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this is it


nah flip you norm sick of you making threads a week in advance just so everyone uses them


sigh threadrage hours


thread endorsed




wall ant spotted its over


love wall ants love drain flies


hate both


woke up still feverish huge headache and joints hurt too


that proves the vaccine is working


sigh kanaguy cant believe his friend abandoned him




File: 1624581343060.gif (239.05 KB, 300x250, 1lh34bs4d0ZZCl.gif)


nice pickme


nice flippin windows 11 so much for 10 being the last os


do something about the raider


File: 1624581931687.jpg (25.53 KB, 265x273, 567.jpg)




eyes are hurting


yet again no blog in the opening post what is happening to us


the norms are taking over


is this the thread




what happened to the real big blog thread


would make a real thread but cant handle the pressure havent made one in years it might NOT live up to minnas expectations


nice android app support dont have to rely on emu anymore


File: 1624584857783.jpg (187.01 KB, 1280x1226, 1624554761468.jpg)


when is pastamod going to drop the hammer on the norm making these threads


still cant believe they skipped windows 9


im NOT upgrading still on 7


sigh lulu graduating tubing is over


theres no other tuber like lulu its over


to make it work on your machine you just have to open your bios and change a setting to turn on your inhibitor chip


can make eye contact but dont know when or how to look away


windows 11 facebook edition


ate some rice n canned salmon


mom asked me to get the mail havent walked past that part of the driveway in months


which one is lulu again


nova lox type viber



hate having face to face conversation with female only thinking about where to direct my eyes the entire time end up just looking to the side of them and looking at their face every 10 seconds or so


dont hate it simply dont do it


think im gonno spend all of my gil on some nice sleeping bags and grind




is mindlink ok




File: 1624588001285.png (1.67 KB, 256x240, Final Fantasy (Japan) (Rev B)_000001.png)

time to grind this bitch into dust


wheres the stream


wouldnt be fun to watch me spend 30 seconds tabbing back to hima for every 5 seconds of gameplay


stream stream


stream or i rage


stream you gotta flippin stream


nah maybe once i get to 4 since ive already played it


NOT streaming until blog threads are back


make one


got me coffee wheres the stream


where is my real big blog thread you buddies


wait what the flip sleeping bags dont refill your magic slots screw this gonno watch normime instead


feeling awful still


dont think ive spent a whole day feeling healthy since elementary school


File: 1624589757486.png (Spoiler Image, 302.66 KB, 660x649, 1624584042541.png)


woke up hi


rubbed my eyes but forgot had hydrocortizone rubbed down there below my eyes this morning its still there so rubbing up in my eyes just now also spread a little of that hydrocortizone into my eyes and it feels weird


nb gave me a job sigh never had to do a hit before im scared


rinse your eyeballs out in the shower fool


it was raining today now night cant see the moon what if go out nightrunning and look up at the sky raindrops


bored thinking about what to do theres NOThing to do


you must stream


what the flip would i stream




your wallstaring


woke up as a sissy femboy


did you accidentally leave a nice sissy hypno vid playing while you snoozed


no it was supposed to be on the sigma male hypno vid


File: 1624592653213.jpg (300.93 KB, 1340x1690, 85551453_p10.jpg)


you cant learn to be sigma i was born this way


think its time for a new wallpaper


File: 1624593330102.jpg (325.25 KB, 972x1250, E4pFlW7VIAoJt95.jpg)

this is mine


my new wallpaper was a blue reflection screenshot from when mio is out in the rose garden at night and then replaced it with aNOTher screenshot of mio in these old moss covered ruins



should i buy nioh its on sale


i dont buy games im a criminal


havent had a wallpaper that wasnt just a solid color in years


what vpn do you use


vpn what the flip


nioh owns


still didnt finish the end of nioh




first game ever beat was some pc game in the 90s


played nioh for an hour and got bored


im a quitter


dirts starting to solidify my pjs may need to do laundry


woke up with a big horny bone


ill be in shortly


nice puberty


File: 1624595675772.png (Spoiler Image, 658.02 KB, 1275x717, e8330e2dbb6dd19443104f4b64d32310.png)



watched the first started watching the second dropped it it wasnt as good



File: 1624596584446.webm (3.91 MB, 640x360, 1624536194492.webm)




they ruined it after the alpha


should i play nier automata




its probably good if you dont care about it ruining the story of the series


should i play NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139




what should i play then




played enough scape for one lifetime already


play anything just stream


theres NOThing to play


its over


lets make a game


wish to play connect four with my himabros at the mansion


hima is so kafkaesque


brimming with excitement thinking about the fastfood ill get tomorrow


mom left some rice and fish cubes for me


chop me up pack me in a cube


looking through stream mindblowing theres thousands of games and NOT a single good one other than darkie sigh wish theyd bring over bloodborne already


youre being closed minded


name a good game


video games are childrens toys


im manchild




miss when i was the age when it was funny to be a virg instead of being the age when people are visibly frightened and reach for a phone to call the police


never grew up how do norms just become adults and suddenly know how to do things like pay bills and drive


still need to take my car to the mechanic dont even know how to make an appointment


mom started teaching me to Drive 14 years ago and i dont have a license


might fire up a jogame


was violated heroine ever finished


fix it yourself dont let some other man fondle your machines


dont know still have a version from 5 years ago


no it just keeps getting additions from different devs sigh really liked the story too




could only do easy things like changing bulbs or oil dont have enough disposable income to be one of those asperger baby boomers trying to repair some old car


dont know how to change oil wonder if it needs a change havent thought about it in years


File: 1624599300711.png (8.2 KB, 165x162, Serena.png)


found moms curler and curled my eyelashes


File: 1624599438847.png (166.4 KB, 640x480, Actor1.png)

fire up asylum


wheres the stream


now thats a woman


File: 1624599538275.jpg (1.42 MB, 1246x2008, E4rlykaVcAAR2Xy.jpg)


camt wait for classic fresh


oog female form me worship


simply love the female form hate the female mind


foids have been deified in this era and its pathetic


love shabs hate roasts


cant wait for mom to wake me up with a nice breakfast baconator


get the triple idiot


File: 1624600275706.png (1.52 MB, 2048x2048, 0360ed8a2282cd14cde309490485f2ea.png)


sudo apt-get install wendys


hate their burgs


is she ok


she has been snapped


never had a breakfast baconator whats it like


i need to be snapped


wonder what its like to be sexy enough that the possibility of being snapped is a real threat





mom gave me a lottery ticket won aNOTher ticket



have invalid winning lottery tickets on my desk from christmas that i was too avoidant to redeem


wish mom would win the lottery jackpot already


win the lottery fund the mansion


eating tostino pizza rolls


File: 1624601846214.jpg (310.11 KB, 1720x2048, E4p2is_VkAwo0wa.jpg)



48 hour flash flood watch


nice totse rolls


bored but NOT ready to snooze i slept until 3pm


prime time to stream


havent been allowed to stream since the incident


cant stream ill flip up and dox myself


is your wallpaper your social security card or something




File: 1624603652587.jpg (1.89 MB, 4000x1824, mg.jpg)


File: 1624603725718.webm (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 1558349501320.webm)


paste spermchug


the nigger girls


gonno toss some tiles




im raging


give me a minute


too late gonno snooze


File: 1624604398353.png (2.22 MB, 1092x1276, baste.png)

simply love college educated middle class females with children


i dont get it


what am i supposed to be looking at here


simply have to grab aNOTher blog thought i could get where i needed to be with 4 but its just NOT possible


you have a problem


and a solution


ok ill explain the post it depicts the aftermath of panic buying and according to the literature the demographic most likely to panic buy is the one i mentioned


panic buying what


toilet paper


wonder how they wiped before tp what did soldiers wipe with


had five blogs last night knocked me flat guess im getting weaker


File: 1624605449332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.89 MB, 3274x2315, 80789979_p0.jpg)


moms making me get a haircut in about 2 hours feelin the anxiety hard


tp shortage didnt even last very long everyone was angry about it but they didnt realize gorona was going to be a problem for 2 years


ya solved it by grabbing two instead


uhh 2 years


dont understand the point of panic buying tp you can just take a shower why NOT panic buy snacks


itll be fine


its happening again here the city is about to go into lockdown because of a staggering 20 cases in the last 24 hours


think i could break that just need a weapon


love a nice bowl of salted watermelon


nice cowardly europeans


tp plz


cant sleep so well after the incident


saw a jiyuu no tsubasa backpack adorning the frame of a nice 5 foot tall asian girl after getting off the train thought about propositioning her for sex but then i remembered youre instantly labeled a creep if you do that as a male in 2021


its flipping 230 am n hot as heck i cant snooze like this


simply turn on the nice air conditioner


dont want to let it run all night im NOT made of money


she would have roved you rong time asians are more traditional than spoiled western whores they know their place


File: 1624606317480.png (909.8 KB, 1234x904, 90601032_p0.png)


nice 3 face


i have a 5 head


tell her to just buy you a nice pair of clippers instead of wasting time and money having some norm do it for you


i tried that before and she told me it was too ugly


too ugly for who youre already cel


mom always said i was handsome


the young version of her would look at you in disgust


mom said if she was my age she would date me in a heartbeat that creeped me out


ya mom said any girl who would date such a handsome and intelligent man like me would be the luckiest girl in the world


its your chance


hehe nice delusionmom bet she truly believes it too


think shes retarded from all the lead paint and leaded gas in the 60s and 70s


sigh used to love the smell of glue


love getting the girlfriend talk every month from mom where she tells me old yarns about how she met this boyfriend and that boyfriend and how i simply need to go out and meet people like her


never understood the go outside meme go outside where


to the mall


thought paste bezos made malls extinct


wish i was bezos


then where are the goths


in 2006


on tumblr


File: 1624607587507.jpg (674.28 KB, 2730x4096, 1624074358690.jpg)


the only gamestop and eb games within half an hour of the house used to be in the mall back then


couldve made millions if i bought gme


could be a zillionaire if i hadnt sold my amc


my stock is up 0.38% today nice nice


might funnel my savings into coins NOT like it was doing much for me anyway


im up 3.5% hehe


whats the point of normal stocks after experiencing meme stock growth



simply buy real estate n become a slumlord


should i buy some nokia stocks


buy stocks in civil war its surging any day now


gave up fired up the ac


always keep the ac on even in winter


pulled out more gray hairs wonder if i should use hair dye when it gets worse


wish it was winter october to february or march are the only good parts of the year


love winter love opening the window when its subzero out



were reptile scorpion and subzero supposed to be related i think they used the same guy for all the animations


think id probably like idols vtubers streamers if i tried them but i got my pride


File: 1624609029776.jpg (25.53 KB, 265x273, 567.jpg)


got NOThin but my pride



dont like violent games


no they are just japanese so they look alike



these must take a lot of time for a few hundred views think he might have the tism



hes jacking to them


think ill get a sams club membership


think ill get a super cub membership



where the dookbros at


want to talk to the nice young ladies of cc but theyll ban



nice beauford



empty inside


File: 1624613111549.jpeg (12.83 KB, 739x415, sp.jpeg)



what a coincidence i was just thinking about sex


uh nobody said anything about sex and you probably do that 24/7 anyway


might stream but too hard to set up in such a way that i wont turbodox myself


File: 1624614058748.mp4 (4.91 MB, jo.mp4)


File: 1624614129971.jpg (3.35 MB, 2268x2982, 86606619_p0.jpg)


havent watched a nice hentai in over a decade


phew some nice females there bros love it when they have sex getting my dick out for a jo



im oogin and im boogin


used to hate when i would forget to take sage off and was the only sagenorm currently on the board so it would become obvious which posts were mine


love pretending to be japanese by using sage


love a nice sage




its sage as in sageru NOT sage


i disagree


who said otherwise


its air fryer time


wish i could be happy



cant remember the last time i was NOT happy im neeting it up on moms dime gaming eating and snoozing whenever i please what more can i ask for


a gf


sigh want


im volcel


chills getting stronger hima still feverish and the headache wont go away have been sleeping for the past days without doing much else




told you NOT to get the gatesjab fool


headache started over 14 days ago didnt post about it because i thought it would go away


why didnt you eat the garlic idiot


i eat garlic with my rice often dont think thats the problem


cant believe if i worked at subway with pikamee shed pretend to hug me then duck away at the last second and tell her viewers later about what a creep i am




File: 1624619271376.jpg (116.15 KB, 662x1230, E4uEF3GUcAA9jaR.jpg)


File: 1624620277664.jpg (96.97 KB, 813x618, hatred.jpg)


back from the haircut got mogged hard by the barber




did he ask if you had a gf


asked chadbarber to make my hair like his but discovered the next day i need his magic gel to style it right otherwise it looks like it hasnt been but at all


just want someone to understand


File: 1624621518446.jpg (1.07 MB, 1167x1785, E4o4TOvVcAg8J1W.jpg)


understand what





hello miss how about some sex




sigh hes so filial




pikamee is playing amongus with hinata





got my 500 days login bonus quartz


File: 1624625273539.jpg (1.24 MB, 1078x1500, __original_drawn_by_natuna_natu__4e9dc06d1625c….jpg)

time for your checkup hima




sigh why flipping go on


File: 1624628444688.jpg (83.49 KB, 640x800, a1ec109088a5cb8ece78837c4faf466f.jpg)

a flapper must flip


hate when people think you're supposed to flip papika when shes just the male and cocona is the one to flip




in the end death claims us all


probably start seeing stuff like this towards the end


you can see her now if you tulpa her into existence


yeah and by the time youre able to manifest tulpas youre barely hanging onto sanity


might try astral projecting


lets meet up


knew you were quoting that post hehe


tulpad the sussman by accident


File: 1624635010870.jpg (1.74 MB, 1540x2993, E4lXLvdVIAQ0xbZ.jpg)


File: 1624635187796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.25 KB, 1500x1427, 3ad22e314a5c1d4a11be6d1f5fc18b14.jpg)


NOT sure i can accomodate that


would you suck it yes or no


never understood why ancient romans loved manass


because without makeup foids over the age of 16 look disgusting and smell weird


woke up slept in longer than usual


woke up at noon upset that couldnt say happy morning thought about saying happy morning anyways even though it was late but then woke up for real and it was 7 am


why are norms so fat and retarded


NOThin happy about the mornin


they didnt they loved boyass



checked and kekd




nice dubs


ars is riding the tard elevator


didnt know the arse animal still steamed


spermed to a nice mommy doujin gonno snooze


nice oedipus


wish i had a big boob plumpermom


plenty of single plumpermoms out there


love a nice plumper singlemom preferably with 5 kiddos from 3 fathers


it doesnt do me any good if its someone elses mom unfortunately my mom is a twig womanlet


uh you cant flip your own mom


we cant flip anyone


im NOT a flipper cant flip wont flip NOT gonno happen


mindblowing how foids will get knocked up n just go have aNOTher used to think giving birth hurt are they all m


File: 1624639884085.jpg (31.42 KB, 614x342, 1624639823413.jpg)


dont feel like doing anything anymore


think its time for a stream


yes stream now


uhh that was your cue


think its time for a snooze


File: 1624642934993.mp4 (6.25 MB, hima mansion party.mp4)


my aunts daughter from her first marriage like my second cousin she had like 2 kids and one of them died she won a lawsuit against the hospital got some money then had 5 more kids


nice breeder




File: 1624644056192.jpg (175.49 KB, 2560x1440, 1619180102109.jpg)


might squirt out some kids


think i might be depressed


you are merely experiencing the expected reaction towards existing in this twisted birdcage of a world


dont believe in depression just a scam to sell pills to norms


love pills


the only thing i would have ever given up my honor for would be the deep dreams from the brainpills but the pills never worked again the dreams are gone forever


death before dishonor


its a fastfood day hima im buying bottled sugarwater and chocomilk the weekend is here


dont drink sugarwater


why would you say that


hate waking up to over 200 new posts because of freak


why didnt the freak jump


gotta respect freaks passion for posting


got the trash cans old man next door started talking at me so i had to pretend NOT to hear him and scurry into the house


wonder if ill start rambling in real life to random people when im 60 well wont live that long anyway


might splurge on pizza been living on rice for weeks


hello my friends this is your brother hampton from hybrid calisthenics


love splooging on pizza


feel physical pain whenever i part with money




forsaken i am awakened




forever indebted to the himamate that linked the study on vitamin c


bought some vitamins only remember to take them a couple times a week


foid at the burgshop said she recognizes me because i go there everyday which is NOT true entered a new layer of harrassment from the norms cant even enjoy burgs anymore


she wants flip


i cant eat at restaurants


she wants tip and i did NOT leave her any


youre NOT supposed to tip at burger king


how will you let the employees know you appreciate their service


theyre supposed to be happy youre giving them business


woke up raged hard at mom for babbling about some stupid shit through the door that i couldnt hear over the ac then went back to sleep for 3 hours got some cawfee


nice tantrum


pens out of ink that was less than two weeks


moms gone toe hurts made chkn pat


they spend the whole time tripping balls on drip morphine theyre exaggerating for attention


flipping hook me up open the valves


hate when the piss valve gets bent was aimed directly into the bowl and ended up pissing all over the floor to the right of it


thats why i sit


boys arent supposed to sit


fell asleep in my chair dreamed i was still human


wish to leave humanity behind


its NOT that great





File: 1624660469249.mp3 (8.71 MB, 02 - mcmartin.mp3)


just need to escape this timeline and return to the one where i had a friendship like gilgamesh and enkidu


die friendnorm



need to sitpiss due to my extra penishole


File: 1624664714445.png (1.45 MB, 1200x1012, 1624655595095.png)


shaved and regressed in age 5 years


cant believe turt put a man in prison just to have one more place to post celmemes


uh hes innocent until proven guilty


hows he still NOT convicted the case is a slam dunk


woke up mornin hima


nice mom ordering greasy calzones for the second time this week right after her blood pressure dropped to normal levels and her doctor told her to lay off the junk food


nice elephantmom



sigh wish for greasy cheesy food all i got is eggs n rice


havent eaten all day feel a mite bloated anyway




think im in a slump i might NOT be able to try out of it may be over


think you need to stream


this was a hoax like the boles trial


sigh he loved buyers market


its 1951 and moms NOT home with dinner yet



cracked open a vlog




every time you sigh a bit of your happiness escapes your mouth


thought that was luck


been gaming hard


uhh why arent you streaming


wtf is this



wish that was me


im NOThing but a mammal


im a coldblooded psycho


dont like to think of myself as an animal whats the point of being an animal only point is to propagate yourself but im never gonno procreate im cel


having the little caesar pepeloni for dinner




hate when norms say that procreation is the meaning of life that doesnt answer anything


whats the meaning of life


hell if i know




dont feel like taking a pic


tell us what the meaning of life is then






when you face your true feelings and choose what is really important to you


threw away my feelings years ago


why procreate uuuh to so the species survives why survive uuuh to exist why uuuh to procreate


soon the key will be complete and this false world will be no more


i must flip


think i put too much lime juice in the marinade


might make some extra greasy chili fries


wheres the cooking stream


literally just finished cooking made rice and beans with vegetables and sichuan sauce




uh can we post 3d food pictures here feel like its against the rules somehow




rules are rules


only 3 blogs left might just crack em now still have a minimum of two and a half hours before mom goes to bed maybe this way ill earlysnooze by 3 am


love livin a block from the liquor store


uh i do too


hated things:




never learned what a block is


havent walked around the block in years


baby prease knock my block off


got a cravin for bagels


bought lye for bagels and pretzels havent used it yet


dissolve me in it


wish to be baked into a loaf n eaten by a sexy lady


cant get rid of the fly in my room crying hard


fetch the chopsticks



youre pushing it with these normnails think its time for the jan to slap some sense into you


i didnt know what the nail was before i posted


uh thumbnails bad raider posts good haha




uh ban the hima citizen but NOT the raider haha


stfu noob




havent gotten out of bed havent done the things im supposed to do week behind on my reps dont know whats made me like this but its NOT unthinkable ill want to rope again if this keeps up


ban both


i know the solution


feel afraid to post anime screenshots here because of the cancel culture cult


ban s*fu guy hes rude hes the rude guy


File: 1624674124860.jpg (166.67 KB, 1433x1617, 90081777_p4.jpg)


File: 1624674134680.gif (1.36 MB, 250x194, 1620535002016.gif)


you should post them and use your real name when you do it they cant cancel us all if we all speak out at once


die norm


its a raid


want to order pizza fingers hoverin on the confirm order button NOT sure probably wont


dont do it


pizza fingeys what the flip


my favorite anime this season only has a rating of 5 on mal so the norms dont like it does that mean its ok to post it here


I came here from /ota/.




cool meme go,


whats for lunch


its probably a short norms rate shorts 5 by default


ota army let's go


hell ya let us go


no its a full length anime with 2 cours


hima is flipping doomed wghy the fuck is no one stopping the raidd


ota flips manass


onseki and janduo havent banned anyone in a good week or so its a social experiment


ordered pizza


can i have some


archaeologists found that most dead soldiers in ancient battles had wounds to the back of their legs like the raiders would overwhelm them force them into a retreat and as they tried to escape the raiders chopped them to pieces


guess ill save my vlogs for after the pizza comes


hate raiders




his crowd looks less freakish than usual


pg you seeing this


when go for a nightrun transcened to a mental state where feel ready to die then stare people right in the eyes as run towards them never had an issue


nah theyre still hypernorms half of the men are in their 40s and wearing baseball hats at the table like a bunch of retards


i posted it


had too much to munch last night belly feels like its fermenting


thought ota died in 2014


they told me it was a bad idea to eat all these beans and sweet potatoes and vegetables well theyre wrong hadvent even farted that much feel like my microbiome adapted


im a macrobiome


foolish beaneater


love staring people down when im walking


only look at the ground


dad told me about how he would interview conducters of trains and car drivers who had hit people and they had ptsd remembering the eyes of the victim in their dreams so when running always stare at the drivers eyes like challenge them to try running me over theyll see my eyes every night when they try to sleep


in an alternate universe i wouldve left the house id be conducting trains by now


File: 1624675559322.mp4 (7.09 MB, im a gamer i game.mp4)


ya youve said that like 5 times before


no he hasnt


post it


never read that post before in my life


had to ride the train the other day was thinking itd be nice to be a train conductor


yeah did say it sometime before cant remember when maybe you saw it


post what



File: 1624675695669.webm (189.6 KB, 640x360, video0.webm)


posted an old fridey night image on 4jp someone bullied me because it happened to feature a k-on character


if youre a gamer you gotta game its really just that simple





i look in the mirror and see a real schmo


i avoid the mirror feel like vomiting when i see that freak


post him


are jpnorms still pretending to NOT like anime


gonno toss




post it here ill appreciate it


terrified gonno get banned for 4 months because the image has an anime character in it


nice cancel culture guy


fastraid hours




remembering when pnig cancelled me by framing me as a spammer and putting up a whitelist for the sole purpose of keeping me out simply based


love when pg makes his daily visit to hima and happens to have a bee in his bonnet because joe camel or whoever has been flipping his mom in the billabong so he takes it out on me and gives me a hot steamy ban over something completely innocent




the freak is off the leash i repeat the freak is off the leash


pizzas arrived and now i feast


stop bleachbin it






wonder why freak has been making so many freakish posts lately


want to stream but id need to set stuff up besides wouldnt turt call the fbi if i played on an emulator


fire up tux racer


hes losing it


been listening to ars minecraft for hours love the bgm


mindblowing that he who should NOT be named made an entire board dedicated to bullying me and populated with his closest worshipers and now this australian is going to give me shit about NOT having sat there and taken it like a good little boy because now he doesnt have a nemesis


neetblog was the real threat that owned the nigs mind NOT you


thought pastaguy was from malta


havent had pasta in awhile


im malay


already past 1pm still in bed despite waking ages ago what the flip am i doing need a dopamine detox i think


nice 41.4 east game phew big hands


if i didnt have any rectangles i would just end up laying in bed and reading through every single book in the house


tried reading when the power went out but got bored


you just gotta find a nice book with pictures in it


read a lot as a kid didnt have rectangles NOT even a tv wonder where things went wrong


was supposed to lift yesterday now i have to do it now and the day will be practically over when im done then its already sunday so the weekend may as well be over sigh wish i was turt


File: 1624677484019.png (62.25 KB, 284x471, 1624662978260.png)

keep at it


got left behind sigh




quite literally 13:23 kill me


nice little pastaguy freakeye rage blog anything i can do to help


File: 1624677892778.jpg (458.43 KB, 708x1000, 1624659283890.jpg)


you could stream


what do you want to see


a stream


the otachads are laughing at us


lets raid them


im himaturd


that does it im detoxing NOT that it flippin matters weekend already lost


raid hours guess ill snooze


why bother coping its just going to be struggle and pain for aNOTher few decades might as well head to the cliffs now


mom said i was "on the right track" when i told her i had been brushing my teeth twice a day for most of the week


wheres the stream


NOT me ive been gaming and dont ban anyone except spam


File: 1624678582026.jpg (435.76 KB, 822x1200, eHtkIta.jpg)


fire up the spambot


love when mom patronizes me


im manbaby


love when mom tells me if she wasnt my mom she would find me attractive loved when mom took it too far and said something about artificially fertilizing her eggs with my seed


paste liar


i think it was funnier or something in her head but for gran and me it was uncomfortable and i went upstairs


hate mom


this board really went to hell for the past week is it just freak being unlikeable or is it something else


its the rude guy


its the guy that keeps making non blog threads


woke up should i read or skip


never skip




die skipper


skipped your post


never read in my life just wake up make a post and game


a skipper must skip



flip that take me to the mario world instead


you dont need to brush


1st 2nd 1st good jong sesh


think i have more teeth with fillings than without that was all when i was a kid dont even know how to go to dentist now probably gonno lose my teeth when i grow old gramps lost his teeth too hes dead now


cant believe its already been 1 year since that stupid ugly kid was born


NOT a good jong sesh without a nice stream


hes gonno become an ikemen


would rather go to shinobi zato


never read naruto heard it finished might read it someday


had no backup on ota and got owned


we're getting raided


wouldnt step foot on ota if you paid me


feel like i hibernated woke up n vtubers overran everything


gonno take a nap then go to the store and get nacho supplies


might say ill fire up a stream but then actually NOT


System 1 Specs
Phenom II X4 940 BE
8GB 667 DDR2
HD4780 512MB

System 2 Specs
Ryzen 1200 @ 4.05GHZ
8GB DDR4 @ 3333MHZ
Radeon RX470 4GB


sigh remember when his pc would mog mine now the tables have turned


smuggled a nice 3090 into the prison


never figured out how to tell cpus apart can only tell gpus


im running a 4670 with 4gb of ram and a 2gb graphics card from 2013


my cpus an i5 its cutting edge


wish i had a gpu


File: 1624681591385.png (319.98 KB, 995x900, 3358970c66a478e38f40f12110074aee.png)

just get a 3060


tarded out and the warden gave me his sons old gaming pc


thats like two months rent this inheritance isnt gonno last forever


have a nice rx 580 8gb wont need a new gpu for aNOTher four or five years


wish i understood techbabble how do i know what these numbers are referring to


simply watch linus


hate linus hes too feminine


mogs me


i thought linus was gay because of that one photoshop where his legs are suspended up in a bdsm rig


feel more feminine ever since shaving my hair falling in my face doesnt help probably some brain problem as a result of NOT having af ather


you arent missing much i just play the same games i used to at 1920x1080 instead of 1280x720


File: 1624682041448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.57 KB, 800x806, linus_sebastian.jpg)

found it


thats a hide


unhite it now


File: 1624682704758.png (374.45 KB, 819x331, stream.png)


thats aNOTher hide


thought i was going to be smart and frugal by sleeping in the truck but it was utterly miserable and im still covered in bug bites


why NOT close the windows


and suffocate


it was like 85 degrees


heat is just your brain playing tricks on you


nice government report on ufos that turned out to be on big idk


big flashes of light in the window


sigh my proxi centaur gf is waiting for me


miss 2013


File: 1624684008969.jpg (170 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 12 (720p) [EE4F57EB].….jpg)

sigh she got a cub of her own


what emotion is that expression intended to convey


are you autistic


dont know dont trust shrinks


sigh wish i had a cub


always wanted a nice orange vespa


flcl warped my middle school teenbrain into thinking scooters were cool and made me want one bad


uhh yeah my middle school brain haha


need to get a moped that i dont need a license for


those are for alcoholics


yeah and





wasnt norm enough to understand that show fully probably still wouldnt


NOThin norm


it was about an orbiter orbiting his brothers old gf and something about aliens


havent seen flcl in a coons age need to rewatch it


it will be streamed on himatube sunday


polished them both off feeling triple bloated might go lie down n moan for a couple hours then snooze


wheres the stream


what them


the cupcakes


them pizzas


dont know why twigs talking about being full on normal or small amounts of foo makes me irrationally angry


stream a nice himukbang


never played dragon quest feel like im missing out


fire up 1


rolled trying to get sexy klee c2 but got qiqi again


used to be able to feast now im permabloated sometimes ill fast still felt bloated tail end of a three day was still poopin too dont know where it all came from just wish for my teen vitality back


File: 1624684961263.png (52.09 KB, 754x598, mailbox.png)

forgot about this guy wonder if he still posts here


could never email anyone too shy


try drinking as much water as you can a hour or so after the feast i feel like it helps



been exchanging mail with neetblog for years


hate the days when i drink a gallon n NOThing comes out simply bloat n wake up at 5am to piss



forgot about the stupid taco dog


no you havent


how would you know they are private between nb and i


remember wishing i had a pen pal when i was a kid think i just wanted any friend though


think we had to write letters to kids in nepal in elementary school


sigh bored gonno toss




that reminds me of the staving chinese child dad would make me n sis write letters to


let me think about it




stream or i rage


hated chihuahuas when other people had them thought they were mean and annoying but once mom bought the emotional support dog its probably the sweetest happiest dog ive ever seen


simply hate dogs hate dognorms hate hate hate


i didnt watch this but as a motorized bicylist i might as well


tried to do it with my cousin but his dad found out and said it was gay and that was it


tardlaugh whenever since norm talks about saving the planet NOT like im gonno be around anyway


sigh she looks so happy


ririmu is playing poke united again she only plays gengar


can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars


loved ghost mons


wish i had a daughter to buy a cub for


wish to be haunted by a sexy lady ghost


wheres my nice raven haired cubber to flip


how would you flip her



i need to be flipped


i would have her circumcised as an infant so she will never know the hunger all foids feel for chad



love my foreskin best gift mom ever gave


stop posting this




it sucks the big one like every other jrpg


go to hell westnorm


its natural


could never prostategasm lord knows ive tried


nice buggerblog


liked tales of berseria


love the anticomeback mechanics built into jong souls to make sure that im never allowed to make a hand after dealing in once because i wasnt paying attention nice game


uhh wheres the stream




im waiting






going to try ce5 contact so i can find my gf


dont even understand the concept of a gf never opened up to anyone before NOT even mom never will


who hurt you




its something norms do naturally were just broken is all


you make it sound like were tortured artists were just ugly and worthless


im NOT worthless ill go down in history


i could have been somebody


i need a weapon


give me a mission







thats NOT a skip


no more blogs and NOT ready to snooze


fuck pigmhall


die fswear



sparky loves pigmhall


yeah shes paste as hell



mindblowing that the feeler has been completely taken away and rewritten by the norms


still remember krautchan seething when that feel started getting popular on 4 hehe


was sighing hard the other day realizing even 2011 or 2012 are starting to become ancient history on the 4 because half or more of the posters arrived after that



yeah half


probably less than 5%


feels like the 00s were some fever dream at this point


want NOThing to do with the present reality


mindblowing how in tens of thousands of years nobody will know we existed at this moment they will just look at us like dumb primitives who lived meaningless and torturously long lives



im dumb meaningless primitive


should i start drinking coffee


do you mean like right now or as a new habit


new never drank it before


ran out of coffee too lazy to get more so ive been taking nodoz


gonno live forever


love coffee


no point in drinking it as a neet


it tastes good


nah it smells good but tastes terrible


i smell terrible


eat the same amount of food as an olympic swimmer but sit on my ass all day doing NOThin


maybe you should try swimming


never swam in my life except for the bathtub


sigh miss having a pool i belong in the sea


love the taste of a nice cup of black folgers



took swimming lessons as a kid but still dont know how to swim


love sippin on folge thats been sitting on the burner for half an hour


probably would like swimming more if i didnt have to choose between revealing the mantits or wearing the fatcel swimteeshirt


same took them multiple years in a row starting from age 5 or 6 and then had to do it in school later on was still always the second or third slowest behind the trulards


glad i never had to swim in school i would have been the kid with the shirt on


you came in last behind me


File: 1624694410328.mp4 (2.37 MB, v.mp4)


woke up from my nap gonno shower and go to the store


havent done anything in weeks but wallstare


whats the best type of wall for staring



would rage hard at that game


crying cant believe lulu is retiring



you cant have time for a husband and a stream career


she doesnt need a husband shes a rich heiress


get the knife


wish i was a rich heiress



File: 1624697757152.png (360.11 KB, 501x564, IMG-20161228-WA0018.png)


i am familiar with that emotion


weird how norms just go to school for 20 years and think NOThing of it


i was kicking and screaming every step of the way would much rather have been born in a 時代 where i could have been an illiterate farmer


back from the store


post that haul


got nacho supplies and a tube of shaving cream


did you remember to get condoms


why would i get condoms if im a 30 year old virgin


how else are you gonno have a nice posh wank


woke up from my second snooze hima feeling a little better


damn good nachos hima



NOT allowed to have nachos since the incident



woke up dont feel so good


pikamee has been gaming for 9 hours


dont care


you do


view vtubers on the same level as insta thots


mindblowing that lulu is still playing without raging


never raged at a game


only shadowverse made me rage


is that why you told me NOT to play it


dont play card games


started playing verse again


stream it


do they still perform lobotomies


you can get a voluntary one


getting better hima think ill be fine soon


need to be euthanized


wasnt lulu going to retire


cut me open excise the cel cells make me a norm


more cel than human


no longer human


i have transcended my human bounds to become something greater


File: 1624714280636.png (356.6 KB, 641x835, 2448655673df6278a79a5d0078a71514.png)

this guy is coming up with a whole incel cinematic universe soon its going to be cool to be cel like being a gamer is now


thats really really cool but nobody cares so if you could refrain from posting that garbage in the future i think everybody would be thankful


being a gamer was never considered cool


i care


its NOT cool but everyone is a gamer now even the foids so pretty soon therell be foid cels ruining being a cel for everyone and cels will have to pretend theyre being ironic and post ironic cel memes every time they mention being cel the way ironic weebs do now


uhh foids arent gamers


just like foids arent cels either but if you say that youll be called a bigot in this dark vision of the future


havent dealt with any of this simply dont interact with norms


theyre all over the internet


if you made more posts on hima i wouldnt have to go to norm websites to feed my scrolling addiction


keep hearing the seat of sacrifice theme in my head


how can you tell if youre a man or futa


futas dont have balls


some do


wish i had two holes n a rod


thats NOT a real thing


never figured out how girls pee


i can show you


File: 1624716253320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.38 KB, 729x647, turtlepee.jpg)

when i first saw this image i was amazed because i didnt think women could pee with a stream i thought the urine would fall out of them all at once


File: 1624716328236.png (544.53 KB, 1440x2048, 10ee13ba01800938773c3fe287e11e79.png)


thats NOT piss


how do you know


then what is it


you know


time to snooze


suppose ill jerk it


gonno lie flat


skipped the farmers market guess NOT buying onions today



no NOT like giant blooming fried onions these were like little red onions they grew small bought some 2 weeks ago pretty good but then bought last week they were almost rotten


you mean shallots


NOT his stall also sold shallots and they also sold onions bought the onions NOT the shallots they were labeled differently


File: 1624726522745.webm (1.87 MB, 641x360, koro.webm)



owned a dumb norm thinking he could steal my first with a penchan riichi slapped him with a nice 3 dora riichi dealer mangan 12k


stop making up words


all words are made up


did you pogface




woke up again


sigh im sorry


why didnt you stream


was given the watcher role im NOT allowed to change it


its class change time you must stream


no its impossible i was given this role since birth i cant just change it


your storys full of holes a watcher cant jong


watchers watch streamers stream


im raging


mom got tendies


crying thinking about murdered sis


watched anime on the tv when was the last time you watched anime on the tv NOT on the pc


dont own a tv


never used the tv but then won a tv in a contest now have 2 tvs used the new tv sometimes the old tv just sits unused in the other room


a tv is just a big monitor its NOT the 90s anymore


browsing hima on 2 tvs right now


yeah thats the point it allows you to watch your stories on a bigger screen and in a more comfortable position


tv phone home


NOT this larp again


ran in a charity run with my sister it was a charity event for a female runner who was murdered sometimes mom wears the shirt the charity run gave us


normdar off the charts


File: 1624733818496.jpg (224 KB, 800x1119, E4zSyVyUUAAjud3.jpg)


ladies shouldnt wear such revealing clothing


didnt have a gf dream but a sexy teengirl was trying to talk to me bet i was just being used as a temporary distraction sigh


dont think i could have a gf dream



File: 1624736239959.jpg (128.52 KB, 400x535, 239866.jpg)

saw this picture of the slime author no longer feel bad about watching the last episode


dont get it


File: 1624736691750.jpg (12.12 KB, 160x160, 304_s.jpg)


forgot that anime is created by demented slit eyed yellow skinned nerds on the other side of the planet my immersion is broken



found some sausage in the freezer gonno boil em up


boil some taters


dont got taters


File: 1624737884092.jpg (614.24 KB, 1555x2200, 90774141_p0.jpg)


wish he was my bf


aids and die freak


i am a girl


you are sick


wish i could change sex at will like ranma


would you do your himabros a solid


no cels allowed


dont need to change your sex just put on a kig and offer a nice slurp


cant fit in a kigsuit


wrote a fanfic on my deviantart about being trapped inside a kigsuit while in the mansion


post it



hate how deviantartists discovered pixiv and post their garbage there now its impossible to browse by tag wish i could just filter away all the nonjaps


deviantart existed before pixiv


owned that weeb


uhh whats your point


File: 1624738943688.png (703.93 KB, 768x432, 1624716785691.png)


wonder if i should buy a zippo and a compass and a multitool


what for


maybe i need to go on a bouken to start my real life


slammed my desk


just waiting to be isekaid ill work hard then


youll be isekaid but itll be into a position of similar status to your current life


thought about goin on an adventure maybe go camp in the woods then i remembered theres NOThing like that around here


you wouldnt do it anyway have access to the woods and never go out there except in the winter


uhh so you do go there


ya thats what an exception is


im cel except all my exes


were they animes


moms acting nervous around me


thats good you can rule the house with an iron fist


never asked to be king but duty calls


shes horn


what the flip they ended it on a cliffhanger


anime is just ads now


File: 1624743661402.jpg (83.28 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai ….jpg)

if by now you mean the last like twelve years then ya but i dont care about that i was waiting for a screenshot worthy frame of the whole cast instead theres a knock at the door and they all turn to see who it is and end on this youve got to be shitting me


does that mean s2


File: 1624744028218.webm (1.65 MB, 1280x720, ワイルド c.webm)


stop watching this trash


need a nice wild*rock burger


been tossing all day ran out of things to do other than toss just wake up and toss and none of these points matter when i lose them all anyway


simply go to jp and get one




havent tossed a tile in a coons age


gonno delete the unwatched episodes of 86 flip it


hima hima


its rainin n windin hard out got a flash flood watch tornado watch severe thunderstorm warning bit scared


heard there was flooding but i didnt see any when i went to grab snacks today


woke up shoujo ramune banner


get nado watches all the time never see em


bad news hima mom said the steak wont be ready until atleast 9pm


thats way too late you should be in bed by then


File: 1624750138867.jpg (147.2 KB, 800x600, the blushing one.jpg)

bite my burger dude


havent had a steak in years


ban the norms making threads


steak is for norms


make a steak


agree dont like steak but like to say it especially when its with a rhyming word like make a steak its fun to say


steak a freak


storms passed didnt knock out a power line looks like im safe


>>1216937 <----ban this guy himamin


die raidnorm


was gonno post a nice thread now we have to use the spam threads sigh


nah they are getting deleted


guess that means no blog thread for aNOTher month


Those are nice threads


ban this flipping norm im raging


hate replyteens


found an old real big blog thread with less than max replies almost bumped it but then reconsidered


nb and i have been in a secret thread for months


oh never met a nonbinary person before what are they like


hate anons who call everyone and everything norms


hima hima


youre talking to yourself






File: 1624752956322.png (Spoiler Image, 3.37 KB, 291x120, sexy.png)



theyre gonno start using prisoners to staff mcdonalds




woman came up and said something about the big cucumbers NOT tasting as good was i supposed to make some sort of innuendo about having a big penis wwpnd


File: 1624754242387.jpg (91.87 KB, 1280x720, 1571938012451.jpg)


kind of forget i have a penis sometimes i went into a place once wearing sweatpants because i was in a rush and i saw a man and woman smirking and i realized they could see the outline of my genitals made me feel like a creep


thats why i wear briefs in public


i am NOT a sexual being


i was born to flip


is the raid over


mom made turkey soup


youre NOT doing a good job


born 2 game


File: 1624754717174.jpg (488.46 KB, 768x1024, 90623917_p0.jpg)


a flipper must flap


its summer what the flip is she doing


my clock is ticking


its a bomb


love eating seasonal food out of season would chug nog all summer






eatin sugaroats


where is pg do something


the raiders are harmless




raiders are hima heritage


my bloodline ends with me ill leave no heritage


baste cel


any nice quality cheap headphones i can get mine are falling apart


starting to become enraged


calm down


raid hours guess i should snooze NOT tired though


nah im enraged


found some melatonin in the cupboard


love a good snoozepill


get some nice raycons


File: 1624761926716.png (191.56 KB, 625x682, cc4.png)



okay now thats a ban




shoot the raiders pastamod


green green green




we need bans and thread deletions or we are boycotting hima


groan cant remember how much space on my hard drive i had earlier today deleted some stuff and its NOT where i thought it would be wonder if something weird happened


youre NOT supposed to delete things


forgot i downloaded normgurashi but that was still only 12gb i was expecting to have like 60+ left


for someone that hates women i sure do think about them a lot




File: 1624763010842.jpg (3.22 MB, 2560x1600, 1624760015179.jpg)

need a grilldog


is that goofy






guess i thought i had so much space i didnt pay attention to it


just wanna grill


im watchin a show while i pick herbs and queue av dont wanna stream


dont care stream


wish someone would come over here and stream a nice magdump


adblocked the teen threads now its like they dont exist


why doesnt everypony just ignore it


gonno take aNOTher bath waters still warm from the first


im taking the fight to the norms


youll need a weapon


Cottage is bugged in the original NES version. If a player were to use the House, and then save the game, the game will NOT recharge any spells due to a bug. This is simply solved by using a Tent or Sleeping Bag to save after using the House.



we need a nice mlp stream


mom got me a triple and i made a huge salad to go with it i had to use the biggest bowl we have but now a hour later i wish i had a pizza or something


what kind of salad


dont think ive had a salad in over a decade


ate a big nacho could see mom portionshaming me


a salad is good from time to time i had the ham on there the cucumbers on there the tomatoes you should have been there


hate cucumbers and tomatoes


might have to buy a bottle of ranch n some nice iceberg lettuce


hate ranch too


i didnt put any dressing on it thats for norms


like to eat cucumbers pretend im a kappa


kappa mikey


i refuse to eat a vegetable that hasnt been soaked in saturated fats


love pizza n ranch


File: 1624765581339.png (140.86 KB, 267x194, ae806003d3363e6eefc63b1e6074c2bf.png)

ranch it up


damn good shiteza


got pizza yesterday planned for leftovers woke up to NOThing


hated the norms that dipped their pizza in ranch made me want to vom


never ate ranch is it good




hated the kids that mixed mayonnaise and ketchup




thats fry sauce


owke up


my condolences


ate through all the good stuff mom got last time she went to the store wish i had a pizza


time to start going to the store yourself then you can get whatever you want


ya for about two weeks and then id be out of cash


woke up hima headache and fever are better but my left ear hurts every time i swallow


what about your monthly tugboat


gonno eat store bought mus tard potato salad


could go for some egg salad


tarded out and entered my xiv password wrong too many times now im locked out of my account


type it in NOTepad then kopipe


its divine punishment


hate potato salad


love it NOThin better


or tuna salad


might play some chinese luck simulator







wish i knew how to play jong


youre too smart for jong


doesnt she realize how fat she is


its easy to learn just do it i spent years after watching saki thinking man itd be so cool if i could play jong like all the cool guys in the tenhou thread then majsoul became flavor of the month and i tried it out and it was so simple couldve been playing all this time felt like a real tard


im tard


dont want to be on file with the norms


just read akagi


so uh about the stream


wheres the stream


might stream some loop hero


loop hero is boring


is it a fotm indie norm game


dont follow norm trends


anyone want to play quake live its only three dollars on steam


suck ass at fps


thats three big ones


im 75 iq


played it when it was free and it sucked


havent even opened steam in years only ever bought a few games digitally through it anyway


dont even have steam installed


normin it up


have to get jacked to divert from the shame of being manbaby i am mentally sick so i have to be physically healthy


feelin greasy




im NOT at all im too scared to walk downstairs and grab two beers because mom might rage shes mad at me from earlier


go get my belt



nip added me in jong


you made it


he beat me so i declined


didnt know you could add people


my australian gf


im waiting


hima poured some honey over my greek yogurt pretty good i gotta say


have to shave the teenbeard off to shock myself into trying to compensate for my face by getting jacked


loved when mom bought gogurts


throw in a little melon and some salted nuts and prepare to blow your mind


cant eat honey it tastes too sweet


love honey im a sweet boy


getting jacked isnt all that great
the norms are always asking you dumb questions and when they arent doing that you see them looking at you because theyre working up the courage to ask you dumb questions


i dont interact with norms n norms dont interact with me


dont like sweet things im a savory man


bored who is streaming


started eating till im sick need to get huge



streaming that mukbang




i have less test than a 5 year old girl NOT worried about getting that huge just need to NOT look like a freak from the neck down too


wish i had a sis to flip when mom goes out grocery shopping sigh


take the neckpill anything less than 18" is pathetic


shed tell your mom and youd get snapped and die




eating sugary sweets


got some rice left in the cooker guess ill fry up an egg


youll get samonella


uhh no


so atrophied my quads arent much bigger than that


head feels hot body feels cold guess its gonno be a long night


File: 1624773551153.gif (21.41 MB, 340x228, vZpH4A4.gif)


uhh yeah NOT opening a 21 meg gif


nice bandwidthlet


why NOT


21 smeg gif


almost hit the 1.2 tb limit for the month be careful what you post


now there really isnt anything good left ate the last of moms icecream the last of the chicken and the bread


showered and shited


think ill crack open the peanut butter


hope it wasnt in that order


no reversed


think im constipated


add the hima gold pass that lets me post with no limits


ya why


why NOT its best to get the gross sweet things out of the way first


dont like sweet that much but dont have any blogs have to replace those sugars


blogs are just sweets n yeast


time to jo


fire up a nice honejo


stream it


might rojo


used to NOT understand feet and armpit lovers but now i can appreciate a nice sexy lady feet


youre morphing into a freak




mom used to make me rub her gross calloused feet feel like puking whenever i see feet now


nice week ahead higurashi is starting in a couple days


should i marathon the first part by then


still havent finished shows from last season cant they delay it


you have to catch up right away you can still make it


mom has toe fungus


havent had the energy to game or watch anime


so do i but i have been taking medication for it and its getting better


watched more this season than i have in over 4 years theres gonno be something to watch six days a week over the summer gonno force myself to get a routine going


woke up had aNOTher weird school dream even though its been almost 13 years


never went to a school


have NOThing but school dreams or rectangle dreams those have been the only two stages of my life


nice pedomom


im ped


File: 1624776976790.mp4 (2 MB, gibara c.mp4)


cant believe an adult foid used to be a little foid


wish life was 24 fps instead of 60 its too fast


have toenail fungus but only on my big toes


uh does life really have an fps never thought about it


wish i could just pause the world while i take my time to catch up



weird how tubes like matsuri marine and pikamee can talk about how nice it would be to snap sexy sexy ladies and shotas but nobody cares


dont care about tubes


wish a nice jap woman wouldve snapped me as a shota


it doesnt


File: 1624777521428.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1522117678624.webm)




wonder what flipping feels like


get a nice ona


what if mom finds the packaging


kept the packaging in my room for a few days then ripped it to shreds and took it to the garbage can outside


its NOT the same or at least ive no way of knowing


gonno start thinking positively


tried that it doesnt work


your thoughts shape your reality


guess ill just toss




wheres the stream




need a stream



NOT watching some chink guess ill snooze


too tard dont know how to work obs


punch in your stream key set it in gamer mode and pick a window then adjust the bitrate so its NOT choppy then share link n game




think the chinks are ddosing me


can only get it to work in display mode but i only want to show the firefox window


downloaded some hacks from myg0t time to game





mom made me a super salad filled with nutrients


File: 1624782731251.jpg (10.31 KB, 279x62, bone.jpg)


adjust it manually or set the window to fullscreen so its borderless



hate reading about a movie on wikipedia and NOT being able to find any seeds for it sigh the video store





virus dont click


die anti gamers


i was put on this earth by god with the holy mission of putting an end to gaming


as long as there are gamers there will be games and they will be gamed




gotta respect that chink for enjoying eorzea


hima got a new costume


wonder what my boss theme would sound like



crying hima miss coco already


killed nightbane now im eatin nachos






yeah never going to click that


want a nice new desk but its impossible to find one thats an exact copy of what i have


got worse hima ear infection and fever got stronger feeling really bad


saw someone named asmon gil in uldah


woke up


oops tarded out and woke up with 300 ticks on my neck do those jungle chinks expect us to believe they didnt put those on him on purpose for a video




the hopping one is live


shited took a shower shited made some coffee maybe ill do it again




havin more potat sald





yeah thats a skip


File: 1624816251295.jpg (333.89 KB, 2114x1546, E45Zvs3VUAEwvC9.jpg)

snack haul


thought you said never skip what happened to that






heavens feel activate bring an end to all things


i am the bone of my sword



almost lucid dreamed twice earlier but chickened out both times


File: 1624821518215.webm (1.71 MB, 640x360, Weatherhackers-2.webm)


woke up like five hours ago thrashing around in bed feeling like my stomach was gonno splode had to powershite just woke up again


baste byuu roped



love being woken up by mom shrieking with invaders




gonno lose my gold rank again




feelin hungry


theres a fly floating at the top of the pisscup gonno bury him at sea when i pour it down the sink later


got invited to live in the terrace house


boiling up a couple more sausages


forgot to set a new barley tea steeping stuck with water now


think this is the first russian dashcam video ive seen with an ending like that




whens the spam getting cleaned up




dont do it youll end up roping


File: 1624830859295.png (20.96 KB, 409x119, cap.PNG)

stick a fork in me im done


what am i looking at


path to silver


My penis




don't ban


don't ban


wonder if mom buys me so many normclothes hoping ill become norm shes gotten a ton of those collared t shirts over the years because theyre on sale regularly but she keeps them all in her closet because i dont wear that gay shit


only buy packs of tees and a new pair of jeans every couple years


dont think ive bought any shirt in 13 or 14 years its all been mom so the pile keeps accumulating guess ill take em with me to the mansion for the xlneets


recently learned how strong the elastic in briefs is cant even break it if i try


they dry out or something and crack eventually


uhh maybe if you wait thirty years


wish this day was over already


just happened to me a few weeks ago with a pair that was only ten years old at the most


fished some old briefs out of the back of the drawer a couple weeks ago and the elastic was crinkling and i was like what the hell then i just gripped it and did a big stretch and the elastic inside the band just all broke apart and those undies were dead there was a couple like that in there


use brief bands to tie n lug furniture


hate the norms and their planned obsolescence


im obsolete


it was supposed to rain hard all the way until tuesday but it barely rained at all yesterday and its been sunny and dry all day today lying weathernorms


forecast is 50 50 rain or shine for a week think theyre just being lazy


File: 1624832531397.png (811.9 KB, 578x535, 1624819346173.png)


mogs me hard




thought id be smart and fill up on cabbage since its virtually calorieless so you can eat as much as you want to get full i put in a couple of packs of sausage to boil with it for taste and while i do feel full it just feels like i have a stomach full of grass


sausages arent calorieless


it was just two packs the cabbage was only 650 calories


650 calories of cabbage what the flip did you eat five of them


i bought 6lbs


youre gonno flipping die the fiber will suck every nutrient out of your body


it's too hot to do anything today


NOT too hot for you to stream


then ill become a sexy twig


is today the day pastamod finally does his job





woke up time to game all day




made some pasta


alright just updating obs



hell ya fire up the rescue 911




sigh hes literally me


you fool you think you feel bad now wait until the gut flora get a hold of that


go back and farm some nice mara


perma the guy that made that thread and the guy that just posted in it


its over theyve taken over hima and the rule of law has failed


never played wow




dont know anything about wow besides bits and pieces from watching asmon


File: 1624840324088.jpeg (40.01 KB, 680x451, bh.jpeg)



just NOTiced if a post in thread b on the front page is quoting a post in thread a then the thread a post will show the memequote link




ok where though i suggest ota


die norms


go back there


nice flippin jangolin deleting a perfectly good thread because his tick told him to


evolved from the teen antijan mindset


need to get isekaid into ponyville



westerners are a disgrace to tubing


File: 1624842181939.jpg (127.37 KB, 600x1088, 1624821235925.jpg)


o jani boy
the shites the shites are calling


foid humor


genuinely have no clue how to distinguish good hima from bad hima




the more vtuber posts the worse it is


think hima gets better when i stop posting for a few days


love when nb starts tearing up the thread with fresh blogs


nbs been whacked


got my drivers license renewed the government now gives an option to select nonbinary but they require a doctors NOTe


is there an option to list yourself as cel


ya its under the height section


sigh 511


its over


just waitin for aNOTher growth spurt its comin any day now


remember believing that as a teenbro


never believed that


cracking two cold ones


nice double fist


kept growing until 19 but that was the hard stop might give myself a pituitary tumor ill be crippled and in pain but at least ill be the minimum 6'5" or above required to lose your virg


believed id be a successful doctor or ceo when i was 10 simply because my grades were better than the other kiddles


were you smart but lazy


pretty mindblowing that we could all get gfs if we simply put ourselves out there but we dont


jbw detected


im cel


no it would be awful like you have to entertain her and keep talking with her all the time cant just relax and blog out


simply get a hima gf


found burgs n beans added some pot sald


even flipping druggies n freaks get gfs but here i am stuck cel its NOT fair


cooked rice and beans with onion carrot green bean peas corn sichuan sauce


File: 1624843318474.png (105.96 KB, 484x413, Sonichurosey.png)

says who


what is love


foids like going out to eat a lot so you better get used to spending a few hundred dollars a week on that


depressing that only chads get to enjoy love and sex everyone else has to pretend their 3/10 gf who could pass as a man brings them pleasure


i thought a gf would cook for me


sister works from home but her husband does most of the cooking even though he works at an office


mom was a teen in the seventies and was already refusing to learn how to cook youre 50 years too late on that one


File: 1624843622459.jpg (55.03 KB, 708x478, kitchen.jpg)


wish i had a sexy osananajimi to come cook food and nurse me to health when i get sick


once blurted out that no foid over the age of 35 knows how to cook a proper meal anymore and the single mother whores agreed with me


get disgusted when i think about how bizarre it is that a species that has stepped on the moon put rovers on mars split the atom built the skyscsnapr and toppled donald trump is still obsessed with trading fluid by sliding their slimy reproductive organs into each other and that this is actually their chief motivation for all the above


the t word


they must have wanted you flip them


gonno transcend from this prison of meat and bone and become one with the machine


no one has wanted me to flip them since highschool


thats gonno be even worse just mulch me and then throw the animal that eats it into a volcano



oh flip forgot to make my lemon lavender vodka blog when watched shadows house today is it too late to make one


lemon lavender n 50ml vodka really livin it up


have you ever drank around someone else who is also drinking


hell ya love drinking socially


i give mom a few sips of my beer while i get wasted sometimes


are you trying to get her to loosen up


sick of momnorms who interact with mom more than a couple of words through the door every few days


mom only drinks dark bitter wines like cab sav


feels like theres eye crust but dont have any


no its just a habit since she buys it for me


wish mom and i could have had a relationship that wasnt burdened by the fact she is responsible for most of the suffering that has been inflicted upon me and the knowledge that every breath she is allowed to draw is testament to my infinitesimal mercy


scsnap it off


love selfpitycels


wish to be pitied by a lovely neesan


love when theres so much sleepyfluid around my eyes from a good 14 hour resnooze that i can dab it with a tissue and leave a big mark


skin under my eyes keep turning into scales and kinda flakey wanna scratch at it but then it just gets really red


is there skin under the eye


dont think ive ever managed to get it all off probably still have some from five years ago on there


you need your beauty sleep


she kept a collection of her nail clippings for some reason


moms bf suggested to her that she should get her one of her eggs artificially inseminated by him then she can get it inserted in sis so she can get preg and carry it to term


that guy




oh did i already tell that story hehe


love it when freaks start sniffing around and flip my mother down the hall from me while i post on obscure japanese interests imageboards and listen to anime songs from 2003


do they still make denpa songs havent got any new ones in awhile most of my denpa song is from like 10 years ago


that takes real commitment barely have a tablespoon full after a year


dont think i have any music from the last decade that isnt a soundtrack


for some reason have no reservations about a hima poster flipping mom ill bring you a water bottle and we can game after youre done