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File: 1621583803394.png (234.33 KB, 767x453, golden.PNG)

i flipping did it




this is the one


if you were wondering where you should post its here


got left behind


gonno start posting here since the arrogant waker made me angry


but im the one who made the race blog


gonno post here too just to cause trouble hehe


nice troublemaker


dont care gonno post here anyway


ill join you


sick of the arrogant waker


drinkin some joe


nice ragers


hehe paste microblog


NOT posting in that raider thread




the left behinders will be there all night


stop confusing the index lurkers you bastards


adios turdnuggets


left behind


why didnt that norm lock it at 249 posts


you mean 250


its the microblog NOT the miniblog


kokushi musou tenpai again


theres an all women indycar racing team even the mechanics are women




might have a pedjo


hit 80 days played in eorzea


that guy looks like a cartoon character


that doesnt even seem like that much considering you dont have a job


Total Play Time: 233 days, 17 hours, 53 minutes


spent 416 days as a darkie


sigh its only been a year though


this one time a youtuber said sultry drow priestess


84.2 in my room rn would take me underjocks off if i wasnt aware of what id be doing to the fake leather seat


all the norms are happy about it being excruciating heat season


had shitemouth cracked a listerine didnt know they made it without alcohol


its actually the essential oils in listerine that kill bacteria NOT the normohol


whats the alcohol for


when the blog store is closed on sundays


a blogger must blog



shoenice always reminded me of unc before he had to get half of his liver taken out and starting smoking the devils lettuce instead


wonder if moms going to make me smoke weed with her when it eventually becomes legal


whats wrong with that just take it back to your room like you do with dinner




i game


nice coping nerd in the video and nice coping nerds in the comments





why would it take 3 days to beat call of duty


File: 1621657224240.jpg (34.74 KB, 494x528, 1586581122435.jpg)


File: 1621657408993.webm (368.3 KB, 640x360, y.webm)



raging hard that this vile freak titled his video train bento when we all know the proper term


what do you have against pastelo


whats the proper term


File: 1621658162580.png (2.47 MB, 1392x896, cpa.png)

big bone


hes got a face and voice for morse code NOT high definition video and audio


cant believe the ragers locked the other thread sigh


whats wrong with his voice


glad i invested in this thread before it was too late


wonder what happened to the trekkies


gonno darkshower and voidstare


post the ross trek vid


reheated pizza is rapidly getting cooler from being in front of the fan and still cant decide what to watch


guess its a ross


hate ross


stream it norm


ok give me a sec


cant wait for pnig to come back and do a hot tub stream


File: 1621660674418.jpg (419.93 KB, 1280x853, 6079216_22_1.jpg)


would pay to see the reactions of the people clearing out his room


File: 1621660757191.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.28 KB, 715x839, 1518314537165.jpg)



NOT gonno stream ran out of copper coins


how the flip do you run out


it was simply too small


i dont know i just made this account the other day and i have no coins even getting second place in silver tables puts me at a negative -400 per game and i end up running out i had 200k coins on my other account but i raged spent it all on gifts and made this new one




how much would you pay to own me


uh why does he have a pink cast


cant imagine NOT being able to see one of my legs for months



love how weeblets think hosexy ladyve makes them japanese when among actual japanese nijisanji is viewed as superior


hes cool


holo has the entire western world boosting their subs and views


hate the guys who post all these videos middle aged weird guys seems like some kind of big joke but i dont get it



rooting for debiru


took one of the drawers out of my dresser since the sides were coming off had to glue it together


why is it such a crime to be ugly and weird and want to spend all your time alone


sanankou about to happen on stream


thats NOT norm


the norms are used as tools by nature to try to cut you out of existence simple as that


couldnt be sanankou with west as the head


thats true


how come he has negative points why doesnt the game end


its jansou rules


dont understand the male nijisanjis that just look like normal guys whats the point in using an anime avatar then


miss how things used to be like ten years ago even if my life hasnt changed much from how i lived then i was still young enough to enjoy it in ignorance


and by things i mean the internet and gaming and movies in my room everything else about it sucked hard


File: 1621665631186.jpg (126.16 KB, 671x903, 1621661696641.jpg)


hate when i fire up a nice copied factory and 9s tells me to die


hate freckles


why is this locked this is an outrage


the microblog ᶜᵃⁿᵗ ᶠᶦᵗ ᵐᵃⁿʸ ᵖᵒˢᵗˢ


threadrager won




what the flip is wrong with norms


File: 1621668846474.png (171.71 KB, 1100x1600, shut your shit-stinking mouth.png)


pacewhispered in the kitchen for an hour about how i probably did have a chance when i was still a teen but tarded out too long


did the same thing just now were in sync


gonno get drunk tonight for the second time in 6 weeks wish me luck



any snoozers


watching a soyvid


ye snooze ye lose


gonno slime then snooze


File: 1621672484811.png (744.57 KB, 3268x1536, es9faii5mg071.png)


File: 1621673071583.jpg (184.39 KB, 710x1080, i.jpg)


at least he had drive


think i might be brainwashed


gamerwrist started hurting in the last day or two have known it was coming for weeks it does this every year for a while then goes away


File: 1621674572783.jpg (140.38 KB, 656x880, zap.jpg)


love a nice racist comic


File: 1621674770272.png (496.39 KB, 1279x864, 1453139439992.png)


it was a different time



wonder if pnig ever had a nigga moment


how i sleep


wish i could just teleport to japan and be forced to learn japanese via osmosis



File: 1621689634986.webm (2.89 MB, 928x906, 16216452211061.webm)


File: 1621694392674.mp4 (5.25 MB, 1585789095964.mp4)


File: 1621694555633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

at the race track in the race blog




wish we were back in the microblog this thread is dead



every time i start out as the dealer i lose


File: 1621700502909.jpg (143.98 KB, 858x1200, E1_sR9qVUAUOAre.jpg)


whats her problem


shes snoozing


dumb bitch i can see almost everything


tried to sleep early last night too awake didnt sleep until 1



coughed up the biggest chunk of tonsil slime i can remember accidentally spat it on the floor in the kitchen and cant find it


drinking cawfee


hima woke up showered had some coffee mom got lunch but i dont want to eat right after wakign up


File: 1621705173539.jpg (1.01 MB, 1000x1600, 1621267695727.jpg)


whats for lunch




ars is studying english


arshole is burning after that cawfee everything i ate yesterday had hotsauce red pepper flakes and pickled jalapeno slices


its the cawfee


had cawfee once it tasted like shite



thats what the 牛乳 is for


only drink without 牛乳


usually put it in me expresso


only use caffeine pills


File: 1621707908791.png (594.36 KB, 1280x720, die.png)


wish someone would just kill me


baby prease kill me


no you dont you just need a hug


File: 1621708057166.mp4 (130.4 KB, die.mp4)




die 牛乳norm


firing up jong


sigh everyone got left behind in the microblog


honey i shrunk the blog


cant wait for the calli meme review hope the soundboard comes too




can we have hima meme review


File: 1621718787863.png (405.04 KB, 1109x775, konata internet lesson.png)


obama is talking about ffxiv on stream


konata is an otaku just like me



slime girl got intense in the last episode wonder what happens this week




wheres the jong stream


File: 1621720726122.webm (1.87 MB, 641x360, koro.webm)


guess ill jong




sigh had baiman with 9 dora and didnt close the hand


this game is so trash



uh did i miss the stream


nevermind its working


85.5 rn


wonder how much of a difference the 200r will make never plugged in any fans besides the cpu cooler and keep the side panel off its just constantly generating heat that cant escape the room


never had any heat issues with my 200r i just use the two case fans it came with


norm just gave you a free win


thats silver room for you


silver noobs hehe


owned those norms


nicely played


im in


gonno put the fan i dont use now on the top


set up the pc tower in front of the window so it could vent the hot air outside but once left it open overnight and it rained


im setting up a stream delay




gonno game hima check you later




bed is creaking hard think the neet divot is about to reach critical mass


why the flip did you toss the green dragon


time ran out




anyone else watch the dragon anime watched 1 episode dropped it


no i dont watch anime anymore


same hate anime


thought it was gonno be a reincarnation isekai featuring a female dragon but it was just regular fantasy and the dragon was a little boy


the ippatsu norms


done with this garbage glorified dice game made so that retards feel good about themselves when they high roll by chance


did you get rond you closed the stream before the game ended


play go instead


fire up xiv and play doman mahjong


used to play that tiles game with the mahjong tiles on pc


too hot to game now its 87.1


27 here turned a fan on to bring in fresh air


nice cel


mom went to mcdonalds and they slid a job application into the bag


news said the labor shortage is a myth dad said its real


mindblowing blatantly racist gamer comics like this could exist freely back then was just thinking about the 'buy jades game' assassin creed comic the other day


it was before women played games


biology is sexist


they played them they just knew to keep their mouths shut if it wasnt about what i want on my sandwich


love grinding up a few caffeine pills in decaf freeze dried coffee and pouring in a few steaming gill of gamer お湯


still raging


just swallowed 200 mg


once took over 800mg of caffeine at my eyes ached all day couldnt open them had to lay in bed until they got better but now that i think about it it probably wasnt the caffeine since 800mg isnt that much in the fate/grand scheme of things


the ld50 for an average adult human male is like 10000 mg youre fine


wonder what went wrong with my eyes


news said commodities rising 1000% over the last two days isnt a big deal because nice uncle fauci is giving us our shots and says you dont have to mask no more



hate ticketytok zoomers


sigh that reminds me i went too the store and NOTiced the wear your masks signs gone and i was the only one there wearing a mask


norms are taking off their masks are you a norm


still raging hard


love my mask NOT taking it off


File: 1621731985647.jpg (24.48 KB, 323x463, images (1).jpg)

going to (gonno finna) miss having a completely valid excuse to look like an anime 不審者 in public


paid for a box of masks im gonno use the whole box


NOT getting the nano shot injection so i can wear mine forever


File: 1621732207386.png (1.67 MB, 1024x1024, image_20.png)



looks too boyish


File: 1621732253898.jpg (453.7 KB, 716x942, untitled.jpg)

getting vaxxed


whats so funny


the キャモメ


theyre just taking a break



mom got kfc last sunday and they put a little piece of paper with info about open positions in the bag and its been sitting on the kitchen counter since then


nice subtlemom



made frozen lasagne


did you use cabbage to replace the noodles




why NOT


why would you


had lasagna with cabbage to replace the noodles it was cool


sounds cool


uh i thought coco wasnt allowed to collab with en


weird how norms just watch ads


saw a picture of me as a baby in the background was a tv there was an ad for ricearoni it said save a potato eat ricearoni


this is the first time her chinkbowing overlords have allowed it


kiara is getting a coco colab soon too


right back to jong im addicted


gonno make frozen fries and a melt for dinner


is it tuna




hate norms who respond to stuff with things like well said well put on point mr hammer meet mrs nail


you hit the nail on the head


hate norms


well said


tarded out and accidentally let sex happen between my penis and my underage white cousin


played naked twister with my girl cousins when they were younger and mom freaked out didnt see what the big deal was i was 37 at the time


nice t


woke up gonno poop


die pooper


too tired to melt gonno just slop it in a bowl


you cant be tired you do NOThing all day


ive decomposed


nice ldac



paste pool foids


cat is whining


she wants to play


its a he




love playing with kitty she likes chasing me around and trying to catch my finger


cant wait for pnig to do a pool stream in some see through white swim trunks while playing a sexy lady friendly video game


didnt have the energy for the fries its just a bowl of tuna


think thats the plot of a nice sexy lady doujinshi i read


started taking nexium hope it lets me eat again


youre getting old champ


moms watching shrek 3


almost time


woke up hey there hima


File: 1621738748736.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1572277622414.webm)


File: 1621738770925.webm (1.93 MB, 640x360, wake up2.webm)


fleshslapping bone


whats nexium


the boober meme review


File: 1621739121321.png (Spoiler Image, 256.63 KB, 1000x577, 1611103739843.png)




will never understand how anyone can watch this absolute shite




the norms find those girls sexually attractive


nice rust destroying laser


weird how lasers are real


File: 1621740288230.png (509.64 KB, 877x505, 1621740225616_1621740021669_1621740020555_baby….png)

nice babytubers


theyre NOT real


its alien tech




gonno panspermia to some nice sexy lady


why dont they just watch a clip compilation


but then how are you gonno donate and have her write your name on herself


theyre dumb thats the explanation


im dumb as a rock


im dumber than a rock and i can be thrown even less far than a rock


im smart but lazy


same but in the past tense now im just stupid and lazy


same more of an ideas guy


File: 1621741785736.webm (824.44 KB, 640x360, supplies.webm)


might go for a nice flameshave


love browsing hima on my dark lain theme


still using claura 5 years in



using mushroom


wouldnt survive this


File: 1621742998855.png (1.87 MB, 1561x1033, caffe.png)

can we get this theme back


crying for 2017


what about terminal2 and the sperm theme


you complained about how bad 2017 was all year and now you miss it


the good old days


File: 1621743159704.gif (382.96 KB, 224x208, dancing sexy lady.gif)


uh what the flip was that


did you feel that too


what the hell


it was aNOTher temporal shift


are we back in the berenstein universe


we must convene within the mindspheres


File: 1621744345321.jpg (887.71 KB, 2067x4096, E2CPyDAUYAAXsQa.jpg)


are you going to finish those tendies


do chinks NOT have high level thoughts even the idea of tarding out at a computer and snacking in a giant room with dozens of other people doing the same thing is terrifying


might make a pilgrimage to the holocafe


youd be used to it because you would have been doing it since childhood


File: 1621744772075.jpg (1.86 MB, 1908x4032, 1621742698534.jpg)

crying for ryan


imagining my face on that and tardlaughing to see that i had raised about 5 cents


looks like a stock photo


File: 1621745007514.jpg (130.75 KB, 1000x1418, E2BfNNjVgAAyrxo.jpg)



dont think mom has any recent photos to put on my memorial


cant believe this place still exists cant believe im back again


isnt this a violation of your bail condition


thanks mom


NOT looking forward to the day when pnig gets out and starts systematically hunting down old hima users


whats he gonno do


give everybody a big hug for being there for him when he needed most


NOT sure how you could have left it NOT by force


left what




no hima


force of myself


ah shit here we go again




wonderful spam


are we NOT kings men


love blocking hima in the hosts file


made poptard


thats unhealthy


im poptard


swore off poptards after i ate a double size box in a day


hate poptarts


love them but mom refuses to buy this because she fell for the sugar is bad meme


shes right


they dont even taste good theres been a box in the cabinet for a month and havent even touched the box any other sugar source is preferable



dont click


love cardboard squares with icing on them


why NOT its a good one


could eat a pound of ham or cheese ten times more easily than a pound of poptards


why NOT eat some kaki instead


whats kaki


what do you call a group of neets


bunch of losers


File: 1621747993834.png (339.32 KB, 844x1200, gotya.png)


sigh been a long time since i had a puppetmaster moment


must be a neet posting at a time like this


arent you as well


yeah its almost eleven


spent most of my 20s neet but broke tru status twice wish i had stayed one for the whole decade then died




know theres NOThing left to do but that thing with the rope and know that everyone passes on eventually anyway but im still scared



dont want to die


same just want the human race to go extinct


the human marathon


it is your time


File: 1621749513063.webm (1.87 MB, 641x360, koro.webm)


freak will invent an immortality potion


that one sends me into a laughing fit every time


whats funny about it


my granpa almost lived to a hundred cant see why i cant too


listen here you hourai neet


feel like im 50 years old


same were in recline


am well into my 600s in suffering years


im as bald as a 50 year old man


lol bald




speaking of balls i havent been able to get as you know is this is a sign of




no clue if im going to go bald i know one gramp and his dad had full heads of hair their whole lives but ive never met or seen the other could be a coin toss


always thought silver hair was cute


get tempted to reply to a thread or post on the 4 a few times a year but it passes havent bothered in maybe three and a half years




bought a fifth thought itd last the week its almost gone


stress made my hair start going gray at 23


gray okay is it silver


it looks like shiny silver strands around my temples i yank them out when they get too NOTiceable sometimes


leak in the trunk too scared to call the repair shop guess ill settle for wet groceries


do you ever wonder if youre going crazy
how would you even know
or if you knew would that mean you arent actually crazy



dont think feel





stop posting youtube links i cant block the ads anymore


fire up a nice ublock origin


update failed


File: 1621752931961.mp3 (10.64 MB, 2-25_memories_of_you.mp3)


maybe they changed something still havent quote unquote upgraded from ff84


im failed


thanks for mp3 sounds good im on fireox 6101


also yui is cute


File: 1621753807757.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.7 KB, 1200x900, 39080358_p0.jpg)


File: 1621753826307.jpg (239.47 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai ….jpg)



over five minutes i start to worry


haha shes fat


hate the botposts


File: 1621753914849.webm (7.58 MB, 640x360, ougi.webm)


wish bot


hate normogatari


time to fire up that 干し柿


sexy ougi


hate holoen fire up a nice pikamee


loved gotarai good old days


only watched the first one maybe the second one too


File: 1621754590547.webm (2.18 MB, 1280x548, brain.webm)


friend told me they watched bakemonogatari but wouldnt watch nisemonogatari because they heard it was too "H" shall we say so i told them it isnt really that much more "H" than bakemonogatari so they went and watched it then came back mad at me


been planning to read list ill get to that



die capitalnorm


big sigh


wish i had friends wish i had friends


no you dont its a pain


you aint never had a friend like me


ok expert nrom


NOT an expert just tried once and got tired of it



feeling pain browsing my gatari folder


File: 1621754930095.jpg (553.03 KB, 1440x2781, 497.jpg)

which one the dj or the sexy cosmetics reviewer


perma the phoner


crying remembering the time i would go frame by frame and take thousands of clannad and らき✩すた screenshots


jewgle lol


File: 1621755085188.gif (199.77 KB, 480x270, 1378075476688.gif)

just dump everything into ~/pictures/ with their original unix timestamp filenames


bh laptopnorm


my to be sorted anime folder is still to be sorted its screenshots


love browsing hima on the $20000 ai workstation


i use ``hydrus network'' for everything all other methods of image categorization are inferior


think the oldest image i saved was a nice 106 but lost it when the hdd died


using used optipliex upgraded the memory still stall though


used to sort images categorically then moved to weekly folders then just dumping everything into nested folders making a new one when the old one hit a few hundred


deleted my 4chan image folder a decade ago


`` ''


deleted all my data in 2014


keep deleting things and regretting it


wouldnt even call them 4chan images just every single image i download and screenshot i take


feel like ive been in a dream since 2013


have to keep up with the bleeding edge of computing technology to handle the memory leak


thats a good thing ive been woken up from that dream a few times since then


sometimes i search gelbooru within an id range to transport me back to that time period and see all the old images i deleted


wonder what the nostalgia hit would feel like if i got a hard drive with everything ive ever deleted on it




its NOT good


still have the 80gb hd from the first computer i built in my closet along with every other hd ive ever had i do NOT dare look into them


used to go on irc looks at my logs couple years ago surprised im still alive i was tween


remembering the time i tarded out at 10 and deleted crucial system files rendering the system unusable and was too tard to fix until i got it back from mom at 14 and fixed it

then there was aNOTher time i unearthed a hdd that i didnt use for a few years dont remember why it was unused now had some nice aerisdies on it


deploy the 2006 portal
were going home boys


hate people who just abandon their data


never used irc


can we go back farther to give me the chance to hang myself with the umbilical cord


lost everything from before 2010


sigh playing classic in 2006


still on irc only one channel it gets . . . every two months


2001 it is


put a bunch of my stuff in encrypted 7zips think i lost the password to some oops


accidentally nostalgiad over pnig


scared of irc showing people my hostnane


love coming up with a mnemonic to memorize a 43 character long password to only to forget it years later


wish i was still underage thats a sign of youth


dont feel like ive aged since 15



you will once you look at your reflection


still use eight character password been eleven years now i update it when it tells me to but i just change a character


look back on my logs from when i was 16 and cri**e thats how i know i aged


still using a variation of my naruto based password i originally came up with in 2002 to this day


nice sharingan1


File: 1621755967769.png (527.61 KB, 629x430, 1509135581806.png)


first password was food


naruto never watched never read heard it ended ill read it someday


believe it


fattest kid in school had the password foods still remember to this day simply too on the nose for fiction


never watched naruto never read and will never




used to think i was above popular manga then i read some now im hooked its popular for a reason



remember when i got banned for posting yanderedev


Your request looks automated; Post discarded.


File: 1621756601393.png (38.31 KB, 104x127, 1621274738497.png)

saw this classic the other day and sighed


File: 1621756624657.jpg (110.41 KB, 350x447, asl.jpg)


who took the photo


his wife


pops obese surprised he hasnt died yet its only a matter of time


same but games


you mean japanese games right


i game


its over for amd


japs havent made a good game for almost 2 decades


what was the last good one


super metroid




youre forgetting based link and his friends


first saw this like 17 years ago cant imagine what its like for the 35+ wizards that still think of it as new


movies television games all the more i dont understand im still working through my backlog havent even finished the nes



dont tell me you actually fell for the backlog meme


i did


3dpd meme is the biggest one i ever fell for


sometimes i get bored and rev up the xnxx only ever lasts a few minutes always regret it after love you pixiv


roasts need to become obsolete asap


cant remember the last time i had some nice home cooking


think ill have a couple of cans of whipped cream for breakfast tomorrow


mom said shes making spaghetti tomorrow im excited


must be convenient to be a successnorm and come home to your wife who already has everything ready


they stopped doing that about 50 years ago they just sit on their asses dumping hamburger helper into a trough now


shifted things on my desk earlier just knocked over a pb by accident


nice pber


mom made me a superfood salad


sounds gay


File: 1621758852559.jpg (131.48 KB, 870x1200, E2AaeAAVgAM7hlY.jpg)



NOThing makes me madder than an enthusednorm posting about how fantastic and awesome and enriching his day is


File: 1621759121466.mp4 (239.91 KB, 3D配信で自分の胸イジるVTuberいるらしい.mp4)


File: 1621759247993.jpg (149.94 KB, 965x1000, 88462ec7bad1b267c4afdd4845bf4675.jpg)


wonder what breasts feel like


bags of sand (movie reference)


few more years of a completely sedentary lifestyle and youll have your own


im NOT completely sedentary i lift 3 days a week and jog 3 days


then get bent


hate when zoomers enjoy things


never bought monster or anything when it was big wonder if i missed out by NOT being high on caffeine the entire time i was still full of teen energy


you were a zoomer once


havent been a zoomer even once in my life


had a couple of years where i would have one of those iced tea tallboys every day because the bus stop was near a gas station and got voltage pretty regularly once it came out but that was it


could finna do for a nice tall tapiocaboy right now


he loved ice tea


File: 1621760609227.jpg (44.78 KB, 874x358, full-powerade-logo-blue.jpg)

was way into poweraids and vitamin waters as a kid because mom wouldnt buy soda and i could only get it at a restaurant or when unc was in charge


nice pedunc


nah drunkunc would get wild on fastfood and soda then go on the net while he was passed out on the couch


sigh miss when my uncle wasnt dead


cousins dad worked at a nice powerade factory and used to bring tons of them home drank loads of them as a shota when mom forced me to visit


unc killed himself and nobody knows why other than the fact that he happened to be cel


gramps said he was trying to kill himself when he died but i think he was just being histrionic


might do some yardwork this week just for the novelty



File: 1621766003852-0.jpg (233.87 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Boruto - Naruto Next Generations ….jpg)

File: 1621766003852-1.jpg (244.87 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Boruto - Naruto Next Generations ….jpg)

kawakis so lucky he pulled an ssr minato on his first pack


whats naruto about anyways besides magical ninjas


its about humanity vs aliens and cyborgs now




uncle wang looks like hes lived a hard life


youd look like that too if you lived during paste maos regime


File: 1621771878439.jpg (82.91 KB, 1280x718, 1621771506359.jpg)


craving burgs but also craving pasta NOT sure which supplies i should get when i go to the store tomorrow


my teeth hurt


nice soyskipper


got this in my recommended


would be better if he stopped showing his face


need to buy some butterfingers for the candy bar mount


File: 1621778875919.mp4 (453.58 KB, za time.mp4)


my teeth still hurt


File: 1621789408334.jpg (51.15 KB, 720x536, 1621752925523.jpg)


how does he cope


NOT sure how i can cope


woke up hima hey


no clean clothes left wearing a gay looking shirt mom must have gotten me years ago but i never wore


kitty is snoozing on my lap


File: 1621794316769.jpg (104.74 KB, 656x1024, E2B_btsUUAIyPjK.jpg)


sis brought me a lemon pie slice


never had a sis whats it like


its NOT that great


got more coffee


File: 1621796150618.jpg (175.63 KB, 795x1100, 4de40475af5c85f713d902580a81cb02.jpg)


whats she saying


might fire up an expresso


got aNOTher covid test


why the pandemic is over


its NOT


had to be a pallbearer this week and she was covid positive


joe biden said its over


uh did you open up the coffin and make out with the corpse how would that get you sick


got a nice kazoe yakuman in 3p jong


in english please


yakuman dont count in 3p sorry


got sick after the funeral sore throat runny nose teeth hurt


also stream


hate sanma


hope theres a cluster of game dungeons uploaded at once like last time


got a text telling me to go to a dot ir domain and enter my personal info to continue receiving unemployment


you should get on it asap


cracked open a cold one hima


maybe on halloween


File: 1621799413806.mp4 (2.3 MB, naked gun china.mp4)


thats korea


had a layover in korea


watching the cabin in the woods funny how they couldnt find a virg foid for the ritual


nice normovie


nah hes been talking about having multiple editors for months now theres defiantly a chance for simultaneous releases


its NOT gonno happen sorry


cant im listening to music while playing


stream it


File: 1621801917205.png (242.78 KB, 804x572, cap.png)




doesnt count norm


keep crying teen


already know what this is before opening it hehe cant wait until the vtuber happy meal toys come out and the norms upload videos all of you norms doing this


seething hard for no reason at all


wish i was as pasted as him


sigh ill probably get one of the entuber toys and be too embarassed to ask for the doggie girl one why cant they just let you pick which one you get


tell the cashier your nephew wants the pink girl


just got third place by going negative on round 3 round 2 got ronnd after discarding NOThing but 4 honors and then got ronnd again after discarding 5 honors its literally just luck


they didnt expect 30 year old men to be buying happy meals for the toys it was just a trick to get kids to keep ordering them to get all the toys


got last again after going riichi and getting my riichi discard twice in a row right after that and the other guy got suankou


cracked open aNOTher cold one


tried to find a sentai trailer accidentally landed on a brazilian youtuber explaining hero mama league





part where the upper and lower jaw connect on the left side of my head hurts this is it hima


there is no upper and lower jaw its just your skull and your jaw


dont get so hung up on labels


just remembered its the day of retribution


NOT a single thread on fit sigh



NOThing to do bored




you see people everywhere saying baste these days mindblowing to think it started on hima


we are avant garde


yeah....real mindblowing....


aris is playoing baldur gat


love the thanking dono streamer love when he thanks my dono pretends to get it then thanks my dono again a minute later


pretends to forget it


happy big friday


if i wanted to watch a retarded person talk to themselves and suck at games i would put a mirror in my room


thanks for the generosity


File: 1621809346896.jpg (122.01 KB, 768x1024, 1621809090745.jpg)


damn now thats a good job get the night shift for extra pay and no work


why do these norms with zero skills think they deserve that much money to flip up orders and spit on the food


theyre paid to flip up orders thats why theyre called burger flippers


guess arrogance low consciousness and a low to average iq is all you need to win at life sigh


File: 1621809849161.jpg (135.76 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dropkick S2 - 03 [7….jpg)


minimum wage 50 years ago was equal to $22 today


ron tanyao 1000 points


ya but there werent an extra 50 to 75 million dumbshits that couldnt handle any work besides hitting the apple pie button the cash register


normal wages havent been adjusted its only the lowest rung the rich arent going to lose anything by having to pay 7 bucks for a value menu cakebread mystery meat burg its the people that now only make 8 bucks more than min wageslaves despite having ten times the amount of debt and education


i need to be shot in the face


should have put the ac in earlier now i have to wait until the middle of the night or early in the morning so the normbors arent watching me


would instantly sperm hard in this situation


you get used to it


need to bug proof the ac this year the flippers always slip through somehow


im a bug


im bugman


always wonder if mom bugged my room


take your meds


love how norms solve every problem with pills



riichi on the first discard and lost


mom is raging she wants me to cook the ground beef she left out for hours on the counter yesterday before it goes bad but im NOT hungry


its already bad dont do it


just lost again
double riichi from dealer into tsumo on first draw
this game is garbage


i dont believe you got two double riichis in a row and someone else got a chihou right after that doesnt sound real



it wasnt chiihou because it was the second draw and i didnt get double riichi because i had tenpai on the second draw


misunderstood you my bad


does that make the situation less insane


File: 1621817053337.jpg (133.91 KB, 1200x675, E2EtTINVoAMugep.jpg)


woke up unknown invader truck in the driveway spotted two outside with mom no dinner in the fridge shes got a two liter of coke out there gonno have to wait it out with some crackers n water


bought myself 6 blueberry bagels for $2 earlier for emergency rations


you were supposed to get onion and salt or one of those flavors NOT blueberry


sounds disgusting why would i want an onion bagel


its like garlic bread


whats wrong with onions


woke up heya hima


File: 1621818539434.mp4 (5.18 MB, tRPu7UreaXXXiuGz.mp4)




hope one of the foids that got rejected from joining the vtuber agency pulls a kyoani and roasts all those roasts


got the ronald banner


playing some league


mindblowing that there are wild horses


guaifenesin took that in high school didnt drink any water crashed my car


cracked open aNOTher cold one


just found a piece of corrugated cardboard in the chili powder was hoping it was a rat spine or something so i could get a free years supply




are all your characters at 80


havent studied jap in 2 weeks



calling up the dentist tomorrow hima gonno get me tooth pulled


found some pizza


good luck


e flute box


think im gonno get a cold tomorrow i can feel it


havent been sick since i abandoned the world



mom brought me mcdonalds garbage instead of wendys or arbys stupid bitch


whats in the bag


bought a nice discounted mog station item from the chinks


mcds is better than wendys



went to the store and got pasta supplies gonno make some pasta


my compliments to the chef


File: 1621828807008.webm (824.44 KB, 640x360, supplies.webm)


im lain



kitty is snoozing on top of the pc






emmas story


why is emma acting like climbing mount everest is a big deal


cant wait for the hima meet atop k2


back from gaming now im bored


have you considered enlisting in the united states military to beat the boredom


gonno watch some reruns


might buy a nice level boost to 70




chilis almost done hima


wish i had a nice chili


youll be sick of it after the mansion chili cookoff


File: 1621830781706.png (1.95 KB, 664x234, b3ef642d.png)



double cringe


nice juden peterstein


playing black mage


fire up summoner instead thats a real job


only girls play summoner


File: 1621831548563.jpg (4.08 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170725_113058.jpg)


mom left the cat outside for hours its midnight guarantee if i left her dog outside overnight shed rage hard


streaming some jong


cats are smart enough to roam outdoors




theyre housecats theyre basically manbabies



this is the best chili ive ever made hands down moms right i could win a contest with this





maybe my real life would start if i found one and entered then won a huge cash prize




out of coins stream is over


nice misclick into sanbaiman after knowing he needed pin and discarding correctly for half of the game


gonno watch a nice pools hot tubs and beaches stream instead


NOT like you have a choice


big bro is getting mcds


went to get ice cream and cake and streams over sigh


whats he getting


a nice mcchicken


NOT gonno stream bronze tables sorry




hate mcchickens


whats to hate


gonno lose my gold rank at this rate


sighing hard just realized even if i go to get my hair cut im NOT going to be able to wear a mask without looking like even more of a sperg guess ill have to shave the teenbeard after all


moms going to start nagging me about going to the dentist again soon ohgod the once in a lifetime opportunity of being able to neet it up without her trying to force me to leave the house is slipping through me fingeys


had a 98p penchan and 12p penchan tossed the 9p hoping to get the 123p shape instead got the 7p so i could achieve furiten 78p shape hate this coin tossing flipping nonsense


was sitting in uldah and a creepy catboy sat in front of me and started chatting me up


if you play ten thousand games the luck variance will average out so its ok


could have got a plumpergf they love catboys


File: 1621836701545.png (1.08 MB, 720x719, 187841480_304182787923505_6204577156685425603_….png)


only hyur male on hima


you have all those sexy options why would you roll a boring hyur male


theyre NOT sexy and theyre for teens


File: 1621837115463.jpg (17.01 KB, 424x318, Welcome-to-the-NHK-Episode-19.jpg)



do you play default trailer man


no i made a cool guy that looks like 木刀の竜


File: 1621837594256.jpg (653.44 KB, 822x1108, 1562196619820.jpg)





sexy tenga


left hand smells like soy sauce cant stop sniffing it


me bone me jo


might jo might NOT jo


might jo to a nice doujin from c70


starting to burn out on this season of normime ive gotten farther than i have in about 4 years but i think its time to start sloughing off the dead weight


havent watched seasonal anime in 3 years



thats ok cant remember more than two or three good ones anyway


all i need is one haneman and i can play defensive the rest of the game


File: 1621840595193.jpg (15.86 KB, 219x230, images.jpg)


liam came 12th in the election wanted her to be in the top 10 sigh


the norms wont let her win


might visit the bathhouse soon


never figured out upload or download ratios always just torrented stuff and never seed


wish to seed a sexy lady


youre NOT allowed


theres no point to it if i ever find out how to get back into my ab account im just going to let er rip and NOT waste my value watts seeding to other norms who probably have better lives than me


File: 1621842278427.png (35.28 KB, 737x327, Screenshot 2021-05-24.png)

might apply for the torrentjan position


File: 1621842317151.png (545 B, 40x37, seeded.PNG)

just did


love banning hit and runners


wish i could just email them a ticket or something too anxious thinking about using irc one on one and having to answer questions from some norm


only got into private trackers because some guy was handing out invites once in a 4teen thread


same never see that kind of thing happen any more though


File: 1621843745433.jpg (79.95 KB, 639x1200, E2IE-iMVUAo6afg.jpg)


only have 5 sata cables but 6 hard drives and a dvd drive i was going to put into the new case


women like that exist and im NOT allowed to flip them


what do you need a dvd drive for


i paid for it its going in there


its a waste of space think of the airflow


theres plenty of room my motherboard is microatx


need sex need sex NOW


time for a second round of pasta


went to get a nice sugarwater in the dark and flipping destroyed my middle toe when i kicked some box on the floor that mom left in the middle of the hall


simply jo


watchin some snooker



told mom to get brooned or get piece flanked like the rest of her plonsies


File: 1621856666204.jpg (Spoiler Image, 330.88 KB, 1046x1500, E16EKIUVcAYFJ6J.jpg)

package is here


File: 1621857011679.jpg (77.6 KB, 1199x711, E1vRs4PUUAEY4GE.jpg)


index index index index index index



still index index index


it was for me


phew nice footstream


File: 1621867795627.jpg (100.79 KB, 1200x809, E1msB95VoAAaIaA.jpg)


File: 1621867856924.png (1.38 MB, 1689x2048, 1621454980001.png)

took a long time to get the circumcision thing i thought only dogs had penises like that then i found out i was actually the one with the weird penis and we were supposed to be like dogs


dont make me google dog penis


had a look at dog penises doesnt look like they have a foreskin


hehe you like looking at dog dicks what are you a gay dog


dog penises were the only penises i ever saw besides my own and my cousins and brothers and one time my stepdad and all of those were circumcised


ever wonder how much better joing would feel like if you werent circumcised


mom has a gay dog she humps the other girl dogs when she gets in the mood and will snap the little one



uh youre supposed to pull it back when peeing


havent received a nice penis enlargement spam mail in years


wouldnt be cel if i had the big penis


did it come with a manual or something


dad shows you how its done


File: 1621872504475.mp4 (940.07 KB, 1621697431878-0.mp4)

warosu howl of despair


woke up hima making coffee


hb are you ready hima


File: 1621875248930.png (85.36 KB, 680x420, unnamed.png)

got my butterfinger mount


mindblowing that there are people on hima who dont know japanese


200r is here have nowhere to put it theres too much trash in the room


think i have to power down and get the old one off the table gonno watch the days normime first


File: 1621879003716.png (82.53 KB, 495x899, 2021-05-14-213732_495x899_scrot.png)


whats mindblowing about that


mahjong souls event tomorrow theres going to be a 9 hour maintenance


sigh he loved talking about muh dick muhfugga


laughing thiking about how you could insult him and his family and call him racist names until you were blue in the face and he didnt seem to care but as soon as you insulted his penis he would chimp out


got a reply to a youtube comment i made 13 years ago


back from hiatus hima




hope the event gives a lot of coins



Ice cream parlor raises minimum wage to $15/hr, flooded with job applications


weird how today is a monday


File: 1621885949078.mp4 (2.04 MB, Biggers.mp4)

hate talls


File: 1621886532495.png (300.75 KB, 1133x633, 51ec98c4207b0457899abc382d3e59c5.png)


gonno compensate by sperming twice


got flipping greedy in jong and ended up in 3rd raging could have had 2nd if i didnt flipping riichi but it was on a suji trap tossed a 6 sou waiting on a kanchan 3 sou but nobody fell for it im too smart for jong sigh


arrogant jongnorm


kanchan is generally a bad idea if you can avoid it no one falls for suji traps these days


fall for suji traps all the time


youre bad then sorry


thats why i said im too smart for jong my intelligence is a double edge sword


arent you sick of rnjong


no one has gotten sick of it its been a thousand years or something and its still the most popular game on earth


youre NOT supposed to play it every day


cant think of anything better to do on a monday than tossing tiles for 8 hours raging and tossing more tiles



heard a norm say being ugly on the outside means youre also ugly on the inside


hes right


hes right because being ugly on the outside will turn you ugly on the inside


raging was first got second because all i had to do was play defensive but tarded out and hit the riichi button gonno go for a walk


riichi a nice 13 han chinitsu today for no reason at all really early and everybody played defensively and went to ryukyoku


you will think about it on your walk and go straight back to tile throwing when you get back


hate chinisou and honisou norms stop hoarding tiles


typing on my new thinkpad


i dont bother going for either unless my haipai is just one or two shanten away


wish i had a nice thinkpad


new or new


I would sell you one of my spare thinkpads. I have several unused ones


File: 1621896485361.jpg (45.73 KB, 344x620, 1620507606521.jpg)



awakened to how based senbei is


got adept in sanma





guras been streaming for 5 hours


on fourth of july 2010 played transformice for 24 hours straight


already spermed thrice today


gonno mow soon


brothers wife loves to mow the lawn


loved owning norms as shaman in transformice by shooting a nice bowling ball at their face


im short circuiting to this


woke up mornin hima


fun piece of pikamee trivia the music pikamee uses in her japanese lesson video is actually the exact same music used in the classic 新衣装お披露目 video by nekomata okayu and pikamee did NOT ask okayu for permission to use it


kill yourself


love gorogoro okayu


whats a pikeemee


sigh youtube is doing a beta feature thats a clone of tiktok its over zoomteens won


popular but controversial female twitch streamer


always miss these sigh


File: 1621901866805.webm (1.82 MB, 960x540, reee.webm)


paste indexjo


dont post old pikamee can you update your webm so it has the new version



everyone hates new pikamees outfit


brothers mother in law loves mowing too its like a whole family of female mowers


paste mowboomers


File: 1621902203684.webm (433.12 KB, 490x558, n.webm)


dropped pikamee when i found out she likes the hentai stuffs


ban now you can NOT allow these freaks to roam free


i cant im NOT an admin


she used that first did okayu ask for pikamees permission dont think so


they cant copyright strike you if you invent your own music


shes ped


File: 1621902782496.jpg (131.76 KB, 1081x1200, E2MR5VqVcAIYRhg.jpg)


weird how girlpeds are also attracted to sexy ladies


what about shotakon


girlpeds arent attracted to children they just want to sadistically abuse them


do women really wear condom_belts


File: 1621903101019.jpg (144.42 KB, 770x1200, E2JR2SRUYAAhM1B.jpg)


ya ive seen photos of it


me want flip


a flipper must flap


File: 1621903327392.png (409.8 KB, 563x861, c.png)


thats the exact photo i was thinking of hehe quite the ppg from that one


women are vile so are men


weird how asian women in america marry asian men 99% of the time


link the fbi statistics


time to quit real estate and become a new york times bestseller


last post


whites are NOT as exotic when you live here


im exotic white


mom found our true ancestral name written on scrap paper in grandmas bedroom



found out my family was originally o'connor NOT connor


hehe paste cranetard


didnt know about maintenance today


File: 1621905141713.mp4 (996.21 KB, -hlo916qsYzqu8Mz_20210525111159.mp4)


wonder if japs find the meme reviews cringe


doubt it since they cant tell whats normal english and whats cringe english




nice beta female cowering before coco


behold a man


woke up heated up some leftover spaghetti mom was tardgiggling to the crazy frog


showered shaved shited gave meself a neetcut made some expresso its time to game


nice beverly hills black gentleman


jong stream




File: 1621906903783.jpg (18.67 KB, 500x468, GOODS-00179575.jpg)


did spiro at a friends house once


7 hour xiv maintenance hima what am i supposed to do for 7 hours


get a job


play wow classic



hell yeah we can achieve our dreams the world is our oyster lets do it go!


oh jesus christ i've got no fucking job man


NOT old enough to get that reference


sisters husband bought oysters tried one it was gross


love the my wifes son meme


love oysters


hate the friends guy the bro with wife guy and the other guy


its all the same guy


every day the same dream


is it dat jp dream


now that is what i call an old skool gamer reference


love being reminded of norm privilege as i sit at the table and get ignored with an empty glass as onsekis is filled repeatedly


hate when norms brashpressure me into joining them at da club and i have to stand there with my soda water for half an hour until i feel its safe enough to leave


made a big ol batch of puttanesca


nice maltaguy


its my favorite


hope maltaguy is doing well


nice chink dessert


hehe they have funny hat


who wears hat did you ever wear a hat


i bought a hat years ago and wore it quite a bunch


used to wear a bucket hat to school


wore a fedora daily until they turned it into a meme


is that still a meme it was a meme like 15 years ago


its still a meme especially if you look ugly trust me


ugliest freak on hima


fedoras are classy class is for men and swag is for boys


the boys


how do i tell someone to stop sending me images and clips of entubers without hurting their feelings


call them an eop


tell em to lay off the soylent the next time they send you one


kill yourself for being a norm


NOThing wrong with soylent i drink one daily


enjoying a sweet chai breakfast at the moment


why would you have breakfast at 11 pm


whats a chai breakfast is that like a chai latte




how can you be bored with the full majesty of human knowledge and culture at your fingertips


too smart to be happy


File: 1621911821273.jpg (294.69 KB, 1440x1790, 500.jpg)



guess ill fire up booba.tv


love natto love tofu love miso im as soy as boys come


File: 1621912312812.png (197.64 KB, 685x408, progress.PNG)

close to a new costume


dont spend dust on that


why i want the emotes


how do i play mahjong


watch akagi but also stream it


its easy


NOThing like a diet of mushy soy fish eggs and rice to turn you into a feminine flat faced framelet


hopefully the event tomorrow gives out the big crystal things hehe im almost there



tried watching akagi to learn mahjong but he just started cheating and stealing tiles


have amethyst crystals hidden in my room


watch saki to learn mahjong


saki is for girls


love educational anime


File: 1621912886659.jpg (43.14 KB, 601x352, IMG_2012.jpg)

pretty close to having everything for kiraras max bond costume havent actually maxed out her bond meter yet though


war would have turned us into men


love a good casual war to become man


read utahime obaka miiko its the manga riichi book 1 got all its strategies from


hope i roll joseph next time i get a ticket


hope you have 30 other accounts on standby


glad i never fell for the mahjong meme


we cant afford to fight if they threaten to destroy our internet we would have to surrender


wonder when human meat soldiers will become obsolete and every country will be sipping on lattes while moving robotic pawns around the chessboard


would have been euthanized if the germans won the war


looks fun


thanks to video games i have more combat experience than some of the most seasoned soldiers in history


dumb noob shooting at the sky


youre a super soldier


simply watch this




im glad to have your skillset but you can leave the lone wolf stuff behind


can i still enlist at 31


ya but NOT if youre fat


how do people get fat like just dont eat


dont want drill sergeant to make fun of me for being a virg


started bulking but forgot to stop


listening to the rain pitter patter on the rocks outside


hope its a clean bulk


love rain smell


love the pitter patter but scared of the thunder



should i eat cake and ice cream or sip on a chocomilk


no more manbaby food


im a manbaby so what im NOT hurting anybody


might become a drill instructor love yelling


i need a weapon


love playing americas army in 2003


put the whole computer together then had to take it apart and put it together again broke part of the gpu slot got thermal paste on the board the hard drives are too close together for my psu to have more than two hooked up at once and now im NOTicing that the case isnt able to sit flat on the desk


wonder why everything ive ever done was a mistake


have 50 tabs to sort through


mom started bitching about grandchildren again


me want baby


File: 1621916546863.jpg (235.89 KB, 1500x1074, E2FT3ziUUAAgTDM.jpg)


dont understand how you can get drunk enough to flip the ugliest cel in town then decide to keep the resulting spawn and feed it a diet of television and frozen corndogs and move locations every couple of years and expect it to find a mate


gonno jong




no im NOT the streamer


stream stream


was born a watcher NOT a streamer


hate when i click extract here on a nice rar file and it pukes out dozens of files because theres no folder inside or when i click extract to a folder and then it makes a folder inside a folder


always open them in 7zip then click n drag em out


hate the non winrar norm


tarded out and put the hard drives in backwards ive opened and closed the side panel too many times ill do it tomorrow


dumb winrarnorm


should have just bought a prebuilt



weird that there were still bronies as late as 2016


only got a new case to try and keep my current parts alive longer by keeping them colder and less dusty thinking of upgrading to nice ryzen in three or four years



rookie numbers in this racket


headphone jack is a lot better now no crackling or cutting out when i move a certain way


File: 1621919500258.webm (3.73 MB, 946x720, 1621553284998.webm)


its just like battlefield 3





wish that was me


wonder whos smarter elon musk or the demuirge



its demiurge


ive come into possession of a blogstone should we evolve nb or NOT


File: 1621921982722.png (264.03 KB, 530x298, fdea72f70dafb7da0f7145ebc3f8c7d56dacb702_13.png)


nah its probably elon wonder why he looks part asian when hes NOT wish he was my dad but


wait until he learns hyper blog at level 53



built a vine robot


guess ill snooze


nice bonebot


loved being the youngest poorest kid in class raised with loving care by a nice mentally ill single mom



made a nice neetration two cans of sardines and the last of a bottle of hotsauce


pretty sure ive ridden one of those before they cant be that rare


do you get crushed at the top or bottom


nah it flips you upside down


File: 1621924739986.gif (970.84 KB, 200x550, Paternoster_animated.gif)


nice qfriend told me corona was created by the chinese government and escaped their lab let out an audible groan and dont think he appreciated


thats the truth though


hes right


thats been debunked for like 2 years now


says who


its debunked because the chinese and who said so huh



File: 1621925715163.jpg (184.28 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Odd Taxi - 08 (720p) [4842508D].m….jpg)

the post colors


still tardlaugh at how freak actually believed his sensory disability meant he could magically track anonymous posters


its a power NOT a disability


wonder how things are going over on the tsumaran timeline


couldnt be worse than this one


if you had big knockers you would want to show them off too


wonder what its like to be a girl with huge boobs


File: 1621927122610.jpg (291.31 KB, 1280x1808, 1.jpg)


i would save her


girls love lactating


then why did mom feed me formula



it makes no difference


its like having two big neon signs on you saying fuck me and having no way to remove them


older brother was breastfed and ended up a 6'4 chad and i was NOT and ended up a 5'9 fat gamer loser baby


mindblowing women are only attracted to chad because they want chad sons


wish to regress to baby


mindblowing if i remember talking to other children when i was 10 i dont remember them talking like little retards even though they must have


either really retarded or really smart and assumed all the other norms thought the same as me then raged hard when they didnt act like i thought they would


downloading the new patch


NOT sure if its just colder outside tonight but having a case with a sidepanel and fans seems to be keeping the room from overheating hasnt even raised it a full degree in 4 hours


found out a while ago theres a guy on hima who always reposts things here from a discord hes in and one of my friends is in the same discord so if i link a hima image to my friend hes already seen it at the source half the time and im just regurgitating it back


have to snooze after that post to keep from roping


thinking about just cutting it off


File: 1621930628494.jpg (131.04 KB, 875x1000, 89783980_p0.jpg)




File: 1621932053667.jpg (756.72 KB, 900x1200, E2N-iHfVcAU7eY7.jpg)


whats she insinuating


sigh cant believe they made the final relic stage look so ugly


use a nice low level default skin



let me grope the fat deposits on a female of breeding age


forgot to do bozja now nobody will be there sigh


its NOT too late


the intelligent leo normally possess because button outstandingly hate into an alleged servant. weary, massive sand


servers up



pasted ltg


File: 1621945809795.jpg (242.4 KB, 1400x1050, E2MGCPMUYAIGnE4.jpg)


got the new hairstyle and put it on the marketboard for 30 million gil


ended up selling it for just under 20 million because some bastard undercut me


File: 1621951069293.jpg (462.81 KB, 711x1000, E2OpPGcUYAgA4L1.jpg)


its malignant



nice soylent shirt


File: 1621960463338.png (2.88 MB, 2000x1522, NINTCHDBPICT000504667316.png)


been cooking vegan dinners lost 9 kg


File: 1621964122765.jpeg (45.28 KB, 460x297, image-asset.jpeg)


invaders are here


File: 1621965234995.jpg (4.71 MB, 4032x3024, gd3.jpg)

got a new car


did that bird shit above the headlight cost extra


hey hima woke up making some coffee


nice normmobile


how are we all making the most of yet aNOTher new day brimming with opportunity hima


started using single quotes instead of double quotes in my code




wish i was a tech wiz


love being good with computers according to mom because i can use one without writing myself step by step instructions on how to bookmark a webpage


having coffee


had a few hundred milligrams of normffeine meself


caffeine pills arrived today




gonno jong








gth beggar


my eyes hurt



tummy hurts need to poop bad


put the hard drives in the right way still NOT sure why a corsair psu doesnt have sata power cables spaced close enough to hook up more than two in a corsair case but itll work for now


shat hard and it sprayed the back of the toiletbowl


went for a nice walk hima


wanted to go for a run but feeling dizzy


to run you must first learn how to walk


mom talked about babies learning to walk asked her when that happens is it like 3 years old she laughed at me


tossing tiles


are you using namidame sensei teachings




is he a walking teacher


File: 1621984234728.jpg (101.05 KB, 720x705, 1621975600927.jpg)


hes a tile tossing teacher from 打姫オバカミーコ


dont need a norm tell me how to toss my tiles


uh why is first kiss losing virginity before first relationship and why is peak life satisfaction before happy married life


having some nice frozen shrimp thats spent the last two hours on the counter for dinner


shouldnt there be a year between marriage and child or did they only get married because they forgot the condom


thats average ages NOT a guide


woops tarded out and accidentally got pregnant dont understand norms


should do average of male and average of female instead the dumb 16teensluts who get ravaged by 35 year old yuppiechad and then get married to him at 21 are biasing the male stat


based yuul B. alwright


if you leave water in a pot on the stove after a while it will sprout little flowers that add some flavor but it never happens with bottled water even if you put the bottle around the stove as well


why is the losing virginity picture a closeup of a girl


mindblowing that on average it takes nearly a year of getting spermed inside daily to get pregnant


new rule if youre gonno jong you gotta stream



jong or joing


whats happening to men why is the spermie rate dropping


low t due to soy and anime exposure


mindblowing if a time traveler from 1945 came to fight nazis he would only need to have sex with your gf once to make her preggerino even if you were trying for 6 months and had 100 times more sex you couldnt stop him if he just got one chance


the norms are killing us


dont understand how watching anime would cause low t


plastic in your food and water


whats to understand sitting on your ass drooling on yourself all day destroys your body


its a joke soy doesnt cause low t either


File: 1621986315612.jpg (686.18 KB, 1242x2653, 501.jpg)

can we do this but set in the himaverse with personae from different time periods


9 hour jong maintenance begins now what the flip am i supposed to do


9 hour sleep


read jong manga


woke up mom made cheesy chicken pasta


bit mindblowing 50% of household dust is actually the dead shredded skin of aliens


wish i had some


wonder if mom ever thought of having sex with you


weird how technically even if you could bring back someone like benjamin franklin back to life to learn his many arcane secrets it wouldnt be possible because the moment he comes back to life it would trigger a paradox where if he was really dead then he should have gone to heaven and have memories of that but instead he would have no memories because heaven doesnt exist but in the old years men were christian so he would have dedicated his life to god but then he would find out god doesnt exist so he wouldnt dedicate so he wouldnt have the secrets to tell you and would kill himself out of grief




pasted botposts


File: 1621987097979.webm (1.91 MB, 640x358, 1574361396146.webm)


love dreaming and realizing its a dream but still being unable to fly or do anything epic because its simply the rule of the dream that i know its a dream and im still merely playing on its palm


uh huh yea sure


would love to fly hundreds of feet downards face first onto the pavement


nice norms


stop posting things from normsoy i heckin' love science channels


but i heckin love science



if the only people left on earth were you your mom and your worst enemy (male) what would you do to repopulate


why would i repopulate


to save


my mom is menopausal dumb question


File: 1621988387724.png (Spoiler Image, 21.97 KB, 720x405, hima.png)


used to rage when pnig would post a gmm or linus embed and now i watch them ever since he got locked up


File: 1621988450162.jpg (95.46 KB, 564x752, 1601120575772.jpg)

>having a jo






whats with the post quality ever since last night its like we are getting raided


the bot


which posts are bot posts i cant tell the difference


woke up gonno make some joe










23 was literally the worst year of my life


elijah rogers didnt even make it to 23


remember being the first one to post this on hima in 2016 or 2017


isnt every year the new worst year of your life


File: 1621994474859.jpg (342.84 KB, 700x700, elliot-page-happily-shows-off-abs-in-trans-bb-….jpg)


based foid living out her dream of being a manlet framcel


mogs me


shes 5'1" thats physically impossible unless youre a dwarf




mogs me


dwarfism starts at 6 feet for men


no that was me


sick of being a creep a weirdo


mindreaping that you can genuinely remember that you did something when really it was neetblog


neetus blogus


File: 1621995810310.jpg (51.87 KB, 720x845, 1621985182126.jpg)


woke up wheezing


whats on the agenda for today


check the fridge then fire up chinkshin


File: 1621996531481.jpg (51.75 KB, 640x626, 1621937360783.jpg)

baby gamey


made some lemongrass tea hima


cant wait until people stop recognizing her outside and she starts getting treated like a legit 5' tall male she will nope out of it real quick


probably wont happen on account of being a rich hollywood person with connections


nobody in bozja and i need castrum its over


what do you mean were all in zadnor


still bored dont want to bother gaming ill just quit after fifteen minutes




perhaps tonight is the night


found spaghetti n meatballs its game time


guess ill blimp out and watch some normime once mom goes to bed in a few hours


File: 1621997495256.webm (3.01 MB, 656x360, 1621975217983.webm)


wish i had pronouns


too bad he didnt take out the cunts eye but then she would have aNOTher thing to use for sympathy


women are just like us


they really arent


boredom reaching critical


counteraction rising


play some jong


yeah we are ready for the punchline


jong is in maint NOT gonno play on tenhou when my girl is waiting for me in jong


cant remember the last time i got to laugh for real




watch a nice vtube


wish i was a teen so i could enjoy the tubies


wish i could enjoy


tarded out and wasted my life


told my thepotato chef about the norms today he kept nodding and saying stuff like oh i see and ah yes and after i was done he said i made some really good points and that he understands me a lot better now


you idiot youre going to get put on the cel list and 5150'd like the other guy


no hes my friend he would never do that to me


feel bad for this tard


told mom about the norms and she said i need psychological help


rehearting pizza


the norms


what happened to the 5150 guy


nevermind i dont really care


cracking a chocmilk gonno watch an episode of yryr with japanese subs only



die japmog


downloaded some sexy videos hehe


were they pnig approved


no theyre pefectly normal and legal theres NOThing strange about them at all


might look at some sexy girls and yank on my penis


love the episode where the yuris go to comiket


sigh theyre just like me


foods done my pants are off about to fire up the normime


kyouko chan made her own doujin anime by herself shes more otaku than all of jp combined wish i could be like her


a plain japanese norm is more otaku than anyone on hima by default


NOT true most japs are arrogant norms


love getting fired from my black company job because i didnt want to pour drinks for my norm boss until 11pm after a 14 hour workday


File: 1622008505244.jpg (1.68 MB, 3072x2304, Enkai_in_Kumamoto.jpg)

look who came out of his cave


nice hima meetup


drinkin expresso and reading a nice book




get some fresh jays on this nigga





watching a mrhappy reginae guide


you dont need a guide its just dodging


need a nice guide to tell me where circles are


unlocked the dalriada


guess i will snooze


oh flip jong is back






File: 1622017267880.mp4 (5.28 MB, 1397391798679609346.mp4)

will never experience jp high school life sigh


flip didnt know mom was up she probably heard me raging at 4am in the morning hopefully she goes back to sleep and thinks it was a dream


made poptards




grow up


dont think her dreams involve her 30 year old son screaming in his room at 4 am on a weekday


hate when i realize i missed out on sex with females because i didnt interpret subtle cues about coming up for coffee correctly


need to wash my mousepad the gunk buildup is starting to impact my gaming


slurp up that gunk


going to work be back later hima


cleared dalriada it was shorter than delubrum and cooler


nice delebulum


sigh the final boss theme was cool too bad its NOT on youtube yet


File: 1622023065221.jpg (97.89 KB, 533x700, The-Oldest-Selfie-Photograph.jpg)


File: 1622024122048.jpg (74.93 KB, 1326x679, 502.jpg)


wonder what its like to look at the inside of pikamees pusser with your penis


youd get shocked


guy delivering my subway is japanese


make sure to bow


guess i cant order aNOTher round now or i might get matched with him again wouldnt want him to find me weird


wonder if he can sense your japanese spirit


File: 1622026484872.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.44 KB, 889x1199, E2ThtBTVIAIMh23.jpg)

wonder what a poosy feels like


heard kitties feel like the inside of your cheek NOT sure if thats true


what about bholes


try it yourself


its NOT the same as a girlhole


love being induced into a parasocial soy stupor by female youtube personalities putting on babying voices to mimic cartoon characters


love the parasocial meme


juicy yaoihole rn


need to drop off kitty at the cattery because house is being fumigated


benis thinks hes sperming in girls daily but im just sitting here joing


wonder how many 15 year old scene girls ghenkis khan spermed



could go for a nice magdump


wonder if trump would have won if that guy was never murdered


File: 1622029071111.png (4.39 MB, 2534x786, sak.png)

cracking open a cold one



sexy lady


entering zadnor


youre too late everyones already finished with zadnor


finished zadnor now im on endor



fujinos up


wish pikamee didnt retire i dont like pikamee jr


mildly mindbothering that after every stream pikamees pikawomb is coated in a thick layer of her boyfriends semen which was manufactured in his prostrate using energy entirely metabolized from food bought with simpchats


shes a virgin


damn good calli wata iofi stream


love getting my watamelon dipped in enshite and then topped off with a nice steaming id


sick of news articles that tell me some vapid foid said something on tiktok and one nice tiktoker had this reply and aNOTher had that reply and now its viral and breaking the internet


cant believe the fauci ouchie killed shakespeare


File: 1622039794970.jpg (331.66 KB, 800x1101, E2EI4leVEAQpPxM.jpg)

home improvement is back hima



dont understand why everyone hates jews they seem baste


woke up


never say this dumb shite again on this board better yet dont say anything at all


had a dream i was killing myself and i admitted that i did regret never experiencing fatherhood a little


losing streak in jong im raging


File: 1622052244932.jpg (215.51 KB, 1161x763, illust_89632877_20210522_205831.jpg)


maybe you wouldnt lose if you streamed


then i would get stream sniped and fall further in the hole


stream delay


you could get live tips from hima jong grandmasters


no its pointless im born to be a watcher i cant upgrade into a streamer


File: 1622052627926.jpg (996.3 KB, 1240x1754, illust_90100553_20210526_110434.jpg)


sigh you just reminded me last night i had a nightmare where i was forced to get a job


streamings easy just fire up obs and believe in yourself like hima believes in you


File: 1622053382768.png (4.05 KB, 146x79, 2021-05-26-132245_146x79_scrot.png)

wish i could stream


thats brutal







File: 1622056249247.jpg (130.72 KB, 400x552, 258820.jpg)

sexy bandaid girl