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found out i missed like four bosses


lock this thread seki




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he was our friend




sigh cant believe its christmas already


he never posted here he only posted on .org


new nigblog

File: 1646230036887.mp4 (6.19 MB, video0-18.mp4)

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Yo yo yo it's hump day! Aye what I need you to do is tag 3 big dick ass niggаs under this tweet right here. I need some more niggаs to do this bust that nut challenge with and I'm also giving away aNOTher 100 free subscriptions to my onlyfans. Be looking out for that tweet later on today. Don't forget to tag them 3 niggаs under there. If you one of them big dick niggаs tag yourself. HUMP DAY. Fuck wit ya boy, nude barber
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vol but NOT cel


post that norms ip address and let doxtron get to work


scared of being asked if im a virg or if ive had a gf because the natural thing to ask if im NOT a virg but havent had a gf is did i pay for it cant answer that without either lying or humiliating myself


jokes on you hes the one who posted it


freak has an attractive face

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File: 1647203645118.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 868x1228, 96894709_p0.png)




see you in the jahyblog




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the cord bros


crying i miss my cats

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hate the guy who makes a new thread when the old ones still running its like the kid whod always get in position before it was time to line up


yea the one guy


is that an admission of guilt




missing a patch of arm hair near my wrist NOT sure where it went

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File: 1646699726348.webm (2.71 MB, 588x854, Montana morning.webm)

wish i was neetblog so bad


neetblog isnt real


neetblog is very real and very terrible


large belch feel better now



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block ads on every site never whitelisted once


wouldnt mind ads if they didnt go out of their way to make them as obnoxious and disruptive as possible


remember when someone posted some lines from the darker than black intro and that guy raged


thought dtb was one of the most overrated anime



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last post




translate it weebs


uh you dont need a translation to tell whats going on


can someone make a real blog thread

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vfoid worshippers are NOThing but failed norms desperate for simulated female attention


File: 1646342630917.jpg (755.39 KB, 2000x3575, 1644740137613.jpg)

you mind on weighing in apartmentguy


what are vmoid worshippers then




some men are ok never met a foid that was worth a pinch of salt

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