed into the inner circle


raining hard here too


mindblowing that there have been so many events and dramas in only 6 years


wonder how much better hima would have been in an alternate reality where he didnt start having secret board scavenger hunts after less than 2 years



mapping and drinkin joe


sigh should have worshipped himako instead of kaguya luna and 2hus and been labeled a 2huteen


largely responsible for ruining hima but he would have gotten arrested regardless


its NOT too late to start worshiping seki


sigh seki


way ahead of oyu


remember when seki used to stream


but seki is a benevolent admin who i dont have to worship to get into his steamcord circle


leaves me free to worship vtubers


love getting passed a fat doink by the current admin and telling him to die


ltg is literally me


remember when he streamed javs on twitch and nb reported and got him banned sigh the good old days


the puppetmaster


need a smoking gyaru gf


hopefully like kuro and NOT a hag gyaru


File: 1635202373392.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


she needs to be mid 20s and rude


login wasnt required on the first one but then nb leaked it


NOT like it was that hard to sniff your way into it before anyways


they like big niggers and dominant alpha chads NOT meek battered nerd hima manbabies


no girl gets wet at the thought of having to answer the door because her man is scared of eye contact


die nig


you would be surprised


cant wait to flip a gyaru and bring our daughter to vtuber concerts



nb is the only white man on hima


based. we need to remove hese niggers from the board for good. ban tubenorms and otaku losers for life


why cant you


File: 1635204233023.jpg (59.04 KB, 1920x1080, pickle rick.jpg)


im NOT white


sigh hes so humble


tried screaming got stuck on mucus


if we shipped nb to japan the ladies wouldnt take their hands off him because of the lack of pigmentation in his skin


File: 1635204670177.jpg (275.17 KB, 1020x600, Scientific_racism_irish.jpg)



File: 1635204769286.jpg (28 KB, 887x740, 1620956530865.jpg)


thats just fat


File: 1635204832001.jpg (18.54 KB, 462x425, FCpLK_CEvQSDNo6wFMyJjUBveBDPq9kNlDDwEcr34jc.jpg)


mom had the surgery for it


nice chincel momgenes


nice looksmaxmom


it was septum surgery let her nose breathe instead of mouth breathe


bowels are on fire oh god here comes the flood


fire or flood


a flood that burns


kitty started contractions grabbed some trash off the floor to catch her vomit before it hit the floor felt proud of myself


i streamed the other week and im streaming pikmin on wednesday


toss it outside


never played pikmin is it good


is that good or bad




whats the ge mean


nobody tell her


File: 1635205288279.png (859.77 KB, 1020x689, untitled.png)

awesome were gonno watch wolfgirl play pikmin this week



now thats a kusoge


need a wolfgirl gf


you cant even get a gf of your own species


sigh horo


sigh mio


File: 1635205762351.jpg (80.53 KB, 768x576, [Tsundere] Renkin San-Kyuu Magical Pokaan - 05….jpg)


hot men


you mean holo


File: 1635206090777.jpg (217.09 KB, 1337x1925, 7598acd6c11d1e8a694cc9828ab566bb.jpg)


sexy sheep flip


love ampharos hes one of my favorite pokes always get one when i play gold




rains let up ceilings stopped leaking


raining here as well


same window looks like it went through a carwash


its still raining just NOT hard enough to penetrate the roof


hope it rains for the rest of my life


sigh nyaas rss NOT working


yeah it is


NOT for me


File: 1635207516930.jpeg (390.74 KB, 1742x1690, 0BB880A7-A961-4B4F-A7AE-30CFD582265C.jpeg)


File: 1635207696037.png (1.58 MB, 1140x1547, 93690144_p0.png)


whoever makes the halloween blog should use this image


wish i was an anime girl


forgot what i was doing


for the price of fastfood i could go to africa and flip some maidens simply for being white NOT sure if i can call myself a cel


flights arent that cheap


File: 1635208846456.png (2.22 MB, 2362x3149, 93681296_p8.png)


frying some up


think i read a couple years ago but didnt continue its on my todo list


love trusting the neet to do list to get things done


guess its been on my todo list about 10 years now do get around to these things eventually just takes time


File: 1635209968525.png (155.53 KB, 800x1200, Lucky Star v02 - 097.png)


just heard 3 pops sounded like gunshots


grandpas skylight was leaking over the weekend had to leave a towel on the kitchen floor


never had pear pie


is that even possible


pear pie or NOT having pear pie


pear pie


they make apple pie dont see why NOT pear pie maybe ill try to make one


yeah it seems obvious of course there should be pear pie but then why have never heard of pear pie ever nobody has ever talked about it and never saw it written anywhere even once in my entire life


pear flavor is weak compared to apples


i just thought of it headed to the patent office tomorrow


its because pears suck


hate apples


all fruits you can buy at the grocery store have no flavor now may as well use pears had a pear jam once one of the best things ive had in my life never had it again


mom bought 2 red pears for me this weekend ate both of them


love sauteed apples with melted cheese on top


fall now need to break out the fall recipes maybe some pumpkin butter


watched the untouchables with mom is the raid over


nuked some meatloaf


what raid


havent made meatloaf since that mistake


File: 1635211834012.jpg (491.47 KB, 2048x1536, bowl.jpg)




might start cracking


crying for that weird strainer bowl


mornin hima feelin like utter shite


in neoneoneohima all posts are raids


call me the raidblog


File: 1635212060699.jpg (1.06 MB, 1047x1478, 93686214_p0.jpg)


thanks for making the bed miss you are excused


zombie maid makes me remember sankarea


zombie saten




wish sadako would be my maid


cant believe hima just invented pear pie


like the cute femcel wish fulfillment sadako from kimi no todo ke


oops meant ni


shes right


File: 1635213442026.jpg (651.01 KB, 1000x1399, untitled.jpg)


the whore character in mushoku tensei is making me uncomfortable


sigh shes waiting for me


do japs get diabetes frequently even though they arent obese


theyre always eating white rice


stop watching normime


type 1 is fairly common with asian americans if they adopt somewhat american diets but NOT asians in japan and diabetes and obesity are up in most countries


isekai is neet wish fulfillment norm repellent just failednorms like it too


sigh video i downloaded from youtube went missing and now i cant find it on youtube again this is exactly why i downloaded it


check your dontclick folder


its NOT there either i cant find it anywhere


just call up the nsa and ask if they can search their copy of your drive


same dont like her hope she goes away


would cry if i lost my sheep webms


hate sheep


if you do just head on down to the local highschool anime club theyll hook you up


File: 1635214491104.webm (6.26 MB, 1280x720, 1591298441039.webm)


wonder if the bots posted lately


hes right here >>1290234


a botter must bot


singing these abcs hard


can NOT remember the last time said the entire abcs


mom orders her spice rack alphabetically and makes fun of me when i put them back wrong


stop messing up the spice rack


always forget where im at around j


in germany cinnamon begins with a z


zinnamon makes more sense when you think about it


i tear my heart open


wish i could avoid mom completely if i had total control of my surroundings i would be better off


simply workneet it up or get rich off gambling


File: 1635215560455.jpeg (936.66 KB, 3264x1836, DV_xoulWAAAi62a.jpeg)

wish i could tard out and create a universe expansive enough to fill 12 volumes


nah just gonno hope she decides to move somewhere with room in the basement for me to hook up a hotplate and a small fridge


you mean you wish you could exploit your dead dads legacy and make money putting together shite for idiots to read so they can feel superior over books written for children 80 years ago




thought the silmarillion was one book how did they get 12 from it


accidentally clicked on the banner now it will NOT stop changing colors feels like world collapsing


nice phonenorm


thats NOT the silmarillion


his son is batshit crazy and made a bunch of shit up for money


dont blame him id just want to neet it up too and live off my dads hard work


hate dadnorms


got the oxide in me ears hope it goes smoothly


feel weird have barely been conscious for 7 hours but the day might as well already be over


die troll


trolls turn to rocks


remembering the days when all i needed was some anime or a game and id be off in my own world for hours on end


think i need to oxide my right ear


sigh wish i could still game and watch anime and tard out without being self aware


its a curse


can get it back sometimes for brief periods


wish i could be as disciplined as neetblog maybe thats whats missing


im NOT disciplined im just a depressed blob of shite



im baste im baste im baste im baste


gaming hard here hima


if i wake up before mom gets back from work one of these days the blog tower is getting launched into the wall its getting too tempting to NOT uppercut 70 plus cans


ears cleaned hima


mom didnt know chef boyardee was a real person


are you making that up or is he really a real person


wish i was as pasted as carl



File: 1635218969615.jpg (417.89 KB, 1920x1080, [ASW] Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu - 04 [1080p ….jpg)


tarded out and inherited the blog family fortune


wish i was arrogant enough to have a business


have over 20 gb downloaded this season but only watched 5 episodes



was in the bathtub raging over what the norms did


theyre doing more as we speak


instead of being like one of the cool kids and turning on the shower to keep mom from smelling me smoking dope or cigs in the bathroom im doing it to empty me dozen containers of rancid piss


youre an animal


gonno toss


they call me the motherflippin どうぶつblog


File: 1635220828475.jpg (594.92 KB, 1600x2264, 0rz1tla0rgk71.jpg)

wish to taste anges cheesy taters


12 bucks for a double whta the flip


world of warcrafit== in japan


did japs play wow thought that was more chinks


sometimes i do envy those goofball neets that can feast on pizzas and burgers all day long


why did you have to say pizza now i have to make one


pizza dough was cheap so i picked up a ball but didnt grab sauce or cheese so its just been sitting there since friday maybe ill just spread some butter and salt on it and bake it


grab some nutella and make a dessertza


if i was gonno buy nutella id just get sauce and cheese besides the dough is already flavored with herbs cant make a dessert pizza


NOT with that attitude


tried on one of moms neckerchiefs look kinda cool maybe this will be my new thing


trying on moms clothes as a 45 year old unemployed virgin is a slippery slope i hope you know what youre doing




nice fred


identified too much with shaggy


nice pothead


i was just naturally retarded


wasnt allowed to watch scoobydoo as a kid


wasnt allowed to do lots of things as a kid but mom was dumb enough to think i would honor that while she was gone


hey scoob



took a bath love baths but hate the period of time after when it gets to back of my pants wet sitting starts to cling to my skin


in japan you would have to take your own life for bathing with pants on


uh im NOT


too modest to bathe nude


also NOT too big a fan of the period of time im still steaming and it steams up my glasses


in japan you would have to take your own life for letting your glasses get fogged up


File: 1635223669735.png (1.41 MB, 2000x2666, 93692906_p0.png)


sigh in a few months its going to be like 8 years since i saw her first enter rabbit house


wonder if i would be happy if i simply learned japanese then moved to japan to live a modest life in a large dilapidated house on a mountain near a small town


how will you get citizenship


i will marry a beautiful japanese teenager


had daydreams about moving to japan and eventually impressing all the local farmers with my tenacity before being offered to stay with them whenever i needed to and to marry their daughters


what tenacity


tenacity lol


id tard out and acquire it if luck is ever favorable


youre a 30 year old manbaby where is this tenacity


phew wanna flip


back off


File: 1635224353290.jpg (140.83 KB, 683x1024, 1635218102540.jpg)


havent killed myself yet so it has to be in there somewhere


File: 1635224688988.webm (2.5 MB, 272x480, 1635181226102.webm)


sometimes wonder how long id last homeless


wanted to straighten my hair and dye it black like a faggot 15 years ago


is there a story about the heck this chink is talking about


chinks are flippin pasted


feeling strange




love murmuring japanese phrases to myself even though i dont speak jap


yare yare


bitch ive been grown i pay my bills my bills are paid


need to sleep to usher in a new tomorrow but NOT tired


pizzas done


dancing because i have to pee




it wont fit


what wont


my cummer


uhh you arent supposed to be stuffing the tip into the bottle you gods damned noob


uh pic


any shows to watch


File: 1635229581007.jpg (261.08 KB, 726x650, 1614853873.jpg)




sigh why couldnt that be me


ya but i dont watch them i just download them


nuked some clam chowder






might try to change my bedsheets and take out the ac this week




hehe refreshed for the new post and saw the thread before seeing the post and started to type that


once i start waking up at 5 or 6 am everythings going to be going my way



those are cheesy nuggets


File: 1635236601175.jpg (17.02 KB, 628x248, QPhxQ1R.jpg)


was weird how he went from that to such a bleeding heart he had that whole are traps gay freakout


he got owned into the stratosphere


tardlaughing that pnig called the cops on himself


forgot his trial is in like 5 hours


isnt it the 27th


NOT even ped and feel like i would rope after the second or third court appearance if i was able to make it that long mindblowing that a 31 year old on trial for possession of kodomo pron is happier and more optimistic than me


too arrogant to die


yah if i died who would be the third worst poster on hima


im the firstworst


File: 1635239924038.png (38.95 KB, 650x260, d39514-83-4b6196174ec4cba3e9fe-2.png)

oh flip


wonder if hes ever posted since cant be that hard to hide a few posts on an imageboard


he could be posting here every day or is he just worried about teentron ratting him out to the prosecution if he makes his presence known


think if he was posting youd know about it even when he wasnt identifying himself his posts were pretty distinctive


ya but what if hes suppressing his urge to norm it up and identify himself nonstop with every post along with pics


could see him gathering the restraint to just post his favorite normembeds and probably tubies without any other commentary theres no way hes NOT using the internet


made carbonara




too busy eatin it to take a pic


spit it out fast before its gone or youll miss the chance


two or three years ago at this time i would have been drinking from the bottle and watching dvds sigh


did my post get eaten i said its basically the same thing now but it felt different then


whats on todays agenda



what time will i see you @ da club


woke up cleaned the keyboard ate leftover eggrolls gonno watch the maripa collab


will play some kura5 when the keycaps dry


have to ask mom to Drive me there


already up too late to NOT wake up after 2pm and in a bad mood but its the weird part of the morning where i dont know whether to grab more blogs or snooze


finally getting tired and relaxed and its raining out wish i could watch a movie but i guess ill just snooze


internet keeps cutting in and out sigh


woke up need to brush n shower but dont have the energy


brushed n showered like a human


File: 1635252652172.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1980x1600, 93695807_p0.jpg)



need splatoon guys take on how good ars and yashiro are


theyre n00bs


ars games with the best of them



File: 1635257144669.webm (984.54 KB, 480x640, 1634829815553.webm)

do you really explode like this when you get hit by a train no wonder the japs like it so much




the energy in a train moving like that is probably around the same as a bomb


the pone couldnt take it anymore and is in a better place now


dont understand why japs like trains so much i think theyre scary


whats the deal with trainspotters keep seeing them during my runs


locomotive otaku



why doesnt he make a channel like this to teach people how to be as arrogant as himself




same love china




just like botans kitty


someone with the same name as me wrote a scientific paper and now google keeps emailing me saying to claim the paper as my own



wish american mayo was full of tasty msg like jap mayo


why dont you buy japanese mayo then


if msg is so bad then why are japanese so healthy


that guy doesnt know anything


glutamate glutamic acid and msg are a weird story behind asian food but i just want to know why her takos are so square


ars is streaming too




uh thats kanata


really never knew much about this whole jap election week truck thing til it started pushing back all my tubers


File: 1635268897116.jpg (633.43 KB, 870x1200, FCoEWQUVUAEgOwY.jpg)


gonno invent a new image format called jopeg



post it


File: 1635270172628.jpg (44.99 KB, 600x408, c978fc7438712632d71a26aa2e385be1.jpg)

do you think her tongue is rough like a cat tongue


no shes a drawing she doesnt even have a tongue


accidentally doublepilled the next 12 hours are going to be weird


shes my friend


File: 1635271233325.jpg (440.26 KB, 1048x2048, FCnZqmNUcAQnI6F.jpg)


i hope it wasnt a dogpill


gonno stop by the king and pick up and burg


brain pills


fell for the zogpill meme


sigh got sick from leaving the fan on at night maybe the gooks are right about these things


they arent


havent been sick in over a year


body is fine its my mind thats the problem


the size and produce and sperm no problems
only his brain problem


should i buy splatoon 2 or is it really a kids game


its awesome


wait for splatoon 3


milk loves splatoon




is it actually good why do i feel like im being trolled into spending $60 on a game for 9 year old girls


plus $20 a year for nintendo online


its actually good people are also really good at it too


met my 9 year old ldr wife on splatoon






youre growing


File: 1635273427548.jpg (134.69 KB, 961x1200, FCpNyPdVEAQOyYS.jpg)


weird anatomy


the kidneystone guy


flip my dick



im world flipper




shitbeds hour


tardlaughing at the robot lady spinning around and zooming in randomly


NOThin shit


the lizard is still in the house hima i just saw it scuttle under the shelves in the laundry room


youll find its desiccated corpse in a few months


its over


might try to watch some normime today


think ill just drop everything instead


did that last time we have to at least try


receptors are too fried NOThing interests me


its reversible you simply have to force yourself to watch


reset them with some shrooms


dont know where to get them


you grow them


you just have to hit play and move your chair back far enough that you cant touch your keyboard and mouse until the episodes over


File: 1635283333060.mp4 (244.46 KB, chloe.mp4)


just bit the everloving FLIP out of my cheek


theres a big bloody chunk missing




didnt know they had video filters that completely changed the structure of your face


whyd you do that



eating a can of soup


sigh when will it be my turn to playfully tease my jgf for social media views


die tiktoknorm


when you become the required level of whiteness


depressed after watching the untouchables last night


File: 1635285317620.gif (982.52 KB, 720x1280, filter.gif)



bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


never had a boss besides The Boss


they pull me back in


how does she do that


the app does


need a moonfaced jpgf to cook me fishy gookslop


keep drawing those pones


File: 1635286046881.jpg (175.59 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! - 10 (720….jpg)



it works for me onseki


File: 1635286210047.jpg (10.41 KB, 540x303, alex_jones_handsy.jpg)


watching finana until p*mu goes live


thanks didnt get a NOTification that she was live


why doesnt seki hook us up with gfs


was reading about the confederacy on wikipedia the other day and it said something like southerners have a mistaken belief that history is always written by the victor then it went through several paragraphs about how everything about the confederacy was bad


you arent giving him much to work with
uhhh would you like to date this 30 year old friendless virgin neet i know


well what should i work on


get a job and get jacked and looksmaxx and then go back in time 15 years to when it mattered


tell her im interested in securing the existence of our people and a future for white children


but jbw only works on nonwhite women


sigh guess its the rope then


the game was rigged from the start all that could have gotten him would have been a few pityflips or a gf for a few years in his early 20s female mental illness has been growing exponentially for the last half a century it was over by 2006


how pitiful do you have to be for a pityflip


pitiful enough to have women approach you for one night stands at social events


whats a social event


i dont know da club







adblocked embed thumbnails and no one said anything


that guy said he was tardlaughing


new game dungeon


aris is just as bad as nijiens


no one claims that norm is otaku culture then throws a tantrum and spams for weeks about it


dont care if youre all arrogant enough to tard at out nijien guy ill be arrogant enough to call out your shite norm media


its never arrogant to tell norms to go back there if you arent norm yourself


it was just the tuberager anyways and those posters are only here on weekends and sometimes monday


love mondays



havent showered and dont have the ac on i stink like a fucking pig


naming planets and weekdays after elements is way cooler than naming them after gods


getting tired hima it wasnt supposed to be like this


it was always going to come to an end norms cant let us have anything


how can it come to an end if my real life never started


try what norms do and live vicariously through a child or younger person


think the kid needs to be yours for that to work


watching aris play mario


dont like being a neet dont like working dont like living


thank you for your service


love when mom is genuinely confused about why the norms would do something retarded because she didnt pay attention to what was happening in this country for the last 50 years and i have to bite my tongue and NOT say that its never going to get any better and she should have aborted me


the norms overfilled moms mcds coffee today and she had to come back and change also gave her a diet sugarwater instead of regular


only when you add the grenadine


my options are to try and stick my head in the sand for as long as possible before the norms further increase their invasion into my life or be aware of whats happening at all times with no power to stop it what a great existence as an adult male born in the united states


looking through random switch games found this one looks pretty tarded


its fine as long as the sand has lots of me and games and books and manga and vtubers


jcaesar187 fucking loves her pussy(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


me games books and manga all peaked years and years ago and will only continue to go downhill gaming has already been lost and more norms are starting to watch anime


sigh 2011 before the norms invaded jp


woke up drinkin some joe and watchin the new ross




sigh i loved 2017




sigh 2011




cant snooze havent even been out of bed 5 hours



its all normshite


works every time


what the flip why does nintendo let this stuff get published


the switch is pasted its full of lightly censored eroge




tardlaughing looks like a 90s game the free unreal assets would look better


would post some gifs but its NOT worth the memory


it looks good norm


woah hima hey just got back from 8 mile run highlight was shihori bamboo dance started playing during the final descent down the hill its from a touhou eurobeat album


hope you trip down the hill and break both your arms runnorm


File: 1635294965452.gif (1.2 MB, 500x283, beautiful20fps-optimized.gif)


feel free to delete if needed


sigh shes cute


I hope you all get run over by a bus.


i hope so too


dont leave the house often enough and dont live in coontown so there are no buses


there are no buses in gensokyo


havent fired up my favorite iosys album in years sigh


made mom listen to wakasagis sushi counting and hoshi wo koete on the way to grandpas


i was 45 at the time


my wakeup alarm sounds are excerpts from heresy of spell flying head and battle of the four tits


hell yeah


damn good ross


thats aNOTher of my favorites NOT as an alarm but like to listen to it during a long run it has good momentum


time to trick my bone into thinking its having sex with a beautiful female


wasnt ready to be born during the collapse of an empire


mom made the pineapple dogs


oh god youll summon him


is it just me or has ball park buns recently declined in terms of quality maybe i just got a bad batch


rice and tofu night 1 hima browned the tofu first made it better


they have in fact most the bread brands besides the expensive potato bread daves and franz stink here lately


whats taters


yeah serranos yellow onions cumin coriander ginger salt black peppercorn dried red pepper flakes


File: 1635297001556.jpg (518.75 KB, 1200x675, 93696395_p0.jpg)


i wanted to try the artesano brand but those only come in packs of 6 and i got 2 4 packs of weiners so it was pointless


favorite restaurant by the tesla factory gets really good bread but they dont sell retail


i may have to start going to the bread store but they only sell sweet bread and those rolls


youre quite welcome


grocery was out of everything bagels gonno have to go back in 2 days when my bag runs out


bad idea i waited until i ran out once and i was cranky for a week mom got mad at me but it was NOT my fault


but what are you supposed to do otherwise do NOT want to have to buy plain bagels or search for a different brand or even a different kind of bread thats too much work


you should be doing everything in your power to kill yourself young trust me you arent gonno like where this world is headed


i dont know do you want me to ask mom for you


mom does NOT eat bagels she doesnt even use buns on her burgers



wish i had died as a kid


hima would be completely different if you had died


ya for the better


it dont matter none of this matters


it still matters to me damnit


it cant be helped youre a poster you post


im poster


might bathe


holy flip there were two blogs hidden in the fridge that i forgot about i assumed they were all gone last night and kept going out to the garage for more


would save them for that ross but mom wants to watch aNOTher movie and she said she was going to the store tomorrow so maybe ill go with her and spontaneously decide to go to the blog store thats in the same parking lot and get something strong for blogoween


theres a local bakery thats supposed to be good i went to check them out their baguette had no body


finger skin is really dry and disintegrating wonder if its because used the bath and body works japanese cherry blossom scented hand sanitizer spray that mom bought for me


woke up at 6:30 for work got off at 11:15 snoozed from 3:00 to 4:48 went back to work until 9:00 just inhaled a quarter pounder combo and two mcchickens now im gonno throw a dip in and watch mushoku tensei and then probably platinum end


varg said youre supposed to abuse the welfare system to accelerate the collapse of this twisted world


cant do that i need money for switch games and tires


File: 1635300727300.png (940.15 KB, 800x1422, __omaru_polka_hololive_drawn_by_ishiusu__54f99….png)

men arent allowed to get snap or welfare in america though


god flipping dammit hate the normtop the flipping image got dragged into hima upload box from when i saved it then i tabbed back in and i did NOT see i had an image in the quick reply




would enjoy snapping her and force feeding her ass plan b


at least it wasnt a selfie