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my chair squeaks too gave up on it let it squeak


wd40 that chair



sick as a dog


moms been hogging the kitchen all night with her friend looks like its gonno be a late dinner tonight


is it a lady friend why dont you get in on some of that action


get out there and have a tard attack you need to save mom from him


shall i sick nacho


sigh everyone got left behind


File: 1583212020344.jpg (1.84 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170528_183536.jpg)




train girl will be safe during the plague outbreak


thought everyone stopped posting because of my chair post


everyone stops posting during neohima hours


pnig had a tg and turt had a tg when is it my turn for a tg


you can have a toon guy


why did turt put a bag between them


creepy teen


that was her anti cel bag to keep me from breathing on her i kept my bags piled on top of me at all times because using a seat for your stuff is arrogant


and it was a good choice on her part with you taking creepy photos of her


its fine she loves it


i thought you did that to keep an eye on your stuff after you got mugged


only enjoyed the parts with no people going to take a trip to remote siberia next time


siberia is where you go to get kidnapped and have your organs taken


we can only hope


File: 1583212614370.jpg (129.71 KB, 1100x1100, __orie_under_night_in_birth_drawn_by_chaesu__8….jpg)


File: 1583212880662.jpg (559.91 KB, 1080x1347, 1583210174087.jpg)






nb has been confirmed as being canonically the most powerful persona


might start stockpiling and drink constantly for a week whats the worst that could happen




never died before


i have it was relaxing


mine wasnt


makin a pizza


turt said NOT to eat pizza because its a waste of calories


pic that za


stop worshipping


File: 1583214288275.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


wonder where bill went





do you like vegeta bill


File: 1583214564513.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 1573706313610.png)


yes yes we know youre here kolby ill get to you when i get to you im having a conversation with bill right now




post the clip


poor girl was looking to get some gaijin dick but turt didnt step up


die norm


File: 1583215611010.webm (785.14 KB, 1280x720, senk.webm)


beat his ass turt


hima is dead


all thats left is neohima


tried sleeping for the past 6 hours and got nowhere what a waste of time


thats been dead for years now




miss the younow days


i dont thats part of what killed warosu




if pnig didnt create hima wed be stranded and separated you should be thankful


damn good strawberry milk tonight neohima damn good


havent had strawberry milk since i was a wee lad



File: 1583217134817.jpg (389.03 KB, 1280x1781, 25.jpg)


uh how is someone over 30 an old man that cant be right


of course over 30 is an old man its over for us


sigh isnt pnigs 30th birthday this month forgot what day he was born


no no NO 30 still has youthful vigor



cant feel sorry for people who live in cities

that first guy should have stayed in his 村


in his what


File: 1583218124402.mp3 (7.03 KB, ソウル.mp3)


closed the vid some dumb jap has decided to live in an upgraded halfway house for 5 years because he didnt want to commute 2 hours a day to work why is this supposedly worth 15 minutes of my time


because its japanese


come back nb


there was a better vid on the same topic 5 years ago where were you then


they wouldnt even let me have a room


sprinkled some headphone dandruff on my pasta




NOThin gross it no different than salt or any other condiment




wish i lived in the edo period


can neets apply for loans


i tried one time and failed they said i needed to show them pay stubs


why wont norms give me money


theyre norms they only care about themselves


falsified some of moms bank account documents to get my loan


yang wanted to give you money but the norms wouldnt let him


fall harvest festival hima gotta say im pretty confident in my crops


used to hate vtubers now i spend every waking moment watching them


love vtubers hate ark


you should marry xiao pai


nah flip chinks


any good tubers


t minus one hour hima



had a nice 4 hour nap might game



whats happening in an hour im getting nervous


you dont want to know


uh oh


no no NO this cant be happening


File: 1583235284988.jpg (227.53 KB, 1057x1510, ESJt4_PUUAU4jZF.jpg)


thats NOT how you wear a shirt



File: 1583240909273.jpg (301.16 KB, 1200x1200, ESLvcA_UUAAWCcN.jpg)


woke up with a big horny bone


would you like some help with that


do people with gfs get to use their morning bones or get cockblocked


they get morning afternoon and evening sex


weird how every norm gets to sperm into a nice warm kitty whenever they want like its NOThing


yes to a functional person having friends feeling acceptance and getting sex are just part of life you are experiencing the life of a mentally ill freak


had a dream mom was trying to vaccinate me


File: 1583244714409.webm (1.47 MB, 720x1040, 1583227398454.webm)

the mansion will have an exterminator to come and dechink the premises monthly


anyone else have shotadick


is that safe


obviously NOT if hes wearing a gas mask


File: 1583247769561.png (1.11 MB, 720x960, 87485393_2564044427184265_2141937479421263872_….png)


crazy how you can just walk into any 7-11 in japan and pick up a nice brain onahole to go with your snacks




got some greaseneet pimples behind my ear hurts like hell


File: 1583251365875-0.jpg (827.83 KB, 929x1300, 1.jpg)

File: 1583251365875-1.jpg (871.3 KB, 929x1300, 2.jpg)

File: 1583251365875-2.jpg (433.38 KB, 854x1500, 3.jpg)




just remembered the time i called the teacher mom



morning hima


just woke up but im already tired


chug some caffeine quick


moms watching how its made


yes your brain doesnt work right theres something broken inside it and you are experiencing a life that others do NOT have



still sick hima this isnt good


mom made turkey with stuffing


you need some vitamin c


uh thanksgiving was months ago


just stuff me and butter my backside and pop me in the oven already


File: 1583256835993.webm (484.39 KB, 508x646, ahahaha.webm)


i have flipped miko she has been flipped






mindblowing how many vtubers cant even pass 10 viewers even hima streams get more viewership


kidney pain hima this is the end


how can you tell kidney pain


thought i used to have kidney pain but it was indigestion from grains




hehe dumb chinks


File: 1583258006189.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580958620686.webm)


british customer came in and asked me some questions tried my hardest NOT to make an ass of myself



pnigs gonno have a years worth of gmm vids to catch up on


out of the few ive seen i think i saw this one


its been a year with no internet
he wont be the same person


File: 1583258534777.webm (590.24 KB, 370x600, 1579985659025.webm)


why havent you binge watched everything starting from episode one


thads the same person he always was after being locked up for years except for the flipping manass part


File: 1583258821868.mp4 (1.21 MB, 1582685273403.mp4)


only want to watch interesting games


pnigs going to have ptsd symptoms whenever he sees a succulent sexy lady


thought queers were born NOT created then i saw what happened to thad


File: 1583259132229.webm (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 1581271764393.webm)


hopefully he will never harm aNOTher again


visions always been terrible but never bothered to get glasses


gonno have a kidjo


File: 1583262012418.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1581743115413.webm)


File: 1583262130277.jpg (120.23 KB, 807x1200, EP79kOFUYAI8z4u.jpg)



grabbed a nice bowl of cool whip


spaghetti cookin hima


File: 1583263242901.png (2.07 MB, 1290x1892, __akamine_yuuna_yuusha_de_aru_and_1_more_drawn….png)


rage whenever i hear cool whip because of the norms


what do you mean


whats cool whip


family norm


keys are sticking more now than they were in the days after the initial spill dont want to clean it because ill probably break the spacebar again


pour alcohol over the whole thing and leave it for a day


might disassemble it but then if i flip up ill be stuck using the onscreen keyboard for weeks


dont be a pussy


im pmb


just dont reverse the polarity and it will be fine


these newer dell keyboards dont have the tension bar for the spacebar its just a key


brought home 2 extra n95 masks


masks only protect you from infecting other people NOT from getting infected


just dont go outside youll be fine


i act only in self interest


roa is a hoarder


gonno start spending all day out of the house if i get sick


cant believe roa would expose her collarbone and bare shoulders on stream


theyve got the wrong man


missed the coco stream fuck


uhh its the other way around


having a big ole coffee hima hima




if a guy on ebay posts a receipt showing he paid a little more on shipping than what i paid is he trying to tell me to owe him he apologized for being late on shipping the item out and paid extra for priority mail


guys i might buy stoneshard


get the HELL in here




can you even play as a girl in that



can barely understand his accent


yes but i wont




hes showing you that its been shipped


File: 1583274035276.jpg (117.65 KB, 584x749, 1541633416997.jpg)


File: 1583274289286.jpg (309.82 KB, 800x618, my compliments to the nig.jpg)


no you mustnt


keys are sticking again after taking all the screws out removing the sticky keys wiping them with alcohol and then closing everything up


buy a new one


dont fall for the mechanical keyboard meme


dont obsess over material possessions


why would i buy a new one all i have to do is get the motivation to clean this one


no its over its permanently soiled


i was only using this keyboard because i spilled juice into the other one in 2018 and was too lazy to clean it maybe now ill be forced to clean both


pnig recommends the blue switches


fell for the mechanical meme and now mom noiserages at my blue outemus


read something that made me angry but i already forgot what it was and im still left with the anger


that openvr benchmark is so exciting
dont think nvidia gpus are coming anytime soon theyre still releasing super refreshes


hate blue norms wish they would die


just read an obvious as hell chink review on amazon


yeah i'm falling out of my chair here from all the excitement oog me calculate pi 0.000000000001 seconds faster than you me win




some men are happy with the slow lane you may settle for mediocrity


dont think nvidia 2100 will come before 2022


love my faster gpu so i can run all those great new triple a games on that excellent platform known as the personal computer


i hate games


File: 1583276955392.jpg (41.05 KB, 860x118, dddd.jpg)

turt are you there


thats too radical 2021 is the year or in december


File: 1583277027190.jpg (667.83 KB, 705x1000, 78351780_p0.jpg)




granny thighs


you cant say that the #1 vtuber by net worth has granny thighs


know NOThing about these virtual whores dont care to know anything about them their existences are meaningless to me


theyre gamers


you will die in ignorance


headache day


headaches are your memories reorganizing themselves you usually dont NOTice because it happens during sleep


liar liar pants on fire


hate when people send you a message on discord then log off quickly NOT giving you time to respond




heard only transexuals use that program


you heard wrong teens use it too


call me the tranblob


same phew nice teenbirls


sigh doc said i was good to back to work my hearts racing


cleaned my room washed the bed shaved took a shower feeling nice hima


File: 1583280021340.png (563.87 KB, 900x1058, 1583265076867.png)


did you pubeshave too


get in here


you need to respect women


File: 1583280104605.webm (Spoiler Image, 1007.9 KB, 720x404, 1581994115961.webm)


File: 1583280164164.webm (765.03 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 06 [7….webm)


NOThing webm worthy in 3 episodes time to rope


it only gets worse ranka basically becames a secondary character in her own show


im NOT even a secondary in my own show


im a background character


no no were in the first part of the first episode of the isekai when theyre showing the lowly neet before his adventure begins


are the credits going to start rolling as i rope


hope corona sends me to the other side so my real life can begin


im one of those background characters that doesnt even have features drawn


you mean the ones with big cocks right


otherwise known as the blob


hot in my room today NOT happy about this



might buy pathologic 2


looks lame dont do it


File: 1583281798298.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, [Judas] Machikado Mazoku - 03 00.17.47.png)



File: 1583282222372.jpg (23.51 KB, 480x480, 1583271232381.jpg)

still in disbelief over how lame these guys are


whys this norm have to put his face on every thumbnail


its a norm vid for norms simple as that


they need to appeal to the agp furries that make up 90% of normemon sales


hes a trustworthy source when i see his face i know im getting valuable information and NOT chinese lies


why would the chinese lie i trust them


you cant trust chinks theyre always trying to swindle


wonder what that fool bill is up to with his fat as



its over the norms even took bidding on japanese auction sites via proxy away from me holy f*uck


go back



wish bill would jump me if only i could feel his fluffy fat engrossed knuckles on my cheek




upload the clip


what the flip


File: 1583285502209.jpg (84.74 KB, 900x614, 1583281682983.jpg)

why cant i have this


File: 1583285598619.webm (422.5 KB, 1280x720, pujya.webm)


that fool bill has a bad bitch on deck let him know what you look for cuh


File: 1583285788934.png (1.65 MB, 2000x2000, 1583280230538.png)


love pink girls love dog girls simple as that


reminiscent of konata


lucky star aired 17 years ago its time to give up


thats NOT possible


and the hima lucky star stream the greatest stream in history was last year so its NOT time to give up


good job banning me tardhammer


i concur


havent spermed today


deleting all my posts while theres still undeleted haysuz posts


i have fallen to the curse of hatred


youve seen all of them right




NOThing to do might wallstare


practice some remote viewing


File: 1583288022879.jpg (38.4 KB, 451x496, 1580671091495.jpg)



think i like like the naked mole rat girl


mouth is twitching uncontrollably am i having a stroke


no youre just excited


File: 1583288502666.jpg (170.95 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 09 [72….jpg)

im excited


i do feel nervous i wonder whats going to happen


your neet senses are warning you about an impending biblical ynajmog


flights tomorrow hima gonno get corona and die


whys pink dog wearing boy shorts


himasugi administrator hard at work


to accentuate her pussy lines


gamed a bunch hima


praying for japan


going to watch some fate


saw some teengirls today and got real uncomfortable
think when i move out im gonno move into an old retirement neighborhood so i never see a person younger than me


what is it whats happening


File: 1583290021113.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


come back numbers guy ill knock your ass out bitch


File: 1583290117844.webm (5.38 MB, 480x360, こなた達でアッーウッウッイネイネ【らき☆すたMIX】.webm)


bweh bweh tomotei




did some research on getting into one of those places recently it cant be done unless mom moves too


just wasted 225$ at costco and they didnt have bottled water or toilet paper


walked past dad and saw him watching china uncensored hehe


dads dont do that


hate liarposters


NOT lying dad spends half his time on youtube


ban anyone whos father is still around


theres no need to be bitter


no one will believe this falsehood you're peddling we all know you made it up


dads watch ac130 cams of blowing up brown people while muttering "got em... bastards" under their breath


you cant max out your avoidance stat that quick



im napo


is handwriting getting worse a sign of brain damage or mental illness


its a sign of NOT writing


cant spell my name


i write on post-it NOTes every day


forgot if the i goes before or after the t in my name


File: 1583291208610.webm (5.27 MB, 352x480, 1481647324964.webm)


hope no one writes with their right hand its the most norm hand



only watch jun cook now


grandpa was ambidextrous but he was also smart


tardlaughed out loud within seconds of opening this chinks are hilarious


same sounds like when i start talking in fake chinese


hate bullies numbers guy ban these norms


die chink


dont say chink its racist


get corona and die chink bastard


die agp


forgot what that means


accelerated graphics port


what makes that agp


it means pervert


anime girl pretender






why is she always copying the sheep


miko is flapper


no shes NOT shes just pretending for attention


bought some league of legend skins


File: 1583292853136.webm (484.39 KB, 508x646, ahahaha.webm)


beat ultra moon


gamer friend tried to get me to install norm of norms over yen years ago maybe i should have


could probably only ever make aNOTher friend over games but cant stand norm games so its over


sun/moon were better


wish i had a gamer friend



dont know how to even talk to someone one on one


can only talk to people one on one


what do you mean friend



its like dota but tardfriendly


wish i was an old jewish man


dont even know what norm gamers do probably have NOThing in common with them at all


its NOT that great


get online billy im lonely


NOT talking to you until you apologize


NOT tardfriendly enough for real tards like me


File: 1583293993271.webm (2.88 MB, 1020x660, 1583159905198.webm)


might jo to some nice doa


File: 1583294204659.mp4 (4.51 MB, a57202b.mp4)


ok get online and ill apologize


that wasnt me


i simply stand around silently waiting for them to say something


never initiated a conversation in my life


File: 1583294411607.jpg (61.54 KB, 820x576, i.jpg)


why would anyone even dream of posting a version with no sound


ok come online


no go to hell spic


might go for a nojo record



nojoed 3 weeks once


die norm


what the hell is the point of a vending machine when you have to have someone assist you


hey you cant call me that get online


also that robot leaves the communal egg bucket exposed for way too long anyone could just sprinkle some poison in there


thought singapore was third world why is it filled with robots


oot taht xif dluohs yeht erehwyreve snaisa nworb yknits ytsan fo hcnub a sereht osla


what do you mean sprinkle some poison do you think people are just going around doing that


yeah havent you seen the chinks wiping their corona tissues on elevator buttons


File: 1583295068321.jpg (80.57 KB, 960x720, 1541880165138.jpg)


hate how opening embeds make the unread counter NOT reset


simply f5


think ill earlysnooze feelin like death


still wonder if the guy who never knew hima had auto refresh was a troll


pissed myself


turned on tubo


paste incontinent gran


im a manual refresher through and through


the auto refresh feature itself is a troll that snaps your memory


why do nips put ketchup on eggs


everyone does that


i put ketchup on eggs


love putting ketchup on my eggs with a whole avocado in the morning


laid down on my bed and it caved in on one spot think i broke it


File: 1583295370966.mp3 (203.4 KB, ars almal.mp3)



eggs taste vile wouldnt dream of eating them without covering them in some kind of sauce


love ketchup simple as that


how do eggs taste vile theyre perfect with just salt or if you want spice them up with some superhots or aNOTher acceptable hot sauce


eat 6 eggs every day


@5511V#5277 yeah it gets real peaceful and thesnaputic when there are no other cars around


they are inedible without being drowned in ketchup or hotsauce


NOT sure what this is but ban this norm


eggs are sick you are eating a life



hows that any different from eating meat


hate when people use the word amalgamation


eggs are chicken periods


so what


soooooo cute


what happened to soooo tard guy


he was killed and eaten


that was dickspammer


File: 1583296748165.jpg (644.38 KB, 1500x1060, 67697217_p0.jpg)


dickspammer was himako who was pnig who was the soooo tard guy
am i missing any of his personalities


ya the warosu ones


himako wasnt pnig


i hope NOT otherwise the dozens of emails i sent to himako were probably reviewed by beauford


mom bought some late night za


miss freakeye we swore to bring down pnig we almost did it too


gonno snoze


le suicide frenchman



that fool freakeye was my boy i supported dooki with no questions asked


stop worshipping


if you told me this was made for literal 4 year olds i would believe you


same but with any vfoid vid


i will never stop worshipping the freak


was tardlaughing to myself and mom asked whats so funny and asked who im talking too


dont like the sheep girl she has sanpaku eyes




worry about mom eavesdropping on me while im pacemumbling or tarding out got to keep the noise suppression fan running at all times


she can hear you with the fan on dont kid yourself spend some time outside of your room and realize how vulnerable you are even locked inside of it


have to repeat myself when she calls up to me she cant hear a thing unless im raging hard


might start running a fan or loud air purifier myself


havent bought anything in a while might steal moms credit card and give it a spin


youre all fakes youve never argued with yourself


why cant i win this shite is broken


get on discord nb


theyre testing for corona in my county its over


do you mean predicting every possible response to your thoughts if you were to express them and rebutting them beforehand or arguing with a split personality schizo style


tell your mom its time to hunker down


wish i had some canned beans


ganned begns


thinkin about those beans


File: 1583300463065.jpg (50.98 KB, 720x800, Budweiser_.jpg)

popped a cold one


put it down nb


go back


ok im back what now




poppin aNOTher cold one


im tard


put it down nb


come back nb


texting my ex rn




spermed to a nice vtuber


File: 1583303842336.png (Spoiler Image, 320.78 KB, 900x506, e71d479.png)


paste wings


get online please


is that kripp why is he fat and bald


no go to hell spic


nb doesnt quote


come back nb


go to hell spic


File: 1583304965651.jpg (66.73 KB, 992x558, 191202_abcnl_tbr_2020a_hpMain_16x9_992.jpg)

the himabus


File: 1583305089845.jpg (155.64 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 09 [72….jpg)

paste nandertal girl


come back


think im slightly retarded in the mouth


what do you meaned


i say dumb thing but i dont mean to then my friends arent my friends no more


never had friends whats it like


its bad you just wait for them to betray you so you betray them first you can never really trust them otherwise they will use everything you said in confidence will be used against you soon


love betraying all my friends


im a gods damned tard




its over himas finished fire up the himacord


File: 1583307438353.jpg (325.08 KB, 736x896, ESNLGKTUUAA723d.jpg)


pretty mindblowing how NOT a single female out of 3,884,269,210 on this planet find me attractive


dont forget the 1% of birls too they arent attracted to teens either


get on discord bill im crying


made a big bowl of pasta


what type


File: 1583308344621.mp3 (2.45 MB, 13 時空間超越 √ ライブラリィ.mp3)



is that the big boob girl


no its the corona poggers girl


then im NOT clicking


post some world-class boobs



wish mom would make beef stew again its been over a year since the last time sigh


never had beef stew before


ill ask mom to make some and you can come over and we can play perfect dark and twisted metal



okay hope you dont mind that im a screenlooker






sick like a dog


what kind of dog


pink dog




cant believe these idiots think anyones gonno roll on this hehe no one wants men


its a holiday for girls NOT you


thought girls dont spend money on games


mom brought home a kebab


File: 1583316463949.jpg (365.85 KB, 2048x1536, nenemac.jpg)


might start playing mobile games wonder what im missing out on


only game worth playing is fgo and only if you already liked fate


what about the ship girl game


File: 1583319374318.png (76.59 KB, 860x805, japan mobile.png)

thats made in china and the japanese arent playing it anymore


oh nonono this is bad hima they are taking down eng subbed videos of bandori seiyuus


theres money to be made there


nuggies are resting warmly in the oven


File: 1583326155981.jpg (782.55 KB, 828x1792, __original_drawn_by_saki_chisuzu__39ad5c423c4f….jpg)


remember when nagato enchanted the baseball bat and everyone was getting home runs hehe




have to lie down in the fetal position now or me back hurts


woke up cat puked up two piles of what looked like worms nearly hurled just got done cleaning and left a message telling mom to take him to the vet


woke up having a coffee


baste cat


sigh nene


love a good worm puke


skin is crawling now hate worms and insects


did you check your bed for worms


hate when i stand up too fast and nearly pass out


nice pressurelet



File: 1583330696781.webm (432.04 KB, 450x614, 1581779000580.webm)


nice pissing coco statue


hate when mom talks about the weather then says but you wouldnt know since you never go outside right


hate going outside




fired up a nice wet shave


just handed 1500 god man dollars over to uncle sam love the freedom to pay taxes


nice ronald satoko rika banner



sigh linked it right as its about to end


i think he gave me your money because i just got my tax return


havin a big ole coke zero at work hima


doing my taxes tonight sigh


feel like im missing out by NOT having a job


it pinches so much that they give you money to keep coming


cant even imagine being paid to do things


youre NOT just play some job simulators


might start wearing a n95 mask all the time to hide my hideous facial features


File: 1583340363009.jpg (893.21 KB, 1200x1578, __medusa_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_redb__70ece8….jpg)


rider no


laughing remembering quin said cuck in a ggg interview



go back to robot 9000 norms


hima the bedbugs caught me hima help



mom was whining about her boss again and some ex worker couldnt return his things because hes in corona quarantine hehe


tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsu no ma ki jan ken pon


mom said there was a case of corona here but i cant find anything in the local or national news or anything


its her


made a million on the farm hima


hima hima


cant believe twisted metal was one of my favorite games as a little lad but when i played it on an emulator i dropped it after 30 minutes




dont understand how anyone could listen to quin for more than a second without puking


so glad that shite cant survive here if theres one thing i like about the west its generally the strong anti mobile games and pro pc games attitude


male vtubers do NOT click


how is the west anti mobile game every norm has their face pressed against their phone screen playing a mobile casino slot machine


whats wrong with that


those are just regular people playing something while commuting to work real gamers(tm) are opposed to mobile games like look at what happened at blizzcon


why would you play monster strike when fgo exists


it doesnt survive here because the west makes shite mobile games


come back nb




the top grossing mobile games made in the us are game of war fortnite and hearthstone better than gatcha at least


were waiting for you nb


zip it norm this is NOT nbs personal mail service


mindblowing someone would be dumb enough to play an fps on a 5 inch touch screen with their fingers blocking 35% of the picture


i got her to np2 hehe im inching closer to giving her grails


lets NOT forget the psp ds and switch all pandering to mobile gamers


can someone tell nb to get on


you canNOT grail her


why NOT is she too weak


might move to bermuda


cant wait for the next hima meet down in kokomo


what am i supposed to do with this ged i wasted my time getting still just gonno end up roping


get a job in a warehouse


shes good with skadi and i think shes getting a np upgrade event this year


think im going crazy talking to myself and making weird noises


i make weird noises but im NOT crazy


wonder what that fool nb is up to


moms complaining about my click language again


hate when i have to talk to someone without using himamemes


File: 1583346089425.webm (280.53 KB, 1280x720, 1468043816607.webm)


File: 1583346200390.webm (582.64 KB, 1280x720, stretch.webm)


i can do that


File: 1583346355068.jpg (140.37 KB, 848x1199, ESFtKI1UUAE6RfY.jpg)


uh miss your shirt came unbuttoned


File: 1583346708737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 240.31 KB, 1200x848, ESCQWmgUEAIJFM6.jpg)


theres no way you can that flexibility is only in female bodies


penis hurts


File: 1583346871076.mp4 (773.37 KB, 6mmタクティカル - これ欲しい-1235141979253518338.mp4)

need a double magdump stat


File: 1583346985791.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


dont you feel bad for santa jeanne the adults arent doing anything


hate people refer to themselves as blog anything since they never blog


is that santa jeanne or santa lily alter jeanne


santa alter lily jeanne lancer


been playing priconne redive


was thinking about playing that one NOT sure if i have enough space on my phone


think you need 5gb space for it


i dont have enough time for anything else sleep work reading hima watching vids and snacking thats 24 hours right there


yea then i dont have enough space weird because fgo is the only thing i installed on my phone but somehow i have 28gb used up


i refer to myself as blob


what the flip


wouldnt mind having a nice bang dream


miss the days when i could get away with having a 2 gb hdd


loved inserting disc 2


nice boomer


miss the days when i could get away with having a 2 tb hdd


why cant you get away with a 2tb hdd


you know


File: 1583349283338.jpg (1.59 MB, 4032x3024, 0fx9cmqy5pp01.jpg)

miss using a dozen floppys to install stuff


sigh winzip


dont know actually
i have a 1tb with 90gb free space


thats almost enough to install one game


File: 1583349612978.png (3.61 KB, 535x61, snip.png)

NOT a hoarder


File: 1583349616233.png (43.66 KB, 640x480, 70-c872c56f20620caa52d9c0415571dd6e-Winzip 7.0.png)

crying hard


hope thats an ssd


both are ssds



NOT logging in to look at that shite


why would you be logged out of pixiv



the norms have done irreversible damage to my mind i will go through life a broken man


thats NOT great at all



that guys shirt doesnt fit


NOT an ooger


its a boomer fit





never opened my bhole so quick


File: 1583352883989.webm (1.76 MB, 1280x720, purging.webm)


interpokespecies dont click


File: 1583353187247.webm (259.76 KB, 1920x1080, 124124124214124124124.webm)


sigh praying for aNOTher season


never gonno happen


why NOT


i dont know its just NOT


the norms wont allow it


hope corona wipes out all japanimators


take it back you bastard


eyes are heavy might need a nap


let me think about it



come back nb







the sheep girl


sheep girl always comes off as a slut to me doubt shes a virg


stop slut shaming incel sex is fun and a healthy part of being an adult


how come i havent had any


youre a teen


youre mentally ill


get his ass nb


cant wait for the chaldea boys event hima


no no it has gross manservants for girls only dont roll for him


that isnt me


its just my personality


thought girls didnt play games how come they have a whole event pandering to them


otomebitches spend too much money we cant defeat them unless we boycott arthur prototype


bone is begging to be jerkjoed


if only i had a couple of millimeters more of personality in my jaw


File: 1583358953512.webm (598.5 KB, 480x480, 1583274572726.webm)


File: 1583359029941.webm (259.38 KB, 1280x720, 1583129241842.webm)


File: 1583359126039.webm (324.88 KB, 1280x720, awoo.webm)


File: 1583359265040.jpg (88.35 KB, 1280x720, preference.jpg)

does she have a 'pass


my real life is beginning soon i can feel it but who knows how many norms will stand in my way


no one has ever considered your genes as being worthy of procreation


drag his ass nb




moms ordering chinese


moms ordering chicken wings


wish mom would go to the store already i still have 4 blogweisers in the fridge


how are you going to get blogweisers when moms got corona


lets worry about that later right now i want mom to gtfo so i can crack some cold ones


told mom she didnt cook enough and she raged


havent cooked anything in months


nice mom


its time



why is so much of this some b-tier nobody vtuber


why are they all so bad at gaming they all play like theyre retarded


foid brains lack the critical wrinkles that make gaming possible


thats NOT true kay proved the superior thinking of the foid brain


File: 1583363269899.png (402.98 KB, 773x476, Screenshot from 2020-03-04 18-07-20.png)

hehe she thought the kanji on the shirt was funny love seeing jap reactions to that stuff


NOT true this one would own even pnig at his own game



just remembered pnig asking someone to move in with him hehe can image how that would have gone


theres clearly a man playing





NOT a cope its a purely rational deduction whats more likely that a foid would stay inside by herself for the requisite number of hours to get that good or that her producer would arrange for a man to play in her stead clearly the latter youd have to be a fool to believe otherwise


what does it say


the pleasure of being cummed inside



hate vfoids


foids canNOT compete


how do you know its NOT a foid


im worse at video games than foids




hows that possible when foids dont even game


im a gamer i game


hate the sexist


i am the prover


i game



typical floridian single mother


baste wish she had set it off




mom said she wants to move and asked what my plans were


sanae is a good girl


shes a whore




a man would have literally been shot and killed for doing this


he would have deserved it too that cop should have smoked her ass


why does my stomach get weird whenever i sleep


what do you mean


weird or weird


fire up the proton pump


flippin piss hima ever since getting my ged dads been on my case about college dont know what to do


lets go together you can be my roommate


just go to college


no i cant its too hard


the hardest part will be the norms


college is daycare for retarded norms you would breeze through


how will i deal with the norms all around me


wrong im dumber than the average norm i barely passed the math test with a 9 when the minimum is 8


alcohol abuse


cant believe we got a literal teen posting here


you go to college to get smarter


girls go to jupiter to get more stupider


my brain cant take in information it leaks out


it feels like its a solid mass and i cant eat anything for a while even after a short nap


you go to flush a shiteload of money down the toilet so you can tell mom i told you so when you are 27 with a degree and neet


NOThing teen about going to college as a 30 year old


your real life must begin this is going to be life for you now


love my fratbros


having a panic attack


just take night classes exclusively to avoid the teens


how will i get a teengf then


neo hima


its all muscle memory


basted t-dawg


File: 1583366987059.png (689.86 KB, 1134x675, Screenshot from 2020-03-04 19-08-20.png)

burst out laughing this seems like parody do norms really have so little self awareness


women will only talk to you when they want something you could spend 6 years in college and still be virg dont believe the lies


mom said shes NOT bringing food and i dont smell anything cooking guess ill starve



frats are really weird their purpose is just to be social there is no other point to them


bet if you made a joke about that guys name being tripp of all things all the other chads would just stare at you and get angry that you were ripping on one of their own


the norms are the problem NOT me im the only normal one


wish i had a cool name like tripp


File: 1583367258022.jpg (64.11 KB, 1614x908, 1495990570016.jpg)


crazy how norms spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of their life for a piece of paper


die richneet


sigh these guys have it made paid professional nerds to do their coursework nonstop partying and sex guaranteed cushy managerial position after graduating thanks to nepotism they even have their own designated fraternity slurp slave that they vote on every year


crazy that big trev ran pi kappa alpha from the shadows for all 8 of his years at school



only interested in one kind of slurpslave



File: 1583367744456.png (442.53 KB, 606x442, Screenshot from 2020-03-04 19-22-00.png)

this guy is a classic failed norm


thats me


im failed failed norm


so just a norm


i never even came close


and now hes a malnourished neet playing video games for his 3 or 4 remaining teenaged fans


just wanted to flip ptp and have an anime high school experience instead i got NOThing


are norms created or born


born you become a norm either through genetics or environment


was born without that part of the brain that is supposed to take over during social interaction and automate everything so that you say all the right words


mindblowing how important looks are to whats supposed to be the most intelligent species in the known universe



sigh thought college would be free by now how many years must i wait


wonder if i can pull off the sheep in norms clothing facade


it is free if you never get a job afterwards and rope before you pay off the loans


thats NOT how the progression systems supposed to work


you can easily pay for school with your amd gains



the norms can sense theres something wrong with you
theyve had millions of years to develop the finely tuned ability to weed out those that are different from the rest of the herd

its for the safety of the herd if one isnt right then they need to either kill them or kick them out into the wilderness otherwise the weirdo might bring danger to the rest


die blanker


File: 1583368988131.jpg (194.06 KB, 627x1000, 79318006_p0.jpg)


shes got tattoos and piercings


what do you mean


we dont care were freaks



emptied my ostomy bag


i dont game either
i just mash buttons and if that doesnt work i give up




me bone
me jo


dont phew tattoos and piercings they make them gross



only true for real foids


love a nice womb tattoo



NOT clicking


should have concealed his powerlevel


same can someone who made the mistake of clicking let me know whats there to click


File: 1583369993450.png (14.02 KB, 682x128, Capture (12).PNG)


wish i had sexy figs


File: 1583370042570.jpg (62.21 KB, 500x500, Gerard-Boyce-2.jpg)

how old is he


"My recollection is one was a female figure and the other I am NOT sure was even human," Ms O'Neill said.


just more in australias war on weebs


he should say hes half japanese and get the roasts fired for making a mockery of his culture


hate australia hate australians simple as that


a foid asked me why dont i decorate my office might get a big ol mostly nude boob fig


hell yeah


a lot of australian girls spend time in japan working as hostesses because of how much the two countries interact with each other


dont know any semblance of your interests or personality


i mean dont show


wonder what happened to this guy


he roped


been trying to remember that guys account name for years


you have to create a fake norm personality and decorate your office with sports memorabilia or some other shite otherwise youll get reported for being a potential lone wolf gunman


siggis caved to the norms and made their yogurt sweeter and creamier im raging


yeah how about them kentucky ballknockers lifelong fan here check out my framed jersey and ball now leave me alone


how do i come up with a fake norm personality


drinking tap water with sugar in it


what do you need to know


just copy one from tv thats what the norms do


hope thats a lie


i did this until my 20s and it didnt do shite what are the norms doing differently


its NOT its practically trix yogurt now


who did you copy


patrick bateman


might copy pnigs personality minus the ped part


uh haha


ped was pnigs defining character trait though hes just a background char without that


File: 1583370809498.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580958620686.webm)


usually a character in the most recent movie or tv show i watched


raging hard the norms bought out old siggi and sent him to the grave


he stopped being ped anyways his cousin was well into puberty and he had a teengf


youll have to go to iceland for the original recipe kind of like how only japan has the real oi ocha


what about the 9 year old cousin


that was just a front to throw off the prosecutors


File: 1583371082659.webm (1.98 MB, 640x360, 1582231733892.webm)


File: 1583371288100.webm (2.39 MB, 1280x720, 1579310366570.webm)


hate that bitch


accidentally copied anime personalities and became a chuuni and it put me on the long path to ruination


the long path of a gamer


copied lights personality now im the ceo of a fortune 500


just realized im a hideous abomination


its okay you arent alone


wonder if flu mate is alright


im getting better now


sigh its the lucid interval hes a goner


what do you mean


any tards


miss having antidepressant freak dreams




woke up hiya


you cant wake its time to snooze


would kill a neet to experience the deep dreams again


ban this guy hes a danger


have a lot of vivid dreams because i have to wake up every 100 minutes


why do you have to wake up every 100 minutes


dont worry about it


i davinci snooze


i game


what happened to the star trekkies


pnig loved tng


File: 1583373675415.mp4 (1.21 MB, 1582685273403.mp4)



downloading pathologic now neohima


pnig loved bb


if he liked it then why did himako ban me for posting about it


do as i say NOT as i do


shaved the pits


gth pitshave


hands are covered in slime


are you a girl


File: 1583374896619.jpg (457.36 KB, 1080x1703, 1583374864969.jpg)



isnt he too short to get a wife how did it happen




he looks like a warosuchad




what the hell kind of mentally ill larp wedding is this


ban the gods damned teen


NOThing wrong with gaining knowledge


you know how foids are these days
she probably wanted to pretend to be some game of thrones character and the sniveling soyboy was more than happy to oblige all of her wishes during her $30,000 wedding


wonder how much ill get for my kidney


File: 1583375264485.webm (1007.9 KB, 720x404, 1581994115961.webm)


dont do that you only have two its NOT worth it



File: 1583375351898.mp4 (135.72 KB, 1581659838942.mp4)


File: 1583375366347.webm (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 1581271764393.webm)


she spotted the incel


dont regard lamborghinis as a status symbol theyre too ugly


File: 1583375443119.webm (4.99 MB, 1920x1080, 1581677144357.webm)


same but corvettes


File: 1583375562207.webm (4.28 MB, 960x720, 1582232295402.webm)


corvettes arent a status symbol every boomer with a pension has one even i almost bought one


dont remember reunthal having heterochromia


should i watch the maple isekai anime


its an rpg


quit eating that commercial shite and get yourself a nice locally produced plain goat yogurt in which you can add some nice currant jam


heard it so many times but i still dont know how to say that long formal apology word


File: 1583376553738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 511.75 KB, 1400x1960, 79b07c4e9099f4a66ecaa295f208ceac.jpg)


foul pussy pic do NOT click


hell yeah


ya everyone knows its the 911


File: 1583376738321.png (741.01 KB, 1265x706, 1583376599102.png)


why are there so many holes


because girls arent birds


hope mom gets me an alfa romeo to drive to and from the grocery store


humans have 7 holes


define hole



horny satoko banner



cant believe he made me go in his soyface


you can clearly see his ass wtf


baste wtf bro


gonno eat a box of frozen clam strips and watch tv with mom was able to get decently drunk off those cold ones


wish i was rich enough to eat clam at my leisure like this big shot


wish to flip jaguarman


they were on sale $2.50 for 9 oz


dawned the n95 and entered lax probably wearing this shite upside down and all the chinks are laughing at me


yell the himasugi url out loud for the blackbox when your plane has mechanical failure


cant believe theres a cali guy here


neohima has norms from all over the united states


File: 1583378737894.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, eugh.webm)


surfs up dude the suns shining down here in cali


dont like the term neohima much prefer pastehima or coolhima


hehe that fish loves the carrot




hope i can watch anime again someday


hate this jew


File: 1583379171499.jpg (255.16 KB, 850x1039, 1583333754305.jpg)


neo perfectly describe the state of neodiscordhima




vampires drink blood NOT milk


gamers drink milk


i drink piss



NOThin idiotic about hating jews


whats wrong with our tribe


jews are epic wish i was one would love to run the world


dont get why gudao respects that arrogant flipper gil so much when the situation theyre in is so serious and urgent


my jewish friend was named gil


File: 1583379719677.png (1.41 MB, 2112x2899, 1583355060298.png)

let me in


sigh damn good games


gravity rush was fun for a few hours


normity rush


NOThing norm


cant believe its actually happening for once


File: 1583380049271.jpg (230.72 KB, 722x1024, Fate_kaleid_liner_Prisma_Illya_Drei_Manga_Vol_….jpg)


NOThings happening


the world is dying to the virus


praying that god gives me normrona and lets me die


come bacj nb


only old people are dying mortality is less than 1% for healthy adults


cant believe how far ive come on the farm spending 12 hours everyday on the farm has really paid off




im NOT healthy


wonder why there arent more superspreaders taking public transit trying to spread the plague


thats still higher than most modern day communicable diseases


sigh its beautiful why wasnt i born japanese


NOT watching that shite


old flippers


back is damn sore


do you think that most japanese fate fans wish they were european hehe


hate norms so gods damned much


sigh my friend just said leave me the fuck alone fat spic gamer retard to me


then they werent your friend


your friend is basted


really when did he say that


he is korean emperor


why is there a viking house plopped in the middle


he said it march 4th 2020 at 7:51pm pst


die teen


mom was watching talmudvision ruined the mood while i was grabbing neetsnacks


File: 1583382480584.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


quit squabbling



can anyone help me be a less fat less gamer less spic more likeable less annoying subhuman i just want my friend back


yeah try dying and going back there raider


is being obsessed with pizza a bad trait


pretty sure this salsa is expired really NOT tasting good


been clicking back and forth between the same 3 tabs for the last 12 hours


same cant escape the box


used to be able to go into the anime world for hours at a time was the only thing i looked forward to every day havent been back in years sigh


its over


wish mom had loved me enough to breastfeed me much less jo me



File: 1583384272522.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 1573706313610.png)


my gym bitch came back when i walked in he jumped off the lat pulldown so i could do my warmup and quickly cleaned it


File: 1583384371709.png (250.46 KB, 686x526, 1580695166567.png)


File: 1583384391729.webm (1.88 MB, 1280x720, 1573233386366.webm)


yeah im starvin for a paper cone full of frozen water dribbled with syrup


drag his ass turt


File: 1583384550980.webm (2.75 MB, 1280x720, 1582225333058.webm)


cant believe ken was looking to spend time with 12 and 13 year old children


File: 1583384650807.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1572588819342.webm)


made some horchata


the shishou girl


wonder if BOLES was smart enough to NOT talk to the police or if he gave in once they offered him free taco bell


he folded like steven



please dont remind me of steven


i dont know


what board did that guy post on wasnt it masterchan


wish an obese cop would call me a loser virg


File: 1583384830698.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


fbi talked to turt but turt stood his ground and told them he aint no snitch thats why he went to jail


File: 1583384951606.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1581743115413.webm)


need to get back to the anime world at any cost cant take aNOTher day of this meathell


you know what you have to do


hate this dumb flipping bitch


hey lets goadthat guy into killing himself


kill yourself gaysuz


dont it yourself kolby


wonder if ken had a good bday


File: 1583386227299.jpg (47.78 KB, 643x480, scott.jpg)




glad my hair is intact


look what they did to him


need some backround noise while i farm


wish i had an overweight 32 year old norwooding mtg friend but im sure if one existed hed turn out to be a norm with a gf and stuff



what did they do to him


gonno cook up some pbelly and play some tree


is it any good


got the sugarwater


gonno play that disco elysium meme game


how can i get my friend back


go back


woke up hi


i said woke up hi


flip off


neohima is dead theres no one to say hi to


File: 1583391265882.mp4 (3.43 MB, owned.mp4)


i can multitask i just want my friend back


where does that guy want me to go back to


anywhere but here


File: 1583393535144.jpg (1.22 MB, 1552x1200, snoze.jpg)


eat shit kolby barton


is she dead


shes drugged


boiling some potatoes




why NOT


File: 1583398378289.jpg (263.43 KB, 1280x720, married.jpg)

i did it hima i got married


when a rich nigga want ya


uh why are you playing as a man


because hes NOT agp


youre supposed to play as a male and wed a female


can you play as a girl and wed a girl


no thats a sin


File: 1583398682397.jpg (471.29 KB, 1784x1200, 1521605720268.jpg)


pasteor anderson


explosive racism


ate 2 croissants


ate too many of those boiled potatoes


File: 1583401112062.jpg (786.73 KB, 985x1399, 11_010.jpg)


congrats guess you dont mind if i take xiao pai to myself



dont understand why all these teens have such gay names


woke up early and extra refreshed havent felt refreshed when waking up for a month or more


hima had some coffee on an empty stomach and almost threw up


time to start proton pumping


took a nice scalding hot bath and nearly passed out in the tub


sigh was supposed to be living life to the fullest to prepare for the ritual but here i am slaving the same as always need to stop being a pussy


love my heart exploding after a nice scalding bath


hate bathtubs


whats wrong with a nice tub


NOThin better than a nice tubjo


too tall to tubjo


first jo was a tubjo


File: 1583417417249.jpg (647.63 KB, 1280x1884, 002.jpg)


File: 1583417449006.webm (1.55 MB, 640x480, woke up.webm)


what the hell me too


wonder if we spermsynced


deer want flip


pasted deer


what happened to hamudi


the norms couldnt have him releasing the hiroshima nagasaki blackpill onto the world


ate some eggs toast canadian bacon and yogurt


ordered a logitec g29 its time to game


thought logitec was the bose of mice


why didnt you post page 3



any games where you can get happily married like that then ntrd




time to snooze


same gonno snooze to a nice coco ark stream


watched 9 whole minutes of anime last night before the existential dread kicked in


File: 1583426665149.webm (1.59 MB, 480x360, 1472118700938.webm)


nice cuck priest


pilled a small mexican
he thinks there is hope and i find that inexcusable


mom brought wendys


File: 1583427929850.mp4 (693.74 KB, pill.mp4)


File: 1583427999245.webm (920.17 KB, 1144x474, 1566377284337.webm)

wish i couldve became a dota pro and met chinese teams


utterly brutal jbwpill i cant breathe call 911


woke up mom made grilled cheese and it turns out the cat didnt puke worms he got into the garbage and ate that white net wrapping they put around turkey breast


hope she got you a fofofo


the sad chinks in the background are what makes this webm hehe



cats dont eat out of the garbage what the hell


anyone else mumble hima phrases to yourself like simple as that and weird


no i tardyell them


i use them in normal conversation


ours does he pulls paper towels out of the trash and makes mom rage all the time


File: 1583430240508.jpg (1.79 MB, 2000x1900, 79654523_p1.jpg)



File: 1583430582115.mp4 (15.15 KB, 1235397305802674176.mp4)

when i see a succulent sexy lady


might have a sperm nap


im a people person


File: 1583434109205.png (345.84 KB, 603x631, auto-rage-comics-yao-ming-face-feel-like-a-sir….png)


the officefoid said i dont want a gf because i dont go out and talk to girls


File: 1583434406976.webm (259.38 KB, 1280x720, awo.webm)


hate when they try to put the blame on you hope you told her its the fault of women for rejecting you


paste chink flu saving japan from the normlympic raid


i pilled her about social media and tinder and the true nature of foids
of course i dont expect anything to stick but it feels good to get it into the air


die norms


File: 1583435011893.webm (16.69 MB, 806x688, こうめちゃ・・・.webm)


may i have your permission to sperm to that webm


really want some salty pretzels


salt is almost as bad as sugar


go to hell nosalt


no you cant sperm to it


clear sunny perfect day to stay inside and game




im anonymous


no youre NOT youre 6egg


how did you know


the colors are vivid to me


shes right


File: 1583437160590.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080, HorribleSubs_Kyokou_Suiri_-_08_1080p-00h09m08s….png)


no shes NOT otherwise you could get an internet gf


missed my chance to get a sexy maplestorygf


File: 1583437730577.mp4 (2.86 MB, ミントさん - 船長の歌を歌う夏色まつり #祭絵 #動けまつりMMD #マリンのお宝-123….mp4)


File: 1583437865330.webm (2.31 MB, 960x540, ahoy.webm)


File: 1583439703769.jpg (132.08 KB, 1035x1400, 1583386212344.jpg)


File: 1583440204201.jpg (197.75 KB, 1035x1400, 1583439703769.jpg)

wish to stick my face here


phew NOThing like a refreshing kidjo


youll have to try harder than that beauford



paste circler had forgotten about this


why does he pick the color red


its the universal color for attention grabbing since it triggers our reptile brains into thinking its blood


NOT a reptile speak for yourself


playing aram


thats haram


is omega ruby good


im oog brain


cant they think of better names for pokenorm games


simply play emerald


played that 15 years ago


coco stream is up


dont mind if i do


pnig wouldve hated coco


File: 1583443003245.jpg (464.37 KB, 1200x996, 1583441900936.jpg)


that all looks like shite


dont understand why eggs are considered a breakfast food


File: 1583443483090.jpg (73.55 KB, 620x413, breakfast.jpg)

its a nice light protein


dont understand why americans eat desserts for breakfast


might start gambling


wish i could neet it up in the shire


hobbits are norms


wish i could be a norm then i wouldnt feel like roping all the time and id be perfectly content



norm here its based i dont have to think about anything


even i can answer all of these


here use this instead


you are sick







die teen


lost on tsunomaki janken so todays dinner is lamb


hate when a youtube video has a date of either 2011 or 2006 because it all comes flooding back


the norms shall return what they stole from me


just found out that people dip onion rings in sauce


need an eizo stat


i dip everything i eat in sauce


File: 1583446966101.jpg (66.43 KB, 959x959, men.jpg)


mornin hima


oy vey look at that schnozer




dudes her legs are backwards


i know where you got this


die spy


File: 1583447588616.jpg (710.95 KB, 1750x2800, 79914090_p0.jpg)




mom was raging so i told her to calmly explain the problem to me and think rationally hoo boy you can guess how she reacted to that one


corndog banner


was she calm and cool headed


File: 1583447960188.png (481.76 KB, 589x826, 1583361300226.png)


going to the grocery store


File: 1583447987099.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1280x720, purging.webm)


bet cute little jcs love schlicking their pussies to this kind of thing


this is how it feels to have ped thoughts


hate normnormfoe


File: 1583448247378.jpg (620.26 KB, 1129x1585, 1527234641327.jpg)


could use a good sashasperm


saw a cute 6/10 teengirl today daydreamed for a while about asking her on a date then realized even if by some miracle she was ignorant to my subhumanity i have NOThing to offer


same anyone near me just gets sucked into my black pit of despair and worthlessness


thats just ocd


hate thinking about how many people on hima have been on dates and had gfs or arent even virgs but play pretend to fit in


never thought about that


thought we were all just being ironic


cant believe i fell for the jp neet meme


im mentally ill manbaby avoidant ocd schizoid virg loser neet


highlight your positives


love wearing medical masks it completely covers my jaw and crooked nose wonder if people can even tell that im cel


went to the movies twice with an emo girl from school that only interacted with me through aim let her pay for the tickets she stopped speaking to me one day and that was it still kv fourteen years later NOThing to be envious about never had a girl acknowledge me before that havent had it happen since


uh huh


what happened to pnigs case wasnt that supposed to be finished now


he had a talk with the judge and she threw out the case for him




doubt pnig worked at a waterstore at all assume that was all just larp


he posted a mp3 of some girl laughing


seems completely logical that a 30 year old that had never been employed would be hired as a store manager a week after being arrested for sex crimes against infants


having your mugshot and name in the local news for abusing your grandmother is also a good trick to get hired and immediately promoted


calm down kolby barton


lets also NOT forget that he will be living the easy life in prison thanks to his moms ex boyfriend being the leader of the aryan brotherhood i heard they love pedoniggers


i just wanted an update quit spamming


there is no single leader of the brotherhood moron there are factions and each have a shot caller


hey nb will you come online


is there any hope of reclaiming hima from the teencord




nice stir up stuff when you're part of the problem nice


get online nb we have to talk


gonno grill up a steak


you cant grill kolby


whats it like to be a chad


had a gf once for an hour does that count





medicare for all would create jobs and increase wages are you guys dumb vote for bernie


having a cold one with dad and snacking on some gorgonzola phew


does it mean illegals would stop getting care


biden is gonno win the nomination so


gran gave trump $5


File: 1583452736964.png (350.85 KB, 939x714, 1583451923565.png)

moms giving the talk again


lasagna is in the oven


hope i can convince mom to bring home burgs


why dont you have a ready made stock of neet burgs to deploy on a moments NOTice


get that daves triple


its nbs fault that that dumb spic keeps spamming hima every day hes on normcord all day instant messaging with his teenbros


used to daydream about owning a magic shelf with unlimited fresh burgs


youre just upset that nb is sitting with the cool kids at the popular table now instead of slumming it with you and the rest of the weirdos that dont participate in pe


thought we agreed never to speak the name neetblog again


mom made waffles


seki is too stoned to log into the admin account and bring out the big guns


hate when im in the hall trying to avoid eye contact and neetblog walks past the other way and says sup and i have to respond


you know if you guys had sex once in a while you wouldnt bicker over useless things


alright sex me yourself then


ill pass


guys its flipping shite


im going to go for the cool beauty trope


mindblowing people have low enough iqs to be able to play fps games


drop trou teenbro


feel when mom sucked the soul out of me last night


die norm


always changed into the pe uniform in the handicap stall instead of with the other boys in the locker room


didnt have any privacy while changing for pe had to struggle to change into my swim shorts while holding the towel


you were supposed to just wrap a towel around your waist while you dropped your pants and put the trunks on


thats what i did but it was a small towel and i didnt trust it to stay on so i had to dedicate one hand to holding it


tardlaughing remembering when the one kid got pantsed thank flip no one ever did that to me they probably feared the aura


backfired on the pantser when all the girls in class got an eyeful of my magnum dong and suddenly started respecting me


the one kid that got pantsed also lost his underwear and it was in front of the girls and they were NOT impressed


teens are such fags yeah bro you totally got me by pulling my underwear down and seeing my dick


u mad microdick


die norms


onseki we need a whitelist


im too low iq for fps games


ban the world seki ban it ban it



ban everyone so we can start over on a new board NOT run by discord



gas pains hima this is the end


File: 1583458814932.jpg (227.81 KB, 640x480, 1527453909135.jpg)





is the guy that got a cold better


no he passed


File: 1583459088993.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1581390851017.webm)

pouring a sheep out for my mate then


gonno pour out an ice cream sandwich


i thought the red girl did that


paste cmilk going ham on the evil satanic chinese empire


whats with this whole exchange it looks like a bot or the same person


phew sudden wave of anxiety that was a good one


File: 1583461076654.webm (2.3 MB, 853x480, red girl.webm)


hehe shes tarding out


File: 1583461159961.webm (2.79 MB, 960x540, The Life Of A Beaten Homeless- Law & Order.webm)


File: 1583461258510.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 853x480, tard out.webm)




wish i could sue the norms


File: 1583461400447.mp4 (3.92 MB, gibara.mp4)


woke up hiya


hey are you refreshed



a little gonno game and drink some coffee


what flavor


full body bright well balanced cup smooth texture citrus raspberry sweet berry aromatics floral subtle lemon hints of mild orange honey clean cupping mild acidity brown sugar finish with aroma of bittersweet cocoa


dont add all that gay crap to it


i like coffee that tastes like cigarettes


File: 1583463045302.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)



luna and ai are grannies now


were they left behind by all the new and improved tubers




no theyre still the oyabun and heavenly knight of the vtuber world


is it bad if moms taller than me


you have to be taller than mom what the flip


that must be a mistake you canNOT be shorter than a girl


im NOT short moms just tall


how tall are we talking




mom is 5'5 and has to reach things on the cabinet for me



normstor andernorm



wonder if bikenigs ever been there


think ive got a nice puke brewing


does gg still exist


hate finding nice pretty female streamers and hearing a male voice in the back


never happens with vtubers


ya it does


NOT in ars streams


why do vtubers like ark so much


two gallon piss bottle in the recycling but the cap is missing


looks fun where do i preorder


do you want the deluxe pack or the deluxe collectors pack


does the collectors pack come with sexy figs to hotglue


love my fallout 76 deluxe edition


theyre spamming discord with cp seki hurry get on


mindblowing that things like gaming were my only motivation to get a job but the norms ruined them


normcords btfo


i could have five hundred dollars to spend on whatever i wanted each month and you wouldnt be able to get me to spend any of it on modern gaming even with a gun to my head


really strange to spend 16 hours a day online but NOT be a gamer feel like i dont belong anywhere


the early worm rises one wealthy and healthy bird


same just refresh hima ll day


File: 1583468131025.png (46.88 KB, 820x295, skillz.png)

this cheese factory wants name of high school or completion of a ged secondary education info employment history these skills and a reference just to apply for a part time laborer position this will be useful ammo during the next ynaj'ing


is it a real cheese factory or the cheesecake factory


packing cheese into boxes in a factory


why would you want to be a cheese packer


i dont i was just surfing the tubes and found their employment opportunities page


cant wait to get stuck in a minimum wage tardjob accumulate experience moving boxes around then get obsoleted by bots in 20 years


wish i lived in some place where you couldnt easily get a job
would make it harder for mom to ynaj me


go away


bed time


same lets snooze


moms buying burgs


hope shes getting some nice mcdubs


shes getting burger king




tardlaughing at this obviously fake site wish i was indian seems like such an easy job to trick retarded old americans


never mind its a real site for malaysian burger king


hey nb


File: 1583470722811.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2340, 1583465755708.png)




File: 1583470836833.mp4 (4.87 MB, j7vvt.mp4)


nice trigger discipline


was hoping that ended differently


you here nb


does anyone know why nb hates me


because youre an obnoxious spic






nice job kolby blameme when you knows it's you to turn people against me


hope all those flipping norms die of corona


kill yourself


hey kolby barton of hunington beach california dob 1-14-1998 can you send me your child pornography collection bro


ban kolbsuz


thought it was friday for a sec seeing these norm posts gonno hibernate until theyre gone



ban this fucker


help isnt coming hima is done for ill always remember you bros