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okuu is my wife


shes NOT real


got left behind




moms awake cant get more blogs guess ill watch then snooze




thank you for the stream it didnt buffer this time


File: 1622878907755.jpg (211.93 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 01 (720p) [842817C7].….jpg)

groan dont tell me her average everyday life will suddenly burst into color whenever she rides this thing


left behidn


intense secondhand 不安 watching that except shes close to half my age


ya that site is way better


dont post in this one were going to the other one


no it was just an intro thing her everyday life is colorful now that she has a cub


gaming gaming gaming


got left behind hard just thought it was dead hours and stared at the post from 5 hours ago waiting sigh


woke up gonno losperm



feel like i clicked this recently and clicked off instantly


47 out of 50 bozja NOTes still need 2 from dalradia and 1 from southern front fates


woke up jod showered made coffee gonno be a good day






poured meself a cup of sugar and just eating it why didnt i think of this sooner same thing as candy but way cheaper


candy only has a few grams of sugar youre eating way more than that


so youre telling me im getting even more for less money


more fat and unhealthy


theres no fat in sugar


your teeth will rot


nah ill brush later


sugar is the worst thing you can eat


then why does it taste so good




File: 1622906605881.jpg (103.23 KB, 855x1200, E3FiQ1mVIAQ-B7-.jpg)


translate it


the pleasure of being cummed inside


File: 1622907513333.jpg (131.42 KB, 893x1191, E3H5xj5UcAUambF.jpg)

always hate when this happens


seen gourds with more realistic human anatomy




hate anatomy norms


just remembered i had a weird dream last night where i was forced to go back to middle school


did you flip some nice middle school ladies


used to regularly have a dream where i had to go back to middle school for an english class i missed


there were no middle schoolers think it was an adult class full of tards


never remember my dreams



nice table now show me your holes


dont be so vulgar


love how the chinks expect everyone to believe shes doing all of this by herself and does NOT have a staff of 30 people behind the camera


what do you mean that skinny manicured dolled up chink isnt doing all the work


shes a strong independent woman


hima woke up hey


only have 65 tickets and 615 quartz hima do you think thats enough for da vinci musashi and rin


i dont understand a word you just said


File: 1622915357741.jpg (125.45 KB, 675x1200, E3IpvfmXoAUAOma.jpg)

sigh momgf


mogs me


it should be illegal for goofy looking chinks to get chad cuts you can tell he spent a minute in the mirror getting the quiffs just right


never styled my hair


got jawmogged





die emojinorm






you can skip da vinchi hes an agp


File: 1622916537193.webm (2.44 MB, 640x640, 1622718684526.webm)




woke up its slime time


theyre really slimin this week hoo boy


eatin some rice n mackerel


making coffee


i cant have fastfood three days in a row can i


why NOT


its unhealthy but its better than starving its moms fault i have no food


fire up the rice cooker


there are people here that have had it 3000 days in a row leave out the soda and bread and it becomes health food


i cant leave out the soda or bread


flip it im gonno use getting more sugarwater as a pretense for leaving the house then get some burg king


did it work?


norm siren




holy flip $75,000 in 15 minutes








explained to mom im σ male


love living in a 99.5+ percent white area and seeing tranny and nigger lover signs on the norms lawns




love visually identifying myself as prey to any travelling savages by putting signs in the yard love being an empty headed gen x retard still sticking it to "the man"




schizo hours


File: 1622922566806.jpg (Spoiler Image, 528.61 KB, 848x1200, E29JWmuVUAgB3jo.jpg)


wouldnt mind if that was me


the flipper and NOT the flipee right


File: 1622922732484.webm (1.4 MB, 640x360, 1622494405618.webm)


need a slimy girl throat to tighten around my bone


kitty is snoozing on me lap


flipped up hard should have said the slurpee and NOT the slurper


never had a slurpee whats it like


cold and sweet


its just soda in a cup of crushed ice


File: 1622922988360.mp4 (1.07 MB, coby.mp4)


sodas poison


nice perm


File: 1622923102769.webm (1.66 MB, 960x540, poisonwater.webm)


File: 1622923111941.jpg (108.41 KB, 600x586, icee2.jpg)

actually have no idea what a slurpee tastes like just realized ive only ever had icees




love asking mom to get soda and having her remind me that its pop NOT soda


obama said that the ones in japan are really cheap and really good hed always get one from a konbini when biking to the beach


know who you mean but always think of barack first


File: 1622924006718.jpg (143.06 KB, 1920x1080, 1622919681252.jpg)


mom asked me what i wanted at the store said ham dijon and lemonade


sigh trevor












they call me the リア充blog


translate it


i live on peanut butter sandwiches i dont care


acs going in hima have to cut the lights and the monitor while i take the foil and trash bags off the window






feet sweating hard again


think thats as good as its gonno get time to fire it up and turn this place into a meat locker


heck ya


mom made chicken alfredo


already went from 87 to 85.9 here we flipping go


my will creates your body and your sword creates my destiny


made hot chocolate but cold



sounds gross


shut up sissy


im kitty


80.9 hima


norms stole my meme again


feelin greasy


its degreasin time


moms back she got ham dijon and lemonade but also some provolone you know what that means



File: 1622933264685.jpg (60.86 KB, 625x533, 1536983864295.jpg)






pipe down umnorm


woke up made 2k gold with my epic mount yesterday hehe back to herbing smv


what other one


dont get it


watching this



why whats the appeal


why doesnt he just play ffxiv as a hyur highlander dark knight or dragoon


hed just skip the cutscenes and hate the game its NOT a good stream game


mom got frosties


File: 1622937418350.jpg (102.24 KB, 1000x1000, frosties_35g.jpg)

what the flip


those are frosted flakes






File: 1622937670126.jpg (50.84 KB, 1280x720, 102469.jpg)

love a nice frosty chino




might be a chinojo night



nice carbs


carbs arent even real neither are calories


always eat carbs they are your energy


hehehe you are eating antinootrients you fool



love evil grains filled with antinutrients


looks like theres negligible protein in that cant call that feeding


hate that norm


mom said i should find a young gf told her id be treated like a pred if i so much as talked to one and she said a 13 year old is biologically ready to have children and a 17 year old is a woman so i shouldnt care what they think boomers grew up on a different planet


paste mom desperate for grandchildren


shes right as long as you keep it to yourself its fine


it was the same planet but the longnoses didnt have their claws as deep in it


13 year olds dream about older guys all the time


because they need flip


phew nice momendorsed teengf


tell her to find you one


love how nice israelites are simultaneously responsible for the worldwide childsnap human trafficking elite conspiracy but also for age of consent laws in the generic conspiracy theory


how am i supposed to keep it to myself norms will just whip out their phones and start accusing me of being a cradle robbing scumbag for holding hands with my 20 year old plumper gf


simply move to a country where the age of consent is 16


think its technically legal to marry 16 year olds even if youre an adult in most states if their parents agree to it


no they wont 20 year old with 30 year old is hardly deviant plumpers look older anyway


remember being in highschool and some of the girls bragging about their 20 year old bfs but now theres been the massive anti age gap propaganda movement so the teengirls will probably call the police if you so much as look at them


foids are NOT important


they only call the police if you arent chad they still brag about the 20 year old bfs otherwise


all women of every age will call the cops and ruin your life if you displease them thats NOThing new


wish i could have been a chad just to skate by in life and still do the things i like doing like yucking it up on hima but NOT having to work hard or deal with aggressive norms or anything


you have described my life perfectly


onsekis too short to be a chad thats why he has to stack cans at the krogers to pay the server bill


almost got run over in my own apartment block driveway by an aggressionorm ive never seen before acting like it was a highway no idea why just didnt like my face i guess and would probably use it as an excuse to beat me up and graffiti my front door for months if i said anything


how tall is seki


shorter than me and im NOT tall


love turt bringing up sekis job at every opportunity because hes steamed his engineering didnt let him flip as many nice jp denshagfs


i brought it up because if you were a chad you wouldnt have to work or do very little most neets are chads


how tall are you


height is NOT everything


it is to foids


mindblowing that as chad girls will fall all over you wherever you go without you doing anything elliots only mistake was thinking that could apply to cels


if you live a virtuous life you get to reincarnate next time as a higher being such as chad



remember that foid who created an entire webcomic series about how wet her bfs height gets her in everyday situations


i didnt want to remember that


wish i was back in pog form


pogging hard


mom wants us to go on my 600lbs life obviously so she can get sympathy while norms all over the world point and laugh at me


had a car scare earlier smelt something burning had to turn in a parking lot and investigate turns out it was in my head


File: 1622941584454.jpeg (96.18 KB, 722x425, images (1).jpeg)



eating is the only thing that gives me pleasure wish i could just forget what people think and bloatmax to a jolly old neetblog also would be nice if i didnt need to fart and p**p excessively


love pretending to like manlets to monopolize the simplet market


love going on the internet and telling my simps that i like manlets and watching the cash roll in from the manlets


i would give up eating if i could


would give up farting if i could


once you get enough achievements you dont have to eat anymore or you can do the other trees and get the double jump or underwater breathing


short to her is 5'11"


feelin feverish


dont mind farting hate sharting


File: 1622942228571.jpg (40.33 KB, 480x480, nZiTtBQ.jpg)


sigh nb flipping made it


its NOT fair


wonder if it was ever possible for me to make it



pikajr dont click


ya but that window of opportunity was so narrow no one can blame you for tarding out


was undoubtedly doomed from day one


why is she teaching those tards that 7月 is hichigatsu


if only i could turn back time



nice formula bottle


i would stay for the night


wish i could tard out happily like her



simply become a roastie camgirl that gets paid to exist and youll be happy as a pig in shit


hate when they sing weird songs that arent from anime or video game


i cant become a roast


ya you can just get a nice cannibal to help you out


if it was that easy why dont all girls do it


sigh cham


theyre too busy having beta males pay for their dinners and getting railed by guys like pg and nb later in the night



whos pg


sb NOW



keep that shite on the teencord norm



need a hima car trip


sorry ill make sure to post a flipping babytuber next time




teengfs are for jerks were classy nice guys who get the sexy 30 year olds


wonder how many gallons of sperm shes swallowed




sis is in her nice guys phase shes trying to desperately marry this nerd whos got a lot of money feel sorry for the lad he could do better


sexy sister


love how sis worked multiple jobs in college and tried to get her foot in the door to start a career only to latch onto some richnorm and move out of state as soon as she had the opportunity


based sis using her privilege to its fullest extent while her male counterpart has no choice but to ldar


shes got that cunt between her legs and thats all i need


never flipped it cant be that good


sour gsnaps


would sperm hard in that guys sis


its nine oclock do you know where your neet is


still dont think im as ugly as foids act like


they smell the cel




File: 1622944761721.jpg (865.03 KB, 4032x3024, 20190914_143251.jpg)


the towelheads have the right idea about women why let them choose thats what started all this insanity to begin with


nice burns


File: 1622944888219.png (734.49 KB, 590x841, c.png)

reading this



was an ugly boy and became an even uglier man



legs are hairier than his but have a fraction of his chest hair


what a joke theyre all fatlards that put the fork down or literal children that hit puberty where are the real muthaphukkin ugly neets


got left behind sigh


NOT sure how the norms have collectively agreed to pretend anyone gives a fuck about a womans opinion


its the only way to stop their nagging


test levels went down over the last century and sniveling simps began to appear


they always existed


lowest test on hima


love being deathly afraid that my multiple a day sex romps with chad might bypass my contraception and get me preggerton at 18 years of age


five o clock get a call to go blading at the skatepark down by the mall


im just a teenage robot baby


File: 1622945941695.jpg (187.68 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 02 (720p) [4563A554].….jpg)


phew nice superb club


nice napo


never made napo


got my 30 day login bonus today


only islandgooks who got colonized by america have a taste for ketchup on spaghetti


nice 人種差別


9782 pretty crystals and 6 funny orbs im ready to roll


i can go anywhere on my cub


havent even gone further than walmart in years


love when norms tell me about so and so street as if im supposed to instinctively know where the flip that is


hate that too have to pretend to know what they mean


mom does that all the time i just remember what the roads look like and what theyre near who pays attention to the name


love it when they say you can get to that street by going to aNOTher street ive never heard about it


love the nightlife around berson street by the block with the irish bar


last time mom took me 5 minutes downtown there were buildings i hadnt seen before she said they were there for years already





thought i was the only tard that had to pretend to know every street in town




who do you have to pretend to besides mom who already knows you dont know shite


the norms


lot of botposts today


wish i was high iq like the freak so i could dab on arrogant foids




think my iq was mid or high 120s at one point probably in the 80s now but without the bliss that comes with normal retardation


can defiantly tell that years of stagnation and chasing dopamine squirts and depression has rotted my brain full of holes arent there games that can fix this


fire up the brain age


we wont need brains where were goin


your brain rots when you watch anime


im the dumbest tard on hima



mom always thinks i know and is surprised when i dont know where norm street is


lived in the same town for 13 years only know the street the house is on and main street




got a nice purple crystal gonno dust it for tickets


hard drive is 20 degrees cooler since turning the ac on


can you give me the crystal i need one more


nice 800w cpu cooler


no its 25 dust


my ascension is worth more


it isnt


it is


it is NOT


nah it is


it isnt norm


youre wrong


nice tard


hate how the green presents only give +1 whats the point


blame the greedy chinks


always laugh at funny orbs posts


reverting to an animal


need aNOTher war when all the chads go to die itll be up to me to repopulate the earth


was disappointed more norms didnt die over the last year or so was hoping for the population to drop by at least 10 million


we were born to cull the herd


same but at least 5 billion globally


NOT taking into account other point of views hehe nice coping relativefoid


why is their group so high iq even the norm covidfoid is above average


who knows how their testing was done


File: 1622950986635.jpg (2.48 MB, 1435x2025, 90335042_p0.jpg)


mom bought chocolate babka




oy vey


weird that clip isnt very funny


never understood laugh tracks do norms need them to know when to laugh


we should do a hima actual iq vs perceived iq and watch freak shuffle to last place


brett is the only person here that isnt a complete fucking loser and has something to show for his claimed intelligence


you forgot turt


played some loop hero gonno crawl in bed and play freecel gran loved this game she would play it on the dining room table all day


maria has a phd but it didnt stop her being 112 iq


hes a coper


whos maria


never had babka love platzek


no girls allowed


hate going into any shop that isnt a supermarket or department store because the norms force themselves onto you in close quarters so i dont know any of these weird foods


its some polack dessert i think


just put it on moms shopping list


never mind its a longnose thing


wish i had a rich and diverse family food history instead of bangers and masshu


doesnt Poland have lots of news isnt that why hitler nuked them


im sure they snuck in there when no one was looking




feel no connection to our families heritage besides the food gran made



dont trust any food critic who isnt fat NOThing personal they just have less experience


could go for a nice bagel with lox


fats will suck down anything you throw in the trough


NOT sure why i bother NOT living my 600lb life when no foid would ever want my genetic material anywhere near her gooch anyway


its impossible to get over like 400 without being a truly subhuman retard that eats 10 pound bags of flour for lunch


nice chink propaganda guy tarding out and making a thread


i didnt mean literally 600lb id probably top up around 250


sigh dont want to use a chinkthread


250 what the flip are you 4 feet tall


ok maybe 300lb but ive never been that fat so were on speculative territory


File: 1622954292754.png (510.66 KB, 570x819, hs-018.png)


its time to get huge and flipping freaky


File: 1622954518289.png (4.44 MB, 2130x1105, image3.png)


  ∩ ∩
⊂[( ' ω')
  / (⌒マ
 (⌒ \ヘ」つ
  > _)、
  じ \_)\ \ \




thats a 404




paste babytubers


owned the libs by donating to fund their grandmas


think i didnt get enough sleep and naps as a shota and it ruined my height


been 245lbs before it wasnt that bad


File: 1622954908071.png (179.84 KB, 337x532, paste.png)


dont know what my max was since i avoided scales like they were mirrors but was 240-260 i wager


are you NOT using xivlauncher


nice cheathack launcher


youre missing out


File: 1622955093490.png (1.21 MB, 762x1282, hc-182.png)


does she have a freakeye


need a nice feedergf


mom did the drinking motion after i tarded out trying to turn the fan off even though ive done the same thing dozens of times sober alone in my room


File: 1622955336681.jpg (370.45 KB, 800x561, 1554879718110.jpg)

its all fun and games until youre immobile and die in a puddle of your own excrement and she moves on to the next sucker that can satisfy her perversions


nice armory


File: 1622955550927.png (1.07 MB, 637x1209, ra-030.png)


tried to explain to mom that im a sigma male and she asked if it was related to the mgtow thing i brought up before


whats a sigma male is that related to brave new world



havent weighed myself in a while and ive been eating a lot might be near 300 lbs


love eating 2 pounds of tomatoes covered in salt and msg less than 200 calories did you know that


msg is a meme



its NOT a meme try slicing a tomato in half then sprinkle msg on the inside of one and eat both see which tastes better


never weighted more than 190


File: 1622956359585.png (427.69 KB, 2088x3028, 1622953403909.png)


dont understand why americans are paranoid about msg when they put cornsyrup in everything


would have had giant boobs if i was a girl since mom and all my female relatives have huge boobs


tried putting msg on veggies before and they still tasted gross


have giant boobs as a man sis has regular boobs


manbaby palate


tomato and msg both have umami flavor




hate tomatoes


die tomatohate


probably a raider


im NOT a raider


might fire up a coffee and tard out


its the middle of the night


the best time to fire up a coffee tard out




stuck loading


can hear the audio but the screen is black


a streams a stream you cant be picky




nice jew captions


crazy how even this cel can run jbw game and get a jgf


hehe chose the other embed when i posted that expecting this exact response


found a box of spinach pierogies in the freezer made half


nice jew captions for my nice jew show



dont make fun of jews youll upset israeliguy


they want total control of all media they can deal with some harsh words


they dont want that


im just like fake akagi



bored with a bone


let me help you with that


salmons here hima gonno feast


sigh stopped at the best part thank you for the stream


thanks gonno leave the climax for tomorrow


missed the stream


couldnt get it to load so i closed it


i fixed it three minutes into the two hour stream



File: 1622967948409.png (2.07 MB, 3361x3881, 274cd84229d578fb911237e2bb99e299.png)


wish i was her


File: 1622968765763.jpg (293.05 KB, 1920x1080, [aether-raws] Fate Grand Carnival - Season 1 [….jpg)

illya is so sexy



gonno jo


might hit some rocks


woke up too early


uh too early for what


too early for a good nights sleep feelin groggy n feverish




kinda weird how every building has lights intalled so we can do things after 7 when we could just snooze instead and save a lot of money on light installations


the glow from my rectangle is all i need


north korea does this


using spirit of the watcher and chainspell on red mage to do a lazy one button verthunder spam build for dalradia hehe


just afk in the first area


thats immoral


all is fair in love and war


File: 1622979423287.jpg (879.19 KB, 1485x1050, __tsubaki_blue_archive_drawn_by_solaris_sinhyg….jpg)



dex dex dex dex


File: 1622981298485.jpg (193.89 KB, 1200x816, E3HjkZ5XMAMqoOT.jpg)





got a whole lotta snacks hima gonno game




File: 1622985644261.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.97 KB, 1200x849, EzgZ8k7VIAA5GxG.jpg)


too small


thats it hima im looksmaxxing til i get an lgf


File: 1622985987546.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.01 MB, 2865x2026, EzgZ8k7VIAA5GxG.jpg)


thats NOT what i meant






File: 1622988229645.jpg (102.35 KB, 1920x1080, uh.jpg)


File: 1622990029560.jpg (81.35 KB, 850x718, 1622973344905.jpg)


eagerly waiting for furnazis video on bestiality


sigh vnig



vile what goes on in norms heads to make a vid like that


why are they freaking out its NOT that gross


theyll do anything for the slightest bit of attention



done NOThing but wake up make my morning post game for 18 hours and sleep since tbc came out



sounds like a damn good time


mom made pancakes n spam got heartburn



never watched season 1


booby dragons


jaw exerciser is coming today


you dont need one just stop eating mushy food


gonno start eating ass


my jaws permanently sore its NOT worth it


i need that chad lower third


eat firm ass NOT mushy fat ass


watching rock cutting vids


had a second chance at life in my dreams but flipped it up even harder than my real one



mom wont buy those she prefers the regular swatter


im stuck in a nightmare


File: 1622999122189.jpg (294.47 KB, 2048x1399, rFNzlfs.jpg)


hey hima




made some honey bread


love honey love bread


File: 1623004293820.png (1.48 MB, 900x1200, 1622920239353.png)

cant wait to sneak into peoples rooms in the mansion at night and crawl onto their beds


homos wont be allowed in the himansion


i demand to be flipped



its up


made two pots of expresso and rambled hard to mom after seeing the normspaper


the nightcrawler


a pot of espresso what the flip


mokou pot


had a dream i went too the store and saw someone wearing a burzum shirt i tried asking him about varg but he looked at me weird and ran


love approaching strangers to chat


saw a guy with his hot gf wearing a filosofem shirt a few years ago wanted to say something to let him know i was hip but just stared while he scowled at me


might fire up omegle


stranger danger


mom got a case of coons the busch box was moved meaning she had to have NOTiced it was empty maybe i should explain that its light beer


nice mongodex how do i change my password


fan splitter cable showed up NOT sure if i should put both of the 0.34 amp fans together or a 0.34 and the 0.20 one dont know what the max amperage for the header is


got up felt really weak and started sweating hard like i havent eaten in days made some leftover alfredo


gonno play it safe theyre all 3 pin anyway



got 4 fans in 1 header hehe


got one disconected fan just for show because i dont have a splitter


simply chain them


back from lunch with mom it was nice made coffee gonno catch up on vids and sip


File: 1623011809983.png (835.88 KB, 795x470, 1485098444561.png)


guess its rice again


miss basted tamamo


that was a waste of 4 bucks the fan i never used from the old case wouldnt spin and the one that does work is too small to mount anywhere might just tape it to the top


love tamamo


File: 1623013406416.jpg (141.58 KB, 1200x840, E3H_NiSUYAoaCcD.jpg)

haato feet


always count toes and fingers just in case


only like tamamo cat


did the dishes laundry vacuumed cleaned the stove now just have to wipe down the floors


whats mom doing


isnt that moms job


shes out of town but gets back tonight and expects it to be cleaner than when she left


didnt you say she was leaving for a week like two days ago why is she back already



didnt remember that even though i read it and made one of the posts within 10 of yours


had a good memory as a kid years of the rectangle has grinded it to a stump


might drop some money in mahjong souls maybe itll improve my flow


only have a good memory for things that make me want to rope


sigh mom said some white trash roastie was rude to her in the parking lot


why werent you there to defend her


i must defend the foids


she said the guy she was with apologized to her


why are girls like this


a real man doesnt apologize


a real man keeps his cunt on a leash so she doesnt verbally harass women in their 60s over parking spaces


dad apologized for his gf the other day


sounds like your old bag boomer karen mom got owned spectrum boy


File: 1623019989501.jpg (114.44 KB, 851x546, image0.jpg)


crazy how people have been using that exact pic for over 20 years now


dad bought cookies


sigh dad


woke up time to game some tbc


theyre so delicious


its hot as a flipper in here


back is sore


peeing and hating it


feeling sweaty fell asleep with pants on


whats to hate


mom let a bunch of fruit flies inside




is that the guy that melted


cant believe my yamato nadeshikos are being corrupted by vile entubers


die teen also that specific japbitch has a boyfriend


how do you know and why do you care


hate worshippers


by accident and because those whores have the gall to call themselves idols its unacceptable


hope somebody kyoanis those vile foids but only the ones that arent virgins


the character is an idol


so was minamis character you dumb flipping teen go back to discord already and stay there you absolute moron




whos minami


might as well just say all of them


minegishi minami


dont care about 3d


trying to hard


took a nice hot bath made sure to count to 100 before getting out




wearing a nice fleece robe rn while sitting in front of the ac gonno crack a cold one and make the misato sound


File: 1623027093423.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360, lamy cracking.webm)


NOT pouring this one havent cleaned the mug since last week


never pour




File: 1623027470209.jpeg (880.81 KB, 2400x1800, 32fbe96c22a0b36436fa7943eacddfeb.jpeg)




your nipples are showing


always wondered if girls just walked around with their nipples showing before they invented bras


mindblowing underwear was just invented one day


dont even wear underwear anymore


same it constricts my bloodflow


started wearing it again once it got hot out to avoid swampassing the sweatpants


thats basically treating them as diapers


uh NOT deliberately pissing and shitting my pantaloons im simply keeping the ass sweat from soaking directly into the pants by wearing underwear like a norm


Undergarments or underwear are items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although they may comprise more than a single layer. They serve to keep outer garments from being soiled or damaged by bodily excretions, to lessen the friction of outerwear against the skin, to shape the body, and to provide concealment or support for parts of it.


mindblowing we only wear underwear because a foid was tricked by a snake


id be tricked too im dumb as a rock


sigh rockblog




woke up sigh 2 NOTes left to gather


watching salty bet its cell vs battler


hope you put it all on battler


put 10% on cell and lost




hate when i cant remember what i was doing 5 minutes ago




i consider it a victory if i get out of bed to screenstare


set your sights higher


nah aim low and avoid disappointment


[GOLDEN] Fate Grand Carnival - Season 1 [BD 1080p][0FE82B8C].mkv


if he aims any lower hes going to be proud of himself for waking up


always wake up worst part of the day


sigh pnig




was watching thads stream he said prison wasnt so bad its like a vacation


what a twist of fate that now someones going to be asking him ten times a day if he would suck it


when this neet life ends its the streets or prison


watching p andersons monoculture clones sermon


eating that babka


gonno go with door number 3 and become a nice フリーター for a few years then move back in with mom by force


dont think youll be like pnig and try freeting and get offered a management position and teengf after your first week


spend that gacha money at a real casino instead you might NOT need to work


dont care about any of that just need to play pretend for a while then leech off of mom for the rest of her life


going to have an anime style death complete with spitting up blood and everyone thinking im dead before i come back and say some motivational lines and then fire off one last attack using every ounce of my energy and then having a slow motion black and white smirk as i pass on


think i would like to die an honorable death


just need a weapon



have you lived an honorable life



always thought i was like carlos


File: 1623035487803.png (137.64 KB, 350x350, Naamloos-2.png)


hate how thai and vietnamese sound


hate how most languages sound we should get rid of most of them


nice wagetards shutting down the store and deciding to stand inside it


hb this is gonno be fun


why NOT link it in 11 hours


i might be snoozing


sexy belmond


whats garlic phone



chugged two warm ones in about ten seconds and made a nice toasted ham and cheese with dijon


uh can you embed something that doesnt have a norwooder


jaw exercising tool making muscles i didnt even know i had feel sore


got a jaw exercising tool for you right here




been doing no poo for 2 years scalp feels nice NOT oily NOT greasy


and no dandruff


napped found shiteza in the fridge gonno snooze



File: 1623040636374.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 3264x2448, pic.jpg)


only poo n soap once a year waters good enough for me


weird how norms just dump chemicals on their scalp twice a day and dont realize it they just think its normal


didnt get my hair cut for about 16 months used moms shampoo two or three times


i dump chemicals in my mouth three times a day


whats wrong with chemicals everything is a chemical


NOT true


gonno stream


gotta blast


some fliphead in the corners getting to me



streaming code geass in 10 minutes




messed up now everythings covered in smoke had to unplug the smoke alarm


i continue to fight


File: 1623042752826.gif (1.9 MB, 358x332, 1597588282692.gif)


i am NOT a druggie


File: 1623043051402.mp4 (283.95 KB, hnggg.mp4)


sigh he loved doing that during his streams


gonno buy some weed


only thing weed is good for is having earth shattering jos



File: 1623043736201.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.81 KB, 708x1000, 80248681_p1.jpg)




shes just like me


wish i was her


what about your honor


what honor


nice gamer bottle


wheres the stream




File: 1623045328696.png (1.72 MB, 1305x2000, 89249784_p0.png)


why is she showing me her sperm soaked underwear


its your sperm youre supposed to self insert


did i miss it


brain still too intelligent to let me self insert as having a gf or sex whenever i try a bunch of error messages come up


if that was my sperm it would be in me own underjocks


youre all wrong shes horny


its your bodys way of telling you to insert as the girl


File: 1623045638352.jpg (72.74 KB, 720x960, 1622918517330.jpg)

bottom level of the mansion


who lives down there


the only truneet on hima
some say hes been here since day one but has never posted he only lurks


cant believe the irony of fatneet being cursed to spend eternity in davy jones locker for being too fat to get out of the tub


wonder how the timeline where the tokyo olympics happened is going



nice guitar girls



wish i hadnt read the last 100 posts


whats wrong with the last 100 posts


it was a slow day


guess ill snooze


wasnt that slow


File: 1623053601762.jpg (79.36 KB, 1024x576, 8r36yvk88ji61.jpg)


sigh that guy was right vtubers really are otaku culture


crying for roa


ars just wants to go home and play minecraft for 18 hours


dont understand how a weak sickly little girl like ars can game for 18 hours while i cant even game for 10 minutes




shes a flippin gamer


NOT good at gaming NOT good at watching anime NOT good at anything sigh


File: 1623056818589.jpg (83.83 KB, 567x800, __ars_almal_nijisanji_drawn_by_diisuke__2f2ac4….jpg)


wonder if girls with small boobs feel the same way as guys with small benises


took a nice 3 minute shower


what about girls with small breasts and small benis


thats an agp


hate when japsimps dawn over entubers and say theyre so much more talented and epic than there japanese equivalents


theyre right


they dont because everyone can see how small they are at all times yet they still get attention from men and the only people who bring it up are vindictive foids who are jealous of them for other reasons


canNOT imagine being around 50 million norms at once


sis has big ass but no boobs





love taking a trip to the land of nod for 8 hours then setting my alarm aNOTher hour then aNOTher hour then aNOTher hour then aNOTher hour until its been 13 hours and i still dont feel refreshed or free from the dread


threw spicy fries and tendies in the air fryer


had an interesting dream i was gonno tell hima about but already forgot it sigh


File: 1623060496661.jpg (392.91 KB, 3000x2100, Polyphasic Charts.jpg)

become an uberman


would rather have no boobs than no ass if i were a foid and straight then again you get simpbucks either way and attract more snap so maybe its good to be ugly


noboob can be sexy


always have my most epic dreams when i resnooze should write them down and become j. r. r. rowlings


only to desperate cels


i was saying that noboob is more attractive than noass but then half way through my post started questioning if you really want to be more attractive as a foid especially if its in your buttocks making everyone behind you ook out and making all the 80 iq homeless guys with no inhibition enter snap mode


The researchers said the results revealed strong age and gender patterns.For example, the study showed that 10- to 14-year-old girls were at greater risk of snap than women in their 20s. In the study, 15-year-old girls were about nine times more likely to be snapped than 35-year-old women, and 15-year-old boys were more likely to be victims than 40-year-old women.


File: 1623061192871.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.45 KB, 1200x848, E29P4MgUUAUgSh8.jpg)


big surprise no one wants to snap a wrinkly hag that already pushed out multiple kids


snap isnt about attraction its about power


says who


the science


File: 1623062116108.png (54.64 KB, 1043x262, cage.png)



korone doesnt seem very scared


love paying 50 big boys for a dozen tiny pieces of uncooked fish with some memegreen paste


always wondered why jap shows always have a facecam of someone reacting


so they know how to react too


as a lad when id squeeze out a cloggie loggie and spontaneously urinate thought it must be because my insides were all twisted up and that id better see a doctor


mom asked why i dont have a gf


well why dont you


File: 1623072955479.jpg (299.15 KB, 1280x1345, Eibzr7-UYAIGEiL.jpg)


woke up fell asleep woke up feel asleep again woke up guess ill stay up now never remember my dreams remember one now wish i didnt


onahole smells weird


youre NOT supposed to smell it


kun kun


lunas probably steaming hard


follow his tutorial on cleaning and care


wait what happened to luna


woke up made cawfee


mug cup isnt 25 minutes and wasnt last week either got trolled


File: 1623086126329.jpg (120.52 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Yakunara Mug Cup mo - 10 (720p) [….jpg)


woke up kitty is meowing nonstop


fire up a nice 猫殺し


shut it norm


missed the stream gonno watch


NOT gonno watch that closet sodomite


he isnt


isnt closeted


youre too far gone



File: 1623087787434.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1623040990414.webm)



disgusting gooks


NOThing disgusting theyre just following their nature


sigh train girl if only she knew that the flippin beast she shared a seat row with 4 years ago shared her picture on his mentally ill jobless virgin support forum she could have her pick of western bfs


shes japanese only


ya up until she gets a look at us



nice manlet wizard


hes just like me


mindblowing that you get that reaction daily by just being a short white man in japan


woke up had more shiteza


feel like i did an akagi move earlier


come back when you can do a saki move


im just like akagi but my opponents are dumb norms that just play whatever and foil my plans


thats like when im playing street fighter and some coping norm complains that i only beat him because i dont know how to play the game


wish i could own norms at fighting games like haruo cant even beat the computer


we need to take the fight to the norms


loved learning the ins n outs of souls pvp only to have laggy brazilians kill me with brainless r1 spam


sounds like you got owned hard soulsnorm


nah i got back up and pwned them



im just like haruo my playstyle is the waiting guile hehe


went too the store was the only one wearing a mask crying cant believe the pandemic is over lockdowns were the greatest thing id ever seen why couldnt it last forever


only got to wear it once sigh


they will never make me stop wearing im never sharing air with norms for as long as i live


File: 1623094726164.jpg (152.83 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 03 (720p) [8B184F0C].….jpg)


its NOT like im around norms anyway


uh we live in a country with 330 million of them


speak for yourself amerinorm


a single cockroach can birth 10000000 more cockroaches a year doesnt mean im around roaches


uh thats exactly what it means


you need to clean up


this series is progressing too fast she got a license she started making trips on her own she got a friend now shes getting a job i cant relate to this


nice normime


same she needs to ldar for at least 8 seasons after getting her license without ever using it and then having to get it again for me to relate



sigh repost


dont post that


leaving the house for more than normahol and snacks and having friends disqualifies you from being a neet



no it doesnt neet was invented by the british to describe welfare leeches youre talking about hikkineets




its our word were taking it back


dont see why when you have a nice japanese word to use instead


havent been hikki for years i leave my room and ramble to mom all the time i even walk outside to the garage to get beer


need to stop buying normahol


lets start next week


having a coffee


liftin weights


me lift heavy thing up me put it down


lightshowered n shaved


stood up felt lightheaded


got mom a ricecooker


had one but it broke


cant live without rice


no rice no life


why NOT eat some nice wheat instead


whats the difference


is everyone done with lb4 and ready for spoilers


File: 1623101171631.jpg (267.82 KB, 716x1062, E3PUq-UVIAEqm2p.jpg)


you mean spoilers for lb6


pyon pyon


File: 1623101648837.jpg (428.32 KB, 1920x1080, gore.jpg)

i was told lb4 was brand new




gonno shower


baths better


mom made loaf






sigh heads achin again jaws sore too



youre growing your chad jaw that comes at 30


rather the pain stopped instead


dont have a tub


get a barrel fire up the fire


File: 1623103012123.jpg (149.62 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai ….jpg)


cant wait to travel to an alternate world


the ritual is upon us


out of salt


File: 1623105775638.jpg (52.55 KB, 640x480, x1 out of salt.jpg)


gonno shamikosperm


i forbid it


File: 1623105940527.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


woke up mornin hima time to game


sigh wish there were less cars on the road so i could ride a bike without being worried about getting ground into hamburger by some texting roastie doing 60 in her giant suv


dont have anywhere to go anyway


never rode a bike ever since the incident


NOT sure if im gonno keep watching 86-エイティシックス- after seeing its going to be 2 cour feel like they can only flip it up


forgot how to ride a bike


its just like riding a bike


NOT gonno let the sunk cost get to me dont want to feel obligated to watch aNOTher season of this shite im pulling the plug


snoozed through the hot summer hours now its cooler woke up hi


File: 1623107805927.png (3.48 MB, 1653x2048, Screenshot_20210414-024035.png)


bloatmaxxed pic




went to pick up two big ones sign says two for two always comes out to two twenty they said three deerstared them and they said two fifty still feel scammed


moms making soup again
she cant make good soup


hows that possible



she just boils a bunch of stuff until it all becomes a singular substance with no seasoning of any kind


just add some msg thank me later


dont have any used it all eating popcorn every day


spilled my popcorn just a little bit each time but it accumulated


popcorn what the flip are you a girl on a diet



is popcorn good for you


only if its unsalted and unbuttered



popcorn for lunch on saturday and sunday


what the flip do they just make up prices hoping nobody NOTices


a flipper must flap


File: 1623110698316.webm (858.63 KB, 1280x720, Korone screams over nothing... again.webm)


File: 1623110897019.png (168.74 KB, 362x362, Flip_Flap.png)


didnt understand flip flappers


flip flap flip flap


File: 1623111189687.jpg (166.73 KB, 1000x951, __kokomine_cocona_and_papika_flip_flappers_dra….jpg)


i dont get it


thats indecent


touching that area is very lewd and should be avoided where possible


do girls really


man told me he wishes he was introverted like me


im NOT introverted i simply dont waste my time with norms and foids


for every flip there must be a flap


frozen pizzas on sale tonight we feast


they had a special 10 for 8 dollars bought all 10


no corn is bad for you


love corn on the cob slathered in salt and butter


crashing hard from all the normfee i had earlier need to perk up with a blog


youre addicted


NOThing wrong with being addicted as long as the supply doesnt run out


File: 1623112888888.jpeg (268.25 KB, 1426x1696, cPy7Zdr.jpeg)


to what


nice 8s


File: 1623113020866.png (Spoiler Image, 3.6 MB, 2500x3000, illust_90398885_20210607_174118.png)


nice gyno


to coffee


only drink it out of boredom





dont shout


die capsnorm


having some frozen burritos for dinner





never watched akagi too tard to understand mahjong


you were supposed to be learning with the stream norm






i am incapable of learning


NOThing norm


you just have to make four melds of three and a pair and then you win thats all there is to learn


read saki youll get it eventually


you pick a tile you toss a tile until you win whats to learn


loved saki didnt understand a thing still kept me on the edge of my seat


the retard master


a master is out


File: 1623114484939.png (207.49 KB, 803x790, rm_wave.png)


ban the early blogger


nah dont


always thought i was like satomi


dont have the attention span to read an entire manga just to learn how to jong


pizzas ready let the feast begin




hope its deep dish


wish it was deep dish its thin crust im a slave to sales


tardlaughing he found pasted pas channel


you tricked me thought it was going to be p anderson deliverin truth it was just some nobody streamer reaction vid


made tea


NOThing better than some nice honey milk tea


whos this norm and why should i care


used to think he was kind of funny until he showed his norm face


that that norm


meant to type hate


you dont have to simply watch this https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22958019


crazy how sexy tard girls flip tiles all day long and im NOT supposed to flip them sigh


File: 1623116004540.jpg (137.9 KB, 764x574, 1594958442062.jpg)


translate it


seki wont ban one of his discordbros


sigh dat 夢


the early blogger gets the post


File: 1623116409477.jpg (227.16 KB, 1920x1080, [Kawaiika-Raws] Bartender 03 [BDRip 1920x1080 ….jpg)


thinking about relocating to the plumperblog


went to the market imagine my relief when everyone was wearing masks


hate the soymaskers




its too late to blograge get over it


youre living it



cant believe norms spend all day watching other norms on the rectangle


gamed gonno go to the store and get some wine


swimming in a bowl of semen piss and shite


isnt wine for ladies


he has to watch his figure for the sexy maid his mom hired


if you want to watch your figure you go for hard liquor


split your lungs with blood and thunder
when you see the neetfrog



sigh havent even finished one already feelin bloated guess i cant feast like i used to


wish to snap a digital coin


get some supplies


stop posting ugly normvids i dont even want to see it


sigh hes just like me


get adblocked embednorm




gonno snooze


the night is young


dont get half of those jokes


you must be this norm to understand


been waiting to crack aNOTher cold one


should i nojo i dont feel anything when i see some nice 2d tits anymore


thought about running outside tonight but no moon it doesnt rise until morning


are you a werewolf


feels so good the moonlight on my skin the darkness


do you moongaze


yeah like to look at it over the water as run across the bridge


dont think ive even seen the moon in months


see it every night getting cold ones out of the garage


feels like a religious experience when running outside under the full moon seeing its reflection on the water and listening to the sea where ones home planet reflects


File: 1623124131496.jpg (58.59 KB, 640x480, [JR&st-LAW]Nekojiru_Gekijou_04-06[XviD_AC3][0D….jpg)


made chicken melts


might found a moon religion based on diana


might make a nice tuna on toast


tuna on toast add some pepper n mustard maybe some onions now were talkin


i dont waste my time with peppers besides red and hot


im talkin some nice cracked black pepper


nah i dont think so dont like chewing giant chunks of black pepper when i could be chewing a pickled jalapeno slice or red pepper flake




you dont need any of those normgredients tuna just needs mayo


do you have a female role model


sigh norms


might as well eat a sponge


feeling drowsy might snooze


File: 1623127741641.png (177.04 KB, 500x533, 1617616045878.png)

my role model


hehe havent done laundry in over a year


i have never done laundry


gettin drunk for the second time in nearly 3 months hima phew


are you growing amorous


no im gaming tbc


no need to yell


what blog are we on


wine glass number 3


are we clearing kael today


ill chug to that



time for a nice night shower with the lights off


hes NOT out yet im doing arcatraz right now


what if you slip and fall


made a tard riichi thinking i was akagi lost the game because of it sigh


uh wasnt the tempest out on launch



they changed it t5 isnt out for four months


bored as hell waiting for endwalker


File: 1623128979535.gif (92.16 KB, 1586x1095, 1623128335832.gif)



fire up a nice dark portal pass in the meantime




whipped up a cheeky late night gin and tonic


was it haku hell wait


no it was a hell wait on a pinfu where one of the sides was kand


starting to feel too lazy for that tuna on toast might make a poptard instead


nice penchan for no extra fu


lying down and using the small handheld fan to blow sweaty ballmusk into my face


was just thinking about the lack of ball smell posts while washing mine in the shower last week


need to start showering twice every day flipping sweating like a godsdamned pig over here


poptarts are vile


mom bought me a box of them months ago for the day of rememberance for my entry into this shiterealm i eat one at a time with lots of water


threw aNOTher two warm ones in the freezer might make a popshart when i go get them




considering jong


fire it up im watching akagi


sigh he loved having his subordinates in the aryan brotherhood smuggle fresh gsnaps in up their bholes






wish i had a nice かき氷


it sucks hard italian ice is much better


grew up eating 練乳かき氷




just pogged out hard


is that closer to tarding out or chimping out




same just got pogged out of my gourd


tarding out is back in pog form


boiled some dogs


you were supposed to wave them from now on if NOT pan fry or grill


gotta boil dogs


i only boil dogs too


your real lives havent started


love a good dog fry


File: 1623139619991.gif (1.36 MB, 250x194, 1492482272081.gif)


he loved becoming enraged upon seeing that and taking it out on his grandmother by withholding her food and medicine


hate everything he loved


File: 1623139776825.mp3 (9.32 MB, Renaissance ~人形裁判.mp3)


died in potd on 181 sigh


sigh you almost got your necromancer title


starting to rage hard that odd taxi has been changing between the normal op and one thats 15 or 20 seconds shorter every other episode for the last 4 weeks



nice black sun tile


hadnt even NOTiced nice catch hehe


File: 1623143927165.jpg (287.05 KB, 1920x1080, FLAV-258.mp4_snapshot_00:03:47_[2021.02.06_04.….jpg)

looks different bet its just some repurposed buddhist symbol like the nice swasticker


flipping groace


thats my future gyaru gf youre talking about watch your mouth


no need to be cruel what if she learns english and reads that


File: 1623146130837.jpg (17.95 KB, 219x211, 1623115375776.jpg)






drrr!! first aired 125 months ago


sigh 2010 was 11 years ago it was actually 137 months


didnt watch any anime after 2009


you didnt miss much there were only like 25 at best worth watching since then



crying love sprouts adventuring in gridania


File: 1623148283598.jpg (154.88 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Odd Taxi - 10 (720p) [8F3AAFEB].m….jpg)

shites getting real


File: 1623148817502.jpg (458.48 KB, 1096x900, __original_drawn_by_beni_shake__1b28998ab3bf08….jpg)

a gamer must game


wheres her mousepad


i dont use one either


she needs a nice artisan hien


do boobpads prevent carpal tunnel


cant even go 3 hours without needing to shower off all the sweat hate summer


take vitamin c for a cooler summer


vitamins arent even real


that reminds me had a bottle of vitamin d tablets that mom gave me a couple of months ago but never touched it guess ill eat some couldnt hurt





why arent there any shota vtubers


still gaming still drinking


because there are no simp pedfoids


NOT true


if its NOT true as you say then there should be shota vtubers so explain


ill be the first shota vtuber


are there any boy baby tubers




might have to upgrade to a 1060


might become an air traffic controller seems fun like a video game


File: 1623159545891.jpg (204.01 KB, 849x1200, E3U1Yo6VUAQtsdq.jpg)


woke up forecast says its thunderstorms today thats what it said yesterday and NOThing happened


File: 1623162655740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.9 KB, 900x1200, E3Mcq1kVUAAxaIU.jpg)


i need to be flipped




keep hearing cyberpeko in my head


wonder what its like to be flipped


thought about building a machine before lets let those thoughts stay as thoughts


File: 1623166107502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.75 KB, 768x1024, E3XexjhXEA0qf5A.jpg)

wish to worship


youre sick


File: 1623167454460.jpg (249.35 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease]_Yuru_Camp_S2_-_07_(1080p)_[920C63….jpg)




moms getting wendys


triples inbound


File: 1623169050991.jpg (659.77 KB, 3840x2160, gamer.jpg)


please only post sexy ladies NOT ugly men


man banner might refresh


love being woken up to mom freaking out because the tv she just bought 5 years ago stopped working and being tasked to fix it


woke up showered ate coffeed up


what was wrong with the tv


found ice cream sandwiches gonno sneak a few


never had one whats it like


File: 1623174038086.png (26.05 KB, 615x299, i.png)

doesnt sound that great


its just ice cream in between chocolate wafers


why are norms so crude


theyre norms


theyre teens


starting to rain


cloudy with occasional rain


died completely while mom was in aNOTher room gave her the one i used to use as a monitor but damaged cleaning that one time as a replacement


think it was just the ac adapter but i dont have any others with the same voltage to test it with


now its pouring







File: 1623181328029.jpg (690.83 KB, 961x1400, 1621648405273.jpg)


mindblowing that in the time ive been alive none of the cheap off brand crts mom have ever died and still work to this day after being neglected in hot and freezing garages for 20 or more years but a 500 dollar sony flatscreen shit the bed in 5


you know thats intentional right they build them with killtimers


both of my monitors are about 8 years old


nah they just make them cheaply knowing it will be cheaper to just buy a new one same with everything now if it was deliberate i wouldnt have been able to give mom the cheaper tv thats 3 years older


were all flipping doomed anyway


dont be so dramatic


still have the trinitron dad bought from costco 21 years ago still works fine


they perfected the sd crt over 60 years 20 years ago flatscreen tv tech was limited to 1024x768 rectangle pixel plasma now we have 3840x2160 local dimming led lcd its NOT even based on the same principles
plenty of my nice multiscan pc crts have blown up from cranking that pixel clock to the limit


die norm


ill clock you one norm


weird amd vid


thought tressfx was deprecated


my existence is deprecated


sudo killall me


gonno make some grilled cheesers



mom made dogs


uncle wants me to cut his grass said hell pay me


insist on doing it for free


told him nah its too hot outside


cut that grass and you wont be a neet youll be a freeter


can i mow for fun


might pubemow


never mowed my pubes theyre a sign of my manliness


joing is much better without pubes


can only sleep 4 hours in this heat its over


4 hours of sleep 20 hours of gaming


dont understand why humidity has to exist


did my commissions used my resin farmed hard and found some chests running out of stuff to do in this game


inazuma is coming out soon


might roll for sexy yoimiya


sexy yoimiya sexy kokomi sexy sara


File: 1623186325050.mp4 (156.52 KB, cool.mp4)


yeah… pretty cool…


cooked that gc and a can of soup


those chinks are getting desperate now that their game is NOT the new norm fad of the month


i did when i was a teen even though the landnorm wouldnt take the landscaping charge out of the rent


were you watching the athf stream too


no idea what youre talking about ive just seen it so many times that relevant quotes are constantly rattling around in my empty head




i was watching the athf stream on the adult swim website and that episode was coincidentally on around the same time you made that post


dont mindlink me between 4 and 5 thats my time


let me tell you hima NOThing quite like firing up a nice SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~東方的幻想四撃蹴~ or dopethrone on a 90 degree day and mowing for an hour then neeting it up for the rest of the day


dont want to get my earbuds sweaty so i just mumble songs to myself while mowing


File: 1623187920027.jpg (1.88 MB, 2000x1939, 90424164_p0.jpg)


is that ririmu


File: 1623188041511.png (2.83 MB, 2026x2500, 88401872_p0.png)







im just clicking rocks you dont want a stream




rock clicker


still have to learn how to stream ill do it after i reinstall windows


made a twitch for streaming but never feel like streaming


put in the air conditioner its time to cooly game


welcome to the club


dont have a twitch account dont have any account dont trust em


what do you need to trust them for i dont get it


File: 1623191778374.png (1.85 MB, 828x947, 1623187630653.png)


saw aNOTher himameme outside of hima


which one




swore id never trust anyone again


wish i worked at walmart


File: 1623194145068.jpg (72.47 KB, 1200x713, E3QKa3VXIAYVPbd.jpg)


It’s a pretty miserable place to work. They hire anyone, turn them out quickly, and have weird work rules for things like gathering in a group.

is this true


File: 1623194309298.jpg (78.58 KB, 1280x720, 1458589247904.jpg)


uli loved walmart until they had to let him go


nice retard




File: 1623198231933.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x1757, 1523149577143-1.jpg)


gaming im gaming


should have just skipped



mash just told me that idle time leaves a person negligent



NOT sure what thats supposed to mean


might be having a stroke


woke up should i read or skip


nice will your bux increase


its a skip


File: 1623199805725.jpg (52.02 KB, 583x498, 1536968661038.jpg)


havin aNOTher dog


38 dalradia runs and still no lyon 2 NOTe im raging


never skip


youre missing out


love skipping sometimes fate decides that a post was never meant to be read


ive been skipped my whole life


those who skip are fated to be skipped


my posts are unskippable


gonno jong


how much g force can a sexy lady take




got some red bean jelly



guess ill watch


nah you wont


post aNOTher embed to watch then


i dont watch videos with thumbnails that look like theyre trying to manipulate my psych



NOThing to game NOThing to watch NOThing to eat NOThing to sip NOThing simply NOThing


better make a supply run


crying cant believe cocos leaving


one less stupid cunt to post here hell ya


watch your language


where is she going


dunno its NOT like gibara where she explained finding her calling she just says she cant say the reason


aqua came back and right afte she says shes leaving basically aqua and china won


5ch says she said she was getting fired in the free chat


dont understand a word you worshippers are saying


its teenhours the teen are getting turnt up


what do you do all day besides wallstaring you never understand a word we say about any topic


i game


the chinks took everything from me




what is it




fired up aNOTher 6 pierogies


they hit the spot hima hoo boy might make some eggs in a bit


love fried pierogie


wearing the fending judge armor set


fried them in butter


make eggs every morning the samebreakfast


dont eat breakfast just coffee


coffee is so gross yuck


dont see what flavors got to do with it


hardly ever eat breakfast eat lunch dinner and midnight feast


midnight feasting youll get fat


i have


better start fasting to get that beach bod


already got abs for summer


think i was iishanten from a yakuman





thought she was playing phantasmagoria hehe


love takin a nice hot bath feelin my heart rate elevate afterwards pounds twice as fast for half an hour


nice cham


File: 1623214915505.jpg (161.07 KB, 990x737, 111-1.jpg)


hate dogs


the hima dog


if i was a dog i would be one of these little rat like things that got ripped to pieces by a nice apex predator


hate vroasts


same hate dogs and their stupid flipping tard faces just look at it


sigh dont like coco but cover is siding with china gonno have to unsub from everyone except haachama


thanks for sharing


thought japs hated chinks why are they bowing


the chinks have won


love obliterating riichi norms with my dama 3 dora tanyou




whats tard



whys it tard norm


NOT nice to call someone tard


the tard shamers are back


im tard


im tard mom always called me smart sure tricked her


you couldve been an actor


i already am




getting the auditory hallucinations again


its just your headphones


it was in the bathroom and i dont wear headphones in the summer there too hot


youre hallucinating that you werent wearing headphones the telephoto lens shows you wearing them quite clearly


never got haucinations almost passed out before straining take more fiber now


get weird blackouts when im in the bathroom vision turns black for a split second NOT sure if its my brain turning off or the light turning off


it was birds chirping and a conch shell sound NOT whatever your imagining


didnt pick those up on the directional mic


File: 1623217977177.mp4 (170.12 KB, 動くイラスト対応して頂... by ひさめ Skeb.mp4)


gore dont click


love a nice strike witch ballbuster



had that happen to me once


no hot girl was masturbating my penisbone at the time though


youre subconsciously picking up on the hima signal pretty soon youll be able to mindpost on the hima astral


when i was in middle school a girl used to stomp on me in the bus


File: 1623218797843.jpg (841.16 KB, 800x800, 1546740382255.jpg)


feeling weird


will jaw exercises get rid of my chubby cheeks


didnt watch any anime this season did i miss out on anything


have you been skipping daily as well because ive been posting about all of the good ones


you just post screenshots you dont say whether its good or NOT


the existence of the screenshots speaks to the quality


need malguys input


that teen doesnt know shite


he knows more than you norm




its a 10


no point in catching up this season just wait for the new higurashi next season


File: 1623223000739.jpg (88.98 KB, 656x1000, E3bEEYKVEAAaKOl.jpg)




NOT sure if i want to watch normgurashi


you do


why do girls like horses so much




watching the most recent normed out iteration could only ruin it for me same reason i never read it with any of the normsprites


do you find the sausage fingers appealing



the hamhands are otaku culture




i am the one who blogs






been fantasizing and joing about this kind of stuff a lot lately about getting castrated by a girl wonder why


its your biological clock


gonno jerk it to kson


no you cant


why NOT


shes suffering


that only makes my cummer harder


trying to make my ngs character but proportions are hard


File: 1623228619398.png (932.16 KB, 1920x1080, E3Isc7EVEAQzBRo.png)


weird neck position


looks ok


you cant make a character that short in global


paste norms ruining everything for me


sigh how do the japs do it might have to just wait to steal their sliders


guess ill snooze


File: 1623230142379.jpg (253.27 KB, 1242x1240, 9f313fb9b368403d312dd74279bb270ac533f200268eed….jpg)

its your sisters birthday


nasty unwashed greasy hair



doesnt he realize that he is destroying the nootrients by cooking it


you absorb more nutrients when you cook



gross hotdog sandwich with untoasted bread


watching ars play apex





woke up gonno roll


been gaming 18 hours a day for the last week sigh



woke up wish i didnt neighbors making thumping noises again



cant believe wannorms spend their lives watchin stuff like this


wan wan


File: 1623249397330.jpg (367.57 KB, 1354x1520, 1623209573857.jpg)




the ritual will take us back to 2006 but it wont fix anything were just gonno end up back here again


itll be like endless 8 except 2006


id be fine just reliving these endless dreamy days


can we do the ritual again then


it requires us to sacrifice a single himamate each time


cant we kill some norm instead


rules are rules


have to settle this with a yami game


its gonno be the ultimate batsugeemu you lose you die


always lose at games only play alone now


im a solo player


File: 1623254675981.png (412.05 KB, 643x709, 1623245334098.png)

hes just like me


how does a slap lead to an arrest and police searching your home


slap the president see how it turns out



paste larper


just know a himalarpd turn into a himaerp


mom came back from work at noon and made a bunch of noise then left again couldnt get back to sleep so i guess i woke up


woke up


turt hasnt posted in 20 hours wonder if he got busted for steroids


wouldnt mind living in that if i was homeless


sigh hima


whats wrong


skipped too far into the vid didnt realize the bed was removable give that thing a higher ceiling and id move in today


glad this would never happen to hima were all too close and tight knit


it would but only on the cordnorms


the age of holonorm is over the time of the niji has come


china just won what will be in future be regarded as the first skirmish of ww3


the great mobage battle of 2021


yard work was rough today im beat






started playing atelier annie





drinkin my second cuppa havent had two cups in weeks


File: 1623272049818.png (1.5 MB, 1140x1612, 90417941_p0.png)