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It time


theres still 300 posts left i dont like this thread i will post in the chink fedora one


Well, I like this thread! So, I'm going to post in it.


the good thread


nah this is the bad one


nah using this one


this is it


File: 1620768602317.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, [KRP] Fate ⁄ Grand Order Shinsei Entaku Ryouik….png)

aNOTher boobie girl has arrived


yeah this is the one




oh no no no no no
dont tell me you are actually watching this crap you are seriously pathetic i can barely contain my laughter


might jo to the virgin killer album cover



that was unnecessarily rude


File: 1620770055407.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.53 KB, 1200x845, E1I0BeLUcAAGx8n.jpg)


was gaming and didnt get to make a breast thread god damnit


meant to bold that NOT spoiler it


bout to fire up the jong


love going all in on an inexpensive riichi and closing the browser when i get rond


love unleashing a powerful yakuman on dumb norms


NOT norm enough to get a yakunorm


just pon until you win


File: 1620771745511.png (682.71 KB, 642x899, 887f65029ff0aa8ebc1bf898073b343f.png)


sigh got suji trapped


remember posting an extremely racist comment about the pon de floor video on a local forum when it was released and getting chastised by the middle aged women


banned that large webm guy




dead hours too


wish this was the op




left behind


what webm did he post


make it


File: 1620779423242.jpg (365.95 KB, 1600x1200, __misaka_mikoto_kamijou_touma_and_shokuhou_mis….jpg)


the ants have arrived


would rather have ants than ladybugs


both are better than stinkers


File: 1620780503628.jpg (150.85 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 04 (1080p) [1CF3A90A]….jpg)


you ever thought about cleaning your room you filthy pig


moms always cleaning they come in anyways


im an ideas guy



die norm hate when people call for 1000 points tsumo right before im done with a big hand


why is she speaking english thought she was japanese only


its NOT all about you sometimes its other peoples turn to win and i havent won a game today so let me win


nice noob


its loan words


playing sandora modo


File: 1620784330757.png (222.41 KB, 672x271, close.PNG)

thats what im doing only a couple dozen more games until i get the final summon scroll


i play jong im the jonger


listening to some mahler



two rons called on my piece nice game couldnt finish one hand in the entire game because its NOT ranked and everyones calling pon for every single piece


File: 1620786197100.jpg (183.9 KB, 1014x674, 1620780448598.jpg)


uh is there an edit function can a mod like edit the op to include the word blog please


you got owned


lets get out of here and go to the real blog


i hate this goddamn game


bugged jong mechanics NOThing you could do


File: 1620786780527.jpg (56.41 KB, 640x480, snapshot20090809152817.jpg)


File: 1620786883486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.52 KB, 1052x702, 1620786511296.jpg)


mindblowing that hifumi has to clean that up


might be the unluckiest person on earth


File: 1620788085208.jpg (103.98 KB, 1280x720, [Doki] New Game! - 01 (1280x720 Hi10P BD AAC) ….jpg)

shes just like me


File: 1620788177982.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.55 MB, 1280x720, rape.webm)


had hifumi as my slack avatar and the guy with the megaman avatar went around telling people i like anime girls


dislike her love aoba


new game was great


File: 1620788371767.webm (4.54 MB, 1280x720, absorb neko.webm)


still using skype for business without a profile picture


why is hima loading so slow are the pipes greasy


absorb a nb


is getting a job really like new game or working! or


cant even load the nice flippin aoba webm


the part where you leave before sunrise and after sunset is ya


found soy soup in the cupboard


File: 1620788730569.webm (1.06 MB, 960x540, hifumi w.webm)


shes just like me


shes you in aNOTher world


shes me


File: 1620790616063.jpg (2.12 MB, 1447x2047, 79939769_p0.jpg)


thats a child




keep hearing nekomimi mode in my head


post it


heard some weird voice last night in my head thought it was my phone but it was off sounded like a conversation with a really loud woman


always hear voices while on the border between wake and sleep


glad i have the voices to talk to


those are all me sorry


were tulpas real or just a meme


try the lucid dream meme instead


tried every trick to lucid dream but NOThing worked


you didnt try hard enough all you have to do is write down those dreams and reality check and you will become lucid


you cant just say i didnt try hard enough


youre simply making excuses youll never make it to the astral hima with that attitude


think my brain might be damaged


File: 1620793564633.jpg (80.48 KB, 650x448, 1620783260681.jpg)


File: 1620793653407.jpg (432.07 KB, 1271x850, montenegrin commandments.jpg)





gonno lie down


roberu said uenashama is his favorite seyuu


streaming pokemon the first movie in five



love a good tardout in the bath


wiped at normal titan


bow down overdweller


File: 1620801522205.png (344.75 KB, 1000x750, dc9ce7ab76da78c79253f84d2b476c71.png)


might self induce a foot fetish



nice switch axe chad might watch


hate mayo


mayo or mayo ch


File: 1620804743883.png (7.71 KB, 423x99, time.png)


what happens then


you know


woke up from a drunken nap gonno have a beef sandwich and start drinking


ordered some subway instead



didnt know horses really worse horseshoes


got the emerald ex mount after 152 runs


why NOT just wait for the exchange


cant wait need the big dragon now



uh how is that the most gentle sheep shearer when the sheep is bloody and bruised now


tiny mouth


dont think you can remove years of wools without a few casualties




big bro messaged me the dong ding wow hot a what baabhabhiat image after i was thinking about it all day eerie coincidence





wonder what the highwayman is doing now


if that chad showed up on my property he would be gunned down immediately


wonder how much he mews to get that jaw


woke up hima showered hard and got myself a coffee


File: 1620837471961.png (319.33 KB, 612x265, unknown.png)


kitty is snoozing on my lap and its raining hard


File: 1620838831403.jpg (129.27 KB, 1280x720, 2004190845201561.jpg)



translate it


you wouldnt understand theres 3000 years of yamato culture ingrained in that pic





where is my wife


NOT surprised the techbabbler has an asian partner


go outside



gotta love david byrne


wish i looked cool in a suit only look fat


pasted fatblog


have a nice picture of me in a tan suit top with cargo shorts a tshirt sunglasses a tie and long hair as a teen mom made me dress up for the wedding


burned all my teenpics


fool those are irreplaceable


File: 1620848601596.jpg (55.22 KB, 800x500, azui0od7wgj51.jpg)


same but cut them up and threw them out


mom wants to go for a walk


also destroyed my teenpics other than a few


got a nice 70k point in uradora but my points cappd for the day so dont think i can get the summoning ticket sigh




called ron by two people twice today



ima warioh


File: 1620855723277.webm (1.35 MB, 592x1280, 1620677076584 (1).webm)

jbw me
finally the smv playing field will be leveled somewhat


never cared about trannies until that webm now i understand


File: 1620855909950.jpg (133.84 KB, 1589x1303, 5a56c4ea746f5.image.jpg)





i cant explain its a feeling


File: 1620856571196.gif (173.34 KB, 453x360, 1597110493551.gif)


( ˘ω˘ ) スヤァ…


File: 1620857071155.gif (797.46 KB, 640x360, 1619587421416.gif)


explain the feeling



feel guy is 10 years old this cant be happening


i have no memory of feels guy and sadfrog from back then but i remember dumb stuff like shiggy and newt gingrich as clear as day


what about pasted green lex luthor


still have some chan pics from january 2010 and theyre NOT bitrotted


File: 1620858715485.jpg (55.37 KB, 640x480, 1274863676718.jpg)


wish to have intercourse


data decay will destroy them soon


binge watching gmm


guess it didnt happen yet because theyre NOT on the same storage device from 11 years ago copied them several times to several new units currently on a 2018 device


enough of the bitrot meme its NOT real


love kingdom hearts hate pepe and feelguy


File: 1620859504132.png (194.9 KB, 825x825, 1605423359838.png)


bitrot hit this video hard



holy crap ali project has been around since 1984 never realized how old those hags are but i love aristocrat sexy ladyta


is it possible that the video quality back then was just bad and we accepted it because it looked normal to us at the time


no i promise you it wasnt this bad this isnt even 360p i remember 360p standard and it had less compression than this




slurping up some boogers


watching japanese shoe polishing vids just cant get the mirror shine right i think what they do is just keep the cloth barely wet and then keeping pushing the wax into the leather but it doesnt make a shine for me it just takes off the polish no matter how much i lay on on a base coat this pate de luxe is NOT very thick its more like paint




now in english shoenorm


is this the shoeblog



simply spitshine


hate italinorms


spitshine only works with garbage kiwi synthetic polish paste


File: 1620862935400.jpg (2.11 MB, 3264x2448, 20210512_194138[1].jpg)

keeping wearing my shoes until they literally disintegrate from around my feet just cant bear to throw them away before


those are still good


cant even tell what im looking at just buy new shoes tard


bought some doge


new running shoes


File: 1620863217977.jpg (162.95 KB, 1500x1091, running shoe.jpg)

gonno get a nice pair of running shoes


might get wendys


sigh he loved tims


File: 1620865788330-0.png (454.84 KB, 700x900, 1534030235114-0.png)

File: 1620865788330-1.png (437.64 KB, 778x800, 1534030235114-1.png)

heres your water


prefer tap sorry


can you hold off im NOT allowed to get fastfood today


no but you can have a fry


flip you norm


i asked for pisscubes


entering the minstrels ballad: hades elegy


watching this


File: 1620867805009-0.jpg (361.94 KB, 1280x1836, 1533787634648.jpg)


paste henreader


sigh the menu music


love playing ragnarok in 2006


wish i played ro but i was too busy being a scapetard clicking rocks


same but maple


played maple too forgot about that hehe loved killing slimes



maple syrup is like tree blood are we vampire


its tree piss



the /jp/ commandments


never been good at anything including mmos


you dont have to be good at mmos you just have to turn your brain off and click rocks


NOT smart enough for ff14 extremes


tried exercising my atrophied arms and now theyve been sore for days


thats normal


benched 315 for 5 sets of 5 then did incline dumbell fly+presses for 5x8 only to have two separate twigs come in with their gfs that sit there on their phones watching them lift their little baby weights detest these moggers struting around like they own the place when they didnt even work for what they have


pasted liftcel copecel


you are


went to get wendys myself for the first time in over a year wasnt sure if theyd tell me to leave if i didnt have a soymask on but the hole at the window didnt seem to give a flip


grandma died of covid


crying for gran


sigh pnig shouldve just waited a few years and coughed on gran if he wanted to get rid of her


sigh gran no



wonder how many mask selfies pnig would have posted



making a new character in morrowind




love stepping off the boat


wish it was called marrowind




ive been down for so long that it looks like up to me


can girls really be ped


its ok when theyre ped


always thought they couldnt be ped and they were just faking it


regularly see the same skunk on the way home at night


wonder if he posts on hima


File: 1620876025424.png (945.87 KB, 1276x716, c90c1e2ac7324d935a9c78174524a90f.png)

hate the realism fad taking over anime


nice skunker


die instanorm




never liked rocko


woke up and ordered some fish and chips


fish and chipper


also i masturbated thinking about little girls before i got out of bed


File: 1620878121891.jpg (1.27 MB, 1039x1602, 540aaa146ed5bc65d09d84690e547d8e.jpg)




need to flip a sexy lady


get a sexy ladydoll



ive never masturbated first thing in the morning


always jo when i wake up and before i go to sleep


usually either jo in the shower right after waking up or before bed or NOT at all


ive never had sex


cant showerjo love sheetsperming


used to showerjo but cant lie down in the tub anymore



might learn to make sound effects like that


i think theres a bot that generates those


i have begun spacing out my jos every other day instead of every day


love learning about the masturbatory habits of unemployed 29 year olds


i blog




wish i was still 29


sigh did you get re:lifed


it was a lot easier to become a wizard than i thought itd be


same when i was 20 i thought there was no way id NOT flip even once after ten whole years


didnt think id live past 21 so never worried about my future sigh


mindblowing how short 10 years is


mindblowing that this is the first cel era in recorded history most of hima would have been married off in their late teens at any other time


youd be forced to marry your neighbors sis for the village youd hate your life


yeah id be forced to marry a thin 15 year old virgin girl rather than jerk off to foreign drawings of cartoon children on my glowing rectangle


love foreign drawings love cartoon children love the glowing rectangle love to jerk off to foreign drawings of cartoon children on my glowing rectangle




moms giving me shit over my fishing magazines


cant a man just fish in peace


dont understand how someone would want reality instead of the glowing rectangle


you havent tried both so what do you know


im biased


need to construct a pocket dimension to escape the normworld


the ritual will save us


we got left behind


dont have anyone to whine about to over the agony of reality other than disembodied posts on the internet wouldnt even be a surprise if it turned out to be some ai or something at this point


sorry its NOThing but the himabot


and me


wish i had a nice ai girlbot to confide in and trust with my deep dark secrets and also to pump full of semen


im here




something smelled good guess it was you


feeling sexy




dont get it


you are


hes a creeper


hate creeps


leave the lady be


im a creep im a weirdo


love boils


office foid told me a guy was creepy and weird but couldnt actually tell me why he was considered that way but i already knew it was because he was short fat and chinless


norm dont care


hes a neet now so hes no longer norm


once a norm always a norm


you can un-norm


that requires a narwhal horn


you cant unnorm a norm the damage is done


might put some points into spirit alchemy and find a way to extract the virg essence stolen from succubi to create a revirging potion


we have the technology


got the privilege to slave away for shekels for a few years if thats all the benefit being a norm brings then its better to NOT bother


File: 1620885330937.jpeg (88.79 KB, 995x768, 05A4747C-D927-4C7E-9D3A-C587EF8CAA6B.jpeg)


squintmaxxed too hard and ran into the wall


File: 1620885534875.jpg (2.66 MB, 3264x2448, 1587523475614.jpg)



how come this flips when i open it


when will they learn


because ken took it with a phone


love when ken snaps pics of his dick and asks if wed suck it


cant even rob a store unless youre 6 foot minimum


File: 1620886320067.webm (1.01 MB, 406x720, 1619833346101.webm)



nice teens



raged and closed when i saw he played with his wife


wonder how they let that through did they even test the fight


so this is what a real child potato chef looks like


File: 1620889962361.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1016.84 KB, 2730x4096, E0r53qrVUAA6v0m.jpg)


wouldnt mind flipping that kigfreak


soybeard was getting out of control just had a nice teenshave


its a man


your supposed to shave every day to get your jk runaway gf


boles claimed this post was a joke


NOT true


yes it is its a flippin man


nah shes a girl


a kighole is a kighole


File: 1620898392992.jpg (459.77 KB, 800x1131, E1BC2pBUUAEv4nE.jpg)


i would save her


shes so talented


File: 1620902716085.jpg (560.22 KB, 2048x1536, j7v4mptnxsy61.jpg)

wish i had a nice chink factory job



hes got a nice big gamer mousepad



sexy ladychama


just remembered the sheer amount of school days i skipped to game hehe the stomach ache excuse works every time


File: 1620911193812.jpg (30.33 KB, 474x162, display-aspect.jpg)

mom would rage even i was really sick because she hated being around me and loved the free daycare at school


File: 1620911839835.jpg (212.35 KB, 858x1200, E09cIRdUYAQPCyL.jpg)




love filial chef wang


File: 1620918934621.jpg (67.91 KB, 718x671, 1620918699648.jpg)


File: 1620919415293.webm (3.16 MB, 1280x720, 1620863627155.webm)


woke up hey



daigo is in the hospital hima






NOT the heckin daigorino




can girls really jiggle their boobies at will


ya its like us and jiggling our penis



are soys aware they make the soyface surely theyve been made fun of enough for it by now


oh no the unemployed virgins are making fun of my tried and true conversion optimized thumbnails on my ten million subs channel


dont understand how rhett and link are real people their bios are so unrealistic


some money disappeared from my wallet and i cant remember spending on anything for the last week


woke up its 2pm


mom stole it to buy snacks


that might be the case


dont think id ever NOTice money missing from my wallet its a mess


always try to keep a mental NOTe of whats in it cash pinches its always best to leave all in your bank account


completed all missions got my lore


thought mom was cooking spaghetti this entire time she wasnt gonno cry


need to put my cash in the bank


sigh shiki needs 90 void dust to max


what did you said




sigh shiki


just rode home with $5k in my pocket and almost got hit by a truck




cant beat the challenge fight gonno use three command spells


mom bought chicken subs




noob if you use those it doesnt count


now thats a woman


File: 1620937930099.jpg (126.1 KB, 1200x1200, E1Ruw10VoAMZvb_.jpg)


this female is prepared to breed


must be annoying having weights strapped to your chest all the time


gonno fire up some sexy lady impregnation


uh sexy ladies cant get pregnant


ya they can ive seen pictures of it online


Dman X
7 years ago
I love how physical Buster is!!! Like how he gives constant back massages to anyone and everyone, and in this how he lightly touches Michael's arm. Love that man-baby!!!


File: 1620940621982.png (511.11 KB, 526x526, 1620884072449.png)


wonder if id regain the gaming passion with a gamer setup


thought the mom was the daughter


wonder if any moms have posted on hima


what about the guy that has mom read hima for him


ask mom to post for me when my hands get too cold


aris is playing warzone






thats NOT good


its the memory leak



when the vtuber is sus




whats sus




amongus :DDDDDD


mom made me look for her tiny shepherd hooks in the backyard then made me pull out dead roots from her flowerbox now my bh itches


did you get it i used gray for it


ya i used waver skadi and melt up to the three turn evades and then shirou to remove the crit and def buffs bb for charge down and mash for the rest think i should have used kyara instead of bb


nice melts so strong


its a support melt i always use


just had a 30 minute discussion with mom she is hellbent on me getting the vaccine i tried to explain to her how pointless it is but she says she wants me to get vacd now because if they run out of current shots theyll use the alternative shots which include aborted babies and she doesnt want me going to hell


glad moms NOT a schizo


shes right


gotta get the cine


File: 1620947239391.webm (3.36 MB, 640x360, 1620465260526.webm)


get the vaccine dumb norm


nice try vaxxnorm




need to find a way to get the chinese vaccine trust the old style of inactive vaccines more


simply inform her you will NOT be getting a customer service job so you are NOT at risk


moms too redpilled for me she started talking about aborted fetus celllines and how they use it for vaccines i tried to tell her the ones shes taken previously probably had some sort of aborted fetus matter involved but she denied it


File: 1620948271789.png (1.13 MB, 1079x841, image0.png)


based christcucks


also tried to tell her that shell have to get vaccd multiple more times and shell end up taking the jnj vac in the end but she told me it doesnt matter aslong as i proved to god that i tried to avoid taking the jnj by taking the christian vac that my soul would be saved in the long run


gods flipping dammit i dont want the chip im scared hima she says i have to make an appointment next week


its NOT that bad


im NOT supposed to be one of the herd im one of the chosen ones


get the vac schizo


baa baa im sheep




File: 1620948804625.gif (3.2 MB, 640x360, 1605034099111.gif)



mom bought wendys but i finished it before i got a chance to post sigh


love picking up the cat and throwing it out my door and shutting the door in its face


die catabuser


whats the point of getting wendys if youre NOT gonno get a post from it


might learn how to puke up food so i can eat it again


dont do that


dont listen to the food industry shill


NOT gonno eat food anymore thats alien tracking nanochips in those




cant play ff because i forgot my square enix login and refuse to support such an asinine system by spending an hour recovering my account


have all my passwords and logins in a NOTepad file on the desktop


fool thats the first place the russians would look




love melt shes baste hope youre saving for her summer version this year


i am and also musashi


uh it takes a minute


woke up hey






thinking about abandoning my da vinci plans for melt too only wish musashi was with her instead of saber lancer ruler


dont forget orion and avenger


sigh theyre too close to beni


so many good servants


wait for ibuki doji thats a real woman




if i roll her ill use sprite 1


farming hades


mom was cruisin for a bruisin again and i had to put the final foot down





File: 1620955640459.png (408.14 KB, 1280x720, rhett.png)


paste beardfrauder


i need to get huge




girls will like me




must acquire more mass


might become a monster


no wonder ive been seeing more norms NOT wearing masks apparently the cdc updated their guidelands now theyre saying if youre a vaxnorm you dont need it sigh cant let go of my mask dont want to go back to the real world


why do norms listen to the cdc when they bow to china


my mask is permanent wear a hood with it too


cant believe i spent 4 years mewing only to have the masks cover up my hard work


you look better masked up anyway


puts more focus on your beautiful eyes


the same people that yelled at people to wear masks are gonno start yelling at people to stop wearing masks and get vaxed


love wearing a mask sunglasses combo


any sunglass recs


more like the antimask norms yelling because its theyrr rright to spread


File: 1620956530865.jpg (28 KB, 887x740, 20210513_183225(1).jpg)

masks turned me into a chad


nice genes


File: 1620956654098.jpg (71.88 KB, 960x540, china-finger-08952510151.jpg)

Your Index Finger Can Predict How Beautiful You Are


File: 1620956684438.jpg (70.22 KB, 620x620, china-finger-089525101511.jpg)

sorry wrong pic


mine touches my lower lip its over


nice maxillacel


uh i dont get it


you dont need a finger test to tell if youre ugly youre a 30 year old cel that kind of thing doesnt happen on accident


just realized im ugly


if your lips touch your finger then youre ugly


what about that gross girl with the huge chin she would pass the test


thought it was about having a long face


How it “works” is basically the equivalent of blinking, it’s so uncomplicated: Take your index finger and vertically press it from your nose to your chin. If your finger touches your lips, mazel tov, you’re gorgeous.


im gorgeous


same knew i was a beautiful one



sigh 3 tiles away from kokushi musou


gonno make a brand new mahjsoul account


die smurf


remember being in tenpai for a kokushi back on tenhou back in the day havent been that close since


just NOTiced the censored man part in the op


nice tunnel vision guy


i NOTiced it once before but i forgot about it until you made that post


going to start dressing like vergil


are you gonno study the blade


made a new account hehe


File: 1620959531913.jpg (14.99 KB, 640x480, 1620959450246.jpg)


fire up the hima souls lobby


fire it up



had an argument with myself


always lose those


hate when i make a troll post and forget i was the one who made it and reply calling myself a retard


do you have stml


nah just a tard


hehe won my first match unlocked like twelve missions and leveled up one entire tier all in one go




i cant stream


you can stream


gonno eat a plate full of choco chip cookies


wish i had a cookie


should i stream a nice jong


stream it so i can snipe


ill add a 2 minute delay


no dont




wheres the stream norm


stream beggar strikes again


NOT begging this guy said he would stream and then doesnt hate fibbers



sigh if theres no stream ill just go take a shower and mumble for a bit


ill stream but first i gotta shite


wish i was baste




do you have to gacha for the kakegurui girls


ya sadly


nice kan tsumo


hehe ya


failed snipe sigh


gonno streamsnipe


nice seki


nice snipers


whys everyone using the purple booblady


its that or the cat


got 20 gold and all my addons setup was gonno get more gold but looks like the ah is closed until prepatch so ill just wait



hope youre going affliction for the prepatch your guild needs improved curse of elements


File: 1620964104466.jpg (273.15 KB, 1200x1200, E1Iq4goUcAIH2HF.jpg)


sigh nyan magemaru no


the norms pushed her too far


no im going paladin


flipped up



should i crack




File: 1620965517553.webm (303.95 KB, 548x446, 1599341062785.webm)


still dont understand the appeal of vtubers over seiyuu


one is norm and one is NOT its that simple




no one replied guess ill crack


epic simply epic


crack a tapwater


failed snipe




too late i cracked a can of grainwater right after making that post


pour it out for a nice tapwater


used to love saying epic


having a nice carbonated sparkling water


snipping a freezie pop


is all sets with terminals plus honors a yaku




was she drinking when she said that


sigh impossible to join theres too many people


wish mom would realize just because i can eat it all doesnt mean i should eat it all every day is becoming a feast dont want to be a fatneet


playing as default male shepard


let the fridge overflow with leftovers and itll be her fault for making too much


wandered around looking for chests in genshin


liked playing as the archer girl but got bored


cant bring myself to leave leftovers the guilt is too much


worst part of genchink is grinding equipment everything else is fun


File: 1620967654932.png (1.17 MB, 963x1470, 85079855_p0.png)


is she about to piss


didnt want to call riichi here but the hand is worthless without it


File: 1620968067433.jpg (624.38 KB, 1200x853, bbq.jpg)




nice hand hehe


die streamnorms


File: 1620968813833.png (754.24 KB, 681x908, a83deec3ade5bca522a1f87acca9a296.png)


cant nap


i will be surprisingly im the only lock in our guild so far


File: 1620969289377.jpg (168.16 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Zombieland Saga S2 - 06 (720p) [4….jpg)

hate being the designated tard of the group


now theyre all gonno reroll to lock in tbc and compete with your loot


gonno apply


bout ready for a dirt nap


nice stream thanks for your hard work




next time thank me with your donations


send some superchat


File: 1620970754887.jpeg (152.7 KB, 640x480, 1620420809916.jpeg)


wonder what its like to constantly pause every 10 seconds to thank dozens of people


hope ill be reborn as a male angler fish


cant believe im the reincarnation of musashi


a norm cut defeated


File: 1620971411301.jpg (111.21 KB, 775x1500, mgtow.jpg)


thought musashi was a girl


21. Never stray from the way.

was he talking about mgtow


shes from a different dimension like arthur our musashi is male


love how fate teenfiction has to rewrite most the characters as female because there have been very few females in history worth a day and no one is going to want to jo to a bunch of muscular chads


Musashi never took a wife, cut his hair, or entered a bath".


he was a neet


File: 1620972072291.png (637.2 KB, 750x1110, a.png)



need to find a female to fuse with


NOT entirely true there are only 9 genderbent five star servants and 8 genderbent four stars and out of those 6 are just alt classes for already existing ones




silence norm



the phone gamer is calling people norm


if phones are where the japanese are we will follow


goooooooooooooo boy cant wait for a nice fzero gx gamecenter





mog station is down for maintenance theyre adding the whale mount


sigh could have been a cool part of the story but they wasted it as a paid mount


is everyone excited


dont click teentuber


what if im teen



buy a nice rydia instead


who pays that much for a mount


got the hades dragon after 32 runs just need the warrior of light dragon now




File: 1620986725934.jpg (109 KB, 827x1198, E1RkQbaXIAUtRFs.jpg)

moms gonno bring an application home


arent there child labor laws


yeah which is why teens can only work part time and certain hours


hope you mates invested in doge



missed out on gme missed out on doge




why does a foid need a gpu


to game why else




nice boobs


hows a nobody with 149k subs getting nearly 50k viewers


all me


File: 1620997099753.jpg (144.06 KB, 849x1199, E1P4AxRUcAEtASs.jpg)


where are her pants


wish i could drink tapi with the girls



hope the holos use the square enix permissions to play some mob nice denton games


>use online dating apps to send her on dates with other dudes to help keep her happy and mentally healthy





hey hima its friday


sigh mom slowcooked a whole roast last night and now she has salmon and pork chops both defrosting in the kitchen


NOThing wrong with that



got cookies hima now im gonno make some coffee



File: 1621023672048.jpg (52.21 KB, 460x537, 1621023478702.jpg)


wish i was cool like a gambler


File: 1621026606907.jpg (189.61 KB, 671x649, 1518251520543.jpg)


File: 1621026708034-0.jpg (72.5 KB, 595x800, E1QcByEUYAMXb6H.jpg)



just watched that 1 minute ago because it popped up in my youtube recs




wonder if her dancer bf is a membersheep


File: 1621028434887-0.jpg (227.86 KB, 1000x1000, 71381673_p0.jpg)

File: 1621028434887-1.jpg (223.2 KB, 1000x1000, 71381673_p1.jpg)


love pulling a fast one on mom


had some really bad mahjong games today back to back NOThing but absolute shite havent seen a single dora in my life need to walk this off




bought mom an iphone for her bday


you shouldve bought her a freedom respecting phone


get really mad when i dont get even close to forming a hand in jong for the entire game while everyone else is in riichi after the third draw


same can spot a hand that will never form a mile away sometimes im ready to betaori first turn in


gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em


no one has ever been that excited to see me


File: 1621029743498.gif (1.64 MB, 529x582, 1621026464353.gif)


what about your gf


File: 1621029866234-0.jpg (480.6 KB, 800x1000, E1Wa5bXUYAUaaHU.jpg)


accidentally downloaded a book saw the author was female and immediately deleted


whats wrong with female authors didnt you like kodomo no jikan




a writer must write


we are drunken writers


no we are fighting dreamers


File: 1621031625101.jpg (999.59 KB, 1709x2400, KnJ-Omni4_Page_265.jpg)


bought a 6 pack of beer because it had a cute girl on the label


youre mindless


hima quick i dont have much time tell me if i should get fastfood or NOT


get yourself a nice baconator


its done im on my way thanks


thanks for all your hard work


post her


mom made sloppyjoe


timeworn gazelleskin maps are skyrocketing in price weird


even the norms at the fastfood place arent wearing the mask anymore and they removed the sign saying you need to wear a mask groan this shouldnt be happening


aris is playing mass effect this should be good



dont worry theres a new flu every year


this one causes acute respiratory distress which may lead to long term side effects though


grandma was only on a vent for a day


im masked for life never taking it off


the norms will hold you down and tear it off


kigurumi corona sanctions


loving this corona stuff going outside way more now that everybody stays away and cleans everything instead of behaving like monkeys and without getting weird looks for wearing a mask hope it lasts forever


monkeys spend a lot of time cleaning each other


they are going to know you are anti vax if you are wearing a mask now


aris found the quasar machines


mom told me to congratulate my sister on her promotion sydsnap looks just like my sister watched sydsnaps new video and said congrats




the normtubers just got off work


love clocking out at the plant


didnt work today


die norm




dont care norm die


File: 1621037913473.jpg (431.82 KB, 1900x3550, __murasaki_shion_hololive_drawn_by_cocozasa__9….jpg)


why do the police drive through my parking lot twice an hour every hour


File: 1621039024262.jpg (126.56 KB, 847x1200, E1Y2OfoUcAAAuaU.jpg)


theyre casing the joint



hes so beautiful



in in in


are they finally showing the new job


ya its gonno be reaper


nice dps


can they turn off the dub


yes but wont


wish i was cool like estinien


cringe song



just realized that i hate everything about neo ff the race designs the clothes the artstyle the dialogue the lore everything is absolute trash




should have used the word despise instead of hate to better convey my feeling


paste bloodborne scyther


wonder if theyll actually call it reaper




love chuu2 classes like that



looks like nobody wants to play sea of thieves with me guess ill binge watch the rest of kumo


uh why was it spoilered


eating a popsicle


is that winged horsey new


which one


stream jong


ordered burg coke fries and onion rings hima


isnt that game shite


you deserve it king


woke up feel really awful


whats wrong bud


i need to get huge


ive ended my affair with the wendys triple
ive become a beef and cheddar arbys guy


can i flip your sis


still waiting for that burg combo



dont think ive ever seen them make an arrest


why would they arrest people


gonno buy a box of triples and mukbang


nice flippin endwalker barely even coming out this year


the burg has arrived


having a lot of fun playing my cat druid might end up playing this one instead of making a paladin since i dont have to see my ugly character as long as i stay shapeshifted


the hit reg in pvp is incredibly bad but its fun as long as youre among friends playing with strangers would be horrible


they added male viera



my friends are here


File: 1621048484567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.68 KB, 1200x848, 69961572_p0.jpg)




gotta love risa


File: 1621048726868.jpg (Spoiler Image, 612.26 KB, 800x1175, 20180529.jpg)


gotta jo now sigh


File: 1621050255787.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 398x356, mayo.gif)


gotta clop


gonno fantasia into a male viera


thats for queers


no its for guys like you and me


im a girl




File: 1621051272785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 976.98 KB, 2000x1500, 1520696865788.jpg)


vague anxiety hours


same gonno jong


might need to spend a hour in the squeezebox


File: 1621051878411.jpg (491.02 KB, 1080x1157, chink.jpg)


cant wait to enjoy a nice bugburg


that chink is on cope levels never before seen


File: 1621052324727.png (61.7 KB, 1060x722, 1584987386927.png)


tardlaughing remembering how the chinks caused a famine by killing all the birds


paste spurdo


you dont see chef wang cooking bugs



entrance to the mansion


sigh wish i had a nice butcher unc to teach me his trade


still NOT feeling well wish i could cry still


love the humble countryside wang family episodes


File: 1621053915336.png (571.35 KB, 1218x494, cap.png)

oh flip




why the flip arent you streaming norm


learned mahjong so i could read akagi then forgot it all immediately


ban nostream


stream beggar is chimping out


stream now


File: 1621054634223.png (96.54 KB, 345x259, stream.png)


love demanding a stream then NOT watching hehe


watch every stream on hima live to watch streams


threw some fish sticks and tater tots in the air fryer gonno poop while they fry


if he was streaming id deal into him immediately sigh


in the end couldnt win because there were no 9man left on the wall and it ended in tenpai


had the 9man in my hands sorry


you bastard


File: 1621056050942.jpg (357.68 KB, 1920x1278, 1920px-Alaska_schwarz.jpg)


used to have a bunny sigh


to outer space
every one of us


flip missed horsey hours


whats the freaks input on this


he doesnt recognize the western pokemon company only game freak is legitimate


what are you his spokesman


needed to get the first word in


why are there so many brazilians in the comments



sigh 2008



wonder how much sanity ill have by christmas 2021


washed those tater tots down with two bottles of orange soda


who loves orange soda


ken does


thought of a post gonno save it for later


ugly flippers


paolo is ikemen


realizing that kids talking about the 90s today is the same as kids in the 90s talking about the 60s


File: 1621059879565.jpg (210.13 KB, 800x1192, 800px-Watercolour_of_one_of_the_Cyprus_mutinee….jpg)


ban this one immediately



should have recorded my soyface




nice mysnap


File: 1621073980034.jpg (320.47 KB, 800x1000, E0zNHbLVkAIs1_n.jpg)



you ever see that meme where the anime babe points a gun and says for personal reasons you will be passing away



accidentally blew my mind thinking about galaxies


felt like that when looked up at the night sky and realized if fell up into the sky could fall for a million years and NOT run into anything all empty void



was talking to dad about the empty void of space and how it really made humans seem insignificant like that picture from apollo of earth


there was a point in your life where your parents set you back down and never picked you up again


File: 1621083995527.webm (1.06 MB, 960x540, wake up.webm)


sigh our final adventure with mash



love when mom sprays some bug poison in my room while im sitting here


uh what do you mean parents



raging at chinks again




File: 1621092162306.jpg (126.55 KB, 800x1119, E1bG94WVcAAEi4V.jpg)


File: 1621093031947.jpg (463.97 KB, 1287x1800, 1621078750632.jpg)

had a dream a girl touched me


ants are invading


hi hima woke up got myself a nice coffee



love a yankee bitch girl




no one wants to participate in that dogshite anymore so she has to resort to dumb crap like that hehe


its me


hate memes


what about a nice himameme


firing up a jong south game wish me luck


those ones are ok there might be one or two i dont like


only play east






which do you dislike


dog outside wont shut the flip up im raging


get the gun


no need for violence or raging simply put on your noise cancelling headphones


File: 1621108835185.png (550.59 KB, 994x744, cap.png)

done leveling the new account hehe


my brain doesnt work properly so i cant remember but id know them if i saw them


what do you mean youre done leveling you have to reach master rank


ranted to mom about israel again


ill never get out of silver tables im too dumb


youre smart ive seen what you can do you just need more confidence


trust me on this one


believe in me who believes in you


might become a duck pither


thinking about taking my truck and a pole and a container of worms and goin fishing at the ol bullhole


File: 1621113785992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.63 KB, 1236x839, E1ahXM6VoAEvz8B.jpg)


would give anything to be her


why would you want that


did you mean him


no i already look like him




File: 1621114910243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.2 KB, 800x600, 1482722067054.jpg)

heres a pic of me flipping aNOTher one


quit snapping them


they come onto me its NOT my fault




made a frozen za


love a good frieza


any interesting vids to watch while i eat this chicken sandwich


moms drunk this chicken is still pink on the inside


File: 1621118330793.jpg (2.4 MB, 3264x1836, 20210515_144736.jpg)






thought id fire up a nice game for fun but ended up clicking rocks for a few hours


feeling really sad dont know why dad dragged me to the wedding was feeling fine the past few days but this just ruined my mood


what wedding


dont remember a wedding arc mustve skipped


my relatives wedding


wouldnt be able to stop thinking that the bride is gonno get flipped hard afterwards if i went to a wedding


theyll get divorced a year later and shell take all his things NOThing to concern yourself with


i thought regular people were supposed to be good at ready social queues but they kept asking me questions about relationships and work and stuff i tried my best to evade and change the subject but i was no match


File: 1621120822577.mp4 (2.3 MB, lol.mp4)



went to the walmart and remembered that girls are a real thing NOT just something to get mad at on the internet


how do you know they werent holograms


do you see girls as human


by definition yes but i dont really think they have souls


theyre just like us



had 5 slices


added someone from jp on psn back in the day we would talk through messaging every now and then found years later that it was a girl


did you block her after that


were married now


love a nice awkward conversation with a norm asking me if i have a gf or if im going to get a gf or why dont i have a gf nice mog tactic


wonder how many people have gfs here and are just pretending to be freaks


the jig is up



no but then NOT long after she sent me a song she had made and i said that i liked it but id have done a certain part different and it seems like she didnt take it lightly since we never talked again


sigh she was waiting for you to kiss her


how did you end up here if you have girls singing songs to you


no but she did invite me to play pso once i said no


think that guy is pnig


wish pnig was a japanese


he is in spirit


woke up to sound of invaders arriving


go back to sleep


File: 1621125120242.webm (1.65 MB, 1280x720, ワイルド c.webm)


aris is doing a puzzle


any lightsnoozers cant snooze for longer than 5 hours


cant snooze for less than 9


steak was really red ate it anyway dont know if it was rare but it was good


grabbed a drink could tell mom was in a bad mood before she finished taking off her shoes and went upstairs


havin some joe


its good for you




opened a can of that beer with the cute girl on the label its alright like 8 % alcohol


got some coke (zero)


think aspartame is making my dick burn after pissing i cant think of anything else theres no way i still have a uti from the dirty fleshlight three months ago


didnt drink coke in forever saw a can the other day said 240 calories oh and it was actually a bottle a plastic bottle


none of those things are unusual who cares about calories


calories are bad for you


lost 14 kg since last year because cared about calories


this girl talked about looking for food with higher calorie count because she was poor and needed to maximize calories per dollar


poor people are always obese


she was thin well NOT thin like normal weight


just throw up and eat it again thats twice the callories


never figured out what carbs or callories or any of that was just eat raw meat and stop being retarded


mom ordered food still full from the freiza its a blimp night


gamer rented this game from blockbuster about blimps you fly an airplane in alternate history 1920s and shoot blimps the disc broke in like 2005 never finished the game


always been thin dont know how the fats do it


its just genes my body stores fat and your body spends it you were born lucky


cat has crusty dingleberries because hes too fat to fully clean himself


its NOT just dont have any appetite could probably eat one meal per day if i didnt feel guilty about NOT eating


trying to do taxes while drunk


already did my taxes in february


never did taxes whats it like


you fill out like 5 boxes dont know why norms complain so much


you put your tax paper into the software and then the software sends it to the irs and they say if you owe money or you get a refund or neither


poor people are always hungry and stress eat because food is cheap and a healthy lifestyle isnt its NOT their fault


himabros should have made me do taxes in february why did wait until the last minute and while drunk



guess ill jong it up


File: 1621132164549.jpg (840.8 KB, 1150x1650, pis.jpg)


are you going to stream it


owe 39 dollars to the state but they dont accept online payments they said have to mail a paper check want to destroy something am very angry right now


dont think i will


well flip you norm


let him jong in peace






kinda wanna drive to the state capitol find the tax office rage in there and throw two 20 dollar bills at the face of whoever decided to ban online payments


always read that as what would trevor do






File: 1621132799908.webm (8.9 MB, 1280x720, nolife.webm)


that might be the reason i read it that way cant remember


im influential


ate an apple feeling less angry now


did you peel the skin


no but there was a black spot bit the black area and spit out into the trash before eating the rest


sigh that was mold it doesnt matter if you ate around it you probably have mold reproducing in your body right now its over


am spore


never posted in the blog threads on ghost always ignored them


bored and bored and bored


paste slider


when hima was created i thought it was going to be an anti trevor gnfos type hangout i didnt know it was going to be just the blog threads but then it turned out i liked the format and regretted NOT blogging


File: 1621133425136.webm (Spoiler Image, 308.2 KB, 480x720, 1615667434186.webm)


this one guy was talking to the receptionist he said you gotta eat where the animals eat so if you see a fruit with an animal bite you should eat it too because that means its good food


used to post in the neet generals


rememebr when the mod said she would allow one neet thread then people tried to post the single neet thread and it got deleted anyways


love a good neetblog


animals mostly eat worms and bugs and nonedible seeds and berries


this was the kristalnacht of jp


uh if the animal didn't finish the food wouldn't that mean its shit food


told this girl that we were animals too thought it was such a huge revelation in first grade


miss being a dumb kid then something happened around 20 and i became burdened by the immense weight of my intellect


said no to alcohol when 20 years old now 12 years later thinking was that the right choice




gran made me order alcohol on my 21st birthday but it tasted yucky so i didnt want anymore after a few sips


File: 1621133919936.jpg (285.76 KB, 1600x2356, 88344739_p0.jpg)


the living grandma gave me all her alcohol think she plans to die soon wants to get rid of stuff


glad i never had normohol so i never ended up as the addicts blogging about their normohol addiction


only those that have normblood get addicted never been able to addict myself to anything but the glowing rectangle


norms cant appreciate the glowing rectangle


cracked maybe once this year


this stream is japanese only


will japanese be a dead language next century


the immigrants will keep it alive after the japs go extinct


ya everyone will speak chinese


wonder how mom would react if i got a job


glad im learning a dead language like an archeologist


File: 1621134589980.jpg (226.44 KB, 970x1200, EjHu1eqXcAExqqZ.jpg)


same gonno surprise her


crying nijisanji en is a huge flop


why is it a flop


gonno become a game designer


stop watching entubies




over vtubies whats next





im going to enlist its exactly like my video games its going to be paste as hell




next is ai vtubers with ai chat and ai imageboard posters it will all just run on its own without human involvement


wouldnt mind going outside if i could get an internet chip in my brain and see hima everywhere


gonno become a badass replenisher


hima is already a human bot mix


a botter must bot


mom said NOT to make anything because shes bringing food


mom said they want me to be a pallbearer


you dont have the upper body strength


no upper body weightlifting but do long distance running got some core strength




was reading red sorghum there are some scenes of pallbearers from 1939 and like 1923 two funerals


mom said gran and gramp is coming to spend a couple of weeks here hate it because they only speak italian and if i mess it up they make a big deal about it


are they from the old country


henri lift


glad gran and gramp are dead


read the tartar steppe recently wish i was italian sigh


bada bing


threw frozen lasagna in the oven


bada boom


he disrespected the bing


youre officially italian


dad made lasagna with cabbage leaves instead of noodles


graesy as flip but NOT italian


a flipper must flap


are you gonno read sessanta racconti


a scathing critique of military life and a meditation on the human thirst for glory


has it been translated i cant speak italian


didnt get what i wanted from the gacha im raging


who were you rolling for


the boob girl


baby toadette sigh guess ill just have to use aNOTher character for now




have 3374 primos saved up so far


flip it looks good


a flapper must flip


how did i end up as an adult manbaby with no friends


single mother upbringing


but im a dadnorm


installed cactbot


tell me about your dad


wonder if credit card guy roped



the norms


NOThin noob


looks like an indie game


lasagna is ready



wish nintendo would stop using 15 year old hardware


theyre the only ones still using novidea


the farm is on a dragons back what the flip


NOThing wrong with a nice dragons back


dragon d cappu


get up on the hydras back




watching a nice nijientuber


File: 1621146055625.webm (1.87 MB, 641x360, koro.webm)


i dont get it


hehe game dog


File: 1621151835998.jpg (691.06 KB, 3360x2520, E1WTAqkVIAIeVDb.jpg)


got cock burn as promised hima it burned for a half hour i just let the piss dribble out onto my leg instead of walking to the toilet and standing there bent over trying to force out droplets


need to get those fish antibiotics


looks boring as flip just like monster hunter why do japs play these shitty ass games


hate persona hate smt hate harvest moon hate rune factory hate all dragonquests hate all monster hunters just boring work simulators with no reedmable qualies japs have terrible taste in games


what about final fantasy


might import rf5 wife speaks in gao so its NOT like i need advanced nihongo knowledge to knock her up and farm


heating up the manwich


phew cactbot is pasted cant believe i wasnt playing with this earlier


how do i use it


what do you mean the instructions are on the github


stood up too fast and nearly passed out holy flip that was weird


do i have to pay for github


no just fire up act and install the plugin


dont want to get banned


they have no way of telling youre using it its just an overlay


and they dont care


haachamas reviewing hentai again


weird how there are girls that jerk it to doujins just like me


they dont delete the neet threads anymore




why cant i just be japanese




File: 1621175185654.png (1.44 MB, 1280x824, 100972.png)

sigh wish usamin would take over this flipping planet


liberate us from hell


hey hima woke up daydreamed about jp stuff in the shower



nice japanese birds


kitty jumped on my lap


oh flip had some coffee on an empty stomach and now feel like im gonno puke


dreamed in japanese for the first time


love a nice nihongo only yume


i basically think in japanese 30% at this point


love a nice anime japanese dream


turning japanese


im japanese period





morning hima


File: 1621192791307.jpg (1.06 MB, 1005x1207, crab.jpg)



File: 1621193218876.jpg (156.86 KB, 800x1148, 1621191544429.jpg)

wish i lived in a scooter friendly place


File: 1621194010538.jpg (786.65 KB, 1240x738, a5893aec36ed604cc004ed825fc8e7c2.jpg)

i bought the hima mansion mk 1


File: 1621194089225.png (1.56 MB, 1280x720, 94931C2F-F8C7-49B4-B418-A21DDAE3D65F.png)

get a bike instead and dominate the road


nice truck


File: 1621198419611.webm (2.73 MB, 854x480, 1621189965742.webm)




File: 1621199454213.jpg (881.68 KB, 4096x2896, EvJnE8DVIAEFzWI.jpg)


maybe gained weight didnt exercise today


starving need to get abs by summer


File: 1621199840854.png (507.74 KB, 1093x1214, __original_drawn_by_putcher__14de7f652f7f598fd….png)


legs hurt


File: 1621200806479.png (Spoiler Image, 569.3 KB, 1024x768, 86514fb53ad7b268255e6d8b958a24c0.png)


hate spending the night with seki


File: 1621201090968.jpg (64.01 KB, 1280x720, 1621193726259.jpg)




can it swim normally
catfish do the same thing this weird fish is doing but they have the feelers on their face


File: 1621201996747.webm (1.73 MB, 853x480, Spiny_red_gurnard_-_Tokyosealifepark_-_2019_1….webm)



NOT wasting my time with south games again that was tortue back to back hands with NOThing but penchan kanchan waits never seen a dora in my life ishaten hell its NOT worth it


was riding past the sewage treatment plant and it smelled bad but then i remembered all the times ive cleaned my fish tank filters and it smelled way worse


what did you just said


kinda sucks theres no such things as magic or ki or nen but at least this planet is full of crazy lifeforms


magic is real


im mundane


is that aNOTher penis


all this time and pastaguy still cant even use the most basic of nen


mom bought roastie beef





hate south i just try to get any kind of lead and kuitan until its over


NOThin googler


lost so much points from that one south game sigh expert is a pipedream now


back from church


my dreams are all dead and buried


is it kjv


need to actually learn how to jong i just wing it on a hand by hand basis based on discards


i can teach you do you need help


struggle mostly with NOT opening my hand


or should i say opening too much


unspoiler the op image die die die


simply expand it


its NOT sfw


only open if youre ishaten and have a yaku if you do otherwise the nips with riichi right after and ippatsu you


and you absolutely cant do early pons or chii because it gives people too much information when i see someone open their hand two turns in i know hes looking for a wind title or dragon and im right 99% of time time


wonder what it would be like to eat a species that has less than 10 living members


ask the chinks they get off to that kind of thing


drinking coffee late at night


my stream must have been extremely awful to watch if thats the case knew it was a mistake to stream


did someone say stream




stream stream stream


nice stream monster


File: 1621212151775.png (1.03 MB, 1024x768, afd4225ccae8ebc7bd0c32eedd1bac85.png)


who is gonno clean that up if the maid is dead




she is the maid




woke up feelin good today hima hows it hangin


hey dont forget to read and highlight


File: 1621213224050.jpg (28.21 KB, 463x750, d861a483-c269-4faf-bbd3-d83a84704a48.jpg)

might buy this one


are you gonno glue it


no it already comes assembled


why arent there vtuber figs seems like a big market


lets make some bootlegs to fund the mansion



got the warrior of light dragon hima now i can assemble the big mecha dragon


cact cheater


File: 1621214700830.webm (935.42 KB, 800x450, 1522877600016.webm)


yeah i cheat so what


have you no honor


what do i need honor for


ate poptard


rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud




the chinks taught me that being sneaky and cheating is just as honorable as doing things the supposed right way


File: 1621218067896.png (371.48 KB, 766x1024, 1621215953554.png)


now post one from 2021




any gamers


File: 1621219871523.mp4 (2.6 MB, video0-3.mp4)


loved duping master balls


ya im gaming


mindblowing that ever kid on the planet knew how to do that trick


i didnt






so what was the deal with the truck by the s.s. anne


thats where you get mew


sexy mew


its been over 20 years its time to solve the mystery so i can die


no thats where you get pikablu


cant believe the entire existence of mew was the demiurge trying to tell me to begin mewing at an early age so my maxilla could be salvaged


File: 1621222118374.jpg (756.39 KB, 900x1630, 1621210299893.jpg)

me sneaking down to check the mansion refrigerator at 2am


was just wondering today if the pokemon people ever regretted making raichu so ugly considering pikachu became so huge and is the face of the organization


why dont real girls wear flowers in their hair


started crying for no reason when i was drinking coffee and reading manga


File: 1621222898449.png (379.59 KB, 408x600, 408px-Pokémon_Pocket_Monsters_CY_volume_1.png)

were you reading this




mangadex is back




File: 1621223360733.webm (2.61 MB, 995x741, output (2).webm)

the hima gang


wonder how many manga chapters im behind on because i dont remember much of what ive read until i see the title


File: 1621223509144.webm (995.67 KB, 480x432, mewtruck.webm)




File: 1621223888042.mp4 (6.19 MB, flipping mint.mp4)


flippin norm


hate his fat voice


show some respect thats nb


nb is thinblog now


wonder how they keep getting away with selling the same pokemon game twice every gen


youre NOT supposed to buy both of them


ya you are otherwise youre missing out on content


bought a foreign ds specifically for breeding shinies in omega ruby


nice breeder


youre supposed to just make the pokemon on a program on your pc and send them over


twice and then the actual good updated ver and years later the remake


aris is playing mass effect 2 tomorrow


File: 1621224942592.png (Spoiler Image, 535.17 KB, 1280x1280, 6ec396f79f35ca7497c5d6743301bb2f.png)


loved riding on my bike back and forth for hours trying to breed ivs


never did that


got stuck in the ice maze and never played pokemon again


need to flip a sexy poke


had to ask my dad for help with the ice maze in crystal once




love games where you can play as a girl and get flipped by manly aliens


does he know that you have to flip tali to get the good ending


got some gunk in my scroll wheel its stuck


made mom call the nintendo hotline when i got stuck in metroid


might read a nice sexy vn its been a while





File: 1621226379114.webm (1.59 MB, 640x360, 1600036101614.webm)


File: 1621226411526.png (101.58 KB, 1146x167, dragon.PNG)

started off with this hand did NOT manage to get a daisangen but did get shousangen sigh so close but did NOT pick up any green dragos




File: 1621226812555.jpg (25.19 KB, 247x350, Bazooka_cafe.jpg)

miss the good old days when these were the only translated vns available



File: 1621228738146.gif (3.61 MB, 800x450, Cover.gif)

do you like trains


may i recommend 甘園ぼ


File: 1621229251337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 583.53 KB, 2560x1440, sigh.jpeg)


get off me



why arent you streaming


gonno snooze




dont be


can feel the darkness of the future


gonno eat aNOTher poptard with choco milk while wrapped in blankie


sight at the real wedding apparently the most hideous stepsiter was attracted dont know how to let the vile landwhale norm norm down. but i also know it was just the bride trying to force something cant be tricked


im ダメ人間


im どうてい


just go for it long enough for the flip


dont think i can do that shes literally 27 but shes fat and and the the bride is 28


typical hima fakecel


told her about dad but i think she liked i have a dog and that the groom knew me i dunno


yeah im ダメ人間 wont be tricked by her glad i left before anything happened


yeah i know if i messageher tomorrow its gonno be a nice joke at my expense cant be tricked


you must be pretty worked up over it if you keep posting to yourself about it you shouldnt be surprised after all youre jbw and tall


yeah he said it was a trick NOT to overthink it hate them


thought everyone here was white uhhh


just the fakecels


refuse to be tricked by dogs



cracked hamms number four


cracin nice water :3


its simply a trap will NOT be tricked


stop normposting just flip that fat cow and keep it to yourself


is this norm still humblebragging that some fat flipping pig wants his cock dont care


already filtered him


now im certain it was a lie by the bride thats really mean of her


probably the only one on hima that doesnt "flip that fat cow and keep it to yourself"


hate her shouldn't have gone at al and let her sit alone at the wedding


everyone on hima has gfs and wives and jobs were just NOT stupid enought o post about it here thats what normcord is for


bride let me know it was a trick and the sister was lonely knew it all along



never gonno fall for it ever again


hate brides


always a bridesmaid


sigh he loved child brides


wonder if he would have invited hima to the wedding


i woulda if it wasnt my brothers


NOT a fan of pnigs new wedding arc


NOT an arc.


die sager




cant believe im the tard in my family who will never amount to anything whyd i have to be chosen for this


already read maitetsu i posted about it


big bro told me he was almost robbed by a nig


what do you mean almost



dont know all the details just that this nig tried to get him to use the atm at a gas station and big bro zipped it out of there


NOT an actually robbery but he was black and it had to do with money so it probably wouldve escalated


index index big bro index index


File: 1621248179156.png (220.85 KB, 1035x582, __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_putcher__13….png)


File: 1621252037090.jpg (148.42 KB, 825x1200, E1lj-FdVcAE4tQr.jpg)


aw flip i got indexed


nice norm mod that doesnt even browse the board




hell yeah sexy okayu


might order some nice arare and kaki no tane


why NOT just drive to the asian mart and buy them normally


woke up hima feel like i have something stuck in my nose for weeks like a small hair or something ive tried everything blowing my nose using a qtip and NOThing works and its driving me insane



was too overstimulated and blankposted was going to say my new ethernet cable showed up today been offline since last week didnt really do anything also bought a nice corsair 200R


what do you mean showed up


it was delivered


thats nice


love my 200r very sturdy case with plenty of room


gotta love a nice corsair case im using the 280x


using a nice $30 case


hope its an atx



love me fractal design



dont feel like reading the new fgo event so instead of NOT doing it im skipping




he really finna skip it fam




was gonno watch a movie to clear some space but mom came home early dont want to start it and have her interrupt me 5 times


had multiple nightmares about work since leaving


tarded out and accidentally accepted a job offer




wanted to be a jobnorm but the video store closed


woke up mom made chicken n noodles


did my exercises


uh i thought we were laying down and rotting and youve been getting jacked this whole time


a norm will norm


you fell for the memes


no you dont understand


im officially garbage at jong


what happened


keep opening my hand like a retard


simply remain dama


finally got rid of the chessnorms now the jongnorms have taken over


NOThing wrong with that


gonno make scrambled eggs and sausages


kitty is snoozing on my lap


love getting called ron ippatsu on a tile that has already been discarded 3 times


cant wait for the akagi arc to end



it only matters if it was discarded in the pool from the guy who riichis you got played


thats NOT the point those idiots are going riichi on a one tile wiat


a wait is still a wait


and a rage is a rage


a hunter is a hunter even in a dream




mom made chicken and noodles last night


File: 1621288215054.webm (7.33 MB, 1280x720, rager.webm)


sekiros fun until you realize that everything can be cheesed with parry spam or running circles around your enemy until theres an opening





crying for the genius that descended into darkness


mom wouldnt flip off the eggs and sausages are on hold indefiantly


File: 1621289775200.png (712.43 KB, 512x724, bartholomew.png)

been reading it its kind of worthless but you meet this guy and theres some funny jeanne alter moments and hans


File: 1621289867098.jpg (81.26 KB, 770x750, Caos-soma-cruz2.jpg)

what the flip he looks just like me


ya normally id read it but im just NOT in the mood


aris flushed me2 on the tutorial and went back to me1


is this the ideal man to a jap woman