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uh if i was jewish i wouldnt be posting here id be engaged in world domination



NOTiced a new scar on my hand earlier from moms dog


the weird thing is it happened weeks ago and ive had the same routine every day since


2003 was the year i got big into the computer

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would love to be rode by her sigh




Jada Smith time!


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may i take your order
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weird that post says 2019 but it was posted only a few months ago


how about a nice lucky blog




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everypony is welcome
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flip vista flip 7 8 10 11 hate them all


you forgot 9


love 95 98 2000 and xp


dont forget me



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the only other guy making threads cant resist but open with vile pics would rather use this one if thats the case


uhhh theres NOThing vile about that lovely lady


zip it deviant


NOT arrogant enough


love a good sexy blog

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girls love apex think that means im supposed to hate it


die blankline


getting a bone but dont feel like jerkin it




are you blind shes right there doing it you cant deny reality

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got somewhere to be in 30 minutes norm


gonno rewatch lain maybe ill get it the 3rd time


gonno dazzle the stage


gonno make a game without an engine


simply make a nice boardgame

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It wasn't your fault it was the norms(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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feel like i need to start doing the opposite of everything i normally do in a day because ive already wasted 11 weeks out of 52 in the blink of an eye


reported this as a younow raid then went to younow to confirm do you want to guess what i saw teenbro


File: 1647763282716.png (130.24 KB, 674x293, younow.PNG)

die raider


File: 1647763311134.jpg (Spoiler Image, 517.49 KB, 2480x3508, FLy1HLUaUAIbskc.jpg)


sigh he loved gnfos

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found out i missed like four bosses


lock this thread seki




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