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bit heavy on the maccas aye sheila ya daft cunt






get in here


this is the one


imagine haachamas sweaty plump mass hanging over you in the cowgirl position her smooth soft belly grinding against you while she rides and her booba inches away from your mouth


unfortunately just like how virginal bombshell middle schoolers are NOT real neither is an attractive woman with stomach rolls japan yet again succeeds at creating art that is more erotic than humanly possible sexy ladies futas shotas hairy milfs do i need to go on


File: 1623386867335.jpg (148.5 KB, 1280x879, 1623351147062.jpg)


I wish it need NOT have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is NOT for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.


the normcord thread


hima has an alliance with the plumpers


gonno jong




im NOT the streamer sorry


you gotta stream you gotta stream


you have to stream eventually why NOT now


NOT left behind this time


have to think of an excuse to go into the garage its time to top meself off


say youre changing the oil


itch is flaring up again


why are we using a normcord thread


see big boobers plump belly im posting dont care about anything else


im a lemming others post i post havent thought for myself in years


how many posts in until you stop whining


forgot to save the image url so i cant prove it anyway guess ill give up


havin more chili dogs




nb wants to use the other thread


why didnt you say so time to get the gtfo out of this thread


mom is watching the 40 year old virgin


fine with this thread just wanted to rage for the sake of it


hate when moms watching tv and they start talking about a serial killer loner who mumbles to himself and lives with his parents


cant wait until i become a 40 year old virg


40 is the new 30


i need a weapon



File: 1623546757665.jpg (219.75 KB, 1440x1080, 5e62e6a8c3bde89390fb2e935cb528ca.jpg)


snap this slut in two


sigh sis turned into a druggie


wish my sis was a druggie


moms a druggie it sucks


theres NOT even enough of the devils lettuce in that pic for her to be acting like that


what about the half empty bottle of normahol


there is if she has a low tolerance


why hasnt that guy saved her


ive got low tolerance for foids


the lungbuster


eatin some rice w frozen turkeyballs butter n msg


throw that in the trash wheres the melt wheres the dogs wheres the pizza wheres the burgs


whys it trash


dont waste food


any streamers



whats so special about a chink feeding her cats


moms phone was overheating hard she said its always like that


why am i getting ads on twitch why isnt ublock origin working


hate chinks


she doesnt even have boobers ban the guy for posting the chink


its only happened to me once sometimes they just slip through


im here for the boobers


File: 1623549104097.png (1.95 MB, 1100x1100, 1623532719389.png)

do girls really do stuff like this


renge knows





dont click teentube shite


thanks wouldnt have been able to tell from the thumbnail


i dont click embeds


click every embed without looking


NOThing teen about a nice nijisanji jp


die teen


love apex elf


wish i could enjoy vtubers


wish i could enjoy anything


might piss might hold it in


always have a bottle on hand


always had a small bladder


woke up got left behind


made tea


i remember the ditching fad when i was a kid only ever ditched me though



sorry for ditching you


boredom reaching peak


thats NOT the peak you come over that ridge youll find the tops still miles away


File: 1623551543477.jpg (657.45 KB, 1404x1920, 4dca72cd38e7dbb0d68962707fbd750d.jpg)


thatll be twenty dollars plus tip


a tip of my fedora will be sufficient


sigh they loved receiving kens tip


cant leave one when they give you everything for free


think its time for a nice hot bath


hot baths shorten your life span


NOT true a nice onsen can increase your lifespan


i like to crank up the heat to max burns a little getting in sometimes i feel lightheaded getting out only fainted once though


thats how you know its strengthening your heart


youre cooking yourself


been cooking myself daily for years its fine


youre well done


only feel lightheaded getting out if i havent eaten






sigh dont even have the energy to game watch anime just wallstared screenstared jod all day


as for me i just slept all day and ceilingstared a bit


wish i could game


what happened i thought you were a gamer


the good times are over


love mobilegaming



fgnorm skipped



cant believe mash is getting married to a furry


we need to sacrifice everything to save her



he can have her


nevermind forget i embedded that dub dont click


too late dubnorm


knew a furry in highschool he was a chakat


a what


never watched dbz didnt have tv as a kid


uh what did you do then if NOT stare at the rectangle


always embed before watching so we can watch together



they dont make good games anymore


they do youre just NOT a teen anymore


are you an actual teen or just being a retard on purpose


got the mind of a child


im tard


might darkshower think today is a week


play good games every day feel pity for no games


gramps is about to kick the bucket think ill get some trust money


never had a grandpa


gramps kicked the bucket last year he didnt have a penny to his name


why would he give it to you and NOT mom


think hes got a lil for everyone gramps used to own a bank and he dishes out benjamins every birthday


time to find the mansion plot


prepare for the inheritance battle


sigh he loved battling for inheritance









Hello Hima.


who are you


flip off norm





Your worst nightmare.




Are you mad?


sigh never had a friendship like goku and bulma


might have a nap


its midnight NOT naptime


ban him now


ill nap whenever i damn please


File: 1623560319261.png (220.14 KB, 1024x512, E3B1a23VEAkH8yJ.png)


neet training reserves


File: 1623560468122.png (434.69 KB, 800x748, 800px-Rabbid_Peach_-_RabbidsKingdomBattle.png)




doing my jaw exercises


gonno take that darkshower then make mac and cheesers


stop eating manbaby food


hope theres tuna in it


third night of taquitos


mac and cheese doesnt have tuna


i yam what i eat


might watch swifty stream some tbc


i like the tuna here


nobody likes the tuna here


you cant tuna fish


yeah well i do


theyre back


might eat some sweets in a bit


think i need to upgrade to the next exerciser ive been gnawing on this thing for 7 minutes and dont feel sore like i used to


are you training to be able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose at the mansion


mom made a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and raspberries on top and vanilla ice cream


can i have some


wouldnt be able to eat that shite without half a gallon of water


used to like the idea of eating berries thought they were sweet but theyre all sour


berries and cream berries and cream


sour is better than sweet


fool NOThing is better than sugar and sweet


what about nice 旨味


we already discussed this umami isnt real


the japanese wouldnt lie to hundreds of millions of people just to make themselves look good


youre in for a rude awakening


just drank 3 coffees feelin good


coffee is the most norm drink


cant argue with that


cant wait to farm soybeans on the hima commune


read wiki articles about food think i should snooze


die nocoffee norms


uh have you tried eating ripe ones


havent eaten a nice ripe green banana in a while


whats norm about being a neet and enjoying the delicious flavor of some black folgers


crying watching elden ring again


damn good game


itll just be aNOTher boring souls clone


NOT a single souls game that isnt a 10 except darkie 2



once you play one youve played em all


youre wrong and a fool


you sir have insulted my honour


im only one of those things


might fire up bloodborne


coffee is for norms while tea is the tru neet drink


sigh he loved oi ocha


NOThing like some hot bitter leaf water


gonno eat some red ginseng and game hard


what are you going to play


NOT gonno bother showering before the cheesers




among us


fall guys


wonder what would happen if i sent all of my pill knowledge to my childhood self would he even survive to adulthood


pre 2010 all pills were irrelevant if all you wanted was to be a mid 20s guy with a fat gf


the pills were all still there they were just harder to see


it was possible to capture a brief moment in time where you could be considered to have made it thats all


theres no such thing as making it


then explain nb






File: 1623566809653.jpg (240.26 KB, 951x1279, 1618451837219.jpg)


thats just like me




gonno jong


paste austin


die wrestlenorms


loved that magazine when i was a teen


loved self inserting as the undertaker


wonder if i can pull off the undertaker look


didnt grow up in foster care or a trailer so never watched that norm shite only knew about it from games


nice richnorm


if i had lived in a trailer i would have been rich instead mom maxed out her income paying mortgages and rent because she always wanted to live in a house as a kid


bored might just snooze dont even feel like opening the rest of the blogs



imagine what the scrawny hairless jap that bought that tape must have thought upon hitting play bet it turned him back into an ainu


found a cool channel



its still real to me damnit


is this the same one as the sounds that cure cancer and diabetes channel


tardlaughing at the comments


dont they know how lucky they are to have an expiration date


long past me expiration date starting to attract flies


why theyre being cured


File: 1623573212303.png (355.89 KB, 500x760, 1620980533023.png)


lol me



stealth vroast embed


3 days noshower crazy how ugly i am


sigh didnt mean to post that


paste canadian


too dumb to post on hima




time to make the most of the day



vroast dont click


found a spider in the bathroom




get the windex and spray it


prefer the lysol





big sigh


woke up regret NOT skipping


need a nice 1x server


you cant handle the grind


just grind me up spread me on toast


need to grind a nice koreammo


how about a nice japmmo instead


glad i never fell for the normmo meme


thats too grindy


do NOT want to get job 70 on whitesmith with 1x rates ever again


got a nice t4 helm from kara time to sleep


makin coffee this is the last filter donno what im gonno do now


buy aNOTher box


go to the store and buy more


sigh its over


going to the store gonno get myself some nice premium melitta filters


alright buddy stay safe out there


planned to buy some instant when my filters ran out went to the store saw the price bought folgers instead it was on sale forgot to get the filters too dont wanna go back


get some delivered


flip off richnorm



there was a tortoise in the driveway


its turtle soup for dinner boys


uh what do you mean was did you run over it


File: 1623598841329.jpg (1.01 MB, 1541x747, 0e053fa5754bec2b494e3743a28c5ac4.jpg)

it was relocated to the backyard near the woods


why didnt you toss it in the pond


back from the store got a bunch of stuff


nice round turtle


aris is live


saw a turtle on the road once didnt touch it was afraid itd snap at me


theres turtles that cross the road at work


what do you mean work




cracked open an energel clena love a good japanese pen


the hima mansion


got some bean sprouts theyre looking a little withered the sticker says 060221 well they should still be fine gonno boil em up eat em with some rice


love a nice sprout


File: 1623608588541.webm (1.65 MB, 1038x584, 1504737455411.webm)


added too much soy sauce


love soy


raining hard hima might rainsnooze





praying for rain


do a rain dance


dont wanna stand up


cooked popshart now im eating ちゃっかりした tamago


had some tostitos with salsa and queso


File: 1623610977576.png (12.95 KB, 705x246, Untitled.png)


copied the wrong one meant ハードボイルド


im disappointed


gonno set up that emulator and try to game


what game


set up the stream


dont know and even if i knew how to i wouldnt unless it was a game i had already beaten before


which emulator


dont care stream




pooped hima


fire up the good ol obs and streammm


File: 1623612284257.jpg (102.59 KB, 704x1199, E3xlifGVgAE4UEL.jpg)


having some 白子 for lunch


nice sperm


feelin droopy again making tea


keeps overwriting my controller bindings flip this just gonno screenstare


think my years of screenstaring are catchin up to me cant see to well anymore think i need a new prescription scared of the eye doc


thats a myth the norms said staring at a rectangle eighteen hours a day for 10+ years doesnt degrade your vision


never trust a norm


File: 1623614578322.jpg (421.2 KB, 1920x1080, 1623602435683.jpg)


its time to bring the fight to the norms


is she pregnant


ya i impregnated her


ya i spermed her


hope you took responsibility shes a bit ugly but im sure you two can be happy together


ya i flipped her she has been flipped




spit it out


aunt came to do some yardwork ynajd me and asked what do i do every day


wonder what it feels like to be snapped and impregnated by a cel women despise cels more than anything but a non asian mother would still feel some affection for the offspring brooding within their womb


always liked staring in my led flashlight as a kid think thats why im half blind in one eye now


is she going to give you the ol 5150 again


she said she likes gardening and might come here more often now im done for


its fine you need a female role model


thats why i dont leave the room when mom has someone over just pretend to be asleep if they knock


she had cancer why couldnt she just flipping die


thats NOT nice


im NOT nice


everyone on hima is nice


ate a nice boog


what if they start slipping gamestop cards under the door


i dont understand the question




File: 1623615678389.mp4 (1.33 MB, 1623615174037.mp4)




younow repost hours


bored gonno losperm


how did you respond


i pretended NOT to hear her and kept eating my poptart


was it smore poptard


mom bought arbys


did you get the arbys beef and cheddar and arbys original gyro two for $6.00 while supplies last


she got 6 bcs with tardfries


hope she got enough arby sauce


im swimming in it


cant remember being to arbys more than once in my life


like how theres all of this support for child autists but when they become adults theyre expected to either be cured or to go die somewhere else


what do you mean adult autists get free money to live


dont complain they used to just take em out to the woods and leave them there


in most places they dont get enough money to survive on


wed build a civilization to put rome to shame


damn good saving one for later


need some bts sauce


went for a walk got harrassed by some norms


did they ask for directions


no they shouted for me and i dont know what they said so i just yelled no thanks then one of them came by me riding on his scooter and gave me a mean look


you need a weapon


always keep a sharp rock in my pockets just in case


finally got my mr


they were asking you to come over for some blogs because one of the girls over there has been watching you lately and said youre cute but shes too shy to approach


hate when norms talk to me


crying for you


weighed myself again today 30 lbs lighter than this time last year


wonder what drinking with people is like


it often leads to someone getting flipped


used to drink hard in front of mom a year or two ago alone is better


hate getting inebriated around other people too much anxiety cant enjoy the moment


cant wait to crack some blogs with my himabros at the himabbey


somebodys getting flipped


the chinese drinkers kept talking about luxury cars couldnt relate


we already do that in spirit


havent been harassed by norms in 10 years my aura is too potent the only times i get bothered is when theyre too mentally ill to have their flight response kick in within my presence


its NOT the same



hima bullied me for only drinking less than 100 ml of vodka so tried to drink more last night felt bad this morning




love getting peer pressured into destroying my body with poison by adult virgin shut ins


stopped masturbating once i got joshamed and called a sexnorm


love crackin love join


wish my test was low enough to NOT get bones anymore what good does it do me


did that when on antidepressants only cummed couple times a week


youd have to take me to an asylum strap me down to get me to take antidepressants theyre poison they addle the mind


yeah stopped taking them


its too late


felt good on lexapro sometimes wish i didnt stop taking it


pulled out some gray hairs


girls love mature looking men


they call me the silver fox


made coffe and a melt hima hb im having the time of my life


hate antidepressants hate being drowsy all the time and feeling like a cog of the zog


youll melt more was playing checked them out online to see how theyre doing younapi quit like a year ago


already a drowsy zogbot


never took happy pills still feel drowsy all the time


trust me its worse on the brainpills you feel partially detached from your brainstem or something


just lobotomize me


love losing all my memory of the day after taking my sleepy pill


if i take 5475 of them can i forget the suffering years


moms watching the monster hunter movie


what the flip they made a movie


the concept of movies is outdated


dont even have the attention span to watch movies anymore


what kinda knees are these


weighed myself for the first time in months the other day and i was only 233lbs figured i would be at least 260+ with all the food ive been shoving in my face lately




sigh made it down to 140 a year ago back up to 170 now


you cant be considered a man if youre under 200lbs


guess im a pretty lady


when i was 185 i was still pretty fat




flip it out of butter too guess ill go buy filters


found out my motherboard lets you turn off the power button led without pulling the cable out ive been covering it with my shirt when i snooze for 3 weeks


a flipper must flap


always turn it off before snooz


never turn off my computer i must spread my seed


that kills your hard drives


this one time mom bought like a dozen boxes of butter because it was on sale


go through a stick or two a week meself


mom replaced the toilet seat it sucks raging going to fish the old one out of the trash tomorrow and reinstall it when shes at work


mom kept telling me to replace the toilet seat said no but dad agreed with her they cornered me and made me do it


mom boiled noodle


thought that was a myth and it was worse for them to boot up and off


mom bought me tendies



mindblowing that all holotubers started streaming that stickman game because of pikamee shes so influential


do i have to bring my own raw meat and jug of milk


theres this trend of people eating raw meat


got some filters n butter picked up some pasta and a big one too


woke up time to farm some gold


gold is overrated


ten tons of gold


six teen tons and what do you get



i only listen to japanese music


think you said that the last time i posted that


File: 1623628139269.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


File: 1623628276668.png (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, [SSA] Full Dive - 06 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_21.2….png)


how does she fly with those things


learn how to take screenshots youre killing hima with these gargantuan filesizes


didnt pick up full dive


might jerk it to the boob fairy


real bloggers stream it in their browsers and use the snipping tool to grap low res screenshots


i just press f5



wish i could hide embeds


thats a click


wait i already watched it


he will never pass the immersive story


the cool nerds played final fantasy in school wasnt part of their clique never got into it


would post the filter for it but cant be a party to skipping


im NOT a skipper


you would be without the normnails


must be nice skipping teentubies but what if you miss something cool like sverige drinking fermented horse piss



flip it just block img.youtube.com/vi/*/0.jpg


said im NOT a skipper dont want em gone want to hide em like images


flip it skip it flap it stop it



uh why are you getting a bone at my post


im all boned out for the day


what if theres a tiny fracture in your bone right now and you dont even know


never broke a bone




but what if it was already broken and you didnt know yet


almost became norm until i shattered my arm and started using the computer and gaming all day


mindblowing how easy it is to trip on the stairs and shatter your arm bone


lets NOT flatter ourselves too much


you did manage to become a norm if you werent already doing that


maybe but that happened when i was NOT even 6


i was born cel


the shit drawer is full and moms taking a shower ohgod hima


File: 1623630497589.png (1.56 MB, 2000x2000, __kisaragi_reona_kyuukyoku_shinka_shita_full_d….png)







does that one have gay marriage


love some nice pure yuri


fried up some beef eatin it with rice n mustard


mom made soup and salad


some nice bouillon and iceberg


gonno snap into a cold one


im NOT a manlet im 5'8


sigh stopped growing soon as i hit five foot eleven and a half


was one of the tallest kids in school from about first to eighth grade then hit the wall


was always the tall kid but also the fat kid


you coulda been the bully


conquered the wax


older bro got greedy and stole all the height genes then left me with NOThing


if id an aniki maybe i wouldntve ended up like this


sigh kamina


was the hairy kid


had a moustache in 2nd grade


anyone ever cried while watching anime


uh yeah can you say you enjoyed it if it didnt make you cry


i am numb inside a robot devoid of emotions


checkout lady kept asking me bout myself now i cant go back



thats an adblock


i only adblock ugly men


phew nice shower after a nice earcleaning feel like a new man maybe ill shave sometime this week


should i fire up apex the japs love it


nah dont its norm garbage just stick to jong and stream it


if japs like it its NOT norm


wish i had someone to clean my ears too scared to do it myself theyve been hurting i can tell its a wax buildup


nah japs are big norms they love norm shite dont waste your time


dont insult japan


love japs love norms


never learned to love


i love japan period


eating sliced genetically engineered potatoes fried in manmade cooking oils that cause cancer


would give my life for japan


thanks for sharing


File: 1623636875995.png (34.94 KB, 541x184, Capture.PNG)


washing them down with some nice rotten organ destroying cornsyrup water




forgot to jo yesterday gonno have to make it up today with a quadsperm


File: 1623637373648.png (167.04 KB, 318x249, e45b592f70d7a0948a1c813176fc5391.png)


File: 1623638000659.jpg (68.13 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! - 11 (720….jpg)

nice Driver


a driver must drive


wouldnt feel safe with a girl driving


love how mom has lost her license three times has had a handful of accidents and is generally a frightening driver to ride with but she will get incredibly angry if you claim she isnt a good driver


never been in an accident never been pulled over


im as good of a Driver as the indomitable phoenix gordy


rise from the ashes


was in an hit an run accident but only once




gotten out of more tickets than ive received after being pulled over


just found out longcat is dead


one of the few western memes that japs liked


that meme died years ago


yeah you wish you could work as fuck as hard as i can


didnt that guy die years ago


File: 1623640876770.jpg (1.39 MB, 1062x1505, 6b4aac49d1f561886b9e186c27af5808.jpg)

on a date with my gf right now just took this pic


saw some stuff and had bad thoughts


think i heard gunshots


sorry that was me


cant imagine being in this situation without having a panic attack


cant believe norms go to the bar and spend ten bucks plus tip for a single beer


false alarm think theyre just fireworks


is that really how much it costs what the flip i thought it was like 2 bucks


never had any alcohol i only drink water and tea


girls dont drink beer


they drink water and tea


was once the most powerful engineer north of mississippi had a 600hp homologation wrc racecar could bench 375lbs raw and had 6 figures in crypto and none of it was enough to get a passing glance from a jpgf at a pub meanwhile boles stumbled his way into a store that sells literal water and had teengirls humping his leg and bossmen begging him to join the board of directors i guess he won by simply being born


NOT reading


die skipper




i read it but i have NOThing to say


should have tried going somewhere other than gay bars


how can you tell a gaybar from a straightbar




never been to a restaurant or bar on my own im waiting for the big three oh for that one


read that four times trying to figure out what three oh four meant


dont dare order a beer with mom


last time i went to a restaurant with mom i ordered a pitcher for myself hehe


bet its going to be a disappointment just like every other norm thing ive tried to force myself to get into like watching sports or leaving the house but at least ill have something new to blog about


looked up a local bar nine bucks for a beer cant believe it


went to a bar alone when waiting for the eye doctor appointment it really wasnt that big of a deal maybe theres more to blog about if you go at night


dont think getting drunk before the docs a good idea


did you play on your ds


you dont have to get hammered every time you drink you know


no but i remember the foid running the bar was rude so i paid for my single beer in exact change and left it there


i dont understand im NOT drinking it for the flavor


you can just get a nice buzz and leave it there


ok 100ml


uhh haha


reading teen romance manga no matter what i do its too late for me now




the bolenig got puppetmastered into ten years of ass bolstering his luck ran out


hate romance manga unless theyre shoujo


love a nice shoujo




gonno finish the yona shoujo after this season ends


amazon lied about my package coming today


gonno toss some tiles and scream at the rectangle


this is a new development starting to rage after a couple of blogs


went to the store got curry ingredients now the currys cooking


dealt in to a norm who kand an east tile and just happened to end up with 4 dora while i was in tenpai the entire game and didnt get a tile how can this happen havent won a game in 10 games


did you get a nice folded one mirrion times カレ roux block


its a recipe of my own creation


why didnt you stream


streaming amv hell 1-3 in 10


guess ill do some fishing in eorzea




the hima room


way too clean


havent vacuumed in years hairs starting to gather in clumps on the floor easier to throw out this way


fishin in zangarmarsh right now hehe


last vacuumed when i moved back into this room which was january 2020


that was just a few months ago


thats what ive been telling mom but she keeps breaking my balls about it


never let mom in my room told her a mans home is his castle


havent vacuumed or dusted in a while but i dont let garbage pile up


mom has never been in here but she knows that i havent moved the vacuum from where she puts it


why wouldnt you let mom clean your room


used to let her change my sheets in the spare room but thats just because it didnt have a door ive welded myself in here


wash my sheets do my laundry clean my room dont like other people touching my stuff


same but also dont like doing any of those things so i dont do anything


moms a neat freak and said its her house her rules


youre the man of the house dont you barricade the door


my life be like


File: 1623649210110.png (610.06 KB, 600x849, E3ttl5FVEAEMGYG.png)


cant sleep


clean the whole house and vacuum and mop once a week


uh whats mom doing then


shes working and im a houseneet so it makes sense i do the chores


youre no neet just a live in servant


im a midnight to 6 am security guard


wonder what the entrance portal to this world looked like probably had big scary statues and torches


gonno bake some nice frozen fish fillets


youre supposed to thaw them overnight then pan fry em


sigh longcat




File: 1623650248857.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2400x2400, 92694298-0b46-4589-926d-55e5298079ea_1.bbda11….jpeg)


thought you meant some nice tilapia hope youve got the tartar sauce


ya mom made some also have malt vinigger




hate tartar sauce





its just mayo and relish


find mayo unappetizing doesnt taste bad i just dont like eating it


love mayo id kill myself without it


think im sterilizing myself by letting this cat sleep 16 hours a day over my balls


if it gets as hot as a laptop ya youre probably right


sigh miss my cats dreamed about them last night


tried relish once tasted weird


sigh if kitty dies ill rope


just get aNOTher one


its just an animal theyre the lucky ones for getting to die so quickly after neeting it up for 10 or 15 years


send me to an animal shelter and get it over with


they charge by the pound mom doesnt have that kind of cash


think ill start eating instant ramen whenever im hungry if i copy the japanese then ill become a twig for sure



lain does that


could eat 5 cup noodle in one sitting easily the average japanese struggles to finish 1


wouldnt be able to do that the garlic would give me heartburn


are you chink they dont have garlic in the american ones just corn and carrots


theyve also been sucking hard for like 5 years because they took the salt and msg out


bought a big bottle of msg to solve that problem


havent had a nice sapporo ichiban in years sigh


i was thinking of the maruchan cups


mom bought me one of the shrimp ones as a wee lad thought it was mindblowing that you didnt need to use a bowl


uh looking at the website and all the flavors have garlic powder listed as an ingredient


cant taste garlic if its less than a full clove


File: 1623656675046.jpg (1001.22 KB, 1238x1757, E3r_YolVcAQITZl.jpg)




girls arent supposed to sinkpiss


when you gotta go you gotta go




just had some ramen the aftertaste is much better than nachos it makes for a better mood


havent had ramen in at least 9 months dont want to look like a manbaby asking mom to get it at the store again


wouldnt worry about that too much


why NOT ramen is the stereotypical lazy norm food arent they still buying it all up


spermed hard




get a nice sapporo ichiban shio


get some nice chives and an egg in that bowl


life changed forever when i realized inuyasha was made by a woman and made for women


uhh what the flip that means urusei yatsura maison ikkou and ranma were all made by a woman too


inuyasha was my sexual awakening


always thought kurama was sexy


sigh guess the jangolin is snoozing last time he cleaned that shite up in seconds


mindblowing that we have no neet janitor




NOT sure why im awake havent been up this late in a while moms gonno rage when im still snoozing when she gets home from work


went out in the rain and grabbed the last cold one of the night before she woke up guess ill enjoy the atmosphere and watch some more vids for a bit


File: 1623668725932.jpg (180.98 KB, 816x1200, E31NqHHUUAUj0jq.jpg)



enough with the misleading vroast thumbnails


gotta love ollie


guess ill snooze


same dont feel safe posting on hima anymore now that the jans have abandoned it


dropped the biggest neetlog of my life


i was gaming sorry


woke up skin feels warm


breakin open a new tub of folgers


love new folgers smell


are you heading to work


got a case of the mondays


do norms actually chat around the water cooler


got a painful lump back of my neck



File: 1623683539274.mp4 (1.09 MB, v.mp4)


sigh didnt know my tera account was deleted wanted to nostalgia


tera blows


he loved elins


guess ill have to fire up aion classic instead


File: 1623684775030.jpg (44.01 KB, 640x427, Rat_Wiz.jpg)




woke up stole the last root beer


wheres the sarsaparilla


the what


woke up stole the last brownie


left the mugicha steeping overnight still tastes good


File: 1623689982386.png (671.28 KB, 1158x1637, 85521722_p0.png)


are you beach body ready


hey hima


can i help you


ate too much dont feel so good


purge it up


teeth are already rotting fast enough dont need to help em along


out of ap cant beat arjuna


mom tarded out and mopped and then ran across the floor and fell and got a brain hemorrhage and had to stay in the hospital for a few days


hate when that happens


woke up rss rules arent working had to download mug sluts manually


File: 1623694707684.jpg (114.71 KB, 848x1200, E32kzlmVcAcTAXW.jpg)




nice bulge


i bugger men


wonder who the condom is for


whats wrong with that i just leave the bag in the whole time


the package says to steep for two hours after that the flavor starts to degrade


leave norm


neets need sleep


dont know why this isnt working i updated qbittorrent yesterday maybe i should re add all the rules


dont upgrade


got that banner


which banner



you can be theres NOThing stopping you from sinkpissing


its NOT too late


what do you mean its NOT too late


File: 1623698217793.jpg (7.08 KB, 157x117, Screenshot 2021-06-14 121636.jpg)


nice donald


mom found a snapping turtle in the middle of the backyard brought the cats inside grabbed a shovel flipped him over and tossed him in a bin then hauled him over to the creek and stood there menacingly until he flipped off




love flipping turtles




the best way to raise your energy levels is spend 16 hours a day slumped over in a chair motionless except for your hands on the mouse and keyboard


dont have time for that spend at least eight hours lying on the floor


guess ill try to do some pushups


get all the exercise i need from joing


somebody please flipping kill me


im NOT going down without a fight


File: 1623704307716.jpg (354.84 KB, 780x1024, 1623328513230.jpg)

clumsy bitch


tried to do some pushups now i feel feverish n nauseated


just two more sets


sighing hard mom expects me to eat leftover chicken burritos without salsa or pickled jalapeno slices


moving my daily routine up about 7 hours instead of feasting and watching at 1 am after half a dozen blogs im doing it now and saving the blogs for later


scared that the foids will be coming for me now that im in my 30s and a real catch and trick me into living until old age instead of roping with honor in the next couple of years


i wouldnt worry about it



why NOT


debating fastfood


what are the options


its NOT worth it


mom made chkn patties


ate a bunch of candy feeling sick


mom came home right as i was getting ready to livingroomjo
almost got caught


never been caught im pro


whats your secret


mastered the art of the stealthjo in 4th grade


just do it on the toilet learn this trick and you can jo safely even on the go


didnt even jo till middle school


the girls in your class were already losing their virginities


was still uncomfortable with using words like sex and pussy when i was in highschool think i still am actually typing it is ok though


dont even like typing the p word




tard guy at work said he brought home a girl and fucked her last night randomly today


found a really nice way to make some money without leaving my room


must be evening the worknorms are back


hows that



have a white beard hair and im NOT even 30 yet its over


eatin cake its sis bday


File: 1623713319997.jpg (253.27 KB, 1242x1240, 9f313fb9b368403d312dd74279bb270ac533f200268eed….jpg)



havent celebrated my birthday in years


dont like that kind of frosting


got the fran mount had to do the sataurvoir duel while 10 norms were watching nearly had a panic attack


skipped fastfood because mom said she was making burgs and she burns them to a crisp


craving french fries and green olives



craving some nice gorgonzola in olive oil and gsnaps


never had gorgonzola


what about fromunda


simply buy some


buying something is NOT simple


how is it NOT



only interested in the second dimension


might become a planeswalker


tarded out and sparked to mirrodin


used to collect neopets cards still have em never played the game though


File: 1623717085165.jpg (737.12 KB, 3110x4437, 90105967_p0.jpg)


whats happening to her


dont post chink art


woah hima hey got home and found a big black lump on my leg


home from where


grocery store bought yogurt


hope you got key lime


File: 1623717906718.jpg (904.65 KB, 1067x1500, d96a3320d0a7c00c4491b53d39d9a413.jpg)


yea they had a sale if you buy 10 got 2 key lime


File: 1623718033428.jpg (4.48 MB, 2185x2969, 81785712_p0.jpg)


stop posting chink art


bought one of those scholars rocks at a chinese art store


File: 1623718733834.jpg (443.75 KB, 846x1100, 8bb37d8e3969fab1da6d6b183bc17554.jpg)


happy big monday


mom asked if i wanted to watch a movie as soon as i got back from the garage with the blogs


File: 1623719641185.jpg (860.08 KB, 700x1079, e9e34d775b18c06c517fbdb01537e6db.jpg)


finally hooked up the controller but the dpad isnt working only the buttons sigh


netflix and chill with mom


hate watchin movies with mom its always ooh and aah and oh i see and


is she jap


why wasnt i born japanese its NOT fair


you were but you were adopted


watched tv with mom cracked two cold ones to show her that im drinking responsibly and that she should keep buying me 30 packs


bhole itchy as hell


anything over fourteen blogs a week is considered heavy drinking




fire up the enema


if im going to be stuck in this hellscape the norms have created im NOT doing it without brain damage


i can think of quicker ways to a damaged mind


have NOT eaten in over 24 hours


found aNOTher root beer stashed around the corner shes NOT getting it past me


dont drink sugarwater


its fine


File: 1623725939829.png (136.92 KB, 1006x1400, lucu05_013.png)


lets be honest theres NOThing left in this world worth trying to stay healthy for lets just try to enjoy ourselves and get out of here as fast as we can


guess ill game


a gamer must game


already on it with a nice bowl of chicken cheese pasta


i refuse NOT taking care of my health will just bring further suffering


big black lump behind my knee now theres a red ring around it leg feeling tingly




dont trust doctors havent been to one in years they never helped me anyway


simply amputate


the healthier you are the longer youll live meaning youll have much more overall suffering


NOT completely true some people live to old age while suffering from the ill effects of their bad daily choices


i dont plan to die of old age


im gonno go out with a bang


mom said its probably a bug bite told me to just rest


its the chicken pox


mosquitos kill over a million people every year


tried poking at it with a needle try to pop it like a pimple think just made it angrier


File: 1623726727484.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 641x360, koro.webm)


only in 3rd world shitholes



is that what pastaguy sounds like


why does pasta taste bad now the texture is all wrong did the pasta companies change something


uh my pasta tastes fine


we switched timelines again didnt you feel it


this is how most single mother manbabies are conceived


mom will be 70 years old when im 35


thought having kids after thirty produced tards


uhh haha


mom had me at 16 and im tard


symptoms of periods and pregnancy being the exact same is the cruelest joke


mindblowing women willingly go through nine months of discomfort then a day of agony just to drag aNOTher poor soul into this godforsaken world


me want baby


if had a baby would become one of those news stories where you never stop gaming and the baby starves to death


thats what moms for


waitin for the neighbors to sleep so i can take out the trash


this one girl was into compositing


wonder what became of tg


File: 1623730068237.jpeg (242.58 KB, 600x834, c91b654627beb953b9bd0ec50a20d64f.jpeg)


thats a hide


chicken chan want baby


if only we could find someone to take one for the team and flip her


done with jong flip this shite NOT allowed to win but cheating chinks are its NOT fair


you cant just be done with jong


youre right ill fire up aNOTher game if i lose im done


youre an addict


flip jong fire up tbc


too late to play tbc didnt play classic


drinking the last blog dont feel a damned thing from it gonno fire up a grilled cheeser


simply boost up and play


remember when jp used to play jp games


fire up the hima mabinogi guild


playing music in gridania


like genshin impact n arknights




miss monthly low budget mmo releases sigh


got 2nd some norm was dama every flipping hand it was unbearable


i beat him psychologically though i did a riichi off a tile that wasnt in the pool meanwhile he dama rond off a bad hand he was made to realize how much of a coward he was


2nd isnt 1st


2nd is the first loser




File: 1623733807866.jpg (356.24 KB, 1200x1200, 1543288213694.jpg)


lost my way
forgot the dream


whats the flipping point anyway


were so close the ritual will set us free


thats what you said two years ago


you cant rush these things look what happened last time



need a cute username




this only works in a high trust single race society


singapore isnt high trust theyll flog you for stealing a snickets


why would you want it to work might as well just stick me in the meat grinder now


never stole before seems fun just taking what you want hehe


gonno move to singapore and steal a snicket


high trust through fear


thought about stealing before but im a cel NOT a crim


i have the lifestyle of someone in a nursing home



seems fun


being a nig is a hoot


heard they decriminalized theft in california


im sure they did norms love lowering the quality of life for everyone but themselves


the norms must pay for what they did to me


File: 1623735545223.jpg (891.07 KB, 3000x2500, 700f6bb7ef1c1971de0168aca659bfd5.jpg)


File: 1623735737826.png (136.02 KB, 299x336, 1623323891243.png)


isnt that the homo artist


managed to dump it by the dumpster dont think anyone saw hurt my back n arms though might snooze now


youve earned it


guess ill take a nap then


theyre more afraid of you than you are of them


wish the norms would just execute all of us neets already


im NOT going down without a fight


i need a weapon


already took a dive years ago


its 1am you cant take a nap


i can do whatever the hell i want


took a shower just took a bath earlier towels still wet now im still wet


File: 1623737430002.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, 1622499533462.webm)


NOT sure what im looking at


gonno become a landlord


hate landlords


why theyre baste




based jews making it so i can never own my own patch of land with a little house on it but rather kneel before old guys who were able to buy them all up or worse got them from their families


varg said you should just squat in the woods


rents due


love paying aNOTher mans mortgage


sat down to take a piss n a silverfish started crawling between my legs


dont understand why the norms love renting so much dont you only need 6 or 7 grand to get a home loan its NOT like you even have to pay it back you can just sell the house


die worknorm


make aNOTher man money pay aNOTher mans mortgage raise aNOTher mans child its the new american way



never had a job but that would be a trivial amount to have saved by your 30s if you arent tardspending half your income on mcds lotto tickets and cigs


uhh right my income


whats up your ass i dont even have a valid learners permit but if i did and had a job i could save that up in a few years


dont get how olds are supposed to be all wise and experienced considering im half the age of the typical old and everything ive seen points to this world being a terrible place and NOT worth living in


the current group of olds experienced the most prosperous period of time in human history they dont know shit






what about the previous olds then


just buy your own property and rent


couldnt think of a good username


how do smarts convince themselves to NOT rope
what stopped the freak from jumping off that cliff


high inhib


i could never rope dont want to go to hell


panderson said it doesnt say anywhere in the bible that ropers go to hell surely god understands that he was too hard on someone by giving them the cel life and no copes



nah hes laughing his ass off probably did this to us just for kicks


theyre dead or rotting in a nursing home


uhh its the fifth commandment


water heater is leaking fridge shelves are destroyed ice maker doesnt work paint is chipping off of the cabinets there are water spots on the ceiling one of the oven burners doesnt work the mounted microwave doesnt work the screen door on the back is destroyed the deck is starting to rot away and is slowly falling into the sinkhole and is being held up by a tree that is 16 feet tall because i was too lazy to kill it as a sapling years ago the walls all look disgusting because they used spacking on them and theres no way to clean them the driveway is cracking because of roots growing under it there is a tree beside the garage with 20% of its trunk missing because it got a disease or something and rotted away the carpets have all about had it and my shower has mold in it but the landlord isnt going to know about any of this stuff because im scared he will go up on the rent so i just keep paying it and keep my mouth shut and fix what i can


pretty much the exact opposite of everything ive read online about what to do in that situation



have to move soon


just want to evict a norm


im too tired to deal with the stress of going up on the rent or having to move or any of that stuff i just want to enjoy my last year or two


crying for you


owned that landnorm


they cant just raise rent right the price would change at the end of the current contract



we dont even have a contract anymore i just mail him money and he leaves us alone there hasnt been a signed lease for at least 5 years now its almost like paid squatting


sigh just like satou


dont even know how to send mail


waiting for my misaki


im kind of hoping that when he sees the condition of the house he will just sell it to me cheaply rather than bother with fixing it himself and finding new people he already bugged me about buying it years ago otherwise we will be evicted and have to pay more for a worse place


whos we


my gf who else


the himansion


can i flip her just once


post a pic and ill send it to her for consideration


no pics of me exist im a ghost


made the mistake of looking in a mirror earlier


should i read


did you flex


cant read anything more challenging than food labels


started reading lns to exercise the brain


File: 1623740944072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 640.96 KB, 1200x1200, f01-0100100-1101hr-dd.jpg)

think this is probably my favorite novel




is it just me or does ketchup taste better from the packets than the bottle


feels like its been two or three weeks since the last odd taxi NOT one


packet ketchup looks slimy


shouldnt have gotten a haircut the parts of my head that the headphones touch are itchy as hell now that all the padding has worn down


come to me through fire and war


was thinking contacting guy A for months to ask him to ask my friend to talk to me but kept talking myself out of it then i log into d*scord after NOT using it for a few weeks and see he sent me a message after NOT having talked to me for years so i tell him i was thinking of messaging him too to ask him to talk to my friend and get into a conversation about him about the good old times then formally ask him to do it and he says uhhh didnt we already try this and i say yes quite literally 4 years ago but then he says he wont be the messenger this time even though its hard for him to refuse a request from me but theres NOT anyone else i can easily ask and i dont want to send literally every person in my friends social circle as a pawn until all of them are eliminated he wouldnt even explain why he wouldnt do it properly except apparently my friend had a bad reaction last time he tried 4 years ago that he never told me at the time and still wont tell me maybe because he couldnt find it in his sky*e logs sigh had no idea at the time it sounded more like my friend just dismissed my attempt as a joke and made fun of me using @airmail.cc to send an email that they never even read because they never checked their old email until guy A told them to check but i have no idea what they really said since i only heard tiny bits from guy A probably because my friend specifically instructed him NOT to relay anything without their approval

cant believe this had gone over every scenario in my head for years but never once did i imagine a world line so bad that even guy A wont ask them to talk now my friend doesnt even know i tried to contact them so i have no way of knowing if their iron will weakened at all and cant find out either unless i want to worsen my position by using multiple messengers making me look like a stalker trying to evade a restraining order

sigh can just imagine 4 years ago when guy A contacted them they started hyperventilating and went to redd*t with a "burner phone" account and begged for advice because their crazy manipulative psycho ex friend is trying to contact them after 3 years when they thought they were gone forever and its no doubt only the beginning of a month long harassment campaign where they have to leave every community theyre part of just to stop me from talking to them even though it was literally one short email and asking guy A to tell them to check it and NOThing after that

sigh never once imagined it was this bad should really just kill myself


uh do you expect me to read all of that


get mom to sound out the big words its a sigher cant believe your friend was so intimidated by your massive third eye opening intellect that the mere thought of you is enough to cause a mental breakdown


Based on (7) readability formulas, we have scored your text:

Grade Level: 78
Reading Level: impossible to comprehend.
Age of Reader: College graduate


schizo hours


reminds me of a time before i went hollow


File: 1623747265548.png (472.57 KB, 456x573, ERVjo7vXYAIpeed.png)


i dont get it


shes with the slavcels in vr


my life would basically be perfect with just a few tweaks to get things back to how they used to be


wish i could go back to 2014


whats in 2014


ya id be fine with reversing even just 7 years of the void had some good times then


my friend is in 2o14


big blank spot between 2012 and 2018


what about the last hurrah of the jay and himas golden years


/jp/ is still up love to talk with the bros there about how lets go the latest entube clip is


stop the world i want to get off


wish i was a hung chad


its NOT that great especially when it hits the toilet water


sigh he loved hitting the toilet water


reality moves too fast just need everything to freeze in place for a few years so i can catch up on everything ive been meaning to do


whats there to catch up on




give me an example of something that isnt going well for you because theres reality to catch up on


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez make out at steamy, PDA-packed dinner




just need more time before the norms wipe out all traces of the past theres still games and anime and books and movies and music i never got around to plus thousands of bookmarked webpages i meant to read


woke up from my nap


didnt know the norms were planning that


theyre tightening the noose


found out theres a hima called vtube


gotta love himari


File: 1623754196944.png (391.76 KB, 839x473, quiz.png)

nice hima




polnorm ban


File: 1623754989279.jpg (251.84 KB, 844x1000, 1623703532577.jpg)


dont understand why norms love politics


File: 1623755017188.jpg (200.99 KB, 680x673, 1623731920879.jpg)



wonder when hima will go mainstream


himamemes are already mainstream



like what


wonder where pednig is at this very moment and wonder when he last checked in on his himamates


hes eagerly awaiting the nintendo direct in 5 hours




bud builds his sleep schedule around when theres a 3d or debut or new outfit or entube movie stream so he can watch every one


cant get anyone to understand my pain without them vilifying me for being emotionally manipulative


mom said she wishes a strong man would mash a gsnapfruit in her face


why dont you do it big man


i dont live with she said it years ago while watching her oldies just remember it whenever i see a particular fruit


File: 1623761304745.jpg (266.27 KB, 1920x1048, bioshock4-concept-07-4375a4.jpg)


did a soysmile in the mirror


hate the thought that every time someone interacts with me theyre seeing what i see in mirrors


simply love seeing the same posts recycled again and again on himasugi dot blog slash jp slash res slash one two zero nine one eight one plus fifty dot html


woke up didnt skip regretting it



new tuber get in


wrong link


dont post antisemitic tubers


shes NOT antisemitic simply antizionist


real pol hours



sigh moneyYyyYy guy would have loved that


never played pool but feel like id be good at it


mindblowing i only played wow for 3 years max maybe less


File: 1623765790089.jpg (329.25 KB, 848x1199, E37SMKdVoAUpCBb.jpg)


translate it


act 1
girl: hello sir were giving free samples
man: how about a free sample of your pusser then
girl: understood

act 2
man: very nice how much
girl: dont really want to sell my pusser but for 10 big ones ill consider it
man: nah too much ill just sample


love rewrites


thats really what it says




only trucel on hima you wouldnt last 5 minutes in my shoes


hit me with your best celmemory


the worst ones have been sealed in the vault only to be recalled on judgment day




File: 1623769121654.webm (1.37 MB, 360x360, 1623744607907.webm)


nice subhuman whites


why do chinks do that thing with the arms behind the back walking



it shows that youre so powerful that you can drop your weapons and expose your body yet NOT be harmed youre supposed to do it when you have your 10 lackeys surrounding you


mindblowing if the coin of my conception landed the other way up i could put on an anime avatar at any time and be a 1 million simpscriber virtual creator


its NOT that easy to stream otherwise literally every foid would do it


you could still be the next ltg


whats ltg


you know


File: 1623771179468.jpg (139.89 KB, 851x1006, 1623758968657.jpg)


sigh no cheese


never streamed before unless you count video chat is that a stream


seems like most women dont know how to be female and are running vastly inferior strategies


do females even have strategies in nature the males are the ones who have to attract mates


never streamed dont want anyone to see my face hear my voice


cant attract mates wasnt born with enough bones in my face


ya one classic strategy is marrying a beta buxer then letting six chads up in dem guts while ovulating to get spermypreg then telling buxer the kiddo is his so you get his resource


love turt and his facebone meme


mindflaming that france made paternity tests illegal to prevent their husbands from ever finding out


found a toad in the backyard


males are more beautiful in nature the females are usually bigger and uglier in most species


humans were the same until whites started telling women they werent allowed to be strong


cosmetics changed everything women in old pictures are usually ugly and haggard its why foid worship wasnt really a common thing historically and most men could only bear to marry a foid when she was a fresh young teen and why in many cases men opted to flip one aNOTher instead of having to flip the gross old hag at home


The history of cosmetics spans at least 7,000 years and is present in almost every society on earth.


uh but no because most of that history cosmetics were only luxury items for rich people regular women didnt use them


theres a difference between the cosmetics we have readily available today and a royal smearing powdered ant eggs on her face


if they couldnt get their hands on ant eggs theyd just use dirt or urine or something


the average foid in history did NOT have the time or means to regularly apply cosmetics

trust me


no they didnt because natural way is for man to be more beautiful the women were ok being naturally ugly until business owners tricked everyone into buying stuff


no they didnt because natural way is for man to be more beautiful the women were ok being naturally ugly until business owners tricked everyone into buying stuff


NOT sure what separates norm from me he always has a gf or wife no matter what there doesnt seem to be any common variable


think i might get fastfood today NOT letting mom trick me into eating her burnt burgs again


its ok to burn vegetables a little




hate future



love paying vchad to hold my hand through video game advertisements


getting the physical stimuli hallucinations now sigh


love steak in fact id say i love it think about eating steak every day would like it in the dining room or at a restaurant or in an airplane 1 mile high but ive never had steak


pednig gets mentioned in every thread but nobody ever remembers smw


hate freak




haachama is a twig irl i saw her doxxXx


all japs are twigs so what


okayu isnt


polka is a nice plumper


matsuri was fat but she got better



File: 1623780415277.png (3.48 MB, 1352x899, Capture.PNG)


leave the plumpers to me


hate tolkein and his subversive feminist propaganda


varg said women are strong


nice murdernorm


helped mom with groceries its a freiza night


hell ya fire up that fukkatsu no 『F』


if the freak is so smart why did he bother learning a dying asian language


simple hes NOT


every other non english language is already completely dead


well all be speaking mandarin before 2040


whats the point of learning anything but finnish


whats the point in learning finnish



you can post spurdo natively



hell ya love getting 10 year old game where lady has mildly skimpy outfit


the rope ritual


simply love the capacity of my himamates to turn anything absolutely anything good into bad


File: 1623783000530.png (107.24 KB, 822x720, 1543373568869.png)


lets all get therapy bros maybe some nice support dogs


therapy doesnt work for real problems


there arent any real problems then because therapy will solve them all


ban positive guy hes sc2


had a nice diarrhea shite


no such thing


slept through mom going to the store sigh no frozen pizzas no sapporo ichiban


mindblowing most of what i know is wrong but i dont realize which parts and might never


smartnorms dont know shite either nobody knows anything


wonder what im going to find out i was wrong about in 2021 part 2



afraid of turt being right so i search ahead in threads for cel foid bones and tilt to avoid any medium length posts with them as well as and any posts in the vicinity




wish i had simps


NOT sure if id reroll female


would NOT unless i got at least a 14 in charisma


wouldnt because i dont want to exist as a teengirl knowing everyone wants to flip me by force if necessary


they dont need charisma look at japan theyre all shrieking harpies that steal their slave husbands paycheck and give him an allowance


got some blogs got some draino got some gum


i must be flipped by force


saw a teengirl in school uniform with adult arab men stopped at either side talking to her one smoking one on a motorbike NOT sure what was going on but didnt get involved 電車さん was going to come in 3 minutes and he wasnt going to wait for me


dont have enough bones to charismamaxx


what about your honor


what honor


as a man


wish we still lived in an honor society so i could challenge the norms to duels


nice islamophobe


arent phobias supposed to be irrational


liked the episode of zvezda where kate bullied smokernorms


must be hard to be 9 and leered at by pnig without understanding why then at 14 by a roided incel who wants you to do 2004 cosplay


im NOT roided


if i was flipped at 7 at least i wouldnt be cel


im hot im big


tonights gonno be a cryer if mom didnt take it upon herself to get some snacks


ive run out of tears


im in a class case of emotion


theres a communist nuclear meltdown happening soon in west taiwan hell ya new stalker game


taiwan isnt communist


well she got the minimum required for some melts so at least theres that sigh maybe i can talk her into some frozen pizzas and ramen next week


love some two fifty frozen pizzas


mom got the big pot out to make a batch of peas and dumplings might blimp out its been a while since i felt a good stomach stretch with forced defecation


hate when i feast n it doesnt come out till two days later


i dont like blimping simply like the feeling of having blimped


keep dropping new clogs in the logbowl and somehow each time the new log takes over the old one gets flushed


love blimping love being blimped hate the sensation the next day when you feel gross and weighed down by mostly digested food cant fall for the bulimia meme because its disrespectful


did you know nigerian americans are one of our most successful racial groups even more successful than whites quite based i would say


sigh feel known also hate the farts and farting that comes with it


NOThin better n a nice fast n feast


only eat 3 times a week but eat 4000 to 6000 calories when i do depending on the day


need 2 more weapon mats wont be able to get them until friday sigh


sigh miss the days of mukbanging 3 or 4 times a week and having to mumble in pain as i moved around after a feast but i need those abs


dont need a weapon mat im NOT getting a second chance


mindblowing to think every* normdad you see had to flip a woman to get his dadnorm children


1 out of 4 are being cucked


whys there kleene star on your every


hate normeye


this is the true sigma diet


had a cuppa still tired


bored might earlysnooze


File: 1623792484715.png (30.39 KB, 300x250, paste coffer.png)


might need to go back to caffeine gum


why NOT take it a step further get the nicotine gum


never had nicotine NOT gonno start now


love how based we all ya hell ya lifes good


wish i was based


how do i convince mom to get me some nicotine gum


put in on the grocery list


dad is cooking


bored and sleepy from the allergy medication might earlysnooz


sigh otosan


File: 1623793141717.jpg (273.92 KB, 1600x1200, CIMG1118.JPG)

havent thought about this stuff in a long time unc used to chew a ton of it and always gave me packs of it when i was like 11


thought allergy meds caused dementia


thats diphenhydramine


yeah thats an allergy med


thought he was talking about fexofenadine


taking loratadine but its too weak


i dont do drugs


how do you dopaminemaxxxx then


wasnt white trash enough to get in on the energy drink craze wonder if i missed out didnt end up that tall anyway


my energy was so high naturally as a kid that i didnt even NOTice the effects of caffeine until i was in my 20s


wish i could take back those days


miss the good old days of chugging caffeine to stand around outside stormwind for an extra 24 hours after bedtime doing NOThing in particular




sigh im flipping 30


same but outside of prontera in prt_fild03




im human trash


im a blob of trash


liked the m80 and assault flavors of monster


i liked the baja blast flavor of a certain soda hehe


love being so tired i cant type my 64 character xkcd meme password after 3 tries and get locked out


File: 1623794581589.jpg (47.73 KB, 640x569, uh.jpg)


ever have posts saved up after predicting future posts but they dont pan out and you cant use them


i live in the moment




chest pain again coffee might NOT have been a good idea


just made half a pot


hate the ol gamerheart after a few packs of monster


ate 3 tortillas today


File: 1623796064774.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1522117678624.webm)


File: 1623796122130.mp4 (1.07 MB, cobybottle.mp4)




its powertalk




how do chinks even see through their eyeslits


File: 1623796327983.mp4 (1.2 MB, 456049-bcfa08ef517d94b2a5fdcff2c340b8d6.mp4)


think they go by sound


also they dont have eyelashes


they dont need them


always find myself looking at mens arms and legs these days NOThin homo about it just twig radar


ya but to know what it would be like youd have to shave yours off


doc said its infected


why didnt you NOTice it before yesterday


simply amputate


get aids and die you freak




sometimes look at twigs and wonder how they survive how can you be a man going about your day with those little 13" arms


watching racing vids on nnd


uh i cant why do you think im here


toothpick arms toothpick neck toothpick legs and a 40 inch gut is what the ladies want


hes norm


sometimes just wonder how easily their limbs would snap it just doesnt look like to be so twig


sigh raiders


18.5" neck 19" arms still less smv than the average hima dweeb that happens to have skin 3 shades more pale than mine


anyone can work out and achieve that but you cant work your mutt genes out



only wear monochrome tees buy em by the bag


took out moms tape and did a gamermeasure my arms are only 15 inch flexed at the most gamer point


youre ripped compared to me


hes probably just chubby


same have thought about clothmaxxxxing but i dont know how seems like you need a tailor and ive never been to one they probably charge you $500 then laugh at you for having an outfit priced under 10k


havent thought about how subhumanly ugly i am besides the face in a while


im beautiful on the inside


moms gone for two days



really flipped up hard and destroyed my body on the bright side it wildly increases my chances of an early death


hell ya its freiza time


cant get over the fact that every single person ive ever met in life saw the tard in the mirror


post the pic with the guy what is all ugly then theres turt next to him all naked like saying we need to stick together


cant believe norms spend their whole lives grasping for attention ive spent my whole life trying to be unNOTiced and forgotten


look good in the house mirrors but look bad if i see myself in a mirror in the distance in public


had no choice but to hone my body into a lethal weapon after what the norms did to me


if you really want to know what the norms see dont look in the mirror take a photo its worse


if you really really want to see what the norms see set up a camera in your room and go about your business for a few minutes and watch it suddenly the whole cel thing begins making perfect sense


set up a nice room stream


im just sitting here laughing at the glowing rectangle norms do that all the time


guys rectangle funny


dont want to do this


wish i was just fat as hell so i could at least be physically large instead of a scrawny twig with a massive blog gut got the measuring tape on me arms neck and legs but its too shameful to say


fire up those melts


File: 1623798892357.png (Spoiler Image, 412.39 KB, 578x844, Ezg92UqUcAQeUto.png)

wish i was this fat


imagine walking around with to big neon lights flashing snap me strapped to your chest at all times thats called being female


only eat for enjoyment in front of the rectangle but i should still be pushing 2500 calories a day with zero physical activity the blogs are at least 900 i simply cant get fat



did this before dont look that bad other than being fat and bald




might have to rope if i do it


got a full head of hair


sigh futari lollies


mom recorded me on accident at the bowling alley saw my virgwalk


where was futari from again


if your neck is less than 17 inches youre doing something wrong


i did NOThing wrong still ended up like this


crying for rounin guy


dont know how other men in the 25 to 35 bracket can smoke dope and cigs and drink but still look normal is it because they have jobs and physical hobbies






its NOT even abnormal to be sedentary and lazy in this country why am i cursed to NOT even be proportionally fat


they look normal because the average is normal if you were to ask people a few decades ago they would say the current average is fat and out of shape


cant even be a normal atrophied loser


dies irae dies illa


love having big fat tardino legs and a lanklet upper body simply love it and all the test i didnt receive in utero


post that twig blog belly




doc said shed write me a prescription for antibiotics then she left the room without saying goodbye so just sat there alone for 30 minutes finally opened the door asked the clerk she said can leave


die sneezer


mindblowing girls actually do want to have sex with men willingly wonder how that feels


what happened to your script


needed to get a job on a farm or something sigh


turt you seein this


thats an adblock


clerk said doc sent it electronically so just sat there for 30 minutes for no reason


at least you got some good wallstaring time in


dont even know how to go to the doctor


hate eating in front of norms they judge me when i dont fold the napkin right or something


eat weird walk weird talk weird


always eat my normportion meal within 2 minutes while the norms sit there chatting about the weekend and the houses theyre looking at taking one small bite between every conversation


pharmacist said have to avoid dairy but like just bought 10 cups of yogurt on sale now cant eat any of it


pharmacist said have to avoid dairy but like just bought 10 cups of yogurt on sale now cant eat any of it


just eat it today n start tomorrow


should of asked her if lactose free was ok


she probably doesnt know shit yogurt is full of antibiotics it will make it twice as powerful


simply get some nice vegan yogurt


might conjure a tulpa


how many ovulating females have baby batter in their vaginal canals right now do you think


its also my birthday thanks for the bacterial infection guys great birthday present




hows it our fault


which guys gave it to you


die slippers


slipped that post


what the flip you just said you saw it after buying yogurt



thought tubers were okay here so long as they arent hosexy ladyve


yeah bought yogurt got home posted on hima then looked at my leg suddenly big black lump


so who are the guys


nice beetusleg


gamed came back to 60 posts


a gamer must game


havent read watamote in a decade or so wonder what tomoko is up to


same still get NOTifications about new chapters but didnt read any of them


slow day yesterday fast day today guess everyone got over the mondays


wish freak would just stay in stealth mode all the time


she became a norm


shes just like me


read up to 140 something couldnt take it anymore


i remember a glasses bitch getting introduced NOT much else


mom said she couldnt read the line for the drivers test had to wear glasses


she turned into a norm with a lesbian harem the story is almost unrecognizable


there are like 5 more roasts now that keep her around as the token freak


shes NOT like me sigh


die a cel or live long enough to be a norm


the story is realistic it wouldnt make sense for a foid to experience loneliness for very long


its just normeye


might like to read it if they made her graduate high school and get thrown out all alone into the world where nobody cares about you and she loses all the progress she made and turns back into a hiki


aNOTher good point from turt


love tarding out and bouncing off of two other posters


love the bouncing off meme always makes me tardlaugh


boy at the store was bouncing a ball


but then it wouldnt be about a high school girl


love being mislead to believe in mysterious rudeguys and instigators and himako girls




senapi said his sister still lived at home with parents at like age 30 said she was one of those people who never grows up




File: 1623801927337.png (1.22 MB, 2560x1440, 1623798301797.png)


this one senpai who was really interested in me like he tried to be a mentor and give me advice always tried to avoid him


just remembered when i was 10 or maybe younger and nice gran was still alive aunt who was the younger sister of mom used to live with her despite being in her 30s then she got married to a bald guy with no sperm or something and adopted or did the injection thing dont remember havent seen her since i was 13 and she was fat shaming me


sigh norms


hope her skin can return to normal after that


she might have even been in her 40s dont actually know how much younger than mom she is


count the rings


wonder how 1%gran is doing


nice familynorms


cant estimate the age of asians accurately


swore i wouldnt crack one today


its ok you earned it after a long day at work


gth norm


sigh empty inside


time to fill up


ran out of alcohol except for some really old wine bottles grandma had in her basement dad said to take them



wish the gorona happened when i was a teen so i could just do online schooling instead


you wouldnt have done anything


File: 1623803102053.jpg (312.5 KB, 647x900, E2jIvrPVkAIRNyV.jpg)


my angel


thought that was pekora then thought it was satoko because of that post then thought it was pekora again


always thought jashin was just like me


File: 1623803511574.webm (444.93 KB, 978x720, shutup beech.webm)


cyber peko


File: 1623805575709.webm (161.89 KB, 852x480, cyberpeko.webm)


unsubbed from every tuber im done




dont like her shes babytube


hate vtubers foids used to have to at least put effort into their looks to con men out of their time and money now they dont even do that


but they bring joy


ya to the norms


would like a newly sincere himapoll on favorite tuber



wish i could get into tubers


i dont watch the tube dont want daddy g to spy on me


dont like moona shes easily angered and weird you have to be on eggshells with her but more importantly shes NOT japanese



anime is better than teentubies anyways


love anime


anime is teen thats a fact


NOThin better than cracking a caffeinewater and firing up toonami


tubers superseded slice of life anime


dislike toonami and all western anime programming bet theyre solely responsible for 20 anime watched bebop norms


ive only watched a dozen anime and cowboy bebop isnt one of them


thats a ban


never watched anime in my life


you cant ban me im the biblicalblob


rigging up a nice tuber takes more time than putting on makeup


tried to make a burger added too much raw onion


gth worshipper


however ive watched quite a few more if you were to count the ones ive watched a few episodes of and then dropped
most of them dont meet my standards


watch every sol that comes out thats what i live for


whos the best english speaking tuber



accidentally touched the pan burned my finger hurting now


thought itd mellow out pains just increasing think it blistered too


are your reflexes too tard to immediately yank your hand away just stop touching the hot surface


uh that doesnt stop the burn


uhh thats what i did


File: 1623808716976.png (Spoiler Image, 4.52 MB, 2150x3035, 87631996_p0.png)


was it your knuckles or something every time i touch the pan my hand yanks away before it can cause a burn happens all the time


why are her cheeks bulging


yeah its my knuckle its NOT like i hi fived the pan


dad was too tard to pull out now im stuck in this godforsaken world


common sense went out the window once he was up in them guts


might become an outlaw


i break the law every day im a criminal



hate normtendo


cant wait for mario party tuesdays at the mansion


gonno reboot


going to reboot this shite life and wake up somewhere far away from here


always leave the pc on forever until it bluescreens never reboot