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where are the good games


now its furry life is strange gods damned it


half the games are damned furshit


might have to switch to pikamee this stream isnt worth watching anymore


pikamee is just reacting to the stream


only played the first of these games but it was too weird


these all look like ps4 games


the future of gaming is over


nevermind its back shinji mikami


woke up left behind whatd i miss


that game seeems cool


seems too rigid whys it an fps




norms love fps


bloodborne is coming just be patient


why do they always blast nig music in these trailers


why NOT


they know their audience


i thought there would be good games


is this super mario sunshine


isnt this just that last zelda game


its over


never understood why darkies like basketball so much


never understood any sports games


now theres gods damned australians talking to burgers and strawberries its over


why can i see the polygons on that seal thought the ps5 was the most advanced console on the planet


flapper game


no games no games no games


im tardlaughing hard this is awful


cant believe hima tricked me into watching this teen shit


oh baby bloodborne 2 lets go


what does he mean the end of the show it cant be over


this was supposed to be the future


this is just a long commercial whats so great about it


its happening


oh flp


darkies gih


File: 1591908913860.mp4 (1.21 MB, 1582685273403.mp4)


spoke too soon hehe


nice $500 game


demons souls now where is bloodborne


is it a remake or a new game


cant believe im going to get tricked into spending 500 dollars on one remaster of a 10 year old game again


was the l on souls stylized like a one


nevermind its the same as the original cover just a remake


looks better than the dark norm remaster


they remade shadows of the collosus


where is bloodbornes


resident evil maybe


have yet to soyface to any of these games


thats two games


nice sexy lady game


need to flip her


shes a roboto


monster hunter


sigh the broken archstone


dont know anything about this game


no bloodborne its over


nice wonky tower


looks ugly


its over


File: 1591910014985.jpg (247.23 KB, 1056x1000, EaHXxnJWoAE2VMZ.jpg)


this is the worst console release of all time


maybe the pc one wont suck


File: 1591910187614.webm (1.12 MB, 768x576, 1566082645615.webm)


sigh gonno have to stop being a sonypony after that


nice skipper


File: 1591910429277.png (53.27 KB, 308x164, EaQsmldXQAAXEJk.png)


why did they abandon the boomerang controller




only game i care about is one i played over 10 years ago sigh


this is the worst hima


what about gran turismo


pikamee got her new pc


is it all amd


hope she didnt fall for the amd meme


NOT a meme


gonno scream how could sony betray us like this


elden ring norms bh again


it was NOThing but western artsy shite


hontoni arigato


this sucks hima


why would you expect anything other than disappointment


it was supposed to be the future of gaming


no future for the dead



File: 1591911332326.jpg (51.82 KB, 874x606, ps5.jpg)



gonno spend over $500 to grief noobs in ds


cant believe there wasnt a single anime girl in that whole presentation


norms call anything remotely anime weebshite


norms love consoles simple as that


boycotting sony


nice alienware console


should i stream demons souls


hell ya


this sucks


File: 1591911997325.jpg (226.03 KB, 1300x1100, __inugami_korone_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_….jpg)


File: 1591912200928.jpg (358.82 KB, 1114x1600, robo.jpg)


informed mom that sony betrayed us and she said thats unfortunate


mom never played games with me she only played metroid fusion fallout 3 and some atari games


the future is here


guess ill poop


posting on the toilet


nice toilerpost


neetlog 1 has been flushed


fox two


File: 1591913199758-0.png (1.77 MB, 2480x1787, 74480022_p1.png)

File: 1591913199758-1.png (2.1 MB, 2500x1787, 74480022_p3.png)


uh oh got a poopbone


what happens next


File: 1591914253900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.1 KB, 1920x1080, __hori_yuuko_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_wa….jpg)


dad made sourdough bread


im trying to eat here


what next


love reading streamposts


having a big coffee


File: 1591914792814.png (195.4 KB, 702x351, Screenshot from 2020-06-11 18-32-22.png)



wheres the stream


there was a sony stream


might finish fatal frame but NOT on stream





detest foids


should i stream


crying we were supposed to get bloodborne


we dont want the playstation sloppy seconds






what are you streaming



crying for demon souls


gonno stream the cool furry game


should i get demon souls for ps3


just download it and play it off the hard disk


buy it and stream it darkie streams are the best


what would you watch if i streamed


File: 1591918418988.jpg (7.69 MB, 3496x4961, 80472418_p1.jpg)




oog oog oog




might jo


File: 1591918495657.png (3.47 MB, 3453x2546, 82243099_p0.png)

need a blaziken momgf




ooooooooog oog oog


theres no way it will fit


NOT plump enough


File: 1591918868871.jpg (511.01 KB, 900x1200, 46731271_p0_master1200.jpg)


die master1200


other thread was on top when i woke up so i thought we were using it sigh


you got owned by the stickseki adminseki


     ( ゚ω゚ ) 支払いは任せろー
バリバリ C□l丶l丶
     /  (   ) やめて!
     (ノ ̄と、 i


why did you spoiler the op image


guess theres going to have to be aNOTher shishou blog


when did we switch to this thread whats going on


what do you mean switch


seki you have to speak up or theres gonno be aNOTher blog here


dont know how to do that


it was pastamod




this thread is an illusion and is a trap devised by seki go ahead dauntlessly make rapid progress


a trap for what


File: 1591919959470.png (1.1 MB, 787x1024, 79249813_p0.png)




nooo i forgot the ps5 conference my alarm didnt go off


it was epic


i want to save her and tell her that its NOT her fualt


it pinched



File: 1591920947155.jpg (760.84 KB, 1680x1050, 1591919704397.jpg)



File: 1591921005574.png (61.06 KB, 500x306, EYrdx5RVcAAWVyr.png)


too dumb for this


you can do it


hate the io domain meme


wonder if i should wallstare or do something


scared to tank might just play only squadron dungeons


only chads are arrogant enough to tank


trachea hurts


too avoidant schizoid to play multiplayer games


hate the misunderstanding the tank guys posts meme


is it a russian tnak


no its the mighty type 5 heavy


File: 1591922211935.jpg (775.29 KB, 1600x2263, __tank_head_girl_original_and_1_more_drawn_by_….jpg)


ps5 controller looks like shite




need a video game to escape in


File: 1591922435435.png (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 1525x2000, 762bc97cb9387fcf65569cad28a8e7e9.png)

love it when the massage lady does this


thats NOT mogu mogu okayu sounds NOThing like her and her nice ruby streams people are saying its her just because the dog is korone


nice turt





only ever tried bulleit rye


this conference blows so far if elden ring gameplay wont be shown im going to be upset


File: 1591923570356.webm (1.55 MB, 1280x720, 1591922308215.webm)


love teaching my kids healthy eating like sugarwater and fried chicken


americans are weird


shes live


File: 1591923967079.jpg (101.75 KB, 1200x1078, EaRNkOWUYAAsn_M.jpg)





too many artifacts in that pic for me to oog to it


wheres her kitty hair


flipped a 325k item for 500k this is fun think i might have jewish ancestry


File: 1591924284378.png (1.06 MB, 986x1393, image(9).png)

sigh no nice weatherchild to impregnate


do that ten more times and you can afford an abyssal whip


phew nice foot


im NOT a scapenorm


File: 1591924604447.png (16.63 KB, 445x118, 8e18a4ed147db0.png)


do that for a few days and you will be able to afford your own amarrian archon


still cant believe what sony did to us


the future of gaming is here


File: 1591924645589.jpg (293.12 KB, 1920x1080, moon.jpg)

sigh ken


the joke went too far we didnt have to ruin his life


he did that himself


did kenbo receive his life sentence yet




thinking about unatco


mantuber dont click


tardlaughing imagining pnig showing his penis to other inmates and asking would you suck it yes or no


she is NOT a man


theyll be asking him that question


they will NOT be asking


hes a nig hell be fine in prison like thad


thads NOT fine he turned gay


look how happy he is that only 2% of the watchers are dirty gaijin


did thad really turn gay


wonder how many sexy ladies pnig sent that picture too


perverts like him wont be treated well


prison gay hes back to being ped






nah he said he still loves sucking dick


kitty jumped on my lap and made herself conformable


once they find out he hurt childrens hes done for


cant believe god invented hangovers just to punish me


hes NOT gay he realized he cant just say hes ped anymore


File: 1591925358665.mp4 (3.71 MB, cage.mp4)


if he wasnt gay he just wouldnt have mentioned it


thats what he wants you to think he still has a backup flash drive


cant believe turt was right and peds were just homos all along


why would anyone do that


why is the image still spoilered


people dont care if youre gay


black people hate queers hell never find respect among his brothers


ps5 looks like a book with the cover made from drywall


the shishou girl


cant imagine how delusional and retarded youd have to be to be a console gamer in 2020


looks like a sneaker considering the target demographic id say they did a good job


whos the target demographic




the ps5 signifies sony cutting ties with japan


cant believe i had one shot at life and got born a whitey instead of a cool black guy


cool or cool


console exclusives are the only good games




File: 1591926224764.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1522117678624.webm)


might shishoujo


you mean shitjo


dont jo to the shishou youre meant to jo to the girl


cant jo to scat


shes NOT old enough


wonder what haysuz is up to i miss him


die norm


File: 1591926727637.jpg (Spoiler Image, 806.63 KB, 2114x3047, 0010.jpg)


wish i was her


File: 1591926842953.jpg (125.89 KB, 851x1200, EaRo29XU0AE3ekm.jpg)


love sexy ladies love boobies love gaming


simple as that


weird foot


File: 1591927041143.jpg (77.46 KB, 869x1200, EaPCHk2UcAE0CWB.jpg)


unspoiler it


maam may i suggest a longer skirt that ones too short


File: 1591927154189.png (101.62 KB, 396x701, 20200612_005808.png)


wish i was her


paste himamate suggesting ross vids to kana


jan are you there


love going to ross and getting a good deal on some practical clothes




tardlaughing remembering how kaiba threatened to jump off a cliff if yugi didnt let him win for once


kaibas just like me



guess ill jerkjo


why is it spoilered


someone make a shishou cubed blog


why is what spoilered


wish i could have been a real man like kamina


File: 1591928009403.jpg (335.87 KB, 618x918, 5644ba670762adf7375b4e927b531098.jpg)



unlimited shishou blogs




why cant we ever have a cool manly blog for once


we cant have a shishou blog either


never quadblogged before


unleashed the neetreek


gonno need a little snoozey over here


love pnig girl blogs


already forgot about half life alyx


damn good game


the sjws ruined it




the sjws didnt do shit to it


they are after all the games


i dont think so


File: 1591928991906.mp4 (3.01 MB, cat.mp4)

me protecting nb from the teentubers


die norm


puked until there was NOThing left and then kept puking oh god


quick drink some normahol


thought nb liked cham


hes too high iq


nah i hate her


classic nb


think nb hates everything


everything but food


he said shes pasted


he loves chopping trees


he loves discord


nb only watches luna


any manga recs


just norms


chams NOT a norm shes just like us


fire up chainsawman


all women and women worshipers are norms


already read it


in that case fire up memories by coby win


tried to read that but couldnt make it through it was awful


File: 1591929810996.webm (895.03 KB, 1280x720, cham.webm)


wish i was a player in the newgrounds anitwitter underground like based coby


did someone write that in her chat




die norm


its NOT really an underground more like a circle of untalented norms joing each other off


thats what hima is


nah no one here has any real skills or value


what about gaming skills


no one here is good on a appreciable level thats why they all play clicky click work simulators


you dont know that



im undefeated in forza


im one of the best when it comes to eve online excel spreadsheets


no i dont
hate scape
hate normcord
hate luna


cant believe nb hates cham even though she said based and was so nice to him


dumb bitch was fooled by an impersonator


she even showed her armpits and calves at his request


die norms


how does cham keep changing her facial expressions for split seconds other vtube dont do that does she have them on hotkey


File: 1591930506772.mp4 (2.06 MB, 1591634317960.mp4)


dont even like food just like the phewfeel of being full


hurt my ears


love food hate feeling full


im on the train theres a nice doomergf in a black witch costume shes wearing a witch hat but shes in aNOTher carriage




cant take pic thats creep


sick of trainguys arrogance


if only google glass took off could have sent a vid


you can get a pic easily simply chat her up and one thing leads to aNOTher then ask if you can get a pic with her there you go


wearing my google glass and smartwatch right now


nice onseki


anyone ever tried pukebinging on a bunch of takeout food


takes big balls to creepshot


freak does that weekly


norm hours in full effect


i did that a few years ago managed to eat three dominos pizzas in one sitting then i puked an hour later and felt awful all night


quick spam some female youtube personalities


nice gutlet


File: 1591930860501.webm (Spoiler Image, 765.03 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 06 [7….webm)


File: 1591930918356.webm (422.5 KB, 1280x720, 1581045133715.webm)


just approach her and say hi it always works


never tried it cant say it doesnt





post some kirarin


File: 1591931374575.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.05 MB, 1280x720, 1584559591716.webm)


File: 1591931404806.webm (2.06 MB, 1280x720, 1589501488475.webm)


hate when i start wallstaring and go on so long that my monitor goes into power save mode



alright gonno lie down and nap you boys behave while im gone


its a once in a lifetime opportunity you cant just squander it like all the others


nb must at least like aris right




how do i cope with the fact bloodborne is NOT coming to pc


i already told you but you wouldnt listen


its NOT fair




gonno lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling for a bit


might hook up the ps3 and play demons souls


why would a pc port of bloodborne be announced at a ps5 reveal


hate how the gathering job gear makes me look like a peasant


a ps5 port was supposed to be announced and it would also be on pc



what the flip pikamee is colabbing with hosexy ladyvers now


paste plebian gatherer


the popipo girl


NOT if i do it first



File: 1591933945120.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.26 MB, 1280x720, 1591298441039.webm)


love watame sheep girl


stop posting that webm its giving me manbaby shivers


File: 1591934284543.mp4 (992.56 KB, ang.mp4)


houshou kaizoku no senchou no


gonno sing along with the abcs


houshou marine desuuuu



apex has to be a fun game if they play it for 14 hours a day


im a gamer i game


how much money do i gotta simp out for watame to change me diapey


good news hima mom paid off the line of credit



thought that was a westnorm vn


where is everyone


the gamers are gaming the snoozers are snoozing and the repliers have NOThing to reply to


dont forget the spermers sperming




File: 1591937013319.webm (895.03 KB, 1280x720, 1591929810996.webm)


love chams tard reality marble


File: 1591937103874.webm (87.19 KB, 308x230, game.webm)


File: 1591937272502.jpg (1017.98 KB, 2152x1688, 1591929806896.jpg)


heaven or hell


i dont drink sorry





File: 1591937749126.png (844 B, 20x172, 8f4fa744223abd5f8452abed3b8c6f89.png)

wonder how much my brain has shrank from this so far


whats that


some guy said in chat her reality marble was awkward and she said no its NOT awkward at all why would you say that


sick of the teens raiding chams chat


im a teen i tube


watching aris play demons souls


cant watch male streamers


norming normis norm norman norms


might have to bust out the pos3 myself



isnt asmongold an infamous racist figure


just a teen idol


hes a transphobic racist


pasted assmongoloid


gonno get a webcam and become a vtuba


neckbeard itching


take the clippers to that mess


dont feel like darkshowering


NOT sure why anyone would darkshower dont mind a nice darkbath though


working on my fishing relic weapon


which post got deleted


is there really a fishing relic


ya the dragonsung fishing rod


crying for stockpile thomas


you just buy the first part then fish random stuff up to get the upgrades right


NOT random stuff you need to fish a specific fish


cant wait to see the noobs despairing on account of killing thomas


and the first weapon is free if you never did the intro quest yet


dont get why the first one is banned isnt it referring to the kkk in a negative light


i think they just want to remove all references to those norms


youre invoking the kkk


ya and youre invoking prejudice


its pokemon for adults it doesnt need kkk cards


invoke pedophilia


thought it was for peds


half of them probably are peds


half of all men are probably peds




most of that half are probably hebes


hate the ped meme


hate those hook nosed matzo chomping hebes


gonno sexy ladyjo


why do norms think hebes and peds are the same


who the flip cares


hes NOT streaming


she could have giant boobies and child bearing hips if shes 17 youre ped


wheres the hima stream


what shoudl i have for breakfast


File: 1591940338534.gif (388.42 KB, 473x271, 1360393231272.gif)


make pancakes


and stream hidamaris


File: 1591940599569.png (1.26 MB, 1000x1495, 5e309c63ace86f711adb0765f66877e4.png)

wish that were me


hes being stretched to death


equip a bone to pop a bone






die nazi






could use a nice san andreas gg allin stream right now


hate getting pressured into streaming and then only getting one viewer whos just a pity muted tabber


File: 1591941181965.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1500x1004, EVoZn3zVAAE1Fp7.jpg)


i would never turn away from a hima stream


he was


only watch streamers with cam



at this rate pnig will be exonerated and be given his own 3 acre plot of land across from an elementary school


peds deserve to rot in a cell


paste cali


wish i had some california rolls




wish i was a calinorm


File: 1591941948648.jpg (324.71 KB, 734x1096, 82257375_p0.jpg)


imagine signing this bill


get owned cracker


too lazy to read that article


NOT worth the time anyways


File: 1591942287309.mp4 (32.44 MB, phew.mp4)

one night at the hima mansion


someone needs to save her


holedigs gonno be mighty busy when i finish giving the nigs their reparation


never had a pap smear


theyre for women


cant believe ill never get to find out if my bone is big enough to give a girl a pap smear


uh then why did they let me schedule one today


they didnt and youre NOT a woman



i feel like a woman


you dont


get aids and die you freak


trying to sleep for over an hour in bed but cant


just give up


i am a woman


thinking about moving to chaz




would pretend to NOT know what chaz is but normtube recommended me a video about it earlier


love pretending on hima so i can better fit in with the majority


never pretend or lie to hima because im NOT a norm


what benefits are there to NOT being a norm


NOT being a norm


might be too norm for hima with a drivers license


nice drivechad


my prayer level is now 41




gonno work on my snooze level


spent my life clicking trees in work simulators and have NOThing to show for it


cant wait to reschedule the japan trip once pnig comes back


File: 1591944415720.jpg (65.65 KB, 2048x1156, linksys.jpg)




cant believe sex with okayu is real


sigh bored out of my gods damned mind staring at hima waiting for posts


why dont you be the filler poster for once im tired of doing it


File: 1591945197847.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 1061x1500, 82247939_p0.jpg)


fire up the scape and bourbon


i spam posts all day i was posting more but then that one teen started turning everything into an argument


bored bored bored


pekora is ugly


bored need to order some exciting food from mohammad but im NOT inspired


really hope catherine full body comes out on pc in a few days then i dont have to buy it on the switch or ps4 where it will probably run like gods damned piss


how so


guess its time for some patbingsu maybe some nice taiyaki


isbt that a tranny game


i think the agps hate that game


i dont know shes just unpleasant to look at


die freak


hope the rune factory 4 special pc port rumor is true


woke up from the nap i just took hiya guys


wish march would at least knock




its kind of rude to just burst in like a lion


wonder if i can still go pro at shogi if i start learning now


plunged a neetclog


theres no way a fat 30 year old balding gamer neet cel is going pro


keep it to yourself clogplunger im sick of you


puked a neetbinge


im NOT balding


dont know why you think telling me to stop will NOT have the opposite effect


oh ok then by all means continue




mindchallenging that angels are usually associated with women and girls when there are no female angels mentioned in the good book


probably because theyre ripped off of earlier depictions of nike


ok had to plunge 3 times it flushed the first time but took a good 30 seconds then it didnt flush on the subsequent attempts might have to stop shitting in this toilet but cant be flipped to go downstairs to drop logs


what about the archangel michelle


stupid teen


never heard this one


caught 40 hq thinkers corals time to upgrade my relic


also think i might need more fiber in my diet


sigh wish i was fishin




whats stopping you


playing persona 5 just added nekomata


nice nekomata okayu


File: 1591947280898.jpg (74.06 KB, 705x974, stool chart.jpg)

had type 6 for the last few days


there are no depictions of female angels in old paintings or sculptures either they were always either boys or swordsmen female angels is new age shite


had type 4 today but it was the unwipeable kind no matter how many times i wiped the tp was never blank


sounds like you need a bidet attachment and a squatty potty


hope you didnt give up and go back to the computer


the burning ones


pump some soap onto the tp and scrub thoroughly


did you even try and find depictions its easy one of the most famous greek sculptures is one


how can you call a depiction of a non-angel an angel


i did give up and stood up to flush but the toilet water exploded again and got shitewater all over me so i was forced to shower


next time just thicken the tp with more layers and go deeper


because angels are directly based on them this is common knowledge


always fear splashback whilst neetclogging


no its NOT only you knew it here


even the wikipedia page says this thats how common it is


its common to have sex yet nobody here does


the admin does


youre using common too loosely wikipedia is filled with things only 1% of people know


this is the most famous statue in the louvre


wikipedia is filled with jewish lies


ban the antisemite



cant believe every female youtube personality is getting flipped


cham isnt


almost 100% of angels before 1300 were male and none of them even had wings before 393 and a sculpture of a woman without wings is just that and NOT the depiction of an angel so i know for a fact that you dont know what youre talking about


nice artnorms raging


it has wings you ultratard


theres no indication the venus de milo is an angel why do you think it is


because shes perfect


cant believe i got worked up over a clueless sperg trying to imply that venus is a gods damned angel


File: 1591948013857.jpg (144.09 KB, 1000x1093, louvre-la-victoire-de-samothrace-apres-restaur….jpg)

nike is what would later become victoria and when roman religion was slowly adapted into christianity angels took this depiction


why does cham chuckle every ten seconds


case and point get owned


only catholic heretics would accept such a thing


thought nike was a type of shoe


that statue predates catholicism


mom got me a nice pair of nikes last month


love how whenever you google a word you get the tv show with that name


shes a goddess


time to make some pasta


theres more important matters to discuss why did seki spoiler the op image


dont understand why freak continues to visit hima


did you know cham calls herself a virtual creator seems like its her own original term


always put tp in before i shite but also have the other guys endless wipe problem and end up with too much tp in a toilet that already has problems flushing normally resulting in frequent clogs


seki didnt one of the mods did


why did the mod do it and how do you know


hes discord


love ixy


File: 1591948327369.jpg (74.02 KB, 674x873, flipped.jpg)




flipped chicken chan


why shouldnt i


someone kept putting the other shishou blog on autosage and spoilered this one and sticked the neet thread


nice tomfool


why is he trying to control the board


used to watch okayu a lot but now i only watch subaru


whats her appeal


glad youve accepted yourself as you are


die quickreply



shes a lovely girl full of energy and happiness


okayu did a stream where she roleplayed she was 7 years old or something


what do you get out of it


nice tard ped bait sexy ladiestream


sigh cant believe okayu lost a fan hope shes okay maybe some nice snes soundtracks will cheer her up


its threadrager


threadrager is me and aNOTher person


just NOTiced what you get when you spell neet backwards


File: 1591948704297.webm (3.87 MB, 800x450, ぐみのお話、聞いてくださーい!-pfsEk32G5hw.webm)


her numbers are bad enough as is poor her


why arent there any hosexy ladyve streams going right now


weird movements


feel like ive seen this post recently


this is how okayu feels


whatever happened to gigs is he in the discord


love watching a 34 year old woman pretending to be 6


at least shes getting paid to do it we sit here doing it for free


sigh owned me


missed the coinflip couldve been doing the same thing im doing now but getting paid for it if i was lucky at birth


oops thought you were talking to the subaru guy what about you what do you get out of it


wait are you mates pretending


pretending about what


no uhh im tard haha




oh vtubers are probably half genuine tards i just rejected that it was pretending


realized too late that everyone here is just pretending and you all have gfs and cars and jobs and phones


what do you mean


i have a phone to call mom but none of the other items my learners license expired in 2007


all vtubers can be traced back to old channels and nico theyve been doing it for years and getting 800 views and no ad money
basically theyre tards


dont worry im a neet manbaby like you


you know



i have a car and phone but only because mom gave it to me


mom loves sending messages to the christmas gift normphone and raging when i forget to check


i check but i dont respond


pastas almost done cant wait to eat it


if i won the coin flip id be like cham getting 5 views on my virtual picnics and animal abuse streams


might fire up some leftover sausage and potato salad


what kind of sausage


id still end up on hima my mind is why im here




never ate kielbasa is it good


trained mom to email me instead of calling or texting by pretending i dont get voice mail and never replying except by email and even then only half the time


ya dip it in mustard


impossible there are no girls on hima why would you be different


id be just as tard and if i was just as tard i never would have amount to anything or taken care of myself so i wouldnt have escaped the himafate by dating either so id be a gamer gaming my life away on hima


yeah but some tards would simp for you


sigh they posted cham on kiwifarms


hate those norms


how did anyone NOT japanese find her anyways some teen on hima


thought they got owned last year by chinks


how did jokeguy find her in the first place


who wants to see a bathtub full of milk





love getting dadzoned and seeing my daughter flip a teen with a quarter of my muscle mass and a thousandth of my net worth


you should want her to be happy


got owned hard forgot to save and lost an hour of progress in this palace


shed be much happier with my geoduck buried up in those guts


vile norm


NOT sure why or how geoducks exist


why does anything exist


here comes the teen philosophy


dont know what im living for why even lift things up and put them down when i already know and accept no female specimen will open her legs and let me in her secret special garden


everything begins with nu and ends with nu simple as that


i dont know why youre alive either failednorm




owned into the stratosphere


bed time wish me luck


good luck



why are there so many with no viewers


it shows everyone whos live with the tag vtuber whether theyre popular or NOT


File: 1591952813636.png (8.46 MB, 4000x1824, milk.png)

nice milk nice bath nice milkbath


no i mean why do they do it


5 viewers sigh


make that 6 get in here bros


everyone starts at 0 viewers


manly voice


need a vocaroo of your voice if you think thats manly


200 subscribers hehe is this how you found cham


ya and how i found a bunch of other nobodies that i posted also how i found pikamee


dont call them nobodies thats hurtful


you already forgot them all except cham


subscribed to cham



mindblowing pikamee is a nobody class servant you can only find by tags


she was but now shes popular


soundin good champ



nice 2 in 1 head and shoulders incel shampoo




File: 1591954250108.mp4 (36.18 MB, milk.mp4)

its pretty deep wonder if ill get a yeast infection if i get im


why are your arms so hairy what the flip


im white


youre a monkey


dont go in there you should only submerge in water


its 16 gallons


nice breathenorm


fun is over drain it


still remember when i went to the kitchen for a nice gamersnack and mom shouted that my legs were growing hair havent worn shorts for nearly 15 years after that moment and never will


File: 1591955007424.mp4 (4.55 MB, milkdrain.mp4)

sigh goodbye my milky dreams


love shorts


did this freak really buy $60 worth of milk just to put it in a tub


no i had other plans for the milk but it had to be this way also it was lactose free so cost more


File: 1591955404196.mp4 (2.92 MB, milkdrain.mp4)

video disappeared in the last one for some reason


hope youre gonno clean that tub


laying down in bed for six hours now and could NOT manage to sleep for even a second baste


File: 1591955936028.jpg (176.44 KB, 1024x768, 1591954589145m.jpg)

sigh why so self hating


my favorite pair of shorts ripped on the ass really scared moms gonno find it and throw them away


learn to sew


File: 1591959005262.png (533.37 KB, 1000x707, 82263810_p0.png)


thats NOT a princely bone cant self insert into that


wonder what my life would be like if japan never exist



live in 63 minutes dont miss it get the hell in


youd be an elder scrolls and warcraft otaku


thats probably true maybe warhammer and mtg and d&d


holy flip new okayu outfit premier


shes going to wear some nice western clothes


wonder if i should have played yugioh with the fat kid wearing socks and sandals down the street


File: 1591959613973.jpg (18.44 KB, 225x350, 314605.jpg)


this is it her new outfit is going to blow all other holos out of the water its her time


File: 1591959832297.mp4 (4.67 MB, check.mp4)


kitty snoozing on my lap before her big stream


nice teenchat


File: 1591961871927.png (37.01 KB, 390x375, okayu fans.png)



hope mendoza gets his name read


weeping for the forgotten himamemes


nice streamer you got there dude shes 8 minutes late and counting must be because of chad


girls are always late getting ready especially if theyre debuting a new outfit




nice tard shorts


phew nice midriff


what the flip never NOTiced how many superchats these streams get how much are they making for this dumb shite exactly


even cham made enough to buy a sandwich


nice chamburger


okayus talking about how you dont NOTice the phrases or verbal habits you repeat until someone tells you wonder what mine are love okayu


wonder if they have to approve of the new outfits or are forced into them



File: 1591966751282.webm (895.03 KB, 1280x720, 1591929810996.webm)


damn good gamer


File: 1591967390758.jpg (338.36 KB, 1280x1780, 82234558_p0.jpg)


cant believe cham has acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and already knows shes going to die


were all going to die


teen philosopher


ya its just a bit sooner for her


its NOT that sooner all things considered


hope thats NOT true


love this meme of prefacing a lie with cant believe


its NOT a lie she just doesnt want people to know so she can make the most of her time left


wouldnt call sitting on the internet streaming for 5 simps the most of her time


all that matters is shes having fun


wouldnt mind having a painless disease that would kill me in 5 years


cant believe okayus new alternate outfit has boyshorts good thing theyre hidden most of the time


what about her feet


forgot to drink my big coffee earlier and fell asleep



ended up only sleeping for 2 hours tonight hima hi


pretty mindrending that they say autism is extreme male brain and most female trannies are merely autistic women


File: 1591972041129.jpg (302.78 KB, 1039x1600, __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_thomasz__6a….jpg)

houshou marine desuuu


too big




phew glad im neurotypical that sounds complete tard


nice thomas


i must flip senchou


die nt


same but okayu


okayus stream was a big success wonder if she can climb in the rankings


File: 1591972354301.jpg (512.77 KB, 2508x3541, EaUMtk_U4AEo0Kg.jpg)


low class male smv is dropping even more now that hags can slap on a teengirl 2d avatar and compete with actual teengirls in simpcount do something turt


what about chadmond


shes already one of the top dogs


chadmond is baste as hell


shes a cat actually


since when she was mid to low tier in the last rating vid posted


whos chadmond


you need to be a randomteen like fubuki to be a top dog


haato is a randomteen and shes almost the least popular


File: 1591974867308.jpg (180.28 KB, 850x1200, EaUN30pUMAEwbMg.jpg)



love a nice steamy pit cloud


File: 1591974939403.mp4 (437.33 KB, EaTwjkBU8AE23Md.mp4)


haachama isnt at the level of teenrandom as fubuki you need to be pewdiepie style besides shes simply too slutty


cant trust hima webms after the cat incident


shes #10


hell yeah love top 10


defiantly NOT clicking that


wish i was chadmond wonder what his private messages look like


his audience is mostly male


cham is subscribed to him


thats a bit gay isnt it


On 30 September, she announced on her Twitter account the demonetization of her channel because her ASMR videos were considered of sexual nature by YouTube.[10]



you seem a tad sexually insecure


just thought the whole point of the vtube thing was oog


im trying but im starting to believe that theres NOThing you can do to shut off the simp gene its simply a part of npc programming just look at the ones on hima that worship these norm bimbos that would spit on them and laugh as their bfs beat them up on the street


File: 1591975919017.png (Spoiler Image, 4.9 MB, 2299x4093, __minamoto_no_raikou_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_….png)



drinking some coolbrew


10 year old boys arent gay for pewdiepie and yet they watch him its like that


10 year old boys arent sexually active


they still watch him when they are and they still arent gay



mindblowing that norms can just roll in and claim an entire city theirs and no one does anything


they only claimed a few blockos


wish the chinks would do that


hima demands reparations for what the norms have done


been treated far worse by the norms than nigs have been treated by whites over the past 60 years


someone call freaks friend to riddle them with bullets


she would never do that


cant believe even vtubers have problems with demonetization wonder what sargbro would say about this


sargon is male isnt it gay for you to watch him


these mantubers actually have funny or insightful things to say the vtubers just flail their avatar around to make the boobs jiggle and squeal into the mic or occasionally drop a spicy curseword or meme for their western fans to add to the compilation


why are all okayus asmrs ear cleaning


sargon insightful good one


whats your point


dont think okayu does any of those things but she does talk about kaiji


she does asmr thats audio porn


love haacchama big boobie



File: 1591977772727.jpg (784.92 KB, 1380x1036, 78d5f5fba85c7d4dde00051da66ef70b.jpg)


die sargteenorm


holy flip shaman king is getting a new animation that adapts the whole manga


teen king


File: 1591977834855.png (265.78 KB, 542x304, 83bb7867f4eb66283605b9ec0f497754.png)


*negative canthal tilt sounds*


thats nice but the thing is shaman king is really awful read the whole manga multiple times and watched the anime the ending was extra rushed because the author stopped giving a flip to the series


File: 1591977930227.jpg (113.17 KB, 1280x720, 1591578729693.jpg)


meant this one


uh its horrible haha i just reread the whole thing 6 times
you realize being aggressively critical isnt cool after teenhood right


the other one is better


love listening to a 34 year old woman make baby sounds into a microphone for a few hours


ya thats why its the wrong one


dont think fubuki is a 34 year old woman shes too shameless to NOT be a teen


dont underestimate the pride of a professional there are old grannies doing voices for children in anime


love nice old grannies


shaman king is garbage its NOT my opinion its a verifiable fact everything after the patch village is rushed garb


used to read shaman king in my official shounen jump


never mind that everything after iron maiden


call me beep me if you wanna reach me




hate self!


get the heck in here


sigh shes too dumb


dont call her dumb


waitress teengirl called me handsome after taking my order and said i look like a model when she brought my food NOT sure if she was making fun of me or NOT but she was staring at me with erotic eyes and blushing and sort of whispering so i think she was serious jbw might just be that powerful


nice onseki


post a pic and we can tell you if she was serious


morning hima had to skip the last 5 hours of posts too many norms crying about women


dont sip




just scrolled back to check and yeah youre just making shit up


nope tons of norm posts whining


i only saw one guy youre just trying to cause problems youre a problem creator




hate the problem creators


hate norms


the pcs always bounce off one aNOTher to sow discord dating back to pnigs regime


love throwing out one liners that become the subject for the next 100 posts


dont think problem creator is going to take off instigator is the word for that


File: 1591983017792.jpg (72.49 KB, 1200x675, EFv3BXFVAAAfBWq.jpg)


turns out everyone on hima is actually 9/10 chads and the girls were just too humble to talk to us


roomba woke me up


what was the retarded acronym pnig came up with for a certain poster cant remember


is that a tranny


thats a gamer


File: 1591983127077.png (1.18 MB, 594x1032, marine.png)


thats yuyu tard


wish i was a pro gamer


the trannys have really done a done a number on impressionable young men no man will ever look like that


File: 1591983278579.jpg (146.67 KB, 706x1000, EaUtxyYU0AAbaoz.jpg)


whos yuyu should i worship


the hima squires


File: 1591983341185.mp4 (91.79 KB, 1271310314479300614.mp4)


nice out of the loopeye


File: 1591983400426.jpeg (19.02 KB, 407x754, images (3).jpeg)


what wrong with her upper lip



try using the search function for once


love telling forum noobs to use the search or gtfo


non searchers are worse than necros


need filename search even asked himako to implement it


hate 100000 post level 9 badged forum norms


i am the necroblog


search is a neofeature shouldnt use it just like nucatalog


wouldnt it be nice if you had an admin who could do more than pass himself css


NOThing like post count mogging some noob


are you gonno unspoiler the image yet


File: 1591983735596.png (29.15 KB, 360x60, dark.png)

should i report


they mean dark magic users


File: 1591983979315.webm (374.73 KB, 1280x720, ass card.webm)


gonno make a twitter account and post on the harry potter ladys account supporting her l


that reminded me of sion


you need to pretend to be a non white to confuse their senses


File: 1591984178129.png (691.48 KB, 692x835, 1575641516203.png)


hate keijo





keijo was a 10


is that the guy from game of thrones


ya out of 100


File: 1591984849738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 357.61 KB, 2048x1365, DfHyczGU8AAlMth.jpg)




File: 1591985009466.webm (11.2 MB, 640x360, 1586382621701.webm)


moms making grilled cheese


manbaby meal


woke up peeled a dead fruit fly off of my lip


File: 1591985384993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 497.75 KB, 1360x1920, EaUXh1NUwAcKjjd.jpg)


lesbians dont click


where is their kitty hair


how in the piss is it a manbaby meal


only ever seen grilled cheese on the kids menu


wish i was there getting a photo


its NOT a manbaby meal


woke up gonno finish part 2 of the fishing relic today


hell ya


she needs to hire a choreographer



dont even know what animal that is


its an otter


its a gamer


File: 1591987325843.webm (665.53 KB, 1280x720, 1583257304444.webm)


whatever happened to trout


hopefully dead


what about benlisquare


the pizza girl


File: 1591988037518.jpg (109.54 KB, 848x1199, EaUDtkDUMAA6CVi.jpg)


the new future of gaming is tomorrow at the pc show hope everyone stocked up on snacks and blogs we got a good day ahead of us


File: 1591988079853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 238.22 KB, 1008x1200, EaPWXDYWsAEPyhe.jpg)

need a gamer wife


pasted saw cleaver


File: 1591988303567.mp4 (2.01 MB, _るるすりーでぃー_おひろめするる_鈴原るる_にじさん 2m0.6s - 2m24.8s (….mp4)



File: 1591988439062.png (662.42 KB, 702x395, woman otters.png)

took the otterpill


bloodborne and rune factory 4 on pc hb


paste gulliblemate


need some paleblood


stuck some qtips in my ears


took a shower thankfully i was able to restore the matted homeless man hair look with some wax


File: 1591989843514.png (162.64 KB, 540x845, z0rM9FW.png)


i dont get it


norm image theres NOThin to get


pnig gets it


lets see that pic slick


youre NOT supposed to do that it just pushes the wax further in


time for snoozey bye hima




wonderblog what is the secret of your power


fishing hard


hell ya


File: 1591991722339.jpg (60.91 KB, 750x745, 1591975162207.jpg)



File: 1591993003952.gif (2.43 MB, 498x498, rap mario.gif)


gaming hard here hima




the mouse guy


bored bored bored


moms making chicken rice


wish i had some


think i might make burgs in a bit


got down mowing big bro called me up said he wants to play poker tonight




took a quick jab at my coworker asked if he ever played d2 he said he only played the original which surprised me and i said oh right youre 30 didnt mean it in a bad way but thinking about it now people who just turned 30 are still kind of sensitive about it


what does being 30 have to do with playing d2 norm


nice one zoomer


i mean he played diablo 1 and NOT diablo 2 which surprised me


finished my fishing relic have to wait till 5.3 now for the next step




should i fish in ffxv i feel like i get NOThing out of it


thats because you dont get anything out of it fishing is the most useless craft by far


thats the entire point


hey i didnt choose fishing unless theres an option to change


NOThing better than casting your line off the balcony at the carline canopy during a rainstorm


sigh time to journey to eorzea and get fishin the sea calls to me


should i spend gils on weapons


just craft your own


thats still something i dont know how to do i see a plus mark next to some weapons but where do i go to upgrade them


you should use your own crafts to raise funds on the marketplace then use those funds to buy gear eorzea thrives when we come together like this




dont know what you mean by plus marks and you cant upgrade weapons


theres a yellow plus mark next to some of my weapons


a quick ddg search says i have to do some cid sidequests


think that means you dyed it yellow or it came dyed


spilled rice all over my trousers


dont tell me you fell for the duckduckgo meme


wish the burgs would make themself mom isnt here after making grilled cheese she went out now im left to starve


File: 1591996611007.png (311.67 KB, 646x415, Untitled.png)


dont think we were talking about the same game


we fell for the trap


should i play destinys 2s


im a gamer i game simple as that


should have got some real food and NOT kids menu crap for literal children




NOT trying to be rude just upset because i warned you before eating it now youre complaining about being dissatisfied with your choice of cuisine


only a single mom would serve their child grilled cheese


what the flip why


get in their and give those burgs a firm handshake


i dont have any willingness


sis bday is next sunday bought her the new iphone


die norm


bought my sis a car this year


maybe i should go out on an expedition for fried chickens


boil those chickens instead




just learned im NOT autistic and noise pollution is an actual form of abuse


sis asked me to pick her up a candy bar on my way to the house and i told her no but i surprised her with ten dollars worth of junkfood


nice yasashiniki


did she reward you with a flip


paid for sis to go on a date


with you right


sigh sis



heck yeah




just end this phantom joke already


File: 1592000036608.webm (1.52 MB, 640x360, bwainsbroken.webm)


haachama chamaaaaaaa


otter want flip


love haachama


File: 1592000533158.webm (621.88 KB, 1280x720, goodbye monkey.webm)


File: 1592000766148.webm (6.26 MB, 1280x720, 1589648346710.webm)


woke up with a pedbone mom made spaghetti


File: 1592000820893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.15 MB, 2508x3541, 82279542_p7.jpg)

love a good triple threat


cant tell whats going on that image


theyre gaming


NOT the helltaker triple girls dont click


brain tickler


how is waking up with a pedbone different from waking up with a normal bone


you have a sexy lady dream instead of a boobie dream


never woken up with a bone because of erotic dreams


one is more of an epic meme than the other


NOThin meme


played modern warfare cant believe they brought back scrapyard





File: 1592001478269.jpg (959.49 KB, 1500x1074, 82275719_p0.jpg)


oops didnt mean to reply




whats scrapyard


fighting the piggytron


sigh her seiyuu is so cute


need to bring about an end to the foid worship that has plagued otaku culture for the last 20 years


sigh wish i could marry any of these four sophisticated ladies


have sex


iris is so cute


wish i could


wonder what her feet smell like


hope that failednorm dies


probably soap and lotion


fire up the gunpla


present it




sigh wish i had money for a gunpla


File: 1592001966348.jpg (368.82 KB, 1337x1337, 1549708000680.jpg)


never liked gundam




would never be able to bring myself to trust chink food theres no telling what gutter they dredged it up from


damn good stuff


how could someone possibly eat that
at least its so cheap it doesnt even matter if you waste half of it


coco can we get some feet pics please queen


it melts and is pretty much the equivalent of half a glass of milk fool


kiss my ass milknorm


love milk love icecreams love giant icecream cones



paste chimparm the milkbather


those are manfeet


can monkies drink milk


ask your mom


wish i had excessive amounts of body hair to make up for my manbaby face





wonder if monkeys are upset we have larger bones and balls and breasts and get to oog out harder


hate my body hair should be hairless


just the discordteens theyll go away again in an hour


simply shave


always tardlaugh when i see arm stubble


too much work


monkeys oog out on a level you cant even begin to fathom bonenorm


there is no one more hairy than me on hima guaranteed




File: 1592002533088.jpg (17.45 KB, 500x375, cat.jpg)




cute cat


havent seen the cat today


prove it


File: 1592002584438.png (2.93 MB, 1300x2703, 82277328_p0.png)


kitty keeps going in the empty room and starts screaming



if you were smart youd be doing the same


stuck in a slow drive thru line send help


hate the drive thru mostly because i hate idling the car


why would the parents let their kids watch this


its natural


its so slow that im turning it off after moving a cars lenght


owned frogger


never once used a drive through



hehe couldnt remember if that was africa or se asia baste jungle chinks




teen hours


the norms in the comments dont give a flip about some orangutan why are they pretending its affecting them emotionally


why are men such freaks


at least an ape looks vaguely humanoid meanwhile 1 out of 3 white girls have sexually experimented with a dog


the dogs like it


brutal dogpill


File: 1592003059939.jpg (63.15 KB, 640x640, otfd88yr3h451.jpg)



File: 1592003089418.jpg (225.91 KB, 747x971, 33a91139b44cc50a448c039dab619657.jpg)


caught mom flipping the pastadog


whats wrong with being a hooters girl, its NOT like theyre prostitutes they just wear tight shirts and short pants


went to a hooters once and was very disappointed


ive been a few times and the food is good and theres nice stuff to look at what else could you ask for


File: 1592003210110.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, 1591069432497.webm)


File: 1592003238084.mp4 (1.56 MB, 1590807274411.mp4)


File: 1592003287010.jpg (88.67 KB, 1024x558, 1591978626801.jpg)


sigh hate vtubers so much but im powerless to stop the takeover


File: 1592003310331.webm (7.66 MB, 1280x720, 1588877563914.webm)


the only takeover is you discordteen


the food was terrible and the women werent even that attractive you probably just have low standards and a manbaby palate


love vtubers NOT a fan of earsnap mp4 spam



like anyone would believe that go back to discord


was pulling on a nose hair and sneezed funny


love a good burnsneeze


ya im manbaby so what


dont care about vtubers but post them to steam that guy


File: 1592003577625.webm (2.06 MB, 1280x720, 1589501488475.webm)


hes just an overly sensitive discordteen that hates otaku culture dont mind him


youre a problem creator


File: 1592003777909.webm (591.37 KB, 960x540, 1590976603982.webm)


sigh okayus new outfit is so cute


might seek out a local adept to apprentice me in the ways of magick


the only problem creator is you narcissist


File: 1592003889216.webm (484.39 KB, 508x646, 1583256835993.webm)




File: 1592004135684.webm (225.13 KB, 526x622, 1584667882933.webm)


beat the third palace hima hooooooo boy



File: 1592004576281.flac (30.94 MB, 1.SAKURAスキップ(TVアニメ「NEW GAME!」 OPテーマ).flac)


File: 1592004674748.webm (8.76 MB, 452x584, tkg.webm)




mindblowing that hooters exists and women will work at it


why NOT you can make a $100 tip for filling a boomers beer for half a hour


this has to be a m.o.v.e song


sigh doesnt look that good seems like these arent worth it unless you go high end wacom


mom said im a slow driver


why do you need a tablet if you dont draw


gathering coffee beans in the fields of tomra


time to give it the beans


gotta love tomra



sigh gotta love subaru


simp hour



ate too much pasta took an antacid


gonno stop posting and talking about vtubers in order to respect my fellow himamates


paste skipper


contain yourself to the allotted vtuber hours


hate turboskippers


sorry i just got home ill read later


sigh no way i can justify dropping multiple thousands on something like this


love spending hours shopping for the best tablet and art supplies and never actually drawing


i do that with everything


can anyone here actually draw


told mom id start tomorrow


hope nobody here is arrogant enough to draw


i can draw


File: 1592005663167.jpg (Spoiler Image, 614.73 KB, 2048x2048, Dpaf5ukU8AEgc4-.jpg)


where is his hand is he grabbing her ass


mindblowing how small that beer is


thats NOT a beer he isnt even 21


he posted that pic when he turned 21 skipper


isnt he a ped


that pic makes it impossible to deny that its all about personality


just made those burgs gonno throw on the last haachama stream and feast


nice try



never actually watched a vtuber stream when do they take piss breaks


they wear dipes


why would virtual ai girls need to pee


cant believe im getting mogged by coby


you cant even tell posters apart go back



didnt get the 1 million get but ill get the first sextuple get on hima with the 1111111 get


nah that will be yama


wonder if hima will make it to the 2m get




that last cham stream was damn good shes putting in so much effort sigh


sigh we gotta support her



found something weird



you cant say that turt will freak


File: 1592007112356.mp4 (686.96 KB, 1181406676215357440.mp4)

wish someone would loop this to some music with some chromatic aberration and effects


why is he always so happy


he didnt fall for the hikkineet virgin loser meme


its NOT my fault


i was born avoidant schizoid


im gema


i couldnt have foreseen a future of despair by taking this path


crazy how badly non-jap asians want to be jap


need to go on a weird train adventure with cham as she dresses up as a weird bunny frog with animals around her


raging how cham is going to have an early death its NOT fair




die liar


she games


kitty is walking around


too dumb to figure out how to properly meld my gear




File: 1592007664751.png (2.4 MB, 2065x1117, cham1.png)


wonder if i look good enough to make it if i were nt or if itd be over anyway



love torturing myself by watching food vids while the fridge is empty


fleshbiting too deep side of my thumb feels raw


hate when that happens


File: 1592008626474.jpg (64.68 KB, 1005x730, nof5rhvosd451.jpg)

having a bad trip


File: 1592008923588.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, cham2.png)


how come japs dont scape


havent drawn anything in about a decade besides oekaki with mouse


anime time


too western and they dont get the subtle jokes and they love linear leveling ridiculous looking maxed characters and sexy ladies


tried playing non linear ragnarok and hated it


why did you hate it


File: 1592009846757.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1080, cham3.png)


vtuber hours gonno skip




File: 1592009907220.mp4 (6.47 MB, paste seki.mp4)


sigh cham




need to go to japan and jbw its my only chance


try dying instead


damn thats a clean little eg


File: 1592010492558.png (235.69 KB, 689x177, 021e1493349a0a.png)

saw this ad


dont understand asmr


sorana was playing strip mahjong at the arcade after work


only like this kind of asmr hate talking hate mouth noises




bored as hell


gonno play some theotown




File: 1592011289061.jpg (854.37 KB, 1044x1000, IMG_20200612_182113.jpg)


having a bath n bourbon


youre gonno die


why would i die


you could get hypothermia or hyperthermia


watching a nice ted talk


link that flipper



what a pussy



kept seeing this shoved into my recs are you one of the npcs that click those





click everything


only get recd vtuber clips


is helltaker the new undertale havent been paying attention all that much


File: 1592012261184.jpg (495.56 KB, 1757x1050, 1591973486541.jpg)


ill take both


is she translating to japanese


ill be fine im something of an expert at drinking in a scalding bath tub


glad there hasnt been any school shootings since cornteen


really tired hima had a full day and all that after only sleeping for two hours after laying in bed for six gonno earlysnooze


hes saying the bully victims are the shooters but isnt it always the bulliers




youre relapsing


the arent gamers


decided NOT to buy any drawing tablet until ive tried it in person


proud of you


just buy it off amazon and return it after a couple weeks


nice cautious consumer


buy some nice pens and quality paper instead


cant ctrl+z with those


tried drawing once realized i could never draw sexy ladies on the same level as the nips


all i need is gaming


File: 1592013868143.png (1.55 MB, 1191x1684, __malina_helltaker_drawn_by_ohako_ohako1818__1….png)

phew nice whiskey ice ball


sick of teentaker


wonder how that oven guy is doing


whats it about


drawings just make me so happy i want to make them too


damn guess ill be up early


installing my tamagotchi forever


File: 1592014724817.jpg (1.11 MB, 1959x2377, 82276768_p0.jpg)


uninstalled my tamagotchi forever


watched the new kakushigoto sigh hime is so cute


nice watchnorm


uhh im a watchnorm simply love watching things in fact i think ill watch something right now then update my flipping mal and have sex with my gf who watches with me


the watchers are problem creators


love watching my wall


love watching cham


miss my friend malguy


wonder what hes up to


tried watching subaru but shes too fake NOT like a certain cat named nekomta okayu from holo live gamers


hell ya gamers


eating ice cream and chopping trees


where at




woke up hiya


File: 1592016210468.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.99 MB, 740x480, 1591853534120.webm)





you cant see his face but its chad


File: 1592016432031.jpg (47.74 KB, 370x585, e93uwpoy2l451.jpg)



what is it


how does a jav prove anything


poe devs donating half of all cosmetic microtransaction sales to black lives matter nz hell ya


how did niggers get to new zealand


they have maori


maoris are niggers


why NOT give it to charity so you know what is actually happening to your money


File: 1592016784362.png (4.44 MB, 2560x1440, cham.png)

damn good cham damn good


too many scam charities


any cham art on patreon


simply commission some


any cham art on the boorus


can someone make a webm of cham driving around on per panda car


should have done a school shooting but i was getting it all out of my system by gaming 6 hours a night


gaming hard


is cham actually 9 years old


love having to read over 600 posts thanks to freak


cant comprehend this



just reported her channel


you cant stop cham






File: 1592018911188.webm (Spoiler Image, 424.86 KB, 942x530, yp.webm)


typical normtuber



wonder how she feels inside having to read that


shes being paid to say it why would she care


chams life earnings must be less than 20 bucks


as a female she must have some opinion on how simpcringe it is


shouldnt there be a tool you can use to automatically sum up the superchat profit from a video or channel and subtract the youtube cut then the yagoo cut


gonno drag some animals through the snow and pretend to like video games until simps donate


got tricked into clicking a muslim vid


File: 1592019696559.webm (3.25 MB, 1280x720, pancar.webm)


oiled up the shotgun mom bought grocery store sushi gonno eat take some zzzquil and snooze


damn good webm


sigh he would have loved it


she doesnt pretend she simply loves rounding up innocent animals dragging them through the snow for 2 hours and caging them


File: 1592020132929.webm (6.26 MB, 1280x720, 1591298441039.webm)


mindblowing how similar cham is to the catcager


started sucking my thumb while listening to the abcs


only formula babies suck their thumbs


File: 1592020699942.png (117.56 KB, 544x156, pud.png)


File: 1592020716664.png (723.18 KB, 1280x720, eat.png)


high level tuberfan


File: 1592020942597.gif (57.45 KB, 440x312, daumen3.gif)

never sucked my thumb after grandma read me this horror story



loved that pricone episode yabai desu ne


paste how will the vbros recover


i stand with him



fired up the oven broiling some frozen salisbury steak and gonno make some instant taters


hell ya


wonder if vtuber rager knows i made this for him


he will soon enough


imagine if your brother was a female vtuber named oozora subaru


hate bro


subarus a girl


File: 1592022653094.png (234.97 KB, 600x600, 1592017753178.png)


nice arima kousei


File: 1592022843405.jpeg (116.87 KB, 446x930, f5cedfd0db63774434a32c0f66e8ba0b.jpeg)




owned in poker again today cant seem to win a game


bro sharked you


money is NOThing before the bonds between bros


get flippin nodded at


know better than to attempt a card game with my d rank luck


lost 8 bucks its NOThing but still frustrating how im NOT allowed to win at all



set up a system with bro and cheat mendez out of all his money


File: 1592023531696.jpg (982.11 KB, 1536x2048, 1592016857116.jpg)

why is that womans vagina swollen like that


she drinks sugarwater


wish i was high enough iq to enjoy gambling


why the piss NOT


why would they harvest their plant allies


why would they use their white allies as meat shields


because cops wont hurt white people


sorana bought 7 volumes of chainsaw man


File: 1592024294171.jpg (820.53 KB, 800x1200, __cerberus_helltaker_drawn_by_mou_tama_maru__0….jpg)


feeding my girls


love a good beef wellington


whats the difference between sirloin and angus


ask the bbq pit boys