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which thread do i use


File: 1611884279755.png (20.81 KB, 1410x793, 633041f1ab6507b49240988b88b8a0f7.png)

why did he do this


sigh the eternal question


which thread do i use


did anyone save the vid




uh what


its over being a truneet is the happiest ive ever been in my life and its going to be ripped away from me eventually




here we go


sigh woke up during a blogwar hope the winner is decided soon


hate the tense silence during a threadrage


gsnaps tasted better today maybe they were NOT ripe enough yesterday


he loved fresh gsnaps


what about seeds vs seedless always buy seedless


sneed vs feedless


cutting salamis


think i might be long in the tooth


File: 1631237607270.jpg (424.3 KB, 1280x1835, toku_f_amiami.jpg)


instead of sperging out that i shouldnt ever bother exercising because normahol stops muscle growth and i dont eat well enough like i normally do im going to keep doing both and stop dealing in absolutes


ya why bother unless you do some sort of sport or outdoor activity its just a waste of time


mental boost


wouldnt mind exercising if i had a treadmill in my room id tardrun all day while staring at the rectangle


second day of peroxide NOThin big coming out yet


have you tried chugging it


wouldnt be surprised if all its doing is softening things up and letting it settle deeper in today left ear was feeling funny when before has only been the right ear for the most part




i meant im going to keep doing it regardless of how much i drink or how poorly i eat and see what happens worst case i look like i do now but feel stronger


ive been on the nylon rope retirement plan for a long time now its already over so ive got NOThing to lose by trying it


skip to the rope part


it gets better


it wont for him


downloading at 95 mbs


who can relate


die speedmog


there is still hope


just peaked at 100mbs


nice 13meg


21 gb download finished


what game


File: 1631239942131.png (495.19 KB, 839x1191, 92634288_p0.png)


NOT saying its a secret


there was a billboard said 1 gig speed and this picture of a pleased woman


NOThing better than gigabit


are you gonno stream


mom had a tooth removed now she can only eat cold and soft foods for a couple of days


never streaming again


google offers 2gig in my area


buy it


File: 1631241460607.jpg (99.99 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu -….jpg)


have NOT had a cream puff in years


gonno make cream puffs at the mansion one will be filled with wasabi


dont have a use for 2gig i dont torrent anymore


never going to eat them now that you revealed your hand tricker


need those speeds to game in 2021


just cut them in half


just dont play multinorm games


gonno sabotage the cream puff maker


youve got no sense of adventure can just hear the whining before every yaminabe night


my download speed is good enough but i wish i had better upload speed


gonno sabotage that one too


and the oven and the stove only the microwave will work


a stove and an oven are required for most of the hima approved meals


need a stove am NOT going back to microwave quesadillas


only a microwave is needed


wouldnt mind having a big firepit in the middle of the room like those old jap houses or the viking longhouses


we can have one of those and a microwave


nice big firepit nice taped off windows and doors


can someone go tell the otamin to unban me already




its NOT like im going to get any dumber


getting my vaxmax tomrrow


any microwaved quesadilla recipes


check the recipe thread on the tb


got shortening gonno make tortillas soon maybe tomorrow or day after


tortillas come from the store


File: 1631242782529.jpg (57.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


should try to make cheese again but dont have the equipment


what about fromunda


cant wait for the thriller mansion arc


NOT looking forward to getting hot karled after nb spots a vtuber vid in my network access logs


what vtuber


File: 1631243419845.jpg (336.33 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Sonny Boy - 09 (1080p) [D821ADD2]….jpg)

hair inspection day in the mansion


thats between me and nb


didnt know that dragon quest was developed by like five different companies i thought it was just enix


getting tired didnt nap today had a second cup instead may earlysnooze


groan i can already tell how aquatope is going to end 4 minutes into episode 10


tired because exercised earlier maybe will sleep before 1


exercise every day and drink plenty of water


was in the habit of regular exercise earlier this year but havent lifted the bells in months now


never drink water never exercise never do anything but game


maybe lifted twice this year


liked the feeling when lifted hard then tried to snooze but couldnt instead felt weird tired and awake for hours into the night


did you use preworkout


File: 1631244657523.jpg (116.14 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shiroi Suna no Aquatope - 10 (720….jpg)

sigh was going to say i wanted to flip her but shes 17


uh no


thanks for reminding me to aquatope


grip strength something like 18 last time i checked sigh


too tired to fully appreciate the ep now gonno have to wait for tomorrow


todays preworkout was plain popcorn in the microwave airpopper also unsalted peanuts


need salt for a workout


had some salt in my scrambled eggs this morning thats enough


pour salt on everything flip the norms


a guy told me that watching me lift weights was demotivating him because hes so weak in comparison


that was me


sigh blogwars still going on guess ill watch some vids then snooze it better be over in the morning


you gave to fight for your thread


hehe based timmy giving away nioh for free gonno finally play this game




whats the deal with the onion beer in aquatope


is it orion


no the sign on the wall clearly said onion beer


did anyone read the gem girl manga


are you talking about land of the lustrous






kukuru is just like me when the video store was closing


loved the anime but never got around to reading the manga didnt they say the characters are nonbinary


File: 1631245880267.mp4 (7.51 MB, c12gnnrk2jm71.mp4)


theyre stones so that makes sense


yes all of the girls are nonsexual they dont have boobs or anything sigh its a perfect world and what the mansion should be


teentube do NOT open


never opened something faster


sing a song and funny dance


phos is just like me used to be a happy goofy kid but the norms kept snapping off pieces of my humanity


8meg tuber theyre getting cocky



the sheep girl




hes raging


sigh one week left until the big stream


hope holos get to take over the seiyuu and anime op industry next


hope the nukes start flying soon


they cant because china hates them and japan bows to the han


about 3 months until the winter solstice its the 10 year anniversary of the event


wish things would end abruptly with an asteroid


artia is the lord of bilibili and shes kind of a holo


can women be lords


File: 1631246480236.jpg (68.36 KB, 828x776, yxe9p6ffyjm71.jpg)

master jbwmaxxer


File: 1631246515732.mp4 (836.99 KB, I_love_dorrites_30235_a7QdcTjK2PI.mp4)


need to disguise myself as chad


the duck girl


its a prank


File: 1631246791850.jpg (618.12 KB, 1051x1045, swan.jpg)


the swan guy


forgot that i was supposed to go fishing and also was supposed to go to the zoo its easy to talk big when youre bored at night but when you wake up the next day the motivation isnt there


why cant nigs control themselves


why would that make a difference too bad that nigger didnt get ventilated with hollowpoints like swiss cheese he must be in some state where the government hates its populace and wants them to be murdered


brain vibrated for a few seconds there




guess it was meant to be that i got fired


used to worry about that on bus what if the vibrations caused brain damage


the norms were speaking to you




i pity my fellow depressed 20 something virgin losers that i posted alongside ten years ago that ended up making something of themselves whats the point if the norms are just going to take it away anyway


had a dream about boarding the schoolbus from the school parking lot a few weeks ago didnt remember it until the bus guy hit the memory trigger


miss yucking it up with my young virgpals then they all got sex and jobs and became arrogant and obnoxious


my genes are too good to exist in this twisted world theyll die with me


how many of them made something of themselves do you think ive been surfing the web since mom got us a pc


if by made something of themselves become yet aNOTher cog in the norm machine they did that yeah


NOThing wrong with being a zogcog if youre working towards buying solar panels pigs seeds canned food thousands of rounds and land


and then what


probably fail in the first week and move back to a city where he belongs


if had tried to be like them then would be dead already


almost certainly without mom we have NOThing


life in this country is just hospice at this point youre supposed to just kick back and relax until its time to go out swinging


you arent gonno go out swinging probably fall over in the shower and crack your head open on the faucet


then end up in a hospital bed till they finally pull the plug on you


one way or the other ill be going out swanging you can count on that


might get ripped


NOT a chance


hope they start forcing the vaxx so i have a cool hill to die on


its NOT cool and no one will care


it will be a honorable death
thats all i ever asked for


same its gonno be a great excuse to never get a job


youre NOT thinking about the big picture typical norm


the only norm here is you reading normaganda



groan its this guy again


watching some old simpsons must have rewatched the first few seasons a hundred times as a kid




1 through 4 are the only good ones


was just thinking about watching early simpsons this morning the daycare lady at the methadone clinic would give us poptarts and put on the simpsons every time at 6pm








cant watch the simpsons like that because its one of those things i imagine myself doing when im old and its just too stressful


File: 1631248728622.png (34.98 KB, 359x454, CAPTURE.png)


you are old youre past middle age you didnt think we were living to 80 did you


whats the meaning of posting that pic


yes i am


showing us the entirety of his provisioned disk space


im still a spry 29 year old i got my entire life ahead of me


there was a black kid there once that started crying funny he would make a really quiet soft oooooooo sound brother and i laughed about it for years to come but the reality is he probably got that way from the beatings


no one tell him


tell him what he has his whole life ahead of him


so long as you still have hair there is still hope yet


File: 1631249124543.jpg (908.69 KB, 1801x2560, d2879712-28cf-4564-928c-3a342c598949.jpg)

what is her expression meant to convey


shes stupefied


mom is the only person thats ever complimented me for having hair anyway so what do i care


if i listened to moms suggestions on my appearance id look like a queer


what if im bald


bald is fine balding isnt


mom says im handsome


groan cant game until i go to best buy tomorrow and buy a usb cable for my ds4 controller


were all living in the same dystopian hellscape it doesnt really matter when we go to hell well be in the prime of our lives


File: 1631249427077.mp4 (15.48 MB, bald.mp4)


foid talking dont click


File: 1631249513985.webm (2.52 MB, 576x576, bc8q45.webm)


once were in hell we can laugh at what happens to her from our beach chairs next to the lake of fire


and then we look up to the balcony of elliots lakeside estate and he holds his wineglass up to us and nods


sounds awful think ill game instead


satan loves video games thats why he came up with them


do you think the children of the spic midgets flooding the country will have the same obsession with the founding fathers and the colonies as we did for glorious nippon


japans history is kind of retarded at times


just like me


was supposed to be a japanese girl but someone got the bodies mixed up at the last minute and i got a western cel instead


moms already up again gonno chug some cold ones and refill them with water


hima just woke up could only sleep for five and a half hours and my manic phase just got worse


you need alcohol


isnt the manic one the good one when youre pumped up


manic is the stage just before depressing your central nervous system with drugs


its NOT good im just full of anxiety and extremely energetic but without an outlet for all that energy so it just builds up inside and doing anything unproductive makes me feel 1000x worse and guiltier than it normally does and whenever i talk to mom i speak faster and for longer than normally at least im NOT shivering all over anymore also i go from replies that only post short one liners all day to poster that longposts for some reason


maybe i should try going one day without drinking eight cups of black coffee that could help


go do some pullups


dont have a pullup bar sorry


buy one of those door ones or find a tree


ok ill buy one


pastaguy should i get some fortified wine today


youve entered the stage where you start drinking daily to silence the voice grats after a year or two youll be too tired to get that worked up


whats the final stage



why would he do that when he can do some pullups


File: 1631253038575.jpg (834.49 KB, 3826x2824, E-20XBVVIA4YRFy.jpg)


local park has a bunch of tard outdoor equipment but NOT a single pullup bar


and aNOTher thing is that my sex drive goes to zero havent had a single jo urge or sexnorm thought or random erection for about a week now


good who needs it


failed norms do


you are ascending
i think i feel my best when i have no libido and no sadness but feel the urge to quietly rope in peace


never needed it but its scary like part of you being taken away you like it or NOT its like NOT having to eat to sustain yourself i myself dont care much about eating and would welcome NOT having to use the bathroom but the idea of NOT being able to instead of NOT having to is too much


use it or lose it cherry boy your sexual prime was a decade ago


isnt it absurd how we get so horny in our teens and early 20s being the prime for reproduction when norms are even more irresponsible and impulsive than normal at those ages


File: 1631253527768.png (643.26 KB, 1045x1500, 1631244966821.png)


the world the norms have trapped us in is absurd


never got horny in my teens just wanted to flipping game


just wanted to be left alone because im schizoid


ya NOT gonno be able to go back to sleep like this guess ill get out of bed and shower


cant imagine having to wear a bra all the time being a girl must be hard would probably do that too if i was one


you mean you would be a slut that flashes her boobies


no but id wear the bandaids


youd become a sagger if you dont wear the bra


File: 1631254230234.jpg (488.84 KB, 1080x1920, E-2Px6RVEAYirGx.jpg)


nah thats a myth


forearm tendon has been in pain for over a week lower back is sore and i just got a quad cramp sigh almost too old for this hope something happens soon



post some sheeps


nah we wont be doing that


File: 1631255060477.jpg (693.74 KB, 1814x1814, DVkLKgWVoAUrzlx.jpg)


sigh nb flipping made it


File: 1631255305652.jpg (3.19 KB, 87x119, 1631255060477.jpg)


i dont get it


uh kirby is a girl


File: 1631255414000.png (568.58 KB, 749x419, b204a0942dc68766ff25373bb76b475f.png)

the hima transformation




her eyes are flipped up


baste apexsimp




wish i could simp they always seem so happy


whats stopping you


im pilled the flip out


so flipping cringe they actually did an apex collab later i couldnt care less about that foid but for some reason this infuriates me


so flipping cringe he says


File: 1631255805790.mp4 (693.74 KB, pill.mp4)


this is a pagan board get that norm out of here


whats the goth pill


hima needs to be crusaded


im saved


yeah well if christianity was half as cool as it was centuries ago you can bet id be taking my vow of silence and going on a hermitage from the monastery or slaughtering pagans but no today its just a bunch of obese hicks sitting around for appearances but NOT actually giving a hoot about following the rules



File: 1631256235466.jpg (72.48 KB, 720x960, dark milk.jpg)


it was norm then and its norm now


hope that guy that tried to break into her condo comes back and burns it to the ground


kitty wants to leave then i open the door let her go and close it then she wants back in and keeps looping that behavior




stouts will protect her


hope she keeps working hard and improving her life one step at a time and stays happy


dont think shes ever worked hard thats why shes a 30 year old womanbaby still working teenjobs and surrounding herself with weebshite


sigh wish milk would post here and sometimes stream


no girls allowed


shes a successful baker


why do sound so aggressive when youve just described every single hima


probably wishes she was one of these roastie cuntrag streamers the teens spam here every day


aNOTher milg stream like back in the day


because hima posters are single mother raised low status males that never had a chance foids are given every opportunity to excel


wish i could become gospilled


whats stopping you


the norms


the norms are the ones that want you there


the hima meeting will be in heaven


i made her laugh when she was streaming
if only i was on the other side of the country i could have used high level pua tactics to get a milky gf and live happily ever after


cant get myself to believe in the christian god


why hes baste



sigh NOT me


hope pg is safe and happy


hes flipping roped


File: 1631256824501.gif (220.04 KB, 226x360, rope.gif)

hes too tall to rope


hes a God amongst menbabes


would you rather hear that a hima roped or that they became a norm


flip that bitch she refused to play blops II with me



became a norm




if i roped i would have the common courtesy to tell my bros first


thinking of dickspammers perfectly straight dick


does aquatape get better just watched the first episode NOT impressed NOT sure where all the hype is coming frome


hate when im about to sperm and pnigs dick pops in my head


love being bullied by imageboard admins unban me now otamin im starting to get enraged


owned norm



what is it about these spinoff admins and being so arrogant
theres like 30 posters total across the whole ecosystem


youd be arrogant too if you had all that power


calm down already


theyre doing better than i would


been permabanned on ota at least 30 times if you actually post there legitimately you need to go back to whatever homosexual support forum you came from


mindblowing that he bullied me relentlessly and thought i would juet let him get away with it and mindblowing that its all happening again im going to italy


lost count how many times ive been permad on hima maybe 8 or 9


giving aquatape one more chance episode 2


raidhours gonno snooze




the raid ends when you snooze




perma aquatape



smashed some bug crawling on the monitor


wonder how the alternate timeline is going where zun actually let r07 work on normhou instead of making higurashi


were all rich in that timeline



cleaned the house its time to game


File: 1631259313050.mp4 (28.14 MB, top_500_cheese.mp4)

any curdnerds still up


might actually be retarded just realized the name of the villain in spaceballs is brooks spelled backwards




episode 2 a little better feel like i would rather rewatch gem girls already



that in itself is parodying a video from years earlier


hate when a nice cry fogs up my glasses


love waking up slumped back in my chair with empty bottles on my desk and my cheeks stiff with dried tears


bottles of what


good posture please


got left behind sigh


youre in the wrong thread


no this is the correct one


cant win against any of the ultra hard challenges guess ill just farm tickets and open boxes


gonno become a voluntary cel


nice volincel


kettle heating up hima gonno make some coffee


using a jank setup with gil kuroe and double waver


only one on hima and coffees ready gonno sip


i was gaming sorry


File: 1631267526460.jpg (59.62 KB, 660x495, 3ffaafe7b2434fa76bbe31a1ee2c4a89.jpg)


nice gamer wheres the stream


need to open a bakery in the japanese countryside and wed a sexy little baby


can i move in with you


File: 1631269645306.jpg (82 KB, 1080x614, 1aj7l90k5mm71.jpg)


woke up fever


is it covid hows your oxygen levels


its NOT normvid


how do you know


got curious enough so figured out where to get a test dont want to talk about it but its done


glad youre safe




why are you being rude


woke up tummy feels weird it does NOT hurt just feels weird


get yourself a nice tall glass of water and some tea biscuits


looked up tea biscuits still NOT sure what they are too many wildly different foods came up


File: 1631270882268.jpg (72.36 KB, 1000x621, 61i7wHYHMOL._SL1000_.jpg)

mena like these


gonno ffee




uh its just a normal cuppa NOThin picworthy


hehe logged in on genshin after months used all the gacha orbs i had didnt get shite but random useless weapons and left


how many did you have


like 22 rolls


you can get more with the new region


bored and NOT feelin a jo


NOT even finished with the chink region main story yet id take me days to complete everything


and i dont have a good team to clear stuff


fire up a nice stare


just level xiangling


watch this


dont watch some shite normtube vid


why NOT


File: 1631275187579.webm (957.27 KB, 1080x694, H8uFhhNINRoFR5wv.webm)


jonged a bit today






the haachama teen


File: 1631276840127.mp4 (6.38 MB, [1242028214144438273].mp4)


without the communist party there would be no new china


gotta hand it to the chinks they managed to build something out of NOThing


hima without you i wouldnt have anyone to talk to


File: 1631280430870.webm (9.86 MB, 640x360, 1432079164761.webm)



File: 1631282103187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.59 KB, 1200x848, E-0fiJdVQAELdrD.jpg)


need shion flip


ate too many evil grains and feel like smashing something




ordered some chinese


rambled to mom about the chinks again


File: 1631285749200.jpg (1.58 MB, 3840x2160, E-61et0UYA4vyte.jpg)

the mansion gaming pool


File: 1631285773923.mp4 (409.06 KB, OH_MY_GAWD.mp4)


are they playing with electronics in the pool


theyre all waterproof these days i think


big bro has a bag in the shower for his phone and ds and switch


callies making funny noises(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


idiot now youre on the list


already on the cel list


cant you really say youre cel if you can simply move to an asian country at any moment and stop being cel with no effort


asians can do that with africa too though and blacks can do it with white countries and anyone can do it if they have 80 bucks


80 bucks to turn yourself from a cel to an escortcel creep




File: 1631290298854.webm (1.76 MB, 324x368, 1630974641528.webm)

janny steamed



one steamin hot perma comin right up


last few dreams ive had involved maiming or killing i must be getting pretty edgy


actually dreamed that i had to kill somebody yesterday but my hands were tied we had no way out


hate how i cant leave the house without my stomach twisting and turning in kNOTs


that means youre hungry


it does NOT


are we playing the new world open beta


NOT playing an mmo ever again


a wasp flew into my car tried to scare it away but it escaped into my air vents


the nest is in there


downloading new world now


File: 1631293741963.webm (1.42 MB, 1280x720, 1631064143723.webm)


nice gender reveal


NOThing worse than an unsatisfying shite sat there for too long and dont even feel like im empty but NOThing else comes out


File: 1631295644863.jpg (159 KB, 995x1200, E-8H2cGVgAMug7c.jpg)


got kicked from aNOTher world these norms really hate my name hehe


wish id get kicked from this world


what is it hangol knickers or something


die hacker but its related to sexy babies


time for a laxative


sigh 54gb of unwatched normime and the next season starts in two or three weeks theres no way


might grab aNOTher slice hima theres two left


NOT using a thread with a 404 youtube op gonno lock this shit thread now


why did the norms wait until everyone was comfortable in this thread then start posting in the other threads


i pranked everyone


nice prankster


woke up hi


hey dont forget to read and highlight your favorite posts that youve missed while sleeping





what is the point of hd runescape why would anyone want to waste more system resources on a java game


dont get it either but


mom made burgs


lucky wsh i had a burg or bacon sandwich right now all i have is coffee


got potatoes to bake later gonno make two this time im gonno clean the skins with a scouring pad or a hard bristle brush that isnt covered in oil


potato skin is fine too


my skins were edible last time but they had a burnt dirt flavor so i just peeled them off im wondering if i should soak the potatoes before baking them


which thread do i use


dont know anymore


you should bake them on a bed of salt


i used olive oil but just like a tablespoon for both potatoes maybe ill use more and really get in with my hands and rub it into the skin


did my exercises




based uh guy killing the thread


nice ironman


was digging through a box for a backup cpu cooler and found my old ds defiantly did NOT want to see a reflection like that i thought men were supposed to get better looking with age NOT uglier


found out how to use my phone as a cam on obs


i like sing a song and funny dance


woke up again cant believe the blogwars still NOT over


finally started using ime instead of using google translator for kana


whatd you do


on my fourth cup of rice today


4 cups uncooked right


yeah but the small cup that came with the rice cooker


1 cup uncooked is 700 calories you need at least 4000 calories a day if you want to get big and 5000+ if you want to get huge


NOT trying to get big in fact would be happy if i were a bit smaller as long as NOT in the vertical direction


File: 1631310296216.jpg (634.54 KB, 1000x1412, 92651775_p0.jpg)


app estimated burned 1185 calories on my run yesterday but did NOT eat extra


going to do a nice rice only bulk just like rich before he passed away from cardiovascular problems


rice is how i got fat during the fat arc


never had a fat arc just a skinny fat arc


i wasnt fat fat i was just fat enough for mom to make fun of me




at my lowest weight sister said you look like auschwitz victim


doing that thing again where i eat one regular sized lukewarm meal and my body temperature feels like it shot up 20 degrees


ready for breeding


File: 1631312181827.png (36.57 KB, 1758x354, 1631310288418.png)

wonder how often pnig got emails like this




what the flip


sigh his real life is starting i knew it wasnt over at 30 theres still time


my real life will begin once i become a nijisanji eng vtuber


mom said that from the front i look like im on my side and from my side it looks like i disappeared


is that a riddle




mom ordered burgs


aris is playing mario 2


what was their original post


wonder why always feel like ive got a fever this time of day has NOT been going on for too long think less than a year


hehe starting to wonder if the otamin only banned me to get the henri worshipers excited and then unban me to force them into despair love celposting love blackpilling


sigh 2013 ota


love norming love being norm


nice ota tk


File: 1631313586728.webm (1.98 MB, 1280x720, 1606085287721.webm)


File: 1631313604518.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1522117678624.webm)




hehe love that coco


the fast replier


File: 1631313650702.webm (1.87 MB, 641x360, koro.webm)


two teentubers within 5 minutes officially a raid


File: 1631313673004.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, mattoi and crepe.png)


File: 1631313709073.webm (1.98 MB, 640x360, 1581838176010.webm)


its the weekend the teentubes are off work


the sheep webm


cant tell if mom got a 30 pack she said she was going to then went to the store twenty minutes later and hasnt said anything about it



could use some normahol right now but i shall resist


coworker from the job i quit a few months ago got a big promotion and is paying five grand in rent just because that could have been me but to be honest i do NOT regret it sadly my money is almost running out




translate it weebs


crack it


opened 100 image tabs again sigh


how is it running out i thought you were making good money and also living with mom


maybe she meant tomorrow hope she isnt going senile it was something she brought up literally less than half an hour before going to the store


forgot what day it is and mom was acting like im going senile


cant just crack dont have any in the house im a sober man now


its friday night big day for the abc store


sighing hard dont have any excuse to go look in her car to check


File: 1631315329680.mp4 (1.24 MB, Ajimaru_Ajimaru_200_gM2oV5F9XEk.mp4)


mom went to dr nguyen got a face lift botox and hyaluronic acid injections


dont post married sheep dont post ugly voice chan


ya but i quit months ago NOT in equilibrium so its just a matter of time


already told you watame got dumped dancerbf is gone for almost a year now she just reads superchats for 8 hours a day now


NOT interested in some used goods hag


gonno puke


File: 1631315705914.mp4 (2.4 MB, watame_puking_noises_no_comment.mp4)


perma these teens already


File: 1631315953078.webm (1.51 MB, 960x540, feet pics.webm)




File: 1631316301331.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, premium rounge.webm)


rounge premium rounge


gonno watch a vid and snooze hima see you in 6 to 10


what about the screens


puked again


woah hima hey got back from 17 mile bike ride its rice and bean night


flip you bikenorm


puked again again


havent puked in a while


you have ligma


made baked potatoes in three minutes while waiting for a league ban


swollen lymph nodes






checked the store receipt in moms wallet no 30 pack


File: 1631319018469.jpg (105.53 KB, 1280x720, [Commie] Vanitas no Carte - 11 [022A3823].mkv_….jpg)


store is requiring masks again people already cant understand my tardmumbles this is discrimination


out in the middle of nowhere saw an asian woman by herself walking on the road very slowly and wearing a mask


asians are retarded sheeple it checks out


ban the antimask norm now




have NOT washed my mask since april its looking kinda brown on the inside


you already said that


yeah might wash it tomorrow so can stop talking about it


never washed my mask looks the same as always


rotate through a set of masks that are cleaned and properly sanitized with disposable masks for other activities


woke up mornin hima


might have used too much rice vinegar in my rice and bean its acidic


just got an ad for facebook rayban smart glasses


NOT a fan of sunglasses think eyes need exposure to sunlight to prevent vision deterioration


loved dippin my freshly bitten fingers into the pool of vinegar and salt at the bottom of my fry basket when we ate at the hotdog place


think my eyes are starting to go




can vinegar and salt heal that


i fell for big monitors propaganda that computer use cant cause eye damage


dont know but it burns horribly


cant believe the big monitors did this to us


i was just thinking about making an eye doc appointment to update my prescription because it has gotten worse




feel good about my computer being right next to the window because can just turn my head look at stuff far away outside so my eyes arent stuck in the same focal distance constantly


wouldnt mind being legally blind


nice distance brag how about you go outside too while youre at it


yeah was outside earlier got sweaty


had a multi hour daydream about my life if i was blind the other day


dont want live in total darkness just want to see enough to navigate my room but be blind to the ugliness of the world like cockroaches and mirrors


how was it what were you thinking


dad told me about how in his 20s kept killing the cockroaches they got smaller and smaller until they were extinct thought maybe could follow his example but only ever saw 1 cockroach


children born nowadays are very likely to accidentally jo to younger pics of their moms


nice teenmoms


File: 1631321740909.jpg (140.63 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Meikyuu Black Company - 10 (720p)….jpg)


love the ed where she dances around in different outfits




it was okay itd be a lot like my regular life but browsing the internet would be a lot slower because id need one of those tts programs and id listen to a lot of audiobooks probably


damn good mag dump


wouldnt know i just download it i dont watch it


read about how people made programs that automatically find popular stories from reddit speak them with tts combine with images and random royalty free music monetized youtube with almost zero human interaction


would like to go out like this so i dont know its coming


what about their pride




found 1 seed in my bunch of seedless gsnaps


science did that to you


File: 1631323209206.jpg (232.47 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon ….jpg)


nice shredding the gnar


saw a girl on a skateboard and a helmet today


did she do a kickflip


no she just stood there at the stop sign as got closer to her wondered why she was NOT moving away them her dad showed up


too bad kickflips are cool


hell ya


hope the mansion has a skate park so we can all try once and break bones immediately and spend the rest of the time in pain gaming away


speaking of gaming its almost time


we were supposed to break bones when we were younger


never broke a bone


already boke a bone


NOThing wrong with being a 30 year old broken bone skater


we arent prepared half of hima would go into cardiac arrest from breaking a bone


i will heal them all


i did thats how i ended up a shutin loser


what did you break




did you learn to walk again


File: 1631324526351.jpg (46.82 KB, 750x453, 8b452d1309e453c13605f4031e29dc00.jpg)


sigh got spaghetti sauce on my monitor again


uh spaghetti sauce


are tomatoes an invasive species theyre NOT native to italy



they took them from the new world


hate when that happens


crying used to love the mario show


File: 1631324886887.jpg (1.08 MB, 1400x2241, 92652294_p0.jpg)


its a stone luigi


any nice ytps


yeah saw a cool haachama earlier



uh forgot to embed


if youve posted like that means youre hiding the thumb for a reason NOT clicking


went to the store got burgs





dont understand tuber fans


understand this


love the dancing monkeys



File: 1631326392308.png (7.14 MB, 2562x3707, 92326423_p0.png)


game time


uhh seki thats 7mb


real big blog thread


only 7megs can still go watch some fifty sixty meggers in the last threads


getting tired cant focus maybe i should snooze early to bed early to rise as they say


can NOT remember the last time went to bed when tired always find an excuse to stay up


cant tell when im tired since im always tired




get some rest


remember it feeling so good when sleeping when tired and waking up after long rest maybe it will happen again someday


decided to crack and snack before mom goes to bed only have one blog and one slice left cant drag it out for hours like i normally can


tell her to get more


she told me she would then didnt theres always tomorrow night




thinking may brew some normahol for old times sake


takes too much time to clean everything


uh what do you mean


is there a series of tubes


uh what do you mean you have to clean the utensils the bottles the pot you boil the sugar in everything


make some floor mead



what the flip is floor mead


uh utensils pot NOT sure what youre talking about im NOT talking about making authentic german ale here just sugar water yeast in a 2 liter just like the good old days


so am i


and we were just talking about going blind


takes less cleaning than lunch


youre gonno go blind and your hair is going to fall out


yeah have to soak the burn on off the skillet crack the leftover rice pieces out of the rice cooker scrub takes longer


dont need hair where im going


damn good floor mead


File: 1631328685627.png (307.44 KB, 639x452, 1631321563516.png)



Oops, it was a big mistake of me to autoban my bestest friend who literally posts NOThing but memes he got from teen cel and bodybuilding sites and has been doing this for years. I wouldn't want him excluded from my otaku forum.




is it better to watch noel or en nijis


noel has oppais


you can watch whatever you wish dont let the man keep you down


do you understand japanese


in general NOT really but more than enough to understand vtubers and manga and games and science stuff


then watch noel


tarded out and took japanese classes in college then double tarded and told everyone i used my 150iq to become n1 fluent from watching youkai watch



selen is paste


love when The Boss just comes into my room to cough and make me sick




selen sounds agp


gamed gonno restock and game some more


hear loud unintelligible voices outside worried theyre gonno shout at me to put clothes on


hate when the voices tell me to wear clothes


reseated everything in the pc hope it doesnt reboot again or ill need a new psu


do they still sell those anymore


what do you mean


they said you can NOT buy computer parts anymore because of the event


look where that got him


uh dont see anything stopping me from buying a psu maybe a gpu would be harder to find



brother loves power washing stuff do NOT understand why


get yourself a nice 1200w chink mining gpu


psu i mean


made some porridge hima


is it breakfast porridge they made it for breakfast over there a lot it was good


toe is flipping infected


been putting antibiotic ointment on my toe knife wound every morning and it has NOT gotten infected


sigh might have to amputate grab the bonesaw


pound back the h2o2


the mummy is japanese


just remembered when i was a teen and kept telling mom to stop bringing me my dinner when i was gaming because it made me feel like a fat lazy loser
i remembered it because i want to go downstairs to get more food but am tired






this black company episode must have had virtually no budget


having a nice cry over here


do you need a manhug


never been hugged before


forgot to watch that show sigh never even started tantei mou shindeiru but i have it all downloaded


hugs arent that great


sometimes feel like i want a hug but i have never enjoyed a hug in my life


mom hugged me like two years ago


sigh wish i had a platonic relationship with a jk


always wondered how youre supposed to hug someone with boobs


you know


you lock them in place around their shoulders with your inner forearms and squeeze them while keeping their torso a good 6 or 7 inches away



insane that mom has literally seen my piss bottles before and didnt immediately make a phone call to a psychiatrist wonder how much of this could have been avoided if i was doped up early on


mom thought my piss bottles were funny but i would empty them out daily


mom always tells the story about how the teacher called her and told her i was hiding under desks apparently it was a big deal to her at the time because it was the first hint that she may need your help with him


sigh mom was always having to meet with dumbshite teachers and school bureaucrats what a waste all those years were


loved getting the dont tell the social workers anything because they want to take you away forever to go live in an abusive foster home and itll be like a oliver twist talk


my teenstache is coming in nicely




thought being a teen would be like it is in the movies but it was way easier


it was hell


File: 1631339594101.jpg (775.18 KB, 2473x3909, E--vrDKVkAAx0aY.jpg)


did NOThing as a teen but skip school and game


same even the bullying wasnt that bad just a snide comment or passive aggressive bs here and there that could usually be avoided if you used your cel cloak




skipped at least 3 days a week in last year of school


die skipper


same but then i chimped out hard when it wasnt like it was in the movies


why would you want it to be like in the movies i didnt want to have to go to prom and parties and get bet up by bullies


thought everyone would look like tall adults in high school like the tv shows and movies but they just looked like slightly bigger middle schoolers


love the 90s hs grad videos where everyone looks like they are in their thirties


weird how many of my classmates were around 5'8" just like me but little bros whos 4 years younger classmates are all like 6'1"



im talking about the movies where you and your gamerbros go on a roadtrip to some epic lan and get gfs


they all look 10 years older than me


what movies does that happen in


remember always being scared of big kids but i never felt like a big kid when i was older


the documentary of my real life in an alternate world where i was born in the mid 80s


loved the mid 80s hima where we piled into nbs 1970 chevelle to go hang out at the local video store and play tabletop games


get anxiety watching these


File: 1631341757084.jpg (342.2 KB, 1450x770, d5758702b8c0370beb741652f3c52dde.jpg)

the himaturd


hes just like me


wonder if i could have been salvaged if i didnt live in the middle of nowhere resulting in my social life going from 1 to 0 immediately after graduation


probably would have had a life if i grew up in walking distance of anything but i was stuck in a mcmansion subdivision with no car


we all could have been salvaged in the world where the video store stayed open


you need a car in this country to do anything were the odd ones out for NOT only NOT being able to Drive but NOT knowing anyone besides mom that could


i was ill prepared for adulthood if only i could go back and give myself a quick 2 minute rundown things would have been very different


i was more prepared for adulthood then than i am now


think things would have been different if i got enough sleep as a teen


snoozed too hard on the bus one time and drooled all over myself with my head pushed against the back of the seat and a scene girl said it was cute


did you propose


you missed your chance and got the bad ending


yes shes sleeping beside of me


File: 1631342864060.jpg (549.57 KB, 1000x890, cdfa75569d49cd1e628da20691226bcd.jpg)


think things would have been different if any adult would have bothered to tell me what i was supposed to do after age 10 guess i was supposed to be going out smoking cigarettes and skullflipping girls in middle school but instead i just kept acting like a 4th grader forever


was cool as flip during my chuuni middle school years


we were supposed to actually do things with our lives so we would hardly remember school


i dont think thats true gran can remember way more about her schooltime than i can


schools back then were better and had less students


its 9/11 hima lets have a moment of silence


remember gaming it up hard in quake 3 on 9/11


NOT sorry that a bunch of nyc hotshots got splattered


made a joke about it a few weeks later in school and got sent to the office hehe


havent had many good memories to look back on as an adult


wouldnt mind taking a nice stroll in there


what about posting on hima


ive had some fun moments yucking it up on imageboards or gaming or even some when going outside but the other 99.98% of the time isnt fun


think i was born pilled couldnt understand why it was so important that 3000 norms died when at least as many die everyday from normal things also couldnt understand why i had to support the troops who had a 0.01% chance of getting hurt while blowing up hajis by the tens of thousands


just realized ive been posting on hima for 1/5 of my life


lets NOT think about that


most of my happiest internet moments were making other people miserable or angry


have too much empathy to enjoy that


sigh remembering when i tarded out a few weeks ago and defined empathy for mom as NOT wanting bad things you see happen to others to happen to you


alright now the bad flashbacks are coming time to end the memory lane hour


File: 1631345031396.webm (3.03 MB, 360x640, 1631288113957.webm)





dead hours


i was reading


what were your conclusions


that im paste


wish i was pasted


just finished delivering some cargo across america


just woke up hima hows it going hows everybody doing


great you can take over my shift im gonno snooze


uh youre NOT supposed to wake up right now were all going to bed


was winding down myself once this episode ended


please change your schedule to match mine i was considering streaming something in about half an hour after im done with my morning routine


uh why dont you change it to match ours


arrogant bogan


nobody likes a bogan


why NOT


sigh guess ill long shower do my reps and stay here by myself during dead hours then


someone has to hold down the fort in case raiders show up


dont worry im here for aNOTher 1 or 2 hours


goin to bed




manic phase status update im way worse than yesterday but maybe because its still early think ill get better in a couple of hours


it wont get better go to bed everyone else is


lets pull an all nighter together hell yea get in halo we forming a team


dont tell him that if he just got up he will end up lying awake in bed which is pretty much the worst possible thing to do


why did you get up so late anyway were you getting wasted during the threadraging


dreamed that i had gotten out of a train and was in milan and had no shirt on or shoes just shorts and a beer and everybody was looking at me like i was a bun sat somewhere and cracked it open while observing the tourists


nice sick cunt


simply my new schedule


the otamin has invited hima to attend a gala at his posh milan estate


the ota gala mamma mia





shower time make it extra hot


nah make it an ice cold darkshower


sweat smells like papa johns


File: 1631348507278.png (903.2 KB, 1277x717, bdba723e6308ee68ec795b941de237c7.png)

why does stuff like this turn on teen fujos


the rest of us are gross apes with pizza sweat


snoozing for real this time


do NOT know and will never understand


why dont you ask one


girls think males are like mischievous fairy creatures murder isnt really murder its just eccentric passion its the only way they can rationalize their attraction to roidraging chimpanzee potato chefs


need a vtuber avatar that looks like that or some character thats popular with fujos like the ice captain from bleach


thought girls liked kenpachi the most because he was strong and manly


kenpachis female fanbase has a member count of zero


that cant be



just read 科 as 料


gonno read your obituary after i put you 6feet in the dirt norm


hope mom doesnt give me a bitchuary


what did i do


File: 1631352903871.jpg (179.82 KB, 1054x1540, E-r-JAqVEAIDPDf.jpg)


wrong place wrong time NOThin personal kid


dont remember the last time i had an erection


is freak here


only get fake bones


is that random bones for no reason



uh random would be real ones


so theyre forced bones after looking at smutpic and fondling ok


File: 1631355577267.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, [SSA] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S2 - 10….png)


why are japs obsessed with giving every single one of their character a hair color thats NOT black


made some burgs and ate them


thats a dragon and an american theyre NOT japs


stop watching that shite and watch some manime instead




any manime this season


why does the american look european


File: 1631356921191.gif (447.89 KB, 225x225, 1534726903458.gif)


spraying liquid shite all over the back of the toilet bowl hima at least this ones NOT a clogger


stay hydrated


had to shower after that one




im only clicking one of those so which ones it gonno be


made coffee







maybe i should become a chess vtuber


too tard for chess at least i can understand the rules unlike mahjong


chess is infinitely harder than jong


File: 1631360332349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1380x1410, 92670168_p0.jpg)


too tard for chess too cant break 1800 on lichess


dont know if thats good or bad NOT a chessnorm


why dont you try being good at something at least once



sigh you didnt have to put it like that




sexy nurse


sexy babies


pikamee is getting new coworkers


nice new ugly monsters


ebosi monoe is cute



File: 1631361459841.jpg (525.5 KB, 860x1200, 92671609_p0.jpg)


wonder if theres a single jap that scapes




woah hima hey NOT a single drop of the blog last night and still woke up with a hangover


its still in your system


they ruined lamy with glasses


then its NOT a hangover


shut it teen


cant see nenes boobs dont like this outfit


had a dream mom asked to borrow my phone after she gave it back tried to figure out what she did


groan all of the new holo outfits in the past year have been downgrades


File: 1631363958581.png (578.84 KB, 988x583, cap.png)


gonno ffee ground some beans



File: 1631364194955.webm (1.77 MB, 512x512, 1614816801963.webm)




got some kewpie never had it before made some tuna mayo yesterday damn good but still can NOT make onigiri that doesnt fall apart


is that from a nice ringfit stream




File: 1631364621369.png (581.98 KB, 985x581, la.png)


uh why is there a man in voms


you know


whys she born on 9/11


she hates america


shes pasted


uncles birthday is nine eleven


washed my skillet last night so this morning did NOT have to clean just jumped right in to cooking eggs


get in here


please make an habit out of this


the egg chef


being arrogant and watching two vids in 1080p60fps at the same time


its 2021 youre supposed to watch in 4k


havent had morning eggs in quite some time


only my tv is 4k


4k normv what the flip that for sticking on espn as you watch your tubers


had a lot of fun watching crt tv back in the 90s why does it need to be 4k


had to get rid of my crt when the high pitched whining got out of control still miss it


loved the tv whine maybe i should get a crt from the junk store



cant find old crts these days goodwill doesnt even accept them anymore flipside almost impossible to legally get rid of them its like cities want you to dump


junk store 5 blocks from me had lots of crts when i was there a year ago for new clothes


thats what electronic waste companies are for you just take it there


do see them on sidewalks every now and then but NOT taking the effort to somehow lug one of those back only to find out its been outside in the rain for weeks already and have to get rid of it already


wish i lived by a junk store need to start a nice hoarding hobby


was an early adopter of lcd in 2002


start hoarding some moneyyYyyYYyy


uh yeah simply hoard money as we enter a period of high inflation itll be safe under your mattress


die teen


love hoarding money like a dragon


how am i teen


hope youre buying some nice metals and NOT some normcoin


any stock tips


buy nokia


ya vanguard etfs spy etc buying stocks is a fools errand


investing in anime figures


File: 1631368013878.jpg (63.6 KB, 501x609, nokia.jpg)


dad told me to buy vanguard stocks too


wonder if mom cashed out our old beanie babies


File: 1631368173895.jpg (4.66 MB, 2480x3619, 88041727_p0.jpg)




the reverseimagesearcher


hima when are we going to japan to jbw


never im scared of planes


clear from the image its NOT jap but didnt look chink either had to look to see


simply get some sleeping medicine and sleep the entire way there or we could buy a boat and sail the pacific


like this video the guy seems tard


never had real snoozepills in shows theres those scenes where theyre snuck into someone drink and a bit later they zonk out always wondered what that feels like havent been so tired i passed out since i was a little kid even at my most tired can always stay awake a bit more just cant do anything so get bored and sleep



would appreciate if you dont respond to me with those videos


made 2pats


think ill make tortillas then make quesadillas maybe a burrito


nice mexican guy



wish shed talk with her sexy real voice instead of the tardvoice


thats reserved for her bf


the cicadas are at it again


leave pg out of this


how come kuzuha has 32k viewers playing poke and ars only has 3k


dont care


no one likes a sperg


isnt he one of the most popular in the world


first tortilla did NOT roll out thin enough


almost forgot to eat my pear this morning


sigh how come a tard neet like kuzuha can be a popular vtuber while i wither away and ldar


always thought a paring knife was a pearing knife


File: 1631375548389.png (2.55 MB, 2117x2150, 92676215_p0.png)


a knife for cutting pears


no knives only teeth


used the springtime of my youth to jo post on boards watch anime and game


must still be in the springtime of my youth


really feel like i should make something out of my life but dont know which direction to take


go down in history


would rather stay up NOT in history


NOT going down without a fight



love nenes new hair


joints ache


good ache or bad ache


pain is a powerful motivator


my pain has only motivated me to ldar


thinking of the timeline where pnig streams daily with a vtuber avatar made by coby


dont get why foids like kuzuha hes lame and yaoi/yuri eizou is lame unless its gen 5 holos



hes NOT popular because of foid viewers actually hes a regular gamer streamer like those on twitch


watched this video of a japanese girl trying to do anime voices


File: 1631377716630.mp3 (79.32 KB, ars.mp3)




sigh ars i love you


have some nice duckgirl mp3s but im phoneposting from bed


the phoneteen worshipper


gonno learn to walk like putin


love getting called a worshipper by mates that simped for a false himako for years


always walk fast because its more efficient then the norms bullied me for it


skipped normhours


what about my posts


consider them skipped




what about nenes new outfit


todays outfit is elastic shorts that are too big after losing weight they keep falling down also no shirt




File: 1631379028230.webm (3.96 MB, 1024x576, 1631296658199.webm)


gonno get fastfood


perma the skipper


its just perma perma perma with you lately




wouldnt be forced to skip if there werent so many norms


glad its starting to cool down so i can enjoy luxuries such as wearing pants


its over 32 had to close the windows and turn it on


File: 1631379964066.jpg (137.32 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kanojo mo Kanojo - 11 (720p) [06B….jpg)


things im good at blogging hard eating pizza and gaming hard


going to be pretty weird after the ritual in the mansion when we realized we were all isekaid as females except for nb




ill be like caenis refuse to be female


the ritual failed 2 years ago you have to move on


we learned from our mistakes


thats impossible and you know it



wonder if you can just walk up to some 40 year old woman and ask her for sex


you specifically cant


File: 1631380245024.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


File: 1631380251378.jpg (4.47 MB, 3990x3200, 790axezfvum71.jpg)


the leylines were depleted after the failure of 2019 and now were permanently stuck


remember being 20 and an older lady was nice to me and would talk to me all the time and showed me how clean the womens bathroom was and one day i looked down at her and she was standing right next time me staring into my eyes and flipping her hair around and i realized i was being groomed


ooog summer caenis oog summer da vinchi oog summer karma


how do they get away with it


wish botan or mio would groom me


File: 1631380788121.webm (11.2 MB, 640x360, 1586382621701.webm)


it was already posted as an embed in this same thread why did it need to be reposted as a webm




people were ooging and i havent posted it in 2 years


ok well then somebody else posted the same video as a youtube embed like 18 hours ago


that was me


some eighteen year old added mom on instagram yesterday said shes cute and if shes married


that was me


you bastard leave my mom alone


stop holding out on us with a mom like that


hate when mom makes her shitty meatloaf when i decide im getting fastfood now i have to sneak out the house or shell harrass me about why im NOT eating her shitty meatloaf


grandma and mom both had hysterectomies


seki whats the max webm size i can post without you banning me


eat both


prefer holohags to real hags


seki said hes coming today to delete all the files


but i like the 85 mb sheep mp4


File: 1631381873544.png (176.54 KB, 512x724, 320_Leonardo da Vinci Ruler_4.png)


where did this holo teen come from can someone tell me i swear to god this is getting old


cant believe seki would rather delete years of hima history than simply the thousands of spammed vtuber webms


File: 1631381974491.webm (284.39 KB, 1280x720, 1581894243444.webm)


thumbnails you can hear


the sheep is hima heritage


long overdue for an etnasperm


love raiding a board and spamming until i become protected heritage


NOThing raid


every hima treated equal


File: 1631382229531.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x1500, loli_excited_for_bajablast1.jpg)


hima has been in a constant state of raid for 6 years


its a siege


remembered some things that happened so long ago they might as well have happened to a different person


this time making ginger water NOT bothering to carbonate it last time turned out flat anyway and it was still fine its a beautiful color just need it to fully cool down so i can try it


unintentional result of using the jaw exerciser is actually having stronger jaws going to start chewing through doorframes


nice methhead


loved jawbreakers as a kid would get em between my molars and crunch them down


almost choked on a jawbreaker too scared to eat one since then


File: 1631383186214.mp3 (4.92 MB, 13 奪還.mp3)

norm assault on the mansion


File: 1631383226252.webm (154.57 KB, 960x540, 1583722130923.webm)


wheres the audio


that one never had sound


playing some apex


File: 1631383358812.jpg (223.07 KB, 900x1273, 1540862065063.jpg)



funny face gonno click


always thought there was far more time than there was because a year felt like a long time as a teen


NOT sure how i managed to do so much as a teen


barely did more than i do now my descent was more like falling off the first step rather than the top


was able to game and watch much more back then instead of just spending hours spacing out


thats just an occupational hazard


where do i claim my workers compensation


neeters comp


File: 1631384635412.jpg (148.25 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Shiroi Suna no Aquatope - 10 (720….jpg)


nice fish


would rather be a 90 iq toothless hick leaving 5 kids and my cousinwife behind after killing myself at 24 trying to reenact a wrestling stunt while drunk




any good files


no its just a virus again


just looked out the window big cloud of smoke is there a fire


File: 1631385454095.png (270.07 KB, 543x767, 1631359083031.png)

going to move to tube maiden


have we started the fire



File: 1631385496041.png (170.2 KB, 1236x212, hm.png)



opened door walked onto balcony to see theres no fire then a wasp flew into my room


nice too bad those are NOT worth anything anymore


tried playing amumu last night and went 0/9 sigh i suck hard at jungle


yeah was sad to see its at alchemy value


how can you fail with amumu jungle he has two charges of q now


hope mom got a 30 pack theres some things in my head that are going to need to be flooded away


whens the group therapy session


during the next haachama


its been going on for 6 years


walked outside perimeter check no fire anywhere picked up mail on the way the government sent me a letter about contact tracing data breach so my personal info may have been leaked



the hima crywalk


we need to strap up and get jacked before the stormtroopers start kicking in doors



guy asked me to flex my triceps and he pushed his phone up against it to gauge how deep it was then aNOTher guy asked about my transformation story


when do i get to be reborn as a precure


File: 1631386440573.jpg (182.25 KB, 1021x1341, Screenshot_20210911-145323.jpg)


how does that even work




File: 1631386668937.jpg (105.49 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku S….jpg)


wish i was low inhib enough to bring a sword everywhere


used to carry my sak everywhere


you mean sac


File: 1631387026885.jpg (248.13 KB, 919x1300, E_A0vjlVkAUnWOp.jpg)




thatll be us after we get jobs


File: 1631387222318.jpg (973.5 KB, 1399x959, f6adb3bcdfe187c91201d81a71c675aa.jpg)


loved hifumin still do but when rewatched learned to appreciate yun more



gingerwaters NOT so good guess ill ferment it after all


File: 1631387402878.webm (1.06 MB, 960x540, hifumi w.webm)


and yun webms


i mena any


crying for the two or three girls that have been lurking hima for years but are too shy to post


File: 1631387502513.png (344.75 KB, 1000x750, dc9ce7ab76da78c79253f84d2b476c71.png)


always liked hajime the most


File: 1631387586064.webm (4.54 MB, 1280x720, absorb neko.webm)


can see the moon in the middle of the day weird


wish to be absorbed


absorb a neet and


what if the moon crashed into the earth


aoba sigh



havent been listening to much music lately since too lazy to find the cables to plug in my external


ill shing a song and funny dance


looking forward to it



dead cousin had a drumset he played but think was never in a band


sigh terry


File: 1631389942802.gif (3.63 MB, 600x338, 1631383176012.gif)


had crepes at this stall by the river


im a crepe


just like me


damn good turkey sub


love taking a selfie for the himaboys


went for a 25 mile Drive was too much of a mumbling manbaby to ask mom for the 30 pack or go in to get it myself in case they asked me for my expired learners permit after she mentioned that she thought that was why i didnt go in on my own so i just said whatever and she got me a 12 pack


backup psu arrived as well


good 30 is way too much for one person


made milk tea but its NOT as good without honey


gonno summon da vinci lily for the purpose of sexual intercourse


File: 1631393049152.jpg (949.44 KB, 1157x1637, 91976602_p0.jpg)


used to order bubble milk tea from the thai place but did NOT like it as much after saw how they just dump powder and mix


hima we need to do something with our lives everything we have been through cant just simply amount to NOThing


this milk tea is just tea and milk also a bit of sugar theres no dumping


its my god given right as an american


uh do something do what


you mena your state given privilege


the state is supposed to work for me


society doesnt want me anyway if the norms were rational theyd pay me to stay out of their way


if the norms were rational theyd magdump us


theyd magdump themselves for NOT having listened to me sooner


dont mind bottle blogs but they cant be easily condensed to save space and i hate the sound of glass hitting glass with cans i just crush em and throw em in the garbage bag next to my chair then throw it out every few weeks


if pg doesnt post today im gonno freak out




uh what


he did




never crush the cans


File: 1631394526201.jpg (139.25 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riverside - 11 (720p) [….jpg)


money me money now


what do you suggest


wish i was strong enough to crush cans


why bother asking he already ignored me when i asked


think they used to be made out of steel


one ram stick died back to 8gb sigh


download some more


the 16gb of ram meme


old pc would sometimes have 8gig when i booted sometimes 4gig that lasted for a few years


opening a coffee shop in akiba our gimmick will be a fully gaijin staff to appeal to fujos


dont think fujos are interested in short 30 year old twig cels


what about tall 30 year old twig cels


lets see a pic first


gamer wrist is actin up


whys this norm whinging when he gets paid millions for playing games and being a manbabe


File: 1631395629797.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.16 KB, 500x800, jp school.jpg)


its never enough for norms


the jbw cafe huh guess ill be in the back doing dishes and putting whipped cream on confections


ill be the manager


seki will be the cashier


File: 1631396542402.jpg (91.05 KB, 1280x720, [Vivid-Taku] Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka - 01 [….jpg)


ate a container of yogurt then fell asleep in my chair and woke up bloated weird



nice amvlord


File: 1631397545323.jpg (443.21 KB, 827x1169, 410a8530b184c203a779e732fce08aad.jpg)




gonno lay down and prepare to snooze


looking forward to winter hope the world freezes over


why would that happen when this summer was hot as hell


let a man dream


rattling of my drives getting worse recently starting to rather irritate me


almost roused myself enough to do something semi productive but then remembered itd probably be simpler to just rope


having a nice nonsummerjo


chugged a fourth of that 12 pack and threw the ball for moms dog in the back yard saw a doe then moved some heavy stuff


guess ill crack too


just didnt want to be outside im saving the rest for later



should i get a m.2


NOT rich enough for an 8tera ssd


they were like 45 bucks for a 250gb a few months ago but i decided against it dont want to know what im missing


you mean nvme NOT m.2 m.2 is just the form factor


tomato tomato


theres no fixing this


havent had a homegrown tomato in well over a decade


more than me


wonder when ill stop being able to keep pushing it and actually fall to age each year is the strongest ive ever been


someone grows tomatoes near me


theres sata m.2 drives you dont want one of those you need a nvme m.2


moms making ground beef pastak


if youre talking strength you will keep progressing for at least 15 more years


gonno snooze



still havent hit the weights


File: 1631402110842.png (86.18 KB, 565x635, E-7ghLxXsAISexb.png)


wish i had a cave


File: 1631402343818.jpg (819.84 KB, 1000x1300, E_B8984UcAATh4T.jpg)


disgusting mini torpedoes


i wish that was me


why cant magic be real


it is real


love torpedoes


fantasy worlds are always more interesting than this one turning things around one might imagine a world to which this would be like a fantasy world would like to see what that world is like


love when mom makes dinner then lets it get cold while all she makes the worthless side dishes


never mastered the art of finishing all dishes at the same time


it will take every ounce of magic we can gather to pull off a ritual in this world


keep all of my dishes dirty wash one whenever its cooking time


always cook with the highest level of efficiency and sanitation


good the hima commune will need dedicated chefs


whos gonno be the dedicated dishwasher


i will be the designated taster


are you a supertaster


the hima mansion where we live off the land and make what money we need by loaning out our trained minks at places infested with rats


File: 1631403430273.jpg (893.17 KB, 2560x1440, 87549375_16.jpg)


sister would volunteer to do dishes but every time she just left them soaking for hours while binging tv and somebody else would have to finish them


need a good chemical castration ive had enough of this


paste sis


do they still castrate peds





theyre trying to pass a law that bans you from castrating your children


need to give my cock a trim


how about a law that keeps parents from mutilating their sons genitals


crazy how male genital mutilation is NOT only legal but encouraged and the norms dont even bat an eye


felt fat but i weighed myself and ive lost a pound


mom was starting to fire up a nice 911 rant after dinner but i slunk back to my cave


making a maze in my xiv house


just man up


crying for my himabros lost foreskins they dont even know the pleasures theyre missing out on


played a trivia multiple choice game with parents one question was how many people are circumcised asked parents what the jewish population was so could cheat it but then dad said you know youre circumcised too it blew my mind


why would that blow your mind
why is your dad talking about your penis


because it was a trivia game question and did NOT think of myself as being circumcized just thought was normal


sex organs



delete that


the guys who got circumcised later in life say having a foreskin isnt that great




paste twitchteen


could go for a nice twitch stream


woke up mornin there hima




feels weird seeing some kid ramble to himself for hours gaming as no one listens but i guess i did that a lot except with no rambling


do that sometimes except dont game


moms bf gave me the goals talk


hb got a stream with two girls playing mario kart


even from the thumbs they look vile would like to see the sort of person who supports these cammers




lets raid those bimbos


weeping for asmongold he has it so hard


was an evolutionary attempt to make a higher inhib version but at this level of inhib lifespan drops dramatically back to the drawing board


coke (zero) tastes funny hope i got the lucky cancercan



went to a nascar race once as a kid it was scary because most of the people going there only went so they could get really drunk on beer and yell


jahys ops fairly catchy gotten stuck in my head a couple times


need to make some money down at the tracks


bet it all on silence suzuka


the ed flipping sucks the op isnt great but its nowhere near as bad


dont even remember how the ed goes must NOT be memorable


i like the tardscreams in the ending


favorite ed song this season is magia record second favorite song is kageki shoujo


NOT watching magia record havent seen any screens either


File: 1631408738395.jpg (7.5 KB, 229x220, 1627257772715.jpg)


just realized most of why my life turned out bad is because i am lowborn


you need a transfusion of the blue blood


how a fecal transplant


so they can give black hair to the best ones


healthy shites lately




this couple walked outside my place 3 times in 1 hour man had black hair and beard woman had fluorescent orange and green hair they held hands the first 2 times


tell them to get a room


tried to get a pic but then they walked behind a car would have to run outside and chase them down with a camera thats too much


wish i was invited to a ffxiv maze house


File: 1631409504352.jpg (121.63 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! - 06 (720….jpg)


high school scary maze this girl was in the maze at the same time tried to impress her by yelling at the actors about how they could NOT scare me but she did NOT respond


sigh loved the big corn maze as a kid


went in a mummy haunted house at universal studios when i was a lad and started crying and had to leave through a side door


remember walking the scary trail with a girl and then later we played the toothpick carving game and then bobbed for goldfish with little paper paddles she was wearing a lovely kimono i bought her a little balloon with a rubber band on it


sigh i shouldve been born japanese


you wouldnt have been able to dedicate the last 14 years to jp and jp spinoffs


wonder if theres a brazilian hima




more interested in the chink hima


you would have spent the whole time doing exactly what you did in this timeline


im NOT interesting


its NOT too late


nah itd be different


if japanese then would have killed myself in 2011


File: 1631410382980.jpg (203.05 KB, 960x1571, 1631409849150.jpg)


cant believe that was over 10 years ago


invaders are here


go introduce yourself




need to invest in a minifridge for moments like these i wont be leaving this room for atleast two hours


you dont need a minifridge for two hours just get some ice


File: 1631410625961.png (750.69 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


no i need a minifridge its been a dream of mine to get one someday


miss the days before refrigeration


they used to have an ice man who would deliver the ice you had to put it in the cellar or whereever


need to be locked in the cellar


just flipping take me out of the freezer and puncture holes in me and toss me in the microwave for 4 minutes and serve


minifridges are acceptable in the mansion minifridges and microwaves all we need


used to daydream about being held captive by a lady was NOT a sexual thing mind was just a kid


miss when the milk man would drop off some milk and bread


rarely use the cancerbox these days only for heating milk melting butter


we cant afford the power bill for that many fridges


perma this raidteen already


we will supply them with power ourselves with a handcrafted nuclear reactor


you cant ban turts buddies


flip normtron and his neurotypical lifestyle


NOThing worse than a failed norm


having an umami dinner


smiled when i read that because i literally havent done anything today but watch foreign cartoons drink sleep and refresh imageboards


like literally bro


File: 1631411768326.webm (612.09 KB, 640x640, 1631388026550.webm)


i may game but im no gamer


want to play poe but i uninstalled it from the ps5



the cord


never liked in a game episodes


otaku drip


should i become muslim


would you like my imams contact info


File: 1631412723811.png (1010.14 KB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)

a gamer must game


its time to go back there you flipping raidteen


fell for the crossboarder meme


canNOT understand the mindset of people who do things just to annoy others


hated that bitch




sigh kagamin


tired as flip and its barely past 10


is it too late for caffeine


fell asleep and drooled on myself for most of an hour about two hours ago im just getting started


i saw that you looked cute




File: 1631413171290.jpg (123.05 KB, 403x324, 1404879975058.jpg)


did mom let you in all the windows are foiled up


no ive gotten pretty good at remote viewing i just hate when i check in on someone and find them jerking it


when is a cute girl gonno invite me for a drink and a flip


when you go outside


do go outside from time to time have to get supplies somehow


they want to make the delivery people open your doors and restock your shelves


never understood the go outside meme whats outside




woke up mornin


the norms are sick animals and i am the cure


if i didnt have a glowing rectangle in my room i may have gone on a rampage by now


youre high test


File: 1631413866512.mp4 (6.07 MB, 1539363680157.mp4)


sachiko tries so hard she did NOT deserve that


guess i wont start any of the new normime tonight


would watch the moonrise if it was coming up


the file deletion is complete everything above 3.65mb is gone


thanks for all your hard work


i just batch deleted a couple chunks of files until it got to around 50% i think deleting 2mb files would gone too far but i could have gotten it down to like 25% that way


crying its over


funny how everything ever posted on hima is still smaller than your average popular fps install


wheres the gdrive link


might get a madden game


File: 1631414925480.webm (2.99 MB, 222x400, horselet.webm)


have a few of those from when i was trying to get into the mind of the norms sports are just boring and gay as hell


google offers 5 tb for 25 dollars a month you can buy that at home for like 50 dollars


downloading a demo of the newest one


File: 1631415017614.png (12.43 KB, 1280x920, Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 22-49-23 404 Not Foun….png)



accidentally fell in love with aerith


never played a sports game in my life unless you count nascar 98


horsey want flip


hey is numbers guy here i need to talk to him


played madden 2007 in 2010 for a while because i got it for free




loved tecmo bowl


File: 1631415205604.webm (288.82 KB, 426x240, ok.webm)



met mog the moogle


ill be skipping those if you dont mind



the dog girl


NOT funny never was funny


had the gameboy tecmo bowl still have it but cant play it either the cartridge or the gbs broken


sigh 2006


no idea where any of my gameboy cartridges ended up as far as im aware the only two i still have are final fight zero and fire red


File: 1631415449442.mp4 (13.63 MB, shing a song.mp4)


sigh 2019


you cant just post a 13mb right after a purge thats too arrogant


its teen arrogance


especially since its stolen off gnfos