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Give Pedonig back
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this aged poorly


ban the raiders




skipped for a month or two how did his hearing go


File: 1646184082913.png (3.92 KB, 273x84, inmate mailing address.PNG)

send him a letter and ask

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what are you doing




File: 1645237081361.png (204.07 KB, 800x1526, ai generated jp thread.png)


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were the robots


the norm thread won


no this thread lost


if you want to call or text me please use this phone number 7046619752 I preferred that y’all text or call because I have silence unknown callers turned on but when y’all text me please send your name so I don’t block you on accident bc I was born with autism spectrum disorder and I have a crab arm i don't have kik or card to by food I'm looking for special needs feedee who wants to be immobile and pregnant constantly


based flippin norris

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you meet me somewhere
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nice you can fund the mansion with your winnings



are you gonno stream


love chatting with my female coworkers racing at the track lifting at the gym chilling with my friends and most of all telling my friends all about how im a cel and NOT a norm at himasugi dot blog and ota dash ch dot com


got left behind

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pasted giant hulk


get in here


wonder what gaint hulk is up to


can you explain why she looks very flustered every time i scroll the front page i wonder about this


great now the image isnt on the last five forget i said anything

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well after highschool you didnt really know what to do so you sat in front of the rectangle for a little over a decade during what was supposed to be your prime and now here we are


dad got jersey mikes


im just waiting for my real life to begin its gonno be epic gonno go on adventures meet people make friends fall in love just know its gonno start at some point the circumstances just arent quite right yet


that life begins after this one ends


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someones going to have to strip down and go in there to get that greaseneet before he begins to rut


die doublespace


someone make a better one this time

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nice necro


any tg posts



last post

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if you want to be a norm then you already are a norm(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING A NORM)
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hell yeah this is it




NOTiced my penis was showing through my pants the other day had to run back upstairs and put on tighter underwear dont want people thinking if have a big penis


ban these norms


celebrate these chads

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weird or weird


File: 1643133868177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 4095x3200, e7W4exQ.jpg)


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his inhib is too low he wont listen

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