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its over buddy boyos


capsnorm thread ban



made a big ol pair of reubens with that corned beef


was impossible to install an up to date wangblows 7 on moms old laptop its basically useless might try to install linux and a virtual machine instead



mom uses freebsd


install gentoo


mindblowing when you eat or drink something and burp some of it up a hour later and it tastes the exact same


love a good burp





can read japanese because i know particles and kanji but i cant read kanji in japanese and i dont know how to fix it maybe furigana would help me learn over time


die japbrag


NOThing brag im at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to hima


watching walfas


you cant theyre our enemies



hate how they call the dead sea sea when its NOT even super big by lake standards


what the flip my brand new ssd already is at 700 gibibytes of writes raging hard at windows 10


do they make ssds that big now


mines at
Power On Hours Count2835Hours
Power Cycle Count581Power Cycles
Total Bytes Written:10.09 TB


dont think i have a single drive that isnt into years worth of uptime by now


deleting Windows.old hope NOThing goes wrong this time


sigh i keep reading actars articles hes so pasted https://actar.wordpress.com/2019/11/04/anime-is-subjective-heres-proof/


been picking at the corner of my mouth got a zit popped it and kept picking


dont know if theres anything to watch after finishing irumakun and date a live might have finally finished the last of the good anime


File: 1598847501927.png (222.01 KB, 434x327, 1598187495269.png)


nice tards posting in a raider thread


where am i supposed to post then



have the raider admin delete it


wish someone would download milky holmes and stream it


i can meet you halfway and stream akagi or ubw


no it has to be milky holmes


hope its the ubw movie


depending on how this virtual machine thing goes might do it on my main pc once win7 stops getting security updates


going to snooze now


these updates are taking forever


File: 1598850702066.jpg (762.05 KB, 2560x1648, Egt7w23U8AAriZz.jpg)

gotta love liam


found some cheetos


gonno roll


abby is a little bit off on greensleeves


pankeki kuro neko myan myan


hima cant sleep




did you jo


ya twice


hate the joing helps you sleep meme


NOT a meme norm


thats only if you dont already do it during the day


i rarely jo




why should i die for NOT being a female worshiping norm


i only jo to anime girls i love them


worshiping the female form


File: 1598859055770.jpg (87.12 KB, 855x1199, Egpoj6sUYAExe5n.jpg)


get on discord nb




dont even know what norms do all day or how they do it im exhausted just from sitting on my ass surfing the net and posting on hima


bet my sense of time is broken even as a teen i would get home from school fire up a game or the computer and next thing i knew it would be midnight never understood how people could study or play sports


i have to show you something


just show it to me here


i cant delete it from here


File: 1598862566045.jpg (35.38 KB, 640x479, 1598749251760.jpg)


hoes be like
im baby


File: 1598875335771.mp4 (3.97 MB, c.mp4)

sigh wish i lived in rural china


trust me you dont


File: 1598877975588.png (1.64 MB, 1418x1561, 1598874672809.png)

mindblowing that there are gamers out there who dont have an ssd


luckily my gaming laptop has one


ssds dont have space for wow


crying what a beautiful land and lifestyle


woke up gonno coffee up


love coffee


watching cham and coco


im in love with the coco


File: 1598883206124.jpg (182 KB, 1000x982, Egv9r6EU8AI-Fqp.jpg)


weird glob of sNOT on my toe



tardlaughing at the thought of women trying to play sports




women have made my life worse in every way


they created you


yeah that was the first pain they inflicted


playing sports is just like gaming watching sports is whats norm


playing sports and gaming is both norm



moms making me get a sperm count



oooooooooooog me game


fate zero event is up hima





theyre going to resort to using neets as test subjects


unironically dont see a problem with that
i dont understand the moral argument against human testing theres plenty of worthless blobs of shite who would gladly get paid for taking potentially hazardous vaccines all day


we must bring peace to kayneth


or medical testing in general just set aside the bottom 1% of the population for experimentation and maybe theyll end up with psychic powers or a huge cock


think you mean homeless people NOT neets
neets are too tender and easily hurt while the homeless are ready for anything


they already do that they just come after monkey testing


now you make me want to check my ssd


700gb is NOThing what are you whining about


thought worn out ssd fears were a thing of the past


File: 1598890890682.png (27.25 KB, 455x409, d.png)

oh no first ssd is dying


nooo NOT my foreign cartoon collection


neets are proto-hobos whose parents havent died yet



they last for petabytes before anything NOTiceable happens


nah every time i hear an interview with a homeless man he always says his dad kicked him out at 17 and he had to start working in the factory until he got hooked on meth

neets just end up as quiet old men working retail jobs


NOThing wrong with working retail it just doesnt pay well enough to live a normal life


what do you mean normal


gonno lotion jo



herman memer


when i got my first teen job at 21 there was an old man working there who road around on a bicycle and had his ancient mom pick him up in her car thats the fate of a neet who never started his real life


no thats the fate of a mom who never saved for retirement


was always too ugly to be accepted for a retail job ive always had to slave in the cel mines


well go get one now you have an excuse to keep your cel chin concealed


you cant afford to take care of a manbaby son on retirement




watching roa


its brand new and i didnt put anything on it thats unacceptable


love when a retail worker tells me to have a good day without even bothering to look at me


thought about this last night in bed and kept laughing


dont get it


i need to get a job i can fully dedicate myself to


1, soiled me blooms
2. shat a batch in me underhatch
3. liquid shit in jinnys armpits
4. shite soup for brkfst lunch and dinn dinn for jinny jinn jin

LMAO you cuckin gay gave drivin liscns to jinniturd this shithole LMFAOOOO


wheres the funny


got no positive emotional connection to 2013


got no flippin job man


have ptsd from the 2010s


isnt it still the 2010s feels like it


were on the precipice of the 20s


we are in the next decade and the difficulty went up



File: 1598894171479.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3264, 3pw4wudos8k51.jpg)

they got me cycling without a bicycle license hima its over


thought the higurashi priconne clone was a joke



so are you volunteering


whats a precipice


a cliff


why didnt you just say cliff


hate jews



mindblowing that schools rather show footage of two buildings tipping over rather than this


thankfully they dont show those lies to young americans


die freak


roas tarding out over minecraft cats


its also used to mean the edge of something


im on the precipice of roping


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%84ttestupa do they have something like this for cels




this powerade tastes like medicine yuck


would love to rope right now but if ive already given up on life and have resigned to do it eventually might as well wait and see how things play out


pasted chrome writing 15 gigibytes to my ssd in 3 hours browsing hima


pasted hima


each season of railgun has aired in a different decade


didnt know railgun was 30 years old


7 years took place between the last season and the current season remember being a kid and thinking 7 years felt like an eternity now it passes in the blink of an eye


get on discord nb liam wants to talk to you


File: 1598900253934.mp4 (2.23 MB, monky.mp4)


the norms won its time to stop thrashing and struggling


pnig was the canary in the coal mine even if you arent ped they want us all in chains and microchipped



he was our friend and we got him sent to prison


dont worry he will be let off the hook as soon as he rats on everyone here


glad i never fell for the ped meme


its NOT a mene its a way of life


donald trump donated $100 to roa


woke up and jod mom made stroganoff




wish i had a bud to go on rides with and talk about china on radio




File: 1598907490566.png (685.98 KB, 503x674, virg.png)


wish i could jo and then eat a nice mommeal


hope im like dante when i turn 30


im almost 29 already its over


its fine so long as you kept your virg



lost my virg to uncle


wonder if people on hima would have ended up on hima if they werent ugly



im NOT ugly


did mom tell you that


my ass was bolstered


uh oh looks like it finally happened


whats a good gun for a beginner


aloe talked shit about nijisanji she deserved all of it flip her


deserved what did they drop her


File: 1598911711736.jpg (501.41 KB, 1329x871, 1598487853548.jpg)


had to put hima in ramdisk but now i dont have enough ram to browse hima without worrying about the memory leak sigh


ram isnt real



she asked on twitter if being a singer is a good way to go out with ikemen and talked about chitose the fact that she got a 2 week timeout instead of being instantly dropped is insane


hayama marins sweaty stinky gamer kitty


File: 1598913014130.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.82 MB, 360x640, 1598854156352.webm)




ive been dogpilled


we need speed


oh aloe left hehe nice


crying for her


die norm


used to be able to cry on hima before the raiders arrived


mom bought a pizza


sigh had to wipe my computer and i think i accidentally wiped my other drive that was plugged in in a wild partition rage out


mom made a big pasta


havent done my yearly backup yet


just keep in mind every image you back up adds aNOTher ten years to your sentence in the state of arizona


File: 1598915470702.png (623.36 KB, 800x1200, 84073220_p0.png)


hardly slept last night i was literally awake every 45 minutes for about four and a half hours then the intervals started getting shorter gonno get drunk as shit off of only a few blogs i bet


using the rain theme


zero event is so good feels like im really part of it


just sucked me a fat one


is that a girl or boy


why do they need to be gendered


rewatching the latest paolo vid


kira kira hikaru


thats the alcoholism kicking in its over



same im having fun


meant to link to this post


cant wait for the final arc


hope nb is NOT an alcoholic he has a lot to live for



wonder if twigs ever get sick of this happening


only in china



File: 1598919142016.jpg (2.55 MB, 1613x2650, 1598917280729.jpg)


back in the day they didnt need high speed fiber optic broadband or 24gb gpus they could find all the enjoyment they need in a couple of sticks some fabric and a string


it was pasted but the norms ruined it all


File: 1598919591362.jpg (156.08 KB, 1000x1414, 76822530_p1.jpg)


love using my female form to tease the virgs in the mansion


you bastard


dont do that or theyll beg you to stay that way


wish i could ask pnig what its like to snap


already know that the wk programming in my brain would keep me from ever being able to snap only arrogant narcissists like pnig are capable of it


he doesnt know since they were asking for it


unmarried guy on youtube that has to be at least 45 used the word based


based is a real word



based on what


gonno baste my turkey


can see myself killing a foid long before snapping her


sigh uber eats guy left roas half price bento on the street and left hehe


thanks for the update


File: 1598921302110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.99 KB, 598x1024, __original_drawn_by_ubanis__1c0bd7caab0ec61ede….jpg)






remember to spoiler this is a sfw board






bland lightmetal


you wouldnt understand


uhh do you know who he is thats one of his rock albums


how come everybody freaks out about burn in these days when crts are incredibly susceptible to burn in and they fixed the issue with pixel shifting technology decades ago


never seen anyone freak out about burn in


i dont know who he is and im NOT curious just felt the need to denigrate


what the flip


im about to freak


fell for the covid meme


dont you have your screensave on to prevent burn in


burn in isnt even real on crts i used to just put a towel over mine instead of turning it off at night for some reason


File: 1598924145260.jpg (68.06 KB, 1280x720, 1598922834431.jpg)


he created black metal


cant wait for qled monitors


her coco voice is scary accurate


hate cocos voice


now that i dont have to look at spam all day i like holos


anyone else watching deca dence


paste holonseki


activated my simp gene


never simped whats it like


youve simped before if you have a ``waifu``


im a simp for madoka


a simp to the end



accidentally spermed


baste pika


feet compilation


got called based and had my avatar complimented


feel physically ill when i hear a japanese girl speak fluent english


thats because youre autorager


hate autoragers


was probably a deeply nationalistic nipponjin in my past life


i was a cute sexy lady in my past life


had a short burst of gamer rage


finally fixed it simply have hima page to your hard drive then you dont have to worry about the memory leak


shall soon shed this mortal coil



why are there so many english comments do they think she can understand them


norms dont think things through they just do whatever they feel like doing like drones


wish i was low inhib


simply take some alprazolam


my inhib is too powerful by the time i can subdue it enough with drugs or alcohol im stumbling around for balance




ordered my Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow with Kool-Flow Breathable Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Outer Fabric


im a bubbleboy


hope we get to have a good time adventuring after the great ropening wonder who will come across the desolate himasugi and read over the ancient rambling posts like an archaeologist perhaps theyll publish it into a book


room is full of cat dander and dust need antihistamines to stay alive


feeling a massive shite coming on hoo boy been a while since ive felt one this big


might drop a log meself


think i can logmog everyone on hima




same was born with the passive skill absolute inhib EX (Increases own debuff resistance by 18%)


watching the fish anime


cant tell the difference between this and collabing vtubers


it goes well with D- clairvoyance



raging at that podcast


so inhib that i spend several minutes walking up and down the aisle at the store trying to pick out what to buy


File: 1598927708302.png (632 B, 22x127, logmog.png)


love looking at the giant turd in the toilet and realizing i can accommodate a penis that size


that would be weird


File: 1598927883873.webm (Spoiler Image, 193.6 KB, 46x100, 1592810044196.webm)




File: 1598927959956.jpg (141.08 KB, 1920x1080, Ef_ba9uUEAA3M5f.jpg)


have a wide bhole from all the big shites i take


you were born to be a powerbottom


File: 1598928330152.jpg (335.21 KB, 847x1200, __angelan_virtual_on_drawn_by_musen_shiki_sanh….jpg)



mom bought blizzards






are locksmiths real or is that just something some one made up as a joke like waterstores



wonder what being a teen during the 90s was like


mom was in her early 20s during the 90s so i was able to experience it all through her wed watch mtv all day together and then id play some tony hawk on my n64 same difference



can the streamguy please stream milky holmes


nah im streaming ed grimley first


do they still make western cartoons


grimley sucked hard


love a good chimpout the french are so romantic


did abe really resign or did he just say he was planning to resign


love public school


i can meet you halfway and stream tsukihime (2003)


File: 1598930926090.jpg (1.91 MB, 4096x2540, EgyokHxWsAMMlva.jpg)


cant believe ive been posting with a room full of chimps for years now





drank 8 blogs in front of mom and watched seinfeld gonno scroll through some threads and watch a video before snoozing


been holding in my piss for three hours


nice teenmom whats her number


flip off neetcel


willing to put my mom up for flip if someone returns the favor


been watching polka for 70 minutes when will she deal the flipping cards


gods flipping damn it all prime late hours approaching fast and i have NOThing to do i cant let this time go to waste


File: 1598932114284.jpg (23.03 KB, 750x551, EgsaNqmXgAgGDou.jpg)


apparently i really liked beavis and butthead as a baby but i dont remember any of these music videos just doing the ol cornholio and running around the house


hated when southpark got big and the norms wouldnt shut up about it


made south park style animations with powerpoint


im hot im big


they only got big after 911


have to renew my permit tomorrow


are they making you go to the dmv




only got high 80s sigh


die norm


you cant the norms will kill you in there


never parsed before


finished watching the fishe anime time for re norm


cant go to the dmv without remembering trying to get my permit and NOT being able to due to some bureaucracy crap and gran causing a scene in the crowded dmv and everyone looking


two caffeinewaters left


lied about my height when they asked me for it at the dmv


drink beanbroth instead


never realized jack nance was in that suicidal tendencies video always thought it was bill murrays brother


why are they going to kill me


the corona


told them to flip off when they asked if i want to be an organ donor dont want the ambulance being called because i sprained my ankle and have them go ahead and finish the job so they can harvest my quality organs to give to rich norms


should ask about changing my organ donor status but im too much of a pmb


gonno wait til my organs are failing to sign on to be an organ donor get flipped norms hehe


its okay theyre only allowing one person in at a time i made this appointment five and a half weeks ago


do you guys think nb will ever come back to discord


nb is fucking dead


think the persona cabal will ever go back to steam


need a nice space documentary any recs



sigh he loved going into irc and telling everyone he was the hima admin and giving them the links to his secret boards


oh you said space thought it was spice



groan its september again that means its been officially about 5 years since hima was good


File: 1598934269622.webm (1.49 MB, 1280x720, emergency room.webm)


no im NOT



took a bath with a cbd bath bomb


will you come to discord for 2 minutes then ill leave you alone forever


cant watch cham because of her mic gating


have never forgiven neetblog after he gave my gf the goofballs


no you wont


got the ok hand banner


yes i will i promise


NOT a norm but wish i could do something cool like do shrooms


die norm


big bro playing fortnite again


big bro playing fortnite again


norm hours


too much of a pmb to talk to the organ donor people on the phone


ask mom to do it


how is that cool seems like a fast track to getting the ol 5150 you shouldnt mess with anything but alcohol pot or amphetamines


if i was a norm id actually do shrooms NOT stare at the glowing rectangle in the middle of the night wishing i could do them


pharma grade opioids are fine too some of the best neet nights of my life have been on percocet or vicodin magic mushrooms dont sound enjoyable at all


get on discord nb ill leave hima alone forever if you do


done psychedelics its NOT that great norms think its transcendent but it really just makes your brain malfunction and it gets old after youve done it a few times


i just want to show you something real fast


go ahead and post it here


File: 1598937557766.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.82 MB, 9999x5943, 1597283931093.jpg)

ok here it is


no i cant delete it from here


can i connect the cpu inlet to the connections on the psu that are labeled peripherals


whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does NOT become a monster


love the orbonne raid


get on discord nb i will leave hima alone if you come on i just want to show you something




NOT until nb gets on


you told me you would kill yourself last time why did you lie


went to the store got pasta supplies and wine




nb told me only real men eat steak and drink whiskey thats all ive ate and drank for the past 10 months


what if the norm at the dmv reacts negatively when i tell them i want to change my donor status


ask if hed like to donate his organs right here and now


File: 1598941761504.jpg (90.68 KB, 908x1000, 1481974982650.jpg)


what was that for



was going to watch space docos ended up watching stuff about aliens now im scared to walk down the dark hallway to the bathroom sigh



sigh robert stack


made puttanesca


dont like the manvoices in the crowd


thats you idiot


it isnt



what game is that looks epic




File: 1598959124491.png (Spoiler Image, 2.61 MB, 2160x2751, ccaf96fe0bebf1e8ab4acafcb02ae04f.png)


uh oh ponebone


hate when i wake up



english chatbox on screen dont click



used to stay up late as a lad watching this and whenever that theme would play i would scare myself by imagining aliens looking in at me through the windows


ate 4egg and drinking a big coffee



File: 1598969408617.jpg (116.85 KB, 405x561, 1573099622086.jpg)



thats what happens when you dont chew your food


chicken nuggets and fries for breakfast



nice vore beetle


woke up lots of stuff going on at work its gonno be a long day


paste wagie


wish to be vored by a sexy lady


been pooping a lot more ever since mom gave me a phone so i could browse hima on the toilet


nice dante champ


league of norms


nice tard outfit


wish i had pajamas like that



sigh he loved being a predator approaching teen girls


they approached him


sexy white mage ars


how the flip did anyone hear youre affecting our business as its a fucking youre a business


NOT a ped but sometimes i want to talk to kids theyre stupid as shit


manic ranted to mom for two hours had too much coffee


chrome is revving up the disk writes


simply install the great suspender


simply start being an avoidant schizoid and stop looking at disk writes


File: 1598981316812.jpg (88.66 KB, 595x842, 75570682_p0.jpg)


when are you going to give me some grandchildren


wish to flip a sexy lady anus


thats no different than flipping manass


bored of flipping


might watch boob girl its a 夏祭り flashback episode



ban the chromeguy


found out recently that chrome has a setting to render all pages in night mode without an addon maybe hes just a darklurker


die leaker


uhh dont use chrome but here let me use this browser thats chrome under the hood with a different coat of paint on it


hate when companies require chrome its the equivalent of being forced to show your genitals before being able to use a companies service my privacy my right



thought of using iridium but they probably want chrome and only chrome


im already using that


got into the same typeracer as quin


so whats the problem it doesnt phone home and websites dont see it differently than regular chromium


NOThing but it doesnt satisfy chromerager


whats wrong with just using chrome for that one thing


hima runs best on opera gx


cant think of a single site that requires chrome whatever youre using it for probably has your identity anyway


File: 1598984355281.jpg (442.71 KB, 992x1403, Eg1u2cmVoAAi1h5.jpg)


sigh pnig


theyre announcing the new poe expansion soon


path of norms


you will need to download and install Chrome. You must use a computer or laptop (Windows or Mac) with a working web cam and microphone
why do they hate freedom


shut up retard


pasted joker


thats chrome


every browser is either chromium or firefox reskin


at the very least they will use the chrome pre load code just because its incredibly efficient


get owned work/schoolnorm smile for the cameras


they need to know which students are cel so they can alert security and put you on a watchlist


just drop out and dont tell mom check to see how many days you have to get a full refund


are you just going to keep running away


File: 1598987891144-0.png (103.44 KB, 564x240, VerifyOptions.png)

File: 1598987891144-1.png (117.25 KB, 528x317, RecordingOptions.png)

File: 1598987891144-2.png (214.31 KB, 579x355, LockdownOptions.png)

this is an acceptable reason to run away i read about the software i think hes referring to on g hes going to be treated like a parolee


they might as well give up you arent going to stop kids from cheating



neetblogs sex tape has been leaked


post it


optimized my rotation


it also fills up a suspicious activity probability meter based on how many times you look away from the screen or move your head or get out of your chair norms see NOThing wrong with any of this


simply dont cheat


die anti freedom go back to china


what if i tilt my monitor and look at the second monitor behind it


seems like just placing your normphone or NOTebook right next to or behind your monitor fixes the issue whats the point


love talking about my homework on himasugi dot blog


had a nightmare


the company makes insane amounts of money and control freak teachernorms get to impose their power fantasies on people remotely


i dont doubt it at all they have an army of snake programmers begging for work so you know theyre going to implement the most fascist brain control shite possible


its too hardcore for hima


wonder what compels someone to become a teacher why would anyone want to go back to high school


theyre too dumb to get a real job in their field so they teach


its easy low stress work and is pretty much the only way you can get a job in something like history


about time to go to the dmv


cant wait to chicken out of roping and get forced to work a minimum wage job where my face and body language is constantly recorded and anaylzed for non productivity


gonno become a high school jan


i gotta go tomorrow sigh


im going as soon as mom gets home


no way i could be a high school janny id be ooging out and jerking it all day


most girls at the high school werent attractive enough to force me into an immediate jo and that was at the peak of the spandex pants trend dont know how they dress now but its probably so over the top that it repulses you after a week


they all wear joga pants


meant yoga but thats funnier


woke up knees feel especially weak today


never mind mom must have forgot now i have to wait aNOTher month to get my permit renewed


but i guess this is actually a good thing if mom makes even the slightest mention of ynaj in the next six weeks i can bring this up


gonno become eikawa


nice glass half full guy




bought a 360hz monitor




my eyes deserve it


smooth scrolling


your eyes cant tell a difference between 144hz and 360hz


ate three hamburger steaks then someone gave me a couple of beef soft tacos then mom came home and gave me a triple too much low quality ground beef today feel gross


just realized none of vargs kids are going to have friends


why wouldnt they




File: 1598993480086.png (24.66 KB, 312x135, c417879348c196dadd8b763d64b703be.png)


was homeschooled for two years and made friends i gamed with on xbl and steam for years afterwards vargs kids will probably be fine theyll just meet other weirdos


pretty sure his oldest son has no friends yet and hes like 10 hes going to isolate all of them assuming any kids in his vicinity were raised by degenerate parents


friendship doesnt exist anymore outside of anime


vargs kids cant play video games


thought varg loved gaming and letting his kids use the internet unsupervised for 8 hours a day


think i remember they get an hour on the computer each day or something


send them a hima invite


mom only allowed 30 minutes and expected me to honor it while she was gone then completely gave up when i got older


takes me 30 minutes to type in a url


mom was a single mother so there was never a restriction on gametime or tvtime or computertime or bedtime or even grades


then it was your choice to rot your brain you could have picked up a book or played in the yard


my new swiss pure merino socks have a tear in it


no one taught me thats what youre supposed to do


playing in the yard stopped being fun once playing with jurassic park toys stopped being fun


hate the jurassic park guy


wanted to be a dinosaur when i grew up


reek like sperm gonno shower


only one in my support list using suit and cigarette waver


wish i was cool enough for a suit and cig


its moms responsibility to guide me away from ooging out on videogames or the computer all day


with as bad of a mom as mom was its surprising i didnt end up even worse than i did


File: 1598996073415-0.jpg (178.13 KB, 2048x1144, NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3080.jpg)

File: 1598996073415-1.jpg (75.44 KB, 1146x636, NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3070.jpg)

dont know if rdna2 can defeat them theyre simply too powerful


what the flip that price


maybe theyre scared


holy flip the ebay prices on the 2080ti almost halved from the last time i checked a few days ago



thats a skip


same price as the 2080 and 2070 msrp


and the 2080 was released when






its gonno be over for novideo once rdna2 comes out


maybe amds gonno reveal zen 3 at the same time


File: 1598997741716.png (232.13 KB, 635x3245, Screenshot_2020-09-01 r hardwareswap.png)


suckers hehe no ones gonno buy those


what happened to gut rot guy


his portal vein exploded and he bled out


norms deserve to die




did it get on your monitor


moms making stuffed shells


live by my own laws which is the epitome of kingship


nice sovereign citizen


need to get stuffed


mom took me down to the dmv and talked to the person about being late and i was able to get my permit renewed had to wait a little over an hour and then afterwards i was trying to explain the organ donor thing to mom


you opted out right


moms wont understand NOT wanting to give away your organs


yes i was a donor but i changed it to no


NOT like youre gonno have anyone the organ selling money behind to


what you said


mom hates when i schizo mumble at the dmv about how the wealthy elite are harvesting my organs


hope you said you were 6'1 to the dmv lady


said 5'10 when i first got my permit when i was a teen didnt change it even though i know im only 5'8 at most


emergency expedition was a success got some good docs and chocmilk


also moms making tacos


nice sugar adventurer


uh what the hell since when do i have to opt out of norms stealing my organs


raging at the thought of my organs supporting the life of some norm


would only donate my organs if i can make demand that they NOT be inserted into any nonwhites


never even considered my organs being harvested ill have to opt out before the ritual


what if your organs are inserted into a sexy lady


i dont think organs are cross race compatible


my organs are too big to fit in a child


File: 1599003002036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4 MB, 4032x3024, 5EFCA1EF-8243-4EF6-9C70-43AF299C2F42.jpeg)

rate my za


love fake granite


NOT degreased and NOT pizzazed


you have to opt in in america or at least in my state
i said yes when i was a dumb teen and had to change it


mom made burgs




mom made turkey meatloaf


raged at mom dont want to eat the meatloaf with her


weird how if i roped today norms would be selling my kidneys to the highest bidder


mom told me to cut my nails so i did it


hope you did it outside in the pubeshave spot


spotted an invader outside talking to mom


unless you called 911 and told them you were going to rope they wouldnt get to your body in time


sigh sally amaki is a queen i would do anything for her


File: 1599005692741.png (11.9 KB, 817x90, Capture.PNG)


women are bloodsucking demons yes yes we know


hate that im still deciding on the kind of personality i want to have


i would permaban you right now if i could


whats wrong with supporting tacos memes and homosexual right


weird how she still looks native japanese youd think decades of speaking english would shape her mouth in a certain way


there is a very short window of time they can harvest them
thats why putting yourself down as an organ donor is dangerous if the doctors think youre NOT going to make it theyll give up on you right then so they can collect your delicious offal and sell them to millionaire kikes

the same kikes that already have your foreskin


dont care if theyre giving up or NOT if theyre selling it or NOT and to whom just dont want a norm thriving with my help


getting a bone imagining my body parts being permanently inside a sexy teengirl


she wont be a young girl permanently


why would they want my foreskin its useless


she will with my incells infecting her




wish i could take over a foids body and live life on easy mode


is that so what would you be your first step


any usamin


i would post pics on hima and be like check it out i took over this dumb foids body


same reason jews drink the blood afterwards




dont click english speaker english chat


english dont click


File: 1599008845049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.87 KB, 464x469, EbPu0PxWAAAmHVq.jpg)


sc2 perma


cant believe all the teentubers were scv all along


nobody on hima even watches these screeching whores we just pretend to because its funny


i only watch tsukino mito


File: 1599009115512.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.8 KB, 1280x720, 1.jpg)


should i give ffxiv aNOTher try


scared of the quiet loners


weird how i can open the fridge and food is always there wonder where it all comes from


you wouldnt be scared of me if you saw me i only talk tough on hima




the talkers arent the scary ones


anyone tanking


nanos seiyuu is so cute sigh


she looks like someone that id instantly swipe left on tinder


hate tinderblogs arrogance


guy moved in across the hall has tardvoice and calls his mom for 3 hours a day



thats me sorry


used to do that


die norm i would marry her i love her


you better be white


cant even fall for the tricks of japanese women anymore the retarded babytalk and infantile mannerisms just make me want to pummel them into a paste


die die die shes cute


gonno jo to this


File: 1599010949048.webm (Spoiler Image, 11.2 MB, 640x360, gonno jo.webm)


11 mb ban


File: 1599011155502.webm (Spoiler Image, 9.65 MB, 640x360, 1592194842257.webm)


wore socks all day today tops of my feet are itchy as hell


you should be wearing socks all the time youre torturing your nerves feeling everything you walk on


my feet are nowhere near calloused enough because i only walk on wood tile or carpet i should replace the carpet in my room with gravel


the delicate pampered feet of a neet


never wear socks because of this reason





woke up gamin


hate when im minding my own business and the void starts trying to drag me in again


anime time



watched majinobama fight the dark souls gargoyles for 6 hours


nice vargcat


File: 1599014024287.mp3 (4.37 MB, 16. 石川淳 - ホロビタスター.mp3)



File: 1599014827645.png (5.71 KB, 346x106, sigh.PNG)


this cant be happening


looked that up just a few days ago but didnt post about it


stop trying to steal my thunder


maybe you shouldnt have copied me


If the parties agree in a marital agreement incorporated by court order, however, that there can be spousal support modification, then the court does NOT have the power to modify support. See Va. Code Ann. § 20-109(C). This means that if a party agrees to pay support for 10 years and that the obligation is unmodifiable, then he or she is obligated to pay that support for 10 years, no matter what happens. If he or she is making $500,000 per year when the agreements is made, and subsequently loses his or her job and canNOT find any job other than a fry cook at McDonald’s, he or she is still out of luck and support will NOT be modifiable. The rule also means that if a party agrees to waive his or her right for support and agrees that the waiver is unmodifiable, then the court does NOT have the power to award him or her support.

hope no one here ever gets married under their legal name


havent even had my first gf yet might be getting married when im in my 50s



love going to jail for refusing to pay some foid half my salary just because she lived with me for a year


simply take the case to the state supreme court simple as that


it tends to fall apart in practice because the only alternative they have is to send you to jail and then they get no money instead of part of it so very few cases reach that point


how are they gonno make me pay if i have no assets available to creditors and if i flee the country


im sure your nanomachines will incapacitate you long before you get to a state line



File: 1599016942881.webm (433.12 KB, 490x558, 1595457842646.webm)


i like her shark teeth


english speaking whore


dont think ive seen a single one of these camgirls that doesnt have a chat full of eops


you have to watch the good ones


i dont have the cognitive dissonance required to watch any of them i hope they lose their worshipers and their money and die in the gutter like they deserve


they will live long lives


you are a bitter and spiteful individual




Autism likely


need to get a haircut


too much time has passed dont know if ill ever be able to get one again


hate when that happens


no reason to get a haircut until the spring or summer anyway its going to be cold in about 45 days


youre supposed to be cutting your own hair in 2020 norm


even if mom has to make the appointments for me the male bonding with the barber is vitally important for a shut in


told the barber about my tmux configuration


that would probably raise his opinion of me


took my dog to the park a bunch of teengirls came over and patted and told me how much they love my dog i gave them a thumbs up


went to the park with mom and the dog a few years ago got some dirty looks for drinking a blog and throwing the can in the bushes afterwards from some norms


ordered a case of blogs


thought about cracking a corona and lime but should probably snooze


wonder what alcoholism is like dont think ill get there anytime soon because i have no job and no money


alcohol is NOT that exciting cant imagine being addicted to it


its great


File: 1599021305888.png (262.63 KB, 680x680, its great.png)


i mean real deal withdrawal type shite cracking every day is normal for virile young studs like ourselves


why didnt you throw it in a trash can


the natural ice clouded my judgement


you were displaying your high testosterone


i got mogged by the boomers drinking glass bottle ipas out of a cooler at the picnic tables




this was my only exposure to the sopranos as a kid


File: 1599023011967.jpg (112.67 KB, 1280x720, maxressoy.jpg)



i got owned hard i just built my pc linus said to press f for me nb


why have you insisted on ruining my neet nights for at least a week now can you fuck off you god damned retarded faggot


im talking to nb NOT you mind your own God damned business before I kick your teeth in


maybe that is nb




cooked a can of chicken noodle and a grilled cheese gonno watch some vids and snooze



sega might be putting marine in their new game make it stop hima


good thing i dont play new games


File: 1599026497186.png (575.21 KB, 512x874, 1592875693482.png)


drinkin some blogs and gaming


no nb doesn't refer to his nights as neet nights


love kasumi from bang dream kira kira doki doki


boiled three eggs


boil up aNOTher three


i eat six eggs every day


woke up remembered mom woke me up a few hours ago and asked me if she could borrow $100 shes gonno pay me back on tomorrow


i cant eat more than three eggs are unhealthy


nice neetmom mooching off her son to buy booze and scratchers


NOThin booze but shes lucky i had any still have the money she gave me for my birthday havent spent a dime this year


gave mom five or so years worth of accumulated holiday money to help her pay the mortgage once


she gave you the honor of being born she deserves more than that


ive never had a job


File: 1599029757871.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1500x1062, EgEypLcU8AEUKRs.jpeg)


prime hours and NOThing to do again need some nice space docs to watch


might take a little snoozey



get the fuck out of my bed cunt and dont come back until you towel off that sweat


gonno watch


havent changed my sheets in months


sigh need to catch up on boruto




why cant the norms understand i just want to eat snacks and drink beer and browse the internet all day why is that NOT a valid career choice


sigh life on mars was discovered years ago but normans try to keep the knowledge to themselves dont see why they try so hard


feel bad when i get commendations after dying multiple times


nice pity comm


if i had a button that killed all niggers i would push it


woke up from my nap made some pasta gonno eat and drink some blogs


ordered chinese


hate niggers hate coons hate blacks hate africa monkeys





was thinking about pipe storage the other day



almost fell for this but had my 6egg cholesterol tested and its fine


turns out you can eat 6 eggs per week and be just fine


i was eating at least 4 eggs daily for a month before the test


love how norms think children cant make their own decisions when it comes to flipping but they can make their own decisions when it comes to slicing their penis off and sterilizing themselves with hormone blockers


love seeing females fall for the meme and go from living life on easy mode to becoming a freakish 5'6" doomcel


nice bigot


mom said im cringe



called gran fat because she ate my salad that ive been looking forward to all night
just die already you obese blight


you cant talk about gran like that


she literally weighs more than me ill take about her however i want




had no choice but to become a street performer after mom died and the landlord kicked me out


whats your main act


i can roll my tongue and touch my elbows together behind my back


what kind of "man" eats salad


it was a good looking salad topped with ham and cheese and nuts and berries





im a cat that loves to snooze


File: 1599060152751.png (2.84 MB, 1052x1274, 1599059823838.png)

crack a chang with your gf


weird porcelain face dont click


the fgo people animated riamu



sigh henri


hey hima woke up showered showerjod brushed me tooth had a coffee now im watching a vtuber stream


uzaki chan wants to hang out


is it noel botw


no its roa fall guy


hate norm guy


chang is flippin terrible youd have to pay me to drink that shite


File: 1599062633470.jpeg (361.81 KB, 766x1024, e83f8303b274315a7b257f257b543921.jpeg)


hate bananas theyre gross


whats to hate


the texture and the flavour


havent eaten a banana or anything that contains banana since 1994


love eating phallic objects


you have to eat them before the bananadine levels peak and they get spots


no no no youre supposed to let them ripen before you eat them


thats disgusting


File: 1599063691958.jpeg (399.55 KB, 766x1024, d748bd17c2cf76058c1cd8933238019f.jpeg)


thats NOT how you eat a banana little lady


is that the girl from gochiusa


its the hotel girl


yuyu is streaming



File: 1599067223022.png (940.67 KB, 1233x1008, 1599063259428.png)


paste norms paste foids


how do you snap a man


gonno eat some coughdrops



come here and let me show you


protected my manass successfully for three decades NOT about to give up now


how do you know you werent snapped in the night


nasa in hebrew means to deceive


ranted to mom for probably 4 hours she said seeing the way i turned out hurts her


what did you pill her on today


couple of things i guess tried to explain to her that no single choice or decision she made was the cause ive just always been like this and it got worse over time also that she grew up in a different era and even someone with the same mild mental illnesses i most likely have would have almost certainly stumbled into friendships and relationships and jobs without needing to force themselves to


did you tell her about single mother syndrome


youre supposed to mumble those things to the potatochef NOT mom



gonno eat tacos


mom and hima are my thepotato chefs other than the social stigma i dont really see how my life is any more depressing than if i had a cousin or an uncle help get me a job hanging drywall or something when i was 16 i would still be a loner and if i actually do have something wrong with my brain it would have kicked in in my late teens or early twenties in that scenario as well


File: 1599072369312.jpg (114.3 KB, 1280x720, 1586152522756.jpg)




next meme


what could possibly be wrong with your brain you probably just have a personality disorder



NOT sure where youve been but personality disorders are considered brain defects for a man if they dont result in success


theyre from nuture NOT nature so theres NOT necessarily anything genetically wrong with you and you can fix it so stop whining about it


mom had me when she was 35 so im NOT sure part of it isnt genetic but ill use the more accurate term mental disorder


then it would be a developmental disorder


doubt i have one of those


still dont know what salting and hashing is


File: 1599076639142.jpg (689.28 KB, 1254x1770, __alicia_renato_original_drawn_by_nakatama_kyo….jpg)


phew milky milky


nice chris of grinding plaintext games


whats a good technorm channel besides linus




linus is NOT a technorm hes an advertiser of disposable income consumer garbage


whos a real technorm then


gamernexus guy


right mouse button wasnt working started to panic but scsnapped out some dead skin and it works again


woke up with a morning bone mom made leftovers




jo that bone


half jod gonno save it for later



dont care about that norms opinion wheres ross vid


why do these people NOT just play the original game instead of buying remakes


the remake has more polygons


big bro might go too jail he wont stop harrassing his soon to be exwife hes been told a million times NOT to talk to her and leave her alone but he starts drinking and just goes off mom is heading to his house right now


good that norm deserves it


he might be a norm but he does NOT deserve it hes my bro i love him but his drinking problem is far too out of hand he will either drink himself to death or rot in jail i cant do anything to help him


interpretatio cessat in claris


loved the episode where the hotel girl got visited by those airsoft freaks


he probably wouldnt spend that much time in jail and it takes a long time to drink yourself to death


wish i was dumb enough to have a problem with a simple ethyl group bound to a hydroxide anion


wonder how shoenice is still alive


takes a lot to kill a man


moms gonno get ice cream




mom bought ice cream at least three weeks ago and said i could have it have zero interest in eating it


love when i get a white mage in the party who fell for the cure 1 freecure meme


white mages are probably girls so simply bully them for it


nah theyre all agps girls play summoners



File: 1599083044403.png (2.45 MB, 1600x2036, 84113323_p0.png)


using the new edge seems nice


why is she letting him do that to her


shes horny


girls cant get horny


wonder what problem edge has if chrome explodes your ssd and firefox explodes your ram


tardlaughing since when did internet explorer also become chrome based what happened to that new and innovative redesigned layout and javascript engine that was gonno reinvent how people browse hima


itll explode your ssd since its chromium based


mom asked me how many time 4 goes into 43 wonder what public school was like when boomers were teens



die mathnorm


love math because norms hate math


popped a fat zit



the worst vtuber



this is paste


you know its over when you start finding white bodyhairs


what if its always been white


hair is getting long enough that its own weight keeps it under control


thought girls liked old men


love my thick dark body high test body hair


paste arab


im white


he might be a swarthy italian


what about milkarm


get on steam nb


strong electricity? ive been exposed to it since birth
family reasons


im downloading war zone so we can play together nb


got almost zero body hair my legs and ass are pretty hairy but my chest back and arms are completely bare


same except i have hair on my chest back and arms


low test


test isnt related to either of those things to the extent you think it is what about all those wide mouthed numales with giant beards that have 300ng/dl


isnt that a lot


yeah if youre 90 years old


might fucking rage it wont let me play call of duty because I dont want to put my phone number in


what harm is there putting your phone number in


ate thai curry


when I play with nb he'll dox me so id rather NOT i had to make a new email for this


you cant see other peoples phone numbers or emails


thats a lie the hackers will get a hold of them eventually just like they did with all those other websites





total testosterone 722,60 ng/dL
estradiol 44,44 pg/mL
total cholesterol 155 mg/dL
vitamin D 13,10 ng/mL


shower then anime time gonno pee in the shower


really low vitamin d


never had my est measured


nice watame crunch


does anyone want to play rainbow six with me im still getting used to the controls though im NOT used to mouse and keyboard


love dropping a neetlog that leaves skids on the bowl and blasting them away with piss


blast it with pisss


folio littlish phew


woke up late and missed my dailies


buy me rainbow six and ill play


are we playing on jp servers


wonder if my hair is long enough to put into a ponytail but i dont own a fedora and dont want to get called a queer


only play on jp servers


ok whats your steam name


i love vtuber tsunomaki watame


sorry it was a joke im NOT going to play


please someone play with me ill buy you the game


die norm


never gamed with a friend


it used to be a blast about eleven to fifteen years ago NOT sure if it still is


speakin of blastin


blast it with pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


speaking of blasting imma head to the toilet be right back


she corpse exploded the corpse of the boss


path of exile


if i was a norm that enjoyed rooty tooty games id take you up on your offer but sadly im NOT a norm


done with the shower it is anime time new deca dence episode hima



kinda wanna get monster train but pretty steep price


high est are you agp


raging at pmx editor


10 to 50 is within normal levels for men


what game do non norms play


dwarf fort factorio ffxiv cookie clicker


ff is norm


these are all norm games


every game is for norms except visual novels


youre in the high range of average do you ever feel feminine


just had the big piss


its from eating dairy


i feel like a woman


NOThin queer about a nice ponytail


no but i dont mind futa doujinshi and sometimes i feel like crying


futajoing means youre high test


ya 722,60


est levels down around 15 from NOThing but pure hatred of foids


what if they are balless futa


look more feminine with my hair down tie it into a neettail so i can set it on my shoulder and prevent it from getting caught between the chair and my back


dont like no_testicles


only like full package futa balless looks weird




File: 1599095294882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.05 KB, 960x720, SAM_024.jpg)

as for me its got to be the neetcut


mogs me


hair is down past my bottom lip and i keep it all slicked back i think it looks cool with some mild facial hair a guy said i look like a biker but in reality i probably look flipping stupid its the long haired nerd thing they think they look badass when in reality they look like a greasy unkempt goober


good episode of super god i love that guitar music when jiren is about to unleash a powerful attack super epic


sigh might shave tonight this settles it


love waking up on day 8 of noshower and seeing my greaseneet hair and neckbeard in the mirror


File: 1599095868703.png (1.07 MB, 900x1080, 1573831442796.png)


miss stained red shirt living with dad kripp


me on the right


need to accessorize with a hog to go with the look something with a lot of cubic inches and no windscreen


mindblowing how much kripp has fallen hes so irrelevant now


and it all happened after he met his wife but i guess hes happy now so thats all that matters


met my wife on himasugi.blog


met my wife at the water store


just so tired of it all hima


File: 1599096869739.jpg (440.49 KB, 1920x1080, EevGfURUEAE2-FL.jpg)


guess ill crack some cold ones dont know how many are left


watching youtube on my pc feels weird


love youtube


no other way but forward


want my hair to grow so i can look like aris


he looks like hagrid


really ripped through those blogs been drinking in front of mom and throwing the cans in the trash instead of hiding them in my room so i cant even remember how many there were a few days ago


the blogs are making your est high


no thats probably because i jerk it four times a day and dont get more exercise than pacing and walking up and down the stairs


forced to join the circus this is awful they keep making me balance on a ball


mom boiled a frozen za tastes like cardboard


clown world


always forget that you can just highlight urls in firefox and open them with one rightclick but i always open a new tab and paste it in


in opera you can do that too and you also get a search option



mindblowing that norms will blow their face off over losing their job and finding out their gf is a slut had have friends and family beg them to calm down when there are people here that have never had a job or a gf and they trudge on even though their moms probably wish they would kill themselves


always close tabs with ctrl + w never middle click


should i stop using chrome


just watched a clip of the headshot on the 4 wish i could grow a beard like that


ya fire up opera gx


boom headshot hehe


mindblowing you could just end it all instantly like that


damn it hima theyre coming back out with the ball again and they joked about using the whip like russians do with bears and everyone laughed


mindblowing is right


getting some nice pain spikes up my leg


File: 1599099477776.png (3.56 MB, 2584x1986, break.png)


woke up might have a couple brewskis and play some tanks


crying why didnt nb accept my friend request on steam



havent used my steam account in years


File: 1599101016639.webm (2.67 MB, 512x384, 1598880086052.webm)

why did jp humor fall so far after the 2000s


think i last played some nice gungame or dust2 24/7 in 2015


all the browsers pinch just use ungoogled chromium and never worry about it again


im a firesimp to the end


does anyone want to play rust with me


buy me it and i will


dog is nervously pacing


its storming


ok get on steam


rust pinches its NOT 2014 anymore


lets play ark instead


that game is for girls


how else do we pick up vtube gfs


be white


File: 1599102431972.webm (2.84 MB, 460x344, 1599006005247.webm)



told mom about pastaguy and what happened


what do you mean NOThing happened



i told her about the pastakeet


weird microphone gating dont click


weird what


watched re zero echidna is best girl


hate girls like that because i start falling for them


NOThing wrong with a neetwitchgf


i have flipped echidna she has been flipped


do people still use mpc hc


File: 1599104293463.jpg (389.51 KB, 680x962, __original_drawn_by_tai_nazutai__1afed11fec26f….jpg)


mogs me


File: 1599104406074.jpg (223.76 KB, 1133x2015, 1599103790133.jpg)



dont understand why everyone hates satella shes the only one who gives neets power


wish i had a witch ti simp for in exchange for cool powers



which bit torrent client should i use


File: 1599104796009.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Se….png)


wonder when my eyelashes are going to start turning white too


rtorrent transmission or qbittorrent




whats wrong with utorrent


its time to move on


sure why wouldnt they


because its time to move on


just checking its been a while since i downloaded anything


think utorrent tards out with shift jis or unicode filenames


didnt they only stop development a year or two ago even if nobody has forked it its still going to be useable until at least 2023




that was like a decade ago gramps


the website says 2017 was the last update


so what this is literally the first anime season ive ever seen where H.265 is the standard and it still just werks



uh did you forget about when it was bought by aNOTher company and they injected it with ads malware toolbars a premium subscription and crypto miners that was like 10 years ago


will this give me nightmares


no its just some norm blowing his face into hamburger with a shotgun and the cops showing up ten seconds later


seen way worse than that in person and slept fine afterwards NOThing nightmare


cracked open the first blog


File: 1599106247164.png (262.63 KB, 680x680, ill just get to an even number.png)


mom wont let me watch horror movies past 9 pm


i got to an even number but unfortunately for me that number is 0 could be days before mom buys me more


i bet you don't even live with your mom and just making this up norm


that would be nice


mom gave me the last coke (zero) she was hiding it but said i could have it


new garupa pico tomorrow


no more beer oh god hima im NOT nearly drunk enough wonder what else i can take to get into the zone


installed the bidet anus feels good


are you gonno get a sit stool too


that is the next step in my setup


what kind of animal hides food



why install a bidet when you can use the showerhead


File: 1599107316883.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1574025445392.jpg)


mommys sleepy pills


how are they so good at balancing on ice


mom doesnt take sleeping pills anymore but 75mg of the ol diphenhydramine should do the trick


hoo boy hima when mom still got prescribed painkillers i used to slam two 25oz blogs then take two or three vicodin and tard out watching tv for 6 hours in the middle of the night those were the days


blog number dos


take a gram and tard out hard


excited to watch the new episode tonight


dont take drugs please


do NOT do this


File: 1599107939414.jpg (82.63 KB, 758x601, L-L_Boilly_Une_loge.jpg)


the hima gallery


why NOT


playing videogames is just as bad as drugs


i did it when i was a teen it was fun


might crack


shall i go for the lone blog in the fridge or snooze


a gram is mental for anyone under 160 pounds how much did you weigh


die twig


about that much


the great piss





fired up my crafting macros gonno cook all night


no no no stop using macros you should be doing it manually


think that dph is in my blood by now might have to snooze soon before the restlessness and twitching start


should i crack


no lets snooze


too late i cracked



get on steam nb


never mind it did NOThing except make me fell asleep for about 20 minutes on the couch woke up when mom came down to get a glass of water


go to hell im NOT getting on steam its over between us


File: 1599112097598.mp4 (135.72 KB, 1581659838942.mp4)


die impersonator


embarrassed that mom thinks i fell asleep from 3 blogs i left the empties on the kitchen table


get on friend


sorry dont remember my email and password


die impersonator


its basedneetblog@gmail


that wasnt the one i used for my steam account





which is the real nb....


so what if we blog
so what if were neets
were just having fun
making onseki seethee


neetblog throws around his masculine energy like it aint shit


what masculine energy



farting pikachu


should i watch steins gate or the wire


read the vn its better


i only read normal books


thats because youre a norm


nbs favorite book is house of leaves guess hes a norm too


yea hes a norm


no he aint


both of you are norms now shut up


watching omar bust cheeks


bite me dick breath


i dont read books


youre lying


last book i read was dr seus green eggs and ham


im NOT lying


so what do you do all day if you dont read or game


refresh hima and 4norm


please dont do that


will you watch anime if i stream nb


no flip off


liam is watching also come join us


he hates me


no he loves you but you push him away with your lack of communication


die norm flip off no one cares about your chatroom drama


you a dusty hoe aint no chat room drama



last im gonno say this nb because this guy is rude but I would like to see you come back to discord


File: 1599117110292.png (231.88 KB, 750x634, 1464413637392.png)

hate the rude guy


lol is that pnig




based cali


slammed my desk in rage after someone declared tsumo after my riichi


guess ill fire up a lojo


declared what on your who


he lies about the part where the sentences were the same to begin with theyre just making homo statutory snap have equal punishment to straight statutory snap
the norms get riled up so easily


File: 1599119038520.png (1.08 MB, 1627x734, mahjongsigh.png)

theyre ignoring me again


homos should get the death penalty like god said


maybe they turned emotes off i always do


never got my cheeks cracked NOT sure if i can go aNOTher day like this


hate noobs with the default mahjonger


why would you turn off emotes


dont be rude


wish pnig never got them cuffs slapped on him hes innocent


pnig is too soft for prison




gonno start lifting for mai waifu


make sure you take progress pictures


i will


post the first one


no i wont post them here you guys are mean


im NOT rude you can trust me


File: 1599124549554.jpg (146.21 KB, 1792x828, Eg9asooVgAA3k4L.jpg)


what should i put as my desktop background


a nice 50mb satoko face


post it


should i get a gamer keyboard the ones without a number pad or f keys


might lie down and sleep


got gamer hand my fingers are aching


File: 1599133131012.jpg (128.36 KB, 1920x1080, gamer wrist.jpg)


crying this might be the end of my gaming career


File: 1599135326552.webm (87.19 KB, 308x230, game.webm)


sick of gran claiming to be broke and NOT paying everyone including me and then i go on her bank account and see her blow through $1000 on chinese garbage and phone games



having a big ole coffee hima



feels good man


had to quickly throw on the sperm clothes and answer the door for moms box deliverer


neet spermstink neet


love how the original primitive technology guy uploaded so rarely that he lost all his views to SEA jungle monkeys


he got owned


love watching a couple of junglegooks dig out an underground temple and fill it with water


love abandoning the underground pool after the video and creating a mosquito infestation


love how they expect me to believe they dug out an underground olympic sized swimming pool in 6 hours with NOThing but a broken seashell and a rock



File: 1599141960438.jpg (87.1 KB, 1920x1080, 1599138134288.jpg)






they have such a beautiful language



wish i was white enough to get a junglegook gf to make me grass slippers that increase survival exp


File: 1599142202566.jpg (471.8 KB, 2289x2289, aGvs_PerMWAVM4KKY73hiWRpBBLzwn6ECRzi38ftXlE.jpg)


why does she have full primitive makeup on


should i watch aqua play fall guy subaru play fall guy coco play fall guy towa play fall guy


cant believe neetblog got offscreened


watch quin instead


just NOTiced im wearing two different shoes i might be flipping retarded


made a potato sandwich


whats wrong with that as long as theyre left and right


do americans really wear shoes indoors




wish i was an aggressionnorm that looks like fun


simply start a streetbeef with someone on hima im sure there is one or two people here you hate


i would only be able to beat up a girl or a child but if either of them were fat they would probably win



ill never know who that guy is



remembering some things from childhood


hope youre remembering safely under blankie


the druid



watching roa ars mao minecraft



ears clogged again did the hydroperoxide thing three times feels like im on the verge of unblocking it but dont feel like doing it again


paste bleachear


used to happen to me pretty frequently even with peroxide it could last for days


youre going deaf


wonder if deaf people can end up with super smelling like blind people have super hearing


thats just a meme


ear is less clogged now but still slightly clogged sigh hate this never had to deal with this until this year


tell mom to get in there and dig out that compacted wax


cant have too much pride as an adult male to rely on mommy cleaning out my ears for me i have to deal with this on my own


File: 1599151560486.webm (2.43 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san ….webm)


okayu finished her mario 2 stream



woke up mom bought souvlaki and got a new shipment of coke (zero)


still dont understand the earwax thing cant rest with someone shoving a stick in my ear


its because youre NOT japanese so your wax is soft



moms crying because she lost her purse on the bus


owned poormom


sigh mom no



getting angry at english speakers again


youre an english speaker


you seem to NOT understand i hate myself far more than i hate the others i already hate quite a bit




mom paid me back


went outside for five minutes already feel exhausted


might have diarrhea now going outside was a mistake


NOT feeling too good hima its over


hold out until the second ritual


quin found the audiophile rocks


only christians


my machinist is now level 72



already told you unsalted is for baking salted is for everything else


mom only buys margarine


tried baking with goat milk butter did NOT like it olive oil everytime


File: 1599160452722.png (662.5 KB, 960x540, 1599160216105.png)


teethmogs me


woke up gonno tank


fire up the isu152


File: 1599161214309.jpg (196.15 KB, 1035x1500, 1599147844484.jpg)


hey there ladies


flip russian tanks


she shouldnt be getting in the pool with that wound on her knee


sigh summer is already over never got to go swimming and show off my summer abs maybe next year


cant wait for eggnog season


hate eggnog


love eggnog but only when its smooth dont like the creamy think ones


dont let vtuberager see this


got to show off my sick bod at the corona beach nobody cared youre better off buying shoe lifts


drinkin some joe


wheres my senko


File: 1599166617366.gif (135.26 KB, 885x948, 1577135340981.gif)


never been mothered


those boys really like to say hello



ate a soup


will i be able to get a gf with shoe lifts


might actually buy some for an experiment



why are all canadians chinks


preparing an expedition targets good docs chocmilk and taco shells waiting for mom to give me the go


dont forget to get some scratchers


should i skip


got the greenlight mask on gloves on goggles on jacket on ready for departure



hi woke up how was your day



set up auto hotkey to use my crafting macro for me


morning are you gonno fire up a coffee


die cheater


NOThing cheat



got my columbian roast ready and my baileys ice cold


dont know if people are talking about world of tanks or mmos when they post about tanking NOT that i care but still


hell ya fire up that juan valdez



uh dont go to om


im about out of steam


can i buy you rust so we can play


id perma you if i could


we have a strong alliance with the basedmin


File: 1599174368375.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.64 KB, 640x636, 1446754680136.jpg)


hes a norm and so is every teenbro that posts on neoota


you have 0 proof of him being a norm


i have 1 proof


can someone tell nb i reported his friend wanko and now hes gone


i think ive had enough of living with mom and gran i just wish they would go away forever now


have the house to myself



why dont you


didnt really like wanko to be honest with you


out at the old hospitle got a little of everything


the old what what did he said


hope you arent planning anything drastic


damn good game



watching aris


good shit blasting


feel bad for the otamin he probably wanted to implement a bunch of cool features but got in over his head and gave up after a couple of weeks


go back there norm


you cant tell him to go back there hima is the raidhub


go back there




do something about the rude guy seki!


File: 1599176093375.png (525.39 KB, 1000x715, 1599173940865.png)





get drunk from one 5% beer


wish i could drink but im too embarrassed to buy it


same but a glass of wine


sigh reminds me of himako


i have a glass of wine occasionally for the antioxidants


simply buy in bulk and wear some nice clothes theyll think youre having a party for all your friends


sv3rige said antioxidants arent real


just buy it online


cant buy it online because whenever i get in the mood for it i want it right then


the amount of alcohol it takes for me to get drunk seems to vary without much consistency


nb sips cognac


File: 1599176687135.jpg (441.32 KB, 1179x1233, 1599166132493.jpg)


sigh the mansion


watching primitive underground pool building videos


need to think of something to turn my brain off


how about some nice mmo fishing and watching numbers go up


love accidentally biting off mustache hairs while eating


you disgust me


hey alright


i will NOT act civilized


you deserve to be put down like the animal you are


cracked a cold one


couldnt find alcohol so i broke out the hemp stash


need a chef knife what do you guys recommend


just get a nice chosera and sharpen a cardboard box to a razors edge



wish i had a cold one wish i had a hemp stash



get a victorinox fibrox


any good asmongold reacts


smokin a sack of reefer


File: 1599179018343.webm (1.67 MB, 480x480, 1598260467404.webm)


hope your big bro gave it to you or something like that otherwise die norm


weird thumbnail



mom gets it from somewhere


wish i was norm enough to smoke and norm enough to drink


its easy


nn about having a pint nb has a couple of pints a night and he isnt norm


he has a job and plays guitar its only a matter of time until he has his jbw arc


die norm


he doesnt have a job


File: 1599179761509-0.jpg (208.71 KB, 800x1074, 1.jpg)

File: 1599179761509-1.jpg (225.09 KB, 1200x1052, 2.jpg)


nb is a lumberman


nb is a gigolo he goes by the name duece bigolo


mom made chicken subs



by the time the rest of us are forced to work nb will have enough experience and seniority to be our supervisor


love talking about nb and other discord posters every night



wish i could tell stories


aris is pasted


i dont use discord


"sigh miss talking about pnig"