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this is it


ban the other thread and all the raiders in it



let me think about it


is this the blog thread


i can see it


see what




gross ped


im ped


sexy little baby


File: 1625161426989.jpg (110.53 KB, 624x1200, E5Gve1EUUAIAZTY.jpg)


no roast cats allowed


the r word


the r slur


never had roast cat whats it like




didnt know they made eating cats illegal in the us




blimped hard sweating profusely gave the chink a $5 tip because i was out of ones and she poked by stomach probably going to snooze for a few hours


i didnt realize this was a cover all these years i thought it was the original


i mean i thought the original song was in the op


you cant let the chink disrespect you like that


i froze up because im touch starved


i involuntarily recoil when touched at least i think i do hasnt happened in a while


just want to be hugged


File: 1625166654463.webm (286.65 KB, 1280x720, hug.webm)


nice touch starved beast


always recoiled hard when mom kissed me


higurashi is out i repeat higurashi is out


mom gets upset that i flinch when she tries to hug me but its her fault for slapping me all the time as a kid


maybe if mom slapped me i wouldntve turned out like this


File: 1625167065639-0.jpg (397.36 KB, 1123x1675, E5IMnLSVgAUkcPd.jpg)

File: 1625167065639-1.jpg (401.48 KB, 1123x1675, E49X7-5VkAME74y.jpg)

File: 1625167065639-2.jpg (373.69 KB, 1123x1675, E44l-zMUUAA5oLq.jpg)



the slapping didnt help im still cel


wish cels would just be content instead of whining all the time




downgraded my internet the ip range is blocked from the 4 too sigh




the reign of terror is over theres finally a true and honest blog


made toast n jelly for cripplemom


mom asked for pictures of me to make a tinder with


i wouldnt be a cel if there were still arranged marriages


arranged wives are like escorts in the sense that they dont really care about you and only flip you because they have to


we could learn to love each other


arranged marriages work better for everyone sorry im NOT all that concerned about each foid getting to live out her dream of getting flipped by some 6'7" freak with a 12lb jawbone and 11" flaccid penis


if i were shorter and had smoother skin i wouldnt mind transitioning and being a wife to someone from hima




the himabirl


post a pic i like tall girls anyway


leveling my servants


if you actually want smooth skin i can tell you how


sigh coco watame cried for a whole hour on stream




yes tell me


a mix of coco leaving and mikos picture book reading


dont care


die carelessnorm


its simple
step one is be a virg
step two is avoid sun
step three is buy bulk hyaluronic acid powder and mixing it with water at around 1:5 ratio and shaking it up and putting it in the fridge once it congeals rub it into your face when you first get up and before bed in a few days youll see an improvement make sure to keep it in the fridge though unless you put a preservative in it because bacteria will eat it and spread

hyaluronic is often the primary active ingredient in higher end skin moisturizers and they dont even put much in it


uhh just pour acid on your face haha


freak hours


say what you want but i just told that guy how to get teen-like skin almost effortlessly


can i use it on my bone


you dont want to do that because it swells it up and makes it fatter


already does that twice a day




ive got the cel gene


got the volcel gene


simply bollocks cant believe people get paid to publish rubbish like this


File: 1625171964343.jpg (491.84 KB, 1050x1469, 1525111297467.jpg)


saving my virginity for a nice vtuber


theyre already taken


just ordered some hyaluronic acid off amazon


youll burn your face off


maybe i should but my face off find some lady to flip me out of pity


gonno fall for the acid meme


the acid arc


feelin tired might crack a few early n knock myself out


mom went to costco and got three pounds of hotdogs and two pounds of dijon gonno blimp out




those are meant to last the week


the neko arc


already put them in the freezer so i have to expend energy to get at em


File: 1625175051613.jpg (146.47 KB, 723x1024, 87827540_p1.jpg)


todays required viewing


thats a skip


gonno longnap


already watched it with the younows


dont do it im stripped down to me underskippies with the ac blasting on me and im still sweating




readin tlr


File: 1625176718267.jpg (128.46 KB, 1200x849, E4n53bVVUAQOzpX.jpg)


is she dead


rest in piss vroast




he loved tlr


NOT until i fsnap her


still got some alfredo left guess ill make more pasta


make some nice haachama spider pasta


achin behind my eyes took some ibuprofen


File: 1625179204280.png (7.32 KB, 256x240, Final Fantasy (Japan) (Rev B)_000020.png)

tardlaughing raged hard yesterday because i restarted the final dungeon at least fifteen times one of my mages would always get instakilled before even getting halfway through thought i was underleveled so went to grind and realized my fighter had been using the iron nunchucks for 22 levels


did you defeat chaos


File: 1625179661214.jpg (798.5 KB, 1457x1032, __original_drawn_by_tsuruse__33bc3d0edbf9e4532….jpg)


wait lulu also graduated holy shit is 2021 the end


hate worshippers hate vfoids hate idols simply hate


love vfoids hate skippers


die worshipper


doing some cq




bhole is itching something fierce might have to dayshower


love a nice dayshower take three four a day


youre a beautiful one


people at work keep saying i look like a teen even though im a 30 year old manbaby




what do you mean work


you know like a job they tell you to do some stuff and then give you money its like questing irl


thats for norms


your time will come


finally a thread with blog in the title thank you so much you just made my day




whys there so much haachama plumber art


isnt it because like she eats all that junk




lost a bunch of weight by the way hima now like 17 kg lighter since last year


need a nice plump spider eating australian gf


made me look


cant sleep first night in the mansion


lost weight a year ago gained it all back plus a few


ass is bolstered thought the disinfecting wipes were for skin but theyre actually for countertops and hard surfaces


pasted tard


woke up hey there hima


rode the bus with the ceo and his son they gave me wet wipes said use them instead of showering used wipes to get off the sweat


what kind of ceo takes the bus


File: 1625183864165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.91 KB, 720x996, Screenshot_20210516-013912_Discord.jpg)




mom got me some chocmilk for the latest higurashi season cant wait to watch it tonight theres two episode its gonno be flipping great


a flipper must flap


need a nice sparky gf






mindblowing how gross looking people are when NOT seeing them through a rectangle i guess thats the dangers of anime stuff


i used the isopropyl ones first but they were dried out grabbed the other ones and felt the burn


need someone to wipe in the mansion please


sweating no ac no fan its over


put your ac in


cracked open a nice blog ice


spit on the floor


love a nice spitshined carpet


feel like i just cleaned my desk a few days ago its already covered in beer cans again


made some pasta n alfredo mixed some ricotta n red pepper flakes


joked about lice before but my head really wont stop itching


need some poo


File: 1625194082268.jpg (28.96 KB, 500x667, ezgif-1-a3c348622ec8.jpg)

throw that in the trash and fire up a nice napo instead


NOT gonno waste food



grateful he got locked up before the tubie meme took off i shudder to think how many extra tens of thousands of embeds and water store larps there would have been each year


post the nanahira tuber


File: 1625195290632.jpg (109.47 KB, 690x671, pred.jpg)

its over


never caught me


sigh he loved skipping court dates and having warrants put out for his arrest


cant believe hes gonno be back in less than two weeks itll be just like the old days


cracked chocmilk watching higurashi sotsu ep1


havent had chocomilk since the incident




File: 1625199937663.jpg (172.46 KB, 1920x1080, [YuiSubs] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu - 02….jpg)


File: 1625200188943.png (Spoiler Image, 101.77 KB, 498x516, 61d25ac95842dda6c617edf7dfd11f7c.png)

got this after opening hima in aNOTher tab




maybe what i thought were hima memes werent sc memes theyre fb memes


theres a hima fb group


the real derek would recognize a virus


tried making a facebook account a few weeks ago but after a day it locked me out and said i had to add a phone number and a scan of my id


hate facebook but the norms went to facebook marketplace instead of craigslist so you have to go there


uhh no i dont


how are you going to buy things


only buy food n blogs


those dogs are calling to me from the freezer hima might have to chip some off


frozen fridged doesnt matter a nice zap in the cancer machine n theyll be good to go


love the microwave cancer meme


File: 1625203044448.jpg (169.11 KB, 1242x1473, 1625190886828.jpg)


hate lobster


hate niggers


when i was younger and didnt know only 1 in 10 of them has an iq above 95 i would have thought they were doing this ironically i hope that plane crashed into a mountain


sigh he was one of the 10 percent


the white half of his brain took over when reading and writing the black half is what planned his crimes


muh dick muhfugga


wonder how ol ken is doing


at this point dont think i can have any empty container in my room its just a matter of time until i piss in it to avoid getting up


ever decide to pee all over your hand while peeing in the sink


File: 1625204177888.gif (295.68 KB, 500x333, bole.gif)


hate fashionnorms


post that drip


god flipping damn it had gone months without seeing that


would you pinch it


300lb autistic guy keeps telling me when he flips girls dont know if i should believe him or NOT


miss avpd guy


gonno full time kemono kig in the mansion


should i toss


you should stream


there was soy even in the hotdog buns mom bought we never had a chance hima theyve been poisoning us since day one


hate the soy meme


love the soy meme


its NOT a meme what the flip its terrible for you


love memes love soy if its good enough for the japs its good enough for me


if it was good enough they would have nuked us


how is it terrible for you


shut it soyboy





heck ya


like every other cash crop we produce more of than anyone else on earth it defiantly has severe health implications theyre NOT talking about people still think vegetable oil is healthy


can you narrate whats going on please


vegetable oil is healthy


die japmog


hate when i get that feeling that everyone on hima is smarter than me


dont understand a single move of this gonno need a nice narrator like in saki


love plant oils love chronic low grade inflammation love preventable diseases like cancer and heart disease


whats the point NOT like i could prevent the cel disease


hate myself


how do i prevent cancer and heart disease




you wouldnt have had to prevent it you simply never would have been born cel in the first place like every one of your ancestors before being pumped full of soy endocrine disrupters and corn syrup


i was predestined to be cel


love the memes


woke up from a four hour nap


ill be waitin for the next jongstream



gotta respect that chink


could go for aNOTher few blogs but theyre going to take half an hour to cool down was gonno earlysnooze


just put them in a glass with some ice


theyve been out in the garage since i think sunday its been hot out


uhh why do they need to be cold easier to drink when room temp just shotgun it


nah thats for high stress situations where i need to get flipped up as fast as possible im just neeting it up


put them in the wheelie cool


die drunkards


cooked a bowl of coco pebbles


im lush


wait these are puffs NOT pebbles vile


gotta have my pops


Essentially, Cocoa Puffs are Kix cereal with chocolate flavoring; similarly, Trix has been, for most of its existence, fruit-flavored Kix.
now thats mindblowing


havent had puffed cereal in years had some cinnamon life maybe a year ago shredded wheat too makes me bloat though



is that a real bisected head




already scanned the vid he doesnt flip it over to the other side


overly conscious of my epiglottis now


ff14 sub expired should i steal moms credit card and load up aNOTher 6 months


hell yeah dont want your houses to default


mom forced you into this world the least she can do is pay 15bux monthly to let you live in aNOTher one


File: 1625217836840.jpg (141.23 KB, 1500x919, 33799981_H11536949.JPG)

sigh theres no way to escape the norms anymore


the twig police





hima made hot choco and a grilled cheese with extra butter its superb



sigh hot coco


wish it wasnt norm now to be a depressed out of shape loser the norms should have to change NOT me


theres a kitty snoozing on my lap


ate a dead animal


had some bean water


so much for earlysnoozing


dad woke up and made coffee im sipping



File: 1625223764356.jpg (662.17 KB, 1200x800, 1380532702239.jpg)


always hated that asshole


gotta respect moot



if it werent for moot hima wouldnt exist


followed turts fitness feed on ota and he told me i need 20" neck and 18" arms to have made it but then i plugged my stats into the calculator and it told me its NOT even possible to get anywhere near that without steroids nice flipping lietron


hes gone off the deep end


only men care about muscles


okayu loves muscles


watching the new jontron


dont watch that racist


File: 1625226053940.webm (Spoiler Image, 127.54 KB, 1280x720, 0263.webm)


loved when my bro destiny exposed jontron


truly an epic debate and a turning point in online political discourse


member when destinys gf left him for the most soy looking professional video game player on earth and took his kid with her which he has NOT seen for years that was epic


a plumber needs a strong man


nice edrama enjoyers


crying theres no reason to play alliance in tbc anymore


the air fryer has been activated


wish i had a nice air fryer


at least destiny passed on his genes and has sex but i dont watch him for his lack of masculinity merely for how many people he owns with facts & logic



do whatever you want with your own free time but stop mentioning him and talking about him here thats all


hate horde always saw them as norms


worse racials for both pvp and pve and now horde bg queues are getting fixed



himas storyline is like death NOTe


never watched death NOTe


sick of norms talking about anime when theyve inevitably only seen 10-100 theres never any 1000+ otaku to own them


you mean invariably


lets make the himagame


shouldve been born here sigh hope i get it in my reincarnation


wonder how many ive watched probably less than 50


conflicted about barely watching any anime anymore even if ive seen 100x what norm has hell have seen all the latest ones when i havent

havent played played any new games in about 5 years too


norms these days will play dubbed netflix on anime or whatever in the background and do some norm activity while NOT paying attention and then claim to have watched it


nice longnap gonno eat pound cake n rootbeer


hate dub


love a good background anime


anyone want to erp


only if youre playing a cute viera


hate erp


shited hard


anyone want to go foid tackling


if i just touched some random girls boobs i would probably never be caught


cant believe they are broadcasting his height like that


youre in the cel database theyd arrest you in front of mom within the hour


im in the volincel list


thats the same list they just put a c by your name for copecel in denial


thats the same list they just put a c by your name for cope




File: 1625230372347.png (535.68 KB, 746x735, 1624021701860.png)


sigh have no offline goon material im screwed


can schizo up some mind オカズ any time the need should present itself


using your imagination is superior


just proposition the nearest girl for a flip in a closet somewhere


whats gooning


body temperature skyrockets as soon as i put food in my mouth


hate the imaginorms




might longjo



been making a lot of snorting sounds these days


youre becoming an oinker


guess you better tie me up with an apple in my mouth and put me in the oven huh


my sexy plump little oinker



the hima erp


that banana was half his size how did he eat it all


hes pigging out


gonno pig out on chili


got really dizzy just now hima thought i was gonno pass out


dont stand up too fast when youve been sitting or lying down all day


tallnorm problems


i didnt stand up just sitting here on my pc doing NOThing and got dizzy and lightheaded still feeling it somewhat


youre going to be isekaid soon




mindblowing that a pampered american neet would wish to live in the land of wageslaving 14 hours a day and still being cel


mom caught me practicing my dance



File: 1625240854355.jpg (154.74 KB, 529x900, 85543526_p1.jpg)


snapped her shes been snapped


wish i were a cool dancer


morning hima



took a shower


still feeling lightheaded hima cant think or concentrate properly


thats normal isnt it


youre pregnant


im NOT pregent


cant believe foids let a foreign object grow in their body causing nine months of discomfort followed by nine hours of pain NOT something a rational person would


i want baby


its a biological imperative




thinking about that autistic guy that wrote 20 thousand articles on wikipedia for the scots language over a timespan of seven years but didnt speak any of it at all


wish i could be superpower autistic NOT just the cel kind


you need to find your special interest



i do have special interests hehe


special interests screenstaring joing himaposting anime


at least its NOT worshipping voids


only watch mantubers


mom said shes making tacos hell yea


no lettuce


mom puts a1 in her taco meat because thats how gran made it


wish mom knew how to cook


dont care if mom cooks she cant make anything better than fast food


NOThin bettern a nice quesarito


dont understand how injecting rena with the vax and getting her to kill her dads whore will get rika to enjoy living in himamizawa but maybe satoko is just too smart for me


should i read wtc5



what do you mean read




scared of needles


always get hot n bothered when a needles suck in me might see if i can donate blood


you get used to it kind of like taking pills is scary when youre a kid and youll freak out over a tiny little advil but once you get used to taking the vitamin horsepills you can put 4 or 5 of them in your mouth at a time and swallow them with hardly any water at all


needles dont even hurt


youre NOT supposed to take 5 multivits


sexy ladys are always smarter than they seem they only play dumb


nah i had magnesium issues and if you look at the bottle it says one pill is only 20% of the daily intake so youll need a handful of those to start


foids arent dumb theyve just put all their processing power towards deceiving men and grifting off cels instead of making anything useful


the dumbest foid is smarter than me



only doctor game i liked was trauma center


do yourself a favor and download theme hospital right now


mindblowing the average man is stronger than a foid who works out could just choose to snap any of them on the street and they wouldnt even be able to fight back


they have stronger lower body strength


no they dont idiot




mindblowing im stronger than the average man and i could just choose to snap any of them on the street and they wouldnt even be able to fight back


wish to be snapped on the street by a sexy lady


i watch subbed anime while grinding and claim to have watched it


cant watch anime if its NOT dubbed


same ive really NOTiced it in the last few weeks


come here little piggy
*rubs your ears*


die dubtroll



love sweet adorable little piggies wish i could have one as a pet


woke up three hours ago already tired


same need a nappy



i still cant swallow pills


need some nice happy pills


also never had problems with needles as a teen but the last time i went to the doc i nearly passed out when they were trying to find a vein to take blood


havent seen a doctor in years


mom keeps pressuring me for a checkup


whats the point were gonno die anyway


same it was nearly 10 years ago


File: 1625253375843.jpg (575.05 KB, 1120x1400, E5K6OkeXoAIuqTE.jpg)


File: 1625253461978.png (30.86 KB, 598x203, f.png)


cant wait to find a nice rich wife


mindblowing how women used to NOT work and families were richer anyway almost as if theres a group of people that wants NOThing more than the total subjugation and eventual elimination of people like us


need to start eating natto to fix my gut bacteria


shes on the right track but her feeble woman brain cant see past the patriarchy boogieman to who really pulls the strings




havent drank any juice for five years now only water and tea


what about coffee


nope no cawfee


tub of folgers almost empty


back hurts looks like theres a storm brewin


backs been hurting for years


think ill take an early bath probably take aNOTher later


nice bather


dont underestand why everyone drinks cow milk and thinks NOThing of it but human breastmilk is weird why dont they sell it in stores


in twenty years cow milk will be illegal too well all be drinking soy milk


could go for a nice glass of roach milk myself




been out of milk for a week


ronald banner might refresh


if you refresh he will come after you


how do i make some norm kill me


suicide by cop


couldnt take it refreshed


you better sleep with one eye open


i sleep like an assassin a single tap on the floor and im awake


rained hard for 2 seconds then stopped


File: 1625257315698.png (750.46 KB, 827x1169, 39697a5c3f6b10d6a9b8a0c19acb55ac.png)


mindboggling how norms will work all day plus overtime to make money to visit the psychiatrist so they can complain about their stress


should i get vaxxed


woke up mornin hima


jaw n necks been achin since the second jab


no point if youre hikikomori plus the delta variant is the new flavor of the month and the cine is useless against it


why would you get vaccinated against something thats less harmful than the flu


havent had a flu shot in years


cant wait for a year from now when all of the vaxxnorms start dropping dead like flies


cant wait to die


awoke and read moms NOT home gonno try to grab aNOTher bowl of cocoa puffs before she gets back and sees that i woke up past 4pm again


hes coo coo for cocoa puffs


wish i had some cocoa puffs only got oats


File: 1625261083581.png (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 1500x1100, 90367570_p5.png)


why is no one helping them


decided to cook trix instead it was a mistake NOT sure who prefers the fruit versions of chocolate cereal but id imagine mental hospitals are the biggest bulk purchasers


power went out had to eat my fried chicken and macaroni salad in the dark


bet food tastes better if youre blind like how they can hear twice as good


wonder if im a supertaster


felt a shiver up my spine


tardlaughing the end of the video has a counter to when theyre gonno eat it




ya thats the channels gimmick still cute piggy though



woke up from a quicknap


sigh moms making a big pot of alfredo im going to start getting fat again arent i


heck ya alfredo now thats good eatin


love a nice fettuccine alfredo


really theres NOT that big of a deal with being fat so long as you arent superfat most americans are already way fatter than i get but i just dont feel like having to get shit from mom and people on the internet about it


you can be sedentary or you can be fat NOT both the odds are already stacked against us


uhh nobody knows what my body looks like online


what about when you stream


sigh still tired nap didnt help much


one of these days ill organize my hard drives



should have been as a right wing japanese national


think mom is trying to kill me she got aNOTher case


shes trying to lower your inhib


love when mentor roulette warps into a nice navel (extreme) with 7 tardsprouts


jod spilled too aNOTher shower


bot posts


having a big coffee


start the reactor


im bot


a botter must bot


without the bots we will never make it to 2 million


how do you know that youre NOT a bot


never said i was NOT


what if some parts of your brain had been replaced by nanomachines and you didnt know it


still dont get how braincels work i dont think anyone else does either they just pretend to


scientists thought brain had patterns for each type of thought so you could just read someones brain waves to interpret their thoughts but they tested that and found that the same person has very different brain waves for the same thing across time so the hypothesis was disproven



liked the thumbnail disappointed by the video


yeah kinda like when you see the skintight bodysuit vs when you actually put it on


File: 1625270466343.png (256.63 KB, 1000x577, 1611103739843.png)




made oats


you have become the oat man


ban paolo and nb


paolo is part of hima culture


index index


sigh he missed so many indexjos


sick tired like a virus hima how am supposed to stay up to 4 am gaming when this tired help what do


wish they made pizza gloves or something so i could eat pizza without dirtying my hand




your supposed to eat it with a fork n knife



you cant ban me i made this thread


paste nyanblog


back from the market lot of norms there


did you wear a mask


no i brought one and there were other people there with them on but i decided NOT to


should i repost todays paolo


i went to the spectrum store and there were fat foids waiting and they were watching a tv and obviously didnt know one aNOTher but they started talking about the food commercials and bonding over what sugary garbage they enjoy cramming into their maw never have i been so aware that i was in america



heres the deal how do you open your third eye


its too late the rectangle has sealed it


actually it opened it


thats basically what we do


no NOT really


its more noble than your example but the idea is the same from a reductionist perspective


dont post anti police propaganda hima supports the boys in blue


no NOT really
the foids are fat they overeat
they sit around looking at images of food

no one posts food much here and no one gets sex so you cant say that posting dirty pictures of anime girls is the same


uh i wasnt literally saying that everyone here eats and posts pictures of food


guess we do all eat hehe


stop eating and start sungazing


gonno become a breatharian


sauteeing some kale gonno eat it with leftover sausage and potatos


reaching that part of the day where i feel like i have a cold time to crack open some blogs


overate grotesquely over the past 32 hours bloated to hell need to detox over the weekend


having the little caesar pepeloni for dinner


the no one


fireworks almost had a heart attack




been really paranoid recently sometimes ill hear a plane passing overhead and think its about to crash into the house


you dont look that paranoid to me but this telephoto lens is a little smudged


have to do something about all the open urine containers in here tonight its only a matter of time before one gets knocked over covered them with paper plates a few days ago to make the roomsmell more bearable


simply pour them out the window


its gonno get all over the porch




heard the door shut as i got back to my room made it just in time


uh moms going to wonder why the surrounding area directly below my window smells like rotten piss and put two and two together


whoever originally created the animation of eyes stretching out of the head to express surprise and arousal was a genius it takes real creativity to create animations that are instantly associated with human emotions


i lack human emotions



File: 1625279458000.webm (1.52 MB, 640x360, lulu.webm)


thats a skip


hate when they use big musclefreaks





mom got pizza


File: 1625281339415.mp3 (3.67 MB, タートのテーマ.mp3)




emo fag music


sigh all my himabros get pizza every day and im stuck with rice n pasta n toast might fry up some eggs


im emo



whats a goon




secretly enjoyed some emo fag music



feel like ive heard this before


File: 1625281938052.png (628.18 KB, 1440x1280, im.png)




bh chinks


so tired of hearing about them cant we just nuke them already if we need aNOTher race of insecure midgets theres always india


theyre almost as mad as americans when you critize israel


love worshiping a dead kike on a stick


mindblowing how norms pretend to be enraged at how companies like ibm and hugo boss dealt with the nazis and are still in business then they go on amazon to order stuff made in china


dont see that on there its fake


only commies pretend that


wish we still took pride in our appearances wouldnt matter if you were fat or bald because no one would ever see you without your tailored suit and hat


got my neetsuit on right now



it plays in the background softly when turt posts


dont link to that hive of speedrunners


uh is speedrunner a new word for tra**y






cant believe we still go on about nazis when anuddah shoah is going on as we speak in the middle kingdom


its gonno drive me nuts can only remember songs from normime with some kind of visual accompaniment


could tell you but you could also just bing the lyrics its NOT that hard


found some old hash browns in the freezer fried em up with some eggs


found it like ten minutes ago but didnt listen long enough would have recognized the op much faster normally skip through eds




fool theres countless epic eds



uh i dont start skipping them before ive identified that they pinch the big one


watching when they cry higurashi ~graduation~


you dont know if it really sucks until you listen 20 times


never skip an op or an ed or an insert song


you cant skip inserts theyre right in the middle of the action


NOT always


cravin sugar might make more oats


what do oats have to do with sugar


put sugar on the oats


stop poisoning yourself




guess ill chew instead


all evil grains may as well be bowls of sugar


tossed a few more poison-lined aluminum cans of rotten sugarwater in the freezer


drinking guinness


wish i was an idea guy


i need to take a long walk off a short pier


day in the life of an average foid


mindblowing how much more energy i had as a teen even as a sedentary dweeb


dont even have the energy to game now


https://www.anime-expo.org/2021/06/23/hosexy ladyve-en-joins-anime-expo-lite-2021/


only have the energy to wallstare


ate NOThing today but sugar ham salami blogs grains and now some dogs wonder how long i have left


might have some grains myself


and yet the hypernorms will still keep posting these sluts here no longer think they can be reasoned with theyre too far gone


NOThing wrong with a nice expo


my favorite 2014 meme


feel a rage coming on reading that site hima is flipping done for posting any of those whores needs to be a permarangeban


chill out and watch some cham


hate is a virus


File: 1625288497315.png (3.8 MB, 2800x2100, 1625282289383.png)

6'4" simulator



wonder what its like being taller than a girl


based deathnic ped


File: 1625288723000.jpg (102.06 KB, 1262x496, x.jpg)


hate is all that kept me alive back in the hard times



One day, Ina’nis picked up a strange book and then started to gain the power of controlling tentacles. To her, tentacles are just a part of her ordinary life; it has never been a big deal for her. However, her girly mind does want to get them dressed up and stay pretty.

After gaining power, she started hearing Ancient Whispers and Revelations. Hence, she began her VTuber activities to deliver random sanity checks on humanity, as an ordinary girl.

might have a girly mind


i need a weapon


what are ya buyin


remember when the game sjournalists went wild about this one back in 2o14 sigh


my name is NOTtam portant


hatred stream


laughing thinking about that one guy that streamed his day of retribution and some random retarded woman walked by and started jibbering at him in her dumb language foids have had it so easy in life that they canNOT comprehend when they are in danger


he got owned by a fence


wish the socialists would take over and give me free money already


you wont own anything and you will be happy


dont own anything now


just stick me in a 2 tatami room with a computer n food and ill be happy


sometimes think about the shrink that tried hard to get me to get on neetbux what did he see to know it was over


File: 1625289550714.jpg (44.8 KB, 359x562, 578.jpg)


negative canthal tilt


you mind NOT busting my balls


never seen a shrink think theyd just lock me up


they only lock you up if you are an immediate danger to yourself or others otherwise they just throw pills at you


they locked me up and i told them im NOT going to change my mind about wanting to die so the doc said if thats really the case he will let me go after a bit since theres no point but then i did change my mind


ok but why would you tell them that did you just really want to spend the night around some freaks


whenever i saw my foidshrink she told me to tell her if i was thinking of killing myself but i couldnt do that since it would just mean getting locked up so i always lied then went through an attempt on the same day or following days and after a few times she said she wants to stop seeing me and referred me elsewhere because i keep lying about it and her feelings were hurt since she really believed me


how do you attempt and NOT success are you a foid where is your honor


you wont understand until you try standing on the cliff yourself


why would you see a foidshrink thats torture itself they dont care about you


thats just where my gp referred me sigh remember when i went in to get the referral because my friend talked me into it then there was a young female student doctor who wanted to listen in for work experience so i had to explain that i want to rope to doc with a random foid present she asked me if i watched game of thrones




no hes a regular trust me


shrink gp friend what the flip


was about to tell bud i hate when people use their favorite vtube as their avatar since it makes them look like they are the vtube but then i remembered thats his avatar too


just wait until the story of the first gf comes out


if its any consolation theyre NOT my friend anymore havent been for 7 years


gonno watch a movie


avril messaged me she wants to talk about 2006


tell her she had her chance but she thought she was too good for you and its too late now


2006 wasnt a good year for me had a psychotic episode and got locked up in the psych ward for the first time NOT counting the one day when i was 13 and woukdnt go to school


and when i got back 2 weeks later my guild had disbanded because i missed the all important meeting


why didnt you just play halo instead of acting like a nut idiot


i thought there were bugs everywhere trying to eat me NOT my fault


was there a needle in the ohagi




was sitting at the table of the psych ward eating something with beans and one of the beans fell in my shoe i picked it up and thought it was some kind of worm that had just burrowed out of me and now my insides were all eaten up gave it to the nurse and told her to take it to the doctors to examine but she said its just a bean


should have gotten a psych ward gf but i was afraid of any girl that starts a conversation with how many brain problems she has


lucky mom knew NOThing about mental health services or all those times i held a knife to my wrist or neck saying i would kill myself if she made me do something might have gone much differently


one of the bipolar girls asked for my number when i got discharged dont think she ever called though


mindblowing how wanting to kill yourself lands you in a psyche prison with a 9001 dollar bill after NOT sure how its supposed to help


the idea is the punishment will make you NOT tell anyone and burden them with it again


its to weed out the pussies and punish them for NOT following through


called one of those suicide lines once they dont even try to talk you out of it by saying how epic life is they just ask for your dox and send the police


are you going to be ok


love being billed plus tip to have some armed thugs kick in the door and kidnap me


love a good suicide by cop


why did pnig call the police on himself again


he spent too much time getting asskissed here and thought when the cops showed up and found an emaciated old woman and a jobless nig with a closet full of child vagina replicas they would take his side


he thought he was untouchable


File: 1625292455829.jpg (137.3 KB, 640x960, Untitled.jpg)


sigh joe


wonder what pnig is doing


flipping his teengf while denpa plays


why doesnt he drop by


inner ears acting up again


File: 1625293209530.jpg (2.66 MB, 1920x1538, illust_90830298_20210702_231331.jpg)


spray some peroxide in that ear


hello there lady might i proposition you for some sex


dont have any


mindblowing gays just have sex all day every day because theres no reserved female to say no


sounds gross


let god burn them


File: 1625293471302.webm (724.06 KB, 640x360, poem.webm)


no one has ever wanted to flip me woman or man


sigh wonder egg finale is a crier


im handsome but fat


might have heard a gunshot hope it was one of the normbors killing themselves


wish turt would tell me his routine so i can do 2plate ohp can only do 1 for 5 reps currently but he views me as competition for females


never heard a gunshot im NOT ready for the wars


its fireworks


just realized its july 4th


its NOT even july 3rd


gonno grill up some dogs n burgs with my himabros


only 10% chance of actually being selected for the jury when i go to court thats too bad could be fun


where were you when you realized most people had no business being near a grill because they cant cook for shit


just tell them youre cel youll be out in five mins


looks like higurashi is going to waste a 15 episodes or so replaying shite before they get to satoko owning rika again



hate satoko shes going to get owned


satoko is justified thats what you get for abandoning your friend


who lights a single firework at 130 in the morning in the rain hope it wasnt the garage fan exploding or something


would stream might be fun but its a waste of time so i wont


it was the local miami condo collapsing


my whole flipping life is a waste of time


you were born for a reason


must be great to cope with religion sigh imagine actually believing the demiurge loves you


hail eris


nice teencord diety


cant believe coco couldnt even make it 2 years as a vtube


havent heard anything else dont really care but hopefully it wasnt anything mom will be screaming me awake about in 5 hours like the garage is a smoldering pile of rubble


coco is for boys kson is for gentlemen


gth worshippers


never had a friend as an adult only worshipers


love consuming 3000 calories and still being hungry


nice kirb


nice empty calories


eat big to get big


wish turt would tell me when to bulk and when to cut dont want to blimp out


why would you ask me ive never been shredded


im permabulking


because i dont think youve been fat either correct me if im wrong


woke up


flip this going to turn off my internet and listen to okayu


you cant listen to anyone without internet dumbass


File: 1625295645225.png (275.21 KB, 648x2376, list.png)

wrong i downloaded these do it all the time


just go 300 calories over your base rate dont fall for the bulking meme my bulkings have been more like periods of eating disorder


hehe same


mindblowing that youre still living free and that guy got 5150d just for telling his aunt he didnt want chinese food for dinner


what did i do wrong


take a look at the image you posted


File: 1625295868848.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.47 KB, 1210x770, E5N6pISVUBQSXds.jpg)


File: 1625296081703.ogg (2.77 MB, 01 - Bye-Bye Lullaby.ogg)


whens the first post coco kson stream gonno be
is she gonno bring back her kson vtube avatar


any shows i should watch this season or should i just toss






whats toss


die skipper




vteen only comes here for the embeds


is it stonetoss




theres no hope for hima anymore in a sane world this norm would be permabanned and normnig would be panicking trying to blacklist his user agent and ip range




guess ill shower


crackin cerveza quatro


was tired all day NOT its past 2am and im NOT tired at all took some melatonin hope ill snooze soon


cant take any kind of depressive drug to sleep i just fight it so i can keep sitting at the rectangle


uhh melatonins NOT a drug


just gonno toss


its a hormone that youre artificially spiking the production of with pressed pills thats like saying dmt isnt a drug because it exists in our brains


i have a hormone deficiency i need to supp




too late to stream


woke up gonno sss


could easily crack ten blogs again tonight but already saw mom awake downstairs an hour ago theres no way i could get aNOTher 3 cans out of the fridge even if she is asleep


sigh used to be able to drink a fifth wake up perky now a few blogs n im out for the next day




youre saving money


found a way to get em up here but NOT only was she NOT asleep she was wide awake its too late to try again


shat showered shaved


getting the weird lower back aches again think my kidneys are shot


you only need one


ars is playing pachinko



hes basted


love coughing up phlegm makes me feel like a man



File: 1625304070474.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2000x2500, f1fd62b128e4e5485ff7c5fb5502d8b5.jpeg)


love pissing outside


wish i could piss outside


just walk on out there


wonder what its like to NOT have a penis


NOT that great


wish i could retract it and my balls internally while snoozing no reason to have it out in the open where it could get tangled or twisted in my sleep


dont understand ball design seems like a big flaw


body temperature is too high for semen production, that's why they're outside, and why they droop even lower when it's hot


oh what the fuck



have to be at least 30% body fat at this point this is getting out of hand


mom early woke shes getting blood and pee tests


wonder if doublejo would feel better with 2 cummers 2 kitties or one of each


monitor distance and placement doesnt feel right ive gotten to the point where im constantly measuring the distance of everything on my desk with a ruler constantly and it still feels off and wrong


known feel


why NOT adjust your chair and hunchback instead


dont even know where i put my level ive avoided touching my monitor for over a year now to NOT need it


need to get flipped


careful what you wish for


the mansion


thats a manor


why are the fireplaces burning on summer


File: 1625308282149.png (269.35 KB, 800x600, 1377974633491.png)


gonno need a nice scorpion seal on my doorknob


gonno write 07151129 on your door


almost threw up had to run to the bathroom



File: 1625311205600.png (662.1 KB, 750x913, Screenshot 2021-07-03.png)

nice bh chinks


nice skiptube posting about this retarded normshite yet again


waver is now bond 10


did you get kagetora to np5 yet


won a run in ftl hima





nice fgos gonno be down all day soon


is summer coming tomorrow


summer has been here for 2 weeks




File: 1625318571097.jpg (1.34 MB, 2503x3600, __original_drawn_by_kaisen_chuui__352dc3f1640d….jpg)

time to get on the train to go to work



woke up


hope youre ready to watch asmon play ff14


im ready


always unique totally interesting sometimes mysterious


too bad early game ff14 is extremely boring and he needs to play a 2 button rotation for dozens of hours before anything remotely fun happens


the same could be said of classic


hope he at least plays a dps class and NOT something boring like warrior


played one of those dragon people for like 2 hours told the girl who recommended the game to me about it she didnt respond never played it again she blocked me


the beginning is NOT boring you just need to get immersed


played until level 35 but i couldnt handle the tedium never played an mmorpg before just tried it cause it was final fantasy its a shame cause the world was cool and the multiplayer dungeons were fun but trudging around doing quests put me to sleep faster than 5 mg melatonin


couldhve gotten immersed if she actually played with me instead of just blocking me


got to 35 too when i unsubed out of boredom


how many days has it been since she talked to you


like 2 years


woke up barely might end up snoozing again


might throw some veggies in the air fryer today how does some fries sound


spermed hard gonno order food


wonder why norms even bother typing in stream chats with 50k viewers as if anyones gonno read what they say


dont watch any streams but himastreams im NOT a worshipper


oh flip hadnt jod for over a week and sperming hurt


you were backed up


love NOT joing for a week then edging for aNOTher


File: 1625325767806.png (1.41 MB, 736x737, unknown.png)


love typing kekw


File: 1625326192511.jpg (170.55 KB, 900x600, HID-Underglow.jpg)


more of an omegalul type of guy myself




nice doubleskip


hyaluronic acid starting to make me look kind of plasticy lets become dolls


my acid hasnt arrived yet


took a shower made some coffee and a pbh



ate a ton im stuffed


hope it wasnt carbs


snackin on turkey n taters


bored lookin for some manga to read



File: 1625330543044.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.87 KB, 1023x724, E5Pjt5xVcAMFre7.jpg)


File: 1625330751066.jpg (223.07 KB, 900x1273, 1540862065063.jpg)


File: 1625331035019.jpg (135.71 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san - 08 ….jpg)


picking my nose


any bloodboogs


guess ill read some yuri




File: 1625333125149.mp4 (16.99 MB, 1fRG9JOCBNtwpj1v.mp4)


seven lives for the emperor


File: 1625333276083.jpg (233.07 KB, 1536x2048, 1625327935505.jpg)

the hima foid




dont have za might make some fried rice


die chink


NOThin chink


crying for our japanese allies




japan ruined my life with their stupid cartoons


anime saved my life wouldve roped years ago


File: 1625333990001.webm (1.54 MB, 810x480, 18470411 c.webm)


will never forget my time in the light music club


sigh theyre almost in their thirties now


always hated ritsus massive forehead


those dreamlike days




translate it


wonder how often you see a gay man without knowing hes gay


File: 1625335939165.png (197.6 KB, 642x551, E5Y-bACXIAA2t-U.png)


thought he was gonno pick my server glad he picked normtuar instead hehe


rice is in the cooker




dont we all play on mateus


NOT a rper sorry


ya im on mateus


shited got a strange pale color hope thats NOT a sign


its a sign that youre still a baby


guess ill watch okayu


NOTiced a lot of girls that stream on niconico dont wash their hands after a shite


made some rice meat eggs butter soy msg ricotta mush


feasted n belched


gonno make chili moms freaking out because she bought discounted two day old meat yesterday and it still hasnt been cooked


groan got trolled by anidb again they said the wageslave isekai started today because they put the first episode up on nnd but its actually on friday


gonno latenorm this for the title alone


bored as shit at work forgot my airpods wish i was at home watching wonder egg


gth worknorm


wonder if that guy knows that pantsu.cat isnt gone they just moved to nyaa.net


sigh memory leak


memery leak


watame leak


you cant talk to the chadmin like that


thinking of buying a nice thin client to save mom money on the electricity bill


uhh yeah just spend 1500 to save 10 dollars a year


streams coming up soon gonno be lots of new features


uh theyre like 30 bucks and use 75 percent less electricity than a lightbulb


was thinking about getting a computer that uses less energy what does linus recommend


uh new haha


mom bought pizza wings hooo boy


im certain were gonno get the spark system tonight thats coming to jp next month


6 wings 3 slices and 1 can of pepsi phew im stuffed






slept like a sexy baby


whats sexy about a baby



NOT watchin an hour post the abridged version


you have NOThing but time


anderson should become a vtuber


he should shoot himself this norm has been a pitiful replacement for nice varg


gth heathen


hima is a pagan board



what the flip are pizza wings


hate when ive got a post in mind but dont know if i should make it on hima or ota







File: 1625357088155.webm (1.3 MB, 1280x720, sexy baby.webm)


dont know what teens see in this stuff


File: 1625357567982.png (269.9 KB, 538x480, nrms.png)

some twig told me i look like a supervillain
its time to become the evil that norms subconsciously desire to rule over them






what are my fellow norms up to this saturday evening


just woke up gonno play some league of legend


watching asmon do sastasha with some sprouts


eating a triple


good ol sastasha


File: 1625359043040.jpg (3.09 MB, 2160x3960, __satanichia_kurumizawa_mcdowell_gabriel_dropo….jpg)

i was just thinking about satanias little fat balloons earlier


leave the lady be


might become a low inhib sperg and start going to cons


File: 1625359828132.jpg (69.25 KB, 1280x720, [DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 06 (BD 720p) [4CD8EF18].mk….jpg)


never been to a con NOT gonno start now in my 30s


get that older cosplay going flip some con booty


youll end up wandering around by yourself like a loser and getting angry at the panels when the norms show they dont actually watch anime and then youll get brave and horny enough to try talking to a cosplayer and it turns out shes a teen and they kick you out and post pictures of you on social media


its NOT fair why are these norms allowed to be happy and im NOT havent i suffered enough


its NOT about fairness its about fate suffering is all relative


my suffering is absolute


why NOT become evil then


the normworks have started


it could be worse


heard some normworks tested yesterday n today jumped out of me skin the real show hasnt started yet


norms love making loud noises


itll disguise the gunshots


dont think ive played any fps made in the last 15 years



i got doom eternal in the steam sale also played doom 4 last year


theres a 4


the one released in 2016 dont know how else to differentiate it


had to look it up its the neo doom from a few years ago


flip a bug just went inside my monitor


nyaas root ip is blocked on verizon isps


downloading my anime with tor the hard way with torrent files instead of magnet links because xdg-open doesnt work with tor also the default download path for tor browser is retardedly long and hard to remember


uh you arent supposed to do that


keep hearing the shadowbringers theme in my head


about to fire up noita for the first time anyone want me to stream


stream sexy witch nobeta instead


sigh just fucking kill me already


might NOT even have been human the whole time


im already a demon


simply hate being the only sane person in a world of freaks


always picked a redguard and spent hours just stealing things in elder scrolls games


the fact that youre locked in here with us means you might be the biggest freak of all


File: 1625364086422.jpeg (231.46 KB, 768x1086, f6faac484a31dfb4d462e33974ea33e6.jpeg)

nama beeru onegai


shes gonno spill it im NOT tipping for that


File: 1625364883167.jpg (116.88 KB, 1440x457, bruh.jpg)


mindblowing how norms will try to ban sexy ladyta artwork because it harms nonexistent children then go on pornhub and get off to exploited women instead


classic eye and his foid research


might conduct an experiment where i go to the foid board and post hima screencaps


identify more with the demons in doom


how about you find the fastest way to commit suicide instead


how about just killing yourself instead you dumb norm


dont think most of the posters in this thread realize that porn doesnt have to be 3d


ban the suicide enablers


what are obvious signs of someone addicted to porn


death before dishonor


foids would never understand gooning


love goonin with the boys


File: 1625365593044.jpg (250.71 KB, 1283x820, obvious.jpg)


why do jews want me to jo


might have something to do with steaing your foreskin


having chuuni thoughts


File: 1625365993683.jpg (447.34 KB, 1293x1470, low e.jpg)

found out we ruined sex


always have chuuni thoughts


getting tired of porn usually i skim through 20 or more videos before i find one that fits my mood and even then it just doesnt arouse me i am disgusted with the shameless whore and the chad on the screen just thinking about their past experiences to get to this point revolts me and i realize sexnorms are NOT even living on the same planet as me


File: 1625366100350.jpg (203.57 KB, 1304x690, anime.jpg)

didnt realize how much they hate porn also weird you would be insecure about posting anime on an imageboard


sounds like you might get along


cant find something arousing if theres a penis or man in it


how do you know theres a man in it if theres no penis


really have no idea how so many norms can enjoy pornographs it makes me literally feel sick to hear some chad say things like oh yeah baby oh yeah and then the plastic bimbo sits on his 12 inch penis and they make disgusting noises i tried the amateur stuff too and it just made me feel awful because i missed out on my chance at a teengf and seeing some chubby norm get a bone doesnt do it for me either


fire up a nice jav


only watch enkou


hate when i tell mom to get me some chocmilk and she gets the big jug how the flip am i supposed to sip on that


she wants to chug jug with you


i dont share


that foid is obviously biased if she posted that on an imageboard but shes giving good advice on what NOT to do at least


hate foids hate pornnorms


wish jan would start deleting and banning any posts with screencaps from that roastboard


simply skip




need some supervillain powers besides inceldom


this place is boring post whatever you want flip the haters they have nowhere else to go anyway


thats an onseki post


File: 1625367364234.webm (3.96 MB, 450x300, 1625112579251.webm)

ill post this then


hate this guy


File: 1625367466679.jpg (347.77 KB, 1200x900, 1625356435336.jpg)


die chadmin


sigh norm hours guess ill watch some anime


hate nature



always wanted to own a human skull


love a good mobile post


love sippin on my starbs and himaposting with the gang on my iphone


i exlusively post from my phone and also only post from home


probably shouldnt have tarded out and mindbroken myself with several years of isolation and wallstaring


NOT like theres anything better to do


nice sounds like fun


you just gotta take one from a human you can probably find a human anywhere but its illegal to kill them


bank wont let me overdraw to buy kebab guess im NOT eating today


chilis on the burner hima might fire up some cdogs once the raids over


dont understand how the worlds smartest australian struggles to afford food


uhh how can you NOT afford food theres food banks that just give you food for free


its complicated


nobodys been banned for 2 weeks


its over


the norms


File: 1625369662909.jpg (59.6 KB, 546x550, fren.jpg)

no bans


never had a real friend remotely as close as any computer friend guess the chinese guy would be the closest


dont think ive ever experienced love dont even know what it means even though i spend all my time reading teen romance manga


think i have but norms will tell me i havent since you can only have real love in a relationship


never had an online friend if i could do that id just make an irl friend instead


gonno stream undertale


online friends fell all over you if you played wow in 2005 thats where i got mine



only scaped


love is a pretty word norms came up with to define the biological urges of norms to seek out others for safety or breeding


weird how backlink hover only works on https


no idea what youre talking about there was no https for years and it worked


nice rick and morty quote


started crying at some point i wasnt even doing or thinking about anything but there were tears on my face maybe im getting allergic to something


sigh wish i could just turn off my brain and experience pleasure from norm interests they always seem like theyre having so much fun but i just had to be cursed with more nuanced tastes


never cry really maybe once every two years


ah yes your highbrow interests that include watching cartoons or clicking pixels or yanking on your penis while staring at drawings


sometimes tear up watchin anime dont normally cry though


felt more emotion from cartoons movies and games than reality


thats because youre autistic and you pick up more on the exaggerated expressions and dialog than you do with real life things





disgusting foid


im NOT autism i just live inside of my own head what i can imagine is usually worse than the reality


cripplemom having a harder time getting up had to move a bass amplifier next to her chair so she had something stable to push off of


i like when she takes off her makeup and blends in perfectly as jap foid #459835


feet pics please queen


hope traingirl is doing alright


leave her alone


just asked her she said shes fine


she blocked me on line


cant believe nevadas almost 30


wish to mate with jap foid #459823


same would love to wed and breed a nice plumber jp onna


did you copy the number wrong or was that deliberate


bastard that one is reserved



wonder why the freak turned off his jbw perk when he went to japan


wish i knew how to activate my jbw perk


shouldve paid attention to the tutorial


its NOT even real


think about the other traingirl more than traingirl


why do you think so much about a girl you only saw once


ive seen her hundreds of times


skipped my life tutorial


simply take a trip to tutorial island


because she looked at me like she recognized me and was smiling all big like i was supposed to say or do something or she was mistaking me for a minor celebrity and i walked past her and looked back 15 feet later and she was still looking and smiling and then i ran


sigh im still stuck on tutorial island think this game is bugged


uh what the flip are you talking about


think running qualifies you for volcel status


tried to run couple years ago couldnt make it to half a mile thought i was gonno die


saw https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsuko_Deluxe in japan he came to the arcade i was at and started interviewing people while bud was owning some japs at guilty gear


im pretty sure foids dont act like that when they find someone attractive maybe she was softbrained just one of those mysteries you think about when wallstaring but will never solve


dont post mobile links idiot


just needs practice to expand your lung capacity will be able to run 3 miles in 3 months


hes been doing it all flipping night its anarchy


stop ignoring the mild curiosity of the event just because i forgot to delete the m




think i just got bluepilled


File: 1625372312547.jpg (101.96 KB, 265x376, Barazoku_no_63.jpg)


hate that they destroyed teldrassil in wow just to spice things up for their dumbteen storyline ill never forgive them


and that was after they destroyed darkshore too what the flip is their problem



that was popular as hell on the vidya back then


why dont real lesbians ever look like that


enjoy the bh comments when someone draws a yuri girl getting flipped hard


think i identify more with yuri romance




nice femboys


been doing NOThing for 3 hours hate the imageboard cycle


wow a whole three hours guess that makes you a truhikkineet


sometimes i miss cup ramen
i liked to let it steep for just a minute or so i liked the noodles to have a little stiffness and a rough texture to them


uhh cupmen still exists


you wouldnt understand used to do it 16 hours a day or sometimes stay up 30 hours doing it but i said goodbye to the imageboard life so even an hour is too much just sometimes relapse


NOT in my world


feeling empty


hate when failed neets come back to imageboards to brag about their lives


love neeting it up during the 16 hours between da club closing and opening again


australia is under a 2 week lockdown because of supercovid so hes a 2weekneet now


ate ten seafood cups a week at one point i love them so damn much curry gets old


uhh i thought covid was over


NOThing to brag about no gf no friends probably just going to get fired someday for NOT being an enthused twig zoomer who spends every hour of his free time on his bitcoin app but still has a gf unlike me


its full of chinks


turn the jbw perk back on


they started selling the big boxes of fake cheeze its at aldi a hefty 21 ounces of cheesy baked goodness its at least two meals for me


what came first cheezits or cheesenips


dont think jbw works when youre in a majority white country and the norms wont let you leave due to their virus


always preferred nips store stopped stocking them


when turt says jbw he means just be attractive sociable tall employed and NOT a homosexual


wiki says cheez its are 1921 and cheese nips are 1955


nips are made with real cheddar


i thought australia was bought by china it should be full of chinks begging for a pale skinned intellectual with a tech job


actually whites are the minority in my tech department


what the flip it says theyre discontinued




so you mean like a norm


NOT even cheese nips are safe what the flip bought them weekly


out of 25 devs only 4 are white bit weird now that i think about it


ban this worknorm


they were canceled for being racist


been two months and they still havent sent me an unemployment check at this point its a waiting game i have to win so i can get that fat back pay


nabisco makes better cheddars and cheeze nips are too similar to those plus cheez it has way more varieties





dont think anyone gets banned anymore but dont want to point this out too loudly since i might get banned


ban normseki


im innocent


wouldnt consider most norms to be attractive or tall


im NOT that kind of guy officer


File: 1625374116151.jpg (162.04 KB, 1920x1080, [YuiSubs] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu - 01….jpg)


sigh satoko


love how the stupid whore tried to relate with rena and even apologized but didnt even consider giving back the money she stole from her dad glad she got owned


hows the mousepad looking


renas dad still deadnames her


no he doesnt rena just sounds like reina


did you know theres a kanji name thats commonly read both rena and reina dont know if its renas one though


nips are flippin tards


im tard


File: 1625374639288.webm (2.28 MB, 1280x720, scars.webm)


weird how rena does all that prepper work then attacks an adult woman with her bare hands


the norms did this


wanna know how i got these scars


she was NOT supposed to enter the van she got caught off guard


File: 1625374792668.jpeg (102.39 KB, 618x496, whale.jpeg)

whales have spots on them filled with barnacles and whale lice

one whale has thousands of lice


rena still preferred celdad over her ceo mom despite her buying 10 parfaits on their semiyearly outing sigh what a good girl


this guy was obviously a bad guy right




just went back and listened he defiantly says re*na


have never seen a great man come from a father figureless childhood


File: 1625375334475.jpg (401.49 KB, 1100x825, Whale-Lice.jpg)

they probably can NOT even feel any of the lice or barnacles but its kind of sad that they have no way to scratch themselves or kill them


nice whale nice lice fun fact whale lice are NOT insects


would love to live out my existence attached to a whale


most american men end up doing just that


satoko banner


get the chair


File: 1625376106695.jpg (120.28 KB, 750x731, hima.jpg)


havent played a multiplayer game since i was a teen


third night in a row of using the same paper plate for dogs think the chilis gonno grease a hole right through it



youre gonno get sick


just realized ange goes to the same school


wish i had a sliced kiwi to go with that cup ramen
and maybe a hotdog since that guy mentioned them
with slaw and chili and chowchow and mustard


File: 1625377491996.jpg (396.89 KB, 992x1403, 3d3f7aaeca0636ff7854383f471f08d0.jpg)


gotta love morgan lily






had to eat them over the sink loaded too much chili they were disintegrating


die norm


cant stream im tard


you dont have to be smart to stream you just have to believe you can


too smart to have confidence


gymnorms btfo



ufo leaks are heating up whats out there and can we kill it


think i might be an alien


feel like my mind has accumulated an extra 50 years worth of decay and rust since the last time i listened to the flcl ost regularly


what leaks post em



ban his ass is glowing


think i overdid it hima fired up a bowl of cocoa puffs and aNOTher blog after those dogs


youre NOT supposed to eat sugar cereal


File: 1625380387575.jpg (115.46 KB, 552x656, IMG_9007.jpg)


really needed your highly artifacted iNorm image to tell me that the norms are demented


File: 1625380506775.webm (596.95 KB, 640x360, gay marriage.webm)


File: 1625380609017.jpg (127.23 KB, 800x600, 15932157896802.jpg)


weird to think girls poop


NOT that weird foids are grosser in men in every way you dont see me piss blood every month


whats so special about this its stuff we already knew from project normbook and close encounters that have no evidence


feel weird




might have been the dogs gonno try this technique




gonno try and sleep without the melatonin this time


wish i was as paste as carl


the toon teens


go back to eating your chips with chopsticks tryhard


ive never tried hard at anything in my life when i start ill be a millionaire in no time just dont have the motivation


love the ol smart but lazy cope


if it wasnt true id be working 60 hour weeks down at the plant and paying for 4 kids and a wife like neetblog


woke up


crying for you


File: 1625389652839.webm (1.93 MB, 640x360, wake up2.webm)


i would literally murder her if i awoke to that noise in my room what an annoying cunt


hima dont forget to log in on fgo today lots of stuff happening im about to take a shower and then start rolling for da vinci


File: 1625390924590.png (1.84 MB, 1447x2047, __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_iva23_iva23….png)


could never jo to swimsuits


youre supposed to be joing to the breasticles theyre holding in


why do i start wishing i had aNOTher blog the second i finish the last one every time without fail unless im already puking


wonder what the bbq pit boys are gonno cook up for 4th of july


NOT cooking shite just gonno grill up some more dogs and pretend like i didnt already have 10 of them in the last 3 days


showered hard feeling refreshed


im rolling hima hehe


15 tickets and NOT much luck gonno stop and eat and watch some vids and resume later at least got valkyrie and one copy of the five stars ce which is good


nice addict


woke up made cereal n banana for cripplemom


File: 1625396340723.jpeg (331.79 KB, 1535x1852, 06202e3daf91b143cdfbea4cfad64622.jpeg)




sexy cat


how are the japs so much better at drawing furries





got da vinci hima


File: 1625398196671.jpg (84.56 KB, 1024x1024, ccs.jpg)



grats i got her too after like 400 quartz got okita from the gssr


File: 1625403975782.png (473.22 KB, 646x1742, Untitled.png)


hate maskfrauds



how long do you have to do nofap before your cat starts looking like this


2 days


File: 1625405539707.jpg (519.11 KB, 1448x2048, E5cuoREVoAAYNJn.jpg)



need a drug problem yamu gf



File: 1625406934017.jpg (1.32 MB, 3000x2250, shinsengumi.jpg)



woke up gonno get some snacks and watch the big stream


uh what stream




love da vinci hima im crying


my eyes feel really sensitive hima is that a post covid symptom


your vision has been augmented


ya augmented just backwards


File: 1625412367078.jpg (112.66 KB, 1200x918, E5dbcgCUYAUMvWR.jpg)


dont post the next one


woke up



that dog is poorly trained it shouldnt be pulling like that


hate dognorms


made bologna sandwich for cripplemom she said i used too much mayo


youre supposed to use mustard


cant spell mustard without must


used both


a tard mustard


i must tard


mom said to use mayo to fry the melt almost raged


only use mayo for tuna salad n egg salad only salads ill eat havent had any in a while


how about potat sald


dont touch that shite


its a packdog


whats packdog




finished my remote viewing reps


dont listen to >>1219766
post it


nice enternorm


just realized i havent seen kumo since episode 21


didnt watch


File: 1625422763556.jpg (213.76 KB, 900x1200, E5dYns0UcAAyEa0.jpg)


neighbors making thumping sounds again im going crazy


didnt ask dont ever reply to me again


can feel the floors vibrating one day im gonno bomb this miserable place


grat what about your gssr



didnt roll for gssr i only have 1 paid quartz left and wont let them scam me into buying 24+24 for a 15 roll


you have to roll the gssr its only 15 dollars and you get a free ssr get moms credit card she will never know


love blowing moms money on jpeg roulette


its NOT 15 its 23.99 because bonus quartz cant be used


so what moms paying for it gssr only happens twice a year


was feeling weird and just checked my blood pressure its 70/50


gonno unlock the anniversary blond code with my 5 prisms



is that good


its hypotension


is that bad




im oogin


have some coffee


just walk it off


File: 1625425598671.jpg (1.72 MB, 1771x1125, 6141174.jpg)


ate some salt



that norm wouldnt know what anxiety meant if he got a papercut on the dictionary entry


holy flipping cringe


simply overcome your anxiety


File: 1625427183404.jpg (147.52 KB, 1000x750, E5eHNuSUUAENhcf.jpg)

woke up


always atsu instead of its hot


she just woke up



havent logged in in weeks


eating rice


dropped a solid neetclog for the first time in days


hemorrhoids getting worse


how are linebreaks norm




dont understand hemorrhoids how does your shitepipe turn inside out just from sitting all day


the fgo paypigs disgust me


theyre dopamine addicts in their purest form you gotta respect them


like crack addicts


was trying to find pics of that game room in hokkaido or wherever with a dozen tvs and every console thats covered in filth truly sickening to see how many norms go there to plunder their game stores after jacking prices in the west to the moon the noble japanese dont hoard they simply game


love walking around in my wk attire giving foids undeserved compliments that they receive several times a day until i get a cel violation and get taken downtown for questioning


japs hoard havent you seen onv


theyre a collective and as a collective they dont


love worshiping slant eyed insects


NOThin worship



cravin sugar


makin metlof


mom suggested unprompted that i make chili dogs hehe little does she know






gonno stop drinking normfee its the drink of jobhavers


File: 1625432281606.jpg (121.27 KB, 960x720, King of Braves GaoGaiGar - 05 (BD 960x720 x264….jpg)

love coffee


it makes me hack up a lung because i normally wake up dehydrated and dont eat until dinner


drank a gallon of water so far today and im parched again


had coffee once it tasted like shite never had it again after that


that means its working


might try to get into energy drinks instead and experience what i missed out on as a teen


dont get coffee why NOT simply take caffeine pills


i would probably stay up for two days at a time and give myself a heart attack if i could just take a pill instead of choke down vile beanwater


miss the adderall you simply have no idea


uh just get some


took adderall 15 years ago to study cant remember what it felt like



File: 1625433351591.png (701.97 KB, 1024x1024, f0056c88c5e048449260550e7787bf1b.png)


coffees healthy energy drinks are poison


thats what big coffee wants you to think


moms making ribs


never liked ribs


mom amde coffee gonno sip


whats NOT to like


too many bones too messy the meats NOT that good either


coffee tastes great


if you dont like a good rib you dont know how to cook one


maybe he just doesnt like ribs norms say the same thing about steak but ive never enjoyed one


now youve got this guy going


hate ribs love steak


theyre right about that too


anyone else hate norms


damn good loaf damn good


File: 1625435753347.jpg (139.21 KB, 848x1200, E5dZYpVVUAQ9kok.jpg)


you cant say that this is the normboard


saw the front page of the normspaper again feeling despondent just hope the hispandex decide to start hanging niggers again once theyre the majority


havent seen a normspaper in years


nice vampire reference ~ hehe




cant believe the only NOTable 4th gen retired now what


hope moms retirement plans work out shes probably got around twenty years left theres NOT going to be any way to avoid the hellscape after that


what about the inheritance


now you stop worshiping vfoids


you could go to college start a career then retire in that time if you save it all


if there is any ill burn it so the norms cant have it


File: 1625437308798.webm (2.82 MB, 480x600, 1625250535340.webm)


wonder why we dont burn money to reverse inflation


inflation is a meme


i want my baby back baby back baby back baby back


im inflating


nice plumper


no point in doing any of that normshit now were in the endgame


hope my stats are high enough


never bothered leveling just played minigames and read the lore wiki


want to go to the steakhouse in town for the all you can eat ribs but dont want to look like the fat loser sitting alone for 2 hours eating ribs wish we had that rent a friend thing that japan has


just need to abandon your self awareness


call up the hindenburgblog hed be grateful for a chance to get away from the wife and kids


ate rice still hungry have some more rice but NOT really feelin it wish i had some pizza


going to die and find out i was always right about everything


gonno roll for nice hassan


eatin oats


gonno crack some lite blogs and get those dogs on the grill told mom i dont want to watch the normworks on tv because the united states is rapidly collapsing and it feels wrong to watch mimed celebration from people who want it to burn


NOT doing anythin didnt even get dogs


told mom i need a weapon


nice schizo


makes me sad to see you use that normmeme hima used to have an average iq of at least 120


iq is a normeme


hate when 100 iq norms use that on anything they dont understand


im tard


how is the us rapidly collapsing


the regressive left


it dropped after he was arrested


love using my 172iq and 4.0gpa to beg on the internet for kebab money


what a coincidence so do i



had a dream a girl let me flip her


what do you mean by let did she do it out of pity or was it a gf or a hooker or what


wish to be pityflipped by a kind lady


pityflip doesnt exist


what makes you say that


it was weird i was part of some program where they put cels together and the girl i got paired with was rude at first but she started kissing and we did this for a while before she let me flip there was also a group of other people in the room but they werent doing anything so i ignored them


the rude girl


because i have never once heard of a confirmed case of it and for a pityflip to happen would mean that foids would need to have empathy of which they do NOT


nice low inhib chad flipping girls while the himacels are forced to watch


wish i could stay in my dreams


wish i could remember my dreams


File: 1625440979426.jpg (108.03 KB, 640x853, nxrjjdfhxcg41.jpg)


tylenol always gives me good dreams


had a dream where okayu and towa had a collab except they were both male and hosts at a host club


heck yah dennys


wonder how many showed up


the dookmoot


love going to the cel meet just to get mogged by larping jbwers


two guys the organizer one other cel plus five feminists and a few antifa to peacefully disrupt


File: 1625441465649.webm (2.16 MB, 320x626, 1625373454804.webm)


File: 1625441556655.jpg (4.93 MB, 2894x3197, __inugami_korone_nekomata_okayu_ookami_mio_and….jpg)

thanks for coming to the dinner glad you could make it


this is what i think of whenever i see a norm mindlessly scrolling through their tikgram feed


phew nice smok


cant imagine live without tuber